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Number of Winning Movies: 0
Average Rating Received: 4.67

Number of Movies Reviewed: 134
Number of Reviews Given that were Featured: 14
Average Rating Given: 4.9
Movies Released by stevie84
second chance Comedy
Charlie Swanson died a hero, but when the sexy demon Saskia offers him a Second Chance at life, he finds out just how low he can go. Starring Brian Rocks as Charlie Swanson Tanya Lane as Saskia and... posted March 3, 2007
second chance trailer Comedy
The trailer for my upcoming movie about a man who decides to do a seductive demons evil bidding in return for a second chance at life. posted February 28, 2007
bratz 2 Comedy
the sequel to bratz 1, evil dirk fontaine must conceal the fact he killed one of the shows contestants, luckily for him he has a plan. strong language. mods i thank the following for use of their mod... posted February 6, 2007
bratz 1 Comedy
Troubled teens get more troubled when they are put on reality tv show run by psychotic ex-army captain Dirk Fontaine. some bad language. posted February 1, 2007
kp goes nutz Comedy Not Rated
karate priest goes nutz in a bar. posted January 30, 2007
oap perp Comedy
A sweet old lady picked the wrong cops to mess with. posted January 28, 2007
bum busters Comedy
a hunting trip in the woods going horribly wrong for a bunch of yuppies, some cursing and violence. posted January 27, 2007
mr bunny 1 Comedy
Not all bunnies are good, in fact, some bunnies are totally evil pyromaniacs! posted January 27, 2007
the watcher Comedy
Cindy is being stalked by the watcher and is terrified, things take a turn for the worse however when she gets bodyguard bruce assigned to protect her. posted January 26, 2007
a matter of principal Comedy
This is a comedy about a sleaze ball Chad, who will use any means necessary to bed Susie, the only girl in school he hasn't slept with, only the valiant best friend Bryce can stop him. posted January 24, 2007
Movies Reviewed by stevie84
Guns Of The Preacher - Trailer by stevec375 Comedy
ah ha ha ha old steele is at it again! those zombie pricks won't stand a chance! great trailer love the custom credits and the music was rockin great job! reviewed March 29, 2007
The Path We Choose by rysto Horror
Featured Review
Brilliant! A complex storyline but you tell it in such a way that you never get confused, excellent use of everything from props to mods to voice actors and free cam you're a very talented director an...
reviewed March 17, 2007
CODENAME DANY by daniellecrownford Action
This is a brilliant movie it is well edited with a fantastic storyline and the music is used to good effect great work! reviewed March 9, 2007
Bad Girls by actorjay Action
oh that was great, excellent editing, the music really added to the feel of it, great vo work and it was funny too really entertaining. reviewed March 8, 2007
Just Trying to Help by AnotherNewDawn Comedy
hee hee this is very funny great little story and great dialogue all throught out it loved it. reviewed March 7, 2007
Why by RaYdAwG Action
too short and no story! hee hee i really like that cool music, liked the lyrical content of the song and very faced concise editing it's very entertaining great job. reviewed March 7, 2007
Red-Star Berlin by hamzahman Action
An interesting movie i thought it was well shot could do with some custom music though and the dialogue needs worked on maybe in the vo version you can give the soldiers better lines but it keeps your... reviewed March 6, 2007
Wait For Me by AnubisStudios Comedy
ah ha ha very gross and very funny i was genuinely laughing at this movie short, simple and very effective great work! reviewed March 5, 2007
Inner Demons 3 by liquidus118 Action
very good movie well edited the subtitles were easy to follow and didn't distract too much from the action and there was a lot of action going on an exciting movie. reviewed March 4, 2007
Inconvenient by Mogulman321 Action
i'm giving this 5 because it's shot so brilliantly really talented camera work no real story but hey it's a 1 minute film develop a good story and use that same skill then you have a sure fire hit on ... reviewed March 4, 2007
A Ninjas Day Off by Gunslinger19 Comedy
hey for your second movie that is very impressive i love the whole idea of the story it's a very good premise and it's nice to see you getting to grips with the editing process so well this early on k... reviewed March 3, 2007
Die Klone kommen! by Zarrmida Horror
Featured Review
hey i like this it's pretty funky and weird the music is well used to help with the atmosphere and you do a good job of portraying the scientists anxieties about his work it's a good movie and some be...
reviewed March 3, 2007
Metal By Numbers-Brian Posehn by kotc615 Comedy
Featured Review
finally i know how to make a kicking metal tune! great job that was really funny.
