Number of Movies: 10
Number of Winning Movies: 0
Average Rating Received: 4.58

Number of Movies Reviewed: 246
Number of Reviews Given that were Featured: 43
Average Rating Given: 4.26
Movies Released by Sleeves
Mighty Horse Comedy
I've been writing parody songs for the "Ron & Fez" radio talk show. They broadcast both on XM satellite radio and out of New York. They recently discussed graffiti art in New York and Ron mentioned t... posted March 17, 2007
The Germantican Comedy
The Germantican - born in Antartica of a German father and Mexican mother - has been taught a very special song by his parents. A song that will help him find his true love. The only problem? The ... posted May 22, 2006
Subway 4 Romance
Subway 4 sees the return of Azuresama as "Jane" and the enigmatic Innerfilm makes a powerful guest appearance as "Mr. Crosby". Azuresama???s voice acting demo and assorted other things can be found a... posted January 28, 2006
Subway 3 Romance
The Third Installment in the Subway series. In the first 2, we meet Sam Cutt, who has gone into the Subway to be a part of a Reality Show. If he can last a full year, he'll win a million dollar priz... posted December 25, 2005
Subway 3 - Trailer Romance
Trailer for the upcoming episode, Subway 3. Before I describe the episode, let me first give thanks to our fellow Moviemaker and voice actress par excellence, Azuresama, who does the voice of Jane i... posted December 17, 2005
Subway 3 - The Trailer Romance
Trailer for the upcoming episode, Subway 3. Before I describe the episode, let me first give thanks to our fellow Moviemaker and voice actress par excellence, Azuresama, who does the voice of Jane in... posted December 17, 2005
Subway 2 Romance
This is the second installment in the "Subway: The Reality Show" Series. In the first episode we're introduced to Sam, who has gone to live in the subway under the impression that he's being filmed fo... posted December 4, 2005
The Movies Ad Contest! Comedy
Peter Molyneux is upset with the marketing of his visionary product, The Movies. In this film, he dives into full Evil Genius mode and begs for a new advertising campaign. Do not miss the finale as ... posted November 21, 2005
Subway - The Reality Show Sci-Fi
Like the recently cancelled reality/drama/what-is-it series, "The Comeback", starring Lisa Kudrow, "Subway - The Reality Show" is the story of Sam, a man who has gone to live in a subway station for o... posted November 18, 2005
The Offices Comedy
This is not so much a film as a sore expression of being a part of the Black Screen Club. If you don't know what that is, then forget it. It's not a bounty hunter film and there are no fights. It's... posted November 15, 2005
Movies Reviewed by Sleeves
Infiltration Part 1 by Throwaxe Action
Extraordinary job, Throwaxe! A great thriller and seriously one of the top films I've seen. Excellent camerawork and top-notch storytelling. Now I know why this took so long! Careful craftsmanship a... reviewed September 8, 2006
Oh Its On 3 Ouichi Genshi Basutaa Alpha by mixmasterfestus Action
The best. Can we get a sticky for this one? reviewed July 8, 2006
Four Sisters by Dulci Romance
Featured Review
An absolute breath of fresh air - haven't seen a movie like it on TMO. Great ensemble acting, real life tensions small and large. I really really liked this...
reviewed June 2, 2006
What Have I Done by visualstudios Horror
Very enjoyable to see it all in one full piece. Excellent flick, VS! reviewed June 2, 2006
Broken Rapture Trailer by Buccura Sci-Fi
This rocks. Look and!!! reviewed June 1, 2006
The Gritty West by Tarison Action
A terrifically good western! Loved the conflicts, characters, different stories etc. Your editing is careful and special. All that time was well spent, sir. reviewed May 29, 2006
The Disciple TMO Teaser by capemedia Horror
An excellent teaser that does exactly what a teaser should - tease! Dramatic and beautiful music, clean dialogue that hints at the drama of the story. Just very good and exciting. reviewed May 27, 2006
StevenKreg E True Moviewood Story-Pt1 by Stormwhitelab Comedy
Featured Review
Now everyone will KNOW how mistreated Myshinator and I were by this childish TYRANT, this boyish EGOMANIAC! He will be exposed for the MEANIE he is! Meanie! Thank god for the E True Moviewood St...
reviewed May 26, 2006
Phaedrus by postmodernchuck Romance
A very touching and beautifully executed movie. I was most moved by the Dorian/David dancing sequence. This movie shows the us both the power of music and the power of silence. A subtle film that g... reviewed May 26, 2006
The Light in the Dust - Part 1 by DecadentPictures Horror
Magnificent horror! This film shows such commitment, such caring, and such force! A pleasure to watch, a pleasure to listen to - your collaboration is rock solid. Lizard's VO's and fx are tremendous... reviewed May 22, 2006
The First Adventures of Twiggy and Sticky by satansmunchkin Action
Featured Review
Short and sweet - enjoyed every second.
reviewed May 7, 2006
Superforce! Beyond Power! by TurboGhost Action
Featured Review
Get thee into the entertainment business. Unstoppable energy and a great hunger to twist and subvert make this a deeply satisfying experience. Wicked fun...
reviewed May 5, 2006
5 Stars (Music Video) by JazzX Comedy
What a wildly strange piece! Reminds me of Thomas Dolby, Muzak, 80's brit pop, and, for me, a little Esquivel! Krazy! Exclamation Point!There's also maybe a little tiny tiny touch of the Streets in t... reviewed May 5, 2006
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Dylen Horror
An excellent job. Double D took a thousand pieces and placed them together with finesse and care. Very enjoyable to watch from start to finish. The Horseman section was one of the best sequences I'... reviewed May 5, 2006
THE HALOIST II by ArtificialArtist Sci-Fi
Absolutely gripping opening. Loved it. Great direction throughout and always very special music. Now - I'm not crystal clear on the story and there was a little section where I couldn't quite hear ... reviewed May 1, 2006
Locked In A Box by richke Horror
Featured Review
Yay! That was great! Super smooth horror story with a cliff edge ending - all executed in fine Richke silk. The best thing to me was the characters and the just enough tension between them. That re...
