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Average Rating Received: 4.1

Number of Movies Reviewed: 132
Number of Reviews Given that were Featured: 17
Average Rating Given: 4.25
Movies Released by tkw
Sherrifs boy Action
this movie was made in quick play mode. it was an excuse 2 use some kewl music off really. it is kewl music XD. posted March 1, 2007
the INA virus 3 a survivors fall Action
this is a story of revenge... a story of death and destruction... a story of sadness. note: this is actually mean't to be a horror movie, i keep making them action movies by accident :p. when the dia... posted October 17, 2006
ebaums world Comedy
Eric bauman is a liar and a thief,owner of ebaumsworld, all of those on tmo who go there are erning the biggest online criminal more ill gotten gains, and do you know whats really bad? he'll never be ... posted September 1, 2006
a series of comedy sketches Comedy
sorry about the crappy pre adolescent sounding VOs, i cant help that posted August 29, 2006
a cliched zombie movie Comedy
this is my first modded movie!!! blood puddle by six-headed monster chainsaw by spaceman72 and chainsaw sound effect by ozman69 so basicly... its about an incident 30... yes, that'l do, 30 years ago w... posted August 28, 2006
Defcon zero Action Not Rated
ooo.. it doesn't work? :P does it work???? posted August 18, 2006
Hell hath no fury Horror
hell hath no fury.. that is what logan finds out in what was mean't to be an ordinary day. that day turned into a living nightmare... the fate of four will be decided in...hell hath no fury!!!! make s... posted August 17, 2006
the making of the INA virus Comedy
hi, here is the making of the INA virus. pleese watch the actual movie (The INA virus) before viewing this, it will enhance your viewing experience, oh, and katy hoopers appearance is due to still hav... posted August 16, 2006
the INA virus system critical Action
YAY! here is the sequel to the INA virus, u may wish 2 view that first posted August 15, 2006
saving the world (again) Comedy
WELL, IN A TOWN WHERE people have to save the world pretty often, the heroes have given up trying to prevent the constnt flow of evil (so three idiots have to do it instead) prepare to laugh... or the... posted August 15, 2006
the INA virus Action
this is loosley based around the flash movie series INA vampire hunter. i just used the virus name here and... stuff this will be continued. (if i put all episodes into one movie it would be 2 long :P... posted August 15, 2006
new world order Action
my first movie with VOs i hope you enjoy it, i was the only one doing VOs with cruddy equipment so they may suck, enjoy the comedy. Note:the poker scene was my fave - i've always wanted 2 include the ... posted May 15, 2006
the gunslingers Action
wont actually be continued. posted April 18, 2006
Club ded 2 Horror
well, i had some graphical issues, excpect accesories like sunglasses to come and go,as i could not help it, so please overlook it, remember to watch club ded 1 first. posted March 30, 2006
Sub-terrainial japes Comedy
man, this is good, two red eyed mis-fits argue and... just watch it to the end! lol! posted March 23, 2006
Club Ded Horror
Come on and watch my latest, greatest horor movie! my longest yet at just over six mins. if you enjoy horror, watch the perpetual darkness, if you like westerns, watch the dream (welcome to the west. ... posted March 23, 2006
I would die for you Romance
Some nerd is builied and he jumps off a roof, nuff said. It was a windy day and teh bullies enjoy doing the same thing over and over again, required a lot of editing, the *groans* and *screams* are th... posted March 22, 2006
Ninjite Action
No Description posted March 21, 2006
The Perpetual darkness Horror
A new genre - western horror! enjoy the story! I have run out of things to say. I cant do voiceovers very well, my equiptment is rubbish. if you own Call of duty 2, look for Franconbean, that's me. go... posted March 20, 2006
The Dream (Welcome to the West) Action
A movie about the wild west, attempts at humor are lame. Sorry about the mix up between the sherrif and one of his deputies - they wear the same costume. enjoy, the best western around now is showdown... posted March 19, 2006
Destiny is for fools Action Not Rated
This movie is abou the vietnam war, albeit a bit OTT, but, this is one of the few American victories in the said war, enough about the movie, just watch it. Oh, and after that, watch aliens episode 1 and 2 posted March 18, 2006
Aliens Epesode 2 Space Battle Action Not Rated
The second movie in the aliens series, watch the first one beforehand if u have not alredy. expect the third and final movie to star different actors (if there ever is one) posted March 18, 2006
Aliens epesode 1 the rise of Papa Noir Sci-Fi Not Rated
This is alright... my first movie. posted March 18, 2006
Movies Reviewed by tkw
second chance by stevie84 Comedy
Featured Review
the charaters were deep and meaningful in this real horror show movie! (horror show means good - read 'A clockwork orange') i haven't seen anything like this on TMO. EVER!!! Editing was generaly good...
