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Average Rating Received: 3.95

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Movies Released by Zachary_Denton
The Temptation of Jesus Action
No Description posted March 11, 2007
Where Are You Black Man Comedy
No Description posted March 2, 2007
Family Guy Return of the Griffen Comedy
The FINAL episode in the epic trilogy, Family Guy: Return of the Griffen is about Peter actually fullfilling his destiny, but first he has to do a Dirty Deed for Chuck....then he gets to the good stuff.... posted February 4, 2007
Family Guy Peter Strikes Back Comedy
The SECOND in the epic trilogy, Family Guy2: Peter Strikes Back is about Chuck Norris training Peter to fullfill his destiny! posted February 3, 2007
Family Guy The Movie Comedy
The FIRST in the epic trilogy, Family Guy: The Movie is about Peter riding down the road and he flips over a car. While Peter is inches from death, he has a dream...A dream with Chuck Norris! Chuck te... posted February 2, 2007
The Life of Todd Comedy
No Description posted January 17, 2007
D-Day Action
No Description posted December 11, 2006
Halo The Movie Comedy
No Description posted December 9, 2006
Brokeback Moutain 2:The Better One Comedy
No Description posted December 8, 2006
Movies Reviewed by Zachary_Denton
k7-Quarantine by Rik_Vargard Sci-Fi
Dude, that movie was AWSOME! reviewed December 11, 2006