Number of Movies: 48
Number of Winning Movies: 0
Average Rating Received: 4.16

Number of Movies Reviewed: 349
Number of Reviews Given that were Featured: 13
Average Rating Given: 4.64
Movies Released by sgporsche48
And There She Was Romance
Ugh, the thumbnail seems to have not taken. Feel free to post in the thread here: Just an idea that's been lingering in my mind for a while. ... posted May 18, 2008
Industry 101 Workshop Trailer Action
Created for the Industry 101 Workshop. Nathaniel Levine is a man with a gift...and a curse. Arthur Bickel is a cabbie who's in for the fare of his life. Music by Bruscar5 posted November 4, 2007
The Dance of Death- Part 2 Action
WATCH PART 1 ( BEFORE WATCHING PART 2 A woman trapped by a psychopath. A husband looking for his wife. Chaos ensues. Starring- Sisch as "Alison Keadle Sparky1... posted October 22, 2007
The Dance of Death - Part One Action
******READ FIRST****** A woman trapped by a psychopath. A husband looking for his wife. Chaos ensues. Starring in Part 1- Sisch as "Alison Keadle Sparky1512 as "Man" The Rest of the Cast: Mustachio... posted October 11, 2007
Kristallnacht Romance
Finally, after 6 hard months of work, I present to you, Kristallnacht. The story follows David and Deborah as they try to escape the mobs on November 9th, 1938 and into the early morning hours of the... posted July 13, 2007
Diabolic Horror Not Rated
No Description posted December 6, 2006
Diabolic Horror
I reuploaded this for TMOTV. They asked, and here it is. A man and his mistress kill his wife. But everything doesn't go as planned. Music by bruscar5 and sherwinliu posted December 6, 2006
View From a Window Horror
Ranked #6 on the World10 List put out by WorldPictures in December. A man in love with his neighbor across the street witnesses something so horrible and ghastly that it causes him to go over the edg... posted July 19, 2006
Diabolic Horror
A man murders his wife...what could go wrong? Music by: bruscar5 and sherwinliu (A Broken Life) ****EDIT**** Yes, I know about the sound near the end. It does that on all my movies. That's why I didn't use VO. posted July 16, 2006
Into the Mind of a Psychopath Horror
A psychiatrist investigates a serial killer to learn why he killed. VOs by: JetCityWoman zannder postmodernchuck opening song by: topheadx posted July 1, 2006
Into the Mind of a Psychopath Horror
A psychiatrist talks with a serial killer to learn why he killed. I don't know why the sound keeps messing up like it is. Sorry. This is the 2nd time i've released it. The sound messes up every time.... posted May 5, 2006
Into the Mind of a Psychopath Horror
A psychiatrist talks with a serial killer to learn why he killed. VOs from JetCityWoman as Dr. Claire Jones Zannder as Derrick Coale postmodernchuck as Dr. Stratsberg custom music from: topheadx Ke... posted May 4, 2006
The Raven Horror
The first portion of the famous Edgar Allen Poe poem. A man is haunted by his past and by a raven. For the raven part, I'm very sorry but you have to imagine the raven. Sorry. This is probably the har... posted April 24, 2006
The Photographer Action
A photographer is given a job by the FBI but it turns out there is more to it than he knows. posted April 22, 2006
A Love Once Lost Romance
A man loses his wife and goes into a depression. Religious, if you don't like religious movies then don't watch. No working microphone so I can't do VO. Please don't hold it against me. posted April 21, 2006
Day of the Zombies Pt 2 Horror
The 2nd part of Day of the Zombies. Lily, Brad, and Janet try to survive. posted April 17, 2006
Day of the Zombies Pt II Comedy
I am gonna actually release Pt 2 of Day of the Zombies this was just something i did to keep me from being bored. I would like to thank Deeman for giving me a 3 star review then rating me 5 stars posted April 17, 2006
Day of the Zombies Pt 1 Horror
My microphone doesn't work so I can't do VO till I get a new one. Based on the Night of the Living movie. You know what it's about. Oh yeah, and whenever I upload a movie, the sound effects go out of wack. posted April 16, 2006
The Gold Chase Action
No Description posted April 16, 2006
A Soldiers Day Action
Recreating two battles in WWII. posted March 9, 2006
American Garbage Sci-Fi
The Movie thats blasphemus, satiric, violent, and pleasing to the eye all at the same time. The story of a violent teen in a not too distant future. posted March 5, 2006
Fatal Intensions Action
A serial killer is on the loose and a detective tries to stop him. posted March 4, 2006
Only Time Will Tell Romance
The story of a woman and man's relationship during the Vietnam war. posted March 1, 2006
Apollo The Myth of His Birth Comedy Not Rated
No Description posted February 28, 2006
The Gentlemens Club Special Edition Romance
Its a producers cut of my movie The Gentlemen's Club. The story of a young woman falling in love with a man in Germany around the time the Nazis come to power. posted February 27, 2006
The Gentlemens Club Romance
It's about a female club dancer falling in love with a man around the time the Nazis rise to power. Winner of the Lionhead Motion Picture Academy award for Best Acting Performance-Katherine Cousins, B... posted February 26, 2006
The Gentlemens Club Romance Not Rated
This is my Cabaret movie. It's really a copy of it, only shorter. A female dancer at a club falls in love with a man as the Nazis rise to power. Sorry but my sound is really messed up. posted February 26, 2006
The Fight Movie Comedy
This is a really, stupid movie with no plot. All it is is 15 scenes of people fighting. Enjoy. posted February 26, 2006
High Explosive Liberty Action
This is about a man who takes control of a city and the army soldiers who try to get him out of there. Sorry about the sound, its been messing up lately. posted February 26, 2006
The Last Gangster Action
No Description posted February 26, 2006
The Search Action Not Rated
The story of a man sent to find and bring back a col. wanted for murder. posted February 21, 2006
The Best Years of Life Action
No Description posted February 20, 2006
Cougar Town Action
The story of a modern day gangster having his final day of freedom in a city named Cougar Town posted February 20, 2006
Ultimatum Action Not Rated
A group of conspirators kill political activists getting in way of their business, and a detective tries to stop them. This action (more of a crime drama really) was released in 2000 and is 4 mins long. posted February 19, 2006
Creature of the Woods Horror Not Rated
A man is killed and brought back to life as a creature. posted January 28, 2006
Cold Bullet Action Not Rated
A day in the life of an assasin. 3 min 13 secs long. posted January 20, 2006
Riding The Line Action Not Rated
No Description posted January 19, 2006
A Soldiers Day Action
No Description posted January 19, 2006
Day of the Zombies Horror
No Description posted January 19, 2006
Rooftop1 Action
My homage to those bad action/comedy films. 2 min 3 secs long. posted January 18, 2006
The Bank Robbing Gang1 Action Not Rated
No Description posted January 18, 2006
Gun Wisdom Comedy
Accidently said its a comedy but its really an action. Its 2 min 17 seconds long and it is directed by Gage Barnett and stars Ferrell Bonner. Grant Richardson, and Katherine Cousins. posted January 18, 2006
The Revenge of Sally Benn Action
No Description posted January 18, 2006
East Corner Tale Action Not Rated
No Description posted January 17, 2006
Ten Four Action
No Description posted January 17, 2006
Hexagon Maker Sci-Fi
No Description posted January 16, 2006
The Bank Robbing Gang Action
No Description posted January 16, 2006
Detroit Crime City Action
A group of people plot to get rid of a woman. This action movie was released in 1980 and is 1 min 53 seconds long. I'm not that into long movies. posted January 16, 2006
Movies Reviewed by sgporsche48
PAIX by nexusinteract Romance
This film, my friend, is ridiculously ignorant and, for lack of a better word, retarded. I bid you good day, and may Louis Cipher have mercy on your soul. reviewed August 9, 2008
CAPITOL Manifesto by AlexBradley Sci-Fi
As always visually stunning. The plot really unfolds in this one. Characters felt more developed. Excellent job on this. Can't wait to see what else happens in this magnificent series! reviewed July 16, 2008
In the Cover of Darkness by pookashells Romance
Well, that was a really beautiful film. Great voice acting and writing. What really blew me away was the cinematography. The whole film just looked...spectacular. reviewed July 15, 2008
Around Noon by MefuneAkira Comedy
Pretty funny. May I just say that that was the most annoying main character...ever? reviewed July 10, 2008
MugAway TV Advertisment by sparky1512 Comedy
Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilarious. reviewed July 9, 2008
a tree in autumn by trewill7 Horror
Beautiful and haunting. reviewed July 7, 2008
Conquest Beginnings Trailer by Marvellousguppimovies Sci-Fi