reviewed March 5, 2007
Room 401-Episode 1-introduction by sycosis5 Romance
Featured Review
heheh... hilarious. funny dialogue, and great story.
reviewed March 4, 2007
MAFIA - Mission MoonLight by Eagle_93 Action
A mind blowing movie. great poster, awsome external editing and a good storyline combine to make one of the best movies since The Courage within 3. The editing was crisp and tight, the music really we... reviewed March 4, 2007
Dark September by kell1608 Action
my mouth hung open in awe from the 3rd minuet. this movie is an extremly moving, artfully made peice, worthy of more praise than a can give you. i was almost in tears by the end of it. if everryone ma... reviewed January 30, 2007
1-1 karate Showdown by meeeeee Action
oh god no >.< please no... freecam wasn't bad.. but this was terible otherwise. wheres the karate? this title is about as bad as the one for an upcoming film 'blood and chocolate' (the choclate part o... reviewed January 30, 2007
Horror Of The Werewolf by nukester Horror
wow, that was great, good begining. The characters have belivable backstories and newgrounds music? which artist did u use? great weather report section and practicaly frame by frAME transformation sc... reviewed November 1, 2006
In the Name of Rose (recut) by Sage_Xu Action
Featured Review
---the review thread--- a gorgeous film with musch detail with genuinly touching moments that had the tissues out! with a3som3 action scenes. generaly good dailogue too good prop use and exelant freec...
reviewed October 20, 2006
The Return of The Many Faces of Rock! Fix by JustinMoore Comedy
---the review thread--- neat music and oddly funny and original concept, keep it up!!!! reviewed October 20, 2006
Things To Ponder Episode 1 by KeViNp Comedy
---review thread--- very funny, very funny! lol, ponderyness. i look forward to the nxt epesode reviewed October 20, 2006
Preview Rama by TempleoftheGods Comedy
AHAHYAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAH!!!! SOOOOO FUNNY!!"!!!! i lauged in the first 15 seconds. loved the zelda music, where did u get that? PM me. i laughed soooooooo hard. i reckoned the saving ryans privets was... reviewed October 20, 2006
The Mafia Bloodshed by dude123456 Action
---the review thread--- the age of the mod is in full flow. this hosts awsome music! and a great, if old, idea that is refreshed in this film. Also, Iv'e never seen the 40's detectve outfit used for a... reviewed October 20, 2006
Broken Romance by Lukok Romance
---the review thread--- no offence, i just got a little bored about 3mins in, i kept watching because i liked the music, i just am not a great fan of romance... also, WAY WAY WAY too cliched. but, nic... reviewed October 20, 2006
SIGHT 2 by Sith Horror
awsome stufff, chilling, keep it up reviewed October 19, 2006
Game Over by ShyShy Action
why is a 50 yr old in high skool? but otherwise ok, pretty original, end was cool, like the music :D reviewed October 18, 2006
CENSORED! (TM) by MrDeMillipede Comedy
---the review thread--- lol, when copyrights get out of hand. That was extremely funny. 2 minks and a yak? lolololol interesting fact: someone tried to get the hsppy birthday song copyrighted. reviewed October 18, 2006
The Mission by Yodabob Horror
---the review thread--- that scared me so much... i was viewing it in the dark though. this will stay with me for a long time reviewed October 18, 2006
Ping and the Brotherhood of the Iron Dragon by mcrispy13 Action
---review thread--- awsome music and custom stuff. touching story :) good props!!! overall very good. i loved it. reviewed October 18, 2006
