Number of Movies: 5
Number of Winning Movies: 1
Average Rating Received: 4.83

Number of Movies Reviewed: 337
Number of Reviews Given that were Featured: 8
Average Rating Given: 4.7
Movies Released by TheFlyingDuDe-Films
Hard Life Romance
It's the negative experiences in life that form you the most, but it's the positive experiences that give you strengh, that make you love life. Cast: pookashells as Robert OD-Ork-Boy as Jo K4ownzall... posted June 3, 2008
Conflicting Action
Winning Movie
Gp with an outstanding performance, Sisch singing again, K4 with a tumor, norrie scoring, del composing and a story about losing, singing and conflicting. That's what you get here! =) ________________...
posted January 31, 2008
Conflicting-Trailer Action
Here it is: the trailer for my upcomimg movie "Conflicting". (it´s not an action movie more a thriller/drama) release date set to jan 2008 =) my great cast: Sisch Goofparade K4owenzall to appear in ... posted August 19, 2007
Piano2 Romance
What do you use music for? This movie is about what people connect and use music for. maybe you don´t notice but I made a speacial grey overlay for the memories... so they seem like in reality... g... posted May 25, 2007
HACKER feminine computer-ace Action
English: HI, this is the first part of my new series. The name of part one is "Interoduction". I´m sorry for the mistakes in the subtitels I wrote them when I was bussy. Deutsch: HI, Das ist der ers... posted April 16, 2007
Movies Reviewed by TheFlyingDuDe-Films
Affari 2 by esegal Action
Loved the dialoge and the voice acting! You captured the whole feeling of a gangster film perfectly, just like in part1. Bravo! reviewed July 15, 2008
CAPITOL Manifesto by AlexBradley Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Loved it, loved it, loved it! The visuals are freaking outstanding! Never before have I seen such dark, atmospheric but at the same time new, unique and beautiful visuals, absolutely loved the look o...
reviewed July 14, 2008
DOG COLLAR SEIZURE by tsunamidog Horror
Love the fact that there´s no happy end! And there´s some truth behind all that, so many people have dogs nowadays... but I hate them... maybe someday they really get smarter than us or just a disease... reviewed July 12, 2008
CLIVES Old Road by kwistufa Comedy
5stars just for the set dressing! Best city in atm movie ever ;) Oh and est was hilarious! =) reviewed July 12, 2008
Around Noon by MefuneAkira Comedy
absolutely lovin like any other Mefune film! I need to get my hands on that retextured city street set! :D reviewed July 11, 2008
Office Wars by timothy_richmond_3 Comedy
Hahaha I that was about the weirdest and funniest film I´ve seen on TMO! =) Absolutly loved it! Special credit to all the voice actors who made all that weirdom posible with their awesome performances... reviewed July 6, 2008
a tree in autumn by trewill7 Horror
One word for everything: Beautiful! The pictures, the colors, the sound design, the music, the script and above all the voice acting, just beautiful! reviewed July 5, 2008
Miserere Nobis TMO by josephkw Horror
Another excellent entry into the last rites competition... sorry for the late review ur thread remembered me that i haven´t reviewed it yet. As usual good work! =) reviewed July 5, 2008
Conquest Beginnings Trailer by Marvellousguppimovies Sci-Fi
Ok I have to admit that was... beyond godlike =). Totally awesome trailer! reviewed July 2, 2008
Mastercheese Theater Presents by postmodernchuck Comedy
Hehe well certainly not what I expected from a pmc film. But the comedy surprise was a positive one. The good laughs you packed into this deffinatly are worth 5 stars. reviewed July 1, 2008
Infested! Part 1 by rysto Action
I dislike the story, just another to big grown animals and aliens attacking the world, there´s enough of that storys out there in real films. But I have to say dude that was fascinating, for the first... reviewed June 29, 2008
HAM and NUTS by KaeptnWiglo Comedy
haha lustiger kurz Film! =) Finde zwar auch dass die Szene wie er versucht ihn von seinem kopf ab zu schuetteln 1-2 mal weniger gezeigt haette werden koennen. Aber abgesehn davon tolle modding arbeit ... reviewed June 20, 2008
Office Wars Trailer by timothy_richmond_3 Comedy
looking as weird good as always! =) Looking forward to all the mad voice overs :D. But Id recommend that you might use a top for the office with the black it looks kinda really strange, not that this ... reviewed June 13, 2008
Brothers Of War Ep 1 by Staree_Movies Action
Very nice attempt at a second world war series! Your set dressing helped to make it look a lot more realistic than most of the other ww2 films on tmo(there is quiet a lot of them). Also a really good... reviewed June 13, 2008
Con Fess by ubernewbie Comedy
haha pure style! Just the thumbs up scene deserves 5 stars! :D reviewed June 12, 2008
Con The Don - The Don Who Cried Bomb by andy_inc Comedy
The first part still remains my favourite so far, but all parts have been funny... and worthy of 5 stars! =) reviewed June 10, 2008
DOG COLLAR SEIZURE TEASER by tsunamidog Horror
haha love it! Your movies always are exceptionally original! =) reviewed June 6, 2008
Pianoman - Urban Warrior I by JazzX Romance
Never before has the saloon been presented so beautifully and with such beautiful music! Jazz you kick ass! =) reviewed June 6, 2008
Midnight City - Urban Warrior II by JazzX Action
Absolutely loved it! The music, the dark city, the cam drives and finally your voice acting! Reminded me an awful lot of Taxi Driver and Fight club. =) 2 of my favorite films. reviewed June 6, 2008
Con The Don - Hot Don by andy_inc Comedy
just like the first one... funny little series! =) reviewed June 5, 2008
Rain (Teaser 1) by MefuneAkira Romance
Best trailer I've seen on TMO! reviewed June 5, 2008
ENIGMA II ep3 Love Birds by ubernewbie Sci-Fi
I think I said everything I have to say about the Enigma series in my reviews before. Even if I wasn't that happy with the cross over episode, I'm still a fan. =) reviewed June 4, 2008
A Men in the West by budrick Comedy
Wie auch schon Keoma gesagt hat ist der Film nicht wirklich lustig, dafuer verbesserst du dich im technischen Bereich aber immer mehr und der Cast macht auch einen ganz guten Job. reviewed June 4, 2008
THE WATER AND THE WOODS d by userjosh9874 Horror
A joy to watch! It had it's few problems but in the end those are normal and wasn't disturbing. Great set dressing, a joy to watch, and mostly great voice acting, really awesome sound effects, just a... reviewed June 4, 2008
Ultima Thule -full trailer by jase180 Sci-Fi
Top notch! Visually as impressive as it gets on TMO and perfect music use for a slow built up. Though the missing of narrative wasn't affecting me and I'm already intrigued and inspired by the storyli... reviewed June 4, 2008
Writers Block by cecil_evans Romance
Haha absolutely loved it. Very funny! =) reviewed June 4, 2008
Distance by deliriousstudios Romance
Intense, refreshing and atmospheric visuals, music and voice acting! Beautiful poem! reviewed June 3, 2008
XXIV XXI - Teaser by trewill7 Horror
I'm very very teased! That has to be about the best sound design I've heard in a tmo film/teaser/trailer! reviewed May 21, 2008
Addiction by piotrtheman Romance
A great script and outstanding voice overs deliver the message perfectly! very well done! =) reviewed May 20, 2008
And There She Was by sgporsche48 Romance
Absolutely wonderful! "And there she was..." speaks directly out of my heart and I think out of every single guys heart, who is searing for more than just one night stands! It captured the feeling o... reviewed May 18, 2008
Hated by sparky1512 Romance
Very true! reviewed May 17, 2008
Sorrows of The Spy - Episode one V3 by OD-Ork-Boy Sci-Fi
Very very well written! The story is very well crafted and very interesting, not to say intriguing. Same for the Characters, which are very well casted and very well delivered by each and every actor.... reviewed May 8, 2008
Pressure by qtigger Action
That was brilliant! Characters for me are one of the most important things in films to really get into it. The characters in this film definitely all felt real and were voiced acted really really goo... reviewed April 30, 2008
Don't Come Knocking at my Door by Norriefpb Romance
Hui I was really surprised by norrie, everyone knew Sisch could sing before this, but norrie, I think this is the debut of a grand new blues singer. I didn't recognize the scottish bum voice at all.;)... reviewed April 29, 2008
The Lonely Piano by andy_inc Horror
Beautiful! That's how to describe the whole movie. OD-Ork-Boys voice acting, the use of mods, the music of cause and the story, just beautiful! I also liked the message at the end, to appreciate all... reviewed April 29, 2008
My Song by Thongs and Roses by andy_inc Comedy
Apart from your growling a great music video! :D reviewed April 29, 2008
15 Second Movie (excluding credits) by josephkw Comedy
At first i thought how da hell can u pack something really meaningfull in 15sec? But yet again you surprised me and packed something mankind talks about since a long long time! Very well done! =) reviewed April 29, 2008
