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Number of Winning Movies: 0
Average Rating Received: 4.55

Number of Movies Reviewed: 120
Number of Reviews Given that were Featured: 4
Average Rating Given: 4.24
Movies Released by Wailwulf
Douglas Duckmeat Comedy
No Description posted December 4, 2008
The Penguin Factory Comedy
No Description posted December 4, 2008
Love Lasso Romance
No Description posted December 4, 2008
Oh! Almonds! Comedy
No Description posted December 4, 2008
The Unlucky Burglars Comedy Not Rated
No Description posted December 4, 2008
The Penguin Factory999 Comedy
No Description posted December 4, 2008
Earth Girl Desired! Sci-Fi
Beastly Exploitation Cinema brings another masterpiece of film by the famed director Erich Johann Meyer! Two horribly disfigured aliens from outer space vie for a darling girl of earth. This movie i... posted November 21, 2007
Earth Girl Desired! Sci-Fi Not Rated
No Description posted November 21, 2007
Desired! Earth Woman Sci-Fi
DESIRED! EARTH WOMAN is another exciting epic yarn from Beastly Exploitation Cinema! This time is Exploit-o-Vision! Charles Temple leads an all-star cast in this explosive, original movie! Top no... posted October 28, 2007
Earth Woman Desired! Sci-Fi
Earth Women Desired! is the first Jake Rage movie in space! Watch a beautiful young women be fought for by two of the baddest space aces out there! Charles Temple reprises his role as Jake Rage whil... posted October 22, 2007
The Musty Cellar Horror
The Musty Cellar. So long in the making, Maxine Hallworth quit Beastly Exploitation Cinema one month later. So long in the making that it went from a black and white picture to a color picture! Ent... posted October 1, 2007
Scrolls Of Icarus Sci-Fi
One of Beastly Exploitation Cinema's early films discovered in an old steamer trunk once belonging to late director Adrian Moore. posted September 21, 2007
The Baggage Boy Comedy
One of Beastly Exploitation Cinema's early films discovered in an old steamer trunk once belonging to late director Adrian Moore. posted September 21, 2007
Love Lasso Romance
One of Beastly Exploitation Cinema's early films discovered in an old steamer trunk once belonging to late director Adrian Moore. posted September 21, 2007
Cara Brights Ravishing Horror
Beastly Exploitation Cinema Presents a classic Gothic Horror in Cara Brights' Ravishing. Special thanks goes to the the modder who created this particular castle set, most likely acquired from 8 Eyed... posted October 3, 2006
Jakes Raging Dilema Comedy
Beastly Exploitation Cinema presents it's fourth film in the Jake Rage series. Jake's raging Dilemma (1953)stars our favorite cad and rouge as he returns in this romantic comedy. While on a trip to t... posted September 11, 2006
ImportTest2 Sci-Fi
Test to bring in moving images from other sources into The Movies. Test 1 is here: http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/106961 This Test. Red Baron 3d filmed with Fraps at 16 frames per second. (Seem... posted September 10, 2006
ImportCaptureTest1 Sci-Fi
This is just a test to import other images into the movies without outside editing. Basically I filmed a portion of an online flying sim into Avi format. Then turned each of the selected frames into (... posted September 5, 2006
ImportCaptureTest1 Sci-Fi Not Rated
This is just a test to import other images into the movies without outside editing. Basically I filmed a portion of an online flying sim into Avi format. Then turned each of the selected frames into ... posted September 5, 2006
Jake Gets the Starlet Romance
Beastly Explotation Cinema presents it's third Jake Rage film. Its a cold, wet night, what is a young actress to do? Enjoy the company of Jake Rage of course! Charles Temple reprises his role once ag... posted September 3, 2006
The Girl Marries Rage Romance
Jake Rage is back!! Beastly Exploitation Cinema presents their new leading man in another Jake Rage storyline. Charles Temple Reprises his role as our favorite romantic cad, Jake Rage! Latia Collins ... posted September 3, 2006
Rage Gets the Girl Romance
Beastly Exploitation Cinema presents their latest romantic Hero, Jake Rage. Charles Temple is Jake Rage, the man all women adore and want, and all real men strive to be! Introducing Latia Collins as... posted September 3, 2006
Menu Of Disaster Action
No Description posted August 29, 2006
Movies Reviewed by Wailwulf