reviewed March 3, 2007
Attack of the Dress Wearing Maniac by Katikal Comedy
that's a funny movie i love the voice overs such a silly storyline and the dialogue to match great work! reviewed March 3, 2007
The wagon west by zaaapmmme Action
hey good movie yeah the black shots interupt the flow of the film but the film itself is really good with a nice injection of humour at certain places and it had a cool gritty atmosphere to it plus yo... reviewed March 2, 2007
Athena Project II- Best Laid Plans by fulkster Sci-Fi
this is great the story is brilliant, the dialogue brilliant and the voice actors were superb and it was all edited wonderfully well i loved the free cam work during one of the action bits it was grea... reviewed March 2, 2007
Triffids - The Legacy by StokeStudios Sci-Fi
wow! excellent effects seamless editing and an enjoyable story with great music throughout this is fantastic! reviewed March 2, 2007
Inner demons 3 teaser by liquidus118 Action
hey cool trailer great storyline there and the music fits the mood perfectly it looks like an exciting movie lemme know when it's out please. reviewed March 2, 2007
the INA virus by tkw Action
this is a very good movie the story is really cool the dialogue is excellent and it had a great opening the only little problem was a few continuation errors between scenes you know raining one minute... reviewed March 1, 2007
Flash Glorian by janedoe Sci-Fi
Featured Review
very fresh and funny! this is like the naked gun in space (or spaceballs i guess) but yeah loads of great jokes making fun of everything in the movie and keeping the light mood consistent throughout great job!
reviewed March 1, 2007
MURDER IN THE DARK part one by kaytee576 Horror
another great movie i have to say i felt it didn't have the same style as your other ones but it's a longer movie and with longer stories there's more exposition which can get in the way of such thing... reviewed February 26, 2007
alien invastion by sarah2496 Action
i found this funny was it meant to be? the line at the end was just so funny that's classic yeah you need to take more time when doing the subtitles because there's spelling mistakes in quite a few of... reviewed February 25, 2007
Midgets in Deep [be polite!] by towelie Comedy
wasn't expecting much here since it's under a minute but gee whillickers that's funny! good voice acting and yeah cool weird shots great work! reviewed February 24, 2007
Purple Chicken by jibby278 Sci-Fi
hey man you want to promote your films a little better people aren't going to watch and rate them if you say "sorry about this one" lol but that's cool at least you're honest this is pretty good you c... reviewed February 24, 2007
FMJ by jeremydeclerk Action
Featured Review
hey this is very good some nice shots the subtitles were easy to follow it had a good mood about it and at the end it is quite touching i'm impressed by this.
reviewed February 24, 2007
What Lurks in the Shadows - Directors Cut by MelonTheCreeker Horror
very good movie the music gives it a great atmosphere and the tension increasingly builds there's great shots used the whole thing has a very eerie feel to it good job. reviewed February 23, 2007
In Limbo with Laverne by otnemem20 Comedy
ahaa! that's brilliant the dialogue is brilliant loads of cool weird shots the bunny bit is hysterical i really love this you're a sick sick man and i mean that in a good way great job!!! reviewed February 23, 2007
Terrible Fairy Tales by jordiman Comedy
Featured Review
good voice overs in this and good editing too very nice intro and a dark little story to it too i like this good job.
reviewed February 22, 2007
Batmans Folly by allen2006 Comedy
hey nice little film but when you use mods the modders who made them like to be credited this was funny nice work. reviewed February 22, 2007
WTF the Movie Racial Issues by Kahunaxi Comedy
hey yeah you had scenes missing you can try uploading the movies again when you have problems like that there was a good story here and some good camera shots also i thought the vo's were good a littl... reviewed February 22, 2007
The Grand Coque by legend51 Comedy
i think i had a smile on my face from start to finish the movie is edited well the voice overs are well done clear and precise good job. reviewed February 21, 2007
You Drink Too Much by towelie Comedy
Featured Review
um ya seen a few of these contest entries this is the one i like the best so far very funny good job.
