Number of Movies: 19
Number of Winning Movies: 3
Average Rating Received: 4.57

Number of Movies Reviewed: 870
Number of Reviews Given that were Featured: 107
Average Rating Given: 4.52
Movies Released by sweatyshoulder
Holiday Torture Horror
Well, this is my entry for the DC Modding Foundry's Easter Competition. VOs done by me! :) So, here's a list of mods and their modders. If I missed one, it was purely by accident, and I'd love if s... posted April 17, 2007
Holiday Torture Horror Not Rated
Okay, FULL list of mods coming in a second. This JUST got released. I'm just making sure there are no problems with sound either. Please put it on as high of volume as you can...haha. I put this toge... posted April 17, 2007
Quiet Creek Sanitarium Trailer Horror
Winning Movie
Thanks to all who have been anticipating this trailer. To me, its more of a mini-movie than a trailer. :) Okay, a few things are now inaccurate. The VAs are now Docontheweb, k4ownzall, and Luisa_Vos....
posted February 25, 2007
A Photograph Lasts A Lifetime Horror
Winning Movie
FINALLY RELEASED! This is my best thriller yet! Please be prepared for the graphic nature of this movie. PLEASE DO NOT read reviews before hand. There ARE spoilers. The twist is the BEST part. Isn'...
posted December 19, 2006
A Photograph Lasts A Lifetime Horror Not Rated
No Description posted December 19, 2006
A Photograph Lasts A Lifetime - Trailer Horror
FILM IS RELEASED! http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/118185 Joseph Kinelli, played by me, is the city's finest photographer, known and loved by all. But what happens when people are not what they seem?... posted November 13, 2006
Adventures of William - She Bangs Comedy
ALL NAMES HAVE BEEN CHANGED... All the beginning sound and pitch changes are created by me. Thanks for watching. This is just a short movie I basically put together to waste some of my "bored" time. ... posted October 24, 2006
The Apocolyptic Comedy Comedy
Special thanks to all who have helped in the production of this movie! Sweatyshoulder (Me)- The President Of the United States (NOT BUSH) Nighthawke323 - Secret Service Man 1 AnotherNewDawn - Secret ... posted September 22, 2006
The Sweat Awards Action
Winning Movie
Done forget to check out The Sweat Fund, free VCs for studios! Here's the link http://allboards.lionhead.com/showthread.php?t=190239 After a month and six days of hard work watching over fifty movie...
posted September 8, 2006
It Was A Dark And Gorey Night Horror
This was really just a little movie I did inbetween projects! I hope it keeps you somehwat entertained. This was on of the first things I ever did. Quite a thriller. Don't want to give away too much... posted July 11, 2006
Room 213 Trailer Horror
"Horror In Room 213" is about a group of kids who stay after school for detention and find themselves locked in school. Mr.Burnstein took their cellphones before detention started because of a school ... posted June 30, 2006
In Their Shoes Action Not Rated
Spend a few minutes in the shoes of three actors of The Movies S&E. What do they do when they are all seperated in an explosion? posted June 28, 2006
Murderous Conscience Action
2 Minutes 28 Seconds He's jealous. He's never been loved and never will be. He's too lazy to try, and too drained to want to try. The only way to solve his problems is to end it for others. When... posted June 27, 2006
Santa Has A Bad Day Horror
At first glance it appears to one that Santa and the Easter bunny costumes are overused and boring. But this movie brings a new light to the subject. Are they really that boring when they are fighting... posted June 26, 2006
This Is Not A Test Sci-Fi
The world is under attack by an unknown alien species. The president gives his last word to the public before our country goes under martial law. The end is nearing. But what happens when the smoke cl... posted June 25, 2006
Satisfaction Music Video Comedy
A SHORT techno music video. Very entertaining. Please disregard the clicking noises. idk what they are. The music gets screwed up periodically. i have no idea why...just bare with me I did the best i ... posted June 20, 2006
Odd Attractions Comedy
A fabulous party interrupted by a corrupt stripper. True loves seperated. What next? Will the stripper succeed or will a broken-hearted lover catch her before it's too late. posted June 19, 2006
Call It Murder Horror
A serial killer gets his way with women...not by love but by death.This movie is a catch to any horror movie goer. posted June 18, 2006
Aliens Sci-Fi
It is the start of an invasion and the end of civilization. A train of passengers soon find themselves under attack. Only one person, an engineer who knows the way out, escapes. But in a world of heat... posted June 18, 2006
Movies Reviewed by sweatyshoulder
To TMO or Not To TMO by rileyman Comedy
You're lucky...this is the first TMO movie I've watched in about 5 or 6 months. This was incredibly well done. I literally laughed out loud so much...that is NOT easy to get me to do! WOW...absolutely... reviewed January 14, 2008
To The Victor by ironlion45 Action
Great movie. Well done. :) reviewed August 15, 2007
Press Play on Your Graduation Day by Dulci Romance
Very beautiful. That reminded me of a funeral speech. I just wanted to cry. Thanks for this Dulci. Really wonderful film. reviewed August 15, 2007
Tonight With Mark Train by k4ownzall Comedy
I think your voiceover in this, k4, was absolutely incredible. I knew you were a funny guy, but never realized you were this funny. =P I am really happy that this movie came out so good. It's one of ... reviewed August 4, 2007
The Missing Part by Betral Comedy
Hahah! I love it!!!! reviewed August 2, 2007
The Deed of Midnight - Chapter 1 - Act 1 by trewill7 Action
Well made. Good job putting this together. I give you a lot of credit. reviewed August 1, 2007
utarefsoN by Trashman Horror
Whoa. Just whoa. reviewed July 31, 2007
May Flowers by josephkw Romance
That was just totally awesome. I think I'm speechless. Yep, sure am - I'm speechless. =P reviewed July 31, 2007
CRAZY-INSANE-PSYCHOTIC by tsunamidog Horror
That was entertaining and fun to watch. I enjoyed the camera shots you used, there were really some excellent ones you implemented. You've really graduated in the past few months from just average mov... reviewed July 30, 2007
ZCKlegend and Master 007 epic adventure 2 by ZCK_legend Comedy
I actually liked "Jesus Walks" in the beginning.* Weird... That was...in all seriousness, mentally challenged. reviewed July 28, 2007
ZCKlegend and master 007 epic adventure by ZCK_legend Comedy
Um. reviewed July 28, 2007
Nothing by postmodernchuck Romance
That was fantastic. I really don't know what else to say. reviewed July 27, 2007
K4s Alien Abduction by trewill7 Action
Whoa, that was intense. Nice job!!! reviewed July 23, 2007
Captain Proton VS the Alien Menace by SillyBob Sci-Fi
Well that was absolutely amazing. The protagonist's voice acting was so good. And the music!!! The music was just brilliant! reviewed July 19, 2007
High Planes Bronco by sweet_exmo Action
That was...interesting. reviewed July 19, 2007
Coming Soon With Trewill7 - Episode 1 by trewill7 Comedy
Wow! That was outstanding! It is great to see such a new member come out with such "Wow, that blows me away!" kind of material. I am stunned at what I just watched. It was extremely entertaining and t... reviewed July 17, 2007
Kristallnacht by sgporsche48 Romance
It's very depressing nowadays that you hardly ever hear about the terrible hardships these people had to go through unless you visit a memorial or the holocaust museum. It's hardly ever mentioned in t... reviewed July 13, 2007
Old Folk Funk Train by Norriefpb Comedy
Nice vocals. I enjoyed that very much! reviewed July 9, 2007
The Dead Cases Final Teaser by jase180 Action
Now that was a pretty fly trailer. Good job. reviewed July 9, 2007
How a Vampire Changed the World by mcrispy13 Comedy
Greaat job tdude. Watch my movieees. But if you watche them dont rate 2 hard. =) I really liked it! Kwis did such a good job with that VO role! He was like perfect for it! That was a pretty good c... reviewed July 9, 2007
Gunpoint by AxeCinema Action
Hey, that was cool!!!! I love the back tracking. That's such an interesting way to do a movie! Wow, that was great! Seriously, effing awesome you sexy beast. =D reviewed July 5, 2007
Missing you by Mattooman Romance
Featured Review
Its little things like this that make us realize how often we take things, even people for granted. It's not until something unfortunate when we look at ourselves and feel sorry...sorry for all the ti...
reviewed July 5, 2007
A Trembletts Dracula Teaser by tremblett Horror
Very nicely put together. I enjoyed the music and the Sound FX. It's going to be great having a good movie like this come to TMO. reviewed June 26, 2007
Electrified Hot Dog Stand with Some Jeebus by tsunamidog Horror
You're one weird kid...I like your style. -Different. You're truly and individual; I like that. Good job. Not the best I've seen from you, but it was good for a smile. reviewed June 12, 2007
The God Illusion - Part 1 by JazzX Comedy
I'm not religious at all, but I don't see why this is really a necessary series for TMO especially. Either way, I think you put it together wonderfully. However I think your excellent scene selection ... reviewed June 12, 2007
Who Wants to be a VCillionaire- Ep 3 by eobaggs Comedy
Featured Review
Towelie: This is going great! Ken: Yes, but it can all end in an instant. Way to go Ken, being that caring/supportive host we all know you as. :D Hey, at 15:47, did someone in the background burp ...
reviewed June 2, 2007
The Conventional Sitcom Trailer by homemadeeye Comedy
That was really funny, but a little annoying at times due to puffing noises on the mic. Those scenes did interest me, so thanks for your "encouragement" to watch the actual movie. I'll pass on the Cal... reviewed May 30, 2007
A Silver Rock Entertainment Review A review for: BLOOD DEATH GORE N DESTRUCTION This review has been left by 3 Stars Earned Opening Statement: Well, that sure was???interesting. Boredom factor: I... reviewed May 3, 2007
Bunny the Hitman by Betral Comedy
Featured Review
A Silver Rock Entertainment Review A review for: Bunny The Hitman This review has been left by 4 Stars Earned Opening Statement: This was a clever idea! It was a fun watch. Well worth it. Boredo...
reviewed May 3, 2007
Thong of the Dead by Marvellousguppimovies Comedy
A Silver Rock Entertainment Review Review for: Thong of the Dead This review has been left by head of SRE Reviews Sweatyshoulder 5 Stars Earned Opening Statement: I don???t think I???ve ever watche... reviewed May 3, 2007
Who Wants to be a VCillionaire- Ep2 by eobaggs Comedy
Featured Review
Great job! That's a really exciting gameshow. I think whoever takes all that time make those overlays needs big round of applause. Go Rileyman, he's the master at overlays. Good job on ken's part for...
reviewed April 29, 2007
Hare Today Gone Tommorow by MBStudios Comedy
Featured Review
That was on of the strangest movies I've ever watched. The Easter Bunny's voice didn't work too well, but the rest of it was pretty good. Some scenes were choppy, and some of it didn't flow. Overall t...
reviewed April 28, 2007
Shoelaces and Eggs by rysto Comedy
A Silver Rock Entertainment Review A brand new review system This review has been left by the head of SRE Reviews: Sweatyshoulder 5 Stars Earned Great Job Opening Statement: This was a truly intere... reviewed April 28, 2007
The Final Strike by Master007 Comedy
I think you did a pretty good job with this. I mean, for coming up with this off the top of your head, I think you did alright. Good luck with it all. reviewed April 27, 2007
Interstellar Odyssey (Part Two) by nukester Sci-Fi
A Silver Rock Entertainment Review A Brand New Review System This review has been left by the head of SRE Reviews: Sweatyshoulder Interstellar Odyssey (Part Two) 5 Stars Earned Opening Statement: Th... reviewed April 27, 2007
Scrolling Credits Demo by rileyman Romance
Huh?! Weird Al reviewed your movie?! I think that's really cool! Nice work! Can't rate it high though. You know the drill young man. :D reviewed April 26, 2007
The Beefster Bunny by towelie Comedy
Wow...doc did a really good job at that guy's VO. "It's you I want to punish, not her." "So....why didn't you take me then?" One of the best lines in there. =) You did excellent work with this mov... reviewed April 25, 2007
Unessecary Violence - Preview by DPX Action
Wow, that is absolutely siiic!!!!! (Yeah siic with three I's; that's how good...) It looks amazing and I really can't wait for it! reviewed April 21, 2007
Silent Noise (Ep2 With VO) by DoctorComfort Sci-Fi
Hey, I think you did a pretty good job with this. Well done! LauraJSoffe had some excellent VOs; if they were a little louder, they would have been top notch. She's a good actress. reviewed April 21, 2007
Sketches Short And Sharp by matthewmagic Action
Featured Review
I think you did a pretty good job with this. Not sure as if it was a total five star performance...but it was definitely 4. Good work!
reviewed April 19, 2007
Wally News TV - First Issue! by MoonshadowRogue Comedy
Featured Review
What I think of Wally News TV - First Issue! : Wow! The VOs were really good in this! I enjoyed it. Possibly, in your next episode, you can do more than the same scene over and over. Throw in a few mo...
reviewed April 19, 2007
Blah by thehaunted739 Horror
Wow! Amazing! I was intrigued by the incredible voice acting in this film. It really turned me on, if you know what I mean... Well, call me later...and we'll have a good time or something. reviewed April 18, 2007
Knock Knock! by MefuneAkira Comedy
Oh, that was good! Lol. I love the very begininng though, when he first answers the phone. That was truly funny, and I don't even know why that made me laugh so hard...but it did. =) reviewed April 16, 2007
Trouble in Lonewolf! by MefuneAkira Comedy
Haha. That was very clever! I enjoyed it very much. I love your movies. reviewed April 16, 2007
The Holy Visit by MefuneAkira Comedy
Haha! Oh my god. That has to be one of the funniest TMO comedies I've ever watched on my whole time here. Ah, I was like hysterically laughing during the phone call with god. Seriously, this is at the... reviewed April 16, 2007
Ode to a STEN Gun by rileyman Comedy
Hehe cool! Nice little poem! I like it. =) I will give it five stars because I know I honestly suck at making poems. I'm just not a poet at all. I think you did a pretty damn good job. reviewed April 16, 2007
How I Became the Easter Bunny by thebaloob123 Comedy
Holy crap. First, I just wanted to say that those were some awesome intro credits. Wow! So, I think that was one of the best Easter movie entries that I've seen. Really cool if you ask me. A lot of o... reviewed April 16, 2007
in different worlds by josephkw_productions Comedy
I don't know if I get it....I mean, it was done very well, so it does deserve a five. Just me in general, I don't know if I got it. reviewed April 13, 2007
Watched - Teaser by jackalbane Horror
Oh my. That was one scary freakin trailer. Excellent work. Beautifully done. Five stars for sure. You've got me excited for this!! reviewed April 10, 2007
Stir 4 - The Abyss by AnotherNewDawn Action
Well this was exceptional. Absolutely incredible episode. Well done AND! Well freakin' done! This five stars is not only for this one episode but for the entire series up to this point. You are well d... reviewed April 9, 2007
Stir 2 by AnotherNewDawn Action
Wow! That was so good!! I can't wait to watch the next one...which I will do tonight possibly if I get around to it. Everyone has been telling me about Stir, and you know what....the critics were righ... reviewed April 9, 2007
Stir by AnotherNewDawn Action
Ooooh! I'm off to watch the second one...and the third...and the fourth. ;) reviewed April 9, 2007
Interstellar Odyssey (Part One) by nukester Sci-Fi
I am practically speechless. That has to be the best movie on TMO I have ever watched. The VAs did such a good job...Doc, Dulci, and k4 stole the show. I SERIOUSLY am speechless. That end scene really... reviewed April 8, 2007
An african Tale by alutt Action
Wow! C'est un bon film! J'adore ton travail. Now, I'm a bit rusty on my French, so here is what I have to say in English: This was a spectacular film with great messages. I enjoyed watching ti for a... reviewed April 6, 2007
Evil Inc by towelie Comedy
Now that's a comedy. Very southpark-ish. I laughed so much - awesome job Towelie. I freakin' love Ken and Roger's parts. You're awesome at comedies...stick with 'em. reviewed April 4, 2007
Red Shadow Wanted Dead or Alive Trailer by Mattooman Action
Featured Review
Very nice trailer Matt. It was done really well, with a few things to really make me proud of how far you've come! Just a little more of the story would do it for me as there are a ton of westerns on ...
reviewed April 2, 2007
Comedy corner 4 Extreme Randomness by derbyrams Comedy
What Sweaty thinks of "Comedy corner 4 Extreme Randomness": Good, but definitely not what I expected. Take a look at my review below for more information. The Review: *****An Alliance Grade Review**... reviewed April 2, 2007
Who Wants to be a VCillionaire- EP 1 by eobaggs Comedy
Oh, I love the fact I wrote the last question. I thought he was going to guess me and Bricks! Wow! That was such a good show!! I really enjoyed that a lot! Great job Eobaggs. Excellent, excellent work... reviewed March 31, 2007
New You Resort by Dulci Horror
Oh wow. I'm favoriting that Dulci. That was seriously the best week six entry by far. Ohhh wow, I'm really enjoying that. Nice job. I'm still just amazed by that...hence why this review is so short. reviewed March 25, 2007
The Night by andy_inc Sci-Fi
That was great. I really enjoyed watching that. I mean, for making it in less than a few hours really deserves you some credit. Just watch out for too low volumed VOs next time, but I'm nit-picking. Y... reviewed March 25, 2007
For My Fellow Soldier - Part 2 by rileyman Romance
Featured Review
Alright, let me just say that this was a beautiful film by you and is definitely the best WW2 film to date. I have to really give my special thanks to the VAs especially for keeping me well entertaine...
reviewed March 24, 2007
For My Fellow Soldier - Part 1 by rileyman Romance
I'm off to watch the second one where I'll happily leave my review there on BOTH of them for ya'. :) This one does deserve a five, let's go see what the second one is. Whoever did the VO for 15:09 w... reviewed March 24, 2007
Attack of the TMO Cliche by jase180 Comedy
Very well done movie. I liked that! It was different. =) I haven't seen your name around here too often. I'll have to look out for ya' now. ;) reviewed March 21, 2007
The Prince Trailer by MBStudios Sci-Fi
Featured Review
I didn't notice any really impressive camera angles. What I did notice were a few good overlays. Those title overlays were very well done. I enjoyed the music and it went very well with the trailer!...
reviewed March 16, 2007
Analyzing A Fight Scene by Mogulman321 Comedy
Very good tech demo. Enjoyed it quite a bit. Thanks for helping out the community. reviewed March 11, 2007
Just Trying to Help by AnotherNewDawn Comedy
This was actually quite funny. I enjoyed it! Great work A.N.D.!!! reviewed March 11, 2007
Why by RaYdAwG Action
This is actually pretty cool! I didn't hear about it until the Dulcilicious Chart and Poll! Nice work Ray! Really nice. reviewed March 10, 2007
Alletheo - The Fall of a King by ichthusadmr Action
The Review: *****An Alliance Grade Review***** (2nd Year Reviewing Is Now Serious) From Critic's Center & World Pictures Review Left by SweatyShoulder Sponsored by TMO TV (5 stars) Feature Comment: W... reviewed March 9, 2007
The Ultimate Movie clips by Stardude03 Action
Anyway, about this movie, I find it interesting that you've recieved so many 5 star reviews on it. To be honest, the editing was terrible, there wasn't really any exciting music to it...I guess you ne... reviewed March 6, 2007
Flowers for Miss Thompson by kingpengvin Romance
That was absolutely beautiful. I can honestly say I did not expect such an extravagant ending like this. Just wonderfully done. Excellent job - a grade A performance as a director. Five stars all the ... reviewed March 5, 2007
Love Blossom by Master007 Romance
Voice actors all did a superb job, especially Tidychick. The only problem I had was that I did have a bit of problem keeping my attention to this movie as it was music-less. That's always a huge part ... reviewed March 4, 2007
The Monk and the Fountain by mericc Romance
Featured Review
Oh that was absolutely beautiful Mericc. I'm so glad I've checked that out earlier than I previously expected. There were no VOs, and you'd normally think a film without VOs or subtitles would be ho...
reviewed March 2, 2007
Empire (Part One) by andy_inc Action
I enjoyed that piece of work by you very much. If anything, I'd say to use more freecam during the convesational parts to put a little bit of spice in your dialogue you know? Acutally though, you did ... reviewed February 27, 2007
Flashlight Overlay Demo 1 by rileyman Comedy
Love these overlays. Thanks for making them for Quiet Creek. ;) reviewed February 27, 2007
Weenie in a Bottle by killerbee5 Comedy
I've heard this song before. Weird Al, he's good. You might get hell for this with all the copyright bullies, but I don't think people realize that making a music video is a lot harder than it looks. ... reviewed February 27, 2007
Chat Room by sidy Horror
Featured Review
Oh my god. That is absolutely amazing. I've heard the name of the film so many times before in the forums and when I searched it, I got too many results. Someone finally sent me the link and this, my ...
reviewed February 26, 2007
King Pengvin Quest For America by docontheweb Comedy
King has my vote. That was hilarious. Monk has been burnnned (at the end). :p reviewed February 26, 2007
Midgets in Deep [be polite!] by towelie Comedy
Hahaha! That made me crack up. Awesome. reviewed February 26, 2007
Special Delivery by BerkleyJL Comedy
You and Luisa did an awesome job on this! Wow! I thought it was extremely funny and just totally well made. It was a completely plot driven movie, and it definitely worked! I give you guys a lot of cr... reviewed February 26, 2007
2nd Annual TMOscars by StevenKreg Romance
That was so clever and kept my interest the entire time! Really, I thought that was just brilliant. I enjoyed it very much. All those overlays were really neat, I can't even begin to fathym the amount... reviewed February 25, 2007
Where is Wilma by andy_inc Horror
Unfortunately, I couldn't hear the voiceovers at one point in the beginning. What gets this a five is that it remidned me, I'm doing a movie Quiet Creek Sanitarium all about ghosts...you'd do a hilari... reviewed February 25, 2007
City of Shadows pt I by tigereyes Action
Featured Review
I'm in love with your use of the game. You put this game to the test and made this perfect masterpiece of a movie. Let me try and make this review short and down to the point: Awesome cast, awesome m...
reviewed February 25, 2007
Pregnant Heroes by stefslon Action
Okay...Mb sent me this. Awkward... reviewed February 24, 2007
Youve Got Spam! by kuroken Comedy
That was like one of those "60 Minutes" episodes on TV with the news guy. I think that was what you were aiming for. I foudn this o nthe random movie button. I'm glad this popped up. You did an excellent job. reviewed February 24, 2007
The Kiddy Fiddler by dementedproductions Horror
That was odd....I think you need a bit more work. reviewed February 24, 2007
Man Bar by KatanaSoul Comedy
Very good entry! I know me and bricks both liked it a lot! The first stupid movie I liked! =P Tune in to The Sweaty Brick Show, Saturday Feb 24 7-9 PM EST to see if you're a winner! reviewed February 22, 2007
Lesbian Cheerleaders by ubernewbie Comedy
Haha. That was laugh-out-loud funny. I'm having a lot of fun with this competition. Great entry. Let's see how this stands up to the others. Don't forget to tune into the show Feb. 24 7-9 EST to see... reviewed February 21, 2007
You Drink Too Much by towelie Comedy
Featured Review
That was actually very clever! I enjoyed that! Great entry to our competition! Thanks a lot! Make sure you tune into The Sweaty Brick Show on Feb 24 from 7-9 EST to see if you're a winner!