Into The Trenches by gearsofwarpwns Action
A sad tale of the conflict that ravaged Europe ninety years ago. WWI seems to be the forgotten war. reviewed December 4, 2008
the office 3 by rodrd6348 Comedy
No Review reviewed November 25, 2008
the office 2 by rodrd6348 Sci-Fi
No Review reviewed November 25, 2008
the office by rodrd6348 Comedy
You're right, I should have ignored it :) 5 Stars! reviewed November 25, 2008
Sgt Turner's War by bdog204 Action
Needs Sound reviewed November 25, 2008
5 Second Movie - Excluding Credits by DerekHH Comedy
Title is fitting in that it seems it would take about 5 seconds to concieve such a concept. You are ready to be a cable tv producer. reviewed October 1, 2008
Pirate vs ninja go to prison by alexliv Action
Getting better. still need to fix the credits. Should of had the Ninja survive for he was wearing a bullet proof vest under his costume. Would think he would get wise to Pirate. reviewed August 26, 2008
pirate vs ninja Episode 2 by alexliv Action
Story was better, at least they discussed that they were going to fight before they did. Only gave 4 stars for the fact your credits have your characters listed as "The Machine" and "Will David." At... reviewed August 26, 2008
Pirate vs ninja by alexliv Action
The idea of a Pirate versus a Ninja is great. I remember when there used to be Ninjs movies all over the place, now seems Pirates have taken that place in society. Mashing them up was great. But th... reviewed August 26, 2008
zombie invasion part 2 by alexliv Horror
Not as good. Seemed disjointed with no real meaning. reviewed August 26, 2008
Zombie invasion part 1 sub by alexliv Sci-Fi
Really liked how it went to Black & White except for the flesh and blood tines. Added a great atmospheric feel ti the film. Don't know if it was your using Mods (Great Choice) or it was just the gam... reviewed August 26, 2008
They Came from planet moop ! by alexliv Sci-Fi
Was fun. Gave me some ideas. reviewed August 26, 2008
The Ultimate Action Movie Trailer by Drogmir Comedy
Very Funny reviewed August 26, 2008
A Split Second by kuroken Sci-Fi
Excellent film. Great VO's, including a realistic German accent for the German Officer. Loved the fact that he doesn't change despite what is shown to him. Kudos! reviewed August 18, 2008
Attack of the Space Monkey! by crazyfoo3000 Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Great, right up there with my last three films. Wish the girl had been a PETA member and given the guy Hell for killing the monkey.
reviewed August 18, 2008
Heat Rising by USMCWall Action
Excellent first film. A tight story. Scene on cell phone in the bar ran a bit long, but otherwise flowed very well. Good job! reviewed August 18, 2008
The Commies Vs The Free World by Liberalfreak Action
No Review reviewed August 10, 2008
Planet of the Gorillas final cut by suncrush Sci-Fi
No Review reviewed August 10, 2008
The Thief by suncrush Comedy
The ending was unexpected, but perfect. Interesting how some never change their ways. reviewed August 10, 2008
TUROK by Legomyeggo Horror
Missed a great chance of having two massive 'dinosaurs' to battle it out. The sets of foliage amongst the cityscape was well done and drove home the point that humans no longer ruled the world. Thou... reviewed August 8, 2008
Extortion by japanesekanji Action
While the film was true to its title, Extortion, the storyline has lapses of logic. Why pull a gun out, point it at a person, then put it away to only state that you are now going to kill them? The ... reviewed August 8, 2008
General by gobot025 Action
The music inexplicably stops with no resumption and the attacking unit if Allied and Axis soldiers discombobulates the storyline. Started off well with the mirroring of both sides, but did not continu... reviewed August 8, 2008
Santa at war!!! by hockeyrocker13 Action
Don't give coal out anymore? If it had not been for the ending VO, this would have been a humdrum action film. reviewed August 8, 2008
Final Chapter by cipheruzmad Horror
Nicely done, clean and to the point. Not what I expected when I decided to watch. reviewed August 4, 2008
CAPITOL Manifesto by AlexBradley Sci-Fi
Another excellent film. It is amazing what you are able to create from this computer game. Glad TMO came back up so I could see it. reviewed August 4, 2008
Rise of the Dead by DestructionStudios Horror
A nice George Romero fix reviewed May 8, 2008
