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Average Rating Received: 4.31

Number of Movies Reviewed: 108
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Movies Released by Zatl
Fission Chips - Part 1 Sci-Fi
Fission Chips - The first in a five episode series, based 300 years in the future. An introduction to the series. The war between humans and the panjuri has been raging for over a century. A rogue fi... posted May 18, 2008
Teh Nub King Movie! Comedy
So then, the long awaited Nub King has finally been released! Based upon the comics ( ) by myself (Undead---God is my forum accou... posted September 16, 2007
Teh Nub King Movie Trailer #2! Comedy
So then, not really a trailer, really just for me to see what text size I should have for it. It seems I need to get it one or two points larger. Well, Teh Nub King should be out in a month. It will ... posted September 10, 2007
Teh Nub King Movie Trailer! Comedy
So then, Teh Nub King Movie is coming, and here's a trailer. For those who haven't yet seen the comic, it's here: Teh Nub King is a comi... posted September 9, 2007
The Invasion Coming Soon Sci-Fi
A trailer for The Invasion, which hits the screen in August/September. The plot is top secret until then, except for a few little snippets. A small group of people can stop them, but it's dangerous. W... posted July 31, 2007
Martian War Sci-Fi
My first movie; A sci-fi in which a woman gets kidnapped, a space guy goes to rescue her, and does. The end. Also, no music sadly. At every oppertunity my computer tried to stop me uploading this so ... posted March 24, 2007
Movies Reviewed by Zatl
A Day In The Life Of Jonathan by mrbatchy Comedy
Very.... interesting :p. Despite the VO problems and the lack of any real plot, there were some funny lines in there. My review's got to be the same as my other one; there's potential there but it's n... reviewed November 23, 2008
The Editing Room Floor by mrbatchy Comedy
I liked the idea, but it could have been done better. Like howitzer said, you should try Audacity. It'll help you control your VOs, and smooth them out a little. If you'd had a more detailed story in ... reviewed November 22, 2008
The End 3 by Naiveness Horror
Nice job. It's hard to follow it without watching the other two, but good work n the subtitiles, a lot of subtitled movies seem as if they're encoded ;). reviewed November 8, 2008
Wet Slice by uphoodie Horror
Pretty nice, but a bit to short for my liking. VOs would have made it better as well, as would some music. Whether it was meant to be or not, the ending was pretty funny, which gets it the three star... reviewed November 8, 2008
Death at the Monitor by uphoodie Horror
Pretty nice, but a bit to short for my liking. VOs would have made it better as well, as would some music. Whether it was meant to be or not, the ending was pretty funny, which gets it the three star... reviewed November 8, 2008
Fantasy Football by DerekHH Comedy
This whole racism thing is just irritating. Why you think it's funny or will entertain anyone I'll never understand. Not to mention the VOs were, again, annoying and robotic. And the whole plot as rid... reviewed October 14, 2008
Liberty City by DerekHH Action
If you think this is the best movie ever made, you've clearly not seen many movies. Without even going into the legal issues, ripping off a game is a terrible idea. Even the game's producers themselve... reviewed October 12, 2008
The Salisbury Rapist by DerekHH Comedy
Right from the start a comedy about rape was destined for failure. There are two big rules in comedy. One is there are certain subjects you should never make jokes about. Unless you're a legendary com... reviewed October 8, 2008
Dako by nooctip Action
It was difficult to follow, but entertaining all the same. It was definitely a confusing plot, but the voices were fairly well acted and and there was some good entertainment. You could have made a be... reviewed August 28, 2008
Love (A Short Comedy Movie) by farquad Comedy
Too short and simple to get a better review, but it was funny nonetheless. It took me a second to get, but it was a good joke. It would have been better if you incorporated it into a longer comedy film. reviewed August 28, 2008
Darkshade Origins 1 by jjnelson222 Action
A solid start to the series. There were a few flaws, such as it flickering between day and night when it was nighttime and a few typos in the subtitles, but besides that it was very entertaining. reviewed August 28, 2008
bmaitland Horrible Reviewer (improved) by DerekHH Comedy
If this movie wasn't going to be taken down soon for quite a few reasons, I'd have to dock you a couple of stars for shameless use of multiple accounts and bad VO layout, not to mention the ridiculous... reviewed August 25, 2008
Perverted by dude123456HasReturned Horror
Ha, pretty funny :p. Especially good VOs of Jimmy as well, though the mother scared me! It felt awkward to watch, which I'm guessing is what you wanted ;). good luck in the competition! TNK TMO News Reviews reviewed July 9, 2008
THE MOVIES 2008 by WastingYourTime Action
What happened here :o? reviewed July 9, 2008
Zombie Island Holiday resort Ad by derbyrams Comedy