Excellent trailer. Very nice looking. Can't wait for the series to start. reviewed July 1, 2008
Mastercheese Theater Presents by postmodernchuck Comedy
For shame...for shame... reviewed June 30, 2008
Knock Knock! by MefuneAkira Comedy
That was nuts reviewed June 29, 2008
XXIV XXI - Tape 1 by trewill7 Horror
Well that was quite something. Sound design was excellent as always. Really added to the realistic feel of the film. Made you believe total destruction and apocalypse were occurring right in front of ... reviewed June 28, 2008
Infested! Part 3 by rysto Action
Wow. Wow wow wow wow wow wow wow. You haven't raised the've DESTROYED the bar. Am I right in thinking that this is a throwback to those monster films of the 70s and 80s? No other film has be... reviewed June 27, 2008
Slingers-Teaser 1a by jase180 Action
Pretty interesting teaser. Everything was fairly well done except for some of the overlays were hard to read. Looks pretty good. reviewed June 25, 2008
DOG COLLAR SEIZURE by tsunamidog Horror
Very atmospheric. The shaky cam worked well in some scenes, not in others. Nicely made. reviewed June 21, 2008
The Rise and Fall of the Obvious Trailer by SnakeEater42 Comedy
Pretty funny. Looks to be pretty good. reviewed June 2, 2008
THE WATER AND THE WOODS d by userjosh9874 Horror
Very creepy horror. Performances were very nice (Sisch was especially creepy). Sound design was very good and added to the creepiness. If there was one thing that bothered me, it was the mouths not sy... reviewed May 29, 2008
Empire (Part Five) by andy_inc Action
Good next installment. The editing was good and the pace was good. If there was something that bugged me about this, it would have to be the acting. Sometimes it really seemed as if the actors were ph... reviewed May 28, 2008
Distance by deliriousstudios Romance
Beautiful. reviewed May 28, 2008
Ultima Thule -full trailer by jase180 Sci-Fi
Pretty intriguing trailer. Kinda felt like you were showing off mods more than trying to interest me to watch the film, but hell, I'm really interested in seeing it now. reviewed May 27, 2008
ENIGMA II ep3 Love Birds by ubernewbie Sci-Fi
Another great episode in this series. Good attention to detail and very exciting. Nice work. reviewed May 25, 2008
XXIV XXI - Teaser by trewill7 Horror
Intriguing trailer, Tre. Honestly, I'm not a fan of the whole "first person perspective" film wave which has caught on, but in your hands I have faith in it, at least for this time. AND, Goof, and Jos... reviewed May 21, 2008
Hated by sparky1512 Romance
Very much how I feel. Crap, now I'm angry. reviewed May 18, 2008
Thongocalypse Now by Marvellousguppimovies Comedy
Very nicely done Guppi. Much better than your ninja scene. reviewed May 10, 2008
King Kong (Part One) export1 by pookashells Romance
The performances were outstanding. Each actor fit their parts perfectly. The direction was top notch, as was the editing. My only problem with this would be the script. Whilst I am a big fan of the or... reviewed March 29, 2008
Dark Obsession Part A by Lethal_Entertainment Romance
A fantastic part A. Can't wait to see how it all winds up in part B. reviewed March 29, 2008
Dark Obsession part B by Lethal_Entertainment Romance
An engaging and captivating look at voyeurism and exhibitionism. Both of the main characters were written and acted perfectly. A simply great film. reviewed March 28, 2008
ENIGMA II ep2 - Conquest by ubernewbie Sci-Fi
An interesting and exciting episode. Nicely acted. reviewed March 15, 2008
In the Cover of Darkness by MefuneAkira Comedy
Hilarious. reviewed March 15, 2008
History of The World Part 2 by themonkthemonk Comedy
Well that was just fantastic monk. Funny, hilarious, catchy. Everything worked perfectly. I told you it would. I TOLD YOU! But noooo you had to be all "Oooohhh I'm gonna fail ohhhh I better just drop ... reviewed March 9, 2008
ENIGMA II ep1 - Phoenix by ubernewbie Sci-Fi
A well made, exciting episode with a few flaws. I won't go into details but I'll say that the actors did a great job and the CGI was pretty good aside from a few shots which seemed to be choppy. Nice work. reviewed February 29, 2008
Infidelitas by trewill7 Horror
Excellent in every aspect. The acting was phenomenal. The direction & script were top notch. The score was very effective. The set dressing was impressive. The attention to detail was mind-blowing. Ev... reviewed February 27, 2008
One Last Breath Part 2 by sparky1512 Action
The performances, dialogue, and direction were all spot on and helped this feel like a real film noir. Excellent cinematography. The editing was great albeit a bit fast in some spots. The music chosen... reviewed February 27, 2008
King Sugar Trailer 1 by jase180 Comedy
I kind of feel that the blacksploitation films (parody or not) have been done to death. I'm sure I'll feel differently after viewing other trailers, but right now I'm just not too interested in seeing this. reviewed February 25, 2008
Industry 101 Sound Contest - Sisch by sisch Horror
I noticed an overall theme of "Damn that was creepy". Great show of sound...really effective. reviewed February 23, 2008
Death Is My Sex Ed Lab Partner by themonkthemonk Action
I'll be honest that was great...but I could've used a little more Cowboy. When making this you may've been thinking "This Cowboy character is a little rough" but I'm telling're going to want... reviewed February 23, 2008
One Last Breath part1 by sparky1512 Action
A very nice film noir. The actors all gave great performances and fit their characters perfectly. The dialogue was great and made it feel like a noir. The cinematography was excellent. My only problem... reviewed February 20, 2008
Last Rites Rex Rgis Fortuna by kingpengvin Horror
The best of the xbox competition films. The script is excellent and you manage to make us care for a minor character in Ken's film. You took him and made him his own. Never will we be able to watch Ke... reviewed February 19, 2008
SOLA FIDE (By Faith Alone) by jase180 Horror
I really enjoyed this. An interesting look at Falcone and how he has changed since his experience. He's now troubled and trying to deal and cope with all that he has seen and experienced. A fantastic ... reviewed February 18, 2008
The Baggage Boy - An SGIS Special by themonkthemonk Romance
Well that was pretty good. I think it definitely would've been better had I starred in it. In fact, I think every film should have me in it. Every single film on TMO. In fact, why not send me a PM tod... reviewed February 16, 2008
CAPITOL Initiation by AlexBradley Sci-Fi
Wow, that was seriously something special. All the actors were great and fit their roles perfectly. The story was engrossing and kept me interested throughout. I was left with my tongue wagging...want... reviewed February 7, 2008
Angels Fall (Part 2) by pookashells Action
A very nice conclusion. I felt everyone played their part very nicely (although some lines could've definitely been read better). The music chosen was good. All parts of the story felt complete. Job well done. reviewed February 3, 2008
The Man Who Wanted to Sneeze by timothy_richmond_3 Comedy
Very funny. A great score, voice acting, script, and all that jazz. reviewed February 3, 2008
Monks Cuckoo Bird Comedy Sketch Show by themonkthemonk Comedy
I guess you could say that was funny...the best part was definitely far...I dunno who these other actors were...but they weren't as good as me. But it was a very nice take on the trailer. reviewed February 3, 2008
UnSub by anothernewdawn Horror
When did Tre take over your account? An interesting little tale. Nice voice acting. Great use of sound (having the ones closest to the camera speak louder). Very nicely done. reviewed January 28, 2008
My Name is Death by themonkthemonk Action
Glad to have been a part of this. Very nice shots in this. The acting was very nice (and I still have to ask...why me damn it?). A nice story and a good interpretation of what was given in the cliche trailer. reviewed January 27, 2008
Empire (Part Four) by andy_inc Action
A very nice job on this. Good acting and set dressing as always. Music chosen was good. Some nice shots here and there. Again, the use of static people in the background is distracting. Otherwise, ver... reviewed January 25, 2008
Bombshelter-Part2b by jase180 Action
A great ending. The characters' fear and paranoia felt real and the writing and direction was very nice. It had a good pace and tight editing. Very nicely done. reviewed January 19, 2008
Last Rites - Amen by kuroken Horror
A fantastic job. Characters that talk and act like real people. Once again great direction, editing, script, performances (especially), and music. A great film all around, and this definitely one of m... reviewed January 14, 2008
Underpants Away! - Newsreel Teaser by biggstrek Comedy
Fantastic stuff, biggs. Nice hand-held affect. reviewed January 12, 2008
Bombshelter-Part1 by jase180 Action
