Number of Movies: 1
Number of Winning Movies: 0
Average Rating Received: 4.0

Number of Movies Reviewed: 16
Number of Reviews Given that were Featured: 1
Average Rating Given: 3.06
Movies Released by thediff
The Race Action
A simple car race. More an experiment than a full movie. posted December 31, 2005
Movies Reviewed by thediff
The Lottery (30 Seconds of Bliss) by ozman69 Comedy
Short but really fun to watch. reviewed January 1, 2006
KING KONG 1940 by StevenKreg Action
Very good, don't think it was too long. Excellent work. reviewed January 1, 2006
BEEEEEEEEER!! by Buccura Comedy
It's more a kind of music video than a movie, but it's well done and fun to watch. Not exactly the kind of movie I like but you can see that the creator put some work into it. Four stars, still saving... reviewed January 1, 2006
Reckless by drybeanburrito Comedy
Pretty good, well done movie. Has exactly the right length. reviewed January 1, 2006
Traffic! by Speilburger Action
The music is ok, but it's just a collection of random scenes put together without connection. At least I couldn't find any. reviewed December 31, 2005
They Also Serve by traviscash Comedy
Problems with the sound, no story. reviewed December 31, 2005
Zombie Survival Guide by TheLibra Comedy
Well done. The sound was a little low, had to push up the colume to the top to be able to hear it at all. reviewed December 31, 2005
The Flesh Have Risen by aaron_brace Horror
Quite a lot of action here. Well done. reviewed December 31, 2005
The Christmas slayer by edp23 Horror
Agree with the previous comments, had problems finding the story. Especially the car sequence was confusing. reviewed December 31, 2005
Strange Encounter by odessey73 Sci-Fi
No subtitles and pretty dark. reviewed December 31, 2005
Cavaliere delle tenebre by NazzasFilm Horror
Featured Review
Really good, even if I couldn't understand the subtitles. Well done movie. Only the shootout in the middle was a bit confusing as it was difficult to tell who the robers were.
reviewed December 31, 2005
The LAST Advance by pejay Action
Pretty dark, but well done. reviewed December 31, 2005
The attack of the beast by Philler456 Horror
Not that bad. Looks more as if the woman is the monster here. Revered roles and not what I expected. reviewed December 31, 2005
Spike II Revenge Of Shadow by themoviemaker234 Action
No Review reviewed December 30, 2005
Oh Yeah by Movie_Man34 Comedy
I can't find the story here. reviewed December 30, 2005
Duffy der Vampirjäger by leChuck2 Horror
Needs some cutting and it seems some scenes were missing or in the wrong order. The story was jumping around and it was pretty hard to follow. reviewed December 30, 2005