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Winning Movie
Removed 3 times without notification.Nice. Apparently LH/Activision can't take a joke. Don't worry,I will be gone soon,but so will you with how you run this site... FLAG THIS MOVIE!!! Just having ...
posted October 26, 2007
Get Lucky Comedy
An Epic 38 seconds long! INGREDIENTS:1 crappy in-game made movie 10 minutes of on-the-fly improvised dialogue >>Mix vigorously and serve immediately >>Serves many,or maybe nobody,but who cares? hahaha... posted September 1, 2007
The Last Supper starring Jesus Christ Comedy
The true behind the scenes story of Jesus and the last supper;-) Enjoy:-) Hate it,hate me...I'll live with it:-) More info on how this was made etc to come... lol nice string of fake reviews ther... posted August 23, 2007
utarefsoN Horror
No dialogue.This movie is all about the sights and sounds,and there is more than one message within for those who are willing to think a little bit about it... **Double-click the movie when it starts... posted July 12, 2007
The Baggage Boy Comedy
This Comedy movie was released in 2000 and directed by Hottie McDottie. This movie is 2 mins 5 secs long. Digitally-remastered and in FULL COLOR!! The Baggage Boy has never looked better! Now YOU an... posted June 20, 2007
Praise The Lord!! Comedy
Dedicated to those great religious crusaders:Jerry Falwell,Jim and Tammy Fae Bakker,Oral Roberts,and my personal favorite:Jimmy Swaggart. Honest,trustworthy,respected,upstanding and fine moral members... posted May 31, 2007
Axe in Wonderland Comedy
WARNING: THE FOLLOWING CONTAINS A POORLY DELIVERED AUSTRALIAN ACCENT & SLANG :-D 99% of this movie was done with custom backdrops using the bluescreen.I put tons of work into them. **I also sing 3 par... posted April 28, 2007
The Ten Commandments Romance
This is a comedy.If you don't have an open-minded sense of humor then move on... Part one of my epic re-telling of the classic story. I hope you are moved by this as much as it moved me to make it. En... posted December 26, 2006
The Ten CommandmentsV3 Romance Not Rated
Part one of my epic re-telling of the classic story. I hope you are moved by this as much as it moved me to make it. Enjoy:-) Scenic backdrops from Lightning overlay by monkeybiz.Avail... posted December 26, 2006
FUnK YOU! Action
If you don't like this movie,then I suggest you can just FUnK OFF! lol Loosely inspired by Pegleg and Funk.I would more accurately classify this movie as Punk-Funk,or Funk Rock. Dedicated to legend5... posted September 23, 2006
Time Warped! Comedy
Watch 3 minutes,if you don't laugh then this isn't for you.A simple solution for those of you who don't watch long movies. Whether you notice it or not,I put a massive amount of time into this. About... posted July 29, 2006
Horse Wash Comedy
This movie is all about the nutty sounds,so crank it up and scare your neighbors!lol Part 1 of my crazy inventor series.Watch part 2 now also playing. I used alot of black scenes purposefully in ord... posted July 29, 2006
The Outlaw Dick Boner Comedy
Did I go too far with this?Pure over-the-top nuttiness! WARNING:I hate warnings! Dick Boner is out for revenge,and he has a secret weapon! ****Feel free to rate honestly,I won't revenge-review**** ... posted April 17, 2006
The Lottery(The Untold Story) Comedy
OZMAN69's "LOTTERY BUM" USED WITH PERMISSION. If by chance you are one of the few who hasn't seen ozman69's "The Lottery(30 seconds of bliss)"yet,you may want to watch that first to fully appreciate w... posted March 12, 2006
Doctor Death and The Doomsday Device Sci-Fi
Sci-fi/Comedy If you don't like mimes,you will love this movie. Poor Doctor Death is in charge,but he never seems to be fully in control of the situations thrown at him... *Production Notes* This mo... posted January 26, 2006
Slick Johnson presents How To Sell a Film Comedy
Slick Johnson isn't the smartest movie mogul in the business...and he likes to use questionable methods to promote his studio. *Its good to see that most of you realize this is satire...I thought it ... posted December 31, 2005
The Wizard of Oz Directors Cut Comedy
PURE ZANY FUN!Dorothy has been corrupted by a bad group of characters.Now she takes charge of them and sets her sights on the Munchkins.The land of Oz will never be the same... To those of you asking... posted December 19, 2005
The Adventures of Phils Fart Horror
LIKE IT OR HATE IT,AT LEAST RATE IT.Thanks:-) A Horror/Comedy.3 minutes long.My second effort.I was inspired to try something more ambitious after watching a few really good films that others have mad... posted December 14, 2005
Monkey See Monkey Doo Doo Comedy
A hapless bunch of losers in control of a starship.My first effort,although I put very little effort into it.More of a test than an attempt at anything substantial...Check out my newest 2 movies if yo... posted December 9, 2005
Movies Reviewed by Trashman
What a Mans Gotta Do 50 by StokeStudios Action
Hahaha's funny to see Olli still loitering around these parts lol:-D As for the movie Bob,you know I enjoyed this very much from my previous comments:-D But even so,I will say again that ... reviewed October 9, 2008
The Necromancer by SimonJames Horror
Haha there's nothing like an evil scientist with an infectiously contagious laugh hahaha:-) Thanks to Kwistufa for pointing this one out:-) Keep up the good evil laughing heehee:-D reviewed September 20, 2008
The Space Invasion! by crazyfoo3000 Sci-Fi
Featured Review
I like the core idea of hippies in space(if that was your intention haha)... I would have liked to have seen you play that up a bit more,just to bring up the comedy element of that premise...although ...
reviewed August 17, 2008
Sheesh Kebab by kwistufa Comedy
It takes a special mind to think they see a kebab stand whilst dying of thirst in the desert...I mean,wouldn't a brothel make more sense?:-) reviewed July 12, 2008
CLIVES Old Road by kwistufa Comedy
Hey I saw the Aussie flag near the end haha isn't he on the wrong side of the road?;-) I feel like I owe cab fare just for getting taken along through those great looking sets:-D Good fun:-) reviewed July 12, 2008
NUDE SPREE by kwistufa Romance
Featured Review
lol ahhhhhhh this brings back memories...or should I say mammaries hahaha...:-D This warms heart...and other regions as well lol lololol MrMiracle says nothing stands out hahahahaaha well if I was the...
reviewed July 12, 2008
Ride tha [not-so-nice-word!] by kwistufa Comedy
Yes haha! I'm glad to see you've put this online:-D Having only seen this a couple of days ago for the first time,I wondered why you hadn't released it here. I love the whole atmosphere.The sounds,mus... reviewed July 12, 2008
Harold by FallenThomas Comedy
Holy Shmoley you are on a real tear with releasing flicks recently haha:-) This was a fun flick.I for one enjoyed the stupidity of it all,from the endless chattering about the word 'summer',to the st... reviewed July 9, 2008
Food Friends by FallenThomas Comedy
Haha well didn't Hannibal Lecter also have alot of 'food friends'?(with fava beans and a nice glass of chianti)haha:-) Fun idea.Good 'authentic';-)looking presentation heehee:-) I like your VO's and ... reviewed July 8, 2008
Killer Housemate by FallenThomas Comedy
Hahaha!excellent stuff here:-D I really enjoyed the absurdity of the situation. For a moment I thought maybe you were going to carry the bit too long and run out of ideas,but you didn't disappoint and... reviewed July 7, 2008
THE HOOLIGANS by Makka83 Comedy
haha well by hooligan standards those two were taking it easy I think:-D Going back to my grandparents,I happen to be part German,part Spanish,part Polish,and part Swiss lol although I was born in Can... reviewed July 5, 2008
Miserere Nobis TMO by josephkw Horror
Flawlessly told and(as usual)thoroughly entertaining. Two types of twisted mind-sets at work here(and even someone in the middle) I like how you keep the viewer in the dark as to where and how the si... reviewed July 2, 2008
HAM and NUTS by KaeptnWiglo Comedy
Hahaha! good stuff:-D I love sight-gags,and these are very good ones heeeheehee:-) I hope these five stars help your goofy little movie knock that stupid Showdown flick out of the #1 comedy spot:-D reviewed June 29, 2008
The Origin of Sir Fartsalot! by dude123456HasReturned Comedy
Haha well this isn't a fantastic movie...but it's certainly a fartastic movie hahaha:-D Like farter like son I guess hahahaaha:-) Ok I'll stop now ;-p Wait,one more haha: Nothing like a wholesome,mea... reviewed June 27, 2008
DOG COLLAR SEIZURE by tsunamidog Horror
I laughed when the dude hit the brakes when seeing the dog on the road lol because if I was in that situation I would have hit the gas,and then I would quickly back-up over the new speed-bump just to ... reviewed June 22, 2008
Earl by wolfmanofthesouth Comedy
Haha well it looks like he will have to go back to makin' and runnin' moonshine,and killin' possums fer supper...them's good eatin' I tells ya...yup:-) reviewed June 15, 2008
DOG COLLAR SEIZURE TEASER by tsunamidog Horror
Looks like it could be fun:-) I like the contrast between the first and second half of this teaser. Nicely presented:-) I hope this will be more Omega Mannish than I Am Legendish,but I'm sure it will ... reviewed June 8, 2008
Sister Abstinance The Lothario by thebiz Comedy
Good idea and fun take on Superhero flicks haha:-) I'd love to have seen an extended version... Please refrain from overly cutting down your flicks just because you want to meet some contest guidelin... reviewed June 7, 2008
ROCK ON TEASE by makka83 Comedy
A serious lack of girl-on-girl action,but I'll forgive you this time;-) reviewed June 5, 2008
Afro Hoops by kwistufa Action
I always enjoy checking out the new mods and how you display them:-) Sorry I hadn't gotten to this sooner. The basketball mod is great stuff:-D I don't know why,but I was waiting for Fat Albert to wal... reviewed June 2, 2008
Monstructo by b3nhur Sci-Fi
Imagine a review about a giant ape and a big lizard... Haha:-) lol only 4 stars just because this wasn't set in Tokyo hahahaha:-D Even so,the mindless action made it easy for my mindless mind to ... reviewed May 13, 2008
O the Ocean Teaser by thebiz Action
Sorrbly Ib can'blt leavebln ab propbler revbliew.Itsbl harbld tob talblk underblb watblerb... Looblksblb goobldbl!bdblbachkack!cuAackbl!!blbllbbllluuubllll............... ................................ reviewed May 13, 2008
15 Second Movie (excluding credits) by josephkw Comedy
Your other movies are 15 times better than this...but only because they are 15 times longer haha:-) I've never seen you get this much hate before must be doing something right then heehee:-D reviewed May 11, 2008
Kong does the Baggage boy by Alex2112 Comedy
The about section comment about this being a rubbish film says it all... but I admit it made me laugh because it is just so awful,and I also laugh because you had the guts to upload this crap haha so ... reviewed May 8, 2008
YUP IM BORED by wolfmanofthesouth Comedy
Good idea haha:-) You managed to almost make me yawn...that's a good thing lol because it made me chuckle:-) That is what makes this work though,because the viewer is kind of drawn-in to the feeling o... reviewed May 4, 2008
Gorilla Affect by wolfmanofthesouth Action
Hehe not bad:-) There almost seems to be an underlying message with how the gorilla is treated as a slave of interesting thought if you think about the time period of the flick(or maybe the... reviewed May 4, 2008
Sheriff Rooneys Public Service by yeagmaster Comedy
Haha I love this:-D I might have respect for the local cops here if Rooney was in charge hahaha!:-D reviewed May 3, 2008
Crestin Lab Rats by wolfmanofthesouth Comedy
Haha well I was expecting a comedy,given how it is labelled as one...:-) I liked the idea behind this...a sort of study and presentation of an experiment process and results thereof.I like the narrati... reviewed May 3, 2008
An Evening With Dr Mezmero by johnnyex Horror
Haha an odd b-movie feel permeates throughout...somewhat reminiscent of those cheesy 50's/60's sci-fi flicks:-) reviewed May 3, 2008
Eddys Quest For Oil by Afro-Dude Comedy
Heehee nobody does stupid like you do stupid haha and I think only I can fully appreciate the depth of thought(or lack thereof)you must put into your stupid stuff haha;-):-D You have reached beyond th... reviewed April 30, 2008
Dark Obsession Part A by Lethal_Entertainment Romance
Excellent! I very much enjoyed this movie Sisch:-) Although I'm a guy,I had to look out of my window to see if I was being watched by a hot woman haha(actually I was hoping for that lol);-) I won't go... reviewed April 27, 2008
MAX POSER by Kopros Comedy
Well done:-) I enjoyed your narration.Some good lines. I liked the car info (not much to go on) bit haha:-) The butler,maid and flower lady bits were all good too.A couple of places there I would like... reviewed April 27, 2008
CAPTAIN GALACTIC by kwistufa Sci-Fi
This reminds me of when I was a kid and every Sunday afternoon a tv station here had 'Sci-Fi Theater' haha all the cheeseball 50's flicks and other crap b-movie faves:-D You captured the essence of th... reviewed April 22, 2008
The Many Loves of Caviar A Bellasante by thebiz Romance
The Latin version of Pepé Le Pew haha:-) I like the Welcome Back Kotter chia-pet idea,and Boom Boom Washington seems a perfect fit for that hehe:-) Atkinson's Mr.Bean is ok but Blackadder is faaaaaar ... reviewed March 30, 2008
Guns And Games by FallenThomas Action
Featured Review
Excellent use of sound-effects to enhance the experience:-D I like the quiet music...and then the crystal-clear sounds of pulling weapons,weapon-firing,grnade-lobbing/exploding...nicely d...
reviewed March 15, 2008
When Obscurity Isnt Good Enough by Kopros Comedy
lol it just goes to show you that it's how you market your product matters the most haha!:-) With a slick advertising campaign you can sell people almost anything these days heeheeheeeeeee:-D good st... reviewed March 15, 2008
Christmas Time Has Come! by BloodShines Romance
Nice little Christmas flick:-) It's a little off-season for viewing now but that's ok haha I would give you 4,but it's a pretty good first flick so you get a late Christmas gift of a 5'er haha...and a... reviewed March 10, 2008
Make Jesus Smile With Your Niceness by screamingtongue Comedy
lol catchy tune with inspirational lyrics heeheehehee Praise the lord and bless you haha I think I just found the holy-grail-tune I will have them play at my funeral hahahahaha!:-D reviewed March 8, 2008
MH2 by bongoman Sci-Fi
Incredible visuals Bongoman:-D but even more... I like how you weaved an engaging continuing story along with your always impressive visuals and music/sounds.Sisch's narration and explanation of event... reviewed March 8, 2008
Mike and Fizz (Trailer) by FallenThomas Horror
Looks like good violent fun:-D wildmaniacstudios is right...where is The Hospital flick? lol ...and what happened to your two movies released on March 2nd?Banned? I see my flicks are no longer faves l... reviewed March 5, 2008
Great Lovers in History and Legend Wilt by thebiz Comedy
Now those are stats to be proud of lol(not the NBA ones;-)haha although I didn't pay any attention to those) and he did all that without steroids or viagra:-O haha Jordan eat your heart out reviewed March 5, 2008
The Urban War by FallenThomas Action
I like the music choice for this:it makes the viewer look at the scenes a bit differently than if you were to have used action-styled music.It's all about using one's own imagination when watching thi... reviewed March 1, 2008
SLIMS APPOINTMENT by kwistufa Comedy
Haha! the secretary segment at the end alone made this worth the price of admission heeheee:-D although I would like to have heard riott in the role if you know what I mean lol:-P Nice use of mods once again:-) reviewed February 20, 2008
Gone Money Gone by deeb Horror
Just another day taking care of a few bills huh?Heehee:-) reviewed February 19, 2008
Conflicting by TheFlyingDuDe-Films Action
Even though I think you could have gotten away with a shorter version,you did nicely to keep the easy-flow of the story going. I don't want to give any spoilers in this review,but unfortunately I gues... reviewed February 12, 2008
Wiglos kind of humor by KaeptnWiglo Comedy
Well done haha:-D Very nice overlay animation work,and I like your toilet humor style heehee:-) At first I thought those mini-munchkins originated from that guy's butt,but I guess that isn't the case ... reviewed February 11, 2008
Vengeance on Lionhead Studios by darren08121999 Action
Well I've had an idea for ages that would greatly improve that stupid medal thingy system...not that I would ever get listened to by LH...but then I don't really care about medals anyway:-p Somehow I... reviewed February 9, 2008
Demons Inside ( trailer ) by darren08121999 Horror
Haha cool stuff:-) I like the mixture of different looking scenes.The "regular" scenes look good,but the ones you created yourself are most effective,especially the negative scenes where you can't qui... reviewed January 28, 2008
Ride The Rent by thebiz Comedy
Heehee so true...the Marx Brothers were much better than Abbott and Costello. Clever fun ride:-) I like the overlays,and actually the butcher shop sausage-link overlay made me laugh more than any of ... reviewed January 26, 2008
Ride The Rent Derby v1 by thebiz Comedy
lol so much for the favorite haha! While watching the race,I was reminded of years ago playing that huge mechanical horse race game in Vegas haha I had good fun playing that stupid thing(always bet 25... reviewed January 21, 2008
Woke Up Dead 2 The Wrath Of Judas by darren08121999 Horror
Featured Review
Great work with the overlay work and the weirdness factor:-D I do wish you would have developed the story more though. Even so,I enjoyed the visuals once again:-) If by chance you did rush this to com...
reviewed January 21, 2008
War is Hell - Dubbed by Afro-Dude Horror
Featured Review
Heehehehe "you guys move over there"..."why?"..."because it's easier for them to shoot you" hahaha wasn't that the main battle tactic of WW1?lol not far from it since everyone was treated like connon-...
reviewed January 15, 2008
Killed By Death by cd3141 Action
What happened at the end? haha:-) As expected you had some amusing lines amongst the over-the-top action sequences.I liked the line "...all you can do is bully innocent thugs like me" and "...I now ha... reviewed January 14, 2008
Bombshelter-Part1 by jase180 Action
Excellent development of atmosphere to create a feeling of isolation.Nice use of camera to help convey this feeling. Introducing each character separately in the 'bunker' before having them interact w... reviewed January 13, 2008
Santa Clause In LA by Afro-Dude Comedy
Featured Review
Another fun flick haha:-) I always enjoy your wacky VO's. I like the part where Santa gets the boot after being revived in the ambulance haha unexpected and I like that. Just wondering though:Santa ke...
reviewed January 1, 2008
Untitled (Part 2) by FallenThomas Horror
Haha! Is that the body rolling-around in the washer/dryer?lol that reminded me of a movie I watched at the drive-in many years ago called 'My Bloody Valentine' haha it was a b-movie horror but it had ... reviewed December 31, 2007
TE-Box in Search of Love PART 1 by ken28 Comedy
"Ha...ha...ha...ha...ha..."! Hey this was pretty funny stuff haha:-) I love how the robot 'voice' was used with the dialogue:Parts where one would expect emotion were made funny by the lack of emotion... reviewed December 31, 2007
Untitled (Part 1) by FallenThomas Horror
Featured Review
Once again your use of sounds works wonderfully to elevate your use of images to another level.I really enjoyed the loud sound of the running shower,as it almost made me feel as though I was in the ro...
reviewed December 26, 2007
A Movie in A Movie by nick9897654321 Comedy
Haha! I liked this:-) Very clever. So I can assume that the annoying director is dying properly then?Hehee:-D I enjoyed this goofy flick:-) reviewed December 24, 2007
Tsunamidogs A Christmas Tale by tsunamidog Action
Haha well,I haven't read any other reviews yet but...maybe it's just me,but I found some things rather amusing:whether you intended that or not haha:-) This needed some more polish for sure,but that i... reviewed December 22, 2007
Rate My Movie! by gavcity Comedy
Haha well I liked it:-) Just stupid fun. I like the infestation-like appearance of the robotic rate-my-movie-types:-D Please,DON'T rate my movie... reviewed December 19, 2007
EarthStorm Trailer1 by ken28 Sci-Fi
This looks as though it could be something quite interesting:-) I really like your VO work...nice characterizations>something I always enjoy hearing from others on this site. Good use of sounds and vi... reviewed December 19, 2007
Test by ken28 Action
Interesting look to this test flick... I wouldn't worry so much about the look,since I think it looks rather unique...I'd love to see it used for atmospheric-development within an actual story:-) reviewed December 19, 2007
Super Duper Uber GALAXY FORCE by MefuneAkira Comedy
I can't agree with the 3 star clown,simply because whether someone ROFL's with the comedy style of this flick or not,one cannot,or at least should not deny the work and presentation style:this is abou... reviewed December 17, 2007
Woke Up Dead 2 TrailerThe Wrath Of Judas by darren08121999 Horror
Very effective use of the music and images.I like the slow-motion effect,as it helps to ramp-up the creepiness factor. If your previous horror movie "Woke Up Dead" was any indication,then I expect you... reviewed December 10, 2007
Marcus Snaders Ep3-Attack!! by Helloiseeu Sci-Fi
I like the "cool music" comment haha:-) Has MS turned to the dark side?...or has he turned chicken?...or maybe he was hungry and was in a rush to get to the nearest Kentucky Fried Space Chicken hehe:-D reviewed December 6, 2007
Marcus Snaders 2 The Station by Helloiseeu Sci-Fi
Space inSnaders haha:-D Nice use of mods and music. Heads will roll when Snaders is on patrol:-) reviewed December 6, 2007
Tsunamidogs A Christmas Tale Trailer by tsunamidog Action
Did I see what I think I saw just before you mentioned riott?lol Nice Christmassy music;-) reviewed December 6, 2007
When Cowboys Think They Are Something by Afro-Dude Comedy
Featured Review
Haha you F*ckin' suck!You F@ckin' sUCK you SUCKER!This movie sucks!!! You SucK!! SuUuUuUuUCk!¡!¡! Hehehe I always enjoy your randomness and wacked-out VO work:-D Good goofy tune too:-)
reviewed December 5, 2007
The Theater (With VOs!) by FallenThomas Action
lol I like the idea:-D This gave me a good chuckle.Sorry I hadn't checked it out sooner...I think I was at that movie though too hahahahaha!(yes it was crap):-) You've made some huge leaps in style a... reviewed December 4, 2007
EXTINGUISHED by josephkw Sci-Fi
I will keep my review short and sweet today...but I could write countless lines about why I enjoyed this movie:-) You,as well as those whom you chose to do the VO for this movie did a splendid job in ... reviewed December 3, 2007
SEAFOOD STEAK by kwistufa Action
Great tune!:-D Good kick to it,and I really got a kick from the drum interlude.Some good quick editing and smart use of scenes in the early segments to highlight the guitar and drum sequences.I love t... reviewed November 30, 2007
Club Ded by IIIIXIIII Comedy
Yes it's silly,and once again I think this could have been much sillier with the addition of subs.Anything works for me dialogue-wise,especially in comedy,and the more ridiculous the better.This littl... reviewed November 28, 2007
Lifescan by IIIIXIIII Horror
The opening sequence is very unique.I really liked that. I would like to have seen some development of storyline,and I think with at least the addition of subs you could have explained the situation a... reviewed November 28, 2007
Freedom by SerenityNow Romance
It's nice to just go with the flow and let the music inspire you isn't it?:-) I love the hand-colored look,and the music is fantastic.Nice camera work too:-D reviewed November 27, 2007
Inbreeding Cousins 2 by riott007 Comedy
Ahhh there's nothing like another wholesome quality family flick by Riott:-) It warms my heart. Spread the love people reviewed November 25, 2007
The Hospital (Trailer) by FallenThomas Horror
Featured Review
Excellent! You did a splendid job with the visuals AND the sound.Many people forget that great sounds are just as important as visuals...but for a good horror to work(for me) the sounds are even more ...
reviewed November 24, 2007
Daydreams of Waking Night by thebiz Comedy
Just when I think you've done your weirdest ever flick,you come up with something even weirder:-) This was a wonderfully warped wild wacky dream-like trip. Loved the overlay work and the music:-D reviewed November 19, 2007
RAVEN by Concordy32 Romance
Featured Review
An enjoyable little flick.Something different from you.Full marks for branching out and experimenting with differnet ideas.Nicely presented:-)
reviewed November 10, 2007
Target X by yor444 Action
Featured Review
Haha I'm not exactly sure what was going on,but you did a nice job with putting some scenes together with the music...the music really brought the whole thing to life,and made it fun to watch:-)
reviewed November 10, 2007
Terran Wars-The Hammer Falls by Helloiseeu Sci-Fi
Nicely done:-) A good continuation,and I especially liked the way you used the backdrop images and overlay-planet explosions along with the sounds near the end.Nice choice of subdued music to develop ... reviewed November 10, 2007
Red and Dead Treasures of the Past by Goddard911 Action
A pretty-good promo to advertise your trilogy. I especially liked the first music track.Helloiseeu did a nice job with the VO.He is right,get a microphone and it will bring your movies to another leve... reviewed November 10, 2007
RE Agent Smith by bongoman Sci-Fi
Bongoman! Oh you had to know I would love the repeated-but-not-the-same sequences of "eviction" hahaha!:-D Well done indeed.Not only a fun parody-styled spoof,but the action sequences of "eviction" we... reviewed November 7, 2007
Thugs Of Hate by cd3141 Action
lol cd you out-did yourself with this action-packed blood-filled extravaganza of destruction and mayhem:-D It's great once again to see you making fun of yourself haha! Some great and outrageous dialo... reviewed November 5, 2007
Ride the Rent Teaser by thebiz Comedy
Well done teaser.Flawlessly presented. The standout for me was Mrs.Biz's VO and phonecall comments haha:-D reviewed November 4, 2007
The Black Widow is Coming by SerenityNow Horror
Very nice job with the VO's. She really comes across as a cold-hearted,calculating DOB(as opposed to an SOB)haha:-) Nice use of those scenes...they are a good example of how to use scenes effectively ... reviewed November 4, 2007
Terran Wars-The New Hammer by Helloiseeu Sci-Fi
You did a much better job with voiceovers in this movie.Some worked very well,and the deeper tones especially were an improvement. Some good use of music,and I especially liked the multiple sounds at... reviewed November 3, 2007
Hammerhead by Goofparade Comedy
Haha I like this:-D Very good tune.I like the style.Some...interesting lyrics lol but I like that,and I also found the hand comment funny:-) Well done,the tune does carry this,but even so it did work ... reviewed November 3, 2007
Senseless Violence Everywhere!! Yay!! by TheTomas Comedy
Haha!:-) What made this work for me was the quick-cuts to different scenes and especially the added sounds of people going AHHH! and sound-effects etc haha well done...there is nothing more fun than g... reviewed November 3, 2007
Cold by Dulci Romance
My original review still stands Dulci:-) My only additional comment would be to ask why you removed a movie that I said was my favorite movie of yours... I guess my opinion doesn't hold much weight;-) reviewed November 1, 2007
Flesh Eaters Hell on Earth by chris62 Horror
Haha zombie movies always make me laugh.There's just no way around that.Even your overlays gave me a chuckle,but that's good:-) Some good use of props and overlays,and I liked certain things,like the ... reviewed November 1, 2007
KLINIK DR M??LLER Anonyme Briefe Cont by Zarrmida Romance
A nice pacing to this movie. The look of the movie was very well done.I especially liked the use of the sets and the set-dressing.Nice use of the music as well:-) An interesting start to a continuing ... reviewed October 31, 2007
Loch Ness Monster Sighting! by kwistufa Comedy
lol well this is exactly why they can't find ol' Nessie...the sucker evolved and left the pond haha!:-D ..last seen hangin' out at the peeler bar in your movie "Hmmm" reviewed October 31, 2007
Wilson Green - Farmerman and the TOJ by nahton Comedy
Hey I enjoyed that! Well done little fledgling rock band saga. I really liked your narration,and you had some good lines mixed throughout: "negotiated a payment schedule"haha:-) ...some negotiation an... reviewed October 30, 2007
Filming BigFoot by Concordy32 Comedy
Oh I'm so close on this one. I really liked the ending alot.It's a smartly done useage of that scene,and I didn't see it coming in that way.Gave me a chuckle actually haha:-) My only real problem with... reviewed October 30, 2007
Implode! by joseph2817 Action
Haha who needs plot?:-) Great way to use the tune,and I see this was made just after the release of the expansion. Just a goofy idea well tossed together. Classical music never looked better haha:-) reviewed October 30, 2007
Woke Up Dead by darren08121999 Horror
Featured Review
Now THAT is great atmosphere! Kudos big time for a very stylishly warped visionary mind-bending slasherfeast! Not to everyone's tastes,but for the pure visual and aural stimulating style I give you to...
reviewed October 30, 2007
Kong Rises Again by Acemaster Horror
lol minimal damage?? One scene showed the city in ruins hahahahaa You made me laugh and that's a good thing:-D reviewed October 29, 2007
The day i was spickled by FADOMACADO13 Comedy
Featured Review
Haha ok that didn't make any sense at all:-) A couple of the scenes were rather intersting looking,but it needed a bit of least the addition of some goofy subs to some sense of it all. ...
reviewed October 29, 2007
The Break-up Letter by trewill7 Comedy
lol that Roger t-shirt... This is a perfectly put together little story.Nice attention to details,I really like to see when someone goes through the extra effort of polishing every bit of detail to pe... reviewed October 28, 2007
Booboo and Dingo (the fight) by jastodd Comedy
This goes on every day after world cup games doesn't it?:-D Hooligans make me laugh,mostly because I think the name hooligans is funny hahahahahaha:-) reviewed October 28, 2007
Massive Fall Down Stairs by FredTheDuck Comedy
well,since there was no sound I just added my own on-the-fly,ala your "I think I'm a Car" flick haha:-) reviewed October 28, 2007
I Think Im a Car by FredTheDuck Comedy
Featured Review
lol ok that's whacked,but that's exactly what I like about it haha:-) I actually think the fact that it just kept going and going made it funnier,because it showed how pointless and sad this dude's pa...
reviewed October 28, 2007
A War For Nothing by Helloiseeu Action
Featured Review
I see some nice progress being made in your movie making as time goes by.This has some pretty good structure to it,although there are a few places where things could be tied together a bit more.Still,...
reviewed October 28, 2007
Gladiators of Rome by Goddard911 Action
You know this could be really something if you expanded it a bit,but I still like the idea,and the crowd backdrop looked great along with the costumes and weapons:-) reviewed October 27, 2007
Red and Dead 3 The Lone Fight (Trailer) by Goddard911 Action
A pretty good trailer.The opening music was very effective.It would be a good thing if you had more of that style in the full feature. I admit you made me laugh too: lol I see up there you have that c... reviewed October 27, 2007
Enigma Mod Demo III by ubernewbie Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Great stuff for sure...almost makes me want to make a sci-fi... Nicely presented,and I especially liked the views of the arachnid Karak & holy warrior Clan ships:-) Best parts:Presentation of ships an...
reviewed October 27, 2007
The Master Student by cliffordhood07 Action
An interesting mixture:far east martial-arts culture clashing with modern-day and old west frontier town justice:-) Not a bad effort for one of your first movies.Pretty good dialogue with the subs. Ke... reviewed October 27, 2007
Winter War III by Helloiseeu Action
Looks like you had fun putting this one together:-) Once again,you have a nice variety of mods to make your movie look unique in many places.One thing you should do though,is remember that the additio... reviewed October 27, 2007
Black Widow by Dulci Horror
It is high-time I checked out this Dulci classic:-) Especially considering when this was made,pre-expansion,you did a wonderful job here. I love the calm,cold,and seemingly unwavering resolve of the ... reviewed October 27, 2007
SKETCHES! by RavensFan_09 Comedy
Featured Review
Do they still make Fear Factor?I missed that banana episode haha:-) You had some good lines in this one.I especially liked the basketball coach segment.I personally cannot listen to the rhetoric of en...
reviewed October 27, 2007
Tsunamidogs Educational Video by tsunamidog Horror
It amazes me...who were the ad-wizards who came up with that creepy mascot lol he looks like some dude who hangs out in the alley outside the local peeler bar(I've seen him haha!)(and no,I wasn't look... reviewed October 27, 2007
Dark Obsession Teaser by Lethal_Entertainment Romance
Well you've definitely got my attention:-) As usual you know how to pick specific little parts of standard scenes that are never really seen on TMO and use them to your advantage...great camera angles... reviewed October 22, 2007
Woke Up Dead by darren08121999 Horror
One thing that struck me about this movie was the roughness of it,and by that I mean it seemed a bit imperfect with the titles and editing etc...but having said that,it just worked so damn well for me... reviewed October 21, 2007
Jacko Attack! by undertaker13 Comedy
Haha errrmmm Jacko never looked better!...ummm worse lol Just goofy fun with Mr.Weird-one,and it gave me a couple of chuckles.Nothing deep,but seeing as Jacko is in it,that's probably a good thing lol... reviewed October 20, 2007
Zombies! by Helloiseeu Horror
Those rifles always like to jam-up just as the zombie is about to have some fresh brain to eat huh? haha that's why it's best to have a shotgun:-D Good goofy zombiefest blastin' fun.I always get a kic... reviewed October 20, 2007
Kayna by Rik_Vargard Action
Well I can see why this has been hovering in and around the top ten for so long...this is excellent.Sorry I hadn't checked it sooner. I always love it when a movie draws me into the world it is presen... reviewed October 19, 2007
Thats not Random! by -Snake1980- Comedy
¿?I think I got lost during the opening credits watching this one lol...what the heck?¿ This was just so random that I closed my eyes and randomly chose the star rating for this one...luckily for you ... reviewed October 19, 2007
Demented by -Snake1980- Horror
Haha I liked it:-) There are alot of questions though,not the least of which is that this dude doesn't even take that old goalie mask off while walking into the subway station lol he couldn't be any m... reviewed October 19, 2007
Speed Dating in the Post Apocalypse by thebiz Comedy
That was some good nutty fun:-D I do,however,think you should have ramped-up the zaniness up another notch or two after 'ol Heston appeared lol...I like the cameo,and think a bit more parody with him ... reviewed October 18, 2007
THERMINATHOR by KaeptnWiglo Comedy
I love the images as they move in semi-slow-motion,and the music is fantastically suited. I would like to have known some specific details about the full-feature,but I still enjoyed your vision and th... reviewed October 13, 2007
The Phone Call by stunts07 Horror
Featured Review
I liked the build-up to the end.The sound from the phone was painfully loud,but it was effective and it's good you did it that way to help convey the annoyance the man felt haha:-) I do think the endi...