The Deed of Midnight - Chapter 2 - Teaser by trewill7 Action
Haven't given out 5 stars for a trailer in a long long time in facts it's only the second time. The use of mods, new scenes and music made this look and feel very special, that's why I decided on 5 st... reviewed April 28, 2008
RIO DIABLO Feature1 by TheMGMKid1 Action
An epic story, that would have deserved more. Such a big part of the film just tells the story in a shortcut without dialogs and just music. There was so much potential, you could have easily made a f... reviewed April 27, 2008
13 Part 1 by BlazeLeeDragon Horror
Certainly a really good film with only few bad things. First of all the cast is superb, everyone is doing a very very good job no one is sticking out in a bad way. Also I like the character of Det. C... reviewed April 26, 2008
Underpants Away! -1- Below The Belt by biggstrek Comedy
Haha damn cracking me up! lol Jees I can't stop smiling... there's only two other films that made me laugh so much, the first one is "The Big Lebowski" from which I obviously adopted my nick, but su... reviewed April 25, 2008
Sitting on top of the World (Teaser) by bricksfilms Action
Good use of mods, especially the cell they are in is well done. Only I found the terrorist costume to be really odd... anyway well done even if I would've wished for some more sounds than just the hea... reviewed April 24, 2008
The Hunger (LMAO Studios Teaser) by MefuneAkira Horror
That teaser has done it's work very well! Those screams certainly made it really creepy! reviewed April 23, 2008
Con The Don - The Hitman Strikes by andy_inc Comedy
Hehe yes that's pure comedy! Absolutely hilarious, loved it! =) reviewed April 21, 2008
CAPTAIN GALACTIC by kwistufa Sci-Fi
Haha I'm absolutely in love with the robot! I want such a little cutey too! =) Another hilarious Kwis flick and I love all ur sound effects! With the frogthing my favorite of all of ur flicks! =) reviewed April 20, 2008
Infested! SUPER Teaser by rysto Action
yeah something is definitely bugging me about this! Fing awesome mod! :D reviewed April 20, 2008
Afro Hoops by kwistufa Action
If you'd ever make a film of that quality in feature length, no one could ever deny again that you're one of the best in using TM! =) reviewed April 14, 2008
Zombie Island by simpsdog Horror
Even if I dislike Zombie movies, I have to admit this one was very entertaining! The script was very well written and the body language was well chosen, what is pretty rar on TMO, but needed without v... reviewed April 13, 2008
Starship Kawk by riott007 Romance
Haha loved every bit of it! I started laughing at the intro sound design and untill the 3 boobies left my sight. :D reviewed April 13, 2008
Happy 30th Sis by JazzX Comedy
Haha very well done nice fast pacing... Happy Birthday rachel! =) reviewed April 13, 2008
Writers Block - Trailer by cecil_evans Romance
The story sounds interesting. Looking forward to it! =) reviewed April 12, 2008
VSC Nachrichten 1 by SnakeWFW Comedy
Man merkt dass es an einem Tag produziert ist! Fuer die naechsten Folgen lass dir am besten mehr Zeit fuer alles, es komtm nciht auf die quantitaet sondern die qualitaet an. Das Skript war naja, die G... reviewed April 12, 2008
Vlads Reparation by bricksfilms Action
Very well done tasty cam work and excellent voice acting all around, loved the Russian dialect! =) reviewed April 5, 2008
Legends Live ON by yeagmaster Action
Absolutely lovin it! reviewed April 5, 2008
The Creepy Clown Visits - A Poem by Tie Horror
That was... funny! reviewed April 4, 2008
wiwanyank Wacipi - The Sundance - Part 3 by cinecitta Action
I just came onto this page again to see if "The Sundance, has as much reviews as it deserves", that was my actual thought and what do I notice? I haven't even reviewed it myself... I was sure I did, a... reviewed April 4, 2008
In the Cover of Darkness by pookashells Romance
The first movie of your I watched was "stud money" I believe, but untill "Angles Fall Part1" I never left a review for a film of yours even if I saw some more. That has changed I was very impressed by... reviewed April 3, 2008
Two Birds with One Stone - Nick Prologue by pegleg Romance
What haven't review that one yet? Well it's about time! The two birds with one stone films are actually 2 of my favorite ones on TMO. Human interaction is fascinating, very complex and hard to underst... reviewed April 2, 2008
King Kong (Part One) export1 by pookashells Romance
Pooka you are becoming better and better with every film you make! This version of King Kong is very well done especially by the voice actors and from the technical view! The visuals are just pure eye... reviewed April 2, 2008
Sheriff Rooneys Public Service by yeagmaster Comedy
That was awesome! You just must love Rooney, especially as boy or girl who's favorite TV show got interrupted! =) reviewed April 2, 2008
The Last Closeup (Trailer1a) by TheMGMKid1 Action
Wonderful set dressing and tremendous acting! This have to be one of the best trailers on TMO! I definitely want more! reviewed April 1, 2008
Sorrows of The Spy - Trailer by OD-Ork-Boy Sci-Fi
Intense atmosphere, good music and good cam work that's what left me wanting more. Still I think you could have cut it shorter only half as much fight scenes would've done the job. Anyway waiting for... reviewed March 31, 2008
Bad Men by simpsdog Action
That was a usual crime story about the bad cops wit a difference. The difference is the message behind it! Also the technical part and especially the acting part was very well done. Looking forward to... reviewed March 31, 2008
Last Rites Rex Rgis Fortuna by kingpengvin Horror
I love drama, and that was drama at it's best! Love everything about it the cast did an awesome performance, the mods and especially the writing, that is one of the best scripts I've seen for a tmo fi... reviewed March 31, 2008
The Visit That Never Happend by tsunamidog Horror
Yeah like everyone says a hell of a trip! Very well done is all aspects! reviewed March 31, 2008
The Many Loves of Caviar A Bellasante by thebiz Romance
Biztastic! You have an strange but awesome humor! And GP with another outstanding delivery, probably the most noticeable one on TMO I've heared so far. =) reviewed March 29, 2008
Dark Obsession part B by Lethal_Entertainment Romance
**Reviewing both parts in one** That was intense! Never really never had a TMO film me shaking on my chair, but as he was shacking arguing with imself I couldn't hold still that moment was so intens... reviewed March 29, 2008
ENIGMA II ep2 - Conquest by ubernewbie Sci-Fi
Well as kind of a fan of the enigma series and having seen most of the episodes I have to say I'm a bit disappointed. The modding for the enigma series is unbelievably good and puts it to it's own vis... reviewed March 29, 2008
My Sweet Shade by bricksfilms Romance
I simply liked it! Don't know how more to comment on it, it was just a nice experience, very emotional. =) reviewed March 25, 2008
ANW the storm (S2 e4) by samyhouse Horror
Even if I have to agree with Primaer that this final episode was over too fast I couldn't give any less than 5 stars for ANW! The refreshing characters and the very original style make it a must-see s... reviewed March 21, 2008
MH2 by bongoman Sci-Fi
I'd love to give you 5 stars for all the effort you put in! The visuals are just beautiful there's only one film on tmo which can compete with this, Capitol. The voice actiong was good as well so was ... reviewed March 21, 2008
The Last Laugh by thebiz Comedy
Talking directly out of my soul! I hate those kids only saying lol and rofl instead of some good healthy laughing and I nearly spied all my beer over my desktop at the fart scene. =) Very well done reviewed March 21, 2008
In the Cover of Darkness by MefuneAkira Comedy
it has all been said: pure genius. reviewed March 15, 2008
Infidelitas by trewill7 Horror
Technically perfect, writing genius and professionally produced. A TM masterpiece! reviewed February 28, 2008
Industry 101 Sound Contest - Sisch by sisch Horror
grossartig inzeniert! =) reviewed February 26, 2008
King Sugar Trailer 1 by jase180 Comedy
Very well done like all your films, technically you are on step ahead of most tmo directors and the idea sure seems funky! =) Looking forward to it! reviewed February 25, 2008
SOLA FIDE (By Faith Alone) by jase180 Horror
Technically this is a masterpiece! All the mod work, the intense atmosphere, the actors and how everything is presented seems very professionally and is the best what tmo has to offer! =) And there we... reviewed February 23, 2008
SLIMS APPOINTMENT by kwistufa Comedy
funny as hell and a joy to watch with all the fresh mods! =) reviewed February 18, 2008
Wiglos kind of humor by KaeptnWiglo Comedy
HAHA Toiletten Humor at it's best!!! =) Selten so gelacht bei einem TM Film... allerdings faellt der Streifen auch unter eins der Opfer meines neuen Fair/Ehrlich Betern ticks, deshalb nur 4 Sterne... ... reviewed February 12, 2008
The last case by micha83 Action
Featured Review
Ich finds klasse wie du jedem deiner Filme deine Handschrift verleihst! Auch mit "The Last Case" bleibst du deinem Stil treu, welchen ich uebrigens sehr mag. Die Effekte waren allererste Sahne, die St...
