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Average Rating Received: 4.42

Number of Movies Reviewed: 213
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Average Rating Given: 4.91
Movies Released by tydirium321
The final chapter of the DNA X trilogy! posted August 25, 2007
Finally, the long awaited :) sequel to DNA X ! posted July 4, 2007
DNA X Sci-Fi
This latest movie is also our longest so far.. After this one, we have a LOT of respect for those of you who do longer movies... It's a lot of work! But Fun!!! Enjoy :) posted May 27, 2007
Staying Dead Horror
This is our second try at voices, and the first at a movie that we wrote from scratch... Instead of having to script writers in the game write them... Hope you like! :) posted May 13, 2007
Spoonbuilder MC Action
This is our first try at adding real voices... Yeah, it's not too good.. Any suggestions would be help full... Thanks! posted May 5, 2007
Caligulator Sci-Fi
No Description posted April 21, 2007
The Tampering Horror
No Description posted April 16, 2007
Mohawk Marauders Horror
No Description posted April 15, 2007
Ten Four Action
No Description posted April 6, 2007
Landmine Lovers Comedy
No Description posted April 6, 2007
Cougar Town Action
No Description posted April 6, 2007
Albino Warriors Horror
No Description posted April 5, 2007
Movies Reviewed by tydirium321
Alien Hobo by gordenfreeman2 Sci-Fi
Hahahaha.. pretty funny... reviewed September 8, 2007
Landscape Boys Trailer by TwoRiversJack Comedy
Hopefullly it'll have a good story line! We'll have to wait and see... reviewed September 8, 2007
The Malones - Part I - Like Father Like Son by LingLang712 Action
Good story! The beginning setup was good, but it was too long with nothing to look at.. maybe it would be good to at least show photos of some of the peeps you were talking about, or some limited sce... reviewed September 8, 2007
Space Horse by That_Guy_Who_Every1_Loves Comedy
That was a pretty original idea... hahah horsepedos... Probably would help to have some music with it.. but not bad... reviewed September 8, 2007
The Family Business Part I Meet the Family by 24Ghost24 Action
This was a good intro to the characters! Hopefully it'll be a nice long series! reviewed September 8, 2007
War on an Unknown planet by Boombox277 Sci-Fi
Featured Review
That was a cool movie! It has a good story, and you did it well.. about the only thing I can think of is that it would help to have music during the whole movie, and the aliens words were tough to re...
reviewed September 7, 2007
Ride To The Pole by petso215 Action
Hahaha cool film! and great job on the voices! reviewed September 7, 2007
Mistaken by Relgaro Action
OMG this is an excellent film!!! Very good story, and it kept my interest the whole time... it was a little tough keeping up with the subtitles.. some of the longer ones weren't on the screen very lon... reviewed September 7, 2007
Bank Robbery by glamourmotion Action
Good movie! It would help to have some of the longer subtitles on the screen for a little more time, but you did a good job on this! reviewed September 6, 2007
The mad Scientist by 123LNR Horror
This was an excellent movie! Great story, told well! About the only thing I can think of to make it a little better would be to have music all the way through it.. But overall, Great job! Beer ! (T... reviewed September 6, 2007
life of brian part one (the holy star) by andbuhl Comedy
Hahaha... that was funny! Goood job! reviewed September 6, 2007
earths final days 5 by 1c2a3l Sci-Fi
I didn't understand what the explosions at the end were for... maybe some subtitles would help tell the story... reviewed September 6, 2007
Chronicles of the crypt (episode 1) by natidabest Horror
Excellent story! This will make a great series.... And good job on the voices too! reviewed September 6, 2007
Love The Sinner by carl-fredric Comedy
Featured Review
Its usually pretty hard to follow movies without subtitles, but this one was very well done.. and the choice of music, especially at the end, was perfect! The only thing for me was that the first mai...
reviewed September 6, 2007
CBC News Episode 3 by tomthedude2006 Comedy
Hahahaha... that was very well done! good job on the voices too! This was the best movie I've seen today.. Very entertaining... And now I'm caught up on the news too! reviewed September 6, 2007
Detroit Crime City by soldier718 Action
I got kinda lost.. maybe some subtitles would help tell the story... reviewed September 6, 2007
Yarnum Bayleys by the frogger Comedy
Featured Review
Not bad... the clown was funny! Hey, I messed up on uoy evol I. I meant to give you 5 stars, but somehow clicked it wrong.. sorry! uoy evol I was good!!! I gave you an extra star here to help mak...
reviewed September 6, 2007
3000 by TaylorTaylorTaylor Sci-Fi
Featured Review
That was pretty good! I liked the aliens....