dont trust trees by magic_school_bus Comedy
---review thread--- dont trust trees... lol v.funny reviewed October 18, 2006
It Came From The Sea by MrDeMillipede Comedy
---the review thread--- it was good, nice jokes and editing. VOs could improve in 1 or 2 ares tho, they were sometimes hardish to hear. nice bird crap effect. odd ending reviewed October 18, 2006
Crovie by Frooplet Sci-Fi
---the review thread--- neat editing and generaly good! but wierd, but oddly heart warming! i think sci fi suits this best, a35om3 music. very masterful reviewed October 18, 2006
The Perfect Date by BamRyan Comedy
---movie thread--- v.funny, good ending, nice way to slag off the film my super ex-girlfriend! lol! i laughed very hard! reviewed October 18, 2006
Little Black Riding Hood by tomasm Horror
---the review thread--- very tense, it really made me jump! nice story! reviewed October 18, 2006
Pulp Chicktion by marvellousguppimovies Comedy
---the review thread--- odd, but very funny! very original too reviewed October 18, 2006
Short Curly - Episode 1 by marvellousguppimovies Comedy
---from the review thread--- this roxxed! lovely editing and music! Lots of funny moments too. "it's got more bugs than starwars galaxies" lol reviewed October 18, 2006
Chicken Run by God_Of_Plague Comedy
LOL!!!! i don't know why, but i laughed my head off!!!! reviewed October 18, 2006
They are born by charlie_x Horror
Featured Review
Great story! and interesting, if fraght with typos, dialogue. Make a VO version and you will be onto a winner! the diary/memory view was very original, i liked it, it was well edited and presented, good show.
reviewed September 19, 2006
Outlaws of the Bog by MrSmithee Action
GREat stuff!!!! which new grounds artist did the music? my movies have music from ng too. I use music by paragonx9. great vo and subs with funny bleeps. pm me. on with the review: this movie was great... reviewed September 18, 2006
Love At First Write - VO Edition by pearsonhouse Romance
one of the best romances on tmo, 5 stars from me, great custom stuff, great VOs, great editing, man, ur just great, i liked the warm, fuzzy ending. reviewed September 17, 2006
The Life Machine by WilliamG Sci-Fi
omfg! u DID NOT DO what i think u did, did u? auto-written scripts r crap, reall, really REALLY!!!!! this one is no exeption - uh.... non existant editing, no subs! omg. make your own movie next time... reviewed September 1, 2006
Crunchy and Chewy vs The Evil Space Thing by Penut Comedy
well, this really funny, great VOs and nice scooby-doo and gwen stefani references, lol. i loved the horse convertable and jimmys corpse is still there at the end, lol. also, hilarious cliches, totall... reviewed August 31, 2006
Ashley Porter and Shadow Meet Laddie by suedenim Comedy
v. good in general, a bit long for my liking but a good ,un anyway, tight editing and great use of scenes earn you 4 stars! reviewed August 30, 2006
The Vigilante Act I A Crappy Day by willtrusty Action
great stuff, but isn't 10 eppisodes a bit long? still it has a good tagline and some cool VOs and freecam, nice work. a little background buzz in V#os tho, but me no have a problem. even if the woman ... reviewed August 29, 2006
Movie City Exterminators by Yodabob Comedy
awsome!!!! fricken hilarious!!!! reviewed August 29, 2006
Story Time Jack Be Nimble by God_Of_Plague Comedy
great werk. it was a good movie, but i'm too tired to type anything else reviewed August 29, 2006
Masked Killer by ShyShy Horror
