Number of Movies: 14
Number of Winning Movies: 0
Average Rating Received: 4.69

Number of Movies Reviewed: 213
Number of Reviews Given that were Featured: 8
Average Rating Given: 4.42
Movies Released by tlyddiatt
Secret Service Sci-Fi
Hey all This movie was created by Nlyddiatt(bro) a story of entrustment, something unusual is happening in the city, who or what is involved and why is it happening. It's up to Agent Aeris and Agent C... posted February 20, 2007
Dark Forrest Sci-Fi
This is the start of what I hope to become a series of movies. A general introduction to the cast. A story of power and choice. "WE aren't Good or Bad, we are like everyone else" Is this a battle bet... posted February 9, 2007
Cowboy Comics Comedy
This is my first comedy. It has no VO's but has got subtitles so you know what's happening. Just a general Cowboy with a few issues lol. Please enjoy!!! Nlyddiatt (brother of Tlyddiatt) posted February 6, 2007
Skimmer Horror
We are working on this movie when we have the chance. Hence the fact we have uploaded this without subtitles or VO's. So please dont criticise it due to lack of vo and subtitles. They will be comin... posted January 16, 2007
Ahead of Time Action
for those who want to know we didn't actually win anything during the competition. I hope that all who watches it will enjoy it as much as we enjoyed creating it. If you liked this movie, please rate... posted October 5, 2006
A Thousand Deaths PT2 Action
PLEASE WATCH A THOUSAND DEATHS BEFORE WATCHING PT 2!!!!! Hey all. I finally have uploaded A Thousand Deaths Pt2. but without VO's atm. I just want to see what people think of this movie before I add... posted October 2, 2006
A Thousand Deaths PT2 Action Not Rated
No Description posted October 2, 2006
Switch Off The Sun Romance
This movie is my brothers first romance movie. Switch Off The Sun pt2 will be produced if this movie gets enough votes. Thnx For watching posted September 16, 2006
A Thousand Deaths Action
Hey all. As i promised, I have now uploaded my movie 'A Thousand Deaths'with all the problems sorted out! It has custom music made by my brother on Dance Ejay 5 and it has VO's. Thanx to my brother a... posted August 12, 2006
A Thousand Deaths Action
Robot Antics Sci-Fi
Heya this is the first ever movie me and my brother did together, in fact the very first movie created when we bought this game. Sorry if you find it all over the place lol, but hey you have to start ... posted August 10, 2006
The Truth about War Action
This was my first long time stab at an action/war movie. It took a long time to create and i hope everyone enjoys watching it as much as i enjoyed making it. Please rate!! Thank you for watching :D posted August 10, 2006
Killer on the loose! Action
I needed to create a movie that had some strange creatures attacking poor innocent humans. The Diseased V Innocent human posted August 10, 2006
Bar Brawl Action
everyone likes a bar punch up but what might happen when you leave the bar? watch and find out! posted August 10, 2006
Movies Reviewed by tlyddiatt
Distance by deliriousstudios Romance
Absolutely fantastic poem and very good use of the green screen (or blue screen, I never remember which one). I hope that Leora watched this and realised how powerful your bond was. ~TLyddiatt~ reviewed June 7, 2008
15 Second Movie (excluding credits) by josephkw Comedy
I agree with RPOSHARD, the people who rated this one star obviously have no brain functions in order to understand the meaning of this. I thought for a 15sec movie this was very good! ~TLyddiatt~ reviewed June 7, 2008
Rain (Teaser 1) by MefuneAkira Romance
That was a very impressive trailer!! I would love to know how you did the whole flying car thing?! I am looking forward to the release of this! 4* for trailer though I have no doubts it will be a 5*... reviewed June 7, 2008
Tears of a Pale Moon by Wackyal3000 Action
When you said it was first person, I was a bit worried it wouldn't work. However you had a great plot and conveyed the story line very well. There were, as others have said, a few technical issues, b... reviewed June 7, 2008
Zombie Island by simpsdog Horror
Unbelievable! Great use of sets and characters. All that with just 11 sets! I thought the twist at the end was absolutely fantastic! Tlyddiatt reviewed April 13, 2008
the PASSAGE (episode 3) by josephkw Sci-Fi
Another brilliant part in this series. A very well done to you. I have yet to find my creative side but maybe one day it will come... reviewed April 13, 2008
the PASSAGE (episode 2) by josephkw Action
A brilliant continuation. If you don't mind me asking, how do you get the space diner? reviewed April 13, 2008
May Flowers by josephkw Romance
Utterly speechless. That was a fantastic piece of work as are all your movies. It was very eery but was fascinating as well. Keep up the good work. reviewed April 13, 2008
EXTINGUISHED by josephkw Sci-Fi
Absolutely Brilliant. Clearly you have a very creative mind and are very good at story writing. Feel free to watch some of my movies but trust me when i say theyar enowhere near as good as this. Hav... reviewed April 13, 2008
The Greek and Persian War by chris62 Action
I have to say this was on fantastic movie! I haven't been on TMO for ages but watching this has inspired me to get back into it. Great VO's and telling of the story. Overall excellent!! reviewed March 29, 2008
FOFB- fat old [not-so-nice-word!] bashers by twisterz Horror
holy oldies what opn earth was that lol, funny i'll give you that, but my god thats nasty, i agree with jxhogan lol nice disturbing effort lol, film on reviewed February 27, 2007
The Truth of World War 2 by warmaker29 Action
Brilliant movie i liked it it was very close to the real story of WW2, great effort on your part to make a movie based truely on WW2, I agree with GhostShip on this movie. Over all top movie deserves ... reviewed February 23, 2007
Dead Range by trentb00 Action
(random selected movie) I actualy really liked that as a first created movie well worth 5 stars. Had romance and a decent storyline liked the use of set too simple but effective nice job Please take ... reviewed February 22, 2007
The Kiss by Pinkipod7 Romance
He he comical romance lol loved the way every girl in the picture had a huge chest, he he brilliant so simple yet decent idea. music fitted nicely cast was pretty good lol, nice choice for main roles.... reviewed February 22, 2007
The Undead Fighters by turtlebait Action