reviewed September 6, 2007
You Cant Escape Death Twice! by Military Brain Action
This movie looked pretty good, but without your description written above, I would have been lost story-wise... I think a few subtitles would help tell the story... reviewed September 6, 2007
Waiting For Thor by Lisapena Comedy
OMG that was funny!!! Nice job!!! reviewed September 6, 2007
Boss Junior 2 by arich_uk2006 Action
Good movie! It had a good story, and you told it well! Nice job! reviewed September 6, 2007
fantasy fiction by julisexy Action
I was completely lost story wise... There were several long scenes of people talking, and some other scenes of other people that didn't seem to be related. So I didn't understand it at all... Maybe so... reviewed September 6, 2007
Panik by mano-iceman Horror
Interesting movie, and definately very cool music/soundtrack, but I got lost story-wise.. maybe a few subtitles to set up what was going on would help... reviewed September 6, 2007
The Attack Of The Purple Lizards by robfez2929 Sci-Fi
Very cool sci-fi movie! I really loved the opening scene!!! reviewed September 6, 2007
Reptile Women of Mars by Evan Waters Sci-Fi
Interesting martian women, but yeah, some subtitles would help to tell what the story is about... reviewed September 6, 2007
EmoHunters - Trailer by Inu388 Action
Oh this is a great idea for a movie! Can't wait to see it... Good trailer too! reviewed September 6, 2007
Holiday Hoes by hoobastanken34 Comedy
You'll have to re-release this in December... Or make another one with santa and his hoes... reviewed September 5, 2007
The Amazing Story of James Oúi by mark0495 Action
Pretty good story, but I got a little lost at the end... Was the one that got killed alive again? reviewed September 5, 2007
Serpent Entertainment News by zzdog123 Comedy
Thanks for the news update... But next time maybe you can make the voices a little louder or the music a little quieter so it won't drowned out the voices... reviewed September 5, 2007
The Jasons by BattyProductions Horror
It seems to need more of a story... Like what the monster is trying to stop the president from doing, and why the president is out in the woods at the shack... reviewed September 5, 2007
Who Took My Pants (Trailer) by TaylorTaylorTaylor Comedy
Not enough to tell what the movie is really gonna be about, but the music is cool! reviewed September 5, 2007
Kickass Monkeys Prologue by Brandon310 Comedy
Hahaha... that was pretty entertaining.... :) reviewed September 5, 2007
Pixtle University ep 6-loosing it by shaynedude Action
Interesting... I guess I need to see the whole series to really understand whats going on... reviewed September 5, 2007
dead underground by Tonio Argento Horror
Featured Review
That was pretty cool with the colorized b&w !
reviewed September 2, 2007
Razzle by sibby4life Action
Featured Review
Pretty good movie! I kinda missed having music at the end of it, but the story was good...
reviewed September 2, 2007
A Life to Live by joejames007 Action
WOW.. Very well done! It was a great story, and the voices were excellent! The only (very minor) problem I had was that in the (hospital?) scene the music kind of overpowered the voices... but other... reviewed September 2, 2007
Geriatric Dance Dance by torsoul Action
hahahaha.. that was very funny!!! reviewed September 2, 2007
RIPs Nightmare by brettduet Horror
Cool movie! reviewed September 2, 2007
uoy evol i by the frogger Romance
Featured Review
(: !mlif etihw dna kcalb elttil eciN
reviewed September 2, 2007
Alle Wege führen nach Osten by SeekerWest Action
I got a little lost on this one... reviewed September 2, 2007
Neo vs Giant Chicken by jonathan_92 Comedy
Whoaa.. your keanu reeves imitation was so totally non-bogus... Hahaha.. Great movie!!!! reviewed September 2, 2007
This looks like it's going to be a good second season.. I still wanna watch the first season too.. hopefully you'll put it back on from time to time... reviewed September 2, 2007
Assassination Incorporated-3 by simpsdog Action
AI3 is awesome! Great story, and really great job on the voices!!! Please keep this series going! It's sooo good.. especially with music and voices now too! reviewed September 2, 2007
Rise of the Dead by chris62 Horror
Cool movie! But you need to talk to your special fx guys.. they keep getting blood all over your camera lens... :) As usual for you, great job on the story and the voices!!! I hope there is a sequ... reviewed September 2, 2007
Dark Thriller by samyhouse Action
Excellent story! And I really loved all the camera moves and angles you came up with!!! reviewed September 2, 2007
DEEP SOUTH LOVE TRAILER by jasonx102493 Action
Looks like a cool move!! In the final version, I hope you can make the rain sound a little more quiet, or the voices a little louder, since the rain in the trailer drowned them out a bit... Can't w... reviewed September 2, 2007
Single-Shot Showdown by biggstrek Action
That was really cool! Great idea! reviewed August 26, 2007
The Train Ride by calums9 Comedy
What a strange little movie! I liked it! reviewed August 26, 2007
