Number of Movies: 15
Number of Winning Movies: 0
Average Rating Received: 3.87

Number of Movies Reviewed: 157
Number of Reviews Given that were Featured: 16
Average Rating Given: 4.5
Movies Released by zaqdan
Pemier Costume Show (Female Edition) Comedy
Due to popular(?) demand, we present the female edition of the Premier costume show. These are the 5 extra costumes that come with the premier edition for any of you who may be considering it. Check o... posted April 4, 2006
Premier Costume Show Comedy
I've always wanted to see what the costumes from the Premier Edition looked like, but was never able to find a movie that contained them, so...since I've aquired the costumes, I decided to make my own... posted March 26, 2006
Sgt Turner's War Action
Just and experiment and a personal rant. Besides, it's Friday and there may be another prop shop update, so...rate my other movies. please!! posted March 24, 2006
Now that I have the Stagecoach set Action
Okay, Now that I actually got the stagecoach set, here's the finished project...with bonus footage!! Of course, since I reshot it, the audio is a bit out of sync! posted March 5, 2006
The Cranky Kid Comedy
This is one my daughter insisted on uploading because she wants to try and get the gaurd dog from the prop shop. Be nice people! posted March 1, 2006
Ape Mom Sci-Fi
Just a little spoof I came up with using one of the in-game movies. posted March 1, 2006
Hotels Horror
Another commercial parody posted March 1, 2006
Dynamite Horror
No Description posted March 1, 2006
Male Bomb Comedy
Maybe THE FIRST great advertising campaign? Again, playing around and seeing how I can improvise with the auto-generated movies made by the game. posted March 1, 2006
Getting The Jewels Comedy
This is the "new and improved" version of "Getting the Jewels" including subtitles to help clarify the plot as requested by some of the reviewers of the original. posted February 27, 2006
Gunsmoke On The Horizon Action
Just an experiment to try and come up with a storyline for one of the in-game made movies. posted February 27, 2006
Why I need the Stagecoach set Action
Okay folks, I know it's a shameless effort, but I've been waiting to get that set for two months and now that it's down to 15K I can almost feel it in my greedy little hands. So help a studio out and ... posted February 25, 2006
Me My Chrysler Comedy
My entry for the Chrysler competition. Please review it anyway...I need some props!! Sorry for the blank thumbnail...I thought I'd corrected it, but I guess it didn't take. Oh...and the title is suppo... posted February 22, 2006
Happiest Ending in the West Romance
No Description posted January 3, 2006
Getting The Jewels Comedy
My first attempt at a "heist" movie. Be gentle. posted December 26, 2005
Movies Reviewed by zaqdan
Drunkenness Reveals by merewen Comedy
Good job....loved the surprise ending!! reviewed May 26, 2006
Harry and the evil blue swamp monsters by bigfluff73 Sci-Fi
That was pretty good. A little long at times, but overall a good solid story line with great editing. I'll be looking forward to part 2. reviewed May 25, 2006
Super Blueman Saves The Day by dizzybop Comedy
Loved it!!!! reviewed May 9, 2006
Vampyromaniac by moxiegraphix Horror
Nice job!! reviewed May 2, 2006
Slick Johnson presents How To Sell a Film by Trashman Comedy
No Review reviewed April 30, 2006
Dealing with Demons by big_fart Horror
Great job!! I like the late late late late late show feel. reviewed April 30, 2006
Masks by PKB1 Action
No Review reviewed April 21, 2006
Western Payback by rindariel Action
Good movie and very well edited. Keep up the good work!! reviewed April 19, 2006
Officer Joe by chris3345 Action
Good job. I enjoyed watching. reviewed April 19, 2006
Haunted Corridoor Story Demo by robbiep Horror
I liked it. Good job! reviewed April 10, 2006
SWORDS! Demo by robbiep Action
At first I was asking how a sword demo got so high on the charts, but after watching it, I know why. Great job!! reviewed April 10, 2006
5-star Heroes and 1-star Ninjas by ewatt23 Action
Good little movie. My only complaint is that the subtitles didn't stay on screen long enough. reviewed April 5, 2006
Single In The City by biggstrek Comedy
Excellent movie. Good plot and a nice happy ending. Loved it! reviewed April 5, 2006
Switch Hitter by Bullgod1 Action
Russ Meyer Lives!!! reviewed April 4, 2006
The Bathroom Wedding by bluechefs Romance
Cute. reviewed April 4, 2006
Time Traveling pt2 Down to the Old West by AlternateAnthony Action
Certainly an original movie. Good job. Please rate my movies if you have the chance. reviewed April 4, 2006
Zemoxamil by randomstudio Comedy
Ouch!! reviewed April 4, 2006
What ever happened to Episode 1 by randomstudio Comedy
No Review reviewed April 4, 2006
Spooky Movie by Pimpinc Horror
Nice surprise ending. 5 stars just cuz Megan's such a cutie reviewed April 4, 2006
The Si-Fi Western (Trailer) by BoBlikesmovies Sci-Fi
Interesting...very interesting. reviewed April 4, 2006
Internet Lovers by reepicheep16 Romance
Featured Review
A sad little story
reviewed April 4, 2006
Morphing Demo by Manny_1 Action
Featured Review
I hadn't seen anything like that before! Great job!
