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Number of Winning Movies: 0
Average Rating Received: 4.33

Number of Movies Reviewed: 334
Number of Reviews Given that were Featured: 14
Average Rating Given: 4.08
Movies Released by Tie
The Creepy Clown Visits - A Poem Horror
"The Creepy Clown Visits - A Poem" Is the tale about a traumatized child who went insane when he saw his mother being killed by his father. Years later after having avenged his mothers death he reali... posted April 2, 2008
I Really Think We Should See Other Rabbits Comedy
"I Really Think We Should See Other Rabbits" or "IRTWSSOR" for short (simple eh?) is the sequel to the popular 2007 comedy "I Think We Should See Other Rabbits" ("ITWSSOR") and it continues the story ... posted February 10, 2008
tHE cLoWN Action
Reading about the death of young actor Heath Ledger reminded me of this short flick, I made a couple of ages ago and never uploaded. tHE cLoWN is basically an old fashioned silent movie (with sound e... posted January 26, 2008
I Think We Should See Other Rabbits Comedy
A story about love, friendship and homosexual rabbits. Written, directed and voiced by Andreas Faaborg Nielsen aka Tie PS: I don't have anything against gays or lesbians and the movie isn't about ri... posted March 14, 2007
Ties Project Action
Hi everybody! My name is Tie and I am the head of Fanfare Studios/Productions. A couple of months ago, I made a horror/Action/Comedy/Romance christmas movie about how Santa got lost in woods and ende... posted February 25, 2007
Fued Among The Stars Sci-Fi
Here is a short sci-fi flick I have been putting together during this weekend. It is a short flick, and the story is nothing extraordinary, but good none the less. A spaceship is suddently attacked ... posted February 11, 2007
The Demise of A Gangster V2 Action
The Demise of A Gangster (Version 2) Another day, another movie. This is a short flick, I made earlier today. Its about two gangsters, who kills their boss...COUGH!!!... Nah seriously its a nice s... posted February 11, 2007
Dying Thoughts of A Mafioso Action
"Dying Thoughts of A Mafioso" is a short movie containing a story similar to the ending of "The Godfather Part III". I made it as an experiment for my upcoming gangster series. The aging mafioso Don ... posted February 10, 2007
Ending A Partnership Action
Welcome back people. About a weak ago I made this short movie, while playing through the "story mode". It was a test for my upcoming gangster series, which is still only a rough draft in my word prog... posted November 29, 2006
Fued Among The Stars Sci-Fi
Here is a short sci-fi flick I have been putting together during this weekend. It is a short flick, and the story is nothing extraordinary, but good none the less. A spaceship is suddently attacked ... posted November 20, 2006
Spaceman Spiff Sci-Fi
Okay I admit it. I didnt make this movie to impress anyone, or move any limits, so don't expect anything special. The only reason this movie has been made is because I wanted to test my new headset. ... posted October 7, 2006
The Fate of Traitors Cosa Nostra Tradition Action
Up front: Sorry for the motor sounds, which can be heard througout the movie. It is yet another flaw, which exist within the game. The Fate of Traitors: Cosa Nostra Tradition. The Mob War rages. Do... posted July 1, 2006
The Fate of Traitors The War Begins Action
The Fate of Traitors : The War Begins. If you have wached "The Fate of Traitors Part One", then you might remember, the Don mentioning that Rex Maidstone and Sally Green, were caught while attempting... posted June 26, 2006
The Mysterious Stranger Welcome Party Action
I made this small piece a few days ago. The story is very simple. A relatively silent stranger arrives in a small western town. He enters a Saloon only to be confronted by an armed desperado. How orig... posted June 23, 2006
The Fate of Traitors Part Four Final Vers Action
Okay it has been almost three months since we last heard anything to Rex Maidston and the deform assassin known as Assassin. If you have wached Part Three and thougth: "Thats an unsurprising ending" t... posted May 24, 2006
The Fate of Traitors Part Four Action Not Rated
Okay it has been almost three months since we last heard anything to Rex Maidston and the deform assassin known as Assassin. If you have wached Part Three and thougth: "That is a unsurprising ending" ... posted May 23, 2006
The Fate of Traitors Part Three Action
Genre: Futuristic Action. Please watch The Fate of Traitors Part One and Two before watching this one. The movie begins less than two sekunds after "Part Two". Shortly after having blown herself up ... posted March 23, 2006
The Fate of Traitors Part One Action
The Fate of Traitors Part One Sally (Salvatore) and Rex are two gangsters, who have displeased their Boss one to many times. Out of fear of being robbed out, they decide to rob a bank, and then disap... posted March 19, 2006
The Fate of Traitors Part Two Action
OBS! Be sure to watch "The Fate of Traitors Part One" before watching this one. The Fate of Traitors Part Two Few hours after having robbed a bank together with his longtime partner Rex Maidstone, t... posted March 19, 2006
The fate of Traitors Part One Action
Sally and Rex are two mobsters, who wish to disappear before getting killed by their Boss Don Al D. Duck. The two decide to rob a bank and flee. Will the two traitors get away, or will they pay the pr... posted March 18, 2006
Just die already! Action
Plenty of subtitles. No voiceover. Well. Take eight hour of your Saturday. Add a 16 year old Danish teenager without a girlfriend (Oh im so lonely) Sob . Blend it with plenty of subtitles, and set it... posted March 4, 2006
Fued among the Stars Sci-Fi
Hello there. It is my pleasure to bid you all welcome to "Fued among the stars : Special Editon" I have added the subtitles to the movie, and a few new sound bits. This should help you understand the ... posted February 26, 2006
Fued among the Stars Sci-Fi
Hello there. My name is Tie (actualy it is Andreas) and I am happy to share this movie with you. Im sorry it dosent have any voices or subtitles yet, but my computer has no "mike" what so ever, and I ... posted February 26, 2006
Movies Reviewed by Tie
OMG! TMO is Closing! by rileyman Comedy
F***ing brilliant! Loved it! reviewed December 2, 2008
Juden by Wolfpred Romance
"Juden" is one of the few movies I have actually been looking forward to lately. I saw the trailer and thought it looked both good and interesting. I wasn't wrong because the idea is great and the fin... reviewed November 27, 2008
so they do hate eachother by wthstudios Action
A nice movie. reviewed November 20, 2008
The King Of The Alien Planet by svenfilms Sci-Fi
A nice short silent movie. Even though it hasn't any subs or VO you can still see what's going on. Well done. reviewed November 13, 2008
Deathtrap by Tamptak Horror
No Review reviewed November 13, 2008
The Bully Slayer by BlueMonkey555 Action
Not much to say about this either, but its better than the other one. This at least got a small plot, but still its not enough. reviewed November 13, 2008
Harmful Things by BlueMonkey555 Horror
Not much to say about this one. Its just a scene, not a movie. Keep working. reviewed November 13, 2008
Memoirs Of An Iraqi Soldier (Trailer) by jakechief Romance
Never been to Irak, but I don't think it looks like that;D A sweet little trailer none the less. By the way this is your 500th rating. Congrats. reviewed November 11, 2008
The Apocolipse by niallmcc Horror
markcfc - Unless you have some sort of severe anxiety disorder I don't believe you. Five star hobo. Hmmm... This is a toughy, but I have to be honest. There isn't a plot and the camera work is bad. N... reviewed November 11, 2008
Rob The News Guy by Oznof Comedy
I can only say one thing Oz: Amen brother. reviewed November 11, 2008
Juden Offical Trailer by Wolfpred Romance
Beautiful. I'll check it out when its released. reviewed November 9, 2008
Tuesday the 31st by homemadeeye Comedy
If this is the last movie Im ever gonna see on TMO, then Im glad its this. It was really good. Great work. Tie reviewed November 9, 2008
TMO is Closing by asaoleary123 Romance
Five stars easily. Okay it was a crapy movie, but who cares. Any farewell movie gets 5 stars from me. reviewed November 8, 2008
Goodbye TMO by burkey1993 Action
I guess this is the end then. It is sad but we had a good run. reviewed November 8, 2008
Time by derbyrams Romance
The idea was nice but it didn't really touch me. To be honest I don't really care for this genre. On the technical front: The lines were a bit strange and frankly sounded wooden. I'll still be back f... reviewed November 4, 2008
Metamorphis by jjjm Sci-Fi
Nice movie that shows potential. Liked the camera angles. They looked great and worked well. But you got to have a story. It's not enough just to write it in the description. Rather than making a seq... reviewed November 4, 2008
The Salisbury Rapist by DerekHH Comedy
Gee Wiz that was great! I wonder what you are gonna make next. Are you gonna share with us your humorous take on the holocaust? Or maybe a comedy about incest? Or how about a sitcom entitled "Welcome ... reviewed October 10, 2008
The Night List by TFoster Action
Brilliant flick. Loved the noir look. Which program do you use for the editing outside of the game? reviewed September 26, 2008
The Window Cleaners by malcolm1 Action
Reminds me of some movies I made back in my rookie days; "The Fate of Traitors". I guess this was a random movie. There are little if any story and the subs are very quick as you point out yourself. D... reviewed September 15, 2008