reviewed February 12, 2008
CAPITOL Initiation by AlexBradley Sci-Fi
My review for Capitol:Origin started with a hugh "WOOOOOOOOOOOW" and that's the same what i thought about the Capitol:Initiation. I really have a loss of words, the whole installment was so impressive... reviewed February 9, 2008
WHITE HOT CANNIBAL - The Trailer by Keoma Horror
Trotz aller gewallt und allem sprach "missbrauch" :D oder gerade deswegen fand ich den FIlm ansprechen. Es ist mal was anderes... ausserdem mag ich Tarantino und dass koente gut und gerne einer seine ... reviewed February 6, 2008
Empire (Part Four) by andy_inc Action
Well, I haven't even seen the previous installments, except part1 which I watched a long long time ago and didn't even review I think. The reason for that was that I thought and still do, you can't p... reviewed February 4, 2008
Horizon - Folge 1 - Ikarus by Bodyrock Sci-Fi
Hat mir gut gefallen! Werd mir dann in den naechsten Tagen mal den 2ten teil angucken. =) reviewed February 2, 2008
GHOSTSHIP (prologue)ME by Christhemovieking Sci-Fi
First off, I like it! But there were some mistakes. For example in the shuttle at the beginning the music was to loud so I couldn't hear the dialog, then the story seems interesting but nothing new i... reviewed February 2, 2008
CAPITOL Initiation by AlexBradley Sci-Fi
My review for the first episode started with a hugh "WOOOOOOOOOOOW" and that's the same what i thought about the second part. I really have a loss of words, the whole installment was so impressive in... reviewed January 29, 2008
Insanity by Amabeginzordawg Horror
Alright first I want you to know, I love thriller and this one definitely is a good one. You shocked! You scared! and you had a good plot. But I felt something was missing and after a bit of thinking ... reviewed January 29, 2008
ANW Before (S2 E3) by samyhouse Horror
Featured Review
Hey Samy, I'm glad you keep putting eng subtitles! Like the episodes before, I love the world you create with all it's unique characters and surprises. Keep up the good work and even if there are sadl...
reviewed January 28, 2008
My Name Is Death by FredTheDuck Action
Hey Fred, this film had 2 problems the pacing and the body language. Both were really distracting at times, I know only one week... but maybe you could cut your film a bit tighter and watch at times w... reviewed January 28, 2008
UnSub by anothernewdawn Horror
The thing I love most about your films is that they all tell story that could be real that could be biographical(I hope not!). Just storys everyone could experience. Not seeming like like fiction that... reviewed January 26, 2008
Penance by KarlBrown Action
Wow! Excellent direction, all the colors the sand and the whole atmosphere. This has to be one of the most atmospheric films on TMO and one of the best western, even if it's a short film. Now one of m... reviewed January 26, 2008
Bombshelter-Part2b by jase180 Action
A TMO milestone! reviewed January 25, 2008
Les Coupables by Primaer Romance
Die Musik ist hervoragend gelungen! Da muss ich euch beiden zustimmen, les coupables lebt von seiner intensiven Atmosphere und diese baut auf der Musik, den richtig toll gelungenen Kamerafahrten und d... reviewed January 16, 2008
Last Rites - Amen by kuroken Horror
I love this series! All the effort Ken and the whole crew made paid off beautifuly! One of TMO's greatest productions! =) reviewed January 15, 2008
Priests and Paramedics by KarlBrown Romance
Love to whole atmosphere! Great directing and music makes this short film a very enjoyable 3 minutes. =) reviewed January 14, 2008
Bombshelter-Part1 by jase180 Action
Time flew by! Great atmosphere and excellent VOs and outstanding modding is what makes Jase180's newest a must-see! reviewed January 13, 2008
Last X-Mas qm by Helvetia Action
Hat mir sehr gut gefallen! Du hast die Atmosphere toll ruebergeracht! Der ganze Film wirkt sehr durchdacht und nihht ueberhastet! Vorallem die Szenenauswahl hat sehr gut gepasst und mit den tollen mo... reviewed January 7, 2008
We are legend part II by gilga Sci-Fi
A film so intense so surreal and beautiful that you'll forget time. That's how I experienced "We are legend". The film passed by so quickly I thought at the end mhh.. this episode surly wasn't longer ... reviewed January 4, 2008
ANW the calm S2 E2 by samyhouse Horror
Hey Samy, once again great work! You've created so much different characters with such great secrets. It's really fascinating to watch! Please keep the English subtitles for my French is quiet bad an... reviewed January 1, 2008
Et Spiritus Sancti by kuroken Horror
There is a German saying: All good things are 3. The best part thus far! Love it! Keep rocking Ken! =) reviewed December 31, 2007
Angels Fall (Part 1) by pookashells Action
It's really difficult to keep a viewer interested in a TM Film over nearly 28 minutes. Angels Fall does that very well! All the mods, background sounds, music and of cause this very very well written ... reviewed December 29, 2007
The Egyptian Curse Unleashed by Fozz20 Action
Let's start with the good things. That would be the set dressing which was very well done, the overlays, the music which was really really fantastic(!) excellent job nukester and most of the VA's did ... reviewed December 28, 2007
Comedy corner 4 Extreme Randomness by derbyrams Comedy
That was hiarious stuff mate! Nothing much to add to all the previous reviews! The music fitted well, the voice actors made an outstanding performance, the editing was well done and plot well was pure... reviewed December 28, 2007
To TMO or Not To TMO by rileyman Comedy
Haha Riley that was great! I had a big laugh as he casted and that "woman" turned around. That's excactly how TMO members feel! You captured that feel perfectly!=) reviewed December 27, 2007
Harrisons Days Trailer by FraasMovies Romance
Geiler Trailer! Vorallem die Mods, die Overlays und die Musik sind sehr gelungen! Wenn der fertige Film die selbe qualitaet durchhaelt wovon ich bei dir eigentlich ueberzeugt bin, dann wird er ein Hit! =) reviewed December 23, 2007
A Bushranger in Texas Part 2 by Armand Comedy
Damn that was a fun trip! I absolutely love sheriff M !"No that's me" Ohh mate. I laughed so loudly, even my two little brother who were sleeping already have woke up again. In fact I like all the cha... reviewed December 17, 2007
Et Fille by kuroken Horror
I love all the cahracters and the plot itself is fascinating! The time flew by! Like I said before this series deffinatly is one of TMO's best of all times and on top of my favurite list! =) Keep rocking Ken. reviewed December 16, 2007
Ten - Trailer by GiorgioKiwi Action
Ich finde den Trailer doch sehr ansprechend auch der Stil des Films ist dir gelungen ist mal etwas anderes als die normalen b&w Filme. =) reviewed December 16, 2007
Apartment 4C by trewill7 Comedy
Propably the most violent film on TMO ... aaand one of the funniest two. reviewed December 16, 2007
Straight to the bodom by Rollercoasterproductions Sci-Fi
Sehr erfreulich " Straight to the Bodom" ist dir trotz relativ kurzer produktionsphase gut gelungen! Das visuelle vorallem die Kamerafahrten/einstellungen, sind deutlich ebsser als bei Sects und auch... reviewed December 14, 2007
Kayna Part 2 by Rik_Vargard Action
Haha I loved that guys with the weird mask at the end. Once again very well done candy for eyes, ears and brains! =) Keep rocking Rik! reviewed December 13, 2007
Lisa und der Weihnachtsmann by Bodyrock Comedy
Mit dem Film hast du mich richtig zwiegespalten... ich war micht sicher ob ich dir 4 oder 5 Sterne geben soll, gegen 5 Sterne sprechen die ziemlich schlecht geschriebenen Dialoge und dass ein zwei au... reviewed December 10, 2007
In Nomine Patris by kuroken Horror
I said a few times before in a review that this film I just watched gotta be one of the best films on tmo, but for christ sake this is in my oppinion the best film on TMO! Even if it isn't completed y... reviewed December 9, 2007
The Mechatrons Invade! by deliriousstudios Sci-Fi
I had a smile on my face during the whole film and some good laughs... Love the language I bet Roger made it up! =) reviewed December 9, 2007
A New World El Paso (S2E1) by samyhouse Horror
Love those shots with the indian guy! Well all series is just so magical the whole atmosphere you creat with te country music and the desert sets... Love it just keep on making this series! I'll watch... reviewed December 9, 2007
The Limit by MATWEY Romance
Hey mate! The first russian film I've seen on TMO so far and it was quiet a nice experience! Good direction combined with very well fitting music and goov voice overs to creat an intense atmosphere, t... reviewed December 5, 2007
