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Average Rating Received: 4.13

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Movies Released by suedenim
Ashley Porter and Shadow Meet Laddie Comedy
Ashley Porter is back, but now it's the animals' turn to take the center stage in this classic adventure for the whole family! Ashley, under orders to take some R&R by her OSS superiors, meets the Br... posted August 29, 2006
Ashley Porter Diamond Anniversary Action
Since her debut in 1931's *Ashley Porter, Girl Cavalry Scout*, Ashley Porter has been a movie mainstay, and one of the most beloved heroines in the history of American cinema. Featuring clips from ma... posted July 30, 2006
Ashley Porter Meets the Super Soldier Action
A preview of the action-packed Ashley Porter Diamond Anniversary Special (now playing!) In this short action sequence from the 1943 movie serial, Ashley Porter smashes some Nazis with the aid of a st... posted June 10, 2006
Ashley Porter Looks For Horse Stunts Action
Ashley Porter searches the Wild West for new horse stunts. Disappointed, she finds only one amidst some explosive action. Just a Stunts and Effects test reel, but Ashley Porter fans may be happy to ... posted June 9, 2006
Secret Agent Stinky Comedy Not Rated
DO NOT WATCH THIS - just a test movie! posted June 8, 2006
Ashley Porter Horse Stunt Test Action
Don't bother watching or reviewing this - it's only junk screen test stuff, doesn't particularly show off Stunts and Effects content. posted June 8, 2006
Ashley Porter in Apes on a Stage Action
"We got cottonpickin' apes!" (Formerly known as "Wells Fargo Coach 121." Due to the "Apes on a Stage" concept becoming an international cultural phenomenon, scenes and dialogue were added to the film... posted April 17, 2006
Ashley Porter and the Poultry Paratroopers Action
Awarded the coveted Fowlie award in the First Official Ridiculous Chicken Movie Festival! Winner and sole entrant in TheDr's Chicken Competition! It's the Ashley Porter film they don't talk about...... posted February 6, 2006
Ashley Porter in Forever Is Not a Verb Action
Winner of the award for Best Editing in the TMO Unofficial Film Competition! Starring myshinator as the voice of Ashley Porter! In 1963, Ashley Porter, the Girl from F.O.R.C.E. (Federal Overseas Reco... posted February 3, 2006
Ashley Porter and the Gorilla War Action
This digitally remastered and restored 1938 film was one of the earliest Ashley Porter adventures to show Captain Ashley Porter in a contemporary military context. In the Uzbek Socialist Soviet Republ... posted January 25, 2006
Ashley Porter Falls Down Stairs Action
The year is 1962. Ashley Porter, heroine of the Second World War, is no longer a mere captain, but a general, and nearing 50 years of age. Her adventuring days are seemingly long gone. But trouble i... posted January 25, 2006
Ashley Porter in Forever Is Not a Verb Action
In 1963, Ashley Porter, the Girl from F.O.R.C.E. (Federal Overseas Reconnaissance and Covert Extraction), must retrieve a vital microfilm from the Soviet embassy in Mandoras, Central America. Can she... posted January 20, 2006
Lost Skeleton of Cadavra Falls Down Stairs Comedy
In this 1958 terror classic, aliens Kro-Bar and Lattis must give their atmosphereum to the dread Lost Skeleton of Cadavra! Or else face... THE STAIRS!!!! A tribute to the (real!) film, *Lost Skeleton... posted January 11, 2006
Cute Blonde German Girls Fall Down Stairs Comedy
Finally, a film combining the standards of quality set by both the "Cute Blonde German Girls in Uniform" series and the "Fall Down Stairs" genre! If you enjoyed this picture, first of all, aren't you... posted January 8, 2006
Daughters Of Eden Ranch Action
Resubmitted as part of the "What's the worst film you ever made?" thread on the Forums. This was the first movie I made with (subtitled) dialogue. It is of historical interest as the first appearanc... posted January 7, 2006
The Day I Turned Into a Babe Comedy
"[a] gem..." - Annalee Newitz, *Wired*, Jan. 25, 2006 Impossible as it sounds, one day, after drinking some bad wine coolers, John Teller wakes up as... "Jane" Teller. And no... posted December 31, 2005
Ashley Porter in Operation Kringle Action
Part of the popular "Ashley Porter, OSS Girl" series, this whimsical family-friendly 1942 entry (digitally restored and remastered) combines sentiment with soldierly adventure. Captain Porter teams u... posted December 18, 2005
Ashley Porter in Operation Kringle Action
NOTE: This film is under revision to address the "Ho Ho Ho" problem. When this many people think it's more creepy and unnerving than jolly, I figure they're probably on to something. This version wi... posted December 18, 2005
Ashley Porter in Operation Kringle Action Not Rated
Part of the popular "Ashley Porter, OSS Girl" series, this whimsical family-friendly 1942 entry (digitally restored and remastered) combines sentiment with soldierly adventure. Captain Porter teams u... posted December 18, 2005
Follow-on Story Part 3 Action
This is based on a forum thread at It's a round-robin type story, where each chapter is filmed by a different person, who must follow logically from the previous chapter. If you... posted December 10, 2005
Cute Blonde German Girls in Uniform 2 Comedy
"And Lo, There Shall Come... a Plot!" How can Earth be saved from an unstoppable alien invader? Only through the pure, wholesome power of Sapphic love! The power of... cute blonde German girls in uniform! posted December 5, 2005
Ashley Porter and the Deaths Head Legion Action
Germany has captured an intact flying saucer, and only Ashley Porter can stop its daring sneak attack on the United States! This digitally restored and remastered 1942 entry in the "Ashley Porter, OS... posted December 3, 2005
Cute Blonde German Girls in Uniform Comedy
Minutes in the making, this tale of an elite German combat squad is probably exactly what you think it is. posted December 1, 2005
The Day I Turned Into a Dame Comedy
Impossible as it sounds, one day, after drinking some bad beer, John Teller wakes up as... "Jane" Teller. And nobody remembers it ever being otherwise! posted November 19, 2005
The Day I Turned Into a Dame Comedy Not Rated
Impossible as it sounds, one day, after drinking some bad beer, John Teller wakes up as... "Jane" Teller. And nobody remembers it ever being otherwise! posted November 19, 2005
The Girl With The Hidden Agenda Romance
In A.D. 2101, war was beginning. A romance of love and duty, set at the dawn of the Fnordia-Thermia War. posted November 19, 2005
The Lady Explodes Action
The epic tale that bankrupted Miracle Pictures! Years in the making, the Heaven's Gate of its time, this loose adaptation of the first "Ashley Porter, Cavalry Scout" dime novel is today mostly of hist... posted November 17, 2005
Movies Reviewed by suedenim
Operation Santa Snatch - Special Edition by skarsten Action
Featured Review
That Hitler - what a jerk! Another great entry from skarsten, one of the best and most underrated filmmakers out there. I enjoyed "Operation Santa Snatch" back in Christmas 2005, when it was brutall...
reviewed January 22, 2007
An Anachranism Too Far! by EthanRunt Comedy
Ack! Clever and funny, and I always like the "retro" film technology. But... I'm apparently very susceptible to this sort of motion sickness. I didn't literally get sick, but did get sweaty and diz... reviewed January 1, 2007
Star Coconut Girl Saga by KirinRiotCrash Sci-Fi
It took me a long time, but I finally got a chance to watch some movies, and this was at the top of my list. Outstanding! Another great weird, loopy, funny movie with great characters and production... reviewed December 3, 2006
The Genies Curse A Dr Spooky Tale by jupiter2 Sci-Fi
Very well done! Funny and creative as always, and your technical moviemaking skills are improving by leaps and bounds with each new feature. There's some excellent visual imagination and camera work here! reviewed December 3, 2006
Valhalla Walla Ding Dong pt 2 by jupiter2 Comedy
Bulk not understand all of movie, but he understand movie need more smashing! Why you like stupid Fish Man and Dumb Magician better than Bulk? Dumb Magician's spells make Bulk dizzy, hungry Bulk! reviewed December 3, 2006
The Undermariner vs The Frost Giants by jupiter2 Comedy
Bah! Why you make stupid movies about stupid Fish Man and Sword Girl and Dumb Magician? Make movies about Bulk, they will be less boring! Bulk smash puny gods and dumb spaceships! Ha ha ha! And B... reviewed December 3, 2006
Valhalla Walla Ding Dong by jupiter2 Comedy
Cripes! Man, ya just can't trust egghead scientists OR egghead magicians! Der always messin' with somethin', dat's for sure! But these magic guys and Asgardian gals, they got a mean streak! An' de... reviewed December 3, 2006
Apes on a Train (Uptown Transfer 121) by b3nhur Action
"Apes on a Train?" How ridiculous! You might as well make a gorilla Western, or a movie about a gorilla guerilla war! reviewed September 18, 2006
Chicken World by jhurst Comedy
"Dare I say, this may be the best chicken movie on TMO?" That's a bold statement - but Chicken World delivers! Funny stuff, with exceptionally creative use of backdrops and overlays (love that "stud... reviewed September 18, 2006
Shades of Black (trailer) by skarsten Action
Nice trailer! I especially like trailers that work *as* trailers, following the appropriate format, like this one. The only tiny flaw I found with it is that sometimes the camera didn't stay on the ... reviewed September 18, 2006
Code Monkey by skarsten Romance
Featured Review
I loved it! Great song, with perfectly chosen visuals - best music video I've seen here yet. And it's got a monkey! Everything's better with monkeys!
reviewed September 18, 2006
Red Cranium-A Dish Served Cold by jupiter2 Comedy
I loved it! Great to see another take on Ashley Porter. I think my favorite bit was the introduction, with Ashley, Shadow, and Laddie's brief cameo - perfect timing and staging there! reviewed September 9, 2006
The Sweat Awards by sweatyshoulder Action
Great awards, and a good show to announce them! I'm feeling swell today after having been nominated! On the awards show itself, one occasional technical distraction was subtitle display. They gener... reviewed September 9, 2006
Chickenzila by Hyrule_films Comedy
Just saw this on the "showcase" - good stuff, simple and straightforward but funny! reviewed September 3, 2006
The Yolks on You by mestoph72 Comedy
I love watching movies made by kids, because you can just tell how much pure fun they're having with it! Something we older moviemakers need to be reminded of now and again.... reviewed September 2, 2006
Inferius Rex 3 by jupiter2 Comedy
Funny stuff! I love your voices, which are funny and distinctive for each character (though you might want to get an outside actress for the female roles!) I think the "genuine" Red Cranium is my fa... reviewed September 2, 2006
Inferius Rex!-2 by jupiter2 Comedy
Getting better with each installment! For whatever reason, the meta-fictional "in joke" humor worked much better for me than in Part One, and I laughed out loud several times. You've got a real tale... reviewed September 2, 2006
Inferius Rex! by jupiter2 Comedy
Good job! Nice, clear VO for your first try, and good acting, too! Personally, I'd cut back on the "breaking the fourth wall" humor just a little bit - for example, the joke about the D&D campaign i... reviewed September 2, 2006
The Egyptian Curse by Fozz20 Action
Very nicely done! I especially liked the "atmosphere" of the movie (including the sets, set dressing, music, etc.), which was perfect. I'm looking forward to seeing what comes next! The main areas ... reviewed September 2, 2006
End of Memories 2 by Bolch Action
Wow! You've really outdone yourself this time. Nearly flawless on all levels, from technical to story to acting. Particular things that stood out for me, first the good: - Some excellent use of sou... reviewed September 2, 2006
Geek Immortal Teaser by myshinator Comedy
Very cool teaser - not much information, but it does a great job of intriguing the viewer! reviewed September 2, 2006
Laddies War by holdmykidney Action
Featured Review
A wonderful movie! Now that my own entry is done, it's fun to watch the other entrants in the "Laddie" competition and see what they've done with it. Some great, subtly used special effects, all in ...
reviewed August 31, 2006
Cop Squad by Dulci Comedy
Funny stuff! But I kept saying to myself, this movie desperately needs a guest appearance by Rex Hamilton as Abraham Lincoln! Excellent character design, some very distinctive looking actors. I esp... reviewed August 27, 2006
Movie City Exterminators by Yodabob Comedy
Featured Review
That was fun! But it looks like now I'll need to finish the story someday in *Ashley Porter and the Cappucino Bandits!* :) I only have one minor tech-type note, that I think fades are overused a lit...
