Number of Movies: 8
Number of Winning Movies: 0
Average Rating Received: 4.25

Number of Movies Reviewed: 24
Number of Reviews Given that were Featured: 0
Average Rating Given: 4.5
Movies Released by SDDuster76
Seed of Evil 2 Horror
From the studio that made White People Farm and Dick Crazy Productions, here's more in the series of house of 1000 Corpses/The Devil's rejects fan fiction written by me. See journalist Stacy get put ... posted April 4, 2007
Dick Crazy Productions Comedy
Brought to you by he makers of White People Farm, see Dick Crazy and his wacko business ideas. Watch him get into more trouble. Not suitable for children or those easily offended.. posted April 4, 2007
Seed of Evil 1 Horror Not Rated
First in a series based on my first House of 1000 Corpses fan fiction. A reporter bites off more than she can chew when she runs into the Fireflys. posted April 2, 2007
White People Farm Comedy
Join Dick Crazy in some non-PC sales pitches! A Dick Crazy Production. C'mon, buy a White Person. posted April 2, 2007
The Devils Rejects 1 Horror
Yes kids, it's the game version of The Devil's Rejects. You know ya love Otis n' Baby. Come on. posted September 13, 2006
Bleeding Zone RZ Horror
Otis and Baby in more mayhem, as per usual. For the Rob Zombie fans, kickin' it Devil's Rejects style. posted September 12, 2006
Bonecutter a RZ Surprise Horror Not Rated
No Description posted September 12, 2006
Bloodchill RZ Horror
No Description posted September 12, 2006
Movies Reviewed by SDDuster76
Dismembered by Reckless_Jedi Horror
There's nothin sweeter than zombies and rap. reviewed April 6, 2007
Interstellar Odyssey (Part One) by nukester Sci-Fi
That was pure gold. The story is good and the visuals excellent. All I can say is wow. The only bad thing I can see is that it took a while to actually take off. reviewed April 6, 2007
Horror Of The Werewolf by nukester Horror
Man that was the shizzle. There's gonna be more, right? reviewed April 6, 2007
Intercourse at Ground Zero by mildheadwound Action
No Review reviewed April 5, 2007
Action 3 News by moviemanic Action
Awww poor Santa! reviewed April 5, 2007
The Smiley Bunch by moviemanic Comedy
No Review reviewed April 5, 2007
Nerd vs Jock by Ingy_Flingy Comedy
You should have the nerd play dead and then kick the jock in the ass, thereby winning!! GO NERDS! reviewed April 4, 2007
The Professional Slipper by Ingy_Flingy Comedy
Hoooo-waaaaaaaaahhh! Hahahaha. reviewed April 4, 2007
Angel-Demon I by googuitar616 Action
That was really cool, I'd like to know more of what the hell (haha) is going on. Guess that'll be explained in the next one, I hope. reviewed April 4, 2007
The End Of You by Breeanne Action
Wow that was freaky.. reviewed April 4, 2007
WHen Apes Attack by Breeanne Comedy
MONKEYS EVERYWHERE!!! I love monkeys. reviewed April 4, 2007
Get On Up! (The Anthem) by First_Demand_Productions Comedy
No Review reviewed April 4, 2007
Fists of Fury by KingDavid73 Action
That had some good fighting scenes in it but not a lot of story. reviewed April 4, 2007
Zombies Are People Too by KingDavid73 Comedy
That was awesome! Zombies are people too, just like me and you, sometimes they get the flu hahahaha. Still can't figure out what happened to Mr. Soldier's clothes in that one that ... reviewed April 4, 2007
Starmasher by KingDavid73 Sci-Fi
that made entirely no sense but it was sooooo funny! Lemme check my scanner doohickey! lmao! Check out my Dick Crazy movies, they're insane too. reviewed April 4, 2007
Girls want to have fun 2 by sin91 Romance
No Review reviewed April 4, 2007
A Story About Us by Mocemanix Romance
That was really sweet! Totally unlike the mayhem that comes out of my brain lmao. reviewed April 4, 2007
Jesus On a Rampage by babygatt Action
Where's the sound?? Other than that it was pretty cool to watch. reviewed April 4, 2007
Memorie Of My Life by jakechief Romance
No Review reviewed April 4, 2007
Chickens by cheese101 Action
Too many chickens!!! I love monkeys. Brilliant. reviewed April 3, 2007
Pirates - Episode II Fixed by richegroover Action
A very fine movie. Pirates rule! Where's the next part??? reviewed April 3, 2007
Make Poop! (Music Video) by Dave180786 Comedy
Oh my gawd...that was f**kin funneh. reviewed April 2, 2007
Farm 7 by cheese101 Horror
MMmmmm strawberry! That's got to be the dumbest fat kid I've ever seen lmao. reviewed April 2, 2007
Irony - The processors wrath by arbaaz Sci-Fi
No Review reviewed September 12, 2006