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Movies Released by yoman6000
Help Me Someone Horror
A detective and her two sidekicks investigate a murder. Then they get kidnapped and brought to a house with several other people who knew the victim investigated. One person in that house is the kille... posted February 11, 2007
Movies Reviewed by yoman6000
A Darker Thriller by samyhouse Action
Once again. Movie Brilliance! Great Job!! I love your movies! reviewed January 23, 2008
The Ultimate Showdown by chrisedmond Comedy
Fisrt off love that song! It's hilarious. Next I thought this was the most brilliantly creative video I have seen! Great Job! reviewed January 15, 2008
Clue 3 by games987 Action
I will say that this one the best of the three so far. It was good not boring and it flowed nicely. The only thing is that some of the voice acting wasn't the greatest. Example, When Evan's was yellin... reviewed January 15, 2008
X-Mas Panic by HitmanGames Comedy
This is the most random dumb movie I have ever seen. There was NO panic and it just sucked in general.... reviewed January 12, 2008
Pressure by qtigger Action
That was the best action movie I have seen on TMO! It was brilliant. the voice acting was good as well as everything else. I am totally recomending this movie to a lot of people. reviewed October 18, 2007
Chronicles of The Rift by userjosh9874 Action
okay. first off, the sets were brilliant as well as the camera angles. The voice acting was good but not great. and the plot was really good. good movie. reviewed October 8, 2007
Pulling The Plug by jukieuk Horror
The story was good and had a good message. But the voice acting wass too blurry. Next time tell your actors to take their mouths away from the mike a liitle or bring their mouths a little closer to th... reviewed April 15, 2007
Long Road by Melghoul1 Horror
Um..... Brilliant! Loved it! Great music. Great Story. The voice acting was great and plus I loved that it wasn't just a slasher and also that it had some comic releif! So....Phenominal Job! reviewed April 15, 2007
(No Title) by evan817 Comedy
Um. I hope you know that it is only 19 seconds long and makes no sense. Maybye you should redo it and make it longer and make it have a story. reviewed April 15, 2007
How to Catch An Online Predator by eobaggs Comedy
This was very orginal. It is something different on TMO. Good Story, Good music. It was perfect nothing bad about it! Great Job! reviewed April 15, 2007
Near by sidy Horror
Loved it! It was very orginal and great. Also I loved the ending that was some what predictable but also some what surpirsing. So, Great Job! reviewed April 14, 2007
First Person View Movie - Davids Adventure by starmovie Sci-Fi
Okay. Sensational! It would be very hard to try and pull off something like this and you did it flawlessley! It was a Brilliant story and everything was perfect I really loved it! Phenomninal Job! reviewed April 14, 2007
How Long Can You Watch till you die Contest by STXFilms Comedy
well ist thing: I WON!!! Now to the movie. What made this movie funny and interesting was that it was completley random and stupid(in a good, funny way!) So Good Job!! I liked it! reviewed April 14, 2007
The course of the black aim by aledin Action
unfortunatly RevStar is right. There is no sound?!?! and I do agree with him you should have put subtitles in. But you are very lucky that you are getting 2 stars because all it was was knife fight, a... reviewed April 14, 2007
Dead Women 4 by jorge1993 Horror
Here Is my rating system. Plot:5/5 Script:2/5 Music:5/5 Possible Scores: 1-3:1 Star 4-6:2 Stars 7-9:3 Stars 10-12:4 Stars 13-15:5 Stars Your Score:12/15 Comments: The plot was very original. But t... reviewed April 13, 2007
Bloodstream - Beyond Life And Death Pt 1 by Noodledude Horror
Okay Here Is My rating System. Plot:5/5 Script:4/5 Music:2/5 Possible Scores: 1-3:1 Star 4-6:2 Stars 7-9:3 Stars 10-12:4 Stars 13-15:5 Stars Your Score: 11/15 Comments: The plot was original. The ... reviewed April 13, 2007
k7-Quarantine by Rik_Vargard Sci-Fi
Here Is my new rating system: Plot:5/5 Script:5/5 Music:5/5 Possible Scores: 1-3:1 star 4-6:2 stars 7-9:3 stars 10-12:4 stars 13-15:5 stars Your Score: 15/15. Comments: This is the absolute BEST ... reviewed April 12, 2007
New You Resort by Dulci Horror
Here is my new rating system. Plot:5/5 Script:5/5 Music:5/5 Scores: 1-3:1 Star 4-6:2 Stars 7-9:3 Stars 10-12:4 Stars 13-15:5 Stars Your Score- 15/15 Comments: I loved that this wasn't a slasher m... reviewed April 12, 2007
The GAY by Kireblade Horror
Okay, this movie definatly gets 5 stars!!! It is a very original comedy that is very hard to pull off. And you pulled it off the right way! This is the funniest comedy I have seen on TMO! Great Job! reviewed April 11, 2007
The Valley of Witches by VandrendeOrn Horror
Okay. I am now doing the same thing as a lot of other people, I am doing a rating system. Plot-5/5 Camera Angles-5/5 Script-4/5 Music-5/5 Score:19/20(See Below To see what each score gets.) What # ... reviewed April 7, 2007