reviewed February 21, 2007
The McCluck chronicles - The showdown by BIGtom_productions Action
givin ya five cuz this is the best in the serious plus you did a nice little shot with the free cam you keep improving with these i hope there's many more to come! reviewed February 21, 2007
TMC - The chicken who knew too little by BIGtom_productions Action
i love this series! shamone mother plucker roflmao great work you really should start making these episodes longer and buy a microphone then do funny voice overs for all of it it'd kill. reviewed February 21, 2007
The McCluck cronicles - arizonian chicken by BIGtom_productions Action
another good movie developing the story better and better editing than in the first one good job. reviewed February 21, 2007
The McCluck cronicles - ice cold McCluck by BIGtom_productions Action
cool film i like your sense of humour with a bit of work on editing and developing the story a bit more you could have a surefire hit on your hands i'm gonna check out the others! reviewed February 21, 2007
Bunny Suicides! by PhilBlythe25 Romance
hee hee a couple of clinker moments there good stuff i wanna see more of these. reviewed February 20, 2007
Bunny Suicides 2 by PhilBlythe25 Action
the only problem i have is that it's called bunny suicides and quite a few of the deaths were more bunny homicides but other than that, good music and very funny nice cuts and i love the car accident ... reviewed February 20, 2007
The Idiot (Who just happens 2 be rich) part 3 by ryno0263 Comedy
cool movie funny with an interesting premise i like it. reviewed February 19, 2007
The Good The Bad And The Lawyer by andy_inc Comedy
funny movie with a good storyline good voice acting and well shot throughout good job. reviewed February 19, 2007
Graveyard Of Heroes by samisdabest Action
short, sweet and funny! reviewed February 18, 2007
HATER - Teaser by KaeptnWiglo Sci-Fi
great trailer very nice effects and very atmospheric should be a good movie. reviewed February 18, 2007
Entertainment! by thebaloob123 Comedy
yup that was really funny well shot with cool voice overs i actually would like to see blood 3 made! reviewed February 18, 2007
The Ghost Man by BladeMan123 Horror
what the hell is that ghosts problem? needs taken to the woodshed! great little horror movie good storyline. reviewed February 18, 2007
Temporary Night Teaser by nukester Romance
an expert with free cam i see great trailer! reviewed February 18, 2007
End of Memories 2 by Bolch Action
great movie excellent story line and great voice acting. reviewed February 18, 2007
santa and Mr Hyde by tasmania11 Romance
my man you've managed to disturb even me and that takes some doing i can tell you! besides the controversial subject matters in this movie it is a well made, well shot movie with good voice overs and ... reviewed February 17, 2007
Learning From Chester by jdevil05 Comedy
Featured Review
if this guy joe is this good at 11, imagine the films he'll be making when he's 12! this is cool a funny storyline and well shot throughout with good voice overs great movie!
reviewed February 17, 2007
The Naughty Ideas of a Villain Called Dave 2 by sidge14 Comedy
bloody brilliant! this is very well executed again great diaogue and shots it's even better than the first one! reviewed February 16, 2007
The Naughty Ideas of a Villain called Dave by sidge14 Comedy
hee hee very funny the voice overs are brilliant with wonderful dialogue and very good editing, that little tune is so catchy too! reviewed February 16, 2007
My Name Is George W by janejones333 Comedy
yeah that's pretty darn hilarious! great voice acting and great jokes it's such a bizarre storyline so original i love it! reviewed February 16, 2007
Revenge by kaytee576 Horror
how is this your first movie? great storyline unexpected twist at the end and great editing you should keep releasing these i love the style haven't seen any other movies like this yet on tmo. reviewed February 16, 2007
SWEET SACRIFICE by kaytee576 Horror
another good movie! the music and the style combine to make this very good great use of free cam in areas it gives a feel which is something that is hard to do great job. reviewed February 16, 2007
Pick up lines by antarotz2 Comedy
Featured Review
how did you make that when drunk? it's so good! very funny movie with a nice little premise great job.
reviewed February 16, 2007
Tony 2 Time Reloaded by antarotz2 Action
Featured Review
very cool even better than the first one! you cut between the shots well a great ending to a good series a very well developed storyline.