Im On Your Side by Darth_Zew Action
Okay I hope you are able to cope with criticism cause I write honest reviews and any hateful response will be reported. Your movie has awsome moments. It's well put together and far better than most ... reviewed September 15, 2008
Rabbit Devil by rivbon Horror
Nice short movie. Good editing and an okay plot. Made me smile. Good work overall. Welcome to the community. Hope to see you around my studio sometime. "The Creepy Clown Visits - A Poem" is always in ... reviewed September 15, 2008
The 4 Horsemen by sylar23 Action
Time for a review. With it's 13,5 minutes length and unintelligible voice over this is a movie that is pretty hard to review. It is impossible to tell whether or not there is a plot. So instead Im go... reviewed September 11, 2008
The Nagging Wives by DiamondBackFilms Comedy
Pretty nice. reviewed August 28, 2008
Bad Shrimp by asaoleary123 Comedy
It was okay. Some scenes were unessecary long and the VO could have been better. The idea were pretty nice though. reviewed August 28, 2008
The Girl on Arb Lane by dude123456HasReturned Comedy
Not much of a story, but somehow I still found it entertaining, though Im not sure why. Great narration. reviewed August 26, 2008
The Dance of Death - Part One by sgporsche48 Action
Sounded nice. The story was pretty much a radio drama, but it looked nice too. reviewed August 22, 2008
Joey Conoey (trailer) by frenchfry3 Action
Looks nice. It's been a while since I've checked out the sci-fi flicks of TMO, so it's gonna be interesting to see what's happening. Notify me when it's released. I you have time, I would like you to... reviewed August 16, 2008
Dark Avenger 1 - The Origin by kristovfur Action
Interesting... So he figured that the best way he could punish a murderer of innocent people was to become one. Nothing says "Im a good guy" like killing innocent cops, I guess. Hmmm... Come to think ... reviewed August 16, 2008
The Critic - What You Asked For by Oznof Comedy
In a way I could say the same thing like yodabob, since I aggree, but I actually found it pretty informative and time saving. The show is pretty good. I would like to see you make a more traditional ... reviewed August 16, 2008
AutoBot - Prototype for War by SquirePD Action
Nice rookie movie. The camera work was surprisingly good and there actually was some idea to it. Some of the shots were a bit too long though, but it's still a good movie. reviewed August 15, 2008
The Sadistic Clown by sickjoke Action
Hmm... Im sort of split here. It's actually not a bad movie. But it has some major problems besides the lack of VO. If you want to make a character like the Joker, then remember the following. The Jo... reviewed August 13, 2008
Dirty Larry by movmkr Comedy
Five stars coming up. Fianlly a movie worth watching. Really great job there. Especially the voicework were great. reviewed August 13, 2008
Undead Memories by ZCK_legend Horror
Liked the way you used the camera. How did you do that by the way? I thought it would have been interesting, if you had gotten one single sound in the movie. A gunshot when he dies. But still the lack... reviewed August 8, 2008
Aspirations new trailer by derbyrams Romance
Looks pretty nice. reviewed August 7, 2008
The Carnie by ZCK_legend Horror
Interesting movie you got there. Simple but good. And who doesn't love a scary looking guy with big nice smile of his face. I know, I do. I think I'll go check out some of your other work. Meanwhile ... reviewed August 7, 2008
The Baggage Boy and The Alien Attack by BenTuttle90 Sci-Fi
Pain! Pain! Lots and lots of PAIN! When you say, you want to make a bad f**king movie, you really mean it. Terrible, horrible, f**king BAD! It makes Plan 9 look great. But hey that's you aimed for. reviewed August 7, 2008
Major Purple Takes a Holiday by Jakob997 Sci-Fi
A pointless waste of my time. But it had a nice title. reviewed August 5, 2008
Drake - Season 1 - Episode 1 by Active_Studios Action
Why does such an ambisious project have such bad VO? Seriously this movie needs help. The acting is so wooden, that it turns many of the scenes into jokes and ruins the experience. reviewed August 5, 2008
Drake - Season 1 - Prologue by Active_Studios Action
Looks pretty interesting. Except for some wooden VO performances, I think it was pretty good. reviewed August 5, 2008
Cleopatra (Part II)! by TheMGMKid1 Romance
Exellent. What word could possibly describe these movies any better? Of all the movies out here, "Cleopatra" is among the few, which can truly be called that. During the last three months I've been re... reviewed June 30, 2008
The Origin of Sir Fartsalot! by dude123456HasReturned Comedy
Sorry for the delay, but I've been working hard. Not your best work, but still pretty nice. I don't know. Maybe Im just too old for fart jokes. Comes with being an old man at age 19. Maybe it's just m... reviewed June 28, 2008
The Lafarian Chicken by DEVILMAN2012 Comedy
Nice. Needs some voices, but otherwise really good. But the woman in the end sure is ugly. reviewed June 26, 2008
La Paix by nexusinteract Sci-Fi
Quote - "This is a teaser to sooth your mind, and to give you a hint of what's to come" Mmmm... A crappy movie with bad free cam shots? Is that what's going to come? Seriously dude. What is this? reviewed June 19, 2008
How I Became the Easter Bunny by thebaloob123 Comedy
Loved it. reviewed June 19, 2008
FOTC Fan Song by 870 Comedy
Nice. Don't worry I won't mock the performance. :D Love to write lyrics myself. Just wrote a parody version of "As some day it may happen that a victim must be found" originally from Gilbert and Sulli... reviewed June 18, 2008
Hitman by bedwa58 Action
You are new to the game and it shows. That's no shame. Just means, that you need practice and lots of it. Here are some pointers as to what you NEED to improve upon. Frankly dude, I didn't get the st... reviewed June 18, 2008
Mr Ogde Show Episode One by kristovfur Comedy
Featured Review
First things first. Thank you for the review of "The Creepy Clown Visits - A Poem". To answer your question whether I began writing the poem before or after I wrote the story, I sort of knew where I w...
reviewed June 18, 2008
Bob The News Guy No More by Oznof Comedy
You made the right call Oz. Im proud of you. Both for taking the criticism seriously and because you don't seem to hold much of a grudge. I'll check some of your other work out tomorrow. Keep filming. Tie reviewed June 17, 2008
Bob The News Guy Down Right Ugly! by Oznof Comedy
Gotta agree with the others on this one. This is wrong man. I really don't want to hand out 1 star reviews, but you kind of forced my hand here. We never treat our fellow members like this. It's beyon... reviewed June 17, 2008
Deer Me - The Directors Cut by grickey Comedy
Humorlarious. reviewed June 16, 2008
Jimmy and Timmy! by dude123456HasReturned Comedy
Got a giggle of this eighteen year old clown. There's nothing like a little clown movie. God bless the lot of them. Bless the clowns starring in black and white, silent movies. Bless the incredibly di... reviewed June 15, 2008
THERIAN 2 by crazymann09 Horror
I liked the first one better and I didn't really get the story this time. I think the original "Therian" had some actual scary moments, which the sequel lacked. Still it's a good movie and Im looking ... reviewed June 15, 2008
Along Came a Spider by noose2loose Action
Pretty nice. reviewed June 15, 2008
Con Fess by ubernewbie Comedy
I don't know what i just saw, but i liked it. The visual and musical side were brilliant. Normally that won't give you five stars, but I think Con Fess deserves it. reviewed June 15, 2008
The Power of ONE by rjanaconda Comedy
No Review reviewed June 15, 2008
the tv by DEVILMAN2012 Comedy
Speechless. What the deuce is this? reviewed June 13, 2008
Maxwell Smith by movmkr Action
5 Stars coming up. A very good movie. The plot was pretty good and the camera work really good, but what really sells this picture, is the voice cast. They did a brilliant job AND YOU SHOULD CREDIT T... reviewed June 13, 2008
Space Pirates by Hoobahoo Sci-Fi
Dude... What the hell were you thinking? Normally when I see people handing out three stared reviews or below to others, I expect them to be able to make a half way decent movie themselves, but this i... reviewed June 12, 2008
THERIAN by crazymann09 Horror
A pretty good horror movie. Better than most out here anyway. God we have so much crap out here. I think you did a pretty good job with the editing, but there were times, where you could have done bet... reviewed June 12, 2008
Aspirations little scene by derbyrams Romance
No Review reviewed June 11, 2008
No survivors by robinvantaarling Horror
Time for a review. It's rookie movie and it shows. This doesn't mean that it's bad, but it needs a hand. For starters subtitles or better yet VO is a NECESSITY for almost any movie. It takes experien... reviewed June 7, 2008
40 Days by THEKevinMiller Sci-Fi
No Review reviewed June 4, 2008
Happily Ever After! by MrMogul Comedy
Nice movie. My guess is that you are a fan of "Family Guy" and "The Simpsons". I liked the popculture references and the small sketches. Especially the one with the jew. Really nice work. Keep filming... reviewed May 10, 2008
No Sex For You by cipheruzmad Comedy
Featured Review
Great comedy. Loved it. The plot was simple but solid. Really liked the idea. The VO was also pretty good though the female sounded a bit wooden at times. But hey we aren't actors so its okay. Great j...