There Is Nothing Scarier Than Gay Aliens by rhino15 Comedy
Pretty funny!!!! reviewed August 26, 2007
Far Out Men by Kirbycook Sci-Fi
Nice movie! The monster looked pretty cool! reviewed August 26, 2007
Assulting America by TaylorTaylorTaylor Action
Like your last line says... good job! reviewed August 26, 2007
China-Lotusblüten bluten nicht by movie-shaker Action
Very cool action movie! reviewed August 26, 2007
The Loneliest Hitman Cody by JCauto Action
Hahahaha reviewed August 26, 2007
DIE AXT by SeekerWest Action
looks pretty good, but unfortunately I don't speak (German?)... reviewed August 26, 2007
True Crime Lauderhood by kingmigs84 Action
Good movie! A few subtitles would help, but it was done very well without them! Oh, and the music for the knife fight scene was perfect! reviewed August 26, 2007
The Space Adventure Journey to Mars by Wild_West_Films Sci-Fi
Cool movie.. I really like it in black n white! reviewed August 26, 2007
The Last Days of Hitler by Goddard911 Action
Not bad.... Is it the real story? reviewed August 26, 2007
Single O Seven The Legend Of John Lugar by jonathan_92 Action
Featured Review
OMG I love this movie! It was very well done! and so many funny parts.. I laughed so hard! hahahahaha.... You have a great story, and you told it very well.. Great music, and Great voices too! I s...
reviewed August 26, 2007
Millington High 4 by Emily96 Romance
Nice movie with a few good plot twists! Most of the subtitles were really good, but a few of the longer ones weren't on the screen long enough.. reviewed August 26, 2007
IORD (invasion-of-red-ducks) by 1comatose1 Sci-Fi
Good movie, and the red ducks!!! hahahaha...This could make a good series! But maybe add some subtitles to help tell the story too... reviewed August 26, 2007
Olivia Oddesseys Orphanage of Freaks by FunnelCakeSuprise Comedy
Pretty cool.. reminds me of my friends... :) reviewed August 25, 2007
Life Flashing Before Your Eyes by Stunt_Double Romance
Featured Review
Very well done... It was really cool how you had a different color tent to each era... Nice..
reviewed August 25, 2007
Counter Strike Part 1 by studiodude Action
Featured Review
Very well done! Great story idea, and you told it well.. can't wait for part II.... It would help if the longer subtitles were on the screen for a bit more time to give us a chance to read the whole ...
reviewed August 25, 2007
The Chickin Job by jonathan_92 Action
:) Very good movie! It had a good story, and the opening music was perfect! Chickens robbing a bank... hahahaha.... reviewed August 25, 2007
chuck norris Part One by chickencoop Comedy
:) That was good... Lots of funny parts. reviewed August 25, 2007
Only A Dream by KaeptnWiglo Sci-Fi
This would be very cool to show on the screen in dance clubs as the video to this song! reviewed August 25, 2007
Featured Review
Excellent story!!! And wow, 20 minutes! That was a lot of work, but done very well, and kept my attention through the whole movie.. The only thing I didn't like as much was there were too many long...
reviewed August 25, 2007
Assassination Incorporated-2 by simpsdog Action
Excellent movie! I'm so glad you decided to make this a series.. I can see it going a long way, you have lots of cool story ideas... reviewed August 25, 2007
Mid Evil by chris62 Action
Very cool movie! Good story, and excellent use of all the mods.. we haven't figured out how to use those yet.. Oh, and great voices too! reviewed August 25, 2007
Earth by samyhouse Sci-Fi
WOW!!! That was amazing! All kinds of cool plot twists, so you never knew for sure what was going to happen next... Thanks for the english subtitles!!! reviewed August 25, 2007
Shadow Wolf by jasonx102493 Action
Awesome movie! Very good story, and cool music too! A lot of really funny parts to it.. You can tell that you put a lot of work into it... The only bad thing was that when they were talking in the ... reviewed August 25, 2007
Felix Sonnenschein by Zarrmida Comedy
I loved this movie! Very creative how it kept going from present time back into the past, farther each time.. And nice music too! reviewed August 25, 2007
Happy Color by ralfduran Romance
Another excellent film! I always love your music and your great camera angles!!! On this film, I did get a little lost on two scenes that I didn't really know what they were.. one at about 3:22 and ... reviewed August 25, 2007
Poultrygeist by RavensFan_09 Horror
OMG that was soooo funny! Especially the part about the dollar store and KFC... lol... Awesome job!!!!! I hope you make a sequel! reviewed August 11, 2007
The New New Testament by jonathan_92 Comedy
That was awesome! Where do I pick up the free tickets??? :) reviewed August 11, 2007
5 Steps to the Imperfect Date by LesCanadians Comedy
That was soooooo funny! Great job!!! It would help a little to use a different font on the subtitles, they are a bit tough to read on this small screen.. But excellent job!!!! reviewed August 11, 2007
Agomti Wars The Beginning (Trailer) by DAVEKO1 Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Excelent trailer!