reviewed April 4, 2006
Alien Santa by JayCarter Sci-Fi
No Review reviewed April 3, 2006
The Package by water119 Sci-Fi
WOo Hoo! Another solid production. Great story and use of editing. Check out my movie if you have a mind to: reviewed March 31, 2006
Larry and the Aliens by water119 Sci-Fi
Another awesome movie. Made me laugh out loud. Keep up the good work anfd give us more Larry!! reviewed March 31, 2006
Answers to Snowy by water119 Comedy
Excellent movie with great use of special effects. Can't wait to see more. reviewed March 31, 2006
Two Wrongs by pegleg Horror
Very interesting story. Hope you let us know how it turns out reviewed March 31, 2006
The Mystery by pegleg Comedy
Excellent movie and really funny too. Keep up the good (and original) work!! reviewed March 31, 2006
Spag B by pegleg Action
Featured Review
That was pretty good! I hope there's going to be a continuation...
reviewed March 31, 2006
Stuck in TheMovies by Anykeyz Sci-Fi
Great job on such an original story!! reviewed March 30, 2006
Ghost Ship II Trailer by ubernewbie Horror
Looks good! Can't wait to see it. reviewed March 28, 2006
Letters Of Love by ubernewbie Romance
You know, every so often I feel bad about being a grown man who spends his time playing this game, then something like this comes along that makes me realize this is more than a game in the hands of t... reviewed March 28, 2006
Skin Deep by ubernewbie Romance
Can you say "never saw that coming?" I was going to say what a beautiful love story that was, but then...Good job on originality. Check out my Premier costume demo here reviewed March 28, 2006
Moon-a-rise by gians70 Horror
Pretty good job. I enjoyed it. reviewed March 28, 2006
Things That Are Bad by BlackSoldier5 Comedy
Interesting take on things...uh, are you married? reviewed March 27, 2006
Skull Of Iron by Gamefreak10000 Action
Great use of sets. reviewed March 24, 2006
The Dead Menace by Gamefreak10000 Horror
I gotta say, I love your movies! We need to get you a microphone though. Imagine what you could do with voiceovers. reviewed March 24, 2006
I Cant Think Of Movie Ideas by Gamefreak10000 Comedy
Excellent! A quirky and fun little movie...and I didn't even know there was an elevator scene in the game. Thanks! reviewed March 24, 2006
The Sci-Fi Dance by Gamefreak10000 Sci-Fi
Nice job! And I love your attitude that your just doing this to have fun. That's the whole point people!! 5 stars!! reviewed March 24, 2006
The Man Who Farted Twice - TRAILER by The_real_deathcheese Comedy
Featured Review
Now THAT was funny!! Can't wait to see the full version!