reviewed May 10, 2008
The Germantican by Sleeves Comedy
How I would like to spend an entire day in your head. Two words spring to mind when you watch a movie like this. Weird and humorlarious. The story and jokes were not only great but also very creative ... reviewed May 8, 2008
Life trailer 2 by derbyrams Action
Let's all go to the movies then. This looks GREAT! reviewed May 8, 2008
CC shorts An exclusive inside look by derbyrams Comedy
Nice. Love it when the director gets into the chair and speak to the crowds. Good that you will try something new. reviewed May 8, 2008
The Skeletons Revenge by werecool Horror
Featured Review
Nice movie. I'll check it out when it arrive. Thanks for you comment on "The Creepy Clown Visits". Glad you liked it. :D
reviewed May 8, 2008
Totaly Sci-Fi 1 In the beginning by pelohl Sci-Fi
Pretty nice. But I must suggest you do something about the VO and change the type of subtitles, since they are pretty much unreadable. reviewed May 4, 2008
Puppetmaster (TEASER) by MoviesMan4Ever Horror
It was okay but you don't give any explanation as to why its called the puppetmaster. And then there is the previously mentioned sound issue. reviewed April 28, 2008
Audio Audition VO work (Mattchinso) by Mattchinso Action
Pretty nice. I like your offer but I prefer doing the voice work myself. Good luck anyway. reviewed April 27, 2008
The Unwanted Hetero by MefuneAkira Comedy
Hilarious. Reminded me of the good ol' "I Think We Should See Other Rabbits" flicks. The first one mainly :D Good times. reviewed April 27, 2008
An interview with An Old Bass by Cos1293 Comedy
Pretty damn nice. Nothing can make you laugh like a horrible petty desease... Anyway 5 stars. If you could check out my comedy movie "The Creepy Clown Visits - A Poem" I would appreciate it greatly.... reviewed April 27, 2008
Suburban Secrets by iowaboy99 Horror
A nice short film. If you get time feel free to watch and rate the incredibly popular horror movie "The Creepy Clown Visits - A Poem" http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/148719 PS: This "If my movie s... reviewed April 27, 2008
The Tale Of Mark Dendel by MoviesMan4Ever Action
Okay then. I saw your message at the forum and wanted to check it out. This is very hard to review. You haven't any audio what so ever which is really unfortunate. Lack of equipment or not. That is a ... reviewed April 27, 2008
The Jesus Chronicles Part 1 by Jesusman Comedy
I admit it. When I saw the title I thought "Hell f#%king NO!". But actually it was okay and it made me smile. Wish you had done VO though. Please rate "The Creepy Clown Visits - A Poem" http://movies... reviewed April 13, 2008
Poptart Mania! by dude123456HasReturned Horror
That was nice. Weird and cartooney but really good. I'll never eat pizza before bedtime again. reviewed April 12, 2008
Its hard being a ninja by jlarts Comedy
Featured Review
That was actually pretty nice. It didn't take itself serious and that actually made it good.
reviewed April 12, 2008
World war 2 trailer by david_M85 Action
Looks nice. reviewed April 12, 2008
A Bientot by DnM Comedy
What the heck was that? No offense but it had no plot, bad editing and no VO/subs. reviewed April 11, 2008
Dark Matter EP 1 by XeroDeath Sci-Fi
Pretty nice. But you should have cut out some of the "Assassin" scene near the end when he gets shot. Anyway Im looking forward to the next one. Please review "The Creepy Clown Visits - A Poem" http:... reviewed April 11, 2008
Schwas Attack by lish220 Sci-Fi
Hmm... Hard to grade this one. 2 stars. Nothing happens and there is an odd shot in a living room for some reason and you don't have any subs or VO. reviewed April 11, 2008
The Baggage Boy by andy103 Comedy
Ixnay on uploading "The Baggage Boy". Your new so Im giving you a five so your studio won't suffer from a bad review, but NEVER upload a movie you haven't really made again. 1 stars are given to those... reviewed April 10, 2008
A Man In A Mask by jason9266 Action
Hmm... I saw the trailer for the sequel, which looks great, but now I am actually a little disappointed. You a BIG problem here and it would be known as a "plothole". Why is he taken to an old western... reviewed April 10, 2008
A Man In A Mask 2 The Infected Trailer by jason9266 Action
That looked awsome! Big thumbs up. PM me when its done and I'll be watching :D Please review "The Creepy Clown Visits - A Poem". reviewed April 10, 2008
Shake Down (Trailer) by callumduffus Action
Looks pretty nice. Looking forward to the final movie... with voices ;D Don't forget to review "The Creepy Clown Visits - A Poem". reviewed April 10, 2008
Remember Me by dan47 Romance
A sweet short film. But I hope you will do VO next time. Make sure to catch the current Number 1 horror movie "The Creepy Clown Visits - A Poem". http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/148719 reviewed April 7, 2008
Space trap by brendoge Comedy
That was pretty good. Sequel? Please review the current Number 2 movie here at TMO "The Creepy Clown Visits - A Poem". http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/148719 reviewed April 6, 2008
The Atomic Man by lionchild Sci-Fi
Featured Review
You are a rookie and it shows but it was actually a pretty okay movie. Though you should perhaps think about turning off the mumbling. Robots doesn't talk like humans or run scared around for that ma...
reviewed April 6, 2008
Battle Royal by brendoge Action
As Kiane said, I didn't see that chick comming. 4 stars. Please review the current Number 2 movie here at TMO "The Creepy Clown Visits - A Poem". http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/148719 reviewed April 6, 2008
The Chase Is On by Marrow1 Action
For a debut its great but its very few movies that can be told without having ANY dialog. Its not recommendable. You show great potential for a rookie and I am looking forward to see what you will be ... reviewed April 5, 2008
Testy Test by scopitone Action
Subtitles or VO does wonders for the plot you know. Make sure to watch and rate my latest flick. You won't regret it. http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/148719 reviewed April 3, 2008
The Evil Dietist by Djehuty Action
A sweet little movie. Make sure to watch and rate my latest flick. You won't regret it. http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/148719 reviewed April 3, 2008
The Batmans Return by tatersaladmercer Action
A very fine flick. If you haven't then you should read The Killing Joke. I would like you to review a movie of mine. http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/148719 reviewed April 3, 2008
ENIGMA II ep2 - Conquest by ubernewbie Sci-Fi
It was pretty interesting even if it was pretty inspired by other shows. The mods were very impressive and so was the ending. Brought me back to your UTOPIA days. reviewed April 3, 2008
Aspirations clip by derbyrams Romance
The dialog was pretty good and the plot behind seem interesting. I'll check it out. reviewed April 3, 2008
For Honour! by PirateNinja Action
It was okay. The story could have had some more plot. It was as if it was over before it began. The silent film score you choose seemed malplaced, but the end piece made up for it. Film on. Tie. reviewed April 3, 2008
Stress by cipheruzmad Romance
Very different from what I normally expect to see in a TMO flick. Still I like the idea and think it was really good. Keep it up. Tie reviewed April 3, 2008
CLEOPATRA (Part I) by TheMGMKid1 Romance
This is likely to be the greatest movie ever to be released on TMO. I salute you. Never before have I been so impressed. It must have been a hard task to make this movie considdering the game's limita... reviewed April 3, 2008
Private Detective Horst Episode 2 Trailer by budrick Comedy
Not very informative, but I think Im going to see the final flick anyway. http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/148719 reviewed April 2, 2008
The Remedy by nexusinteract Horror
This is nothing personal, but this movie was pretty strange. I didn't get the plot, the voices were outright bad and the editing was either very strange or something is wrong with your game. Im giving... reviewed April 2, 2008
to run once again by cipheruzmad Romance
Very nice. reviewed April 2, 2008
The Man Who Wanted to Sneeze by timothy_richmond_3 Comedy
A nice movie. A bit too long perhaps but still nice. Most of the VO was great. Unfortunately not the VO of the main character. It was good but not as great as the others. The humor was sort of silly b... reviewed March 2, 2008
Pimp Saga ep 3 Revenge(working) by rjanaconda Comedy
Plenty of jokes below the belt. Okay it was all pretty much below the belt but what the hey it worked and made me smile even if it was perhaps a little over used. The story was good, but maybe a littl... reviewed February 24, 2008
The Bunny and Chicken Musical 3 by dude123456HasReturned Comedy
High School musical meets cute homicidal animals meets overuse of helium. It was strange. Very strange. But I kinda liked it though I didn't get the point if there were any. So what to give 4 or 5 sta... reviewed February 24, 2008
CC shorts special new preview by derbyrams Comedy
Looking forward to it buddy. I recently returned to TMO for the first time in ages and its nice to see that CC is still living. I'll return. Your pal Tie PS: Glad you like IRTWSSOR. Its great to ple... reviewed February 24, 2008
Is My Name Death by EthanRunt Action
That was a very interesting movie. At first I thought it was sort of slow. The subject was interesting sure, but I was waiting for the humor to kick in. Then all the sudden the dialog seemed to change... reviewed February 23, 2008
The Legend of Martha by Toadflax Comedy
A fine short comedy and pretty good for a first attempt. Like that you kept it so visual. A comedy featuring dialog like those I do wouldn't have worked without VO. So here's a nice five for you. I wi... reviewed February 23, 2008
Death to The Baggage Boy! by googs Comedy
Aside from the VO it was pretty good. reviewed February 23, 2008
TchipsyZwitschy Chick Chickens on Tour by bruellstar Comedy
Featured Review
It was okay. The idea was good and it made me smile here and there, but I didn't find it that funny and the VO could have been better. Im not german but I understand and speak it. I think it would hav...