reviewed August 27, 2006
The Legend of Latin Seymour by rposhard Comedy
Excellent comedy writing and voice acting, and a terrific movie! Ranks up there with my favorite Jerry Lewis films, such as *Scenes From an Idiot's Marriage!* Great fun with classic comedy moments -... reviewed August 13, 2006
CQ - Anna Nyte by k4ownzall Action
Time to welcome a new series character to TMO! I really enjoyed this introduction to Anna Nyte, and look forward to her further adventures. Excellent use of sets and set dressing for uses I'd never ... reviewed August 13, 2006
Tales of Truly Terrible Cinematography by mildheadwound Comedy
Very clever and funny - good job! reviewed August 12, 2006
Good Idea Bad Idea by deliriousstudios Comedy
Not bad, but I think it'd be better with several different ideas, and tighter, shorter gags on each. I have to agree that the "running in circles" gag just doesn't work. I think it's just the simple... reviewed August 12, 2006
Attack of the Mascots by mcrispy13 Comedy
I think the sequel is more fun, but this is pretty good. I especially liked the final gag, but I always root for the gorillas.... reviewed August 12, 2006
Test of Heroes III The Sword Of Athena by hisstorymn Action
Another clever entry in the series, one that leaves me wanting more! I really like the character designs for the gods - some unusual actors and costuming there. I do have to agree with some others t... reviewed August 12, 2006
Coming Soon Angel Hero Reborn by Yodabob Action
Excellent trailer! Nice job of enticing the viewer and building interest. Has the feel of a real trailer, not just a random compilation of some already-completed scenes. (Note: 4 stars is generally... reviewed August 12, 2006
Black Huntress-Whine for Blood by jupiter2 Comedy
Funny stuff - the Love Doctor gets the job done, one way or another! The only real complaint I have is with the subtitles. First, they go by too fast (my rule of thumb is that you need about 4 secon... reviewed August 11, 2006
Security Guards in Space VII by themonkthemonk Comedy
Best episode yet! I love the little "character profiles" at the end, too. reviewed August 11, 2006
Interstellar Odyssey Teaser by nukester Sci-Fi
Nice teaser. I like that final shot a lot technically (hadn't thought to try Freecam for that sort of thing), though I'm not sure what it's really showing the audience about the movie to come. reviewed August 10, 2006
Horse Wash by Trashman Comedy
Simple, clever, funny idea, and a very well constructed piece of machinery! Though you'd think the things piled on top of the... engines? Those might give customers pause.... reviewed August 10, 2006
Super Girl by callum960 Action
An entertaining movie by a promising young filmmaker! Good fundamentals, I'd work a little on editing action so it flows better and cuts down lengthy scenes. reviewed August 10, 2006
Audio Tutorial - P!!eter P!!iper by JazzX Comedy
Very helpful illustration of a common VO problem! reviewed August 10, 2006
RoboSheriff by MaxNormal Sci-Fi
A great little offbeat Western tale, told with skill and wit. I especially liked the reason given for judging the professor. And I love the banjo music! reviewed August 10, 2006
Funkalicious by Dulci Romance
Hmm, I'm not sure if I get it or not, but I'm notoriously unfunky. It was fun, though, and I love the "actor design" and costuming (never noticed what great shoes the lead actress has until now!) reviewed August 10, 2006
Lights Camera Macintosh by soumya Action
It'll be nice to see our Mac friends be able to join us soon! reviewed August 7, 2006
Saturn Man Returns by JSim07 Sci-Fi
Aw, jeez, I wanna see Saturn Man 3 now! Excellent, atmospheric, superhero adventure, with some unexpected twists and turns and mysteries. Excellent use of music, which is especially important in a s... reviewed August 6, 2006
Polo-Man by action_films Action
Featured Review
Since there are no movies #1-678 on TMO, this is the 100,000th movie! And it's good! Some nice creative action editing to capture super-heroics on film, and good use of FreeCam (the opening "pursuit...
reviewed August 5, 2006
Oh Its On 3 Ouichi Genshi Basutaa Alpha by mixmasterfestus Action
I tried to resist and be all cynical and whatnot, but this movie's too darn good! reviewed August 5, 2006
Wolf R Reen Hunt for Fire by jupiter2 Action
Heh, funny stuff, I like the comics-continuity gags combined with the Love Doctor - which doesn't seem like a natural fit, but that's good! The subtitles are definitely too short. I learned from pai... reviewed August 2, 2006
Lesbiana by BamRyan Comedy
Featured Review
Heh, pretty funny. Lesbians = Ratings!!!! I was especially amused that Lisa looks almost exactly like the lead character in my movie "The Day I Turned Into a Babe." Presumably a coincidence, but i...
reviewed August 2, 2006
The Adventures of Secret Agent X Part 1 by Gamezilla Action
Featured Review
Good effort, and an especially good effort for what seems to be your first film (or your first uploaded film, anyway.) I'd probably give you four stars otherwise, but one extra for such a surehanded ...
reviewed August 2, 2006
A Friend in Need by themonkthemonk Comedy
Laddie's a good boy! reviewed August 2, 2006
Security Guards in Space VI by themonkthemonk Comedy
I love Woof! Watch out for the "rogue frame" problem (oh, and the lady should've had her curlers in when we see her "live," right?), but otherwise great! reviewed August 2, 2006
Security Guards in Space V by themonkthemonk Comedy
Heh - great introduction of a new chef! There are a few problems in editing, mainly "rogue frames" - the frame or two left over that was supposed to be cut, but wasn't. reviewed August 2, 2006
That Question by themonkthemonk Comedy
I thought the joke itself was a little lame, but everything else was great! reviewed August 2, 2006
Security Guards in Space III by themonkthemonk Comedy
HANC is becoming a favorite character of mine! reviewed August 2, 2006
Security Guards in Space II by themonkthemonk Comedy
Ah, I sense that the transfer to somewhere around Uranus means greatness in store for our heroes! reviewed August 2, 2006
Security Guards in SpaceEpisode 1 by themonkthemonk Comedy
Funny, but a little overlong, with the pacing a little off. Once the main joke is established, prolonging the carnage doesn't add much to it. reviewed August 2, 2006
That Phone Call by themonkthemonk Comedy
Awful but funny, the best kind of joke! And a pretty good job on the girl's voice! reviewed August 2, 2006
Security Guards II In Training by themonkthemonk Comedy
Where can I sign up for the glamorous life of a security guard? reviewed August 2, 2006
Security Guards by themonkthemonk Comedy
After hearing themonkthemonk on TMOA Radio, I became an instant fan, and figured I should see his movies! Pretty funny, but I sense greater things in store for these security guards! reviewed August 2, 2006
Test of Heroes Throne of Circe by hisstorymn Action
Catching up with this series after watching and loving the first one. Another good entry in a very difficult genre to pull off with the tools we have. I'm looking forward to seeing how much more you... reviewed July 31, 2006
CLEOPATRA Trailer by TheMGMKid1 Romance
This is going to be a great epic romance! Can't wait to see the finished film! Judged purely as a trailer in form, this is slightly overlong. Without dialogue, my attention started to wander after ... reviewed July 31, 2006
Saturn Man by JSim07 Sci-Fi
Well done! Great mostly "silent" visual storytelling, with little dialogue, but little dialogue really needed. Can't wait to see Saturn Man Returns! reviewed July 31, 2006
Klown Kombat by skarsten Comedy
Truth in advertising! reviewed July 31, 2006
Sagebrush Shenanigans by skarsten Comedy
Featured Review
What!?!? You made a Sparx Brothers movie without Zaphod? I had to make a sandwich, and was waiting for his big musical number to give me a break, and it never came! But, seriously, this is a *great...
reviewed July 31, 2006
Chick Magnum by ZanBravo Action
What a ripoff! I never got any rhetorical questions! Can't wait for the feature film.... reviewed July 31, 2006
Who stole my props!!! by pearsonhouse Comedy
Great fun! A very silly, simple concept, but executed very well. Good choice of music, too! reviewed July 31, 2006
Fire and Forget III by nukester Action
Excellent job, a movie that keeps your attention for the full 20 minute running time! I was especially impressed by the use of music to set the mood, editing, and creative use of FreeCam (that only r... reviewed July 31, 2006
Attack of the Mascots 2 by mcrispy13 Comedy
Great fun! I especially liked the appearance of a shocking Surprise Guest Villain at the end! reviewed July 31, 2006
Chicken in the Can by madmatt7g Comedy
A timeless classic of its genre! reviewed July 31, 2006
Never judge a book by its cover rolleyes by mystic_sleet Comedy
Nice! Is the widescreen overlay in the "proper" aspect ratio of 2.35:1? It looks like it might be slightly shorter than that, like 2.6:1 or so. reviewed July 31, 2006
The Wizard of Oz Directors Cut by Trashman Comedy
Good silly fun, saw it pop up on and enjoyed it! reviewed July 31, 2006
Two Legends by tomacres Action
I've been meaning to watch this movie for weeks now, and finally have. Terrifically entertaining movie in a genre we're not supposed to be able to do with The Movies! Great high-concept "team-up!" ... reviewed July 30, 2006
The Girl Who Loved Robots by Aliasalpha Romance
Cute, smart, funny, exciting, and really quirky! My kind of movie! I especially liked the music - very well-chosen and pleasant. I was attracted by the odd title - this movie deserves a wider audience! reviewed July 30, 2006
End of Memories 2 trailer by Bolch Action
Well done! I usually don't rate trailers high, but this one works *as* a trailer in format and content. Not just "here's a random collection of stuff I've completed for my next movie," which a lot o... reviewed July 30, 2006
Coming Out! by Riittabarber50 Comedy
Funny movie, with a good payoff, especially the final bit (maybe the wife will learn a lesson?) The only real problem I had with it is that there's a *lot* of setup for that payoff, and it could have... reviewed July 30, 2006
Pax Romana by TheMGMKid1 Romance
A charming movie that makes me want to book a trip to Italy tomorrow! This is the sort of movie - a "travelogue" drama - that I never imagined could be made with The Movies. And even without Stunts ... reviewed July 30, 2006
DOOM LEGION origin of doom by kingpengvin Comedy
Great stuff! I especially like the characters of Rex and the dog. reviewed July 28, 2006
Starfighter Ace by skarsten Sci-Fi
A very well-made movie. Obviously not the most original concept, but executed extremely well. Superb editing, acting, and music choices make up for a familiar plot. Also a great example of how a mo... reviewed July 21, 2006
Attack Of The 60 Foot Redneck by themoviemaker234 Comedy
Pretty funny! I like the look of the redneck. The echo effect did sound "realistic" and good, but it also made the dialogue hard to understand, unfortunately. reviewed July 9, 2006
Unfriendly Fire by nicknitro Action
Good first effort! The exact setting (and mix of uniforms) might have been better explained, but it's not a huge problem. Parts could be cut down more, like the part of the Sniper scene where you're... reviewed July 8, 2006
Night of the Ninja by Rockay Action
I liked it - inventive and funny! Good editing - but be careful with your cuts. In several places, we can still see frames of film that were supposed to be cut, but weren't, and that can be jarring.... reviewed July 8, 2006
Chicago Blues by skarsten Action
Featured Review
That was great! Definitely the best Jack Macy movie yet! There's a lot to love here, from wonderfully entertaining voiceovers to a fun, tight script. Those two elements in particular even made the ...
reviewed June 30, 2006
Journey to Flipsville by KEMOWERY Comedy
Good storytelling without dialogue, some very good editing to carry the story along. Though one bit I couldn't follow is how the alien girl got her Earth clothes! reviewed June 30, 2006
Dont Watch This by Tarison Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Well, I'm a contrarian, so I watched it. And I want it!
reviewed June 22, 2006
Everybody Loves Kung Fu Fighting by moviemaster21 Action
Decent effort. Not much story, and maybe a little "overly exuberant" with Freecam, but I look forward to seeing more! reviewed June 21, 2006
A Woman is a Woman by postmodernchuck Romance
Excellent movie! I've explored somewhat similar themes with comedy, but this is a fine dramatic approach, with great musical choices. I'm especially impressed that this was a "96 Hour Movie Challeng... reviewed June 19, 2006
Preparing For The Ball by hag1TSOTSO Comedy
Cute movie! I especially liked the accessory to the gorilla costume! Personally, I would turn off the "mumbling," an effect that almost never comes off well in The Movies. reviewed June 19, 2006
The Stealthy Boys by DeadParrot Horror
Good first effort. It doesn't make a lot of sense, but the scenes chosen were interesting, and there's some continuity and flow to them. I had forgotten about the existence of the last scene, which ... reviewed June 19, 2006
New Battlefield Screen Test by smithy1992 Action
Looks pretty cool, especially the tank. reviewed June 17, 2006
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Dylen Horror
I finally caught up with this movie. Great all around! I was especially impressed by the atmospheric encounter with the horseman - didn't think something like that could be pulled off with what we h... reviewed June 15, 2006
1980s Office Set Demo by Tarison Comedy
Very interesting! reviewed June 14, 2006
End of Memories VO by Bolch Action
Excellent job! Well done all around, especially the key voice performances by Dulci and Mortalis Infinitas. I know from personal experience how tough it can be to put together a good story in this g... reviewed June 11, 2006
Four Sisters by Dulci Romance
A great movie! Wonderful acting and construction. I think some of the critics are a little off the mark. Are the characters too two-dimensional? Yeah, maybe, if this was a 90-minute movie! But we h... reviewed June 7, 2006
Gangbusters by skarsten Action
Jack Macy is back! Another great crimestopping entry! The only real fault I had with this episode is that the music track's volume level was way too low - I didn't even realize there *was* a music ... reviewed June 7, 2006
II Amora II by ashz22 Sci-Fi
Looks like this will be an interesting movie! Good job editing the knife fights so they aren't as clumsy-looking as they usually are. One thing I'd watch is the relative sound levels - the voice tra... reviewed June 6, 2006
Stunts and Defects Tech Demo by Tarison Romance
Delightfully defective. I always get a kick out of Albert Morgan as the Hobo - one of TMO's most distinctive character actors! reviewed June 4, 2006
Gorilla vs Ape vs Robot III - Final Chapter by M_Terry Action
Ah, the simple joys of a monkey knife fight.... Nice effort! As one of the other reviewers noted, the soundtrack is a little off. And the movie needs some sort of musical soundtrack. Also, be care... reviewed June 4, 2006
Ultimate Combat III - Alien vs Skeleton by M_Terry Action
Good effort. While it raises many unanswered questions (why are skeletons the only ones marshalling against the alien threat? Who is the skeleton's human collaborator?), focus on inter-species comba... reviewed June 4, 2006
Cow demo by speilucasberg Comedy
An eloquent argument for the cow to take its rightful place in The Movies taxonomy, above the chicken, the rabbit, and even the gorilla! reviewed June 4, 2006
The Pie Man Cometh by speilucasberg Comedy
More agreeably random silliness from Mr. spielucasberg. I didn't like this one quite as much as "The Cactus Killings" - maybe because it wasn't random *enough*? But the ending made up for a lot.... reviewed June 4, 2006
Murphy City PT 2 dash 2 by KirinRiotCrash Action
I finally got around to watching the final chapter of this great series. I loved it - looking forward to the sequel! I guess my only minor qualm is an unavoidable one. In some ways, it's more fun t... reviewed June 4, 2006
The Light in the Dust - Part 1 by DecadentPictures Horror
Wow, this is great stuff! Really outstanding on every level. I especially liked the special effects, but most particularly the way they all were integral to the story, never superfluous to it. Darn... reviewed June 1, 2006
It came from the woods by Frooplet Horror
Pretty good example of guerilla filmmaking. Atmospheric beginning with well chosen music, though there are about two or three establishing shots of the woods too many. The story's pretty slight too,... reviewed April 23, 2006
Murphy City PT 2 dash 1 by KirinRiotCrash Action
Featured Review
Whee, a new Murphy City, what a wonderful surprise! I loved the first one, and this one continues the high quality. I especially love the careful writing and voice work. The voices are great not ju...