reviewed February 21, 2007
BAR FUNNY by kwistufa Comedy
Great entry to the contest! I love it! Excellent job. We'll see how this stands to the others. =) Make sure you tune into the Sweaty Brick Show to see if you're a winner! Feb 24 from 7-9 EST on TMOA! reviewed February 21, 2007
pie by de56u Comedy
Excellent entry! Thanks a lot! reviewed February 19, 2007
PITTSBURGH Trailer by WorldPictures Romance
Really nicely done. It definitely did what a trailer is supposed to do. The VO was a little deep, kind of sounded like he has down syndrome, lol. But, overall this was a very good trailer and I enjoye... reviewed February 14, 2007
315 part 1 by verguit Horror
This was a very cool film, however, I am forced to give it a three. I mean, it was neat and all, but I'd have to say your cast is what really messed you up. Too young, too young, too young. I mean, su... reviewed February 14, 2007
Chickens by cheese101 Action
The famous bill once said... These types of movies are fun every once in a while, but there are just too many of them on TMO. I hate to be brutally honest...but I'm going to be. The VOs were terrib... reviewed February 13, 2007
The Unofficial Bar Joke Movie Contest Entry by themonkthemonk Comedy
Unofficial entry? I think you should enter it! This is exactly what we're looking for. I five star it and say nice job! I liked it a lot! =) Your setdressings were great, as was the actual joke itself... reviewed February 12, 2007
Messy Drinker by BerkleyJL Comedy
Regarding the Sweaty Brick Show's Bar Joke Contest: This is just the type of thing we're looking for. A short, minute or so long movie that get's its point across. Excellent Voiceover...haha. And I l... reviewed February 12, 2007
Jolly Good Trailer by towelie Action
Well, it sounds neat. Speaking of sounds...the mic was a little close to the mouth. Interesting music selection too. reviewed February 12, 2007
Last minute NWN character! by Jenniza Comedy
That was cool! Thumbs up! =) reviewed February 11, 2007
Tainted Souls - The Trailer by jameseva Horror
That was a good trailer, and in some ways the ending was both creative and a little annnoying. This still deserves a five though as it was well thought out, creative, well edited, and had excellent us... reviewed February 10, 2007
Attack of the Garden Gnomes by Master007 Comedy
Tidychick did such a great job on this film...but some of the voice overs were a bit muffly. This definitely was worth a five though. The freecam was awesome! I loved it so much!!! Tha twas really a c... reviewed February 9, 2007
A Notourious Murder by Fanilow455 Action
I think you took a little pride in this movie, and I give you credit for that. For it being one of your few releases I say nice job. Just find ways to improve your skills a little bit. I'll give thi... reviewed February 9, 2007
Romeo and Juliet by Fanilow455 Romance
I think this is a bunch of jumbled up scenes that you decided to export here. I won't penalize you as much as Jazzx, but I say, get rid of the mumbling, edit a bit, make a script, get some voice actor... reviewed February 9, 2007
wiwanyank Wacipi-la danse du Soleil-Part1 by cinecitta Action
Wow! Very nice job here. I love French. I take it as a course in school, so I understood some of the stuff in here without subtitles. But, you really did a good job with this. Nicely done. Wow! reviewed February 9, 2007
Close Encounters with some Aliens part 3 by homemadeeye Comedy
Featured Review
What I think of Close Encounters with some Aliens part 3: Absolutely hilarious - the two best words to describe this masterpiece! =) Our Review: *****An Alliance Grade Review***** (2nd Year Reviewin...
reviewed February 9, 2007
Driven by StevenKreg Romance
Hey, that was pretty cool! I enjoyed every bit of it. Nice work on this! reviewed February 2, 2007
The Joke Just Got More Rasict The Trailer by cakir Comedy
umm, well for a movie trailer I'd have to say it deserves a little less than a three. How bout some effort? Its okay, you're a friend of Bricks' so I'll 3 star it. It wasn't really good though, I hope... reviewed January 31, 2007
The Dying War Chapter One Trailer by tommyguny Action
Wow! Nice teaser. I enjoyed that quite a bit! *Borat High Five* I look forward to this film. I bet the regular trailer will be a hit if this teaser was this good. Nice work! reviewed January 31, 2007
The War Lives On by DJDanny Action
I don't really have a lot of time to write a huge review. I think it was pretty good and I give you a lot of credit. Nice job. - SweatyShoulder reviewed January 30, 2007
Goodnight Sweetheart - trailer by productionx Comedy
Well it was a very simple trailer. I think it was very well done. I'll give it a four. Good job! You just need some work on a few thing, like out of game music and some voiceovers. If you need help wi... reviewed January 29, 2007
That B by mami1 Comedy
I thought it was fine. Well, it was good, in the sense that it is one of the only films you've submitted so far. I'll five star it for that. The soundbug sucks...I know. Good work on this. Hoping to s... reviewed January 29, 2007
Flight of the Navigator by Big_jr Sci-Fi
Ohh! Excellent job on this. Considering the length of time you have spent on TMO, this film is a great little masterpiece all to your own. I am sure you are proud of yourself! I give this five stars b... reviewed January 28, 2007
Scramble (Part Two) by postmodernchuck Sci-Fi
Featured Review
What we think of Scramble Part Two: Both part one and part two totally put me in awe. I really am finding it hard to write a review now. I've actually caught myself holding my hand over my hard still ...
reviewed January 28, 2007
Naked Hell by miri2 Comedy
Well, it does have somewhat of a messege, but it doesn't need all the nudity. I don't agree with it, and it would be best as removed. I've flagged it and moved on. reviewed January 28, 2007
CLEOPATRA (Part I) by TheMGMKid1 Romance
What I think of "Cleopatra" Stunning. Absolutely stunning. The constumes were amazing...the dialogue...absolutely freakin amazing. Everything blew me away. Wow. Our Review: *****An Alliance Grade Re... reviewed January 27, 2007
Hard Shoulder by harrykat Action
Well, I'm diggin' the title. =) The movie itself was actually pretty bad. Something must have gone wrong upon export because it says almost a three minute showtime and its really only about 25 second... reviewed January 26, 2007
Your Boner and You by MrMiracle Comedy
No comment. It was worth a four I think. But I can give it a five. It was not what I expected. I just really don't think this is appropriate for omse ages on here...you know? reviewed January 24, 2007
315 by verguit Comedy
IF you think about it, what made this trailer good was the music. I'm not saying that that's a bad thing, I'm merely just saying that without this type of music, I'd expect entirely different ratings.... reviewed January 24, 2007
Poetry Of Plague The Permission Slip by God_Of_Plague Comedy
Another great clip. =) Nice job reading this whilst still getting over pnuemonia. I commend you for doing that. Five stars indefinitely. reviewed January 22, 2007
Blood in the Moonlight by michael_b6 Action
Wow! That was insane. I love it! reviewed January 22, 2007
Zombie Soldiers (Trailer) by Herow Horror
A decent trailer. It did what a trailer is suppsoed to do. Nice work. reviewed January 21, 2007
commercial 1 (smoking) by fourthmusketeer_ben Comedy
Featured Review
A decent movie, with a decent effort. I don't think it was long enough, and it geld my attention for the 58 seconds, but I think you could have tried a little harder... It was a nice little film, and...
reviewed January 21, 2007
The Baggage Boy by regnam Comedy
Hmm...looks familiar? Ehh don't upload these please. reviewed January 21, 2007
Rocky Mountain Die by colingaiser Horror
Featured Review
Well that was awesome. I'm sure Jesus loved it! That was truly amazing. For something you did on your own time without VOs or anything, that was really cool.
reviewed January 19, 2007
The mad professors dance banana by towelie Comedy
That was good, but not the best. It did keep my attention, but I didn't laugh as much as I expected to from a hot pick nomination.... reviewed January 19, 2007
Life by a Piano by MelonTheCreeker Romance
That was one hell of a movie. I really enjoyed it. Nice work. Five stars all the way and a bookmark for that. That was really touching. reviewed January 19, 2007
Towelie News by towelie Comedy
That was very funny. Good job there! Did you do all those voices yourself? reviewed January 19, 2007
Poetry Of Plague Office Hijinks by God_Of_Plague Comedy
That was really clever! I honestly love these poems of yours! I can't wait for the next one. I'm definitely bookmarking this one. =) reviewed January 17, 2007
Poetry Of Plague Tic Toc by God_Of_Plague Comedy
I can't say I was really liking this one. Your other ones were a lot better. I do think it was much to short. I believe that adding poetry to TMO is very exciting and I hope for it to get bigger aroun... reviewed January 17, 2007
Poetry Of Plague Dino edit by God_Of_Plague Comedy
You are very poetic! I've seen two of your movies so far, and even though they are kind of pointless, I do get a kick out of 'em. :) Nice job. reviewed January 17, 2007
Attack of the Garden Gnomes Trailer by Master007 Horror
Oh man I hope this movie is as good as the trailer. I love it! :) Great work. Keep me updated please? reviewed January 16, 2007
Moby Dick by themonkthemonk Comedy
Hhahahaha. You're a pain in my ass monk. I actually sat through all of that waiting to see a whale...oh well! I was actually looking forward to this too. Well, you sure did make me laugh. Haha. This ... reviewed January 15, 2007
The Life Of Troy Jackson 1 by ShyShy Action
This was nominated for a hotpick? I don't get it...it was really bad. I'm sorry. I'm grading on the scale of if it were to be a hotpick. This is terrible compared to other possibilities. Sorry... reviewed January 14, 2007
The Christmas Beard by Movie-Mad Comedy
Oh my god! Lmao. That was one of the funniest movies I've ever seen. Great work on this one! Perfect movie. reviewed January 14, 2007
Judes Law by RaYdAwG Action
Oh my, that was abolsutely amazing and I am so happy to have been a part of it, small or not. I really apologize for not leaving a detailed review, because at the moment I am so incredibly busy. I wil... reviewed January 12, 2007
30 sec of controversy by EdWoud Comedy
I don't agree with this one bit. Infact I'm with raydawg. What's so controversial about this? You must really have something against gay people...I'm not gay, and I have nothing against them. You get ... reviewed January 9, 2007
ALIENS EARTH HIVE 5 by hmrubicon Sci-Fi
What I think of Aliens Earth Hive 5: It was alright. It definitely had its share of good and poor things. Not bad for a start. ****The Review**** *From Mission Reviewing Team* From Critic's Center H... reviewed January 8, 2007
Poetry Of Plague Cows by God_Of_Plague Comedy
That was....interesting! Haha. reviewed January 7, 2007
Enigma - End Game by ubernewbie Sci-Fi
What I think of Enigma - End Game: Alright, you have blown me away with this. By far, one of the best sci-fis I've ever seen that has this type of storyline. I mean that for both movies on TMO and in ... reviewed January 2, 2007
Lense by FreddaH Horror
That was absolutely incredible. 5 stars definitely. reviewed January 1, 2007
DEMONS trailor by makrim83 Horror
Whoa. Do I have to write a review to this? I'm too speechless. That was great. reviewed January 1, 2007
Wind of the West The Legend of Jonny Law by NJRBlackblood Action
What I think of Wind of the West The Legend of Jonny Law: A pretty damn good western! I'm not a fan of Westerns at all, but this wasn't too bad. The Review: *****An Alliance Grade Review***** (2nd Y... reviewed January 1, 2007
Internal Darkness The Specter by IISharperII Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Opening: This movie really put me in awe towards you. Great work. Our Review: *****An Alliance Grade Review***** (2nd Year Reviewing Is Now Serious) From Critic's Center hosts Sweatyshoulder with WP ...
reviewed December 31, 2006
Comedy corner 4 clip 1 by derbyrams Comedy
From Mission Reviewing Team From Critic's Center & World Pictures Hosts Sweatyshoulder with WorldPictures & WorldCriticProductions Feature Comment: It's a good idea to get some hype for movie by doin... reviewed December 31, 2006
As Time Ticks Away by tsunamidog Horror
Featured Review
What we think of As Time Ticks Away: Well, that was pretty exciting, I'll have to admit. For a two minute movie you really had me going. Our Review: *****An Alliance Grade Review***** (2nd Year Revi...
reviewed December 31, 2006
Till Death Do Us Part by rysto Action
A Critic's Center Review: This was a fairly good film, although I am sure this is NOT better than the first one I watched. It seemed to generic to me. Almost...unreal. From the very beginning with t... reviewed December 30, 2006
Honeymoon by rysto Action
A Critic's Center Review: What a movie! Awesome job! I'm pretty sure this is the third time tonight I have been just amazed at how well these movies from new studios are!! Really great work you've d... reviewed December 30, 2006
Bazoo by centre_stage Action
A Critic's Center review: I'm fairly suprised that I am your first reviewer for this film. You're a junior member, this is an 12 minute movie - to be honest I had no idea what to expect upon clicking... reviewed December 30, 2006
My Ordinary Life by Wilder1 Comedy
A Critic's Center Review: Well, this seems to be a fairly decent movie for someone who this is their second movie on this site. I've seen ones much worse...therefore I give this a four. I've always... reviewed December 30, 2006
Horror Of The Werewolf by nukester Horror
Absolutely amazing. I'm speechless. reviewed December 29, 2006
Earthlings- Part 1 by thebaloob123 Comedy
That was incredible!! Really, eight minutes of pure fun! I really enjoyed that. Nice work pal! reviewed December 29, 2006
Between Life and Death---Devils Kin by colingaiser Horror
Featured Review
A Critic's Center Review: An absolutely amazing horror film. I am just in awe at the moment. How could you possibly be so good at putting me in suspense? Okay first off, you know how when you go s...
reviewed December 29, 2006
Because Of You by RaYdAwG Romance
A Short Critic's Center Review: I thought this was actually very well done. I hate the song. I have since it came out. Is it just my hatred towards miss...eh emm "Kayla Klarkstone"... =) I think th... reviewed December 25, 2006
Judes Law (trailer) by RaYdAwG Action
Featured Review
WOW! Really fantastic camera shots in there! I mean the music was perfectly fitting and this whole trailer really just put me in awe....... You did just what a trailer is supposed to do plus so much ...
reviewed December 25, 2006
Ghetto Christmas by homemadeeye Comedy
I LOVED IT! I thought that was hilarious!!! Really, that was so funny. You got me to laugh several times! I'm so happy you released it! You did an awesome job!!! Who was that awesome narrator at the... reviewed December 23, 2006
I Saw My Wife Kissing Santa Clause by Insomniac77 Comedy
Great little film you've got here! Loved every minute of it! Nice work man!!! :) reviewed December 23, 2006
The Film Mystery by FidibusFilms Action
I don't think this was worht a three or a two like some people gave! It was more of a four in my opinion. You did a very nice job presenting this. The editing was great and the story made sense! That ... reviewed December 23, 2006
United We Stand by kell1608 Action
This was one of the best war films on TMO! Kept my attention! Nice work Kel. really nice work! Loved the soundtrack and the story! It would have been freaken awesome with VOs though. reviewed December 23, 2006
Love In The Form Of Pie by cheese101 Romance
A Short Critic's Center Review for a Short Movie: I can't say that was like top quality TMO material. For one thing the VOs had tons of air in the mic and you did you copyrighted music at the end. Ye... reviewed December 22, 2006
Im Gay! by MaxNormal Romance
that was very funny! Great skills! reviewed December 22, 2006
The Jeremiah Mystery Episode 2 by WorldPictures Sci-Fi
Featured Review
A Short(er) Critic's Center Review for a Great Short(er) Movie: Well let's just first say that soundtrack was incredible. Really great work WP! Great work indeed. Well let's see, as for my answer, I...
reviewed December 22, 2006
gorilla will a part 1 by dangersnake Romance
A Critic's Center Review just for you! I can only hope that you know a good TMO movie when you see one...you know what I'm talking about. A two star on a number 2 in the charts. Can you say, alterio... reviewed December 22, 2006
Mezzanines Overture by elizabethsusan Romance
A Critic's Center Review I am seriously just in a wowed state of mind right now. I can't really think of what to say other than this is by far one of the best films I have ever seen on this entire we... reviewed December 22, 2006
Father Christmas by 02PARSIM Romance
Featured Review
A Short(er) Critic's Center Review for a short(er) movie: =) I wanted to personally thank you for your review on my movie! and just on a sidenote ask you "gobsmacked!?!?" =) I will in turn, use thi...
reviewed December 22, 2006
Binary by HyruleanMovies Sci-Fi
A short Critic's Center Review for a short movie: I'm sorry, but I really can't give this any more than I three. I mean sure, you had a great idea for a silly movie and I'm sure you had a lot of fun... reviewed December 21, 2006
Silent Night (Trailer) by 02PARSIM Horror
Very neat trailer! Looks thrilling! Can't wait! reviewed December 21, 2006
Heaven by FraasMovies Romance
A verrry nice poem by your girlfriend! This is really a beautiful little piece to add to TMO's Christmas collection nowadays. This is really one worth watching, and I hope many more people will get to... reviewed December 20, 2006
Strange Things R Happening 4 Road Trip! by thejoe8pizza Comedy
Boob bandits? reviewed December 20, 2006
On the Air 2 Weather Alert by Master007 Comedy
A Critic's Center Review: That movie was very well done and obviously deserving of five stars! Of course, it is hard to put out a fifteen minute move (almost 16) and you did this almost flawlessly. ... reviewed December 18, 2006
Audition as Jessica by Jenniza Comedy
Great job here! Nice voice acting. reviewed December 18, 2006
Revenge of the Bullied One by tomasm Comedy
It was a wonderful film with an ace storyline and good ending. Liked your editing a lot, but it could be a bit better. 5 stars, well done. reviewed December 17, 2006
hello by tasmania11 Comedy
Hahahah that was too funny. You're good at that. Anyway, I know just about everything there is to know about the Titanic. I think you'll do a good job with the movie...but I'm still not sure what it ... reviewed December 15, 2006
The Kingston Kidnapping by cronicclapper Action
A Critic's Center Review: I see this is your second Critic's Center Review, and you are well deserving. First off, this movie was exceptional in the way you portrayed the adventures of a secret agen... reviewed December 15, 2006
Retrospect by MovieMakerStapes Action
I would recomment a different voice actor for the other character, but seriously the acing was tremendous! I loved it! I mean this was so cool. It was a different style of movie brought to TMO by you... reviewed December 13, 2006
CRIME Teaser trailer by claw21 Action
A short Critic's Center Review for a short trailer: I don't know as if this looks like it will be the best movie on TMO...but it is pretty good. I'm sure I will watch it, and I hope for a good PM whe... reviewed December 13, 2006
Earthlings - Teaser - by thebaloob123 Comedy
That doesn't look half bad! Nice work! reviewed December 11, 2006
The DJDanny Show by DJDanny Comedy
A Critic's Center Review: Well, I don't know if I'd exactly say that this show could never be topped, but it was very good. First off, the music in the beginning was not only probably copyrighted but... reviewed December 11, 2006
Breaking News by themonkthemonk Comedy
Lol. That was good for a quick laugh. reviewed December 5, 2006
The poet by sourtarget Romance
A Critic's Center Review: Well I am glad that I spotted this movie on a random review thread. It looked interesting so I decided to have a look. In my personal opinion people's own poetry in movies... reviewed December 2, 2006
Unicorn Brigade 2 by TwinMoon13 Sci-Fi
A Critic's Center Review on behalf of The Sweat Fund: Some nice work here. I do believe that for a true five star film there needs to be atleast some sign of VO work. Films with subtitles appear quit... reviewed December 1, 2006
Introducing Tom Fielder by mystic_sleet Comedy
Very creative! Nice job. I really enjoyed that! reviewed December 1, 2006
Lets get Kinky Or so you thought by mystic_sleet Comedy
that was amazing! Great campaign! 5/5! Tom's got my vote! reviewed December 1, 2006
DREAMS by KatanaSoul Comedy
Featured Review
I guess this is your third Critic's Center Review then :P A Critic's Center Review: Well when I clicked on this link I honestly had no idea what to expect as I had never heard of this movie. I did ...
reviewed December 1, 2006
5 Stars (Music Video) by JazzX Comedy
5 stars it is...and I think you know why. This is a pretty good music video! I don't understand these one star people. reviewed November 20, 2006
Jannies Got A Gun by siclops Action
I think this flick could have used slower subtitles and music and or VOs. A good story, but try to work a little harder next time. It gets a 4 from me. reviewed November 19, 2006
Election Day - Who will you vote for by markrichardbehenna Comedy
Oh my god that made me crack up. Oh crap, no comment! reviewed November 19, 2006
Hey Santa Clause You! by devilboy204 Action
A Critic's Center review: That was an absolutely hysterical comedy music video. I've never heard that song and that may be why this diffeent genre of film just seems so incredibly fresh and new. Wh... reviewed November 19, 2006
Big Boobs by carlosanddanny Comedy
I enjoy the fact that your studio is, or atleast used to be, extremely high in ranking. How funny is that... I think it's because all your movies suck and you get these random ass 5 star hobos who a... reviewed November 19, 2006
TRAILER by benstudios1991 Action
Lmao Ben, you know how to get my attention. Love this trailer, really one of the best I've ever seen. reviewed November 19, 2006
War is Hell by Neuray-Enterprises Horror
Why would you upload a bad quality movie? That's just dumb. I was unable to understand it, and pretty sure that you just uploaded a movie original to the game. I can tell because the "No Thumbnail" pi... reviewed November 18, 2006
Dance Zombies Dance music video Trailer by dude123456 Comedy
Yeah....that was alright. reviewed November 16, 2006
Advertising Space by Timo666 Comedy
Very good. A one minute movie I enjoyed. But it was barely scraping a five, I hate to admit. reviewed November 13, 2006
Space Generation - The First Encounter by DoubleMPee Sci-Fi
As I've said for other movies similar to this, the sci-fi genre such as this really tends to not thrill me as much as it does for others. Your star rating is a three because: 1. Is it supposed to be ... reviewed November 13, 2006
Bu- Ubernewbie Matnee diss by bufu0 Comedy
Alright, I do understand why this film was made but I all I have to say, with all due respect is: Suck it up. I'm sorry, I like you and I had lots of respect for you, but after watching this I'm so... reviewed November 12, 2006
Drugs Review by Meethan5 Comedy
A nice little comedy worth a four. Good work. Sound? I don't hear anything. But a good movie that was. And about that website I sent you to, it's a review rotator. Sign up with your TMO username ( yo... reviewed November 9, 2006
Underpants Man - The Movie by biggstrek Comedy
I love that! Great cast of characters! I love homemadeeyes part and half_swiss'. Some very funny one liners you had in there. Great job! Five stars all the way from me. reviewed November 9, 2006
Sci-Fi Movie That Makes No Sence 5 Trailer by Meethan5 Sci-Fi
Qouting you: "Every vote and watch counts so please do so. I dont care what you say. Can someone tell me how to 1: Rotate the carmera 2: Find an easy to do effects 3: Get senses like library and wall... reviewed November 9, 2006
Naughty Undercover girls - File 1 by Timo666 Action
A Critic's Center Review: A good solid action movie that doesn't fail to entertain. Just a question before I start my review: At the end when they danced, I noticed there was nobody in the bar excep... reviewed November 9, 2006
They Are by corpsehereproductions Horror
Wow....that was pure genuis! I loved the whole thing. Good god, how many awesome zombie flicks are you gonna have?! reviewed November 8, 2006
Space The invasion - trailer by freak6010 Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Cool little trailer! Some nice aspects of it. This is what a trailer should be like. Five stars - and I hope the movie turns out as good as this. ;) Your friend, SweatyShoulder
reviewed November 8, 2006
No dusk No dawn (Warrington Cut) by FraasMovies Romance
A Critic's Center Review: A classic western film that revolutionizes the way TMO sees the old wild west. Oh that was a very good western film! I loved the title, which gripped my short attention spa... reviewed November 8, 2006
Lunch of the Living Dead by klown_slayer Comedy
Featured Review
I think the music was pretty fitting and there were some good scenes incorporated into that for only being a mere two and a half minutes long. I'll five star it. A good solid zombie flick thats appro...
reviewed November 8, 2006
Irony (30 Seconds of Bliss) by ozman69 Comedy
I never thought I'd give you a five, since we do have our differences, but I really enjoyed that. I thoguht that qas quite original and very, very funny. Loved the constumes and the noises in the back... reviewed November 8, 2006
Death of a Salesman by klown_slayer Comedy
Hey nice little movie! I think for the time alloted you did a pretty good job. Everything just seemed to flow. There was interesting movie and a good solid beginning and end. I liked it very much so h... reviewed November 8, 2006
Gorilla in the Basement by cecil_evans Horror
Hey nice little movie! Nice scene selections and suck. But I am glad that this is your first movie. It's pretty damn good enough for a four. I just wanted to let you know, since your fairly new, abo... reviewed November 8, 2006
The Sun Always Sets by G0liath Romance
This was a good movie for a fairly quick showtime. I didn't mind it although I think you could have imported music to make it better. Also, work on VOs instead of subtitles. They just basically transf... reviewed November 8, 2006
Beast by killershrew Sci-Fi
A Critic's Center Review: Somewhat of a sci-fi horror that kept me begging for more... Some good stuff here. I did like it quite a bit. I thought it had a good setting and it was a pleasure to watch... reviewed November 8, 2006
All About Eavesdropping by nahton Comedy
A Critic's Center Review: Well this was surely a movie I'll tell my friends about. A great film indeed. You and your superb comical genuis had me laughing on the edge of my seat the entire time. Thi... reviewed November 8, 2006
Wartorn by andy_inc Action
A Sweat Fund Review just for you Also, A Critic's Center Review (Aren't you just special ;) ) Hey! I promised you a review didn't I? Well here it is my friend. Well, this is a nice piece of work her... reviewed November 8, 2006
BTNteaser1 by skintrade Sci-Fi
Very neat trailer that was. Really made me want to watch. A little early to release a trailer for a movie coming in the spring isn't it? reviewed November 8, 2006
Biggest Fear by G0liath Comedy
Featured Review
Oh I liked that! A nice little movie with some awesome freecam work! Great job! Five stars definitely.
