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Movies Released by ThatGuy293
Charleston Choo A New Enemy Action Not Rated
Not as good as the previous ones, but still funny at points. There's hilarity, violence, and SOMEONE DIES!!! OMFG!!!!!!!! posted July 21, 2007
Charleston Choo The Hat Thief Action
Charleston has started to steal hats from others, but could he be a racist? I honestly have no idea. Just watch the movie, and enjoy!!!!!!!! posted April 1, 2007
Charleston Choo In The USA Action
This is Charleston's first time leaving England. This whole series was done in Sandbox mode. The idea for this movie, like the first one, came to me from a candy bar............... enjoy posted December 7, 2006
Charleston Choo In Outer Space Action
All the voices were done by me, but just for the record, I'm not British. The idea for Charleston Choo came to me from a candy bar. posted December 4, 2006