cruddy subs- that was annoying, but otherwise everything went good. free cam good 2 reviewed August 29, 2006
Mr Smith by madmazz Romance
a good story is the foundation of any movie, and the plot here is exelent, good work there. i'm not one for long movies that go over 10mins really, but this one kept me untill the end. you have a brig... reviewed August 29, 2006
The Legend of Latin Seymour by rposhard Comedy
neat VOs and a coolio story have ear'nt you five stars. i also like the character of seymour too, this is a doozie. reviewed August 19, 2006
The cold war by spag007 Action
first off, the cold war had almost no fighting, despite the cuban missile crisis, the only casualty was a man flying a spyplane who was shot down, and he survived. and why would the ammericans so stup... reviewed August 19, 2006
Star Fake by Carlinhoz Sci-Fi
subs will get you far... but you seem to be able to manage without them!.. nicely done with cool music at the right time 2! good stuff! if u run out of ideas, feel frre to look at some of my stuff reviewed August 18, 2006
Big Brother Final Day by craftcreations Comedy
it's 5am in the big brother house. all the housemates are sleeping and pickin' their noses. i like the accents imposed by the subtitles, good stuff, even though i hate big bro. reviewed August 18, 2006
The Duel - Das Duell by ValeriusMyotis Action
well... so much for "not much of a story" i'd say this was a story, a duell, and a goodun too. a fine yarn of good'n'evil well told, with nice musical score to boot, VOs would have iced this cake perf... reviewed August 18, 2006
Halo by jinko23 Sci-Fi
not bad on the VOs. some nice going here :) should be longer, but that is about my only gripe ps. dont forget to check the forums no and then! reviewed August 18, 2006
Flunky by dawisn71 Comedy
an odd comedy, music now but no subs... consult your manuel because i can't understand a thing here, there isn't even a description, so i have zilch to work with, if you take more time to find out abo... reviewed August 18, 2006
Transvestites! In Transport Trouble by dan065 Comedy
Featured Review
cummings????!!!! LOOLOLOLOLOLOLOL! i gave ya 333vs for this! it r00ls! funny! gay trannies
reviewed August 18, 2006
Santa by dan065 Comedy
i love that one, i think santa is the hobbo. lol!!!!! dont forget to promote your movie in the forum reviewed August 18, 2006
Secrets of a Killer Zombie by Triplelithiumstudios Horror
i laughed a bit there, she like, cried till night, funny.... good sound effects and ultra cliched ness!!!almost/is comedey. neat zombie 2. LOL, i love a good horror comedy. i got that right didn't i?... reviewed August 18, 2006
She Passed Away by jinko23 Romance
anything under a minuet long is a recipe for disaster, raspy VOs. a friend of mine advised to put a sock over the microphone, it works quite well, u should try it, it takes some courage to do VOs tho,... reviewed August 18, 2006
Psycho Chicken by malignus666 Horror
Featured Review
nice subs for the pysco!!!!v.funny stuff here. dont forget to visit the forum to promote your movie so your movie can get some more reviews
reviewed August 18, 2006
The Cheesy Movie by dDLl Comedy
random rocket launcher. ya gotta love it. not too badly done, at least it's been postproduced. it raised a chuckle or 2, lol reviewed August 18, 2006
Rockets Red Glare by MaryG Sci-Fi
Featured Review
well, next time, it would benefit your score more to add some subs, still, some nice music when it was around, but this doesn't look as though it's seen a post production. it would be beneficial if it...