reviewed April 15, 2006
Wild West Bedroom Demo by MrOsterman Romance
Very useful public service - hope you make back your VC with this! reviewed February 13, 2006
Shadow of the Light - Part 1 by sherwinliu Romance
Great stuff, very atmospheric and well done. The only minor criticism I have is that fades were slightly overused. reviewed February 12, 2006
Shares a fault with its prequel, which is that some parts of the movie *aren't* about super mega lezzybean action!!!! reviewed February 11, 2006
THE SHORTEST MOVIE ON TMO!!!Preview by Agent_Masquerade Comedy
Dagnabbit, I hate it when a trailer gives away the entire plot of the movie! reviewed February 10, 2006
THE SHORTEST MOVIE ON TMO!!! by Agent_Masquerade Comedy
It's short, but a good deal of attention went into casting and set direction for the brief scene! reviewed February 9, 2006
Oh Its On 2 Tora Saru Bakuhatsu Plus Plus by mixmasterfestus Action
What more can I say that hasn't already been said? That's one tough monkey! reviewed February 9, 2006
Faiths Journey Continues by Dulci Romance
Another great movie from Dulci! I've seen the first part, but I still especially liked the way you presented an introduction and recap of what has gone before, instead of just leaping into the storyl... reviewed February 8, 2006
Murphy City PT 1 by full_metal_winter Action
Featured Review
Wow! I really loved this movie, haven't seen anything quite like it before. It has a very strange, loopy quality that appeals to me. I think my favorite aspect of the movie is the vivid characters, ...
reviewed February 8, 2006
FF Contest 1 The Diva Unleashed by myshinator Comedy
Ah, the problem with actors, the good ones always say "but what I really want to do is direct...." But you show a real natural talent for directing here! The movie flows well, and is very funny and ... reviewed February 8, 2006
The Unwanted Hetero by MefuneAkira Comedy
That was great! Very funny, very Pythonesque without being overly imitative. I love the misleading opening! One thing that especially impressed me is your direction of dialogue - every bit looked j... reviewed February 8, 2006
Santa Strikes Back by Coolphil Comedy
Not a bad effort, but it didn't really work for me. Most of the events struck me as "random crazy stuff," but didn't make me laugh. Very subjective, I know.... The movie was edited and directed wel... reviewed February 8, 2006
The Black Hats by Plan-9 Action
Good first effort, with a well-rounded story and attention to detail. It did feel a little slow and overly long to me at times, but as you go on, you'll keep getting a better feel for editing. Som... reviewed February 8, 2006
The Phantom of the Opera 1925 Remake PT1 by ximplosionx Horror
Featured Review
Very promising! I really love it when people go for true "period" films. I'm only somewhat familiar with the 1925 movie (not sure if I've actually seen any part of it other than the Phantom's "big r...
reviewed February 8, 2006
Murder in Suburbia by gregsmate1 Action
Not bad. It's a fairly simple story, but told concisely in a short running time. Tighter editing would help in some places - for instance, one scene that jumped out at me was the "sniper" scene, where... reviewed February 8, 2006
The Suicide Squad Part -1- by motivationboy Sci-Fi
Good movie, strong in characterization, with a good cliffhanger at the end. Storywise, my only real complaint is that we in the audience don't know much about this Rictor guy or why we should care ab... reviewed February 8, 2006
One Terrible Night by Flipmanburn Horror
The "slasher movie" is probably my least favorite movie subgenre, but I can't deny that this is an extremely well done example. I especially like the way you capture the look and feel of one of those... reviewed February 8, 2006
Dr Yes Trailer by tigereyes Action
Looks promising! reviewed February 6, 2006
The Detective by Adventurous_Putty Action
Good job! Looks like you've got the hang of all the "big" stuff, so all I can find to criticize is pretty minor. When using subtitles, be careful not to let the same subtitle carry over across a sce... reviewed February 5, 2006
A Fairy Tale by Arawna11 Comedy
Charming, inventive, and funny! Excellent movie! I love the voiceovers, even though I don't understand Spanish. (Actually, some of my favorite VOs are in languages I don't understand!) There was a... reviewed February 5, 2006
Chicken Flew Down The Stairs by chrishall9 Comedy
Featured Review
FDS will never go out of style! Very funny and topical twist on the genre.
reviewed February 5, 2006
The Adventures of Jesus 1 by Insomniac77 Action
That was great! I knew Heaven had horses and nice dogs in it, no matter what they told me at Sunday school! (Hmm, come to think of it, that was probably the beginning of my atheism....) A really fun... reviewed February 5, 2006
Brance Jansen FBI Trouble in a Test Tube by Pat_Corcoran Action
Great job! Very well edited, with a creative plot. I think Angie should have gotten top billing, though, based on the two characters' relative success level in the movie! :) Good use of music - wer... reviewed February 5, 2006
Raise and Fall of the Red Scorpio by deandrade Romance
Very good, creative movie! I found the plot a little hard to follow, and to keep track of the various characters, but it all came together for me near the end. Excellent use of props and set dressin... reviewed February 5, 2006
Warship Dracoclaw by Nuggetdie Sci-Fi
Good stuff! I like the characters (I think my favorite is the robot!), and definitely want to see what happens next. Voice acting was excellent too (and I always appreciate having both subs and VO.) ... reviewed February 5, 2006
Twain on Smoking by stach Comedy
Very nice! Good Twain voice and material. I'm surprised this is the first movie I've seen using anything from Mark Twain. Seems to me he's a motherlode of wonderful public domain material that could ... reviewed February 4, 2006
I Laughed - I Cried by stach Comedy
Pretty good, nice use of a limited time frame! reviewed February 4, 2006
The Comunist Chickens Vs The Gorillas by wolverine1112 Comedy
Featured Review
Gorilla democracy will always triumph! Great voice-overs and authentic dialogue!
reviewed February 4, 2006
Sexy and Deadly by Bolch Action
Ninjas - will they ever learn? Nice intro to Jane Adder, who I think probably needs to start looking for other vacation destinations.... :) reviewed February 4, 2006
Eye of Cerberus (part 2) by Bolch Action
Great job, even better than the first part! Loved your editing, especially things like the "catapult" and Jane's flying leap. Good plotting and use of character, too. Perhaps Jane will team up with... reviewed February 4, 2006
Eye of Cerberus by Bolch Action
Very good job! I especially liked your action editing, and the Jane Adder character. (Despite many similarities and a shared profession, she's clearly a different kind of character than a certain Ar... reviewed February 4, 2006
The Treasure by JDaly Sci-Fi
Nice job telling a full story in such a short running time! My standard boilerplate subtitles comment: It's not necessary (and in fact slightly annoying) to use character names in subtitles. Check... reviewed February 4, 2006
A Gangs Uprising by Oh_Come_On Action
Pretty good job. I didn't have any major problems with anything, just a bunch of minor issues that add up. I found the pacing to be too slow, especially in the beginning. Too many unnecessarily lon... reviewed February 4, 2006
Being Me by trescothick Action
Not bad. I did have trouble making out the voices, though mostly due to the music volume being too high relative to the voice volume. The voices themselves sounded OK, except for a lot of "popping" ... reviewed February 4, 2006
Colossus III Kyojin Akai 3 by Bluhm Sci-Fi
I love this series! Great combination of action and comedy, in a distinctively loopy manner! reviewed February 3, 2006
Faiths Journey Begins by Dulci Romance
I loved it! It even cheered me up from being depressed about my latest release getting an immediate non-studio one-star assassination right out of the gate. Great attention to detail, and I especial... reviewed February 3, 2006
Aegis of Therion 2 - Total Annihilation by erinnicole93 Sci-Fi
Excellent movie, carried by its story and characterization more than the (outstanding) technical effects. The only faults I can find are relatively minor. Voice-overs were wonderfully clear, but voi... reviewed February 3, 2006
Space Nazis Must Die! by darthuv Sci-Fi
Nazis. I hate those guys! Very strange movie, but mostly in a good way. The voice program(?) sounded a little odd, but that actually fit the movie, which has a sort of off-kilter feel to it. My st... reviewed February 1, 2006
The Lounge Singer by Dulci Romance
Excellent movie, with a lot of attention to detail. I especially like your "casting" of the lead actress, who's very attractive, but distinctive - she doesn't look like every other *The Movies* actre... reviewed February 1, 2006
Test of Heroes by hisstorymn Action
Featured Review
Very cool! This is the first attempt I've seen at an "ancient adventure," and it's a darn good one, especially considering the limitations of available sets, props, etc. Great, authentic-feeling sto...
reviewed January 30, 2006
What Might Have Been by agarrett Romance
Good first effort, but the voiceovers were pretty unclear. Personally, I like using *both* VO and subtitles, to help with that sort of problem. I'd try not to mix modern sets with old-fashioned on... reviewed January 30, 2006
Mob Stories (Pilot) by valerd Action
Decent story, well plotted and edited. There are some minor problems, though - grammar and spelling are a little inconsistent. Could have used more music, and I didn't think the music that was use... reviewed January 30, 2006
Dr Biggeston I Presume by CreeseStudios Romance
Good romantic adventure movie! I especially liked your creative use of sets and costumes to substitute for stuff we don't really have. (Though a minor quibble along those lines - a "person of color"... reviewed January 30, 2006
The Engagement by rharnaga Romance
Cute story, very romantic! The voiceovers were hard to hear over the music, and ambient sounds, though. There was also a rough edit or two. reviewed January 30, 2006
Ardoreka 1 by SixthHokage Sci-Fi
Very clever, interesting setup! The only real fault I have with the storyline is that it's Part 1, but it doesn't really play as a single cohesive chapter - it just sort of ends. Good voice acting... reviewed January 30, 2006
We closed our eyes by chocolatemouse Sci-Fi
Very effective and emotional, helped by great use of sound and "early color" visual filter. reviewed January 28, 2006
Collossus II Expiremental by Bluhm Sci-Fi
Great combination of action and comedy! I especially loved the use of sound effects. The movie does have some serious flaws, but they're overcome by its inventiveness and good-natured energy. Nev... reviewed January 28, 2006
Edit Shoot Gun-React Shot or by DeBeef Comedy
Heh. Pretty funny, and a good point. But I think you actually see the unedited Shoot Gun - React Shot combo a fair amount in "real" movies, too! reviewed January 27, 2006
Technical Demo - Teleportation by msaeluk Sci-Fi
Impressive! Already got some ideas for using it when the time comes.... reviewed January 27, 2006
Vampire Chutney by Jenniza Comedy
Always good for a chuckle to see what your screenwriters can come up with and try to make something semi-coherent out of it. Now we need to see what you can do with an original script! reviewed January 26, 2006
Come On - The Outtake Reel by FoDooG Comedy
Good stuff - I love to see augie64's filter used well. Love the horsies.... reviewed January 26, 2006
War With Aliens Chapter 4 by cdayton93 Sci-Fi
Good choices of scenes and sets. The voice overs are nice and energetic, but very often too soft to be heard easily. You should either make them louder (by tweaking the files) or lower the volume le... reviewed January 26, 2006
Dead Range - trailer by smokeycat Action
My main character originated in a similar way - those studio screenwriters are good for something, after all! Decent trailer, nice use of establishing shots. reviewed January 26, 2006
I wish by greend4ytt Comedy
Pretty good, got a few chuckles out of it. There's too much microphone noise on the VO, but you make up for that by providing subtitles too, something more people should do. reviewed January 26, 2006
Penetration Teaser by Throwaxe Action
I like the telex style subtitles, something I might steal from you.... reviewed January 26, 2006
TROOPERS - an Imperial Story by ranger21 Sci-Fi
Impressive! I think I like the way you did Wookiees best of all. reviewed January 25, 2006
Nautilus TechDemo by Zogg Action
Impressive! It'll be fun to see an all-out Nautilus movie with these techniques! reviewed January 25, 2006
A wild west street test ( new props added ) by baba2 Comedy
Cool props! The movie itself fails to reach the heights set by the classic of the genre, "Light Level Test." reviewed January 25, 2006
Lesbian Kisses 2 by toewiggler Romance
Well, you can never go *too* far wrong with lesbians, and as the title promises, they do kiss.... I'm curious about several things, like their matching outfits? School uniforms? What kind of school,... reviewed January 25, 2006
We need more Sets! by TimBurtonFan Comedy
Good illustration of some pressing needs, and pretty funny. Slightly sloppy on the tech side (e.g., music running out near the end instead of a big climax, some subtitles that run over scenes too much.) reviewed January 25, 2006
Robot Empire Redux Vol 1 by davebaker Sci-Fi
Very strange movie, but interesting and occasionally pretty amusing. Grammar, spelling, capitalization, and punctuation in the subtitles were inconsistent, as were their speed. I didn't have any tro... reviewed January 25, 2006
Save the Tibetan Antelope by ChengYi Action
Featured Review
Fascinating story, well-told, especially given the limitations of sets, props, etc. It has a ring of authenticity, helped by the music.
reviewed January 25, 2006
Lots of Laughs With Your IDEAS! by Dulci Comedy
Pretty nutty, but based on the contest parameters, it really couldn't be any other way! I love the gorilla and the rabbit.... reviewed January 23, 2006
Captain Frank vs Hollywood by Acquired_Taste Sci-Fi
Pretty funny! I had some trouble understanding the dialogue, which was often overwhelmed by the music or ambient sound. Adjusting their relative levels might help. reviewed January 22, 2006
The Coins by Shaner3 Horror
Good first effort, with nice use of sound effects and some creative editing. On editing, be careful not to leave a few frames in that were supposed to be cut, which I noticed in a couple places. My s... reviewed January 22, 2006
Morgan Bond by wolfman316 Action
Pretty good trailer! I think you need to be careful not to make cuts *too* close, even in short trailers. Especially in conjunction with fade-in and fade-out. With a short scene and two fades, ther... reviewed January 22, 2006
The Studio - Online by Tarison Comedy
Featured Review
Joining erinnicole93 with the trend-buckers. :) I thought it was really funny! Voiceovers sounded fine, and I'm usually the first person to have trouble with VO. Great casting, too! I love the bearde...
