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Movies Reviewed by StarlineCinema
Jack Faye - Episode One by Woopdefrickindoo Comedy
This movie is fantastic! I agree with OlliEntertainment. reviewed March 6, 2007
The Lady That Says Die by Woopdefrickindoo Horror
Though I wasn't really scared from this movie, I did think it was good because it went well. (Being a 1950s horror) Good editing. reviewed March 6, 2007
V for Vengence by Woopdefrickindoo Action
A Job Well done, Pure Comedy, I laughed my Guts out. reviewed March 6, 2007
Outer Space by woopdefrickindoo Sci-Fi
Victims of War by Woopdefrickindoo Action
Not the best movie in the bunch, but good, none-the-less. reviewed March 3, 2007
The Horror by Woopdefrickindoo Horror
This is a masterpiece! reviewed March 3, 2007
The Gunmaker by danny123456789 Action
This movie is appauling. It has no plot, and no storyline. There has obviously been no Post Production and the fact you have put it onto TMO is slightly embarrasing. You did not try much while makin... reviewed February 28, 2007
Me I and myself by spideyswebprod Sci-Fi
Featured Review
This is fantastic! The Music is great and you have done a grand job on it. The story has deep meaning and it is very emotional, I see that you put a lot of work into this, the only critisisim that I g...
reviewed February 28, 2007
The wagon west by zaaapmmme Action
A fantastic western, with not too many jokes. I must say, i did recognise the names of the people he had to kill, Brian McFaden (Ex-Westlife Member), Donald Trump (MultiBillionaire). Too Many question... reviewed February 28, 2007
The War Lives On by DJDanny Action
The voices didn't sound very much like they were in a war. The Pacintg was really bad, Eg. when then captain tells that man how he ever became a doctor, it was just too slow. It's good editing, and go... reviewed February 26, 2007
Jolly Good Chaps by towelie Action
I must say that was quite a laugh.. The Professor sounds like Trekie Monster out of Avenue Q. Where was the What whats? and they amazingly delightful Quites! Oh well, it was a fantastic film with many... reviewed February 19, 2007
Betraid (not expecting much) by jesusfreak7 Action
Well, to say it was boring would be a compliment. Okay i guess. reviewed February 19, 2007
I Have this Feeling by vitality Romance
Featured Review
A fantastic movie which has a great atmosphere to it. The fact that you use narration instead of dialogue is fantastic, and it really swings the mood a bit more.
reviewed February 17, 2007
The Director by woopdefrickindoo Comedy
A fantastically funny movie with class A actors. reviewed February 17, 2007
Buffalo Soldier Trailer by vitality Action
I see you rated Life without Romance, I made that film this is my own studio. I have only just installed The Movies, and I'm in the 1930s within four hours, gosh it was hard, but none the less, fun. N... reviewed February 17, 2007
Life without Romance by woopdefrickindoo Horror
I think that was a masterpiece and for a first try, it really shone through, your raw talent to do well in this highly competitive gaming business. I hope you make good movies like that in the future.... reviewed February 17, 2007