reviewed February 23, 2008
Billy and Bobby by Weazle420 Comedy
It was okay. Like a redneck version of Beavis and Butthead. The VO could have been better though and all the sudden they were in the city. Don't be afraid to yell out a little when you are doing VO. ... reviewed February 21, 2008
THE NIGHT WATCHER Episode 1 by stevengriffin23 Action
Dude. Make smaller movies. You're not ready for this yet. You need more experience. To tell the truth this wasn't that bad. You got some ideas and the story is okay, but your editing and sense for mus... reviewed February 20, 2008
TOWN OF THE DEAD by stevengriffin23 Horror
You are a rookie and it shows, but we all have to start somewhere. God knows I have made rookie movies myself once. You will catch up eventually. A little advice. Get to know the program better and ma... reviewed February 20, 2008
That Certain Itch (Trailer) by TheMGMKid1 Comedy
Okay. reviewed February 17, 2008
SINS by sparky1512 Horror
Brillant story and well executed dialog. There were a few things I didn't like such as the music near the introduction of the father. I was malplaced and disturbed the VO. The acting was great for the... reviewed February 17, 2008
The Morning After by sparky1512 Comedy
Hello there. Saw your post and thought what the heck, I take a look. It was a nice little movie and it made me smile. It even made me make up my own jokes during, which I would have used had I made it... reviewed February 17, 2008
The Tale of Jack the Bunny! by dude123456HasReturned Horror
That was soooo scary. Okay not but it was a very fine movie you got there and I liked it. The VO was pretty good though the narrator sounded a bit funny. I would have done it in brittish and rhymes as... reviewed February 17, 2008
The Baggage Boy - Ultimate TMOer Entry by Marine101 Action
Well YET another story of how the baggage boy came to be. Or in this case not came to be. It was black and white and thats okay considdering the style and age, but your editing wasn't excactly brillia... reviewed February 16, 2008
Charlie by Butchered__studios Action
That was a very nice flick. The story was good and the characters interesting. Most of the voice work was really great thoug one voice kept sounding strange. Bad recording I guess but hey what can you... reviewed February 15, 2008
The Thing Under My Bed by jaydee1 Horror
It was pretty good. A nice little story. Ofcourse there were some editorial issues and such but still pretty good for its three and a half minutes. I hope you will have VO next time. Please review my... reviewed February 15, 2008
Acceptance by derbyrams Romance
My condolences on your loss. Aside from the sound problems which I choose to ignore, it was a very fine movie. It had a good point and I think it was nice to see a more serious side of you. I mostly ... reviewed February 14, 2008
Gay movie by piotrtheman Comedy
Since when can one decide whether he/she want to be gay or not I wonder? Hmm... Still a pretty nice flick though I missed some jokes. Would have been nice to have some VO though. If you like comedies... reviewed February 14, 2008
The Robot by Zigz Action
It was pretty okay. I've seen better, but still it was pretty okay. reviewed February 14, 2008
A Very British Sketch Show 1 by sparky1512 Comedy
Regarding the AOL thing. I can relate. Microsoft support once send me a malfunctioning X360 back. With it was a letter asking what I thought of their reperation. I replied by sending them a birdflu sa... reviewed February 14, 2008
Comedy Corner 2 Chat Show trailer by derbyrams Comedy
Wau sorry dude. I had forgotten to review this. Well it looks very exciting, but so was CC1. Looking forward to it. I Really Think We Should See Other Rabbits http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/146821 reviewed February 13, 2008
Realm Of Insanity - The First Nightmare by LingLang712 Horror
Very good. Very, very good. Its too bad nobody has checked it out. I'll think Im going to help you a little at give it a few recommendations here and there. I really like it. The story was great and s... reviewed February 12, 2008
The Ship (2) by pixiedad Sci-Fi
Interesting. I'll return to watch the final flick, but promise me to work real hard on the VO. PS. Thanks for the review of "I Think We Should See Other Rabbits". I've just released an even better se... reviewed February 12, 2008
The Battle of Moon and Sun Demon lord by aznkid367 Action
Very good work. Especially when you considder that you you don't have the Stunts and Effects Expansion Pack. The music was pretty nice too. Everythin from Halo 3 to South Park. Good job. Hey I saw th... reviewed February 11, 2008
The Origin of the Baggage Boy by jaredpeace Comedy
Not bad. A lot of people around here seem to hate that movie and there has been made many parodies and origins which deals with this strange and plotless movie. Please review "I Really Think We Shoul... reviewed February 11, 2008
Easter in Hell by Fig Action
Not much of plot, but it was okay. But I am afraid you are mistaken about one thing my friend. If were to watch any of my movies "I Think We Should See Other Rabbits" and "I Really Think We Should See... reviewed February 10, 2008
Get On Up! (The Anthem) by First_Demand_Productions Comedy
WOW! This Is so bookmarked! I absolutely loved it! Bravo! Quote: fig - wow, what was that? are yyou serious? let me get my 2 mins and 52 secs of my lif back" Quote ends. Don't be such an hardass man.... reviewed February 10, 2008
The Duel by Hrist Action
Pretty good all things considdered. Good use of the free cam and such. By the way Im glad to report that the sequel to my highly popular comedy "I Think We Should See Other Rabbits" is out now. It wo... reviewed February 10, 2008
The Adventures of Weredog by Victaa Comedy
Pretty great movie there. The plot was funny and the VO great. The only thing I miss in it, is a narrator. Could have been funny. By the way Im glad to report that the sequel to my highly popular com... reviewed February 10, 2008
Underpants Away! - Newsreel Teaser by biggstrek Comedy
Pretty nice. I might just check out the further exploits. Always liked classic hero flicks that doesn't take themselves too seriously. Please watch and review my new comedy "I Really Think We Should ... reviewed February 10, 2008
Jezs Diner Part 2 by bellasellaa Comedy
Im sorry to hear that you guys are leaving us. I have really enjoyed your movies. I hope you will return to us someday. If its not too late I would like you to review my comedy "I Really Think We Shou... reviewed February 10, 2008
BUNNie by tremblett Comedy
A rabbit lover huh? You should really see my comedy "I Think We Should See Other Rabbits". Its very popular. I really liked your movie. Very humorlarious. Everybody loves a sarcastic rabbit I guess. ... reviewed February 7, 2008
Ape Mom by mrbatchy Comedy
An okay attempt at a comedy, but it needs some work. If you could work out a plot I think it could be great. I think you should see my comedy. Its very popular and I think would enjoy it. I would gre... reviewed February 5, 2008
The tell-tale Heart by farquad Horror
Pretty nice. Im not a fan of Poe, but I know the story and i think you did a good job converting it. Hey I would greatly appreciate it, if your would review either "tHE cLoWN" or my popular comedy "I ... reviewed February 5, 2008
A Word Off SickJoke by sickjoke Comedy
Will do. Soon. reviewed February 5, 2008
Jezs Diner by bellasellaa Comedy
Haha! That actually was pretty funny. I mean who wouldn't laugh if they saw an indian get shot by a bartender. Nah Im just kidding. I really enjoyed the movie and its nice to see, that you are both go... reviewed January 28, 2008
The chicken atack !!! by Galapagos102 Comedy
It didn't make much sense but hey. Neither did my movies when I was a newbie. Keep filming. Please watch and rate my critically praised comedy "I Think We Should See Other Rabbits" http://movies.lio... reviewed January 28, 2008
King Con by lastel Comedy
My guess is that you were just trying out the uploading fuction. Otherwise Im blank as to what this movie is about. Please check out my critically praised comedy "I Think We Should See Other Rabbits"... reviewed January 28, 2008
What did the chicken say to the rabbit 27 by rjanaconda Comedy
Haha. Pretty funny man. There is nothing like a good movie with lots of badass erotic humor and rabbits. Since you got a love for weird comedies staring rabbits, you should really see this flick i ma... reviewed January 28, 2008
A Man In A Mask Trailer by jason9266 Action
Looks exciting. I will be checking it out once it arrives. Hey if you would do me a huge favor in return, please check out my comedy "I Think We Should See Other Rabbits". It has recieved a lot of pr... reviewed January 28, 2008
Kenith by matthew2313 Comedy
I didn't really find it that funny. I actually thought it was a horror flick at first. This is in no way meant as a scolding or anything personal. Im not trying to scare you away from doing comedy. Im... reviewed January 28, 2008
Iron Belly by Victaa Action
Featured Review
That was without a doubt one of the most exciting movies I've ever seen done with this program. The story was nothing short of great. The editing brilliant and the voice acting was very impressing. Go...
reviewed January 27, 2008
Paparazzo by Victaa Horror
That was really good. The story and Voice work was especially nice. I enjoyed it very much. Keep filming. Tie. PS. I will send you a message when I release the sequel to "ITWSSOR". Love that title. reviewed January 27, 2008
Drake - Season 1 - Promo 2 by Active_Studios Action
Wau! Im really looking forward to this one. Its always nice to see that someone are able to make a series. reviewed January 27, 2008
CC shorts new trailer by derbyrams Comedy
Hello there. Thanks for the review and the kind words. I am happy to announce that I just finished doing the voice over for the sequel to "I Think We Should See Other Rabbits" which will be released v... reviewed January 27, 2008
Forgotten Child by bellasellaa Action
The power of sound and camera angles. I absolutely loved it! Please check out my movie "tHE cLoWN" http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/146204 reviewed January 27, 2008
Mass Defect Teaser Trailer by leaf1234 Comedy
You are pretty new at this I guess. Doing comedy is HARD! It is incredibly hard. Some will like it. Others won't and you will always take puches from the latter. Listen up. I saw your movie and some ... reviewed January 27, 2008
Robot by bendo666 Sci-Fi
The movie has a pretty good storyline. Robots destroying Earth. Everybody likes a movie about that. Especially when they surprise you a bit. The flick was also pretty nice to look at, but that said, ... reviewed January 27, 2008
The dawn of the Coffey Monster (trailer) by robinchwan Sci-Fi
Haha! Pretty funny man. I like to see the full movie. Just added you to my buddy list. Normally I don't give five stars to a trailer, but what the heck. You deserve them. Please check out my comedy. ... reviewed January 27, 2008
This Is My Legend by sickjoke Horror
Featured Review
Ve-he-ry nice. I doesn't take an IQ of 160 to guess what movie you have been watching before making it, but still its great. I especially liked the visual side of it. Keep filming. If your interested...