reviewed October 13, 2007
Marcus Snaders Season II Trailer by Helloiseeu Sci-Fi
Haha looks like it could be fun:-) Good to see you will be adding VOs. The return of much punishment can that city take? lol I am reserving the 5 for the full movie,but just make sure it... reviewed October 13, 2007
Hmmm by kwistufa Action
LOL! Right up my alley,but with more of a freaky hard-edged kinda feel to it.I love it:-) Great atmosphere you've created here.The look of the flick was very nicely done,and the mods and props were us... reviewed October 13, 2007
Alien On Vacation by bongoman Sci-Fi
Once again I applaud you and monkeybiz. Great visuals,and even for thought. I also enjoyed the music:another great jam session:-) The hoverboard really did look cool,and the animations bel... reviewed October 12, 2007
Keen Killer by StokeStudios Horror
Featured Review
Wow I really liked this flick! I liked the direction you took this one leading up to the final twist...excellent. VERY effectively put together with the music,and once again I have to mention how much...
reviewed October 10, 2007
Followed 2 Approached by RavensFan_09 Horror
Although I enjoyed this sequel,I did feel the first had more of a threatening nature to it...part of it was your excellent use of the first-person shaky-cam,but moreso alot had to do with the mystery ... reviewed October 4, 2007
The Special Hero by Afro-Dude Comedy
lol well this was a bit rough around the edges,but it was just so stupidly funny that I can't help but award you 5 haha:-) The gay superhero made me laugh,especially when he was singing "I will surviv... reviewed October 4, 2007
wiwanyank Wacipi-la danse du Soleil-Part1 by cinecitta Action
Very well done storytelling:-) Nicely put together.Very good voice characterizations,and the overall story was entertaining throughout. Great musical selections,and flawlessly put together scenes.I di... reviewed October 3, 2007
The Moulting - Flakiness Trailer by bongoman Comedy
Fantastic visuals! I love the airship,and the firing at the screen/narrator:-D Bob and Blob lol Absurd yes,and I expect even more for the full feature... Looking forward to this:-) reviewed October 2, 2007
Angels Dance by josephkw Romance
Featured Review
Ok well you know my feelings on this will be a bit different than others I think(I haven't read theirs)and I bet you know what I mean... This guy sees the earth as blighted,most likely because of his ...
reviewed October 2, 2007
Temporary Night (Vengeance Rising) by nukester Romance
The strobe light simulation looked great,and I really liked the look of the guitar prop used with the crazy-fire scene:-) Smartly used drum set prop too...nice freecam angles to give the illusion of d... reviewed October 1, 2007
Thrown Together by andy_inc Comedy
I really got a kick out of this.Really well done,especially considering you just slapped it together. Some really funny stuff and the quick segues from one crazy part of the story to another worked we... reviewed October 1, 2007
Zombies!Blood Hunters by Helloiseeu Horror
Featured Review
Nothing says fun like blastin' zombies with a gun hahaha nicely done Zombie flicks always make me laugh:-D
reviewed October 1, 2007
Episode 9 by FallenThomas Horror
lol this is stupid enough to get 5:-) Complete nonsense but that's what I like about it:-D reviewed September 30, 2007
Terrorist Siege 2 by sydneyalias1306 Action
Firstly I have to say it:(and I did read your about section) Why after sooooo long have you not finished this movie?I also wonder why you at least didn't add some music.Even though I have a vivid imag... reviewed September 29, 2007
Shootout in the 22nd Century by andy_inc Comedy
Haha:-) I liked the robot's fire-eyes,and good use of the fire sound to enhance that bit. Overall a nice light-hearted comedy.Although I like edgy comedy the best,I can still appreciate comedy like th... reviewed September 29, 2007
Parched Rider by b3nhur Comedy
Pure cheese,without the cheese...well,and not so pure really... Strange but entertaining...well,more odd than strange,but it was entertaining in a strange sort of way...pure uncheesy strange-like oddl... reviewed September 29, 2007
zombies are dumb by mr mann Horror
Haha well I think these zombies are still a bit smarter than alot of people... I'd like to see this expanded a bit more to show the zombies in real ridiculously stupid situations,and a few well-placed... reviewed September 29, 2007
On the Highway with Yahweh by thebiz Comedy
Clever and strangely entertaining...about what I've come to expect from you,except you went even further into the realm of strangeness here,which I happen to like. Definitely something different,and I... reviewed September 29, 2007
The Call (Trailer) by Active_Studios Action
A pretty good trailer.The music is quite effectively utilized,good choice. I like the inclusion of an afro'd evil dude:-) As soon as possible huh?lol where in the heck is the full feature?Get on it haha! reviewed September 28, 2007
The 200 Mile High Club by StokeStudios Comedy
I love those ending sequences!:-D Did I say I love those ending sequnces?:-D Great ending sequences haha!:-D T.W.A.Ts and so true I liked your use of the tv set with unrelated scenes,esp... reviewed September 28, 2007
Groovy Night by Lethal_Entertainment Romance
Very nicely put together music video:-D You almost make me nostalgic for a time when I wasn't yet alive haha;-) I enjoyed the look of the movie.The freecam use was fantastic with the way you focused-i... reviewed September 28, 2007
Unknown Project! by dhanbhandari59 Comedy
:-D I like Just goofy fun No worries,LH won't hear a thing from me:-) reviewed September 26, 2007
Burner by 6SteW6 Horror
Featured Review
Not bad:-) I see you've recently returned to making movies after a looooong time away. There were a few storyline-structure elements that could have been improved,but overall it was a pretty good effo...
reviewed September 25, 2007
I Have a Nose but I Do not Wish to Smell by prinnyking Comedy
Ok that was weird stuff:-D My interpretation would be that maybe the guy is speed-reading a ridiculous book full of really short stories while on some kind of hallucinogenic drug lol That Asian cop is... reviewed September 22, 2007
Am I Evil by the_dragonfly Horror
This review will probably go unnoticed after such a long time,but no matter,I felt I should say something after watching this little gem:-) I really enjoyed this flick:-D Smartly crafted little story.... reviewed September 20, 2007
Without Mercy Trailer by Zero_Tollerance Action
Nicely edited.Good use of the gunshot sounds too. I kinda viewed this as more of an action/comedy-western,especially with the balls reference and the 44 magnum haha:-) Looks like it could be fun:-) reviewed September 18, 2007
GASS by Zero_Tollerance Comedy
Haha well I've watched 10,000 movies(almost true)on TMO,so I've seen many varying versions of such things lol.I do think it would have been more effective with flames burning-up the room,but your use ... reviewed September 16, 2007
H A D E A N by josephkw Horror
Hey Joseph:-) I hope you don't mind me re-posting my original review.My thoughts would be similar anyways,as this is an enjoyable watch even if it is for a second time:-) You never fail to entertain ... reviewed September 16, 2007
American Bathroom Graffiti by thebiz Comedy
Haha very clever stuff:-) There is more to this movie than meets the eye.The highlight(obviously)for me was his 3 "friends" in the can lol very nicely done.I liked the insightful comments haha and I a... reviewed September 15, 2007
Toilet Bowl - The Movie by pegleg Comedy
Featured Review
lol haha really LOL! Seeing "it" moving along like that just cracks me up! Hilarious but menacing all at once.One of the more creative uses of overlays I've seen:-D I hope people also see the hidden m...
reviewed September 15, 2007
The Almost Perfect Crime by Afro-Dude Comedy
Featured Review
Haha! Would those three-stooges-styled cops have a complete brain if all three brains were combined into one?...the answer is unknown...haha well done:-D I like the VO and the music,and the nuttiness...
reviewed September 11, 2007
It Lives by carmyo[x] Horror
lol I think maybe I'm the only one laughing at what transpired here haha! Not bad really for a first flick.Not a horror in my view.It had some goofy elements in it that made it unusual.I had to laugh ... reviewed September 10, 2007
Winter War-Pt1-China by Helloiseeu Action
Featured Review
lol a bit rough around the edges,but you've shown some real improvement over your previous movies with this ambitious project,so I think you deserve 5 for your efforts:-) Some good use of mods. The ca...
reviewed September 10, 2007
Fraas Apartments by kwistufa Action
Nice place.How much is the rent?:-) Those binoculars must have a better zooming capability than that...did you take out scenes of him watching a woman get undressed in a neighbor building?;-) :-D reviewed September 8, 2007
Episode 5 by FallenThomas Comedy
lol I liked this one:-D Good job keeping in-tune *ahem*...ok,not so in-tune with the music haha did you pass-out at the end with that long-drawn-out last note?;-) reviewed September 8, 2007
The Vampire In The Basement by FallenThomas Horror
lol you've come a long way in a short time with your movies.This isn't "The Creature",but it is a funny horror flick despite the unrefined use of the microphone haha...but your goofy dialogue more tha... reviewed September 8, 2007
The Aliens From Maajkulchakkakuzilutii by Afro-Dude Sci-Fi
Featured Review
lol well done(I think)hahahaha! Just like you apparently,I can't even say Maajkulchunkymonkeyzilutii once without screwing it up lol Just plain 'ol hyper-ridiculousness and it gave me a good chuckle:-...
reviewed September 4, 2007
Momentous by riott007 Romance
No worries riott...I won't leave any comments on how to improve lol but I do think you have a great voice and I missed it in this movie,so now you can hate my opinion and this review all you like haha... reviewed September 4, 2007
Combat!Ep8-Hedges by Helloiseeu Action
lol the bazooka could have been removed from the scene where it "falls" off the tank after it "exlodes",but I'm glad you left it in because it gave me a chuckle:-) I also laughed at the bushes being u... reviewed September 1, 2007
Charlie by Butchered__studios Action
Bloody hell yes!Superbly done! Not only full of in-your-face action,but an immersive storyline as well. Some excellent character development,and the dialogue was exceptionally written and delivered by... reviewed September 1, 2007
Followed by RavensFan_09 Horror
Featured Review
Everyone has a right to their opinion(it would be boring if everyone thought the same haha)but I think sparky1512 is off the mark when he says we need to know who he is,or who she is.This movie deals ...
reviewed September 1, 2007
Prosthetic Heart by Dulci Romance
Featured Review
I enjoyed this for what it is Dulci...a nice easy-flowing music video. I just kicked-back and enjoyed the tune...a great little jazzy/blues number it is:-D Nothing deep,but you did nicely to fit in a ...
reviewed August 31, 2007
Cruel Britannia (A New View on Brits!) by dhanbhandari59 Comedy
...the clown was wandering around the forest because it is clown-hunting season!:-D Any movie that disposes of clowns or mimes is a good movie in my book haha:-) I always enjoy the VO work in your mov... reviewed August 31, 2007
Episode 10 by FallenThomas Comedy
Haha:-) I had thought once long ago to do this with those awful game-made's good to see you actually did some(alot)lol Short.Goofy.I liked it:-D reviewed August 31, 2007
Unsere kleine Kneipe - Folge 2 by OlliEntertainment Comedy
lol stupid broken crystal ball haha:-) No worries Olli,I don't take your comedies seriously:-) This was good fun.I was able to understand alot,but not all(I need to travel to Germany one day to repair... reviewed August 30, 2007
HADEAN by josephkw Horror
Featured Review
You never fail to entertain me. The story was presented with your trademark style:a great mixture of involving dialogue,creative use of scenes,and a nice sprinkling of sharp-looking special-effects.No...
reviewed August 30, 2007
Dog Bite by tsunamidog Horror
Great VO work by all.K4 did a particularly nice job. I viewed this as more in the realm of strange rather than horror.Maybe it's just the way I look at perspective is often skewed. Some g... reviewed August 29, 2007
Bimbos On Fire by thebiz Comedy
lol well the bimbo on fire may be a bit more festive during the holiday season...maybe there should be a channel with a burning hot bimbo instead of that all-day "burning log" tv channel haha! The tra... reviewed August 29, 2007
The Vole by primate49 Horror
I see the gas chamber is still used for executions these days huh?Haha:-) Good use of props and sounds in conjunction with the scenes.I always like to see people use props in imaginative ways. Good 'h... reviewed August 29, 2007
Aspirations full trailer by derbyrams Romance
A pretty good trailer:-) Interesting idea,but like amny people have commented,really now,Summer '08? Surely you can't be serious? lol what the heck are you anyways Paramount Pictures??Hahahahaahahaha!... reviewed August 28, 2007
The God Illusion - Part 1 by JazzX Comedy
Featured Review
lol but George Bush IS a monkey!(I've seen many a website that tells me this haha) ;-) You know,I laugh at religion,and people who defend it.I find it incredible that in this day and age,with all the...
reviewed August 28, 2007
The Facts by Stunt_Double Horror
Featured Review
Being someone who loves history,science,or even general facts about the world,I found this to be a clever idea for a movie. I enjoyed the bits of trivia,even if I knew many of them,and they were prese...
reviewed August 28, 2007
Getting Hard by pegleg Horror
Featured Review
lol Fantastic animation sequences! I'm seriously impressed with the huge leaps you have made recently with your animations.Cutting Edge indeed:-) The animations work well with the song.Risque but noth...
reviewed August 28, 2007
BRUNO LOST ON EARTH by Zarrmida Comedy
Well done:-) I liked the music.It reminds me of my Oma's records lol:-) Ahh isn't that the way it is sometimes...when people don't understand something,or have an unwarranted fear of something,they w... reviewed August 26, 2007
Life Sentence - No Remission by Norriefpb Comedy
Well done! Firstly,I liked the opening tune,but I also liked the creative way you changed the "Adagio" tune.It really does work. Like many I think,I feel sory for the guy,and he actually reminds me of... reviewed August 26, 2007
Conflicting-Trailer by TheFlyingDuDe-Films Action
Wow you really don't kid around when it comes to release dates for future movies.But I can see,judging by the quality of your previous movie,that not rushing a project pays-off pain... reviewed August 26, 2007
Accidents At Home by Afro-Dude Comedy
Featured Review
lol anyone who really knows me knows I like stupid stuff...but I also like dumb and silly(close enough)haha:-) Some great stuff here,really.Just ridiculous fun.I liked the commentary on tv,and Uncle J...
reviewed August 26, 2007
Close Encounters with some Aliens part 1 by homemadeeye Comedy
Haha! this was excellent! Very well done.Yes I know all about The Brady Bunch(sadly lol)so that brought this up to another level for me as well:-) Some great dialogue,and some witty commentary.I like ... reviewed August 26, 2007
DNA X by tydirium321 Sci-Fi
Haha maybe there is an alien spy on board;-) A pretty good opening chapter.Good VO's and good structure to the story.I would like to have seen a bit more of the aliens,maybe by building them up to be... reviewed August 26, 2007
Hell Calls by andy_inc Comedy
lol well done:-D Poor Satan is getting all fired-up.I feel sorry for the dude.I can relate to the telemarketer phonecalls too haha(who can't),and I liked the quick-repeated calls as the tension mounte... reviewed August 26, 2007
the prankster by seairha Comedy
Haha are they so sure he is getting to heaven? "...he is a great man.A brother,a husband,and a father..." ...And an idiot lol:-D you forgot to add that haha! He is probably setting off a bomb at the p... reviewed August 26, 2007
Ignaph and You by Kokopilau Comedy
lol well done:-) I've talked about this subject with people many times. You did a perfect job in re-creating the "mood" of those commercials,and I'm glad you had a big run-off of side-effects haha! th... reviewed August 26, 2007
Olivia Oddesseys Orphanage of Freaks by FunnelCakeSuprise Comedy
Haha pretty good:-) I like the title,that's why I watched,and it looks like this could be a fun full movie. A nice assortment of dysfunctional characters:-D p.s.I suspect you wouldn't like my movies,... reviewed August 25, 2007
Happy Color by ralfduran Romance
This is one of those movies that is open to interpretation. For me,it has elements of someone who feels isolated and alone...but it almost seems as if he actually is alone,as if for some reason nobody... reviewed August 25, 2007
Piano2 by TheFlyingDuDe-Films Romance
Really well done. I enjoyed this thoroughly. This had a nice easy pacing.Nothing is rushed,and each story had something different to say,but all fit nicely within the common theme. If I had one compla... reviewed August 25, 2007
Charlie Trailer by Butchered__studios Action
lol Andy_Inc says " could just turn into a blood-fest showcase and lose its heart...",but that doesn't sound like a bad thing to me haha;-) I'm joking:-)I'm all for mindless action,as long as the... reviewed August 25, 2007
The New New Testament by jonathan_92 Comedy
lol! Well done:-) This makes me laugh on more than one level. Firstly,I think you did an excellent job with the VO's on this,and the dialogue is at once convincing as a sales-pitch and ridiculously st... reviewed August 25, 2007
Wolf Pass by adam624 Action
Not bad for a first effort. A few things could use improvement.Some scenes didn't seem to belong where they were,and there were a few continuity errors.Things went pretty good at first,but then it bro... reviewed August 25, 2007
Teen X by Ashwyn723 Action
Featured Review
Well you put more effort into your first movie than I did on mine(I spent all of 15 minutes on it lol) This was pretty well developed for a first movie.The subs were easy to read,and although the plot...
reviewed August 25, 2007
Dan Bobbs Imaginary Friend by RavensFan_09 Comedy
lol ok this was weird,even by my standards lol hahaahaha! but you get 5 if you promise to stop sniffing glue or whatever it is you did to create this hahahahahaaha! Did he say butt-sniffing?haha:-) reviewed August 25, 2007
Fatman 2 The Wrath of Chun Ki by RavensFan_09 Comedy
Featured Review
I like the play on words(Chun Ki):-) Good setup to the story with them watching his evil message on tv haha:-) I would like to have seen more of Chun Ki at his evil headquarters with his...
reviewed August 25, 2007
The Dead Cases Final Teaser by jase180 Action
Well now that's what I call a slick trailer. Excellently put together. I love period-pieces like this,and this looks to be something of a great rough-and-tumble ride back into the 40's/50's action/mys... reviewed August 25, 2007
How Anne Frank Should Have Ended by KingMe1220 Comedy
lol horrible or not,to me it was funny haha! It's the absurdity and the music.Both combined gave me a chuckle:-D Thanks for your comments:-) reviewed August 25, 2007
Cold Rader Der Infiltrator int version by andore Sci-Fi
Over 1 year since a review??! Haha well I guess I will break the string:-) Pretty good sci-fi story.I liked the VO work.The idea was interesting,with the alien taking over people and basically wreakin... reviewed August 25, 2007
The Shrine 2 Sacrifice (Trailer) by Howitzer Horror
This trailer is more than half the length of the first movie lol... I liked this trailer.Not as much as your first movie,but it was good. Anyways,this trailer is 16 months I'm wondering,what ... reviewed August 25, 2007
The Shrine by Howitzer Horror
lol well done:-) Short but effective. Does exactly what it set out to do:-) Nothing like lulling the viewer and then BAMMMO! haha I like that:-D reviewed August 25, 2007
Willam Whitewolf by Boombox277 Action
Featured Review
lol is it just me or is that ending funny?:-D Well I laughed anyways haha! Not bad for a first movie.A couple spelling mistakes but that's no big deal. The story is basic but you did well by not havin...
reviewed August 25, 2007
A Nightmare on Peg Street by pegleg Horror
Featured Review
Well I'm glad I popped by on my studio-cycle run today...wish I had on Wednesday... You know I love this. The look of the animations you've done DO look really good here. The music fits the dreamy-moo...
reviewed August 25, 2007
RIPPER 2007 Trailer by chrisu69 Horror
A very effective trailer:-) I especially liked the reflection of the stabbing in the woman's eye. Nicely done:-) reviewed August 25, 2007
Marcus Snaders-Ep7-Revenge Is Sweet! by Helloiseeu Action
lol well the beginning of the end of the crappy snaders episodes you say?I liked the early ones actually haha:-) Snaders has gone nutzo I see,and maybe he will kick it up another notch or two still? N... reviewed August 23, 2007
The Whole Story by FallenThomas Comedy
Haha I like your Vo work on this one.It's light and almost seemed like unscripted,which made it quite amusing. I got a kick from some of the comments,like "I'm allergic to bald guys",the cop humming a... reviewed August 23, 2007
Dead Extras by thebiz Comedy
Haha it's good to see what grabs people's attention whilst viewing a movie isn't it?lol like this reviewer: [quote]by BamRyan I liked when the camera zoomed in on her boobs at the end. Or was it just ... reviewed August 23, 2007
VINCENTS QUEST by kwistufa Action
This reminds me of those old Ray Harryhausen fantasy movies,like Clash of The Titans or the Sinbad flicks,maybe with a bit of Conan thrown into the mix>except your lead character is smarter than Conan... reviewed August 23, 2007
Marcus Snaders Ep6-Fails by Helloiseeu Action
lol that last line made me laugh haha!:-) ...and your about section info gave me a chuckle too haha "all these crappy short marcus snaders episodes..." lol they aren't that bad.They are kinda like tho... reviewed August 21, 2007
The Creature by FallenThomas Horror
Featured Review
I really enjoyed what you did here. You did a nice job creating a unique atmosphere using mods.I liked the customized swamp setting,and the use of the filter helped develop what I found to be an enter...
reviewed August 21, 2007
Fatman! by RavensFan_09 Comedy
This was just plain stupid haha:-) But anyone who really knows me knows that I love stupid,as well as ridiculous,goofy,dumb,crazy,dopey,and...well,you get the idea haha:-) A good nutty idea.I like the... reviewed August 18, 2007
Scerry Christmas by FallenThomas Horror
Haha pretty good:-) I didn't really find it scary,but rather I found it somewhat like a twisted fairy-tale(even before the end),and the music really helped develop that Grimm/horror kind of feeling. N... reviewed August 18, 2007
Death Apartment by kidman6 Horror
Featured Review
Good use of the blood-puddle mod.Things like that really add to the visual element of a movie.I would like to have seen you do a little more of that,since it does help draw the viewer into the atmosph...
reviewed August 17, 2007
American Television by jonathan_92 Comedy
Haha:-) pretty good spoof of movies/tv shows. I would like to have seen you take this even further over-the-top,but I still got a kick out of what you did. I like the Hannibal bit and the constant ref... reviewed August 17, 2007
Marcus Snaders-Ep4-Pizza by Helloiseeu Action
Good flow for such a short action movie. Pretty good dialogue too.Kinda like a futuristic sci-fi b-movie. I like the car prop inserted halfway into the burning building scene.Do more stuff like that a... reviewed August 16, 2007
Hitlers Revenge by SeanBean Comedy
Haha well I like the use of the horse prop:-) That part of the movie was pretty amusing. I think what you should have done for the last segment was have him fighting a horse.It would have been a bit m... reviewed August 16, 2007
A Spoof Of Love Lasso by FallenThomas Romance
Haha I like tough women like that:-D A pretty good spoof.Goofy dialogue can make all the difference.Don't be afraid to go way over-the-top-nutty though.The more goofiness the better in my opinion. It... reviewed August 15, 2007
Werewolves! Zombies! Aliens! by STDman Horror
I can see you put some work into your first movie. It's hard to classify this one for sure.Probably more action or sci-fi than horror though lol... Some things you did well,while others need work.I th... reviewed August 11, 2007
This is Oki Tawanaka FOX News (Eps 03) by Jenniza Action
A good continuation:-) The one-position frozen-cam brought a sense of realism to the "broadcast"...I like that.I would like to have seen the hostage-takers say something to the camera before the chaos... reviewed August 6, 2007
ODE TO TMO REVIEWERS by kwistufa Romance
lol!!...the only thing that made me "survive" your "singing" was the fact that I was laughing at your "singing" too much and it helped drown it out a bit hahahaaha!... ...hahahaha! Why isn't this list... reviewed August 5, 2007
1900-666-HELL by kwistufa Horror
The way you created the feeling of being in hell was really well done! Good use of the fire/explosion scenes,along with sets and sounds. You were obviously experimenting with no sub/dialogue movies l... reviewed August 5, 2007
FUNKLUB PG by kwistufa Romance
Haha yes I feel the funk:-D I felt like I could just jump into this movie and join the party Wooo-Hooo! Do you have the dancer's phone number?;-) reviewed August 5, 2007
DUSKFEED - Directors Cut by kwistufa Horror
Excellent! I love to see movies like this that allow the viewer to use their imagination and let the scenes and accompanying music carry them along:-) The music was very well chosen btw. I also liked... reviewed August 5, 2007
THE BATCHER BROS II by kwistufa Action
I got a kick out of how you developed the Batcher brother's personalities.They really came across as big-time badasses,especially Kenny,or was it Lenny?lol and I bet it was fun putting this one togeth... reviewed August 5, 2007
CASE of the MISSING SISTER by kwistufa Comedy
I REALLY liked the way you captured the time period.Just absolutely perfect and I love that...the costumes,the sets and the sounds were all very nicely done:-) This is like Sherlock Holmes Light lol a... reviewed August 5, 2007
NEW SCENES by kwistufa Action
Hey I like the pinball machine:-) ...and the rock-climbing segment is pretty cool too.I'd like to see that scene converted and used for climbing of a Mayan Temple prop...where the sacrificing of 1 sta... reviewed August 5, 2007
Animated Prop Actors by kwistufa Action
Damn I love that! Who needs expansion packs when people like Budbundysmullet come up with great stuff like this? It's obvious that it's creative mod people who are keeping this game fresh... Good stuff:-) reviewed August 5, 2007
Privates in the Blur - Prologue by Kowaru Horror
Very very well-made introduction to the series. The overall feeling was presented with perfection.I liked the atmosphere,which was a cross between mystery and horror. I like the collaborative effort i... reviewed August 5, 2007
DOG BITE Trailer by tsunamidog Horror
A perfectly done trailer. Nice quick edits and just enough is revealed to generate interest without giving it all away. Good stuff:-) reviewed August 5, 2007
Hello Kitty by riott007 Comedy
Forget crime...let's go to the beach:-) lol it's far better than the original show...really.Haha!...and how long was that on tv? Well I would watch this every week:-D although I think your sponsors wo... reviewed August 5, 2007
Tonight With Mark Train by k4ownzall Comedy
I've always admired Mark Twain's wit. I would love to somehow have the opportunity to travel back in time to attend one of his travelling lecture tour shows...but I will have to be happy with your lec... reviewed August 5, 2007
Starship Conquest Demo by k4ownzall Sci-Fi
Nicely done K4 and MGuppiM:-) Great uniforms...I'd actually like to see an all-red-shirt uniform top in homage to the nobody crewman-types who got wasted at the beginning of Star Trek episodes lol Spe... reviewed August 5, 2007
Fire Eyes by Amabeginzordawg Horror
You have an interesting style. This was really quite different,but really good different. A good,albeit twisted ending,but it suits this movie perfectly lol Great weird stuff. I enjoyed this:-) reviewed August 5, 2007
An Eye for An Eye by Amabeginzordawg Horror
Good use of sounds and scenes,along with some smart editing made this a great little horror flick. I've always felt that sounds were just as important as images,but sometimes they are more important,a... reviewed August 5, 2007
JINXED by funkitastic Comedy
lol have you been smoking something...or is this all-natural? Haha:-) reviewed August 5, 2007
MrFancyPants And The Cursed E-Mail by MrFancyPants Comedy
lol well done:-) Good creative use of the prop,and I liked the fight scene haha:-D Gave me a good chuckle:-) reviewed August 5, 2007
New scene action by kwistufa Action
Some fantastic mods here. I like how you presented them too.I did think the lab scene went on a bit long though which leads to my mind wandering a bit...and the camera seemed to focus on the rooster,w... reviewed August 4, 2007
CRAZY-INSANE-PSYCHOTIC by tsunamidog Horror
Some really good scene cuts,especially the chase segment leading out of the basement with the accompanying music...excellent change of pace there,and when all the required elements to make great scene... reviewed August 4, 2007
Terrorist Siege by sydneyalias1306 Action
There are elements of this movie which really stand out. I think your freecam work is excellent.You have a nice style with it and it really highlights certain scenes nicely. The dialogue is pretty goo... reviewed August 4, 2007
Tomb of The Ancients Trailer by AaronF360 Action
lol so where is the movie?:-) I think after this long you are facing huge production-cost-overruns lol;-) Sorry only 4 but I liked it...maybe 5 for the full movie if you ever make it haha:-D reviewed August 4, 2007
Nosferatu by AaronF360 Horror
Some good ideas,especially with having a background segment from the past,and the school segment.The ending segment could have been a little more developed,but really I liked this,especially the music... reviewed August 4, 2007
Kieth the Clowns Ker-Azy Day by AaronF360 Comedy
Featured Review
lol the laughter didn't die...the clown did hahaha! and that's a good thing in my book:-D Strange but good music...very fitting to this weird movie:-) Weird is good though,and no matter what else came...
reviewed August 4, 2007
Combat!Ep2-Hold The Town by Helloiseeu Action
Mostly what I like about this is that you used a few mods to give this a fresh look.I also like the music,which although not of the time period,gave the movie a bit of a boost as well. Although I like... reviewed August 4, 2007
Rystos Workshop by rysto Comedy
Hey I like the look of these mods:-) Fantastic stuff.I also got a laugh from the floating body part and the moveable child actor lol :-D reviewed August 1, 2007
The Water and the Woods by userjosh9874 Horror
lol I found this amusing because it had a real b-movie atmosphere,especially with the music:-) Putting this together in under 3 hours makes it a true b-movie indeed,and those flicks always make me lau... reviewed August 1, 2007
The Story of an Hour-Kate Chopin by Bitethedust88 Romance
Very good:-) I like the "twist" or should I say the "twists". I especially liked the subtle scenes of her staring out the window. Nicely put together with the subs. I enjoyed this:-) reviewed August 1, 2007
Marcus Snaders Ep2 by Helloiseeu Action
lol sorry I found a couple of things amusing: "...lets eat donuts" haha he is learning to be a cop fast... and "Where did you get the rifle?"..."at a gun sale" lol these lines were funny to me at leas... reviewed August 1, 2007
Adventures of Marcus Snaders Ep1 by Helloiseeu Action
lol this line made me laugh..."...go to prison forever or work part-time as a cop".Haha! Nice look to the movie with the mods:-) Thanks for the reviews.Glad you like my stuff:-) reviewed August 1, 2007
The Hunt is On by AaronF360 Action
I like the idea. Reminds me a little of The Running Man or Deathrace 2000. The VO's were a bit too muffled,but they were still understandable so no prob,and I liked the music... I do think there could... reviewed July 31, 2007
short film by kwistufa Comedy
lol best use of the blood splat I've seen on this site:-D reviewed July 31, 2007
May Flowers by josephkw Romance
A thoroughly engrossing story. There wasn't a single moment during this movie where I wasn't captivated by the storyline. I love to watch movies like this which challenge me to think about what is hap... reviewed July 29, 2007
This is Oki Tawanaka Fox News (Eps 02) by Jenniza Horror
I liked this one better than part 1. Somehow I felt more involved with this part.The main reason being that this felt more like a movie than a newscast actually haha and I say that mostly because of t... reviewed July 29, 2007
This is Oki Tawanaka Fox News (Eps 01) by Jenniza Action
I like the idea behind this. It did seem like something was missing though to push this to the level where it felt like a real newscast.Maybe a backdrop for Oki's report would have worked better for m... reviewed July 29, 2007
There Was a Girl by Dulci Romance
Featured Review
Visually simple but deep verbal food-for thought... Ahhh you know people make their own beds.If someone feels trapped then I always say to step up and do something about it.Yes not everyone can do tha...
