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Average Rating Received: 3.27

Number of Movies Reviewed: 90
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Average Rating Given: 3.46
Movies Released by someguy2
TMWF Action
to answer of Mrbatchy[shhhh!]: i think youll find that maybe just maybe its not a shirt but skin why do you think he is called Rey mySMURF you mr[oh please!]ing[shhhh!] posted April 13, 2007
Docu never go into a pub with a united shirt Action
Thanks to KatanaSoul and Ranger 21 and rogue 2099 for the mods in answer to: DJSAMKA: i used the blang fig by rogue Gills: glad u liked it m8 Matthew74: they ain't got him yet but he is [wash your mo... posted December 3, 2006
Clones trailer Sci-Fi
No Description posted October 15, 2006
14 headed monster modsite BTS Sci-Fi Not Rated
No Description posted August 29, 2006
attack of the cristionian - trailer Sci-Fi
No Description posted July 1, 2006
the movies news Comedy Not Rated
No Description posted June 27, 2006
Star wars episode IX the action ends Sci-Fi
i'd like to thank ranger21 for the makeup and rogue2099 for the darth vader costume thx guys posted June 24, 2006
King Kong all gone wrong Action
No Description posted June 23, 2006
star wars IX the action ends (trailer) Sci-Fi
No Description posted June 19, 2006
Star Wars VIII Full Action Sci-Fi
No Description posted June 18, 2006
Stunts and effects trailer Comedy
No Description posted June 17, 2006
Hide and it might just help you Horror
this movie is about a depressed man who has a pet werewolf and goes round killing people who were his wifes friends the skeleton is his wife posted May 27, 2006
Transvestite test Comedy
This is just a test of my idea on the forums this is just a test so plz don't give it more than 3 stars Yes I am Harryz posted May 13, 2006
dewey studios out-takes Comedy
No Description posted February 22, 2006
dewey studios 3 months on Comedy
this is my tribute to my studio it contains footage from my movies in the past and it has an extra character Dewey who is my dog posted February 19, 2006
life for a padawan Sci-Fi
No Description posted February 16, 2006
mars episode VI Sci-Fi
No Description posted February 15, 2006
defence of the smurfs II Comedy
No Description posted February 13, 2006
mr death Action
No Description posted February 13, 2006
super mario kart Comedy
this is my version over my favourite nintendo game posted February 7, 2006
defence of the smurfs Comedy
this is the first of my 6 part series here at dewey studios we are dying to get into the charts so if any1 wants to help email me at chriscazandharry@tiscali this is what we need ** CUSTOM COS... posted February 6, 2006
ice hockey players off the ice Comedy
this is what i think happens with ice hockey players off the ice posted February 5, 2006
defence of the smurfs (trailer) Comedy
inspired by the series invasion of the smurfs i decided to create a whole new series defence the director Harry Moy will talk through all of the new features of defence of the smurfs posted February 1, 2006
invasion of the smurfs III Comedy
this is the final of all invasion of the smurfs next series defence of the smurfs posted January 31, 2006
granny Comedy
No Description posted January 29, 2006
street car races is a crime Action
this was ment to be in the Chrysler crossfire competition but the [be polite!]s at lionhead won't let us because we live in england so everyone at lionhead you are aload of [oh please!]ing whanking [b... posted January 22, 2006
invasion of the smurfs II Action
this is the sequel to the movie invasion of the smurfs enjoy note to savage242 there is no plot posted January 12, 2006
star wars VII revenge of the clones Sci-Fi
star wars ended on return of the jedi but here at dewey studios we have got a 7th it is alright but watch out for a robot kissing a alien in the background posted January 12, 2006
invasion of the smurfs Action
i like smurfs and also i got the idea from smurfette so i thought what would it be like if smurfs attacked our planet it's pretty crazy it has no punctuation quite funny bits plz give it a good rating... posted January 10, 2006
a alien is kissing santa clause Romance
after the aliens get married one has an affair with none othere than santa clause is this also the end of santa clause Contains mild sex references and bad language enjoy posted January 7, 2006
