Number of Movies: 7
Number of Winning Movies: 0
Average Rating Received: 4.6

Number of Movies Reviewed: 39
Number of Reviews Given that were Featured: 8
Average Rating Given: 4.21
Movies Released by wriphejr
Ouroboros Comedy
More a metaphysical exploration of the philosophical concepts of life than a love story between two salesman, Ouroboros is Wriphe Jr. Studios first forey into the commercial goldmine of the "art film"... posted March 16, 2006
Blessed Are Those Who Thirst Sci-Fi
This Public Service Announcement, or more accurately, damage control film in the case of a particular national emergency for America, was discovered recently in a private collection of films purchased... posted February 24, 2006
A Dogs Tale Sci-Fi
A Dog's Tale Highest Charting Position - 48th at The Movies Online (but #1 in our heart). A boy named Johnny loves his best friend Buster so much that he's willing to help him become a better beast. ... posted February 15, 2006
Lucy And The Spy Action
Dirk Armstrong lives to love another day! Confronted with the double dangers of duplicity and disguise, Dirk must defeat his own desires to salvage his own life! Will Dirk rise to the occasion? Produ... posted February 10, 2006
The Night Spy Action
Super-spy Dirk Armstrong returns with another adventure! Ninjas, diabolical mad geniuses, and action abound in the heart of the city. Can Dirk beat the clock and save the world again? Producer's note... posted February 10, 2006
Spy In The End Action Not Rated
Spy extraordinaire Dirk Armstrong is back! In this episode, venture into the heart of the technological nightmare of an evil lair. Will Dirk survive the inferno or become trapped in the belly of the b... posted February 10, 2006
Spy And Spy Again Action
Introducing unrivaled spy Dirk Armstrong! No threat is too great, no risk too dangerous to prevent him from completing his objectives. Trapped, with enemies behind every corner, can Dirk find a way to... posted February 10, 2006
Movies Reviewed by wriphejr
DIAL for Your LIFE! by josephkw Comedy
BWAH-HA-HA! Genius. Thanks for the lighter side of self-defense. I've already added the number to my cell phone. (Clearly, the creator is interested in creating clever, amusing movies while pushing th... reviewed April 5, 2006
Time Shifter by niftymatt Action
I waffled for several minutes about how to rate this: I thought the cuts were a little long and the vos lackluster, but the story was very engrossing, and I loved the ending. So I settled on 4 stars: ... reviewed April 5, 2006
Stuck in TheMovies by Anykeyz Sci-Fi
Exactly the sort of existential exploration that I'm learning to enjoy ina game in which we make products that are equivalent to game itself: entertainment is the goal, and it is the medium through wh... reviewed April 5, 2006
The Blue Ninja by AzulIgnis Comedy
This is EXACTLY the sort of stilted, unengaging voice acting that I find appealing. Good use of varied scenes kept the movie engaging, if only so that I could see what the Blue Ninja would get shot by... reviewed March 16, 2006
UhhSanta by SteaksClub Comedy
I can't believe that I watched this whole thing to the end. I think I should congratulate you for that. But give me a minute. I'm still mouring my beloved childhood Santa Claus. reviewed March 16, 2006
Forsaken Heart by TexasBabe2006 Romance
Featured Review
This movie has a remarkably well crafted story; so engrossing that I didn't even notice that there was no spoken dialogue until the second time I watched it. It is rare these days that online make me ...
reviewed March 16, 2006
Thoughts Unleashed by sisch Horror
Supernatural powers and an overbearing government always make a great film. Technical issues keep it from perfection (I couldn't quite hear half of it), but I think it is in all other respects a great watch. reviewed March 7, 2006
QVC The Home Shopping Network by HippyHair Comedy
Inventive and shockingly inappropriate at times (as is all good comedy), this is an enjoyable brief film. There are a couple of shots that could be a little shorter. (By and large, the film moves pret... reviewed March 3, 2006
The Evil Valley (El Valle del Mal) by Arawna11 Action
Spectacular. I was skeptical at first (as is my nature) that this film was as great as its reviews. Then snow fell, and I was captivated. A great film (with very tolerable English subtitles). I was a ... reviewed March 3, 2006
You Cant Do That on TMO by MrOsterman Comedy
Edu-tainment! PSAs are the great unsung heroes of the film and television industry. Every bit as important as "Your Brain On Drugs," and "Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires," this film is a must see. T... reviewed March 2, 2006
Assassin in Space by ProDuCer9000 Sci-Fi
A promising debut: much better than my first online movie (which was awful), but still a little "cookie cutter." I don't think there's much to see here that isn't shown better in other movies. However... reviewed March 2, 2006
Why Clowns Are Not Funny by HippyHair Action
Featured Review
This film is better than average, but could certainly use some polishing on voices and dialogue. You did keep me watching to the end, and with my attention span that's saying something.