A great opening part which leaves you wanting more...more!...more! Everyone in the cast does a simply fantastic job, bringing life to these characters and making you feel their pain. They're frightene... reviewed January 12, 2008
Et Spiritus Sancti by kuroken Horror
Incredibly well made and thought out. The characters feel real and it feels like this is happening as I type. The VOs were fantastic (aside from that SGPorsche48 guy) and everyone fit their part perfe... reviewed December 30, 2007
The Egyptian Curse Unleashed by Fozz20 Action
I thought this was well made but overall kinda cheesy. The dialogue could've been tweaked. Good acting, direction, and score. reviewed December 28, 2007
Blue Chicago Moon by KarlBrown Romance
A good, well thoughtout noir. Great atmosphere, writing, and editing. The film moved along at its own pace, which was good. However, if I had a complaint, it would have to be the subtitles. Now, I hav... reviewed December 28, 2007
Angels Fall (Part 1) by pookashells Action
A very good atmospheric crime drama. Shows both sides of the law in great detail. The VAs were very good and all fit their roles perfectly. My only complaint would be that you could see the edge of th... reviewed December 28, 2007
To TMO or Not To TMO by rileyman Comedy
Very funny. A great look at the trials and tribulations that all go into making a film for TMO. Monk was the perfect choice to play the part of TMO Movie Maker. Very nice in-jokes to TMO itself and ma... reviewed December 27, 2007
Harrisons Days Trailer by FraasMovies Romance
Explosivitory. reviewed December 26, 2007
Christmas of Doom by kingpengvin Comedy
Would've been funnier with Ninjas. reviewed December 26, 2007
Bombshelter Trailer2 by jase180 Action
An extremely well made trailer which entices you and makes you more and more interested in what all will go down. reviewed December 23, 2007
Here Shakes Santa Claus by PWood Comedy
This is the state of CHRISTmas as it is today, showing that CHRISTmas is just a faded memory of what it once was. The haunting cellos set the tone for what is surely to go down as TMO's greatest CHRIS... reviewed December 22, 2007
On The Rails by andy_inc Horror
A fantastic thriller with more twists and turns than a corn field in July! reviewed December 21, 2007
Et Fille by kuroken Horror
Ah, now things get really juicy. Great voice acting and a nice pace help this along nicely. The atmosphere was terrific. reviewed December 16, 2007
Apathetic Priest by BlazeLeeDragon Comedy
Pretty funny. Good acting. Nice work. reviewed December 15, 2007
Apartment 4C by trewill7 Comedy
Tre, you're sick. However, this was very well made. Sparky, Kwis, and Sisch all did fantastic jobs. And who knew Sparky was such a musician? Only things wrong with it are it went on a bit too long and... reviewed December 15, 2007
Daydreams of Waking Night by thebiz Comedy
Very original. Interesting. That's all I got. reviewed December 15, 2007
Kayna Part 2 by Rik_Vargard Action
"Kayna" proves to be the most interesting and entertaining series on TMO. With great acting, set dressing, and music, the film moves swiftly through its epic tale with ease. The direction and writing ... reviewed December 12, 2007
Killerscom by samyhouse Action
An interesting concept handled fairly well. Good voice acting, interesting characters, and fantastic editing help move this along. Nice work. reviewed December 11, 2007
In Nomine Patris by kuroken Horror
A fantastic piece of TMO cinema. Realistic dialogue, fine acting, and a nice pace help this along. Great stuff. reviewed December 9, 2007
Phantoms by OD-Ork-Boy Sci-Fi
Really well made, Orky. Great acting and very exhilarating. Excellent work. reviewed December 8, 2007
The Egyptian Curse Unleashed TV Spot by Fozz20 Action
Woops forgot to rate...heh... Anywho, very nicely made TV spot. K4's narration was perfect. Really looking forward to this. reviewed December 1, 2007
EXTINGUISHED by josephkw Sci-Fi
Truly masterful. Everyone was simply stunning in their roles. What really stands out about this was the way it makes you feel. I was so entranced in the whole story that I forgot I was watching a TMO ... reviewed November 28, 2007
It isnt as bad as it looks Episode 1 by kingpengvin Comedy
Very well done, King. Glad to have been a part of this. reviewed November 28, 2007
A Very British Sketch Show 1 by sparky1512 Comedy
Well that was pretty funny sparky. Good acting and nice variations on the voices. Job well done. reviewed November 27, 2007
Super Duper Uber GALAXY FORCE by MefuneAkira Comedy
Well that was bloody hilarious. LMAO Studios still brings it with this rip-roaringly funny film. Great stuff all around the board. reviewed November 26, 2007
Fallacies of a stranger - Episode 3 by meowan Comedy
After watching this entire series I have to say it has definitely become one of my favorites. With fantastic acting, direction, sets, and a wonderful score, this homage to the Agatha Christie stories ... reviewed November 25, 2007
Country Kools Episode 2 by cronicclapper Action
Nice work. Good acting and a great story. On another note, I'd suggest getting some VOs from the community, as we have some great voice actors who would be more than willing to help out. reviewed November 25, 2007
American Bathroom Graffiti by thebiz Comedy
Funny. Touching. Heartwarming. Sinister. Bismalification. All these come to mind and more will watching this. Great job. reviewed November 24, 2007
Thrown Together by andy_inc Comedy
Stop asking me to review this!!! reviewed November 20, 2007
Stir 5 - The End by anothernewdawn Action
A fantastic ending to a great series. Without giving too much away, I'll say that this has definitely been one of the few series on TMO to truly make you think about what you believe. Truly great. reviewed November 18, 2007
High School Girls--Part 2 by rposhard Horror
Featured Review
A great job all around. Astounding in every aspect.
reviewed November 17, 2007
High School Girls--Part 1 by rposhard Horror
I found this rather interesting. Overall it was very well made and I acknowledge all the hard work put into it. The acting was very good all around and the film flowed nicely. However, I have to say t... reviewed November 17, 2007
Bombshelter Teaser1a by jase180 Action
Well made teaser for what looks to be an interesting and exciting film. Job well done. reviewed November 13, 2007
Daylight by Tarison Action
Very interesting trailer. Looks to be a fascinating story. reviewed November 5, 2007
The Black Widow is Coming by SerenityNow Horror
Very nice glimpse of what to expect. reviewed November 5, 2007
The Minds Eye 101 trailer by sparky1512 Sci-Fi
Very interesting & intriguing trailer Sparky. Nice use of overlays, music, and freecam. reviewed November 5, 2007
The Hand of Love by trewill7 Comedy've got a problem...and it's fantastic. reviewed November 4, 2007
A Night At The Movies by kuroken Sci-Fi
Flabbergastable. reviewed October 29, 2007
The Deed of Midnight - Chapter 1 - Act 2 by trewill7 Action
Exciting, incredible, interesting, engrossing, fantastic - the list goes on. Right now the only thing that comes to mind is: Wonderful VOs, writing, direction, editing, set dressing, score, etc. Almos... reviewed October 29, 2007
Preachers by Primaer Sci-Fi
An incredible story enhanced by VOs, direction & use of music. While I agree with what Biggstrek said about the english subtitles, it did not bother me as much. This film is a fantastic showing of wha... reviewed October 27, 2007
Periers 1944 by davidwww Action
One of the best war films on TMO. Great attention to detail & voice acting help the film to a new level. It's also one of the best sounding films I've watched in a long time. Great job. reviewed October 27, 2007
Cleopatra (Part II)! by TheMGMKid1 Romance
Once again MGM, you prove to us just how captivating you can make your films. With all the flash and pizzaz of a huge Hollywood production, "Cleopatra Part II" gives us a great experience. Helped alon... reviewed October 27, 2007
Kate Lewis in the TMO Top Model Contest by rjb2112 Romance
It took 9 seconds to buffer, minute of my life gone. Damn you Roger. reviewed October 26, 2007
Rage of the Werewolf Theatrical Trailer by nukester Horror
plz rate mi movies reviewed October 22, 2007
A Bushranger in Texas by Armand Comedy
Featured Review
Clever and full of rich, interesting characters - not something you see in a lot of westerns. Excellent writing, editing, and acting highlight this tale. Fantastic stuff you've got here. Can't wait to...
reviewed October 20, 2007
The Morning After by sparky1512 Comedy
Well that was vey interesting. Nicely done. reviewed October 20, 2007
CAPITOL Origin by AlexBradley Sci-Fi
Fantastic use of overlays (which were just simply amazing). A captivating story. Great stuff here. reviewed October 19, 2007
The Dead Cases Part 2a by jase180 Action
Featured Review
Fantastic dialogue and great action sequences highlight this noir with a twist. MefuneAkira once again shows us why he's one of the best voice actors in the community. His tough and gritty portrayal o...
