Number of Movies: 18
Number of Winning Movies: 0
Average Rating Received: 4.39

Number of Movies Reviewed: 42
Number of Reviews Given that were Featured: 0
Average Rating Given: 3.6
Movies Released by syracuselax36
Milicent P Flotcherpibbet 2 The Sequel Comedy
a classic humpty-dumpty tale....just subtract the wall and add giant flying zombie mailmen posted February 24, 2007
Agent McSutherton Operation Fun Comedy
mr. gargleheimer needs a new foot. so he uses a shovel!!! posted February 3, 2007
Agent McSutherton Operation Fun Comedy Not Rated
Join Agent McSutherton on his wacky fun-filled adventure to save the world from somewhat certain death. posted January 27, 2007
Frau Hitlers Fun with Blitzkreig Action Not Rated
how many purple pumpkins can you fit in your mouth without makin an explosion posted January 27, 2007
Charlie and The Pumpkin Factory Comedy
hi. this is a movie. go eat a cookie. bye bye. posted May 8, 2006
The Time We Ate The Dragons Comedy
hooray!! i made this with my super-funky cousin who did sum voices. hooray!! snails are atacking the president!! posted April 20, 2006
The Best Darn WormPart II Comedy
watch part 1 first posted April 19, 2006
The Best Darn Worm There Ever Was Comedy
why did Jimmy fall down the well? Because he ran out of pumpkin juice! posted April 16, 2006
Honesty Comedy
ha ha ha. this is a movie! posted April 15, 2006
Jimmy Hates Bugs Comedy
this is a fantabulos movie about a boy who had no head. he died. posted April 14, 2006
Super Jew Comedy
bob needs a doctor but cant find one. the end posted April 7, 2006
The Day Bobs hamster was Insinerated II Comedy
No Description posted April 5, 2006
Bobs Unhappy Experiance Comedy
No Description posted April 5, 2006
Super Friends!!! Comedy
mr. banana doesnt like you. he thinks you smell of fish organs. posted April 4, 2006
The Day Bobs Hamster was Insinerated Comedy
bob finds it comical to rub a cobra on the tongue. he fails to heed jonny's warning until it is too late. i did everything posted April 4, 2006
Super Toga Comedy
super toga!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!! posted April 3, 2006
Grandma Joes Old-Time Pumpkin Party Comedy
if you like flying ninja goldfish this is not the movie for you. i did everything. hope ya like it posted April 2, 2006
Alien Espionage Comedy
my first movie. hope ya like it. i did everything. posted April 1, 2006
Movies Reviewed by syracuselax36
Help Me Someone by yoman6000 Horror
nice work for a first movie. with experience they will get better. if u have any questions just ask me in a rating. by the way would you mind rating the few latest movies i released. if u keep rati... reviewed February 25, 2007
Your Boner and You by MrMiracle Comedy
your existance brings me much pain reviewed January 27, 2007
How to kill the Baggage Boy by Sonric Comedy
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! turn it off!! reviewed January 27, 2007
Stinky by jmpons Comedy
its not fricken work of fricken art reviewed January 27, 2007
The Baggage Boy by j2d5 Comedy
its a fricken work of fricken art reviewed January 27, 2007
Ass Race 2000 by uberfresh Action
its a fricken work of fricken art reviewed January 27, 2007
Secret by Chatopsy Romance
great job dude!!! reviewed January 26, 2007
Fight Club 3 Revenge (trailer) by gangsterinc Action
looks good. rate my other movies and plz tell me how to make a custom backdrop reviewed May 9, 2006
Dave and RegRomasha City trailer by camega Comedy
looks good. rate my other movies if you can reviewed May 9, 2006
The Baggage Boy Special Edition by dragonfire131009 Comedy
pretty good please check out my new movie. im soooooo desperate for ratings reviewed May 9, 2006
Fake productions by FakeProductions Action
what the [shhhh!]? reviewed May 8, 2006
Bullet Trigger by danielbilliald Action
pretty good. nice story line. next time use VO's. and before i go i need to say one thing "Sequal" u need to make one for this. ill check back frequently. nice job. watch my new movie please reviewed May 8, 2006