Pretty interesting nice western vs the undead its pretty original a little short and slightly hard to understand but the originality got your stars good job. please check out my studio it has a couple... reviewed February 22, 2007
Romancing Randomness by twsmith24 Sci-Fi
(radom selected movie) ok then random is one thing but thats a little odd for romance and random not much sci fi either, there was no story or resemblence to a story it was funny but the random vo's w... reviewed February 22, 2007
Death on Two Feet - Chapter Two by CaptSocrates Horror
OMG what have you done? lol why man why?? lol, that movie was awesome. loved every bit of it, every little bit lol. btw thanks for rating my movie (Secret Service) glad you liked it. i spent ages on it lol. reviewed February 22, 2007
Death on Two Feet by CaptSocrates Horror
Nice movie really effective, Vos could have been a little better at certain points the vo's went quiet then loudened again, other than that it brilliant and i do agree with Flipmanburn need your perso... reviewed February 22, 2007
bank of the dead by ccm404 Horror
Aren't u the comedian. A productive comment would have been more appropriate rather than a line of z's. I guess you can't handle the fact your movies aren't great so you take it out on others! reviewed February 22, 2007
Jack-O-Lantern by nikstudios05 Horror
That was a very well made horror movie! Good job. It got a bit boring watching the guy walking round the house so much but he rest of the story bypassed that for me. Great use of freecam and the musi... reviewed February 21, 2007
DEMON -part 1- by X190 Horror
Not a bad horror. I don't really make horrors because i can't but yeh not a bad job. Nice to see you are doing VO's. Don't listen to anyone saying ur voice is crap but to help ur movies in the rati... reviewed February 21, 2007
When A Dumb Green Alien Attacks by X190 Comedy
I have seen better by you but that wasn't too bad. You have got the sense of humour needed to make this. It just needs a story line lol. Tlyddiatt reviewed February 21, 2007
H-U-M-A-N by pearsonhouse Comedy
hehe very cheesy humour but it was very cleverly done. good work and good VO's. Excellent! Tlyddiatt reviewed February 21, 2007
X190 Movie Awards (Sneak Preview) by X190 Action
Your'e Right, u definitely have a sense of humour. Can't waity for the final product to come out! Nice work mate! Tlyddiatt & nlyddiatt(bro) reviewed February 18, 2007
Blood Runs Evil by X190 Action
Liked the custom music. Better for a horror though because it was quite depressing lol. Good work! tlyddiatt reviewed February 15, 2007
Emblem of Blood by X190 Action
That was also quite good. A bit confusing every now and again but quite good. Keep it up! Tlyddiatt reviewed February 15, 2007
Showdown by X190 Action
You have to make showdown two! that was really good compared to some of the things i have seen you make. I know your VO's are not great but you can still put subtitles on to help people understand th... reviewed February 15, 2007
Scenes Of Random Action by X190 Comedy
That was really funny because it was so random. Obviously no storyline so you know my votes, no story no 5*. Otherwise it was quite random equalling funny ;) Tlyddiatt reviewed February 15, 2007
Galactic Crisis by X190 Sci-Fi
NIce to be able to watch your movies again X190. The storyline was a bit vague and not a lot really happened so I am afraid it's the 3* treatment. eep filming though! Tlyddiatt reviewed February 15, 2007
War of Empires The Dutch by WarMaker29 Action
Not quite as good as the other two but quite funny again. 10 yr old or not you are quite talented in comedy. I hope this series continues. Russia i think should be next! You already had the germans... reviewed February 15, 2007
War of Empires The New World by WarMaker29 Action
To be truthful a ten year old could not make such a brilliant movie ;). The time passed very quickly and the story was well written. P.s a true ten year old would not keep telling people their age o... reviewed February 15, 2007
War of Empires (The Trailer) by WarMaker29 Action
NIce trailer. well done. I don't believe you are only ten though? reviewed February 15, 2007
World War III by WarMaker29 Action
That was quite funny actually. I liked the line up at the end. Why were they fighting though? any reason? Tlyddiatt reviewed February 15, 2007
Minority by AlexVanRoose Comedy
An excellent Music Video! Better than any I have seen on TMO by far! Have to ask you this. How did you get consent to use not only this music soundtrack but the Pirates of the Caribbean music track... reviewed February 15, 2007
The Y Factor Week 1 by AlexVanRoose Comedy
Ok again quite random but quite funny i guess. reviewed February 15, 2007
The Milkybar Kid by AlexVanRoose Comedy
That was particularly random but quite funny lol. Tlyddiatt reviewed February 15, 2007
Fred and Davis by AlexVanRoose Comedy
To be honest, I don't think that was as funny as it could have been. It had it's moments and I assume you got the idea from "Dude, wheres my car?" lol. The voices were very good but I don't think the... reviewed February 15, 2007
The Elven Guard by AlexVanRoose Sci-Fi
Featured Review
An excellent introducton to this series! Really well scripted and the voices were excellent. I also loved the music! where did u get tht from? Quick question, when the guy died from a knife fight. ...
reviewed February 14, 2007
The Apocalypse Boys by insomnia50 Action
Brilliant movie, great story line and well put together. I am a fan of westerns as well so that add's instant credit lol subtitles are good, the movie would be improved drasticly if you can get some w... reviewed February 13, 2007
Attack Of The Maneating Ducks! by dylant93 Horror
Firstly thanks for voting within my studio. Secondly your movie has potential. Main reason why rating is so low is because their is no music and no effects, this probably relates to the in game date l... reviewed February 13, 2007
The Elven Guard Episode 2 by AlexVanRoose Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Nice work on that movie it was really effective can't wait to see new episodes. The tension is unbareable lol. Top marks on this one. Tension, suspence are well included. Music was balaced and and pla...
reviewed February 13, 2007
The Elven Guard Episode 1 by AlexVanRoose Sci-Fi
Featured Review
The poster is really effective how you managed to keep it below 25k beats me lol. The movie was quite interesting. The subtitles at the begining of the movie were a little too fast to read tho. The e...