CAPITOL Initiation by AlexBradley Sci-Fi
WOW! Let me say that again. WOW! Strong plot and great visuals. I have seen real movies that look amateurish compared to what I have seen in the Capitol series. I can not wait for the next one. reviewed March 16, 2008
Groovy Night by Lethal_Entertainment Romance
WOW. That was a great song, music, words, sining. Fit perfectly for the time period. The visuals were very nicely done, except for the dancing feet, just didn't quite work for how long it was on sc... reviewed December 20, 2007
Can Dreams Have A Meaning by 0630 Romance
The Relationship of the two women was done very well, one could just see it build. reviewed December 20, 2007
Guys Dont Be Too Shy by 0630 Romance
A nice movie with the Hollywood ending. The fantasy sequence was very right on. reviewed December 19, 2007
Innocence sacrificed by chocolatemouse Romance
An excellent, evocative film. The VO for the Diary was perfect. The story is strong and meaningful. reviewed December 19, 2007
The Baggage Boy by deathstix Comedy
Yay, Its the Baggage Boy, one of countless versions out there. Even I posted it :) Giving you two stars for that is what my score would have been for my postion of the same film if my friend hadn't ... reviewed December 19, 2007
run fast by mrweedog Comedy
That was funny in it's random set connected by a meaningless chase. Thanks, I needed the laugh this morning before work :) reviewed December 11, 2007
funny little clip by jastodd Comedy
Yeah, the wide angle lenses in this game are awesome, the telephoto lenses are a bit weak. reviewed December 11, 2007
The Pine Lake Invasion by RP_Movies Sci-Fi
A great opening shot "Pine Lake- 1957" I found it an enjoyable story. It followed a great order and has the elements of being self contained without loose threads. However I do have a few criteques... reviewed December 2, 2007
KUNG-FU-DEMO by killsone Comedy
Truly a Girls Gone Wild reviewed November 28, 2007
Kreep by Tommy4ever Horror
An Excellent title for the plotline of that movie. The film was "creepy" throughout, the mind of a poor, twisted soul who takes the path of being a maniac. The Psycho shower scene was a bit too dark... reviewed November 28, 2007
the pencil test 2 by directo Action
No Review reviewed November 28, 2007
Gold Heist by simpsdog Action
Great flick. Classic female gang, "cool" formula story. The guard being shot was a bit long, needed a bit of edditing. The leaders should have heard the fgunfire sooner and maybe made them argue th... reviewed November 23, 2007
Chronicles of The Rift 2 (The Quest) by userjosh9874 Action
Excellent production. An enjoyable riveting 18 minutes at my computer monitor. reviewed November 7, 2007
Score Settled by 0630 Romance
I dont have speakers on the computer, yet I was able to follow the story. It is a great morality tale. Good job. reviewed November 7, 2007
The Dolphin Dreamers by extech Comedy
No Review reviewed November 3, 2007
Broadcast News by extech Action
No Review reviewed November 3, 2007
Yellow Sub Overlay by extech Sci-Fi
No Review reviewed November 3, 2007
Keen Killer by StokeStudios Horror
Excellent camera angles and moves. Story a bit sick, but properly twisted at the end. reviewed October 29, 2007
The Vigilante by StokeStudios Action
A good little short film. Some great camera angles. Appreciated that you did not show what happened to the thug on the platform but left it to our imaginations. reviewed October 29, 2007
Cheat and Cong by casey362 Comedy
Image is all scrambled despite two separate downloads. Am able to download oth movies with no problems. reviewed October 28, 2007
Last October by starkarts Horror
Good movie. Last shot moves too fast, should have pulled back slower. Other wise a good film. reviewed October 26, 2007
Mister Sinister by kudeki Action
A quickly paced movie that just zooms along. Sub titles are clear and coherent. reviewed October 26, 2007
Hot Bullet by baron311 Action
Good Western yarn with a complete storyline! Last two shots was inspired, just wish you could have made them seamless. reviewed October 24, 2007
The Awakening by Hyprocyon Sci-Fi
Great start and feel, however the story just ends without going anywhere. reviewed October 24, 2007
Capitol Trailer by AlexBradley Sci-Fi
After having seen the Movie itself, this still rocks. Interesting to what you started with and finally see the Full length with its improved effects. Great job for both! reviewed October 24, 2007