reviewed November 8, 2006
Have A Break by Timo666 Comedy
Like you said in your description, "Short and sweet." Just like my review, short and sweet. Good job, good VOs. Worth a four or a five. reviewed November 7, 2006
The GAY by Kireblade Horror
That was extremely funny. Awesome movie. Love the village people. How funny is that. reviewed November 7, 2006
Its ready! whats ready by tomcatvmp Horror
Featured Review
I think this is pretty good. I would love to see more work from you though. This movie needs a little more work to really make that 5 from me. Maybe VOs would make this even better and some more editi...
reviewed November 7, 2006
Get Laid or Die Trying 2 by homemadeeye Comedy
A Critic's Center Review: A review for a movie that truly had me laughing out loud... Oh wow. I loved this movie from beginning to end. Seriously, this was hilarious. I think it was even better than... reviewed November 7, 2006
One Sunrise Earlier pt 2 by MrMiracle Action
Featured Review
Oh wow. I lost 10 points on this piece because I thought it was part one. On a slightly different note. I liked this. It was pretty good. I think it was better than part one, but since I haven't seen...
reviewed November 7, 2006
Der Untergrund by GiorgioKiwi Action
Wow! A truly superb movie on your part. Even though it was in German, this movie from opening credits to closing credits put me in absolute awe. Really well done. I loved every minute of it. Five star... reviewed November 7, 2006
a day in the life by tomcatvmp Comedy
Try to get VO's for the actual film. I guess this was an okay trailer. I watched it and I didn't dislike it. I think you could have worked on it a little harder. Oh and by the way. I see your name is... reviewed November 7, 2006
Planet of the Apes by dansun81 Sci-Fi
A Critic's Center Review: Wow. An intriguing film indeed! I loved the way you portrayed this old film, and you did a good job indeed. Your voiceovers were great! Family members maybe? I see you put t... reviewed November 7, 2006
The Wonders of Gin by runo Comedy
I do like your style of movie. Not only was the title catchy, but the movie itself was a pleasure to watch. Honestly the first black and white film I think I actually didn't mind watching. Good job on... reviewed November 6, 2006
Bu- Screw This by bufu0 Comedy
I love these movies from you. The music is pretty siic. Love them! Awesome job. We got our very own rapper here on TMO! reviewed November 6, 2006
The TMOscars - Laughing is FUN by Pikmin Comedy
Now who doesn't love a good oscar show? Excellent execution. Five stars definitely. Awesome work on this. reviewed November 5, 2006
Listen! by Tal0n Romance
Alright, let me just sa that was one of the most spectacular films I've wtached all night, and I've seen quite a few. Five stars all the way. Awesome work! reviewed November 5, 2006
A Public Service Announcement by skintrade Comedy
A Critic's Center Review: I will admit I got a kick out of this one. Haha, not the most exciting movie on this site, but definitely entertaining. I'll give you that. I don't really like beer all tha... reviewed November 5, 2006
Vindictive by corpsehereproductions Sci-Fi
Featured Review
A Critic's Center Review: Like I've seen others say in their reviews for this masterpiece, an excellent sci-fi...one of the best if not the best ever. I want to say that normally scifis like this don...
reviewed November 5, 2006
Dont You Know by WiseCracker Horror
Hey nice little movie! I'm extremely surprised that this is your first and I'd just love to see more like this from you! Five stars all the way. Excellent job! Also, I have been on this site for quit... reviewed November 4, 2006
Whatshername -Greenday by Jeefey Romance
I love music videos. Great job on this one! Althoguh youm ay get people to take off stars for copyright, I'm not one to do that. Thats he job of the moderators and people who work at lionhead. Five st... reviewed November 4, 2006
A rude joke by Daninsky Comedy
I don't know if I understood that joke. So...I'll give it a four. reviewed November 4, 2006
Macbeth (Act One) by buddha32 Action
Wow that was interesting. It had its flaws and whatnot, but I can't imagine how hard it is to protray a shakesperian play in a movie as well as you just did now. Awesome job and five stars to you. reviewed November 4, 2006
Naughty Undercover Girls - File 2 by Timo666 Action
Well, I don't want to get too much into this review only because I thought this movie was an average 3 or 4 stars. It had its moments, but not enough to cut a five. Here's a four. reviewed November 4, 2006
Scramble (Part One) by postmodernchuck Sci-Fi
Holy crap. Thats all I can say. Whoa...wow!!!! That was like professionally done to the max. That was just unbelievable. Breathtaking from beginning to end. An absolute masterpiece. Five stars for a j... reviewed November 4, 2006
One Sunrise Earlier pt 1 by MrMiracle Action
Featured Review
I'm not a big fan of westerns, but this really blew me away. Great editing and scene selections, good costumes and nice backdrops. Oh and not to mention the great VOs all performed by you! This movie ...
reviewed November 4, 2006
The Communist Sea Monster by deepmajik Action
Hey nice little movie! Just a little more work and I might consider a five star rating. I just wanted to let you know, since your fairly new, about some great things you can do to get free VC and to ... reviewed November 3, 2006
The Reconciliation by daneausten Action
Hey nice little movie! I just wanted to let you know, since your fairly new, about some great things you can do to get free VC and to get lots of reviews on your movies. First off, I am owner of The ... reviewed November 3, 2006
Beauty vs teh Gorgo by umilmi81 Horror
Hey nice little movie! Just needs a bit more work to really be a masterpiece, but I think for one of your first movies uploaded this isnt half bad. On behalf of TMO, I really want to welcome you here... reviewed November 3, 2006
Robot VS Ninja episode 2 by DarkAlex0706 Action
Featured Review
Hey nice little movie! I like the little ninja concept. I do however think it needs a little more work to be a five though. Add some VOs or subtitles next time and please get rid of the mumbling noise...
reviewed November 3, 2006
STALKER- the devils on his side by waroftheworlds01 Horror
Featured Review
A pretty good seven minute movie with its deal of mistakes and things that wowed me. It was pretty average. I mean quite a good job, but still needs more work for the next addition to the series. I do...
reviewed November 3, 2006
A Tale about a Tale - Part one by Aoimtxvzlmser Comedy
A Critic's Center Review: Okay who doesn't love a good bond film/comedy? Ha. I liked it, but I will just have to admit you had me lost up to 2:45. I had no idea what was going on. I kind of got the h... reviewed November 3, 2006
The Loneliest Man On Earth by tomasm Comedy
Featured Review
Okay. I love it. Hahaha. It was just so great how it was such a pointless movie. Oh man. you're hilarious to think of this up in like an hour. Yes it did get a little bit annoying, but still enjoyable...
reviewed November 3, 2006
The Lord Of The Caretakers by Eagle_93 Comedy
I know your English is good, but as someone else said, try to fix your spelling errors on the subs. Maybe have someone from the site check them for you before you add them. Anyway, a good job on this.... reviewed November 3, 2006
King of Karaoke - Trailer by webmarf Comedy
Hey, nice short little one minute film! I translated this into german from english from a translator. I hope its understandable! Okay anyway, good movie. Five stars. reviewed November 3, 2006
Costumed Blood by rileyman Horror
I guess you could say this was an okay movie. It had some elements of a horror, but for some reason a guy in a chicken suit doesnt qualify as scary to me. Please, please make better movies than this. ... reviewed November 3, 2006
Middle Earth - Trailer by freak6010 Action
Okay, I guess I can't really say anything bad about this trailer. It did what it was supposed to do. It promoted your movie and did a good job. Good effort and nice job for the time allotted. Only a m... reviewed November 2, 2006
Code Monkey by skarsten Romance
I like the song a lot and the way you incorporated like every line into your movie! Especially that manager part. That was good. I really enjoyed your work on this. Five stars. reviewed November 2, 2006
TOGA MAN-Origin by Fire_Works Comedy
Awesome music man! Nice job! I really liked this. I mean for the short time alloted I have to admit you did a pretty sweet job. Five stars all the way. I will try to keep in touch. Your new viewer, S... reviewed November 2, 2006
Delver and Fudges Huge Adventure by JaredPeace Comedy
Featured Review
A Critic's Center Review: Loved the storyline and most of the constumes. This was far more character driven to me than plot driven, and I did get a kick out of some things. You really did a good job ...
reviewed November 2, 2006
The Time Wars 3 by Legendary_Studios Action
That was really well put togehter! I liked the music and the costumes. Nice job. Very original, but I do admit you lost me at times. Anyway, not bad. Keep it up. I really did like it. I liek when peop... reviewed November 2, 2006
Get Laid or Die Trying by homemadeeye Comedy
Featured Review
A Critic's Center Review: I firmly beleive that you have a knack for writing comedies and I am gonig to give you three solid facts to demonstrate my feelings. 1. You have not yet failed to make me l...
reviewed November 2, 2006
THE BAR by waroftheworlds01 Comedy
A Critic's Center Review: Alright. Thats all I can really say to describe this. I'll admit, you lost my interest after the first three or four minutes, but I tried to get back into it. You just kind ... reviewed November 2, 2006
The Barman by farquad Action
Wow! That was really a clever film! Great job! I loved it. Make more! Five stars! SweatyShoulder reviewed November 2, 2006
View From a Window by sgporsche48 Horror
Featured Review
A Critic's Center Review: Well that was a thriller! Awesome movie! I liked that a lot. Kept me on the edge of my seat. I just love movies like this. I do however think you went a little freecam cra...
reviewed November 2, 2006
Are They by corpsehereproductions Horror
A Critic's Center Review: Now who doesn't love a good zombie flick? I loved every minute of it! I didn't once lose interest. This movie was just filled with so much suspense! Awesome job on this one!... reviewed November 2, 2006
Star Coconut Girl Saga by KirinRiotCrash Sci-Fi
cool little film. I liked it. reviewed November 2, 2006
She will always live forever 3 part 2 tk 2 by derbyrams Action
Awesome movie! Five stars definitely. reviewed November 2, 2006
Life of a Soldier: Becoming a Soldier by FunkyFilms Action
Good job. Very enjoyable little movie. reviewed November 2, 2006
FINAL HOURS by davidwww Action
A Critic's Center Review: Quite a noriginal masterpiece. Honestly I never thought anyone could possibly ever turn some hooror type of a plot to a love story...and you did it. I loved the sets and the... reviewed November 2, 2006
Red Squad-IV-The enemy of my enemy-SE by jamestkirk Action
Pretty good. I do like this series. Definitely one of the more interesting on this site. Good luck with the next addition to the series! -Sweaty reviewed November 1, 2006
STALKER The Begining by waroftheworlds01 Horror
A decent start to a series. Good concept, but to make this extremely popular it will need more work. I do however like everything you've done with this, but might I just suggest some kind of a unique ... reviewed November 1, 2006
This Is Love - VO by dansun81 Action
I enjoyed it. I did notice though the american flags and the very modern sets and things. costuems rocked and your script was superb! Great movie. I'll give you a five on this. The voice acting blew m... reviewed November 1, 2006
WalterIII by Epana Comedy
I love chicken movies! Great job!!! reviewed November 1, 2006
Red Squad-VI-The Final Showdown-SE by jamestkirk Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Awesome movie! Loved the battle scenes! Wow!!!
reviewed November 1, 2006
Hellmut und Hellge - Pilotfolge by OlliEntertainment Comedy
Ich habe gedacht, dass das sehr gut Bedenken es gemacht wurde, ist hart, einen Film alle in Deutsch zu machen, und einen Amerikaner genie??en, es zu lassen! Gro??e Arbeit! Ich habe wirklich das gemoch... reviewed November 1, 2006
The South-West Strangler by corpsehereproductions Action
Excellent movie! I loved the way your scenes were so nicely put together. Flowed very well. Five stars all the way! Keep it up. reviewed October 31, 2006
The Return of The Many Faces of Rock! Fix by JustinMoore Comedy
That was cool, but I didn't really see too much of TM game used in there. But Ican't really rate it badly. Here's a four. Nice search game. reviewed October 30, 2006
Der Glückspilz - The lucky Guy by Catopa Comedy
Good subtitles! This was pretty creative. I enjoyed it. Keep this kind of work up. Hmmm, I wonder if you could translate this review! I want to write something in German! Ich mag gebratene Kuhzunge... reviewed October 30, 2006
Black Friday by eastendfellow Action
Featured Review
A Critic's Center Review: Love the title! From the start I just wanted to watch it! You kept my attention for the entire time! I love this, I really do. You're a great filmamker and I want to see mo...
reviewed October 30, 2006
Advertisement by Mustachio26 Horror
Featured Review
I liked that! Awesome job. Nice short little flick. It got a story across without wasting mine or anyone else's time and thats why I love it. Freakin awesome work. Five stars on this all the way man. ...
reviewed October 30, 2006
EDS Destiny 4 by CaptainStrider Sci-Fi
Damn, awesome sci-fi here. Loved every minute of those ten. Will keep in touch. Nice work here. reviewed October 30, 2006
Jade Dragon Odyssey - Part I by KatanaSoul Action
Alright, I guess I could honeslty tell you this isn't my type of movie. But I can also honestly say I really enjoyed it! I mean it was full of surprises to me and it kept my interest. Good job with th... reviewed October 30, 2006
The Way It Goes Part II by train101 Action
I thoguht you did a pretty good job on it. I was close to not giving it five stars for a little bit of dragging on and on, but its hard to mkae a movie like this so here's a five. It was pretty well... reviewed October 30, 2006
The Breather by corpsehereproductions Comedy
I thought it was good. PRetty good but the breathing got incredibly annoying at times. I did like your one liner jokes though. Lots of them cracked me up. good job on this. reviewed October 30, 2006
The Legend of the Velvet Ninja by person_me200 Comedy
I could kind of hear the VOs because...and that of which I heard was because I have headphones on. But I did want to compliment you on your music. Other than that, this movie didn't have any editing ... reviewed October 30, 2006
A bathroom conversation by Itscalledcollegedotcom Comedy
Hey, nice little movie. I think it could use some work to get 5 stars. But right now it's worth a definite four. Good effort and I'll be sure to keep in touch with your studio. Anyway, I really want... reviewed October 29, 2006
Aint No Thang(Rap) by bufu0 Action
Rated PG 13 for mild swearing... awww [shhhh!] dat G. :) Wow, I've never done that before. Wow. Anyway, that was pretty funny. I actually enjoyed that. Funny. Nice work. So let's bounce and go to m... reviewed October 29, 2006
The A-Team - The Next Generation by Kammerice Action
Hey nice little movie! I just wanted to let you know, since your fairly new, about some great things you can do to get free VC and to get lots of reviews on your movies. First off, I am owner of The ... reviewed October 28, 2006
We Come In Peace (Episode One) by 02PARSIM Comedy
What's a flatpack wardrobe? I don't get it. I thoguht you were doing something w/ assembling furniture way back when you came up with the idea. Maybe I'm going crazy. Idk, it was good but not what I ... reviewed October 28, 2006
Half and Half 2 by kipple Horror
Hey nice little movie, especially for not having the expansion pack! I just wanted to let you know, since your fairly new, about some great things you can do to get free VC and to get lots of reviews ... reviewed October 28, 2006
Game Over 2 by ShyShy Comedy
Ok I finally got to reviewing this. Quite honestly, it wasn't worht 5 stars. But I am sensing the effort you put into it and atleast you tried to mke a blockbuster. May I just suggest next time some c... reviewed October 27, 2006
Operation Wipeout by rbhoug Sci-Fi
Hey your first movie!? Welcome to The Movies Online! Please browse the site. You can get great new ideas from other people's movies and advertise/discuss your movie under the community tab up top. For... reviewed October 27, 2006
Ape Mom by userid Comedy
That was a short little movie! I'm afraid thats only worth three stars. I just wanted to let you know, since your fairly new, about some great things you can do to get free Vc and to get lots of revi... reviewed October 27, 2006
dummy dumbs by ajdaloc Comedy
Featured Review
Hey nice little movie! I just wanted to let you know, since your fairly new, about some great things you can do to get free VC and to get lots of reviews on your movies. First off, I am owner of The ...
reviewed October 27, 2006
In the mist of my memory by SabbatRed Horror
Hey nice little movie! I just wanted to let you know, since your fairly new, about some great things you can do to get free Vc and to get lots of reviews on your movies. First off, I am owner of The ... reviewed October 27, 2006
FAST II by Mogulman321 Action
Featured Review
A Critic's Center Review: I'm only your third review? Wow...all I can possibly say is wow. This was absolutely brilliant. A purely sensational movie. I loved it. Let me just tell you, you had me hook...
reviewed October 27, 2006
Golden Bullet 2 by TheQ5 Action
Featured Review
Nice little movie. Loved the story. Love the custom music. I just won't mention that whole darkness thing because I'm sure you wouldn't like to hear about it again. I'm sure you get the point by now. ...
reviewed October 27, 2006
The city of death by the_richman Action
Featured Review
I guess you have a cool little title here. "The City of Death" Haha, it kind of makes me laugh. It just sounds so dramatic. I love it. Anyway, about the poster. I loved that too. Perfect. Finally, I...
reviewed October 27, 2006
GANGSTA Hostile by claw21 Action
Very great film. Try some music and better sound. Figure out why the music doesn't work before you upload. Music is really what makes a movie, a movie. I dare you to watch a horror movie without sound... reviewed October 27, 2006
Stolen Death - Chapter two by sisch Sci-Fi
Awesome film. Great job. Your a true director. So many great movies these days! How will I possibly have time to watch them all?! :) Your friend, SweatyShoulder reviewed October 27, 2006
Glowing Wind by reanor Action
Featured Review
A Critic's Center Review: Who doesn't love a good scifi thriller. Really, I'm trying to work on a movie like this. I love the use of overlays during the press conference thing. Your seriously a exper...
reviewed October 27, 2006
1920s Sniffy (Teaser) by Fire_Works Action
neat little trailer. I may watch the movie. I like that overlay. Can you maybe make the movie itself in color? Black and white bores me :) reviewed October 27, 2006
SILENT TOWN (Musicvideo) by danielbach Horror
I love music videos on TMO. Really great. I hate this copyrighted bullcrap; like some1 else stated, I don't know the song so I am unable to comment. I don't think anyone is gonna sue you for that. Nic... reviewed October 27, 2006
No Greater Fury by Throwaxe Action
I really liked this. Nice creativity and originality! reviewed October 27, 2006
Mythbusters Time Paradox by MrMiracle Comedy
Nice job! I liked this one. reviewed October 27, 2006
Peter Ingram PI by ledgy Action
Featured Review
awesome movie! I liked your creativity and story! I love detective flicks!
reviewed October 27, 2006
She will always live forever 3 part 1 by derbyrams Action
Wow I loved it! Awesome set choices and great camera skills. Your a true director! Nice work Derbyrams! 5 stars all the way. Not a dull moment! Your friend, SweatyShoulder reviewed October 27, 2006
Up 2 No Good by explicitmo Action
Good movie. Good solid job. reviewed October 27, 2006
Weird VS Normal by jamestkirk Comedy
Featured Review
Nice job. Liked your set usage. I love old people...don't you???
reviewed October 27, 2006
Mr Dirty Mr Tight - Das Battle by OlliEntertainment Comedy
Featured Review
A Critic's Center Review: (Wow I haven't left one of these for a good while) I love your voices. I couldn't understand them, I'll be honest, because I'm not German, but seriously they were freakin awe...
reviewed October 27, 2006
Suit Gang by FunkyFilms Action
I think you did a pretty good job. I just think you need to add some custom music and take off mumbling. Great subtitles. But some VOs would make this movie really good. As for now it's only worth a f... reviewed October 27, 2006
After Laughter Comes Tears by explicitmo Romance
I don't like the caps locked subtitles, I mean geez you got my attention already, it makes me feel like the narrarator is shouting! Haha, anyway, you did pretty good on this. I want to give it a four ... reviewed October 26, 2006
Ninja Master 2 Attack of the Kung-Fu Wolf! by ledgy Action
Hahah your poster isn't copyright. Anyway, good work. Liked it a lot. But I don't know if I should give it 5 stars. Don't forget to check out The Sweat Fund where you can ask me for VC and/or post you... reviewed October 26, 2006
Red Squad-V-Survival of the Bravest-SE by jamestkirk Action
Awesome movie. You worried me with the length...but that was siic. Greats subs. Awesome. reviewed October 26, 2006
Test of Heroes III The Sword Of Athena by hisstorymn Action
Featured Review
I really enjoy these historical type movies. They perk my interest and keep me watching. Every time a new one comes about I don't hesitate to watch it. Excellent VA, camera angles, and script. I don't...
reviewed October 26, 2006
HAC part 4 by MrMiracle Sci-Fi
Nice movie. Will be sure to watch part five when I find the time. Pretty good job. I really suggest getting S&E for some new camera angles. reviewed October 26, 2006
The Begining Trailer by Variq Action
Good trailer! Very original. I'll take a look at the movie if you give me a Pm or post it on The Sweat Fund thread. reviewed October 26, 2006
Human Apathy Trailer by johnokinawa Sci-Fi
Nice trailer! Loved the VA! I'll definitely watch that. reviewed October 26, 2006
What became of ninja master by ledgy Action
I thoguht this was okay. Really only worthy of four stars. Nice job at this, but not good enough for a full five. Good subtitles. Really considering, you didn't do that bad for not having S&E reviewed October 26, 2006
Sniffy 6-Broken Souls! by Fire_Works Action
Awesome overlays! I loved them! Great work on this. I see a lot of effort went into making this film. I loved the costumes. Right on! reviewed October 26, 2006
Zombie Panic 2 by HitmanGames Comedy
wow. awesome. speechless. reviewed October 26, 2006
Dont smoke told by King Kung by zogo1 Sci-Fi
nice effort and work on that! good job. reviewed October 26, 2006
The Killer Dad by smithovich Comedy
alright. no comment reviewed October 26, 2006
Repeated Suicide by brainiac2005 Action
Good movie. 4 stars. reviewed October 26, 2006
GANGSTA21 by claw21 Action
I really don't like subtitles and I think you should work on maybe thhrowing in some VOs. For me it wasn't so much that they were fast its just they're boring. Anyway that might make this 3 a four. Ni... reviewed October 26, 2006
Kung fu Fighter by Benj123 Action
As you already know, good music. But there wasn't much of a story here. I guess considering its length you did a pretty good job. I give you a four. Nice work. reviewed October 26, 2006
Space Generation - The Next Encounter by DoubleMPee Sci-Fi
I liked your usage of freecam and certian elements of S&E. You did a nice job with this and I hope to see more from you. Nice work. I'll keep in touch with your studio. reviewed October 26, 2006
Love At First Write - VO Edition by pearsonhouse Romance
A nice little movie with a great endling. I really enjoyed watching it as it didn't become boring once during the entire thing. This was worth notihng less than five stars. This little work of art is ... reviewed October 26, 2006
The Torture Device by cruleworld Comedy
I'm not sure as if this is worth a four, but I'll be nice and give it that. The VOs were alright, and I loved the clever title which definitely caught my attention. I don't know the experience that th... reviewed October 26, 2006
Vampire Hunter 1 by bobchad94 Action
this movie is ancient but I like it! reviewed October 25, 2006
HAC part 3 by MrMiracle Sci-Fi
I like this kind of thing. Great work. I want more! Just try to add some voiceovers next time. It'll tranform this four to a five! reviewed October 25, 2006
The Clucky Cluck Show by corpsehereproductions Comedy
I like your little themesong, did u make that or am I just totally lost and everyone knows it but me. Haha, I really loved this show. It was great. I'd love to see more episodes. you've got a good sen... reviewed October 25, 2006
Baba Yaga by VandrendeOrn Horror
Featured Review
I love the originality in this. Really, your very creative. Keep that kind of work up. I like it! I do feel as if this movie was a little eccentric at times, but thats cool. And great sound effects.
