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Average Rating Received: 4.77

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Movies Released by supercozz
The Car Whisperer Comedy
Have you ever wondered what your Car thinks of you?? What if there was a way to find out??? Brought to you from the studio that brought you SUPERCOLLECTORS and REPO RESCUERS is the newest hit.....TH... posted February 12, 2006
The Car Whisperer Comedy Not Rated
No Description posted February 12, 2006
Repo Rescuers Comedy
"..He was about to lose his house.....They came to the rescue!!" This is a story about a group of unlikely heroes who put it all on the table to save a man's home. This one has it all. Multiple sets... posted December 31, 2005
Repo Rescuers Comedy Not Rated
No Description posted December 31, 2005
SuperCollectors Comedy
This is a story about a group of heroic bill collectors who fight the war the against those who wont pay up! I made this movie for a group of friends I work with. Even though it is long for online p... posted December 16, 2005
Hendel Horror
The story is about a group of vampire hunters setting out to destroy an evil that has plague all of mankind, Hendel. With the death of the Baron's daughter will our vampire hunters fall at the hands ... posted November 29, 2005
Movies Reviewed by supercozz
Very Funny. Clown vs Zombies. Maybe a series is what this needs. Clowns vs. Werewolves..Clowns vs. Vampires...Clowns vs. Aliens...Clowns vs. Terrorists. reviewed February 23, 2006
my light has gone by 6-headedmonster Horror
really good movie. I really liked the freezeframes the best. reviewed February 20, 2006
A Gangs Uprising by Oh_Come_On Action
Very good editing and a fluid story...Gangster movies rule. reviewed February 13, 2006
Aegis of Therion 2 - Total Annihilation by erinnicole93 Sci-Fi
Great movie. A ton of effort. The special effects were outstanding. reviewed February 5, 2006
Aegis Two Trailer by erinnicole93 Sci-Fi
Can't wait to see the movie!!!!! reviewed February 3, 2006
Jakkage the Axe Killer 2 (Pt 1) by violin5 Horror
Featured Review
Good use of sets and scenes. Characters were good too. maybe add a little background music to spice the next one up.
reviewed January 29, 2006
Dead Silence by Sphinx86 Horror
Another Great Movie Sphinx. Editing was tiptop. Very good character development too! reviewed January 26, 2006
Lying Down by phussion Comedy
good movie. interesting concept with the guy always lying down. creative reviewed January 25, 2006
The Terminator Goes West by skynet63 Sci-Fi
I just want to say that I'm a huge fan of AHNOLD!!!! He's one of the greatest ever...Kevin Costner (though a great actor) can't even pee in the urinal next the AHNOLD, much less face off against him.... reviewed January 25, 2006
Vox by tigereyes Sci-Fi
good movie. great thought put into this one. VO are a plus. Great imagination reviewed January 23, 2006
Iam The Beast - Guardian Angel by sarek13 Romance
What a great movie. I am currently making one that has a somewhat similar plot so this one really caught my eye. I really liked the music too. It really added to the feeling. I loved it. reviewed January 19, 2006
The Songwriter A Final Note by Sphinx86 Horror
Another great movie. Great editing and vo. Fantastic story once again reviewed January 15, 2006
Eternity Saga Omnipotence by Director777 Sci-Fi
Featured Review
great movie. I especially liked the bad guys and the uniforms of the soldiers. Story was well thought out.
reviewed January 15, 2006
The Songwriter by Sphinx86 Horror
Featured Review
Wow. This was awesome! Great story. Other reviews are saying its slow but I really dont see it that way. It needs to be slow because its deep. I loved it. Editing was great. Story was great. Songw...
reviewed January 1, 2006
If I Had The Stagecoach Set by Ratqueen Comedy
Nice! I guess we all are thinking "If I had the Stagecoach Set"...Very creative. Music added to it. Here are your 5 reviewed January 1, 2006
Good Idea-Bad Idea V by Deikon Comedy
Great! This was hilarious. I dont even have to think about this rating. Very funny. reviewed January 1, 2006
The Promise by Transmography Sci-Fi
Dialogue was great! I really didn't know what was going on but I think that was intended by the way it ended. Scene transition was very well thought out. I'm impressed. only thing is (and i hate to... reviewed January 1, 2006
Santa Strikes Back by Coolphil Comedy
I like the easter bunny coming to save Santa. Voices were good but in the future try to get the audio louder because I barely made out anything anyone said. I saw sparks of some real comic genious bu... reviewed January 1, 2006
jihad by tim_pilgrim Action
Very well thought out. Vo were a plus. Scene transition was really good. Only thing that stuck out was the orange car but I thought it made very well. Good Job. reviewed January 1, 2006
The Unfairly Attacked Ape by fatloui Action
Much better than the other one. The movie flowed much better. VO were better too. reviewed January 1, 2006
The Getaway Gorilla by fatloui Action
Good movie. VOs were a plus. a few problems but for a 4 min movie I thought it went ok. reviewed January 1, 2006
A Robber Barons Christmas by johnokinawa Romance
Good movie. Very funny idea! If you can get some voices on it, it would have really been good. Well told for 3 minutes long. reviewed January 1, 2006
Wigger TV by ProdigyStudios Comedy
That was pretty cool. Voice overs were good. I thought it could have used a little background music but since the The Movies doesn't have a rap beat I can see why there isn't any. Good idea though..a... reviewed January 1, 2006
Full Retaliatory Response by McCain Action
This was great! Very creative use of The Movies. definately one of the best i've seen reviewed December 28, 2005
Jealous Part 1 by vinnymonster Sci-Fi
Featured Review
A very creative idea. I need to get my hands on that book.
reviewed December 28, 2005
Ctrl Alt Delete by Wehmer Comedy
good for a first movie. things that could be improved on. I guess you've heard enough about subtitles though. reviewed December 24, 2005
A Schmans Life 3 by Happy_Schman Romance
Great editing. A lot of effort in this one. Music was a great touch as well. something different than the music from the game. reviewed December 23, 2005
The Adventures of Phils Fart by Trashman Horror
Original Idea. Using the fog as a fart. Thats really cool. If only the game would allow you to make the fog green. Voice acting was great also. reviewed December 21, 2005
Why are white people afraid of black people by Sphinx86 Comedy
Featured Review
Very Funny! I laughed so hard at the beginning especially.
reviewed December 20, 2005
Come On by FoDooG Comedy
Great flow from scene to scene. Thats something you dont see a lot of with other movies on the site. Alot of creativity and time involved. Long movies are the best! Great Job. reviewed December 19, 2005
One Star Bandit by Sevenhertz Comedy
The stars are for the intro song and the awesome plot. I hate one star bandits. flow of animation was decent...good I guess for one 3 min long. heaven scene was neat. reviewed December 7, 2005
The Good The [oh please!] and the [naughty word!] by SlyCozzolino Comedy
Awesome!! Funniest Movie I've seen!! reviewed December 5, 2005
Terror Tales - Of Chief Concern by HyperGnome Horror
Awesome movie. You really did a great job with voices and storyline. Editing was great also. reviewed December 3, 2005
The Sorrow by sorrow13 Horror
I really liked the movie all in all. Really put an effort in to making a good movie. Voice overs where the highlight of the film. reviewed December 1, 2005
For Every Life there is a Death by SlyCozzolino Comedy
Featured Review
Awesome Movie!! I've not seen one movie on this website that has better voice acting. I've got a line to use on any red headed guy that crosses me now. DeNiro, Pacino, Peschi, and any other crazy i...
reviewed November 30, 2005