reviewed January 26, 2008
The Landing by mrpropshop Sci-Fi
Why did you upload this? Its not a movie. reviewed October 5, 2007
Street Chase NYC by moviemagic1996 Action
A pretty nice flick. At first I foundthe story a bit dull, because it looked like something we have seen a billion times. But the nice use of the miniature city and the surprising ending, actually mak... reviewed September 26, 2007
Steves Nightmare by budrick Horror
Pretty average horror movie. The story is something that has been seen a million times, and new flashy sets arent going to make the big difference. Make it darker and more psychologically thrilling. reviewed September 22, 2007
Toilet Bowl - The Movie by pegleg Comedy
No Review reviewed September 19, 2007
Affari by ESegal Action
The fraise "one of the greatest TMO movies I've ever seen" is tossed around a lot, but hell I'm impressed. It was fantastic. Well done. If you have time I would greatly appreciate it, if you would he... reviewed September 16, 2007
Chase Ronald Mcdonald for a happy meal by squizzy22 Action
.... Really bad. reviewed June 5, 2007
Super Fart and follow through boy by squizzy22 Comedy
Not funny at all. What are you? Thirteen or something? reviewed June 5, 2007
The strangest love of all by arafalov Comedy
Great movie. Strangely enough it gave me some ideas for jokes, that would have been great in your movie. Anyway. So your into absurd romantic comedys eh. Then I got the perfect movie for you to check ... reviewed June 5, 2007
The Deed of Midnight - Chp 1 Teaser by trewill7 Action
No Review reviewed June 5, 2007
The Shoot out by djjo Comedy
Hmmm... Your new at this ain't you. I won't be too hard, since I know this was your first movie, but I will still give you an honest review. Criticism and advice. 1. There wasn't any real plot in yo... reviewed June 3, 2007
The Bald Legend by loyce300 Action
A question up front. Why so much homosexuality? Anywho it was a good movie with a nice plot and humor to it. The only thing I didn't approve of was the use of western music. It didn't match. Still ni... reviewed May 30, 2007
Comedy corner 4 Extreme Randomness by derbyrams Comedy
Liked the third one better, but this one was funny too. But way too long. About ten minutes too long. reviewed May 17, 2007
Goodbye Jerry! by Skaramine Comedy
Featured Review
LOL! Loved it. Glad Im not the only one, who has grown tired of all those ignorant idiots. Please check out my comedy flick "I Think We Should See Other Rabbits". Up front. That movie wasn't made to...
reviewed May 16, 2007
Having a bad day by odomok Comedy
Pretty good story there body. The vo was nicely performed as well, but you should considder working with your voices. They were all identical. I would appreciate it, if you would take a look a my sho... reviewed May 16, 2007
Loneliness - Teaser Trailer by julianallees Romance
It was a great trailer. Normally I ain't very fond of the genre, but I think I will check the final movie out. Loved the music. Reminded me of the score from "The Legend of Zelda - The Wind Waker". reviewed May 16, 2007
Leave Him For Dead by brenyboy26 Horror
A rookie eh? Well even a rookie needs a review. Plot: A nice short plot which makes sense without being very detailed. VO: The lines were fine, but you should work with the acting. Editing: Pretty go... reviewed May 4, 2007
The Doughboy by ace2315 Romance
A Message to the two jackasses below me aka jacpaco30 and jakechief. Instead of sucking up and handing out five stars to everyone in the recent release list, you should maybe considder giving them hon... reviewed April 29, 2007
Two Six by moviemuffin Action
And jakechief strikes back I see. Haven't I told you already. Don't just hand out six stars to every movie in the recent released selection without giving any real review, just because you aren't able... reviewed April 26, 2007
Virus by dave_star Sci-Fi
DATA476- C'mon the kid's just a rookie. I thought it was pretty good for a debut. You should have seen some of the crap I've uploaded at first. Horrible. But this was actually pretty nice. Too bad tho... reviewed April 25, 2007
Joker by dave_star Comedy
Here is a message for the two gentlemen below me. Reviews are meant to be about other people's movies. Not yours. You may link to your movies, after you have said something besides, "Good" (jakechief)... reviewed April 25, 2007
Blondie Tells A Knock-Knock by bloodbaro950 Comedy
An okay comedy. It isn't brilliant, but it made me smile. reviewed April 4, 2007
The Window Maker by Cyd_Bahr Horror
Really good. Especially music. Nice plot as well. Please rate my latest short movie "I think We Should See Other Rabbits" http://movies.lionhead.com/studio/Tie reviewed March 24, 2007
Detective Dan 2 - Dandemonium (Trailer) by Silly-Monkey-Studios Comedy
I hope that the movie will be more exciting that the trailer. reviewed March 24, 2007
hitman by liam-speed Action
Okay then. I don't mean any disrespect by this, BUT YOU need some help. Here are a few advices from me (Tie) and Udrogoth. #1 Genre: Were you trying to make an acion movie or a comedy? Because you... reviewed March 24, 2007
Secret Lovers by The_AL Romance
A rather funny romance, with a bit strange plot. It is actually more of a comedy than a romance. The only bad thing I can say about this movie is the voiceover. It is pretty hard to understand most of... reviewed March 24, 2007
A Day In The Life Of TMO by bufu0 Comedy
Pretty cool. I love it when people make music videos in TM form. I would appreciate it, if you would watch my short flick "I think We Should See Other Rabbits" Absurd sureal drama or weird comedy? ... reviewed March 21, 2007
attack of the clown by borisbobski4 Comedy
It was strange and confusing. And to be frank quite bad. But there is hope. reviewed March 21, 2007
We are so sorry by andymikel Comedy
Ha,ha! That was pretty funny. Need som VO though. reviewed March 15, 2007
The Ender by Charlize Action
Historien var rimelig god, og den hang sammen. Du har dog et problem, hvad angår dine undertekster, hvor du har meningsforstyrrende stavefejl. Ordet "heard" er konsekvent stavet forkert. Du har skreve... reviewed March 9, 2007
What is This Movie About by chickencoop Comedy
Made me smile. reviewed March 6, 2007
Rex Maidstone Still Studly by westerngun Comedy
Ha ha! Sweet. I think God just brought me to you. Why? Because we have used the same name for a character in a movie, which can be found here at the community. Yours is an elderly man, who knows how... reviewed March 6, 2007
Good Boy by MelonTheCreeker Horror
Cool. A bit long but still very cool. Nice ending. Please check out my little comedy. Tie's Project. http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/125957 reviewed March 1, 2007
You Drink Too Much by towelie Comedy
Okay then. I didn't really like this movie. Mostly because of the sound I think. The drunk sounded as if he was trying to give birth to a boulder through his ass. And I don't really think it is funny either. reviewed February 27, 2007
The Power of Ra by Dona_T Action
Endnu en vanvittig film, med de to tosser. I lader til at blive mere og mere sindssyge, men det er jo kun godt, da filmene forbliver sjove. reviewed February 26, 2007
War is Hell by redmir Horror
An Old Mans Fight by Deadmaniac Action
Story: 5/5 You have a really good story, thats for sure, and you manage to kill about five people in nine minutes. The lenght of the movie is just right. Subtitles: 4/5 You have misspelled many words... reviewed February 25, 2007
Inner Demons by liquidus118 Action
Story: 5/5 Sweeeeeeeet! I might check out te sequel. Subs: 3/5 Why did we have to see a conversation, where nobody TALKED? Voiceover: N/A !"#€!!%!%#%%=!€#$?= Music: 5/5 No Future. One of my favorit... reviewed February 13, 2007
mr bunny 1 by stevie84 Comedy
Story: 4/5 Strange...Very, very strange. Subs: N/A. WOOHOO! Voiceover: 3/5 You need to get some help with that. Don't you got some siblings, friend or just a psychotic maniac in your nabourghhood to... reviewed February 13, 2007
What A Fool by cheese101 Comedy
Story: N/A Page me when you got one. Was it funny? Yes. Did you just waste 17 seconds plus the three minutes it took me to write this review. YES, YES...OH BIG DADDY YES! Subs: N/A. VO: N/A. Music:... reviewed February 13, 2007
The customer is always right by DorianRust Romance
Story: 4/5 What would happen, if I said, I don't really care for Frank Miller. Hopefully nothing, but anyway. A clasic movie in its only right (Yours I mean, not Sin City). Subs: N/A. VO: 5/5 Pretty... reviewed February 13, 2007
The Unofficial Bar Joke Movie Contest Entry by themonkthemonk Comedy
Story: 4/5 Made me smile, but not laugh. Might just be since everybody else so far seem to like it. Subtitles: N/A. Oh what a beautiful morning, Oh what a beautiful day. There were no subs in this m... reviewed February 13, 2007
The School Phone by JustinMoore Comedy
Story: 5/5 Fanf...kingtastic. Nothing like a movie with a message. I've got an even better one, which I think I might make as a movie. Subtitles: N/A PRAISE THE LORD! Voiceover: 5/5 Good Anakin goo... reviewed February 13, 2007
Messy Drinker by BerkleyJL Comedy
Story: 4/5 It made me smile. Subtitles: N/A. Voiceover: 5/5. Music: 5/5. Editing: 4/5 Nice. reviewed February 13, 2007
Jolly Good Trailer by towelie Action
Looking forward to it. reviewed February 12, 2007
The Path We Choose Trailer by rysto Horror
My main thought right now is: What the f... was that. I've got more questions now that ever before. Lets see if they will be answered, when your movie arrives. reviewed February 12, 2007
The Path We Choose Teaser by rysto Horror
Exciting. Strange but exciting. Oblivion meets Sci-fi. Im going to bookmark your studio, and I will return to watch the final piece. reviewed February 12, 2007
A Note by EthanRunt Romance