aliens are having sex in my room Romance
lets see if alien sex is different to human sex maybe it's the same i wonder posted January 7, 2006
i decided to create this after i done my WWII ones which aren't online and i then thought why don't make another one on war what happens is 2 soldiers spaceship is crashed on a alien planet the two sp... posted January 3, 2006
As The Postman Flies Romance
it was made by my friend and i think it's [shhhh!] posted January 3, 2006
Chickens V bunnies Action
this is my most funniest move it is a giant fight between chickens and bunnies i hope you enjoy it and give it a good rating posted January 2, 2006
Movies Reviewed by someguy2
ENIGMA II ep2 - Conquest by ubernewbie Sci-Fi
that is the lowest! rating i could give this movie it is bloody brilliant the way you timed the overlays and the mods were just extraordinary FIVE STARS!!!! reviewed March 15, 2008
To TMO or Not To TMO by rileyman Comedy
The BEST!!!! film i have ever seen they rhyming was fantastic i was laughing every 56.96 seconds it was just FANTASTIC!!!! reviewed March 11, 2008
The Lost Cabin by FiilmMaker8000 Horror
im sorry but that was terrible the audio was intelligible the costumes of the maniac changed every scene and there was no basic plot reviewed March 10, 2008
Suicide by micha83 Horror
Schei??en Sie das war erschreckender aber immer noch gro??er Film micha83 reviewed March 29, 2007
The 9 11 Disaster by ppplop Action
great movie nice use of overlays but because i am sick of these 9/11 rememberance movies i can nly give you a 4 star join the tmo lottery 500vc per ticket reviewed February 16, 2007
Dogs of Doom by MrSkull74 Horror
great movie more comedy than horror but still a must see movie join the tmo lottery tickets 500vc at reviewed February 16, 2007
Crazy Frog Gone Wrong by caliber99 Comedy
that was the worst [censored!]ing [eye-hurting-word!] u [censored!]ing could come up with on the [censored!]ing [eye-hurting-word!] sucking [wash your mouth out!] go back to your momma a suck her [bad... reviewed January 20, 2007
You and Me by ralfduran Horror
excellent brilliant movie reviewed January 6, 2007
Space Greg 3 by cheese101 Sci-Fi
great movie reviewed January 3, 2007
The Darkest Continent by SkorzenyNinja Action
WOT THE HELL reviewed December 30, 2006
Space The invasion - trailer by freak6010 Sci-Fi
mama mia bravo absolutely brilliant i will definately watch it reviewed December 30, 2006
Night of the Living Corpses 2 by mike10314 Horror
complete [shhhh!] reviewed December 30, 2006
No Turning Back by nickr95 Romance
no plot wotsoever reviewed December 30, 2006
The Seductress EP 1 by Amabeginzordawg Horror
good use of props but it wasn't scary reviewed December 30, 2006
Berlin by lahire Action
Great film nice use of swedish to create german voices hav a merry christmas and happy new year reviewed December 23, 2006
Santa Wars! by ranger21 Comedy
you never fail to disappoint ranger you are a TMO god i can't wait till the new mods come out reviewed December 23, 2006
A Photograph Lasts A Lifetime - Trailer by sweatyshoulder Horror
good horror idea the free cam detil was gr8 reviewed December 20, 2006
Kung fu Fighter by Benj123 Action
What the hell! nice guitar playing tho reviewed October 28, 2006
The Legend of the Velvet Ninja by person_me200 Comedy
plot was complicated vo's cud hardly hear final verdict: 4/10 reviewed October 28, 2006
The dangers of smoking by cameroony Action
wow ive learnt something impossible a cigarette will cause a fire very unlikely film i would rate it a load of [eye-hurting-word!]ing [censored!] u nobby [be polite!]-like prick remember school helps reviewed August 29, 2006
Troopers 3 Intro trailer by ranger21 Sci-Fi
can't wait till troopers 3 to be honest im [shhhh!]ting myself right now i really want to see it reviewed August 27, 2006
Van Helsing by LordChris101 Horror
good movie reviewed July 30, 2006
Fire! by Frooplet Action
this movie is what you call WOW!! i haven't seen a movie like this since the all new dating game 2 reviewed June 9, 2006
Stunts And Effects Tech Demo!!! by woopdefrickindoo Action
[naughty word!]e reviewed May 30, 2006
Evil Dead Christmas 3 by Ghoulscout13 Horror
mucho excellente reviewed May 13, 2006
Doctor Who by freak6010 Action
[bad-word!] reviewed May 13, 2006
Hulk by plowking Comedy
Featured Review
