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Number of Winning Movies: 0
Average Rating Received: 3.57

Number of Movies Reviewed: 186
Number of Reviews Given that were Featured: 30
Average Rating Given: 4.09
Movies Released by sarunit
Off The Reacord with Lionhead Studios Comedy
This documentary takes you behind the scenes for a never before seen look at the darker side of The Movies. Follow Ron Storybreaker as he fights to uncover the truth behind Lionhead Studio's latest re... posted January 8, 2006
Movie Makers Lionhead Forgot Comedy
This documentary takes you behind the scenes for a never before seen look at the darker side of The Movies. Follow Ron Storybreaker as he fights to uncover teh truth behind Lionhead Studio's lates re... posted January 8, 2006
another thumbnail test Comedy Not Rated
No Description posted January 8, 2006
Weeber Comedy Not Rated
No Description posted January 8, 2006
Lords Of The Bathroom Comedy
No Description posted January 8, 2006
Just a test dont watch Comedy Not Rated
No Description posted January 8, 2006
Just a test dont watch Comedy Not Rated
No Description posted January 8, 2006
Bunnies Against Rabbit Bashing (BARB) Comedy
** NEWS CONFERENCE ** We go now live to Hackensack New Jersey where the Easter Bunny has called an emergency news conference... We join him now!! posted January 4, 2006
Bunnies Against Rabbit Bashing (BARB) Comedy Not Rated
** NEWS CONFERENCE ** Live from Hackensack New Jersy the Easter Bunny has just called an emergency press conference. We join the feed live now!! posted January 4, 2006
The Baggage Boy Comedy
No Description posted January 3, 2006
Enrique's Dream - American Style Romance
Rated NC-17 for adult situations. Basically a gay brothel movie. posted January 1, 2006
La[bad-word!] Comedy
First talking movie I've made. Has a couple bad words, but nothing terrible. The story opens with Jack and Diann comming home from the movies. Jack notices something out of place, and the sparks st... posted January 1, 2006
Movies Reviewed by sarunit
Dell Customer Service by BENDICK44 Comedy
Funny film. Sorry that I don't have more to say :) reviewed February 2, 2006
Cracker Jap Show - Jedi Mind Trick by sprague1980 Comedy
I liked it. Good idea and fun script. It went a little long for my taste. I mean, it was funny at the start, but then it just kept going. I would suggest cutting it down a little, or working on th... reviewed February 2, 2006
Movie Idol! by Chris96 Comedy
Sorry,I didn't find this funny at all. The technical aspects were not what they could be either. Some of the scenes were cut really sloppy and there wasn't really any character developement or plot.... reviewed February 2, 2006
Oh Its On 2 Tora Saru Bakuhatsu Plus Plus by mixmasterfestus Action
** On my feet clapping like crazy ** BRAVO!! You have made a truly great movie here. The effects were brilliant, and were used to tell the story, not used instead of a story. This film is now the n... reviewed February 2, 2006
Bottle OVomit by VelvetFog Comedy
I didn't love it, but I didn't hate it either. The VO's were very well done, and the idea was original. But I just didn't find it funny which is strange because I was very excited to see this movie.... reviewed February 1, 2006
Bartender Blues IDEA by rposhard Comedy
lol. I liked this one. The music was good, and the plot kept my attention. I laughed a couple times too which is always a good thing. The characters didn't really pull me in, but I know it is hard... reviewed February 1, 2006
The Lounge Singer by Dulci Romance
Technically this is a superior film! The story is also very well thought out and put together. You do a wonderful job of building up the backstory and then throwing us for a loop at the end. This... reviewed January 31, 2006
Incident With the Cops by nk83b Romance
I don't think that would really classify as a romance. This movie was not really good at all. I hate to say that, but it's what I think. There was no plot, no character development, no music, not s... reviewed January 31, 2006
One Man One Revolver by fishoutofwater Action
Congrats on your first film! It was very good! The editing was very well done and the music was well chosen - especially the ending duel music (very Clint Eastwood esque). Your characters were well... reviewed January 31, 2006
Anger Chain by mjtpopus Horror
Good work! I see DavidSS got to you too :) The story was good and the technical aspect of the movie seemed well done. I kind of feel like you didn't follow this story idea as far as you could have.... reviewed January 29, 2006
Chicken McNugget In Birds of a Feather by Fuzzy_Orange Action
Chicken McNugget! What a great character! That dirty Henny has to pay for what she did. I really liked this movie. I thought the plot was interesting, a couple twists in it, and the music was a p... reviewed January 29, 2006
Deception by johnokinawa Romance
I wish I could say that this was a great movie, but it seemed to be just a ripoff of the "real life" movie Closer. You even took a few lines right out of the movie!! Even your poster looks like the ... reviewed January 29, 2006
The Cellar (Bad Edit edit) by db4321 Horror
The main idea for this movie is solid, but the script is not very well developed. For instance, while I was watching it, I had no idea where the female cop came from, and where does she go when she f... reviewed January 29, 2006