It is very rarely that I can write a review only using the same word in every category. Actually it has never occured, so this isn't an exception, but it was close. It just seems so lazy to do it. St... reviewed February 12, 2007
Vincent by gillyboy Horror
Story: 3/5 The story was good, but also pretty average. Perhaps a bit to long. Try to use the cutting function in Post Production. Subtitles: N/A. Voiceover: 2/5 To be honest your voiceover really n... reviewed February 12, 2007
The Call (Trailer) by Active_Studios Action
Nice. Im looking forward to the final movie. reviewed February 12, 2007
The Color Of The Crime by Montoro Horror
Story: 4/5 Good job there. Subtitles: 3/5 Nice subs despite of your english. It aint great, but okay. Voiceover: N/A Since I don't speak/understand that language, I see no reason to review your VO.... reviewed February 11, 2007
Jack - Trailer by freak6010 Horror
The killing of innocent prostitutes. Oh the memories. LOL! I might check this flick out. reviewed February 11, 2007
The Dark Knight Birth of the Scarecrow by darth_omega1 Action
Story: 5/5 Good job. It is diffuclt to convert a comic into a "The Movies" movie. I know what I am talking about since, I have made a movie myself, which is loosely based on "The Killing Joke" by Alan... reviewed February 5, 2007
santa and Mr Hyde by tasmania11 Romance
Story: 4/5 Pretty nice. Strange perhaps, but hey, then you should see my Santa movie, which I havent uploaded yet due to some technical problems. Anyway it makes stange get a entirely new definition. ... reviewed February 3, 2007
Shooters end by lpd Action
How about making a plot. This was truly a horrible movie in every sense. And Im not just saying this. This is BAD. It is one big plothole, which has taken five minutes of my life, and now I would like... reviewed January 29, 2007
The brothers by lpd Horror
Im not sure, I got it entirely either. With the speed of the subtitles it hard to keep pace. The movie was pretty good, and seem to have potential, but you'll need to work harder. May I recomend that... reviewed January 29, 2007
No Greater Fury by Throwaxe Action
Story: 4/5 Been there, done that. Subtitles: 5/5 Cudos to you. Editing: 5/5 How did you make that cool look? Music: 5/5 S-W-E-E-T-! reviewed January 17, 2007
deadly game by a2k13 Action
Story: 2/5 Look kid. There has never been any women involved with the Cosa Nostra, and there never will be. It is a males only club. Aside from that the quality of your VO ranks beyond horrible, thus ... reviewed January 17, 2007
A Photograph Lasts A Lifetime - Trailer by sweatyshoulder Horror
That was sweet. I am going to bookmark your studio right away. As soon as I get time, I will watch the final movie. reviewed January 17, 2007
So It has come to this by kingpengvin Comedy
Story: 6/5 Warning People: The Quality of this movie is so f..king sweet, that it may give you orgasmes. It truely deserves an ekstra star. Subtitles: N/A. Voiceover: 5/5 If this isn't some of the b... reviewed January 17, 2007
Slived Landing by Moviemaniac1 Horror
I would be an idiot not to give yo five stars. For once a horror movie seemed to have an effect. reviewed January 17, 2007
The Vance by astr Action
Story: 3/5 Well I havent played "Vice City Stories", so frankly I know nothing about it, so I don't know how much of the story is your own. I know you are fond of the GTA series, since I have seen som... reviewed January 17, 2007
Strange Legs by Juni234 Comedy
Horrible. A movie without VO or subtitles. Why the heck would you upload that? If there is a story, how about making it clear, what the story is. I can only wonder, why Fischii has given you five star... reviewed January 6, 2007
JESUS VS EASTER The Cupcake Edition by MefuneAkira Comedy
Sacreligious or not. This movie is with out a doubt the most funny comedy at TMO. This movie shall never be removed from TMO. EVER! reviewed December 12, 2006
Earthlings - Teaser - by thebaloob123 Comedy
F...ing sweet dude! Gonna watch this for sure. reviewed December 12, 2006
Guns In The Sky by jpwood Action
Story: 2/5 This was truly horrible dude. The plot was impossible to understand. Subtitles: N/A Why do you upload something, WHICH DOESNT CONTAIN ANY SUBS OR VO? Voiceover: N/A See what I have writte... reviewed December 12, 2006
Hey Santa Clause You! by devilboy204 Action
Story: 5/5 That was bloody hilarious! I like these holiday movies people tend to make at this time of the year. Subtitles: N/A. Voiceover: 5,5/5 B-R-I-L-L-I-A-N-T-! Music: 5,5/5 B-R-I-L-L-I-A-N-T-!... reviewed December 4, 2006
All in vain by eyris Comedy
Story: 3,5/5 A short story, but a story none the less. It had its funny moments, but I have seen far better. I think you can do better than this. Subtitles: N/A. Voiceover: 5/5 F...ing GREAT! M... reviewed December 4, 2006
The Don is Dead by Sharpshot94549 Action
How could anyone possibly bookmark this? It is horrible. The editing is a beyond bad, and they the heck have you chosen to use Acid Base as a score. The score "A long time ago" a copy of the theme fro... reviewed December 1, 2006
star wars attack of the robots by darrentom123 Sci-Fi
Story: 4/5 Nothing we havent seen a billion times before. I know, because I have made plenty of movies like this one myself. But it is okay none the less. Funny too which is a big plus. Subtiles: 4/5... reviewed November 29, 2006
A Flawless Mind by Rockstar_Studios Sci-Fi
Story: 5/5 That was pretty cool, but maybe a little too long, considdering it is a movie without any voiceover. His ability to catch glimpse of the future worked out well, but I think you can take it ... reviewed November 28, 2006
Mancini by DNR Action
Story: 4/5 Okay then. A movie about a boxer. I have never cared for this "sport", and I am therefor also having a hard time, caring for Mancini, whom I have never heard about before. But despite of my... reviewed November 27, 2006
The Merciless Sun by mericc Action
Story: 5/5 Impressive. It is in a way a bit macabre, but at the same time so beautiful. I hope you will go on with this character, som that we may see whether or not, he will find peace at last. Subt... reviewed November 18, 2006
CC Journey Through Time and Space by Penut Comedy
Story: 5/5 That was pretty cool. Nice to see someone, who puts effort into their movies. Subtitles: N/A. Voiceover: 5/5 Wow im impressed. Usually the voiceovers here at TMO are pretty wooden. Music... reviewed November 18, 2006
Being Alive Movie Trailer by newyorkborn Horror
Hello there. Since this is a trailer, it will be given a different kind of review. I am just going to write the following. A fantastic trailer for sure. I have bookmarked your studio, I and will retu... reviewed November 16, 2006
H-U-M-A-N by pearsonhouse Comedy
Story: 5/5 Nice. I hope you will take your idee to a further extend. Subtitles: 4/5 Nice subs, but there were some misspellings. Voiceover: 5/5 Loved them. Editing: 5/5. Music: 5/5. reviewed November 16, 2006
Space Generation - The Next Encounter by DoubleMPee Sci-Fi
Story: 4/5 San Holo... A Star Wars fan eh? Never mind. The story was good, but perhaps a bit long. Subtitles: 5/5 Nice subs. They fit the movie perfectly. Voiceover: N/A Please by a microphone. Mu... reviewed November 15, 2006
The Nebula Crisis by DarthGuybrush7 Sci-Fi
Story: 5/5 Wow! Cool. A very nice sci-fi flick. The story was not too complex or anything, but it was slowed a bit down by the eternal action sequences. Subtitles: 5/5 Good job there. Your subtitles ... reviewed November 10, 2006
Between Life Death--Devils Kin TRAILER by colingaiser Horror
That was pretty sweet! Im looking forward to see the final movie. Nice use of the free-cam. reviewed November 10, 2006
The Return of The Many Faces of Rock! Fix by JustinMoore Comedy
Story: 4/5 Ha, ha... There wasnt any real plot. I think, I have seen some of your earlier work. They were pretty similar to eachother. After a short time this movie grew a bit boring. In the future yo... reviewed November 10, 2006
No This is how Adolf DIED! by timmy_x Action
Story: 3/5 The idea of making an alternate version of Hitlers death was good enough, but the story is so thin that a appropriate subtitle would have been "Major Plothole Strikes Back". PS: It seems as... reviewed November 8, 2006
Toothpaste for dragons by Dona_T Action
One movie, two movies, three movies. Aka a Trilogy. And this is with out a doubt the weirdest trilogy is this whole community. "Toothpaste for Dragons" arent nearly as good as the first one, but it is... reviewed October 22, 2006
Revenge Of The Castle by JohannTetreault Sci-Fi
I don't think it makes any sense. My I suggest that you used either some subtitles or did some voiceover. Until then my rating of this piece is to be considered as neutral. reviewed October 8, 2006
Geonosis Lightsaber Fight by Keumars Sci-Fi
Aside from bad editing, the movie pretty good. If you have purchased Stunts and Effects, may I suggest that you remake the movie. Use the free-cam feature. reviewed September 23, 2006
A Sith Lord In LA by Yngvelli Comedy
BRILLIANTE! reviewed September 23, 2006
Foreigner by Tarison Sci-Fi
Cool movie. reviewed September 11, 2006
Steve Irwin Falls Down The Stairs by myrtheus Comedy
Never been a fan of Irwin, and I always kind of wanted to hit him with a showel myself. Gave me a good laugh. Now he is dead, so I wont badmouth him. His death was too tradically...even though he wa... reviewed September 10, 2006
Star Wars Gangsta Rap by CrackClown69 Sci-Fi
Good work there, but the editing could have been better. reviewed September 5, 2006
Troopers 3 Intro trailer by ranger21 Sci-Fi
Cool. reviewed September 3, 2006
Live For Tomorrow by Daedelus Action
Not much to say rigth now. What else you got? reviewed September 3, 2006
Neighbours by -moviemaniac- Romance
Featured Review
Neighbours. What can you say about a movie such as Neighbours. How about brilliant. The story itself isnt very original. To be frank it is pretty thin, BUT thanks to the magnificent use of the "free-...