OMG that movie had such good creativity,V.O's and awesomness thay was brilliant ya big fish
reviewed May 9, 2006
????????????????????????? by machkulab Horror
does what the title mean is crazy chicken attacks people in the shower reviewed May 7, 2006
Channel 31 Noon News Special Report by Fire_Works Comedy
[oh please!] reviewed April 20, 2006
DEATH by ranger21 Action
costumes 5/10 backdrops 10/10 story 6/10 mods 10/10 sets 7/10 props 8/10 music 10/10 so in all good movie and you could make the story a bit simpler so great movie i can't wait till myths and trooper... reviewed April 20, 2006
TMO Annoying Quiz by cream147 Comedy
good movie and very clever and i especially hate the baggage boy reviewed February 25, 2006
Thank You Crazeyal by gantous Comedy
No Review reviewed February 25, 2006
STAR WARS-Hello Moto Music Video by Fire_Works Comedy
hello moto those costumes and sound effects were brilliant how did you get them from ranger21 becuz i wud also lile those costumes plzzzzzzzz plese rate my latest movie reviewed February 24, 2006
Troopers 2 - An unlikely recruit by ranger21 Sci-Fi
OH MY GOD!!! better costumes better V.O's better effects just what will be next and i think troopers because i don't want this to be the end of your high and mighty series plz don't stop plz ... reviewed February 22, 2006
War is Hell by alex007 Horror
No Review reviewed February 22, 2006
SlowMotionTest 2 by Zogg Action
No Review reviewed February 19, 2006
BattlePants Galactica2 by gantous Comedy
No Review reviewed February 19, 2006
BattlePants Galactica by gantous Comedy
No Review reviewed February 19, 2006
Kill Bunny Vol2 Revenge of the Bunny by kevin97 Action
nice movie just the subtitles went very quick plz rate/review my movie dewey studios 3 months anniversary reviewed February 19, 2006
Waiting for Thor by Apokalipse14 Action
nice movie but the dialogue isn't very clear plz rate and review my movie life for a padawan reviewed February 19, 2006
Baby for Sale by StokeStudios Romance
No Review reviewed February 19, 2006
Space Madness! by Acharyah Sci-Fi
horrible plz use your own creations reviewed February 18, 2006
Brokeback Warewolf 2 trailer by 6-headedmonster Comedy
No Review reviewed February 17, 2006
Living Room 1 Demo by Slikere Comedy
don't make movies if you're ripping off others and also its not like you have to download the set is it reviewed February 17, 2006
jesus vs santa by xalbur Comedy
nice movie , strange. TURN MUMBLING OFF. why was there a gay scene? reviewed February 16, 2006
Attack Of The Gays by GonkNebraska Comedy
really good movie can you do a sequel reviewed February 16, 2006
Robinson Looso - 1 Die Flaschenpost by OlliEntertainment Comedy
nice movie but you could at least put your subtitles in english plz reviewed February 15, 2006
Wild West Bedroom Demo by MrOsterman Romance
nice way of testing the new set rate and review my movie mars episode VI reviewed February 15, 2006
My Invisible Friend by MovieMan42 Comedy
good movie i know how to make it invisible you make it a blank manekin reviewed February 15, 2006
To Hell and to Heaven-The Trailer by cream147 Romance
now i liked the trailer and i will definatley watch it when it comes out but threee problems 1. mumbling, it can ruin your movie. 2. sliders you are best off using sliders for your movie it really hel... reviewed February 14, 2006
Fight for Earth Part 1 by adam1991 Sci-Fi
i call that a quality movie becuz it has the whole double cross thing as well and the subtitles were easy to read reviewed February 13, 2006
the modern baggage boy by hardred Comedy
[not-so-nice-word!] reviewed February 13, 2006
Rabbits Revenge by DARYLRADFORD Horror
brilliant movie very funny reviewed February 13, 2006
Rabbits Revenge 2 The Beginning by DARYLRADFORD Horror
very good movie props 10/10 editing 10/10 sliders 10/10 comedy 10/10 subtitles 9/10 the reason for 9/10 is because of the swearing but without that it wouldn't of been as effective and i was like oh... reviewed February 13, 2006
Its My Chrysler! by Fire_Works Comedy
nice concept but sadly VO's were not as good as your other movies and the whole costume problem go to Doc Z's studio page and look at bookmarked fansites and you will see the TMO workshop they will help you reviewed February 12, 2006
The Brittish ninja by miman Action