Booboo and Dingo (Warning ! Mother !) by jastodd Comedy
Not as good as the previous titles, but still stimulated the funny bone. I know they will be back for more sequels, right? Long live Booboo and Dingo! reviewed October 24, 2007
CAPITOL Origin by AlexBradley Sci-Fi
Yeah, like TheFlyingDuDe said, "WOOOOOOOOOOOW!" Excellent images and great storyline, it leaves one wanting the next chapter. What happened to the three? Will society and man survive? The opening ... reviewed October 24, 2007
Bonnie and jennifer vs the World by mirrem Action
A senseless vignette of all the fight and stunt shots in The Movies. No storyline, no cohesive plot at all. reviewed October 22, 2007
Paul Namtih by MacTony Action
With exception to word usage and spelling (I can tell English is not your native language)and a sound sync problem during one of the final gun fights, the story comes across wee. It has lots of poten... reviewed October 17, 2007
Fight And Died by SergentFlo Action
I wish I could have read the subtitles, darn my American centric ways! The music was a drawback, kept reminding me of Miami Vice, was always expecting Sonny Crocket to show up, unshaven and without socks. reviewed October 17, 2007
The Adventures of Space Boy and Astro Girl by SamRMaclennan Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Should be more like The Adventure of Space Boy and Astro Girl. After her getting killed and him blowing himself up, there can't be any sequels. Wait this is the film industry, there is always sequels :)
reviewed October 17, 2007
Distorsione mentale by Idrafilm2000 Sci-Fi
Interesting film. Music was perfect until they were resting on the beach, then the music no longer fit the scene reviewed October 17, 2007
Forgiati nellamore by Idrafilm2000 Romance
Except for his weird hair (What girl would date a guy with hair like that?), it was a short and sweet little film reviewed October 17, 2007
One Stop Astronaut by biggestbrat89t2006 Sci-Fi
A nice little film. Needed a little more at the end, like maybe Jennifer checking on Jasmine to see if she survived or not. reviewed October 17, 2007
Night of the Monsters by cecil_evans Horror
Excellent VO and a fun little film. With the way I rate, you shoud be getting 8 stars from me :) reviewed October 17, 2007
Rik and Lee by otherme13 Action
Is this just the first installment? reviewed October 16, 2007
Operation Invade by MadBoy123 Sci-Fi
Dies with a whimper reviewed October 16, 2007
Trench Of Victory by shrek1533 Action
Ended with a thud. reviewed October 16, 2007
Alien Intent by shrek1533 Sci-Fi
Not a bad little film. Need to tighten up the editing a bit. Music would have added more to it also. reviewed October 16, 2007
The Town Of The Dead by Chris1066 Horror
A cohesive story line is what holds this film together. That and Zombies of course. There are two quibbles. One is the title at TMO is different from the one in the film. Should have re-shot it wi... reviewed October 16, 2007
Learn Math with googs by googs Comedy
This is a fairly funny movie, a cut above most others that I have seen. The only thing I would have changed to get the concept across was for multiplication. Should have first bought 300 dollars of ... reviewed October 15, 2007
Death to The Baggage Boy! by googs Comedy
As one of those who have uploaded the Baggage Boy, that was hilarious! Especially love the unseen actions during the performance. reviewed October 15, 2007
Captain Oldish and the Lost Children of Hell by ManofAction Sci-Fi
An enjoyable film to watch. I am becoming a fan of Johnny Wooish. At my studio when we are working on action shots we kepp telling each other to Johnny Wooish it. reviewed October 15, 2007
Dodge This by ManofAction Action
TERROR! SEXY WOMEN! FIGHTING! SEXY WOMEN! PRIEST KISSING SEXY WOMEN!! SHOOTOUTS!! SEXY WOMEN! KILLING AND DEATH!! That was funny, all action, no real plot. The ending sound was completely unex... reviewed October 15, 2007
Countdown Overlay by Harb40 Action
Excellent one to have, Thank you. reviewed October 15, 2007
I canne Do it Captain by hinds Sci-Fi
Great title. The story line is a bit convoluted I'd say. reviewed October 14, 2007
Chemical Jody by zachs14 Sci-Fi
A little slow in the middle without any tension being created. Where she carry him off too? reviewed October 8, 2007
Home Of The Braves by zachs14 Action