reviewed March 24, 2006
Happily Ever After by Dulci Romance
Excellent Job. What else can be said that hasn't already been said. You are a true artist. "The Movies" is no longer a "game" for you. Thanks for showing us what can be done with a bit of talent. reviewed March 20, 2006
Showdown in Foggytown by FoDooG Comedy
Too awesome for words!! You sir are a creative genius! reviewed March 18, 2006
Harry rants against Bush by legend51 Comedy
Can we say anger management classes, Harry? reviewed March 16, 2006
Harry rants against Britney by legend51 Comedy
Good job! reviewed March 16, 2006
Roadkill caught on camera by legend51 Comedy
That was awful...but funny as hell. Great job editing. Now I have to check out Harry rant! reviewed March 16, 2006
The Three Stooges by dylan314 Comedy
Go Stooges!! Keep up the good work. reviewed March 16, 2006
The Froot Loop Comercial by dylan314 Comedy
Interesting movie...but where were the froot loops? Plz rate my movies too reviewed March 16, 2006
The 3 Stooges 2 by dylan314 Comedy
No Review reviewed March 16, 2006
We need more Sets! by TimBurtonFan Comedy
Good job...those are a few necessary sets. Hope you're listening Lionhead!! Plz rate my movies if you get the chance reviewed March 16, 2006
Memories of Life - A True Story by rposhard Romance
Wow. Thank you for being strong enough to share that with us. reviewed March 14, 2006
Sci Fi Corridor 4 TECH DEMO!!! by madmatt7g Comedy
Let me be the first to give up 5 stars!! Funny, funny, funny. Thanks for showing us what 30K VC gets us. reviewed March 13, 2006
A Date With Santa by Prinzess Comedy
Great little movie. Very original reviewed March 13, 2006
Payback Time by Quill-Master Action
Another good job. Will look forward to seeing more from your studio. reviewed March 13, 2006
The Deadline by Quill-Master Comedy
That was a really god job. It'll be nice to see what you can do with a microphone. reviewed March 13, 2006
The Wolf Man part 1 by smidge1 Horror
A good effort, but what happened to the sound? reviewed March 12, 2006
TMO Comedy auditions by legend51 Comedy
I liked it. It was a very good premis. reviewed March 12, 2006
stand up and laugh by percyplumb Comedy
An okay little movie. Not much to it. Good voiceovers though. It would probably been better without the background music. reviewed March 6, 2006
A Bums Life by percyplumb Action
Good job on the movie. reviewed March 6, 2006
Drunk Girl by Radedge Comedy
I laughed out loud. That was a really fuuny movie. Great job with the voice overs! reviewed March 5, 2006
Movie Lot Tour by john_sumner Comedy
Wow! That was really, really good. I'll be on the lookout for more. reviewed March 5, 2006
The Sinister Minister by mcgarnagle Horror
Excellent Job! When will the next installment be released? reviewed March 4, 2006
Dead Center by TexasBabe2006 Action
Wow! Okay consider yourself officially bookmarked. The only thing that could have improved this movie would have been voiceovers. Other than that, a solid near perfect effort. reviewed March 4, 2006
Star Wars VS Star Trek by TexasBabe2006 Comedy
Hilarious! The force was definitly with you on this one. reviewed March 4, 2006
SWG Drama by TexasBabe2006 Comedy
I didn't get it, but I give you 4 stars for the Chuck Norris alone! reviewed March 4, 2006
The Dangers of Online Dating My Story by TexasBabe2006 Comedy
Another nice one. You do really good work. Keep it up. reviewed March 4, 2006
Ugly Girl (Music Video) by TexasBabe2006 Comedy
funny, funny, video! Looks like in was in sync to me. Great job! reviewed March 4, 2006
Trigger Happy (Music Video) by TexasBabe2006 Comedy
A pretty good effort overall!! Check out my movie if you get a chance reviewed March 4, 2006
The Sperm Donor by StokeStudios Action
Pretty good move. Bob's a heck of a guy! reviewed March 1, 2006
The Baby From Hell ( Part One ) by LionMaker Action
Good litle film. It'll be interesting to see where it goes in the next episode. If you have time, check out my studio and rate my films. Thnx!! reviewed February 28, 2006
60 sec contest - A man before his time by animeabe Comedy
That was killer! Consider yourself bookmarked. reviewed February 27, 2006
The Luckiest - CheckThe Link by richke Romance