reviewed September 2, 2006
On the Air by Master007 Comedy
Story: 5/5 Why are there Nazis at the end? Never mind. The story is perhaps a bit strange. Very good, but strange. Unlike most comedies this was actually pretty funny. Subtiltes: N/A. Voiceover: 5/5... reviewed August 29, 2006
Revenge of the Bullied One by tomasm Romance
Story: 4/5: The movie had a fine plot, but it really have to be that long? Genre-fit: 4/5 Pretty funny. I really liked the priest's last words to the parents, and the last scene. Subtitles: 4/5 Ple... reviewed August 29, 2006
Ich bin Bauhaus by Dona_T Romance
From the creators (crackers) of "Uhhh" comes another weird piece of art "Ich bin Bauhaus" Okay no reason for me to keep speaking english. Filmen var som "Uhhh" komplet sort, og hvis jeg skulle genfor... reviewed August 29, 2006
NEW VICTORIA 2050 by Boomwolf Action
Story: 4/5 The story is pretty strange and confusing, and despite of the length of the movie, nothing really happened. Subtitles: 5/5 Good work. Voiceover: N/A. Music: 3/4 The choice of music was ... reviewed August 27, 2006
UTOPIA part 2 by ubernewbie Sci-Fi
Story: 4/5 Okay then. That was a ending I hadnt forseen. Is that a good or a bad thing. Well...you have managed to surprise me. That is good. But don't think everything is good and well. The ending wa... reviewed August 26, 2006
UTOPIA by ubernewbie Sci-Fi
I have promissed you a review, so here it is. Story: 5/5 Very well done there. I am so impressed, that I don't know what to say. So on a scale from one to five, "UTOPIA" get six stars. Most Sci-fi mo... reviewed August 26, 2006
Neighbours (Trailer) by -moviemaniac- Romance
Featured Review
[be polite!]ing brilliant. I am impressed, and I look forward to september. How did you cut in the music? I didnt know that it was possible. Please post an answer to my question, within your movie discription.
reviewed August 25, 2006
Hide and Space Out by LimitedCheese Comedy
Okay... reviewed August 24, 2006
The Spy(Trailer) by jinko23 Action
Okay... reviewed August 23, 2006
The Hitman by jinko23 Action
1/5: Here is a question: Can a movie have plotholes, if it doesent have a plot. reviewed August 22, 2006
Vietcong Trailer by mikecrick Action
If you can also show the americans as the murderous butchers, they were it would be great. reviewed August 22, 2006
Scary Movie 7 by gretzdog Comedy
Story: 1/5 To be honest I see no reason for you to make anymore "Scary Movie" movies. "Scary Movie 7" wasnt funny, it wasnt exciting, and it wasnt good. Subtitles: N/A Voiceover 1/5 A movie with man... reviewed August 21, 2006
Bank by X-log Horror
Okay...That was...interesting. reviewed August 20, 2006
The Lone Hitman (movie) by xveritas_et_aequitasx Action
Story/Acting: 3/5 There is still much to be done. The story is very thin, and most of the actions doesnt compute to what is said. For instance is the main character quite upset when he enter his home,... reviewed August 20, 2006
Kurzfilm - Slive by wolf06 Action
Ive said it before, and I will say it again. For the love of Sct. Peter add some subtitles or voiceover. Until then I am not able to give you a fair review. reviewed August 20, 2006
The Asylum by smasher987 Horror
It looks good, but subtitles or Voiceover would do wonders. Until then I wont be able to give it a fair grade. You are more than welcome to visit my studio. Tie reviewed August 20, 2006
No One Lives Forever - Enemies United by md-press Action
Okay Ive knew that, Im not the only one, who would try to make a movie over these brilliant games. I wanted to see the other movies, that migth have been made to get some inspiration. You see, I haven... reviewed August 19, 2006
No One Lives Forever 2 by superpipo Action
In the words of Luke Skywalker: What a piece of junk. It didnt make ANY sence. reviewed August 17, 2006
Henchman final by danielchaves86 Action
Featured Review
Story: 5/5 F...... Brilliant! Original: 5/5. Very original except for the things you have stolen. The Agent = James Bond. The Leviathan = Ship of the same name from the game: Star Wars Knigts of t...
reviewed July 2, 2006
Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Episode 3 by astr Action
Story: 2/5 One word: Tame. Subtitles: 3/5They are fair. Voiceover: N/A Music: N/A I wonder why there isn't any music. Editing. 2/5 Oh my god! A little comment: Don't make any futher episodes, unl... reviewed July 2, 2006
Lionhead News by FraasMovies Comedy
Klasse! reviewed July 1, 2006
The Reality lite by Psychokatalog Romance
Story/Plot: 3/5 The story is okay, but it is hard to take sirious. I was having some doubts about the genre, when I saw this. I believe, that the story was meant to be "serious", but because of the ma... reviewed June 30, 2006
Shes Just Killing Me by reafreak29 Horror
Story/Plot/Originality: 5/5 Overall: 5/5 Interesting. The story has it all. The main character is a beutifull dangerous woman (if she can be called that) plus the required horer, which a movie of th... reviewed June 29, 2006
Rampage by -XM- Action
Story: 4/5 The story shows good promise, but it is a bit confusing Subtitles: N/A There are only a few, so I chose to ignore them. Voiceover: 2/4 WHAT! Maybe it is just my computer, which is experi... reviewed June 28, 2006
In the Dead of Night The Beginning by Leora Action
Story: 4/5 Very good, but sometimes a bit confusing. Subtitles: 4/4 Long subtitles, which manage to tell the story quiet well. Voiceover: N/A Music: 5/5 Brilliant. Editing: 4/5 Mostly good. reviewed June 28, 2006
Skyggesiden Del 1 by Dona_T Sci-Fi
Det ser da meget godt ud, men hvis det er for svært, så drop det. Det må vi andre jo også gøre. ??rger mig at der ikke er sværd med i spillet. reviewed June 24, 2006
Chuck Norris Day Out by manton666 Comedy
Story: 4/5 Yet another story about Chuck Norris. May I recomend, that you watch: 5 ways Chuck Norris can Kill you. http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/70358 and A Day in the Life of Chuck Norris. htt... reviewed June 24, 2006
ROCK HARD by ninette1 Comedy
Story: 4/5 Subtitles: N/A Voiceover 4/4 Music: 5/5 Editing: 4/4 reviewed June 24, 2006
Rice Patties by zuess61 Action
Story 5/5 WooHoo! Subtitles N/A Voiceover 4/4 Well done. Music: 4/4 What a beauty. Editing: 4/4 reviewed June 24, 2006
The Ultimate Showdown by chrisedmond Comedy
As a big fan of the original version, I must say this is F...... Great. I had been wondering if it was possible to make it as a TM-movie. Thank you for doing this. Keep filming please. reviewed June 24, 2006
BD Oddmans Cargo 3 by JustinMoore Comedy
Story/Plot: 4/5 A nice piece. Subtitles: N/A Voiceover: 4/4 Music: 4/4 In any other piece I would not have chosen to use that particular score myself, but in this case it fits perfectly. Well done.... reviewed June 24, 2006
the mayors affair by killersamos Action
Story: 3/5 It is okay. Subtitles: 3/4 Voiceover: 3/4 Music: 2/4 Why did you choose Acid Base? It dosent fit the story at all. Editing:3/4 reviewed June 23, 2006
Stir by AnotherNewDawn Action
Story: 4/5 Looking forward to the next one. Subtitles: N/A. Voiceover: 4/4: Good Anakin good. Music: 3/4 Like I just said: Good Anakin good. Editing: 4/4 Nice. reviewed June 23, 2006
The Picture Of Dorian Grey by Dracin Horror
This is BRILLIANT with a big B. Keep filming. reviewed June 23, 2006
THE ULTIMATE SECRET PT 1 by Antonio26 Sci-Fi
Story: Nicely done there. Subtitles: 3/4 I feel like killing you, but I know how it is. So little time, and so much to say. Voice Over: N/A Music: 3/4 Nice. Editing: 4/4 Bbbbrilliant. reviewed June 23, 2006
Project Honesty by Frooplet Sci-Fi
Story: 4/5 Brilliante! Subtitles: N/A Voiceover: 4/5 Fair. Editing: 5/5 I cant think of anything bad to say...DAMN IT! Music: 1/4 Except for the irritating tune at the beginning there is no music. reviewed April 29, 2006
Skyggesiden Trailer by Dona_T Sci-Fi
Det var straks meget bedre. Den lydder egentligt meget god, MEN lav for himlens skyld voiceover i selve filmen, hvis du kan. PS: Du har har vel husket at trække stikket ud på den oprindelige trailer,... reviewed April 29, 2006
The poet by sourtarget Romance
Story: 5/5 A good and dark story. Not very original though, but what can you do? (Retorical question) You have managed to make a short and good movie, which isnt that easy. Trust me I know. Subtitl... reviewed April 28, 2006
Skyggesiden Trailer by Dona_T Sci-Fi
Tag dig på ingen måde af stjernerne. Jeg kan næsten ikke læse dine undertekster, når de er skrevet med den skrifttype. Kan du ikke ændre type please. M.v.h. Tie alias Darth Natas reviewed April 28, 2006
God Damn the Pusher Man by mannalive Action
Story: 5/5 Its a cliche, but it got it where it counts. Subtitles: N/A Voiceover: 4/5 A very good voiceover. Editing: 4/5 Fine, but I have seen better. Music: 4/4 reviewed April 25, 2006
Story: 4/5 Nice! Subtitles: N/A Voiceover: 4/5 Watch you language! Lol! Just kidding, but the F-wrd is perhaps a bit overused. Editing: 4/5 Brilliante! You sure like smoke on screen. Music: 4/4 Ss... reviewed April 25, 2006
Inability by ahLero Comedy
Story: 3/5 It is difficult to make a movie over "The Movies" (trust me I know taht by now)but it seems that it did work out well. Subtitles: 3/5 Why are they so damn long? You can ajust them. Voiceo... reviewed April 25, 2006
The Other Dimension by johnokinawa Romance
Story: 5/5 One of the best movies I have ever seen. Subtiles: N/A Voiceover: 5/5 F...... GREAT! Editing: 5/5 Brilliant Music: 3/4 Very nice. It isnt too loud or anything. Just right. reviewed April 25, 2006
Owen City part II preview by joetom Action
Subtitles or voiceover please. I am not able to review this. reviewed April 25, 2006
A Stranger In Town by Frooplet Action
Story: 5/5 A great western. Subtitles: n/a Voiceover: 4/5 The lines were great, but some of the voices were a bit blurry and therefor became hard to take serious. Editing: 5/5 Nice fadings. Good se... reviewed April 13, 2006
The Aura The Beginning by akinis Horror
Story: 4/5 I liked the idea of a psykick telling about his "everyday activities" but it was too short. I really hope that you will reuse the character in another story. Subtitles: n/a Voice Over/qua... reviewed April 13, 2006
Red Rising by wolverine1112 Action
Story: 3/5 One minute the president is killed. A minut later they have started a war. A war which will last for the rest of the movie. That is a very long time you know. More story and less action. S... reviewed April 11, 2006
Malloy Trailer by DaRKoNe462 Action
Featured Review
Since this is a trailer, I wont give it a real review like with a movie, but I tell you this. This is actually the only impressive trailer I have seen here at TMO. So I am looking very forward to see...