The Life Of a Movie game maker by philiscool Comedy
didnt have a giant plot, i chuckled at parts you would love my movies, check them out reviewed May 2, 2006
Whos Faster by ChristopherSosa Comedy
decent watch my movies maybe u can learn from my VOs reviewed May 2, 2006
Harry Botter And the Crescent Pebble by Rainbow_6 Comedy
you r the best!! your movies are amazing!!! u could do this for a profession. check my movies! reviewed April 19, 2006
duel by Rainbow_6 Comedy
Very good. check my movies. reviewed April 19, 2006
Hating Timmy by Rainbow_6 Comedy
AMAZING!!! ur very talented. have a cookie, and watch my movies. reviewed April 19, 2006
Hijack by FraasMovies Action
amazing!!! rate one of my movied and tell me how you made the plane please. reviewed April 19, 2006
Bent Copper Three TRAILER by Specter02147 Action
looks like a nice story. check out my movies reviewed April 15, 2006
Killer Bunny Vs Killer Duck by faladran Horror
pretty good. i only give five stars 2 a movie that wows me. nothing personal. great job. check my movies. reviewed April 15, 2006
Extrordanary Science Gone Wrong by kingburger Horror
pretty good. needs VO. check out my movies reviewed April 9, 2006
Mob wars by rsc11hockey17 Action
didnt do anything for me. the VOs sucked. i couldnt even hear what u were saying. 3 stars because i could tell you put in some effort reviewed April 9, 2006
Be a Gamer! by tntsparetime Comedy
pretty snazzy check out my movies reviewed April 8, 2006
Western Thing 2 Revenge of the Chicken by skrowmaerd21 Action
smack yourself in the face funny reviewed April 7, 2006
Disco Stu by polardave Romance
decent, name totally stolen, check out my movies reviewed April 7, 2006
Journey to Flipsville by vikinghillblly Comedy
hey pretty snazzy for a first movie i liked it nothing personal, im just tough to give away five stars. check out the rest of my movies reviewed April 7, 2006
PLANET OF THE APES by danny122 Action
you've obviosly never seen the real movie. try to include a VO next time rate my movies reviewed April 6, 2006
The Horror - Movie Preview by mike4444 Comedy
wasnt a comedy. nice first movie. check out my movies reviewed April 5, 2006
Fight Club 3 Revenge by gangsterinc Action
nice movie. you've probably been making movies a long time. i gave you the 5 star rating u wanted now you rate my other movies reviewed April 4, 2006
A Few Seconds in the Life of Jeremy Olson by Whattheaids Comedy
nice movie. check out the rest of my movies reviewed April 4, 2006
The rabbit of doom complete series by lewis789 Comedy
i loved it. you stole the entire holy handgranade part but it was still good. if you liked the hamster insinerater youll love my other movies. reviewed April 4, 2006
Cabbies Episode 1-The Pilot by Darqcyde Comedy
pretty good. nice ending. check out my movies you'd like them reviewed April 4, 2006
nice first movie check out my movies, they're fantabulus reviewed April 4, 2006
Awesome-o by reddemonlee Comedy
completely unoriginal names, crappy story, horrible voices................ reviewed April 4, 2006
Demon Police by davidpb Action
very very creative. i love the "oh my satan" you'd looove my movies check em out reviewed April 4, 2006
King Kong - How it really happened by james_taz Comedy
very creative check out my movies reviewed April 2, 2006
invasion of the smurfs III by someguy2 Comedy
your voice is in credibly high very original idea check out my movies reviewed April 2, 2006
Western thing by skrowmaerd21 Action
nice try chuck reviewed April 2, 2006
Whats On TV by skrowmaerd21 Comedy
that was OK the animal part was a bit repeditive. keep up the good work sonny! reviewed April 2, 2006
Milicent P Flotcherpibbet by skrowmaerd21 Comedy
seeing as you let me be the voice of milicent i cant complain reviewed April 2, 2006
shortest movie on the movies by sylanderstudios06 Comedy
i dont see any humor in that reviewed April 2, 2006
Santas Fabulous Adventure by skrowmaerd21 Comedy
You did an OK job. Santa had like 6 different cars. reviewed March 4, 2006