Pretty nice. There's a few problems, but nothing that really spoils it. I'd have preferred it if there were VOs, or maybe just a load of groaning noises and something to indicate that the text was a t... reviewed July 8, 2008
Office Wars by timothy_richmond_3 Comedy
Any chance of a sequel? I noticed something outside the window near the end ;). Anyway, very good VOs, plot, mods, etc. reviewed July 6, 2008
15 Second Movie (excluding credits) by josephkw Comedy
Not much I can say besides brilliant. If you can give a mesage in your movies to someone like me, then you're clearly a great storyteller ;). reviewed July 6, 2008
To TMO or Not To TMO by rileyman Comedy
Those tips were actually really useful, as well as incerdibly funny! I could actually feel the poor guy's pain when everyone rated his movie low because of that name. Ouch. reviewed July 6, 2008
Zombie Island by simpsdog Horror
It's difficult to decide where to start here. The excellent VOs, the creative use of the starship sets for the base, the fantastic plot with the twist at the end, or any other brilliant feature of it. reviewed July 6, 2008
Band Geek Reviews by BenTuttle90 Comedy
A nice, original idea :). Sadly though, this was just a basic advertisement (though well put together) for a review thread, so I don't feel I can give it five stars. It was a good advert, hence the go... reviewed June 26, 2008
Terror Tales Two by rjanaconda Horror
Very good, as with all your others, so I'm giving it five stars like it said to ;). TNK TMO N Reviews reviewed June 23, 2008
Brothers Of War Ep 1 by Staree_Movies Action
A very nicely out together production you have here. Some of the VOs weren't brilliantly acted, but not enough to detract from the interesting plot, the great cliffhanger and the general movie itself.... reviewed June 12, 2008
The Man Who Wanted to Sneeze by timothy_richmond_3 Comedy
Brilliant ;)! The ending was, unlike many endings to films, actually satisfying as well as good. Fairly reasonable VOs throughout, the salesman on TV was especially good, and tyhe camera angles were c... reviewed June 12, 2008
Terror Tales by rjanaconda Horror
Very nice work. Good VOs as usual, and interesting stories as well. The whole idea of three in one movie with a narrator like that was very good also. Humourous dialogue nails the five stars, especial... reviewed June 12, 2008
Naughty Prof! by dude123456HasReturned Comedy
Pretty funny ;). A bit short, could have been better if you could have made it longer (without dragging it out), but still good all the same ;). reviewed June 12, 2008
Stress by cipheruzmad Romance
Very well done, and an excellent insight to a problem nearly everyone goes through, at least at some point in their lives. Brilliantly done. TNK TMO N Reviews reviewed June 8, 2008
Hard Life by TheFlyingDuDe-Films Romance
Wow, incredibly moving. Brilliant VOs as well. Good use of camera angles also, very impressive. An easy five stars. TNK TMO N Reviews reviewed June 8, 2008
LOL Teaser by dude123456HasReturned Horror
I'll probably watch the full film, but only to find out what t's actually about ;). reviewed June 8, 2008
Pure Torture by shaynedude Horror
This was ok. The sound effects didn't really fit though, and the VOs were virtually inaudible. Still, it's relatively good, but could be improved with actually telling us about the characters. reviewed June 8, 2008
The Box by Amateur-Associates Comedy
This could have been a good idea for a movie, but after nine minutes it started to get a bit boring. There's really only so many of those things we can see before it starts to seem like randomly throw... reviewed June 6, 2008
Pimp Saga ep 3 Revenge(working) by rjanaconda Comedy
I'm goign to have to say it, this didn't live up to my expectations. Not because this is a bad movie, since it's not, but the previous two episodes were incredibly impressive. That said, it was still ... reviewed June 5, 2008
Sir Fartsalot! by dude123456HasReturned Comedy
Pretty good, but the VOs weren't very clear in some places. I think you should have made it clearer that it was a trailer as well, I didn't get that until the last minute :p. reviewed June 5, 2008
Starcruiser Ares Episode 1 by Keryth Sci-Fi
A fairly solid start to your series. However, everything in brackets telling us what happened wasn't so great, fine occasionally and fore vocals but not as constant narration, and there were some dodg... reviewed June 4, 2008
ROCK ON TEASE by makka83 Comedy
Nice teaser, it got me interested in seeing the film when it's released. It could have been better, lots of teasers give away some things so you know a little about the plot, but here I don't have muc... reviewed June 4, 2008
Day and Night by Ellis07 Romance
Nice storyline, but VOs could have been better, they didn't sound particularly well acted. As much as I wish I could, I can't give it 5* with those VOs. Besides them, this was a 5 star performance, if... reviewed June 4, 2008
Addiction by piotrtheman Romance
Featured Review
Not many movies can make people actually feel sorry for the characters when something happens, but this one can. Maybe it's because I've never truly experienced getting over a death so films including...