Steven Spielberg Director by Video_Capture Comedy
Good movie about a Great director. I liked the idea and most of the clips were well done. The dialogue really took away from the feel of the movie at times in my opinion, but overall, very strong ef... reviewed January 29, 2006
Le Funk by rjb2112 Comedy
Great movie! The characters in the background were fun, and the different sets were interesting too. I liked the music - nice work on that - but the walking got a little boring after awile. I don't... reviewed January 28, 2006
Clones of Bruce Lee by billylo Action
The yellow jumpsuit was brilliant! The music was a good pick, but was too loud in some spots and made the voices hard to hear. The story idea was a good one, but I felt like it wasn't developed nearl... reviewed January 28, 2006
Eternity Saga-Exile by Director777 Sci-Fi
I loved it. Great story and good charcters. It is obvious that a lot of work went into this one. The costumes are some of the best I've seen used around here. Great work!! reviewed January 28, 2006
2001 SPACE ODISSEY (TMO version) by DavidSS Sci-Fi
Stealing material is not cool!!!! Try coming up with your own ideas!! reviewed January 28, 2006
Steve-O by mumu94 Comedy
Hmmmm... I don't really know what to say. It was a good idea, but never really got off the ground. It didn't strike me as funny, and didn't really seem to have a point. But I don't feel like it is ... reviewed January 28, 2006
Father Death by CDA6713 Horror
I hate to break the string of 5 star reviews, but I didn't feel like this one was 5 star quality. And here is why I say that. The gunfight with the cars was very choppy in my opinion - made more so ... reviewed January 28, 2006
The Revelation of a Beast by IchthusADMR Horror
One of the top movies I've seen around here! The story was great and the script was far above average! Great technical skills as well. This movie is worth seeing no matter who you are, or what your... reviewed January 28, 2006
The Giant Bunny-Directors Cut by Llamaman117 Action
Amuzing movie you've made here. The bearded lady kind of freaked me out :) but there were some funny moments. Keep up the good work. reviewed January 28, 2006
Characters by benstudios1991 Comedy
Funny movie. It was very strong in the beginning, but seemed to loose it's sense of purpose near the end (in my opinion). But overall, I like it and it made me smile :) reviewed January 28, 2006
Eternity by DirectorAdam90 Action
Everything in this film was very well done! The music was a great choice. The editing was great. The way you cut back and forth from war to home showed wonderful timing and was very effective in te... reviewed January 28, 2006
Stupid Bannana Movie by prinnyking Comedy
You are quite original and not everyone will like your humor, but I do!! reviewed January 27, 2006
STUPID BANNANA MOVIE TWO! by prinnyking Comedy
not as good as your thrid banana movie, but still quirky and slightly hillarious :) reviewed January 27, 2006
STUPID BANNANA MOVIE 3 by prinnyking Comedy
I am laughing at this movie and I have no idea why!!! LOL very funny! reviewed January 27, 2006
If you help me get the stagecoach set by mikeylevy890 Comedy
Pretty funny stuff! Just get those super fast subtitles under control! But seriously funny movie, you made me smile :) Now... where's my car?!?!?! reviewed January 27, 2006
Eaglehead Vs Lionear by mikeylevy890 Action
Pretty good movie. It kind of dragged on in the middle, but it did have some funny parts. The subtitles were way too fast, but I see that you already know this. So, here is my review and I hope you... reviewed January 27, 2006
Fake Accounts - The 1 Star Ninja Story - by Blackstorm Comedy
You say, "grow up and get a life" and yet over half the movie is just a guy taking a dump... I agree with the point of this film, but it was not very clever in any way. Good idea, but not well put to... reviewed January 21, 2006
Meet the Neighbors 2 Meet The Creatures by KiCkmEdOOd1 Comedy
Very funny movie! The subtitles were too fast to read in a couple places, but other than that nice work. With some voice overs I think this would have been funnier. Overall, above average and fun to watch! reviewed January 21, 2006
USA Chrysler Competition by FraasMovies Comedy
ummm... I'm sorry you don't live in the USA, but I'm not going to apologize for being a US citizen. Nobody is saying non-USA folks are any less important than anyone else, it's just a competition. T... reviewed January 21, 2006
Chrysler 300C by djelements Comedy
Nice ad, but nothing that hasn't been seen around here before. reviewed January 21, 2006
JESUS VS EASTER by MefuneAkira Comedy
Great movie!! I loved it! One of the best funny flims around here :) reviewed January 21, 2006
Money Matters by JackRabbit Comedy
I thought this was an entertaining movie with some good humor and interesting script. good work reviewed January 20, 2006
Scary Beginners by patty82 Comedy
I love this movie!!! Very well done. The voices, the music, the story, and the custom effects were perfect and amazing. This film kept me interested for the entire 16 minutes... that has never happ... reviewed January 20, 2006
Gun Slinger by Agent_Masquerade Action
Featured Review
I loved it! Very funny! Great sense of humor - this film was right up my alley. Keep it up.