reviewed August 18, 2006
Mafia Wolves by Chubbfish Action
ooo, nice editing and werewolves!!!! top stuff, with a good story and stuff u shouldpromote ur movies on the forums and stuff:Don't forget to go to the forums to advertise your movies! (But follow the... reviewed August 18, 2006
Mini Kong by mikeyrulesoverall Action
A F*&%%$ up verson of king kong, truly, not 2 bad but no VOs and stuff so no deal, m8, thats a massive chunk of score off of that :P but the kong scenes were funny, soo.... 3* y the space slave suit? reviewed August 18, 2006
StrangeTown Trailer by mikeyrulesoverall Comedy
neat trailer, the real movie looks big! even a baggage boy rippoff and some wack music! neaT!!!!! reviewed August 18, 2006
10 November by chrisht69 Comedy
great music!but again! do u hav permission from the owner of the music to put it in yur movie? nice stuff there - mainly th music. but male prostitutes taking photos? wat is tmo coming to??? take a l... reviewed August 18, 2006
Spaceboy On A Mission by dawisn71 Sci-Fi
i have nothing to work with here again! consult the manual for music and subs! otherwise your movies will be the bane of TMO sorry, but you have to try harder than this i'm afraid :(. ok, so u got som... reviewed August 18, 2006
The Mindsnatchers by dawisn71 Sci-Fi
not too good, i don't know what is happening and it no sound, subs, nothing! just a story of sorts :P reviewed August 18, 2006
Jason by darkrobman Horror
shigh... no character development so to speak of... and just 2 peeple getting killed, but ht emusic was, however sufficient to build a decent amount of tention in the shower scene reviewed August 18, 2006
Maid on Fire by dabex13 Action
a film of passion and fast paced stuff here :P but no use of sliders is evident otherwise, it's original and stuff... reviewed August 17, 2006
Stars in the Stars by dabex13 Sci-Fi
pretty good stuff here, nice costumes and music. with great intro, a bit short tho reviewed August 17, 2006
WWIII Iraq intro by Luront Action
a great war film, this shows a vry promising futer fot u! nice VO's, good fight scenes and even the 'my m16 has jammed' scene, caus ethe m16 was prone to jamming reviewed August 17, 2006
Zombie Bob goes to Washington by oldugly Comedy
thta was great stereotypical 'lets nuke a country' stuff, lol reviewed August 17, 2006
The Death Is Awake by explicitmo Horror
good movie with plenty of tension in the first part. and sound effects too. it reminds me of the subway level in house of the dead 4 alot. reviewed August 17, 2006
Hitman Part I Training(final2) by Babar23 Action
great props and camera angles with some good (but annoying) sound effects. also good improvisation for the hospital. i also think the soundtrack was alright. i can see much work has gone into this. reviewed August 17, 2006
The Titan Chonicles - Enigma Pattern by ubernewbie Horror
0000...BIG breasted women... you speak the truth, good VOs and a neat story. with plenty of great mods. and aliens that can hide from the radar! gripping stuff, the end was great, but, ooooo... big br... reviewed August 16, 2006
Pianoman - Urban Warrior I by JazzX Romance
good music and originality, but the bar sequence was a little long, unfortunately not redeemed by it's great camera angles, it was a good story when it got to the point, but that took too long for me,... reviewed August 16, 2006
UTOPIA part 2 by ubernewbie Sci-Fi
longer, but better than the last one with more fighty scenes and good music - fabbo reviewed August 16, 2006
UTOPIA by ubernewbie Sci-Fi
what a dark world - your not allowed to leave the city? :P and u get shot for breaking the law - it looks like feudalism is back reviewed August 16, 2006
Joone by Dracin Romance
great music and effects. great stuff, with the substance for suspence and thrills. the story was a rare breed, i dont see enuff of this stuff reviewed August 16, 2006
The Evil Scotsman by devilboy204 Comedy
Featured Review
lololol! thats the most hilarious music video iv'e seen. good backdrops and use of scenes. that was great stuff. i love the lyrics too (10000 point bonus) plz check out my studio