SEAFOOD STEAK by kwistufa Action
groovy reviewed December 1, 2007
EXTINGUISHED by josephkw Sci-Fi
Well Joseph, since this movie felt so well crafted and like it toke you so much time to creat it, I feel like I should also take a bit more time then usual to comment on it. First of all I have to me... reviewed November 28, 2007
Super Duper Uber GALAXY FORCE by MefuneAkira Comedy
Ecapt the f-ing hiralrious characters and dialogs and story, the awsome visuals, with a lot mod work and some great overlay effects and just perfect set dressing, the outstanding cast!(each and every ... reviewed November 27, 2007
Inbreeding Cousins 2 by riott007 Comedy
Awsome performance by Kwis... he really seemed like those guys doing... ehhr... such things and your performance is also great. Funny litle flick! Keep on rocking riott! =) reviewed November 26, 2007
The Hospital (Trailer) by FallenThomas Horror
Great trailer! The atmosphere is really awsome and the visuals fit perfect. If the finished film will be as good as the trailer it`s gonne be a hit! =) reviewed November 24, 2007
Love in a Jealous Rage by mildheadwound Romance
Untill the last sentence I wanted to give you 4 stars. Nice original little film. =) reviewed November 22, 2007
High School Girls--Part 2 by rposhard Horror
I`m reviewing both parts in one now. Over the whole distance, the whole 45 minutes I was drawn into the story, into that massage you`re telling with this film. There wasn`t a time when I wanned to tu... reviewed November 19, 2007
Stir 5 - The End by anothernewdawn Action
First of all congratulation for finishing one of the prpably most forming series of TMO. No other series has had more influence on tmo. Or is it the other way around? Anyway with every new part of yo... reviewed November 18, 2007
clean - day one by bezzer36 Action
Great start into a new series. I like all the details you gave us about the background and the well written dialogs. Also the voice acting was great by both gp and you! Very well done I`m looking forw... reviewed November 18, 2007
In the Navy by Lifestorm Comedy
Gutes Musikvideo mit tollen visuellen effecten sowie guten ingame sequenzen ... Allerdings ist die Musik copywritten, wird bestimmt bald einer auftauchen der dein film flaged und es removed wird. reviewed November 17, 2007
Phantoms by OD-Ork-Boy Sci-Fi
Excellent! Especially the story is refreshing and original! But it`s the VAs which make the story come alive, what a outstanding performance by everyone! The only bad thing is that you could here that... reviewed November 17, 2007
Go to Hell II - Part 2 by starmovie Sci-Fi
siehe review bei part1. =) reviewed November 14, 2007
Go to Hell II - Part 1 by starmovie Sci-Fi
Also die Effekte sind schon alle recht gut. Dennoch is die story einfach arg flach und in manchen szenen fehlt mir die liebe zum Detail. Trotzdem ein guter Film, bei dem man merkt wie viel Aufwand dri... reviewed November 14, 2007
Bombshelter Teaser1a by jase180 Action
You ahould get an oscar for best trailer! Amazing visuals and a promising story... on my must-see list! =) Still trailers earn only up to 4 stars, because i think they can`t be compared with real film... reviewed November 13, 2007
Trailer Bodies Nights Part 1 by Helvetia Action
toller trailer mit gutem Schniit! =) reviewed November 11, 2007
Killerscom by samyhouse Action
loved the action and the music! Reminded me a bit of "smokin aces"... one of my favurite films. =) well done reviewed November 11, 2007
Memories of Life - A True Story by rposhard Romance
That was moving! You could feel all the pain of everyone mum, dad and sister and all the other persons who liked/loved her! I hope the film helped you! reviewed November 10, 2007
The Soldier by ralfduran Romance
Today my friends and me drank a whole lot more beer than usual and then we did something I`ve never did before, we went through the city and sang christmas songs. :D Why do I tell you that? Well becau... reviewed November 9, 2007
Frank Barkley Investigations Trailer by the_only_iceman Comedy
toll gemachter trailer mit dem Erzähler! Freu mich schon auf den Film, hoffentlich hälst du diese Qualität über den ganzen Film durch. =) reviewed November 9, 2007
RE Agent Smith by bongoman Sci-Fi
WooHoo! Now that was pure action and must have been a lot of effort to do all the overlays! Graet TMO action on it`s best! =) reviewed November 7, 2007
Blood Roofs Trailer by EthanRunt Action
Wooho never seen so much action in a trailer! The music, the overlays, the vas the cut everythning looks very promesing! Great trailer! reviewed November 5, 2007
Spawn of Treason-Industry 101 by bricksfilms Action
Very well acted trailer! Good luck in the contest! =) reviewed November 5, 2007
The Black Widow is Coming by SerenityNow Horror
Well you know I love your voice and the way you use it for her is just... she is so impressiv. The way you built up all the tension is great! Only the ending was a bit... well undramatic, I suspected ... reviewed November 3, 2007
The Hand of Love by trewill7 Comedy
Ohh man, tre I bet you spend a lot of time to creat that movie :D . But anyway it was f... hilarious! But one more question: What is your issue with girls have your girlfriend just left you or... I ... reviewed November 3, 2007
Enigma EP 7 Favours Part II (Exit To Space) by ubernewbie Sci-Fi
Love it, like always! Love your series! =) reviewed November 3, 2007
A Night At The Movies by kuroken Sci-Fi
Love the outtakes! Just hilarious, great idea ken! And I`m deffinatly looking forward to your december series. =) reviewed November 2, 2007
The Minds Eye 101 trailer by sparky1512 Sci-Fi
Great visuals and VO as usual! =) Good luck in the comp! reviewed November 1, 2007
FLAG THIS MOVIE!!! by Trashman Comedy
Hilarious! Where can I buy Flushmaster? =) reviewed October 31, 2007
A Bushranger in Texas by Armand Comedy
Hahaha! I laught a lot during this film! And that`s what a comedy should do! I can`t believe Kwis and cerenomus did all the voice, well doesn`t matter they made a fantastic job! The music fitted alwa... reviewed October 30, 2007
JAY ADAMS - Teaser series by DanielH20 Sci-Fi
Very well put together teaser. Looking forward to it. reviewed October 30, 2007
The Deed of Midnight - Chapter 1 - Act 2 by trewill7 Action
I keep it short: The first film on TMO to combine interesting dialog sceenes with real seeming action, rounded up with the wonderfull minimalistic score and intense atmosphere, this movie can be calle... reviewed October 29, 2007
Cleopatra (Part II)! by TheMGMKid1 Romance
Well, at first let me say thank you for the wonderfull series, a real gem on TMO! My expactation for part 2 after part1 and all the promo you`ve done were hugh! But excapt from the body language in s... reviewed October 28, 2007
Uss Halfmoon Heroes in Space by budrick Sci-Fi
Es gab 2-3 Stellen an dennen ich breit gegrinst hab, aber 3 lustige Spä??e in 7 Minuten... Dennoch haben die Sprecher gute Arbeit geleistet udn die Musik war an den meisten Stellen auch gelungen. desh... reviewed October 28, 2007
Tsunamidogs Educational Video by tsunamidog Horror
Ohh poor children! Evil Burger King Guy? Where shall I send the money? reviewed October 25, 2007
Horror Of The Werewolf by nukester Horror
Man I´m glaf I finally checked this one out! In my oppinion the best horror movie on TMO! Those sound effects and, well quiet everything seemd so real... just nukeastic! Bookmarkt and I´ll deffinatly ... reviewed October 23, 2007
Rage of the Werewolf Theatrical Trailer by nukester Horror
All of your trailers are fantastic, but the voice acting in this one topped everything! Now I want a film from you! Thousands of trailers but no film yet I´m dying in desire to see one of those films... reviewed October 23, 2007
The Morning After by sparky1512 Comedy
Featured Review
Haha ohh boy I can`t stop smiling... Goof sounded perfect if I wouldn´t know it better I would believe he really was lost on a lonly lonly island some time ago :D. The body language was great... and l...
reviewed October 20, 2007
Dark Obsession Teaser by Lethal_Entertainment Romance
Ein neuer Sisch Film? Klasse! Der Teaser ist dir gut gelungen, vorallem die Musik fand ich toll und hat super gepasst! =) Bin gespannt hoffentlich wird er so gut und ... mystheriös/dunkel wie Wolves,... reviewed October 20, 2007
CAPITOL Origin by AlexBradley Sci-Fi
Featured Review
WOOOOOOOOOOOW! This was so impressiv! Especially the beginning, I've never seen a movie with such a brilliant sound-fx! The overlay effects are also awsome, they look so real... The modding work you m...