reviewed February 13, 2007
robot asassin my day off by welshmovieman Action
Interesting, this movie is a little short, it has a little bit of entertainment which could have been improved on. For example you should have included something like robot assassin trying to hit on o... reviewed February 11, 2007
Heaven by FraasMovies Romance
An excellent movie! Tell your girlfriend that she is a brilliant writer and you have both done well to put it into a movie! 5/5 Tlyddiatt reviewed February 10, 2007
American High by owen1978 Comedy
Sorry I didn't like this script. Reasons: 1. The horse sounds were not necessery cause they didn't make proper sense. 2. The growling sounds were not co-ordinated properly. 3. No VO's or subtitles - i... reviewed February 9, 2007
Stolen Death - Chapter three by sisch Sci-Fi
An excellent third part! The story is becoming clearer and clearer as this goes on. I hope the last part is as good as these 3 parts. Your description about why 'Death Angel' was created was outstan... reviewed February 8, 2007
The Color Of The Crime by Montoro Horror
Quite good. Subtitles were quite difficult to read sometimes. Just a few english tips. We do not say 'Is He', we say 'It is Him' ok :D (Just to help you ;D). A good script, well done! Tlyddiatt reviewed February 8, 2007
Sparks Fly by deliriousstudios Sci-Fi
I have to say it was a very good movie...However, complications arose when I started getting a bit confused about what exactly is going on. Barring that the camera work was really good and how on ear... reviewed February 8, 2007
Stolen Death - Chapter two by sisch Sci-Fi
That helped to sum up some things i was confused about in your first part. an excellent second Part. i'm not much of a long film watcher on tmo but it is extremely hard to pull myself away from this... reviewed February 8, 2007
Stolen Death - Chapter one by sisch Sci-Fi
That was a brilliant first part to this series! I can't wait to see the next one. I will look at it right away! Tlyddiatt p.s. whats the best way to get other people to help you with VO's? Thanx P.S... reviewed February 8, 2007
wiwanyank Wacipi-la danse du Soleil-Part1 by cinecitta Action
An excellent first part to this series! I will bookmark this movie and I can't wait until the next one comes out! How do you do Custom Opening Titles? Please rate my movies, Thanks. Tlyddiatt reviewed February 8, 2007
Another day by RusBOYz Action
Very good. The subtitles were very fast sometimes but still good. Excellent work! reviewed February 6, 2007
The Ten Commandments by Trashman Romance
Excellent Comedy. It was well written and it put humour into the bible regardless of the fact I am a strong Christian. The people who gave you one star are just being too harsh and don't see the com... reviewed February 6, 2007
robot asassin 2 contracts by welshmovieman Action
Now thats what i'm talking about. He had his reason he made his entrance,and the action was intense i was actually captivated for a minute there even tho i seen the first version, thats much better. N... reviewed February 6, 2007
CHILLS - Forgans Last Story by gsears Horror
pretty interesting. A little lost with the last scene can only guess whats happening, Which is good. Different from the average horror lol Kinda funny that the psyco can't seem to keep away from stabb... reviewed February 6, 2007
Zombie Panic 2 Luke Nukem Forever by HitmanGames Comedy
Brilliant. That was the funniest movie i have seen, you never fail too amuse. Zombie panic is one thing this Zombie Panic is another, i loved it, it tops any comedy i've seen so far on TMO. keep the g... reviewed February 6, 2007
robot asassin the remake by welshmovieman Action
Thats more like it still needs a reason befor hand. Why is he their? but looking better it is longer has a little more action within it. I like this one a lot better could still use a little bit of wo... reviewed February 6, 2007
robot wars old v new by welshmovieman Action
Lol deffinately humourous, lol told ya robot assasin needed to appear again not quite in the way i expected but non the less. I like this movie a bit better as there is a little more to it. Still need... reviewed February 6, 2007
Iron Shield by movielandscaper Action
I liked it a lot, it had a lot of meaning embedded witin it. I think it could have been expanded a little cause its slighty confusing as in exagerate the inner child of Jake, by doing this it would su... reviewed February 6, 2007
How to Catch An Online Predator by eobaggs Comedy
That was pretty good i liked it quite a bit. The guy from the net should have had a older voice Because of the age it stated in the movie non the less great job and it has meaning too. Keep up the good work reviewed February 6, 2007
robot asassin by welshmovieman Action
To plain it isn't really a movie its more of a snippet of something bigger as simple as Enter, Punch, Fire. What is the story exactly??? interesting idea tho maybe you should work on it and make Robot... reviewed February 6, 2007
the PASSAGE (Episode One) by josephkw Sci-Fi
Wow, nice job that must have taken quite some time to create, i wish i new how to do all these extra effects and created scenes. I can't see any problems with the movie, pretty much every aspect is 1... reviewed February 6, 2007
Single-Shot Showdown by biggstrek Action
Great idea on the technical side of things, pretty interesting. Voice overs are good, but the title didn't really fit the movie Only once i read your description after watching the movie, did i set as... reviewed February 6, 2007
Daddys Little Girl by mez561 Romance
had me held there, pretty good idea to put in a movie. subtitles were a little quick i had to pause to read them lol. i liked the twist i did't expect it at all lol found something a little fishy but ... reviewed February 4, 2007
Junglefire by darlekdude79 Action
really sorry i don't often give low rates where is the story line i don't understand it just looks like you threw a few simple scenes together with no specific reason. i can get the general idea in th... reviewed February 4, 2007
One Perfect Night by masonx Romance
wow i mean wow, i thought that was really cute, but now i want there to be another where she comes back or he goes after her :( The story line was brilliant and the characters really fitted the script... reviewed February 4, 2007
Rescue by p1erx0R Sci-Fi
Not a bad movie, the scenes did fit together nicely but i didn't quite grab the idea of the story, here are a couple of things to think about if you were to re do the movie. Why did the alien stun the... reviewed February 4, 2007
Hearts Afire by Veronica48 Romance
Nice movie great work, the story works well. The scenes flow well together and you got the character features well built. Definately worth 5 stars reviewed February 4, 2007