reviewed July 29, 2007
Dam Dirty Apes by Artescape Comedy
I think the humor of this is lost on people who haven't seen the movie...and seen it at least a dozen times over the years like I have lol(probably more). I too always loved that line.And to this day ... reviewed July 28, 2007
Star Trek 3 The End by cd3141 Sci-Fi
lol talk about over-the-top:-) Your hard-edged dialogue is outrageous and always gives me a laugh. I can never get enough of seeing Wesley Crusher and Chief Obrien getting a good beating:-D I must say... reviewed July 24, 2007
Wolves by Lethal_Entertainment Horror
Well done!:-) Your narration is REALLY fitting,and I loved listening to the words and watching the did a wonderful job in letting my imagination flow,just as if reading a good book,and th... reviewed July 24, 2007
K4s Alien Abduction by trewill7 Action
Haha I like it:-) Nicely put together and it had a smooth professional flow. K4's VO is excellent,and you did a perfect job with scenes/overlays to enhance the audio:-) I like the probe haha:-) reviewed July 24, 2007
Intercourse at Ground Zero by mildheadwound Action
You crammed more story into this short flick than many 10 minute movies on this site hah!'s tragic but also beautiful to see how the distraught waif is quickly learning to cope with the terrible... reviewed July 22, 2007
Tales of Truly Terrible Cinematography by mildheadwound Comedy
Hey I don't care if the women aren't real,I still wanted to see full frontal nudity and all you did was tease me damn you!! haha! I have noticed in my travels throughout the site that this movie has b... reviewed July 22, 2007
A B N O R M A L by KaeptnWiglo Comedy
Haha! I liked this:-) Some great visuals hooked me from the start...nice creative look to the movie.I also enjoyed your music selection,and this was particularly effective when the twist occured lol I... reviewed July 22, 2007
Life Buddy by josephkw Comedy
Haha:-)I don't think you need to have anyone's advice on how to improve your filmmaking...your movies are always great and never disappoint:-) I liked the subtle humor style of this movie,and although... reviewed July 20, 2007
Soul Shuttle (2nd Trailer) by Active_Studios Sci-Fi
Not bad:-) Not completely sure what it's all about,but I guess I can assume some badass aliens are gonna kick our butts,and then they are going to get their butts kicked?(ASSuming the aliens have butts)lol:-) reviewed July 19, 2007
Aspirations teaser trailer by derbyrams Romance
I liked it but would like to have seen at least one or two movie least one hot babe in a bikini would do it for me hahahahaha!Come on! Is that too much to ask?It would have gotten you 4 or... reviewed July 19, 2007
Mid Evil by chris62 Action
Featured Review
I enjoyed this,but it did remind me of old b-movies lol ...either that or a made for tv movie hahaha now don't get me wrong,that's not a bad thing,but it just felt not quite gripping enough to be take...
reviewed July 19, 2007
Classics of the 40s - Sisch in The Fright! by AxeCinema Horror
I like the repeated running back and forth in the hallway haha that gave me a good chuckle. Just simple fun retro-tmo(the only thing that can't get banned these days);-) Good production company name:-D reviewed July 19, 2007
Hidden Identity by dhanbhandari59 Sci-Fi
I think the beginning segment idea was great.Having the aliens appear to be in the good-guy role made for an interesting twist. It lost a little bit of steam after that,but I still enjoyed seeing wher... reviewed July 19, 2007
Queen Of The Braves by roadrage73 Action
Kinda like a preview movie in a way. I always like to see movies with women in roles where you wouldn't necessarily see them in,especially in a time where it would have been highly unusual like WWII..... reviewed July 18, 2007
Goddess Down! by roadrage73 Comedy
lol well I have three things to say,ummm ok actually 4,no wait 5 haha! 1.I got a chuckle from the tractor joke haha:-) 2.This reminds me of my first movie which was a test upload.In fact,it was this ... reviewed July 18, 2007
Preview Of A Shining by flippinmonkey Horror
An effective little trailer. Good freecam,use of sounds and I liked the axe prop on the stairs... Better call the maid,that dude has made a mess in the hallway:-) reviewed July 18, 2007
Jimmys Day Out! ) by dhanbhandari59 Comedy
lol that was good stuff:-) I enjoyed the comical VO's:-) I especially liked the mobile phone recording segment lol! Fun and absurd...but I could see this happening haha:-) Well done:-D You deserve mor... reviewed July 17, 2007
Walk of Shame by roadrage73 Romance
Ahh I can see how the subtle reference within the movie could be missed unless the viewer pays attention to what is said,and translates that into the way society views things these days. I think you d... reviewed July 17, 2007
Fine by insanewarrior69 Horror
An effective story of someone in a conflict with their own emotions. Good custom work and use of scenes made this a powerful little movie. Well done. I enjoyed this:-) Only 6 reviews before mine afte... reviewed July 16, 2007
A Town Called Blood by Artescape Action
I must say I was surprised at the ending(I won't say so I don't spoil it for others) This movie was like reading a book that just happens to have moving pictures with it.I like how you kept the subs f... reviewed July 16, 2007
Im Gumby Damit! by Artescape Comedy
The whole time watching this I was thinking back to those old SNL's where he was wearing that Gumby outfit lol... It's really too bad someone hasn't yet modded a Gumby outfit,because I think it would ... reviewed July 16, 2007
CLIVES GOLF DAY by kwistufa Comedy
Nice set dressing and use of mods,not to mention the clever use of scenes.I think many times,when scenes are used completely unlike they were intended,but skillfully edited and freecammed(is that a wo... reviewed July 16, 2007
VALLEY OF TARISON by kwistufa Action
lol I guess when the "white man" invaded the west,there was a "green man" invasion too?:-) Wow I'd heard of this set quite some time ago,but I'd not seen it until now. What a great mod/set!Just so muc... reviewed July 16, 2007
Disco Johnny Fever by b3nhur Comedy
lol I experienced the disco era too...tacky wide-collared shirts and bell-bottom pants ugh hahaha:-)(I may have something packed away still somewhere)*cringe*:-D I did enjoy the nonsensical nature of ... reviewed July 16, 2007
Woman Without a Name by azza93 Romance
Pretty good I must say. Good flow and structure to the story.I liked some of the freecam shots too.Nicely presented.It had some feeling to it:-) Here is where you can get the filter(I assume you can... reviewed July 16, 2007
The Rising Evil (teaser) by azza93 Horror
Interesting "music" lol but it does have a certain weirdness about it.If you use it in a full movie,I would suggest double/triple tracking it,adding echo to create ambience,and turning it down a bit s... reviewed July 16, 2007
XTREME HIGH SCHOOL plus by sidy Action
Featured Review
lol you know,I don't think I would want to go to any schools like the ones in your movies haha!I would get my ass kicked by one of those uber-girls I think:-D I like the extra effort in adding some am...
reviewed July 14, 2007
X Files spoof by Artescape Sci-Fi
lol get the probe out! I had fun watching this:-D I guess it helps because I've seen alot of the X Files years ago... I like the constant slip-of-the-tongue mispronunciation of names and wrong locatio... reviewed July 14, 2007
Humans in Black The First Kill by duyveldan Horror
Normally I would give something like this 4 stars,but this is your first movie,and not only that,you seemed to have a pretty good grasp with editing,freecam and prop useage(I like the knife in the bac... reviewed July 14, 2007
Trippin by roadrage73 Sci-Fi
lol I can do without blue chickens,but when I saw the hot blue chick I knew you would get 5 haha! I can never get enough of blue babes I tell ya! Good strange stuff:-) reviewed July 14, 2007
Tryant 2 Trailer by stunts07 Action
Listen to me,I was going to give you 3 or 4,but that last sub-line cracked me up lol so you get 5 hahahahahaha! Good job giving me a laugh:-D reviewed July 14, 2007
Spacehawks War Part 2 by Hackjob Sci-Fi
A good continuation:-) You do a nice job in building the storyline...nothing is rushed,but at the same time it doesn't get boring because you have coherent,interesting dialogue,scene selection and cha... reviewed July 14, 2007
Spacehawks War Part 1 by Hackjob Sci-Fi
A very engaging storyline. I like how you had women in the lead roles such as the Empress,the Baroness,and Tara Spacehawk.It gives the movie a slightly different feel and I like that.I also liked your... reviewed July 14, 2007
Captain Spacehawk by Hackjob Sci-Fi
lol well it's good to watch some of the original TMO movies from the first days sometimes:-) This was actually a well-structured first movie.Not bad at all,especially considering when it was released.... reviewed July 14, 2007
Hee Hee That Is NOT Funny by Samisawesome Comedy
Hee Hee a good "how to not how to":-) Some of those scenes can be used if you do something creative to make them unique though:-D This isn't a plug(since this movie was removed by TMO) but if you have... reviewed July 14, 2007
Apes on a Train (Uptown Transfer 121) by b3nhur Action
"We need a storyline" haha so true,but lines like that prove that you don't always need one:-) and it's so true,the 1968 Apes flick is best:-) Although I haven't watched it,Snakes on a plane couldn't ... reviewed July 14, 2007
Water Wars Preview by bongoman Horror
Again,some ultra-special EFFECTive scenes:-) The bug-crawler looks unlike anything we've seen in a TMO movie for sure...I'm definitely looking forward to seeing how you develop this when you complete ... reviewed July 14, 2007
Dr Phil Saves The World by bluestriker4444 Comedy
lol I thought I should come back and watch your ealier Dr.Phil flick... This was screwed-UP but that's exactly why I got a big lol out of it haha! Lots of great lines throughout and a messed-up hodgep... reviewed July 14, 2007
DrPhil Primetime Special by bluestriker4444 Comedy
lol some good lines... This is a Dr.Phil show I would actually watch haha:-) I like the VO's,especially Forrest Gump haha and I'm sure that restaurant will have enough supply of Dr.Phil to keep them ... reviewed July 14, 2007
Schröder88 by Lethal_Entertainment Action
I can't believe how quickly this movie was over!A real testament to the great flow of the storyline,along with the engaging dialogue,music selection,editing style,and filtered overlays...speaking of w... reviewed July 14, 2007
A Midsummer Nights Beejmare by b3nhur Comedy
Haha! that chump's dreams are kinda like mine...except at least I don't strike-out with the bikini-clad women lol:-D you can get the red bikini(I think still)and other assorted goodies at 8eyedbaby.c... reviewed July 12, 2007
Monkey Planet by b3nhur Sci-Fi
...but it could appear if you used an overlay now right?:-D Haha a movie Heston himself should have appeared in...(the original is best in my opinion):-) Smart stuff.Beyond the grasp of some,but then ... reviewed July 12, 2007
Lester Lukens starring in Sponges by k4ownzall Comedy
Haha!Sponges are COOL!:-) I think I know this guy lol great stuff K4 I enjoyed this:-D I like the taxi-cab driver lalalalaala! reviewed July 12, 2007
In the name of the Father PART 2 by Artescape Horror
I like how you are doing these.By having the revisionist-styled back-story you are building the foundation of characters of whom we already know where they will end up.Even though we know she lives,we... reviewed July 9, 2007
Dusty Boots Part 1 by Artescape Action
A good traditional-styled western movie:-) An interesting mix of narrative and text-dialogue to move the story along... I liked the portions of the movie that dealt with their abusive dad...I guess he... reviewed July 9, 2007
Remembering Back Then by tripleh321 Action
Featured Review
Haha well I like the part where he finishes off the two guys and then says "It's time to go back to being a good priest again"...made me laugh anyways haha:-)... Not bad for your second flick.Lacks a ...
reviewed July 9, 2007
John Waine starring in My Paw by k4ownzall Comedy
That joke is so bad it actually made me chuckle that you had the nerve to use it haha!...but really,that's exactly how cheesy those old serial-westerns were,and people actually loved it lol:-) 5 stars... reviewed July 7, 2007
Only A Dream by KaeptnWiglo Sci-Fi
I can appreciate the insane amount of time it must have taken to put this together.I look at this not as a "movie",but rather as something from which others can see that there are many more things tha... reviewed July 7, 2007
Blonde Cop Car Mayhem! Directors Cut by Samisawesome Comedy
Haha well this was a pretty good extended version.I actually like the tree-bit,although I wish you would have repeated it at the end again lol but even so this is good for a couple of chuckles:-) I st... reviewed July 7, 2007
STALKER by kwistufa Horror
I thought I would watch this since I'm not easily offended lol and I wasn't(surprise surprise):-) I think you did a great job in developing the stalker.He really came off as a disturbed/warped/half-ba... reviewed July 7, 2007
TRESSPASSER by kwistufa Horror
The ambience in this movie is really excellent. So many people forget that great sounds are as important,and even sometimes more important than the images in movies.This is a great example of how to d... reviewed July 6, 2007
DEAD SILENCE by meosha12 Action
Featured Review
Two things make this movie stand out so well: Firstly the music is excellently chosen and used well in conjunction with the scenes, and secondly is the scenes,or rather how you used the scenes... I re...
reviewed July 6, 2007
Old Folk Funk Train by Norriefpb Comedy
I just noticed this on the new that Sisch singing?Excellent!:-) A great little funky movie:-D Fantastic tune and a nicely presented idea:-) reviewed July 6, 2007
Gunpoint by AxeCinema Action
Unusual but excellent idea.I haven't seen the movie Pegleg talks about,but to me this reminded me of a Seinfeld episode lol although without the comedy element. This is the kind of movie that should b... reviewed July 3, 2007
Wheres Bill by Artescape Action
I like the idea,and I enjoyed some of the lines you put into this(like the not having an eye patch in the wardrobe selection haha) Everything had a good,although somewhat goofy(I like that) flow to it... reviewed July 3, 2007
A Struggle For Justice Part I by Panther559 Action
Wow almost a full year without a review on this one...glad I could break the run of nothing:-) This was actually a very well put together storyline.Good dialogue,and the story had a good setup and a n... reviewed July 3, 2007
Left Behind Da End Of Everything by -XM- Comedy
lol I'm sorry...I'm docking you 1 star for having that guy at the end hahaha! there's only so much I should have to put up with you know...;-) reviewed June 30, 2007
Kung Fu Cop by b3nhur Action
Haha some good jabs in this movie,but the best ones you directed towards yourself...I like that:-) There's nothing like making jokes at your own expense lol:-) reviewed June 30, 2007
Here I go again by Artescape Comedy
I look at this movie as having an underlying message as much as it tries to amuse the viewer... There does seem to be a witch-hunt against smokers these days,and your light-hearted touch on that was h... reviewed June 30, 2007
In the name of the Father Part 1 by ArtEscape Horror
A good opening chapter to the story. I liked the introduction segment,and then the flashback to where everything started and led to where they are now. I would like to have seen just a bit more at the... reviewed June 30, 2007
Revenge of the Funk - Special Edition by pegleg Action
I must say,the overlay idea is fantastic! The framing and filtering give this a vibrant look which is sharp and fresh,and it gives the presentation a very distinctive,and yes,a far-out funky-charged v... reviewed June 30, 2007
OMFG! Im meeting TMO by tsunamidog Horror
lol a nice little film with a message no less hahaha! I got a good laugh,especially from your calmly-delivered message at the end of the movie... You never had to cross that line to make this I think.... reviewed June 30, 2007
TMOsMommaISA[not-so-nice-word!] by riott007 Comedy
lol I may have had more warnings,but it sounds like the warning message you got was far better than mine hahahaha!(where can I get the transcript lol) How many batteries does it take to power that thi... reviewed June 30, 2007
FRENZY by tsunamidog Action
Well done! Very creative idea.You brought the scenes together quite nicely,and it all had a good flow to it. Experimental or not,it was a fun and unique movie to watch:-) reviewed June 30, 2007
Light and Darkness by mocemanix Sci-Fi
A thoughtfully done,poignant and somewhat haunting movie. The visuals and music were used to full-effect. A very good idea...and nicely realized:-) reviewed June 29, 2007
Blonde Cop Car Mayhem! by Samisawesome Comedy
lol I like it:-) Good use of the prop and it was short and to the point:-) An overaly-reflection would have been great here,but that didn't detract from the payoff. Nicely done:-) reviewed June 29, 2007
Revenge of the Funk - Intro by pegleg Action
The Maestro of Funk has returned:-) It's great to see the ORIGINATOR of The Funk back in such fine fashion,delivering the message to all who will listen...and listen they will! >>>Open up your minds ... reviewed June 29, 2007
a series of events in Cminor by 6-headedmonster Action
The music sucks you say?? lol that was the best part haha! I closed my eyes and watched again...and it was much better that way hahahahahaha!;-) reviewed June 28, 2007
Luv Me Girl by bufu0 Romance
Great job with the rap Bu:-) I do believe this is your best song yet,and this tune could be on the radio:-D Nicely done:-) reviewed June 28, 2007
FROG THING by kwistufa Horror
Yes! I really enjoyed what you did with this. A great little twisted sci-fi story,reminiscent of some of those weird old captured the mood spot-on. I could have watched this for 30 min... reviewed June 28, 2007
He Truly Is by Zuckerman Comedy
Featured Review
Well done! I really enjoyed the ambience you created with all the added touches like creaking doors and townspeople background chatter etc...this really adds to the enjoyment of the movie.Small things...
reviewed June 28, 2007
Far From Home (Trailer) by taxmenpaxmen Action
Featured Review
This was a very well made trailer. The beginning segments,and in particular the ending sequences were very professionally put together.The selected music fit the mood you were trying to project very n...
reviewed June 27, 2007
The Love Lizard of Saurania by b3nhur Sci-Fi
Featured Review
haha on a scale of one to 5,you get 5 lizard scales:-) A good b-movie-styled sci-fi...some nonsense and even more stuff that made no sense at all lol You were headed for 4 stars,but I got a kick out o...
reviewed June 27, 2007
MOST XTREME HIGH SCHOOL -VO plus- by sidy Action
I like the new music selections:-) Even though I don't understand the VO's,I like how you included them.They were well done and I think they do really help to bring the characters more to life in comp... reviewed June 27, 2007
King Tut Curse or Coincidence by andy_inc Action
I had to watch this since I am an avid watcher of history programs. I think this is a fantastic idea,and I think the presentation is quite well done. My only complaint would be that I felt the narrati... reviewed June 26, 2007
The Adventures of Uglyman! by kalebknecht Comedy
Featured Review
Haha well 5 stars for the enthusiastically done on-the-fly voiceovers:-) Didn't make a whole lot of sense,but who cares it was good goofy fun. Sure why not...make a sequel and have fun:-)
reviewed June 26, 2007
Licking a Donkey by prinnyking Comedy
lol good use of costumes,makeup,props,and music to make regular scenes into something completely absurd! I really enjoyed this stupid movie haha! I also like your "about section" info:-) reviewed June 26, 2007
On the Ledge by Jenniza Romance
A good take on how our lives can take drastically different turns based on our decisions. I do feel,however,that because of the time-limit restrictions,you sacrificed the flow of the story somewhat.It... reviewed June 25, 2007
True Grunt by bongoman Action
Featured Review
Well I must say those city sequences are out of this world!(or at least the TMO world):-) I love the look of him running through the streets...fantastic eye-candy. It's a good thing TMO doesn't test f...
reviewed June 25, 2007
Epicenter by Lionhead221 Action
lol well I'm surprised this has been online so long and still has no review...I will remedy that for you:-) Not a bad little movie for an early effort.I would have given more if I could have learned ... reviewed June 23, 2007
Electrified Hot Dog Stand with Some Jeebus by tsunamidog Horror
Haha makes one wonder if things turn out the same no matter what... Strange flick,but you managed to tie it all together at the end. Weird,warped and whacked-out. Good stuff:-) reviewed June 23, 2007
Never To Reach Freedom by 2-Niclas-2 Action
Featured Review
This was interesting and also odd,but I kinda like that:-) The story is a bit of a mixed-bag of "intelligent storyline" and "what the heck is going on here?"lol Even so,it kept my interest simply beca...
reviewed June 23, 2007
ITC ronda2 by manu28 Comedy
Well the moral of the story is that there is someone for everyone I guess huh?:-) An odd kind of romantic movie with some amusing situations.Good job with creating the starmaker characters,especially ... reviewed June 23, 2007
Zombies Attack by Lycanclaw Horror
lol you gave me a good chuckle with the sudden change of pace:-D and really,I'm a sucker when it comes to hot chicks making out hahaha! 5 stars for a good almost-first flick...and 5 stars just because... reviewed June 23, 2007
One For The Road by Howitzer Horror
Nicely done in developing an isolated atmosphere,not only with the weather-effects but the sounds and music as well. The script is excellent(a good translation of the story,although I haven't read tha... reviewed June 23, 2007
The Adventures Of Woody And Sam by 6-headedmonster Comedy
Featured Review
You know,that thong scared the hell out of me lol! I loved the idiotic computer conversation and the end was disturbingly disgusting but hilarious haha! I'm sure I would have found this even funnier i...
reviewed June 23, 2007
Crossed by Rik_Vargard Action
Superbly done! This is what it's all entertain within the selected genre,but also to do it so well that it envelops the viewer and draws them into the viewscreen. This is one of those movie... reviewed June 23, 2007
New FoDooG Films Movie Teaser by FoDooG Comedy
Nicely put together...very professional(I would expect no less from you guys) but I would like to have seen something that made me laugh,or at least chuckle in a comedy teaser...past reputation isn't ... reviewed June 23, 2007
Random Gangsta Movie with mods!!!!!!!! by TheTomas Sci-Fi
I got lost somewhere during this(I think after the first 30 seconds lol)but I enjoyed the disjointed odd way this movie progressed,and somehow it a warped and twisted sort of way;-) Can't ... reviewed June 23, 2007
Life of A Cop Part 1 by Howell123 Action
An enjoyable opening chapter. You did a pretty good job with scene selection and editing,as well as introducing several key characters. I did think maybe the characters personalities could have been w... reviewed June 23, 2007
Farm 71 Trailer by cheese101 Comedy
lol well I have to say that I couldn't help but think that it looked as though that dude with the flashlight was looking for fresh cow turds in the field haha! almost got 5 because I made mysel... reviewed June 21, 2007
Super Fun Time Involving Ketchup Rockets!! by ratedpg Comedy
Well done:-D I can tell you had fun with this.I liked the narration throughout.It was all over the place as far as story goes,but that's ok because you had enough creativity to pull it off:-) One thin... reviewed June 21, 2007
MOST XTREME HIGH SCHOOL -VO-Trailer by sidy Action
You've been absent for a while... ...good to see you back:-) There are action scenes in one of your trailers than most TMO movies lol... reviewed June 21, 2007
Dumb Blonde Joke - Qtigger Style by qtigger Comedy
Some good(and some not so good lol)blonde jokes...but honestly I think those guys are probably stupider than they say she is...haha! Nice camera pan and music;-) reviewed June 21, 2007
the Nature of Things by josephkw Comedy
lol this is why I stopped stepping on ants as a kid:-) What I liked most>>>Everything What I liked least>>Nothing Excellent use of the music... ...if you don't win the competition then nobody should. reviewed June 19, 2007
Last minute NWN character! by Jenniza Comedy
Just goofy fun,I like that:-) Good spoof of the game,and all mmorpg's for that matter... Also good to see the return of your lazy do-nothing scriptwriters again haha:-D reviewed June 14, 2007
True Grunt Trailer by bongoman Action
Featured Review
Hey everyone,read the info for this movie so you fully understand what you are seeing here! I can't believe the incredible amount of work you must have put into this.What a fantastic idea:-D As great...
reviewed June 11, 2007
Tribute to the Troops by Harb40 Action
I can appreciate how your view on something like memorial day would have much more meaning than for those who haven't been in your position... Although I like John Wayne and many of his movies(except ... reviewed June 10, 2007
Countdown Overlay by Harb40 Action
Haha well you still have this one online so why shouldn't I say something? A nicely done overlay,and it really looks authentic...reminds me of those crappy projector movies we used to have to watch wa... reviewed June 10, 2007
One Night Stand by Harb40 Comedy
Haha! well I love riott's could anyone not love her voice?:-) The one thing I would like to have seen done better was the chat-up sequence in the bar where they are talking but there is no di... reviewed June 10, 2007
Vitae by pegleg Romance
I've watched the original version a few times already,but I decided to re-watch it again before watching this one... I think the changes didn't hurt the overall feeling of the movie,and I really enjoy... reviewed June 10, 2007
Doctors Orders by DarthS Horror
A good idea for a first film:-) It would have been good to have a more shocking ending,but up to that point I think it was a pretty good effort:-) Although I don't think VO is always necessary,I do li... reviewed June 9, 2007
Left Behind The Ultimate Betrayal by -XM- Sci-Fi
I thought this was an interesting addition.I liked the way you did the alien voices(I remember this from an earlier episode). I do,however,think that this movie could have benefitted greatly with the ... reviewed June 9, 2007
Think Of X! by TeatroXolotl Action
Featured Review
Very creative and surreal:-) I love the style.Kinda reminds me of something mildheadwound would do,and maybe a bit of Pink Floyd stylings thrown in for good measure. Great use of sounds,music,overlays...
reviewed June 9, 2007
The Comedian by colingaiser Comedy
Haha c'mon the garden-shears through the neck bit would get me laughing(especially if it was for-real hahahaha!) I think this sort of comedy is a bit too sophisticated for many on TMO,but I appreciate... reviewed June 7, 2007
Resort Paradise by Matthew999 Comedy
I think you did a very great job with the voiceovers,which were not only clear, but you said them with unwavering confidence and get 5 stars just for that,but also because I can tell you ha... reviewed June 7, 2007
pirates in space part2 by chris62 Sci-Fi
Good use of music. Even though I like the sounds,I would like to have seen you really ramp up the sound-fx volume and add a few more to give it a litle more umpf. The story is kinda along the lines of... reviewed June 7, 2007
lol how can I resist a title like that?:-) Great sequences and music:-D I also got a kick out of the extended knifing scene... Should be a full-blown movie:-) reviewed June 6, 2007
Having a bad day by odomok Comedy
Overall I think this is your best flick. It has a good flow to it,and although not lol funny,it does have a steady atmosphere of amusing situations to keep me entertained throughout.The ending could h... reviewed June 3, 2007
The Beginning111 by odomok Sci-Fi
I like this. Quite an interesting idea,but I would like to have known why the lizards are done away with. I guess the lizards represent dinosaurs and the apes us?Ape Adam and Ape Eve lol The tone is a... reviewed June 3, 2007
Shelter by Scroop Sci-Fi
Excellent! I really enjoyed the way you used the sounds in this movie,and it really elevates the atmosphere to a whole new level. Good,well-defined characters and even with just a touch of the reasons... reviewed June 3, 2007
love dosent last forever by hottie12 Romance
Haha! You powered through that romance in record time...that alone gave me a laugh hahaha!You get 4 stars for that lol Just keep in mind that if you can't keep up with reading the subs before exportin... reviewed June 2, 2007
The Door by DHTHTLA Horror
Excellent use of the camera and sounds.There isn't alot of movies that can keep the viewer interested without any dialogue or subs,but you managed this for almost the entire movie...well done:-) More ... reviewed June 2, 2007
ULTIMATE DAREDEVILS In Sinc by gsears Comedy
Featured Review
At first I thought,"What the hell is this???!"haha but then as it went on,I couldn't help but laugh because it was just so stupid! lol Stupid but(to me at least) lol stupid haha! Definitely something ...
reviewed June 2, 2007
CHILLS - The Hunted by gsears Horror
Featured Review
A pretty good flick.Good VO work. I think what I like the best was the gunshot scene where spooked-birds could be heard taking-off because of the noise.Little things like that make all the difference ...
reviewed June 2, 2007
Robin Hoodlum by cd3141 Action
YES! You packed alot into this crazy flick...outrageously fun crazy flick haha! I always enjoy your twisted vision,and your use of sound and music,along with some hilariously hideous custom overlay an... reviewed May 30, 2007
Waste by Dulci Romance
I know all about waste;-) Seriously though,I'm not talking about my name...but you know,one's idea of waste is another's idea of fulfillment...we are not all the same.Some could last 5 years alone on ... reviewed May 27, 2007
ALIENS EARTH HIVE 6 by hmrubicon Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Another good continuation of the series. I think it worked well,despite the lack of VO,but it is a shame that you couldn't get it to work with the VO's.I do think maybe it loses a little of the intens...
reviewed May 25, 2007
A Day In Riotts Mind by riott007 Comedy
lol Firstly I like your attitude.Some people on TMO are too picky when they review...they need to remember this isn't Hollywood,or Bollywood,or even Ed Wood.It's all about having a little fun:-) This... reviewed May 19, 2007
The Drive In by userjosh9874 Horror
Very good idea. I used to love going to drive-in flicks,and really,those drive-in horror movies were'nt any better than this lol(that's a compliment)(I!) Seriously though,I think your firs... reviewed May 7, 2007
Vespa Demo by monkeybiz Comedy
A great GREAT mod:-) As is the recent Harley(love that one!) Your contributions to The Movies do not go unnoticed by me... Excellent stuff:-D btw love the Monkeybiz sweatshirt lol reviewed May 6, 2007
Taco Gaseous Redux by riott007 Comedy
lol I did one of these quite some time ago too... Isn't it funny how one's life can be turned upside-down because they decided to eat at Taco Bell? Just curious though,is that distinctive smell insid... reviewed May 6, 2007
The Big Banana by riott007 Comedy
lol! How many times is that dopey guy gonna slip on that banana? I love the innuendo and I found it hilarious how her thoughts about him drowned out his unintelligible talking to her haha! ...obviousl... reviewed May 6, 2007
Detektei 00 Tight - Die Erbschaft by OlliEntertainment Comedy
lol well done:-) I wish my German was better,but I still understood alot because of the clear VO.I enjoyed this goofy whodunnit crime story:-D Great VO work,and I especially liked the bad guy and his ... reviewed May 6, 2007
Farmerman and the Turnips of Justice by josephkw Comedy
Featured Review
I must commend you on coming up with something so incredibly thought-provoking when given a title like that to work with... Excellent! More than just a comedy(but a damn fine one at that),this movie h...
reviewed May 5, 2007
Catching Up To Grunt by bongoman Action
lol wow that was a fantastic psychedelic far-out ride(now THAT'S a ride)great looking ride! and I love the electical-sphere thingamajobby...that looks spectacular:-D From the weird styled musically-p... reviewed May 2, 2007
Periers 1944 by davidwww Action
This is a very involving and entertaining movie...a hard thing to accomplish when considering the length. I couldn't help but notice the attention to details,like the set-dressing and especially the s... reviewed April 29, 2007
Banana Nightmares by MelonTheCreeker Comedy
It's tough when given such limitations like you were faced with... Unfortunately I saw the end coming,but I still liked it:-) Maybe he needs to buy himself a pair of cleats haha... reviewed April 29, 2007
Twisted Identity by MelonTheCreeker Horror
Featured Review
Nice buildup to the final climactic scene... Makes one think how a traumatic experience could affect us if we were in his shoes... Some good use of the camera along with the subs,and I liked the inser...
reviewed April 29, 2007
The Funk of Eros by pegleg Romance
What always impresses me with your movies is your camera work. Not only do you know when and where to move the camera,you know when not to move it as well... This movie fueled my imagination in color,... reviewed April 28, 2007
Into The Forest by AxeCinema Romance
A rather modern-styled fantasy movie that felt somewhat surreal...I like how you let the actions and music explain the story...I think that was the right decision for a movie like this,because I belie... reviewed April 28, 2007
Shipwreck by Scroop Sci-Fi
A very enjoyable,intelligently made sci-fi flick:-) I especially enjoyed the development of the atmosphere on the alien world with the sounds and music. I also liked the "HAL 9000" styled computer and... reviewed April 26, 2007
Wild Pongo Women by Scroop Comedy
lol you can thank Eyris for bookmarking this movie,sice that is where I saw this...the title was irresistable haha! Great use of sounds and music,as well as props(I like how the standard background ki... reviewed April 22, 2007
Cold by Dulci Romance
A fantastic little snippet of people's lives and how they react and/or are quick to judge others they think they know. Amongst all the things you did right in this movie,I thought the VO was the highl... reviewed April 22, 2007
Father Earth by bongoman Action
If only everyone on this earth would stop and think a little deeper about our place in the universe... Spirituality need not come from words in a book that is filled with things that for the most part... reviewed April 20, 2007
The Hunt For Grunt by bongoman Action
Fantastic bullet-shot:-D Fantastic music(as usual) It seems as though you are making a modern version of those old 1950's serial-westerns.All you need is a good(or maybe ridiculous)cliffhanger at the ... reviewed April 19, 2007
The Legacy of Grunt by bongoman Action
Haha even weirder than the first. I like the attempted scooter-jacking...good use of your prop with the back-seat car-jacking scene:-) I also liked how you turned the rolling backdrop set into a caver... reviewed April 17, 2007
Monty on the Moped by bongoman Action
Haha that's pretty cool stuff:-) I thought a long time ago that it would be great to have a Harley Davidson chopper... Still,I suppose I could re-make Easy Rider with the thugs all riding scooters hah... reviewed April 16, 2007
Kill Johnny by bongoman Action
Featured Review
A masterpiece! Brilliant! Outstanding achievement! Should be top 10! lol ok it wasn't any of those,but it did make me smile,especially your G,B,&U whistling:-D Please watch my movie: http://movies.l...
reviewed April 16, 2007
The Tale of Ted Grunt by bongoman Action
That was strange but I mean that in a good way:-) I commend you on getting back to basics and just winging something together like this...I almost expected some quantum-dude to appear or something hah... reviewed April 16, 2007
Supa Fan Holiday -3 scene version - by sidy Comedy
:-D A good short version of your original story:-) You used the 3 scenes nicely. Good fun:-) There is no reason for people to compare this to other movies on TMO blah blah blah... Sidy,you have made ... reviewed April 15, 2007
The Effects Of Alcohol by GlenRoe Comedy
The last line is what makes this movie;-) I think the crawling scene was creatively used:-) btw your review made me laugh haha! reviewed April 14, 2007
in different worlds by josephkw_productions Comedy
Haha! Excellent use of sound. Also a great example to others on how to use's not always what scenes you use,it's how you use them:-D reviewed April 11, 2007
Slippery When Wet ! by Throwaxe Comedy
Haha! this is right up my alley. I do however think that one particular overlay should have been yellow,but it was cleverly put to good use:-) reviewed April 8, 2007
Daily Grind by odomok Comedy
Haha well what's he complaining about when it appears he spends half his day sleeping at work;-) I like the part where he says "it's my dream",and the end was oddly amusing...wouldn't it be easier(and... reviewed April 8, 2007
Backdrop Showcase by bongoman Comedy
It's good to see you are expanding by possibly adding backdrops to your site. Backdrops are really under-utilized by most people on TMO,and they can make a huge difference in making a movie stand out ... reviewed April 7, 2007
Y by odomok Romance
I like the idea alot.I think with some polish it could be something even more.But still,it touched on some elements that made it an interesting watch. Some of the VO was a bit quiet in parts,but overa... reviewed April 7, 2007
Two Nights Out by AxeCinema Comedy
Featured Review
lol the first TMO movie to make me envious of a chair hahahaha!