reviewed August 11, 2007
WAR!!!!!!! by ChrisEstes Action
Good action movie, but some sound (music) and either voices or at least subtitles would help a lot! reviewed August 11, 2007
Killer Rabbits!! by mikey310192 Comedy
That was a fun little music-video type movie! I really liked the song too... Thanks! reviewed August 11, 2007
Binding a Broken Heart by Corey13 Romance
Good story! Since you have really great voices on here, it would help if you turn off the games mumbling voices.. You can do that when you edit the movie with the sound options button. On of the but... reviewed August 11, 2007
The Flesheater 3 Trailer 2 by kyle1995 Horror
Looks pretty scary! I hope you put the first two back out sometime before you release this one, so we can catch up! reviewed August 11, 2007
Kung Fu Duel III by disney2000 Action
Marco.. Polo... hahah.. That was a cool action movie! I loved the music!!!! Great job! reviewed August 11, 2007
The Sunset Saloon by OcelotFilms Action
Yeah, I liked the camera angles you used! I don't know how to do that yet... It could use some subtitles, and maybe some music too... But not bad! reviewed August 11, 2007
Battlefish Tarantula by jackass4579 Comedy
They should know that no one can kill Jason! reviewed August 11, 2007
A B N O R M A L by KaeptnWiglo Comedy
That looked really cool.. and i LOVED the music! I have no idea how you did it with this game, but great job! reviewed August 11, 2007
Stuck On A Subway by chickencoop Comedy
That was good! It would help to have some of the longer subtitles on the screen for a bit longer, but it was very entertaining! Thanks! reviewed August 11, 2007
That was great! The story was really good, I just hope you put the rest of the series back on once in a while for some of your newest fans..! reviewed August 11, 2007
Fall of the Barbie Bandits by simpsdog Action
Excellent movie! The music really made it! Nice job....!!!!!!!!! reviewed August 11, 2007
Control part3 by chris62 Sci-Fi
Wow, your movies just keep getting better and better! You really have a good story, and great voices, and I really love the music!!! reviewed August 11, 2007
HOTEL HELL by jasonx102493 Horror
That was AWESOME!!!! Great story, and the music was perfect for it!!!! You really did a good job on this one! reviewed August 11, 2007
The Zramgin Wars E1 by caesarman Sci-Fi
Great movie! I liked how all the characters looked, and that was really cool how you made everything sort of red during the red alert... Only one thing is that some of the longer subtitles were not ... reviewed August 11, 2007
night of the dead by bgood4-me Horror
Good movie! I don't really understand what the blood floating in the air was in a few scenes, but the rest of the movie was cool! reviewed August 11, 2007
A NEW WORLD the begining (épisode 1) by samyhouse Horror
Very good, I wanna see the whole series... I really liked some of the special things you did with backdrops and different camera angles, I haven't figured out how to do those yet... Great choice of m... reviewed August 11, 2007
The Desmodontidae Essay by DHTHTLA Horror
For a movie with no voices, that was very cool!!! It kept my attention through the whole movie... Nice work! reviewed August 11, 2007
Mafia auf Korsika by Zarrmida Action
Cool story! Unfortunately, I don't speak.. german?, but I liked the movie and I think I could understand it just from the scenes... reviewed August 11, 2007
One more minute My friend Mr Sperm by ralfduran Comedy
That was pretty funny.. I'm not sure I understood the very last scene, though... But I think I get the rest.... :) reviewed August 11, 2007
Detroit Crime City by tisseke Action
I don't understand the story completely... I think I know most of it, but some of it I'm not sure... Maybe some subtitles would help? reviewed July 10, 2007
Little Titan by charlierascal Sci-Fi
I like that it's in black and white... looks good...! reviewed July 10, 2007
area 51 by Leeroyjenkins Sci-Fi
That was pretty good! Good story line... reviewed July 10, 2007
Its Hard Out Here For a Robot by chickencoop Comedy
It was very enjoyable... Lots of funny parts in it, and a good story too! :) reviewed July 4, 2007
The Cursed by ionfour Horror
This could be a good trailer for a movie... reviewed July 4, 2007
Good movie! Nice idea having the opening credits! :) The subtitle at 5:32 was a little hard to read (too small for this screen), but the rest of them were good! I gotta check out your other movies too! reviewed July 4, 2007
Assassation Incorporated by simpsdog Action
Excellent movie!!! Very well done... You had a great storyline, and I really liked how you started it out, with the end of a "job". That set the whole movie up really well... :) reviewed July 4, 2007
The Skull by chris62 Comedy
Hahaha that was soooo funny! Great job!!!! reviewed July 4, 2007
A Darker Thriller by samyhouse Action
OMG that was good! I can't wait to see your other films! reviewed July 4, 2007
The Day the Towers Fell by jasonx102493 Horror
Featured Review
Very good! Unfortunately the voices were too quiet compared to the sound effects, is there anyway you can re-edit the movie and lower the sound effects volume? Hopefully you still have the file.. Bu...