reviewed February 16, 2007
Tony 2 Time by antarotz2 Action
great movie well edited and with a good plot which was well told it all ticks along nicely i had my reservations about the music choice for the era but you know what once i got used to it, i felt it a... reviewed February 16, 2007
We Will Rock You by NilsRambow Romance
great camera work on this cool video creepy little kids just standing there then the muscle posing very funny video however you should credit the people for the mods you used in the movie. reviewed February 16, 2007
The Endless Nightmare by reapar Comedy
hee hee really liked this nice idea very funny in parts good camera work and sometimes you are expecting one thing to happen then another happens it's cool this guy just can't catch a break! reviewed February 16, 2007
The Bunnies Strike Part 1 by eobaggs Comedy
hey man great camera work and very atmospheric i like what you're doing here it looks like the series is shaping up to be a good movie but maybe this episode could've used a little more dialogue, even... reviewed February 16, 2007
The Bunnies Strike Trailer by eobaggs Comedy
darn those bunnies look to be quite advanced with their weaponry do we stand a chance? cool trailer man great idea! reviewed February 16, 2007
The [be polite!]fight by Gotquank Action
great movie! i don't know why but the close up of the beaks made me spill the tea i was drinking with laughter go figure lol anyways very well edited fight sequence nice idea well executed. reviewed February 16, 2007
Angels With Rapid-Fire Machineguns by Free-Man006 Action
besides being your first attempt or not this was a good movie and i liked it, you can put another song on once the first one stops and also try developing characters with subtitles or using voice over... reviewed February 15, 2007
Chronicle of the WoodTHE HOUSE by tasmania11 Horror
oh my god this rocks! it reminded me of evil dead which rules totally now this did give me a visceral reaction towards the end this is a really good movie i didn't think it would be possible to scare ... reviewed February 15, 2007
SILENCE Restless Dreaming by nikstudios05 Horror
1 star!!! hee hee that was brilliant some really cool looking sets and great use of the camera one of those movies you watch and you're insanely jealous of the directors talent this is really good can... reviewed February 15, 2007
TRAILER The Courage Within III by MefuneAkira Sci-Fi
very good trailer some good techniques being used the finished product looks like it could be pretty awesome great trailer. reviewed February 15, 2007
Bar Jokes by skarsten Comedy
hee hee well done good good and well edited it all flows great. reviewed February 15, 2007
PROJECT A1 by kate_109 Sci-Fi
yet another great movie! good plot which ticks along nicely the only thing i felt was slightly off was you followed him up the street a bit too long when he was depressed you should've cut away earlie... reviewed February 15, 2007
Mezzanines Overture by elizabethsusan Romance
cool movie slick dialogue and well shot. reviewed February 15, 2007
Comedy corner 4 full trailer by derbyrams Comedy
i'm expecting the highest death count yet! great trailer! reviewed February 15, 2007
Comedy corner 4 clip 1 by derbyrams Comedy
ah ha ha very nice idea can't wait for this to come out always so many great voice over actors and jokes! reviewed February 15, 2007
The Residents Are Evil Reanimated by Killgore10293 Horror
hey great zombie movie! plenty of action and the voice acting was very good i thought great camera work too good job. reviewed February 14, 2007
What about Jane by pixelrose4 Romance
very nice little movie lots of very nice camera work and some very nice backgrounds i hadn't seen before the story too was great very nice little romantic movie that doesn't get overly soppy so yeah g... reviewed February 14, 2007
The Path We Choose Teaser by rysto Horror
love that line at the end! i've seen two trailers for this same film and am really looking forward to it good work. reviewed February 12, 2007
The Path We Choose Trailer by rysto Horror
riiight, how do you do all those cool effects? that looks great and an interesting story in the offering too very good trailer! reviewed February 12, 2007
The Call (Trailer) by Active_Studios Action
great trailer looks like it'll be an enjoyable movie. reviewed February 11, 2007
Welcome To The Jungle by HitmanGames Action
rock! great video very entertaining headbanging away great job! reviewed February 11, 2007
Galactic Wars Hostage by gazfg Sci-Fi
Featured Review
very good movie good story with fast paced action and good vo's well done.