reviewed April 4, 2007
Steel and St James by freddymurphy Action
Haha! Stoke is right about me;-) For something you say you "threw together" this was great:-) From start to finish it kept me entertained with the goofy dialogue,well-done VO work,and the Dirty-Harryi... reviewed April 4, 2007
the PASSAGE (episode 3) by josephkw Sci-Fi
Excellent ending to an involving storyline. Your movies never disappoint. All the necessary elements are here to make this quite possibly the best sci-fi series on TMO,but what makes this stand out is... reviewed April 1, 2007
Life by heuser7719 Action
I like this very much. This is as much an introspective movie as it is a reflective movie... I think anyone who has experienced the loss of someone can feel his pain... Good choice of music,and nicely... reviewed March 31, 2007
Old by heuser7719 Action
Featured Review
:-D Nothing like the old days of much simpler times ;-)haha! Good use of the tune.Sets the tone of the film nicely:-)
reviewed March 31, 2007
Duel Of The Tough by cd3141 Action
Hahaha!! Am I the only one who laughs at the ending? I really like how you make fun of yourself(CD3141 Headquarters lol) The stupid cop--->lol! A funny gathering of evil criminal-minds,surrounded by y... reviewed March 31, 2007
Shes having a baby by legend51 Comedy
What a fantastic little movie! Some really funny dialogue interwoven with an insightful commentary. Great use of scenes. Really one of your best movies. and the ending...LOL! reviewed March 31, 2007
Return of the Geordies by legend51 Comedy
Hahaha! Good to see 3 of my favorite characters back.I liked the inclusion of Harry,and I now see that he is not only words but action too lol he knows how to use that chainsaw:-) Great funny VO and ... reviewed March 31, 2007
Whats Cooking at the Grill by bongoman Comedy
Sorry I didn't catch this one sooner... Great looking bar scenes! Really sharp looking stuff:-) Excellent site and I know it will only get even better. Keep up the good work:-D reviewed March 31, 2007
Cheers Lee by silverstarlight Comedy
(-:eivom wen a desaeler evah uoy taht gniwonk ni esnes-htxis a evah I kniht I ahaH This movie is purely hypothetical,since you two appear to be so drunk you wouldn't possibly remember anything about ... reviewed March 31, 2007
Near by sidy Horror
Wow I could tell you such a story from when I was a kid... This is like a mini-version of The Ring,except in slow-motion...excellent! reviewed March 31, 2007
Space Vixen Meets Dr. Blue by Frimlin Sci-Fi
Haha! 4 stars only because I like the ending;-) reviewed March 28, 2007
The Piano by ralfduran Romance
Very good music and use of scenes and camera angles.A reflective,somewhat sad movie...but very good,in a sombre sort of way. Nicely done:-) reviewed March 24, 2007
Like Im Totally a Spy! by Dulci Comedy
For a second there I thought I was looking at one of my review pages with all the black stars:-) I will refrain from the valley-girl lingo in my review... This was good,light-hearted fun,and those who... reviewed March 24, 2007
Oh Pussy! by StokeStudios Comedy
lol I don't care what you say,you get 5 for this!:-D Why didn't I see that coming? reviewed March 24, 2007
The TMO BarAndGrill by bongoman Comedy
Haha nice stuff! Great way to support TMO.My overlay work is monkey-business compared to Monkeybiz's hahaha! reviewed March 22, 2007
A Day In The Life Of TMO by bufu0 Comedy
Nice job singing Bu:-) The flow of the tune was right-on...your voice melded with the music perfectly,good stuff,and I like the lyrics:-D reviewed March 21, 2007
ThePunisher99 by ThePunisher99 Action
nur die Wurst hat 2^^ Hmmm,but some things don't have an end,like hula-hoops haha! Anyways,nothing lasts forever does it? Even so...never say never:-) reviewed March 17, 2007
The Truth Of Mars - Vision Preview by bongoman Sci-Fi
Even though I have already watched the full version,your work on these movies deserves more recognition,so I will add my .01 cents worth here and just say I hope you continue to make these visionary s... reviewed March 17, 2007
Planetary Flights 3 by bongoman Sci-Fi
Nicely presented! I like how you wove a presentation-storyline together with the showcasing of your great overlays.Interesting to watch,and helpful to those on TMO who can benefit from your talents:-)... reviewed March 17, 2007
Teen Romance by odomok Romance
lol yes the guy below me is onto something...shouldn't they have had a delivery of Chinese food or something? haha! Somewhat a touching little snippet of a romance story,although I do think it didn't... reviewed March 17, 2007
Vitae by pegleg Romance
Wow Peg... Your camera work has never been better,and I've always thought it was as good if not better than anyone's before this...I could not believe it when the story ended because I became so fully... reviewed March 16, 2007
Hairy Bush by 6-headedmonster Romance
lol tastes better than kool-aid:-) reviewed March 15, 2007
The Moulting - DRYNESS by bongoman Action
Featured Review
lol yes! Ridiculously over-the-top...just the way I like it!:-D I liked the gollum-like dream sequence...except you have a big blue Gollum haha:-) I also got a kick from the inanimate objects plunking...
reviewed March 11, 2007
The Vigilante by StokeStudios Action
lol I have a similar type of scene in a new movie I'm working on...I wonder if I should use it now haha I like the idea:-) Good stuff as usual,I'd like to see this in real life:-D reviewed March 11, 2007
Space Morons Episode 17 Dad-o-Rama by Dustin551 Comedy
Haha! good VO work again and use of sound effects:-) John Lennon lol well done:-D A good continuation and I like the characters:-) reviewed March 11, 2007
Fate by spideyswebprod Horror
Featured Review
Really a clever little movie.Smartly edited and I think the ending was needs to pay attention to the story to get it. Nicely done,especially considering you spent less than 2 hours on it:-)
reviewed March 10, 2007
Lust by odomok Romance
Not bad for one of your first flicks:-) I wasn't sure if it was a romance,thriller,or a comedy but it was definitely something different:-)Back and forth it went,until I just gave up trying to figure ... reviewed March 10, 2007
Planetary Flights by bongoman Sci-Fi
Great stuff! I think the planet fly-bys are excellent,especially because they give the feeling as if you are going to collide with them as you "fly by". One thing you should mention to everyone who wa... reviewed March 10, 2007
The Truth Of Mars - Dream by bongoman Sci-Fi
A visually mind-warping existentialist journey. These movies are a real treat.The music,the VO,the effects,and the almost out-of-body experience are all something else:-D Great! reviewed March 10, 2007
TTOM - Machine City by bongoman Sci-Fi
I had to check this out after watching TTOM-Vision... Well you've certainly gotten me interested so bring it on! I call "props" overlays haha but you are the real thing for sure:-) Wow yes I think you... reviewed March 10, 2007
TTOM - Vision by bongoman Sci-Fi
Fantastic! Excellent,thought-provoking,intelligent script.Thoroughly absorbing and visually stunning.The music was absolutely perfect. If I had to make one small observation where improvement could ha... reviewed March 10, 2007
Super Fantastic Holiday !! by sidy Comedy
:-D lol Sidy A Super FUNtasic-fast-paced foot race flow to this fab flick:-) Wooo-hooo! :-) reviewed March 10, 2007
The Moulting - FLAKINESS - Sting by bongoman Comedy
Featured Review
lol kinda reminds me of the Python cartoons:-) Toilet humor is alot of fun if done correctly haha! I hope the full version lives down:-) to the quality level of this trailer... :-D
reviewed March 8, 2007
Funky Bit(e)s by Lethal_Entertainment Horror
I happened to notice your studio in Peg's favorites list,and I remembered the name being mentioned on the forum so here I am:-D I remember this movie well.One of my favorite funk films:-)A fun watch f... reviewed March 8, 2007
Space Morons Episode 16 A New Moron by Dustin551 Comedy
Episode 16?lol I do like your enthusiasm in the VO,that really elevates this odd story:-) I also liked the extra effort to have background talking of characters while the main character talks...really... reviewed March 6, 2007
Press Play on Your Graduation Day by Dulci Romance
A sad,emotionally-charged,heartfelt movie Dulci. One needs only let go and imagine this is their mother speaking... You almost bring tears to my eyes(no small accomplishment) reviewed March 5, 2007
Knights of the Single Table3 part B by AxeCinema Comedy
lol Axe well done:-D Nicely done to everyone involved. A fun script Pegleg.Some imaginitive dialogue and unusual but well-chosen settings and characters which added alot of variety to the fun trip:-) ... reviewed March 4, 2007
Unredeemed by josephkw Horror
Extremely entertaining! Interesting "battle" between good and evil.Some clever use of dialogue,and it just goes to show how good a movie can be when it is mostly driven by a great conversation. Anothe... reviewed March 4, 2007
Knights of the Single Table 3 part A by AxeCinema Comedy
Yaaaaayyy!...the log awaited sequel has arrived,and in all it's innuendo-splendored psuedoness:-D It's nice to see everything fell into place nicely this time around. Another fun-filled romp of double... reviewed March 3, 2007
The Monk and the Fountain by mericc Romance
Splendidly stylized and presented tale. You used the fight-sequences with so much more flare than most on TMO. I would like to have seen a little more story surrounding this great little movie,but I c... reviewed March 3, 2007
Triffids - The Legacy by StokeStudios Sci-Fi
Hahahaha! You spend so much time and effort creating some fantastic overlay effects/editing,set-decoration,storyline elements etc...BUT you forget the simple thumbnail:-D!It is difficult to master the... reviewed March 3, 2007
the PASSAGE (episode 2) by josephkw Action
Flawlessly done.Excellent. I really enjoyed this continuation from start to finish.I especially liked the morality discussion...a fine example of how to use dialogue and editing to lift a basic conver... reviewed March 3, 2007
Worrying by eyris Action
Featured Review
Oh the irony of it all haha! Isn't it interesting how one emotion can so easily become something different...or maybe,just maybe,it was not what we thought it was all along... There is probably a back...
reviewed February 28, 2007
GOD HAND -The Promo Movie- SE by sidy Action
lol Sidy someone should pay you piles of cash to make cartoons:-) Everyone always mentions your special-effects(I think you are the best)but the same attention should go to your use of sounds,which RE... reviewed February 27, 2007
Showdown!! by mericc Action
This wasn't bad for a first movie really. Most everything was standard...but I did like the ending with how you edited the gunfight...that was nicely done. It just felt like the middle portion,or mayb... reviewed February 22, 2007
Helping Hands For A Little Lady by mericc Comedy
Haha I liked this:-) I like the creatively done bottle-shoot scene,not only because it was cleverly done,but because it made for good situation-comedy:the characters had real definition and it made th... reviewed February 22, 2007
The Merciless Sun by mericc Action
Firstly...Wow Secondly...WOW! Really,that was just nothing short of exceptional(for me at least if not by everyone here as I see down there haha) Great poem,and the narration by Lizard3209 is not only... reviewed February 21, 2007
The Grand Coque by legend51 Comedy
lol:-D I can't get enough of stuff like this:-) If I had one complaint,it's that this movie was too short...maybe you will make a shlong version one day?:-D Just great goofy fun from start to finish.I... reviewed February 21, 2007
ULTIMATE TMOer - Heat 1 by kwistufa Comedy
Haha that was so stupid but that's exactly what I liked about it:-) Yes,I too got a kick out of the long meaningless blabbering scene,which,along with the music and the subway noise just struck me as ... reviewed February 20, 2007
A Tribute to Off Topic by pegleg Comedy
Haha!!good one Peg! We need more of these types of movies directed at you know who. I like the cop-car drive-by haha! reviewed February 18, 2007
Dulci Does TMO by Dulci Comedy
Haha! Well done:-) Judging by this,it looks like you offer express-lane service lol:-D I had often suspected you have finally admitted it ;-) A great helpful and informative little "how-t... reviewed February 18, 2007
45 Seconds of Euphoria by mericc Comedy
Haha what are a couple of those clowns down below talking about? No sound???Are you deaf??lol! Make us respect you? Haha if you knew me you would know I like to read stuff like that:-) Anyways,I like... reviewed February 17, 2007
Vitae-Prologue by pegleg Romance
I must say,I'm happy to pop by here and see you have released something,even if it is a prologue/teaser:-) Your movies always have a distinctive feel about them,and from watching this,I am beginning t... reviewed February 17, 2007
Bruce Digalo Intergalactic Gigolo by axlslash Sci-Fi
Well since you haven't received a real review yet,let me be the first to do so. This wasn't too bad of a flick.I did find a couple of the lines to be rather funny.I was actually going to give you 3 s... reviewed February 15, 2007
QUIETUS II by josephkw Horror
lol great ending! The custom work in this film was spectacularly done,and the story,although slightly less mysterious than part one,played out just as well with it's extra horror/action-styled punch. ... reviewed February 14, 2007
world war 1 by Bazooka100 Action
Not a bad little flick...although what it really needed to bring it up a notch or two is to have some character development.One or two characters whom we can identify with,thereby drawing the viewer i... reviewed February 14, 2007
Bill Dixon Motors by Goofparade Comedy
lol are you sure this isn't a real commercial??:-D Good stuff.Nicely done:-D reviewed February 13, 2007
The mad professors dance banana by towelie Comedy
Haha!one of the stupidest movies I've seen in a while... but stupid=great in my book. 100% stupid fun:-) reviewed February 10, 2007
Agent - Blaze by plutonium666 Action
Wow your first review took a long time to arrive... This was actually quite good. Well-structured and presented,and it had a good flow and some good editing.The presentation could have used a little m... reviewed February 10, 2007
Skimmer by tlyddiatt Horror
I decided to check this out,just because I was interested in seeing how well this worked without VO or subs... I actually enjoyed how this turned out.The beginning had some pretty good horror elements... reviewed February 6, 2007
XTREME TAXI x2 by sidy Action
lol typical cab drivers...taking the scenic-route to run up the cab fare haha!...which,by the way won't be nearly enough to pay all the fines lol Sidy I think you are going to ride this taxi to #1 :-) reviewed February 5, 2007
Quietus1 by josephkw Horror
An absolutely exceptionally done story. I found myself drawn into the story just as if I was sitting in the local movie small accomplishment indeed. Perfectly crafted and presented. A real treat. reviewed February 5, 2007
Trey Goes To School by KingMe1220 Action
Haha I found this to be really goofy,but I enjoy goofy stuff:-) I like the video game comment,and I even found the plain-clothed cop line to be so pointless that it was funny too lol:-D It's always n... reviewed February 5, 2007
The Rise by KingMe1220 Horror
It could use a little work,but this was still a good b-movie-styled zombie flick:-) Fortunately you can get away with alot in zombie flicks because even the real movies are already so campy:-D I thoug... reviewed February 5, 2007
the PASSAGE (Episode One) by josephkw Sci-Fi
Well I could write an entire essay on why this movie fully deserves these 5 stars...but I suggest anyone who likes sci-fi should just see for themselves,rather than waste time reading why I like this ... reviewed February 5, 2007
A Married Man by Daninsky Romance
I don't participate,watch,or for that matter pay any attention to competitions etc,but I can say that this was a well-made little flick. You seem to really capture the essence of someone going through... reviewed February 4, 2007
Hot Cat on a Tin Roof by Daninsky Action
I watched this because I like the title's play on words...I like stuff like that:-) I actually enjoyed this little flick,but it really needed something at the end to give it that extra kick to push it... reviewed February 4, 2007
Love and insanity! by noldfam Action
Normally I don't reply to those who pan me...I only watch but don't rate their stuff,no matter how crappy or good,but in your case I am making an exception,and I'll tell you why later. Ok this was a ... reviewed February 3, 2007
Special Delivery by BerkleyJL Comedy
A nice lighthearted story. Not lol funny but it had a general element of fun about it.I've seen a real movie or two with a similar theme,and even a tv show or two,but what really stands out in this is... reviewed January 30, 2007
Heart Vision by Dulci Romance
What a great "vision" into the mind of someone struggling with their emotions...a fantastic little flick! The ending was just so perfect,and I especially thought the shot of her shadow cast upon the a... reviewed January 30, 2007
This means WAR!!! by legend51 Comedy
Hey I was surprised to see another Legend flick! You should have carried on the "War-what is it good for" bit a couple more times lol but it was still a funny segment:-D I like the Snootch character ... reviewed January 30, 2007
Greedy for Money by timorogowski Action
Strange but also interesting. That woman is one cold-hearted but determined b*tch lol and I was half-expecting to see her get plugged by her own gun at the end... Surprisingly different,and sometimes ... reviewed January 29, 2007
Bloody Mary 2 by patt0192 Horror
This is actually a very well thought out story,really very good. Unfortunately I have to mention the car-sound bug thing.Having not experienced it myself,I am not sure what causes it,but I would sugge... reviewed January 27, 2007
Poetry Of Plague Dino edit by God_Of_Plague Comedy
Good goofy fun:-) I like the poetry style in telling the fate of the dinos:-) reviewed January 27, 2007
Poetry Of Plague Cows by God_Of_Plague Comedy
Haha clever idea:-) I like the cow backdrops. This is kinda like a cross between Dr.Seuss and those Far Side funnies...the latter having also dealt with cows in a similar fashion. Good stuff:-) reviewed January 27, 2007
Present from Heaven by sidy Romance
Featured Review
S&E&sidy...I can only imagine where this will lead:-) This is unlike your other movies,but it is every bit as good:-) Romance can be tough to master,but I think you've done a very good job in that re...
reviewed January 21, 2007
The Legacy of Ron Jeremy by TripWire21 Action
haha I like the deliberately lowsy wooden-sounding acting of Ron Jeremy in this flick.Also,Edward pen!shands lol I got a kick out of that:-) How many aliases does this guy have haha! I like how it kep... reviewed January 20, 2007
The Hit by Gotquank Action
A good little hitman flick.It stands well on it's own,although it could benefit with some more character development...something which I'm sure will be forthcoming in future episodes:-) The editing is... reviewed January 20, 2007
aLiEn FiGhT by timorogowski Sci-Fi
Haha that was odd but somehow strangely amusing:-) I'm not sure if it was your VO,the situations,or the combination of the two,but whatever it was,it was entertaining:-D Good one:-) reviewed January 18, 2007
The Naughty List Teaser by thejoe8pizza Comedy
As you say,it may not be your best,but it still had some good moments... Not a 5 star flick,but I like your thumbnail pic>lol so you get bonus points for that:-D reviewed January 17, 2007
jason x by frenchfry3 Horror
Featured Review
"Well that movie sucked" lol so I imagine the next line was,"So let's upload it!" Haha! Good [ensemble] VO It didn't make any sense whatsoever,but who cares lol just good nonsensical fun:-)
reviewed January 16, 2007
I Will Follow You by SilverStarlight Romance
Featured Review
Well well,lucky me...I log in,just happen to glance at the new release section,and this is the first thing I see:-) I was wondering where you were taking this...clever idea:-) Good tune,and yes,you ha...
reviewed January 16, 2007
I Want by Iondrive Comedy
I want... to know why he is wasting his time making out with a robot when there is a hot woman nearby lol reviewed January 16, 2007
SANTA by Iondrive Comedy
Well now we know haha:-) Good idea,interestingly presented,and I liked the voices.Some good creative stuff:-) I think I would have set up my own Playboy Mansion with that device(or at least tried)...b... reviewed January 16, 2007
DNA X by jamous Sci-Fi
Featured Review
A family film,lol:-) I really like your sci-fi/action music,it really sets the mood,and it works well with the settings. This was kinda like watching the action segment from an overall larger picture...
reviewed January 15, 2007
Texas Cops Intro Episode by Poogle1982 Comedy
Haha well it was amusing to me,partly because it is so unpolished.I am left to wonder if you don't care if the VO's aren't perfect,or if you deliberately did them like that.They aren't bad,but there i... reviewed January 14, 2007
Santas Big Day by SeanBean Comedy
This reminds me of a movie I did early on,except mine had a story lol I like the overlay splat haha:-) reviewed January 14, 2007
Minority by AlexVanRoose Comedy
Good use of that tune to express rebelliousness. GD rocks!I commend you on your good taste in music lol:-D reviewed January 13, 2007
DEMONS trailor by makrim83 Horror
Excellent! A great teaser,no doubt one of the best I've seen,and I've seen alot.If I could say one thing that could be improved,I would look for different scenes to express the fear that this dude has... reviewed January 13, 2007
Trouble with Triffids by StokeStudios Sci-Fi
What can I say about your overlay work that I haven't said already?You have become a wizard with such things.I love the triffid-glow and morph-effects. Excellently chosen and use of music to maximize ... reviewed January 13, 2007
Mind Divers by sidy Action
Featured Review
You know I really enjoyed the original,and I enjoyed watching this streamlined version as well. I love the bar sequence,and the way you customized her getting trapped.Well done!I wouldn't want her to ...
reviewed January 8, 2007
ALIENS EARTH HIVE 5 by hmrubicon Sci-Fi
Featured Review
A good continuation,although I admit I liked parts 3 and 4 better.It is tough,given the storyline you are following,to keep the viewer riveted throughout...much like an actual movie,except an actual m...
reviewed January 8, 2007
There is a Santa Clause by monkeybiz Romance
I've heard of this column,but have never actually heard or read it before.I like the idea of turning it into a movie,and how you progressed through time as it was read.Good idea:-) I realize this is p... reviewed January 8, 2007
Saucer Visit! by liveangel93 Sci-Fi
I would like to have seen a bit more development.I view this short movie almost like a preview. Anyways,I was hoping that the redneck would turn out to be an alien,because that may have been funny:-) ... reviewed January 6, 2007
Personality(Teaser) by bufu0 Horror
Are you really planning that far ahead?Summer?Haha! Kinda corny...maybe yes,but this has the possibility to be something really good.I like the VO,and I like the idea:-) reviewed January 6, 2007
Donatello by ralfduran Romance
This really is a fantastic idea for a movie.I commend you on your presentation as well.It could use a little polish in the narration,but that's really a minor point in an otherwise great little movie.... reviewed January 5, 2007
The Y Factor Week 1 by AlexVanRoose Comedy
Featured Review
Haha this is sooooo bad that it's actually good(I think?) I would like to have seen a better ending,but the horrid singing,and the fact that you appear not to care if you humiliate yourself earns you ...
reviewed January 5, 2007
The Good The Bad And The Ugly Santa 2 by dhanbhandari59 Comedy
lol I always get a kick out the energy you put into your movies,and as usual you deliver once again:-) You instill a lethal dose of frenetic energy into this flick haha nicely done:-) reviewed January 5, 2007
Git out the Vote! by nahton Comedy
Featured Review
Haha I like the line," for republicans,or I'll have to assume you are a terrorist,or even worse,a democrat" lol A good GW spoof.The VO is good,just lacks a little on the clarity side,but I unde...
reviewed January 5, 2007
All About Eavesdropping - Special Edition by nahton Comedy
Featured Review
I liked the original,flaws or no flaws,and I liked this version as well. I do like the play on words and the ensuing misunderstanding.Somehow I think something like this is not beyond the realm of pos...
reviewed January 5, 2007
The Leprachauns Bride by mildheadwound Comedy
Featured Review
Nevermind the "looking glass",this wonderland is best viewed through a kaleidoscope,and your spaced-out Alice is taking a modern-day mind-bending trip...riding on Mr.Leprechaun's Wild-Ride at Ubermild...
reviewed January 3, 2007
Mind Divers by sidy Action
This was a wild sci-fi romp,Sidy:-) I enjoyed the cartoon-styled storyline,and your use of props/special-effects has never been better.The look of the movie was nothing short of spectacular. I like th... reviewed January 1, 2007
Hot Dance by timorogowski Romance
Featured Review
Jeesh,my review comes after a moron.I hope that "review" gets removed. This was very good:-) I liked your music during the dream-sequence.Very surreal.I felt like I just had a night out on the town a...
reviewed December 31, 2006
Project Eden Directors Cut by ThePunisher99 Sci-Fi
Very enjoyable movie:-) I can see there was alot of work put into this.Some very good custom work.The titles and set-decoration were extremely well done,and I also liked some of the creative freecam a... reviewed December 30, 2006
Paradox Storm by monkeybiz Sci-Fi
This was really good. Unfortunately I figured out what the end was going to be.I won't say why so as not to spoil it for others.That did take a little bit away from it unfortunately,so the shock-value... reviewed December 29, 2006
Vote Amos A True American by colingaiser Comedy
Haha well I can't say I found the pregnant woman getting kicked funny,but I do find it funny how you had the nerve to put something like that in this flick. Some good satire,pointed at the NRA and tho... reviewed December 29, 2006
Way Of The Man by xbinkus Action
Haha! I figured I needed to rate this so it didn't go into 2007 without a rating. Obviously a game-made movie,or at least it looks that way,with some slight added VO and music parts.I wish you had don... reviewed December 29, 2006
Youre voting for him! Vote for MrSmithy!!! by evilguy12 Comedy
lol the poor evil "Mr.Smith" isn't as threatening as he appears to be:-) I like this idea.The environment scene mixup is funny stuff,and it had more than enough ideas to keep it going to the end.A bit... reviewed December 28, 2006
Wal-Mart Nation by Nightfire101 Comedy
Featured Review
You did a good job matching the music to the motion:-) Nice overlays too.The custom stuff wasn't over-done and was used cleverly where it was.Good stuff:-) Good tune too.It makes some relevant comment...
reviewed December 28, 2006
Advertisement by Mustachio26 Horror
A smartly done little mystery flick. I say little only because I really would like to have seen this movie in a longer version.Not only would it help to raise suspense,but also sometimes its best to d... reviewed December 28, 2006
Santas Huge Mistake! by jpwood Comedy
Featured Review
Haha I think Santa needs to get his priorities straightened out... Maybe a straightjacket would fit as well as that Santa suit:-)
reviewed December 27, 2006
Hauntings of Black River by userjosh9874 Horror
Featured Review
Not a bad first flick:-) There were a couple of continuity issues,but possibly they were done purposefully for effect?Or maybe like you say,just familiarizing yourself with the process.Whatever the ca...
reviewed December 27, 2006
Dream [oh please!]z by bubbalitterbox Comedy
lol listen,this movie wasn't perfect,but I did really enjoy the enthusiastic voiceovers,and some of the comments were just plain rude(I love that haha!:-) Keep it up lol:-D reviewed December 27, 2006
The Chosen Teaser by cinamaguy Action
Featured Review
Well I must say I was surprised that I liked this trailer alot. You explain enough of what the story is about without giving too much away.Many of those guys who make real movie trailers aren't that s...
reviewed December 27, 2006
Civil War 1861 by noahprill1 Action
Haha you gave me a good chuckle:-) I know you probably weren't intending that,but I did find the lack of historical accuracy amusing:-) I actually wish you had done more of that,and turned this into a... reviewed December 27, 2006
The Butler Did It! by snake4411 Comedy
:-) Well,it's your first movie,and I understand there is alot to learn.It's too bad about the sound.My suggestion would be to take it off and re-upload it.It is a bit different watching a movie like t... reviewed December 27, 2006
My Ordinary Life by Wilder1 Comedy
Haha well,two guys kissing will never do it for me.If you had women kissing,or even better,multiple scenes of women making out then you may have gotten a better response from me lol!:-D reviewed December 27, 2006
Heaven by FraasMovies Romance
A nice little movie. Watching this reminds me a little bit of those stories from young childhood,when Christmas seemed like a magical time... reviewed December 27, 2006
Satan Claus 3 by cd3141 Horror
Ohhhh man I'm glad you re-uploaded this because it is an absolute treasure lol! Just too many hilarious parts:-D I like the pizza-box gift and the dick-chopping-off scene,just too much(but that's the... reviewed December 27, 2006
Kosa by miri2 Horror
Haha what a day:-) Oddly entertaining little flick:-) Excellent tune,I really like it and it drives this movie along...good stuff:-) reviewed December 27, 2006
bald beauty by magic_school_bus Comedy
That was just plain goofy fun:-) I liked some of the lines,like the bar pick-up line haha and the you are hideous,get out of my crappy apartment line:-) Another Seinfeldish episode idea huh?:-) I gues... reviewed December 27, 2006
the mustache by magic_school_bus Comedy
Haha wow now there is just no pleasing her is there? Just goes to show ya how some people will look for any reason to dump someone:-) Kinda reminds me of Seinfeld,where he would look for any little in... reviewed December 27, 2006
The Perfect Christmas Gift! by evilguy12 Comedy
Haha you made me laugh with your about section warning lol!:-)I like your blunt critisism of your own movie:-D Really though,the movie did have some creative ideas,and I think if you worked on polishi... reviewed December 27, 2006
Stolen Death - Chapter three by sisch Sci-Fi
This is without a doubt one of the best series on TMO. The story is so immersive,and just like the previous parts,is done to perfection in every aspect. It's great to see the story unfold as she attem... reviewed December 26, 2006
Stolen Death - Chapter two by sisch Sci-Fi
Really a fabulous continuation! First-class in every category.Very interesting storyline,and I cannot help but move onto part 3 now... reviewed December 26, 2006
How to survive a Zombie Infestation of Earth by TheTomas Horror
lol yes I will keep this in mind! Very informative instructional video that will most assuredly come in handy when the day arrives haha:-) Clever idea,well put together,and I like the serious matter-o... reviewed December 26, 2006
The Leprachauns Bride Crack Tease by mildheadwound Comedy
You have a unique style.I can't quite put my finger on it(or any other body part lol)but I do enjoy your disturbed vision. An excellent preview from which I imagine the final version will transport us... reviewed December 25, 2006
Memoirs Of A War Veteran by 05JSMEDL Action
I enjoyed this. I commend you on the selection of music,as it really propels this moment of someone reflecting on their past along. I wouldn't classify this as a story,as much as I would say it's more... reviewed December 23, 2006
Committing TMO Suicide by SilverStarlight Comedy
Featured Review
OH GREAT! Another crappy music video!! This is really just soo damned funny!From pegleg's shower singing(cringe)haha! to my garbage-filled room(how did you know?) Eyris is wrong though,this SHOULD be ...
reviewed December 21, 2006
Cut by StokeStudios Comedy
I love this little flick!Rude,crude,and even a touch of lewd!lol It didn't go unnoticed by me that the ape who was to be castrated was actually wearing the girl-ape costume...that just made it funnier... reviewed December 19, 2006
TMO celebrity roast by 6-headedmonster Comedy
Despite what some loser clowns before me have said(or not said),this really does have some good funny moments.The CPR joke is bloody hilarious,and there were more than a few others mixed throughout to... reviewed December 17, 2006
SANTAS COMING by JBlackrose Horror
lol this is just so stupid.But stupid is good:-) I happen to think that one chick is both naughty and nice,and that's a good thing in my book! reviewed December 16, 2006
Stolen Death - Chapter one by sisch Sci-Fi
This was very stylish and entertaining. She is one real cool customer. Everything clicked in this flick.I liked the background flashes,and her single-minded determination to see through with her goal ... reviewed December 16, 2006
Fern der Realität 5 by ThePunisher99 Sci-Fi
Awesome movie!Sehr gut! I'm sorry by German isn't perfect,but I was able to understand most,partly because the voiceovers were clear and not rushed. The VO was very well done by everyone,and I especia... reviewed December 12, 2006
The REALLY Strict Sheriff by dhanbhandari59 Comedy
That was some good fun:-) Nicely put together,a good continuous flow with the scene selection,and some good VO work.I especially liked the sheriff's voiceover;some good funny emotional outbursts:-) Th... reviewed December 10, 2006
William and Saskia by eyris Romance
Delightful! I love the dialogue.The banter between William and Saskia is just so good and I love the delivery of those lines.This is situational humor at it's best in my opinion. "Your wasting your t... reviewed December 8, 2006
Left Behind The Return To Earth by -XM- Sci-Fi
It has been a while since I watched parts 1 and 2,but it was easy to get back into the story with this continuation. Some good sci-fi elements and a well-rounded story. An interesting tragic-like endi... reviewed December 7, 2006
CQ - Anna Nyte by k4ownzall Action
A great little movie! I liked the way this zipped along,and I'm surprised to see a comment about the plot being simple.Did they watch and understand the ending?Excellent ending btw.A clever twist,and ... reviewed December 7, 2006
Bloodlust by Clix Action
Featured Review
Excellent stuff. A good,fast-paced ride.Some good editing and an interesting storyline,but what really put this over the top was your music selection,prop and mod-use. I had to laugh though,at the par...
reviewed December 7, 2006
Toothpaste for dragons by Dona_T Action
LOL!Are these people in some sort of institution?Have they lost their minds?Wait,never mind them,have you lost your minds?!:-) I can't comment on how this compares to your previous films,but I for one... reviewed December 6, 2006
Thanks by heuser7719 Comedy
So nice,I had to watch it twice!:-) You did a splendid job in putting this movie was no small task.A nice blend of humorous and heartfelt moments,and I love the custom "globe" work;excel... reviewed December 6, 2006
Salemsville (Episode 1) by loyd2000 Horror
Featured Review
Excellent opening chapter. Some very good sound placement and music selection,as well as lighting and camera angles to help draw me into the story,which was expertly developed...something I've come to...