reviewed July 4, 2007
The Hut by caesarman Horror
Not bad... The santa alien was a funny idea... it would help to keep the subtitles on the screen a little while though, so peeps would have time to read the whole thing... Nice movie! reviewed July 4, 2007
prodigy the light by bgood4-me Action
Hahaha... Great movie! I really liked it!! Some of the subtitles were tough to read when they were on a light background, but I don't know if there's any way to change the subtitle color or not... O... reviewed July 4, 2007
The Door Consequences by DHTHTLA Horror
That was Great!!! Awesome story and voices! And good choice of music too! Only one small thing was that when the police officer and the guy were both talking, it was hard to make out what they were... reviewed July 4, 2007
Die Begegnung The Encounter The Crash3 by Zarrmida Sci-Fi
Good part III to the series! It does help to watch the other two first, or you might not know what is going on, but that's true of a lot of sequels... Nice choice of music too, but there was one par... reviewed July 4, 2007
Mästerverk by ralfduran Romance
WOW.. Another incredible movie you've made! I'm completely blown away by what you can do with a game like this... It's amazing! Your choice of music is always great, and I really love the feel of the... reviewed July 4, 2007
The Sharpest Blade by dragonFang12321 Action
Very good story!!! It might help to have the subtitles on the screen just a little bit longer, but overall.. very good! :) reviewed June 15, 2007
Empty Mag Improved by MovieMasterSteve Action
Good film! I liked the choice of music.. You might try leaving some of the longer subtitles on the screen a little longer... But overall, very good! reviewed June 15, 2007
Galenaxy by Sir_Manfred Sci-Fi
Nice movie.. It seemed a little disconnected at the end, but I liked the skeleton and the music in the cabin.. :) reviewed June 15, 2007
Vampyromaniac by joetodaro Horror
Nice movie! Loved the ending! hehehehe reviewed June 15, 2007
Gangsters by chris62 Action
That was really awesome! Your best movie I've seen so far!!!! Great Story, and super-great voices! Good job man!!! :) :) :) :) :) reviewed June 15, 2007
The WereWolf Trap by DHTHTLA Horror
Great Movie! Especially the last several minutes... the part where they were in the basement and the werewolf was in the cabin above them was really scary! I wanna watch all six of your horror films... reviewed June 15, 2007
heaven vs hell by bgood4-me Horror
Nice movie!!! Very good story... the only thing I would change is to make some of the subtitles last a little longer on the screen... :) reviewed June 14, 2007
Terra X Der Absturz The Crash Part 2 by Zarrmida Horror
Oh man that was awesome!!!! After seeing part I, I couldn't wait for part II, and after seeing this, I really really can't wait to see part III !!! Loved the story! :) :) :) reviewed June 14, 2007
Galixys Most Funniest Videos by Coaster321 Comedy
Hahahahaha... That was sooo funny!!! Great job!!!! :) reviewed May 28, 2007
Invaders From Communon 5 by Fatlardo Sci-Fi
I got a little lost, but a good movie... some subtitles would probably help.... reviewed May 28, 2007
The Chase by Brayds2006 Action
That lady bartender is pretty tough!!! Hehehehe... reviewed May 28, 2007
top 10 movie bloopers by ajuniversal Comedy
Hahaha.. I liked #6, #5, and #1 the best... Great idea for a movie! reviewed May 28, 2007
Scarecrow - The hardest way by DPL Action
Lotsa great action! reviewed May 28, 2007
Chancellor Pagaline 2 Trailer by TIE543 Sci-Fi
Interesting trailer... When does the movie come out? :) reviewed May 28, 2007
The Infection by sergio04 Horror
Hahaha.. I liked the ending.. Nice choice of music too! reviewed May 28, 2007
Schools Out! by Yodaman111 Comedy
Good movie!!! The only thing I would change would be to keep the subtitles on the screen just a little bit longer, so people have time to read the whole thing... reviewed May 28, 2007
Star-Punch by DPL Sci-Fi
Not bad... Could try some subtitles to tell what is going on in the story... reviewed May 27, 2007