Fatal Pictures Chapter 2 by davidmartinjr Horror
Okay. There was improvement.But you are still lucky you are getting 3 stars. Because now it did make some more sense. But the gay loving was not needed and the people could have not mumbled and talked... reviewed April 6, 2007
Fatal Pictures by davidmartinjr Horror
Okay.sorry but that wasn't very good at all. It made no sense. It had no begginning middle or end. It just ended. Plus youy need to keep track of what you actors are wearing and what their hair and fa... reviewed April 6, 2007
Zombies on Scotland by brighterideas Horror
Okay. The movie was decent. But it was too short and the script wasn't that great. But the plot and concept were good. It just moved too fast and needed to be longer and have more people trapped in th... reviewed April 6, 2007
Number B - The Devils Letter by MrSmithee Action
Okay. This is a Brilliant movie. Brilliant concept! Love it! The Best Action Movie I Have Seen! No really this one was seriously the BEST! Great Job! reviewed April 6, 2007
For My Fellow Soldier - Part 1 by rileyman Romance
Brilliant! The voice acting was great, the plot was great, it was great! Brilliant! Phenominal! Can't wait to see part 2! reviewed April 6, 2007
S P E L L S I S T E R S chapter1 by poisonthemonkey Sci-Fi
Featured Review
The voice acting was good but it was hard to uderstand who was talking, like if it was the narrator or the real people. But the plot was good and the camera angles were even better. Plus I don't see h...
reviewed April 5, 2007
Interstellar Odyssey (Part One) by nukester Sci-Fi
Brilliant! Phenominal! The voice acting was Brilliant, the sets were Brilliant, the plot was Amazing! I can't wait to see part two. This movie should win the TMOscar for Best Motion Picture! reviewed April 1, 2007
Zombie Panic - Rest in Sleaze by HitmanGames Comedy
Now I must say that was very good. I loved it. Great concept, loved the song and the voice acting was good. Plus I loved the camera angles and everything. Great Job! reviewed April 1, 2007
Dark Thriller by samyhouse Action
Brilliant. Music was great, acting was great, plot was great! Loved it! Brillinat! The best horror movie I have seen in a LONG time! reviewed March 31, 2007
No-One Will Escape by DJDanny Horror
The voice acting was good,The music really fit plus it was a very orginal plot and the editing was good. But there didn't have to be so much mumbling and the whispering voice didn't have to say so man... reviewed March 31, 2007
Alletheo - The Fall of a King by ichthusadmr Action
Brilliant Movie! I have never seen anything like it! Beautiful set design and costume design! Phenominal Acting! Brilliant story! Birlliant with a capital B! reviewed March 30, 2007
Scramble (Part Two) by postmodernchuck Sci-Fi
Yet agaian another Brilliant movie. Also a Brilliant contiunation! Brilliant Job! reviewed March 30, 2007
Scramble (Part One) by postmodernchuck Sci-Fi
This was phenominal! Everything was perfect. I am not going to go through everything becasue is was all brilliant! Phenominal Job! reviewed March 29, 2007
Death Alley Trailer by amt4572 Action
Phenomenal camera shots and stunts. I definatly will watch the main movie. It seems like a very original movie. Very good! So Don't Dissapoint!!! reviewed March 23, 2007
The Lost Angel by jmm1525 Action
It is better than Death Do Us Part. The plot wasn't very orginal. But it was more exciting than Death Do Us Part. But you still need to watch the little details. So many other people will give,like, t... reviewed March 23, 2007
Till Death Do Us Part by jmm1525 Horror
It was a very good original plot. But after a while it got very boring. Also you need to watch how you put your movies together. For example there were several times when a character would be wearing ... reviewed March 23, 2007
SIGHT ZERO by Sith Horror
This was a pretty good movie.It could have been a lot longer though. The plot was great and original which with a plot like that it needed to be a lot longer becasue people might find it confusing. reviewed March 18, 2007
The Leprachauns Bride by mildheadwound Comedy
Brillian! Phenomenal!! It was one of the best movies I have seen in a long time! The story was great. The acting was great! It was funny! Plus it was modern and original! I think this movie should be ... reviewed March 17, 2007
Top 10 Deaths Of The Week by beachard5 Comedy
Okay. I will give you three star s because yes some parts were funny. But some parts were also stupid. Plus I give it three becasue # 3 should have been #1 and #1 should have been # 3. So you mixed th... reviewed March 17, 2007
The laugh by ZCK_legend Horror
Featured Review
Okay. Like I have said with many other movies... There were ups adnt here were downs.The thing that is a major up is the twist at the end. Also the editing was good. But it majorly lacked originality....