reviewed December 5, 2006
Red by AxeCinema Sci-Fi
A strangely entertaining movie without a doubt.I did enjoy the odd way in which the story unfolded,and I would like to have seen it continue to some sort of resolution.However,I still think the end wo... reviewed December 3, 2006
Run Honey Run by sidy Romance
Some good Sidy custom work,as usual,nicely done:-) Having watched many of your other movies,I had expected her to just simply fly there to deliver the paperwork lol but I guess all your characters can... reviewed December 2, 2006
The Air That You Breathe by k4ownzall Sci-Fi
Although the play-on-words joke is rather corny(I do love playing with words too),this actually was amusing to me because it seemed somewhat reminiscent of those light-hearted original Star Trek endin... reviewed December 2, 2006
santa store-comertial by evanx100 Comedy
This is a pretty good creative idea.It could use a little polish,but I did get a kick out of it,and you did a pretty good job putting it together. Well done:-) reviewed November 30, 2006
Fatal Punch by Jenniza Action
Featured Review
Nicely done:-) This was an entertaining cop drama.Good use of scenes and sounds,and good VO's and dialogue made this more than just an interesting "audition". Some good characters,and I liked the inne...
reviewed November 23, 2006
ALIENS EARTH HIVE 4 by hmrubicon Sci-Fi
Featured Review
A solid continuation.Actually,I think each movie is an improvement over the previous episodes,not only from a technical standpoint,but also with the developing storyline,which is becoming more interes...
reviewed November 21, 2006
The Penguin Factory by howler1 Action
An odd but somewhat entertainingly-disjointed duster-flick. Didn't make a whole heck of alot of sense,but I still found it to be not unlike some of those old low-budget b-movies of the past:-) There i... reviewed November 20, 2006
Strange Things R Happening 4 Road Trip! by thejoe8pizza Comedy
I liked this one almost as much as the original:-) Some good nutty stuff,like the way the parents acted as if it was a normal situation that Amy had gone to pay her pimp lol. Some good goofy stuff.The... reviewed November 20, 2006
Dirty Laundry by Dulci Action
Haha I liked it! This had the feel of those flicks.I like the set-dressing of the bar to create the exotic-locale.Small touches like that do wonders to make a film look's like a whole n... reviewed November 20, 2006
Look And Listen by SilverStarlight Romance
I'm happy you decided to put this back online.I hated having to remove it from my favorites list when it was no longer online. This is such a fine example of letting the pictures and the music tell th... reviewed November 18, 2006
The Bufu Awards (Trialer) by bufu0 Comedy
Haha well you get a bonus star for featuring my tune as an example lol I don't expect to be chosen for anything though:-) Looks like it could be fun to watch. I'll be on the lookout for this:-) reviewed November 18, 2006
Its My First Movie Get off my Back by BlindShoemaker Sci-Fi
Not a bad first flick:-) I did find some of the dialogue rather amusing. Some choppy editing,kinda like a game-produced movie,but it did work.It was somewhat oddly entertaining. Reminds me of cheesy b-movies:-) reviewed November 18, 2006
Enigma Trailer by ubernewbie Sci-Fi
Not bad for a trailer.I thought the VO at the beginning was hard to understand because of the music,and I understand your intent with this having read your about section.Still,I would like to have had... reviewed November 16, 2006
The Way Outs -Bongo Bill by DoctorComfort Sci-Fi
A weird,wacky,wonderfully warped movie.I like your "about" description too.I actually would like to see a story built around that. An enjoyable romp:-) Thanks for the offer.I'll keep it in mind if I ... reviewed November 15, 2006
Bu- Ubernewbie Matnee diss by bufu0 Comedy
Featured Review
Good job Bu. Now,if you don't mind,just a little comment: I think it's all fine for people to defend others,but if certain people(I can only comment about the uber dude)are at times rude,mean-spirite...
reviewed November 14, 2006
The Clown is Dead (preview) by DoctorComfort Horror
Haha "You look lik my ex-wife..." I laughed at that comment and what followed it:-) Some good goofy fun here,and I liked some of the comments,especially the last two,lol unexpected:-) reviewed November 13, 2006
Krusty Kringle Preview by DoctorComfort Horror
Were you on something when you made this,or is this all natural?lol! This is,ummm,different,but I think you did a good job in creating a weird atmosphere,although that's as far as it went.I know this ... reviewed November 13, 2006
Dont Be Carefull by giomaster9 Action
Featured Review
Pretty good little trailer:-) Is the guy getting roasted in the building at the end?I hope so:-)
reviewed November 13, 2006
Virgin hunter by DoctorComfort Horror
A very strange movie.I would like to see this completed,or have some subs added.I admit though,I found this amusing,just because there was no dialogue and I added my own dialogue on the fly lol and I ... reviewed November 13, 2006
The Fart That Lingered by nahton Comedy
I can never get enough of smartly done fart flicks. Good short fun:-) I never plug my movies,but this has similarities to my second TMO movie about a fart wreaking havoc on an unsuspecting public:-) ... reviewed November 13, 2006
All About Eavesdropping by nahton Comedy
Haha yes we can all feel comforted in knowing that there are many competent people,and one in particular,protecting us from the tourist threat:-) Good comedy,nicely put together.I got a good laugh out... reviewed November 13, 2006
Spell Book by StokeStudios Romance
Very good Stoke,I enjoyed this:-) As usual,some great FX.Not over-used but used to full-effect. I need to hang out at the library more often I think lol:-) reviewed November 12, 2006
the trailer for the fate of roses by 6-HEADEDMONSTER Horror
Looks like something I would like,especially if it's not suitable for TMO lol btw,is there another Trashman on this site I'm unaware of?;-) reviewed November 9, 2006
Richards Revenge by tacrosbie Comedy
Haha just another hard day at work huh?:-) Give this guy a pay raise! reviewed November 9, 2006
False Spirt by Zebomb Romance
Featured Review
A very good little movie. I don't want to give anything away,but I will say I liked the way this was put together,and I especially thought the end was clever and smartly done. This film certainly dese...
reviewed November 9, 2006
Hand of God by Cut_Scene Action
Excellent job in creating an involving and absorbing atmosphere.Good use of music,great use of props,camera,and editing,but I especially liked the parts where there was the added touch of sounds to so... reviewed November 9, 2006
Anatomy of a Murder by bosai Horror
This could be a great opening sequence for a bigger movie.I had no problem keeping up with the subs,but I can understand where some people might have problems. Some good use of the freecam,and I liked... reviewed November 9, 2006
The shadow men by secretsantaone Action
What an excellent glitch.Must be the video card?Anyways,I like the creativity involved with this.It's really too bad you couldn't have "regular" characters as well as the shadow characters in the same... reviewed November 9, 2006
AOSNS (Anti-One-Star-Ninja Squad) by dhanbhandari59 Comedy
lol a clever idea,and the lively voiceovers kick this one up a notch. Some good use of scenes,and the quick-action editing style works well to propel the story along at a brisk pace. An enjoyable romp... reviewed November 9, 2006
Ping and the Brotherhood of the Iron Dragon by mcrispy13 Action
Hey I remember this:-) This is the movie that finished ahead of mine in the 8eyedbaby hotpick lol:-) This is a great little film.I think you did a fine job capturing the atmosphere of those type of mo... reviewed November 9, 2006
The Good The Bad And The Ugly Santa by dhanbhandari59 Comedy
Haha I had fun watching this partly because it was mindless nutty fun,but also because I could tell you had fun doing the VO's.If I could make one suggestion,it would be to try and make sure all the v... reviewed November 9, 2006
Revalation by meosha12 Action
Even though it appears as though you had some sort of video card or upload problem,it seemed to work to your advantage here,since I felt the flashing costumes gave the movie a unique special-effect.I ... reviewed November 8, 2006
The Psychopath Song by Morris101 Comedy
Haha!ohhh man I couldn't join in and sing along because I was too busy laughing. I love the original Python version(he cuts trees here in B.C. where I live lol)but I must admit,I love your version jus... reviewed November 7, 2006
The Doctor by morris101 Comedy
I got a real kick out of this one morris! Some great custom work,and the weird mixture of oddball scenes along with the Dr.Who version of the Gary Glitter song made me feel like I was on a retro-funky... reviewed November 7, 2006
Winter My Secret - German Language Vers by pegleg Romance
A nice thought to do this. I enjoyed this version(my German is rusty but I can understand a fair amount) I noticed some differences,not only with the music,and I think you pulled it off nicely. I like... reviewed November 7, 2006
Kill Joy by funkitastic Horror
Haha you are right,this movie does suck,but that's what made it so good too,because it sucks so bad its actually funny.It also helped that I created some of my own dialogue as I watched lol You know,i... reviewed November 6, 2006
Happy Home by SilverStarlight Romance
As always,your music videos are an entertaining treat.I love the tune.Maybe I should try to make a weekend special one day... I actually have some tunes in mind that I would use,but of course I would ... reviewed November 6, 2006
Frost Bite and the three Ninjas 2 by koolteenm Romance
Haha I like the ending.Trigger-happy cops aren't they?lol This was pretty good.I do think it could have used a little more polish,but it was enjoyable nonetheless.You seem to like to make movies about... reviewed November 6, 2006
Oy! Christmas! I Should Have Stayed in Bed by Jenniza Action
A pretty good little Christmas movie(not too far away again now is it?:-) The overall idea is good,and it has some light-hearted humor,mostly in the overall atmosphere of the story.I do think this mov... reviewed November 6, 2006
Bu- Screw This by bufu0 Comedy
You do a great rap,and you are a natural.Short but fun.I like it:-) reviewed November 6, 2006
Chat Room by sidy Horror
EXCELLENT movie sidy. This is really top of the line horror at it's finest.The evil entity seems far beyond merely sinister as it does it's thing,and your custom work is once again top-notch. You are ... reviewed November 5, 2006
Prey by SilverStarlight Romance
Featured Review
Well well I guessed wrong!I won't say with what so I don't spoil it in case someone reads this. Pegleg's great script is one of the elements responsible,but so too are the excellently suited voiceover...
reviewed November 4, 2006
Shadow Reaver - Episode 3 by morris101 Horror
Fifteen splendidly woven minutes. You've done such a nice job delving deep into the inner conflicts of the characters,and this,along with the meaningfully delivered voiceovers,breathes 3-dimensional l... reviewed November 4, 2006
The B Team by cd3141 Action
So can I assume the mission is a resounding success?lol:-) Haha really,I love the team's interpretation of doing god's work with the money from the good Father.It's so nice to see the team doing such ... reviewed November 4, 2006
Saran Rap by legend51 Comedy
Hahaa!! You had me laughing along to this meat-beating tune lol some really good lines:-) Stoke's mod is almost TOO good it nearly scared me haha! Melon is wrong about making something for everyone..... reviewed November 4, 2006
Audition as Jessica by Jenniza Comedy
A good idea to do this,although I have seen similar ideas. Even so,I like it and it would be interesting to see you do something longer with multiple developed characters:-) reviewed November 4, 2006
Fatal Underestimation by headhoncho Action
A pretty good idea. There are some good elements in this that could have used a bit of polish.This movie could have benefitted with you taking it a bit more in-depth.Not that a movie needs to be long,... reviewed October 26, 2006
Solitude by Dulci Romance
I found myself somewhat torn after watching this. I am one of those people who feels that there are times when solitude is something that is needed,and even wanted and appreciated.Time with my own tho... reviewed October 23, 2006
Discovery by eyris Romance
Featured Review
I can't begin to describe how much I thoroughly enjoyed this! Just simply a wonderful film. I really enjoyed the back and forth narrative style.This is truely one of your best scripts Pegleg,I love it...
reviewed October 23, 2006
Halo (the demon) the beginning by benbobbil Sci-Fi
Really not bad for a first movie. It had a little suspense which helped,but I would like to have seen a little more development of the story.Even so,it was enjoyable anyways.If you had an ending with ... reviewed October 23, 2006
RAP- Freestylin for TMO by bufu0 Comedy
Well done! Your voice went perfectly along with the beat. I would like to have seen it a bit longer,but for the length it was still great:-) reviewed October 22, 2006
Vilma and Louise by pegleg Comedy
It's no secret(or it least it shouldn't be)that I love to watch old silent movies sometimes. The feeling of the movie is spot-on with the music,the authentic-looking dialogue screens,and the storyline... reviewed October 22, 2006
Destroy all clowns by legend51 Action
Featured Review
There is nothing like a good clown/mime slaughterama to brighten my day:-) A blast of sight and sound haha good job using all those mods and overlays.It's something to see how quickly you wrote such a...
reviewed October 22, 2006
CENSORED! (TM) by MrDeMillipede Comedy
It's like I've stumbled on an old Monty Python sketch that I somehow missed. Incredibly good idea,splendidly presented,mostly through the convincing voiceover work. It almost seems,in this day and age... reviewed October 22, 2006
In the Dead of Night The Beginning by Leora Action
An interesting mystery movie. So obsessed with finding answers to clues,yet clueless about her own life. Good storyline,with nicely done narrative dialogue.I would love to see this done with voiceover... reviewed October 21, 2006
Collateral by nightfire101 Action
Featured Review
Haha the woman at the beginning of the movie seemed to give her number out quite easily lol Nice job with the guy falling on the car scene.I like to see creative editing and prop useage. A good transl...
reviewed October 21, 2006
Susie the Librarian by Jenniza Comedy
Featured Review
Haha those dreaded evil non-returner of books! I guess those penalties of 25 cents a week for not returning a book aren't working...ATTACK! Welcome back:-)
reviewed October 21, 2006
Give Me Some Candy! by SilverStarlight Comedy
Haha this reminds me of when I was 13,and my older brother tried to force me to go trick or treating because he wanted candy.Believe it or not,I was never big on the stuff,I mostly went out for the fu... reviewed October 20, 2006
The Barman by farquad Action
Wow this guy has some serious issues! I like this.Its a little bit different,but its interesting because its told from his point of view,almost to the point of being sympathetic,but not. Interesting s... reviewed October 19, 2006
MOST XTREME HIGH SCHOOL -Preview- by sidy Action
Well I don't know how you will out-MOST XTREME your first one,but I'm sure you will find a always do! More sidy fun:-) reviewed October 19, 2006
Larry and Dwight as Security Guards by corinthian Comedy
! lol I feel safe in knowing that there are many more brave,highly-trained,alert security guards out there just as responsible as Larry and Dwight. Geniuses like these should get into politics. reviewed October 19, 2006
Bubbles (30 Seconds of Bliss) by ozman69 Comedy
Featured Review
lol little Timmy is back!And he gets an extra-special early Christmas gift this year haha:-) In my opinion,the best comedies are the ones that almost go too far,riding that razor-thin edge of acceptab...
reviewed October 19, 2006
All in vain by eyris Comedy
Featured Review
This movie is just as funny after the fifth time watching it as it was the first lol even though I of course knew what was coming:-) The reason is because its such a good idea,and also because you put...
reviewed October 19, 2006
Formula One by stokestudios Action
I curse you!! Wait that's not good enough... DAMN YOU I CURSE YOU!!!!! I can't take the pressure of all this overlay weight you are throwing on me,I'm about to give in. I think I may finally have to b... reviewed October 17, 2006
ALIENS EARTH HIVE 3 by hmrubicon Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Good stuff:-) A very enjoyable sci-fi saga.I can see that there was alot of work put into this.I like the robot VO,and the VO overall was done with necessary emotion. Nice custom work,it really makes ...
reviewed October 16, 2006
SCREW Part 1 by micha83 Sci-Fi
The 15 minutes just flew by. Excellent script.Very professional presentation.Extremely well done character development.Top-notch editing and camera work.Spectacular atmosphere.Great,smartly done but n... reviewed October 15, 2006
Scape Goat by JackRabbit Comedy
Featured Review
This is a very well done,smart satirical swipe at modern society. Once I fell into the groove of what you were doing with this movie,I got a real kick out of where you were going with this.I especiall...
reviewed October 15, 2006
The Drunken Master Season2 Trailer by bufu0 Comedy
I notice everyone has said this,but I'm sorry I have to say it too:The music is great.Well-suited to the movie.He is lucky he doesn't slip on any pidgeon-poop while he is drunkenly staggering on the r... reviewed October 15, 2006
Pumpkins Remake by Video_Capture Horror
I'm quite surprised that I liked this. Good use of the pumpkin prop,and I even got a laugh out of it:-) I like to see props used creatively. Good ending to cap it off:-) reviewed October 15, 2006
The Drunken Master - The Hangover VO edit by bufu0 Action
I remember this! There's just not enough blue and/or naked blue women in this lol fix it for the next part!This is my last warning!:-) Good music,especially the smurf music. Pretty good VO work.You al... reviewed October 14, 2006
Virus Part 1 by darthveno123 Sci-Fi
A good intro for your series. Don't be sorry for not having alot of action,I think it serves your overall story better by not rushing things,introducing characters,and developing the plot. The story i... reviewed October 14, 2006
robot pains by magic_school_bus Comedy
Who cares if it's ridiculous?Ok,some do[see below],but it still had enough to get me to chuckle,and I don't mind stuff that doesn't work in a goofy comedy because it adds to the overall goofiness. I w... reviewed October 14, 2006
sniper hitman by liam-speed Action
I liked the ending:-)although I would like to have seen it developed a bit more,just to give the scene a bit more of an impact.That would have bumped this one up a notch. Just the same,a good little flick:-) reviewed October 14, 2006
I Love Rock n Roll by SilverStarlight Romance
She reminds me of my high-school art teacher:-) aahhhh yes And on top of that,this was a popular song at around that time. Unfortunately for me,I didn't have this guy's luck though :-( Thanks for show... reviewed October 14, 2006
Its Personal Now by overl0rd Action
lol I like how he knows his priorities.After what they did to him and her,the #1 thing that pisses him off is that his favorite bar was burned down haha:-) This was a pretty good flick. Nicely structu... reviewed October 13, 2006
Mr Dirty Mr Tight - Das Battle by OlliEntertainment Comedy
Your movies always have some unique situations and are like a fun ride. Some great dialogue,fantastic custom work,and an overall funny flick.I got a kick out of the ridiculous taxi quiz lol and the go... reviewed October 12, 2006
The Good Old Days by eyris Romance
I love this little movie:-) It really is something different than anything I've seen on TMO. Your use of images to explain the story,just as those silent movies did,is done very well. I noticed where ... reviewed October 12, 2006
City Life by sisch Romance
Featured Review
Hey I enjoyed this very much! I found myself thinking,"I wonder what they are saying,and doing,and thinking?" But it didn't really matter.Life goes on no matter what they say,or do,or think.Does any o...
reviewed October 11, 2006
Stolen Death - Teaser by sisch Sci-Fi
Interestingly done teaser.Nicely put together. Just enough to get me interested in what is to come.A four part project,very ambitious:-) reviewed October 11, 2006
Nunchuck by STXFilms Comedy
Featured Review
Hahaha lol:-) I'm not laughing at your movie,I'm laughing at Irish_Scorpion's review lol!Riveting!lol Anyways,you get 4 because of his insightful review,your line in the movie "Oooo.Boobehs".,and the ...
reviewed October 11, 2006
The Black Ninja by snipeyman Action
lol that guy must have 9 lives.Shot once with a machine gun,once with a shot gun,and even stabbed in the chest...and he still feels good enough to walk on home as if he just had a nice walk in the par... reviewed October 11, 2006
INTRUDERS by snipeyman Sci-Fi
lol this was cruising for 4 stars,but I got a laugh at the end.You just gotta love an alien with a sense of humor,even after his entire crew and ship have been wiped out lol.I would like to have seen ... reviewed October 11, 2006
My Last Days by snipeyman Action
Haha those cops are kinda renegade the way they do their stuff. Some good action.I liked some of the freecam work,good use of scenes and lighting to create some atmosphere,and overall it was an intere... reviewed October 11, 2006
A Second B Movie! by dhanbhandari59 Comedy
Whoa!What happened at the end?lol This could be the absolute worst(best)B-movie yet haha:-) I got a kick out of the enthusiastic voiceover work.Good fake foreign language work. This was just so bad it... reviewed October 11, 2006
DOGS ARE INDESTRUCTIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!! 2 by TheTomas Comedy
Almost as good as the first.It gets harder to find scenes to use for something like this after you've used so many I bet.Still,there was some more good nuttiness here,and the music fit the goofy atmos... reviewed October 11, 2006
DOGS ARE INDESTUCTIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by TheTomas Comedy
lol very good:-) I love stuff like this,and I especially like your over-use of the dog prop in this flick.I like using props in my movies too,but especially dogs and sometimes horses in unusual situat... reviewed October 11, 2006
Battle Of The Seasons by moviemuffin Action
Cat fight! lol if you had them kiss and make up at the end,or at least had them fighting in bikinis,you would have gotten 5:-) Maybe for the Fall vs. Spring swimsuit edition fight?:-) reviewed October 11, 2006
Youth Springs by lukeh1127 Horror
Haha who knew old people were so dangerous?Well,I know the ones with those motorized carts are dangerous,but the old people here were more deadly lol A good take on the usual zombie flicks. I liked th... reviewed October 11, 2006
The Living Dead Trailer by arnold1 Horror
Haha it sounds like a cow. I got a laugh from that so you get 4 stars lol reviewed October 11, 2006
Bunnys on a Train the movie by funkitastic Comedy
Featured Review
Better than Snakes On a Plane lol Ok,I admit,I haven't seen Snakes On a Plane.Can you blame me for not wanting to watch a movie with such a stupid name and idea? There was some pretty funny stuff here...
reviewed October 11, 2006
DettoAngry HashBrown(Music Video) by pickleking Comedy
You know,this is really crazy stuff,but with that weird but oddly amusing music it really worked nicely here:-) I like the insertion of a line from Pink Floyd,and the whole thing is just one funky tri... reviewed October 9, 2006
The Random Film 2!!!!!! by dhanbhandari59 Comedy
Very good:-) The title says it all,almost. Some nice editing,and creative use of scenes.I also enjoyed the custom music and the interesting voicovers. You deserve more reviews. Nicely done:-) reviewed October 9, 2006
No Greater Fury by Throwaxe Action
Maybe some people will not like the nude shots,but you can be absolutely sure that I'm not one of them:-) Very very good custom work.Seamlessly smooth editing to bring this all together,and a good mod... reviewed October 9, 2006
MuscleBound by cd3141 Action
Your movies have a gritty style totally unique to TMO.Gritty action,and even gritty comedy lol The fire-fight action sequences are put together so well.Pure chaotic in-your-face out of control gritty ... reviewed October 9, 2006
Winter My Secret by pegleg Romance
There is something about these movies that really direct my mind in a different direction.As I watch,the squeaky gears in my mind feel like they are being lubricated by the words and images being deli... reviewed October 9, 2006
Human Intent by jamous Sci-Fi
I am reminded on how much I enjoyed this movie when I originally watched it. The music is just awesome and it really suits the atmosphere of this sci-fi gem. The scenes of the ship in space,along with... reviewed October 9, 2006
The Good Old Days by eyris Romance
Featured Review
This was great:-) I didn't want it to end,honest! I got a good laugh out of this lol that lazy bum husband epitomizes the way men were in those days. The black & white film and the music worked very ...
reviewed October 9, 2006
CD3141 RETURNS ANNOUCEMENT by cd3141 Action
LOL I was just plunking around the site,and I decided to pop by your former former studio page.I must have a 6th sense. Big surprise I must say,but awesome to see you are returning. This promo flick i... reviewed October 8, 2006
Mira by SilverStarlight Romance
I find my life now is simpler than when I was a teenager.I wouldn't go back,unless I could take my money and possessions with me haha:-) This guy seems to have a knack for saying the wrong thing,and i... reviewed October 8, 2006
Knights of the single table 2 by axecinema Comedy
I could never get enough of innuendo humor,and this is just peppered with subtle yet hilariously delivered lines which continually pay off lol:-) Great VO work by all. I love the forest maiden costume... reviewed October 7, 2006
Blood and Guts by StokeStudios Action
Being a bit of a history nut,something like this interests me greatly. I like the idea of using this audio clip,turning it into a movie,and adding actual pictures to it.Nice job putting this together:... reviewed October 7, 2006
GOD HAND -The Movie- by sidy Action
Featured Review
I don't know the game,but if your movie is any indication,it must be fun to watch lol:-) Your movies are in a class all their own,and this one was a sight and sound extravaganza.Great,no,Superb FX,esp...
reviewed October 5, 2006
The Singles Show by legend51 Comedy
Just plain bloody hilarious! You never fail to entertain,but you somehow went to another level with this flick. Having the subdued and stuffy Henry in this movie is very smart,because his "normalcy" r... reviewed October 5, 2006
Almost Human - Chapter 2 by Tahndur Sci-Fi
A good continuation. I view this as a transitional segment of the show. Nice job,once again,in putting together some rather difficult sequences to match the audio. Good place to end this segment.A goo... reviewed October 5, 2006
Almost Human - Chapter 1 by Tahndur Sci-Fi
I've heard many old radio broadcasts.Some seem hoaky,while others are good but rather out-dated.This particular broadcast is excellent just to listen to,but I have to hand it to you with the nice work... reviewed October 5, 2006
Seeing Red part 2 by eyris Romance
And sci-fi!lol I was going to put that in my last review,but then I thought,naww,that's not you got me:-) I liked where you took this.Very strange but also entertaining storyline,and it a... reviewed October 4, 2006
Seeing Red by eyris Romance
I loved it:-) Excellent use of music.It sets the mood perfectly. You definitely know how to tell a story without rushing it,and your use of scenes to tell the story when there is no dialogue is very w... reviewed October 4, 2006
Zimbabwe Bardoe The Funky PI Pt 3 by freddymurphy Comedy
Haha:-)I like the non-kiss head-bump:-) Hung is actually a likeable bad guy,to me at least.A good goofy villain. Its actually good that Bardoe is still on the prowl.Imagine all those great pickup line... reviewed October 4, 2006
Loved and Lost by eyris Action
This movie is almost dreamlike to a degree,open to some interpretation,but not to the point of incoherence like a dream can be. You paint an interesting picture of someone who seems to be fighting an ... reviewed October 3, 2006
Not Another Zombie Movie 3 by thejoe8pizza Comedy
Featured Review
You had some good ideas in this movie.The Christmas tree bits are pretty good:-),especially the end one,although both those bits could use some polish to really make them shine. Overall some interesti...
reviewed October 3, 2006
Cold revenge - teaser by axecinema Action
lol I decided to check on your original version,only to discover that this preview is one second longer than the actual original movie:-) I guess it's a safe bet that you've built a bit more of a stor... reviewed October 3, 2006
Threefold by eyris Romance
Nicely done:-) The music really seemed to send me back to another time as I watched this.An interesting story and it appears Gran was right:-) Good use of period costumes.I would really love to have s... reviewed October 2, 2006
Bananaphone by ThePunisher99 Comedy
What a fun goofy little movie:-) The look of it was odd just like the song.Nice use of mods and some nifty editing to bring this one together. Good nutty fun:-) reviewed October 2, 2006
Ministry of silly voices by legend51 Comedy
lol not only voices,but even some short bits of singing:-) A funny collection of characters and their nutty voices. How many people release 16 or 17 mini-movies at once like you did here?lol:-) reviewed October 2, 2006
Shadow Reaver - Episode 2 by morris101 Horror
Featured Review
Are you sure you aren't a professional script writer/movie maker? Where do I start with this one?The story is incredibly mesmerizing. I don't think I could possibly overstate how good this movie is.Yo...
reviewed October 1, 2006
Chicken Experiment 20 by evilguy12 Comedy
Featured Review
This is like alot of the movies from the early days of TMO. Just straight forward goofy fun and ridiculous situations.For me there is nothing wrong with that at all.I enjoyed it because of its simplic...
reviewed October 1, 2006
off schedule by magic_school_bus Comedy
Ohhhh soooooo tragic! lol! Why did I laugh?Why am I still laughing? I guess the evil little devil comedian on my left shoulder will always win over the good little angel comedian on my right shoulder ... reviewed October 1, 2006
Minor by evilguy12 Horror
Featured Review
I imagine making this was a good way to release some emotion.I could sort of feel that as I watched.The opening sequences seem to relate a state of confusion.The quick-cuts,panning around,and blurry-l...
reviewed October 1, 2006
Mean Beanz by morris101 Comedy
Featured Review
Well there goes my idea about making a movie about a fartomic bomb explosion! lol Oh well,it's always nice to know that others find this sort of thing funny,but even nicer to know that others will als...
reviewed October 1, 2006
Avengement by Loyd2000 Action
Featured Review
Extremely well put together. Everything flowed by so smoothly,and your incorporation of all the necessary elements needed to grab the viewer's attention was clearly evident. Smart use of the required ...
reviewed October 1, 2006
Big Balls by SilverStarlight Comedy
Featured Review
:-D! I just logged in and was plunking around to see if there is anything new when I happened to stumble onto your Big Balls haha:-) Nice to see another weekend special,featuring one of my favorite he...
reviewed September 30, 2006
Assassin for hire by legend51 Action
Hahaha man oh man this guy loves his job almost as much as I love rating your movies:-) That guy will do anything(ugh)to get his man lol I shudder to think what may have happened... You are the master... reviewed September 29, 2006
Mr Dirty Mr Tight - Befehl von Oben by OlliEntertainment Comedy
lol I like the end:-) Very good VO work,and I especially liked God:-) If this had German subtitles I would have understood most,but still what I did understand was fun and I did get a kick out of the ... reviewed September 27, 2006
Fatal Experiment by Newdaff Sci-Fi
Even though I knew what was coming,it was still a fun movie to watch. The overall concept is pretty good,and it is somewhat reminiscent of The Twilight Zone or Outer Limits. I applaud your attempt to ... reviewed September 27, 2006
Donna Kebab - VO Edition by pearsonhouse Romance
Haha nicely put together:-) A good little story,and an original idea for TMO. If I had made this,a giant-sized Kebab would have been born and they would have named it Kebob:-) reviewed September 27, 2006
Throvex by elizabethsusan Comedy
A clever and sickeningly hilarious idea lol Are you sure this isn't a real tv ad?:-) Anyways,I still find her to be very attractive.Can I have her number?:-) reviewed September 27, 2006
Two Birds with One Stone - Nina Prologue by Dulci Romance
Featured Review
I watched this version second to Nick's prologue,although I didn't rate either until I watched both.Back and forth I went,and now I have watched this one for the second time:-) Having done this,it gav...
reviewed September 27, 2006
Two Birds with One Stone - Nick Prologue by pegleg Romance
Featured Review
I must confess,before I wrote this review,I went and watched Nina'a prologue directly after,and then I came back here and watched this one again. I was intrigued by the overall storyline and I couldn'...
reviewed September 27, 2006
PACMAN FAN!! by makrim83 Comedy
Featured Review
This is just so dopey and ridiculous that I had to laugh:-) The best thing about this movie though is that it didn't cost me 25 cents like it did in 1983 lol:-)
reviewed September 27, 2006
The Clucky Cluck Show by corpsehereproductions Comedy
Featured Review
LOL! What the heck happened to you since the last time I was here?:-)Have you lost it or something?The Clucky head spinning like that made me feel I was watching The Kentucky Fried Exorcist hahaha:-)...
reviewed September 25, 2006
Love At First Write - VO Edition by pearsonhouse Romance
I give you credit for tackling something which not many do on this site. This is just a slice of life little movie that is well-presented.It has a nice easy flow to it and it never gets dull,mainly be... reviewed September 25, 2006
Dead Beats 2 by Loyd2000 Comedy
Well I've seen pert 3,and part 1,so who knows what the heck I'm doing?I certainly don't. Anyways,this was just plain weird and maybe even a little bit warped.Somehow this all made sense to me.I do get... reviewed September 25, 2006
Infinite Nightmare by Newdaff Horror
Very smartly done.I love the idea,and you pulled this one off nicely. Is this really your first movie?Even if it isn't this is very good,but if it is then I congratulate you on this.I enjoyed it. I do... reviewed September 25, 2006
Irony (30 Seconds of Bliss) by ozman69 Comedy
Featured Review
Let me see now: 267 days 6,408 hours 384,480 minutes 23,068,800 seconds(give or take a few) Thats how long we've had to wait since your last movie.Its about time!! Now,that translates into about 768,...
reviewed September 25, 2006
The American Revolution! REMIX by Majicman182 Comedy
Featured Review
This is just so wrong wrong wrong but thats what I like about it lol This film is funnier than any Martin Lawrence film I've seen haha I overlook alot when I watch movies,so its very difficult to offe...
reviewed September 24, 2006
H-U-M-A-N by pearsonhouse Comedy
Haha:-)Nice job twisting the world upside down,or sideways,or inside out or whatever you did with it lol Funny take on obsevational humor,and I liked the bit about the small floppy:-) I was however wa... reviewed September 24, 2006
Knights Of The Single Table by axecinema Comedy
This is really a riot! I absolutely love the innuendo,and it just never stops coming. Really funny characters brought to life with perfectly fitting VO work. Just put together so nicely. It is a shame... reviewed September 24, 2006
drinking crap by magic_school_bus Comedy
Not as good as he expected it to be huh?lol I hafta say,that horse bit is right up my alley,humor-wise I mean lol Another in a long line of MSB oddball funny flicks:-) reviewed September 23, 2006
A Cellar Inside - International Edition by Aoimtxvzlmser Horror
Featured Review
A thoroughly entertaining story. You did a real fine job in character development.The grandpa character is a mysteriously sinister bad-guy. I liked how you had an homage of sorts by having a segment o...