reviewed January 19, 2006
Daves Attack Part 2 by astawicki12345 Action
Next time you decide to give one of my movies, or any movie for that matter, one star you should at least leave some sort of review and explain yourself. It's just the right thing to do. Thanks, and... reviewed January 19, 2006
Hard Drinkin Lincoln by Garto Comedy
[shhhh!] you and have a nice day you cum-guzzling [not-so-nice-word!] :) reviewed January 15, 2006
Heavens Island by Warspite2 Romance
The VO was hard to hear over the music in a few places. Otherwise I liked the story and the editing was pretty well done. It has a very interesting ending too - nice work on this one! reviewed January 14, 2006
Steadvik School Episode 1 by ED_Company Action
Nice work! Good luck on the series. I'm sure they will only get better as you go along! reviewed January 14, 2006
Surviving Death (Part 2) by 02PARSIM Horror
I thought this was an average movie. Nothing stuck out as badly done, but nothing struck me as amazing. Overall, good solid film. reviewed January 14, 2006
No Rain VO by nutzhouse Action
I liked this movie, but it seemed to drag a little in the middle. I would suggest working a little more on the script to shorten it up a little - but that's just my opinion. Overall I thought this w... reviewed January 14, 2006
Wac Them Nazis! by darthuv Horror
Featured Review
lol - those were some tough chicks :)
reviewed January 14, 2006
Night of the Living TMO (special edition) by crazeyal Comedy
Very well done!! I liked it a lot. Congrats on breaking the top 5 :) reviewed January 14, 2006
The Cursed Earth by Cleric2k5 Sci-Fi
I really liked it! reviewed January 14, 2006
The Life and Times of Pete Moss part 1 by bugsport Horror
I don't see how this is very unique... but not bad. I thought it was a solid 4 star film, but since it looks like I'll be the first review, I'm giving it a 5 to start you out right!! reviewed January 12, 2006
NINJAS ROK!!!(Remake of NINJAS!!!) by shwump Comedy
Featured Review
I guess I don't see the plot, but seeing ninjas beat up a chicken is worth a few stars :)
reviewed January 12, 2006
On to Moscow by Haes Action
I don't think this movie was "terriable" like the first review claims, but it didn't every grab my attention. It was a very well done movie technically speaking, especially considering it was your fi... reviewed January 12, 2006
The Mystery of Planet X Episode I by MrAllison Comedy
Featured Review
I liked the custom work you did for this film. And I like space vixens :) Good editing and nice storyline. Solid 4 star movie!
reviewed January 12, 2006
The Talent Show by smgluver627 Comedy
Featured Review
It was a funny idea, but it never seemed like you really got the ball rolling humor-wise. I liked the voice overs, and the music was good. I think with some more work on the script this film could b...
reviewed January 12, 2006
MoonRocker by chocolatemouse Action
Any movie that wasn't made in sandbox gets an extra star from me! But this film didn't need any help. I thought it was great. Funny story, and the costumes were hillarious! I loved the soundtrack,... reviewed January 11, 2006
In front of the eyes by rct76 Comedy
It seemed to be a lot like the movie "Saw"... I think you should put some more work into making the plot more original - but I really think you have a great start here. But as it is now, it just seem... reviewed January 11, 2006
my unreal wishes final partfinally! by tasmania11 Comedy
I don't know exactly why, but I loved it! The phone calls were hillarious - especially the first couple. Very Very funny. Great work and good sense of humor. I also love non-American accents, so t... reviewed January 11, 2006
The Simonizer (Trailer) by sorrow13 Comedy
I want to see the movie now!! reviewed January 11, 2006
Touching the Dead by temporaryscars Horror
I watched this film a little while ago, but the sound was messed up. Then it went offline, and it seems you have fixed the problem. I thought this was a good film. Strong story, and good editing. ... reviewed January 11, 2006
Eternity Saga Omnipotence by Director777 Sci-Fi
I usually get bored with sci-fi movies on this site, but yours was great! The story was deep and interesting. The editing was tremendous I thought, and the music was very well placed. I thought the... reviewed January 11, 2006
101 Dalmatians by Saskro Comedy
Featured Review
Nice work with a new prop! When that first "can't believe you're watching this" screen came up I knew I was going to love this movie!! I was laughing pretty hard by about the 5th attack. This film ...
reviewed January 11, 2006
One to many by BizGF Action
Featured Review
LOL If you were inentionally going for stupid, I have to say that you achieved your goal - this was my kind of film! I'm giving this 5 stars in spite of my better judgement :) Funny dialogue and you...
reviewed January 11, 2006
VENUS PRIME by sisch Sci-Fi
I really thought this was a unique movie with an interesting storyline. Great work on the editing, VO's, and music. 5 stars :) reviewed January 11, 2006
The Balance Of Justice by meeyotch Action
Featured Review
Great work on your first film!! I thought this was a solid 4 star movie, but I'm giving it 5 because I love poker :)
reviewed January 11, 2006
The Electric Sheep by Bob_Ironlove Sci-Fi
Great work on your first release! I liked the story. I haven't read the book you based it on, but maybe I should! This film is very well made, it didn't seem like a first-time job to me - so congra... reviewed January 11, 2006
Everyday Life by blamotime Action
I thought this was a very strong 4 star movie! But I'm giving it 5 to try to make up a little for Mencellator's review. Your story was well told, and the VO's were very well done. The editing was c... reviewed January 11, 2006
Dixon Doolittle by Swat_Wolf007 Sci-Fi
Featured Review
I really don't know what to rate this movie... I thought the start was interesting but then it just kept going on and on and on and nothing was really happening. For a first-time film, this was prett...