reviewed January 22, 2006
Guns of Monaco 2 by XanderDaigoji Action
Great combination of action and comedy, with very "unconventional" Western heroes! I had the first movie bookmarked, but didn't get around to viewing it before it was taken down, so I didn't know all... reviewed January 22, 2006
Oh Its On 2 Trailer by mixmasterfestus Action
Nice teaser! I think the fades were overused just a bit - need more time for the characters to register before the movie fades out! But I'm eagerly anticipating the final film - go gorillas! reviewed January 22, 2006
The Movies Review by mixmasterfestus Comedy
Great movie, great review! I especially loved the depictions of Molyneaux's previous games. Works well as a review, too - I think people will get a genuinely good feel for what The Movies is all abou... reviewed January 22, 2006
The Chicken Dance (Sooo Annoying) by sgt_rich Comedy
Wow, that song is annoying and catchy! Nice synchronization of action to the music. Plus one star, though, since this annoying song purged another more annoying song from my memory! reviewed January 22, 2006
The Mystery of Planet X Episode I by MrAllison Comedy
Good job - love the Rocket Girl character! The main area that needs improvement is editing. Particularly the transitions - for instance, the early cuts between "walking scenes" of the various groups ... reviewed January 22, 2006
Rocket Girl in Danger - The Movie by MrAllison Sci-Fi
Well done! I love the old-timey feel, and Rocket Girl and her sidekick are appealing characters. A few flaws, though: What were the names of the villain and the sidekick, for instance? Tighter ed... reviewed January 22, 2006
The Last Ninja by visualstudios Action
Good job! Interesting storyline, good use of music. There were several minor problems, though, like odd costuming here and there (the Red Army helmet) and the presence of Scene Biscuit, the dreaded ... reviewed January 22, 2006
The Telephone Call by GooDilein Horror
I'm not normally a fan of this type of horror, but this was well done! I liked the creative use of sets. Voiceovers were good (though I don't speak German), but the killer's voice seemed to be much ... reviewed January 22, 2006
Plan 9 from Outer Space The Remake by thedevilsreject Sci-Fi
Loved it! I especially liked all the little touches, like Criswell and the narrator at the beginning, and the hero obviously running off the set (how'd you do that?) The only thing I didn't quite "g... reviewed January 22, 2006
Miss Simone Says by Prinzess Comedy
Funny! The voiceover worked very well, though I think you and I are competitors for this week's "Least Convincing Texas Accent" award. Yours fits the movie better, though. :) reviewed January 22, 2006
Star Wars the Musical Finale by MrOsterman Comedy
That was really good! Obviously, the music is a huge part of this movie, but by no means everything, and the synchronization of music to movie is quite impressive. I liked the use of fades with short... reviewed January 22, 2006
007 The Rhythm Divine - Part 1 by Raptor007 Action
Pretty good. I really liked the use of music, with the exception of the particular choice of the "fast-paced techno" tune, where something a little slower-tempo would work better. You might want to ... reviewed January 22, 2006
Segrenation by donlar001 Comedy
Not bad, but the comedy didn't really work for me. Good comic voice acting and use of music. The editing is a little rough in places, and there were a couple parts where frames are still present at ... reviewed January 22, 2006
Judge Pheer Pilot by cult_inc Sci-Fi
Pretty cool! I probably wouldn't be all that interested in a full movie in this style, tending to agree with Ratonero here. (Or in other words, something like this would probably be better *as* a com... reviewed January 22, 2006
Actress Resolution by metlkelley Comedy
Very funny, and a good insight into the often sad life of our featured players.... reviewed January 21, 2006
The Submissive Woman by johnokinawa Romance
Great story, with a lot of interesting, quirky touches, and a bit of mystery. All done in a short time frame, too! (Wish I could do that - for the life of me, I can't seem to come up with a movie con... reviewed January 21, 2006
Fighting On a Street by Bluhm Comedy
Featured Review
Agreeably ridiculous nonsense. I loved the creative use of props, and the way you highlighted the "special moves!"
reviewed January 21, 2006
ROPIS by mcgarnagle Comedy
Hilarious! All I can say is... Arrrr!!! God show, matey! Arrr! reviewed January 21, 2006
Miami Christ The Night Shift by Sphinx86 Comedy
Very funny! I especially like the "special guest villains!" I do think it really needs a musical soundtrack of some sort, though (great job on the intro music!) Also, while the VOs were good, they w... reviewed January 21, 2006
Women Drivers by Dulci Comedy
Funny! I think it ended a little too soon myself, though. VO was perfect - very clear and entertaining. reviewed January 21, 2006
On to Moscow by Haes Action
Good job! Nice editing on the combat action, and it was easy to follow what was going on. Good alternate-history premise, though maybe it could've been expanded a bit, perhaps with some perspectives... reviewed January 21, 2006
Faiths Journey - Trailer by Dulci Romance
Looks promising! I like trailers that are well thought-out *as* trailers, and not just "Here are some random scenes from my movie." For me, the VO was clear, but too soft relative to the music. I'd... reviewed January 21, 2006
Honor - A Civil War Tale - by Blackstorm Action
Featured Review
Good job! The only thing that really bugged me about the story is the bizarre plot point of Confederate troops being 25km from the Canadian border! (Plus, of course, none of these characters would re...
reviewed January 21, 2006
And So They Marched by DirectorBumbleButt Action
Good job! It's not easy to tell a decent "silent" story, but it works well here. The novelty did wear off just a bit near the end, though. I love the use of black and white, so one "bonus" star for... reviewed January 21, 2006
Meet the Neighbors 2 Meet The Creatures by KiCkmEdOOd1 Comedy
Good, goofy fun. I thought the first one held together a little better, but Peter's steady drift away from real estate sales to just being a strange documentary filmmaker is probably a good career move! reviewed January 21, 2006
Meet the Neighbors by KiCkmEdOOd1 Comedy
Pretty funny! I'm not sure the concept holds together too clearly (doesn't seem like a very effective selling tool!), but that's a minor concern.... reviewed January 21, 2006
The Trials of Explosivo! Episode II by madmatt7g Action
Wow! It just keeps getting better! I'm a little spoiled by missing the great voice work that's in the revised Part 1, but this is great stuff - funny and exciting at the same time. reviewed January 21, 2006
The Trials of Explosivo! Episode I (VO) by madmatt7g Action
That was great! I know action mixed with comedy is tough to pull off (I've been trying...), but you do it very well here. Great voice work too, and a very original character in Explosivo! reviewed January 21, 2006
The history we DONT talk about part I by deathmeme Comedy
Pretty good - I think it'd make an even better extended treatment. Was Zorro involved? reviewed January 20, 2006
Robot mistress by deathmeme Horror
Pretty good, especially for a first effort! And despite the overall goofiness, there's a decent story in there too! A good musical score would have helped, though. One thing to watch out for with s... reviewed January 20, 2006
First Words - A Learning Video for Toddlers by Dulci Comedy
Featured Review
What a great idea, and how sweet! It never would have occurred to me to use The Movies in this way, but it works very well! I bet the little ones will really like it, too!
reviewed January 20, 2006
Telemarketer Falls Down Stairs by XanderDaigoji Comedy
A respectable FDS entry. Personally, I'm a bit of a Fall Down Stairs purist, operating under the metaphysical FDS theory that being *pushed* down the stairs (or hit from behind with a shovel) is not ... reviewed January 20, 2006
Aegis Two Trailer by erinnicole93 Sci-Fi
Great as both a demo and as a trailer that pushes interest in seeing the finished film! reviewed January 20, 2006
Spiderman Falls Down Stairs by cult_inc Comedy
Why didn't his Spider-Sense warn him about the banana peels? reviewed January 20, 2006
Keeping Your Lady by Prinzess Romance
Funny! I still spotted a few "rogue frames" here and there (frames that were meant to be cut out, but are still there), but that's a minor problem. reviewed January 19, 2006
Isaac by Angelo_Santino Comedy
Gorilla steaks in camp tonight! You can never go too far wrong with a telepathic gorilla in your movie.... reviewed January 19, 2006
Spooky Scary Skeleton! by TurboGhost Horror
I'm still so quaking with fear, I can barely write this review! Bone-chilling horror as only the power of a mighty skeleton brain could devise! reviewed January 19, 2006
Weird Weird West by Muzzle_Keeper Comedy
Fairly amusing for what's basically a "make it up as you go along" improv type movie. A lot of the dialogue was hard to understand - sounds like maybe one of you was speaking way too close to the mike. reviewed January 19, 2006
The Guide To Men by hosty Comedy
Nice movie. I only found it slightly funny (though the educational programming was a good laugh-out-loud moment!), but the sincerity at the end made up for that. reviewed January 19, 2006
Gas Station Nightmare by coldgrave Comedy
Pretty amusing. I thought it was a little dull at the beginning, but it picked up with some good laughs near the end. Nice touch having the car elevated! reviewed January 19, 2006
War! Trailer by e-joker Action
Pretty good as a trailer, though I think a trailer needs to sell the storyline a bit - so subtitles spelling some of it out would be nice. reviewed January 19, 2006
Desolation Street Trailer by anbeck Action
Looks promising - I especially love the black and white look. reviewed January 19, 2006
Flanagans Fog Falling Down The Stairs by FoDooG Comedy
Great FDS combined with a great teaser! Loved the music, too! reviewed January 16, 2006
Tania Drake Captured! Special Edition by Ridethebomb Action
Pretty neat! I think Tania should team up with Ashley Porter sometime. :) I wish I could be as concise with my movies. Seems like everything I do winds up pushing 10 minutes, even the "short" ones. reviewed January 16, 2006
Private SNAFUs Last Cruise by DrMovie Comedy
Wow, very impressive demonstration! I can only imagine how much time and effort it took to put this together so smoothly. reviewed January 16, 2006
Too Close to Home by mriamron Horror
Pretty decent short movie. Voice overs were clear, but maybe need to be a little louder relative to other sound elements. reviewed January 16, 2006
Das Ende by Streberking Romance
If this is one of your "bad" movies, I'm really looking forward to the better ones! Nice voiceover (not sure why, but I tend to enjoy the VOs best in languages I don't understand!) Reinforces the noti... reviewed January 16, 2006
The Vampire of Beltane by Petreak Horror
Nice teaser, with good use of sound. Voice over was nice and clear - hope my own first experiment with voice turns out as well! reviewed January 16, 2006
Beevus and Buthead falls down stairs by dubblehellox Comedy
Featured Review
The first ever FDS serial continues! Great likenesses on Beavis, Butthead, and Top....
reviewed January 15, 2006
Carrot Top falls down stairs by dubblehellox Comedy
Featured Review
Fall Down Stairs, the Serial! Pretty outstanding!
reviewed January 15, 2006
Jason Voorhes falls down stairs friday 13th by dubblehellox Horror
Solid FDS action. The parts at the end (including the FDS "money shot") came out really dark, though. reviewed January 15, 2006
King Kong 1940 falls down stairs by dubblehellox Comedy
I just realized I hadn't seen this one after its revision. A classic in Fall Down Stairs and Giant Monster genres alike! reviewed January 15, 2006
Wac Them Nazis! by darthuv Horror
The audio is a problem, but I enjoyed it! I think maybe these WACs should team up with "Ashley Porter, OSS Girl" or take on the Cute Blonde German Girls in Uniform. Though in the latter case, they'd... reviewed January 14, 2006
Easter Bunny Pushes Bunny Down Stairs by movieman227 Sci-Fi
A noble first FDS effort, exposing the dark underbelly of Easter. reviewed January 13, 2006
Flower will die (my version) by chocolatemouse Romance
Very good, the addition of subtitles and removal of other sound helps the movie a lot. I kind of preferred the original ending though, where we don't know what will happen to mouse. reviewed January 13, 2006
Bush and Clinton Fall Down Stairs by erinnicole93 Comedy
Featured Review
FDS + Hard-hitting political meditations = 5 stars!
reviewed January 13, 2006
Night of the Living TMO (special edition) by crazeyal Comedy
Great stuff, an accurate depiction of horrifying reality! reviewed January 12, 2006
Bits of Satan Fall Down Stairs by cult_inc Horror
Impressive, and adds subtle topical satire to the FDS genre! reviewed January 12, 2006
Oxidized Tears Under Rust-Covered Eyes by ator3098 Sci-Fi
Featured Review
A tragic tale of man's inhumanity to robot. Who indeed was the more human at the end? "No, the machine-guns didn't stop him. 'Twas beauty killed the robot."
reviewed January 12, 2006
Battlefish Tarantula by VanceHill Comedy
Very, very strange, and made me chuckle a bit, but not quite strange enough to draw a better review. I'm curious to see what you come up with next, though! reviewed January 12, 2006
Ozzy Osbourne Falls Down Stairs by myrtheus Comedy
Great performance, amazing brevity! reviewed January 12, 2006
Jailbreak! by skarsten Action
Great stuff, filled with classic archetypes for the setting. Tiny quibble: the voiceovers were great, but their volume seemed to be a little inconsistent. (Example: I had to turn up the volume to he... reviewed January 12, 2006
Penultimate FDS by SOULSWORD Comedy
Oh, my. A triumph for Soulsword and the entire Fall Down Stairs movement! reviewed January 12, 2006
Unknown by GoatMilk Action
Well made, with good editing, voice acting, and music choices. But it all seems a little random, and it's hard to care much about any of the characters. I'm curious to see whether putting this movie... reviewed January 12, 2006
The Flower will die by chocolatemouse Romance
Well done! Parce que cette gentille fille doit converser en anglais avec nous, j'essai á écrire en français. J'aime le film, et l'histoire n'a pas besoin de dialogue... la plupart du temps. Mais je... reviewed January 12, 2006
Mr Important Studio Man Falls Down Stairs by Deikon Comedy
An important milestone in FDS history, and a veritable epic of the genre! But Mr. Important Studio Man may have been on to something - can't you smoke banana peels? reviewed January 12, 2006
Tomb of Dracula by Ratonero Horror
Wow! This is the best horror movie I've seen yet! I love the classic, traditional monster movies, and you've captured their feel wonderfully. Great voice acting, and I personally *love* it when peopl... reviewed January 11, 2006
The Arrangers - Chicken Run by samuel68 Action
Delightful movie, you really captured the spirit of "The Avengers" without being too derivative or shamelessly imitative. You have a good feel for the distinct "voices" of the characters. I loved St... reviewed January 11, 2006
Gandhi falls down stairs! by Saskro Romance
Again, we see the impact Falls Down Stairs have had throughout human history! reviewed January 11, 2006
Jack Macy Falls Down Stairs by skarsten Comedy
Junior Crimestoppers! Have you seen this gorilla? Get out your Jack Macy Decoder Rings and help solve the mystery! The mystery of... Falls Down Stairs!!!! reviewed January 11, 2006
Steve Irwin Falls Down The Stairs by myrtheus Comedy
Featured Review
Everything's better with gorillas!