reviewed March 17, 2007
The Invasion of THE MAIL BOXES by avalon306 Action
I am sorry. The trailer made it look like a very cool original movie. But unfortunatly it was not that good. There was no plot and it was just a spin off of "Attak Of The Garden Gnomes." Which was an ... reviewed March 11, 2007
The Naughty List by Pickleking Comedy
The Hannsen Heights Hotel by patt0192 Horror
Featured Review
Okay. There were ups and then there were downs. One up was I loved the unique set designs that you did. You changed most of the sets and they looked completely differet. Also the effects were good. Th...
reviewed March 8, 2007
The Best Darn Worm There Ever Was by syracuselax36 Comedy
Hey! R U from syracuse?? If U R me too! ANYWAY..... good movie very funny and very original! Please rate my movie "Help Me Someone" It is the only movie I have uploaded so far! Im new! reviewed February 23, 2007
Crazy Santa by nick314 Comedy
It was a pretty good movie. Okay plot. It was funny and it was very creative and original. I haven't seen anything like this before! The only reason you got 4 stars was because the sound was off but t... reviewed February 23, 2007
Gun For Sale by Deadcwab Action
Good movie! It was very enjoyable and had a good plot! I hope there is a sequal where Joe goes and finds the two bad guys and kills them! reviewed February 23, 2007
Beating Jack by Doctor_Dawn Action
It was a goo movie! I liked a lot! reviewed February 22, 2007
santa and Mr Hyde by tasmania11 Romance
It was a good movie. Good story. But it should have been a horror because it was not a romance. reviewed February 22, 2007
Zombie Panic 2 Luke Nukem Forever by HitmanGames Comedy
This was the most random dumb movie I have seen. The whole movie was terrible. It was not funny at all. The only good part was The music. reviewed February 22, 2007
Death on Two Feet - Chapter Two by CaptSocrates Horror
AMAZING! Love it! Great movie. reviewed February 22, 2007
Death on Two Feet by CaptSocrates Horror
The best horror movie I have seen in a very long time! reviewed February 22, 2007
The Abomination Of Susy J by Freakygrim Horror
It was a pretty good movie. Good story and Good acting! reviewed February 22, 2007
Clue 2 by Games987 Action
Well it was better than the first one. A little more exciting. But still some parts were kinda boring. reviewed February 21, 2007
Clue by Games987 Action
It was a decent movie. Nothing very special about it though. I hope the second one is better. This one was unfortunatly kinda boring. reviewed February 21, 2007
Masked Killer by ShyShy Horror
Decent movie. But the dialogue wasn't so good. But it was an okay plot. good job. reviewed February 18, 2007
The Night Hunter by qtigger Horror
This movie was brilliant!!! Everything about it was perfect!!! Keep making awesome movies! reviewed February 17, 2007
Haunted by jaydee1 Horror
very simple story(no offense). you know kids go to haunted house, kid gets hurt,ghost still lives. but it was a good movie altogether! The camera angles and sets were awesome. Keep it up! I cant wait ... reviewed February 15, 2007
Sisters by rayne666 Horror
very simple,too short. but the story is okay. next time release something a liitle more edgy. and longer. but keep it up and you will do great! good luck! reviewed February 15, 2007
The Ultimate Movie clips by Stardude03 Action
I can't wait to see the full movie. It looks awesome. Great effects,great everything get the full movie out soon. cant wait. reviewed February 15, 2007
The Color Of The Crime by Montoro Horror