reviewed August 16, 2006
The Mad Slasher by Ghoulscout13 Horror
heavily cliched and stuff, but on the whole, a good horror yarn that earns it's virtual credit well, lets have a sequel pleese. also, plz view other stuff in my studio, mainly the INA virus reviewed August 15, 2006
Polish Ya Funk by ubernewbie Comedy
wtf? reviewed August 15, 2006
Lionhead News by FraasMovies Comedy
good work, nice new, lion head race and great mods, good job plz watch some of my stuff reviewed August 15, 2006
School Fight 3 by action_films Comedy
wtf m8? that was funny, plz take a look at my studio, i'd appriciate it, anyhoo, that was weird, goo d freecamming and stuff, but that was an oddity reviewed August 15, 2006
Women dont do that by princeinexile Comedy
that was hilarious, lol, i haven't laughed so much since i saw the showdown in foggytown, lol reviewed August 15, 2006
The Ultimate Showdown by chrisedmond Comedy
if neil cigeria saw this, he'd be impressed, this was a great remake of the ultamate showdown, instant favorite- next try 'iv'e got some falling to do' or 'when robots attack' reviewed August 15, 2006
The X-Files (Unseen Files) by kate_109 Sci-Fi
ultra amazing! good use of props and extras thoughout the movie. a great storyline too. i'm glad you asked me to review this movie, it's great! reviewed August 15, 2006
Enamorville The Final Episode by LeoBrZ81 Horror
that was good. a bit long, but amazing. good VOs and music, well done! reviewed August 15, 2006
The Death Of Movie Reviewers by riott007 Comedy
lol! movie gets one star, i didn't get it.... only joking! lol! Greatness and fantasticness, ifyou could review new world order (in my studio) and tell me where i went wrong, that would be great! reviewed May 17, 2006
I Was Once A Cop by magic_school_bus Comedy
oh please... this kinda ssucks, lame storyline and wayyyy too short. come ON MsB you can do better surely? reviewed May 15, 2006
Battle for Earth by MOVIEHEAD Sci-Fi
very good movie, not much music for the mood though, but are ak-47s really that bad? even against laser guns/ reviewed May 14, 2006
Evil Dead Christmas 3 by Ghoulscout13 Horror
lol! funny. but no zombies? It was ok, but NO ZOMBIES?! and no REACT TO SHOT?! Wht is this? reviewed May 13, 2006
The Clandestine Reich by jiggler Horror
n 1 with good, clean, efficient editing. reviewed April 18, 2006
Open The Bloodgates! by Puertorico925 Horror
Hobo killer! YAY! nuff said. reviewed April 18, 2006
Tragedy Strikes by jailerjeff Comedy
my heart BLEEDS! this sucks, next movie please... reviewed April 18, 2006
Hello Moto! by marcocatena Romance
lol :) did u infringe on copyrights? reviewed April 18, 2006
Vampire by SrCapone Action
. this vamp sucks, more than anything that has ever sucked before, in a good way though. a simple good ol' cliche filled vamp blood sucking movie, lol, femme fatal gets vamperized. good use of music t... reviewed April 18, 2006
The Graveyard of Doom by OPalmer Horror
amuter VOs still funny, lol, heheheheh. reviewed April 18, 2006
Halo combat evolved part three by jordanbattenfelder Sci-Fi
good editing and use of scenes and stuff. reviewed April 18, 2006
The Kid Rode Away by clemento Comedy
why did the music just stop suddenly at the begginig? STILL no subtitles... the title has significance here though with a story of sorts... reviewed April 18, 2006
Ape Mom by clemento Sci-Fi
slightly better than your previous movies still no subtitles though which honestly is the downfall here, the title is also ultra insignificant where the apes and moms? reviewed April 18, 2006
Live Target, Dead Reckoning by clemento Action
will quality ever grace your movies? STILL no subtitles, STILL nothing makes a glimer of sense, why do you have a blatant disregard for story lines? why was that cowgirl shot? why did she walk into a ... reviewed April 18, 2006
Dance All Evening by clemento Action
wth? whats going on? no subtitles - i know for a fact that post production was available then, i was willing to over look the music/tech available to the era but this... not good, man. the music also ... reviewed April 18, 2006
