Number of Movies: 4
Number of Winning Movies: 0
Average Rating Received: 3.0

Number of Movies Reviewed: 24
Number of Reviews Given that were Featured: 1
Average Rating Given: 3.67
Movies Released by wniffene
Ocelot Jones in The Return Action
The second Ocelot Jones movie, hopefully the sound comes through on this one. Be sure to watch the first one before you watch this. posted November 12, 2005
Ocelot Jones in The Set Up Action
This is the first in hopefully a long line of Ocelot Jones films, each story will be done in several parts. posted November 11, 2005
Love Bites Comedy
Not everything is as it seems in this perfect suburban marriage. Join this couple for their wild ride into the supernatural and perhaps even beyond. posted November 10, 2005
The Mechatrons Invade! Sci-Fi
My first attempt, fairly short Sci Fi. posted November 10, 2005
Movies Reviewed by wniffene
The Fallen by Silence42 Horror
Pretty good, it was too bad the sound was off at the end. reviewed November 14, 2005
Lord of Berlin by Patriot84 Action
Great job, good story and it kept together well. reviewed November 14, 2005
Luke Rickfield Alien Bounty Hunter by Tman Sci-Fi
Great job, long and it had a coherent story. reviewed November 12, 2005
Smarter Ernie by boxcube Comedy
Not even close to funny. reviewed November 12, 2005
Why by ezz2talk2 Horror
Not bad, could have used some subtitles though. reviewed November 12, 2005
Far From Home by Sookta Action
Had sort of a Max Payne feel to it, very nice. reviewed November 12, 2005
My Trip Through The Movies by richke Comedy
Pretty good moive over all, sometimes the voice was too quite though. reviewed November 12, 2005
Video Dating - Wilfred Brimley by DeusExMachinima Comedy
The subtitles were funnier than the voice work on this one. reviewed November 12, 2005
Ninja Love by DeusExMachinima Romance
I love the humor. reviewed November 12, 2005
Scholastic Films Intelligent Design by DeusExMachinima Comedy
Awesome job, great take on educational film strips. reviewed November 12, 2005
Freak Wave by kamikazaklay Action
Pretty good movie. reviewed November 12, 2005
Cheeeeeeap Ass! Cluck you! by Mr_Grimm Action
Way too short. reviewed November 12, 2005
The Slaughtering Fields by Majicman182 Action
Good job. I love the longer movies. reviewed November 12, 2005
Stinky by DAmado Comedy
No subtitles or anything, it just made no sense. reviewed November 12, 2005
The Kid Rode Away by scottv Comedy
It just didn't make musch sense. reviewed November 12, 2005
Smackula by raysmo Comedy
Short but funny. reviewed November 12, 2005
Fighting Blind by warpedrevolution Action
It was well done but I didn't like the ending. reviewed November 12, 2005
Eve by King_Moonracer Sci-Fi
Well done piece. reviewed November 12, 2005
War of the Ages by XeroHedgehog Action
Great Job, iteresting story and you didn't take it too seriously. Well done. reviewed November 10, 2005
DARK BLUE the beginning by ct_senge Action
Featured Review
Very well done.
reviewed November 10, 2005
I Can Dance All Day! by Mrcrono Action
Decent action. reviewed November 10, 2005
Captain Brilliant and The Space Raiders by BrilliantBrian Sci-Fi
Good job, but seriously what space captain worth his sale sends his girlfriend to check on the strange alien lifeform? reviewed November 10, 2005
Un jour comme un autre by kijote Action
Wow, just awesome! reviewed November 10, 2005
Murphys Law by EliteBattleman Sci-Fi
No Review reviewed November 10, 2005