reviewed October 25, 2006
The Perfect Date by BamRyan Comedy
For no VOs...this was awesome. I think the music was a nice touch. Great job. I loved it. reviewed October 25, 2006
The Other Dimension by johnokinawa Romance
There were no flaws...nothing to complain about. Voice acting was brilliant. Wow. I want to leave a big review but I'm speechless. That makes me ashamed because I don't beleive I'll ever have the chan... reviewed October 25, 2006
The Germanator by ledgy Action
Featured Review
Nice job. I didn't expect it to be as good as it actually was. A definite five stars from me. Nice work pal! You're a professional already :)! I just suggest turning the mumbling off next time, and ad...
reviewed October 25, 2006
The Night of the WereWolves by dude123456 Horror
Featured Review
Oh that was great! I'm dissapointed there aren't more reviews left for it. It was really good. Some people just can't take the time to watch a longer movie, but like me and a friend were just talking ...
reviewed October 25, 2006
The Day I Woke an Angel by cruleworld Horror
A cute little movie. I liked it. I liked the voices and the messege you conveyed. Great job. Next time lay off the sound removal on audacity, you can hear it in the background. (No pun intended lol) F... reviewed October 25, 2006
Dropping Amethyst by smithovich Action
Average job for a short film. You can have 3 stars for that. A little more work is needed for a 4 or 5. reviewed October 25, 2006
Stolen Death - Chapter one by sisch Sci-Fi
So, this movie was well done. Although there were obviously a few flaws I feel that they were for the most part unpreventable. Nice work. I hope to see more from you. Nice VO quality. I can give this ... reviewed October 25, 2006
Little Titan by brainiac2005 Sci-Fi
Neat little movie. It gets a 4 from me. reviewed October 25, 2006
Zabe by Variq Action
Great Vos. As homemadeeye said...nothing happened. So here's a 4. You need a little more work and some custom music. This seemed more like a trailer to me. reviewed October 25, 2006
Aliens in the West by rileyman Sci-Fi
Definitely wasn't what I expected, but you still did a pretty nice job. I'll give you a four. It held my attnetion, but didn't have enough excitement for that 5. i think some good camera angles and th... reviewed October 25, 2006
The Camera Man by freak6010 Romance
I really don't like modding. I'm just not a fan of it. I see that you used a few and I think movies should be made with what the game originally gave you. I won't really take off for it, but I don't l... reviewed October 25, 2006
Faulty by person_me200 Action
I can't really give this 5 stars, but you did a pretty good job. A little more work next time and I'll give you the full five. Great vos though. Just a little wind on the mic, but still good. reviewed October 25, 2006
Orders From The Boss 2 (Better Version) by littld3b Action
Many unnecessary fades, but I honestly can't give this movie less than a four. It was well thoguht out and it basically was good. Hence the reason why it gets four stars. Nice work. I liked it very mu... reviewed October 25, 2006
Secret stuff by Benj123 Action
The voices were pretty good, although obviously not matured. Still, a good job at this. I actually thoguht this was good. Maybe you could have put it under comedy though. A good job from you. Worthy ... reviewed October 25, 2006
one mistake by claw21 Action
Oh my god. 6 and a half minutes of no voices. Eh I didn't think I could do it, but I held on for you. I guess it was okay. I see a lot of effort went into this, but a good movie needs voiceovers. I al... reviewed October 25, 2006
Josh and Will at 18 by cruleworld Action
Great work. I know you already know about the sound quality. It really is hard though to make VOs perfectly though. I think you needed a few extra camera angles...too bad it was made without stunts an... reviewed October 25, 2006
Little Black Riding Hood by tomasm Horror
Wasn't that suspenseful. Wow, great work. I enjoyed that. Great camera angles by the way. This was superb; you're definitely a professional movie maker. It's good to have an actual scary movie listed ... reviewed October 25, 2006
Donna Kebab - VO Edition by pearsonhouse Romance
That was great! It definitely wasn't at all what I expected. Fabulous job. Keep making good movies like this. 5 stars all the way. reviewed October 25, 2006
High Way Jack Could Not See You Before by smithovich Comedy
Good little interesting movie. I do admit I enjoyed it but I beleived the sound quality could have been a little better! Good work, definitely worthy of 4 stars. I would like to see more from you. Ple... reviewed October 25, 2006
Resident Evil Trailer by dalek300 Action
I would just like to personally thank you for your review left on "The Sweat Awards" As for your movie, aside from copyright laws being somewhat broken...it was okay...who honestly cares about someth... reviewed October 25, 2006
JS Awards Qualification by Floridagator1 Action
I would just like to personally thank you for your review left on "The Sweat Awards" Anyway, as for your movie: Nice attempt at an awards ceremony. You'll need to put a lot more work into it though. ... reviewed October 25, 2006
The Accurate Gunman by Cheesey_puff Action
This is your first attempt at your own script? Great work! I do expect to see better from you, but for a first try, marvelous job. Just make sure you check out other people's movies and such to get so... reviewed October 25, 2006
petit papa noel by userid Comedy
I would just like to personally thank you for your review left on "The Sweat Awards" At that, I'd like to tell you that this was a clever, silly little film. A short two minutes with enough camera se... reviewed October 25, 2006
Bubbles (30 Seconds of Bliss) by ozman69 Comedy
hahaha very clever reviewed October 22, 2006
Tuesday the 31st by homemadeeye Comedy
If somebody gives you less than a five for this I will be utterly confused. What a fabulous job. Keep making these hilarious movies. I love to watch them! In fact, I think pretty soon the entire TMO ... reviewed October 22, 2006
CLEOPATRA Trailer by TheMGMKid1 Romance
wow. This was a trailer?! Oh my gosh. The music was just perfect. I loved it. Excellent job. Whoa, what an awesome movie maker you are. This was just perfect in every way. I'm just like speechless. I ... reviewed September 23, 2006
Mancini by DNR Action
I'm really not into boxing all that much, and may I just say that I am completely amazed you managed to pull this type of movie off and manage to hold my attention all the way through. You have done ... reviewed September 23, 2006
World Trade Center(Theres Still hope) by carlosanddanny Action
I enjoy the custom music and think you've done a pretty good job with this one comparatively to the other crap ones you have on here, but it's still not worth 5 stars. Just because I like the music do... reviewed September 22, 2006
A Day In Space(Teacher Edition) by carlosanddanny Comedy
This movie wasn't really that great. The Vo's were ear shattering, and in my opinion the storyline wasn't really all that good. I think next time you make a movie, you should put a little more time a... reviewed September 22, 2006
A Day At The Office by jinko23 Comedy
Wow. No comment. reviewed September 21, 2006
Oh Its On Saru Vs White Saru! by jinko23 Comedy
Hi, nine year old. Other than this specific movie I'm rating being, as mustachio26 said, a complete rip off of OIO, I've decided to respond to a comment you replied to from me. I would have gone abo... reviewed September 21, 2006
CACA POOP!!!!!!!!!! by carlosanddanny Comedy
Can you atleast maybe attempt to make a real movie next time? Thanks. reviewed September 20, 2006
Jimmy At The Park by carlosanddanny Comedy
Copyright infringement is not allowed. In fact, it is frowned upon in this community. Simply changing the word clogs to shoes does not solve the problem. Do not make alternate accounts to rate your mo... reviewed September 20, 2006
LOL by carlosanddanny Comedy
Actually, I did laugh. Nocturnalfork... Oh oops. DID I SAY THAT OUT LOUD!? As a lesson to be learned, if you don't want creeps iming you, don't put your sn on here. reviewed September 18, 2006
World Trade Centers - Trailer by TheTomas Horror
The finished version should be great. Just be sure to have voiceovers. Nice work. reviewed September 17, 2006
FAST by Mogulman321 Action
A Critic's Center Review: I beleive that this movie was very well done, espcially for one without voices. You're costum music made it interesting, while your editing made it exciting. I could not fi... reviewed September 17, 2006
meet your butcher by ethansheppard Horror
Isn't it funny how somebody as bad as you could rate a movie number one in the charts, a two star without a review? Of course it's not a movie worthy in the charts, but it wasn't my choice to put it i... reviewed September 17, 2006
We need your help with the civil war by biohaemum Comedy
Isn't it funny how somebody as bad as you could rate a movie number one in the charts, a one star? Of course it's not a movie worthy in the charts, but it wasn't my choice to put it in there. Next tim... reviewed September 17, 2006
The Master of Revolvers! by woorah Action
A Critic's Center Review: Well, I will give my advice, and I hope you will use it to your advantage. A fairly well done movie. First off, try not to leave mumbling on when sending a movie to the sit... reviewed September 12, 2006
Sneakers(Made By Rudy And Carlos) by carlosanddanny Comedy
I feel somewhat amazed at the quality of your films. You have put me in awe at the amazing directing skills you have seem to have come across magically over night. First, allow me to start off by say... reviewed September 12, 2006
Tuesday the 31st trailer by homemadeeye Comedy
That was SO good! I loved it. Got the money in da bankkkk. Haha! You rock man. 5 stars all the way. reviewed September 11, 2006
The Novel by Master007 Horror
Very nicely done. I liked the sound effects, music, and how there were no VOs (or very few), but the story was so exciting. I especially enjoyed the first minute and a half. It seemed extremely suspen... reviewed September 10, 2006
The Contract Killer 2 Trailer by jim_ Action
A very short trailer. More or less like a teaser. Very nice music, Great atmosphere, and may I say, excellent VOs! I hope to see more like this from you. Kind of left me hanging...I like that! I'll wa... reviewed September 10, 2006
SILENT TOWN (Trailer) by danielbach Horror
A little bit lacking orginality from Silent Hill. But still a great trailer! Even though it's in german, lol. I love the effects and everything else you've used. Excellent job. Great movie. I will wat... reviewed September 10, 2006
Fat Joe in Italy (Trailer) by FunkyFilms Comedy
Ok, just to tell you...my movie's music was in fact all custom imported music, just for your information. Well now it's time for me to rate this movie! For a trailer it's pretty long and I don't re... reviewed September 10, 2006
When Senior Citizens Attack by malignus666 Comedy
Featured Review
Hahaha. That was pretty funny. I enjoyed it. Great job at creating something very original.
reviewed September 9, 2006
The Courage Within II by MefuneAkira Action
A Critic's Center Review: Wow! All I really can say is, that was really one piece of work! You did an excellent job and I honestly couldn't beleive my eyes. I mean awesome special effects, awesome pl... reviewed September 9, 2006
Torn Pages by pearsonhouse Romance
well done. you have an interesting accent that I love! But really well done poem. I liked it a lot. Five stars all the way Pearsonhouse. reviewed September 8, 2006
I Miss My Pie by homemadeeye Romance
Haahahahha! I miss my pie too :( reviewed September 4, 2006
Doras Mind by riott007 Comedy
That was okay. I'm not sure as if I can say it was the exact thing I expected, but it wasn't that bad. Keep making stuff like this. Maybe change that annoying voice. No offense if that was yours, lol.... reviewed September 3, 2006
Operation Peadogeddon by SothisAmon Action
Very funny for a short little flick. I liked the originality of this film. I espected a little more retardation, for what the description had said, but what you had was pretty good. Really, your actio... reviewed September 3, 2006
March Of Destiny by Hummie Action
Great title. I'm liking your skills so far. Even though it's in dutch, it was worth watching. Especially with that Indiana Jones tune, lol. Keep making movies, and I'll be sure to keep watching. Best... reviewed September 1, 2006
SALTY DOGS STUDIOS trailer by oletheking92 Action
Wow! A pirate ship! That's amazing. Ok you copyright lunatices. He used an ending tune. Grow up. Really, he didn't use the whole song. I'm sure people are just a little jealous because they can't make... reviewed September 1, 2006
The Baggage Boy by juan918 Comedy
I'm sorry. I see your new and normally I'd welcome a new guy;but I don't have the time for people who do this. Whether this was a mistake or not, please try to keep these things off the site, as they ... reviewed September 1, 2006
TimeSplitters Trailer by derectorman67 Action
Alright, I can see a lot of effort into this trailer. Good job. On the most part, I'll only give it a four. One, because it's a trailer. And two because in had a few flaws. It could really use some vo... reviewed September 1, 2006
Highschool Panic by Major_Spliff Romance
Silly. Nice little movie though. Some voiceovers would be good. Gave me a little chuckle. Worth a laugh. Good job. Four stars. reviewed September 1, 2006
Close Encounters with some Aliens part 2 by homemadeeye Comedy
A Critic's Center Review: No, that's OJ Simpson! Hahaha, you really had me laughing for quite some time. How could you possibly say that this wasn't as good as the first? I've seen both and they are ... reviewed August 26, 2006
The Guild War Part I by JrClover Action
A Critic's Center & Sweat Awards Review: First off let me just say that the voiceovers on this film were outstanding, as was the editing, plot/storyline, and the overall feeling of it. So I guess my ... reviewed August 18, 2006
A Life Less Ordinary by EthanRunt Romance
That was interesting. I liked it a lot, but I do suggest a new mic for the narrater. reviewed August 16, 2006
Ethan gets his emotions out! by EthanRunt Romance
That was great! Awesome job on that one. It was a pleasure to watch, but very sad. reviewed August 13, 2006
Death by Natural Causes by AV8RFOOL Comedy
Hmmm, what should I say. That was kind of weird. It wasn't funny at all. And it wasn't long enough. I commend you for uploading an old movie...well you did an okay job. 3/5 for you. It just didn't suit me. reviewed August 10, 2006
JizzIts Natural by Metz2004 Comedy
That was alright. It was just alright. That kid knows about this stuff? lol. Ugh not my type of movie...and I don't beleive it should evne be on this site. reviewed August 8, 2006
The Camping Trip by mcrispy13 Horror
A Critcs Center & Sweat Awards Review: Although some minor flaws in editing were visible, this movie was one hell of a good horror flick. In fact, I enjoyed it so much I'm going to take extra time on ... reviewed August 7, 2006
Malloy Chapter One by DaRKoNe462 Action
A Critics Center & Sweat Awards Review: Wow, lets just say one thing. Thats not at all what I expected. You really did a great job. I felt as if this whole movie flowed well and all music selections f... reviewed August 7, 2006
Loss of Empathy by michael_b6 Action
A Critics Center and Sweat Awards Review: Great job on this. your editing skills are just awesome. Your VA was superb. your whole story was excellent. I can't even beleive such a great movie was made.... reviewed August 7, 2006
Damned Protesters by jtoc72 Horror
This made for a good solid film. There wasn't much added to it, but I need to keep in mind this was your first film. I enjoyed it quite a bit for a first film. This had some nice touches to it. Althou... reviewed August 7, 2006
The Road to Solution p1 by Mustachio26 Sci-Fi
A Critics Center and Sweat Award Review: This was a very good storyline. One that isn't around to much on TMO. I commend you for that. I think you should work on your editing a bit before making a seq... reviewed August 7, 2006
Clairvoyances Mystery by Amateur-Associates Horror
A Critics Center & A Sweat Award Review: That was one of the best poetic films I've watched yet on TMO. I think that more poems should be made into movies. It's just awesome to see poetry coming to li... reviewed August 7, 2006
Allison's First Job - The Musical by StLouisJeff Comedy
A Crtics Center Review: I can't see how that was a musical. Overall I think it's evident this was a nice attempt at a movie and worthy of 3/5 stars. It was okay. I do think there could have been commu... reviewed August 6, 2006
Love At Last Sight by Cola8663 Romance
A Critics Center Review: Let me just welcome you to The Movies Online before I give my review. It's great to see a new studio up and running. Well, lets just say that for you I won't be too harsh. Wha... reviewed August 6, 2006
Miracle by nascarlover Action
Featured Review
A Critics Center Review: I kind of felt as if that were some kind of knockoff of "Castaway" at first. There were obviously both minor and major flaws in editing, and I'm quite honest I nearly turned i...
reviewed August 6, 2006
Testing Tubes Teaser by Global-Star_Pictures Action
Glad to see a new user here on TMO. For a first trailer, this was good. May I suggest shorter credits and some custom music next time. Freecam was utilized well. Well, welcome to the community. If you... reviewed August 3, 2006
Chubby Rain by sully7 Sci-Fi
I'm glad to see that I'm your very first reviewer. I will keep in touch with your studio to watch it grow. It's always godo to see a new studio. For a first movie, I'm glad you learned how to add voic... reviewed August 3, 2006
Lord of the Hellbabies by CaptainJebus Action
Lacking any real plot. I really wish there could be some dialogue in this piece to make it worthy of 5 stars. I couldn't understand what was going on. There was no visibility of scene editing or even ... reviewed August 3, 2006
Hitman Part I Training(final2) by Babar23 Action
This was a great movie. I liked the beginning, and I enjoyed it all the way until the end. The fact that it was in French was a little dissapointing, but I like the French language, so that's okay. Th... reviewed August 3, 2006
Midnight City - Urban Warrior II by JazzX Action
The VO's were incredible. So clear, and understandable. The plot of this, im not sure about, it was either a trailer or an opening, I'll have to read th description further. But the effort you put in ... reviewed August 3, 2006
Innocence - Part 1 by vesobe Action
Wow, that was one hell of a movie. It was perfect. All these people who gave it five stars are absolutely right. I find myself wondering how on Earth can someone make such a professional film. The sc... reviewed August 3, 2006
Mortal Kombat Devastation Trailer by Sith Action
Featured Review
The music was very fitting. A unique trailer. Things seemed to flow well, and you kept my itnerest. I don't know however if I will watch the full-length unless you PM me. Watch out for that wind on th...
reviewed August 2, 2006
dogs of these parish 2 hes back by vince_neil Horror
Well next time I'd suggest some good custom music and a nice shorter title to catch attention. This movie was alright. Why the woman was in underwear I don't know. I just couldn't take this movie seri... reviewed August 2, 2006
The Dead Dont Talk by Alpha-Omega Action
Featured Review
Action packed, I loved the beginning, middle, and end! everything was so well done it was as if you were actually a professional movie maker. It takes a lot of time and effort to make such a lnog and ...
reviewed August 2, 2006
Mamas Boi by MrSmithee Comedy
This was very clever. A nice little tribute to your mom. That was one of the funniest movies I've seen and simply one of the most clever films on TMO. Ha, I laughed so hard when the mother would swear... reviewed August 2, 2006
HELL(it aint so bad!) by alfric Action
Oh my, that guy sounded like the guy who plays the old James Bond. Anyway, to the review. This movie was very original. I enjoyed it very much. The fact that it is apparently made after a joke makes ... reviewed August 2, 2006
Stir - Interlude by AnotherNewDawn Action
Great character development. This is definitely one of the best films I've watched in a while. Filled with awesome scenes and great editing. Tell this to all those french people that want SE, this is ... reviewed August 2, 2006
The Light in the Dust - Part 2 by decadentpictures Horror
This movie is genius. Just the whole idea is something you'd never even see on TV. This was by far one of the most original films on this site, and I commend you for doing such a beautiful job. Everyt... reviewed August 2, 2006
End of Memories VO by Bolch Action
Wow! That movie was simply brilliant. I lovd all the VOs, because the all just fit so perfectly. I give you a lot of credit, making a long movie like this is difficult and getting these famous VA is a... reviewed August 2, 2006
War is Hell by shadowfx1 Horror
If I see another one of these I'm going to go balistic. This is so lame. My god. It's in the game! And it sucks anyway! reviewed August 2, 2006
CRY by punisher14 Horror
For a trailer, this was pretty good. Nice work. A lot of effort went into this. I liked the sound effects and all the custom things. Awesome! 5/5 Well earned. But what's with the overlay, I didn't like that. reviewed August 2, 2006
Dead Mans Revenge by surfordie1991 Horror
Pasta brige belguim strong and fire bang bang bang fork. Did that review make sense? No Did your movie make sense? No 2/5 Try harder next time. reviewed August 2, 2006
Killing For a Shilling by marcelgb Horror
A fairly interesting title. This movie was good, not one to really excite me, but it was good. I think some proper communication between actors would have been a good feature. reviewed August 2, 2006
Cops Shop 3 Thats one Bad Bunny by dragonfire131009 Comedy
For being a fairly new studio, this wasn't a bad film at all. Great job. I can only give it a 4/5 because it lacked some orgininality. Bunny get's old...I know, people tell me too... reviewed August 2, 2006
Beware Long Legs Dangerous by mericc Action
This is a fairly exciting movie. I enjoyed it very much. Good job at editing. Again I come across a movie with all in-game music, but it's okay because it fit well. The VA in this video seemed to remi... reviewed August 2, 2006
the last ride by claw21 Action
This is definitely categorized as one of the best, most original storylines I've ever viewed on TMO. Very well put together. A few suggestions for your next film: Add voiceovers, they make a four star... reviewed August 2, 2006
A Flawless Mind by Rockstar_Studios Sci-Fi
Featured Review
I felt as if this movie was a bit tedious without VOs b/c of it's length. The maker of this film though posesses an extreme skill with freecam, sound effects, and editing. This is a film to bookmark. ...