reviewed March 24, 2006
Black Widow by Dulci Horror
As this went on, I moved literally closer and closer to the PC (TMO's equivalent of being on the edge of my seat). Engrossing, nicely twisted, right-on acting from you both, great music (and used rea... reviewed March 21, 2006
Project Sadako Session 2 by Buccura Horror
I love this flick! The white noise, the craziness, it's a whole created and realized world and it's really fun and frightening to be in it. reviewed March 20, 2006
Night Pass -part two by StevenKreg Sci-Fi
Night Pass is probably the best thing on TMO... reviewed March 20, 2006
Night Pass -part two by StevenKreg Sci-Fi
To the moon, Alice! This just totally rocks and I hope it zooms to the top cuz it's so complete and so good. You took a huge cast, a huge script, a huge crew and you made a great and greatly entertain... reviewed March 19, 2006
Night Pass -part one by StevenKreg Sci-Fi
That was probably the most entertaining 10 minutes I've spent on TMO! Totally rich and complete and just packed with excellence! reviewed March 19, 2006
Teaser Night Pass by StevenKreg Sci-Fi
Very well paced, terribly dramatic, and seriously captivating. Somehow, I didn't know this was released...But can't wait now, sir! reviewed March 14, 2006
Bullets are Forever starring Marshall Parris by the_georgeZILLA Action
That was absolutely TERRIFIC! Great script, great VO's, super multi-genre story. Fast moving, easy to understand, and noir smart! reviewed March 11, 2006
death match the opening chapter by 6-headedmonster Action
Super cool! Loved the beginning and the setup. VO's were GREAT and so was all the custom stuff. Awesome! reviewed March 10, 2006
Dialogue With Death by CptJoker Comedy
Great job Cap'n! Beautiful to look at, cool "arch" dialogue, a full story well delivered. reviewed March 10, 2006
Happily Ever After by Dulci Romance
A great film. Subtle, complex, melancholy, and true. The power of this film lies in commitment to how things go in real life. I could see how it might be possible that the married couple might see ... reviewed March 9, 2006
Showdown in Foggytown by FoDooG Comedy
Featured Review
Terrific! Flanagan's gang goes where it wants and does what it wants! A little bit of everything! Great villain, great hero, great bartender! Great dumb henchmen! Funny, crazy, dramatic, easygoin...
reviewed March 5, 2006
Critics Corner Pilot Episode part 1 by WorldPictures Comedy
Featured Review
Hey! I got slammed! lol Gotta give you props - you guys do a great job promo-ing, and featuring films - your critic's corner reviews have cache and definitely help move people's films up the charts! ...
reviewed March 5, 2006
No dusk No dawn (Warrington Cut) by FraasMovies Romance
Yay! Great job. Love that Jacqueline! She could have her own show! reviewed March 3, 2006
No dusk No dawn by Meowan Romance
Featured Review
Purely fun western made with great care. I enjoyed every second! Invisible direction, great flow, excellent music and acting!
reviewed March 3, 2006
Our Secret by erinnicole93 Romance
Poignant and true. The pressures of conformity are so intense - this film expresses the results perfectly. The characterizations are right on and the fall out is too. Statistics become irrelevant wh... reviewed March 2, 2006
Animation TECH DEMO!!! by madmatt7g Comedy
I'll be over later to empty my pockets. reviewed March 2, 2006
The Hit by skarsten Action
Extray Extray! I loved it! Supergreat dialogue, great hardboiled style with a touch of camp. Really enjoyable and fresh. reviewed March 2, 2006
Lift Chronicles - Part 2 - Masquerade by lizard3209 Sci-Fi
Featured Review
So many great things here - VO's, the script, the characters, the custom stuff! But the best is the story! Awesome story! Really slick, really tight, and very fun!
reviewed March 1, 2006
Memories of Life - A True Story by rposhard Romance
Very beautiful. There was a point at which, a few minutes into the film, that my entire body felt poised and bathed in strange warm cold tickle of the crying state. Absolutely gripping. reviewed March 1, 2006
The Lost Child by johnokinawa Sci-Fi
This was so "not like" everything else! Loved the scream spell! Beautiful to look at, odd and slippery, and fun. Just a weird combination of things that made it very unique! Great job, JohnO! reviewed February 26, 2006
The Afflicted by sherwinliu Sci-Fi
A thoroughly enjoyable film! Rich and solid, deep and intense, the Afflicted takes some familiar ideas and makes them feel very new. The acting was terrific and the music was perfectly supportive of ... reviewed February 26, 2006
Kops by ninette1 Comedy
Excellent Voice Acting, really strong script - Five stars in every way, except I didn't think it was funny - just kind of cruel. You (I don't know if there's more than one of you) have a LOT of talent... reviewed February 24, 2006
Room 247 - Night One by jackalbane Horror
Featured Review
A lot of very good stuff here, Jack. You really have deepened your story and character skills. I was hooked from the start - an excellent opening. The sound slippage was, like you said, kind of bad...
reviewed February 15, 2006
Wild West Bedroom Demo by MrOsterman Romance
Cool. High five! reviewed February 13, 2006
Shadow Realm Part I - END EX2 by ig-88productions Action
The more SR I watch, the more I want to watch - GREAT series. Really like the characters. You've got it all down, IG! Just keep on going! reviewed February 3, 2006
Shadow Realm Part I Begin Directors Cut by ig-88productions Action
Really very good! Like a Sci-fi Davinci Code, with really good acting and great direction and intriguing story. You can really feel the filmmaker's commitment here, and it pays off in pure entertainment. reviewed February 3, 2006
Aegis of Therion 2 - Total Annihilation by erinnicole93 Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Terrific! I was tense the whole time. The FX, are obviously, very special, but the directing and editing are the secret stars. The two leads are like an alternate universe Han and Leia. Really a p...
reviewed February 3, 2006
Gimonate - Episode I by FraasMovies Sci-Fi
Another 5 star effort from Fraas! Really liked the blue continuing throughout. Very nice music and subtle touches. reviewed February 2, 2006
Good Idea-Bad Idea V by Deikon Comedy
Superfreewheelin'fun! I will not do the drugs. Cool and joyful funniness. reviewed January 31, 2006
Oh Its On 2 Tora Saru Bakuhatsu Plus Plus by mixmasterfestus Action
Deja Saru Bakuhatsu Vu! reviewed January 28, 2006
Oh Its On 2 Tora Saru Bakuhatsu Plus Plus by mixmasterfestus Action
Incredible!!! Aside from the STUNNING visual fx and the BRILLIANT comic angle, the cinematography/direction/editing in this were all rolled into one and just breathtaking. You should have stuck a Chr... reviewed January 28, 2006
Repo Rescuers by supercozz Comedy
Fantastic! Incredibly funny and free-wheeling. Really really great! reviewed January 27, 2006
Le Funk by rjb2112 Comedy
Super cool, Rjb! Like Shaft, but with a bloke. I was strangely hypnotized by this...that bass has been permanently rubbed into my brain. reviewed January 27, 2006
The Lounge Singer by Dulci Romance
Featured Review
A sweet romantic short story and a beautiful song.