Wow! I just watched your video and I have to say it was freakin' awesome. Great job with all the editing & FX. I look forward to more. You certainly show what talented people can do with this game. reviewed February 27, 2006
It Always Rains - 60 Second Contest by richke Action
I know you didn't want to be rated, but that was too damn good not to. reviewed February 27, 2006
My Trip Through The Movies - LV by richke Comedy
I'd seen the original way back when, but I don't think I ever reviewed it, so here goes. I loved it then, and I love it now. Good job of showing what can be done with this game. reviewed February 27, 2006
A totally silly inappropriate movie, but what great voices! reviewed February 27, 2006
Their Here For You by nickster1992 Action
Wow! That was really pretty good. I can't wait to see what happens next. Please review me if you get the chance reviewed February 27, 2006
Who Wants To Save Money by Timo666 Comedy
I love your stuff, especially all the voice work. You can tell that you put a lot of work into it. reviewed February 27, 2006
Have A Break by Timo666 Comedy
A good effort. I guess I need to see the commercial to really get it, but still a good job w/voiceovers and editing. Rate my movie if you get a chance reviewed February 27, 2006
Weird People And Wacky Behavior by Timo666 Comedy
More, more, more! That was great. You should definitly keep up the series. reviewed February 27, 2006
Hell on Earth by fateddie Sci-Fi
Damn good! Great use of props to turn existing sets into something new. I hope you start putting in voiceovers, cause this will be an excellent series to watch! reviewed February 27, 2006
The new Monster-Costume from the Shop by cliffjumper Horror
It was silly, but good. I think it's the first time I've actually seen the wolfman costume from the premier edition in a movie, so that in itself was worth a five, not to mention the floating head. reviewed February 27, 2006
THE SHORTEST MOVIE ON TMO!!! by Agent_Masquerade Comedy
Awesome. I love the studio logo and sound FX reviewed February 26, 2006
One Star Bandit by Sevenhertz Comedy
Freakin' hilarious! Love the theme song. Check out my movie reviewed February 26, 2006
A Sith Lord In LA by Yngvelli Comedy
Hilarious! And Original too! reviewed February 26, 2006
Demon Costume Demo by Stormwhitelab Comedy
Dude, that rocked. Great public service and a funny story besides. Please rate my movie so I can get the demon costume too. reviewed February 26, 2006
Retrospect v3 by Rct2mad Romance
Featured Review
Great job with the titles. Very interesting story. Keep up the good work.
reviewed February 26, 2006
The WAGONS Rolling! by kwistufa Action
Featured Review
Great job! Can't wait for the day when I can make a stagecoach western too!
reviewed February 26, 2006
When Buggs Bunny Attacks by -XM- Comedy
Featured Review
Hilarious! absolutly awesome! (PLEASE rate my movies.)
reviewed February 26, 2006
Blood-Drive by sabrelight Action
Hey! It was a really cool! I always like violent movies. :-) reviewed February 25, 2006
Why No One Ever Sees Santa by laridae Horror
That was pretty scary & a nice twist to why we really never see Santa. reviewed February 23, 2006
Kops by ninette1 Comedy
Another solid effort. Great Job! reviewed February 23, 2006
Wallen's Bad Day by ibcrandy Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Very cute...Your voiceovers made me laugh so that's definitly worth 4 stars.
reviewed February 23, 2006
You Cant Do That on TMO by MrOsterman Comedy
Genius...pure genius! reviewed February 23, 2006
Gotta Go by trillion_32 Comedy
A little silly, but a good job with the voiceovers. reviewed February 23, 2006
The fight of all ninjas by frogboy12345 Action
I liked it. Great music too! reviewed February 22, 2006
Space Wars by wovelscotch Sci-Fi
Great job!! Can't wait for the whole movie. reviewed February 22, 2006
Who Wants To Be Pregnant by Timo666 Comedy
Pretty funny. You just need to do something about the girl's voice, she's a little hard to understand. But otherwise a very good job. reviewed February 22, 2006
Zombies! by flyboy091 Horror
Featured Review
Pretty good for a 1st attempt. Love all the great scenes fighting off the zombies!
