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Average Rating Received: 3.16

Number of Movies Reviewed: 6
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Average Rating Given: 4.17
Movies Released by Timblesink
Smoking Is Bad For Your Health Action
No Description posted January 26, 2006
Proffessor Killmore 3 Action
Proffessor Killmore's last crusade against evil... This movie cost a staggering $613,000 and 7 YEARS to make! Like it or else! If you have seen the other two Killmores, I salute you. If not, watch t... posted November 25, 2005
Proffessor Killmore 2 Action
Killmore's second outing is altogether... weirder! Better than the first (by a long shot)! Ha ha! I just made a pun accidentally! And he's a "proffessor" because it's a different "proffession" than ... posted November 23, 2005
Proffessor Killmore Action
This movie is... slightly rubbish compared to the other two Killmore movies in the series. But watch it anyway! It is... slightly important to Killmore 2 & 3! It's all about shooting. And also, he IS... posted November 23, 2005
Red Night Horror
This is a random movie that I whipped up in 30 seconds. Watch the Proffessor Killmore trilogy instead (and yes, I know it's professor, but that's explained in the description of the movie...)! posted November 22, 2005
Movies Reviewed by Timblesink
Deathtrap by Tamptak Horror
This is an incredible movie. I can't believe that I actually felt scared sometimes. Great ideas and very well told. reviewed January 30, 2006
Repo Rescuers by supercozz Comedy
It was entertaining the whole way through, but the bit that really shined (for me) was the radio report about the "weathere balloon". Ace movie. reviewed January 26, 2006
High Noon Habibs by boggeyb Comedy
Great movie. It was funny in some parts, but not Family Guy funny. Then again, nothing could be. Except Family Guy of course. reviewed January 26, 2006
Iraq And I by Shemuel Action
The intro was waaay too long. I skipped to the action bit, but that was relatively boring. It really needed subtitles the whole way through. Oh well, at least you tried. reviewed November 29, 2005
Slightly Cosmical by corinthian Comedy
This is one of the greatest Sci-Fi-Comedy movies ever! One problem: It's not long enough! Turn this into a series! reviewed November 26, 2005
Cause and Effect by schneekatze Action
Great movie! Your v/o's are WAAAY better than most and the subtitles were a good idea to include. Only thing stopping this from being 5 stars is the to be continued at the end! reviewed November 25, 2005