The Hair on the guy was too long. Action was medicore. But Gals with Guns, that was cool! reviewed October 8, 2007
De coole dronke man by cheetaheye Comedy
Interesting to watch knowing no Dutch myself. Interesting what words of English are used. reviewed October 8, 2007
Booboo and Dingo (the girl-friend) by jastodd Comedy
Getting good, this time both lose. A good comedy pair. Keep it up! reviewed October 8, 2007
Booboo and Dingo (the lottery) by jastodd Comedy
Becoming a regular Comedy pair these two. The editting as the numbers were called out with the rapid close ups was well done tey Booboo and Dingo were distinctive. reviewed October 8, 2007
Booboo and Dingo (the fight) by jastodd Comedy
I thought they had gotten rid of the Soccer Hooligans over in Europe, guess I was wrong. reviewed October 8, 2007
War is Hell by norwood Horror
This is the sample movie that comes with the game. Be original and do your own work, or at least play the game to get your films. reviewed October 8, 2007
Revenge by douloshupsistos Comedy
The ending gag is pretty funny, though could have been a little longer in the chase.. Would have been nice if we could have seen the other person on the phone being a jerk to her. Otherwise a good, ... reviewed October 8, 2007
the last man in the world part 2 by agm125 Horror
Sequels are never as good as the original, the story was rushed. There are an unlimited way to have moved the story along and instead it was killed with a whimper reviewed October 7, 2007
the last man in the world part 1 by agm125 Horror
Good atmosphere and use of the stock music. Good use of camera moves showing the emptiness of the city. For on the phone I would have tried to add a Not in Service sound. Going to see the sequel. reviewed October 7, 2007
Fern der Realitšt 8 by Primaer Sci-Fi
Though I do not know German, I was able to understand the plot. The movie flowed well. Only critique is that some of the voices are full of echoes as if the person was speaking into a bowl. reviewed October 7, 2007
Zu Hause - Home by the_only_iceman Sci-Fi
An excellent film, the last twist unexpected. reviewed October 7, 2007
GI Jake by MoviePwner81 Action
Featured Review
No Review
reviewed October 2, 2007
Silent Movie II When Mimes Go Bad by concordy32 Comedy
Very cute reviewed October 2, 2007
Ultra Bunny by Splitter94 Comedy
A fairly funny film. The last words at the death seen were unexpected and made me giggle (not insanely though). Please view my movies. reviewed October 1, 2007
Crash On Delivery by DeadEvilBadger Action
Here you go, 5 stars. A true exploitive movie of the lowest (best) caliber. Please view and rate mine. reviewed October 1, 2007
USN Jupiter - Episode 1 by Spaceman72 Sci-Fi
Excellent movie. A classic series opener for a Space Opera. Voice acting was excellent. You really put my studio to shame :) Constructive Criticism: The talking headshots (especially the Admiral-... reviewed October 1, 2007
Hallows Eve by keithhat Horror
Would have given you five stars if you had the correct date for Halloween. But atmospherically it had a great feel. reviewed September 21, 2007
Chronicles of The Rift by userjosh9874 Action
Excellent film. Make the boundaries of TMO seem bigger than they seem to me :) reviewed September 9, 2007
Preachers by Primaer Sci-Fi
An excellent film. Very much worth the time of not geting ready for work tomorrow. Was waiting for God to come down and tell Abraham not to do it :) reviewed September 9, 2007
Trents Fable by biggstrek Action
Very funny. Great voices. Unexpected ending. Love the nods to the films of the pasts reviewed September 9, 2007
Full Of Lead! by Daniel_Lawrence Action
No Review reviewed September 9, 2007
The Future Policemen by Daniel_Lawrence Sci-Fi
No Review reviewed September 9, 2007
Menu Of Disaster by Daniel_Lawrence Action
No Review reviewed September 9, 2007
The Valentines Day Massacre by MrSkull74 Horror
There was no real motivation for the lover to do what he did at the end of the film. Maybe if the Husband had offended him in some way first. The husband coming home should have been right after th... reviewed February 11, 2007
Past and Present by Indo24 Action
The constant miss-spelling of "Past" as "pass" was distracting. If you cant get a white stuntman do do the stunt, howabout using body makeup to make the black stuntman look white? The film started w... reviewed October 9, 2006