reviewed September 23, 2006
How to Custom -music and sound effect- by sidy Comedy
Sidy you know I like your style. This is a great "How To" guide for those who would like to expand their horizons and make their movies more exciting. Your examples on how much better a scene works wi... reviewed September 23, 2006
I Know What Boys Like by SilverStarlight Comedy
Yes I believe you know,that fact is evident here:-) I like the tune alot.Its quite amusing,but what makes it come alive is your teasing scenes throughout the movie.Its not nice to tease! Ok,yes it is,... reviewed September 22, 2006
The Land Of Oz by axecinema Comedy
Not really a comedy,but it was an enjoyable film to watch,and thats the bottom line with me really. All the VO work was done well,with the exception of one which was muffled. To me,this is like watchi... reviewed September 21, 2006
Fresh Sneakers by SilverStarlight Comedy
lol its a good thing I've never used that tune in a movie:-) Out of all the movies I've made,and even all the ideas for movies I haven't made yet,I have not and cannot envision any moment where I woul... reviewed September 20, 2006
The Angels of Mons by slarner Action
This was cruising for a 3 star,but I must admit,I couldn't help but laugh at the skeletons and angels.I read your about section beforehand but still,it just struck me funny as the zombie-like skeleton... reviewed September 20, 2006
Autkhamun by StokeStudios Romance
Sure I don't see every movie out there,but I must say your overlay work is the best I've seen on this site.The opening title sequence is just such a treat.You almost make me want to do overlays...*mus... reviewed September 19, 2006
The Meddling Inspector by legend51 Comedy
The garbage can bit is such a great idea lol loved that. You know how to get the most out of even the most mundane scenes,and I especially liked your treatment of the door-chase sequence. I was glad y... reviewed September 19, 2006
THE BIG HIT by sidy Action
Your movies are always a joy to watch. Always fun.Always entertaining.Always original ideas.Always top-notch special effects,music,and editing. Its always worth my time to drop by here and watch your ... reviewed September 18, 2006
Shadow Reaver - The Beginning by Morris101 Horror
This is an absolutely awesome movie. The story is put together so well. Some great use of mods,camera angles,sets,and sounds,like in the creative way you showed his revenge dismembement of the scumbag... reviewed September 18, 2006
In the Pines by SilverStarlight Romance
Featured Review
You are the reigning Queen of Music Video movies. The look of the film fit the mood of the music well.You tell your stories with ease but also with a real flare,and I know I've said this before,but yo...
reviewed September 18, 2006
Castaways - walkthrough by Jenniza Action
An interesting idea.Do I understand your "about" section correctly?You,along with others,performed a theater production in an online game?lol that alone to me is funny,but also interesting. Then you m... reviewed September 18, 2006
Red Horizon part I by big_fart Action
This movie is quite unlike other TMO sci-fi movies. I like the idea of creating something that is a possible vision into our own future. The opening sequence leading to the first conversation scene is... reviewed September 18, 2006
The Lost One Part Five by Franklinjake Action
A great continuation. This series has a very good intricate plot,and it is full of ideas that are both interesting and thought-provoking. Excellent. reviewed September 14, 2006
The Lost One Part Four by Franklinjake Action
An interesting twist to the story.I was curious where you were going to go with this. An enjoyable story.Things seem to be developing Stephen King-like in some ways. reviewed September 14, 2006
a grill by undertaker13 Comedy
Featured Review
lol this is just so weird.I wonder if this was originally a game-made movie,and you altered it with some added scenes.Whatever the case,the ending was what ultimately drove this up to a 5 star.It's ju...
reviewed September 14, 2006
Political Wars (Trailer) by undertaker13 Comedy
Featured Review
Haha I hope to see more of the political-types beating the crap out of each other in the full movie. It doesn't matter who wins,as long as they all beat each other senseless:-)
reviewed September 14, 2006
The Player Gets Played by jamous Comedy
Ahh what a tangled web of deception.I was just wondering who was the one who would finally get stuck in it:-) A splendid film that had me guessing who was really the player and who was going to ultima... reviewed September 13, 2006
Ending by SilverStarlight Romance
Featured Review
There was two ways to go with this,well maybe 3 ways,but you chose to be nice to them and not let them suffer their self-tormenting ways.How many of us have done what they did I wonder? Looking back a...
reviewed September 13, 2006
The first job by QUILONGMON Comedy
lol I have wondered about people who have a jobs like that.A thankless job,even alot of little kids are afraid of you.Now if this was about a person dressed as a mime and I was there,I would have felt... reviewed September 13, 2006
Reaper Mans Return by Loyd2000 Horror
Featured Review
Excellent job with this one. The story had a real flow,partly because it was obviously well thought-out,but also because I noticed that you used the blue-screen and stage sets creatively to make the t...
reviewed September 12, 2006
Goodbye TMO by Onirele Romance
I have a rule when it comes to posting on TMO forums: Don't. Its a self imposed ban of sorts lol:-) Good luck to ya:-) reviewed September 12, 2006
Random Rants and Babble by legend51 Comedy
Yes it does exactly what it says on the tin and more. This is like a few short funny movies all rolled into one,and with Harry taking his shots in between the segments,well that just made it all the b... reviewed September 12, 2006
Which Way by StokeStudios Romance
I like the opening title sequences,they look sharp. Really though,and you probably have seen me comment about this before,but I could never find fault with a movie that has girl on girl action lol:-) ... reviewed September 10, 2006
Zimbabwe Bardoe The Funky PI pt 2 by freddymurphy Comedy
Featured Review
Haha a reality show.How could she! Willie Hung lol you probably know I like plays on words like that:-)not to mention Daddy Stokes and Peg,nice touch. Some good cheesy funky dialogue,and the story is ...
reviewed September 6, 2006
Look And Listen by SilverStarlight Romance
Featured Review
How good can a movie be that has no voiceover?Well this is one of the best I've seen. Three straight great movies,all of which deserve to be in my current favorites list...but if I put all your films ...
reviewed September 6, 2006
Cop Squad by Dulci Comedy
I had alot of fun watching this:-) The voiceovers were entertaining throughout and the dead-pan delivery of some of the jokes was spot-on. I had the choice of watching this or Jay Leno's monologue.I m... reviewed September 6, 2006
Perception by Dulci Romance
Interesting idea.Well presented. What can I say that hasn't been said already?The message is clear,despite what the clowns say.They want everything spelled out for them so they don't have to use any b... reviewed September 6, 2006
Faking it by legend51 Comedy
Holy friggin' lol! You are the king of comedy rants,except this was more a rant of surrendering to forces of which you know we cannot possibly win against:-) Just too funny,but so true. reviewed September 4, 2006
A Cry by axecinema Horror
A great idea to take this to a different level. Something of a more psychological view of someone dealing with the turmoil within. I think you did a fine job in transforming your original movie into s... reviewed September 2, 2006
Dulce et Decorum Est by Morris101 Action
Featured Review
Riveting. There's a word I don't think I've ever used to describe a movie,but it was the first word that popped into my head as the movie ended. You truly did a masterful job in editing,and the music ...
reviewed September 1, 2006
Pimpin aint easy by legend51 Comedy
lol funny tune:-) Sort of a musical glimpse into a pimp's life.Its hard work,but somebody's got to do it lol I like the ending:-) Well put together,especially considering you did it so quickly. Also,5... reviewed September 1, 2006
Antoshka by SilverStarlight Comedy
lol I dont know why,but I always have to laugh when I hear the real hard head-banger heavy metal music.Its something to do with the satanic style of singing I think hahaha:-)But this music goes beyond... reviewed September 1, 2006
The Midnight Chopper payback by dudewithnomoney Horror
Much different than the first.I think the first one was more a thinking man's horror movie,at least the first portion.This one was a little less so,but it still worked in its own way.I would like to h... reviewed September 1, 2006
the midnight chopper by dudewithnomoney Horror
lol it appears the Chopper really enjoys his job:-) This is a pretty good horror flick.Interesting setup in dealing with his dead wife,and his attempts to rid himself of the memory of what had happene... reviewed September 1, 2006
Money Shot by SilverStarlight Romance
Featured Review
Loved it! Some excellent editing.Smart smart camera angles to give the viewer a different perspective,visually and mentally,on what the scene is about. I love to see people use the camera angles,props...
reviewed September 1, 2006
Switch Hitler by mildheadwound Comedy
lol I think Hitler's charred remains are rolling over in a tin box in the Kremlin's cellar hahaha:-) I think that you should change your name to Majorheadwound lol because that would go a long ways in... reviewed September 1, 2006
Reconciliation A Western Story by koolteenm Romance
See,this is the difference between you and me.You like happy happy endings,and I like twisted happy endings lol I found it funny that he was to be hung just for knocking a bartender unconscious.What a... reviewed August 30, 2006
The Phantom of the Graveyard by koolteenm Horror
Hi:-) Nice to see you are making movies again. This movie starts off pretty good,I like thew look of it.But unfortunately it really doesn't develop any reason for whats happening.I never really find m... reviewed August 30, 2006
Dead Inside by legend51 Horror
Interesting to see a serious film from you. This is one of those films where I ask myself,"What would I do?" Even so,its hard for me to really imagine myself in that position.The actions that one pers... reviewed August 28, 2006
Geordies in Time 2 Horse and Carting by legend51 Comedy
I don't think I could ever get enough of these two characters.They are loads of fun and always have some good one-liners lol I like to see scenes used in such a way as to make the most of them,like in... reviewed August 28, 2006
Christina and Dante by pegleg Romance
I am impressed at your ability to put together such a nicely structured,smartly done movie so quickly. Your use of the sets and backdrops,in conjuction with the props,lighting,camera work and music,an... reviewed August 28, 2006
CD3141 STUDIO UPDATE by cd3141 Horror
lol I was surprised to see a movie posted here.I have your website in my favorites list,so I don't normally pop by here.I actually just came by to see if you had posted any info on your now former stu... reviewed August 27, 2006
IRL The Teen Years by SilverStarlight Comedy
Haha I like this:-) This sort of thing goes on all the time in families,and you did it in such a way that it was quite funny.Even the car scene where the radio is babbling on about something boring wa... reviewed August 26, 2006
Amos Moses by SilverStarlight Comedy
lol that old dude has spent too many years in his shack down on the Bayou eating crazed derned 'ornery swamp rats and washing them down with countless gallons of Uncle Cletus's hot-damned rootin' toot... reviewed August 26, 2006
No Thank You John by pegleg Romance
Wow Really WOW You really really have a knack for stories that rip your heart out. I feel for the guy,and the way you presented the sad state of his life is quite moving.The poem is quite heartless,an... reviewed August 26, 2006
Cold Hearted by 02PARSIM Sci-Fi
A great movie 02 The idea is one of your best.From beginning to end it was entertaining,and even a bit thought-provoking. One thing I would like to have seen done better though is the ending dialogue ... reviewed August 24, 2006
The Driving Instructor by Morris101 Comedy
lol I wonder now.Have you ever been a driving instructor?:-) This movie almost seemed to be a way to vent your frustrations hahaha well done:-) Tense yet funny take on those poor buggers who decided t... reviewed August 24, 2006
Condom Man by Morris101 Action
Hahahahahahahahaha lol Hahahahahahahahaha! I hope this... wait Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!! I hope this dude has learned a valuable lesson. Great wrapper lol make sure you read it people haha:-) reviewed August 24, 2006
Geordies in time Prologue by legend51 Comedy
Its great to see Gaz and Mad John back:-) The only two stupid enough to do it lol well now that they are there,will they find their way out of the saloon? I like the idea of the Geordie dominated futu... reviewed August 24, 2006
So Here I Am by mixmasterfestus Horror
Unfortunately,for any one of us who does the right thing when faced with situations that could have a profound impact on others,whether the effect has catastrophic consequences or not,there is always ... reviewed August 23, 2006
Oh Its On Funk Shinkon Kerabuyu by mixmasterfestus Comedy
You are a talented Mother Funker lol You have a unique style.Custom work that rivals anybody's on this site. Simply excellent. reviewed August 23, 2006
Dead Beats by Loyd2000 Comedy
Featured Review
That was just plain goofy and stupid lol(I like goofy and stupid) I liked the use of actual clips for VO,they added a certain oddball funny element to the situations you used them in:-) This is a movi...
reviewed August 22, 2006
Reaper Man by Loyd2000 Horror
lol I think its the old-style hockey mask.Something about those things that makes those nutjob psycho killers invincible:-)I had one of those when I was a kid haha(don't worry,I don't have it anymore:... reviewed August 22, 2006
A Crap Movie Too Far! by Morris101 Comedy
You just simply can't go wrong with Benny Hill music:-) Crap can actually turn out to be good if its done right...or does it need to be done wrong to be good?Ahh well,this was actually well-done and p... reviewed August 22, 2006
Angie Baby (Music Video) by Morris101 Romance
Hey this was excellent. Skillfully done editing to match the words of the song.Nice use of camera angles to give the expected perspective as I would envision the song is describing.You could not have ... reviewed August 22, 2006
Olli Yeah! by maxleaf Comedy
lol BF your singing sucks!I can't get the damned thing out of my head! Oh please help me reviewed August 20, 2006
HOLY BLOOD II(draco the vampyre)! by alfric Horror
Featured Review
Wow,I think the long-winded review by RonH is much too harsh.So you used mods and music etc etc made by other people,who cares?Its how those mods are used by the person who makes the film that matters...
reviewed August 20, 2006
Funk dont fail me now! by alfric Action
A fun Funky film:-) I liked the fight sequences interspersed between the dance sequences.Some nice editing between the two,and it was like watching a funky-fightin' action film and a jiving groovy dan... reviewed August 19, 2006
Ultimate ninja by Sheelba Comedy
Ohh man lol You know,I wasn't sure what to expect,having seen your other serious movies. I think its hilarious that the first part of the movie was so serious and sombre as it pulls you in a direction... reviewed August 19, 2006
Dont Funk with me by pegleg Action
A day in the life of a Master in the art of Funk Fu,circa 1972:-) Funk Fu.What a great play on words,and you probably know I love that sort of thing.Here is where it started people. Speaking of Funk ... reviewed August 18, 2006
Chicken Experment 10 by evilguy12 Comedy
This really isn't a 5 star movie by most people's standards I think,and I understand that because it could use some work,but I liked how you said it might be rubbish in your about section,and it actua... reviewed August 17, 2006
The Lost One Part Three by Franklinjake Action
I'm enjoying the story as it unfolds and I'm curious about this power. You have created a nice easy flow in the way you tell the story and it makes for good viewing.You deserve full credit for develop... reviewed August 16, 2006
worker clone by magic_school_bus Comedy
1.The idea is ridiculous 2.The story is ridiculous 3.The characters are ridiculous 4.You are ridiculous 5 Stars! reviewed August 16, 2006
Zimbabwe Bardoe The Funky PI by freddymurphy Comedy
Featured Review
This funky bro needs to work on his stuff lol Gettin' brushed-off by that hot dish on the street just aint cuttin' it. Good music placement.I actually would like to have heard more of the opening tune...
reviewed August 16, 2006
Der Alltag - Everyday Life by heuser7719 Comedy
Featured Review
Yes you are right! What's with men anyways?They are all the sa....ummm HEY!Wait a minute! lol this was very good:-) I liked the choice of music.Kinda goofy and it fits the theme very well. I agree wit...
reviewed August 15, 2006
Monkey Bombs by big_fart Comedy
An historical masterpiece of fine cinema,accented by a rich storyline,and highlighted with an epic,almost neo-classical musical score which enveloped and enriched my soul,thereby enlightening my very ... reviewed August 14, 2006
Chicken Wars IV A knew Pope by helo862 Horror
I'm curious.What happened to episodes 1 thru 3?:-) This made no sense(a good thing haha)because if it did,I would seriously need to seek professional help lol reviewed August 13, 2006
ALIENS EARTH HIVE 2 by hmrubicon Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Very nicely done. Good use of scenes and I noticed the little touches,like even the smallest of added sounds were used to help develop the atmosphere.I like it when the extra effort like that is put i...
reviewed August 13, 2006
SupaDupa Dude by legend51 Comedy
A naive super(sort of)hero haha:-) I like the name.It has a good ring to it.This dude would make a good addition to the X-Men...they need someone to do their laundry for them:-) Great(unseen)scene seq... reviewed August 13, 2006
vision of death by magic_school_bus Comedy
lol I like the lapdance line. Strange set of circumstances.I found it odd how he left her,even while knowing what he believed would happen.What a dope haha:-) I'm curious about the scene near the end.... reviewed August 12, 2006
Film On - An Olli Dedication movie by pegleg Comedy
Featured Review
So is this becoming a Pegleg tradition:A new movie every Saturday?:-) Nice thought to do this.I'm sure he will appreciate it. Heres to you all.A fine group of people indeed:-)
reviewed August 12, 2006
DOOM LEGION Doom Robot by kingpengvin Comedy
Hmm,I seem to be going backwards.Oh well. Great atmosphere,again highlighted by the VO work. A few less laughs overall compared to your latest,but I can't deny the overall enjoyment to be had from the... reviewed August 12, 2006
Toro-Again! by evilguy12 Action
This was an odd movie,with the strange selection of scenes.But it seemed to work somehow.Some the the action scenes having those slapstick comedy scenes mixed in,and some intertwined quick-chopped des... reviewed August 12, 2006
D L grand theft larceny of doom by kingpengvin Comedy
This is a very well done,underappreciated movie. What I really liked about this was the quality VO work,and the non-stop breakneck speed at which this story moved along.Never a dull moment. Alot of fu... reviewed August 11, 2006
One Night Out by axecinema Comedy
lol That place looks familiar:-) As far as kids watching this goes,I would have been quite happy if I could have watched this when I was a kid,rather than "reading" magazines haha.Just look at how we... reviewed August 10, 2006
Funky Bit(e)s by sisch Horror
Featured Review
Guys might like it? lol there was girl on girl action,what more can I ask for?(other than include me in the fun):-) Actually,there was more than that surprisingly.I enjoyed this from start to finish,b...
reviewed August 9, 2006
Robinson Looso - Part 4 by OlliEntertainment Comedy
I would like to have seen the previous episodes. Looks like a fun island to be stranded on:-) The only thing missing is the women.Maybe you will accomodate my request for episode 5?:-)How about a whol... reviewed August 9, 2006
They Are by corpsehereproductions Horror
A very good continuation. Nicely done story development.The VO work is much better in this one. I like the idea of swapping the words in the title for this sequel.I just wonder,if you make a part 3,wh... reviewed August 8, 2006
Are They by corpsehereproductions Horror
Featured Review
Well done. Nice work with the custom titles. An enjoyable zombie flick.The second track hip-hop music didn't quite work for me,but the rest was awesome and atmospheric.Good clear VO,although in places...
reviewed August 8, 2006
ALIENS Earth Hive 1 by hmrubicon Sci-Fi
I really think you have vastly improved stylistically and from a technical standpoint over your last movies,although thats not what always makes a movie enjoyable for me. Something I rarely complain a... reviewed August 6, 2006
May the best man die by Vicodin_ES Action
For me this was just lighthearted goofy fun,not to be taken seriously.For your first attempt at VOs they were pretty good.You actually have a good GI sounding voice. I do find it funny how clowns like... reviewed August 6, 2006
Funkalicious by Dulci Romance
Can I ASSume by that ENDing that one of those scary dudes came to his senses and realized there was a hot funky woman in the room with them? lol Those dudes scared me.But I guess I shouldn't complain ... reviewed August 6, 2006
Cold Hearted (Trailer) by 02PARSIM Sci-Fi
Interesting idea. This movie looks like it could really be something as it delves deep into the human psyche...through the mind of a robot. Will this be more Terminator or Bladerunner?Or a combo of bo... reviewed August 5, 2006
Star Trek 2 Next Generation by cd3141 Sci-Fi wait LOL! How did I not stumble on this sooner?Thank Legend51 and Franklinjake for bringing this to my attention with their films. Damn I love this better than the real thing.A bunch of bada... reviewed August 5, 2006
A Man Down by Franklinjake Action
Featured Review
I agree with the sentiment,and although I've not seen his movies up to this point in time,I understand why others are upset about this.It irks me even though I've not seen the film. Nice gesture from ...
reviewed August 5, 2006
false advertising by magic_school_bus Comedy
I think the absurdity of this movie could be lost on some people.I found the whole premise rather amusing.I liked the "big bottom" comment.I thought he was going to pay for that comment,but in keeping... reviewed August 5, 2006
Enter the Funk by pegleg Action
I feel like I was virtually transported with my first class ticket into this funky ride lol That dude in the black shirt looks a bit like me,and with the groove beat train moving full steam ahead it w... reviewed August 5, 2006
Lionhead behind The Movies by legend51 Comedy
You have a real talent for getting your point across.This is,without a doubt,the best rant movie you've done,and that says something. Wobblebottom lol there are some really funny parts to this,but rea... reviewed August 5, 2006
Zacherl Einfach reimen Part 3 by mr-vinni93 Comedy
lol I was hoping to see an elephant porno haha;-) As always,good rhymes:-) reviewed August 5, 2006
Zacherl u Jacko- Lost in the Wild Wild West by mr-vinni93 Comedy
Haha a Sudarabischenhochgebirgskafer...would like to have seen that one. lol your rhymes are always world-class disgustingly hilarious:-) Jacko's are really bad though,he is a real lame-o lol Lots of ... reviewed August 5, 2006
Dawson Saw by StokeStudios Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Excellent. The unusual setting for a story like this,combined with the solid selection of music really sets this one apart for me.Its not enough to get probed I guess lol I can only imagine whats in s...
reviewed August 5, 2006
Ashley Porter Diamond Anniversary by suedenim Action
Enough with the stagecoach fightin' scene already!lol actually I loved that,especially when it got really absurd in being part of a sci-fi. This was quite entertaining,not unlike watching a biography.... reviewed August 4, 2006
A Cowboy Classic by Kabouter Action
Featured Review
I enjoyed this.The music was well chosen and its simple,as it was for alot of those films,and it worked well here. One thing I would like to have seen is some cut-screens with dialogue.Not subs,but ac...
reviewed August 3, 2006
My Holiday to Hawaii by AlexDV Comedy
Featured Review
A 4 star movie,but a 5 star idea.Yes I'm a soft rater,but I give you credit for doing something I haven't seen yet. At first I thought you could have built this up more,but then I thought maybe this b...
reviewed August 3, 2006
TORN by -XM- Romance
I can only imagine what it would be like to have something like that ripping its way towards me and my neighbors. I'm very lucky the worst we ever get is a bit of snow in the winter and alot of rain.A... reviewed August 3, 2006
Trying To Fly by Unidentified Comedy
Featured Review
Now that was funny. I enjoy characters that are dopey,and that guy is a first-class dough-head lol Who would be stupid enough to buy that?...he would haha:-) I also like the repeating thing.If you kne...
reviewed August 2, 2006
Unidentified Studios in TMO City by Unidentified Comedy
Not much to it but I think its enough to get me to check out your first movie:-) Good clear voiceovers.My only suggestion would be to not talk too clost to the microphone to avoid the "popping" sound:-) reviewed August 2, 2006
Closed for Business by Dulci Action
It felt as though I was transported back in time to the heyday of gumshoe detectives.The only thing here is that Vicky Madison doesn't wear gumshoes(I hope lol) The narration is very reminiscent of th... reviewed August 2, 2006
Moron Island day 2 by nickmario Comedy
You are only getting 5 because the lesbians didn't get voted of lol hahahahaha:-) I warn you though,I will be very upset if the lesbians don't win and it will affect your rating lol We need more lesbi... reviewed August 2, 2006
I machine by alfric Sci-Fi
Haha a real campy style sci-fi flick. lol I like characters who are so smart,but squander their brilliance on useless inventions,or in this case,a creation. A goofy little 50's style b-movie flick,I l... reviewed August 2, 2006
I'm not sure which group scares me more,the zombies or the clowns lol I think I like the zombies more.How about making a ZOMBIE TOWN(THE CIRCUS INVASION!) Haha:-) reviewed August 2, 2006
Hair todayGoon Tomorrow by alfric Comedy
Wow haha I would never have the guts to cut all my hair off like that.I would have to be dragged kicking and screaming lol although my hair isn't as long as his was,but it used to be:-) reviewed August 2, 2006
Revenge of the Weenie by pegleg Romance
Sorry I took so long to get to this one.Somehow I managed to miss it. There is something poetic about having music that soothes the soul gently flowing along whilst someone weilds two machine guns and... reviewed August 2, 2006
We Come In Peace (Teaser) by 02PARSIM Comedy
lol good trailer.I like the humor style.Good voiceovers:-) I hope the rest of the movie is as goofy as this,because it could be alot of fun.I like the ending,thats my kind of humor lol:-) reviewed August 2, 2006
The Lost One Part Two by Franklinjake Action
What goes around comes around when it comes to Jimbo huh?:-)What kind of dastardly deed will he be up to I wonder... I'm curious what Ray will do,but I'm also curious how she got such a nice car:-) reviewed August 1, 2006
The Lost One Part One by Franklinjake Action
A good continuation.I don't think this is slow at all.There is some good character develpement here which will help everyone to fully understand the dynamics of the situation,and as it goes along it w... reviewed August 1, 2006
The Lost One by Franklinjake Action
I had a warm happy feeling as I saw Jimbo get floored by Ray.That Jimbo is a real bad seed.Good job in making me dislike him so much so quickly lol Interesting characters got me involved and intereste... reviewed August 1, 2006
Left Behind The Siege Of Bylnn by -XM- Sci-Fi
Nice job on the alien voices.Very creative. I had to laugh when the aliens just walked onto the bridge unarmed like they were on a Sunday stroll lol the humans were kinda like rednecks on a turkey sho... reviewed August 1, 2006
Rebirth by Kowaru Romance
Featured Review
This is a beautifully crafted film. What I really love about this is that I could lose myself in the story.I always say to myself after I watch a movie in the theater,"Did I get completely involved wi...
reviewed August 1, 2006
Granfontaine Island 1 by alutt Action
Featured Review
Very well done. This reminds me of one of those great drama mystery shows. You did a very nice job in slowly developing the storyline,and as the movie progressed I could feel each character being fles...
reviewed August 1, 2006
Hinterhalt am Copperheald Canyon by heuser7719 Action
Featured Review
Wow thats long lol.I think this is the 4th longest movie I've watched,but for sure the longest German movie haha:-) I understood most,although I had to pause it to give myself time to understand,so re...
reviewed July 31, 2006
Dead Beats 3 by Loyd2000 Comedy
Featured Review
The VO is great.I like how you mixed in voiceover clips to weave this together,it really works well and it kept me entertained throughout,and the way you used it made for some unusual comedic conversa...
reviewed July 31, 2006
Little Red Riding Hoodie by Morris101 Horror
Featured Review
A great movie that had me guessing what was coming,but you stayed one step ahead,well done. I loved the werewolf sounds,they really make an impact,and the scenes were cut just right to get the most ou...
reviewed July 31, 2006
I loved it lol This is just plain awesome stuff.Your use of music and sounds is as perfect as it could get,but even more impressive is your custom work. I had to laugh at the over-the-top action seque... reviewed July 31, 2006
ON by sidy Romance
An exceptionally done horror movie. Your use of sounds and quick-cut scenes along with very nicely done editing made this one of the best horror movies I've seen. It makes all the difference in a movi... reviewed July 31, 2006
blowing chunks by magic_school_bus Comedy
I found it funny how the sisters seemed proud of their apparent anorexic bodies.This isn't offensive,at least not to me(that doesn't say much lol) I happen to think this is as much a good commentary o... reviewed July 31, 2006
9-11-2001 by nightfire101 Action
Featured Review
I have to hand it to you.You did a very very good job on this movie.As I was watching,it reminded me of where I was when I heard about the first plane,and then when I heard about the second one,well,i...
reviewed July 31, 2006
Trailer - Barracuda 945 by heuser7719 Action
Featured Review
Very well done. Some good use of backdrops,special effect scenes and music give this trailer a real cinematic feel.Even if you think you cut a couple of scenes too short,I don't think it detracted fro...
reviewed July 30, 2006
The Degenerates by abeautifulmess Comedy
lol Lane is so Lame. Some of the jokes are really out there,especially the references to the 12 year old,and alot of people I think could be offended.Fortunately for you its almost impossible to offen... reviewed July 30, 2006
HELL(it aint so bad!) by alfric Action
lol great VO,especially the Connery impression.I wasn't sure in places if it was actual or imitated.Great immersive music,and some nicely put together scenes like the free-fall into hell. I always tho... reviewed July 30, 2006
The Return Of Freddy Murphy by freddymurphy Comedy
You don't give yourself enough credit. This had some good funny moments,and I liked the unexpected appearance of the small studio destroyer. From the allmighty Oprah to Darth Studios...there was alot ... reviewed July 30, 2006
Strang Things are Happening by thejoe8pizza Comedy
Featured Review
lol that one chick is so huge her arm partly disappears when she puts her hand to her face,love that:-) I liked the bit about not listening to what she is saying as he fantisizes about her,and the end...
reviewed July 30, 2006
Rain by Buccura Horror
This was really more than surreal.It had an emotional quality that I can't quite pinpoint.Thats a good thing I believe because I know when I have dreams they make perfect sense when I am asleep,but I ... reviewed July 30, 2006
Why Broken Rapture is taking so long by Buccura Comedy
Its too long. Its pretty late here and I fell asleep half way through it.Should I finish watching it? Ummm,later... reviewed July 30, 2006
Unknown by Dulci Action
This movie was definitely something else. Not only visually stimulating,but I happen to think the music suited the mood of the film perfectly,and you had the story reach its high point at just the rig... reviewed July 30, 2006
Left Behind The Battle For Earth by -XM- Sci-Fi
Featured Review
I figured I'd start at the beginning,so as to not spoil the series. Good background info in your about section. This was a pretty good sci-fi,with a balanced mix of action and character scenes,and goo...
reviewed July 30, 2006
The Assination of Freddy Murphy by freddymurphy Action
Featured Review
This is a good example of the dark side of humor.Not everyone can see the humor in this,and I don't think people should take this too seriously.I think the idea of getting killed over something which ...
reviewed July 29, 2006
A Special Treat by axecinema Comedy
Hahaha I wasn't sure if I'm mature enough,but I clicked play anyways and hoped for the best:-) I couldn't help but laugh at this. Great idea.Smartly done.I'm just happy you didn't pull a dirty trick,l... reviewed July 29, 2006
THE FEAR by Makrim83 Horror
A well done short first movie.The opening sequence really gripped me,especially the silence,which helped build the suspense.I think if you had continued with that,adding more scenes and direction to c... reviewed July 29, 2006
Hellmut und Hellge - Pilotfolge by OlliEntertainment Comedy
Hahaha a movie that deserves its position on the charts. I really like your comedy style.Your use of custom cut-scenes is superb,and the sounds used are especially well done. I like how the 2 metal-he... reviewed July 29, 2006
The Funk of Eros by pegleg Romance
This movie reminds me of when I was using my binoculars to check out the woman undressing across th...umm I mean to watch the birds tweeting in a tree by the neighbors house:-) This movie enveloped me... reviewed July 29, 2006
Barflee by abeautifulmess Comedy
I got a kick out of this.Words like vulgur and disgusting are like magnets to me lol so why wouldn't I watch this?:-) There was some funny dialogue,and the situations were stupid enough to keep me wat... reviewed July 29, 2006
SHERIFF SID LAW Chapter 2 by hmrubicon Action
Featured Review
More action than comedy,but it still had elements that I liked.I did find it amusing how the fight lasted like forever,and the black dude continuously kept getting up. Contrary to what you and others ...
reviewed July 27, 2006
SHERIFF SID LAW Chapter 1 by hmrubicon Action
Featured Review
Haha lol I don't care what anyone else says.I got a kick out of this. I liked the VO and the dialogue,although I think maybe you should have a better microphone,but thats no big deal.The bottom line f...
reviewed July 27, 2006
Vampyric Fantasy by pegleg Romance
Under an hour?Great job. I suppose there are many ways to interpret this.Without reading what anyone else has to say,I sort of feel that he continually is drawn into bad situations which at first appe... reviewed July 27, 2006
Get Malanek! by StokeStudios Sci-Fi
MOBILIZE OUR OVERGIGANTISIZED MEGALIZARD PLANETBUSTER BATTLECRUISER!WE ARE GOING AFTER MALANEK! lol those Lizorans really don't know the meaning of overkill(even if it isn't enough haha:-) This sort o... reviewed July 26, 2006
Malanek by StokeStudios Sci-Fi
From the fire-water in Frankturd to the fire of Malanek. This looks like it could be great. Since it appears he didn't arrive with any luggage,I suppose he now has an opportunity to create 2 nice gree... reviewed July 26, 2006
Frankturd by StokeStudios Comedy
Haha I wasn't sure what to expect when I saw the title. This was a blast.Great music,even if some of it is country lol it worked to full-effect here.I like the custom work with the drunk fart letter s... reviewed July 26, 2006
666 Darkness Rises by 02PARSIM Horror
Having just watched part 1,I was pleased to see part 2 is already out(lol I just noticed) This was exceptional. I thoroughly enjoyed the direction you took this.Smartly thought-out and put together da... reviewed July 26, 2006
666 (Part 1) by 02PARSIM Horror
lol that screeching doesn't bother me really,it is sort of the same tone(except much much louder)as the permanent ringing I have in my ears(I'm serious) now you have an idea what its like for me,... reviewed July 26, 2006
INTRO by big_fart Action
lol I removed your studio from my favorites list when I noticed you took all your movies offline after you said you were closed... Welcome back:-) I do expect to see some funny stuff,no matter what you say:-D reviewed July 24, 2006
The Jerry Springer show Episode 1 by sycosis5 Comedy
lol I think maybe you spend too much of your time watching Springer and all of his nut-bar flakey freako guests haha:-) reviewed July 23, 2006
Void by pegleg Horror
Wow.Excellent. You really have a knack for evoking emotion.Your poetic voiceover and the scenes you use along with them convey a real sense of despair. Some great creativity with the scenes and the fr... reviewed July 22, 2006
The Round Table Show! by thebaloob123 Comedy
You know something,that was just plain stupid...and love that! It sort of has a surreal feeling,and I was wondering what that one knight was smoking...these knight dudes are really sPAceD-OUt. That mu... reviewed July 22, 2006
Tropical Dreaming(A Stokestudio Holiday) by jamous Comedy
Featured Review
Hahaha I just noticed your director's name. lol why did he dream that at the end?Thats kinda like me.I had a dream recently that I won $2 on the lottery...what a loser I am lol I really enjoyed music...
