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Average Rating Received: 4.37

Number of Movies Reviewed: 18
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Average Rating Given: 4.56
Movies Released by TheOutlaw
Bank Robbery The Revenge Version 2 Action
The longly awaited sequel has arrived. Jaan is back and ready to get revenge on the sheriff for killing her partner. But will it be as easy as she thinks. Find out if she gets it or not. Produced in ... posted May 23, 2006
Alien Encounter Sci-Fi
A spaceship encouters some problems. I don't know what happen to my online thumbnail. But atleast my sounds are all good. I used royalty free music from posted May 19, 2006
When Zombies Attack!! Action
(Action/Horror/Romance)Here is another short film I made. I know it is short but it was something I just through together. Hope you enjoy. posted May 18, 2006
Bank Robbery Action
First off my sounds and music are off sequence for some reason, I apologize. This is one of my first movie attempts. Stay tuned for the sequel, it will be coming out soon. The movie is about a back ro... posted May 18, 2006
Movies Reviewed by TheOutlaw
Zombies XII by ValeriusMyotis Horror
This is a very good intro to the sequel. The scenes and atmosphere are great. Can't wait to see the 2nd one. reviewed June 16, 2006
Jack the Ripper Part 2 by micha83 Horror
SUPERB!!!! The movie was great! I loved everything about it.. reviewed May 28, 2006
The Sound From A Grain Of Sand by Greatslayer Action
Great movie, loved the storyline. The subtitles were great too. What a cliffhanger, makes you wonder what was that?!?!?! reviewed May 28, 2006
Enemy Unknown by thomaschan Horror
Good movie, the storyline was great. It needs some improvements here and there, but otherwise good. reviewed May 28, 2006
Touched By A Canine by riott007 Comedy
Loved the movie! It was funny. reviewed May 27, 2006
REX MONTANA by Ecrite Action
The movie was good, but the editing could have been better. Some words in the subtitles were misspelled, but I didn't take off for that due to it happens to us all sometimes..Overall not bad.. reviewed May 26, 2006
The Clown by VandrendeOrn Horror
I have to agree I liked the storyline and the cliffhanger at the end. Can't wait to see if there will be a sequel. reviewed May 26, 2006
Awakening by Dulci Romance
Great poem, very emotional. reviewed May 22, 2006
Our Secret by erinnicole93 Romance
Great movie!! I think you did a great job touching on the subject..It is pretty bad that actually happens in real life. I guess some people are afraid of different, and scares them. If only people wou... reviewed May 21, 2006
The Hitman by draxiom Action
Great story, I loved the plot. The only reason why I am giving it a 4 is because at times the subtitles were hard to read. Other than that keep up the great work. reviewed May 20, 2006
Fey Chapter Two by Jackiethepeapod Sci-Fi
The second installment and VO's were great as well, and the editing was much better. I have to agree with ubernewbie, I was drawn in as it finished. I will definately have to watch the rest to see what happens. reviewed May 20, 2006
FEY Chapter One by Jackiethepeapod Sci-Fi
Great start to a series. I loved the VO's. There was couple of editing mistakes, but overall was great to watch and see what happens next. reviewed May 20, 2006
Area 51- Part 1 by He11o Sci-Fi
Very Good first movie and the start to a series. I love the way you left it at the end. Keep up the good work. Look forward to the rest of the series. I know what you mean about the sounds, it happe... reviewed May 19, 2006
KOPS-Red light District by ninette1 Comedy
Great Work!!! Keep up the good work. reviewed May 19, 2006
Out of the Dark by swordstorm Action
Great trailer, JacobBrown has a point. Get that in there and you'll be blown away. Look forward to the actual film. reviewed May 18, 2006
The Bride by VandrendeOrn Horror
Not a bad film, but I do have to agree with everyone else. It got confusing towards the middle, 30's music really didn't go, and could have explained about the ghost. Other than that I liked it. Look ... reviewed May 18, 2006
Baggage Boy VS MrSkeleton Man II Part 2 by Hobo_Man_Jr Comedy
That was a good movie, and funny. You done a good job. I look forward to seeing what you show next. I gave you a 4 star rating, cause it was lacking something but I just can't figure it out(I think I ... reviewed May 18, 2006
Beyond Dutys Call by SDT Sci-Fi
Nice work, it had a great story line. But I see what you mean on the sound. Look forward to seeing more movies from you. reviewed May 18, 2006