Ghost Squad by Masamune75 Action
props badly placed in some places. i just didn't get the story... dam'n good violence and actors well suited for their roles partialy compensate. reviewed April 18, 2006
Saigon Ninjas by lobotomykid Action
Tip: to make your number 1 star staybeyond retirement, make a 1 scene movie and put filming on hold... forever! Good movie with great editing! Editing 10/10 music use 9/10 script 10/10 overall... reviewed April 18, 2006
DEATH by ranger21 Action
awsome! Comic book violence! amazing use of music and customy stuff! WOOOT! reviewed April 18, 2006
Scream! by aaron832 Action
muh? Very short, had a story of sorts, but even for the era this is below average Whats the deal with changing costumes and aliens? this should have been a sci-fi. I'm sorry i had to make this the ver... reviewed April 18, 2006
Showdown in Foggytown - 2nd Trailer by FoDooG Comedy
lol, nice 1! horse in the office having a meeting! reviewed April 16, 2006
Come On - The Outtake Reel by FoDooG Comedy
YEHAW! lol, OMG HORSES! reviewed April 16, 2006
Fall of Earth by Chubbfish Sci-Fi
good, if a bit draged out. TIGHTER EDITING PLEASE! nonetheless, good plot and everything you need for a good sci-fi with no dodgey voicovers with tarkadog, lol. perhaps some music would be good... but... reviewed April 11, 2006
What Would You Do by Chubbfish Action
nice work, pal i would hand myself in and plead guilty for manslaughter. A difficult situation... cool idea - very original. watch my stuff please reviewed April 11, 2006
The 30s Moonlight by Tarkadog Action
nice voiceovers! Funny! good voiceovers chubbfish andtarkadog - hilarious! reviewed April 11, 2006
Friday The 13th 0 II by chrisedmond Horror
Featured Review
mmmmm... Movielisious! cool. Good effects and editing. g0od End LOL! :)
reviewed March 30, 2006
BODY TALKS ! Overture by cavaleras Sci-Fi
The Most refreshingly original film i've seen on this site, Fantastic ideas! I disdain all who don't see its beuty and brilliance, 5 stars well deserved. reviewed March 30, 2006
X Equals Revenge by the_georgeZILLA Action
good VOs. nice custom ny maths department and street backdrops, fantastic and gritty with a dabble of humor. fantastic scenes in the graveyard. LOVELY! reviewed March 27, 2006
changed by missyelliott Horror
good, but just not.... Sublime.... certainly not the best out there... reviewed March 25, 2006
The day Katanas werent in the ps (again) by SixthHokage Comedy
i lurv katanas - my fave sword - cuts through cartalage and bone in one swing! Damn funny, watch a couple of my movies 2. reviewed March 24, 2006
Resident Evil G by GrrMan Action
just.... wierd reviewed March 24, 2006
Atlas The True Story by BlackSoldier5 Comedy
Featured Review
always facinated by mythology,a new take is wat we need! LOL! HEAVAN IS A MASSIVE TV. one of the funiest movies ever. i am a kid! good advice!
reviewed March 23, 2006
THE FIGHT (bd) by fr_longjian Action
top notch animation! way cool! my french is bad though... meh, watch the rest of my movies and spread the word about them. reviewed March 23, 2006
Around the Chicken Yard by nutzhouse Comedy
good music and top marks for originality a bit on the short side though, it was a good idea to start in the middle of something with no intro though, good work. listen, ya know that movie of mine you ... reviewed March 23, 2006
Ma?y tytan by 07270727 Sci-Fi
EH? short, at least it has a story of sorts... music is one way for commendation. reviewed March 23, 2006
Brokeback LIVE! The Sheet Fur Chronicle by VYPUR Romance
sooo good! meh, so wat? it's a gay relationship? who cares! it's whats underneath inside that counts! Watch some more of my movies! keep up teh good work. reviewed March 23, 2006
Hitler today what happened in WWII by devilboy204 Comedy
Featured Review
AHAHAHAHAAAAA! hitler dances! soo funny! accents are good, No one likes hitler, thanks for making fun of him! Hitler dances in a gay bar! Funny!