reviewed August 2, 2006
The Bounty --- Part 1 by murpheykid Action
A thrilling western movie with a good flow of scenes and alright music choices. The VA at times was bland, but the communication itself was well thought out. The storyline was also well thought out, b... reviewed August 2, 2006
Ashley Porter Diamond Anniversary by suedenim Action
A very nice movie. Had a professional vibe to it. I especially enjoyed the beginning. I liked how it was somewhat of a recap. I did notice some voiceovers were a little not understandable in the begin... reviewed August 2, 2006
My 9 Lives by Bartlin4321 Comedy
I have to admit the freecam got extremely annoying. Really, I expected to see a cat in this movie and nothing...well your title says 9 lifes and I only see him lose one. Well anyway, I give you a 3/5 ... reviewed August 1, 2006
ME AND MY GUN by exit-wounds Action
That was a fairly good movie. Well sequenced and flawless editing. I liked it a lot. Great job. 5/5. reviewed August 1, 2006
Be Mine by cameroony Romance
A nice little movie. Good for a few minutes to get away from all these high tech masterpieces. The music was soothing and the scenes flowed well. The noly thing is the weird costumes and the two guys ... reviewed August 1, 2006
Pilate - A Story of Christ (Part I) by ichthusadmr Action
Holy crap. That was superb. Everything a movie should have. Wow, you did such an awesome job. Seriously, the VA was so awesome! And also, I can't even begin to fathym how much time, energy, and most i... reviewed August 1, 2006
The Ghost pt 1 by Springy23 Action
A movie that was good to wach for the six minutes of running time. A good ending and a good beginning. I don't know about some things that were dragged out a bit, but you did have an amazing scene flo... reviewed August 1, 2006
Agent G 2 by Rasmus95dk Action
I thoguht it lacked good VOs. Cmmunication was difficult. But atleast you had subtitles. An okay plot made this an okay movie. Didn't blow me away, but you didn't do badly. 4/5 rating. I wasn't sure i... reviewed August 1, 2006
Bobos War 11 by carlosanddanny Sci-Fi
An okay movie with some good scenes and effects. Although for next time I would suggest more development on the character and plot. Also, allow more time for the movie. It was only 1 minute...develop ... reviewed August 1, 2006
Mrs Adventure by Yomoho Action
For a new studio, I was very surprised. You did a good job for your second movie and for that I can award you a 5/5 rating. Welcome to TMO, and I'm glad to see a new studio up and running. Please visi... reviewed August 1, 2006
Today Sucks Part 1 by daaku176 Comedy
A really good movie. At first, I figured this would suck, but I was pleasantly surprised at what a good jo you did. The story flowed and made sense and at the same time you had proper subtitles to nar... reviewed August 1, 2006
A Childhood Lost by dafoso Romance
A nice little idea for a movie. I felt as if it was a little dragging at some points, but the VOs really made up for it. Awesome job and a 5/5 well earned. reviewed August 1, 2006
Doofus and Crackhead Trailer by KeViNp Comedy
wow! Haha, that looks really funny. I liked the subtitles but I hope the full - length video has some type of VO so communication is easier. That was a great trailer, really was. Thats how a trailer i... reviewed August 1, 2006
We Come In Peace (Teaser) by 02PARSIM Comedy
Awesome! Great work on this one. I really can't wait for the actual movie. 5/5 well earned. reviewed August 1, 2006
A Day As a Blue Man Eps 1 by thenextspeilberg10 Comedy
Nice little story. A little more development would be nice. But overall I think this is deserving of a 4/5. Keep trying, maybe add some VOs, you can do it. I'll keep in touch with yuor studio. Oh an... reviewed July 30, 2006
A Special Treat by axecinema Comedy
Hahaha, foot fetish. That was quite good. bobY10RO, this is why it gets 5 stars. It's original...and quite good music. Very funkolicious, as pegleg would say. Lol, good job axe. reviewed July 30, 2006
Dora the explorer by DGLI123 Comedy
That was really really funny. I'm so glad to see such a great movie like this. Haha, great job. That was hilarious and very deserving of a 5/5 rating from me. reviewed July 29, 2006
An Embarrassing Barfight by moviegenius92 Action
Lacking some good voiceovers; made communication between characters difficult. A nice idea for a film though. Showed lots of effort and I liked the music choices. A 4/5 from me. Good job. reviewed July 29, 2006
Dog Shattered by arfusmoviemaker Horror
Not bad. A good average movie. Just work on it a bit and it'll be worth 5/5. Well, god job. 4/5 from me. reviewed July 29, 2006
Chainsaw-Trailer by BlooX Horror
A fine trailer. Liked the music, it built suspense. The sound effects were great, and overall this trailer was above average, but still only worth 4/5 stars. Great job. I like the effort and I hope to... reviewed July 29, 2006
run by TheTomas Comedy
Ugh, I love seeing all these 5 star hobos posting. Really that was trash. I know you posted it for a joke and its obviously not as serious as all your other movies uploaded, which are 10 + minutes lon... reviewed July 29, 2006
The Funk of Eros by pegleg Romance
That is the funkiest thing I've ever watched. Wow, that was excellent. And yes, erotic but not pornographic! Awesome job there man. Spread the funk. Anyway, that was very well put together. The music... reviewed July 29, 2006
The Beach by Rasmus95dk Romance
Well the story had lots of effort put into it. And it seemed to flow quite well. The music just seemed to be in sync with the movie too! I don't know if that was planned, but anyway. I thoguht some th... reviewed July 29, 2006
Rob Scary Day by chicken410 Comedy
This was just an average film. With a little more work you can turn this into something really really good. I liked the whole idea of the film, and I quite frankly liked the VOs. So overall, a job wel... reviewed July 29, 2006
City of Crime by budrick Action
Very much enjoyed the custom music and cutom backdrops. For a short movie you did a job well done. This is a trailer and even though its in German, I still want to see it!! Awesome work. reviewed July 29, 2006
Rogers Stunts and Effects Trailer by The-Spirit Action
Hahahaha what was that? Thats so random. I'll give it a five because wooo go the spirit fund! But thats so random...I love it. I just love the fact that you made it up as you went along. Great job hahaha. reviewed July 29, 2006
The Hellacious Hellcat Hall Monitor by _C_ Action
A nice little idea for a movie. In my opinion the music didn't quite fit, but thats all in opinion. The VOs were a little dry. Work on your VA and you should be fine. reviewed July 28, 2006
Apocalypse Trailer by hamzahman Sci-Fi
An alirght music choice. A good trailer nonetheless. A nice idea for a movie, looks like it may work out. Try some good VOs next time. I'm sure this movie will be worthwhile. reviewed July 28, 2006
The TMOscars! by StevenKreg Romance
Awesome job! 14 minutes of my life well spent! I loved every minute of it. I'm going to watch some of those movies now! Thanks again! I knew Dulci would win! reviewed July 27, 2006
blowing chunks by magic_school_bus Comedy
Although anorexia and bulimia nervosa are two seperate things, this was one hell of an orinal movie. What a great job done by you. It obviously deserves 5/5. So many good scenes and an awesome storyli... reviewed July 27, 2006
The Mailman III by jadewiz Comedy
A little confusing, but somewhat original. I can't say I didn't like it, but I can't say I loved it. It was just a good solid movie. I think you could do better. You did show effort though. Well, a 4/... reviewed July 27, 2006
Private Dufus by 1movieisallittakes Comedy
The VOs were a little boring, but still good. This movie did have some humor in it, but not enough to make me rotf. Well, still a good job. A nice little movie you made. I give it a fair rating of 4/5... reviewed July 27, 2006
The Hitman by Maximusghost12 Action
Great work for your first uploaded piece. Nice job. Well try and keep this kind of stuff up. I know you have a lot of potential! I'll keep your studio in mind. Well since your kind of new, check out t... reviewed July 27, 2006
Take Me Out (MUSIC VIDEO) by Damien7 Action
I don't know as if it made the most sense in the world but it was good. I think you also need to watch out for copyright infringement. I make music videos all the time but I can't upload them onto thi... reviewed July 27, 2006
Die On Me by Gamemasters Action
For a first movie, I'd say its pretty average. No twists or character development, no custom music or any awesome directing skills. It is just adequate for what a normal movie is...I can't say I hated... reviewed July 27, 2006
Unreported V by rioco77 Horror
Nice story, some good jokes. Nice ending. The scenes seem to have a good type of flow. Also had some originality. I see lots of effort has been placed into this movie and you've well earned a 5/5 from me. reviewed July 27, 2006
Oh Chit!!!!! by ShadowsFallManiac Comedy
I found that extremely pointless. What even happened? Somehow though, I kept watching. what is wrong with me? lol. Don't take it personally, but I can only give it 3/5. Maybe with some different VOs a... reviewed July 26, 2006
Money Talks by tremblett Romance
Featured Review
I had to rewatch this. I wanted to reatch it. This was so great. The VOs were for the most part clear and the scene selections were awesome. Well done.
reviewed July 26, 2006
The Jeremiah Mystery (You Guess) by WorldPictures Horror
Featured Review
A. He gets kidnapped. That was really cool! What a great idea. Something new to TMO. Awesome job on this one. I loved the sound effects and scene selections. Awesome work WP!
reviewed July 26, 2006
The Tea Pot - Trailer by Nuggetdie Comedy
Featured Review
"The Tea Pot - Trailer" http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/98624 This looks like a fairly interesting and original movie. I can't wait to see it! Thanks for the preview. I'll defintiely keep one eye o...
reviewed July 26, 2006
Halo The Movie Trailer by DarthSim64 Sci-Fi
A nice little trailer. Makes the movie look worth watching. Nice scene choices and sound effects. And good freecam movements. Overall a 4/5 because some things were a bit lacking. reviewed July 26, 2006
Get Lucky by sarahgoben Comedy
You are new, so I won'y be too harsh. Basically, this movie, if uploaded by anyone well known would recieve one star frankly because it makes no sense and it is way too short. The first thing you coul... reviewed July 26, 2006
War is Hell by sarahgoben Horror
Uploading movies from the game that are pre-made is not necessarily a crime; but annoying. I understand your a new user so just keep that in mind. I'm not going to rate this a 5/5, in fact i'm only ra... reviewed July 26, 2006
Tokyo Boyz by wellzy Action
For a short movie, this was pretty good. Some good scenes and shows a consistent effort to make the movie flow. I do suggest to make something like this longer so characters and the plot itself could ... reviewed July 26, 2006
Hytz Trailer by Lone_Knight Action
You are being reviewed by one of The Seven Crusaders of Cinema: An alright trailer. It didn't blow me away or put me on the edge of my seat. A good solid effort which earns 4/5 stars from me. reviewed July 18, 2006
Assignment 1 Kick Hitler In The Ass by Matthew74 Comedy
You are being reviewed by one of The Seven Crusaders Of Cinema: This was a clever idea. Bad News: Your VOs were hardly understandable, you did not develop the plot nor did you develop the characters i... reviewed July 18, 2006
Jeremiah Stands Up by WorldPictures Comedy
Featured Review
The stand up was good...but not the greatest. I do think it could have been funnier. But the VO's were very understandable, and the music was extremely well chosen at the beginning! A 4/5 well earned.
reviewed July 18, 2006
THE FIRE 3 end of the trilogy by sylanderstudios06 Romance
You are being reviewed by one of The Seven Crusaders of Cinema: The Vo's all had volume that was messed up. Some louder than others. I didn't like the mix of VOs and subs...very confusing. he casting ... reviewed July 18, 2006
The TMO Kings Of Comedy by DNR Comedy
You are being reviewed by one of The Seven Crusaders Of Cinema: Wow! Great job on that one. That was hilarious and uncensored...which was awesome. The VOs were easy to understand and fun to listen to.... reviewed July 18, 2006
September 11 by lahire Action
You are being reviewed by one of The Seven Crusaders Of Cinema: You didn't do a bad job at all, in fact thats why I'll be giving this movie four stars. Let's admit it though, you didn't do your resea... reviewed July 18, 2006
Forever War part 1 by Enzo_0 Sci-Fi
Featured Review
You are being reviewed by one of The Seven Crusaders Of Cinema: One thing I'd like to point out. Your poster says eternal war and your title says forever war. Anyway...this movie was good overall. I w...
reviewed July 17, 2006
ode to meat by 6-HEADEDMONSTER Horror
Wow, that was brilliant. The mods, some say, were not necessary, but I do beleive that in order for you to portray YOUR story they were needed. Well done and a 5/5 well earned. reviewed July 17, 2006
7-7 by Jimbo5858685 Romance
A good movie, put a little too dramatized. I do like your style of moviemaking though. you did a great job on this one. 5/5 All the way. reviewed July 17, 2006
The Storm of the Decade by jjnelson222 Sci-Fi
Well that was fairly original; and good too! My only suggestion is that you could have turned mumbling off....But other than that, great film. Keep them coming. reviewed July 17, 2006
9-11 theatrical trailer by fadedmemory90 Action
Good concept. The mods could have been used better. You could have used freecam to not show the surrounding field set...but you did fine. Great trailer 4/5 well earned. reviewed July 17, 2006
Trigger HappyMusic Video by reapar Comedy
Featured Review
That was a great music video! You showed a lot of hard work! you definitely deserve 5/5. Just watch out for all that copyright crap! Keep good movies coming.
reviewed July 17, 2006
Chemical Jody by munsinger Sci-Fi
You are being reviewed by one of The Seven Crusaders Of Cinema: What was that? It looks like you didn't even work. What was this, five scenes with uncorresponding dialogue and music?! I think you coul... reviewed July 17, 2006
Catastrophic - Teaser by SteveyG Action
You are being reviewed by one of The Seven Crusaders Of Cinema Well I definitely want a Pm when that one comes out. Looks fairly interesting. Thanks for the tease. reviewed July 16, 2006
Tranquil Hill - Suffering by shahrukhkhan Horror
You are being reviewed by one of The Seven Crusaders Of Cinema: Wow! What a great Hot Pick, probably the best yet. That film kept me going. I was at the edge of my seat the entire time. I'm not quite ... reviewed July 16, 2006
Welcome To FDP by First_Demand_Productions Action
You are being reviewed by one of the Seven Crusaders of Cinema: That wasn't the most exciting movie or anything, but it was crafty and showed some effort. It was a nice little idea. The movie ocming u... reviewed July 16, 2006
Gangster Nation by UrinatingTree Comedy
You are being reviewed by one of the Seven Crusaders Of Cinema: That was gangster! It was pretty good overall. such a great original storyline. What I didn't like though, were some scenes in the begin... reviewed July 16, 2006
Gorilla in SPACE!!!! by Matthew74 Comedy
Again, I come upon a movie that is not as well developed as it should be. You do show signs of work though. Your VOs were good, but hard to hear; the constant mumbling threw me off. Your editing was a... reviewed July 16, 2006
The devil santa by adzy2k6 Horror
You are being reviewed by one of the Seven Crusaders Of Cinema: A nice little idea for a film, but not developed enough. I mean, considering the time alloted for it to actually get into the viewers mi... reviewed July 16, 2006
Terror Day Trailer by pixiedad Action
You are being reviewed by one of the Seven Crusaders Of Cinema: Not the best trailer I've ever seen. I wasn't really awed by your music selections or editing, two things that really make a good traile... reviewed July 16, 2006
The Golden Dog by johnokinawa Sci-Fi
This film was extraordinarily done. It was perfect in almost every way. The music was great, the VAs were fantastic adn the scenes flowed like a river.The dogs voice was a bit of a cartoon, but thats ... reviewed July 15, 2006
Live Target Dead Reckoning by oldbay Action
You have just been reviewed by one of the Seven Crusaders of Cinema: Some scenes could have defintely been cut short. Also, the music got just a little annoying at times. I did like however, how there... reviewed July 15, 2006
Fire and Forget III by nukester Action
Great job. You definitely deserve five stars for this masterpiece. All the hard work you put into it was definitely visible. This was exciting, suspensful, and worth the twenty minute watch. I did not... reviewed July 14, 2006
Rising Series Trailer by Earwmd Horror
Featured Review
You are being reviewed by one of the Seven Crusaders Of Cinema: That was an excellent trailer. Really got me pumped for watching the film. The music was excellent! Perfect, I love how you made the mus...
reviewed July 14, 2006
The fighter trailer by castrol Action
Your being reviewed by one of the Seven Crusaders Of Cinema: Well, this, even for a trailer, was WAY too short, and unfortunately I can only give it two stars. You did show some effort, but not enough... reviewed July 14, 2006
Makeup by KeViNp Comedy
Hahaha, good film with a nice ltitle twist at the end. I like that set with the commercial. Great job. A well earned 4/5 for this film. I enjoyed it quite a bit. reviewed July 14, 2006
KILLING YOU IS THE ONLY THING I DO by machoman_films Horror
You have just been reviewed by one of the Seven Crusaders of Cinema A good little movie, with an interesting title. With some proper VOs or subtitles this could have potential, although I really didn'... reviewed July 14, 2006
Hero Glory by scottbof Action
You have just been reviewed by one of the Seven Crusaders of Cinema: I go with three stars for a good effort, but not capable of making a five star movie yet. You consistantly show good effort in this... reviewed July 14, 2006
Revenge of the Umpa Lumpas by IronMantis Comedy
Wow! That was perfect! the editing was marvelous. Everything i nthat entire movie was superb. the Subs did move a little fast at some points but that didn't take away much from the overall quality of ... reviewed July 13, 2006
You Better give this movie a five star or eles by drew109 Comedy
You're being reviewed by one of the seven crusaders of cinema: Too much talking, but the VOs were fortunately understandable ones. Well, that movies wasn't worthy of five stars, but I do see there was... reviewed July 13, 2006
Gone Drinkin by Noisenik Comedy
You're being reviewed by one of the seven crusaders of cinema: A simple movie. A good attempt, but not good enough to earn five stars. I noticed that the scenes flowed well, and you did choose good mu... reviewed July 13, 2006
Disaster by duxy Action
A nice clever little film including cutom srts and excellent VOS. A lot of work and effort went into this making it worthy of five stars. (For sure) reviewed July 13, 2006
Lucy in the Sky with Dieing by jeffner Action
I believe the correct spelling is dying (title). Well this was just an average film. Not one that wowed me or one that made me cry or laugh. It was a little on the silly side, but it was also on the n... reviewed July 13, 2006
Holding Back The Ears by del999 Horror
A nice title. Very hooking. I enjoyed this film although it could have been a lot longer and have some custom sound effects and music, which really seem to help out horror movies. Nice attempt at maki... reviewed July 13, 2006
Indian Curry Meh Drunk Uncle by darkravens Comedy
Featured Review
That was an interesting flick. Well unfortunately I think it was a bit racist, and I didn't laugh at all. I do think though, that this was a nice attempt at creating a comedy. Good idea, and some crea...
reviewed July 13, 2006
How to Catch a Man by riott007 Comedy
Well, I did enjoy it somewhat, but it wasn't the best film on TMO. I did have a laugh here and there. That was very good of you to post the warnings, which were most needed. 4 stars well earned, and a... reviewed July 13, 2006
The Kung Fu Chicken(part one) by frankiedom Action
Featured Review
That was pretty good. It wasn't the most exciting or funniest film ever, but it wasn't a pain to watch or anything. The first thing I noticed right off the bat was the opening music just seemed to fit...
reviewed July 13, 2006
How To Catch A Girl by dfpiii Comedy
Hahaha, omg this is a must see film. That was the funniest movie. I didn't like extremely until the musical. Hhahaahaha. omg that was so freakin hilarious. That was bloody marvelous....five stars! Hah... reviewed July 13, 2006
The Heist by nightmare2146 Action
In my opinion you execute that action them quite well. Good music, good subtitles, and excellent storylines. I don't know if there was much character development though. But other than that, this was ... reviewed July 12, 2006
INVASION by tasmania11 Sci-Fi
Featured Review
You editing skills are impeccable. I couldn't believe how well acted the VOs were. The noyl problem I had was with the computer voice being in English, but thats alright. I mean everything was so grea...
reviewed July 12, 2006
Once Upon a Time World War 2 (2 Last part) by samyhouse Action
Featured Review
You had a great story. These two movies were close to perfect. I'm glad I watched both. You have earned your five stars on these two. Keep making movies, your work will be well payed off soon. (This i...
reviewed July 12, 2006
Saturn Man by JSim07 Sci-Fi
Featured Review
That was a great costume, I'm not sure where you got it from. Im sure you know about the superhero competitions going on. This surely is a film to be entered. This my friend is a 5/5 well earned. Your...
reviewed July 12, 2006
Once upon a time world war 2 (part 1) by samyhouse Action
Everything was so well done. I liked the backdrops; you seem to have a nack for moviemaking. The scenes flowed very well, and some editing skills are present. btw, French = Awesome. :) A 5/5 rating we... reviewed July 12, 2006
I Remember by nightmare2146 Horror
An excellent story. Truly touching in many ways. Although I did notice some unneeded scenes, you did a great job at conveying one man's life in a less than 4 minute movie. That was a very, very depres... reviewed July 12, 2006
Toriel is being gross by toriel Horror
Featured Review
What a good movie filled with clever and tasty treats. Speaking of treats, not only was that clever type of movie a treat to watch, but those donuts were awful yummy. This was very original, and for t...
reviewed July 12, 2006
Bully by toriel Action
Featured Review
Good cutom music, and nice outfits for the actors. The VOs were extremely understandable and I enjoyed them. Actually it was quite funny how the bully slapped people. All I can say is when I clicked t...
reviewed July 12, 2006
Lost Memories (first part) by samyhouse Action
Very nice backdrops, I have to add that first. Haha. But you had great music choices and a wonderful storyline. That guy had a lot of stuff i nhis pocket though; a lighter, a ciggerette pack, and a ce... reviewed July 12, 2006
Jason XX Trailer by MaxiodMojo Horror
Featured Review
Well I think that trailer could have had a bit more to it. The music didn't seem to match all that well (Ugh theres such a lack of choices on the game). It appears to me like a lot of hard work went i...
reviewed July 12, 2006
Violent Dream by a2k13 Horror
Featured Review
Okay there. I sure am glad to have watched that. Haha. Maybe next time you could make a REAL movie. But, I may add, good VO so a possible 3 star rating is in order. :)
reviewed July 11, 2006
Scary Beginners II by Patty82 Comedy
That was great! And I'm Glad I spend that 15 minutes watching. It was funny at times but not absolutely hilarious. Good job on this one. It was very entertaining and enjoyable. 5/5 no doubt and it des... reviewed July 11, 2006
Lionhead News by FraasMovies Comedy
I don't think this should be this high i nthe charts for so long. It was orginal, but It wasn't the best thing I've ever seen on this site. There were good VOs (even though I can't speak german) and t... reviewed July 11, 2006
ERNIES SECRET by kingpengvin Comedy
That was funny! It made me laugh once or twice. You had some interesting lines about the zombie that I found quite amusing. This is definitely a film that earns 5/5 from me and should from so many others. reviewed July 11, 2006
What Have I Done by visualstudios Horror
That was one hell of a movie. The ending was really what made me give in to giving you five stars and actually mean 5 stars. WELL DONE! You did such an excellent job. It makes my movies and any other ... reviewed July 10, 2006
Close Encounters with some Aliens part 1 by homemadeeye Comedy
Featured Review
Lol, quite funny. Hahahaha. Oh my god. I laughed so hard I think I peed. That was the most hilarious movie ever. Some scenes you could have done without, but it was hilarious anyway. Oh my god, im fre...