reviewed January 11, 2006
Foreigner Falls Down Stairs by Tarison Comedy
Very clever take on this new "falling down stairs" genre :) reviewed January 11, 2006
Comedy Night at the Improve by PamDennis Comedy
The "driving me nuts" joke was funny, but other than that, I had a hard time getting into this movie. Great idea, the script just didn't make me laugh. Sorry, not trying to be mean or anything. Keep... reviewed January 11, 2006
The Neverending Deaths by KiCkmEdOOd1 Sci-Fi
Very good work for a first time move! The storyline was basic, but not overly simple. I thought the captain was a great character - you should use him more. The editing was done pretty well. One p... reviewed January 11, 2006
Red Sky (Trailer) by zombierockandroll Horror
I can't give a trailer 5 stars, but if the movie is as good as the trailer it might just reach 5 star status! reviewed January 10, 2006
Sammys Big Fall by corndg4 Romance
I thought the music worked will with the story, and I liked the characters. The subtitles flew by way too fast in a few places and I couldn't quite read them. I also think you really should use voice... reviewed January 10, 2006
Kiss of the Ghost by nemezido Horror
Great original soundtrack - it is so nice to hear somethign other than the same old music used in thousands of other films. I also thought the plot was well thought out and the story was told well. ... reviewed January 10, 2006
Take the Pie! by wbruner Comedy
I liked the idea of making an old-looking film. But why were there no subtitles - even movies made in the 1920's had subtitles so the audience could follow the story. Good effort here, but I still ha... reviewed January 10, 2006
Lift Chronicles - Part 1 - Unwelcome Visitor by lizard3209 Sci-Fi
Featured Review
BRAVO!! You have a movie here that you should be proud of making! The story was original, the editing was very well done, the special effects were perfectly used, the soundtrack was well chosen, the...
reviewed January 10, 2006
The Night Santa Cant Forget by nightfury Romance
Very funny. I never knew santa was such a dirty old man :) good music and funny story. reviewed January 10, 2006
The Cost of War by thiberjam Action
Featured Review
Why did she die? Other than that one plot point, I thought this was one of the best first-time movie I've seen in a long time! Great work! Great story! You really got your idea across with this on...
reviewed January 10, 2006
Jeeve Earlwin Hunting Celebrities! by BillCosby Comedy
Very very funny! It may not be something that everyone will like, but it was right up my alley :) reviewed January 10, 2006
Deathwish by worldwriter Comedy
Featured Review
The rat poison scene made me laugh! Very funny movie in a quirky sort of way - my style of humor. The thing about having a quirky sense of humor is that some people just don't get it - but don't wor...
reviewed January 10, 2006
The Songwriter by Sphinx86 Horror
I thought you did a great job on this film. The story was original and seemed well thought out. I agree that it is easier to narrate the whole story, but I think it worked for this film. Your editi... reviewed January 10, 2006
Have Faith by arikun Romance
I really liked the custom work you did on this film! I thought the story was well thought out, and you did a good job on the editing. The music seemed to work well in my opinion. I hardly every giv... reviewed January 10, 2006
Change of Fortune by Valtharius Sci-Fi
WOW! I almost forgot I wasn't watching a "real" movie. This film has a great storyline, and was editing very well. The VO was perfect - I can't say enough! I really enjoyed watching this movie - GREAT JOB!! reviewed January 10, 2006
The Life of A Random Monkey by fargon Comedy
and that kids... is why you don't make movies when you are high! LOL very funny. Such a bad movie I was laughing. reviewed January 9, 2006
King KongThe True Story by poopiemcgee04 Action
Funny, but you could have made it better with some voice overs. I liked the story idea, good job! reviewed January 9, 2006
Carly the Vampire Slayer by apasas Action
I hate leaving short reveiws, but I can't really think of anything to say... Good movie reviewed January 9, 2006
A Gangs Uprising(Trailer) by Oh_Come_On Action
I don't really give 5 stars to trailers, but this movie looks like it has the potential for greatness! reviewed January 9, 2006
THE HALOIST II -- Trailer by ArtificialArtist Sci-Fi
I don't give 5 stars for trailers, but this looks like a 5 star movie all the way!! reviewed January 9, 2006
Flash Thompson Behold! A Seventh Planet! by monkspider Sci-Fi
This movie really started to drag in the middle for me. I think the problem was that there was nothing special to really grab my attention. Not trying to sound mean, just honestly reviewing. Try to... reviewed January 9, 2006
Drama Queen The Music Video by justin_in_bangor Comedy
Featured Review
So terribly bad that I couldn't stop laughing!! Thank you! I needed that :)
reviewed January 9, 2006
Look at Her by jro2787 Comedy
Actually looked like an interesting movie, but I couldn't read the subtitles. You should use a different font. I know that it looks fine full screen on the computer, but on the little screen they us... reviewed January 9, 2006
Spiderman Prelude to Disaster by FreddaH Action
If your goal here was to make a movie that kept the audience interested in the plot, used good effects, was well edited, had great sound effects, had awesome custom costumes and other custom touches, ... reviewed January 9, 2006
What Ever Happened to The Trix Rabbit by Rhynox980 Comedy
Made me laugh. I thought the part where he pulls out the gun was hillarious! Even though the Easter Bunny from my press conference would probably not apporove of this type of bunny casting, I have t... reviewed January 9, 2006
Fatal Touch by kaipan Horror
Very well done, I didn't really follow the story the whole time, but in the end it seemed obvious what the movie was about. The effects and editing were awesome! Great work. reviewed January 9, 2006
The Vitcims by Coornoth Action
Great work on the voices. I thought the story was well thought out - just not presented as clearly as it could have been. You did a good job with this film, and with some more work and practice it c... reviewed January 9, 2006
Wiretapping and You! by UrinatingTree Comedy
Ok dude! You get 5 stars all the way!! That was some quality stuff :) "Don't make me go antichrist on your ass" classic stuff!! reviewed January 9, 2006
Put it Back by mozartsmole Comedy
I love the special effects you used, and the MJ lookalike actor you made is very good! This movie started out really well, but the ending seemed to drag on way to long. The fight scene especially co... reviewed January 9, 2006
Savior of the chocobos by ash2ka Sci-Fi
Featured Review
the hammer joke alone is worth a star and a half!! "My one weakness... bullets" classic stuff. This was a very funny movie and I'm going to give you a solid 4 stars. The only parts that I feel are ...