reviewed March 2, 2006
Dark Places by torsoul Romance
Good noir. I was thinking about doing something like this myself, but I don't think I can top this. reviewed March 2, 2006
Kops by ninette1 Comedy
As a long time resident of the Greater Atlanta Metropolitan Area, I must say that I'm a little surprised that this is called a comedy by so many people. Otherwise, it's a great film. I always enjoy se... reviewed February 25, 2006
On A Thursday by thedevilsreject Action
The "shock" ending is a little, no, a lot telegraphed, and the VO could use a little polish, but I give you an A for effort. A complete story in under 2.5 minutes with such a quality visual continuity... reviewed February 20, 2006
They Call Me Justice! by nutzhouse Action
Featured Review
I've never seen No Rain, but this film stands up OK on its own. It's really a good, traditional western concluding in a decent showdown. The movie would be much improved if the spelling and grammar we...
reviewed February 19, 2006
The Bride Assassin 2 by bigericogre Action
Featured Review
"A sudden illness takes him!" (I had to rewind a bit at this point, I was laughing so hard, and I really don't know why.) For such a ridiculous concept, it's really an amusing film: romance, death, ca...
reviewed February 19, 2006
Adventures of Swiss Guy - Space Odysee by balpro Sci-Fi
Nice ending. It stands up pretty well even without dialogue. Not a masterpiece, but better than most of what they show on NBC these days. I probably would rate it higher if I could read German. ) reviewed February 19, 2006
Night at Krusk island by mikeyduf Horror
Featured Review
A mediocre monster movie with audio problems (it cut out on me early, so I watched in silence), poor transitions between scenes, and confusing costume changes. On the upside, the conclusion was oddly ...
reviewed February 19, 2006
Its A Screwed World by Oniemas Comedy
I think the movie is pretty darn good, even without voice overs. It's very amusing, especially the dinosaur angle. The principal anecdote reminds me of the time that my principal charged me with "caus... reviewed February 19, 2006
Saturday the 14th by Aussiebrowncoat Horror
Boy-howdy, do I love slasher flicks, but this one left me a little confused. I mean, I've no problem with a "Jasonette", but the shotgun climax left me scratching my head.... reviewed February 19, 2006
Judge Pheer Pilot by cult_inc Sci-Fi
Excellent attempt at something a little different. The action was indeed spectacular and satisfying. Thanks. reviewed February 19, 2006
Street Fighter by dom-italianstalian Action
I think I've played this game. The individual fights were amusing, but I was hoping for more. Perhaps giving the combatants some reason to be fighting would make the film more engrossing. reviewed February 18, 2006
The Storm by tacomovie Action
The bad audio was only slightly irritating for me. More disappointing was the fact that the climatic knife battle was so dark. A solemn, unflattering portrayal of warfare that really turns out to be m... reviewed February 18, 2006
The Storm Trailer by tacomovie Action
A little long for a trailer, especially considering the technical problem. However, you have an actor named Soldier Awesome. That's Awesome. reviewed February 17, 2006
Dawn With the Devil! by josephkw Comedy
Sure, the devil may like games, but I much prefer movies. Very original use of props. reviewed February 17, 2006
LAND OF THE GIANTS by Irish_Scorpion Sci-Fi
Clearly inspired by the TV show of the same name, this picture would be much improved with sound. Otherwise, a very enjoyable film with good characterization and building drama. The gaint ants and mic... reviewed February 16, 2006
Clown Man by therocket_man Horror
Featured Review
Exceptional VO. Doesn't that bunny know that clowns don't have hearts?
reviewed February 16, 2006
The Battle of The Bar by Aflack_Duck Action
I enjoyed it. I certainly can think of worse ways of wasting my time than watching a pissed off gangsta chicken clean out a room full of monkeys. reviewed February 16, 2006
A Spy To Far by icup Action
Featured Review
Spies! 'Fros! I love spy films.
reviewed February 15, 2006
Jumping on the Bandwagon by mikeawmids Comedy
Info-tainment! Thanks for the info. reviewed February 15, 2006
Ninja-Toe by KoGar Comedy
Um, is this covered by medicare? reviewed February 15, 2006
Lamp Dad by Agent_Masquerade Comedy
Featured Review
Unrivaled sketch comedy coupled with superb voice acting. Everyone with a lamp for a father can relate to this film.
reviewed February 15, 2006
Confessions of a Zombie by PRINCEINEXILE Comedy
"They were like, let's pick on the zombie!" LOL! Great fun. Just a step away from perfect, but still a very enjoyable, original movie. reviewed February 15, 2006
Wild West Bedroom Demo by MrOsterman Romance
If such a thing existed, this should be in the PSA catagory. Thanks for the info. reviewed February 13, 2006
Dreamtown by Rik_Vargard Action
Spectacular atmosphere developed through a compelling score, cleverly juxtoposed visual effects, and intriguing characters. A very good Twilight Zone episode. Thank you. reviewed February 11, 2006
Brokeback Warewolf by 6-Headedmonster Comedy
So funny, it made me want to quit playing this game. I'll never be this good. reviewed February 11, 2006
I Want Your Chrysler by DevinW Action
Now I want their Chrysler. reviewed February 11, 2006
The Life and times of Wayne Buggeman by thetruth244 Comedy
Two words: "Dog Poo." And I mean that in the best possible way. Besides the questionable disappearing audio, a solid comedy. reviewed February 10, 2006