reviewed January 9, 2006
Stoner Dude Falls Down Stairs by cult_inc Comedy
Heh. He fell down stairs, dude.... reviewed January 9, 2006
Michael Jackson Falls Down Stairs by herr_lipp Comedy
Has Michael learned so little about banana peels from Bubbles? reviewed January 9, 2006
Foreigner Falls Down Stairs by Tarison Comedy
Wow, daring defiance of established Fall Down Stairs convention, but in a winning manner! reviewed January 9, 2006
Ashleys first movie by duckguy0100 Comedy
Hi, Ashley! I hope you had as much fun making your movie as I did watching it! You picked some great, funny scenes, and I like the pretty dress you chose for your heroine! I make movies about the ad... reviewed January 9, 2006
Bulky Robot falls down stairs by LuciusVorenus Romance
A brilliant meditation on compassion and violence in the Post-Industrial Age. Who, I ask, is the more "human?" Robot or Master? reviewed January 9, 2006
Jason Falls Downstairs! by PamDennis Comedy
Wow, amazing advances in technology, with the first "talkie" in the Falls Down Stairs genre! And daring to spell the title with the one word "downstairs" usage! reviewed January 9, 2006
Titus Pullo falls down the stairs by LuciusVorenus Comedy
Wow, this "Falls Down Stairs" entry is a perfectly complete in-character episode of *Rome* in a mere 30 seconds! And continues to court controversy, with the assertion that Pullo does not merely fall... reviewed January 9, 2006
Napoleon Dynamite Falls Down The Stairs by GatorWhiz Comedy
Breaks new genre ground with the controversial use of the word "the" in the title! Napoleon Dynamite does not merely "fall down stairs," he falls down *the* stairs! Confident, aggressive filmmaking at work! reviewed January 9, 2006
The Debt by DirectorBumbleButt Action
Greetings from another "forties filmmaker." :) I liked the movie, but some of the storytelling was unclear. I'm still a little confused about the bartender's role vis-a-vis the "fourth" character, an... reviewed January 8, 2006
Space Mod Demo by lizard3209 Sci-Fi
Wow, these sets look great! I think I'd probably get good use out of all of them, but the "crew quarters" and "crew corridor" especially open up a lot of "new territory" in storytelling. reviewed January 8, 2006
Potty Mouthed Chicken Falls Down Stairs by Rhynox980 Comedy
Good example of everything that makes Fall Down Stairs the mark of excellence that it is! Gets its message out in a very short time, too, I believe rivalling only "Monkey Falls Down Stairs" for len... reviewed January 8, 2006
Ode to Violence by Subjunctive Comedy
"Jump Shirt?" Pretty funny, though, and the music helps this "Tour of the Movies through Violence" a lot. reviewed January 8, 2006
Nine Lives by Aquamantor Action
Great concept, and held my attention, but I'm not sure I understood what was going on at all. What was the deal with the girl? reviewed January 8, 2006
Shaded Christmas by Suladead Horror
I liked it a lot! I was kind of afraid this would be one of the many crass "Christmas Horror" movies floating all over the place where Santa gets killed by a zombie or something, but it really isn't a... reviewed January 8, 2006
In the Crocodiles Belly by Kurox Comedy
Featured Review
Pretty nonsensical, but a little totally nonsensical zaniness can be fun once in a while. I chuckled a fair amount, looks like you guys were having fun with it!
reviewed January 8, 2006
Really Rich Old Man Falls Down Stairs by Dulci Comedy
Featured Review
You do have a bit of a mean streak, don't ya? I'll have to watch out for that.... :)
reviewed January 8, 2006
Luckiest [play nice now!] Ever Falls Down Stairs by mixmasterfestus Comedy
Featured Review
That was great! I really wasn't expecting what happened, and it truly did make me laugh out loud, which doesn't happen all that often. Looking good for the big competition!
reviewed January 8, 2006
Lifepod by johnstonstudios Sci-Fi
I liked this one a lot! Nice to see an example of somewhat "hard" SF here ("The Cold Equations" is an old favorite of mine, packs a heck of a punch!) Your transitions could be a little stronger. The... reviewed January 8, 2006
The Fatal Poisoner by sportygal Action
Good job! I love your enthusiastic voice work, especially on the bits of dialogue that *aren't* "speaking." reviewed January 8, 2006
Keeping Your Man by Prinzess Romance
Good movie, with a great sense of fun to it. You have a wonderful voice, now we just need to figure out how to technically present it better! I think one problem might be the relative volume levels ... reviewed January 8, 2006
Aegis of Therion - Episode I by erinnicole93 Sci-Fi
Wow! Really superb. Outstanding work on all levels, from story to acting to special effects. I only have a couple of minor problems. The voice acting was excellent, and recorded clearly and cleanly ... reviewed January 8, 2006
Jetgirl Falls Down Stairs by cult_inc Comedy
OMG!!! What will happen to Jetgirl? The first in the "Falls Down Stairs" genre to warrant, nay, *DEMAND* a sequel! reviewed January 8, 2006
Hitler falls down stairs! by Saskro Comedy
That was Hitler! And he fell down the stairs all right! But now the gorillas have to make him pay! reviewed January 8, 2006
Oh Its On by mixmasterfestus Action
That's great! Movies with Fightin' Gorillas are automatically a Good Thing in my book, but how'd did you do the special effects just with the Stage and Backdrops? Didn't think you could get so close ... reviewed January 7, 2006
Kung Fu Disco by skarsten Action
Nice job of action editing. Glynner's right in a way - generally speaking, you're not supposed to *notice* good editing.... But this is good editing, noticeable only because it's better than the norm... reviewed January 7, 2006
Backalley Hairdresser by kingsinc Action
Shocking expose of the secret violent world of hairdressers. Goofy, but kinda fun. I was a little confused about the two different sides at the end, especially with the two guys wearing the same out... reviewed January 7, 2006
Dude In Love by Kurox Romance
Featured Review
I thought it was pretty funny, a little on the goofy side, but that's OK. My main problem with the movie is the subtitles, which keep changing fonts for no obvious reason. One problem with this is t...
reviewed January 7, 2006
The Assasin by Steven91 Action
A simple, relatively uncomplicated story for a short movie is often a good idea, and this fits pretty well. Trouble is, there's nothing too compelling about the story unless there's an interesting tw... reviewed January 7, 2006
The Girls are in Town Alien Edition by Stormwhitelab Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Very nice! So many movies in the Sci-Fi genre seem to have a generic "Aliens are attacking the ship: time to do battle" feel to them, it's nice to see something a little different. This is more like ...
reviewed January 7, 2006
The Femme Fatale by acproductions Action
Good first effort. I liked the general storyline of the two young gals against the "older broad with a few tricks up her sleeve." Good story angle. A few problems to watch out for: "Gun logic" - i... reviewed January 7, 2006
Santas Innovation by Saskro Comedy
Fantastic special effects! If I were you, I would've tried to have some big booming sound effects to match the footsteps of the giant robot, but that's the only minor criticism I have. reviewed January 7, 2006
Survival Game by Dylen Horror
Excellent job of editing and synchronization! A pretty powerful argument for the PST technique, I think.... reviewed January 6, 2006
The Girl With The Sunshine Smile by Dajmin Romance
Well done, a great example of making a very short, but effective, movie! I agree with Kadal, that the music was excellent, but I would've started playing it earlier. reviewed January 6, 2006
The Final Stipulation by mixmasterfestus Comedy
Very funny! I especially liked the ending - funny, and technically stunning too (the sound effects help a lot!) My only problem was understanding all that crazy moon-man talk the characters were using... reviewed January 6, 2006
Bunnies Against Rabbit Bashing (BARB) by sarunit Comedy
Very funny and well crafted - nice use of sets, scenes, and props. I have become convinced of the rabbit plight, but I worry about some of the anti-gorilla sentiments I'm seeing! Gorilla and Rabbit ... reviewed January 6, 2006
Monkey Falls Down Stairs by cult_inc Comedy
That's a gorilla (family Hominidae), not a monkey (family Cercopithecidae or branch of Platyrrhini)!!!! One star for you! Oh, heck, I do love them gorillas, even if misidentified, so I'll give you t... reviewed January 6, 2006
Leela Huntress Of Sol by KEMOWERY Sci-Fi
Good job. I think the movie needs some dialogue or narration of some sort for basic exposition - just to let us know who these people are, what they're up to, etc. I would also cut out the "mumbles"... reviewed January 5, 2006
The Saracen Gambit by mestoph72 Sci-Fi
Good job! One of the better "Trek" flavored movies I've seen. One minor problem I had is that I wasn't clear on how Pike got back aboard the ship. Did he beam back? If so, how? (I know there's no ... reviewed January 5, 2006
Space Nazis from beyond the Moon by skarsten Sci-Fi
Uh, well... Why yes, yes you do get crap.... I'm particularly intrigued by the thought processes that led to putting the Japanese attaché(?) in a U.S. Army uniform.... reviewed January 5, 2006
Hokey-Pokey Jones Part 1 by tomacres Action
Unfortunately, there was too much audio distortion for me to understand most of the dialogue. Pretty good job, though as tim_pilgrim suggested, I'd work on editing scenes to make the fights more exci... reviewed January 5, 2006
Fight of the Monsters by mrcool1 Comedy
Another great, gloriously silly, high-concept premise. The combats were pretty well done on the whole - I liked the example of "dirty fighting" in one bout. Maybe it's just me, but I've never liked ... reviewed January 5, 2006
Hitler vs Churchill by mrcool1 Action
Plus one star for attention-getting surreal high-concept title and premise. Good job, and especially good use of music and sound, but not very well edited. The combat scenes would have been better i... reviewed January 5, 2006
Space Apes vs The Astro Chickens by TimBurtonFan Sci-Fi
I'm a total sucker for the gorillas - who are far superior to those absurd chickens, and yea, even the orangutans! All hail the mighty gorilla! reviewed January 4, 2006
Sonnet 60 by kellwyn Romance
Very nice! Great idea for a short film, and very well executed. Good use of "aging" to match the sonnet. reviewed January 4, 2006
Max and Me by kellwyn Comedy
Aww, what a sweet little movie! Great to see more movies about our four-legged friends, especially happy ones (the only other dog-centered movie I've seen was well done, but very sad....) Good job on... reviewed January 4, 2006
A Mecha Adventure by cult_inc Sci-Fi
Excellent! As you might tell from my own movies, I'm also rather fond of B-movies, nice to see this genre covered! :) I love the way you used sets, backdrops, props, and editing to make it look like ... reviewed January 4, 2006
Breakup Technique 00 by Coornoth Action
This is the first movie in this series I've seen - is it meant to be first? I'm not quite sure exactly what it's all about, but it certainly held my attention. Weird, but in a good way. reviewed January 4, 2006
Why Santa Claus dont exist by Alastor3 Action
J'ecrit en francais pour le premier fois depuis... 1987? Pardon, j'ai oublie quelques mots. :) Je pouvais lire les subtitles, mais seulement avec le "pause." Peut-etre pour les gens francophones, le... reviewed January 4, 2006
Carly the Vampire Slayer by apasas Action
Good job! I like the way you did the "narration" style voiceover, and the vampire attack was pretty exciting. Clever editing on the vampire death. reviewed January 4, 2006
Pulse - Episode 4 by shadyginzo Action
Note: This is the only episode of the series I've seen so far. Well done, very Jack Bauer-ish! It didn't seem very "spoofy" to me, but it works fine as a straight action film. reviewed January 4, 2006
Iron City Chronicles III by shamsael Horror
Excellent chapter, I can't wait to see what happens next! The characters are really fascinating, and have the sort of "larger than life" quality that's appropriate for the period. reviewed January 4, 2006
Iron City Chronicles II by shamsael Horror
I love this series! The story is getting deeper and more interesting, and I love its look and feel. I was thinking the automatons might be a little too advanced for the movie's time period, but on r... reviewed January 4, 2006
Jealous 2 by vinnymonster Sci-Fi
Featured Review
I like the storyline resolution a lot! It might be a little too compressed near the end - there's possibly enough for two chapters here, with a little more exploration of Gerald and Andy's reactions ...
reviewed January 4, 2006
Follow On Story Part - 5 by Birdman67 Action
Woo hoo! You made it! Imagine my surprise when I saw this on "Watch Movies," just after coincidentally looking at cult_inc's movies page! :) For those of you who have no idea what this is all about, ... reviewed January 2, 2006
Whats that monkey doing in here? by vinnymonster Comedy
Featured Review
A daring, provocative look at The Love That Dare Not Speak Its Name!!!! I'm a sucker for the gorilla suit, as anybody who's watched "Ashley Porter and the Gorilla War" can testify (I actually think i...
reviewed January 2, 2006
College Girls The Directors Cut by Wampa1 Romance
Well, I know a lot of people think it's overdone, but I like a "lesbian romance" movie when it's done with a little eroticism, intelligence, and/or humor. You've got those elements here... but there ... reviewed January 2, 2006
Darkness of Light The Beginning by bioempress Action
Featured Review
Evaluating this *as a teaser*, that was a damn good one! It's intriguing enough to make you curious about the full movie, and you've got a great voice for it! As with about 90% of VO movies here, it...