reviewed July 22, 2006
Battle For The Beginning by rhythmnation1 Sci-Fi
If this wasn't your first movie,I would probably give it 4 stars.But for a first movie I think you did a nice job. It has a good flow to it,and you didn't rush the subs like alot of people do,especial... reviewed July 22, 2006
Dark Snowflake II Teaser by yogurt_king Horror
Honestly,this is the best teaser I've ever seen on this site.Awesome visually,and it definitely has me interested.If I have to say one negative,the VO seemed a bit flat,it wasn't bad,but it just didn'... reviewed July 20, 2006
No Hero by legend51 Comedy
lol I just had some Chinese food a couple of hours ago.I was wondering what those bits of meat(?)were in appears alien tastes better than the alley-cat and dog I'm so used to hahaha:-) Grea... reviewed July 16, 2006
Catastrophic - Teaser by SteveyG Action
Great little teaser. Just enough info to give me a taste of what is to come... Nicely done:-) reviewed July 16, 2006
Evil Genius 3 by Hobo_Man_Jr Comedy
Wow yes that was long,but it was a fun continuation.Sorry it took me so long to get to it. The whole premise is downright ridiculous with the banding together of all the hodgepodge assortment of chara... reviewed July 16, 2006
Cheese Idol by pegleg Comedy
lol I loved the trash flying around(why wouldn't I love trash right?:-) And Tom Jones hahaha lol You might find me weird by what I'm about to say,but I actually liked some of his music lol I grew up l... reviewed July 16, 2006
Faith and Paradise by Sheelba Action
A wonderfully done immersive story. This movie is another fine example of your storytelling ability.Nothing is rushed,and the story flows seemlessly while being both interesting and poignant. Although... reviewed July 15, 2006
How Babies Are Made by joel666 Comedy
...except for the bar part,they don't go there anymore haha:-) lol maybe he can say they don't go to the bar anymore,but is he sure that she still doesn't go?Know what I mean? lol Something different.... reviewed July 10, 2006
This movie for all the people of the world by sidy Romance
I believe you did the right thing by not having voiceovers or subs.The movie explains itself,and it does so quite nicely. I like the black & white camera snapshots between segments as time progressed.... reviewed July 9, 2006
The Doctor oLove by jupiter2 Comedy
The idea for this is great.The dialogue is fun and I got a kick out of alot of the lines.Some good funny stuff:-) Kinda warped and thats what I like best. My one suggestion though would be to not have... reviewed July 8, 2006
The Drunken Master - The Hangover VO edit by bufu0 Action
Fun film.I like the drunk guy,but I got more of a kick out of the blue dancer sequence.I love nutty stuff like that.It really has no point being there but thats what makes it funny.Get rid of the blue... reviewed July 8, 2006
Hanging out with Leora by jamous Comedy
Likes: >Making good-natured fun of others with the cut-scenes and variety of music used for those scenes. >The 2 very picturesque scenic mountains at the end of the movie.I want to visit the valley in... reviewed July 8, 2006
Moron island by nickmario Comedy
I like the idea,although I would like to have seen it developed more. Having lesbians in this really makes it for me lol,and I would like to have seen more action there hahaha:-) I can't seem to pick ... reviewed July 8, 2006
Darwins Nightmare More tales from Africa by Sheelba Action
Having already watched your other films,I felt that this film lacked a certain depth,overall story development and mostly the emotion that your other movies have...I couldn't really care less about th... reviewed July 8, 2006
The Dark Poetry Of Mr Filth by joel666 Romance
Featured Review
I liked the story,and I think you did a good job with the words.There was an interestingly laid out flow that developed with the chosen scenes,and I think the story behind the words was not lost in yo...
reviewed July 8, 2006
Shadow Man by 02PARSIM Horror
Interesting story.I was surprised by the twist,excellent. This guy has a real warped way of seeking long-term noteriety,probably not too unlike alot of nut-cases out there who do similar things.I'm cu... reviewed July 6, 2006
Out of Reach (VO version) by pegleg Romance
Wow I really love what you did with this one.Adding VO to this actually made a great movie even better. Your voiceover works wonderfully with the mood of the film.Really REALLY nice job with this.You... reviewed July 6, 2006
Size doesnt matter by legend51 Comedy
Awesome,even if it is insulting to Pegleg,but its all in good fun,right?lol Very entertaining from start to finish,I really got a kick out of this.Great idea haha the 8 minutes flew by. reviewed July 5, 2006
Get Em Back Alive! by StokeStudios Comedy
The planet [shhhh!]ma Major,like that:-) This sort of feels like it has elements of Red Dwarf in it.I liked the transition into space and the music that was used.It built the story up from a small eve... reviewed July 4, 2006
Golden Syrup by pegleg Comedy
Featured Review
I bet you had fun making this:-)It shows This was really goofy fun accented by your choice in music,loved it.I can't say I liked the Dukes of Hazzard,but I got a kick out of the tune here,as well as t...
reviewed July 4, 2006
The Sorrow of the Lycan (new cut) by pegleg Horror
How can I resist a pegleg movie with voiceovers added? I remember the original which I enjoyed thoroughly,and it was nice to re-visit a pegleg classic. I thought the voiceover here was great.Too bad t... reviewed July 1, 2006
Pickle Face Meets Buttcheek by Amy_brais Sci-Fi
Kinda trailed off at the end,but up until that it was pretty funny stuff again.I'm not sure if this is a game made movie or not,but I do enjoy some of the dialogue you add.Just some good goofy fun,no ... reviewed June 27, 2006
Bullets Never Die! by Dr_Strangepork Action
Featured Review
lol rated PG for pretty goofy As good(bad)as I remember the 1980's movies were(I watched an average 45-50 movies a year during the 80's,so I know from what I speak of haha) Pretty funny for a trailer....
reviewed June 27, 2006
Spanked Bottoms by pegleg Comedy
You are using music from some of my all time fave shows lol(yes,I liked the 1960's campy Batman better than anything after it) I agree with the soccer comment,and I'm Canadian haha.Who is the clown wh... reviewed June 27, 2006
The Worst Mass Murderer by Hobo_Man_Jr Comedy
I do get a kick out of people who are not fully in control of situations,especially when they think they are.That is one of my favorite types of comedy:-)(I'm actually working on a film with that prem... reviewed June 27, 2006
Santa Has A Bad Day by sweatyshoulder Horror
lol,this really isn't a great movie,sorry to tell you that,but it did make me laugh.I've seen a never-ending stream of countless santa/bunny movies,but you should be happy that yours is the first with... reviewed June 26, 2006
This Is Not A Test by sweatyshoulder Sci-Fi
This was an enjoyable flick.There was some good elements here which helped develop a well-rounded feel to the movie,namely the scenes with the president,the newscast and footage,and the resolution seq... reviewed June 26, 2006
Woah I Barfed on Your Mom by Amy_brais Comedy
lol the ending didn't make sense,but then neither did the beginning or the middle,but I did get a couple of good chuckles out of this:-)and thats all that matters to me.Some goofy school-hijinks.Liked... reviewed June 26, 2006
The Death Of Movie Reviewers by riott007 Comedy
Haha:-)I like the idea of this.Funny take on how some people review.My only complaint about this is that you don't have a movie called Lusty Alien Sex Slave that I can just kidding:-) Ok,... reviewed June 25, 2006
My Perfect Neighbour by axecinema Romance
lol I couldn't help but think that the mysterious item was a battery-powered dildo lolol hahaha sorry but that was my first thought and it turned this into a comedy for me... Seriously though,if that... reviewed June 25, 2006
In my Head part 1 by legend51 Horror
lol that dude is kinda like some sort of comic-book villian.He is my hero :-) The genericising politically-correct weenie-types always say that its not good to leave your emotions bottled-up inside ha... reviewed June 25, 2006
Left In Town by FoDooG Comedy
People may be puzzled by what I'm about to say,but here goes. I actually didn't care for your original movie Come On,and I actually thought your Foggytown was far too long with not enough payoff.I wat... reviewed June 25, 2006
arie en bastiaan 2 gaan verhuisen! by cheetah_13 Comedy
lol Too bad I only know english and german,but I think I did pick up a couple of things,like "Wut the fok" or something like least thats what I wanted to hear hahaha:-) Even though I couldn'... reviewed June 24, 2006
Dotty Dotty Show by dizzybop Comedy
Excellent job.Not only that,it was funny stuff as well:-) At first I thought she was going to be one of those annoying politically-correct people,but thankfully she wasn't,and she actually had her own... reviewed June 20, 2006
Backwood Horror comes to Town by TimBurtonFan Horror
lol there goes the neighborhood! My favorite TMO family is back:-) This movie is as much sickening and horrible as it is funny and enjoyable haha:-) Ok,I lie.Its MORE funny and enjoyable hahahaha! Gre... reviewed June 20, 2006
The Rose by 02PARSIM Action
Featured Review
Hey:-) Its been a long time since I dropped by.Glad I did. This was a treat to watch.I see the expansion is already giving you more freedom to do things a bit more the way you like. Great stuff here....
reviewed June 20, 2006
Jimi Gets the Bird by StokeStudios Comedy
It takes about 2 minutes for this movie to climax.That sounds about right lol I love stuff like this. The only thing you needed to add was a scene of a chicken getting choked hahahahahahaha:-) Damn y... reviewed June 19, 2006
battlefront part 1 by kingdaniel Action
This was pretty enjoyable. Some pretty good action sequences.The story was nothing new,and it could have used more polish to really make it shine,but I had fun watching it nonetheless. I wonder where ... reviewed June 19, 2006
The Despair of Amazonia by pegleg Action
A real mind-[be polite!].Was the previous flick all a dream?Was the city life portion of the last flick a dream,and the Amazonia part real?Was that the case here?Is he now in Amazonia,awaking from dre... reviewed June 18, 2006
Mezzanines Interlude by elizabethsusan Romance
Featured Review
Awesomely entertaining. Some very good VO work,and it was delivered with necessary emotion.Something which really can make or break movies.Well done by all. The story was great,not unlike watching a v...
reviewed June 18, 2006
Welcome to Amazonia by pegleg Action
lol I haven't seen the show for like 30 years,but I swear that sounded like the intro to Kung Fu.Worked great with the intro scenes,and I liked the shooting/copter-crash/box-landing sequence. I'm hon... reviewed June 18, 2006
A land beyond the sun by Sheelba Sci-Fi
This is a movie that cries out for voiceovers,as that would give this the added punch I think it needs,and deserves. I won't fault on that though,since this was a well put together movie that,as your ... reviewed June 17, 2006
Try out - The New Amazonia by pegleg Action
Well,I think its worth developing if the New Amazonians turn out to be scantily-clad Amazonian Women:-)Now THAT would be of interest to me lol reviewed June 17, 2006
Everybody I Like On The Forums by Tarison Comedy
Featured Review
Haha I laugh just because you actually put something like this up.You basically invite crap reviews,and that is at once hilarious to me and is almost inspiring lol
reviewed June 16, 2006
no movie this week by dizzybop Sci-Fi
lol all those poor aliens wanted to do was watch your new film,as did I. Hold on a minute.I hear a loud rumbling outside... D-I-I-I-I-I-I-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-I-B-O-P!!! reviewed June 13, 2006
How Gaz met Mad John by legend51 Comedy
Ok I won't ask lol Why would I when I get another chance to watch these 2 in action. As expected,a good goofy fun ride. It appears to me that there is a market for that Pegleg Pile Cream... reviewed June 13, 2006
Human Intent (the middle) by jamous Sci-Fi
Featured Review
lol I wish I had the expansion pa...oh wait,I do haha.Its funny to see all these great scenes I will probably never use.I've been ignoring them while monkeying with this thing.Watching this makes me w...
reviewed June 12, 2006
War StoriesThe Sarge and The Sniper by freddymurphy Action
For a first film,it was pretty good.You certainly put more effort into this than I did in my first(you can't watch it,its long been offline haha) I think the dialogue was well done,at least to the poi... reviewed June 12, 2006
The Movies Cop !! THe nOOb by freddymurphy Action
Featured Review
lol great idea.Well presented. I agree with the sentiment,and I have felt that way from the beginning. This was a smartly done flick which turned out to be funnier than I expected:-) Alot of people do...
reviewed June 11, 2006
Kops by ninette1 Comedy
I love the gruff-voiced cop VO.How can you not like someone who enjoys their job so much?lol This probably isn't too far off of what someone might find in some small towns,but Atlanta?Haha well I have... reviewed June 11, 2006
Solitude by Sheelba Action
Great film. Awesome music.No surprise that some of it was from Meowan,I recognize the style,and I love his music. I won't get into any of the deep religious discussion here.But suffice to say I think ... reviewed June 11, 2006
Baggage Boy VS MrSkeleton Man II by Hobo_Man_Jr Comedy
I admit,this turned out better than I expected. The thing that made this for me was that the Baggage Boy became a somewhat ruthless bad guy,and he will do anything to make his awful crap movie,even ki... reviewed June 11, 2006
Evil Genius II by Hobo_Man_Jr Comedy
Featured Review
I agree,not really a comedy.But it wasn't without some elements of odd situational humor.What was the deal with the western town?haha.No need to explain,it just added to the b-movie flavor. I did find...
reviewed June 11, 2006
Human Intent by jamous Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Looked great,sounded awesome. The music was well chosen,and fit the sci-fi theme perfectly. Interesting opening chapter,and I liked the mix of sci-fi/western style alien outpost planet idea.Obviously ...
reviewed June 11, 2006
We Are An Outcast Story by koolteenm Action
Pretty good for a little story.The poem worked well. I wonder,having seen a few of your movies,how much of your own life you put into these films. I don't look at this film's message from a religious ... reviewed June 10, 2006
Baggage Boy VS MrSkeleton Man by Hobo_Man_Jr Comedy
Well done:-) I've seen countless Bagage Boy themed movies,but this was one of the better ones. I got a kick out of the demon doing standup lol what a waste of his obvious natural ability to kick the c... reviewed June 10, 2006
Evil Genius by Hobo_Man_Jr Comedy
Featured Review
lol I believe this movie is funnier than you think. This evil genius may very well be evil,but I doubt very much he is a genius haha:-) I like how he was dumb enough to phone the cops,and gives them d...
reviewed June 10, 2006
Prejudice and More Predudice by Hobo_Man_Jr Comedy
Featured Review
Haha I like the message. Although it wasn't a laugh out loud fest,it was enjoyable throughout.I like the line "but 3 out of 100 times this method has succeeded". This flick is as much a sad commentary...
reviewed June 10, 2006
Puesta del Sol on Port-de-paix by Sheelba Romance
Featured Review
Excellent. You did a fine job in conveying the attitudes of the slavers,and when they refer to the slaves as "it" rather than "him" or "her",it really creates an impact,setting the tone of the film. I...
reviewed June 10, 2006
Its Kung-Fu Frankenstein! by Pulp Celluloid Action
As usual,your movies do not disappoint. Great funny situations,and it was good to see Cougar Juice doin' his thang again:-) I loved how he was so quick to go back to his old ways after he apparently d... reviewed June 10, 2006
She Was 18 by SmoochyMopes Comedy
Hahaha well done:-) Although I think you need a better microphone,the dialogue was first-rate and the delivery was great. Funny situational humor,and I can never get enough of dopey cop characters. It... reviewed June 8, 2006
Idiot Cop Fired for the very first time by SteveyG Comedy
Featured Review
lol I don't want to take any credit,other than my saying to make a movie with a character you created already,and my "brick" line:-) Funny setup intro about the situation in the city. Hahaha he was as...
reviewed June 7, 2006
Macho Man by dizzybop Romance
Its never a bad idea to pop by your studio,especially on Tuesdays:-) Your custom music added to the goofy mood of this flick,and I especially liked the macho dude singing,well actually ba ba ba,ba ba ... reviewed June 6, 2006
m y by StokeStudios Romance
m y oh m y that was an interesting idea:-) big_fart's comments are right on.But I tend to look upon humanity less seriously.I always liked a comment made by Mark Twain.This isn't an exact quote,but I ... reviewed June 5, 2006
In The Garden Jinxxx-Reminxxx by mildheadwound Sci-Fi
A visually mind-bending,musically gender-bending ride. Wonderfully done set-dressing.Not nearly enough people do it,and you have delivered more than once in that department. Even though the song may s... reviewed June 5, 2006
Legend51s Funeral RIP by legend51 Comedy
lol one last Harry Rant...about yourself.Priceless. What can I say?I remember watching one of your first movies,"Call Center Disaster",and thinking it was inspired funny stuff.You may not think you'r... reviewed June 3, 2006
Out of Reach by pegleg Romance
As you have proven in the past,you do an excellent job in making movies from your own experiences,and this movie is no exception.No subtitles are needed. Nicely edited ending which tied everything tog... reviewed June 3, 2006
Operation Wipeout by AxeCinema Action
There really didn't seem to be alot happening,but I didn't care because I loved the catsuits lol Even the dark,normally drabby and unclear nighttime scenes are brought to life with those outfits. Havi... reviewed June 3, 2006
Lessons of Life - A Demonic Story part 2 by SteveyG Comedy
Featured Review
What the hell??:-)[pun intended]lol I like the dopey cop hahaha he is a few loads short of a brick.Yes,I said a FEW LOADS SHORT OF A BRICK hahaha I like the Demon Hunter writing in his diary,good char...
reviewed May 30, 2006
Excaliber 2350 by rascal2006 Sci-Fi
Really,that wasn't bad at all. An obviously well-thought-out story that had some good dialogue. Decent flow as well.The only suggestion would be to avoid using the "It aint over yet" scene(stabbed vic... reviewed May 30, 2006
Washing Dishes In The Sink by dizzybop Comedy
lol you sang "Somewhere over the rainbow" quite scare me hahaha:-) This was a great little movie here,very original,and oddly funny. A-1 top-notch voiceover work Weird family,yes.But I know... reviewed May 30, 2006
I Sold the Bunny by dizzybop Comedy
That song was so bad its actually good haha.You know what I mean?:-) I felt,as I was watching this,like I was in some sort of run-down lounge in the seedy part of town,and when you were finished I fel... reviewed May 29, 2006
Prank CallsThe Movie! by Dave180786 Comedy
Good use of those sound bits.You implemented them well here. I've heard others like that but not those ones in particular,so it was fresh to me here. Funny stuff:-) I love to play with words and phras... reviewed May 29, 2006
Lessos of Life - A Demonic Story pt 1 by SteveyG Comedy
Featured Review
Interesting and well put together. I have to laugh as it seems his punishment is a pretty good one:-) Lets see; Do bad stuff on Earth=Go to Hell. Do bad stuff in Hell=Go to Earth. lol
reviewed May 29, 2006
The Man Who Ate Little Girls by dizzybop Horror
Gaaawly jeesh haaww haaaw that ending was so cheesily well done.I didn't expect to get a laugh out of this one:-) The beginning was just plain excellent.Great use of sound and smartly done editing to ... reviewed May 29, 2006
Mike Spindals First Case Chapter Two by Franklinjake Horror
Lol I liked the end.That guy does a fine jig haha. A good continuation,but I couldn't help but feel I was watching a lost episode of Scooby Doo lol Don't mind me,thats not a bad thing. I do tend to fi... reviewed May 29, 2006
Mike Spindals First Case Chapter One by Franklinjake Horror
I figured I'd start at the beginning,so as not to ruin the storyline:-) Good opening sequence to get things rolling,and the subsequent transition to the city and introduction of main characters gave t... reviewed May 29, 2006
MELEE by Chykka Action
Damn!Hahahahaha! That was an absolutely crazy hodgepodge collection of familiar films,as well as some I haven't seen and am now interested in watching. I agree with dizzybop.A clever scheme to use cl... reviewed May 29, 2006
Clean My Bone (VO) by dizzybop Horror
Well done horror,but for me,I just couldn't help but laugh at this.Partially because that skeleton looked familiar,but also because I have a weird sense of humor and once I find something funny,there ... reviewed May 28, 2006
Super Blueman Saves The Day by dizzybop Comedy
I love the song.Badly sung but that makes it all the more funny. This is pure cheesey 50's style campy t.v. viewing at its finest. Lame superhero and lamer villian lol reviewed May 28, 2006
Chicky Chicky by dizzybop Comedy
Great Chick-flick lol:-) The whole idea is just so stupid,but it is done to perfection. The backwood hicks were portrayed excellently.Ma was hideously hilarious and I wonder how she could have such a ... reviewed May 28, 2006
The interview by princeinexile Comedy
lol Great twist on social/racial issues.I like the v/o work. Maybe its just me,but that guy looks kinda familiar;-) reviewed May 28, 2006
Fatima A True Story by koolteenm Romance
I have to admit,I'm not much into religious "fact" themed stories.I won't get into details,but in my view,whether some religious stories are fully factual or blown out of proportion as to the actual c... reviewed May 28, 2006
Chicken Drive by Df2 Comedy
3 stars for your chicken impression lol Actually,I can do a near perfect chicken impression,but I'm not likely to ever use it:-) reviewed May 28, 2006
Stupid Show by dizzybop Comedy
The title of this movie was fair warning to leave my brain turned off(standard operating mode lol) It has been a very long time since I've used my old rating system,but I feel it is appropriate to use... reviewed May 27, 2006
Love in a Jealous Rage by mildheadwound Romance
Isn't this more like a documentary on the typical daily routine of people during the 1930's?lol But I would suggest that the dude move up to a machine gun,as it is more efficient at getting the job do... reviewed May 27, 2006
Two Wrongs - The Clash! by pegleg Horror
I just had to watch this after watching the previous film. This film is so much different than "The Story Behind Tuesday",but equally powerful and every bit as immersive. This is extremely creative st... reviewed May 27, 2006
Two Wrongs - The Story behind Tuesday by pegleg Horror
Superbly done. Disturbingly entertaining. The part of the film where she ponders her desperate situation and actually considers suicide as a means of escape had me thoroughly immersed into the story..... reviewed May 27, 2006
PROTON by SupersizedPictures Sci-Fi
This was alot of good goofy b-movie style fun. The captain really thinks alot of himself now,doesn't he?:-) Seeing that Apasas gave you a 5,and I know full-well that it is tough to squeeze a 5 out of ... reviewed May 25, 2006
QUESTIONING GOD 3! IM OUT OF IDEAS by halocommander Comedy
I'm wondering now,is it Mr.T who has lost too many brain cells or is it you?lol just kidding:-) I liked this,but I admit I wanted to see more of Mr.T after the previous episode.I liked the weather-cha... reviewed May 25, 2006
questioning GOD 2THE BIG IF! by halocommander Comedy
Haha it looks like Mr.T has lost a few too many brain cells over the last few years.God stole his car huh?Somehow I just don't see him driving anything but that stupid van from the A-Team,which someho... reviewed May 25, 2006
Pyscho Trailer by MSBros Horror
Featured Review
Thats a great old movie,and I think you've done a nice job trying to capture the style of how previews used to be done.Good intro with the Bates Motel color/b&w transition,sort of gives me the feeling...
reviewed May 25, 2006
Featured Review
Great stuff:-) I am not offended by stuff like this at all,although I'm not religious. I think the humor is lost on someone like ubernoob below.Either that or he didn't like it because it wasn't made ...
reviewed May 24, 2006
PANIC by Chykka Horror
Hahaha lol that dude is a natural cab driver with a shortcut like that:-) Some interesting situations,and even though this was a horror,I couldn't help but find a couple of things funny.But thats jus... reviewed May 23, 2006
Chaotic Cringle vs Cantankerous Clowns by Chykka Action
Haha well I'm glad there wasn't a moral at the end,because seriously,if you had one,I would have had to knock off one star for trying to teach us something hahahahahaha! There was a ton of goofy stuff... reviewed May 23, 2006
Path Of Poe by Chykka Action
Featured Review
This was a fun movie to watch for a few reasons. I liked the way you chopped some of the scenes to make them "skip",and I also liked the quick jumping scene editing of similar scenes like at the grave...
reviewed May 23, 2006
The Chingwell Thunderclap by darryhick Sci-Fi
It may be bad,but it actually made me laugh. I liked your use of the stock sound effects in this,and thats what really makes this movie work for me. If this flick had some good ridiculous dialogue,the... reviewed May 22, 2006
The Chronicles of Molyneux - RELOADED by TripWire21 Comedy
Featured Review
OMFG That was hilarious! I loved the music you used with the two different realities,excellent. The intertwining of the fantasy vs reality world settings made for some truly hilarious stuff.Great job...
reviewed May 21, 2006
Because Of You by RaYdAwG Romance
Featured Review
Although I'm not a fan of the singer of this song,I admit it is a good song that goes well with this video. I liked the story portion of the video,the scenes worked well with the music.I would have pr...
reviewed May 21, 2006
It aint over yet lessons by SteveyG Comedy
Featured Review
I admit,I have hated the "It aint over yet" scenes since the first week I started watching movies on this site.So many people don't edit creatively,or even edit. Good informative flick that noobs shou...
reviewed May 21, 2006
Six Pack Attack by jamous Comedy
Featured Review
Great tune,I really enjoyed it. I have to admit though,I've seen uglier haha:-)She just needs a shave,and some lipo-suction is all hahahahaha! But still,I think a six-pack wouldn't be nearly enough......
reviewed May 20, 2006
Quick by denzell Action
Featured Review
An interesting flick. I liked the narration,and the lead up to his special ability was well done. Believe it or not,one of my countless ideas I have written down uses a somewhat similar effect,but th...
reviewed May 18, 2006
Gamer Man and the curse of the noobs by fozzy143 Comedy
Lol I have to tell you,this was cruising for a 3 star review,but I have to admit,I found the ending to be so well done and funny that I am compelled to give this 5 hahahahahahahahaha... The way you ti... reviewed May 18, 2006
I Have Forgot by nickshome Comedy
I have to say,this is pretty funny stuff haha:-) A great story that is well put together. "Oh,I used to be a man by the way"...Just one of many subtly delivered funny lines. I like how he gets upset a... reviewed May 18, 2006
Harry Rants One Last Time by legend51 Comedy
Lol screw you Lionhead hahahahaha! Honestly,if this gets deleted and you were to lose your studio,that would seriously piss me off.Whats wrong with telling it like it is?I see nothing wrong with this.... reviewed May 18, 2006
Sour Grapes! by pegleg Comedy
I like movies like this.Your message is not lost with me. I've never taken this site too seriously,and I'm reminded of when Ozman69 had his movie "The Lottery(30 Seconds Of Bliss)".I watched for a fe... reviewed May 17, 2006
Chavs Vrs Nerds round 1 by fozzy143 Comedy
Featured Review
Actually,that was a fairly well put together little story.Probably not much different than what goes on at school today. I did find the v/o rather amusing,especially because it sounded like you were h...
reviewed May 15, 2006
Hide N Seek by Df2 Horror
That was oddly amusing. I'm not completely sure what was going on,but I don't care actually haha:-) Some good use of sounds and music,some strange choice of scenes and characters but well-edited with ... reviewed May 15, 2006
Nameless by big_fart Romance
Yep.She leaves with the jerk :-( You guys(you know who I mean)better quit making these depressing movies,as its getting harder to find reasons to laugh at all these sad stories lol reviewed May 13, 2006
Women The Truth by legend51 Comedy
No need to re-upload! This is almost like one of those video-dating movies lol.In fact,maybe it is,right here on TMO hah!What woman could resist your charm which is so evident here in this flick? I to... reviewed May 13, 2006
Tipsy the Clown in HANG OVER CITY by Ranedthel Comedy
Featured Review
Well I finally decided I should watch a Tipsy movie after seeing them released many times in the past.What is this one,Tipsy part 42?Haha:-) I thought the whole story was alot of fun,and I especially ...
reviewed May 13, 2006
Titanic by koolteenm Horror
Featured Review
Your movies are definitely different. Again,I wasn't sure what to make of this. This was sort of a drama,romance,horror and comedy rolled into one. You did show some real creativity here with the avai...
reviewed May 13, 2006
Pawn Movie by StokeStudios Comedy
Haha I like being led down a path to what I think is going to happen but it doesn't,and I also love stuff that possibly not everybody may get. Also,I'm beginning to think you really love that German B... reviewed May 13, 2006
500 Miles by pegleg Comedy
Featured Review
Well,I'm not trying to read too much into this,but I did enjoy it and it did flow well with the great old tune.The scenes worked great with the music...excellent choice of scenes to go with the words....
reviewed May 13, 2006
Brave Farts by apasas Action
Featured Review
Biological Warfare,haha! This was a good history lesson,and this film has some very thought-provoking,informative and insightful details on what REALLY happened during many key battles throughout hist...
reviewed May 13, 2006
Goodbye by StokeStudios Romance
Full credit for doing something other than your usual genre types. Not too many movies are good enough to carry themselves with no dialogue,but the music did that quite well on its own here,and it fit... reviewed May 10, 2006
Centrefold by StokeStudios Comedy
I guessed the ending,mainly because I look for those things,but it was done very well and it was especially funny because of the music.I happen to know that music well.I grew up with my Grandmother(Om... reviewed May 10, 2006
Shadow Realm by bigboominc Sci-Fi
This could have been more than it was,but it was enjoyable just the same. The music was really good,and some of the scenes benefited with the music shift.I would like to have seen more of that. Music ... reviewed May 9, 2006
Bloodhunters (The Awakening) by 02PARSIM Horror
Another solid storytelling job. Everything flowed smoothly from my perspective,and the groundwork has been well established to continue this story into the upcoming parts. I liked how you didn't make ... reviewed May 7, 2006
Security Guards in Space V by themonkthemonk Comedy
Featured Review
Haha I liked it:-) Great v/o work,and some good goofy lines. One of the better comedy shorts I've seen recently. Nicely done
reviewed May 7, 2006
Bang Bang Were Dead by rickmyred Action
Featured Review
I'm a bit conflicted with this film.It was put together very well,especially for a first film.The music placement was obviously well thought-out,and I liked that you used the desert set with the backd...
reviewed May 7, 2006
Moondoggy No More by rascal2006 Horror
Not bad for first attempt.I've seen similar stories,but it was carried out quite well.Actually,my favorite part was the line "Oh wow...that was awkward".That added a good element of comedy to the flic... reviewed May 7, 2006
Geordie Zombie Hunters 4 Armageddon by legend51 Comedy
Ahhh too bad its over,but it was alot of fun while it lasted. Great pick-up line at the beginning lol!Before you leave your area to search for the "Holy Grail" as you said,you should try this line;wha... reviewed May 6, 2006
The Magic Fruit by StokeStudios Comedy
Featured Review
Truly a bizarre and thoroughly entertaining flick. Great use of the music right from the start.The editing and scene selection was top-notch and made this a fun ride from start to finsh. You really sh...
reviewed May 6, 2006
The First Date (30 Seconds of Bliss) by ozman69 Comedy
What can I say,I love that dog,he has great timing:-) ***BUMP,BUMP,BUMP*** Haha:-) reviewed May 6, 2006
What if Santa Claus Were Alive Today by ozman69 Comedy
I must say,I could feel the spirit of the season flow through me all warm and fuzzilly after viewing this heart-warming family film.It makes me realize that holiday classics are not a thing of the pas... reviewed May 6, 2006
What if Charles Darwin Were Alive Today by ozman69 Comedy
Haha early Oz:-) Some good satire here.Definitely doesn't have the polish of your newer...umm,not as old movies,but its not without its merits.I like the lobotomy line:-) reviewed May 6, 2006
Des-F-Pair by pegleg Comedy
Featured Review
You should be thankful that you are such a great inspiration to yourself hah!The sorry state of your life as presented here could be made into a daily short recap movie...I'd watch lol ...isn't it fun...