Between Life and Death---Devils Kin by colingaiser Horror
that was a brilliant movie i had to go back several times just so i could see it all lol i think it was a very good horror and how do you cut out the beginning that movies automatically puts on them y... reviewed February 4, 2007
Stand and Fight by ManaRaiden Action
Wow nice movie great storyline and brilliant use of modded items. I can't see a bad point really, i think it could be improved ,not that it needs it but, by adding VO's and correcting a few subtitles ... reviewed February 3, 2007
Holiday Wars The Remake by guitartiger Action
great job on that movie lol pretty humourous, didn't see the original so i can't say which is better. keep the good work going i wanna see more movies like this lol. please rate my movies if you get a... reviewed February 2, 2007
A Day To Remember by troublemaker911 Action
Nice movie i like the way the you have placed the scenes together the movie has a lot of potential it shows a fair reality as well which pushed my rating to tip 5 Stars, two points- 1. when using free... reviewed February 2, 2007
kung fu fighting by sly2712 Action
Good fight scenes. It lacked an actual story. Were you just playing around with the fight scenes by any chance? Please can you rate my movies Tlyddiatt reviewed February 2, 2007
Why by RusBOYz Action
Great first movie, I like the idea, it is very clever. The only bit I found annoying was the flashing bit. The music was very good as well. Well done!! Please rate my movies, Tlyddiatt reviewed February 1, 2007
Briefcase by abeautifulmess Comedy
Quite a good miovie. My movie didnt even get in the 'finish the Story' competition charts. oh well, well done it was a good movie. Tlyddiatt reviewed November 8, 2006
No Greater Fury by Throwaxe Action
goddammit!! thts gonna beat my movie by far in the comp lol. The effects and the music went really well together and the three scenes were brought into the movie very well. Excellent movie! Please r... reviewed November 1, 2006
The Guardians Angel Trailer 2 by lizard3209 Action
I thought that was excellent. I really wish i knew how to make custom titles etc. and how did u get it in black and white?? Loved it!! Tlyddiatt reviewed November 1, 2006
AOSNS (Anti-One-Star-Ninja Squad) by dhanbhandari59 Comedy
It was quite good but a bit confusing. I would like to know where the three scenes were that you needed for the 'Finish the Story Comp' though. four stars cos it was a bit hard to follow. Please rat... reviewed October 31, 2006
Dojo Tech Demo by reapar Action
I liked the set! I must downlpad it when i get a chance. Liked the way you demonstrated the dojo as well. reviewed October 21, 2006
Cops Cars and Crime by reapar Action
I thought that was quite good and that glitch was pretty funny. I like short movies much more than i like long movies so i was quite happy to see this one. Tlyddiatt reviewed October 21, 2006
Fight For Your Life - Trailer by reapar Action
That was a fantastic trailer! I rarely give 5* for a trailer but this deserves it. Can't wait for the release! The music you used is fantatic as well. I have never heard that before! I might have... reviewed October 21, 2006
Wrong Turn by reapar Horror
I must admit when i see a movie that is longer than 7 or so minutes i think twice about watching them. This one had a great title so i watched it. It really seemed like 5 minutes because the scenes ... reviewed October 21, 2006
Full Of Lead! by lf751 Action
Featured Review
I liked it. More VO development would have been good but generally quite good.n Could have done with being a bit longer as well actually.
reviewed October 18, 2006
The Royal Spy by TUNIT Action
For a short trailer thats pretty damn good! cant wait for the full movie! How did you think of doing a whole James Bond series? its quite a good idea really. Quick thing, you know tht dude X190. ... reviewed October 18, 2006
Blood Masacre by X190 Horror
good horror. Loved the ending. gave me a bit of a laugh lol. I can see now that you slowly are progressing to get quite good at teh film making. Soon you will be getting 5* all round im sure :D reviewed October 18, 2006
Axe Dean by X190 Horror
not a bad horror movie. It was well put togeether but more killing needed lol. Either way quite good. Yes i try to watch all of your movies in hope that you will watch mine back. Also i watch most... reviewed October 18, 2006
King Kong TRAILER by X190 Action
a very good trailer! well done! slight problem. u entered the competition but where are the three scenes needed for the competition? You need 1) 2 people enter a bar, 2)a car pulls up and 3)explosi... reviewed October 18, 2006
How To Lose Yourselves Romantically by X190 Comedy
bit weird for an 11 yr old to make but ok. It was alrite. hoping for some movies i can rate 5* though soon. reviewed October 18, 2006
Timed boom by lf751 Action
Not likely to get far in the 'complete the story' competition. soz to say that but to win a competition im sure it needs to make sense! Secondly, dont insult X190. he is only 11 for gods sake!! Your... reviewed October 18, 2006
Battle of Worlds by X190 Sci-Fi
Another 4*. Great story and great effects. Too much completely unnecessary swearing! I dont mind a bit of swearing in a movie but a lot of it wasn't needed. It would have 5* otherwise. p.s. im not... reviewed October 18, 2006
Vulture by X190 Sci-Fi
4* from me. Main reason being your 11 and your swearing! Other reasons include why are those aliens or you so interested in penises?! Its a bit dodgy but it was quite funny. reviewed October 18, 2006
All Together Now by Veronica48 Comedy
That was actually remarkably finny! lol. I liked the storyline. It was especially good when the bartender changed her clothes between drinks (Dunno whether that was purposeful or not though!). lol reviewed October 6, 2006
Fugumal 50 mg Anti-Stress Infomercial by Veronica48 Comedy
That was so ironic and so funny, it was brilliant. a lot of effort went into this movie. How did you create those subtitles that were at the top f the screen though? Thnx for rating 'Ahead of Time'... reviewed October 6, 2006
Momy Were Do Babies Come From by carlosanddanny Comedy
And the point in that was...?! reviewed October 6, 2006
Get Low (Teaser Demo) by boxermix11 Sci-Fi
It was quite good but it did get a bit repetitive. Nice Idea Though. By The Way A Thousand Deaths pt 2 is out now but without VO's. Can you please watch and rate. Thanks Tlyddiatt reviewed October 3, 2006
Dream Ride by sherwinliu Romance
Another Fantastic Movie! Not ur usual romance story i will give u tht. Tht is just what TMO needs. A great film packed with originality and the written dialogue was the best I have seen. It really... reviewed October 3, 2006