reviewed February 21, 2006
The Sniper by Spyke01 Action
Nice. I'd love to see what you could do with some dialogue and voice overs, but overall another quick enjoyable film reviewed February 21, 2006
Bang Bang Were Dead by Spyke01 Comedy
Another good effort. I like your movie making style..short and to the point. reviewed February 21, 2006
Dirty Rider by Spyke01 Action
Nice job for such a short movie. I wasn't expecting the surprise ending at all. Guess everyone else will have to watch the movie to find out what it is. reviewed February 21, 2006
Fighting by soli186 Action
3 stars for use of the Kung Pao chicken reviewed February 20, 2006
Living Room 1 Demo by Slikere Comedy
The heck with everyone else...I give it 4 just for the moose antlers reviewed February 17, 2006
The most annoying film ever by wolverine1112 Comedy
Featured Review
I've seen worse. At least this had voiceovers and great editing.
reviewed February 17, 2006
VAL by Saraqael Sci-Fi
Excellent job! Great storyline and editing and some of the best voiceovers I've heard in any of the movies on this site. Keep up the great work! reviewed February 17, 2006
Hitman - Life Gamble by duxy Action
Great job! Good solid story and editing. I look forward to more from you. reviewed February 17, 2006
Frankenmonsterstein Too by KPizzle Comedy
Okay, was that Ozzy behind the hockey mask? reviewed February 16, 2006
Space Babes Want My Brain by primeg Horror
Interesting little story. Looks like it might need a part 2 though. reviewed February 16, 2006
The Three Stooges (Remake) by joeramoni Comedy
Damn! Awesome job with the makeovers. Your stars look just like the three stooges. And the whole storyline was great too. Can't wait to see your take on Abbott & Costello & the Marx Brothers. reviewed February 16, 2006
Laurel and Hardy by joeramoni Comedy
Not quite the Laurel & Hardy I remember, but a nice effort. I'll be checking out your other films. reviewed February 16, 2006
Misunderstood Genius (Part 1) by 02PARSIM Horror
Gotta hand it to you've got a great talent. This whole storyline flowed very naturally. I'm just sorry that part 2 was removed!! reviewed February 16, 2006
The Taken by 02PARSIM Horror
Great film! It held me riveted till the very end. Great story, editing, and music choices. It'd be incredible if you were able to do voiceovers. I'll be checking out your other films as well. Keep up ... reviewed February 16, 2006
Stage Coach Demo by IronMantis Action
Excellent job of showing us what you get with this set. Thanks! reviewed February 16, 2006
The Sketch Show Episode 2 by pd_studios Comedy
A little weird, but a good concept. I'll watch for the next installment. reviewed February 15, 2006
The Countess Returns by jansilla Horror
An okay effort. Could have been better with a few voiceovers, a nice job anyway. reviewed February 15, 2006
Oops! by Speilburger Action
Featured Review
Nice job. Very well crafted & edited.
reviewed February 15, 2006
Life Sucks by guyver01 Comedy
Featured Review
Nice try in turning in the games automated movie making into something relevant.
reviewed February 15, 2006
Monkey Stew by ninette1 Comedy
You're too much! Great little film. I guess the pictures will end up on the internet as well, huh? reviewed February 15, 2006
Hairy Palms by ninette1 Comedy
Hilarious! and great job on the te[censored!]al editing and sound FX aspects as well. reviewed February 15, 2006
Wild West Bedroom Demo by MrOsterman Romance
Thanks for taking the time to show us what we get with this set. reviewed February 15, 2006
JESUS VS EASTER The Cupcake Edition by MefuneAkira Comedy
Okay, I will admit, that was pretty funny and creative. And I love the outtakes!! reviewed February 15, 2006
Anger Food by fayloth Comedy
Okay, I have to agree. For such a short film, that was pretty funny! reviewed February 12, 2006
WARNINGMay Contain Sex by Manofmyte Romance
Wow, that was a weird one...but with Valentine's Day coming up and all....5 stars!!! reviewed February 11, 2006
Rock On Demo by MRCLOWN Comedy
Looks interesting. I'll be waiting for the finished series reviewed February 11, 2006
Jay the cop who was gay by MnN-studios Comedy
Featured Review
Weird man, weird!
