Number of Movies: 3
Number of Winning Movies: 0
Average Rating Received: 4.14

Number of Movies Reviewed: 34
Number of Reviews Given that were Featured: 5
Average Rating Given: 4.38
Movies Released by swirskman411
Pistol point Comedy
The first in a series of movies with agents Jeff Jones and Rachel Rasputin fighting the forces of S.E.T.O.! Not my best movie, but a good start in a series i have planned. Mangomonkey 28 worked with m... posted March 20, 2006
Jake Harmonycom Romance
No Description posted February 2, 2006
Dogs Bark and Roses are Red Comedy
Rolf Mcormack is a normal guy with a crazy grandpa. A not so normal assasin is trying to kill him. My first movie. posted November 25, 2005
Movies Reviewed by swirskman411
Friday Night Geisha by Mangomonkey28 Comedy
i LOVE THIS MOVIE!u should too reviewed August 15, 2006
Guns of the Eskimo by Mangomonkey28 Comedy
amazing my movie my monkeying friend! Amazing with what's you've done with ur mods and ur movies! Talk to me about future collabarations!All in all hilarious movie! reviewed June 23, 2006
Gunned by Mangomonkey28 Action
Featured Review
ur funniest movie yet!
reviewed April 7, 2006
Driver Man by lan14n Action
awsome movie! reviewed March 27, 2006
Not Another Zombie Movie by Mangomonkey28 Action
Featured Review
damn straight! this studio keeps cranking em up!
reviewed March 18, 2006
Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde by jmartin917 Horror
hilarious! Great VO! reviewed March 15, 2006
US Army Propaganda Film No1 by Acharyah Action
good movie and Good comedy! reviewed March 15, 2006
The Chef Team by Mangomonkey28 Action
Featured Review
good movie!
reviewed March 11, 2006
Brotherhoods by boksken Sci-Fi
great movie! reviewed March 11, 2006
Professor Nerd ep1 by nicvancamp Comedy
great movie! Robot Buddy Rules! reviewed March 8, 2006
2 Sins by bgcc Action
great movie! The only problem was i couldn't tell which guy was speaking and which guy liked her! reviewed March 7, 2006
The Sperm Donor by StokeStudios Action
i enjoyed this short alot. Very funny and keep up the good work. reviewed March 6, 2006
Johnny Apple by Mangomonkey28 Action
Featured Review
great movie. check out mine on http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/13371
reviewed March 5, 2006
No dusk No dawn (Warrington Cut) by FraasMovies Romance
amazing moive. I liked it alot. reviewed March 5, 2006
When Bongo Attacks by Mangomonkey28 Action
pure quality ummm.... excellence. ...and its um...interesting. but I LIke it! reviewed March 2, 2006
The boy who learned to read-Trailer by goldguy9 Comedy
Featured Review
damn good trailer. i considered it pretty well made and pretty funny.
reviewed February 10, 2006
Turnabout is Fair Play by mestoph72 Horror
very enjoyable movie. reviewed December 17, 2005
Conscience by FraasMovies Action
damn good movie reviewed December 17, 2005
Iraqi Freedom by irishred Action
awsome movie reviewed December 17, 2005
The Grandfather by zuki Action
pretty good movie reviewed December 17, 2005
Come Back Bobo by Lytnin Comedy
I liked it. waiting for sequel. reviewed December 10, 2005
Dont Make Me Axe You Again by IndigoLily Horror
nothing original. need to focus on story more but nice first try. reviewed December 9, 2005
Homies II The Big Hit by Nataru Action
pretty good sequel reviewed December 8, 2005
Homies In the Beginning by Nataru Action
pretty good. Me likes reviewed December 8, 2005
Happy Petes awkward moments by Jaree Comedy
very funny movie. keep up the good work. reviewed December 8, 2005
Attack of the Garglons by Dethfoot Sci-Fi
best.movie.ever. reviewed December 6, 2005
The Poet by blackops007 Action
awesome reviewed December 5, 2005
The Space Kraut by blackops007 Sci-Fi
good movie and good editing. nice job reviewed December 5, 2005
One AM In Chinaville by Border_Line Action
pretty good movie. No subtitles or voices though. reviewed December 3, 2005
Headmade Planets by FoDooG Comedy
great movie reviewed November 29, 2005
Kiss of the Zombie Maker by MaxTO Horror
bizzare but good reviewed November 27, 2005
Action Man by -Mace-Solo- Comedy
awsome movie reviewed November 27, 2005
Librarian vs Ninjas by SuperWayCool Comedy
i liked the movie alot. I thought it was really funny though it could have used some dialogue. reviewed November 27, 2005
Nazi Robots from Outerspace by ceccarelli Action
good movie. didn't really understand the end though. reviewed November 27, 2005