reviewed July 10, 2006
Phantom of the opera (Trailer) by micha83 Romance
I love it. That was beautiful. I want more, more, more, more, NOW! Too bad I don't speak German. reviewed July 10, 2006
Endless by satansmunchkin Romance
Although I beleive some scenes could have been edited a tad shorter, this was poetry in motion. I had chills.... Great work. Very likeable good work. reviewed July 10, 2006
Silence - Trailer by satansmunchkin Horror
Looks great! I see effort and thought were put into this trailer, so I'll give it a 5/5 rating. Nice work, keep it up. reviewed July 10, 2006
The First Adventures of Twiggy and Sticky by satansmunchkin Action
very funny. That was extremely enjoyable. Good job! Keep making funny movies like this (even thoguh they're hard to make and people get jealous.) reviewed July 10, 2006
Dance Twiggy by satansmunchkin Comedy
I love your custom backdrops and everything. You did a good job on this movie. Not as good as your others though. I do beleive it was too short, and you shouldn???t have posted it on this website. 4/5... reviewed July 10, 2006
Chaos Trailer by satansmunchkin Romance
Great trailer. Everything was so perfect. I enjoyed it very much. Please PM me when the full length version is available. Keep filming! reviewed July 10, 2006
My Breasts by satansmunchkin Romance
That was very well put together. The scenes all matched. there was no jumping around. Great job, and a five star rating well earned. reviewed July 10, 2006
The Lounge Singer by Dulci Romance
That was absolutely amazing. Breathtaking. Awesome acting and fabulous scene selections. They all fit so well. Great editing and just wow.....I'm actually speechless. reviewed July 10, 2006
We need more Sets! by TimBurtonFan Comedy
Yes! thats very true. We need all that + + + But some stuff is now available that Se is available. reviewed July 10, 2006
The Rocket Revengers by Cloudhammer Sci-Fi
Great VOs. I don't know how you did them. the rocket revengers ARE ready to rocket. reviewed July 10, 2006
why are u wearing underwear by jinko23 Horror
Okay, not that that made any sense or anything, but I laughed when the lady slapped the underwear man. I did laugh. Overall this film was great for a few laughs and whatnot, but there was no storyline... reviewed July 10, 2006
Code Mainstreet Trailer by screamingtongue Action
Great job! I'll be sure to watch the full length movie. Please PM me when it's finished. Wow! reviewed July 10, 2006
Feed Or Be Fed by ufxlabs Comedy
Hahaha, what was that. i heard one VO the entire time. "You are so sexy" Wow, amazing. You have great acting skills. yeah maybe your movies would make sense if you explained them. That was horrible. W... reviewed July 10, 2006
VIRUS 6 by moviedragon5000 Sci-Fi
Well I'm glad I made it to the final one o the series. I watched them all for you, i guss you could call it OCD. The series itself was very original, and nothing like this has ever been attemoted on t... reviewed July 10, 2006
VIRUS 5 by moviedragon5000 Comedy
Freecam was well done. Good use of scenes and sets. This was a lot better than the last part, and it explained quite a bit. Well done! Keep making great movies! :) A 4/5 rating seems fairly reasonable... reviewed July 10, 2006
VIRUS 4 by moviedragon5000 Sci-Fi
This isn't the best part in the series. Not as well thoguht out or worked on. You probably could have just made this part of Part 3. I didn't find the ending as much of a cliffhanger as the others wer... reviewed July 10, 2006
VIRUS 3 by moviedragon5000 Sci-Fi
The music was well chosen and the scenes were nicely put together. Yuo have a nack for editing. Good job. Keep up the great work, looking forward to part 4. reviewed July 10, 2006
VIRUS 2 by moviedragon5000 Sci-Fi
I don't know if that was the best music choice. Like I said before, you did a great job at making an interesting series. I do beleive however that you could have made it all one movie. It may have bee... reviewed July 10, 2006
VIRUS by moviedragon5000 Sci-Fi
The Vos were good and understandable. Althoguh some of the acting was a bit lband. Very nice idea for a movie. That was one of the most creative movies yet on TMO. I'll be sure to check out your other... reviewed July 10, 2006
Baggage Boy Bob VO edition by The-Spirit Comedy
It's nice to see you actually doing something with the baggage boy rrather than posting it for bad reviews to earn Vc. Good work. I couldn't understand the VO's but thats okay. 4/5 Seems very fair. /i... reviewed July 10, 2006
Baggage Boy Bob by The-Spirit Comedy
Hahaha, that was very funny. I think it was very original. Vos definitely needed, but still that didn't take away from much. Haha. 5/5 is a good rating for that. reviewed July 10, 2006
Bloody scientists edited by radioactivemanphilc Comedy
Hey im your 100th reviewer! Awesome! Well I liked this film. It flowed very well and wasn't rushed at all. I didn't know what to expect when I saw the title, but I wasn't dissapointed. Good job. Keep ... reviewed July 10, 2006
Beach Horror Day! by gothjedi Horror
Quite an interesting title if you ask me. I love the voices. Did you use Bonzai Buddy, because watch out....that has mega viruses. Good work. Keep it up. reviewed July 10, 2006
Death Friends by Sanmarinofilms Horror
Very good movie. Welcome to TMO. It's nice to see a new studio making movies. for this being only your 2nd film, you did an excellent job. Good use of scenes and sets. Great work, keep it up. 4/5 Is a... reviewed July 10, 2006
Act of War (Trailer) by lahire Action
That was an average trailer. Good job though, because it did entice me to watch the full lenth film when it's available. Great work! Keep at it. reviewed July 10, 2006
I Wanna Be A Movie Star! by superdude007 Comedy
A fair amount of effort was put into this movie. The music was well chosen and the story seemed to flow well. I didn't notice a lot of freecam activity, which is the main thing on SE, but oh well. Kee... reviewed July 10, 2006
Alien Under My Bed by byron22 Horror
I liked this one. It seems as though you actually thought it out, unlike your prior movie. I'm proud of you! For a new studio I'm proud to present you with 600 VCs for your good work. Great job. Keep ... reviewed July 10, 2006
evil forest by byron22 Horror
Good movie for being only one of three you've released. Haha, but I don't think he'd get service in the woods on hi cellphone. Good attempt at making an awesome movie. You did a great job. Keep them coming. reviewed July 10, 2006
King Kong the True Story by 10s Romance
Welcome to TMO. Indeed I enjoyed your movie, but I was hoping for some voiceovers. The subs were great though. You did seem to rush the plotline a little, but this was a very clever idea. Good job at ... reviewed July 10, 2006
Watchmen - Episode 1 by BelgianWaffle Sci-Fi
Very good movie. I liked the music choice and how your scenes all seemed to flow. The only thing though, is you may need to add some VOs for the following episodes. I see your a new studio. And for a ... reviewed July 10, 2006
Fly Attack by 10s Action
Great idea! Thats an original on TMO! Awesome job! I see a lot of thought and effort went into this one. Maybe you could have made bussing noises on your mic though! Haha, great job. Keep making more ... reviewed July 10, 2006
deth wish the horrer ends her by joelmicd Action
I think the title needs some work if your serious about making a movie that goes far on TMO. I think the girl changed her outfit. But you did have good use of scenes and sets. 4/5 is a good rating for... reviewed July 10, 2006
Robot 2!!!! by Master7C5 Comedy
Very good music choices, althoguh a bit too many. nice work though. This was a good solid effort to make an average movie. I give it a 4/5. Good work, keep it up. reviewed July 10, 2006
Just Ice by armaankhan Action
I think just the opposite of the last review. I mean in that short amount of time you did manage to send a messege. And that alone, is worth a good rating. But I also do believe that not much work or ... reviewed July 10, 2006
the alien king trailer by toml Sci-Fi
The subs did move a little too fast, but however, a nice little trailer. Keep making movies like this, and I hope to view the full-length. reviewed July 10, 2006
We Are Infinity 2 by kawasakiboy13 Action
A strange little movie with no character developement, exciting music, vos, subs, or even a storyline. The worst part is about 75% of that movie was filled with dialogue scenes....but no dialogue; jus... reviewed July 9, 2006
99cents by SamanthaRae8 Comedy
I don't like racism all that much. I'd feel odd giving this anything more than a three. It really wasn't that good. Not funny, no plot, just blahhh. Yeah you got a two b/c I don't like giving out ones... reviewed July 9, 2006
60 Second Hitman by nathanbowen Action
Although this movie was 61 seconds, I forgive you. Well when you get SE, make it better, b/c with a little work this could turn out well. Just a little too short though. But I trust you to work on it!... reviewed July 9, 2006
6 little Words by andewg2 Comedy
That was so original and so very funny. Great job at making me laugh!! That defintiely; without a doubt, earns a 5/5!!!!! Great work!!!! reviewed July 9, 2006
The Silent Noise by DoctorComfort Sci-Fi
Very nice title. And good music choice. The movie was a little too short, and I beleive if you expand you could go very far with it. It has a lot of potentials. There were no VOs or subtitles and no s... reviewed July 9, 2006
The Rocket Revengers by Cloudhammer Sci-Fi
Welcome to TMO! I'm glad to see a new studio out and about making movies! Great work for your first movie! The VOs were excellent! you definitely get a 5/5 from me. I think that is such a superb movie... reviewed July 9, 2006
The Conscience of Money by UKStripped Action
Nice job at creating a different kind of film for TMO. I enjoyed it very much. I did not get a professional vibe from viewing it, however, I do beleive it is worth 5/5 especially for effort. But try s... reviewed July 9, 2006
Country Kools by cronicclapper Action
Great music, great VOs and great acting. I thoguht everything was awesome. You did a superb job at creating a masterpiece on TMO. 5/5 seems reasonable :) Well done! Keep them coming. reviewed July 9, 2006
Across the Prairie by doj Action
Featured Review
Great storyline! I really think everything was well put together. But your weak point would be the voiceovers though. There was some bad acting. But on the other hand that cowboy accent was well pulle...
reviewed July 9, 2006
Eternal Happiness by FLYmeatwad Romance
Good subtitles and a great storyline. Excellent music choice. But I did not enjoy it as much as i thought I would. Some parts were rushed and others dragged a little. Well good attempt, and I think yo... reviewed July 9, 2006
The Moulting - DRYNESS by bongoman Action
Featured Review
Very, very entertaining. It was 10 minutes but so enjoyable that was incredible! I liked the VOs. They really added to the movie. They're actually what earned you that 5th star!!! Great work! Keep it up.
reviewed July 9, 2006
Enamorville Episode III by LeoBrZ81 Horror
Good VOs and an excellent storyline/plot. I personally loved it. It was very enjoyable and for no reason do I regret watching this film. Good work! Keep making good movies like this. reviewed July 9, 2006
crazy cam 1 by a2k13 Comedy
Featured Review
A agree with Cult Inc. Your stringing random shots together. Take a little more pride in the movies you mkae. I mean, your taking advantage of the overlays given to you...but the movie gets boring. I ...
reviewed July 9, 2006
crazy cam 3 by a2k13 Comedy
Featured Review
That was different. A lot of costumes and effects I've not seen before. Good work. 4/5
reviewed July 9, 2006
Reflections by lordbogs Action
VOs would have been nice. But this story was very good anyway. I very much enjoyed it and will probably bookmark it in the future. Agreeing with the other reviews, this movie is on it's way to being t... reviewed July 9, 2006
MrBones The final chapter by princeinexile Comedy
I love this series. They're so funny. So original and creative. I think you've earned 5 stars on each of them from me. Haha, I just love his voice! It's so funny. Is that you?!? Who is that?!?!? reviewed July 9, 2006
Blood Love by flamegrilledmutley Horror
Catchy title; althoguh a little dissaponted. But the movie itself was not very original. Great use of music and sound effects. This film was just average and therefore recieves a rating of a 4/5. reviewed July 9, 2006
Loves Me Not by AtomicZombie Romance
Very good for a short film. Im sure that this deserves atleast a four star rating, but i'll give it a five. A 200 Vc well deserved. :) reviewed July 9, 2006
The Picture Of Dorian Grey by Dracin Horror
Now, aside from the spelling errors this is pretty much a must see film. The music was great. The story was great! Everything....great! Good work. Keep it up. reviewed July 9, 2006
To Kill The Zombies by mradam14 Horror
That was fair. It was enjoyable; but not scary. You used the game well. Good work - keep it up. reviewed July 9, 2006
BrokeBack Marines Will and James by jmcdiv Sci-Fi
Okay. Well that was just average. It wasn't great and it wasn't terrible. I wouldn't bookmark it by any means. Wll it earned you 3/5. I guess thats fair right? reviewed July 9, 2006
Swallowing The World 2 by cboswell Horror
Interesting thumbnail. It actually enticed me to watch your film. This was a little dissapointing, therefore I can only give it a 4/5. Everything changed so quickly...a woman in labor to an alien inva... reviewed July 9, 2006
Get Lucky by byron22 Comedy
Be a little more creative here. Trying will get you farther. I'm not sure if this movie was cpu generated or not, but it is; thats not appropriate behavior. Try harder. But I do see you added subtitle... reviewed July 9, 2006
the new motherland-trailer by kultjah222 Comedy
That was okay, but it's exactly like some game I've played a bunch of times and I can't remember the title. I don't kno if you did that on purpose or not, but just remember copyright. This is only the... reviewed July 9, 2006
Think Road Safety Advert by EthanRunt Comedy
That was different, with a good messege. I don't know how much effort was put into this, but nonetheless you did great work. Keep them coming. 5/5. reviewed July 9, 2006
Whos funny now by KingDominique Comedy
I don't know what to say. I didn't laugh, I didn't cry, I almost didn't even continue to watch. Sorry but thats only a good 2/5 from me. I mean the last review has a god point. You didn't even try. We... reviewed July 9, 2006
The Evil Banana by gff1154 Comedy
Very random scene selections, but a great job making a catchy title. With a little more work this could be enjoyale, but for now it's a little weird. Good attempt. Keep trying. reviewed July 9, 2006
General Beef by gff1154 Comedy
I agree with the last review. It wasn't a bad movie. I don't think it deserves one or two stars...but it also wasn't the best movie. It wasn't that well thoguht out and put together. No harm done thou... reviewed July 9, 2006
Porn Demo The Making Of (DVD Extra!) by kevinduh Comedy
What was that? That was very pointless. Yeah pointless is a great word. reviewed July 9, 2006
A Woman In The Mirror by Mogulman321 Horror
Sorry I can't leave like a five page review. I was really left speechless after watching...thats all I can really say. Everything was so well done. Great VOs. great storyline, great everything. It was... reviewed July 9, 2006
BAIS 2 - The Wrath of Qwan by dfpiii Sci-Fi
That was a very good film. It had good VOs and a very nice storyline. I don't normally spend almost 15 minutes watching a movie but I believe this was well worth it. You had good scene selections too ... reviewed July 9, 2006
High Summit by tjacj Action
Well that was fairly short. That didn't even give me and time to catch my attentinon to anything. I mean what was that....four scenes at the most. Good attempt but not good enough to get you a good ra... reviewed July 9, 2006
fire in da house! by jinko23 Comedy
Good musical choices. And nice flow of scenes. Normally I would steer clear of this movie because of the weird title; but I'm not regretful at all of watching it. It was good for a chuckle or two. Nic... reviewed July 9, 2006
Superhero(Superstupid More Like) by gamegeek Comedy
Yeah, this was a good comedy lacking any true in-depth storyline. Next time fix the subtitles or don't put as much. Good job though. Good for a laugh or two. reviewed July 9, 2006
Dawn of the dead by jonathanstewart645302 Action
The real Dawn of The Dead is in fact one of my favorite movies of all time. I wasn't dissapointed although I do think with a little more work you could have made this better. Now I'm not just talking ... reviewed July 9, 2006
Cool Joe Gunn by zrickard Action
Nice little movie you've got there. Shows some potential. I would like it however if you had more of a plotline. Otherwise you did an okay job. With no VOs or subtitles though this really only earned ... reviewed July 9, 2006
School Fighting by mradam14 Action
Well I do have to say that the description, even though very sucky, did entice me to watch the film. I guess you can call it OCD. haha. Overall, good work. Worthy of a 4/5 for a good attempt at a diff... reviewed July 9, 2006
Doin Time - Nightmare by insanewarrior69 Action
Featured Review
Good idea. I've never seen this type of a film take place in a jail. Very great idea. It's creativity that counts in movie making and yuor creativity just bought you a 5/5. Also, great sounds and good...
reviewed July 9, 2006
CyberDemon Trailer by adam09 Sci-Fi
I don't know if the coming soon thingl asting for the entire trailer was absolutely necessary. But you had good choices of sets, and it was nice of you to say something about the website you recieved ... reviewed July 8, 2006
The Connection (Part 1 of 5) by onaysshh Sci-Fi
Part one was quite entertaining. It kept my full attention. Good job. i'll be sure to watch the other parts, but you have to just expand a little. That'll make everything work a bit better. You could ... reviewed July 8, 2006
the end of the world by jguer222 Horror
Visible that some work was put into this. I will admit that the thumbnail was better than the movie itself. You had good use of the new expansion pack, but lacked a plotline. You did make a good attem... reviewed July 8, 2006
Gods Assistant Pt 2 by Amabeginzordawg Action
Nice, different little movie. You did a great job at making something orignal. The music was original too!! More advertisement is necessary. More people should watch this. Good work! Keep it up! reviewed July 8, 2006
Winny The Pooh by hevvi_b Comedy
Lacking mostly a plotline. This movie was pointless. You attempted at a comedy, but I didn't laugh. It was alright. You had a good concept. Just needed a lot more work. Keep working, I'll be looking a... reviewed July 8, 2006
Burning Edison by mriamron Comedy
This was very good, but could use just a little work. The guy VO couldn't act that well...but the female voice was alright. I don't know if this plot was even the most exciting I've seen. This movie r... reviewed July 8, 2006
Trailer Redeemer by GooDilein Action
Wow, very good. This looks fairly enjoyable. I will however, watch the full length by monday. Good job! I'm just itching to know what's going to happen! reviewed July 8, 2006
Running Insane by Balckdeath Action
I don't know if I'd consider it the best movie ever. But it did have some clever humor and it was good. The plot was lacking, but oh well. Good for a laugh. 4/5 seems reasonable enough. reviewed July 8, 2006
The Few by David_C Action
Excellent job using overlays. Good music choices and an interesting plotline. 4/5 though, because this wasn't truly an amzing film, but still good. reviewed July 8, 2006
Homeless Part VI - Joeys Back by Smiddy_666 Horror
I see a lot of work went into this one and for your first SE movie, it wasn't bad at all. My only suggestion would to be more respectful to people on TMO. Like i you don't like cops thats okay...but w... reviewed July 8, 2006
Bang Bang Were Dead by rosache Comedy
What can I say...It was an interesting title, but a movie lacking a thick plotline. I'm guesing it would have made a lot more sense if you had voiceovers of subtitles...but I don't know thta for sure.... reviewed July 8, 2006
fire on world trade center by matol12 Action
The ending could have been better, but you made a nice attempt at creating a different kind of movie. Was that music custom also? I don't know if it was the best to fit, but it was cool music. I think... reviewed July 8, 2006
pokemon by liam-speed Comedy
Yeah....not only because I hate pokemon do you get a 3 star rating....but this movie was a little on the hsort side for what you wanted to do. The music didn't match and the plotline was a little too ... reviewed July 8, 2006
why i have a rubbish studio by jinko23 Comedy
Nice little concept. Good film. Pretty enjoyble by my standards. The same stuff happens with my stars. Actually I'm thinking that if you put a little more work into this movie and make it in the year ... reviewed July 8, 2006
Wake Up And Die Again by Balckdeath Horror
That was okay. A good attempt at a comical/action film. although mnay more of us on this website are a lot more serious...this film was okay. Just an okay film recieves 4 stars from me. I did like how... reviewed July 8, 2006
Into the Mind of a Psychopath by sgporsche48 Horror
At first, I was to think that the music you chose was awesome, but it ended up being just alright. This plot was extremely awesome with pretty much the best twist I've ever seen. That was one of the c... reviewed July 8, 2006
old man by a2b2c2 Romance
Welcome to TMO! Good job for a first release! Very enjoyable, and short. The way I like it! Your not bad for a newcomer, although some audio would be nice. Great work, buddy. reviewed July 7, 2006
The Good The Bad And The Sheriff by mugsy1 Action
Featured Review
Nice catchy title. For a short time, you pulled off making a good movie that I, atleast, liked. Great job! Keep at it.
reviewed July 7, 2006
The Hot Pick by Pulp Celluloid Comedy
Great VOs! I enjoyed that movie quite a bit. I really liked how you made your scenes so nicely fit together. Good job. reviewed July 7, 2006
Black Bot Wendys by ElStupido Comedy
At times, I have to admit, the VOs became quite annoying; but you made a very funny movie. I've always wondered why they were square too!!! Friendly's does the same thing! Hmmmm...I wonder.....well, t... reviewed July 7, 2006
Chronicle of the WoodTHE HOUSE by tasmania11 Horror
The VOs were hard to distinguish but the plot seemed very well thought out and it was great. I enjoyed your movie probably up to the 6 minute mark until I got a little bored. Well 4/5 seems very reaso... reviewed July 7, 2006
Tales of Truly Terrible Cinematography by mildheadwound Comedy
That was hilarious. I'm freakin dying here. Nice job creating a damn well awesome masterpiece of a movie!! I loved it!!!! Good VO's and good music. Great job!!!!!! reviewed July 7, 2006
4th of July by Jedi5000 Comedy
A fairly good comedy. I didn't catch myself having a great time watching it...but good nonetheless. Keep making good comedies, don't quit. Good job. Good for a chuckle when your nice and bored, like me. reviewed July 7, 2006
Lesbiana by BamRyan Comedy
That was a little odd. But hey...sh** happens...Alright. I'm so glad I watched that one! lol. Good for a laugh or two. reviewed July 7, 2006
How Babies Are Made by joel666 Comedy
Featured Review
That was extremely well done. I enjoyed it a lot. What a different kind of movie, with such a different kind of plotline. Many jokes were cracked - all were funny. And that music just seemed to fit so...
reviewed July 7, 2006
Metal heads of the future by Acc Comedy
Thank you for that lovely intro. Hahah, and I liked how he was serving the robots oil. Very clever on your part. Good movie. Keep them coming. I'll watch the sequal soon. reviewed July 7, 2006
Glethan The Mage VO edition by FotD Action
I had a bit of trouble getting the jist of this film overall. I really thought that you could have done a better job. The VO's were fine...but hard to understand. Nice attempt. Keep making movies! You... reviewed July 7, 2006
Phantom Myth How I Came To Be by Onirele Sci-Fi
Good narration and excellent editing made this movie very enjoyable. The storyline was a little weak, but still good. I guess tha was your only weakspot actually. A very nice SE scifi flick. 5/5 reviewed July 7, 2006
Could We Rule the World Musical- Teaser by rojas_tortu Comedy
Quite long for a teaser and not a trailer. But I did like it. I mean, the VO's were just a little hard to understand but nonetheless you manged to create a very well thoguht out teaser that was fun to watch. reviewed July 7, 2006
Guarding the Gate by LeoBrZ81 Comedy
Featured Review
Some really awesome jokes make this movie a 5 star comical masterpiece. Nice job at keeping my attention and making me lmao. I hope you mkae more movies soon, because I'll be right there watching them...
reviewed July 7, 2006
Deceiver by rowe34 Romance
I loved the editing. The fades were so well times....wow!! Your skills were so prevailent. The music was AWESOME! I don't beleive I know that song! You also had awesome scene selections and everything... reviewed July 7, 2006
Treehouse Horror by themoviesperson2323 Horror
It didn't flow amazingly...but it wasn't bad. Nice attempt. The VOs were also quite amusing. I liked it, and it kept me watching. Good job. (4.5 rounded to 5) reviewed July 7, 2006
Gangster Nation Trailer by UrinatingTree Comedy
I liked the voice you used. And there was some humor in this trailer although I am not sure whether it is classified as an action movie or a comedy. Good job. reviewed July 7, 2006
A ninja Vs a robot and a demond by Acc Action
Well the title isn't exactly what I call exciting...and unfortunately the story wasn't either. Although I did think that the VO's were quite funny they became annoying and un-professional. The robot's... reviewed July 7, 2006
9-11 Teaser Trailer by fadedmemory90 Action
That was alright. I've seen the real 9-11 thing on AE and this didn't compare. I will however, watch the full-length version. Good job. Keep making good movies. reviewed July 7, 2006
Operation Wipeout by AxeCinema Action
The camera usage is excellent. This whole movie was quite good if you ask me. Those are some freakin nice costumes too! Are they custom?? Nice job. For being a movie with little thoguht or character d... reviewed July 7, 2006
Scourge of ze Schpace Nazis by nunberry Sci-Fi
Very good jokes! I enjoyed that film quite a bit, although i was not able to read a few subtitles and a few things went right over my head. The Zs did not effect the readability...just the quickness o... reviewed July 7, 2006
Ze Last Man Schtanding by nunberry Action
Hahahahaha. What an interesting little flick. You must be proud of this one. Well, I wasn't dissapoitned althoguh I was just a little perplexed....otherwise, some very good subtitles. I just wish ther... reviewed July 7, 2006
Grass Growing TECH DEMO by nunberry Romance
Wow! that was lovely!!! I'm just a little confused. Good combo of sets is really all I can say. Not only am I seeing someone else wrote that...but it was my first opinion as well. reviewed July 7, 2006
Lovesong For A Knob Gobbler by nunberry Horror
Alright. That was pretty good. The tune sounded so familiar though...and whats a knobgobbler? I can try to love again but I know....the first cut is the deepest....THATS IT!!! I had to rewatch it to g... reviewed July 7, 2006
Oh Its On 3 Ouichi Genshi Basutaa Alpha by mixmasterfestus Action
That was amazing. That was like....playing meat hopscotch with my grandma in the middle of a madonna concert....Wow! totally awesome. I mean, how do you do that?!? Holy crap. reviewed July 7, 2006
Burning Love by nunberry Romance
I liked watching this movie! It was fun with really awesome voiceovers that were very distinguishable! The story was funny and the music choices were quite good. Good job!!!! reviewed July 7, 2006
Lawless by sorrow13 Action
Really good storyline. The VOs were very distinguishable. You did an alright job. The movie itself was a little dragged and I will admit I was a little dissapointted. But overall, I did like the the e... reviewed July 7, 2006
king lizard by a2k13 Action
Featured Review
The VOs were a little unhearble, but otherwise you did a good job. I think that the use of freecam could have been a little more prevailent. It would have turned this into 5 stars. Otherwise...nice job.
reviewed July 7, 2006
Last Time I Tried to Commit Suicide by evillatenighttv Romance
I think I'm going to cry. i'm going to not only bookmark tis, but reccomend it to everyone I know. This was wonderful. 5 Stars....bravo.....five freakin stars. Wow. reviewed July 7, 2006
O by riott007 Comedy
Hilarious! Absolutely a masterpiece. I think that the plot was lacking a bit. But the originality of this was pretty good. And yes....very adult theme. Gosh...it was a little too adult themed....well.... reviewed July 7, 2006
Sequoia Stories by Damien7 Romance
That was okay. You sound like a little kid. And this could have done without the swearing! How old are oyu...and this is depicting your life?? Music was good, and the VOs made sense atleast. 4 Stars f... reviewed July 7, 2006
Gologtha Lives! by lorib6883 Horror
Not bad, although, not the best war movie I've ever seen. It appears that the women comes into the story rather abruptly...she's in the middle of a battlefield but no battle? And why is she a zombie? ... reviewed July 7, 2006
Two Choices by Alabamachick Action
Featured Review
Your music choice was excellent! And above all your sotryline, for a first movie, was so well done....WOW! I can't beleive that was your first! Good job!! And a nice ending at that. Keep making movies...