pirates in space part2 by chris62 Sci-Fi
Featured Review
You can get some low class idiot to do this.. hahahahaha... You got some awesome lines in this movie!!! Great story, and I liked the music with it too!!! I'll have to go back and check out part I... :)
reviewed May 27, 2007
Zombies!!! by andrelievable Action
Poor Brad! Hahahaha.. Great movie!!! Keep up the good work! :) reviewed May 27, 2007
Unsere kleine Kneipe - Folge 2 by OlliEntertainment Comedy
Hahaha... Unfortunately, I don't speak German, :( But this was a great movie anyway! I think I got the sense of it, and it had some really funny parts in it!!! :) reviewed May 27, 2007
Alone at the Beach by ralfduran Comedy
Excellent!! I love the ending!! Great Job man!!! reviewed May 27, 2007
RESCUER by spanishwolf Sci-Fi
Great movie man! The only thing I would change is I would turn off the "mumbling" so that it didn't distract from your voices.. There's an option to turn it off .... reviewed May 27, 2007
Dawn Of A New Species by DHTHTLA Sci-Fi
Another Great movie... You are light years ahead of me... Good job! reviewed May 27, 2007
The Door by DHTHTLA Horror
WOW.. That is one of the BEST movies I've seen on here so far... Great Job! I love it!!!! reviewed May 27, 2007
Der Absturz The Crash 1 Teil by Zarrmida Sci-Fi
That was excellent! I can't wait for part II !! And thanks for the subtitles.. :) reviewed May 27, 2007
Werwolfs Revier by Zarrmida Horror
Awesome film.. The music really made it scary!!! reviewed May 27, 2007
007 in Die Spy! by zdlarkinentertainment Action
Nice 007 movie!!! Had the perfect ending too! :) reviewed May 12, 2007
Bolesna przechadzka xDD by ukasz Horror
Ouch!!! hahahaha.. very funny! reviewed May 12, 2007
SEXY AGENT 3 by spanishwolf Action
Sexy Agent!!! reviewed May 12, 2007
Hellmut und Hellge - Pilotfolge by OlliEntertainment Comedy
Great movie!!! I loved the music, and the monty-python like parts were soo funny! I gotta make you a favorite! :) :) :) reviewed May 12, 2007
Robinson Looso - Part 4 by OlliEntertainment Comedy
That was great!!! I really liked how you did some of the subtitles in two languages too, and that T-shirt! You sure are an awesome filmmaker!!! :) reviewed May 11, 2007
Always Alive by ukasz Comedy
Funny !!! :) reviewed May 11, 2007
SEXY AGENT 2 by spanishwolf Action
Very good movie! I liked it a lot!!!! :) reviewed May 11, 2007
I.Stalker by Maliki101 Horror
Nice movie!!! reviewed May 5, 2007
The Alien Chase by Xencipher Action
Cool chase movie!! reviewed May 5, 2007
Infiltration by Vanilizer Sci-Fi
Wow.. Very cool movie! I liked the choice of music, and the scenes were awesome!! reviewed May 5, 2007
Dachau ein Tag ohne Ende by jan4live Action
:) reviewed May 5, 2007
Ten Seconds To Meltdown by Rhys76 Action
Nice little movie!!! reviewed May 5, 2007
stupid marige 2 by rangerrooster Comedy
Hahaha... Funny! Good job!!! reviewed May 5, 2007
MIRICLE MAN by spanishwolf Action
Oh man! What a great movie! The sound toward the end was off just a little, but it had a really good story, and great voices! Awesome job!!! reviewed May 5, 2007
Crysler Attack III Contract of Death by DarthVlad Sci-Fi
Man, you really are great at character design!!! I really like your movies... what language are they in? Oh, and even a cool lightsaber fight! And Darth Vlad breathing at the end... Excellent!!! :) reviewed May 5, 2007
One Bullet Part One by Cyb3rShock Action
Not a bad start! gets you interested in the plot for sure! Good job!!! reviewed May 3, 2007
A Day in the Life of Petey-Episode 1 by kanddProductions Comedy
Lol.. Poor Petey!!! :) reviewed May 2, 2007
i can fly the movie by FADOMACADO13 Comedy
:) reviewed May 2, 2007
Plans To Win The War by jeang287 Comedy
lol.. that was pretty good! :) reviewed May 2, 2007
??????? ???????? by DarthVlad Horror
Cool choice of characters! :) reviewed April 30, 2007
Marauder by Moonwing Action
Featured Review
Somehow the sound effects in the second half of the movie got out of sink with the movie, but I liked how you changed the music when the scenes changed.. Good job! And It was good that you used a lot...