reviewed January 27, 2006
The Trials of Explosivo! Episode II VO by madmatt7g Action
Totally great, hysterical, wild and right on! Great VO's, really funny, and just...explosivo! reviewed January 26, 2006
Project Sadako Session I by Buccura Horror
Very cool! Excellent musical touches, terrific acting and a story that turns mind upside down. Nice! reviewed January 26, 2006
For Everything Else by MrOsterman Comedy
Really enjoyable play on MC and TMO, for me just lacked the one big laugh. reviewed January 25, 2006
Judge Pheer Pilot by cult_inc Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Pretty cool, Cult!
reviewed January 22, 2006
Aegis of Therion - Episode I by erinnicole93 Sci-Fi
Love the characters, the humor, the fx, the story, the music, the corridors, the irony, the dumb men, all of it. Oh, I loved the crappy scanners, the VO's, the pacing. Dialogue was excellent - I wante... reviewed January 21, 2006
A Heros Welcome v3 by groove-monkey Romance
A stirring, heartfelt film. reviewed January 21, 2006
Lense by FreddaH Horror
Passionately made, great storytelling, a powerful sympathetic lead. Your VO was so strong! Just great! reviewed January 18, 2006
Aegis Two Trailer by erinnicole93 Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Awesome! Very fun and exciting!
reviewed January 17, 2006
Test of Courage - Directors Cut (OmU) by Meowan Horror
Another superb Meowan film! Beautiful direction. I just love watching your movies. Love watching the cuts and edits. The story was scary, with great tension, great sound, and really good voice ove... reviewed January 16, 2006
Nautilus TechDemo by Zogg Action
coooool reviewed January 15, 2006
Memory Free Lane Teaser by htpolsa Action
I never know how to rate teasers/trailers...but there was something extra special about this. Not just the very good editing and mood movement...I'm definitely interested. Seems like a complex story... reviewed January 14, 2006
Night of the Living TMO (special edition) by crazeyal Comedy
Very funny and you kept upping the ante and carrying forward! Great, easy, smart comedy. reviewed January 13, 2006
Lust2 by satansmunchkin Romance
Just checking it out again, Satan! Nice to see for a second time... reviewed January 13, 2006
CSI Germany - Episode 2 by FraasMovies Action
So very good. The characters really make this work for me - and the story is solid and the effects bring it all together. Great film! reviewed January 13, 2006
Dimension Shift (Teaser) by capemedia Sci-Fi
Looks really cool Cape! VG editing and efficient use of the fx...very exciting! reviewed January 13, 2006
Jetgirl Falls Down Stairs by cult_inc Comedy
I am in full support of a "Falls Down Stairs" genre. reviewed January 8, 2006
Oh Its On by mixmasterfestus Action
Super cool! reviewed January 8, 2006
Survival Game by Dylen Horror
Great film, Dylen! Great story, tension, editing. Has it all! reviewed January 8, 2006
Space Mod Demo by lizard3209 Sci-Fi
COol! Nice music too, Lizard. reviewed January 8, 2006
Tree Farm by plopphizz Horror
Featured Review
Rich story and good characters with the unique plopphizs taste.
reviewed January 8, 2006
The Fatal Poisoner by sportygal Action
Featured Review
Very fun! Even though there was some tongue-in-cheek jokiness (which was really funny) you really know how to tell a story. It was very clear and you naturally follow story structure. Mwa-ha...mwa-h...
reviewed January 7, 2006
my unreal christmas wishes take 2 by tasmania11 Comedy
Featured Review
Any film that showcases a character from one of my films getting killed must get a five. Very funny concept and done well. Thanks for the kill!
reviewed January 6, 2006
A Mecha Adventure by cult_inc Sci-Fi
Featured Review
I smiled through the whole thing. Great VOs. It was just really enjoyable (except for the mic pops, but that's absolutely forgivable imo). Seemed fun to create and that fun infuses the film. Using t...
reviewed January 5, 2006
Pines and Needles by Yogurt_King Comedy
Featured Review
Very good Yogurt! Really liked the last line. Good luck!
reviewed January 5, 2006
Molson Canadian Beer Commercial by Emotep Comedy
Cool to see it like this. Very enjoyable and fun. reviewed January 4, 2006
Praeclarus Indolentia - Trailer by Danielewicz Romance
Intriguing...a little on the fuzzy side of clear, but that's ok for a trailer. I'll see it when it comes out. reviewed January 2, 2006
The Great Tree Escape by Ace_24 Comedy
Featured Review
I love the fight! The whole concept was cool and well done.
reviewed January 1, 2006
Schools out! by ArtificialArtist Horror
A lot of good stuff here. The school felt "populated" and the story was interesting. I'd see more. reviewed January 1, 2006
A Is For Alice by plopphizz Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Loved the concept and the execution. Easily one of my favorite films. Love your voice, love your ponderous and clever imagination. Love how the Z comes to us like that... too much love i guess. Le...