Dignity of Men by sherwinliu Romance
WOW!!! Which way to take tht story i do not know! It was very well structured both ways and it really did not seem like 20 mins of movie there!!! A solid effort and i must watch other ones of ur mov... reviewed October 3, 2006
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Dylen Horror
A bit confusing but nevertheless really good. Your sets etc. have done it again. Tht horseman was definitely in for a surprise! Again i say well done! (U probs get tired of hearing tht all the time... reviewed October 2, 2006
Blood Ties - Vol 2 by Dylen Horror
One thing i really want to know is how you staged those killings! A fantastic conclusion to Blood Ties. I wished it hadn't ended but hey you can't have everything. How...?! I just don't know Tlyddiatt reviewed October 2, 2006
Blood Ties - Vol 1 by Dylen Horror
WOW!! Thts all i can say. The cutting, the editing, the custom credits and effects! fantastic! You two never fail to deliver. Well done. Tlyddiatt reviewed October 2, 2006
Time to Kill by Dylen Sci-Fi
That was fantastic! How did u do the dissolving of the doctor and the teleport of the lady?? I thought the sets and backdrops were fantastic! How do you do it?! tlyddiatt reviewed October 2, 2006
The Hybrid Theory II Trailer by Thonyia Sci-Fi
I liked the trailer. The movie will make this 5* i think. can't wait for the hybrid theory II release! reviewed September 30, 2006
The Hybrid Theory by Thonyia Sci-Fi
It was very confusing but thts the reason i liked it. I have given it four stars mainly because of itsd difficulty of understanding. all the scenes you used and the modified scenes really made it mu... reviewed September 30, 2006
Bad Luck by DaVoS888 Comedy
I loved it! I thought it was one fantastic movie. I like the idea of drowning yourself in alcohol lol. Please could you rate my movies and tell me how to make them as good as yours. thanks Tlyddiatt reviewed September 30, 2006
MAGIC - The Beginning by DaVoS888 Action
That was a fantastic movie. I owe it all to WorldCriticProductions leading me this way. Some goodm movie her. Excellent. tlyddiatt reviewed September 30, 2006
the worst assassin by worldcriticproductions Comedy
A fairly average movie. I cant say about your ratings because well i have never been rated by you but i hear your good. More on the ratings and less on the films. But still quite a good short movie... reviewed September 30, 2006
The Jeremiah Mystery (You Guess) by WorldPictures Horror
A very good start to a 'game' as it would seem lol. As i have said before it needed subtitles as i didnt get a word of what the other guy said apart from 'very very closely'. Otherwise a good myster... reviewed September 30, 2006
Survival Game by Dylen Horror
What a b******. Thts was truly nasty. oh well. A fantastic movier and what i really liked about it was.....oh yeah can't say. I really enjoyed that and i expect your other movies just to be as good... reviewed September 30, 2006
Survival Game (Trailer) by Dylen Horror
Brilliant Trailer. 4* because it is a trailer. Cant wait to see the movie. I might just do tht now. reviewed September 30, 2006
Life Is Not That Hard by tripmills Romance
As Boxermix said. Tht line is a very powerful line. Well done for creating such a pwerful and well worked poem/movie. tlyddiatt reviewed September 30, 2006
BaggageBoy ByeBye (another copy sold) by tripmills Comedy
It was quite funny and the VO's were great. I also liked the custom material in it. Overall quite good but just needs a few improvements. If tht was a longer movie i think it would have been 5* reviewed September 30, 2006
End of Memories 2 trailer by Bolch Action
Nice trailer! Cant wait til i watch the final piece. Bound to be twice as good as the trailer (i would hope) lol. Tlyddiatt reviewed September 28, 2006
End of Memories trailer by Bolch Action
Nice trailer. Lets hope the movie is as good as this or most likely better. reviewed September 27, 2006
Instinct Teaser by Throwaxe Sci-Fi
A brilliant Trailer. How on earth did you do those fantastic trailer credits?? I wish i was as experienced with the feaures as you are! Cant wait fro he fina product. 4* for the trailer because th... reviewed September 27, 2006
Penetration by Throwaxe Action
Usually i say VO's needed but as you say this really did not need any VO's whatsoever. You are extremely talented in this programme and i want to see more movies like this again. An excellent and we... reviewed September 27, 2006
Seeds of Evil by Throwaxe Sci-Fi
I hate 10 minute films usualy on this but this one kept me watching all th way through! Well done and i hope to see more like this in the future. Thats one studio down on my bookmark list. Congratz!... reviewed September 27, 2006
Driven by StevenKreg Romance
Exactly how long did it take you to make this?! It was one of the best movies i have seen on TMO. The effect of it and the quality of this movie was brilliant and it really made me think. Excellent work! reviewed September 25, 2006
Hijack by FraasMovies Action
A fantastic action movie with a good storyline and excellent use of scenes! Keep up the good work! Tlyddiatt reviewed September 21, 2006
Lionhead News by FraasMovies Comedy
A very good comedy sketch well done! Your movies are always very good. thats why you have won so many awards. Cn u rate my newest movie 'Switch off the sun' thanx Tlyddiatt reviewed September 21, 2006
Infiltration Part 1 by Throwaxe Action
An excellent movie and i cannot wait for the second part to come out! How do you have other movie players to do voices for u though? Excellent either way Please can you rate my movies thak you Tlyddiatt reviewed September 21, 2006
Confucius Say by Games987 Comedy
Some of those were actually quite funny but the music wasn't great and there was no plot to it. A nice idea but try to make more of a story about it. Again i say look at your clue movies and then wat... reviewed September 20, 2006
Jane Blonde 00Dumb by Games987 Comedy
Your clue series is fantastic. This is the opposite of tht series. Whats with the bananas and briefcases? You really need to get a female to do your female voices. They just sounded awful when you... reviewed September 20, 2006
Crusher by kate_109 Horror
A fantastic movie yet again Kate! I wish i had watched this sooner! u must tell me did u play the x-files music urself? it was very good if u did and all the music throughout was fantastic. A reall... reviewed September 20, 2006
The Falcon Troop (PART 1) by X190 Action
another good movie and good use of the 'remebering' overlay. You also had a great choice of music for the different scenes so well done. I still think you need to ask maybe your parents to do some v... reviewed September 17, 2006