reviewed April 30, 2007
The Fen Tiger by JonDanBurden1 Comedy
Short, but good! :) reviewed April 30, 2007
A War of Brothers by Balmorca Action
This movie would really be good with some sound affects and music! reviewed April 30, 2007
Huntress Of Sol by StewartYang Sci-Fi
:) reviewed April 30, 2007
The Chingwell Thunderclap by rangerrooster Comedy
That was sooo funny!!! Great job on the voices too!!! :) reviewed April 30, 2007
The Ninjas of Hazard by zsKite Comedy
Excellent movie!!!! reviewed April 30, 2007
monsters by depb007 Comedy
hahahaha... that was good! reviewed April 30, 2007
Dizzy Goes To War! by bleedblack Comedy
Very bizzare movie... and really funny too! reviewed April 29, 2007
DestinationZombie by sinister6000 Sci-Fi
Pretty good movie, but I was confused for a while... It seemed like two seperate movies at the beginning. And I don't know how they got from the graveyard to the ship.. But I liked it anyways!!! :) reviewed April 29, 2007
Solving the Case by tommy631 Action
Cool movie! It has a good storyline, and was well laid out... Oh, and I like the old tymie music with it too!!! reviewed April 28, 2007
Mr Dirty Mr Tight - Das Battle by OlliEntertainment Comedy
I like it! That is really cool how you put your own scenes in the movie.. I have no idea how you did that, but it was great! I'll have to check out the rest of your films... :) reviewed April 28, 2007
Buggers (Trailer) by brighterideas Comedy
Looks like buggers could end up being a whole series???? :) reviewed April 28, 2007
Words and Violence TRAILER by ralfduran Action
Nice Trailer! It seems to tell enough about the movie without giving too much away! :) reviewed April 28, 2007
Old by heuser7719 Action
Good stuff! Nice choice of music with it too! :) reviewed April 28, 2007
Super Random Events by Video_Capture Comedy
lol.. Very funny! Great job!!! :) reviewed April 26, 2007
the target by superjoao78 Action
lol.. I liked when the phone rang! that was cool! :) reviewed April 26, 2007
Oh my god! Aliens have landed!!! by DarthForbes Sci-Fi
Not bad at all! I liked all the scenes, and great choice in the music! The only thing it needs is a little work on the subtitles... Some of them were on the screen too short of a time to read, and s... reviewed April 26, 2007
police force by themoviefactory Action
They shot Santa!!! :) reviewed April 24, 2007
My Ex Boyfriend by 49888 Romance
Not bad! I had to watch it twice, though, because some of the subtitles in the first half were not on screen long enough to read and watch the film at the same time.. Good job! reviewed April 24, 2007
The Kid Rode Away by tevinchiszle Comedy
Pretty good for a first movie! It was kinda funny, but also a little hard to tell which character was talking.. Not sure what you could do about that, though... :) reviewed April 24, 2007
attack of the puppy dogs by gr4nt Action
Lol.. short, but good! reviewed April 21, 2007
Jock Locker by adpv-jv3g-fpgn-zph3-821b Romance
Nice movie! I liked how you used different fonts on the subtitles for each actor, so you could tell who was talking when more than one of them was in a scene together.. Good job! reviewed April 21, 2007
Attack of the Evil Chicken From Uranus by fizy1234 Action
Not a bad idea, but a couple of places that could make it better... It would probably be scarier if the wolf was a regular guy instead. And the scene where the chicken first met the people didn't see... reviewed April 21, 2007
TSL The Simpsons League by DarthForbes Comedy
Not bad! The subtitles could use a little work on their timing, but it was a funny movie! Krusty sure is getting old, though... :) reviewed April 21, 2007
City of Crime Part One by brighterideas Action
You guys have a winner here! Great job! Good story line, good voiceovers, good choice of music, and a great film! I can't wait for part II!!! reviewed April 21, 2007
1791 A Good Year for Vampires by brighterideas Horror
Very good movie! In a couple of scenes some of the voices were a little too quiet compared to the others, especially the vampire voice. But it was really good, and parts of it were really funny! Like... reviewed April 21, 2007
Zombies on Scotland by brighterideas Horror
Good movie! :) Good choice of music, and the voiceovers were good too, oh, and I really liked the zombies! A few places the it could be a little better.. some of the scenes were a bit dark, but I do... reviewed April 21, 2007
Walk of Life by ralfduran Romance
You really put a lot of work into this one, and it shows! Great job! As usual, your selection of music is amazing.. And I love all of your camera moves.. They definately aren't the standard moves f... reviewed April 21, 2007