reviewed October 19, 2007
The Xtreme Brothers Christmas by kingpengvin Comedy
Enjoyed it. Get better voice actors though. reviewed October 17, 2007
The Break-up Letter by trewill7 Comedy
A funny concept done exceptionally well in this dark comedy. Ken & Sparky play their respective roles to perfection and bring the film to a whole new level. Great writing and direction. Good stuff. reviewed October 13, 2007
Noir Teaser by sparky1512 Action
Very atmospheric. Looks pretty good. reviewed October 4, 2007
Super Duper Uber GALAXY FORCE (Trailer) by MefuneAkira Comedy
One of the funniest trailers I've seen. Can't wait! reviewed September 30, 2007
Groovy Night by Lethal_Entertainment Romance
Well that was fantastic! Put many of the new scenes to great use and some fantastic singing from Sisch! Norrie did an excellent job composing the music. Best music video I've seen on TMO, and hey, may... reviewed September 28, 2007
There the Rainbow Ends by ralfduran Romance
A very interesting film. Striking imagery and great cinematography. Postmodernchuck was great as William. It was a bit too melodramatic for me, but I enjoyed it. Great work. reviewed September 12, 2007
The Dead Cases Part1 by jase180 Action
Well that was a fantastic supernatural-neo-noir. MefuneAkira IS John Noble. Great work on this. 6 months well worth it. Anxiously awaiting part two. reviewed September 9, 2007
Momentous by riott007 Romance
Very nicely done. reviewed September 3, 2007
LE SILENCE DE LA MER by sergiojackson Romance
A very touching movie that kept my attention throughout. Good job! reviewed September 3, 2007
Charlie by Butchered__studios Action
Really enjoyed that. Good job. reviewed August 31, 2007
Ninjutsu Sun Theatrical Trailer by nukester Action
Woohoo! Very exciting! reviewed August 28, 2007
The Extreme Brothers Go Hawaiian Deleted by kingpengvin Comedy
Could be better. Get rid of that narrator guy...yuck reviewed August 24, 2007
Foreigner by Tarison Sci-Fi
Great stuff. All that can be said has been said already so I'll just leave off with terrific job. reviewed August 14, 2007
Breaking Point - Theatrical Trailer by murpheykid Horror
Woohoo! reviewed August 13, 2007
Affari by ESegal Action
Fantastic film. Great voice acting and an amazing score. The cinematography was great. My only complaint was that some of the death scenes were odd. Liked the montages. Don't know what else to say oth... reviewed August 3, 2007
The Artist by rjb2112 Horror
Very good! Didn't really see it coming. reviewed August 3, 2007
The Deed of Midnight - Chapter 1 - Act 1 by trewill7 Action
Interesting story and good VOs. Nice work. reviewed July 31, 2007
May Flowers by josephkw Romance
Well, that was a very good film, up until the little "twist". I found it to be a very strange twist that I really don't understand and may come to understand upon further viewings, but I have to say t... reviewed July 29, 2007
Nothing by postmodernchuck Romance
Very nice little film. However, I thought the fades were alittle distracting, but, that's just me. Other than that, great job from the VAs and a great script. reviewed July 28, 2007
There Was a Girl by Dulci Romance
A nice beautiful little film. reviewed July 28, 2007
Welcome Home by themonkthemonk Comedy
Oh, good ol' Monk does it again. reviewed July 16, 2007
Dawn Theatrical Trailer by MBStudios Action
Featured Review
reviewed July 16, 2007
The New Adventures of the Lone Ranger by thebiz Comedy
Interesting twist on the old Lone Ranger series. It generally made me smile, but didn't make me laugh. Good job though and I expect some great things from this studio. reviewed July 16, 2007
My First Costume by pamdennis Comedy
Pretty good..."tech demo"? I'm not sure what to call this but it entertained me. reviewed July 16, 2007
Rio Diablo trailer by TheMGMKid1 Action
"How the West Was Won" ain't got nothin' on this sure-fire hit from Imperioum International! reviewed July 15, 2007
Bloodshot by Butchered__studios Action
Good action film. Enjoyed most of the Voice Acting, but I thought some of it could've been better. I'm really not one for films like this, but I enjoyed it, especially Roger (heh). Good job! reviewed July 14, 2007
Acacius by bricksfilms Action
Well I thought that was pretty good. Good use of mods and music. Overall pretty interesting, but I thought that when the Dark Lord fell it could've been less, well, cheesy. Other than that, a pretty g... reviewed July 13, 2007
Schröder88 by Lethal_Entertainment Action
Certainly seems like a great start to a great series. Schroder is an exciting new character that could easily spawn a few sequels. The film was just great and showed what all can be done with such an ... reviewed July 13, 2007
Pressure by qtigger Action
Great acting, directing, writing, editing, and music all form this great piece of TMO cinema. Job well done. reviewed July 3, 2007
Coming attraction from B Movie Studios by kingpengvin Action
Dis sucks reviewed July 3, 2007
Mästerverk by ralfduran Romance
I have to admit, I don't have a really good idea of what all went on in this film. I think that the main idea was to show what inspires you to make your films and what how you react to how people reac... reviewed July 1, 2007
A Trembletts Dracula Teaser by tremblett Horror
Great teaser. Very well used music and a nice showing of what to expect in the film. 4 star maximum for trailer and teasers, so this is one of the best I've seen in a long time. Waiting for this to co... reviewed June 28, 2007
Empire (Part Three) by andy_inc Action
Great, exciting movie. Good VOs, direction, editing, and oh, just everything. The battle scenes were terrific and showed a great sense of editing, direction, and how to use what you've got. Great job. reviewed June 26, 2007
A Split Second by kuroken Sci-Fi
Very cool interesting story on second chances, but without the cliches we expect. Good job. reviewed June 25, 2007
A Darker Thriller by samyhouse Action
Featured Review
A fantastic, beautiful, and mysterious film. Definitely a very different atmosphere from the first one, but it is still a very good movie. The VOs were excellent, as well as the direction, script, and...
reviewed June 24, 2007
Comedy corner 4 Extreme Randomness by derbyrams Comedy
In my opinion, this should've been called "Un-Funny Corner 4". The jokes fall flat right off the bat, and it just gets worse from there. The VOs were terrible, but seemingly for the sake of comedy. I... reviewed June 11, 2007
The Comedian by colingaiser Comedy
I have to say that the Charlie character annoyed me way too much than intended. This was a good comedy about how not everyone can reach their dreams, but I don't think that was what you were aiming fo... reviewed June 3, 2007
The Dead Professors Dance Banana by towelie Comedy
To be honest, I don't think you worked on this more than 3 days...and I don't think there was a plot. However, it still was partially funny, and that's very hard to do with TM. reviewed May 29, 2007
Kayna by Rik_Vargard Action
Without a doubt one of the strangest, yet most beautiful, sci fi musical western romances ever. The VOs were crisp, clear, and very professional. The music fit very well with the overall theme of the ... reviewed May 28, 2007
Waste by Dulci Romance
Words cannot describe the beauty seen here in this short film. It goes to show that many things can be said with few words, little to no mods, and a simple music track to evoke emotion out of us that ... reviewed May 27, 2007
Into the Shadow - Part 3 by sherwinliu Romance
What a great ending to a great series. Kept me on the edge of my seat throughout the entire 18 minutes. PLOT: 10/10 A spectacular plot from some of the greatest minds here on TMO. VOs: 10/10 The VOs... reviewed May 25, 2007
Empire (Part Two) by andy_inc Action
Plot: 8/10 A pretty good medieval film. It wasn't exactly original as one would hope, but it was original enough for a medieval TMO film. VOs: 8/10 Overall good VOs, but some of the VAs seemed like t... reviewed May 24, 2007
The Dead Cases Final Teaser by jase180 Action
One of the best teasers I've ever to the Showgirls teaser of course. reviewed May 24, 2007
Blaster Card by DNR Comedy
Shame to say the same thing happened to me. reviewed May 23, 2007
Life Through an Eye by ralfduran Romance
Well, that was pretty much one of the most moving films I have seen on TMO. Great VOs. A wonderful script. Great direction. An amazing arrangement of music. This will surely go down in TMO history as ... reviewed May 21, 2007
The Hollow Dance - In The Name of Love by mixmasterfestus Action
A great opening chapter in this film. The visuals were astounding, the acting incredible, the script amazing, and the direction was terrible...scratch that. It was perfection. Great job! reviewed May 4, 2007
Thong of the Dead by Marvellousguppimovies Comedy
That was fantastic guppi. Loved the Ride of the Valkyries bit. reviewed May 3, 2007
Tears of a Beast by michael_b6 Horror
Great stuff here Michael. Your films always deliever a great story with great visuals and music. reviewed April 30, 2007
Who Wants to be a VCillionaire- Ep2 by eobaggs Comedy
That was entertaining. Whoever was frosty's lifeline was obviously a genius. reviewed April 28, 2007
Interstellar Odyssey (Part Two) by nukester Sci-Fi
One word defines what this for me: wow. The VOs were right on the mark. The direction and dialogue were ridiculously good. The sound effects, music, and SFX really made the film. Great job! reviewed April 27, 2007
The Final Strike by Master007 Comedy
That was pretty good. Good luck! reviewed April 26, 2007
The Bates Bounty by andy_inc Sci-Fi
That was the strangest Sci Fi I have ever seen. That was the strangest Western I have ever seen. To be honest, I have no idea what the hell went on in this. However, I liked it. Pretty good job and good luck! reviewed April 23, 2007
The Holy Visit by MefuneAkira Comedy
Great. Great, great, great, great, great. One of the funniest TMO movies I've seen in a long time. reviewed April 16, 2007
Mr Ned The Movie by andy_inc Comedy
Pretty good remake of the show. Made me smile in a few places. The VOs were good and the set dressing was pretty good. Good job! reviewed April 14, 2007
Dark Thriller by samyhouse Action
An incredible thriller. Had me on the edge of my seat the whole time. The VOs were great, as were the script and the direction. The music was perfection. Great job! reviewed April 14, 2007
Persona by ralfduran Romance
A very interesting little flick. The black and white worked very well in this. The dialogue was great, as was the direction. My only problem was the VO. I can tell you are a good VO, but whenver it ca... reviewed April 13, 2007
An african Tale by alutt Action
What a great film. The VOs were great. The music fit so well. The script and direction were marvelous. The set dressing was great. Overall, a great film! reviewed April 9, 2007
The Night Hunter by qtigger Horror
I commend you on a job well done, qtigger. This was a great homage (well, it felt like an homage to me) to the classic detective stories, but this had a great twist. It reminded me of the "Night Stalk... reviewed April 1, 2007
Interstellar Odyssey (Part One) by nukester Sci-Fi
What a great, great, great, great, great, know what I mean, sci fi. The VOs were simply incredibly. As were the script and directing. Now we get to the visuals. Wow. Just, wow. They were ... reviewed March 30, 2007
FAST III-It Ends Tonight by Mogulman321 Action
Featured Review
Bullets all around! Great VOs, music, directing, and writing highlight this fan[eye-hurting-word!]ingtastic crime flick. Great job!