reviewed October 20, 2007
The Dead Cases Part 2a by jase180 Action
Wonderfull! "The Dead Cases" is now on my favurite top ten list! What an well crafted story with a few twist and surprises.(now shut my mouth, no spoiler) And again all voice actors did a wonderfull j... reviewed October 19, 2007
Enigma EP6 - Favour by ubernewbie Sci-Fi
I was very surprised how fast I saw the end curtain even i was was prepared for a shorter episode... time flew by! Very well doen again! Like I said before your series is a real gem on TMO! =) reviewed October 15, 2007
Hell Spawned roughcut by Armand Horror
WOOOOOOOOOOW! Wasn´r expacting such a great film, as I clickt on the random movie button! =) Great vocie overs and atmosphere! I´ll keep an eye out for yout studio in the futur! reviewed October 14, 2007
Hmmm by kwistufa Action
Haha ohh dude I laught my ass of!!! Great cam work and how you used the scenes... that was damn creativ! Especially at the blowjob :D Downloaded because I have such a feeling that if I wanne see it ag... reviewed October 14, 2007
Plan 9 from Lionhead - Episode 1 by mlederer Sci-Fi
Joa also die story klingt interssant und es ist sehr gut inziniert... aber die länge is wierklich ... naja entteuschend, dass war wie als man man von einer schokobannane(ich liebe schokobannanen) abbe... reviewed October 13, 2007
The Break-up Letter by trewill7 Comedy
Well well tre that was indeed black humor! Black humor at it´s best! Technically so well made, even through we saw only one scene the most time, it wasn`t boring to watch. The cam angles were chosen... reviewed October 12, 2007
Bombshelter Teaser A by jase180 Sci-Fi
Another great film idea by jase180! Yay! Deffinatly looking forward to it =) reviewed October 10, 2007
Gregor und Karl-Detektive in Berlin by regisseurpaul Action
Naja also die Voice waren nicht so toll, ist man normall von den meisten Sprechern ebsser gewöhnt, allerdings waren die dialoge auch sehr flach geschrieben! Die Kamera fahrten waren oft auch alles and... reviewed October 9, 2007
wiwanyank Wacipi-the Sundance-part 2 by cinecitta Action
Well I haven´t seen part one, but part2 of your award winning series was very special. You creat an wonderfull feeling, a bit of drama combined with thriller liek tension. Those are my 2 favurite gern... reviewed October 9, 2007
Sects by Rollercoasterproductions Sci-Fi
Eine richtig gute Umsetzung! Vorallem Meowans musik und der gro??teils des Casts haben mich begeistert. Aber auch die ganzen futuristischen und wüsten szenen haben gepasst! Sehr gut gemacht! Naja bin ... reviewed October 8, 2007
Soldiers by Neroxc Action
First of all let me say you are a marvellous director, the cam angles and the effects and overlays were fantastic! But you lost the star at the editing and the story. I couldn´t finish reading the let... reviewed October 6, 2007
Dispose of the body by zaaapmmme Horror
It´s like Joseph said. You creat a really great atmosphere with the fog effects and the music and also with the emotinless killer. But with the emotions the killer showed the whole atmosphere was gone... reviewed October 6, 2007
Noir Teaser by sparky1512 Action
A beautiful atmospheric trailer, I´ll deffinatly watch the finished film! NOt only because of the promising trailer, but also because you are an excellent director! =) But trailer still earn only 4 st... reviewed October 5, 2007
Camera Obscura Teaser A by jase180 Sci-Fi
Woohoo, I normally only 4 star trailer! But this seems like a lot of effort gone into it and well it was just impresiv, I´m speechlees! If this gonne be as good as the trailer and "The Dead Cases" ...... reviewed October 3, 2007
The Afflicted (Reloaded) by sherwinliu Sci-Fi
Why do always have to happen something bad to people or they lose it before they notice how important thing they lost are or before they notice their mistakes? That´s one of the saddest attributs of m... reviewed October 2, 2007
THERMINATHOR by KaeptnWiglo Comedy
Geile overlay effekte! =) Freu mich auf dne Film reviewed October 1, 2007
Angels Dance by josephkw Romance
It is indeed a beatifull poetic film and your direction was fantasic as always! =) Only your voice was a bit emotionless I thought, but well just a little bit... anyway I think the place where angels ... reviewed October 1, 2007
A Beautiful Life Trailer by simon-r- Romance
Also vorallem die story hat mein interesse geweckt! Das klingt spannend und interessant! Wobei das wohl ein sehr Dialog lastiger Film wird, deshalb hoffe ich mal das du einen guten Cast zusammen bekom... reviewed October 1, 2007
Into the Shadow - Part 1 Overture by sherwinliu Romance
Part1 is my favurit part of the series. I love the characters and you introduce them so nicely... Your Into The Shadow series deffinatly is something really special on TMO! 3 Masterpieces! =) reviewed October 1, 2007
Dream Ride by sherwinliu Romance
All of your films are just so ... inspiering and woderfull! Don´t know why I always forget to review the movies after I watche them... anyway now I reviewed all of your films in one bunch =) reviewed October 1, 2007
Some Of Us (by Ally Miller) by biggstrek Romance
Now that was a good music film, there are a lot music videos without song using permission or just, a bad not fitting film. But your truly was really well done! good job =) reviewed October 1, 2007
Super Duper Uber GALAXY FORCE (Trailer) by MefuneAkira Comedy
haha that´ll deffinatly be one of the funniest movies ever! Great trailer... but I still only four star trailer even if this one is one of the candidats that make my heard cry because it wants to give... reviewed October 1, 2007
Private Detektive Horst by budrick Comedy
Eindeutig dein bester Film! Die Diaologe sind gut geschrieben und die meisten gags haben ein schmuzeln oder einen grinden auf meine Lippen gebracht. Die Sprecher haben einen klasse job gemacht voralle... reviewed September 30, 2007
The 200 Mile High Club by StokeStudios Comedy
Haha man the story grabed me fromt he first moment and the astro-gynecologist was hilarious! Well done!:D reviewed September 30, 2007
Groovy Night by Lethal_Entertainment Romance
Well I decided to not watch groovy night in online quality, but to download the hi-res version on norries website... and it was deffinatly worth it! Everything just fitted so perfect the older look wi... reviewed September 28, 2007
Gone Missing by Rob_Spookie Horror
Very interessting. Deffinatly a good movie. Your szene choice was very well and the music fitted perfectly, infact the music is what made that films atmosphere combiened with the fog effects... only t... reviewed September 28, 2007
Temporary Night (Vengeance Rising) by nukester Romance
Love the music! And fabules directing with excellent scene use and use of mods(especially the guitars)! With that demonstration of your skills you just make me wanne see your finished project(s). ;) K... reviewed September 21, 2007
Privates in the Blur - Episode 1 (Part 2) by Lukavey Horror
Like i said on part 1 excellent atmosphere and an fascinating detailt story, mcuh more details then in any other tmo movie! I´ll deffinatly watch all episods(parts), in fact I will even downlaod them ... reviewed September 19, 2007
Toilet Bowl - The Movie by pegleg Comedy
haha I had some good laughs! very well done =) reviewed September 17, 2007
I Think Im a Car by FredTheDuck Comedy
Fred you really made me laugh! But the broom car voices didn´t always fit the movement and it was way to long. Would you have made it as a 2min short comedy I would have given you 5 stars, because aft... reviewed September 17, 2007
Prelude to Evil Season 1 Promo 2 by nukester Action
YOu know what I think about Your series, and all of your upcoming films. =) But I still only 4star trailers reviewed September 14, 2007
There the Rainbow Ends by ralfduran Romance
Ok let´s first get to the bad things. I found only 2 mistakes, at the car scene in the beginning the backgrund and one cam angel where you saw the inner of crack. That´s about it. Now to the good thin... reviewed September 13, 2007
SD Folge 1 Und ewig grü??t der Vulcanier by Hirsches8 Comedy
die gags herrlich! Ich hab herzhaft gelacht! Das sind dann trotz dem synco misgeschick 5 sterne wert! =) reviewed September 12, 2007
Privates in the Blur - Episode 1 (Part 1) by Lukavey Horror
Je ne parle pas francais beau, mais cette film est fantastic! Most of the time I was reading the english subtitles, but it was deffinatly worth it, an very dramatic beginning with a great atmosphere a... reviewed September 12, 2007
Fraas Apartments by kwistufa Action
I love fraas work and I really think you are a great director. You also showed that here with slow cam drives and some good cam angels. But with movies like "The Dead Cases" ranked 4th in the charts b... reviewed September 10, 2007
The Dead Cases Part1 by jase180 Action
What a wonderfull atmosphere from the beginning to the end! This intense atmosphere is based on the beautifull music, the outstanding cast and the perfect fitting pictures! A very speacial film! I´m ... reviewed September 10, 2007
Privates in the Blur - Prologue by Kowaru Horror
Well normally I only four star trailers, even Nukesters fantastic trailers... But you prologue cointaint more than the normal advertising flicks! You managed to get so much in this prologue, you pres... reviewed September 10, 2007
Mystic Survey 5 by Bodyrock Sci-Fi
joa guter film, mit tollen Sprechern toller story und tollen mods. Nur durch die zu vielen hektischen Kamerafahrten hat man leider nicht viel vond en mods gesehn. Aber insgesamt ein guter film. reviewed September 8, 2007
Momentous by riott007 Romance
I´m really impressed riott! The overlays and the music made a great atmosphere and the story was perfect understandable! Great idea with the pics! very well done! =) reviewed September 6, 2007
The Criminal by Abrey Action
not really worth watching! reviewed September 2, 2007
Redenzione de Mazza by bricksfilms Action
Excapt of 2 really bad cam angels I have nothing to critizies! very interessting and original story, very well done! reviewed September 1, 2007
ISLAND by verguit Horror
Good trailer, makes me wanne see more! But the story seems to be a typical horror story... but I hope I´m wrong. 4 because it´s a trailer! reviewed September 1, 2007
The Dead Walk (trailer) by verguit Horror
Hmm well I usually give 4 starts or less for trailers. But here the actor props didn´t looked good and were overused. The story seems to be like butchered said another horror cliche zombie movie... bu... reviewed September 1, 2007
Death and Life by sparky1512 Comedy
I like it! That was a well thought out stroy with some good dry humor and Class voice acting all the way. Except of one to cam drives I have nothing to criticies... very well done! =) reviewed September 1, 2007
Prosthetic Heart by Dulci Romance
I really enjoyed the music, and the video fits perfect with it´s slow cam and great scene use! Very well done! =) reviewed September 1, 2007
Charlie by Butchered__studios Action
I´m impressed by the work you must have put into this movie! And except the overuse of blood I have nothing to criticis! Very well done! =) reviewed August 30, 2007
HADEAN by josephkw Horror
My dear Joseph, again you have proofen that your filmmaker skills are reall really great. I say filmmaker, not director because the cast you mange to ensemble is always outstanding, your special effe... reviewed August 30, 2007
Getting Hard by pegleg Horror
I know what´s getting hard :P ... anyway great visual style and the song was also quiet good. Must have been pretty much work, all the overlays... =) reviewed August 30, 2007
Your last day by GiorgioKiwi Comedy
nette demo auch wenn ich bisher die house/tarison kombination bevorzugt habe... bei den screets 2.0 gefallen mir einige sachen sehr gut! Installiern werd ichs aufjedenfall =) reviewed August 29, 2007
A Day in Strellers Life Trailer by Tal0n Romance
Der Trailer is sehr gut geworden macht aufjedenfall Hunger auf mehr! =) reviewed August 29, 2007
Ninjutsu Sun Theatrical Trailer by nukester Action
Ahh Nuke why do you do this? Now there are 2 movies to wait for, not only Tmorary Night but also Ninjstsu sun! Also I normally don´t give more than 4 stars for trailer... and with this trailer you rea... reviewed August 28, 2007
Dog Bite by tsunamidog Horror
great movie ... I always hated dogs! :D reviewed August 28, 2007
Time Warped! by Trashman Comedy
Like kwis says, I have now a trashman download folder, because your movies are freaking hilarious and I fear they will be deleted :( ... Anyway great flick nice starmaker qualities with Victor :D and ... reviewed August 26, 2007
Praise The Lord!! by Trashman Comedy
Haha well I said in my the last supper review that it was propably the most funny movie on tmo... that was before watching this one here... Trashman=master of comedy =) reviewed August 26, 2007
I Will Follow You by SilverStarlight Romance
I´m really glad I found your studio! I love your artsy/music movies =) reviewed August 26, 2007
Look And Listen by SilverStarlight Romance
great atmosphere and maybe the best example for good story telling without voices or subtiltes and without getting boring on TMO! =) reviewed August 26, 2007
The Last Supper starring Jesus Christ by Trashman Comedy
Haha propably the most funny film on TMO! :D reviewed August 24, 2007
Terry and Jerry by budrick Comedy
Also ich will mal ehrlich sein, deine Filme sind irgendwie alle mehr oder weniger gleich von der geschichte her. Die Kamera einstellungen sind gro??teil okay aber sidn auch wieder einige dabei die nic... reviewed August 24, 2007
Fallacies of a stranger - Episode 3 by meowan Comedy
Herrlich! Ich verzichte auf ein langes review... aber die Serie ist einfach Klasse geworden! Mit "In The Nick Of Time" mein lieblings Meowan Werk =) reviewed August 23, 2007
VINCENTS QUEST by kwistufa Action
I want more ! more more more! =) Such a coll world you´ve created something we´ve never seen before on TMO... Have I told you that I love you kwis? :D reviewed August 23, 2007
Happy Color by ralfduran Romance
well first I wanted to write a long review... but then I thought about it and I just wanted to write the same as in the maesterverk review... =) great work! I love you DuDe ;) reviewed August 23, 2007
Trailer - Overground Underground by FredTheDuck Action
I´m really looking forward to this one! Good job! Excellent cast... well everything looks good. So hurry I wanne see the finished movie =) reviewed August 22, 2007
Fallacies of a stranger - Episode 2 by meowan Comedy
naja in Folge 2 passiert nichts wierklich spannendes, aber die Story wird geschickt und gezielt vorrangetrieben. Man lernt hintergründe und Fakten kennen, so dass ich sicher bin jeder der Folge 2 gese... reviewed August 22, 2007
on the sidewalk bleeding moviee by nipples Action
great atmosphere! Everything excapt the annoying lionhead music in some moments was very well done! =) reviewed August 21, 2007
Fallacies of a stranger - Episode 1 by meowan Comedy
Featured Review
Klasse! Meowan hats wiedermal geschafft mich zu begeistern! Das deine Art die free-cam zu benutzen ausergewöhnlich und toll ist brauch ich ja normal nicht zu erwähnen, aber als ich diesmal die einstel...