reviewed January 1, 2006
Fatal Touch by kaipan Horror
Easily the best movie I've seen. I need to start a thread... reviewed January 1, 2006
Dark Snowflake by Yogurt_King Horror
Definitely artful and very intriguing. There was something fuzzy about it that finally kept it from surfacing fully for me. reviewed December 29, 2005
Bk Christmas Carol 2 by Luna-Vision Comedy
Ok. That was awful in a very funny way. Good Homer Simpson Santa. reviewed December 29, 2005
The Fight for Christmas by cipheruzmad Action
I don't want to use the word "cute" here, but that's what comes to mind. So...cute movie. I like the teams. reviewed December 29, 2005
My Own Worst Enemy (Alternate Ending) by Cimmerz Comedy
The music at first seemed really kooky for a desert island film - but then the nutty concept kicked into place and it fit perfectly. Reminded me of The Beach for some reason - an insane bit where Leon... reviewed December 29, 2005
Unwanted - A Christmas Tale by NeoManic Romance
A sweet message film that makes me want to turn the computer off and go pet my kitty! reviewed December 29, 2005
Your Time (30 Seconds of Bliss) by dubbya Comedy
I think I just experienced the same level of pleasure (from a different region of my brain) that the Lottery produced. Both are smiley face movies...and weirdly instead of making 30 second movies obs... reviewed December 29, 2005
The Trial of Chico Reyes by Dylen Horror
It's a nice flick with a good twist... reviewed December 29, 2005
Brothers in Arms Trailer 2 by GilGalvanti Action
The initial minute was all familiar war stuff...I did get a little more interested with the intro of the characters...I would have been very interested if the trailer included a scene of characters in... reviewed December 29, 2005
Die Verwandlung by Meowan Horror
You take your time and we go along with you. Nothing rushed, until everything is rushed and it works very well. The music really adds to the film. Your transition to the "dream" sequence and back ou... reviewed December 28, 2005
THE HALOIST II -- Trailer by ArtificialArtist Sci-Fi
Cool in a lots of ways. The only thing missing was some sense of the story - some kind of action. Some kind of teaser aside from the special fx, which are maybe enough for a draw. I do custom anim ... reviewed December 27, 2005
Risen by matneee Horror
The singlemindedness of the story was very compelling. We never drift off the spine of the story, which really makes this very watchable. Lots of nice touches. The quiet scene where Jed sets up for... reviewed December 27, 2005
The Purging of Christmas by velieth Action
I like the idea of Santa and his brother but this just didn't really grab me. reviewed December 27, 2005
The Lottery (30 Seconds of Bliss) by ozman69 Comedy
An enjoyable 30 seconds! reviewed December 27, 2005
Apollyon by corinthian Horror
A cool movie with a great beat. reviewed December 27, 2005
Mission Santa Part 1 by nasum84 Action
Fun and kept me watching. reviewed December 27, 2005
The PropShoW by eric_maniac Comedy
Funny and right on the money. reviewed December 27, 2005
VAL by Saraqael Sci-Fi
Excellent. From the suspenseful, graceful opening to the quickening excitement of "feeling" transported to another world, everything in this was fine. Chilling and efficient. The story felt familia... reviewed December 27, 2005
The Jihad Before Christmas by herr_lipp Comedy
Liked the overall idea - VO for MJ and Santa would really show how well this could work. Not a complaint - just one of those things where I "want" to see and hear Santa and Michael saving Xmas. reviewed December 25, 2005
War Of The Heart by jackalbane Romance
Very sweet. I wish it was a little larger in scope - that's all. More story. More about the characters. reviewed December 25, 2005
Every Christmas To 2005 by Cimmerz Romance
Very sweet, full of heart. reviewed December 25, 2005
Hare Loom by ATynam Comedy
Clever and funny - you can definitely tell a story. reviewed December 25, 2005
Making A Living The Bosses Son by australianmoviemaker Action
Just didn't grab me. reviewed December 25, 2005
Clown Ninjas Xmas Edition by alpha_02 Comedy
OK, but just seemed kind of thrown together - not much story. reviewed December 25, 2005
Quarentine by lanky316 Sci-Fi
Pretty good, but a little too familiar to keep me on the edge of my seat. reviewed December 25, 2005
Dig Your Own Grave Part 4 by antena Action
Featured Review
Something very chilling about this. Not my style - but a weird hardcore feel. Not sure how to describe it, but you certainly create an atmosphere.
reviewed December 25, 2005
Space Apes vs The Astro Chickens by TimBurtonFan Sci-Fi
Funny here and there, but just didn't hold my interest. reviewed December 25, 2005
Sonnet 18 by markusdragon Romance
Very good. Man Walks Into A Sonnet. The music made me throw up at the beginning, but that's not your fault... I'd love to see a "scene" from Hamlet or something popular. You have a nice way with Bill... reviewed December 24, 2005
How To Australian Voice Accents by Ilianna Comedy
Good little tips and very enjoyable flicks too! reviewed December 21, 2005
How to Voice over your Movie by Ilianna Comedy
Thanks! reviewed December 21, 2005
King Kong 1941 (Act-Two) by StevenKreg Action
Very fun! reviewed December 21, 2005
A Lonely Man by kaipan Romance
Featured Review
Another grand tale with classical undertones and a bit of M. Night Shyamalan - you paint powerful complex stories with a subtle brush. A Lonely Tale has tons of very nice touches - bits of dialogue (...
reviewed December 19, 2005
Talk to me by stevostanley Romance
Featured Review
Wherever you put it, it's five. This is just a re-vote. The first time I saw it I wanted to respond in a way that really isn't related to your film - but more like if I had to do something similar......
reviewed December 19, 2005
King Kong 1941 (Act-One) by StevenKreg Action
The blocks have been busted! Terrific. Awesome. Great. So exciting! reviewed December 19, 2005
Forgotten by InnerFilm Comedy
Featured Review
I'm with Glynner on this one. I don't get it either. This is brilliant. Kind of surrealist/dada/something. One of those stories that escapes detection but feels solid. I don't know what it was ab...
reviewed December 18, 2005
The Luckiest - CheckThe Link by richke Romance
Featured Review
The best thing I've seen done with The Movies. To me, the goal is to make the best movie possible using anything in the universe - be it song, editing tool, even a Santa suit or 90's hairstyle. What...
reviewed December 18, 2005
Charlie The Chicken by Fedaredan Comedy
I want to write "short and sweet" but it's funnier and better than that. Well done all around, from editing to voice. Even the joke is very good and unexpected. reviewed December 18, 2005
BEEEEEEEEER!! by Buccura Comedy
First punk film I've seen. By that I mean just sort of in-your-face and don't care. Loved when they start runnin in circles. I liked the song, like what you did with it. Some sloppy parts as some peo... reviewed December 17, 2005
Santa is a [censored!]er by LuciusVorenus Comedy
Featured Review
Hah! I think I'm gonna be sick! I'm serious. :)
reviewed December 17, 2005
British Pie by MortalMadMatt Comedy
Pretty funny. reviewed December 17, 2005
In Search Of Claus by Killbot2000 Comedy
Fun and nutty. With a bit more cutting, there's a five star flick in here. reviewed December 17, 2005
Dry Bones by Cranium8768 Action
An elegant introspective film. There seemed to be an extraneous story on top about a coming bank robbery...but I also had a tiny bit of trouble Very nice! reviewed December 15, 2005
The Movies Christmas Carol by glynner Comedy
Featured Review
A bar raising film. Excellent and inspirational. You tell a pretty complicated story with efficiency and ease. Much bigger than just a christmas movie - one of the best I've seen.