reviewed March 29, 2007
Stir 4 - The Abyss by AnotherNewDawn Action
Brilliant music, VOs, directing, and writing all highlight this must see prison drama. I can not wait until the fifth and final installment. Great job! reviewed March 28, 2007
Natural Occurance by kuroken Sci-Fi
A great return by Kuroken. Great VOs highlight this engaging sci-fi. Great job! reviewed March 21, 2007
Mars by Yodabob Sci-Fi
Great music and setdressing. Some flaws here and there, but overall a great film. Good job! reviewed March 16, 2007
THE RED PEN by bricksfilms Romance
I was a little let down by this. The VOs were what really did it for me. While they weren't terrible, I thought they could've been better. The VAs sounded like they weren't interested in what was goin... reviewed March 10, 2007
Alletheo - The Fall of a King by ichthusadmr Action
I am at a loss for words right now. The effects were spectacular. The VOs were amazing. The direction and script were incredble. The music was perfection. It was...spectacular. reviewed March 9, 2007
Empire (Part One) by andy_inc Action
Really great VOs, Sets, Costumes, and Music helped this go a long way. The script and directing were superb. Great job on this andy! Anxiously awaiting Part 2. reviewed March 1, 2007
The Courage Within III by MefuneAkira Sci-Fi
Incredible effects along with great VOs highlight this wonderful Sci-Fi epic. The direction and screenplay are also spectacular. Great job! reviewed February 27, 2007
Quiet Creek Sanitarium Trailer by sweatyshoulder Horror
Looks to be the frightening, chilling, horrifying movie that TMO needs! Can't wait! reviewed February 26, 2007
Into the Shadow - Part2 by sherwinliu Romance
Once again you amaze everyone with a tale of murder. The black and white cinematography really helps out in this series. The VOs were again amazing. The music was astounding. The writing was perfectio... reviewed February 24, 2007
Dignity of Men by sherwinliu Romance
A great, dark tale. The VOs and Score really bring this film to new levels. It's astonishing this was made with The Movies. Nominations well deserved in the Golden Film Awards. Great, spectacular job on this! reviewed February 19, 2007
Dulci Does TMO by Dulci Comedy
The best of the best were featured in this short and they were put to good use. A funny short based on a little line said by someone on TMOA. Great job! reviewed February 19, 2007
THE THREE DUMMIES IN Delivery Dopes by kingpengvin Comedy
A fun look back at the old three Stooges. The black and white was very effective in making it look like the old Stooges shorts. The VOs were near perfect. Great job and a funny movie. reviewed February 19, 2007
Into the Shadow - Part 1 Overture by sherwinliu Romance
What a great throwback to the old noir days. The VOs were incredible. A great cast you have there. The black and white was very effective. It really gave the movie a 40s look. The score reminded me of... reviewed February 11, 2007
Scramble (Part Two) by postmodernchuck Sci-Fi
Seven letters really describe this movie: Good God. The set dressing, the VOs, the music, the...everything! This was purely incredible and it's just...too much to handle. It's almost too good. Are you... reviewed January 28, 2007
CLEOPATRA (Part I) by TheMGMKid1 Romance
It's been a long time since this project was announced, but I have to say, it was worth it. Let's start off with the set design. It was truly remarkable. It should earn an Academy Award (or a Lionhead... reviewed January 27, 2007
How to Catch An Online Predator by eobaggs Comedy
For a spoof to be an actual spoof, it needs to be funny. In that logic, this isn't a spoof at all. It seems that all you did was use some "funny" voice overs. To be honest, it was horribly written and... reviewed January 22, 2007
Stud Money 007 2 by pookashells Action
This was a good film with good writing and a great use of mods, but I felt it was let down by the VOs and the length. It felt too short to me. The VOs also could've been done better. Other than these ... reviewed January 21, 2007
The Life Of Troy Jackson 2 by ShyShy Action
You somehow manage to turn an okay story into an awful one. The dialogue, once again, was awful. Too many fades. Too many plot holes. It was just, awful. Awful, awful, and once more to grow on, awful.... reviewed January 19, 2007
Moby Dick by themonkthemonk Comedy
I was really expecting an adaptation of Moby Dick, yet that's not what this was at all. The music was great, but it was all just titles. It seemed like the red-headed stepchild of a tech demo. Sorry. reviewed January 13, 2007
The Life Of Troy Jackson 1 by ShyShy Action
This was a lot better than what you've put out before. It had it's moments, but it isn't a 5 star movie. There were some continuities and things that just kind of made you wonder "Why is that in there... reviewed January 6, 2007
As Time Ticks Away by tsunamidog Horror
I have abso[not-so-nice-word!]inglutely no idea what this movie was about...but I liked it. Good job. reviewed January 5, 2007
Alletheo - The Fall of a King (Trailer) by ichthusadmr Action
Looks spectacular. The music by lizard is great. The sets are breathtaking, as the movie promises to be. reviewed January 2, 2007
How to Operate your Automobile by runo Comedy
Very funny and a great spoof of the old educational films of yore. Good job. reviewed December 30, 2006
Committing TMO Suicide by SilverStarlight Comedy
That was actually better than I thought it would. You sounded exactly like a woman imitating Tom Jones! It was incredible! reviewed December 26, 2006
k7-Quarantine by Rik_Vargard Sci-Fi
That was amazing. The VOs, sets, music, and everything just blew me away. Great, great, great job. Althought it did seem a little long, other than that, great film. reviewed December 22, 2006
A Photograph Lasts A Lifetime by sweatyshoulder Horror
Wow, one of the best thrillers I have seen. The VOs were perfect and the script was amazing. Great job. reviewed December 22, 2006
On the Air 2 Weather Alert by Master007 Comedy
It would've been much better with custom music. It wasn't really all that funny, but for your effort and for the VOs I'll give it a 4. reviewed December 21, 2006
FATED (part 1) by josephkw Action
A great Crime/Mystery/Suspense/Thriller. The use of techno music (which I am not fond of, normally) worked well for this. The VAs were great, as were the custom titles. The storyline was very original... reviewed December 3, 2006
ICE-513 by MFK88 Action
Really great VO performances highlite this very serious drama. Great job here, my fellow movie maker. Bravo. reviewed November 14, 2006
This Is Not A Test by sweatyshoulder Sci-Fi
It was alright, a good use of S&E. I would've liked the VOs to be a bit better, and for their to have been external music. Other than that, it was pretty much average. reviewed November 9, 2006
The Torture Device by cruleworld Comedy
I'm not really sure this was a comedy. I'm not really sure what genre this falls into. I was waiting for the comedy to come, and it didn't. Sorry. reviewed November 8, 2006
Biggest Fear by G0liath Comedy
It was alright. It would've been better with some outside music, however. reviewed November 8, 2006
Game Over by ShyShy Action
Wow. Just wow. I watched Game Over 2 before this, and I have to say: Bravo. Don't make Game Over 3. I beg of you. Your movies are a poor example of what you can do with the game. And let me just tell ... reviewed November 6, 2006
Mr Dirty Mr Tight - Das Battle by OlliEntertainment Comedy
Pretty good film. I thought it was funny, but it dragged on and on. reviewed November 3, 2006
Scramble (Part One) by postmodernchuck Sci-Fi
Great VOs and Set Design. The music was used very well. Can't wait for part 2. reviewed November 3, 2006
Hellmut und Hellge - Pilotfolge by OlliEntertainment Comedy
Pretty funny. I felt it dragged on, though. The english subs were good, considering you're german. Nice work. reviewed November 2, 2006