reviewed August 20, 2007
Legacy by starmovie Horror
Herrlich! Alle Sprecher haben einen richtig tollen job gemacht! Die story ist verdammt einfalls reich... iuch hab sehr viel gegrinst und gelacht! Zwar waren 1-2 schnitte nich so gelungen, aber das hat... reviewed August 19, 2007
Tainted Souls 4 - The Betrayal by jameseva Horror
There are 2 thing I dissliked in every part of your series. The first is that I always see the scaffoldings at the opening credits... and in this part also when showing the letter, maybe try out doc.h... reviewed August 18, 2007
Law of the West B by DarthGuybrush7 Action
see review on part a =)... a masterpiece! reviewed August 18, 2007
Law of the West A by DarthGuybrush7 Action
excellent! I waited with rating this part untill I have seen both... The cast did an outsatanding performance! Especially Goof makes a wonderfull job as depute in this part! The only thing I would hav... reviewed August 18, 2007
Temporary Night Musical (Sonic Oblivion) by nukester Romance
Everything I get to know about "Temporary Night" makes wanne more wanne see it! Sonic Oblivion is really a great music video, the overlay which made the perfect disco look and made the film flow fitti... reviewed August 17, 2007
Aspirations full trailer by derbyrams Romance
The only thing I dissliked was that you showed the bluescreen floor during the beginning textbackdrops... But I lought my ass off of the [censored!]-o-meter... good luck with that project! reviewed August 17, 2007
Trailer- Law of the West by DarthGuybrush7 Action
That sounds and looks really exciting! The cast is an extra plus! Deffinatly gonne watch the film when it´s out! =) keep it up! reviewed August 17, 2007
Dreams and Desires by Dreamstars Romance
Ein sehr guter Anfang! Klasse Drehbuch und tolle Sprecher. Allerdings könntest du technisch noch ein ganzes Stück zulegen. Lade dir neue sets und props runter... Ausserdem könntest du mehr verschieden... reviewed August 17, 2007
Enigma Ep 4 Aquaintences by ubernewbie Sci-Fi
Your epic series is a real gem shining with original ideas, awsome modding and superb Voice Actors! keep it up! =) reviewed August 14, 2007
Angel in Mind-Part 1 Online by zentralmoviemaker Action
Also dein set-dressing und kameraführung fand ich sehr gelungen. Allerdings fand ich manche Sprecher leistungen nich so gut... das auch gute sprecherleistungen dabei warn macht es eher noch schlimmer ... reviewed August 13, 2007
My Pretty Lady by yodabob Romance
beatifull story, beautifull movie! =) reviewed August 12, 2007
Quiet Creek Sanitarium Trailer by sweatyshoulder Horror
Well mister sweatyshoulders, that was the first horror movie(trailer) that really had a scray atmosphere which is very hard to get with TM because the movements looks quiet funny. But your music,the v... reviewed August 11, 2007
Breaking Point - Theatrical Trailer by murpheykid Horror
That is a hell of a cast! And norrie as muscian is always a good choice, he´s great! =) And the idea behind all that? Well very interesting! I´m deffinatly looking forward to this movie! Now on top of... reviewed August 10, 2007
Animated Prop Actors by kwistufa Action
damn they are great... the props! When and where can i get them? =) reviewed August 5, 2007
Tonight With Mark Train by k4ownzall Comedy
great show K4 and good luck in the comp =) reviewed August 5, 2007
Hello Kitty by riott007 Comedy
haha can´t stop laughing ... ohh riot you did it again! I love your drunk movies! God save riots alkohol, so we can watch more of her funny movies! =))) I love you riott! reviewed August 4, 2007
Shark Attack by chris62 Horror
hmm... very creativ for a TMO movie, but still the effects the story and the voice acting wasn´t good enough for 5 stars... but a real inovation for TMO! Folks here you see what you can do with props ... reviewed August 4, 2007
Heddy Hoopers Hollywood 3 by TheMGMKid1 Comedy
Damn Ava is hot! =) great show very entertaining... ohh and now I shut up reviewed August 4, 2007
Temporary Night Theatrical Trailer by nukester Romance
Even if this is the movie on top of my most wanted list and I´m really looking forward to it, I give only 4 stars for a trailer. =) reviewed August 3, 2007
Das Gewicht der Sekunde by Frenhofer Romance
Ein Meisterwerk, welches ich schon vor bestimmt einem halben Jahr gesehen habe... anstatt ein eigenen Review-Text zu schreiben verweise ich einfach mal auf "Aoimtxvzlmser"-Review, der alles sehr schön... reviewed August 3, 2007
Charlie Trailer by Butchered__studios Action
Yep that trailer looks very very promising! Amazing effects! =) 4 stars because it´s a trailer. reviewed August 3, 2007
Yodabobs SDSOH by yodabob Horror
So true Yoda! The comedy genre would´ve fit a lot better for this movie I laught a lot! =) great entertaining movie! =) reviewed August 3, 2007
Auf Wiedersehen Gestern - Trailer - by Frenhofer Sci-Fi
WOW! Also der Trailer macht deffintiv Lust auf mehr! 4 Sterne weils ein Trailer ist. reviewed August 2, 2007
The Missing Part by Betral Comedy
Haha ohh man that was funny as hell! Good job here and kwis did an awsome job on the vo´s. good luck in the comp! =) reviewed August 2, 2007
Time for ice by SebastianW Comedy
Das Drehbuch hat mein Eis diesmal gebrochen! Die Idee mit der Eismaschiene und dem rebellierenden assistenten der die ganze Zeit gegen ihn arbeitet herrlich. =) Das Labor fand ich auch ganz ansehnlic... reviewed August 2, 2007
Chivalry by matthewmagic Action
Ok the story isn´t very innovativ... just the usual medieval tale. The music doesn´t fit in the fight scenes, the language really doesn´t fit that typ of movie and I couldn´t read most of the green ov... reviewed July 31, 2007
The Deed of Midnight - Chapter 1 - Act 1 by trewill7 Action
WooHoo!What a movie! I saw only 2 things which I dissliked about that movie, once I saw the end of the set and the other thing is that one solider threw a granate, what doesn´t fit in that time this m... reviewed July 30, 2007
SINS by sparky1512 Horror
I´ll make this a bit shorter than normal: excellent story, AMAZING Vo espeacially by yourself, good music only 1-2 cam mistakes... but not enough to give you less than the well deserved 5 stars ;) great work! reviewed July 30, 2007
Mallicks Island by the_only_iceman Romance
Wie gewohnt ein toller Film von Team2! Meowans drehbücher sind immer voller überraschungen und das du Drehbücher perfekt umsetzen kannst hat man ja bei home schon gesehn! Hier hat mir vorallem deine ... reviewed July 30, 2007
short film by kwistufa Comedy
Ohhh man I love Clive! =) And you little "Clive-short films" are great, keep em coming! reviewed July 30, 2007
FATED (part 1) by josephkw Action
What I haven´t rated one of my favurit movies? I think that´s because everything in "Fated" is great, I loved everything from the story to the VA´s everything! reviewed July 29, 2007
Preachers by Primaer Sci-Fi
Die Story ist fantastisch! (Die Musik auch! =) ) Der ganze Film ist fantastisch, dass einzige was mich mehr als nur einmal gestört hat ist das ein par Sprecher so gesprochen haben, dass es doch sehr a... reviewed July 29, 2007
May Flowers by josephkw Romance
I don´t know what to say, this movie is just perfect in every way! Again Joseph you´ve impressed me with an outstanding cast, a wonderfull story, amazing overlays&backdrops and beatiful cam work! =) A... reviewed July 29, 2007
Nothing by postmodernchuck Romance
Huh! I loved these Vo´s as I heared them the first time on The Voices homepage! Now together with those beatiful pictures, shown from the best director, no best artist, of TMO is just... Beatiful!!! ... reviewed July 26, 2007
Wolves by Lethal_Entertainment Horror
Amazing, you managed to keep the me intrested even if you used only 1 setmost of the time... that´s because of the really really outstanding Vo´s by you and the great music by norrie! I love those pyc... reviewed July 25, 2007
Sum of the Parts by Dulci Romance
Like I mentioned in my review for your last film, I love all your movies and the only thing I miss in such a short flick of yours is your voice. But this time it´s diffirent, not that I disslike it, b... reviewed July 24, 2007
A Split Second by kuroken Sci-Fi
great! =) reviewed July 24, 2007
USN Jupiter - Episode 1 by Spaceman72 Sci-Fi
Wooohooo! I thought Nukesters IO Series wouldn´t be to top , but you did it! Just epic! Amazing job here spaceman! reviewed July 22, 2007
The Nighthead by Torben11 Horror
Also ich muss schon sagen, dass ist einer der am schwieriegsten zu bewertenden Filme, die ich bisher auf TMO gesehen habe! Das Problem ist das die Story an sich ist sehr innovativ! Die Sprecher sind i... reviewed July 22, 2007