reviewed May 6, 2006
Fate - Teaser by PWAFilms Action
Excellent teaser. Nicely put together and it has me interested to see the upcoming movie.I have a 4 star max rule for teasers,but I've broken that rule a few times lately and this was every bit as goo... reviewed May 6, 2006
Noxious by big_fart Comedy
Featured Review
When I saw the cigarette,I knew what was coming,but I laughed just the same... I liked the bubble-fart effect:-)
reviewed May 4, 2006
Movies 101 by big_fart Comedy
A helpful how-to for someone who doesn't know how. This is sort of the flipside to a movie by Apasas called The Worste One Star Movie Ever,which shows all the stuff not to do in a comical way. Its int... reviewed May 4, 2006
The Really Full Cup of Coffee by RixterGT Action
I found this to be quite entertaining. This movie made up for the lack of detail about certain situations with the very interesting way it was edited,especially during the fight sequences. This was a ... reviewed May 4, 2006
My Wife The Ape by heliopolister Comedy
Haha its always interesting to see someone's first movie after having viewed their other ones.(I have long ago taken my first film offline haha) This has one good line about spanking the monkey(I like... reviewed May 3, 2006
Frost Bite and the Three Ninjas by koolteenm Action
Featured Review
Hi:-) Firstly,you are brave to make a movie this long.My Dr.Death movie is 9:12,and it took me 40+ hours to make.Long movies are not only alot of work,but alot of people simply won't watch something t...
reviewed May 2, 2006
Escape from Europe safe version by pegleg Comedy
An enjoyable funkified takeoff of the Pliskin Escape movies. "Apparently he liked pressing the shiny buttons"Hahaha I love that. Good action,great lines,and a satisfyingly enjoyable resolution;"This ... reviewed May 1, 2006
Neotokyo by AxeCinema Sci-Fi
A visual treat. Firstly,I love the look of the movie.Some great mods,and they definitely helped immerse me into the movie and give me the feeling that I was watching a special-effects laden theatrical... reviewed May 1, 2006
Geordie Zombie Hunters by legend51 Comedy
I thought I should backtrack and review part one. I love this series,and I bet its alot of fun to make as well.The bantering between the two characters is what makes this series great,and its also fun... reviewed April 30, 2006
Sidekick Mamie1 by jamous Action
Featured Review
Despite the lack of subs,it was fun to watch. Unlike alot of people on this site,you know how to use the music in your movies to help develop the mood of the scene,and you did another great job here w...
reviewed April 30, 2006
Geordie Zombie Hunters 3 Werewolf by legend51 Comedy
Hahaha they are doing the world a favor,I love that:-) Alot of fun from start to finish.More nutty dialogue and absurd situations,great stuff! Its good to know there will be one more to come. Also,I r... reviewed April 30, 2006
The Sorrow of the Lycan by pegleg Horror
Featured Review
Great job developing and presenting a well-thought-out story. This film has a great flow to it,and the music suited the situations perfectly,creating a very big-screen movie feel to this story. Nicely...
reviewed April 29, 2006
TTSNS Part 2 version 2 by groove44 Sci-Fi
Well,I was surprised how much more I liked this one:-) I admit,I am a sucker for goofy dialogue and I like to play with words,and I like what you did here. From the references to the brilliant disguis... reviewed April 29, 2006
TTSNS Part 1 version 2 by groove44 Sci-Fi
A pretty good intro. Some good development of characters,and I like the dialogue. I felt in needed just a bit more of something,but I do like the ending with the evil Dr.Transplant:-) Lets see how thi... reviewed April 29, 2006
Dreams Of Permission (MATURE) by jamous Romance
Featured Review
How can I not give this a five?? Great girl on girl action haha:-)This is one of those rare films where I felt I needed to be there in the middle of all the fun hahahaha! Good use of music,and althoug...
reviewed April 29, 2006
Doctor Whatever AUDITIONS by big_fart Comedy
Hey!I'm a Romanian Canadian from Brooklyn,and I don't sound like that! Ok,actually I'm a German Swiss Polish Spaniard who happens to be Canadian...close enough.(How's that for a mix?:-) I can do an En... reviewed April 27, 2006
Area 51 by MSBros Sci-Fi
A very enjoyable flick. Some things were done extremely well here.But one thing that really needs to be looked at is some of the editing.In particular,the conversation scenes on the bridge.They need t... reviewed April 27, 2006
Graveside tales 1 by jamous Horror
Featured Review
Excellent. Firstly,I like the intro studio name,nice touch. Also,I like Lilly's "real" name in the opening credits.As you may have figured out,I love stuff like that hahaha:-) Now,as for the film,it w...
reviewed April 27, 2006
Captain Ron and the Ambassador of Vela by vikinghillblly Sci-Fi
A pretty good little sci-fi flick. I've seen similar stories,but you kept this one together pretty well.Some well-thought out dialogue,and I liked the ending,that saved this from being a 3.One thing I... reviewed April 27, 2006
Miss Adventure by jamous Action
Featured Review
Haha nice cheap ratings grab scenes:-):-) Enjoyable action flick with a touch of humor and unnecessary but very much appreciated nudie scene haha. Good music,and well placed.The fart jokes worked,beca...
reviewed April 26, 2006
The Freak Show! by MSBros Horror
Firstly,although not so much funny as amusing,I did enjoy this.Its good actually that this is labelled horror,because that actually adds to the comedic element of this film.The best thing about this f... reviewed April 26, 2006
Teaser - NeoTokyo by AxeCinema Sci-Fi
I have two rules when it comes to previews; #1.Don't watch previews from studios unless I have watched and liked a movie of theirs already.*Rule Broken for first time here* #2.Don't rate previews high... reviewed April 25, 2006
Huge Manhood - Coming Soon by pegleg Comedy
Haha well,I have a rule not to rate previews more than 4,although there are rare exceptions.This was going to get a 4,but that ending was right up my alley...also,I hope there is going to be some girl... reviewed April 25, 2006
Obsession by pegleg Horror
That dude has a breathing problem ;-D I agree,psychological horror,when done right,is the best horror.This was much different in that respect in comparison to the usual horror movies on this site.Goo... reviewed April 25, 2006
Easter Bunny vs Jesus Christ by HowardM Comedy
Haha well,I've seen alot of Jesus/Easter Bunny type films,but I admit I found this more amusing than most. The Star Wars music worked well here. I did find it funny to see Jesus get the crap kicked ou... reviewed April 24, 2006
Rescue - The Resolution by StokeStudios Action
That Barry guy needs to make sure he finishes his job hahaha the slacker! Ya know what I mean?At least drive over the guy a couple of times hahaha... Well,at least he got her back:-) I liked the music... reviewed April 24, 2006
This is Nottingham by pegleg Comedy
Hah!I like the Sheriff. Although I have never been to Nottingham,I think the local authority should pick this one up and use it to encourage tourism in the area hahaha:-) I would make a film about my... reviewed April 24, 2006
Shooters end by lpd Action
There was some good things here,but there was also some things that could use some work. The look of the film was good,but there was a continuity problem.Although there was a beginning,a middle and an... reviewed April 24, 2006
Tales of the Undead by Spaceman72 Horror
I was going to log out and I thought,well,lets quickly check to see if anything new catches my eye that might be worth watching.Glad I did. This was a great little horror flick.Loved the custom title ... reviewed April 23, 2006
Do It for the Children by big_fart Sci-Fi
I'm wondering,what do the Orange Faction call those delicious treats?...Soylent Green Babies haha:-) Seriously though,I thought this was excellent stuff.Good title,and it obviously means something dif... reviewed April 23, 2006
Fet Hell by pegleg Horror
I liked the use of fades...they give the film an unusual quality.Also,I liked the look of the film,although I would be curious to see what this would look like if it was done in black and white.For me... reviewed April 23, 2006
The Plumber from Hell by pegleg Comedy
I loved it. It was definitely different,and I couldn't help but laugh at some things,but then thats me:-) I liked the playing up of how evil plumbers are haha.I felt this film was more of a commentary... reviewed April 23, 2006
HOLY BLOOD by alfric Comedy
Great. I like that this was done in black and white.It gives the film more atmosphere. I'm not sure if it was your intention,but I felt it almost had the feel of an old b-movie.It may have been becaus... reviewed April 23, 2006
Souled Out by h_finocchiaro Romance
Featured Review
That was really well done. One of the things I liked best about this was that the characters really spoke with emotion...I've seen many films that would have been great if they didn't have such flat,e...
reviewed April 22, 2006
Forrest Gump Redux by GrimReepher Comedy
Haha Lieutenant Dan has gotten some revenge.Would have gotten 5 if Forrest slurred out "life is like a box of chocolates"before he gasped his last breath hahaha:-) I've seen that scene a million times... reviewed April 22, 2006
For the little Guys and Gals! by pegleg Action
Now that was GREAT hahaha:-) What a smart film this was.It was funny("The minor studios killed more of their own side")and unfortunately sad("The minor studios killed more of their own side")at the sa... reviewed April 22, 2006
Wasted Lives by DNR Romance
Some great use of scenes and nice custom work. The story is standard hospital drama type stuff,but it is done quite well.I especially liked the hospital sequences and the cutscenes to show x-rays etc.... reviewed April 22, 2006
Cup Of Coffee by elizabethsusan Romance
Featured Review
This was an amazing visually artsy treat of a film. Nicely edited to go with the flow of the music...loved it. The flipping frames were definitely something unique,although I admit at first they remin...
reviewed April 22, 2006
Master of the Condoms Part 2 by TripWire21 Comedy
Great voiceovers and some inspired truly nutty dialogue.As good as part 3.I love these characters,and I see you like to twist words/names/phrases around like I do.The opening commercial is really funn... reviewed April 22, 2006
Another PSA From The Grey by Iondrive Comedy
You answered one question I had about their name and their various colors,but what I liked best about this one was the outtakes.It struck me as odd but funny how they apparently had goofups when filmi... reviewed April 22, 2006
A PSA From The Grey by Iondrive Comedy
Haha "No offence intended to Greys..." I love that.I love to play with words,and your use of this one particular word and building this story about it is good stuff. reviewed April 22, 2006
Jesus! by PWAFilms Comedy
Haha that was goofy enough to get a laugh. Good idea. Thanks for the review.Believe it or not,my Dick Boner movie started out as a short like this,and that was going to be it,but I got carried away,an... reviewed April 22, 2006
Chris Schäfers -----Der Tod----- by mr-vinni93 Comedy
Great stuff again:-) As I said to you once in another review,I'm thankful that you put subtitles in your movies,they helped greatly for me when watching this,since my German isn't perfect. I didn't kn... reviewed April 22, 2006
What shall I wear (working edition 3) by chrishall9 Comedy
For me,it doesn't matter if this was a one joke movie.What it all comes down to was how well it was carried off,and this movie had an amusing flow to it with some good editing with a biting commentary... reviewed April 22, 2006
Superman- A Small Town Hero by topheadx Comedy
Featured Review
Before I clicked play I thought,"Hmm,another weird techno thingy probably blah!Oh well lets see..." To my surprise,I loved it!Good music,great idea.I thought the guy looked more like Lex Luthor than S...
reviewed April 22, 2006
Frost Bite and the Seven Ninjas- Trailer by koolteenm Romance
I have a rule not to rate previews more than four,although there have been some very rare exceptions to that rule. I can sort of see where you are going with this.I'm curious to see how you will link ... reviewed April 22, 2006
The TMO Revolution Anthem by legend51 Action
What a great idea. Again,I have to hand it to you.Your ability to put together another great movie so quickly leads me to believe you can do no wrong.I loved the whole atmosphere of this flick,and usi... reviewed April 21, 2006
Space Stink by Sausageman Sci-Fi
How the heck did I stumble onto this?Ok I'll tell you haha.Every once in a while I just start clicking on any studio in a review or favorites list and keep going until I decide to stop on something th... reviewed April 21, 2006
BEING ALIEN by Iondrive Sci-Fi
I love the idea and I'm surprised that someone would say they didn't like the v/o,because that was one of my favorite things about this...I thought this had great v/o and narrative dialogue. Also,some... reviewed April 20, 2006
Chicken Licken Good! by koolteenm Comedy
I like your idea,its an original idea and it made me smile:-) One thing you could have done to really add a funny visual element to the movie;At the point where the yellow chicken bites the woman,you ... reviewed April 20, 2006
---------- Rescue ----------- The Beginning by StokeStudios Action
Featured Review
I really like the choice of music.It gives this picture a real distinctive flavor.Great pacing...nothing is rushed,and I like that.Definitely a great intro.Too bad the next part isn't out yet,or I'd m...
reviewed April 20, 2006
Geordie Zombie Hunters 2 Vampire by legend51 Comedy
I love the dialogue,and those two guys crack me up. It didn't take long to get into it,and the whole thing was just a load of goofy fun from start to finish. Great stuff as usual. I give you credit fo... reviewed April 19, 2006
Two Hearts Apart (Teaser) by 02PARSIM Romance
I must say,this is something I didn't expect from you.I give you credit though,for trying something different.You make so many movies,and I suspect that for you especially,it would be refreshing to tr... reviewed April 19, 2006
Crazy Ladys Day by bigboominc Comedy
Featured Review
That was really some bizarre stuff,and I didn't know where you were going with this until the end,when I discovered you were going nowhere hahahahaha!Ok,actually you went somewhere,sort of,and you wer...
reviewed April 19, 2006
Odd Times by magic_school_bus Comedy
Featured Review
Listen,I thought this was great stuff! The door scene was,to me at least,hilarious.You could have carried on that scene twice as long and it would only have gotten funnier to me(but as I like to tell ...
reviewed April 19, 2006
School Justice! by koolteenm Action
Featured Review
I guess you like making serious movies as much as I like making "un"serious movies:-) Interesting subject to tackle here,and although I think it could have benefited with a few more scenes added for c...
reviewed April 18, 2006
The Giant thingy by NJG Comedy
Have these 2 guys been hoovering down more paint chips than normal now that the Paint Chip Kid is no longer in the market?Ahh,I see now,thats what was in the big thingy haha I made a movie about a "Gi... reviewed April 18, 2006
The Survivors Exile by 02PARSIM Sci-Fi
Haha that Tebins guy should have been wearing a red shirt like those doomed unknown characters at the beginning of so many of those original Star Trek episodes:-) Is there any chance that Queen Fateli... reviewed April 18, 2006
Honesty Is A Virtue by 02PARSIM Horror
Once again,a great movie which I am glad I watched before you take it down as you so quickly do with your movies. I liked the direction you went with this,and its surprising actually that this guy did... reviewed April 18, 2006
Chronicle of the WoodTHE HOUSE by tasmania11 Horror
Featured Review
Wow,I don't understand why this gets less than 5 from some people. That was an EXCELLENT story.I would like to go into detail,especially about the twist,but I don't want to spoil it for others who wil...
reviewed April 18, 2006
Master of the Condoms Part 3 FINAL by TripWire21 Comedy
What an unexpected twisted load of fun that was haha:-) I like the diverse hodgepodge of oddball characters,and the dialogue was alot of fun,especially with the great v/o work. Nice placement and choi... reviewed April 18, 2006
Cameo Appearance by big_fart Comedy
Shakespeare would be proud at how far we have come in our quest to stimulate our senses with quality,intellectually stimulating and thought-provoking stories...Hahaha! reviewed April 18, 2006
Bad day for Hitler by sheayouwantme Comedy
Thats ludicrous enough to get 5 from me hahaha Normally Hitler movies are crappy,and normally chicken movies are crappy.Put them together and,well,it works hahaha! Its good to see an original idea wit... reviewed April 18, 2006
Farmer Jenkins! by kevinduh Comedy
Haha well,I actually found it funny,but then I'm weird.Just a bit longer and more continued insanity and you would have got more from me:-) reviewed April 17, 2006
Hope by renger6002 Romance
Good story.Kind of a little slice of life little tragedy. Telling this from the 3rd person worked well for this flick. If this actually happened IRL,I suggest you move on,it aint worth it haha:-) reviewed April 17, 2006
The Late Rufus Jensen by heliopolister Romance
Although my favorite genre is comedy,I still enjoy other genres as long as they are done well...and this was a nice story which,if the viewer allows themself to go with the flow,delivers a pretty good... reviewed April 17, 2006
Tippy Versus The She-Mummy by heliopolister Horror
Those 2 should look for a better place to make-out.The graveyard?Hahaha.And even after what transpired,they get started again.Get a room!Or at least a crypt hahahahaha reviewed April 17, 2006
Family Chuckles by big_fart Comedy
You may not consider this a comedy,but I have a warped sense of humor and I loved should have seen the look on my face hahaha:-) Absolutely perfect v/o and dialogue. With the laughtrack add... reviewed April 17, 2006
Armageddon Blues by steelblade_1 Comedy
Nice custom work.Although I think I've seen a better oval office set,that didn't detract from the satirical nature of the movie.It almost had a rushed feeling to it,and I think it could have better if... reviewed April 17, 2006
Sent by sheayouwantme Romance
Great well-thought-out story. One of the better long movies I've watched. Excellent use of scenes,nicely edited,and intelligent dialogue.The subs never went too fast and the story was interesting enou... reviewed April 17, 2006
Writers Block by big_fart Comedy
This film has left me gastronomically stimulated hahaha This was already going to get 5 because I thought it was great,but then you had the absolute perfect ending.I love it when people make movies an... reviewed April 17, 2006
Samurai Western by crazyman0520 Action
That sheriff is a brutal character isn't he?Haha I never saw that coming.Makes me wonder who the bad guy really is:-) Keep putting alot of time into your movies,and especially don't rush a movie out.... reviewed April 17, 2006
Stuck in a War out West by crazyman0520 Action
Some good editing and the scenes were put together very well.I liked the story.The only thing that needs work is the v/o,and more specific,the clarity of it.You probably have a crappy microphone,so my... reviewed April 17, 2006
murder in the cellar by heliopolister Sci-Fi
Mmmmm,yummy!Too bad that alien died,he could have opened a new fast-food joint with great recipe ideas like that haha. This reminds me a bit of a film by TimBurtonFan called "Backwood Horror",except ... reviewed April 15, 2006
Zacherl Zurück wie verdautes Essen by mr-vinni93 Comedy
Hahahaha yes! My German is not perfect,but I could understand almost everything because it didn't go too fast and it helped to have the subtitles.I love the poems,and I thought it was hilarious how mu... reviewed April 8, 2006
Jacked Up Picture Tech Demo by KeViNp Comedy
I have to give you credit.Your screwed up computer has been an ongoing problem for you I see.I honestly don't see why you released regular movies before because of this(unless you like getting bad rev... reviewed April 8, 2006
I give up TMO you beat me by legend51 Comedy
Haha well,I can understand you being rather pissed-off,especially because of what happened with your "Rant" films. I also read your comments on your studio page.Although my approach is a bit different... reviewed April 6, 2006
The Ugly Chicken by mandix Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Good job in trying to create a well-rounded story. I think you did an excellent job in using the music.This helped greatly with keeping the mood of the situations and the locations. I for one will not...
reviewed March 30, 2006
Flipers The dong hole by NJG Action
Its not too difficult to get me laughing...even this story(hahaha story?)ummm,yeah,this movie makes about as much sense as fart-scented air-fresheners haha,but for some reason I did find it funny,and ... reviewed March 28, 2006
The Paint Chip Kid by NJG Action
Featured Review
I disagree with janedoe! This movie was so right...Funny,and right.:-) I think this is as much a social commentary as it is a zany comedy. Great dialogue and v/o.Good use of the music,especially in yo...
reviewed March 28, 2006
Teaser for my next movie (Sneak Preview) by TimBurtonFan Horror
Featured Review
Firstly,I only rate previews from studios who have made movies I've liked:-) Secondly,I also have a rule to only rate teasers 4 stars max,but there have been rare exceptions to that rule,and this is o...
reviewed March 28, 2006
Little House on the Prairie by angelestes11 Romance
Hahaha well,it was pretty good,but I remember "Pa" as being strict but rather lenient when it came to hitting his kids.I actually had to laugh when he got out the whip hahaha:-)...he looked like a cra... reviewed March 26, 2006
Dreamtown by Rik_Vargard Action
Nicely done in all areas. Interesting story,solid v/o work,good use of scenes and great self-composed music that fits really well to set the mood of the film. I couldn't help but think of the song "H... reviewed March 25, 2006
Legacy by apasas Sci-Fi
This is a really great idea and a thoroughly enjoyable movie. I like the lead-up,explaining what aliens might think of us depending on what they find and how they interpret that find.Well done. I reme... reviewed March 25, 2006
Picketts Charge by apasas Action
I would really like to see you give this one another shot. I give you credit for handling that many characters in trying to re-create something that is on such a huge scale. If you were to use the Civ... reviewed March 25, 2006
Carly the Vampire Slayer by apasas Action
Firstly,I'm surprised that I didn't review this movie yet,I thought I had. I enjoyed this movie.I liked your narration and there was a nice opening sequence that gives the story some good dramatic bac... reviewed March 25, 2006
dog days by alfric Comedy
Even though I knew what was coming(One of my favorite scenes from my favorite Pink Panther movie) gave me a laugh again.It makes me want to watch the original again.Its been many years. Good job... reviewed March 25, 2006
Mobile Phones Hurt My Brain by db4321 Comedy
Funny little flick about a device that annoys me in real life haha:-) This is what its coming to.Its almost not really a phone anymore. Years ago,it used to be when I heard someone behind me on the st... reviewed March 25, 2006
The Simian Bar by db4321 Comedy
What a great silly thought you had here! Nicely paced for the short length.I like the role-reversal idea.This is the comedy version of Planet of the Apes hahaha:-) Nice to see the ape costume used as ... reviewed March 25, 2006
The Missing by jjpatel Horror
Excellent! Nicely put together storyline.Mary seemed like a kindly sort of person.I liked her vocals.I thought she seemed a bit unusual,and I wasn't sure at first if this was intentional or not...obvi... reviewed March 23, 2006
The freezing chamber by jamie123 Horror
A great idea. The premise is very good.This could be a 5 if some stuff was cut and a few transition scenes were added to help develop the story a bit more. I would like to have seen more. reviewed March 23, 2006
Full of Crap 2 by groove44 Comedy
Featured Review
You know what I find funny about this?The very first movie I uploaded(which is no longer online)was the exact same one as this,with different subtitles of course haha. I used some seriously outrageous...
reviewed March 22, 2006
Life and Death Struggle by RedBaronStudios Comedy
Hahaha yes!Excellent nutty stupid stuff:-) Over-the-top zaniness thats done as if it is all normal... Yes,its an homage,but its also a damn good one. Only one flaw in this flick...Chuck Norris doesn't... reviewed March 22, 2006
Of Sheep and Men by mightydad Comedy
Haha good stuff! This kind of humor is right up my alley... Just the right length and not rushed with the subs. An underappreciated little film. reviewed March 20, 2006
Speed Dating Disasters by biggstrek Comedy
I like the idea and everything was done very well.Good clear v/o work which had distinctive differences between the characters,always a plus.Well-done dialogue and nice editing which kept the flow of ... reviewed March 19, 2006
The Dog Detective by jjpatel Comedy
Some good ideas here. Some things could have been left out,and some things could use some polish.But I have no problem with randomness in comedies,and sometimes I find it even adds to the nuttiness. A... reviewed March 19, 2006
Trench Humour(pilot) by SpaceChicken8563 Comedy
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Not enough funny war movies around.Good to see one. The idea is great,funny stuff:-) The one thing I would like to have seen is for it not to go too fast,because its a great idea and its always good t...
reviewed March 19, 2006
Demon Drink ( a Stoke Short ) by StokeStudios Comedy
Jeesh,what does it take for the poor demon to get some respect? He needs a mentor to re-teach him the tremendous value of some good old-fashioned townsfolk-slaying evil-deed ways:-) reviewed March 19, 2006
Planet Lesbos -- World Without Men by StokeStudios Comedy
Why oh why can't I be abducted like that? haha:-) Maybe there is some travel-broc[play nice now!]s available so I can plan my next vacation? Gosh-darn good honkey-tonk HO-down music,and a dern-tootin'... reviewed March 18, 2006
NO No id rather you didnt do that by fuzzduck Sci-Fi
I love over-the-top comedies. This has a real hodge-podge assortment of misfit nutty outcast fringe idiots to help propel it to the stratosphere of pure outrageous zaniness. I loved it,and the warewol... reviewed March 18, 2006
Andrew Preisig-Making a Legend by Fire_Works Comedy
You show some imagination and creativity in this film.Its disjointed with scenes and backdrops having no business being there,but you manage to pull it off with some goofy but well-done dialogue which... reviewed March 18, 2006
Totally Bananas Bananafied! by 02PARSIM Comedy
I was hoping to time this right so I could be your official 1,000th overall rating.Curses!! I give myself 5 stars for my brilliant plan,but -5 stars for failing miserably. I am beginning to draw up th... reviewed March 18, 2006
Autoerotic Acid Asphyx by mildheadwound Comedy
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Cinematic Masterpiece. This movie is a drug for sight,for sound,and ultimately for the mind,with the only side-effect being an educational experience through the magic of this film of the dangers of d...
reviewed March 18, 2006
Hands off My Moon Juice by mattmaka Sci-Fi
Hahaha too hell with the damn colonists,save the Moonjuice! I got a kick out of his obsession with the juice...its good to know he has his priorities straight hahahaha Good goofy fun:-) reviewed March 16, 2006
Chuck Norris Disease by RedBaronStudios Comedy
Featured Review
Haha,Chuck Norris films are spreading through this site like a disease lately. Hopefully dedicated scientists can discover a cure!Ohhhh the humanity! Funny PSO I have Robin William's Disease(RWD)!
reviewed March 16, 2006
A Day In The Life Of A Gangster by tomacres Comedy
Some creative and funny bits in this film. I give you credit for using the scenes wisely in conjunction with the v/o and not just throwing them in there. I was going to give you a 4,but I feel compell... reviewed March 16, 2006
The City by razzirazz Sci-Fi
Excellent. Creative story that I was really into,and I was as curious as Lacy was in knowing what was going on...good job getting me involved in your story. Smartly done,and worthy enough to have been... reviewed March 16, 2006
I Dream of Baseball by DeBeef Comedy
Sorry,I had to review this... This was too creative not to at least say something. Is that Dimitri driving the cart?Is he expanding his business? Funny stuff reviewed March 16, 2006
Just Another Bad Day! by Spicer_Studios Comedy
Nice slice of life story,with,ummm zombies?haha Well done for a first film.Has some funny moments.Obviously some exaggeration(I hope haha)in the story,but still done in such a way as to almost make it... reviewed March 16, 2006
Ultimate Chuck Norris by tonyshek Comedy
Making a movie about Chuck Norris is just soooo wrong on sooooo many levels haha! This is just so goofy but at the same time funny because really,those "facts" are just so outrageous. Here are some q... reviewed March 16, 2006
The Risen by chrishall9 Horror
Hahahaha.... Are you a fan of the B-52's?Rock Lobster,haha! You are guilty of making me laugh at the beginning of your film,and thereby making me laugh at everything after it. I'm sure you will make a... reviewed March 16, 2006
Sweet Moment Sublime by elisiju Comedy
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Nicely done little drama/romance. Good editing to keep with the mood of the music. This is more than a music video,because it really has a story to it...reminiscing of good times passed when our time ...
reviewed March 15, 2006
Hawkeye and the Space Chicks 1 by nicvancamp Sci-Fi
Theres not a whole heck of alot going on,but I enjoyed it nonetheless.Maybe I was mesmerized by the space chicks.I'm a sucker for space chicks haha This Hawkeye guy doesn't come across as the smartest... reviewed March 15, 2006
Richard Cory by Pulp Celluloid Action
I can honestly say I've not seen anything quite like this on this site. Interesting idea,nice execution(no pun intended :-)and good v/o reading the poem. I see Davart's post below.I've seen you lik... reviewed March 15, 2006
Big Coach by davart Horror
I can't envision any reason why I would give this less than a 5. Firstly,I like the story.It has a Twilight Zoneish feel to it(did I just use the word zoneish?Jeesh haha) I also like the music,and it ... reviewed March 15, 2006
Bloody Money - Blutiges Geld by timorogowski Action
Hahahaha... Since we don't see what actually happens at the end,I envision her taking the gun away from him and shooting him,tossing his body into a dumpster,flying off to South America and living hap... reviewed March 15, 2006
Space Captain is a moron by legend51 Comedy
Wow you've been busy since the last time I visited your studio. I have to wonder how that dummy ever became Captain of the ship hahaha.Of course,there are worse things in real dummies runn... reviewed March 15, 2006
Backwood Horror 2 by TimBurtonFan Horror
A very good sequel to your stomach-turning original film. As much as I dislike the sicko members of the family you created,I thoroughly enjoy watching them do their evil-deeds because they enjoy it so... reviewed March 15, 2006
The War by tacomovie Action
Featured Review
Great.GREAT. Nice job conveying the eagerness of youth to enter into something in which they really don't understand the seriousness of what it really is they are so easily willing to jump into.But at...
reviewed March 15, 2006
Keris New Look by woopdefrickindoo Comedy
Haha I liked it:-) Good editing and some good use of costumes. Personally,I like the "too [bad-word!]ty" or the "too naked",but I guess Smurf works hahaha:-) reviewed March 14, 2006
The Last Chav by secretsantaone Action
Some goofy but funny dialogue in a story thats not deep,but it is entertaining.I liked the way you outfitted the goths,and the way you end up poking fun at both groups with how they act.I love parody.... reviewed March 14, 2006
Harold Duneburg Largeouses Lizardious by Kaos001 Comedy
Great parody! I loved your v/o work in this,it reminded me of the way they describe situations in nature on those actual programs.Some of the dialogue was hilarious,and thought the autopsy scene was j... reviewed March 14, 2006
53 secs to the end by tasmania11 Horror
I'm not sure how to put into words exactly how I feel about this. Heres a few; Weird,strange,funny,odd,interesting,confusing,thought-provoking... It was also creative and disjointedly original. Were y... reviewed March 14, 2006
Halloween Night (Teaser) by 02PARSIM Horror
Hahahahahahaha Attack of The Killer Pumpkins! Sorry,I couldn't resist,I had to laugh when I seen the pumpkin in the mirror...just my warped way of looking at things:-) Looks like it will be another go... reviewed March 14, 2006
A Ninjas Day Off by Gunslinger19 Comedy
I'll tell you why I'm giving this 4.I think you had the root of a good comedy idea here,but it wasn't fully fleshed-out.What you should have centered this story more on was the pesky white ninja endle... reviewed March 14, 2006
Chicken Small by alien_124 Comedy
Haha I get the irony of this little movie. I like the light-hearted goofiness:-) Somewhat in the vein of Ozman69's 30 Seconds of Bliss series. reviewed March 14, 2006
Amsterdamned Chpt 2 by dracool Horror
Featured Review
Good continuation. A bit different in style compared to part 1,but its good to see several characters being handled well with some good dialogue.Steady flow with some nice editing.I like the surprise ...
reviewed March 14, 2006
The Treasure by JDaly Sci-Fi
I really liked this.The ending definitely makes this movie,and the buildup to it is done quite well. I believe if you were to re-work this a bit and maybe raise the impact of the ending with a change ... reviewed March 13, 2006
Bullets are Forever starring Marshall Parris by the_georgeZILLA Action
Spectacular gumshoe detective story! Very reminiscent of the old detective movies,and the narration was spot-on perfect not only in delivery and dialogue,but the gumshoe voiceover itself could not hav... reviewed March 13, 2006
The Movies Background by DorianRust Comedy
Featured Review
Oh man hahaha I have to give you credit for wasting your time making this,while at the same time I wonder why I wasted my time watching it knowing beforehand what I was getting into(*slaps self in the...
reviewed March 13, 2006
Thug Love by nerdboy22 Romance
Enjoyable first film. Not a bad little story.Leave it to me though,to find something to laugh at.I found it funny that he went to a bank if he just wanted $800 haha.He should have gone to the Kwik-e M... reviewed March 13, 2006
The Case by castigo Action
Haha I unexpectedly discovered I was watching a suspense/comedy.I laughed already when he slugged the scum in the bar after about 1.5 seconds of "talking" with him and of course at the end(which,unlik... reviewed March 13, 2006
LEGACY Pt 1- For The Love of A Woman by deenswe2003 Action
Excellent. What a great opening chapter.Solid v/o work with interesting dialogue and an obviously well thought-out story. Nice use of flashback scenes to give the story an added dimension.A good endin... reviewed March 13, 2006
The Dead VI by chrishall9 Horror
Featured Review
You know,this reminds me of those goofy-style videos that some groups make,and I was pleasantly surprised that I liked it haha.It had a few funny moments in it,and even one that only someone like me w...
reviewed March 13, 2006
Amsterdamned Chpt 1 by dracool Comedy
Featured Review
For a first movie I thought this had alot going for it.Its a pretty decent start to an interesting character-study,and what caused him to start his downward spiral and be where he is today.There is a ...
reviewed March 13, 2006
At the Dons Request by kingpengvin Action
Excellent parody of The Godfather movies. Great v/o work and I like the dopey relative's repeated lines haha:-) reviewed March 12, 2006
Fall Of A Titan Directors Cut by madmatt7g Comedy
Hahahahahahahahaha Ohhhh man,I had to watch this after watching your "Montage" movie,so it appears as though that movie has worked for you,at least in my case.I don't think I've laughed so hard as I d... reviewed March 12, 2006
Montage by madmatt7g Comedy
Hahahaha Howard Dean cracked me up,especially when he went nutso on the top of the building,hilarious! This is just plain nutty fun,and I love the nuclear explosions.I can relate to those,I used to lo... reviewed March 12, 2006
Flaming Saddles by zerosacred Comedy
Featured Review
Haha Excellent. Alot of good stuff here(and some stuff thats just plain wrong),but that made it all the more funny for the payoff...I like the end:-) I also like the "hot-dog" hahahaha Great use of sc...
reviewed March 12, 2006
Knock Knock by doj Horror
Haha he has a smile on his face.Good little horror flick.I like the editing of the door scenes,and the use of scenes overall was well done. That guy got what he deserved haha:-) reviewed March 12, 2006