The Day I Woke an Angel by cruleworld Horror
It really wasn't that interesting. If it had been longer, I think it would've been better. I know you made this for the 96 Hour Guerilla competition, but it could've been longer. reviewed November 2, 2006
Chat Room by sidy Horror
Very, very, very creepy. Great story. Good job. reviewed November 2, 2006
The Hiest by casper2006 Action
It was alright. A little more effort could've gone into it, but it was alright. Oh, and you think I don't know about the VOs being screwed up in my film? Why do you think I uploaded it 3 times. It hap... reviewed October 31, 2006
Josh and Will at 18 by cruleworld Action
Frankly, the VOs were annoying, and there really wasn't much comedy (as you stated there was comedy in the description). Other than that, it was a good plot. reviewed October 31, 2006
Star Coconut Girl Saga by KirinRiotCrash Sci-Fi
Incredible. Truly incredible. One of the best I've seen in a long time. It didn't seem to drag at all. The VOs were great, as well as the mods. Everything fit perfectly with this, even the Austrian band. reviewed October 30, 2006
FAST II by Mogulman321 Action
Really kept me interested. Great job. A good cast and great VOs highlight this film (when it really didn't need any more highlighting). The story is very good. Good (no, great) job on this. reviewed October 29, 2006
Life by ShyShy Romance
First off, who starts school in July? Secondly, the wedding scene ran entirely too long, and it was in a grave yard. Why? Third, why did it take over a year for the child to be born? That's abnormal a... reviewed October 29, 2006
The Manny Jones Show Episode 3 by benstudios1991 Comedy
Incredibly funny. Great characters and great segments. reviewed October 28, 2006
Game Over 2 by ShyShy Comedy
I feel like my IQ dropped after watching this. First off, like many have stated already, the dialogue is crap. Pure and utter crap. It's like watching an Ed Wood, Jr. movie, but worse. Manos: The Hand... reviewed October 28, 2006
Little Black Riding Hood by tomasm Horror
Actually incredibly scary. Good job. reviewed October 15, 2006
Underpants Man - The Movie by biggstrek Comedy
Had me laughing at loud at many parts. Seems destined to go down in the books as one of the best superhero comedies on TMO. Great VOs and very interesting characters. Loved the music as well. reviewed October 14, 2006
Horror Of The Werewolf by nukester Horror
What a great horror movie. Destined to be one of the greats of horror (or maybe all films) here on TMO. The VOs were great and so were the direction and writing. reviewed October 13, 2006
Stolen Death - Chapter one by sisch Sci-Fi
A great film. Can't wait for Chapter Two. reviewed October 13, 2006
i dont like the drugs but the drugs like me by Tsunamidog Action
I liked it, but I felt a little let down. The VOs could've been a lot better. The sound effects were off in some scenes, but because this happens to my movies I'm not going to count off. Good film, bu... reviewed October 13, 2006
No Greater Fury by Throwaxe Action
An interesting film that left me captivated till the end. Loved the comic book styling. And a great message too... You'll probably get a lot of hate for the nude shots from behind. (I didn't mind it though) reviewed October 9, 2006
Masked Killer 3 (Remade) by ShyShy Horror
Even though you re-edited it, it's still not a great movie. reviewed October 8, 2006
CAPTAIN KIDD 2 by oletheking92 Action
A great film. Wish it could've been longer and had VOs though. The pirate ships & costumes were phenomenal. Can't wait for the next one (hope it's longer though). reviewed October 7, 2006
Masked Killer 3 by ShyShy Action
Okay, 1 stars because: 1. There were times when you could see that it was infact filmed on a set. Some of your shots include the grass and dirt that is underneath the set. Be more careful and pay atte... reviewed October 7, 2006
J Alfred Prufrock Considers the Infinite by postmodernchuck Romance
An odd movie that I had put off watching. Well, glad I watched it. Always nice to see that artistic people are still here and not putting out crap (like my stuff). reviewed October 6, 2006
Crovie by Frooplet Sci-Fi
I feel like I dropped acid and got shot. Good job. reviewed October 6, 2006
Come On by FoDooG Comedy
Incredibly funny everytime I see it. reviewed October 4, 2006
Closed Until Further Notice by ozman69 Horror
An interesting film and I think I get what you are saying. Since it's not for reviews or charts or anything I'm just going to close my eyes and click something. reviewed October 3, 2006
Ping and the Brotherhood of the Iron Dragon by mcrispy13 Action
One of the great martial arts films on TMO. The music really stands out in this. Good job. reviewed September 25, 2006
Space Killers Part 1 by ShyShy Sci-Fi
A good Sci-Fi. VOs would helped the film, but since most of mine don't have them, I won't rate down because of it. Also, the titles ran incredibly too long. They could've been cut down some. A good fi... reviewed September 24, 2006
Mancini by DNR Action
A really great film with outstanding VOs and a great score. I couldn't really feel for the characters though. Not really enough character development for me. But other than that, a great film. reviewed September 23, 2006
Pilate - A Story of Christ (Part II) by ichthusadmr Action
For the second time you have astounded me with Pilate. A great end to a great film. Wonderfully done. Loved the VOs, costumes, and sets. An overall great film. reviewed September 15, 2006
Theres A Maniac In The House by carlosanddanny Horror
i think it couldve been longer. good film though reviewed September 14, 2006
Listen! by Tal0n Romance
A truly incredible and breath-taking film. Sure to be one of the all time greats on TMO. The score was just incredible. Good luck in my awards ceremony. reviewed September 13, 2006
Dead Fault 2 by michael_b6 Action
Wow, truly incredible. The sound effects were used greatly. Good job. reviewed September 11, 2006
Porcelain Dolls - C01 by neonoir1x Sci-Fi
A very good opening chapter. Can't wait for the later parts. Good job. reviewed September 4, 2006
Katrina by nascarlover Action
This reminds me a lot of Titanic. The story, visuals, and everything else was great, except for the acting. I thought that the VOs could've been done a little better. The editing wasn't as great as I ... reviewed August 29, 2006
The Egyptian Curse by Fozz20 Action
A very good old fashioned mystery & suspense. Can't wait for part 2. Great VOs and set dressings by the way. reviewed August 28, 2006
The Breather by corpsehereproductions Comedy
A funny and original horror spoof (hard to do). Good job on this. reviewed August 22, 2006
Starfighter Ace by skarsten Sci-Fi
A great Sci Fi. Loved the VOs & use of S&E. A great film. reviewed August 20, 2006
Occupation Trailer by Earwmd Action
Looks great, can't wait to check it out when it's released. reviewed August 19, 2006
The Battle of Berlin by mcrispy13 Action
A great war film. Only problem for me was the pacing and the guns. The guns, well, they weren't all exactly what you would call "World War 2" guns. What I mean is, you used the MP4s(I think that's wha... reviewed August 19, 2006
Soft Candy Trailer1 by bodyatlasmovies Sci-Fi
Looks interesting. Would've liked the conversation they had to be up longer so we could read it. reviewed August 19, 2006
Espionage World Subsistence Trailer by DarthSim64 Action
The music was great. Could've used some sort of way to show us what the plot was. reviewed August 16, 2006
TRAILER-i dont like the drugs by Tsunamidog Action
Looks interesting, I'll be sure to check it out when it's released. reviewed August 14, 2006
A Flawless Mind by Rockstar_Studios Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Plot: 5/5 A very interesting & original plot. Editing: 5/5 Great editing Dialogue: 5/5 The dialogue was great and flowed perfectly. Overall: 100%= A. Great job on this.