reviewed February 11, 2007
In Limbo with Laverne (Teaser 2) by otnemem20 Comedy
great teaser definately wanna see the movie when it comes out. reviewed February 10, 2007
War of the Plains by laz3 Action
magnificent story! the subtitles where very hard to follow in places and unfortunate about the sound glitch but this is a brilliant movie you've clearly spent a lot of time developing it deserves no l... reviewed February 10, 2007
XTREME TAXI x2 by sidy Action
brilliant movie so many classy little touches really enjoyable. reviewed February 10, 2007
A Town Called Blood by couzin_pete Action
hey good little film and nice storyline plus you put a bit of passion into your voice overs which some films don't do good job! reviewed February 10, 2007
The Great Chav Revolt! by Speilburger Comedy
great movie very entertaining with a very good message. reviewed February 9, 2007
Future Part 1 (Presidents Ransom) by kate_109 Action
another great movie congrats on a new world i loved it too, this one seems like it can be just as good a nice storyline shaping up and i really want to know what's on that darn tape! great work. reviewed February 9, 2007
The Dent brothers by daniel7474 Action
very good, nice use of free cam at the end there i hope to see more of this as a series. reviewed February 9, 2007
CLEOPATRA (Part I) by TheMGMKid1 Romance
uh yeah one or two lines of dialogue didn't make sense but other than that, wonderful sets some really beautiful shots and an intriguing story not really my cup of tea, but this film seems to demand 5... reviewed February 9, 2007
The builders revenge by Austin909 Comedy
very good movie and funny too it all flows together well good job. reviewed February 8, 2007
How the McNugget was Invented by rawvoodoo Comedy
very good! great storyline and excellent cuts between shots with good use of free cam great movie. reviewed February 8, 2007
ALIEN FIREWORK SAFETY ADVICE! by indeedy_dooby Comedy
funny and entertaining yet teaching you stuff, they should show this kind of thing in schools as opposed to the moronic snooze fests they used to subject me to. reviewed February 8, 2007
Close Encounters with some Aliens part 3 by homemadeeye Comedy
great movie! very funny from start to finish there isn't a few seconds that goes by without a joke reminds me of naked gun in that sense and it's all well shot too great job. reviewed February 8, 2007
Stinky by kirkm770 Comedy
this is quite possibly the best movie i've seen in years! so random and crazy! reviewed February 7, 2007
The Color Of The Crime by Montoro Horror
this is a very good movie makes a good point very well and the music is used excellently throughout the quick cuts and everything it's just a great piece of work excellent job. reviewed February 7, 2007
the frank grimes show! by darrentom123 Action
great movie very funny and it goes at a good fast pace. reviewed February 6, 2007
Another day by RusBOYz Action
very good film well shot with a very intersting storyling, a good twist and the music was cool too great job. reviewed February 6, 2007
Christmas Crime by David1408 Action
a madman kidnaps santa and threatens to kill him, the stakes couldn't be higher! nice title like it and good use of subtitles plenty of time to read them and catch what's happening on screen also good movie. reviewed February 6, 2007
Crime becomes War by Pheonix3 Action
good storyline you obviously worked hard on this, a little suggestion though try to turn off the sound effects that are out of place in a few of the scenes and also cut the scene when there is no dial... reviewed February 6, 2007
A Woman Scorn by mikehh Romance
very good story you set a good mood with the music and a good cliffhanger ending look forward to seeing the next one. reviewed February 5, 2007
Rabbit Shooting by kwistufa Comedy
bunny got it good! nice music, suspence, then pow! reviewed February 5, 2007
Wacko Shootout by MrSkull74 Comedy
that was cool chickens and robots settling their differences with violence love it! reviewed February 5, 2007
Fire! by warnerbro Action
Featured Review
cool trailer! you seem talented with the free cam and it all flows together really well so whatever idea you have will be well executed no doubt, an idea i have, it's a bit weird all my ideas are, one...
reviewed February 5, 2007
Evil Remains by MrSkull74 Horror
very good short movie well shot too and atmpospheric good work. reviewed February 5, 2007
Gorilla Chase by MrSkull74 Comedy
that's what you get for laughing at a gorilla when he falls on a banana! good movie the gorilla was cool good job. reviewed February 5, 2007
Laugh a minute by jonnyperry1 Comedy
good movie good voice overs and completely random nice work. reviewed February 5, 2007
In the Dead of Night The Beginning by Leora Action
hey great movie i thought the narration actually helped the feel of it being a detective movie and all all the shots were great too no mistakes i saw i want to see the next one i have ideas about who ... reviewed February 5, 2007
wiwanyank Wacipi-la danse du Soleil-Part1 by cinecitta Action
brilliant movie! all the set designs were very elegant and the story is very suspensful and interesting the dream sequence was very well done i liked this a lot one of the best movies i've seen if not... reviewed February 4, 2007
Edwardians In Space (Trailer) by jxhogan Sci-Fi
dandy, tea drinking edwardians the first real adventurers in space, that rules on so many levels! great trailer informative and funny definately watching this when it comes out. reviewed February 2, 2007
Feed Or Be Fed by stevec375 Action
Featured Review
magnificent! great action sequences and steele is like the coolest guy i've seen in a long time! the reporter rocked too all this was shot really great and sparkling dialogue laughing out loud pretty ...