reviewed December 14, 2005
The Simon System by sorrow13 Comedy
Featured Review
Very good. Especiallly liked how the "system" is primarily based on an aversion to fat people - rather than having much to do with health or any other kind of nonsense like that. The funniest stuff ...
reviewed December 14, 2005
Star Ship The Orginal Generation One by WarrenWalterWilliamWoulfe Comedy
Featured Review
Such a great mixture of terrible, awful, and ridiculous makes this a pretty cool piece. There are some draggy points and I want more of the stuff like Smirk looking through his binocs and commenting ...
reviewed December 13, 2005
The Master by paulellis Action
Featured Review
Good quick solid fight flick.
reviewed December 13, 2005
Private SNAFUs Last Cruise by DrMovie Comedy
Yep. Thanks for doing it! reviewed December 13, 2005
Joey by chaotix66 Horror
Powerful film. reviewed December 12, 2005
The Greatest Rant of All Time by jordanliles Comedy
The set up was good and the rant idea is cool, but this was just kind of unpleasant. reviewed December 12, 2005
The Return by Aetherus Action
Featured Review
A very clear and well told, tho very familiar, story. VG editing and good dramatic use of scenes to tell the story visually.
reviewed December 12, 2005
Masterbattle Extreme by Tarison Action
Even tho it's just an experimental i really liked it. Best fight movie I've seen and I've seen a lot! Also liked the face shift scene. reviewed December 11, 2005
An Open Letter To Lionhead by justin_in_bangor Comedy
In a perverse way yer flick and all the attention its gotten kind of voids yer complaint. You've made a funny movie, bugs and all, uploaded it, gotten into the top 5 and tons of people have seen it. ... reviewed December 11, 2005
Conscience by FraasMovies Action
Really very good. There wasn't enough of this story in some ways, although you did a lot in a short time. reviewed December 11, 2005
God Has a Belly Button Cell Phones by Jahoclave Comedy
Not a bad concept - the cell phone thing could have been one joke and then maybe you could have done some of yer other stuff. reviewed December 11, 2005
Ronaldos Secret by harag9 Action
Only a little confusing and I agree, good first film. reviewed December 11, 2005
The Truce of 1914 by augie64 Action
nice to see ole Truce in bw. Weirdly it already kind of resided in my memory in B&W for some reason...i thought bw might look kind of gray and flat, but the contrast is pretty strong. reviewed December 11, 2005
Flight Club by Smithian Action
Featured Review
The first rule about Flight Club is not to report Flight Club for copywrite violations. Fight Club is a great great movie and this capsule was well done all around. Even if illegal.
reviewed December 11, 2005
Revenge of the Smurf by privateer Comedy
Ridiculous. You take your fine talent and waste it with glee! reviewed December 10, 2005
Under the Boot Chapter One Trailer by kuroken Action
Wow. Five stars for a great trailer. VO acting was top notch. reviewed December 10, 2005
Duckman 2 by captainova Comedy
A wacky fun story, but could use a few more things like the three fighting styles stuff. reviewed December 10, 2005
Smoked by Mmooxx Comedy
Seemed pretty random. reviewed December 10, 2005
Eternity by Wahavern Sci-Fi
I think you have a good sense of story and group dynamic, and you do transport us to the planet - all very good - but it's a little hard to follow without character voices. Hard to know who was talki... reviewed December 9, 2005
Duckman by captainova Comedy
Ending was very funny. There were other good bits too, but felt like a lot of waiting around to me. reviewed December 9, 2005
In It Together by Cimmerz Action
Music-video-smooth editing and pretty good story (a little tough to follow). Really nice rhythm overall. reviewed December 9, 2005
The Transplanetary by MagusFilms Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Bizarre. A unique flick and not just cuz of the "black"drops. I think I'd probably prefer this version to the "right" version, but even with the same old sets this would seem clever and imaginative....
reviewed December 9, 2005
The Author who really wasnt by sparrowtm Horror
TAWRW reaches for a lot in a short span. All of the custom touches are very appealing and the story is definitely unique - but for me it never quite pops to life. It feels still very "conceptual" an... reviewed December 9, 2005
Talk to me by stevostanley Romance
Super cool. I'm not a big fan of blatant message flicks, but you do them so well and the message is delivered so powerfully that I'm suddenly fine with message flicks. I'll listen to you anytime. A... reviewed December 9, 2005
Blood Money by warpedrevolution Action
I got interested toward the end with the guy listening in, but until then it was just kind of flat for me. reviewed December 9, 2005
In a New York Minute by Stewedplacebo Romance
You told the story you set out to tell and you did it quickly, clearly, and with restraint. Very good scene cutting. reviewed December 9, 2005
Das Trio-Der Bankraub by philnate Comedy
You're definitely funny, can create characters, and have a story to tell - but the story here kind of wandered away from itself. The editing was pretty good, just the storyline needs more attention. reviewed December 9, 2005
Lust by satansmunchkin Romance
Satan - You've got an excellent story here. Very moving. The film itself stays a bit underground due the voiceover - the characters never quite pop out of the distance and have their own life. It'd... reviewed December 8, 2005
Cute Blonde German Girls in Uniform 2 by suedenim Comedy
Good editing, but just not too interesting to me. reviewed December 8, 2005
Foxhunting A short lesson in Love by dinofobeletti Comedy
This was a little bit funny and a little bit gross - the set-up, structure and editing were pretty good. But it was just a little flat. 60 secs is tough... reviewed December 8, 2005
No means No by JackRabbit Horror
Upsetting. Like a PSA but turned into a story. Very unusual and moody. The opening sequence worked best for me, although I wasn't sure how it fit in with the overall idea (seemed like some kind of ... reviewed December 7, 2005
Gamers Revenge (FUNNY Stuff Here) by justin_in_bangor Comedy
Polishman definitely makes this a 4. I really wish you'd gotten to him sooner - I like the A-team idea, but it was slow until P-man. reviewed December 7, 2005
Suburban Werewolf by Backzlash Horror
Pretty good, but a little slow. The story was a 3 for me, but you really have some solid editing chops and the visual flow of the story, tho slow, was expert. Characters were pretty good, but it jus... reviewed December 7, 2005
Voice Overs - The True Story by rolandhulme Comedy
Not only very funny, but really kind of touching. I'm a little sad that our subtitle hero went the way of so many others. I wouldn't mind more of this. I think you could wring a lot of good stuff f... reviewed December 6, 2005
Defenders 2000 by rovertdude Sci-Fi
Featured Review
I liked the line "I kinda pissed off a monster on the space phone." I agree this was a good first film - there was a lot of hang-time between scenes which you could tighten up.