reviewed August 11, 2006
The Jeremiah Mystery (You Guess) by WorldPictures Horror
Plot: 5/5 A very original idea. Editing: 5/5 Great editing Dialogue: 5/5 For there being little dialogue, it worked well. Overall: 100%= A. A job well done on this WP. reviewed August 9, 2006
Steven The Insane Guy by BamRyan Comedy
Plot: 2/5 The random comedies are getting pretty annoying. Editing: 4/5 Saw some issues with editing. Dialogue: 4/5 Kinda what you would expect from a random comedy, but could've been better. Overall:... reviewed August 9, 2006
The Comic Hero PART 1 by ewatt23 Action
Plot 5/5: A very well concieved plot. A great comic movie. Editing 5/5: Very great editing. Really, really great job with it. Dialogue 5/5: Loved the speech blubs. Dialogue went very well with this fi... reviewed August 9, 2006
Restless Dead IV Intervention by jameseva Horror
Plot: 5/5 Even though it's a zombie plot, it was still great. Editing: 5/5 Some very nice editing you have here. Dialogue: 5/5 The dialogue flowed smoothly with the film. Overall: 100%= A A very good ... reviewed August 9, 2006
The Raiders of Ragweed by JustinMoore Action
Plot: 4/5 Revenge has been done many times. Editing: 5/5 The editing was very nice. Dialogue: 5/5 Some great dialogue here. Overall: 93%= A very good western revenge film. reviewed August 8, 2006
Blue Attack by Frooplet Sci-Fi
Plot: 5/5 A very good plot, seen it before but it was well done here. Editing: 5/5 Very good editing. Dialogue: 4/5 The dialogue was well written but I thought it was a little cheesy. Overall: 93%= A.... reviewed August 8, 2006
Loss of Empathy by michael_b6 Action
Plot: 5/5 A very interesting plot. Never seen anything like it before on TMO. Editing: 5/5 Really liked the sound effects and the editing in this film. Dialogue: 5/5 The narration fit in very well wit... reviewed August 8, 2006
Alien Nation by shadow11156 Action
Plot: 3/5 I've seen a lot of movies like this. It's a generally good plot, but it's been done a lot. Editing: 5/5 I saw some really nice editing in this movie. Dialogue 4/5 Didn't really need any dial... reviewed August 8, 2006
Interstellar Odyssey Teaser by nukester Sci-Fi
Normally don't give 5 stars to trailers, but this one deserves it. I liked the use of music and backdrops. Looks very interesting and got a 2001 feel to it. reviewed August 5, 2006
The Psycho Trailer by MBStudios Horror
It was hard to see the titles, and almost everything sorry. reviewed August 4, 2006
Saturn Man Returns by JSim07 Sci-Fi
A really great movie. Loved the flying scenes and the story was good. Can't wait for part 2 of the sequel. reviewed August 4, 2006
Monday Nights 05 Aethr Flaven by kos78 Comedy
Really liked it. Too lazy right now to write a longer review. Good movie. reviewed July 21, 2006
Pax Romana by TheMGMKid1 Romance
That was the quickest 17 min 18 sec of my life. What a beautiful, moving film that was. It was simply one of the best. The VOs were great, and so were the sets. Amazing you didn't make it with Stunts ... reviewed July 21, 2006
DUSKFEED by kwistufa Horror
Liked it. Very creepy and original (even for a vampire movie). Good music and sets. reviewed July 21, 2006
Pilate - A Story of Christ (Part I) by ichthusadmr Action
I love this film. This is one of the best films on TMO. It went by fast. I liked the VOs (the were perfect) and the sets. The use of costumes and the music really made this feel like I was watching Gl... reviewed July 21, 2006
Dread! by turboghost Horror
No, I'm not giving it 5 stars because you said so, I'm giving it for other reasons. The VOs were good, the use of sound effects and music were great, and it was the first time I've ever seen a head fa... reviewed July 21, 2006
Malloy Chapter One by DaRKoNe462 Action
Really liked it. Great movie. reviewed July 20, 2006
Tainted Snow by Oh_Come_On Action
A very good war movie. Noticed some sound issues (mostly the loud breathing sound a mike picks up sometimes), other than that though, it was good. Not many war movies on TMO have emotions in it, yours... reviewed July 20, 2006
September 11 by lahire Action
It was a good 9/11 movie, but I really didn't know the characters all that well. I would've liked to have seen the WTC worker atleast once more (or if that was him jumping, I couldn't tell). It was a ... reviewed July 20, 2006
Saturn Man by JSim07 Sci-Fi
Good movie. Would've loved less of the blackness above the sets, but it was fine. Good battle scene and flying scenes. Would've also loved custom music. reviewed July 19, 2006
Fire and Forget III by nukester Action
This was a very good movie. Entertaining. Long though. I haven't seen the other 2 movies, but I will. reviewed July 18, 2006
High Hopes Sanitarium by ninette1 Horror
Creeepy. reviewed July 17, 2006
ode to meat by 6-HEADEDMONSTER Horror
God that was creepy. The nudity was fine. It's not like it was used in a sex scene or anything. reviewed July 17, 2006
Next Door by neonoir1x Romance
One of the best. Simply one of the best. It's unbelievably good. Needless to say though, I did figure out the twist quite early. But you know, that shouldn't matter. It is a very great film. reviewed July 17, 2006
Revenge of the Umpa Lumpas by IronMantis Comedy
This is a very funny film. I don't really know why, but the Ho Ho Hello cracked me up for some reason. Anyway, the costumes were great. As close as ever to the original costumes from the movie. I also... reviewed July 17, 2006
interview with the werewolf part 1 by a2k13 Horror
Featured Review
I couldn't understand a single thing that was spoken in this movie. Great sets and a good idea though.
reviewed July 16, 2006
Pilate Trailer by ichthusadmr Action
This looks like a great movie. Seems like a cross (to me) between Gladiator and Passion of the Christ. reviewed July 16, 2006
Pirates of the Galaxy Trailer by RavenousEntertainment Sci-Fi
Looks like it will be a very good series. Can't wait for the first one to come out. reviewed July 16, 2006
Operation Anthropoid Trailer by zachniv Action
It was a very good trailer. Reminds me of Munich. Do you do all the VOs yourself? reviewed July 9, 2006
Never Drive A Car In Zero Gravity by JaredPeace Comedy
I feel like my IQ dropped 10 points after watching this. reviewed July 8, 2006
Her by MichaelCristiano Horror
I think this is a great psychological thriller with some minor flaws, but not big enough to go into detail about. reviewed July 8, 2006
Space Opera 3000 Fall of the Confederacy by darryhick Sci-Fi
A really great sci fi. The VOs were great, as well as the plot and music. reviewed July 7, 2006
Slaughterhouse (teaser) by Flipmanburn Horror
This eems like it's going to be an excellent movie. reviewed July 7, 2006
VICTORIA Chapter I by ct_senge Romance
This was a very good movie. I could've sworn the music you play at the beginning is from The Godfather Pt. III. Anyway, this is a very good movie about the love two sisters have for each other. Althou... reviewed July 7, 2006
Makeup by KeViNp Comedy
This was a decent, amousing movie. It was not laugh out loud funny, though, just amousing. The custom costumes were great. I think it could've used VOs, but the subs were fine. reviewed July 6, 2006
Enamorville Episode III by LeoBrZ81 Horror
Featured Review
I really enjoyed this movie. I haven't seen the first two parts, but I can assure you I will. The VOs were especially great. This is a flat out great movie.
reviewed July 6, 2006
Glethan The Mage VO edition by FotD Action
This was a strange movie. The VOs were not good. The story was hard to follow. I didn't really think this was that good. reviewed July 6, 2006
Alpha Centauri Expedition by yankeefox Sci-Fi
This may be one of the best Sci Fi movies on TMO. I enjoyed how this was really a movie in two parts...Part 1- exploring a new planet. The team goes to a new planet and finds extra-terrestrial life. P... reviewed July 6, 2006
End Earth by emiller0980 Sci-Fi
It was a good Sci Fi movie, but overall, I felt it needed some more to it. By this, I mean, I wish there were more scenes. At the end, with the epilogue, I feel that it could've been shown what happen... reviewed July 6, 2006
Sam Porter by dvfurlong Action
This was really an average action flick. There were spelling errors (and some logical errors) I saw throughout this. I think it is a good movie other than that though. reviewed July 5, 2006
Alone in Space by hienz100 Sci-Fi
The effects were great and all, but it's hard to follow a film without dialogue. This was a good movie though, just needed dialogue. reviewed July 4, 2006
Shadow Man by 02PARSIM Horror
Great use of music & stunts and effects. Really loved it. reviewed July 2, 2006
Disaster by duxy Action
Very funny. Great use of the new stunts & effects, reviewed June 9, 2006
The War of 1812-Trailer by bunnyrabbit777 Action
First off, the War of 1812 was Britain against the U.S. I don't know if you know this or not, but just to let you know. Some people might have been hoping for that and not a Civil War movie, which, bt... reviewed May 15, 2006
Homos And You! by Prank4Sure Comedy
Yeah, all you did was use a family guy clip. Not very hard to do, sorry. reviewed May 11, 2006
MANIE by 2dayProductions Romance
This was possibly one of the best movies I have seen. I don't know of anyone with more talent than you. This seems like it would make a really good movie (like one that plays in a theater). reviewed May 9, 2006
MRB- Mission Recon Bureau by nascarlover Action
It was good but the music was too loud and I couldn't hear the VO. reviewed May 9, 2006
D-Day (Trailer) by marine101 Action
Good editing but this was pretty bad. You could atleast dress some of the people like they are in WWII. reviewed May 6, 2006
The Truce of 1914 by augie64 Action
Wow...that's all I can reviewed May 4, 2006
Warning Plot Heavy! by markrichardbehenna Comedy
Featured Review
That should be up for every award possible. Every.
