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Average Rating Received: 4.81

Number of Movies Reviewed: 31
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Average Rating Given: 3.84
Movies Released by ThomasZiano
The Ziano History - 1 - Hiding Action
This is the first part of the Ziano History, which comes after the Prologue. In this part Thomas & Santa are still hiding after the hit on a notorious druglord, and they have some problems they need to solve... posted March 14, 2007
The Ziano history - Prologue Action
This is the prologue to a serie of movies about Thomas Ziano and Santa Buento, they are both engaged in the mafia and they're a couple. In the prologue their friendly relationship advances into a roma... posted March 8, 2007
Unwanted Attention 2 Action
This is the sequel to Unwanted Attention, a movie about the hitman Bumpy Johnson who is hired to hit Genco Abbedando. posted March 4, 2007
Unwanted Attention Action
Unwanted Attention is a movie about the hitman Bumpy Johnson, he is hired to make a hit on Genco Abbedando. posted March 4, 2007
Movies Reviewed by ThomasZiano
Senseless Episode 1 by feix Comedy
It's indeed senseless, but it's not just some crap as I thought (I like 'just some crap' as well from time to time). It's a nice movie, and the movie was quite... Folklore? If that exists in English..... reviewed March 17, 2007
Bad Time For The Killer by loki90 Action
Hey man! Some good music in this movie! I like the soundtrack a lot as it fits very well to the movie. The movie itself is rather short, but I liked watching it, enjoyed the short time it lasted.Good work reviewed March 17, 2007
One Crappy Day by Dare_demon Comedy
Featured Review
As Howitzer said, there is a real relaxed atmosphere in this movie. That's really good and fits the moment and situation I'm looking to it: At home, tired of today, at 23:22pm. It's pretty good, I lik...
reviewed March 17, 2007
Money [oh please!]! by cuypers Action
The movie is pretty well made, but the story isn't really gangster. It's more action-hero like. If you want to make mafia-movies, try to stick a bit to realism. A single gangster can indeed make the d... reviewed March 14, 2007
The Director by woopdefrickindoo Comedy
Not that good, but it kept me watching. Try making the next movie even more weird perhaps :-D reviewed March 14, 2007
Scholastic Films Intelligent Design by DeusExMachinima Comedy
If science were true, i'd have a self lubricating hand... Great! Awesome humour, I really like it! I'll be viewing some of your other movies and I hope they're as funny as this one! reviewed March 14, 2007
Armoured Royale by Darastrix Action
God what a great trailer! I'm just really excited about this and I hope to see the actual movie soon! Absolutely no remarks about this movie, it's excellent! reviewed March 14, 2007
Jack Faye - Episode Three by Woopdefrickindoo Comedy
I liked how his grandfather was having a phone conversation with Harry Potter, nice one ;-) The voices once again are very good, but the plot is again weakerthan the first episode. I'd definately wan... reviewed March 14, 2007
Jack Faye - Episode Two by Woopdefrickindoo Comedy
Well, I think the voices are really done very well but this movie isn't as good as the first episode :-). But that's entirely because of the story which I find weaker in episode 2. Now up to part 3 ;-) reviewed March 14, 2007
Jack Faye - Episode One by Woopdefrickindoo Comedy
Very good movie! The voice-over is done very well and makes it all even more hilarious :-) I have little to comment on this because there is little to complain about. If I had to complain it would be ... reviewed March 14, 2007
run by thegalactichitchhiker Comedy
I certainly like the animal suits :-) First time I see them used in this way. Good job, it's short, completely nuts, and well... As said before: Weird But on the other hand, some serious movies have r... reviewed March 14, 2007
Live Target Dead Reckoning by Dare_demon Action
Featured Review
I really don't understand what exactly is happening. The murder is clear, but the man in the car at the end? I don't understand this part. A very positive point is the 'I'm bad, uhu, oh yeah, what yo...