reviewed January 9, 2006
The THINGS FROM SPACE OR HIGHER by Harry_Spielberg Sci-Fi
Quality flick! I really don't like to give 5 stars unless there are voice overs - I just feel they add so much to the whole movie exerience. But I understand the whole lack of equipment problem :) B... reviewed January 9, 2006
The Twylite Zone II by Kellydogproductions Sci-Fi
In my humble opinion, this is a solid 4 star movie. The story was well thought out - it held my interest. Your editing was very well done too. I feel that voice overs would have easily put it into ... reviewed January 9, 2006
Killer santa by Andrey16 Horror
mmmm nothing says christmas cheer like a santa with an axe :) Overall not too bad. It is everything a good horror movie should be, a crazy killer with an axe chopping folks up. Nice. I think that ... reviewed January 9, 2006
REVENGE TAKES TIME by phototime Horror
Featured Review
Wow, I'd be so freaked if some girl showed up and was like "I'm your new girlfriend now"!! Very well thought out plot, it is obvious you put a ton of work and effort into this film - great work. The...
reviewed January 9, 2006
War Of The Worlds by Arcane_Penguin Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Nice work! I feel like a little more time in post production would have gone along way in increasing the quality of this film, but you already know that judging from you about entry. The effects wer...
reviewed January 9, 2006
Smalltown 911 by lostwolfnesbit Comedy
LOL amazing VO's - I loved them. I thought it was very funny, you and I must have similar senses of humor, or maybe its just really late. No matter what it is I loved watching this film!! Keep it up!! reviewed January 9, 2006
One Shot One Kill by thekenny17 Action
You get 4 stars because I liked "The Deer Hunter" and this movie made me think of it :) reviewed January 9, 2006
Black and Blue - Trailer by made2kill Horror
Freaky man! reviewed January 9, 2006
Pines and Needles by Yogurt_King Comedy
Now THAT was a good christmas movie!! All the good things I've heard about this film are right! It is amazing - you put a ton of work into this and you ended up with a wonderful and original film!! Nice job! reviewed January 9, 2006
Passing Through by Pronex Action
I have to say a very impressive first movie!! The music was perfectly chosen, and the story was well told. As far as suggestions, I would say that voice overs make any movie better - this movie prob... reviewed January 9, 2006
The assassination - Trailer by CMproduction Action
Oh man not looking good for Sally Winter! Looks like it could be a great movie! reviewed January 9, 2006
The Guide To Men by hosty Comedy
Simply amazing! I loved it! Very funny worth every penny :) reviewed January 9, 2006
GANGSTA Hostile by claw21 Action
I hate giving bad reviews, but I really didn't feel like this movie was better than 3 stars. The storyline seemed a little haphazzard in certain places and the sound was not very good quality. Not t... reviewed January 8, 2006
Keeping Your Man by Prinzess Romance
Featured Review
Very well done!! I enjoyed watching this film more than most! Very funny script! I laughed more than a few times durring this movie - I can't say enough about how much I liked it - Great work!!
reviewed January 8, 2006
Fartial Arts by LordofComedy Action
Featured Review
OK you want an honest review - here goes... Overall this strikes me as a 2 or 3 star movie on pure technical merit. The fart humor is 5 stars - but I am partial to fart humor so this may be high by p...
reviewed January 8, 2006
Late For Work by Pulp_Maiden Action
Holy cow that guy had a big nose!! His nose alone gives you a star :) Pretty funny storyline too. I enjoyed watching it. The voice overs left a little to be desired, but were still better than many... reviewed January 8, 2006
Ashleys first movie by duckguy0100 Comedy
Ashley - conrats on your first film! The costumes were perfect and the music was great. You should be very proud of yourself, keep up the great work!!! reviewed January 8, 2006
The She-Male by bexmeister2000 Horror
LOL you get 5 stars, not because this is a well-made movie, it actually is pretty average. but any movie that makes me laugh is a good movie in my opinion!! reviewed January 8, 2006
Earth VS Soup by ercilev Comedy
Not bad, but nothing really jumped out at me as deserving of more than 3 stars. With better editing and some more work on the storyline this would have been a much better movie. Not trying to sound ... reviewed January 8, 2006
Gnadenlos by dolor Action
It was kind of fun to not be able to understand the VO - gave the film a unique feel. I thought the story was well constructed and the editing was well done. Good movie - can't think of any reason n... reviewed January 8, 2006
Londons Blackened Hearth by Zarlant Horror
Featured Review
Congrats on your first film! I thought the story was great and it looks like you put a good deal of work into it. I agree with what some others have said - you should maybe have voice overs, and the...