reviewed March 23, 2006
Ghost Ship II Trailer by ubernewbie Horror
Featured Review
damn cool, Lovely idea, FABBO! some shots did not come out right but that is my only gripe, we want a finished version!!! Watch all my other movies - no one has watched my sci fi movies, aliens eps 1 and 2
reviewed March 23, 2006
Hey Thats All Fair Of Love and War! by bigboominc Comedy
Featured Review
damn coool, i liked it loads, funny narration with clear subtitles. LOLLERZ!
reviewed March 22, 2006
Cheater Cleaver by Demongamer Action
It's cool... But wht picnic on teh roof and not in the field or some place... why is it suddenly rainy and dark? not much of a story, where the passion? you could do better, watch my movies by clickin... reviewed March 22, 2006
Sounds Like a Mouse by alftansr Comedy
Featured Review
vaugley funny (minni lol) The worst joke from the movies just got worse.
reviewed March 22, 2006
Stand Up Comedy by Dave180786 Comedy, had me in stiches. reviewed March 22, 2006
Times of war by Gammro Action
Featured Review
Deep storyline, an enjoyable script, watch some of my movies CLICKY! click on me name
reviewed March 22, 2006
Cowboys And Indians Pt1 by Dave180786 Action
fantastic! perhaps a bit of lighting editing for the saloon would have improved the score, but on the whole, damn good. watch this: reviewed March 21, 2006
Drunk Naked Chicks by Pulp Celluloid Comedy
amusing.... reviewed March 21, 2006
The Satanic Tapes by jpwood Horror
lol, cool music,SEQUEL pleae! this was cool! ecxelent editing.fantastic demon that only he can see with all that fog. watch the rest of my movies reviewed March 21, 2006
They Call Me Justice VO by nutzhouse Action
Featured Review
Briliant voice-overs, and how did you get your studio as a background for the opening credits? that was a nice touch, the long-johns in bed part was good - you could not see the boots.
reviewed March 20, 2006
Bank robery by Ashmen Action
not a completely doomed story line, but lack of subtitles is the downfall here i have NO idea what the hell anyone is saying. yours truley tkw, watch my movies - espiecially the dream (welcome to the west) reviewed March 20, 2006
KING KONG 1940 by StevenKreg Action
amazing use os props, scenes andbackdrops reviewed March 19, 2006
6 WAYS TO KILL THE BAGGAGE BOY by littlesimon Comedy
Good, everyone wants to kill that stupid star of that stupid tutorial film, made me laugh out loud. but, scenes could do with a little editing. Dont forget to rate my movies. reviewed March 19, 2006
Showdown in Foggytown by FoDooG Comedy
Funniest movie ever! it cracks me up! Fantastic music and that part about the dude in the prison was damn good. the flying limo was the funniest scene of the lot. GREAT JOB! (dont forget to view a cou... reviewed March 18, 2006
Heavy Bullet by Vladimir375 Action
Mind blowing - wow! innapropriate music at the end though, still, wow! Amazing, but... incomplete reviewed February 14, 2006
Why No One Ever Sees Santa by laridae Horror
Featured Review
Santas eyes scared me near to death! the first horror movie on this site that i found scary. Lower music volume and louder voice acting was way better than in the previous movie, tube but still no sub...
reviewed February 14, 2006
Tube by laridae Horror
This movie was really tense! and funny, the catch at the end was very good and the use of music was near perfection, some bad voice acting with no subtitles to compensate let it down a bit though. reviewed February 14, 2006
Hitlers assasins 2 Undercover in Paris by thedr Action
easily surppasses its prequel with a healthy dose of humor in it too. the car chase was very similar to the first movie though. BRING ON THE SEQUEL! reviewed February 13, 2006
Hitlers assasins Invading Normandy by thedr Action
A fantastic film with just one or two subtitle spelling mistakes, the prop placment was good and the fight scenes were brill with just a couple of actor errors that anyone could make. reviewed February 13, 2006