reviewed December 6, 2005
It Always Rains - 60 Second Contest by richke Action
Exactly itself. No problems. Nice editing. Good quick story. reviewed December 6, 2005
Alyssa by Ahmadi_Productions Romance
The storytelling scene of Alyssa doing the movies after agreeing to Mike's terms was really well done as was the quiet ending. The beginning was a little slow and confusing for me. I wasn't exactly ... reviewed December 6, 2005
KING KONG 1940 by StevenKreg Action
First rate! Slick and classy all around. Doesn't bother me in the least that it's a remake. Entertaining and a good showcase for the Movies. Can't wait to see how you solve the Empire State Building finale! reviewed December 6, 2005
Carpe Diem by Strondor Horror
Great job, STrondor! I don't care too much about horror stuff, but you did a terrific job with the Keeper and your lead guy. Very engaging relationship and characters. I'd be happy to just watch a co... reviewed December 6, 2005
One Star Bandit by Sevenhertz Comedy
Hilarious and super well done. It's not a long flick, but it was so great for the first minute and a half, that the last half felt a little stretched. But, you earned the five in that first 90 secs.... reviewed December 6, 2005
A Day In Captain Bills Life by Coolphil Sci-Fi
This really started to get good at the end. Liked the beginning scene ok - it was a funny idea but not well expressed. But the last bunch of scenes were worth it and the last line, of course. Seeme... reviewed December 6, 2005
Nothing But Red by kaipan Horror
Featured Review
Kaipan - Perfect flow to this film. Very enjoyable, suspenseful and cool with a sturdy and unusual story. I look forward to more interesting thrillers from you!
reviewed December 6, 2005
MySpace Robot by JackGravestone Comedy
Not much to it, but it was short and I thought it was funny. reviewed December 6, 2005
Das Trio-Der Erste Versuch by philnate Comedy
It didn't seem too well thought out - I do like the bungling criminal idea and the characters seem pretty good.... reviewed December 6, 2005
League of Presidents Billy and the Invaders by Fedaredan Action
Fedaredan - I turned the volume up and understood pretty much everything and it's FREAKING FUNNY! Hilarious Clinton mumblings and asides. I'd say do more of these. reviewed December 6, 2005
Remember the Future by RoN_Rancor Sci-Fi
The stranger was really the best part for me until the story really exploded into a really neat O. Henry type tale. Great job. reviewed December 6, 2005
Lifeless by PUNKDUCK79 Horror
Featured Review
Very solid first movie punkduck. Beginning music could have been a little subtler...and I didn't need the guy to do what he did...It could have just ended with him being sad at the window. Really gr...
reviewed December 6, 2005
Time Tourist by Aphroditestudio Horror
I really felt lost in this one - I know it's for the 60 sec competition, but I really didn't know what was happening during any of the seconds. It seemed like you were trying to cover a lot ground - ... reviewed December 6, 2005
Writers Block by kodenkabau Comedy
Some good parts and good voices, but it did seem more like an exercise, as you sort of suggest. I laughed at the Baggage boy part and I liked the scene in the basement. reviewed December 6, 2005
Confessions of a Supreme [oh please!] Bag by swingdady1 Comedy
Some funny lines and nice to see a parody. reviewed December 6, 2005
Bum tales by lilitalygarbler Action
Just kind of vicious. reviewed December 6, 2005
Zombie Forest part dos by willsteward Action
Good recap, and pretty good once the zombies showed up. But I felt a little lost at the beginning like I was waiting for it to start. reviewed December 5, 2005
All the worlds a stage - - Shakespeare by levilewis Comedy
Very pleasantly odd, despite the source! The VO was great except for the echo. Beneath the echo, your voice, or whoever did the VO, was perfect. Reminded me of The Waterboys rendition of the Yeats p... reviewed December 5, 2005
The Blood Chronicles by King_Moonracer Sci-Fi
Smooth as silk. Nice crosscutting between the dance sequence and fight/chase. One of the best detective flicks I've seen. Great job. reviewed December 5, 2005
Plutonium Assassination by BRwinner5 Sci-Fi
I liked it. The VO's were pretty low and monotone, but that was kinda funny too, especially the robot voice. Some long hang time here and there. Funny when Fakey walked into the building and said Hi... reviewed December 5, 2005
DTA Part 2 by davexthamaster Sci-Fi
Enjoyable Buck Rogers type romp. The campiness could be turned up or down, but it's kind of in a middle position. But a fun flick. reviewed December 5, 2005
Cyberphunk closes the curtains by sparrowtm Sci-Fi
Enjoyable final phunk! As usual, fine cutting and crafting. reviewed December 5, 2005
LoneSam 4 - Opened all Friday by Patarival Action
Well thought out storytelling. Great editing and use of music. Very clean and clear and a great way to end it. reviewed December 4, 2005
Adventures of Private Ryan by Tasis Action
This is a really good idea, but it never quite comes into sharp focus. I kept waiting for it to become a full-blown parody or full blown something, but it just stayed shy of that. reviewed December 4, 2005
Saved by the smoke by Aphroditestudio Sci-Fi
As you say, a stylistic smogasbord but a little hit and miss for me. I liked the PSA at the end, but I sort of wish you'd just picked one style of ridiculousness and stuck to it. Made it hard to car... reviewed December 4, 2005
Runaway Incident by PenwithPictures Action
Editing was fine, but there just really isn't much else to comment on. reviewed December 4, 2005
12 (Episode 2) by gemtaur Action
I did used to watch 24 so appreciate the homage. 24 is such an intense show, tho, that I was expecting a little more tension. Thought it was a little slow in comparison. But you do have all the ele... reviewed December 4, 2005
White Guy Meets Black Guy 2 by Oneplusoneisfive Action
Like Pulp Fiction meets a goofy Rob Schneider vehicle meets Beavis and Butthead. Pretty funny, but a little hit and miss for me. Your little bro's voice is pretty cool. You should think about a star... reviewed December 4, 2005
They Grow Not Old by Beery1 Action
A quietly powerful piece. You take your time and know what you're doing and what you want. Restrained, tense, somber, gripping. reviewed December 4, 2005
The Last Dragon by capemedia Action