reviewed January 8, 2006
Unknown by GoatMilk Action
Featured Review
There were little place that I thought could be improved throughout the movie, but nothing that made me take away a star. The VO is hard to hear a couple times, but overall, a very interesting story....
reviewed January 8, 2006
Homesick (Gold Edition) by Koreom Horror
Nice work. Interesting storyline. Great ending! I rarely give 5 stars to movies without VO's because I feel they add so much to the whole movie exerience. That is the only thing holding this to 4 s... reviewed January 8, 2006
Santa Austria by JKjunior Comedy
lol what an angry Santa! I liked it - funny stuff! Poor easter bunny!! I have a special place in my heart for the easter bunny so I almost took off a star for his death, but I won't :) you should c... reviewed January 8, 2006
Spiderman - Trailer by FreddaH Action
Looks great so far! Can't wait to see the movie. I liked the effects. By the way, thanks for bookmarking my film "Movie Makers Lionhead Forgot"!! I'm really glad you liked it :) reviewed January 8, 2006
jihad by tim_pilgrim Action
I hate to give a bad review, but I really didn't like this movie. There were a couple funny moments, but overall it was a slow-moving storyline with no real great selling point. I think ifyou increa... reviewed January 8, 2006
Dont Laugh at Me by rjb2112 Romance
Not my kind of film, but I think you did a very good job addressing a difficult subject. It is easy to tell the subject is important to you and you bring that out well in this movie. reviewed January 8, 2006
Ashley Porter Falls Down Stairs by suedenim Action
I really have no idea what I just saw... but the falling down the stairs part made me laugh so I gave it an extra star. It's always funny when someone falls down the stairs :) reviewed January 8, 2006
Shaded Christmas by Suladead Horror
Great effects and good VO's... I didn't quite understand the plot, but decided not to take away any points for that. Overall a unique and interesting movie. reviewed January 8, 2006
Oh Its On by mixmasterfestus Action
I don't care what anyone says - that was a 5 star movie. Sure it was short, sure there was no plot, but it was very origianl and the effects were unlike anything I've seen before! great work!!! reviewed January 8, 2006
The Last Ninja by visualstudios Action
Very nice work for a first-time film! A couple of things that I felt took away from the story: the mumbling of the crowd in the first scene, and the overall poor quality of the voice overs. But I di... reviewed January 8, 2006
Zombie Nightmare by coldgrave Comedy
Featured Review
Great work for your first film! I really liked it. I laughed, I cried, it moved me... well, maybe not, but I did think it was funny. I thought your script was funny, and the characters were fun to ...
reviewed January 8, 2006
Outlaws! by PamDennis Action
Wow. Best Western I've seen on this site. Great work on the voices too. The story was better than average and the music worked great. I enjoyed it, the rythm of the dialogue was a little slow durr... reviewed January 8, 2006
Friday the 14th Part 2 - Same Night by manton666 Horror
I have to agree with Juret that this isn't a 5 star movie, but I do think it deserves 4 stars. The story wasn't very original, I mean, I pretty much knew the cop was going to die at the cabin. But wi... reviewed January 8, 2006
The Hazzards of Smoking by Steven91 Action
LOL I don't know about anyone else, but this was right up my alley! I love this kind of humor! Keep it up. 5 big old stars :) reviewed January 8, 2006
The Blood Brothers by DaLipton Action
Pretty good choice of music, although I thought the last song was a little out of place. Pretty basic story, but nothing that I would take a star off for. Your editing was a little choppy in a coupl... reviewed January 8, 2006
Shoe To Drop - Prologue by Stach Action
Wow, great job for a first-time film. The editing was pretty well done considering all the trouble you had on Post Production (I feel your pain) The voices were well done considering they were all yo... reviewed January 8, 2006
Night Train by Fortunato Horror
Original storyline - I liked it. The sound problems were mentioned in your movie description so I decided not to take a star off for them. You have a great idea here and I hope you keep working with... reviewed January 8, 2006
Danny Sunshine Agent to the Stars by SalParadise Comedy
"but I don't want to do guys or fat chicks" I hear that!! Very funny and great work on the VO's. Funny storyline - kept me interested the whole time. I actually did a movie kind of like this myself... reviewed January 8, 2006
Sneak by Ergin Action
Not bad... but a couple of things I feel could be improved upon. There really wasn't much of a plot - I mean, why are the ninjas fighting the mafia? Also, there were places where the sound effects w... reviewed January 7, 2006
Sour Cash Episode 1 by Solid_Pig Action
Nice work on this one. The music was pretty good, and the extra set dressing added a nice touch. Not quite enough of a story line for 5 stars, but other than that two thumbs up! reviewed January 7, 2006
Midnight Taxi by cfkwong123 Horror
Interesting movie. I didn't think there was much to the story, and there were no voice overs. But the chick did have big boobs so.... reviewed January 6, 2006
Yalta Galaxy by Pinskifamily Sci-Fi
While the subtitles may look fine when the movie is played full screen, they were pretty much impossible to read here at the website. Try using a different font next time. The editing was a little c... reviewed January 6, 2006
A Miracle on 43rd Street by drucifer67 Comedy
Featured Review
I really liked it! You made me laugh more than once - funny sense of humor. The VO's were good, and the jokes were well placed. It seemed that some of the sound effects were a little out of sync. ...