reviewed April 11, 2006
One bad minute by Spaceman72 Action
Story: 3/5 Are there any story? An invinsible man kills a dusin people in less than four minutes. You need a bit more than that to impress me. As The Original trilogy fans said to George Lucas, when h... reviewed April 11, 2006
Bats Right by john_sumner Horror
Story: 5/5 This i F...ing sweet! It was funny. Mission accomblished. Subtitles: n/a Voice Over: 5/5 A 17 centuries vampire with romanien accent. Love it! Editing: 2/4 There are only two set, and t... reviewed April 11, 2006
The Bronx Brothers by roccocarcheri Action
Story: 4/5 Long..oh so long...Never the less it is a good story. But it is a bit too long. Voice Over: n/a Subtitles: 4/5 It is good subtitles most of the time, but there are scenes, where the lines... reviewed April 11, 2006
The Art of Self Loathing by goodvilleproductions Romance
Story: 4/5 There isnt a real story, and yet there is. Loved it. Voice Over: 5/5 The lines are very belivable. Though they are said in this neutral tone, they still work out great. Editing: 4/4 Not m... reviewed April 11, 2006
Girls Named Jane by postmodernchuck Romance
If they would allow us to use dirty words, then I would say that it is F...... GREAT! Story: 5/5 You are a realy great storyteller. I felt so sorry for Jane. Voice Over: 4/5 The lines in the beginni... reviewed April 11, 2006
Penetration by Throwaxe Action
Story: At first I just thougt to myself, is this going to be killing 12 perhaps 13 minutes? So I was very happy to know that it wasnt going to be like that. A movie with no voice over and subtitles wh... reviewed April 11, 2006
POWER The Way to Drakenburg by Arawna11 Action
Story: 4/5 Great story. A bit short perhaps, but it dosent matter. A movie can also be too long. Voiceover: n/a since I don't get a word of what they are saying. But it is still good that you have V... reviewed April 11, 2006
The Past Is Tomorrow by TheMGMKid1 Action
I hate it when I cant find anything bad to say about a movie. So Im very happy, that this isnt one of these flawless movies. Just kidding. This is brilliant. reviewed April 10, 2006
The Death of Shwann by Katikal Action
This is just too strange. If you are planning a sequel, then try to make it more serious. reviewed April 10, 2006
Leet Fighters by reafreak29 Action
Okay how many episodes of japanese and chinese movie did you have to see, before making this one ;) I am not entirely sure why I do this, but I give you 5 stars. I would prefer a bit more story in t... reviewed April 10, 2006
Ripped III The Tearing by Itscalledcollegedotcom Horror
There is a fine balance between strange and psychotic. This movie is right in the middle. Just one question: What did you smoke before shooting this one? Never mind. it was a retorical question...COUG... reviewed April 10, 2006
Runaway by akinis Romance
The idea of a music video is not something, which I have encountered before here at TMO. So I find it very original. Though there arent any voiceover or subtitles in this particular presentation, I am... reviewed April 10, 2006
The Many Faces of Rock! by JustinMoore Comedy
Okay. There arent any real plot, but at least it is a very original movie. But it is a fine piece of work none the less. reviewed April 10, 2006
Bone sobcure by RyanAndy Horror
It is a bit strange story. I would have prefered some darker sets. PS: Blowjob is in one word...How did I know that?... reviewed April 9, 2006
Robosexual by TheMongoose Comedy
Okay the title got my attention. That is for sure. It is unfortunate that robots lines are a bit hard to hear. Maybe you should add some subtitles, when he is talking. Otherwise good job. By the way... reviewed April 9, 2006
The Stranger by Franklinjake Action
I hope there is a sequel. Otherwise its a bit empty story. You don't have to add music to the entire movies. It would be better if there was some scenes without music. reviewed April 8, 2006
Honesty Is A Virtue by 02PARSIM Horror
Brilliant! Reminds me a bit of good, old Hannibal Lector. reviewed April 7, 2006
Internet Lovers by reepicheep16 Romance
Subtitles please. I found it a bit humorous, so if that is, what you wished to achive: "Making a short and funny/tragic romance" then I can only say: "Mission accomblished" reviewed April 4, 2006
The Anti-Porn Demo(Directors cut) by Boomwolf Comedy
You have too much space on your computer. reviewed April 3, 2006
X Equals Revenge by the_georgeZILLA Action
Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant! The voiceover are especially good. So 6 stars from me. Your Chum. Tie reviewed April 2, 2006
Australian Cops Episode V by madgoat Comedy
Featured Review
YOU GOT THE POWER! I got to see the other Episodes. Thats for sure. Your Chum. Tie
reviewed April 2, 2006
The monkeys by Ecrite Comedy
It is a good thing, that you have written, that your movie dosent make any sense at all. If I had not read, what this movie is all about, then I would not have known what to say... Some of it was fu... reviewed April 2, 2006
5 ways Chuck Norris can Kill you by Bolt333 Comedy
This is with no doubt a great comedy. It is always fun to see a movie, which dosent have any real story. Great comedy. Keep them coming! reviewed April 2, 2006
The Survivors Exile by 02PARSIM Sci-Fi
Bravo! Sci-fi is dificult to make, but this is realy good. Something tells me, that you have seen at least one Star Wars movie. (Just between the two of us. It would be even cooler, if the emperor had... reviewed April 1, 2006
PORN DEMO by michanist Romance
Grow up. reviewed March 29, 2006
Pimps Playerz and Joes by PimpsMcgee Action
I like this. By the way "The Fate of Traitors Part Two and Three has been uploadet to the internet. reviewed March 29, 2006
In a Murderers Mind by PimpsMcgee Horror
A great plot, but you need to work on your editing skills. In one shot the girl stands in the (my) right side of the picture, and suddently she is on the left. When the psycho comes closer to her she ... reviewed March 29, 2006
Uhhh by Dona_T Romance
Ja jeg vil sku ikke sidde at skrive på engelsk, når vi begge to taler dansk. Filmen giver ingen mening, så hvorfor har jeg gevet dig fem stjerner? Jo fordi jeg elsker alt hvad der er komplet sort. Du ... reviewed March 29, 2006
POWER Origin by Arawna11 Action
Brilliant! reviewed March 29, 2006
A Knight to Remember by mikeawmids Romance
That female voice reminds of the mother in Monty Python's Life of Brian. I were also a little surprised that you have been able to make the nudity skins. reviewed March 24, 2006
Wild Billy Joe by Fersner Action
It is a good movie, but the subtitles disappear too fast. The legth can be adjustet in either Post Productions or in the Movie Maker. Im looking forward to see your future pictures/movies. Yours tr... reviewed March 20, 2006
STAR WARS by Rampant_Rybo Comedy
NEVER TOY WITH STAR WARS! IT is sacred.... but if you have to mock it, then atleast put some effort into it. reviewed March 18, 2006
One Stop Astronaut by swampy60 Sci-Fi
Until You add subtitles I wont be able to grade this as It should be. Please rate my lates movie: The fate of Traitors Part One. http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/66272 reviewed March 18, 2006
The city Ninja by themoviemakerthoke Action
2 stars for the movie. 1 extra because im feeling generous and loved your choice of music = "Secret agent". It would help though, if you would add either voiceover or some subtitles. Weather and light... reviewed March 4, 2006
Jim by JonMak Horror
Good show. I like the story, and Jim is a cool carakter. However there are a few problems with the shootout in the little house. When Bob shoot with the shotgun I suggest that you cut instantly to the... reviewed February 28, 2006
Aegis of Therion - Episode I by erinnicole93 Sci-Fi
"Impressive...saberslash..Most impressive." - Darth Vader But "Dificult to rate your movie is." - Jedi Master Yoda/Me This is brilliant, except from the fact, that there is more fighting, than stor... reviewed February 28, 2006
Hire-a-Hero by deeky122 Comedy
This is really funny, but maybe you should devide it into parts. The movie is also a bit confusing, og some of it dosent makes any sense. Anyway I really liked it. PS: You are welcome to rate my movi... reviewed February 28, 2006
Easter Sunday by AmnesiaLab Horror
A horror movie about an overgrown rabit...HAHAHAHA. As a horror movie, I would give it three stars, but as a comedy it deserves five. Therefor Ill give you four stars. PS: It is a bit long don't you think. reviewed February 27, 2006
Dude Theres My Car! by alligator Action
First things first. Thank you for rating my movie "Fued among the stars" Secondary: I think this is a good movie, but i would like you to do somthing about the music though. Sometimes it ends a bit ab... reviewed February 26, 2006
Blood and Honour - Part 1 by ProKanada Action
Woo-hoo. Wow I got to get those sets (apparently i havent earned it yet). Even though there is only one voice, I think the audio is good. The choice of music is also good, but if you have something mo... reviewed February 26, 2006
The One We Called Boss by BlackSoldier5 Action
I really like tis one, but if you are able to do so, then add some voiceover, and remove the subtitles. reviewed February 26, 2006
Aegis of Therion 2 - Total Annihilation by erinnicole93 Sci-Fi
Wow. You have great potential. Keep filming. Cant wait to see another sequel. Wish i could make those special effects. reviewed February 25, 2006