reviewed May 1, 2006
What! Not another baggage boy movie by pepsidude32 Comedy
I'm sorry, this wasn't really that good. Please don't rate my movie, because I'm not a jerk who's going to give you a 5* reivew only to get one in return. reviewed May 1, 2006
The Plane Trailer by TheHeadCutter Action
No Review reviewed April 30, 2006
Throwdown in El Ray by Flipmanburn Action
Incredible. That's all I have to say, incredible. It really does seem like a spaghetti western. reviewed April 29, 2006
Revenge of the Gun III Trailer by Firestalker5 Action
Looks really interesting. Sorry about those people who think that by giving someone 1 star they get their revenge. Makes them seem kind of childish, don't you think? reviewed April 28, 2006
7-7 by Jimbo5858685 Romance
Really great movie. A lot of movies based on events like this have to be dramatazied so it's ok. reviewed April 26, 2006
Endless by satansmunchkin Romance
Great movie. Noticed a few weird clicks in the middle but that doesn't really affect how I rate. reviewed April 23, 2006
Trench Humour Episode 2 by SpaceChicken8563 Comedy
Funny but the subs were long and went by fast. Couldn't read all of them. reviewed April 23, 2006
The TMOscars!!! by StevenKreg Romance
I like it better this way. Please rate my movie Mittens the Kittens Gets Feline AIDS One problem I dont get is, why is it when sleeves is getting his award do you cut to Dulci in the middle of it? reviewed April 23, 2006
The Garden of Good and Evil - Vol 1 by BlackHawk24601 Horror
I'm sorry but for a film to be over 4 mins and not have any dialogue what so ever I have to give 3 stars. It was good except it needed to atleast have subtitles. And I really don't see how it was horr... reviewed April 23, 2006
Driven by StevenKreg Romance
This is a great romance and a great story. reviewed April 22, 2006
Black Widow by Dulci Horror
Excellent movie. How did you do the shot where the psychiatrist first comes into the Black Widow's room? reviewed April 22, 2006
Escape of the Century by MidnightTemplar Action
Good action movie. Kind of hard to see though. Please, if you want to, rate my movie The Photographer. reviewed April 22, 2006
Pax Romana - Teaser by TheMGMKid1 Romance
This looks like it will be one of the greatest Romance films on TMO. Can't wait to see it. reviewed April 21, 2006
The Heist by tecwolf123 Action
Great action movie. If you had taken out the mumblings and put in subtitles or VO it would've been better. Overall though, good job. reviewed April 21, 2006
Rode The Six Hundred by ChesterAmberLucy Action
Good movie. I would've loved to know what it was actually about though. reviewed April 21, 2006
Tainted Justice - Uncut by Radman2307 Action
Really great movie. The VO's were great. Great plot & story. reviewed April 19, 2006
Alien Love by poiuytrewq Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Great movie. Please review my movie Day of the Zombies Pt. 1
reviewed April 18, 2006
Single In The City by biggstrek Comedy
Really great movie. I didn't know there were that many scenes with dogs. reviewed April 18, 2006
Detroit Police - The Prostitute Crib by blizzard_2 Comedy
Funny reviewed April 16, 2006
Zombeed! by janedoe Comedy
Very funny and true. reviewed April 16, 2006
Time to Kill by Dylen Sci-Fi
How do you do these special effects? Great Sci Fi movie. reviewed April 8, 2006
Nam by Braydan21 Action
Really great Vietnam movie. The costumes needed to be matched more. But other than that, great movie. reviewed March 9, 2006
End of the World by brohammer7 Sci-Fi
This was a really good SciFi movie. It reminded me of War of the Worlds. Was that your intention? Story- 8/10 Editing- 9/10 Overall- 17/20 =4/5 Stars. reviewed March 9, 2006
A Night On The Town by garthrs Romance
This was a great film. 4/5 though because some parts were boring and hard to pay attention to. But, overall a great film. Please review one of my movies if you want. reviewed March 5, 2006
Grass Growing TECH DEMO by nunberry Romance
This is one of the funniest tech demos ever. reviewed March 5, 2006
Tainted Justice - Volume 1 by Radman2307 Action
Really loved it. The customs and props were great. reviewed March 5, 2006
The Devils Toy by jdevil05 Horror
Featured Review
It wasn't that bad of a movie but the subtitles went by fast and you should've put music throughout the movie as well. It was hard to keep me attention. You should've had Joe struggle to keep Rich fro...
reviewed March 4, 2006
Dead Range by garet8 Action
No Review reviewed March 4, 2006
The Entertainment Show by magic_school_bus Comedy
Great movie. Especially liked the ending. reviewed March 3, 2006
Our Secret by erinnicole93 Romance
It's hard to do movies about what gay people have to deal with but I think you hit the nail right on the head. Please review my movie Only Time Will Tell. reviewed March 2, 2006
Hells Murderers by kdogg427 Action
Great Action movie. Loved the editing and plot. Please review one of my movies. reviewed March 2, 2006
The Rock Star by benstudios1991 Action
Boring. reviewed March 2, 2006
James Casablanca by 1944Pictures Action
Great Action movie. Congradulations on your success at MoonDance. Please review my movie: reviewed March 1, 2006
Fall Of A Titan Directors Cut by madmatt7g Comedy
Funny. Howard Dean probably does act like this in real life too. And yes my movie was inspired by Cabaret. reviewed March 1, 2006
Test of Heroes wVOs by hisstorymn Action
Great epic! Loved it. Please review my movies The Fight Movie and The Gentlemen's Club Special Edition reviewed February 28, 2006
The Lounge Singer by Dulci Romance
One of the best movies I have ever seen. reviewed February 28, 2006
Hold My Package by lizardthing Action
funny reviewed February 28, 2006
North to South by Hooba Action
Good story. Please review my movie The Gentlmen's Club Special Edition reviewed February 28, 2006
8-SCN Homicidal Rampage! by kevinduh Comedy
Great movie. Please review my recent one, The Gentlemens Club. reviewed February 27, 2006
Attack of the Masked by Norcent Sci-Fi
Funny. reviewed February 26, 2006
Demon Costume Demo by Stormwhitelab Comedy
Good. Start reviewing again please. reviewed February 26, 2006
Critics Corner King Kong Series Review by WorldPictures Comedy
Good. What are the beeping sounds? reviewed February 26, 2006
Dude Theres My Car! by alligator Action
Good. reviewed February 26, 2006
Daily Showers2 by mksayer Horror
Fn Good. reviewed February 26, 2006
You Cant Do That! by sphinx86 Comedy
ONe of the best comedies ever. reviewed February 26, 2006
Stirlings Heartplace by full_metal_winter Romance
One of the best I have ever seen. reviewed February 26, 2006
Broken Thoughts by satansmunchkin Romance
Strange... reviewed February 26, 2006
Outcasts of the Universe Welcome of Evil by goodmovies Action
I would suggest you don't narrate the titles. But it was a pretty good movie. reviewed February 26, 2006
The Last Battle Special Edition by RudeBoy9 Action
Good, but the Germans sounded Jamaican. reviewed February 26, 2006
Queen Of The Braves by roadrage73 Action
Good job for such a short movie. I especially liked the fog effect. Made it sort of...mysterious. reviewed February 26, 2006
Revenge of the Chickens by blythas Comedy
Good. Please rate my movie The Last Gangster. reviewed February 26, 2006
One Terrible Night by Flipmanburn Horror
Great horror. One of the best I've seen. I would've enjoyed VO but the subtitles were good. reviewed February 22, 2006
Hells War by G4rules Action
Good movie, I know they didnt use MP5s in WWII though. 4/5. reviewed February 22, 2006
Doctor Copter by razzirazz Comedy
Ok...please rate my movie The Search. reviewed February 21, 2006
Santa Convict by RushFan Comedy
No Review reviewed February 20, 2006
Vacation in the dead realm by micha83 Comedy
Great Job. reviewed February 20, 2006
The Village by Neo_the_1 Horror
Great movie. Please rate my movies Cougar Town and Ultimatum. reviewed February 20, 2006
Présention by benjamincornet Action
good movie. please rate my movies Cougar Town and Ultimatum. reviewed February 20, 2006
Zombie Police by COLINTUCKER2006 Action
Great movie. Please rate my movie Riding The Line. reviewed January 20, 2006
Actress Resolution by metlkelley Comedy
Funny. reviewed January 19, 2006
Attack of the Flesh-Eating Punks by DanTman Comedy
Great movie. reviewed January 19, 2006
the revenge kill bob vol1 by tasmania11 Action
One of the greatest action movies I have seen. reviewed January 18, 2006
Honor - A Civil War Tale - by Blackstorm Action
Great movie. I'm not a big fan of anti-war war movies. So sorry but 4/5. reviewed January 18, 2006
Rise of Nico the Kid by Gunner7246 Action
Great reviewed January 17, 2006
Random Acts of Violence by siberianroar Horror
Great movie. Really good. reviewed January 17, 2006
Serpents Showdown by lordgreyraven Horror
Good movie. Yeah I am just starting to get my voices to work on the movie so its not very good on mine. reviewed January 17, 2006
10 Minutes til Noon by galdorflowr Action
Featured Review
No Review
reviewed January 16, 2006
Milans Death by DeezNutsInYoMouf Horror
No Review reviewed January 16, 2006