Affari by ESegal Action
WOW! That is deffinatly one of the best mafia films on TMO! I did an amazing job with everything from the set dressing to the va´s everything was perfectly done... I hope this movie will get the atten... reviewed July 20, 2007
Ascension by Tarison Action
just perfect! The va´s-outstanding!, the story- great!, the use od mods - excellent!, the atmosphere -fabules! and as I heared the music I thought damn that´s as good as the music in Kayna, then I had... reviewed July 19, 2007
The land of regrets by gilga Comedy
Now gilga I have to say, I love your style. Your movies always have these speacial atmosphere! That combiened with you voice which fits perfectly for that style, makes me love this movie and all movie... reviewed July 19, 2007
The James massacre by starmovie Action
Also starmovies ausführung war ganz ansehnlich und die Sprecher haben ihren job auch gut gemacht! =) Aber die story und die Musik waren... naja nich so toll, deshalb nur 4 Sterne, aber trotzdem viel G... reviewed July 18, 2007
Coming Soon With Trewill7 - Episode 1 by trewill7 Comedy
hehe now that is a great promotion for your upcoming movie and K4! A funny flick! =) reviewed July 18, 2007
One more minute My friend Mr Sperm by ralfduran Comedy
haha it needed a minute till I got it... xD reviewed July 17, 2007
Hank and Frank by budrick Comedy
Bis auf die anfangsszene im Auto haben die meisten szenen irgendwie nich allzugut gepasst, die Witze waren ums direkt zu sagen schei??e und das schwarz wei?? overlay sinnlos... bleib lieber bei den jo... reviewed July 15, 2007
Bloodshot by Butchered__studios Action
My feeling says me only 4 stars, but this film is deffinatly over TMO average with so much amazing mods... have to give 5 stars ;) reviewed July 15, 2007
Scramble (Part One) by postmodernchuck Sci-Fi
what haven´t rated it yet? Scramble is a masterpiece! reviewed July 15, 2007
before dawn by meowan Romance
Now that was the best western on TMO I have seen till now. I thought that "Far Heaven" wouldn´t be easy to top, but Meowan did it again with his perfect flaw, perfect fitting musik and an outstanding ... reviewed July 14, 2007
Kristallnacht by sgporsche48 Romance
I really think this is a great movie! The Va´s did a great job(great skript indeed), the music fitted perfectly and the theme you chose is very critical, but you worked with the right respect on it. A... reviewed July 13, 2007
Schröder88 by Lethal_Entertainment Action
well I was really sad and surpriesed that this movie was over... that was so awsome! I love the character development, the use of mods and msuic in this movie! The VA worked also very well! Now that r... reviewed July 13, 2007
Fukushusha by Caystarz Sci-Fi
Einer meiner Lieblingsfilme auf TMO! Trotz meines späten reviews... ein richtig geiler film bei dem alles stimmt, atmosphere, vo, story... einfach gro??artig! =) reviewed July 8, 2007
The Satan Show 1 by benstudios1991 Comedy
Really a funny flick! I love satan espeacially his way of smoking a cigarette: putting it in a deep black hole, lol. His voice is also quiet... interessting =) not very creative but I don´t have much... reviewed July 8, 2007
The Visitor by GiorgioKiwi Comedy
Jaja das ist wierklich ein Alien dem man gerne begegnen würde =) ... Obwohl der Film wie bereits von anderen erwähnt einige leicht Mängel hat find ich ihn nicht so schlecht, dass er keine 5 sterne ver... reviewed July 8, 2007
John Waine starring in My Paw by k4ownzall Comedy
hehe funny little flick! well done K4 reviewed July 8, 2007
Old Folk Funk Train by Norriefpb Comedy
yes now that is excatly how I imagine Sisch looks like, grey hair, funky boots and a short red dress huh? well not really^^ but the movie is awsome! great little flick!! =) reviewed July 7, 2007
Reincarnation - The Alien Virus by The_only_Iceman Action
So nu hab ich auch mal den ersten Teil deiner "Hitserie" angeguckt =) und ich muss sagen von der story und vom wortwitz her hat sie mir gut gefallen, aber etwas m... reviewed July 7, 2007
Zu Hause - Home by the_only_iceman Sci-Fi
WOW! Also ganz ehrlich? Der Film is sowas von geil! Von wegen schwer im Team und undeadog, dein film ist "Clock" und "In schweren Zeiten" mindestens ebenbürtig! und wie gargamel auch schon sagt die sp... reviewed July 3, 2007
Gunpoint by AxeCinema Action
just thought the same like eagle: Excellent reviewed July 3, 2007
Mästerverk by ralfduran Romance
Ralf you did it again! You made a film that makes me think, that makes me feel... your use of free cam is just beatiful, your voice actors are outstanding, the music fits perfect in every scene and y... reviewed July 2, 2007
The Baggage Boy by vv3dg3 Comedy
No Review reviewed July 1, 2007
Schrecken von Hand Hall (trailer) by Torben11 Horror
Ich fand den trailer eigentlich ganz gut... aber trailer bekommen generell nur 4 sterne von mir, solang sie nicht übermä??ig gut sind. Aber sieht gut aus tolle backdrops und gute starmaker faces... ho... reviewed July 1, 2007
Lionhead by Dr_House Romance
great first movie doc! keep it up, I´m looking forward to more movies of yours ;) reviewed June 30, 2007
A Darker Thriller by samyhouse Action
just great! There are few thriller on TMO, because it´s very hard to make with TM. But your 2 thriller are brilliant! keep it up, great work! =) reviewed June 30, 2007
Infiltration Part 1 by Throwaxe Action
my absolute favurit movie on TMO! still waiting for the second part!!! reviewed June 22, 2007
Someone who cares by gilga Horror
WOW! Now that was the best movie in the running comprtition! Everything was just so perfect and the story was ... well sth. new, a great ... I would call it a thriller. bookmarkt! reviewed June 22, 2007
The Most Unlikely of Places by deliriousstudios Romance
great little flick you made here I liked the way you used that faces... another good entrie in ITC round 2! =) [Check 20 words] reviewed June 21, 2007
ITC ronda2 by manu28 Comedy
great comedy, all jokes worked on me! A fantastic movie! Looking forward to more spain movies, they all were great, those I´ve seen till now! reviewed June 21, 2007
Sins trailer by sparky1512 Horror
a promising trailer! looking foward to the movie! =) reviewed June 21, 2007
Advertising for love by SebastianW Romance
ich finde den FIlm klasse! Durch die ganz eigene frische unverbrauchte Geschichte sogar besser als Meowan´s Liebesfilm, nich das er schlechter wär sondern euer "Romance/Comedy" stil ist einfach viel u... reviewed June 20, 2007
RIPPER 2007 Trailer by chrisu69 Horror
now that looks awsome!!!!!!! really looking forward to it ;) reviewed June 20, 2007
the Nature of Things by josephkw Comedy
great movie joseph! Gonne be a taff choice for lionhead here between Rik_Vargards movie and your´s ;) reviewed June 19, 2007
Dumb Blonde Joke - Qtigger Style by qtigger Comedy
haha very nice!! funny one good luck in the comp! =) reviewed June 19, 2007
Michi und Manni - Sachse auf Achse by Rollercoasterproductions Comedy
ohh man verdammt geile Komedie!! Sebastian und Andi in höchst Form und bei mir ahben alle gags gezündet!! Ich will mehr, wenn du mir etwas zeit gibts übersetz ich dir folge 2 auch gerne! =) reviewed June 18, 2007
A Photograph Lasts A Lifetime by sweatyshoulder Horror
Deffinatly one of my favurit movies on TMO! I love thiller and this one is deffinatly the ebst thriller on TMO! reviewed June 18, 2007
Crossed by Rik_Vargard Action
And again Rik_Vargard managed to pull it off! great work Rik! =) reviewed June 18, 2007
New FoDooG Films Movie Teaser by FoDooG Comedy
yay a new FoDoog film! Looking forward to this! =) reviewed June 17, 2007
Double TalkingJive(Trailer) by Dreamstars Action
also der trailer war sehr unkoordiniert und Overlays wären auch besser als Subtitles finde ich! Aber die Musik war sehr gut, ich hoffe sie verletzt keine Copyright-Recht. normal würde ich dir 3 Stern... reviewed June 17, 2007
In schweren Zeiten by meowan Romance
Now you really made the best out of this monster faces! Like always you free cam use is perfect as well as scott´s music... that´s more than 20 words =) reviewed June 17, 2007
The Sexiest Movie EVER!!!! by ethomyang Romance
hehe funny one =) reviewed June 17, 2007
A B N O R M A L by KaeptnWiglo Comedy
hehe am anfang dacht ich "hä" und am ende hab ich mir den arsch abgelacht, deine effekte sind sau geil! =) reviewed June 17, 2007
Only A Dream by KaeptnWiglo Sci-Fi
Featured Review
geniale overlays! =) auch wenn das traum klitschee schon sehr verbraucht ist, zuletzt durch mich^^, hat es spa?? gemacht den film zugucken, und respekt für die ganzen overlays!