Destroy Zaxxx! by X190 Sci-Fi
Not a bad little movie. It was a bit random though. Tlyddiatt reviewed September 17, 2006
Dinasty by X190 Sci-Fi
Again not bad but a couple of reasons it didn't get 5*: 1)Vo's were hard to hear at certain points during the movie 2)Its great your using the Microphone but don't do running commentary. Let the scen... reviewed September 17, 2006
Blood Masacre (Trailer) by X190 Action
Generally quite good a trailer. The reason i gave you 4* was because the whispering was too hard to hear. Overall quite good though reviewed September 17, 2006
Clue 2 by Games987 Action
I think you should get the Murderer to kill the guy who gave you 4*. This movie deserves more. Yes the VO's weren't great but that was easily made up by the amazing storyline. I can't wait for the ... reviewed September 17, 2006
Clue by Games987 Action
That was actually quite good. I still can't figure it out but i have a feeling it's the Colonel although im probably wrong. He was too [shhhh!]y though ;) Will def be watching the others. If i was ... reviewed September 17, 2006
CACA POOP!!!!!!!!!! by carlosanddanny Comedy
It was a bit stupid but thts what made it funny. Good work. Tlyddiatt reviewed September 17, 2006
The JCJ Stunts and Effects News 2 by X190 Action
Better than your first one it has to be said. Still no storyline to it though although the stunts you showed were quite good. If you want some ideas for good comedy movies or any movies really go t... reviewed September 16, 2006
(Insert Title Here) by X190 Comedy
Not too bad. Vo was hard to understand and you really need another person with you to help spread out the voices. It's not easy doing voices for all characters. It had a confusing storyline so that... reviewed September 16, 2006
Death and Song by X190 Action
This will probably be my only 2* rating. As teh guy below me said i didn't really understand the story. First someone needed to kill someone then 2 people sitting on the bed, explosions. I hate to ... reviewed September 16, 2006
The Dead Are Here by X190 Action
Didn't think that was as good as others you have made. The one scene that got its 3* was the toy gun scene and the smack. That was very well put together. Other than that i wasn't too keen on it. reviewed September 16, 2006
Inferno The Trailer by X190 Action
That was a great trailer for what i would hope will be a good movie! If you use some good sets and scenes and link them together this will be very good. reviewed September 16, 2006
The JCJ Stunts and Effects News by X190 Action
You have used stunts and effects but what exactly were you trying to show? Keep going with your other movies and not the news movies ok. reviewed September 16, 2006
The Abomable Snowman by X190 Action
Quite funny. Your choice os scenes have been better in the others i have seen. If i am to give you any advice it would be this. Think of a movie you like and try to create your own version of that m... reviewed September 16, 2006
Destiny Life and Death by X190 Action
Much better than 'Justice Fighting Crime in Style'. It was also quite funny but in this case mostly for the right reasons. Well done More films like this will certainly get you on the way to high vot... reviewed September 16, 2006
Justice Fighting crime in style! by X190 Comedy
That was quite funny but sometimes for the wrong reasons. You also need to get a sort of plot going. I understand that you were just playing around with the different scenes and i think once you hav... reviewed September 16, 2006
The Courage Within II by MefuneAkira Action
Another fantastic movie. Can't believe u ended it there!! So much i wanna find out. I hope the next one will be as good or better than this one and i hope i won't have to wait too long! The custom... reviewed September 16, 2006
JESUS VS EASTER The Cupcake Edition by MefuneAkira Comedy
I am so desperately looking for a movie to give u four stars on but thts impossible lol. An excellent comedy feature. Im very disppointed i never saw the first Jesus V Easter. such comedic brillian... reviewed September 16, 2006
The Unwanted Hetero by MefuneAkira Comedy
Can't gibe you less than 5*! tht was extremely funny and clever. Another good comedy hit by L.M.A.O studios. reviewed September 16, 2006
Ninjas vs Dead who will win(ninjas) by Moviegeek5 Action
That was a very unique movie. I always thought ninja's only fought with knives or swords but maybe thats just me. I think if you continue learning about different modes you will get quite good and i... reviewed September 14, 2006
SWAT by Moviegeek5 Action
You have a great idea here. I think it was a bit too short and it needed a bit more of a storyline. It was still quite good though. Well done Tlyddiatt reviewed September 14, 2006
The Guardian Trailer by lizard3209 Action
nice trailer with good effects and good use of black and white. Cant wiat for the movie to come out! This studio will be bookmarked. Trust me! reviewed September 14, 2006
Lift Chronicles - Part 2 - Masquerade by lizard3209 Sci-Fi
Another fantastic movie. How did you get the hologram and the changing faces tho? Fantastic sets and a very well put together storyline. Someday i might be as good as that! Please could you rae my ... reviewed September 14, 2006
Lift Chronicles - Part 1 - Unwelcome Visitor by lizard3209 Sci-Fi
Excellent VO's and the modified sets are fantastic! How on earth did you manage to get those or create those?! The music was excellent and it really worked well with the movie. An excellent start. ... reviewed September 14, 2006
CMC 3 The Feast by Davetj28 Sci-Fi
Another great part to your series. No problem with the sound this time but there were some points where it seemed like characters were sposed to say something but they weren't. a good trilogy. Tlyddiatt reviewed September 14, 2006
CMC 2 Leave No Man by Davetj28 Sci-Fi
As the Pheonix Review centre said your sound was a bit too out of sync so a lot of the story was slightly 'missed' so to speak. Other than that this is a very good continuation of the last one. reviewed September 14, 2006
CMC Colonial Marine Corps by Davetj28 Action
A very well made movie. One problem was with the VO's. They were generally quite good but my hearing isn't great and it was difficult to hear some of it. Putting subtites in would help i think. T o... reviewed September 14, 2006
Bar room brawl by kingpoo Action
A nice attempt at a bar brawl. It would have been brilliant if there were VO's or Subtitles and even better if there were subtitles AND VO's. overall not bad and the music was excellent! 4/5. Could ... reviewed September 14, 2006
The ASSOL Detector (LMAO Quickie) by MefuneAkira Comedy
Another fantastic quickie by LMAO. The ASSOL detector. What a unique idea lol. tlyddiatt reviewed September 11, 2006