Brilliant Minds by ralfduran Romance
WOW! Intense film! Awesome! You really have a good knack for picking music too! The music fit the film prefectly! Keep it up! reviewed April 21, 2007
Cheer Up by ralfduran Romance
Great movie! The music was awesome! I loved it being in black n white too! :) reviewed April 21, 2007
Life by heuser7719 Action
Nice film! The music really fit it well.. :) reviewed April 21, 2007
WW2 by nipples Action
Something didn't seem to turn out right here... the first minute was good, but then the same scene repeated over and over and over and over and over again.. ??? :) Maybe try to save it or download it again? reviewed April 16, 2007
Locked and Loaded by haz123 Action
Nice action movie! Could probably use some sound though, at least music, and a few sound affects would really help it out too! * * * reviewed April 16, 2007
cakes news gos 24 by Raidoncoridie Sci-Fi
Featured Review
What a bizzarre film! Very funny, and great voiceovers! the scene selection jumped around a bit too much, but overall, a pretty good film! * * *
reviewed April 16, 2007
The Baggage Boy by bigboss3000 Comedy
Nice first movie! :) reviewed April 16, 2007
Persona by ralfduran Romance
WOW... I loved it! What an amazing movie! The black and white really set it off well... :) :) :) :) :) reviewed April 16, 2007
the new ugly girl by hottie12 Horror
hahaha Great movie!!! :) reviewed April 13, 2007
bar is under attack by war879 Action
Good movie! *** Maybe on your next one you can also add a few subtitles so we know what the people are saying.. :) reviewed April 13, 2007
werewolf 2000 the final chapter! by Chris62 Horror
That was really good! **** Having real voices in there made it even better! I haven't figured out how to do that part yet.. On your next movie that you use real voices, it would help if you turn o... reviewed April 13, 2007
Red Wood Horror by bendem Horror
Pretty good movie.. * * * * I liked the story line, and the choice of scenes was great! About the only thing I can tell that needs a little work is the timing of the subtitles.. Some of them were a... reviewed April 13, 2007
Wanted Dead Not Alive by Beliwyf Horror
Nice Movie! The fog in the graveyard was a nice touch, as was the blood red lipstick! Good choice of scenes and music too! It flowed really well... :) reviewed April 13, 2007
Der Alltag - Everyday Life by heuser7719 Comedy
Wow, That was really good! Good story. Well laid out, and all the scenes were good too! I liked how you put real voiced in there also... :) reviewed April 12, 2007
Trailer - Barracuda 945 by heuser7719 Action
Very well done trailer! Good music with it too! reviewed April 12, 2007
Preview never alone by joey101 Horror
Wow, a movie trailer... what a great idea! Good job! :) reviewed April 11, 2007
DONT WATCH! by joey101 Comedy
That was pretty funny! reviewed April 11, 2007
Come Back To Me part one by joey101 Romance
A good little movie... too bad the music stopped, though... :( I'd give it 3 stars overall.. The scenes were really good, but it needed something more.. maybe more dialog, or subtitles explaining wh... reviewed April 11, 2007
the hunted by meismekore Horror
Nice movie! About the only thing I would add would be to add some monster sounds for the marsh monster... reviewed April 10, 2007
movie makers part 2 by leendert Comedy
That was even better than the first movie makers! Back to the future... :) reviewed April 10, 2007
Get the police car by leendert Comedy
That was one of my favorite movies that you made so far... Very funny, good music, Great job! reviewed April 10, 2007
A man dream by leendert Comedy
Great Dream! reviewed April 10, 2007
Movie makers by leendert Comedy
lol... "What are you doing Andries. You Idiot." that was soo funny! reviewed April 10, 2007
Stand up by leendert Comedy
:) Another good movie! I like your Santa movie the best so far.. but haven't seen them all yet... reviewed April 9, 2007
Smiles like teen spirit by leendert Comedy
Pretty Funny! And a good one for Easter time! :) reviewed April 9, 2007
Jupiter Jazz by leendert Sci-Fi
Nice Film... I like how you put real voices on it.. I havent figured out how to do that yet.. Cool masks on Alastair and Simon too! reviewed April 9, 2007
The Bartender by wallyc Comedy
Great movie! It must have been a lot of work to make such a long movie, but you did a great job at the story and dialog.. and good choice of music too!!! reviewed April 7, 2007
Its not Santas night by leendert Comedy
Hey, this is a great movie!!!! Very funny, and lots of good dialog! I'll have to check all your movies out! Keep up the good work! :) reviewed April 6, 2007