reviewed March 14, 2007
The Clanton Gang by pannekoekje Action
De voice acting mag soms wat overtuigender, maar om eerlijk te zijn: Ik gebruik gewoon geen voice-acting :-P Als je voice-acting gebruikt, raad ik aan om tot subtitles toe te voegen zodat bv. het tele... reviewed March 14, 2007
G-Unit Soldiers by pannekoekje Action
Vooral in het begin vond ik de overgangen tussen de scenes zeer goed, maar naar het einde toe lijkt dit wel wat af te zwakken. Het is ook jammer dat er geen muziek meer is na het eerste muziekje. Dat ... reviewed March 14, 2007
stunt show 1 by CBTMovies Action
This obviously isn't the most serious attempt for a movie, but still... I'm missing sound. I don't know why, but it's either something with my computer or your movie. There is no music, speech or effe... reviewed March 14, 2007
The Blunder Bust by Dare_demon Action
This is quite funny especially in the end :-P However some good advice (even though I'm also still a beginner): -Your voice acting is good, I like it when people don't modify their voice too much -Th... reviewed March 14, 2007
bad man by coolcharlie23 Action
There is not enough story in this movie. First a man commits a murder for no apparent reason, then out of nothing a swat officer comes to run after him. He jumps to another building and then is involv... reviewed March 14, 2007
Zombie Soldiers by Herow Horror
I like the idea a lot behind this movie, but the scenes don't all fit together well. What I mean is that sometimes there seems to be little connection between the scenes. This could be the trailer of... reviewed March 14, 2007
The Sunset Prophecy-A New Technology by filmaker Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Waw man! Really impressive! I just love how the music fits exactly to the movie, and how several scenes are happening at the same time. Very nice work, you are very good at making movies and I'm sure ...
reviewed March 11, 2007
Beating Jack by Doctor_Dawn Action
Great movie man :-) All those voices are done really well, no overacting :-p I like the story a lot and it's very original, the scenes are sometimes a bit odd, talking about the movements and such, bu... reviewed March 11, 2007
Woman Without a Name by azza93 Romance
Very good! I don't know what exactly you can do with freecam (don't have stunts & effects) but in any case, it's been used here very well! I enjoyed the movie and especially how the music is used! I'm... reviewed March 10, 2007
da land by themoviefactory Comedy
This is just complete crap and that's what I like about it :-P Nonsense! It propably wasn't that hard to make, but the idea is certainly good ;-) reviewed March 10, 2007
Gangsters Paradise by Gammelschuh Action
Well, I've watched this movie with rather high expectations of it, because I'm very fond of mafia movies, and it's the genre I'm focusing on for production. However, I was a bit disappointed. First of... reviewed March 10, 2007
Insanity--Part One by DarthGuybrush7 Horror
Well, I liked how you use some odd things and sounds, cutting and such to create a strange effect, a horror-post-production effect basicly. It brings quite some ideas to me and new perspectives. But i... reviewed March 10, 2007
The Sunset Prophecy by filmaker Sci-Fi
Wow! This promises to be a really well-done science-fiction story! You've really taken your time to perfect everything, I also like the music choice a lot. The sentence sometimes should be longer, bec... reviewed March 8, 2007
Agents - Part 1 (Fixed) by jordiman Action
I'm sorry but what part has been altered? I can't hear the difference... Therefor 3 stars... By the way, I have some problems with synchronising as well! Not really sound, but rather subtitles I'm us... reviewed March 8, 2007
Duell in der Sonne by amenge Action
I'm sorry but I don't understand the movie... I spotted 3 men encountering 3 men... But suddenly 3 get shot and the other 3 are gone? I don't get that. If those 6 men were actually ment to be the 3 sa... reviewed March 7, 2007
Agents - Part 1 by jordiman Action
The movie is good, and so is the story. I like how it ends as well... But I have some remarks. The audio and video aren't synchronised in the end, it starts at about 5 minutes or something. This makes... reviewed March 7, 2007
Weenie in a Bottle by killerbee5 Comedy
Hahaha really good man, really good! How you used ingame animations just to let us see what is happening, without letting us see what is really happening (with lower parts of the body) His face expre... reviewed March 2, 2007
All Together Now by whitetiger2922 Comedy
I really liked watching this movie :-D How simple can it be? Good job, really good 'story' you got there. Keep it going, and keep doing comedy :-) reviewed March 2, 2007
Smoking barrels by jonathandabomb87 Action
Good work! I don't have stunts & effects, but this certainly moves a lot smoother than most of my movies do :-). I just started, but then again, it's pretty flawless what you made, good job! I didn't... reviewed March 2, 2007