reviewed June 4, 2008
RIO DIABLO Feature1 by TheMGMKid1 Action
Brilliant - outstanding VOs, a good selction of music (and please, anyone who knocks two stars off for that just can't possibly be serious) and the plot was entertaining the whole way through, despite... reviewed June 4, 2008
crazy cam the movie by a2k13 Comedy
Really wasn't as good as it could have been - I didn't really have any idea what was going on at all if I'm being honest, and the VOs were impossible to hear. TNK TMO N Review reviewed June 1, 2008
Freerunner (Teaser) by eklumt Sci-Fi
Could have better, but still pretty good. Some sounds could have improved it, but I'll still probably watch it when it's released. TNO TMO N Review reviewed June 1, 2008
THE WATER AND THE WOODS d by userjosh9874 Horror
Very good - interesting plot, and a nice ending. The VOs sounded a little odd in places, but still very good overall, if a little long - though that's not really a bad thing. TN TMO N Review reviewed June 1, 2008
And There She Was by sgporsche48 Romance
Very nice - the lack of speach worked well, a did the well chosen music reviewed May 29, 2008
Pimp Saga Episode 1 by rjanaconda Comedy
Very good - Brilliant Voice Over of Manny especially, but they were all excellent. The plot was also good, and good use of scenes and music. TNO TMON Reviews reviewed May 29, 2008
Pool Party Massacre by VandrendeOrn Horror
Excellent story line, and superb direction. Just as with your other Slasher films, this is a must see. Good use of props as well. TNK TMON Review reviewed May 29, 2008
Stranger On a Train by shaynedude Action
Well done, could have been a lot worse. Good work. Make on making the subtitles better though. reviewed May 26, 2008
Pure Torture (Trailer) by shaynedude Horror
I'm sorry Shayne, but I don't get it at all... reviewed May 25, 2008
The Last Laugh by thebiz Comedy
This could have been good, except there wasn't anything really to it. It was just a dragged out whinge about a non-existent problem. nd if it was meant to be funny, I'm afraid the humour missed by quite a bit. reviewed May 25, 2008
Changes at School 4 by SnakeEater42 Comedy
Brilliant VOs, good story, and good lesson. An easy Five stars. Looking forward to watching some other movies of yours. TNKTMON Review reviewed May 22, 2008
One Last Breath part1 by sparky1512 Action
Pretty good. Sadly, it was kind of slow. I'll still be checking out your other mvies, though ;). reviewed May 22, 2008
Route 2(the second one) by shaynedude Horror
Definitly worth more than 1 star, so ignore the ninja and critic wannabe. However, it was hardly brilliant. reviewed May 21, 2008
In the Cover of Darkness by pookashells Romance
Very good - pretty much perfect, so sorry that this review has to be so short, there's nothing else to say ;). reviewed May 17, 2008
The Adventures of Guy Man and Person Girl by RavensFan_09 Comedy
Very good - VOs could have been better, but in a film like this it almost works. reviewed May 17, 2008
Curiosity My Name is Thong! by dude123456HasReturned Comedy
One of those few movies where just plain weird somehow means just plain cool. Funny VOs (sorry if that's your normal voice ;)), and Roger should definitly have a number 1 single from that :p. reviewed May 17, 2008
World War 3 -Part 1- by lionchild Sci-Fi
This was ok. The problem is, nothing actually happened - it really just seemed like you looked through all the fight scenes, put them together and uploaded it. It would be better if there was some sor... reviewed May 17, 2008
Thongocalypse Now by Marvellousguppimovies Comedy
Nothing I can say besides... great, really ;). Undead---God reviewed May 16, 2008
The Creepy Clown Visits - A Poem by Tie Horror
Very good, the acting fitted the poem perfectly, in my opinion. 5 stars easily. reviewed May 16, 2008
Elenora Swinton Metal Festival by VandrendeOrn Horror
Featured Review
Incredible. Worth watching a hundred times over. I would try to give you some suggestion about how to improve it, but I have no idea. VOs, perhaps? Even then, the subtitles worked, VOs might not have ...