I had a little trouble getting into it. The basic set up and story is cool and I'm definitely interested. I liked the opening, but then it just kind of slowed down for me. I liked the fight between t... reviewed December 4, 2005
Letting Go by sparrowtm Romance
Really beautiful. Deeply heartfelt, restrained, yet passionate. Thanks so much! reviewed December 4, 2005
John Corder - True Crime New York by Bonn_Coorp Action
There was some good stuff in here, but it was a little long and the story didn't rivet me. reviewed December 4, 2005
The Making Of Headmade Planets final by FoDooG Comedy
Freewheeling and fun. The stunt double scene made me laugh. You sound a lot like Schwarzenegger (to my American ears) - you should think about a spoof of an Arnold flick! reviewed December 4, 2005
The Cost Of Freedom - The Directors Cut by justin_in_bangor Action
A solid job. Your point is well made and well taken. reviewed December 4, 2005
Bad Day by castlenaze Comedy
The Sunglasses line was hilarious. Definitely some problems here and there, but you seem pretty aware of what's lacking, etc. Four stars cause I think you have a lot of potential. reviewed December 4, 2005
Lecturers at war againbb by ajw2255 Comedy
Some funny stuff, but sort of confusing and pointless. reviewed December 4, 2005
Man Walks into a Bar by markusdragon Comedy
Great fun. Nothing better than sloppy brilliant Brits improvising absurdities. Definitely a collaboration worth continuing. reviewed December 4, 2005
Largo Sin by lilitalygarbler Action
Lots of good stuff, but really uneven. I really liked the accent and vocal work and you had some really good lines, but the story kind of came in and out of focus. reviewed December 4, 2005
A mans place by RapidDry Action
Great western with some modern touches. Loved the "Let's go save Sally and celebrate later" scene. I actually wouldn't have minded if the guys just kept talking about celebrating later. Real good v... reviewed December 4, 2005
What Went Wrong by markrichardbehenna Romance
The true story nature of this got to me. The ending was powerful. I actually want to know more about this guy. Maybe it was all bad news for him during his life, but a little good stuff - like his ... reviewed December 4, 2005
Foreigner by Tarison Sci-Fi
Not just a cool story, but the characters were very good and pretty well developed. I hope you can do/get some voice workers for your next project cause you're a good and funny writer - with good voi... reviewed December 4, 2005
Am Ende der Distanz by Meowan Romance
Gripping! Beautiful music! A dark and complex mood piece. Pretty simple story told with just the right perspective. Great job! reviewed December 4, 2005
The Truce of 1914 by augie64 Action
Hi Augie! The truce is obviously something that holds a lot of meaning and signifigance for you and this is clearly felt in the film. A very clear and clean film, heartfelt and touching. I personally... reviewed December 4, 2005
The last few seconds by stevostanley Romance
SteveO! Great Job. Excellent voice work, terrific, thoughtful script. I thought it started a little too loose visually. Really kicked into place at the first kiss first date line/scene and then just ... reviewed December 2, 2005
The Movies advert run to the shops! by EthanRunt Comedy
Featured Review
I laughed out loud when our man filthied his pants. Seemed pretty quickly slapped together and an improv VO...but keep doing it that way. You're pretty funny - but I'm an old man and calling the gir...
reviewed November 22, 2005
The Legend Of Ralph Gunspur by brian85 Action
You guys are definitely funny - but some of the stuff kind of turned me off. Sorry, just a taste thing. The looseness and freedom of it were probably the best/worst parts about it. If you can scrip... reviewed November 22, 2005
My Chicken by chris_nel11 Horror
Seemed a little too familiar. Not only because I've seen a couple other chicken serial killer flicks, but just the story itself. reviewed November 22, 2005
REAP by kpmarine3 Horror
REally liked the intercutting btw him finding her and the flashbacks of them together. A little like Solaris but on earth and with a horror twist. Great job. reviewed November 22, 2005
Carrot Hour by kangaroostudios Comedy
Very funny set up. Loved how the voices "sounded" - but just missed too much of the dialogue. Sorry about yer car sound in the background too. Did you turn off the sound effects...I'm sure you did. ... reviewed November 22, 2005
Resident Evil Nightwatch Part II by ig-88productions Horror
Excellent. Some of the best editing, smoothest transitions I've seen. I don't know Res Evil. Great mood and atmosphere, which pretty much gets sustained. Just too long for me. reviewed November 22, 2005
Come On - TRAILER by FoDooG Comedy
Very very slick. I'll Come On when it's all set. reviewed November 22, 2005
Hustle Preview by ProdigyStudios Action
Good idea. With voices it'll really come to life. VG start with the characters - they make this work. reviewed November 21, 2005
Rufus Rampage 2 -Gang Turf- by 1ne8ight7even Action
The story was a little familiar, but that's fine. Good job with characters (though weird having the German voicings for black NYPD cops!). As one reviewer wrote: hammergeil! reviewed November 21, 2005
Divine Right Teaser by Tarison Action
I'm surprised at what happened. A little more characterization would be good. Just let us in on the girl or her father, etc. But, teaser as you say. reviewed November 21, 2005
Hacked by Judasen Action
Good narrow use of the sets. The "Game" part of the film seemed a little clunky, but that's fine. Nice. reviewed November 21, 2005
Butchered by Poultry by SothisAmon Horror
Featured Review
A little bit of the ultraviolence. Probably because of the music, this was the most violent "feeling" flick I've seen. I like how you characterize Jack and you do a pretty good job of balancing the p...
reviewed November 21, 2005
Revolution 2056 Episode 2 by Hank_Scorpi0 Sci-Fi
A good film. Kind of alternated for me between enjoyable and confusing. I think you could trim up some of the first third cause the main story is pretty good. reviewed November 21, 2005
It Came From Uranus by Phoenix_Stryfe Sci-Fi
Funny gay space flick. Some really good lines. Nice job. reviewed November 21, 2005
Terror Tales - Of Chief Concern by HyperGnome Horror
Featured Review
One of the first films I've seen that truly seemed not made by The Movies. It was more like an animation than clapped together from available scenes. Great job!