reviewed February 11, 2006
Cute, and you're right, it is a cool song! reviewed February 11, 2006
I lose my car you lose your life by kamikazi_watermelon Action
Decent enough, but it would have been better with voiceovers. reviewed February 11, 2006
Bertha Shaves it all by johnokinawa Comedy
Very well made movie...kind of had the ending figured out ahead of time, but still a nice solid effort. reviewed February 11, 2006
Two soldiers and an indian by blockhead Action
Decent little film. A bit wierd, but good. reviewed February 8, 2006
Dreamtown by Rik_Vargard Action
Excellent job! Very mysterious and good enough to have me bookmark yor studio. Can't wait to see what happens next. reviewed February 8, 2006
Captain Frank vs Hollywood by Acquired_Taste Sci-Fi
Excellent! I Love Captain Frank. Keep up the good work reviewed February 7, 2006
Captain Frank to the Rescue by Acquired_Taste Comedy
Great Stuff!! I'm going to go watch the first episode now reviewed February 7, 2006
Stars and Stakes by kmilner Comedy
Vey enjoyable movie...I wish you'd have had some voice overs, but good just the same. reviewed February 2, 2006
Wanted: Dead Not Alive by youip23345 Action
Good effort reviewed February 1, 2006
The Conscience of Money by Slexjat Action
No Review reviewed February 1, 2006
Baboon City Curse by 6pack1 Horror
Featured Review
Pretty creepy
reviewed February 1, 2006
The Baggage Boy Must Die by mrkeithmaniac Comedy
Awesome creative use of a tired overused scene. reviewed February 1, 2006
High Noon Habibs by boggeyb Comedy
Weird...but it kept me watching. 4 stars!! reviewed January 28, 2006
Brokeback Warewolf by 6-Headedmonster Comedy
Gotta give this one a the voices reviewed January 28, 2006
Repo Rescuers by supercozz Comedy
Awesome job...the voiceovers rocked!! reviewed January 25, 2006
Killing You A Week Ago! by Morgneto Comedy
Nice job...loved the voiceover work. reviewed January 20, 2006
Tales From The Subway Phone Booth by TheWolfska Action
Funny...Where'd you get the answering message...sounds too real to be made up. reviewed January 18, 2006
The Last Christmas Gift by Dylen Romance
Cool idea reviewed January 15, 2006
Survival Game by Dylen Horror
Wasn't sure I wanted to sit through an 8 minute movie, but you got me all caught up in it. Great job!! I'll be checking out your other films. reviewed January 15, 2006
The May-trix Bunny edition by stephenedler Comedy
Good stuff reviewed January 15, 2006
Chicken Run ! by stephenedler Comedy
Featured Review
You got talent, dude. Great job with the creative editing.
reviewed January 15, 2006
The Rhythm of Life by stephenedler Comedy
Very good, if a little slow at times, but I got what you where trying to do. reviewed January 15, 2006
Bikini Girl Fast Food Massacre by stephenedler Action
Okay, Bikini Girls rule!! Great voice acting and use of sound effects really bring it all together. Keep up the good work! reviewed January 15, 2006
Bikini Girls Sexify the Space Nazis by stephenedler Action
Very cute...nice use of a few scenes that I haven't seen used before and great v/o. I'll be checking out the first installment and looking forward to the next. reviewed January 15, 2006
Bounty Killer by jsmith0316 Action
Excellent story and an awesome job on the voiceovers. reviewed January 14, 2006
Vampires by DeceptionStudios Horror
Very nice...looks like the beginning of a very cool series. reviewed January 13, 2006
ROPIS by mcgarnagle Comedy
Featured Review
Awesome!! I love a movie that can make me laugh out loud. Great job with the voiceovers and continuity of editing. Who's next to be reintegrated into society?
reviewed January 12, 2006
Cougar Juice Saves Christmas by Pulp Celluloid Comedy
Watch out Superfly..there's a new playa' in town! I'll be waitin' for the sequel. reviewed January 5, 2006
If I Had The Stagecoach Set by Ratqueen Comedy
I got it...great job! reviewed January 4, 2006
Outlaws! by PamDennis Action
Excellent!! This is what "The Movies" was created for. A great movie with a plot and voice over. This is the best I've seen yet! Can't wait for the next one. reviewed January 4, 2006
The Crush by Sinafae Romance
No Review reviewed December 16, 2005
BEEEEEEEEER!! by Buccura Comedy
No Review reviewed December 16, 2005
The Adventures of Man-Man! by geaneyk Comedy
Great use of voiceover and no boring lag time between scenes. This one keeps you hooked. reviewed December 16, 2005