reviewed February 2, 2007
Hot Dance by timorogowski Romance
excellent camerawork and i love the song while she is dancing did you do that? every facet of the movie is well above par it's awesome very good movie funny too. reviewed February 1, 2007
Greedy for Money by timorogowski Action
this is a very good film a great story well told and well shot throughout congratulations on a wonderful film. reviewed February 1, 2007
The Hunting Trip by bigboominc Horror
film is a visual medium, you told a story with pictures and it was good well done. reviewed February 1, 2007
The Residents Are Evil by Killgore10293 Horror
good movie make more zombies in it next time to make it even scarier. reviewed January 30, 2007
my god its heaven! by cj13 Comedy
hey good movie i just love evil bunnies and gettind drunk to celebrate another kill that's realy funny couldn't rate for me pwease nobodies watching my movies! reviewed January 30, 2007
A PSA From The Grey by Iondrive Comedy
ya good movie guy short sweet and funny for a first movie too that's impressive look forward to more of your work. reviewed January 30, 2007
Dragons Of The Corn 7 by AppleMonkey Comedy
you know you can use gun sound effects, but i prefer your "bamb" to that, nice work. reviewed January 29, 2007
100 Ways to Kill a Clown by Keumars Comedy
great film dude you should make a film with samuel jackson taking on the clown from "it" i bet it'd be a ruddy good fight! reviewed January 29, 2007
Stress by Sharnadale Comedy
this movie made perfect sense to me i got it and i thought it was really good really funny good job. reviewed January 29, 2007
The Werehuman by terrificspam Horror
good stuff a horror from the monsters point of view good idea make more movies yours are good. reviewed January 28, 2007
Mary Shot a Horse in the Bathroom Again by terrificspam Comedy
she should've shot the landlady too that's my only complain good movie. reviewed January 28, 2007
Jans Filmpje by jangklein Action
great movie very funny. reviewed January 28, 2007
Detroit Crime City by jangklein Action
good story with great voice overs well done. reviewed January 28, 2007
Civilizations End by drum_bum Sci-Fi
very good story and well put together good show. reviewed January 27, 2007
John NAGNETATEL Evil Twin by johnnagnetatel Action
great movie! loved the soundtrack and it's all shot really well good job. reviewed January 27, 2007
1916 rising by killerhog Action
great movie didn't like em gettin caught at the end though! reviewed January 27, 2007
Answers to Snowy by water119 Comedy
hey yeah this movies really cool it's quite sweet but not in a bad way just really nice well shot too good job. reviewed January 27, 2007
Zombie Panic 2 Luke Nukem Forever by HitmanGames Comedy
that was fantastic, i can't believe how annoying axl rose is though! great singing throughout and great sets the whole thing just rocks! reviewed January 27, 2007
Alpha Male by gottaboogy Comedy
short, simple but effective, great job. reviewed January 27, 2007
How to Survive a Zombie Attack by ManiakMonkey Comedy
finally a movie on how to deal with zombies i've been having trouble with the critters for some time now thanks for the sage words of wisdom your movie was really funny and flowed really well an excel... reviewed January 27, 2007
MAC 4 Back in Space by brute24 Comedy
yo this happy frog guy is trippin that's a funny frickin movie can't wait to see the bigger one! reviewed January 26, 2007
Dail H for Hitler by remeberthis Comedy
Featured Review
very funny unlike some of the supposed comedies floating around these parts.
reviewed January 26, 2007
To Hard too Meet by Gargoylen Comedy
hey great movie you got a wicked sense of humour hope to see more from you. reviewed January 26, 2007
The Ballad of Kelly Keene Part 1 by MountainViewMovies Romance
hey liked this movie if you're wondering where to go i think kelly needs to find who has been offing her parents no? and why didn't that guy michael beat the guy up for calling kelly names that annoye... reviewed January 26, 2007
The Ginger Ninja by FredTheDuck Comedy
cool movie, "this dog was never seen again" hee hee i fought the fight at the end was very well done good job. reviewed January 26, 2007
A New Home by kate_109 Sci-Fi
That's the best movie i've watched so far on here i was actually really rooting for the little blue guys to get away safe and sound and the beginning was marvelous so atmospheric, it's so well made bu... reviewed January 26, 2007
Monkey Knife Fight Three Wild and Wet by kingofdabling2004 Comedy
hey great movie you had me laughing my head off and you didn't even need to use voice overs you have great comic timing and manage to keep it ultra violent yet light hearted at the same time you rock. reviewed January 25, 2007
Mental Day by mophonix Comedy
Hey guy great job on your first movie i can't believe you did all that stuff on the spot i am like writing out scripts for my voice overs lol i liked that movie a lot hope to see more from you soon. reviewed January 25, 2007