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Movies Released by Yfopla
Worrymans Contest Film 17 Action
http://allboards.lionhead.com/showthread.php?p=1395660#post1395660 A Film by Red Mercury Films posted November 24, 2005
Betrayal Part 3 Action
Betrayal: Part 3. Finale Tren and the caller meet face to face. Tren learns the truth, and will extract his revenge. But, all is not what it seems. In this exciting Finale to the Betrayal series, the... posted November 16, 2005
Betrayal Part 2 Action
Part 2 of the 3-part Thriller Series: Betrayal Questions start to rise, as the unknown caller keeps getting Tren, the hitman, out of danger. But when something goes wrong, they will have to come toge... posted November 14, 2005
Betrayal Part 1 Action
Its a normal day for a hitman. Killing, drinking, killing again. But this day, is different. And before its over, He will kill all who betrayed him. But, he is surronded by lies...and lyers. The only... posted November 12, 2005
Murder By Day Action
A couple, enjoying their company, goes back to his place. Unsuspecting of the danger that awaits. A Flim by Red Mercury Studios posted November 11, 2005
Movies Reviewed by Yfopla
NEED FOR SPEED by james11888 Action
I want my 1:18 of my life back reviewed May 4, 2006
What Would Happen If Fable Was Real by themoviemaker234 Comedy
nice ideas ruined by the movies length (too short) and the worst VO's I ever heard reviewed March 21, 2006
Xena by timett Comedy
It made no sense at all.... good job 1 star for you! reviewed December 7, 2005
The Matrix Retold by BlinkinCard41 Action
mehhhh. Its not really a comedy Its not really an action movie Its just...there. Now, let me say, 3/5 is good, for this movie. maybe a bit too good. The editing, directing, voice acting, were all g... reviewed November 19, 2005
Racoon City by monkeymagic2005 Comedy
okay...as a comedy, that was poor. as a horror/action, that was okay. Some of the action selections were quite good. Main problem was the VO's. They sucked. The police ones were the worst of this ... reviewed November 16, 2005
Halloween Returns by Idol2 Horror
I never thought that you could do worst then the survivour movie you uploaded... I was wrong Everything went wrong here. There is no storyline. No VO's, no sub-titles. People are calling each othe... reviewed November 15, 2005
Survivor 1 episode 1 by Idol2 Comedy
wow.... that was, indeed, the WORST movie, I have ever seen. I can't type anymore...I'm just so amazed that someone actually made this. reviewed November 15, 2005
Jason Is Back! by Mazinkaizerpr Horror
I'm lazy right now, so im just going to explain why the movie earned 4/5. ITS A TRAILER. Please, state it as such. Great job on the mood though. You nailed it on that one. Im looking forward to se... reviewed November 14, 2005
O RLY by Nillock Comedy
seriously... The "O RLY" saying, can be used in many different, and FUNNY, situations...but a whole 10 second movie just of "O RLY" "YA RLY" is not funny. The opening credits was longer then the act... reviewed November 14, 2005
Muddy Runs by MagnumOpus Comedy
wasnt bad...main problem is that it needs to be longer. I know that, that was the end of the movie, but it felt too short. The joke was good, but it ended too quick. no satisfiying ending reviewed November 14, 2005
Hard Shoulder by JohnMartinez Action
Biggest problem with this movie is that fact that the storyline didnt make any sense, on some parts. SPOILER He shot her in the middle of the street..in daylight...in the afternoon...wouldnt that me... reviewed November 14, 2005
A SWAT movie with no story by ojdidntdoit6 Action
wow... - Whats with the echo? - No storyline...obviously - One of the gangsters left the room, then SWAT goes in, and suddenly hes back in the room? wtf? reviewed November 13, 2005
bothers in arms by callywally91 Action
... its not bad...but nothing like what it should be. Heres the main problems with this: - You Used black text with a black background - bothers? - some spelling errors in the text - dosent clarify w... reviewed November 13, 2005
Love and War Part 1 by Pompous Romance
great storyline, the music fit in well with the movie, but a couple of things took away from your movie: - Too many flashbacks. You never stated what year it was, and when you kept saying "1 year ago... reviewed November 12, 2005
Neo and Smith by Serrty Comedy
good god...i wish i could get back the 2 minutes that this movie wasted on my life. seriously..VO's are the worst i ever heard... script is even worse...not funny at all just....wow. You had the gut... reviewed November 12, 2005
Attack of the Space Chickens by TheRyuujinMike Horror
Some of the jokes fell flat. Some didnt. You also need to define whos talking. Got kind of confusing on some parts. Anyways, not bad. Just work on making better jokes. This movie is pretty good thoug... reviewed November 12, 2005
A Fallen Hero Part I - Left to Die by MadJax_X Action
Subtitles went WAYYYY to fast. I could hardly keep up with the story. There were times in the story, where you were telling what the character is thinking..well, the problem is that you didnt distuing... reviewed November 12, 2005