Number of Movies: 10
Number of Winning Movies: 0
Average Rating Received: 3.18

Number of Movies Reviewed: 5
Number of Reviews Given that were Featured: 1
Average Rating Given: 4.4
Movies Released by timett
Goulash Inc Action
A mad scientist learns that he can grow giant ducks. But only 2000 years old mummies could mess his plan up. Who will be stronger and quicker ? posted January 10, 2008
Father Jules Action Not Rated
A mad scientist delivers a fatal virus to the town of Midge. Only the strongest survived. posted December 30, 2007
I Saw Santa Eat daddies cookie for 20 Action Not Rated
Based on a true story about Santa who lost everything. Know the untold story about Santa, uncut, censored and loaded with lead action. - Magnificent : Sylvester Stalone after a few beers. - Two Ro... posted January 19, 2006
I saw Santa Action
A trailer of the movie to be released soon, we are working on it currently and almost done. posted January 3, 2006
Vous avez du culot Comedy
No Description posted December 20, 2005
Xena Comedy
No Description posted December 7, 2005
Vas-y Fais-le pour toi! Comedy Not Rated
Fais-le pour toi! posted December 6, 2005
Del Korross Sci-Fi
No Description posted November 27, 2005
Gateway to Oblivion Sci-Fi
No Description posted November 26, 2005
TBA Horror
Short horror movie. posted November 23, 2005
Movies Reviewed by timett
SuperHuman by sickjoke Action
Featured Review
Woah ! Nice job lad. I liked this post-apocaliptic movie. A good mix of time-travel. I learned from your movie and I think we all can learn something about a great work, it makes us better ! Brav...
reviewed January 12, 2008
Markes by Florian111 Horror
A wondorous horror movie no doubt. VO's perfect, the story is solid, nicely done. Keep up the good work! reviewed February 7, 2006
Markes 2 by Florian111 Horror
Very good movie. The voice acting was fantastic, I liked the echo in the voice and all the "montage" effects. Keep up the good work! reviewed February 7, 2006
Ninja Academy part 1 by ace60galaxy Action
Good movie in all, classic scenario. VO were ok. I liked the duel between the master and the evil student, classic! reviewed January 3, 2006
Holy Death by bija Horror
I like the suit, the gun and the zombie bashing. It's just soooo whack! reviewed December 7, 2005