reviewed May 16, 2008
Poptart Mania! by dude123456HasReturned Horror
Great film - my only complaint... why didn't he eat them ;)? reviewed May 16, 2008
AutoBot - Prototype for War by SquirePD Action
Pretty good. Not the best I've seen, but an excellent movie even so. reviewed May 15, 2008
Retaliation 1 True God by ShyShy Action
Wow ShyShy - are you sure this is the trailer? You could easily pass this off as a movie in its own right. My only tiny complaint would be that when the kid gets shot near the end, the screams after i... reviewed May 15, 2008
Night of the Monsters by cecil_evans Horror
Very good! The twist at the end was excellent, as were the VOs. If I really had to complain about something at gunpoint, it's that you're calling it a horror when there's so many comedy aspects :p. An... reviewed November 3, 2007
Redemption (Red Band Trailer) by YamiMarik Action
Looks good, plus a good use of freecam. reviewed October 22, 2007
The Break-up Letter by trewill7 Comedy
The plot alone gives it five stars. It's clear a lot of effort was put into the voice overs too, clearly you have a brilliant piece of work on your hands here that shall excel. reviewed October 21, 2007
Got A Bad Feeling by benmercer Action
Featured Review
The dialogue was well acted out, and a good selection of scenes (though there was one dodgy freecam scene on the city street).
reviewed October 7, 2007
The Yellow Nightmare Finale by Cos1293 Comedy
I quite enjoyed this, especially the end. ... I didn't mean it like that :p! The second half was better than the first half, in my opinion, but I liked all of it. reviewed September 29, 2007
OMG24 by pageym Comedy
Very good is all I can say! The VOs were good, even though the volumes were a little wonky about halfway through, and there were enough funny bits to keep me smiling the whole time. reviewed September 29, 2007
Shoufla by Dkostuj Sci-Fi
I quite liked this, well done! Not much of an intro, it was all a bit sudden I'm afraid to say, but fairly effective. This shows a lot of potential for future sci-fis, if you;re planning any. reviewed September 22, 2007
Mumbling in The Movies by Fruit_cup Comedy
Featured Review
Well done, funny throughout and enough in there to keep attention for six minutes, which some movies of this length can lack!
reviewed September 22, 2007
My Life As a Teenaged Zombie by SlimiJimi Comedy
Well then, is there any way to improve this? I highly doubt it. VOs could help, but then again they could just keep it just as great or make it worse. This film is proof that subtitle films can be bri... reviewed September 22, 2007
Pretoria Teaser Trailer by disney2000 Sci-Fi
Brilliant! Saying this looks like an epic in the making is like calling Stephen Hawking intelligent (pointing out the obvious and understating :D!). The music fitted in very well, we got a brilliant i... reviewed September 12, 2007
Not bad. To be honest, I thought it was a little plain and plotless for a movie until it said episode 2. Now everything falls into place. All I can fault it with is the description and the misuse of a... reviewed September 11, 2007
The Flooding of England by rjb2112 Comedy
Fantastic! Good work, Alex, good stuff. Funny and... well, what else do we need for a great movie ;)? reviewed September 9, 2007
Halloween Night by shaynedude Horror
Shayne, I'm being as generous as possible to give you a two. I'll tell you why, as much as I'd want to, I can't give you anything more: For the blue screen and the suburban street set, you showed foot... reviewed September 9, 2007
Unlock All Sets In Sandbox Mode! by Inu388 Sci-Fi
Well done! A good idea to uplaod a tutorial, one I'm sure will get a lot of use! Even if that wasn't enough for five stars, including a tutorial in the movie description was a brilliant idea. So than... reviewed September 9, 2007
The Coroners Daughter by sglennox Comedy
Featured Review
Very good. A little short, but that I suppose it is its purpose. The last line was pretty funny, and though there wasn't really a major storyline you managed to keep it entertaing, so five stars (good...
reviewed September 9, 2007
The Criminal by Abrey Action
Now, would I be right to assume that the custom music is just randomly tapping keys on a keyboard? Except the last bit which sounds like one of the background things you play whilst you actually play.... reviewed September 3, 2007
Cruel Britannia (A New View on Brits!) by dhanbhandari59 Comedy
Well done, a very funny film. One thing though... middle class in a council estate :/? Or perhaps I'm going deaf... either way, good work! reviewed August 31, 2007
THE ONE SCENE MOVIE by gavi5 Action
Featured Review
Oh bravo! 3 *s since it delivers what it promises... and that I like that the credits are three times the length of the actual film :D. Well, it happens in reality...