reviewed November 21, 2005
The Substitute Wives Theory by hero164 Comedy
Superb. Best voicings I've 'seen' yet. Funny, clever, entertaining and light as a feather. reviewed November 21, 2005
A Life of No Choices by Druidblue Action
Featured Review
Great fluid (or should I say Druid?) use of the MM tool. Voices were awesome - like Fargo's Bill Macy and that Renee Zellwegger-like girl from Chasing Amy. Some Excellent cut-aways - I especially lik...
reviewed November 21, 2005
Our House The Eggnog by daknit Comedy
Pretty good. Kind of a joke come to life. reviewed November 21, 2005
Western Gothic by RSJ62483 Action
Featured Review
I liked the line "I always do what I'm told" and the accompanying shot. It really helps establish the character. I liked the early transition from the desert to the foggy town and the music switch w...
reviewed November 21, 2005
Dr Know by MrCran Action
"Give me the most inconspicuous drink on the menu. I'm trying to blend in." Wow. Too bad about the voice stuff, but the James Bond cool remains intact. This was smooth as can be and I saw some stuff... reviewed November 21, 2005
Cyberphunk by sparrowtm Sci-Fi
Even tho you used the western sets, you really created a cyber-atmosphere. Great use of music and some good editing and cuts. Especially liked the deer head shot! Also, cool to hear a "girl" and mo... reviewed November 21, 2005
Assasins Revenge Part 2 by tkmaster Action
Good job keeping it fresh. reviewed November 21, 2005
Snap by dubbya Action
Solid piece. Good editing and music use. Story was a little flat for me. reviewed November 21, 2005
The Wanderer by monsterfurby Action
Featured Review
Pretty good - sharply cut. A little dark at times (I mean it was hard to see, but that's just how it goes). Your lead looks like Johnny Damon! Some funny lines too. But a little slow for me.
reviewed November 21, 2005
The Expendables by Hemingway Action
Top 10. Awesome job all around! reviewed November 21, 2005
The Hand of God by TomServo3k Action
One of the best I've seen. Just plain giddy. Bears repeat viewing. Probably the most pure "fun" flick I've seen yet. reviewed November 21, 2005
Vote For Helga by woolitz Comedy
Very sharp. This is my first Woolitz and I like it a lot. Very funny and an expert use of the tool. Good work. reviewed November 21, 2005
Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! Angels by albatros Action
I like the premise a lot and thought it started off fine - but it stalled out when the dog attacked and I didn't quite know what was happening for a while. A flick about the angels is a cool idea. reviewed November 20, 2005
Night of the living Dead (A Documentary) by stevostanley Comedy
Top notch! Highly entertaining and a great use of what's available. As an aside - great voice work and really nice natural accent. To quote you, as I listened to your voice, an idea struck - future... reviewed November 20, 2005
Versatility of toilet paper by moondrgn Comedy
Ok, I'm smiling. Sort of long yardage for a joke, but still worth it. :) reviewed November 20, 2005
Hardcastle on Patrol by savage_rabbit Action
Rock solid - best lip-sync job I've seen yet. Story was a little familiar. Maybe a music change earlier on. Very, very good. reviewed November 19, 2005
Father Gabriel: The Dead Walk by TheBeowulf Action
Very good. When Father G and Sebastian meet after the zombie fight and FG says "I'm getting awfully tired," etc...I thought things sort of sparked to life in a way they hadn't for me before. I thoug... reviewed November 19, 2005
Desolation Row PT1 by Gutts Action
Great start Gutts. Best thing about DR is the characters - really good character development. reviewed November 19, 2005
Attack of the 1337s by cult_inc Comedy
I'm sure if I understood the leet joke, this would have been perfect! Maybe you should attach a more detailed explanation? Maybe it's just one of those things you just have to know. But definitely ... reviewed November 19, 2005
Jesus is My Captain by Coridan Comedy
Great use of music and awesome editing. Also pretty damn funny and i like the outside of the boxness. The mid part fight scene is well done, but drags a little for me. Jesus things isn't offensive to... reviewed November 19, 2005
StarGlaze by FSTony Sci-Fi
Smooth transitions, fine editing, good story arc - i liked the little suggestive aside between the two guards. That kind of small secondary character stuff really helps heighten things. Nice job! reviewed November 18, 2005
THE SPACE FORCE 1 by hacakingstudio Sci-Fi
Font is hard to read so I didn't really follow the text part - I also don't see too well, so a bad combo. But it looks like you've got a good sense of the story making tools and if you fix the font, ... reviewed November 18, 2005
Dreams of the Drunk and HeartBroken by ProdigyStudios Comedy
Pretty good. Like the overall "wake up in a new crazy place" idea...I'll keep watching! reviewed November 18, 2005
World War 2 The Alien Beachhead by whydoyouwanttoknow Sci-Fi
Good job. I agree about the need for some music - although the quietness was kind of hypnotic. Got a little long for me after the two CO's got together. But very solid clear storytelling. reviewed November 18, 2005
Gorilla in the Mist by LuciusVorenus Comedy
Very good old timey type film. Little slow at the start, but a great finish and funny. I could stand to watch the gorilla chase the guy back and forth a couple more times! reviewed November 18, 2005
The Hunted Special Edition by FilmForge_Studios Action
Craftmanship! Maybe not the most exillerating word, but you really put together a seamless piece. Let me know if you ever want any voice work. I was actually thinking that I could watch The Hunted a... reviewed November 18, 2005
Clive Murphy by afireinside2 Action
Great job, sir! Really solid, full story. Great editing. 5 mill seems a little high for a wack, but...that doesn't matter. You made me forget these were prepared scenes, which is, I think, high praise. reviewed November 18, 2005
Joe Anderson and his Army Time! by Scottfilms Comedy
I think it really picks up when Joe starts shooting off his guy. That's when you seem to hit your stride. Nice Job. reviewed November 18, 2005
Desert Fire by Tiresias42 Action
Hey Pretty Good! I think it would have been fine to start the film with the "how it all started" part rather than have it as a flashback. Also, maybe there could have been a twist, like your lead gu... reviewed November 18, 2005
The Day I Found Hell by dughrdy3 Horror
Great job! Good pacing, great editing and a well rounded story. Funniest line right at the end. Nice! reviewed November 16, 2005