reviewed January 2, 2006
A Robber Barons Christmas by johnokinawa Romance
I could say that the economics of the allegory are wrong and that the implied message is a little naive for a number of reasons, but that's really beside the point. The point is that as a *film*, it'... reviewed January 2, 2006
Lost In Space trek (Episode 1) by Devillist Sci-Fi
Not too bad, but unfortunately, the voiceovers were almost completely unintelligible for me. Both at too low a volume relative to the other sounds, and too distorted to make out when the volume is cr... reviewed January 2, 2006
A Change of Professions by Primaer Action
Clever, well done first movie! Somehow, I think I like foreign language voice-overs better than English ones most of the time.... I would avoid the use of the "second" part of "Ain't Over Yet," thoug... reviewed January 2, 2006
POTHA by Arcane_Penguin Sci-Fi
Good first effort. One of the first lessons you learn making subtitled movies is that the "default" subtitle length is way too short. I've started applying a rule of thumb: each "long" subtitle gets ... reviewed January 2, 2006
Moon lit fright part 1 by swift007 Horror
I sort of agree with Philnate, it seemed mostly, but not entirely, like random moments from a movie than something especially designed as a trailer. It's only 47 seconds, but you should at least try ... reviewed January 2, 2006
Santa Vs Ed by betelman Comedy
I just came here to watch the Director's Cut after seeing the edited version! Liked this one just as much, so the edits don't seem to hurt the "competition" version much, if at all. One tiny problem... reviewed January 2, 2006
Santa VS Ed -EDITED by betelman Comedy
That was great! Very funny, with excellent likenesses of Ed Wood, Criswell, and company, too! I sort of agree with the commenter that it could do with a little less of the total slapstick stuff, but... reviewed January 2, 2006
The Hidden Stories by Dulci Comedy
A great original idea, wonderfully written and executed. Very little to complain about, but I did notice one minor thing, so I'll mention it. There's a costume continuity problem with the bank telle... reviewed January 2, 2006
The Adventures of Hannah Beth by JohnRAndrew Action
Tell Hannah Beth I loved her movie! I think she's got a great future as both a filmmaker and action hero! Voiceovers sounded highly distorted to me - I had a lot of trouble making out the dialogue. reviewed January 2, 2006
A Date With Santa by Prinzess Comedy
Featured Review
Very clever and funny, and the Australian voices somehow make it all work better. The voiceover was great, but sometimes unclear. I'm no expert, but maybe moving the mike a bit to the side would hel...
reviewed January 2, 2006
Bracelets of Power by blackcat35 Action
Well, it definitely held my attention, and I do want to see what happens next. But the "rules" seem ill-defined - how were the two girls able to do anything with just one bracelet, for example? reviewed January 2, 2006
Forbidden Love by blackcat35 Romance
Oh my. Beery1 summed it up well, this is quite something! reviewed January 2, 2006
Hamlet by fratt38 Horror
Very clever! I found the VO somewhat unclear at times. I think you may need to adjust the relative volume levels of VO, sound effects, and music next time. reviewed January 2, 2006
The History of Commercials Part 1 by Reebdoog Comedy
That was hilarious! I especially commend you for the clarity of the voiceovers. The acting's great too, of course, but I see so many movies where it's hard to make out half the dialogue.... reviewed January 2, 2006
Santa Baby by kellwyn Romance
That was really nice! You have such a pretty singing voice! reviewed January 2, 2006
rich poor and prissy(part 1-2) by burgerkingproductions Comedy
The story's a real mess, but the scenes were put together and edited pretty well. Problems: In The Movies, as in the real world, grammar, spelling, capitalization and punctuation do count. What happ... reviewed January 1, 2006
Baggage Boy Remix by madman12300 Comedy
An extra star because I'm a total sucker for the Baggage Boy, one of *The Movies* truly iconic characters! The voiceovers were a little hard to make out, and I think adjusting the relative volumes of... reviewed January 1, 2006
The Kid Rode Away by JohnRAndrew Comedy
Well, it's an experiment, so you need some good feedback. I had trouble just hearing the voiceover, and when I did, it was hard to make out. I think there are two main things at work here: One, you ... reviewed January 1, 2006
Crouching Santa Hidden Presents by pwflannery Action
Good use of an actual trailer format (as opposed to "these are some random scenes from a movie I'm actually working on in AMM at the moment.) A few problems: It was hard for me to understand the voic... reviewed January 1, 2006
The One And Only Banana by scavanga Comedy
Hmm, I've had Germans not quite "get" the humor in some of my movies, and I think it's my turn for the opposite. :) It was kind of amusing, but I was hoping there'd be a little more of a payoff. Goo... reviewed January 1, 2006
Rome by LuciusVorenus Action
OK, it did make me laugh, but I still can't really justify more than 3 stars.... reviewed January 1, 2006
Finding Christmas by davidwww Action
What happens after the ending? Nice little positive Christmas story, but has some weak points. I didn't think the music was all that well-chosen for this movie or storyline, and grammar, spelling, p... reviewed January 1, 2006
Attack of the Killer Tomatoes by lostwolfnesbit Comedy
You say "tomatoes," the title says "tomatas!" Tomatoes? Tomatas? Let's call the whole thing off! Good, cheesy fun. I especially liked the "death scene" and the ending! reviewed January 1, 2006
Steal my Bird ill Shoot you off your Perch! by Lewis_Morgan Action
Obviously, the sound and subtitles are horribly out of sync, but that aside, not a bad effort. Decent Western storytelling, comes off as slightly surreal, like some of the Italian Westerns. My stand... reviewed January 1, 2006
The 10th Planet by eddyryan Sci-Fi
Good job! I especially liked the battle scenes, which were well chosen and carefully edited. Minor quibble: The use of subtitles for the other side of the "communicator" dialogues really didn't work ... reviewed January 1, 2006
The Cactus Killings by speilucasberg Comedy
Featured Review
Wow, this really made me laugh. Ten times better than "Brokeback Mountain!" That cute feller in the blue dress sure can shoot! One thing I especially liked was having both subtitles *and* voiceover....
reviewed December 31, 2005
Good Idea-Bad Idea V by Deikon Comedy
This is the first of these I've seen, but I loved it! My only complaint is that it was sometimes hard for me to make out the voiceover dialogue. And... wouldn't the water cooler have put out the fir... reviewed December 31, 2005
Evolution Exile by Suladead Sci-Fi
Very creative, unusual SF movie. Technically superb, looking forward to the next one! reviewed December 31, 2005
Enemies in Space! by Jenniza Sci-Fi
Good effort, and a nice little story, but there's a lot of room for improvement: Work on your scene transitions. Use tools like fades and cutaways to make them less abrupt. This thread is a good pla... reviewed December 31, 2005
Love at Christmas by Mattyrock Romance
Nice little story, though I found it a little dull. Grammar, spelling, punctuation, and capitalization are a little inconsistent. My standard subtitles comment: It's not necessary (and in fact sligh... reviewed December 31, 2005
Skull Hawk by echo789 Action
Not bad. Needs some sort of musical soundtrack. Interesting backdrop and lighting choices, but not always consistent. On the "radio" scenes, you need something to split them (a cutaway to something ... reviewed December 31, 2005
Firelight by abaris11 Horror
Featured Review
Wow, that was awesome! And, heck, at 2 minutes and 23 seconds, that's plenty enough story. Very creative use of special effects and old familiar scenes to do something different! I also thought you ...
reviewed December 31, 2005
The Promise by Transmography Sci-Fi
Nice concept, and very well written! Bonus points for an original take on a way, way overused genre. Only a few minor quibbles: there was a spot or two where an editing cut came too soon (and thus a... reviewed December 31, 2005
Over And Out by KenBlackbird Action
You really need to add sound of some sort - even the standard soundtrack for these scenes adds a lot to watchability. Action scenes by themselves are nothing special once you've seen them a few times. reviewed December 31, 2005
Who Said Crime Doesnt Pay - Episode 1 by mjbcfc Action
Featured Review
Nicely done! I like a good period movie that pays attention to detail. The ending worked especially well, with a good cliffhanger that makes you want to see more. There are some minor problems with ...
reviewed December 29, 2005
The Mummy-Vampire attacks! by Smiley80 Horror
Not too bad. It *is* possible to make a good movie without voice or subtitles, but such a movie has to be *really* tightly edited. When nothing much is happening in a scene, and there's no dialogue t... reviewed December 29, 2005
Operation Santa Snatch by skarsten Action
Great work! To quote the immortal Crow T. Robot, who says a good action sequence don't belong in Christmas? For some reason the audio sounded a little distorted or something for me, and I was someti... reviewed December 29, 2005
The Heist by skarsten Action
Very good! I love the voiceovers and the overall period feel. I have only a few minor knocks - the editing on some of the non-action scenes was a bit abrupt at times (for example, Jack looking out t... reviewed December 29, 2005
Guns of a Preacher Man I Failed Escape by johnstonstudios Action
Good little action sequence. The only thing I'm unsure about is the bit at the beginning with the quick fade-ins and fade-outs. There's not much "scene" left there, since the scenes themselves are s... reviewed December 29, 2005
Jealous Part 1 by vinnymonster Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Very nice! I like the way you did the transformations, and there's an interesting story here. My only minor problem with the movie is that it's a little slow in pacing, and some dialogue exchanges c...
reviewed December 28, 2005
Das unbezahlbare Geschenk by Tamptak Romance
Excellent! I love the voiceovers (oddly, I think I enjoy voiceovers most when they're in a language I don't understand!) It's nice to see an entertaining Christmas movie that's sincere, not too cyni... reviewed December 28, 2005
My Own Worst Enemy (Alternate Ending) by Cimmerz Comedy
Very clever idea, and well executed, especially for such a short running time. I like the music, too - it fit the movie well. I was glad to see the guy get a friendly playmate at the end.... reviewed December 28, 2005
santas at war by madnut69 Action
I'm a sucker for the gorilla suits, so I kinda liked this one. Nice use of music and especially sound effects. Grammar, spelling, punctuation and capitalization do count, and they're pretty poor her... reviewed December 28, 2005
The Christmas Season by friggles Action
A decent effort, but I had some problems with it. The music at the beginning seemed a little inappropriate for the scenes, and then once that piece ended, there was no more music. On editing, you ne... reviewed December 28, 2005
The Game Live by sarek13 Action
Pretty good movie. I liked the action editing on the whole, which generally looked fresh to me despite having seen most of them so many times. There were some rough patches between action clips, tho... reviewed December 28, 2005
Santa And Jesus VS The Easter Bunny by Esch Action
Nicely done, with s lot of funny little touches. The Peep Army was a great idea. reviewed December 26, 2005
Young Santa by BobbyWadd1 Sci-Fi
Nice story, and actually tracks pretty well with history for the origin of the "modern Santa," who really started catching on around this time period. I was puzzled as to exactly why Ringo "wasn't a ... reviewed December 23, 2005
The Life of a Movies Assistant by mitchell_lee Comedy
Pretty funny, and the backgrounds were extremely convincing. reviewed December 23, 2005
The PropShoW by eric_maniac Comedy
Excellent! This is by far the funniest "Movies Insider" movie I've seen. Lots of great little touches. I especially liked the dog pack. reviewed December 22, 2005
Vendetta by mestoph72 Action
Featured Review
Good job! I especially liked your editing on the action scenes, and the fact you were able to give the fighters some personality (like the laughing henchman guy.) The "I want your badge" scene is, of...
reviewed December 22, 2005
The Office by markrichardbehenna Comedy
Featured Review
Hee! That was funny. Even though I obviously don't know these people, you presented their characters clearly and concisely enough to "get" them, and the workplace scenarios are pretty universal. "I...