reviewed January 6, 2006
Universal Void by oldugly Horror
Nice job on this one. The story was pretty cool, and I think you achieved the Twilight Zone feel you were going for. The only think that could maybe give you a better feel is some sort of freaky mus... reviewed January 6, 2006
Body Boosters! by jfly1 Comedy
Very funny!! Made me laugh, and the idea is quite original. I like the VO's and the editing was great. The only thing I thought you were missing was some music to sort of give the infomercial more ... reviewed January 6, 2006
The Dusty Desert by MMaununen Action
Very good work for a first movie. The characters seemed pretty well developed and the story made sense. The extra sound effects you added were a good idea. Some things I would change next time woul... reviewed January 6, 2006
Santa Strikes Back by Coolphil Comedy
Very nice work for your first movie! I thought it was funny - a couple great one-liners. The editing wasn't bad either. I agree with a couple of the other reviews that the VO's needed a little work... reviewed January 6, 2006
Restless Dead - The First Bite (episode one) by jameseva Horror
The thumbnail alone is worth a star on this one!! I really liked the opening narative - very nice touch. The story itself isn't original, but it was told well. VO's were good for the most part - a ... reviewed January 6, 2006
The Thing 2 The Thing Returns by GoatMilk Horror
Not bad. The voices were hard to understand in a couple of places. Also, the story was not very well developed - I watched the first one before this don't worry. I think that with a little more wor... reviewed January 6, 2006
The Cabinet by Nutte Horror
Awesome story! Great twist, I didn't see it coming. The music you used was perfect and your editing was very well done. You did a great job of adding little details like the forrest backdrop in the... reviewed January 6, 2006
The Day I Turned Into a Babe by suedenim Comedy
I really liked the way your charcters were in 80's constumes. The story was fun and it is obvious you put a lot of work and effort into this film. The editing was well done, I liked how you shot the... reviewed January 6, 2006
Chamberlain by Everett Horror
Featured Review
Wow, you must have spent a ton of time on this film. I usually would never watch this long of a movie from start to finish, but the story you told kept my attention the whole time. The music was gre...
reviewed January 6, 2006
The Assasin by Steven91 Action
Featured Review
Great job on this one! The story was not complicated, but it made sense. I thought the music worked very well - good choice. I really like the editing in the last scene with the ax. I would normall...
reviewed January 6, 2006
The Final Stipulation by mixmasterfestus Comedy
1 Star for the great VO 1 Star because I loved the accents 1 Star for making me laugh out loud when Santa got hit by the car 1 Star for the hillarious potty-mouthed Santa Clause 1 Star for a excellent... reviewed January 6, 2006
Santas Innovation by Saskro Comedy
Featured Review
One star for great VO One star for the story One star for the amazing giant robot Two stars for the awesome flying car effect Put all that together and you've got a 5 STAR movie on your hands Well done!!!
reviewed January 6, 2006
Advanced Editing Techniques Pt 1 by tim_pilgrim Comedy
ummm pretty sure that's copyrighted music there.... but cool effects reviewed January 6, 2006
CSI Germany - Episode 2 by FraasMovies Action
The sets and effects were amazing! Great work. The time and effort put into this film are obvious. The actual story didn't quite keep my interest the whole time though. but overall a very good mov... reviewed January 5, 2006
Photo Op by shortcut Comedy
Very good movie for your first try! The voices were well done and the story worked well. I'll sure think twice before taking anyone picture now! reviewed January 5, 2006
The Sinister Minister by mcgarnagle Horror
Solid effort! Original story idea, and pretty good editing. I have to say that the VO was a little dry and lacked feeling. You obviously worked very hard on this film and I think you did a great jo... reviewed January 5, 2006
Sudden Turn of Events by Prinzess Horror
Nice work, the subtitles were hard to follow some of the time. I liked the story for the most part. Good movie - you obviously put a lot of time into if. A solid 4 stars. reviewed January 5, 2006
Remnants of Life pt 1 by FreddaH Action
Excellent movie making - very solid skills and obvious time and effort put into this one. I just didn't like the story - it just wasn't my style, nothing personal just trying to give an honest review... reviewed January 5, 2006
The Mark Of The Beast Final Cut by kmalmgren Action
Seems like I've seen that storyline a million times before. I did like the ride the town bicycle line though. The voices at times sounded like someone was just reading a line and didn't have any rea... reviewed January 5, 2006
A Is For Alice by plopphizz Sci-Fi
very nice work! Great scripting I applaud your effort and hope to see more. Great voice for the part too!! Very very good film! reviewed January 5, 2006
The Love of a Man by DaClint Romance
Average movie I thought. Well edited and obvious thought put into the story, but the contant mumbling was killing me by the end. Try using VO dialogue in your next movie, it brings out the story and... reviewed January 5, 2006
6th June 1944 by RB_Films Action
Loved the custom backdrops and the story was good. The music at the end of the beach scene when the Germans are begging was way to happy, but otherwise I thought the soundtrack worked very well. Nic... reviewed January 5, 2006
The Battle of Halloween by brandonW Action
I don't like giving bad reviews, but this movie didn't grab me at all. The story was OK, but nothing that hasn't been done before. The subtitles were out of sync in a few places, I also think that V... reviewed January 5, 2006
This is a hold-up by cubedude Action
Featured Review
Congrats on your first movie!! Very basic storyline, but not a bad one to pick. I was going to give it 2 stars, but it gets 3 because I was amused by the red-headed black guys at the start :) Kee...