reviewed July 7, 2006
3J3H-51-71A3 by Sevenhertz Horror
Well idk if the description is totally honest. I mean the entire time through I thoguht something scary WAS gonna happen but never did. Therefore I was extremely dissapointed. I mean, it was maybe the... reviewed July 7, 2006
Im a Horse by Stormwhitelab Comedy
I actually saw the poster for this movie and have kept wanting to watch it but never had the chance. That didn't dissapoint me at all, for I had absolutely no idea what to expect from a movie called I... reviewed July 7, 2006
Kidnapped Trailer by Stormwhitelab Action
Thats a very interesting trailer! I think I'm gonig to want to watch the full-length version. I love the custom backdrops of yours! Good VOs too btw. I give it a five for a nicely done trailer w/ a lo... reviewed July 7, 2006
The Wrong House by jessaroma Comedy
A little too similar to the Wrong Bar episode in my opinion. The music especially was exactly the same. It's not a crime to put out similar movies, but originality is a big part of ratings. Overall, t... reviewed July 7, 2006
The Wrong Bar by jessaroma Comedy
That was very nice. Well the title definitely caught my attention, and I wasn't dissapointed. I think you could have expanded though and I found the subtitles to go by a little quickly. But otherwise.... reviewed July 7, 2006
If I Had The Stagecoach Set by Ratqueen Comedy
That was extremely funny! And that was so well done! I liked thta a lot. You had really good VOs!!! I liked that movie! Either that subliminal messeging worked or you really deserve that 5 star rating... reviewed July 7, 2006
Quick by denzell Action
Great job. The title really caught my attention, but I did end up figuring it out. Your editing was so very well done that was the main thing that caught my attention. The subtitles were good but you ... reviewed July 7, 2006
Haunting Tales ACT 2 by betelman Horror
You had excellent VOs! And a freaken excellent plot! I loved it! The music was amazing!!! I really enjoyed everything about this flick!!! Although you had stated in the beginning that this tale has be... reviewed July 7, 2006
Murder! by Tigerlover Horror
Was not even close to the best movie I've ever seen. Although it was okay in some aspects this movie did not get me going or put me to the edge of my seat. Although I did enjoy the use of freecam and ... reviewed July 7, 2006
Mr And Mrs Clause by Projectx Romance
That was an alright movie packed with originality, but lacking a storyline. You had excellent subtitles which really helped me understand a lot what was going on, but VO's would have been a lot more h... reviewed July 7, 2006
Brave Farts by apasas Action
Good movie. And funny too. For originality you recieve a 5/5!!!! But on the other hand the plotline was a tad weak and some things were dragged out. The VOs were awesome; just thought you should know.... reviewed July 7, 2006
What shall I wear (working edition 3) by chrishall9 Comedy
Great job! that was an original, very unlike any other that I've seen on TMO. The style was great, and one very seldomly found on this website. The subtitles were great but your plot lacked much. So o... reviewed July 7, 2006
Two Legends Trailer by tomacres Action
Featured Review
Wow! nice VOs and great costumes. Great modded sets too! I really liked it even though thats not my kind of movie. Nice job, you kept my attention!!!
reviewed July 7, 2006
A few nice hours by Metropolis Romance
Not a bad storyline...the VO's were a little tough to understand and could use some work, but the cutom music fit everything so well. Some scenes appeared to drag at times, but you ended up making the... reviewed July 7, 2006
PRANK CALL PART 1 by hcir87 Comedy
Not the best prank call movie i've seen. Actually the person who has that exploding toads movie has a better one. But this was funny. Did you do this yourself? If you did this yourself....wow thats hi... reviewed July 7, 2006
A Friend in Need by themonkthemonk Comedy
Amazing! Great job! Loved every second of it! Hahahahaha, that was hilarious. I did like that poster. Hahaha. reviewed July 7, 2006
DEADMANSTOWN - TRAILER by masterbecks Horror
A nice little trailer, with good cutom music and good usage of freecam. Also some good VOs are apparent. Nice job. reviewed July 7, 2006
Mobile Madness by philip066 Comedy
Good use of S&E, but I've seen all these scenes way too many times before. Maybe if you used freecam a little better you would earn that fifth star. Also, the music could have been customized to have ... reviewed July 7, 2006
Hellmut und Hellge - Trailer by OlliEntertainment Comedy
Great trailer. i'll stay tuned to review your full on movie. To bad I can't speak German. And good custom graphics. reviewed July 7, 2006
Just Another Fire by tzeneth Action
Good stunts and effects. Some scenes were a tad dragged, and a little un-realistic but thats okay. And I liked the subtitles. It's just too bad there were no VOs. Overall I give you a four out of five... reviewed July 7, 2006
Wheres my LUNCH! by rharnaga Action
Good attempt at a movie. It wasn't horrible enough to recieve like one or two stars. But it wasn't the best to recieve 5. Really...you earned 3.5 that I'll round to four. It was good for a laugh though. reviewed July 7, 2006
The ToddFather by deenswe2003 Action
Very nice! I loved the VOs!!! Excellent. And the scenes just seemed to have a perfect puzzle-like fit. I think the ending could have been better, but otherwise....great job! reviewed July 7, 2006
City Of The Dead - Teaser by blackers333 Horror
Great job at creating a very well done; interesting trailer. The music choices could have been better, but good job anyway. Keep your movies coming. reviewed July 7, 2006
the air by castrol Action
The VOs were all to similar and there was only a brief few seconds of music. I've seen a lot of these scenes all before...but the way to eliminate that is to use freecam which, was seldomly used, but ... reviewed July 7, 2006
Aliens Attack by DeadEvilBadger Sci-Fi
There was no dialogue and no music. But one thing I can comment on were the scenes you used and how well those all had a puzzle-like fit. Other than that, I'd really have loved to see some dialogue wh... reviewed July 7, 2006
Space Invaders From Beyond Space! by Butt-Monkey Sci-Fi
Featured Review
That was very entertaining for the 11 minutes it went on for. You kept my attention and I watched every minute.You cracked so many jokes without making any old, or any terrible ones. And lmao at that ...
reviewed July 7, 2006
Old Broads by Cajun1692 Comedy
Them main thing I noticed was you have stunts and effects but not much freecam motion. Freecam is one of the best things to use during a movie. Otherwise, nice plot, okay music choices, and alright di... reviewed July 7, 2006
Her by MichaelCristiano Horror
I thought the music you chose, it fit very well with your movie. The plotline was very original and the twist at the ed was greeat. However I think you were very rushed to get your custom script done ... reviewed July 7, 2006
Warning Plot Heavy! by markrichardbehenna Comedy
I'm honestly feeling a bit sorry for the protagonist. I mean...he's just all alone on that table...looking for friends, but everybody is so concerned with themselves that they don't care. I mean the a... reviewed July 6, 2006
Unloyal by slayerlover17 Romance
Featured Review
That was one excellent film. I really beleive that the camera angles were perfect and made the movie so awesome. The music fit perfectly and I just was like WOW at so many parts. I do think thoguh, th...
reviewed July 6, 2006
The Drunken Master - The Hangover VO edit by bufu0 Action
Other than making a few minor mistakes, you managed to pull of making one excellent film. I have to admit, I did not enjoy this one as much as the other, but nonetheless it was still a great piece of ... reviewed July 6, 2006
The Drunken Master - The Ambush part1 by bufu0 Action
The music was very well suited for this film. It, along with the important scene selections enticed me to keep on watching. It appeared there were a few minor mistakes...such as that Jason dude in the... reviewed July 6, 2006
Insert Funny Imagery Here by screamingtongue Comedy
Yes, thekiller, i do believe he was high when making this. makes it all the more funny! Okay i'm off to sing to my grandma now. reviewed July 1, 2006
The Stripper by mixmaster Action
Nice job for a short film. I actually enjoyed watching this piece although some of the sound effects didn't seem to fit. I've got a short one too. "Murderous conscience" at http://movies.lionhead.com/... reviewed June 30, 2006
The Donnor Party BYOB (Body!) by ninette1 Horror
Whoa. hahahaha reviewed June 30, 2006
High Hopes Sanitarium by ninette1 Horror
That was great. reviewed June 30, 2006
The Thing-trailer by hicketydoda Horror
Not bad. I'll try to watch the full length. reviewed June 30, 2006
I can fly by EMH Sci-Fi
Hahaha, clever. Actually lmao at that last scene. I don't think it as a terribly huge amount of potential, but good job. reviewed June 30, 2006
To Hell With Santa by hicketydoda Comedy
Haha, okay. Catchy title and just lmao. Normally I one star the baggage boy but this was so clever of you. Hahahaha. And I laughed when I saw it. Okay but seriously, how bout next time you actually ma... reviewed June 30, 2006
The interview by princeinexile Comedy
No Review reviewed June 30, 2006
These Three Words by kos78 Romance
that gave me goosebumps....i'm bookmarking it. reviewed June 30, 2006
Jackass by Christian11 Comedy
Might I just give you one suggestion. Change the descrition, it wasn't totally exciting, and this was one of the funniest movies I've seen. It was original, and very well done. Ya who's voice was that... reviewed June 30, 2006
Threes Company NOT! by eleventhhour Comedy
I love threes company and this caught my attention. I was a little dissapointed but not terribly dissapointed. It was good though, that you did two guys and a girl, it made it so nobody was able to ge... reviewed June 29, 2006
Glitch Teaser by Theheadhoncho21 Sci-Fi
Nice job. Please, I'd like to view the full length version. I have to wait till christmas??? Please have a look at my most recent release "Murderous Conscience" at http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/92255 reviewed June 29, 2006
Jimi Gets the Bird by StokeStudios Comedy
Wowwwww. The ending was wonderful! reviewed June 29, 2006
Prank CallsThe Movie! by Dave180786 Comedy
That was hilarious! reviewed June 29, 2006
Killing Spree by Movie_supreme Action
Very original. I enjoyed it a lot, although at times it was a little difficult to follow. Take a look at my most recent release "Murderous Conscience" at http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/92255 reviewed June 29, 2006
The Trouble with Dames by Mookan_Maru Comedy
Nice description. Got me involved! Overall, that was a great film. Very enjoyable, and great job!!! Really, originality is a 5/5. Awesome! The only thing I have to say is the music choices could have ... reviewed June 29, 2006
The Hypocritic Oath by dougislost Comedy
Very comical. I enjoyed it. Didn't regret watching that. for a 2 minute movie it had a lot. Please take a look at my most recent, shortest film "Murderous Conscience" http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/92255 reviewed June 29, 2006
The Penguin Factory by sagas Comedy
catchy title. Not bad. It was good in black and white and no VOs or subtitles. Take a look at my shortest movie "Murderous Conscience" at http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/92255 reviewed June 29, 2006
Idiots Caught on Camera! by mickthegr8 Comedy
That wasn't bad at all. Why'd that dude one star it? That was actually kind of cool. Ya so I laughed when that car drove by. lol. Can you review my shortest, most recent film "Murderous Conscience" at... reviewed June 29, 2006
The Weight Is More by Fierce_Productions Romance
Not that I understood it or anything but I liked the editing and the scene selections and the subtitles. you get a four. Good job. But if this was an experiment...why would you post it online?? reviewed June 29, 2006
the white getto by shadowfilms Comedy
Funny reviewed June 29, 2006
The Battalion (Teaser) by slipknotrope Action
Wow! Nice job! You got me really interested to view the full length. Hope it's as good! Take a look at my shortest film "Murderous Conscience" at http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/92255 reviewed June 29, 2006
It happened on Monday by Blunger1 Comedy
Featured Review
some scenes were a bit jumpy. Maybe fading in and out and some scene editing would do the trick. Otherwise, good job. Liked it a lot. Nice job at adding subtitles. That really made the movie a lot bet...
reviewed June 29, 2006
Ninjas In Space by docontheweb Comedy
Great job! I figure that was really hard to make and a lot of time and effort must have went into making it! Great job. Overall I really give it like 4.5 stars, but I round up, haha. So ya, you get a ... reviewed June 29, 2006
Dead Dreams by marine101 Horror
It was good. Not the best, but otherwise good. I can't give it four stars though b/c it had amazing VOs. But overall, good job. reviewed June 29, 2006
The ASSOL Detector (LMAO Quickie) by MefuneAkira Comedy
Btw, you gave the wrong link on the forums, might wanna edit that b/c people do click them. haha. But very good job. Lmao, I loved it! But I can't order it because of the mild case of death bit...I ... reviewed June 29, 2006
The Curse by mericc Horror
Definitely needs VOs!!!!! But I can't take off for that. I mean I think this would be like the best movie ever if it had VOs. It was really good! Good job. All the best for movie making in the future.... reviewed June 29, 2006
Alpha Centauri Expedition by yankeefox Sci-Fi
Ya good movie without the vo's. I made one too w/o VOs. It seems to work, but only when you do it right...and thats hard to do. "Murderous conscience" is mine at http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/922... reviewed June 29, 2006
Hammer Man and Wonder Boy by qasim Comedy
Haha great VOs! That was great. I'm subtitle P. lmao. some parts I honstly didn't get. I mean this whole movie seemed pointless, but otherwise fun to watch. I like pointless movies here and there. Onc... reviewed June 29, 2006
Biohazard Gorilla Trailor 001 by Deanoversal Comedy
Just a little too edited. And why did your thingys get cut off? Oh well you made up for that with the subs. Overall it was a very interesting trailer and well worth watching, and hopefully I'll get to... reviewed June 29, 2006
Greed part 1 by jukieuk Horror
I don't know as if i understood the entire thing. It was a little hard to follow, but overall, nice job, nice sets. reviewed June 29, 2006
how I broke my thumb by Bolt333 Comedy
The almost true story...haha. I loved it. It was so random and enjoyable. Great job at making this one. Did an alien say "Shnarglen Dargen?" Please review my most shortest most recent release "Murdero... reviewed June 29, 2006
Montana Vol1 Trailer by secretweapon23 Action
Nice beginning. It caught my attention for the movie. i'll definitely watch the full length version. no doubt in my mind. Nice trailer!!!!! please have a look at my shortest, most recent release "Mur... reviewed June 29, 2006
Marauders 4 trailer by artorious Action
(VOs on the real movie will be awesome) Anyway, that was very well done althoguh war movies on TMO are so overly done. You'll have to PR extra hard if you want this in the top 25. I particularly don'... reviewed June 29, 2006
The French Lady 2 by Master007 Comedy
Featured Review
That wasn't bad. i think you should have hcanged the title to something a little more attractive. Hahaha, and I love the VO's. she's so manly. Lmao, I laughed so hard when she mentioned the rabbit, ho...
reviewed June 29, 2006
Opposing Forces by moviedragon5000 Action
Good VO's and good storyline. Like sound effects and music in the background that you can barely hear...the key is to not notice music, b/c subliminally it still works, but if you have a movie that ca... reviewed June 29, 2006
The Suffering Part One Trailer by topheadx Horror
Seriously one of the best trailers on TMO. WOW!!! Love the credits and music choices. Loved....everything. just maybe some movements would have been better, but still, good job that was your choice...... reviewed June 29, 2006
End of Suburban Horrors 2 by WorldPictures Horror
I thought that was really good. I watched all three, but decided to save the review for the last one! The entire series were excellent. You did a wonderful job with vo's and sets and constume selectio... reviewed June 29, 2006
Prelude to by James_Beckerson Action
Some Vo's would have been great! Good job. I liked it a lot. Nice storyline and the scenes flowed very nicely.that was kind of sad and scary knowing that all really happened. But why is she in the bac... reviewed June 29, 2006
Slaughterhouse (teaser) by Flipmanburn Horror
How'd you get that heartbeat on there? Great job. I mean it is a teaser so I can't comment on the plot or anything. This looks just as professional as you can get, considering the limitations of the g... reviewed June 29, 2006
A Twisted Secret by Tsunamidog Horror
A quick ending, but overall the voices were excellent and the plot was amazing. I thought you did an awesome job!!!!! Very nice. http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/92255 reviewed June 29, 2006
The Jog. by lukie22 Horror
for a 38 second movie there was treally no plotline, but somehow i just found it interesting that he'd have a gun. Okay I guess for 38 seconds it wasn't bad. I made a short action movie..."Murderous C... reviewed June 29, 2006
What was that....well since everything was custom i guess it was cool "Murderous Conscience" http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/92255 reviewed June 29, 2006
CHUPACABRA ! by biggstrek Horror
Wow, awesome job. Idk if the ending was that of what it should have been, but I just overlooked that. hey check out my most recent release "Murderous Conscience" at http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/92255 reviewed June 29, 2006
The Plane Crash by moviemanic Action
what set is that, that looked like the oval office. I know it's a download, but what is it? Very good movie. I think VO's would have put it in the top 25. Hey take a look at my movie "Murderous Consci... reviewed June 29, 2006
Catfight Scene From- YouMeandHer by LanaTay Action
Haha!!! great! Take a look at my most recent release at http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/92255 reviewed June 29, 2006
Young Love by zaza008 Romance
Nice job!!!! Good for a first time. Subtitles were really fast. In post production there's an error on them so you can make them appear longer and whatnot. I love how she fell asleep in the middle of ... reviewed June 29, 2006
Am Ende der Distanz (Recut) by Meowan Romance
Wow. That's all I can say. reviewed June 29, 2006
The Tortoise and the Hare by msaeluk Comedy
Haha! Awesome ending! That was like the best movie ever. Check out my most recent release at http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/92255 reviewed June 28, 2006
Shes Just Killing Me by reafreak29 Horror
WOW! The best vampire movie on TMO! This must have taken a lot of time and energy to create!! That was a freakin masterpiece! Not only am I bookmarking it, but I'm going to watch it again soon. Great ... reviewed June 28, 2006
SEE by dumbmoronicproductions Comedy
I LOVE SAW! I LOVE SEE....lmfao at the voice, OH WOW!!!! That was so hilarious! I friggin loved it! I can't even tell you how much I loved it! FIVE STARS and i'm bookmarking it! can you take a lo... reviewed June 28, 2006
City Life by sisch Romance
Wonderful music and scenes. Wow excellent job. Can you take a look at my most recent release "Murderous Conscience" at http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/92255 reviewed June 28, 2006
The Guardian Trailer by lizard3209 Action
Wow that was freakin awesome. Excellent scenes vo's and music choice!!!!!!!Hey, can you take a look at my most recent release "Murderous Conscience" reviewed June 28, 2006
The Alien Boss by jinko23 Comedy
Very enjoyable. Nice choice of characters. And the wall punching scenes actually made me laugh b/c they was so ridiculously long. Can you take a look at my most recent release "Murderous Conscience" a... reviewed June 28, 2006
Werewolf by Qurk Horror
Very nice, but a little hard to follow. But since this is your first movie I won't take off any stars. i would like to know, however, what the scene name is of the burned down city. Could you rate my ... reviewed June 28, 2006
Next Door by neonoir1x Romance
Wow, may I first just say...her boobs were huge...not to be perverted but that was the first thing that really caught my attention. But otherwise...wow...that was like a real time movie. I think if yo... reviewed June 28, 2006
Im In Love With an Alien by maximillian77 Comedy
Great movie! Awesome job!!! Nice messege. Was the sand black or was it a glitch in my cpu??? Check out my best movie at http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/92489 reviewed June 28, 2006
I Wish You Hadnt Done That by mesteranfilms Action
I couldn't hear it that well, but really nice job. the heartbeat was a nice addition...I need to download a sound like that from some website. I liked it a lot! Could you check out my best movie at ht... reviewed June 28, 2006
The Funny Talk Show! by adison11 Comedy
I thought it was great. Good job. I especially loved what you said during the credits....wow! Check out my best movie "Murderous Conscience" http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/92489 reviewed June 28, 2006
The Movies by NicovanReekum Action
Definitely an awesome trailer! One of the best I've seen. Check out my best movie "Aliens" at http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/89533 reviewed June 28, 2006
JOHNY Ds prank show by halocommander Comedy
Two words... Ha - Ha. Great movie. Keep them coming. If you can, could you take a look at my latest release http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/92013 reviewed June 28, 2006
The AntiFrench inquestion by thedudewho Comedy
I definitely agree. And I have nothing against them, they say they don't mean to invade the charts...well regardless, they are invading the charts. They need to pull the plug on the wole thing, i've s... reviewed June 28, 2006
Sky-Man by pawson Sci-Fi
That was a job well done. Kept me very entertained. Good music choices too! But yeah, he should take of his helmet before kissing her. haha. Nice one. Can you check out my latest movie at http://movie... reviewed June 28, 2006
Zombie Devastation by FlyingEagle Horror
I thought you did a good job. What I found though, is that the music the movies currently supplies us with is boring and overused. Try putting some present day music on there, it gives a 3 star movie ... reviewed June 28, 2006
Tooth fairy of evil by bmaitland Horror
I thought the voices were great! Originality was so great! Take a look at my most recent release at http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/92013 reviewed June 28, 2006
The Chronicles of Molyneux - RELOADED by TripWire21 Comedy
Great music choices! The VOs weren't that easy to understand...but thats fine because the majority of them were cool. That was so weird...well it definitely deserves a five. Hey can you take a look at... reviewed June 27, 2006
Hangin round by tglaz1 Comedy
That was good. Very interesting....lol. Those things are so cute so you get a five. Hey, check out my most recent release "Murderous Conscience" at http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/92255 reviewed June 27, 2006
Gun by Scarface6191 Horror
Great job! The VOs were a little tough to understand, but I got the jist of what it was about. Thats so scary. If you get a chance, could you check out my most recent release for me? "Murderous Consci... reviewed June 27, 2006
Bone Deep by butchered_studios Horror
How did you do that??? Thats so weird! AWESOME! reviewed June 27, 2006
Bullets Never Die! by Dr_Strangepork Action
Great job! It definitely kept me interested! I really liked it! good and clear VOs!!! How do you put those words in there??? could you tell me somehow? I really want to know. If you could, can you che... reviewed June 27, 2006
Wunder Wirken by Tonac Comedy
Haha that was fun to watch. I think it needed VOs though, but I don't normally take off stars for that. hey if you can, check out my most recent (short)release "Murderous Conscience" at http://movies.... reviewed June 27, 2006
Telebunnies by Morris101 Comedy
Great job! That was absolutely a joy to watch. Especially good VOs. Once again, excellent job. Hey if you get a chance check out my most recent release http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/92255 reviewed June 27, 2006
Global Warming - Stunt Test by MrAllison Horror
i love stunt tests. It's so fun watching stuff blow up/catch on fire/die. If you like watching things blow up too, watch my most recent release which i'm trying to get in the top 100. "This Is Not A T... reviewed June 27, 2006
Ultimate Destruction by danielwho Comedy
Featured Review
I thought it was good. I don't hearany sound at all, is it a problem with my computer or what? Did you ave to do anything special to put that spaceship i nthe sky in the exploding city part? (Not the ...
reviewed June 27, 2006
The Monkey and Geoffery Shrub by Superdoor Comedy
Featured Review
Well done! Very enjoyable, i particularly liked how you used the bank as a voting line. I really think that was a great idea and if i ever, which i won't, need to do an election scene, I'll be sure to...
reviewed June 27, 2006
Wars of the Monsters by Mad_chaplain Action
That wasn't bad. Btw, your title is the name of one of my most favorite games when I was younger. Caught my attention big time, and it was just like it!! Too bad there wasn't a giant praying mantis. T... reviewed June 27, 2006
Hostile Territory by backstroker123456789 Action
The title and thumbnail really caught my attention. The movie itself was great, and i'm glad I viewed it. VOs would have been nice but that didn't really make much of a difference. Good job. If you ge... reviewed June 27, 2006
4th of July Safety Message by slyguy_tx Comedy
Featured Review
thank you for caring about my safety. Big words equal big rating haha. Hey if you get a chance, check out my most recent release at http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/92013
reviewed June 27, 2006
Doctor Who Return of the Dalek by camygordon123 Sci-Fi
Nice job, kept me entertained. Hey, if you can, give my movie a rating "Santa has A Bad Day" at http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/92013 reviewed June 27, 2006
Nothing! by jinko23 Comedy
ell uhhh that was interesting??? haha...i did laugh actually. so if you get a chance, check out my most recent comedy. it's at the following link http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/92013 reviewed June 27, 2006
The Widow Maker by Ofitc Horror
a little hard to follow at time. Maybe you could have used some scene editing and a little fades at times...really i didn't get some of it. But good storyline. Here's a four because of the really good ending. reviewed June 26, 2006
The Apocalypse by Ofitc Action
okay that was good until it got a little unrealistic. But I still give it a 5. Otherwise, really good job. Take a look at my most recent release, also its my first S&E. It's at this following link, ht... reviewed June 26, 2006
A day in the life of a Terrorist by gaz009 Action
A little unrealistic...yeah basically im a 4.5 with this. Rounded to five...b/c otherwise, you did a great job! Check out my most recent release "This Is Not A Test" at http://movies.lionhead.com/movi... reviewed June 26, 2006
Good stunts! I enjoyed it very much. I do think though, that you may, at times, could have done without the advertisements. They just didn't do it for me without VOs. Got a little boring. Otherwise, g... reviewed June 26, 2006
Star Punch by ninhead1011 Sci-Fi
Well it's not my favorite type of movie, but if this is your first actual attempt, then great job! I think you tried hard. Five stars. I just made a movie, it was my first attempt at S&E. can you plea... reviewed June 26, 2006
Hotel Madhouse by corpsehereproductions Horror
That was great! I don't normally watch long movies, but i'm glad i watched this one. Kept me thinking. Nice work!!!! If you get a chance, check out my most recent release (my first movie using S&E) an... reviewed June 26, 2006
The Outlaw Dick Boner by Trashman Comedy
Oh my god. That dog part really made my stomache turn. But overall...good movie. i liked it. "Do you feel lucky?" haha...lmao, i love the when big dick gets angry part. that made me laugh so hard. "We... reviewed June 25, 2006
My Perfect Neighbour by axecinema Romance
Awesome job. Please take a look at one of my first films. If you review, don't be too harsh. It's called "This Is Not a Test" http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/91686 reviewed June 25, 2006
Kung Fu Jesus vs The Ape by sunny_day_believer Comedy
Lmao, I found it amusing, but idk how those religious type people will feel about this one....hey check out my most recent release, "This Is Not A Test" at http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/91686 reviewed June 25, 2006
Sample Movie by Raptros Action
The lead role was Mike jones? was that pruposely done? haha i'll give it a five so you can have some VCS. Hey if you can, check out my most recent release "This is Not A Test" at http://movies.lionhe... reviewed June 25, 2006
The Invaders by Joey_123 Sci-Fi
Featured Review
very well done. loving the alien laugh, made me laugh. some minor screw ups, but nothing major. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooo. Haha. If you get a chance, check out my alien invasion m...