reviewed August 30, 2007
Stylin by RavensFan_09 Sci-Fi
Nice movie, and yet more proof short movies can be good ;)! reviewed August 4, 2007
fall of the dead new by butt-monkey Horror
Very good work! There was a very nice amount of suspense, and the frecams were brilliant. reviewed August 3, 2007
The Detective Without A Name by mark1212 Romance
Very good. I'm not a fan of these genres, but for its type it was very good. reviewed August 3, 2007
The Missing Part by Betral Comedy
Heh heh, hi Betral! Very funny movie, I liked the end part especially ;). What was funnier, however... was the little noobie one star ninja! reviewed August 3, 2007
Chicken Man by ShyShy Comedy
Very good work, ignore the one star ninja + co. reviewed August 1, 2007
Aya and Yumi 5 Songs of Vengeance by madone69 Horror
Heh, very good work. The episode was great, and manages to keep attention all the way through. reviewed August 1, 2007
Fate by BamRyan Comedy
Very good. To be honest, I preferred your other and, until fate had his little twist I though you were just missing a five star quality review, but you changed my mind! reviewed July 31, 2007
Alien Concept by BamRyan Comedy
Brilliant! Very funny, the chicken part was incredible planning! Now, come on. Anyone not giving this 5-stars must be watchin' some REAL good movies that I'm missing somehow! Your movie proves that V... reviewed July 31, 2007
Assassination Incorporated-3 by simpsdog Action
Nice job, I liked it. Perhaps you should have got someone else in for you-knw-who though ;). reviewed July 31, 2007
We come in Peace! by dude123456HasReturned Sci-Fi
Niec work, well done. reviewed July 31, 2007
The Deed of Midnight - Chapter 1 - Act 1 by trewill7 Action
Wow, brilliant, especially for a first movie! reviewed July 31, 2007
A Big Question by BamRyan Comedy
Lol, funnitest I've seen in a while, especially the start and the end. reviewed July 31, 2007
In The Shadow Of A Witch by Ranedthel Horror
Very interesting, a nice change from the standard film. reviewed July 31, 2007
Ascension by Tarison Action
Good storyline, very real-seeming. reviewed July 31, 2007
Blood of Serendipity by otnemem20 Romance
The storyline wasn't my favourite, but everything else amde up for it more or less. reviewed July 28, 2007
The Sleeping City (VO Edition) by castigo Sci-Fi
The VOs were deginetly good here, but I didn't see the original. reviewed July 28, 2007
Stud Money 007 3 by pookashells Action
Very good, nice music especially. reviewed July 27, 2007
Affari by ESegal Action
Nice work, well done. Storyline's interesting too. reviewed July 22, 2007
Another Head in the Crowd by ESegal Comedy
Heh, good work. With an unusual movie like this there's a fine line between success and dismal failure, but you got the first no doubt ;)! reviewed July 20, 2007
Coming Soon With Trewill7 - Episode 1 by trewill7 Comedy
Very good, I constantly grinned, chuckled a little too :). reviewed July 19, 2007
The Good The Bad and The Brilliant by BrilliantBrian Action
Nice job, the screen followed each other well. reviewed July 15, 2007
Pimp Saga Ep 2 Still Pimpin by rjanaconda Comedy
Very good. A nice twist in the tale, and my only complaint would be that the end seemed a little rushed, but that's only a scratch on the paint, really. reviewed July 14, 2007
Kristallnacht by sgporsche48 Romance
A movie that truly does reveal and remind us of what actually happened. Well done, not only for the great movie but for the respect you've issued to them. reviewed July 14, 2007
Paris Holmes Super Spy by FinestCuts Comedy
Though the main body of the film wasn't as good as I'd hoped, the intro definetly more than made up for it! Keep a similar style to your intro, perhaps shorten movies slightly if you feel you must, an... reviewed July 14, 2007
The Deed of Midnight - Chp 1 Teaser by trewill7 Action
Very good. I look forard to the full one :). reviewed July 14, 2007
The Adventures of Citizen Monkey Trailer by dude123456HasReturned Action
Very good work! You could ease back on the throttle slightly with the monkey noises perhaps, but besides that it's great. reviewed July 14, 2007
Pressure by qtigger Action
Very good, well done. All I can see wrong with it is that it's a little loud, but nothing turning the volume down slightly doesn't fix ;). reviewed July 14, 2007
space by nipples Action
Featured Review
A brilliant movie. A very interesting storyline, good VOs and the mystery of what exactly was going on and why ;).
reviewed July 13, 2007
Over Fire! by matthewmagic Sci-Fi
The type of thing I'd have to say is allright-ish. Pretty good, but a few aspects could feel a bit less mechanic. reviewed June 30, 2007
Bumm by Alex140993 Action
Short, but still good I say. reviewed June 6, 2007
EKIO (trailer) by weridman Action
A very nice tralier, good work. I've got to say, the movie must be good looking at this. reviewed June 6, 2007