reviewed June 17, 2007
Der letzte Gedanke by DK Romance
richtig guter Film! Wurde ja eigentlich schon alles gesagt: intensive dialoge, dichte atmosphere und auch der ganze rest ist toll, aber diese beiden punkte fallen mir besonders auf =) reviewed June 15, 2007
The VOICE Second Chance by Greenglades Horror
haha I know for whom Bufu voted(if it was contestant 1 ) ;) They all were great , a diffcult decision! reviewed June 9, 2007
FAR HEAVEN by cavaleras Action
what a wonderfull movie. I watched all of the fist round and your is the most impressif one. Amazing what you made in only 2 weeks! Even if I don´t understand spanish, I think those Vo were just great... reviewed June 9, 2007
CLIVES GOLF DAY by kwistufa Comedy
hehe great work! amazing mod use! =) reviewed June 8, 2007
Tainted Souls 3 - The Other by jameseva Horror
I love every part of your series! You have an outstanding cast, great cam work and a grapping story... looking forward to part4 ! =) reviewed June 8, 2007
Pavement Story (Poem) by Rollercoasterproductions Romance
Die Message in diesem Film ist klar und sehr wertvoll! Allerdings ist die Musik zwar gut gewählt aber zu laut so dass man Giorgio nicht immer versteht... das zerstört die ganze Atmosphere... so gern i... reviewed June 7, 2007
Asylum by laurajsoffe Horror
Really interresting story... and great use of the blue screen! I hope you continue this story about the contest in evry film if possible. huh more than 20 words ! =) reviewed June 7, 2007
High School Girls -- Teaser Trailer by rposhard Horror
After your trailer... well let´s say intoduction, this is really a movie I´m looking forward to! reviewed June 6, 2007
Who Wants to be a VCillionaire- Ep 3 by eobaggs Comedy
I watched evry part of your serien and I have to tell you... it´s boring. As radioshow this would be really great but as movie with always the same camera views the same music the same floor.... this ... reviewed June 6, 2007
Run! by GiorgioKiwi Romance
das gewichtheben war in der einen szenen auf dem campingplatz dabei ;) bzw. guter film! Hat zwar 1-2 kleine schwächen aber trotzdem gut auch wenn er an ein Micha83 Meisterwerk alla "The Clock" nicht ... reviewed June 6, 2007
Clock by micha83 Horror
Dieser FIlm ist mal wider ein Meisterwerk alla Micha83 üblich! Es gibt keinen anderen Regisseur auf TMO der so viel so geile Effecte in seine FIlme packt wie du! und bis auf die hantel szenen sind all... reviewed June 6, 2007
A Lonely Man by kaipan Romance
One of the best films on TMO... nothing to add... reviewed May 28, 2007
Waste by Dulci Romance
I love your movies, all of them! but I missed one thing in this movie... your beatiful voice, even if this movie is beatiful too without your voice, I would have loved to listen to your voice ;) reviewed May 28, 2007
Kayna by Rik_Vargard Action
Featured Review
You know what dude? I love you! I thought K7 was nearly unbeatable for other sci-fi movies... But with "Kayna" you beat nearly every movie on TMO! I don´t have to meantion that you are the best modde...
reviewed May 28, 2007
Cynx by Bodyrock Action
So gern ich dir 5 Sterne geben würde, war da irgendwie zu viel was mich gestört hat. Bei den Autofahrten hat man immer wider den anfang von backdrop gesehen, bis auf am anfang konnte man die story vo... reviewed May 27, 2007
In the Nick of Time by meowan Romance
WOW! What a movie. I´m speechless. Once again you impressed me with a wonderfull story(with a meaning behind it), exzellent free cam, a lot of mods and music that fits perfect and goes straight to th... reviewed May 27, 2007
Farm 71 Trailer by cheese101 Comedy
love all the mods! That´s gonne be something completly new! looking forward to it =) reviewed May 27, 2007
Last Chance by Vasil Horror
ein sehr guter film ... die dialoge und die story waren toll, auch die sprecher haben ganze arbeit geleistet... =) reviewed May 27, 2007
We are legend by gilga Sci-Fi
well... I love such mystical movies and even if there still have tbeen a lot time travel storys this one is speacial... the set dressing and the vo are great! Just 1 point I didn´t liked... there was ... reviewed May 26, 2007
Into the Shadow - Part 3 by sherwinliu Romance
what a wonderful movie! I love the whole series... till your release I watched part 1+2 about 3-4 ... now I wachted the first 2 parts 5 times and this 3 part 2times. Thank you for this wonderful serie... reviewed May 26, 2007
AMERICAN DREAM by chrisu69 Action
guter film! nur fand ich die musik an manchen stellen zu laut und aufdringlich, auch wenn sie toll zu den aktion stunts gepasst hat, für die dialoge war sie zu laut und aufdringlich... sonst sehr gelungen! =) reviewed May 17, 2007
Life Through an Eye by ralfduran Romance
wow! The most beautiful movie I´ve seen on TMO... I had tears in my eays in some scenes! reviewed May 16, 2007
Mystic Survey 3 by starmovie Sci-Fi
sehr guter film! reviewed May 15, 2007
The Hollow Dance - In The Name of Love by mixmasterfestus Action
This is an amazing movie! The story, editing, the mods, the music and the characters are excellent! Espeacially the story grabt me, where is this going? And I was impressed by the mods like the "spli... reviewed May 9, 2007
Screw 3 Trailer by micha83 Sci-Fi
Geile speacial effects! Ich hoffe mal das der 3. Teil so gut wie die ersten beiden wird und das die Story bei all den special effekten nicht zu kurtz kommt ;) reviewed May 8, 2007
Panic Radio by Babar23 Horror
Love it! espeacially the voice acting were superb! reviewed May 6, 2007
The Germantican by Sleeves Comedy
haha at the beginning I thought... ehhrrr what? but then... funny and romantic! =) great work! reviewed April 23, 2007
Cold by Dulci Romance
I love your movies! Cold is like all the others a very moving film and your voice acting is by far the best on TMO! But I think non of your movies was as tuching as "Press play on your graduation day"... reviewed April 23, 2007
Interstellar Odyssey (Part One) by nukester Sci-Fi
This is for sure the best sci-fi movie on TMO! The vo, the effect... nearly everything is perfect in this movie! waiting for part 2! =) reviewed April 22, 2007
Who Wants to be a VCillionaire- EP 1 by eobaggs Comedy
How you made it is great! But there is no own idea behind... I would have forgiven that and give you five stars if it wasn´t that boring... after 10mins I was really bored! Anyway great overlays and voice! reviewed April 22, 2007
Periers 1944 by davidwww Action
This is the first good second WW movie on TMO! Great story, good voice, very well plains and set use... I love it one of the few movies bookmarked by me! =) great work! thank you for the first good ... reviewed April 21, 2007
Infected - Part 1 by TopherBoy02 Horror
great, the voice the overlays... good work! espeacially the intro was amazing! reviewed April 21, 2007
The Holy Visit by MefuneAkira Comedy
my absolutly favorit movie on tmo! I watched it about 10 times now... and it`s getting better and better! The Vo are great espeacially the loughing when jc says:" I love you dad" =). The overlays at t... reviewed April 21, 2007
El Dorado part one by George_Locust Action
great idear! I loved espeacially the overlays =) reviewed April 19, 2007
Heist or Death by budrick Action
Also ich mag ja deine kurtz comic witz filme, also supermanni und so... Aber in diesem Film waren leider keine spä??e a la "he kellner trab an" =(... Technisch trotzdem sehr gut. Nur die Story fand ic... reviewed April 17, 2007