reviewed December 21, 2005
Strange Legs by kevonski Comedy
Uh... Huh. Maybe this just isn't my style, but I found the movie to be pretty weird and creepy, and not in a good way. It starts off looking like a (fairly effective) "serious" drama, then takes thi... reviewed December 21, 2005
Letter Home by Emotep Romance
Excellent! Very powerful, good use of music. The only minor criticism I can come up with is, the two "guests" at the wedding seemed peculiarly dressed for the occasion and the time period. reviewed December 21, 2005
Iron City Chronicles 1 by shamsael Horror
Very nice! I haven't seen a movie made with that new "filter" tool allowing for "modern" black and white films before. It looks like that tends to make the movie "darker" on the whole, which sometim... reviewed December 21, 2005
The Jihad Before Christmas by herr_lipp Comedy
I thought it was funnier as an idea than in the actual execution. I did like the depiction and costuming of the terrorists - I was thinking about how much they'd hate that depiction, and that made me smile. ;) reviewed December 21, 2005
Win A Date With Santa! 11 by bountdoom Comedy
Not bad. I guess I'm a little old-fashioned, but I don't like seeing Santa using profanity and committing random acts of violence. (Then again, as we see, this guy wasn't the real Santa anyhow....) ... reviewed December 21, 2005
HoHoHo or A Bad Day by sarek13 Comedy
Not too bad, but a little pointless. Seems like there should be more of a resolution - Santa doesn't have the resources or know-how to beat the rap? reviewed December 21, 2005
Unwanted - A Christmas Tale by NeoManic Romance
Aw, poor Rocky.... Good story and message, though I can't help wishing for a happier ending (guess I do in real life too), like the family realizing and accepting their responsibilities. reviewed December 21, 2005
The Battle for Christmas by mysterpants Comedy
The Easter Bunny's a girl. Who knew? Good Christmas movie, tightly edited. Short subtitles are a problem, though, and one I've had to deal with myself. My current rule of thumb is about 4 seconds p... reviewed December 21, 2005
Silent Noir by HairRaiser71 Comedy
Great story, you really should try to edit a four-minute version you could put into the competition! I love the Kissme character, and how nearly everything she says is a "triple-entendre" (sounds lik... reviewed December 21, 2005
Buddy Cops 0 by mrhotkeys Action
Not a bad effort, but I found it too random and nonsensical as an action movie, and not funny enough as a comedy. There's no need to put character names in the subtitles - it's actually unnecessary a... reviewed December 21, 2005
Santa and the Zombies Conquer the Nazis by brickcity5350 Action
So Santa has the power to control zombies. Who knew? A little bland despite the premise, but as you can see from my own movies, I'm partial to Santa kicking Nazi butt, so I'll give you an extra star... reviewed December 19, 2005
I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus by Jonomunch Comedy
Pretty amusing. Too bad we don't have younger actors to use - the lead really should be a pre-teen, but that can't be helped.... reviewed December 19, 2005
K7 by Markana Sci-Fi
Nice job! I especially liked the "alien" voice over, clever idea and well executed. The fight scene, yeah, maybe a little odd, but we've only got so much to work with. And I'm glad to see you did av... reviewed December 19, 2005
The Day of Endless Night II by bobcat1986 Horror
Decent effort. I think the main things that needs work are your transitions - how to move from scene to scene without jarring "jump cuts", and disguising changes in physical position. Closeups, fade... reviewed December 19, 2005
The Other Place by Christinelynns25 Romance
Very inventive, and kept me riveted to the end. Wow, kind of a downer, though! I liked the voice acting, which was pretty clear, but especially like having *both* VO and subtitles. A few of the tra... reviewed December 19, 2005
OMG1! My Space!!1! by JumpyMonky Comedy
Fairly amusing. I'm not too familiar with MySpace, but I get the general idea. I really liked the choice of music. Unfortunately, spelling and grammar *do* count, and it's a distraction when they're poor. reviewed December 19, 2005
Once Upon A Night by rlgoodrich Romance
Pretty decent, but there are several minor problems. There's no need to put names and quotation marks in subtitles - it's actually a distraction. (Check how it's done on DVDs for examples.) I would... reviewed December 19, 2005
Mindless Violence Part I by NephilimNexus Action
Well, I can't say I wasn't warned... But 5 1/2 minutes of plotless random action scenes just isn't all that entertaining. If I were you, I'd expand the "bikini girls vs. Alien bunnies" material (or ... reviewed December 19, 2005
My Lesbian Lover is a flesh eating zombie by satansmunchkin Horror
On my lesbian-movie-rating scale, this one suffers for having some scenes that don't have lesbians in them. Good exploration of the lesbian zombie subgenre, which while not as compelling as the cute ... reviewed December 18, 2005
Hovis Hollywood Legend by mixmasterfestus Comedy
Extremely inventive, and pretty consistently funny. It perhaps went on for one gag too long, but it kept my interest. I think my favorite Hovis movie is the zombie one.... reviewed December 18, 2005
Has this ever happened to you by sketchjet Comedy
Well made, and pretty amusing. Not a belly laugh, but a decent chuckle, and that's pretty good for a short running time like this. reviewed December 18, 2005
The Ins and Outs by Jahoclave Action
Nice introduction, good setup of mood and atmosphere. I didn't have any particular problems with the video, and the sound seemed fairly clear to me. reviewed December 18, 2005
The Propshop by Chiprocks1 Comedy
Heh. I was actually slightly down on the movie until the last gag, which earned you another star. Funny stuff, and good "alternative" takes on some familiar scenes.... reviewed December 18, 2005
Joes Christmas Wish by SirDrakeX Comedy
Well, I think the viewpoint expressed here is inaccurate and simplistic on a many levels, but this isn't really the place to debate such things. And, heck, if you're a Redskins fan, you can't be all ... reviewed December 18, 2005
Jetgirl The Origins by cult_inc Sci-Fi
Jetgirl, hey, I know her! Hey all of you reading this, check out cult_inc's other movies for "Follow-on Story" and you can tell part of a collaborative movie project that now has Jetgirl in it! Very... reviewed December 18, 2005
Holidays by Manky Comedy
Nicely done, with a good concept and execution for the Christmas contest. (Hmm, with the name of the contest, is Lionhead taking a stand in the "War on Christmas?" :)) You should probably re-upload t... reviewed December 18, 2005
Grocery Shopping by MoviesManiac Comedy
Man, if I had a dime for every time that happened to me on trips to the grocery store.... Kudos for exposing a grave national problem! The subtitles are the only big problem I had with the movie. Ir... reviewed December 18, 2005
The Trial of Chico Reyes by Dylen Horror
Wow, that was really good! Excellent use of creative special effects, and a good, clear voiceover. I'm trying to think of something useful and critical to offer about the movie, but can't think of an... reviewed December 18, 2005
Galaxys A Lost Hope by Big_Bad_Boo Sci-Fi
Featured Review
I thought it was pretty decent, though with some problems. The comedy didn't really work at all for me, but it actually plays pretty well as straight action-adventure! The ending does need some sort...
reviewed December 18, 2005
War of the Stars The Hope by worldwriter Sci-Fi
Nice little homage, with clever use of custom backdrops (must have been a real chore to get that right!) I found the sound mix to be pretty awkward. I could barely hear the music, and if I turned up... reviewed December 18, 2005
Pflanze des Todes by sarek13 Horror
Clever little movie. I liked the use of weird plants as "monsters." It didn't always work, but I applaud the creativity of the attempt. (I'm giving you one "bonus" star for this, which I've never s... reviewed December 18, 2005
Revenge by Lorgod Action
Good effort. The subtitles worked well, and used good colloquial English for the most part. If not for the credits, I probably would have taken you for a native speaker. Unfortunately (not your fau... reviewed December 18, 2005
Secrets of a Killer Zombie by Triplelithiumstudios Horror
Well done, very atmospheric. I like the "non-traditional" zombie, who even enjoys his work! :) The use of "Ain't Over Yet" didn't bother me much, but I do think it probably would've worked better if... reviewed December 18, 2005
A Holiday Message from the Democrats by Subjunctive Comedy
Ha! This is the first satirical piece I've seen here that was actually funny! You have a good talent for hitting just the right tone, with the over-the-top bits accentuating, instead of drowning out,... reviewed December 18, 2005
Santa Says Hello by slayter Comedy
Well, I smiled. Nice buildup with the many facial expressions. reviewed December 18, 2005
Astro Not by Ratqueen Sci-Fi
Pretty clever, good idea for a short film. But what a cheap studio the girl works for! No makeup department, so she has to wear that hideous human makeup in public, all the way home! reviewed December 18, 2005
Tiefer Einschnitt by rlxrlx Romance
Featured Review
Very well done! *The Movies* is well suited to this kind of "mood piece," where the images and music tell most of the story. (This said by someone who usually writes long, wordy pieces where the sub...
reviewed December 18, 2005
Brotherhood Part 1 The Beginning by XBD47 Action
Pretty decent start here. I look forward to seeing where you're going with this. The subtitles were definitely clear enough, but a few subtitling tips: Try not to have a subtitle extend across two d... reviewed December 18, 2005
Marks Christmas Message by markrichardbehenna Action
A message worth remembering, told in an entertaining way. From another "pro-Christmas atheist," great job! reviewed December 18, 2005
Marionette by topherscott7 Action
I like it! Not quite sure what's going on at the end, but the setup is great! reviewed December 15, 2005
The Last Dragon (Reprisal) by capemedia Action
Great job! The story is engaging, and you made exceptionally good use of available sets for exotic locations. It never would have occurred to me to use the Spaceship set for a Shaolin temple, but it... reviewed December 15, 2005
The Lab by CharlieChaplin Sci-Fi
Very good for such a short film, with a nice twist involving the dangers of letting specimens mix with gunpowder! reviewed December 15, 2005
Lucky Sherif by AndypS Romance
Pretty basic, but it did feel like a real silent movie. A few pointers: I know some people just aren't great at spelling, but it especially looks bad when the title is misspelled. "Sheriff," with 2... reviewed December 15, 2005
GangsterCrimes Part II by bountdoom Action
Some good points, but a lot of distracting problems, too. Aside from possibly violating Lionhead's policies regarding copyrighted material, the music was too dominant, and not especially related to t... reviewed December 14, 2005
The Brooklynite Part 1 by scorch6744 Action
Pretty good effort. No huge problems, but a lot of minor ones: With subtitles, there's no need to use quotation marks (check out how DVD subtitles do it.) Also, be careful not to let subtitles extend... reviewed December 14, 2005
Love Dont Cost a Thing by Rip_eazy-e Horror
Featured Review
A little random, pointless, and a tad nihilistic at the end (why *does* he kill the girl, and with a weapon not invented for another 30-odd years?), but you get an extra star for cleverly working arou...
reviewed December 11, 2005
Das Trio-Der Bankraub by philnate Comedy
Pretty good, I found it consistently amusing, though not hilarious. The subtitles are pretty fast, something I catch heck for in my movies no matter how much I stretch them out... but I've definitely... reviewed December 11, 2005
Cold Steele by FatherJames Action
Nicely atmospheric story. Could probably be tightened up by a minute or two by trimming or cutting unnecessary scenes (e.g., much as I like a dog scene, it didn't really serve any great purpose.) Th... reviewed December 11, 2005
Driving Miss Dayzee by marvellousguppimovies Comedy
Well made, but I didn't find it especially funny. A little on the juvenile side for my tastes (but I'm an old fogey, so don't mind me....) I did like the bit at the end with Dayzee's dying visions o... reviewed December 11, 2005
In It Together by Cimmerz Action
Very good job on the whole. Excellent editing. As others have said, the volume levels on the voiceovers is a big problem. On the other hand, it was pretty easy to follow, even though I couldn't und... reviewed December 10, 2005
Revenge of the Smurf by privateer Comedy
This movie is mislabeled, it's Horror at its most terrifying! I love the way you actually tied it into real, established Smurf Mythos. reviewed December 10, 2005
The Ark Asunder- Trailer by Peanut_Gallery Sci-Fi
I love the concept. The movie does play as if it's a bit confused over whether it's a trailer for a movie, or just the first part of a movie. I found it somewhat difficult to follow the battle scene... reviewed December 10, 2005
Blood Chronicles 2 by King_Moonracer Sci-Fi
Really good! I love the "SF noir" setting here. The only quibble I have is that, while the music was good, there wasn't enough of it, and/or it was played at too low a volume. Made the movie seem a... reviewed December 10, 2005
Subway 2 by Sleeves Romance
Excellent, very inventive. Can't think of much to add that hasn't been said. reviewed December 9, 2005
Best lesbian movie ever that doesn't feature cute blonde German girls in uniform. Minus one star for having some things in the movie that aren't lesbian. reviewed December 8, 2005
Surprise by ryeberry Comedy
Featured Review
Audiences will not be seated during the last 4 seconds of this motion picture, to preserve the surprise ending!
reviewed December 8, 2005
Multi-stabb test shoot by m4rk76 Horror
Pretty convincing effect. Maybe a *tad* bit too fast, but I'm not sure that can be easily remedied. reviewed December 8, 2005
Cyberphunk closes the curtains by sparrowtm Sci-Fi
This is my first exposure to the series, and I liked it. Very good editing and writing. reviewed December 8, 2005
Super Chicken by kaleetomey Action
Featured Review
Sorry to say, I have to agree with the majority here. You can (sometimes) get away with a movie that's mostly a surreal or goofy string of loosely related scenes without subtitles or voiceover. That...
reviewed December 8, 2005
The Outer Zone by simonchris1729 Horror
Good job! A nice improvement over the first try. reviewed December 7, 2005
A Day In Captain Bills Life by Coolphil Sci-Fi
Featured Review
I like the concept, and it's well made (the unfortunate sound glitch aside), but... Well, I know humor is extremely subjective (and on my own movies, a fair number of people have trouble telling when ...
reviewed December 7, 2005
Psalm 23 The Video by FatherJames Romance
Featured Review
Very nice, and unusual - with (very nice) music as the focus. No real complaints other than the nitpicky one that you need to check your grammar and spelling a bit on the subtitles.
reviewed December 7, 2005
X-peri Ment by robbieh Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Very clever! It's a simple story, but one that works, and it's directed with great creativity. The voiceover acting was good, but there seems to be some sort of technical/hardware problem - lots of ...
reviewed December 7, 2005
Space Monkeys!! by FatherJames Comedy
I don't know, maybe I'm just a sucker for the gorilla suits, but I found it pretty amusing. It's got sort of a "Three's Company... with monkeys... in SPAAACE!!!" feel to it. Maybe. Anyway, it's got... reviewed December 7, 2005
Crossed Lines by Ferrellj Action
Very entertaining. Ashley comes off as a pretty strong character for a short film, looking forward to seeing more of her. The music at the end was good - the whole movie could have used that. Som... reviewed December 7, 2005
Largo Sin by lilitalygarbler Action
Featured Review
Pretty amusing voice work there, Mr. littleitalygarber. I was in Minneapolis recently, and holy cats, they really do speak like that out there, yah! Pretty goofy, but sometime's goofy's good, and it...
reviewed December 7, 2005
Starving The Pain by NoBigThing Horror
First off, I admit that I'm biased against voiceovers the way a lot of people are against subtitles. But that said... ouch. I couldn't make out most of the dialogue, and when I turned up the volume ... reviewed December 7, 2005
Operation Clean Sweep by McCain Action
Good effort. I always like a good World War II story, especially involving lesser-known actions, with careful attention to detail. That said, you could benefit a lot from tighter editing of the acti... reviewed December 7, 2005
The Baggage Boy Goes West by kodenkabau Action
Featured Review
Yay, Baggage Boy! Way to come out on top, and in the days before federally insured bank deposits, no less! But watch out for that manslaughter warrant that's still out for you! Run, baggage boy, ru...
reviewed December 7, 2005
The Baggage Boys Revenge by kodenkabau Action
Funny! A simple idea, but very well executed. I really wish we could keep making "old-tech" films in future eras = the look of B&W and hand-colored film would be great for a lot of movies. reviewed December 7, 2005
Suburban Werewolf by Backzlash Horror
OK, but nothing really grabbed me. Sweet Jeebus, they (Lionhead, I mean) really need to tone down the maximum chest size a little. "Why is he staring at me like that?" How could he not? He's wonde... reviewed December 6, 2005
The Blood Chronicles by King_Moonracer Sci-Fi
I really enjoyed it. Excellent editing, and creative use of existing sets to make a convincing "SF noir" setting. The only thing I didn't like is the unanswered questions, but I'm interested in the sequel. reviewed December 6, 2005
A mans place by RapidDry Action
Pretty good movie, with some creative choices (I particularly liked the use of the "Monster stalking" scene without a stalkee.) I found it to be a little dull for a 7+ minute action movie, though, wi... reviewed December 6, 2005
How to Die Standing Up by esagila Action
A little random. Subtitles would help. Even so, it's fairly coherent, just needs *something* to fill the audience in a bit. reviewed December 5, 2005
Revenge of the Blood Hawk by esagila Action
Featured Review
Nice! I really like the look of some of the "older" film technologies, when used well. I wish we could "go back" to them in later eras. Great job, especially for the game time you did it and the gen...