Ultima6000ATM (LMAO Studios Quickie) by MefuneAkira Comedy
I guess the thing to say here is never trust a talking atm lol. An excellent quick sketch! That was, as AxeCinema said, just too damn funny. It shows that you dont need to make a long film to get a... reviewed September 11, 2006
On the Air by Master007 Comedy
That was absolutely rediculous and random so naturally... i loved it! You had some great camera work and the voices really suited the characters. excellent work mate (or as Mr Funk woudl say 'Far ou... reviewed September 11, 2006
The Novel by Master007 Horror
A very good movie. One problem with it was the ending. I expected a little bit more there. However i usually say VO's would make it better but this movie really didn't need VO. It was very good wi... reviewed September 11, 2006
David Robinson Part I - Brothers Revenge by PhilBlythe25 Action
Quite a good movie but i think it needed VO's. I think it would also have been quite good if there was more of a story to it. However, it was generealy quite good so 4/5 for tis. Well done! please c... reviewed September 11, 2006
Malloy - Chapter Two by DaRKoNe462 Action
That is what you call a fantatstic movie. It left me hanging on the end of my seat! You are a ery good movie maker and i really cannot wait til the next part comes out! Im sure it will be as good a... reviewed September 11, 2006
Malloy Chapter One by DaRKoNe462 Action
well that was a brilliant first part and the next part i know will be extremely good as well. My overall rating would in fact be about 4.8/5 cos sometimes i didn't really know what was being said. w... reviewed September 11, 2006
Malloy Trailer by DaRKoNe462 Action
An excellent trailer there. Cant wait to see the two parts. I wish i could win a competition but im just not good enough lol. well done! tlyddiatt reviewed September 11, 2006
Genome by FraasMovies Action
An excellent movie! I liked the mods and the story was told very well. Excellent! Tlyddiatt reviewed September 10, 2006
The Yolks on You by mestoph72 Comedy
An excellent movie for such a young person! Well Done. I hop ther are more like this soon. Tlyddiatt reviewed September 9, 2006
2112 (A Time To Die) episode one by kate_109 Action
Featured Review
Yet again, another fantastic movie! How do you do it? I cant wait for pt 2 of this and pt of teh X-Files to come out. Your work is exceeding a very high standard. At least you know you will always...
reviewed September 6, 2006
Ship of Fools by Davetj28 Sci-Fi
That was fantastic! Well done! I hope rto see some more movies kike this in the future and i can't wait for the next part to come out! Yo have a very goo dstoryline there. Excellent If you have the... reviewed September 5, 2006
Detective Dan by Silly-Monkey-Studios Comedy
Generally quite good but VO's would be good and there were some bits that didn't quite work. However it was quite stupid and funny in some places. Well done Film on! Please check out my movies thank you. reviewed September 4, 2006
Santa on the run by tadghduffy Horror
A bit random. It needs abetter storyline. Only rate 2 im afraid. reviewed August 16, 2006
Surviving The living dead by thecheat619 Action
Not a bad movie. I thought it was quite good! Excellent! Film On! reviewed August 16, 2006
Radioactron! the Begining by 76543 Action
Featured Review
A very good storyline and script. A few pointers to help your future releases: If a subtitle has not got enough space for a word. Don't put a bit of the word then the other bit in the next subtitle, ...
reviewed August 16, 2006
14 the Robot by Appelhans Sci-Fi
Quite a clever movie really. How did the robot become linked on human destruction though! reviewed August 16, 2006
Wow! some of those fight scenes i haven't seen yet. i look forward to trying them out when i unlock them. Overall quite good. Please could you rate someof my movies as i have worked hard on them but ... reviewed August 16, 2006
Have You Seen My Clone by GH0ST0FTH3M0V13S Comedy
Very good. nice twist at the end (at least i think it was a twist lol). I liked it. reviewed August 16, 2006
The Promised Land - Prelude by elz Action
A nice quick trailer here. I have also watched the first part of it and i thought that was quite good as well. If you liked my mocie could you look at my others? reviewed August 16, 2006
FEAR by patty82 Horror
A very good horror movie but how do you do custom credits? A very spooky film. I loved it. reviewed August 16, 2006
Tv Problem by carlosanddanny Comedy
Featured Review
Quite a funny short movie lol. Nice work. Mit elook at your others later. plse rate my movies Thnk you tlyddiatt
reviewed August 14, 2006
On A One Day by devilboy204 Comedy
Umm yes a rather random and silly movie....I thought it was quite good! Can you please rate my movies Tlyddiatt reviewed August 14, 2006
thieves never win by worldcriticproductions Action
Nice S&E first movie! could have done with being a bit longer but i will most definitely be watching pt 2 when it comes out. You need more than a punch to kill someone unless you punch them in the ri... reviewed August 14, 2006
stuntmen arent paid enough by worldcriticproductions Comedy
Quite a good S & E movie. Subtitles needed to be slower and VO's would have been quite good as well but overall a nice S&E movie. reviewed August 14, 2006
End of Suburban Horrors 2 by WorldPictures Horror
Overall this trilogy was brilliant! I thought the editing and cutting was very good. Excellent Tlyddiatt reviewed August 14, 2006
Middle of Suburban Horrors 2 by WorldPictures Horror
This is a very good series. I think it would be easietr to know what is going on if you had subtitles because a lot of the time i didn't know what someone was saying. reviewed August 14, 2006
Beginning of Suburban Horrors 2 by WorldPictures Horror
An excellent movie here! How do you pause scenes and edit them though? and how do you create your own title showing? Tlyddiatt reviewed August 14, 2006
Trouble in Lonewolf! by MefuneAkira Comedy
Good review from the critics there. I pretty much agree with them. It was very funny especially the jokes about the indians and aliens at the beginning. A will have to start watching all your other f... reviewed August 14, 2006
The Courage Within by MefuneAkira Action
I was gripped in the first minute of this movie! excellent! I do hope there will be more to go with this series! Plse watch and rate my movies. reviewed August 14, 2006
49 In The Fire by BradPitt Action
A very Powerful movie. Well done. Please rate my movies Tlyddiatt reviewed August 14, 2006
The Real MIB by kate_109 Sci-Fi
You are a movie making genius! This is one good movie. I would hope there is a second part but probably not lol. I especially liked the infra green bit. very good. Tlyddiatt reviewed August 14, 2006