Zombies on Strike by showbiz1234 Comedy
Hilarous, especially I just watched the re-make Night of the Living Dead this morning. reviewed October 9, 2006
Vendetta - Blutrache by timorogowski Action
Very good build up of anger. reviewed October 3, 2006
First Person View Movie - Davids Adventure by starmovie Sci-Fi
Excellent movie. A lot of work definately went into it. Only real criticism is edditing and camera movements during action sequences. Shots were to long and move ments too slow during the action. ... reviewed September 15, 2006
Genome by FraasMovies Action
Excellent story, it could even work with real actors. Nicely filmed. Minor problems with the English subtitles in their grammar, but nothing that detracts reviewed September 11, 2006
Thermic Lancers by phrank2270 Sci-Fi
On par with AI movies. Should take the AI generated scripts and run them through the custon script writer in order to add to and flavor the film. That and use Freecam in order to eliminate the stage floor. reviewed September 11, 2006
How to Custom -music and sound effect- by sidy Comedy
Excellent, informative and educational reviewed September 11, 2006
Gears Of War by silentscope56 Action
The setting and basic plot line is fine. However there were no characters to follow. No mattert how big or small your epic is, all stories revolve around the main one or two characters in the story.... reviewed September 11, 2006
a normal bar day by xfx30 Action
Subwat scene was confusing and final shot made no sense. Otherwise it was fun to watch and good choice of music reviewed September 11, 2006
Strung Out by ShamelessForever Comedy
Good story, tells its self well. Song is great, but JazzX is correct that the editing does not fit the music. Either needed quicker cuts, and therefore more shots, or a different sound track. reviewed September 11, 2006
Cheating by DaMoviemaster1 Romance
Too mant loose threads that happen without explanation. Goes well up to first crash. Frome there, I thought first girl was dead untill she magically appeared. The guy and second girl hook up, which... reviewed September 10, 2006
Rebel-part 3 taking back earth by blue-cabose Sci-Fi
It does not rise above its standing as a Save the Earth style of Sci-Fi film, but neither does it lower itself either. Was enjoyable to watch. reviewed September 10, 2006
MAFIA 2 A City Called Blood by TomerGolan Action
Starts and ends of well. The middle is a little muddled, but not bad. The music of Will when he is on the subway does not work for it clashes with the preceding chase music, The subtitles are well ... reviewed September 10, 2006
Moon Over Your Town by Goldflash Sci-Fi
Featured Review
That was hilarous. I have posted a movie where the basic script was AI generated and even almost had the character name of one of my series (Jack Rage instead of Jake Rage), but this totally AI creat...
reviewed September 7, 2006
Zaz by Goldflash Sci-Fi
Starts off ok, but ends very weakly. The confrontation is like, "Who? What? Why?" Its like the villian showed up in order to be shot. reviewed September 7, 2006
The Unkillable Spirit by Goldflash Action
DEntertaining, builds tension with a Film Noir flare. reviewed September 7, 2006
Gorthaax the Conquerer by Goldflash Sci-Fi
It was fun and felt a bit like an old time Saturday Serial. Look forward to the rest of the series. My only real critique is I would have added an ending shot of Zaz siting in her chair where she is... reviewed September 6, 2006
MMORPG by st1sk8er Comedy
Yes, computer games can be addicting reviewed September 5, 2006
Clue by Games987 Action
An interesting film based on the game Clue. Sound quality distracts from an otherwise fine film. You can reduce the voice popping/crackling and breathing by covering your micro phone withn some fo... reviewed September 3, 2006
Ashley Porter Diamond Anniversary by suedenim Action
Excellent continuity and use of subtle repeated humor. Narration well written and spoken, films were fantastically cliche'd. reviewed September 3, 2006
Noobs in War by spicymeatball007 Action
Originality on the use of chickens in war. Editting needs to be tightened up (trimmed) and work needs to be done on preventing continuity errors. reviewed September 3, 2006
Innocence - Part 2 by vesobe Action
Cohesive Plot. Excellent use of Editing to build tension. Wish I'd seen the first in the series. reviewed September 3, 2006