Number of Movies: 7
Number of Winning Movies: 0
Average Rating Received: 4.09

Number of Movies Reviewed: 28
Number of Reviews Given that were Featured: 2
Average Rating Given: 3.68
Movies Released by tentamu
Labor Of Honor Action Not Rated
No Description posted June 13, 2006
Kung Fu Fight Scene Action
Action. The title says it all it is a single Kung Fu Fighting Scene. No story, so dont critize it and say oh it had no story. Production notes: I was trying to figure out how to do slow motion but e... posted May 27, 2006
The Brawler Comedy
Comedy/Drama/Action. Its About Joe and his quest to do his job, the best he can. It has no bells and whistles, just using what game has to offer pure and simple. posted May 25, 2006
One Day In The Horror
Captain Harold finds himself in a bind when his men are gone and something strange has appeared. Sound Track includes 11 added sounds and the Lurking Horror sound bite. 3 main actors and 9 extras. *n... posted May 21, 2006
Cloudface Comedy Not Rated
No Description posted May 21, 2006
Days at Ridgemount High Part 1 Comedy
First Movie From Four Head Studios. Wanted to be short and simple, since it is my first go around. posted May 21, 2006
Days at Ridgemount High Part 1 Comedy
First Movie from Four Head Studios. The Goal of this movie was to be short and sweet, nothing to fancy for the first go around. posted May 21, 2006
Movies Reviewed by tentamu
Trouble in Lonewolf! by MefuneAkira Comedy
Featured Review
OFFICIAL FOUR HEAD STUDIOS REVIEW Post 10/10 Post right and the 10 points shall come from the earth. Structure Aspects 57/60 Structure 19/20 Story, Title and Subject 5/6 Its more a of a comedic na...
reviewed June 15, 2006
The Hit by DemonBlood666 Action
OFFICIAL FOUR HEAD STUDIOS REVIEW Post 10/10 Good Job with post 10 points to you. Structure Aspects 35/60 Structure 13/20 Story, Title and Subject 3/6 The story is good, not great but sound. The T... reviewed June 14, 2006
Stir 2 by AnotherNewDawn Action
OFFICIAL FOUR HEAD STUDIOS REVIEW Post 10/10 Good Job at following instructions gets you 10 points. ??? Structure Aspects 56/60 Structure 20/20 Story, Title and Subject 6/6 Great story, very good ... reviewed June 14, 2006
Bubble by johnokinawa Romance
OFFICIAL FOUR HEAD STUDIOS REVIEW Post 5/10 The structure of the post didn???t follow, so that is the only reason for point reduction. Structure Aspects 57/60 Structure 20/20 Story, Title and Subj... reviewed June 14, 2006
Tomorrow And Tomorrow And Tomorrow by vesobe Action
Featured Review
OFFICIAL FOUR HEAD STUDIOS REVIEW Post 10/10 Your post is perfect, good info about the movie lots of info and gave me the info I needed before I watched the movie. Structure Aspects 42/60 Structure...
reviewed June 14, 2006
Katrina- The Storm by nascarlover Action
OFFICIAL FOUR HEAD STUDIOS REVIEW Post 5/10 I gave you a partial on this part since, your description is lacking, didn???t know that this was a first part of epic. This is an action not really drama,... reviewed June 14, 2006
Bullet Trigger by thecaptain_ps Action
Kinda short would be a nice scene in a longer movie, but I did like the use of effects so I'll give you 4 stars, keep up the work make this longer. reviewed June 8, 2006
Godzilla by silentscope56 Action
Lots of errors, need to spend more time editing. Godzilla is a franchise, this needed to either be a long movie with good VO, made in parts. You can't pull off Godzilla in 3min 17sec. reviewed June 8, 2006
Apocalypse (trailer) by moviecritic910 Horror
Personally I dont think trailers should get more than 3 stars, its not fair to those who are trying to get full movies on the charts. But as trailers go this is a good one, and one of the better so fa... reviewed June 8, 2006
Sourman by duxy Horror
Hands down the best horror movie on TMO till this point, which is saying alot because good horror movies are very hard to come by because of current game limitations. Good use of VO and scenes. The on... reviewed June 8, 2006
StevenKreg E True Moviewood Story- Pt3 by Stormwhitelab Comedy
This how you earned your stars. 1 - Ability to continue a seris and keep it funny in each installment. 2 - Poking fun at the TMO community in a sense, and getting them to love it. 3 - Parody making fu... reviewed June 7, 2006
Driven by StevenKreg Romance
Overall I think this was a good film. VO, editing, custom work, use of scenes very well done. The only area that I find lacking is the story. It was a little to quick, developed to fast and left a lot... reviewed June 7, 2006
Sniffy 3-Glow and Razor by Fire_Works Comedy
I believe that if you can't do something good, dont do it at all. I'm not saying I'm great a VO, and I dont do VO because of it, atleast not yet. The VO makes this movie really hard to follow, and peo... reviewed June 7, 2006
SFX scenes by bdumm Comedy
.... reviewed June 7, 2006
sweet dreams by Jason Harcourt Comedy
ok reviewed June 7, 2006
Battle For Earth Teaser Trailer by cruise1970 Sci-Fi
If you pull off the story and develop it, it should be good, need to work on editing, trailer had some editing problems, but over all good. Will be waiting for the movie. reviewed May 27, 2006
REX MONTANA by Ecrite Action
I give it an ok, the editing was good. The subtitles where kinda lacking, and the story lost me in parts, but overall a good movie. reviewed May 26, 2006
Migraine by Dulci Sci-Fi
I thought it was real good, kinda slow in the end. It was very good though, good use of actor movements, costumes,and custom sets. Good Job. reviewed May 26, 2006
The Game (trailer) by achtbaan Horror
I like the music, overall looks like it would be a good movie once done, based on the trailer, might want to polish up subtitles reviewed May 25, 2006
The Real hero PG13 by 6-headedmonster Comedy
I couldn't stop laughing, eventhough it would have been good with out of the censorship but the censorship kinda added to the overall comedy of the movie. Good Job, keep it up. reviewed May 25, 2006
Trap Setters Day Off by killieboys9985 Comedy
It was ok, kind random, and didn't really know what the point was if there was suppose to be one, but I guess the VO was good. Good luck with other movies, but overall its not as good as its rank. reviewed May 25, 2006
The Unslowable Omnibus by rivalo5 Action
This movie was random to say the least. I would say it was good, but needed subtitles or something to give it a story element, didn't understand the car seens. Not overall bad for first movie. reviewed May 25, 2006
The Gunmaker by rivalo5 Action
I think this is a game generated script, I gave you three stars for atleast attempting to changing it and making it your own. But there is no story, dont know what is going on. I'm sure you will make ... reviewed May 25, 2006
AQUA - Part II by ubernewbie Sci-Fi
This two part seris is very well done, and you can tell that the seris was a very well thought out project. Eventhough there might be some minor errors the whole project is a complete success. Hope to... reviewed May 22, 2006
AQUA - Part I by ubernewbie Sci-Fi
my comments are in part 2 reviewed May 22, 2006
Stuck in TheMovies by Anykeyz Sci-Fi
great movie, haven't seen much better. reviewed May 22, 2006
I Have Tenure by mjtpopus Comedy
I liked it. I would have choosen diferent music. As for why one of my students has white hair, its actually a teacher (will see later on). And for the bald kid, well we will just say he should be out of school. reviewed May 21, 2006
Killing Christmas by DavidRK803 Comedy
It looked good...and funny. reviewed December 13, 2005