reviewed January 5, 2006
Ape Detectives by Stahlman Comedy
Funny idea for a story, but it never really grabbed my attention. Would be better with VO and maybe develope the gorillas a little more because they could be very funny!! Keep it up, you have a good... reviewed January 5, 2006
Private SNAFUs Last Cruise by DrMovie Comedy
Wow... that is all I can say. The amount of time put into this little demo must have been increadible. Great work and thanks for opening up a whole new world to the movies community!! reviewed January 5, 2006
They Called Him Sasquatch - Directors Cut by mitchell_lee Comedy
Very well done movie! Original story and good characters. I really enjoyed it I'm only giving it 4 stars becasue there is no VO, otherwise it would easily get a 5. Keep up the great work. If you... reviewed January 5, 2006
The One And Only Banana by scavanga Comedy
Featured Review
Very original idea and well well cut. The subtitles were great since I only speak english and could not have understood the dialoge other wise :) Overall very good effort, I thougt it was amuzing bu...
reviewed January 5, 2006
Seeds of Evil by Throwaxe Sci-Fi
"Cork out" Great line and great movie. I loved it, I usually don't like watching longer films, but yours kept my attention the whole time. Very funny script and custom touches made this movie a win... reviewed January 5, 2006
Under the Boot Awakening - Chapter One by kuroken Action
Great job! The story was solid and the cuts were well done. The music you picked was a good choice. Would watch again!! reviewed January 5, 2006
My Love Goes On (Even in Death) by Brokienheart Romance
I liked it! The start was a little confusing, but it all came together in the end. Great story, obviously a lot of time and thought was put into this movie and the results are something you should b... reviewed January 5, 2006
the revenge kill bob vol1 by tasmania11 Action
Featured Review
Great film!! Music was perfect and I liked the little details like the knife in the sister's back when she fell through the door. More!! We want more!!
reviewed January 4, 2006
What i like about jews by 9sam1 Comedy
this song tore us all away from the football game for a few minutes ~ super funny!! check out this bunny news conference. i think you'll like it: reviewed January 4, 2006
The Depressed Hobo Clown by Insomniac77 Comedy
enough wit to make it enjoyable. great clown voice! check this out if you get a minute: reviewed January 4, 2006
Goof Balls by hhoell Comedy
cute. take a look at this: reviewed January 4, 2006
The Legend Of Dusty Gulch by aidanbrack Action
sweet, but why the subtitles? let's hear some voices. :) check this one out: reviewed January 4, 2006
Monday Night Stand Up by anzmane Comedy
YOU got level 59! i laughed hard enough to choke on my pizza. keep running those circles and check out: reviewed January 4, 2006
The Organ Grinder by Directer Horror
random series of cursing and sexual dialouge? c'mon, at least string it together. your voices were funny, they just had nothing to say. reviewed January 4, 2006
Too Short by timman Sci-Fi
i don't get it. but have you seen all the evil bunny characters on this site? Check out the rabbit-response at: reviewed January 4, 2006
The disgruntled Best Buycom Employee by jojopet1138 Action
pretty funny but why is the bunny the bad guy? check out my flick at reviewed January 4, 2006
Lock and Load by xinsan0x Comedy
Featured Review
It was dumb. It was pointless. It was short. We loved it! Better than 90% of the movies I've seen so far. Great job on your debut!
reviewed January 4, 2006
Looking for Love by sour7lemon Horror
Featured Review
Wow! I will never go on the internet again... I'm getting off it right now. But really, that was a well done movie. I'd give it a 5 if there were voices. Otherwise great job - keep it up!! The ...
reviewed January 4, 2006
Andrew Roy Part 1 by quezalcoatl Action
I loved it! The training scenes were great, I also liked the way you used the city backround at the beach - nice touch. I would give it a 5 if the characters actually spoke. The next installment sh... reviewed January 4, 2006
Something Inside - Part 1 by holmberg Horror
Wow, what is up with that guy? Very interesting movie - left me wanting to know more about what is going on. Keep it up. reviewed January 3, 2006
High School Love by DaClint Romance
Poor guy! Good movie, interesting story and nice plot. reviewed January 3, 2006
POTHA by Arcane_Penguin Sci-Fi
Liked it. I didn't think the subtitles were as bad as some people have said. reviewed January 3, 2006
An Open Letter To Lionhead by justin_in_bangor Comedy
I liked the invisible suite, very cool. Also had a good song going the whole time which helped. Seems like a good way to vent some steam, and after making a couple of movies, I can understand the an... reviewed January 3, 2006
Santa And Jesus VS The Easter Bunny by Esch Action
Funny movie - loved the great oneliners! reviewed January 3, 2006