reviewed December 5, 2005
The Last Dragon by capemedia Action
I liked it a lot! I especially liked your action editing, which is excellent, and the wonderful music (though, yes, it should be dialed down a bit in volume.) Very good fight scenes, and pretty dece... reviewed December 5, 2005
Heru by animeabe Action
Pretty good, I especially like the dog. Any movie can use a good bit with a dog. :) Voice work was good, and most importantly, generally clear and audible. Looking forward to future installments. reviewed December 5, 2005
Headmade Planets by FoDooG Comedy
Very funny, with good scene choices and comedy editing. It maxes out the goofy-meter, but in a good way. Voice overs were sometimes a little hard for me to understand. reviewed December 5, 2005
Adventures of Private Ryan by Tasis Action
Pretty funny. I liked the voice overs, which were usually audible and clear (this is not something to be taken for granted, btw!) reviewed December 5, 2005
Quiz on the road by Robix Comedy
I think some of the humor was lost in translation, so I'm giving you one more star than I normally would, on the theory that it probably works better in Italian. I don't speak Italian at all, but the... reviewed December 5, 2005
Heroes of war by xAcEx Action
Not a bad effort, but you really need to edit the action better and tighter. Stringing together the same unaltered battle scenes most people have already seen several times usually won't cut it. Fig... reviewed December 5, 2005
Pandemic 1 by zeeto Action
Hmm. It didn't really grab me much. I think even when you're telling a story in installments, you need to have each installment be something of a complete entity in itself. This was all setup and n... reviewed December 4, 2005
Pwned by phredcetera Comedy
Funny, but I can't make out what's being said in the voiceover at the end. reviewed December 4, 2005
KING KONG 1940 by StevenKreg Action
Wow, I was half expecting to watch this and say "Eh, highly overrated." But this is a seriously good, creative use of what "The Movies" makes available. Great "period appropriate" costuming, set ch... reviewed December 3, 2005
SWAT 3 - The Final Bullet by xAcEx Action
A decent effort, with some good action plotting and direction. Tighter editing would help. I know the following might seem like nitpicking, but they can be really distracting, and unnecessarily so. ... reviewed December 3, 2005
The Lone Star by thejester005 Sci-Fi
A decent attempt. The storyline is a simple one, but generally well told. Most of the problems I had are relatively minor and technical, but should be watched: - Never, ever split words across two ... reviewed December 3, 2005
What Went Wrong by markrichardbehenna Romance
Wow, that's rough. This movie really packs a dramatic punch unlike any other I've seen here so far. Technically adept, and the kind of movie few have attempted here. Excellent! reviewed December 3, 2005
The Cost Of Freedom by justin_in_bangor Action
Featured Review
Very good, with a timely message. I was particularly impressed with the voiceovers, which were both well acted and (often not the case in other movies) clear and audible.
reviewed December 3, 2005
The Truce of 1914 by augie64 Action
What a nice true story to tell for the Christmas season! Very well told. One minor oddity I noticed, not sure if it's by design, but some of the sound effects seemed oddly muted, like rifle fire, wh... reviewed December 3, 2005
Tombstone Homecoming by jakata Action
Good effort, though it could be tightened up a lot through editing. Also, more music would be helpful. Grammar and punctuation are a little inconsistent. reviewed December 3, 2005
Writers Block by kodenkabau Comedy
Funny, and put together well. Oddly, I had the opposite reaction to RockOutStudios, thinking it got better as it went on. I did have trouble making out the dialogue frequently because of the relativ... reviewed December 2, 2005
Helios by markrichardbehenna Sci-Fi
Very good, I'm genuinely curious to see how the story will play out. Good craftsmanship all around. Some minor problems, not enough to be serious distractions, but worth checking: - You should do a ... reviewed December 2, 2005
All For Nothing by jakata Action
Pretty good combat editing, but overall, the movie kinda dragged for me. Some extraneous shots (e.g., the scene with the dog) could be disposed with pretty easily. The story was a little cliched, bu... reviewed December 2, 2005
Artemis by eriktirto Romance
Sounds like a pretty interesting concept, from what I understand of it. It's more of a "teaser" than trailer, I guess, because I'm unclear on what the plot of the movie will be after the setup. Gram... reviewed December 2, 2005
A Life of No Choices by Druidblue Action
Pretty decent, though I tend to dislike voiceovers in general as much as some people like them. I have to say, I had some trouble with Nick Harris' apparent invulnerability too - I was half-expecting... reviewed December 1, 2005
What if lecturers were Soldiers by ajw2255 Comedy
Clearly, a lot of this is based on in-jokes that I don't understand. I suspect it plays better if you do get them, but for me, it was all rather dull. Generally speaking, you don't need to put the c... reviewed December 1, 2005
Grigori by Rennstar Action
Pretty good. Some well-chosen atmospheric shots. Pacing is a little slow, though, and quite a few of the duller parts could easily be fixed. For example, in the scene where the chief says "Why don'... reviewed December 1, 2005
The Last War by Kesti Sci-Fi
I had trouble following the voiceover sometimes, but I often do, and tend to prefer subtitles. Not bad. The action could be tightened up to make it more exciting and also to avoid repetition. (A few... reviewed December 1, 2005
Subway by Swazi Action
I found it pretty confusing, unfortunately. Didn't realize you were playing around with timelines a lot until the end. I think it probably would have worked better with subtitles like "12 hours ago"... reviewed December 1, 2005
Dutch Courage by randombutter Action
Good for a first effort. I didn't have any trouble following it, though. Nice job using sound effects and editing for the final shot, given that no scene showing the action exists. You could edit a... reviewed December 1, 2005
A Disturbing PaStPT 1 by lilitalygarbler Action
I guess I'm in the "not sure I get it" camp. The voiceover was pretty well done, though a little hard to understand for me at times. reviewed December 1, 2005
Record Of Crimes by eddyryan Action
Decent take on the familiar "Last Big Score" story, though things do seem to go a little easy for a Big Heist. Good choices of actors for the main roles - they looked appropriately somewhat old, as b... reviewed December 1, 2005
Turnabout is Fair Play by mestoph72 Horror
Featured Review
Very nice! Extremely well written, with a great premise, and terrific noir atmosphere. I'm eager to see more of Sam Hayden's world. There's some room for improvement in editing - a few too-abrupt c...
reviewed November 30, 2005
The Outer Zone Episode 1 by simonchris1729 Horror
Nice first effort. It doesn't make a lot of sense, but that's covered by the final narration (good job there, btw - very clear and clever voice work.) A musical soundtrack would definitely help here... reviewed November 30, 2005
The Blue and The Red by northmeister Action
Good effort. Not everything works, but I like the fact that you're aiming high and trying different things, such as (to take one example) using the red lighting filter. I had always thought of that ... reviewed November 30, 2005
Night of the living Dead (A Documentary) by stevostanley Comedy
Hilarious! Great use of voiceover, and very appropriate voices. Very funny and well written. reviewed November 30, 2005
World War 2 The Alien Turning Point by whydoyouwanttoknow Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Great job, you keep improving with each installment. Very inventive use of props and what I know is a fairly limited number of available combat scenes. I especially liked the "quick cuts" at the end...
reviewed November 30, 2005
This is what happens when youre bored by whydoyouwanttoknow Comedy
Featured Review
Utterly without redeeming value of any sort! I loved it!
reviewed November 30, 2005
Cult Classic by Tarison Comedy
Like Dark-Angel-UK said, it's the true untold story of the death of Adlof Hilter! reviewed November 29, 2005
The Flying Googlefraps Vs A Nazi! by AmusedFrog Action
A little disjointed and confusing at times, but also very amusing. reviewed November 29, 2005
Lenin The Life Of by AmusedFrog Action
Great fun! Check out my own movies for Soviet history of equal historical veracity, concerning the 1938 Uzbek Gorilla Uprising! :) reviewed November 29, 2005
SWG A Biography by gamedude15 Comedy
Pretty amusing. I played SWG back in the day, and have kept loose tabs on what's going on currently. I sympathize.... reviewed November 29, 2005
Seal of Approval by SilkyBlue Comedy
Very funny and inventive! My only knock is that I had trouble making out the audio track - lots of hiss - but that's more than offset by the ingenious use of backdrops, which give me lots of ideas. reviewed November 29, 2005
Perfect by vzett90 Romance
Very nice, I haven't seen many dramatic mood pieces like this. Nice use of music and sound, though it seemed at times that the music (particularly the first musical piece) was overwhelming the dialog... reviewed November 28, 2005
Space King Vs Senator Syx by mlmcmull Sci-Fi
Did I review a previous version of this, or forget to review this one? In any case, great job, looking forward to the sequel? reviewed November 28, 2005
They Grow Not Old by Beery1 Action
Excellent! One of the best movies I've seen yet, using action in the service of a real drama. The narrative subtitles were perfect, no voiceover necessary. reviewed November 28, 2005
Iced Over Graves by MattDavidT Horror
Well written, good use of narrative subtitles, well-chosen and timed music. One thing to be careful with is subtitle timing. If the "old" subtitle cuts out at the same time as a camera shift, or lin... reviewed November 27, 2005
World War 2 The Alien Beachhead by whydoyouwanttoknow Sci-Fi
Good job, especially with combat editing and set dressing. I do think we really need a focal point character or three that we can follow through the series, though. Doesn't have to be a well-rounded... reviewed November 27, 2005
World War 2 The Alien Weapons by whydoyouwanttoknow Sci-Fi
Very creative, with good combat editing, but slight knocks from me for: 1. Should've been some more interesting tension, conflict, or just explanation (e.g. "We need to put aside our conflict for huma... reviewed November 26, 2005
World War 2 The Alien Offensive by whydoyouwanttoknow Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Very nice, creative use of existing sets and footage, which I know can be tough. Please check out my own studio's offerings for another "alternate" take on WWII, I think you'll enjoy them. Minor qui...
reviewed November 26, 2005
Women by JohnOkinawa Romance
Well done, and wasn't too difficult to follow. Actually, the only thing that was (surprisingly?) a little hard to figure out for me was the very final scene, figuring out whether it was a "righteous ... reviewed November 25, 2005
Half the battle by Bulldrek Comedy
Thanks, I learned a valuable lesson! Minor quibble: the "script" subtitle font (used for the girl's dialogue) is just too illegible. Lionhead's fault, not yours, and an irritating one. There are on... reviewed November 24, 2005
Bloodlust by KEMOWERY Horror
Featured Review
Great '70s style vampire movie! Reminds me a little of movies like *Count Yorga* or *Blacula* (this is actually a compliment in my book!) Quibble: there are several scenes I would've shot with a "nigh...
reviewed November 23, 2005
This Aint Your Town by KEMOWERY Action
What Jack said. A simple story, but well told, and not in the least bit requiring subtitles or voiceovers. reviewed November 23, 2005
Bombshell by KEMOWERY Action
Nice job, especially given the constraints of story mode. But while the storyline is *fairly* clear, I do think a few well-placed subtitles of dialogue or narration would be helpful. reviewed November 23, 2005
Avenging Gorilla Fist Vol 2 by advocatejack Action
Even better than the first part! I loved the hero's tactical, and oh-so-appropriate, banana use. reviewed November 23, 2005
Avenging Gorilla Fist Vol 1 by advocatejack Action
Oh, man, that's good. Gorillas. Is there anything they *can't* do? reviewed November 23, 2005
Shriek by mestoph72 Horror
Featured Review
The slasher film is probably my least favorite of all movie subgenres, so I didn't expect to care for this one too much - but it was good! One problematic plot hole, though - for all the actions to m...
reviewed November 23, 2005
The Movies Ad Contest! by Sleeves Comedy
Very funny! Both the voice acting and the unusual and distinctive visual actor were great. My only minor knock is that the visual sameness of the first ~4 minutes got a little boring until the big f... reviewed November 23, 2005
Early Grave by KEMOWERY Horror
Good job in a short "story mode" film, the "Movies" equivalent of the low-budget B-picture. My only quibble is in the plot logic of the ending - how does the old couple allow that to happen? reviewed November 22, 2005
Coffin Fit by KEMOWERY Horror
That's one bad priest! The last girl looked pretty fit, I was really hoping she'd end that madman's killing spree! reviewed November 22, 2005
The Hit by advocatejack Action
A simple storyline, but told well. Good job! reviewed November 22, 2005
Harlem Hammer Hits Back by advocatejack Action
Another worthy effort by the Hammer. The man's got style! reviewed November 22, 2005
The Harlem Hammer by advocatejack Action
Good job, especially given the constraints of "story mode." Very atmospheric. reviewed November 22, 2005
A Girl and Her Dog by advocatejack Horror
Nice job for a quick film. We don't get enough dog stories.... reviewed November 22, 2005
The Dark of Night by vitriol Horror
Very well-written and well-edited - good job! One minor quibble is that I don't think the alternate fonts for subtitles quite work - not that it's a bad notion as such, but more that many of the font... reviewed November 22, 2005
Martian Showdown by Bulldrek Sci-Fi
Very good - I liked the creative use of props, and I suspect I too will be stealing the opening credit idea (though I might do it as "closing credits." reviewed November 22, 2005
Legend of the Sixgun Gorilla by KEMOWERY Action
Featured Review
Wonderful! And no subtitles required here, because the message couldn't be any clearer: "I'm your worst nightmare. A gorilla with a gun."
reviewed November 22, 2005
Western Gothic by RSJ62483 Action
Nicely done! It could be a little more tightly edited - a few dialogue scenes are kinda pokey, for instance - but a good effort. reviewed November 20, 2005
New York Ninja Smackdown! by Bulldrek Comedy
Everything's better with ninjas! I do think you need to do a little more work in post to make it hang together better, though. Better timing of subtitles (sometimes Black Ninja appears to be speaking... reviewed November 20, 2005
German Way of Life by Wanja Comedy
Funny and weird - good job! reviewed November 19, 2005
Doctor Copter by jxai Comedy
Pretty good! Though the surprise ending is telegraphed a bit.... reviewed November 18, 2005
A Gunners Love by Vabre221 Action
Pretty good - the story tells itself perfectly well without dialogue. reviewed November 18, 2005
Battlefish A Go Go! by basilacid Action
And suck it does! But it's terrific entertainment, with a surprise ending that's shocking, full of humanity... or Nazi zombicity, anyway.... reviewed November 18, 2005
Die Scheidung by Malitia Romance
Not bad, but needs subtitles or soundtrack to follow the plot and characters, which didn't seem to be related from scene to scene. Also, there was no music track, or at least not for me. reviewed November 18, 2005
Connor - Bright Lights Dark City by Kernick Action
Really nice! Hangs together well, and has some real suspense to it. reviewed November 18, 2005