The Mad Doctor (part 3) by kate_109 Horror
A fantastic twist at the end there! well done I think this series has been really good. You better bring a pt 4 out! lol. overall i will gice the series 5*. The only thing i didn't like about it was... reviewed August 14, 2006
The Mad Doctor (part 2) by kate_109 Horror
Another good part to the series. The only problem wit it was walking through the coffins at the end. try to avoid that sorta thing. Otherwise ver Good. Next thing needed is VO's. Now for number thre... reviewed August 14, 2006
The Mad Doctor (part 1) by kate_109 Horror
Nice scene cuts. Confused with the link between how teh doctor knew where the office was and that a girl was there but generally quite good. I will give my full rating after watching pt 3. reviewed August 14, 2006
The X-Files (Unseen Files) by kate_109 Sci-Fi
Absolutely Brilliant! Im an Avid watcher of the X-Files and i thought tgis was really quite a good start. As said by Mohnke, VO's would have made this film even better! With VO's 6/5 i think :) Please... reviewed August 14, 2006
Weapons of Mass Destruction by zidane10153 Comedy
Featured Review
Rather confusing but i thought it was quite funny lol. Plse rate my movies:A Thousand Deaths and The Truth About war Very good quick and simple movie :D
reviewed August 14, 2006
One Night Out by axecinema Comedy
I know you said dont ask you how it got in the top 25 but seriously how did it get there?! There aren't any stunts in it anyway so why it was in top 25 S&E i will nvr know!! I thought a movie had to ... reviewed August 13, 2006
wold war 3 part 1 by matol12 Sci-Fi
This is a very good Sci Fi film! Well done Plse rate some of my other movies Can't wait for nxt part! reviewed August 13, 2006
End of the Line (Part 1) by northdakota Action
Really, a very good movie. Only one problem with it. That is the subtitles were just too fast for me to read sometimes. Had i been able to read all of it im sure i would have given a 5* rating. You... reviewed August 13, 2006
First TrY Bad Day by boxermix11 Action
A very good movie but confusing at times. It i svery hard to make a film on an event in your past but i think you did a good job here. btw... i have enhanced my movie 'A Thousand Deaths' so if you w... reviewed August 13, 2006
The Promised Land by elz Action
Excellent. Nice story line as well! Thnx for rating mine! I hope i will have others uploaded soon. reviewed August 13, 2006
Iron Tunic by Ghost1489 Comedy
Very simple, short and comical movie. I thought it was very good! If VO's were included that would definitely get 5* from me! A solid movie! plse watch mine and if u want rate. reviewed August 13, 2006
Angels and Demons Teaser by Seanahue Sci-Fi
A great Trailer/Teaser! I saw the first pt and I thought that this teaser not only summed up the amazing Horror/Sci Fi film but regardles of teh length i really enjoyed watching pt 1. I was gripped in... reviewed August 12, 2006
Angels and Demons Part I by Seanahue Sci-Fi
An absolutely fantastic horror/Action film. I can't wait for the next one to come out! How long will i have to wait!?!? lol. Congratz on a tremendous movie! (Plse rate mine if u get teh chance to!) reviewed August 12, 2006
The Betrayal by helo862 Action
One of the best Action movies i have ever seen on TMO! With a few laughs added in of course :D Very well done! Please rate my movies if you get the chance to! Shame you only get up to 5*. This is wor... reviewed August 12, 2006
Resident Evil The Revenge (part 2) by Mohnke Horror
A good sequel! Well Done! Again VO's and linking the VO's to to the characters. Otherwise yet another good movie! reviewed August 12, 2006
Resident Evil The Revenge by Mohnke Horror
Well done! This is very good! Idea: First VO's would be very good for this movie, Secondly If you right click ona recorded VO in your film you can set your character to look like they are saying it.... reviewed August 12, 2006
World War 2 A Day To Remember by Mohnke Action
NIce movie Well Done! Subtitles and more than one VO would have made it much better. Otherwise very good reviewed August 12, 2006
(Another Tribute)Greatest MIXTape Ever by boxermix11 Sci-Fi
Can't give less than a 5*. That must have taken some time and the music is fantastic. Good luck to you all in the future. (please rate my movies) reviewed August 11, 2006
Musicvideo 4 by JEDI-MASTER Romance
Sehr gut aber ein bisschen langweilig am ende. Insgesamdt ein guter versuch. Well done! (I think my german is ok :D). Please rate my movies. reviewed August 11, 2006
Damsel in Distress by elz Comedy
Not a bad first try. well done! Thnx for my review. Im sure as you get used to the game your movies will start to be fantastic Well done! Film on! (please can you rate my other movies?) reviewed August 11, 2006
Two Legends by tomacres Action
Absolutely fantastic. Oner let down as many have saidf is the VO's. They were a bit too quiet at times. Subtitles would have been good. Overall brilliant! reviewed August 11, 2006
Innocence - Part 2 by vesobe Action
A truly stunning and excellent series here! You have really outdone yourself with these movies Again i say congratulations on such an excellent series. reviewed August 10, 2006
Cry Wolf by vesobe Action
Another very good movie You are a creative genius Fantastic! reviewed August 10, 2006
Innocence - Part 1 by vesobe Action
This was definitely one of the best movies I have ever seen on this game. Except to you it isn't really a game is it? This is your chance to really show a creative side. No wonder it got such fantast... reviewed August 10, 2006
The Ultimate Showdown by chrisedmond Comedy
This belongs at number 1! an excellent music video! Well done. How do you create custom music? Can you rate my movie/movies please? well done again. reviewed August 10, 2006
Not Another Zombie Movie 2 by thejoe8pizza Comedy
Quite good. It is in the charts so well done but i didnt like the zombie children or the scenes with no voiceover. Overall well done though! reviewed August 10, 2006
slayer by matol12 Action
Very good. I was not too keen on the effect over the camera in the first few scenes but very well done indeed. 4.5/5 is the true rating i think. reviewed August 10, 2006
Am Ende der Distanz (Recut) by Meowan Romance
Very good Well done!! reviewed August 10, 2006
World War 2 Invasion De La France by Mohnke Action
I can't give lower than a 5 fo rthat. Voices would be good but well done! Film On!! (Thank you for rating my movie by the way) reviewed August 10, 2006
Oh Its On 3 Ouichi Genshi Basutaa Alpha by mixmasterfestus Action
Utterly awesome. My congratz to the creator but how did u get all those excellent effects like the lightning hands etc.????? reviewed August 5, 2006