your english was bad but the quality was good i wud watch a sequel reviewed February 12, 2006
She Was a Phat Ride by Doc_Z Comedy
No Review reviewed February 11, 2006
Andrew Preisig Falls Down Stairs by Fire_Works Comedy
very funny liked the way how you made the stormtrooper costume reviewed February 9, 2006
The mansion ( first diffusion ) by arnaudbeauvois Comedy
brilliant film it's like a reality tv show called BB (big brother) that we have here in britain and nice translation reviewed February 7, 2006
Gimme back my bullets by Eldranor Action
Star Wars Rap (movies edition) by kevinduh Comedy
i am going to report you to lionhead because according to your description you didn't ask permission you copied that off the legendary star wars gangsta rap you filthy [not-so-nice-word!]ty [bad-word!... reviewed February 5, 2006
WWI by bobwho Action
just remember the americans didn't fight in WI they didn't FIGHT yet england was never invaded by the germans reviewed February 5, 2006
Matrix by Macemilia Action
good movie you just need to edit it reviewed February 5, 2006
Oh Its On 2 Tora Saru Bakuhatsu Plus Plus by mixmasterfestus Action
[bad-word!] reviewed February 4, 2006
The Hero of Planet of Qutralaca by Herow Sci-Fi
have you bothered to bloody edit it you prick reviewed February 2, 2006
The Planet of Doom by Herow Sci-Fi
boring, no sense of creativity like wow alien on a ship dead in like 10 seconds really original (!) BORING way to show some creativity reviewed February 2, 2006
Fair Trade ( The spawn of bad movies) by Muzzle_Keeper Comedy
very funny movie very good effects liked all the mocks of other movies watch my movie defence of the smurfs (trailer) reviewed February 2, 2006
Timmys Christmas (30 seconds of bliss) by ozman69 Comedy
brilliant movie it reminds me of my dog dewey he always attacks me reviewed February 1, 2006
The Fairy Princess by genemalk Romance
very quick subtitles and i'm not a fan of mumbling if you've seen a someguy2 movie you will notice NO mumbling reviewed January 31, 2006
Alien Smiters Enterprise by 05JSMEDL Sci-Fi
it could use some dialogue/V.O reviewed January 29, 2006
My Thanks to TMO by crazeyal Comedy
holy [be polite!] ,you should reclaim the top spot reviewed January 28, 2006
Attack on Station Omega by Dragon_matrix Sci-Fi
[bad-word!] reviewed January 22, 2006
I saw my wife kissing santa clause by ace60galaxy Action
funny and good story reviewed January 22, 2006
JESUS VS EASTER by MefuneAkira Comedy
absolutely hilarious reviewed January 22, 2006
Lionheads Top Movie Makers by Oh_Come_On Comedy
not very loud reviewed January 18, 2006
World of orc-craft by andymikel Action
[not-so-nice-word!] reviewed January 17, 2006
TROOPERS - an Imperial Story by ranger21 Sci-Fi
brilliant story and backdrops and music and costumes reviewed January 12, 2006
Shortest film ever made by Eward Comedy
brilliant and wicked cool reviewed January 8, 2006
Willy Chonka and the Gun Factory by brian13 Comedy
it's alright but not comedy material plz review my move freak wars II reviewed January 8, 2006
The All New Dating Game by ozman69 Comedy
always laughed at the i just want to put a suprise under there sheet then suddenly you sick [naughty word!] reviewed January 8, 2006
Animals in human world by Eward Action
brilliant very funny with all of the anmals attacking and animals with the guns reviewed January 8, 2006
Dear Santa by ozman69 Comedy
when it comes to voice-overs absolutely rubbish reviewed January 8, 2006
Apollyon by corinthian Horror
i nearly wet my pants but the whole editing VO special effects were truly brilliant reviewed January 8, 2006
Me My Clones and I by Chickydo Comedy
Featured Review
very funny well done with the subtitles
reviewed January 8, 2006
The Baggage Boy by mazman Comedy
first rubbish second it's a girl not a boy and thrird [censored!] reviewed January 8, 2006
Stormtroopers - Band of Brothers by bitty38 Comedy
very very funny it's a classic plz rate my movie a alien is kissing santa clause reviewed January 7, 2006
Santas litle proble by berkman Comedy
complete [shhhh!] so screw you! reviewed January 7, 2006
Red Aliens Among Us by antswillrulesoon Sci-Fi
what a load of [wash your mouth out!] reviewed January 7, 2006
How qwanza stole christmas by ace60galaxy Comedy
the swearing was unappropriate reviewed January 7, 2006
BEEEEEEEEER!! by Buccura Comedy
No Review reviewed January 2, 2006