reviewed June 25, 2006
Ask A Ninja episode 4 What do ninjas eat by Scarface6191 Action
Featured Review
Hahaha. that was quite funny. I'm guessing you're a fan of ninjas! i love hwo you compare nicole richie to Africa. Thats so mean, but true of her. Hey if you get a chance I'd very much appreciate it i...
reviewed June 25, 2006
Champ De Navets by Crewster Romance
good job. Well I don't understand why they kissed but... If you get a chance check out my latest release, "This is Not A Test" at this link http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/91686 reviewed June 25, 2006
Dont Watch This by Tarison Sci-Fi
ahhh, i really needed that help from the urban office 2 thing. I reaaaalllllyyyy was going to use that. I had viewed it previously but the computer i had was broken, i needed to do a return and now yo... reviewed June 25, 2006
Rogers Stunts and Effects Trailer by rjb2112 Action
All I can say is, ahhh I've spent 30 dollas on the stunts and effects game with my main hope of having the Urban Office Set 2. Well unfortunately it's not there and i've pplayed for hours trying to un... reviewed June 25, 2006
Everybody I Like On The Forums by Tarison Comedy
Awesome. Haha. I was trying to figure it out, then i thought...HEY! He doesn't like me? haha. reviewed June 25, 2006
The Charts by tigereyes Comedy
I thought that was great. Haha...now im scared to be i nthe charts. I don't like ninjas. Check out my comedy at http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/89642 if you can. reviewed June 23, 2006
Owen Inc Production News by Master007 Comedy
what was that at the end?!!?!? deducting a star b/c i have no idea. but otherwise...great job. very clever! reviewed June 23, 2006
Destruction by simmaniac001 Action
haha that was entertaining. im getting SE tomorrow so i'll end up doing the same thing. hey if you want check out my studio page, advertise this movie on there if you want. reviewed June 23, 2006
Die Originale by drojojo Romance
Like tom says, good job. Check out any movies in my studio, i dont mind if you advertise on my page. reviewed June 23, 2006
Bad Dream by Bartlin4321 Action
nice job. like how u used the camera. the ending was a little off...but good job! hey check out my best movie aliens at http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/89533 reviewed June 23, 2006
Warriors Of The Watermark by andrew360 Action
Too bad theres no thumbnail...not enough people will watch this. it wasn't bad at all, actually it was entertaining...but really that looks like it a was a little easy to make... reviewed June 23, 2006
k7 - Quarantine -Trailer- by Rik_Vargard Action
Wow. Trailers can't get much better than that... reviewed June 23, 2006
Ten Seconds Till Meltdown by mixmaster Action
great job. check out my studio reviewed June 22, 2006
The Quiet Gun by mixmaster Action
I don't know what that was about either, but i won't give it a three. here's a four. i was wondering if you could check out another movie i made too. its called aliens and it's at http://movies.lionhe... reviewed June 22, 2006
Tremblett I Like The Fact! by tremblett Comedy
Haha. I'll volunteer too for their baby! Im just wondering though, how do you make those poster things that you post on the forums? can you answer me how on one of my movies? reviewed June 22, 2006
President Doofus by moviemaster21 Comedy
Featured Review
Haha good new style of a movie. Nice job. Haha! Beer factory. That was very clever! Awesome job. Better with VOs though... Check out my studio and i dont care if you advertise on my page
reviewed June 22, 2006
Unhuman Shield Part 1 by IndieFilms Action
Good job. That was enjoyable. "Yes im sure"..."No, I didn't kill him" hahaha that made me laugh. Check out my studio page and watch a movie. I don't care if you advertise on my movie pages!! reviewed June 22, 2006
Oh Its On Remix by mixmasterfestus Action
It was okay reviewed June 22, 2006
The Death Of The Raven Trailer by ted93 Action
Well i only had time to watch a short film...well if this is supposed to be a trailer, say so. I'm confused because if it's supposed to be a real film i'd say expand more and deduct a star...but if it... reviewed June 22, 2006
The Transporter by Christian11 Action
yeah, good effort. nice job. you could hire a VO next time, but i dont do that either so no stars deducted. ok good job again! check out my most recent release at http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/90133 reviewed June 22, 2006
Only Skin Deep by Adam_King Comedy
haha nice movie. a little weird, could use some scene editing but nnice job anyway. keep them coming, ginger!! southpark right? please checkout my most recent release at http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/90133 reviewed June 22, 2006
The crazy polices by johnnymaker Comedy
Well I dont know what that was about. It had random thing in it...but hey, heres five stars and a review (200 vcs!)And thats nice of you to post something your little sister did. good borther...thats ... reviewed June 21, 2006
BaggageBoy ByeBye (another copy sold) by tripmills Comedy
that was funny! a great concept of movie making! very funny. check out my most recent release for me, http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/90133 reviewed June 21, 2006
Stupid Movie 3 by magic_school_bus Comedy
By the way, i just wanted to tell you I loved your western script you must have pulled out of your ass. hahaha he gave you 500 vcs. that was so funny. i laughed my ass off btw. oh yah and take 5 stars... reviewed June 21, 2006
The Man Who Ate Little Girls by dizzybop Horror
Nice job. It sick that that stuff really happens....hey check out my most recent video http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/90133 wait was tom her dad? b/c she frenched him...loved the end TEE HEE HE... reviewed June 21, 2006
The Ghost Orchid by ifky717 Comedy
ahh screaming music scares me... a lot. sorry. not my cup of tea. but take 5 stars anyway! you really did sound professional...and what a sweet ending...haha. well check out my music video if you can ... reviewed June 21, 2006
The Thunder by marfeldt Romance
she looks so old. kind of made me laugh...great scene editing too. like with that random other girl...i didnt get that but it was perfect...I made a music video too. Hope mine won't get pulled. http:/... reviewed June 21, 2006
Mr Bones The legend The Lover by princeinexile Comedy
LMFAO FUNNY...i'm bookmarking this movie...that was the funniest [shhhh!] i've ever seen.check out my movie at http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/90133 reviewed June 21, 2006
Do not watch this by DavidLT Action
Why do I not want to watch this? Four stars, one knocked because of a bad title! That was the first tye of movie with that type of music! clever. Haha. hey check out one of my movies "Call It Murder" ... reviewed June 21, 2006
Everybody Loves Michael Jackson(Part 1)! by shmuckman Comedy
Featured Review
too bad you can't make like an alien/human face!!!! then it'd really look authentic...lmao...i hope the children didn't hear my language! hey check out my funniest SHORT music video at http://movies....
reviewed June 21, 2006
battlefront part 1 by kingdaniel Action
really awesomely done! I liked it a lot. Definitely kept my attention. The fire effects were used nicely. Good job!!!!!! Please, if you get a chance, take a look at my best movie "Aliens" at http://mo... reviewed June 21, 2006
Pax Romana Trailer by TheMGMKid1 Romance
What is it about? Well awesome use of sets and WOW great stars. they seem to fit so well. once again AWESOME sets and stuff. and nice choice of music! hey check out my most recent release if you can "... reviewed June 21, 2006
TV Addict III Trailer (End of Copyright) by chrisedmond Comedy
Why end of copyright? what significance does that have to the title? I still don't get it. Oh well thats not the point, haha. good trailer. Nice job. Five stars for a job well done. Oh and if you can ... reviewed June 21, 2006
Malloy Trailer by DaRKoNe462 Action
IMPRESSIVE! Wow you need to advertise that a lot more! wowww. awesome music and VOs! Awesome job! FIVE stars! Great! tell me what you think of my latest movie at http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/90133 reviewed June 21, 2006
Pot A Public Service Anouncment by IndieFilms Action
yeah good script. That was some good work. Here's my most recent release at http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/90133 reviewed June 21, 2006
Surveillance 3 by moviemaster21 Comedy
Featured Review
i don't get it. Oh well A for effort! I'll have to go with five stars. Hey check out my most recent release at http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/90133
reviewed June 21, 2006
Bad Movie Trailer by KeViNp Comedy
Haha, try a different title. Oh haha I get it. To get the hell out of hell! Nice!!! Made me think. i was gonna give you four stars but heres five! haha! Check out my most recent release at http://movi... reviewed June 21, 2006
The Hooded 2 - Trailer by ZakRobertson Horror
Why is that a hot pick again? I mean it was good but it didn't blow me away. Fantastic vo's wowwww!!! I like that part of it but I didn't understand the significance of the women in the waitress outfi... reviewed June 21, 2006
The Hasty Generalisation Fallacy by Tek-To Comedy
I didn't enjoy it as much as the first one I saw...I don't know. It was still okay. The only problem I really had was not being able to read your subtitles...they went wayyyy to fast. It made me have ... reviewed June 21, 2006
e u a preview trailer by LtFury Action
Can't wait to see the full length! That was one awesome trailer. Hey check out my latest movie at http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/90133 please tell me what you think. Once again...awesome trailer! reviewed June 21, 2006
The Matrix The Return of Neo by slyguy_tx Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Nice job! It really reminded me of the real matrix. You did an awesome job. I do have one more movie I would like back in the top 100. You'd do me such a huge favor if you checked it out for me. "Alie...
reviewed June 21, 2006
White Onyx by mixmaster Sci-Fi
That was good. Entertaining...I had no problem with it. A pretty out of place ending. I guess it would be good with audio....hey tell me what you think of my most recent release http://movies.lionhead... reviewed June 20, 2006
Zombie City by MaxZard Action
Wow nice job at making that. Pretty cool. I enjoyed watching them die! Idk if the music was the best choice...but good job anyway. Hey tell me what you think of my most recent release. http://movies.... reviewed June 20, 2006
The Spy 3 by Chrisneal Action
great job. very likeable! you ould have expanded though. A for effort! (five stars) haha here's my most recent release, tell me what you think! http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/90133 reviewed June 20, 2006
INSECTICIDE by kwistufa Sci-Fi
Nice job! It kept me very entertained! I liked the audio too! It was pretty understandable. Really awesome job. Five stars. Check out my most recent release and tell me what you think. http://movies.l... reviewed June 20, 2006
VCTV Commercial 1 by 76johnr Comedy
was that like a dead whale carcass on the beach? haha. Very good, but i don't smoke so I wouldn't buy them. lol. Here rate my best movie "Aliens" (It's 103 on the list and i'm trying to get it in the ... reviewed June 20, 2006
When French Teachers Attack! Part 2 by Halfolites-Master Comedy
Haha. nice movie. Haha, I love how I understand it yet I hate my french teacher. Here's one of my comedies "Pdd Attractions" http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/89642 reviewed June 20, 2006
War of the Worlds by acemaster101 Action
Featured Review
I made a similar movie about an alien invasion. It's supposedly really good. It's 105th in the charts. I enjoyed your and I'd like it if you were to review mine and maybe give me some tips on future s...
reviewed June 20, 2006
The Ultimate Showdown by chrisedmond Comedy
Great job!!!! Check out my movie which is 103rd in the charts at http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/89533 reviewed June 20, 2006
RISK by jabrocious Action
It was okay. Good fighting scenes and okay choice of music. A little dragged out, but still likeable. Also a few spelling errors here and there. (Maggit is supposed to be maggot)I can't give it a five... reviewed June 20, 2006
Alpha Male by SamuelJoanisse1992 Comedy
Hahahaha. Okay!! Weird...lmao....check out my comedy Odd Attractions at http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/89642 reviewed June 20, 2006
Money Talks by tremblett Romance
Ya, money talks...mine says "Goodbye". Good movie. Check out my best movie "Aliens" at http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/89533. Thanks! reviewed June 20, 2006
The Punk Trailer by Ghoulscout13 Action
Wow this film looks very original. I'm liking it. Check out one of my movies "Aliens" at http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/89533 reviewed June 20, 2006
ESCAPE by Tsunamidog Action
It was okay. Check out my movie at http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/89533 reviewed June 20, 2006
How did you sleep by secretsantaone Comedy
LMAO! Hilariously funny. How did you do those while later and long while later things? Awesome job! Cehck out my movie if you get a chance. "Aliens" http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/89533 reviewed June 20, 2006
FIRST DAY by ryanandy Comedy
Nice job. It was very amusing. check out my comedy at http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/89642 I need some tips from the pros. reviewed June 20, 2006
High Five!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by Munglai Comedy
Don't understand the significance of the jogger, but well done. Five stars to you. Here's my best movie Aliens, it been five starred by atleast 10 viewers so when you get a chance, please. "Aliens" at... reviewed June 20, 2006
even shorter by timman Horror
okay. check out my shortest movie "Call It Murder" at http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/89551 reviewed June 20, 2006
Freddie Mercury - I Want To Break Free by mastermindpictures Romance
Wow! Good Job@ Btw, when he falls in love there should be another guy. Not being an ass about this, but he was openly gay. Thats how he died....he got aids... But good job, it kept me watching. How d... reviewed June 20, 2006
The President by ghostviper Comedy
That was so funny. Was he trying to building parachute or something? Nice choice of sets by the way!http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/89642 Odd Attractions. Check it out when you get a chance. It's ... reviewed June 20, 2006
Computer Illiterate by chiprocks1 Sci-Fi
VO's were incredibly understandable! great job. check out one of mine at http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/89533 Alien Invasion reviewed June 19, 2006
PSA by timman Action
haha your crazy. lmfao at that end line!!!!! Check out my movie Aliens at http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/89533 reviewed June 19, 2006
vampire 2006 by siqram1 Action
Very well done. If you like this you'll probably like my movie "Call It Murder" http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/89551 reviewed June 19, 2006
Bank Robbery 101 by backstroker123456789 Comedy
Featured Review
WOW! I LOVED THAT! That was great!!!
reviewed June 19, 2006
Americas Girl Gets Married by MrAllison Romance
Such an original plot. I love it!! hope the full-length comes out soon. check out my comedy movie Odd Attractions at: http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/89642 reviewed June 19, 2006
Tombstone Texas by backstroker123456789 Action
I'm loving the random indian in the background. Good western film. Maybe change your music up a bit...(would also be good with some dialogue with some VOs oh well its still fine. Check out my best mov... reviewed June 19, 2006
Exploding Toads by msaeluk Comedy
the song beat sounds familiar...haha. but great and funny Check out my movie rated 315th http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/89533 reviewed June 19, 2006
My Zombie Subway Ride Part I by sah1701 Action
Definitely you needed some VO's because dialogue is hard to makeoout at times and with VOS you can really imagine the tone the way you want. Although there are pros and cons to both, I agree you atlea... reviewed June 19, 2006
The Monkey's Paw by TheExecutive2 Horror
What a good story. Don't you need permission to remake such a classic? A few minor flaws but a great job nonetheless. Couldn't make out what you said at the end. Try checking out my movie "Call it mur... reviewed June 19, 2006
Brokeback Mountain by wowzerss Romance
Okay...i'll just give you four stars for effort. Check out my latest comedy at http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/89642 reviewed June 19, 2006
PUBERTY The Inner Enemy by akvan Comedy
wow!!! that was an interesting movie!!!! Kind of scary at the end. I'll stop killing angels...if you know what I mean. Check out my latest comedy, http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/89642 Odd Att... reviewed June 19, 2006
Trapped by LanaTay Horror
Well the title caught my attention. Trapped...I'm claustophobic haha even thoguh this movie had nothing to do with that. Five stars. And here's one of my movies you can watch on your free time "Aliens... reviewed June 19, 2006
The Dream Weaver Part 1 by MBStudios Horror
I believe I watched the trailer earlier. I thought this would be better, but still, four stars. Please check out my movie about an alien invasion at http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/89533 reviewed June 19, 2006
Male Bomb by corpsehereproductions Romance
It had a nice ending. I like it a lot. One of my movies, "Call it Murder" is waiting to be watched at http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/89551 reviewed June 19, 2006
The Contract by Sinister6000 Action
That was a good film! Kept me watching. How about having a look at one of my films. "Aliens" about an invasion. It's actually really good for my first film. http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/89533 reviewed June 19, 2006
How to make a Sci-fi Movie by OscarWinner Comedy
wow nice job! good tips! thanks! http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/89533 "Aliens" is the title reviewed June 19, 2006
Brokeback Space Mountain by mikeychaos Sci-Fi
haha funny. the music makes a big difference. i have a movie concerning aliens thats more of a real sci-fi flick. "Aliens" http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/89533 reviewed June 19, 2006
When Death Changes Hands by corpsehereproductions Action
The title is what caught my attention, but the film was even better. Five stars and a job well done my friend. I love this style of movie. The originality is amazing! Check out one of my movies "Call... reviewed June 19, 2006
Stunts and Effects Shorts by rollonbustas Action
I love when movies include the bunny and the chicken! They're the best ever!!!! FIVE STARS! and nice sound. Great concept of two movies. I really like that. I've gotta get me that new FX version. reviewed June 19, 2006
Iron Giant by NotouriousK Sci-Fi
Next time don't tell us you didn't try that hard. A lot of how I rate is with effort. But this movie was likable; maybe you could have touched up the music... Four stars. And I love how the day is sav... reviewed June 19, 2006
Civilian CasualtiesPart 1 by OscarWinner Action
This is only part one? I want to watch part two! As we wait for part two, please take a look at one of my best movies "Call it murder" http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/89551 reviewed June 19, 2006
The world of tomorow by userid Sci-Fi
Good job! It was very...interesting. Here's one of my movies http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/89533 "Aliens" is it's title reviewed June 19, 2006
Dyck Channeyy Goes Hunting by clinteasywood Comedy
wow funny! http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/89642 my comedy reviewed June 19, 2006
Feed by XA56 Horror
Featured Review
Wowee studios has a good director on hands. Great job!! And a cool ending too! I made a movie about an alien invasion "Aliens" http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/89533
reviewed June 19, 2006
Detroit Crime City by shmuckman Action
Great job! I really thoguht that was great. Check out my film "Aliens" about what people will do in an alien invasion. http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/89533 reviewed June 19, 2006
haha reviewed June 19, 2006
The Fire by Dark-Griever Action
definitely original. who doesn't love a short movie that keeps you entertained! Nice job. check out my movie "Call It Murder" at http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/89551 reviewed June 19, 2006
VIRUS KI by 0815 Sci-Fi
everyone else is writing in german, but I want to write it in English. Nice job, i understand a lot with the pictures! reviewed June 19, 2006
M2sbr by buckweaver Comedy
Nice job! (sigh: another stalker) Haha, I wish I had a euro trash buddy. Check out my movie "Call It Murder" at http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/89551 reviewed June 19, 2006
Play For Your Life (trailer) by Kellydogproductions Action
well i sure can't wait for the full-length version. hurry it up. here's one of my movies http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/89533 "Aliens" reviewed June 19, 2006
super quoick men by userid Comedy
haha ok. and yeah...wonderful sound effects! check out my comedy at http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/89642 reviewed June 19, 2006
A Random Piece of Film by callousg Action
Five stars. Job well done. It would be ten times better with voices though. Here's a random piece of film by me >>>> http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/89551 "Call it murder" reviewed June 19, 2006
When Death pays a visit by jago3 Horror
cleverly done! good job. I just need to watch it again to understand the ending... Check out one of my horror movies at http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/89551 "Call it murder" reviewed June 19, 2006
Gun Boys by Christian11 Action
Featured Review
good job at making this movie. I like how there are voices and the storyline actually makes sense. Check out my movie at http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/89642 Called Odd Attractions it's a comed...
reviewed June 19, 2006
Banana The Yellow Fruit Of Death by philip066 Comedy
Well the title sure did catch my attention. gotta hand it to you. Good movie, adequate music choices, but a little weird w/ the naming ie Mr.Protector. But all in all I really liked it. I have an odd ... reviewed June 19, 2006
Waiting for Godot 2 by geminihelix Comedy
Okayyy haha. Just work on the female voices gentlemen. Check out my best movie "Call It Murder" at http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/89551 reviewed June 19, 2006
Zombies XII by ValeriusMyotis Horror
Wow that was pretty friggin awesome. Check out my alien invasion film at http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/89533 reviewed June 19, 2006
Chuck Norris Day Out by manton666 Comedy
Featured Review
The title caught my attention and this movie turned out to be the most interesting I've seen all day. Hahaha. lmao, "yeah you told me who you were earlier." Funny!! Check out my comedy movie "Odd Attr...
reviewed June 19, 2006
Home Of The Brave by Neropower Action
Good job at this one. Keep more coming. Check out my movie if you desire to. "Call it murder" http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/89551 reviewed June 19, 2006
The Ad Hominem Fallacy by Tek-To Comedy
wow, nice. This is going to be a series right? Thats really a new concept of movies. Keep at it. reviewed June 19, 2006
D-Day 2 trailer by radioactivemanphilc Action
Featured Review
Too bad this is a trailer and not the full length. It looks fairly interesting and I'd be happy to take some time and watch it. Here's my most recent release http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/89642
reviewed June 19, 2006
Dream Weaver Trailer by MBStudios Horror
Can't wait to see the full version! Heres my most recent release. http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/89642 reviewed June 19, 2006
Black cript 1 by userid Horror
Well done!!! heres a comedy...the opposite... please review this for me http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/89642 reviewed June 19, 2006
Manhunt Toilet by DavidLT Action
Hahaha funny http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/89533 reviewed June 19, 2006
Slaughterbot 5000 by Lisapena Action
Well done! That was so funny. I laughed my ass off. Check out my movie "Aliens" about an invasion http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/89533 reviewed June 19, 2006
people from detroit are gayheres the proof by xxBrianxx Comedy
Thats a little rude...i don't like it at all reviewed June 19, 2006
Its All Business In The Family by John_Wayne90 Action
That was really good! I love the twist you put on it! Awesome job! I tried to put a twist on one of my movies;check it out for me if you get a chance! "Call It Murder" http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/89551 reviewed June 19, 2006
the virus trailor by chopper09 Action
Well done. Especially love when they get shot. Check out my movie Aliens at http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/89533 reviewed June 19, 2006
Government Surveillance by benstudios1991 Comedy
Two words... hahahahaahaha hahahahahaa reviewed June 18, 2006
The Baggage Boy by ajmiboy Comedy
unfortunately, we've all seen this just a few times before. Try being original and coming up with a good movie. Other than that atleast your making an effor to be in the charts. I'll give you four stars. reviewed June 18, 2006
Death by Murder by andrewperla Horror
I think its funny how she pulls a cell phone out of her panties. Haha, but a very good movie. The whole bathroom setting is hard to come by in movies and you did a great job using it. Wonderful hair... reviewed June 18, 2006
Santas Run-in With the Law by Kaloten Action
Featured Review
Haha cleverly done. I love how Santa has a helicopter. Great ending!!!!!
reviewed June 18, 2006
Space Twisters Part II Trailer by nutzhouse Sci-Fi
Whoaa reviewed June 18, 2006
Bum Town by BALMUNG Comedy
It's interesting enough. haha reviewed June 18, 2006
Dont Make Me Axe You Again by GAmeMAster4445 Horror
This would be so much better if she wasn't going into the shower with all her clothes on. Not trying to be perverted, I'm just saying they maybe could just so her from the neck up, or lower back. Stuf... reviewed June 18, 2006
war on the streets by hellson Action
Featured Review
Honestly had my attention the entire time. Who doesn't love warring ducks and robots. I particularly love when it randomly says die and owwie... Wee...haha
reviewed June 18, 2006