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Average Rating Received: 4.04

Number of Movies Reviewed: 32
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Average Rating Given: 4.69
Movies Released by usafvet4t
Any Given Sunday Comedy
Any Given Sunday is about the misadventures of a Sports fan who absolutely loves watching football on Sunday and his nagging wife who disapproves. A great film for all men, married couples, and sports... posted June 12, 2006
Any Given Sunday Comedy Not Rated
No Description posted June 11, 2006
Harvey Returns (fea Jimmy Stewart) Comedy
Harvey Returns (a sequel to the Jimmy Stewart classic) is about the misadventures of the good natured Elwood P. Dowd and Harvey, the imaginary 6 foot rabbit. - Complete with voice over by Jimmy and... posted June 7, 2006
Harvey Returns (fea Jimmy Stewart) Comedy
No Description posted June 6, 2006
Movies Reviewed by usafvet4t
Pilate - A Story of Christ (Part I) by ichthusadmr Action
Featured Review
Very well done. This film brings to the TMO table something that many films have lacked in the past: the ability to educate the mass audience with historical information regarding biblical events, as...
reviewed July 22, 2006
What Have I Done by visualstudios Horror
Wow, this is very well done. Good job, I enjoyed it. The VO work is great. reviewed July 14, 2006
Every Christmas To 2005 by Cimmerz Romance
This is absolutely awesome. You captured every small thing that we all can relate to with our families at Christmas. I know you cut some scenes, but I sincerely hope you may be able to add the full ... reviewed July 1, 2006
CHUPACABRA ! by biggstrek Horror
I'm with Dane Cook... The Chupacabra must be stopped! I saw him on the Jimkim talking about it. It's baaaad news. reviewed June 28, 2006
Pilate Trailer by ichthusadmr Action
Finally, an avenue of entertainment that has positive Christian undertones and a message that displays above all, forgiveness conquers even the actions of a forsaken man. Looking forward to the proje... reviewed June 18, 2006
Bandits Special Edition by donkie737 Action
Featured Review
The improvements have enhanced this film greatly. Great job in doing so, you should be proud.
reviewed June 18, 2006
Marauders episode 3 by artorious Action
An entertaining war film, the voice over talent was faily good, the only issue was that at times it was difficult to hear. Over all, good job. reviewed June 18, 2006
The Vampires of Armageddon Part Three by holdmykidney Sci-Fi
I am not a Dr. Who fan, so I really don't know the story well, but from what I can say about your film is that: 1) the Voice overs were fantastic 2) the cinematography was teriffic 3) it seems true t... reviewed June 16, 2006
Bandits by donkie737 Action
Featured Review
A good typical western... I really enjoyed it. The subtitles were easy to read. 4 out of 5 stars. - Integrity Entertainment
reviewed June 16, 2006
The Fat Kid by 911truth Romance
Film was very original with great voice overs. I read one review below that they didn't sync up together with mouth movement... that is a loading issue with the game and internet and not your fault. ... reviewed June 16, 2006
Broken by secretweapon23 Romance
Despite some of your reviews, I thought the cinematography flowed well, and though some individuals are very analytical, I give you credit for taking the time to create this out of nothing. The lengt... reviewed June 15, 2006
How To Shoot An Alien by professor929 Action
Comedic moments in voice over, cimematography easy to follow with story. reviewed June 15, 2006
One Terrible Night by Flipmanburn Horror
Very well done. The subtitles flowed very well with the cinematography (a very easy read), and though I subjectively feel that horror is more difficult to pull off on this game, I think you did a gre... reviewed June 13, 2006
Hammerman and Wonderboy-MCs Revenge by qasim Comedy
I couldn't make out the VO, but the cinematography was pretty nifty and I can tell a lot a work was put into it. reviewed June 13, 2006
Feeling lucky tonight by merewen Comedy
Very good story about a loser who thinks he's all that... 5 stars because I actually know some guys who carry themselves this way. The difference is they somehow find a lady vunerable enough to fall... reviewed June 13, 2006
Tomorrow And Tomorrow And Tomorrow by vesobe Action
Featured Review
Very well written, cinematography mostly precise, and good story line. Great job and well done. - Integrity Entertainment
reviewed June 13, 2006
BaggageBoy ByeBye (another copy sold) by tripmills Comedy
Great utilzation of S&E. Great voice overs... the impressions were a nice fit. only reason not 5 stars is because this idea has been done many times before... (guy goes to the store, picks up movies ... reviewed June 13, 2006
Bubble by johnokinawa Romance
This film is the best film I have seen on The movies thus far, because it is a film that carries meaning and purpose... a film that impacts and enlightens, entertains and imploys a message that many f... reviewed June 13, 2006
Misdemeanor by tt44 Action
Nice action/comedy. Thought the whole NASCAR joke was funny... glas to see it carry the film through. reviewed June 13, 2006
The First True Pornography Movie On TMO by Tigerlover Comedy
Well, I uh... I came here thinking this film was about "A groom is murdered at his own wedding, and seeks revenge on those who wronged him from beyond the grave", but all I found were a bunch of sims ... reviewed June 13, 2006
Interview with a Hobo by bigcheese09 Comedy
Very original concept, great comedic timing. 5 stars. - integrity entertainment reviewed June 13, 2006
The Dead Walk by afireinside2 Horror
Nice twist at the end. Subtitles were a fairly easy read and flowed well with the cinematography. reviewed June 13, 2006
The GAY by Kireblade Horror
What a great concept. The cool thing about this is that you put to humor a subject that has our nation in a great divide. Sometimes the best thing we can do is laugh about it... comedy is a great fa... reviewed June 13, 2006
Excerpts From The Raven by Dulci Horror
Very unique to say the least. Much like another reviewer below, I am accustomed to the rendition of a male reciting the vocal (if any), obviously from Edgar Allen Poe's perspective. I once witnessed... reviewed June 13, 2006
The variety hour by Themoviegoer14 Comedy
Featured Review
Very original w/ nice voice over. Great utilization of scenes that flow well with story. Great job and nice comedic performance. 5 stars - Integrity Entertainment
reviewed June 12, 2006
2 Brothers by tigereyes Romance
This film is great. It personally affects me because I too was in the military and was affected by the outcome of the situations that have happened. As a brother in arms, I can empathize with your p... reviewed June 12, 2006
Just a Cop by James_Karlson Action
Featured Review
Great utilization of special effects, entertaining voice acting. Who doesn't love a story about a loose cannon cop taking care of business while jamming to Rocky music? Only thing I wondered was wou...
reviewed June 12, 2006
Bodies on the Battlefield by FatalRanger Action
First few minutes reminded me of Blackhawk Down until I soon realized that it was a WWII film with a helicopter. Not bad with utilization of scenes. Military films hit more close to home with me... s... reviewed June 12, 2006
Fooloween The curse of Garfunkel by FatalRanger Horror
Pretty comical horror movie with some ironic elements. Good utilization of predictable scenes. reviewed June 12, 2006
Into the Maw - part 3 by PerfectLibra Action
Featured Review
Great utilization of sequences and flashbacks. Also good choice in refraining from subtitles, doing so would have taken away the effect. Great complex story line. - Integrity Entertainment
reviewed June 12, 2006
Darkest Hour by darkanubis666 Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Great utilization of special effects and great story line. Nice job. 5 stars - Integrity Entertainment
reviewed June 12, 2006
Mandrax Part 2 by taggart70 Sci-Fi
Good job. A nice series that is well written. reviewed June 12, 2006