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Movies Released by ross3636
Gun Runners 2 Action
This is the same movie as the first one which was deleted due to copyright regulations. Thanks for watching and acording to the first 2 reviews i got.. it must suck ! Bit harsh rather !! Please rate... posted June 29, 2007
Gun Runners Action
This movie was shot in the 50's so im sorry for the poor digital technology used. This is the first movie i have made in over a year now and im glad to be back =D Hopefully i can get more for you to... posted June 16, 2007
Gun Runners Action Not Rated
No Description posted June 11, 2007
City Block Horrors Death Action
My second S and E Movie... My first big one with a storyline ! Yup, the part where he runs down the hall didnt work very well... sorry ! But it's kind of like 'training day'... the guy done some bad... posted August 15, 2006
Oscars Easter Nightmare Horror
No Description posted August 14, 2006
Freak Wave Action
My first stunts and effects movie ! I might do a full movie on it and just call this the trailer... dunno, ill think bout it =) Hope you enjoy it ! Please rate my other movies ! (click on my name... posted August 14, 2006
Old West Action
Finally after messing about on advanced movie maker...I LEARNT HOW TO USE IT ! WOOOO ! The storyline is... some talking... man is shot, a woman comes from nowhere, and BOOM a woman is shot... Afte... posted August 12, 2006
Movies Reviewed by ross3636
A NEW WORLD the begining (Úpisode 1) by samyhouse Horror
Wow what alot of CRAP reviewed July 17, 2007
Earth by samyhouse Sci-Fi
Woww Terrible Jai DETASTE la movie earth reviewed July 12, 2007
Crossed by Rik_Vargard Action
Sup lad.. didnt get featured =( ahh well !! Thanks for the review mate ! Also how you get so many reviews ? lol ! Congrats. reviewed July 11, 2007
The Day the Towers Fell by jasonx102493 Horror
Featured Review
Great movie lad ! vo's low but who cares ? just turn my speakers up or something instead ;) lol Can you check out my studios and rate Gun Runners 2 pls =) Thanks !
reviewed July 4, 2007
kung Fu Kickass! by MrMogul Action
YOU SAID: Not good at all, got really bored. I can't believe people actually like this :S well i'm not going to complain. I SAID: alot of fighting sences all put together lol needs more plot !!! i wo... reviewed July 2, 2007
Apocalypse (with commentary) by MrMogul Action
lol you say suttle quite funny like ! 'Suttle assasssssin' You from ireland or something ? im from N.I. so just wondering reviewed July 2, 2007
Criminal Failure by caesarman Action
nice movie how i add your 8 eyed baby sets too my game ? reviewed July 1, 2007
Sand Dust by caesarman Action
Nice movie mate.. always like a good fight a few hours after i wake up ;) I tryed downloading sets of your 8 eyed baby site... How do i get it into the game ? thanks ! Check out my movies too thanks :) reviewed July 1, 2007
Borat Driving Lessons by scarface6191 Action
Featured Review
Lol quite funny mate !! Please visit my studios and rate my new movie Gun Runners 2 !! Thanks lad peace out!
reviewed June 30, 2007
The Gift of Life by scarface6191 Horror
Featured Review
Nice movie man !! Pretty sad like =( Totally Bookmarked ;) Where you get that musc from ? It's wicked ! Please visit my studios and rate my new movie Gun Runners 2 !! Thanks lad peace out!
reviewed June 30, 2007
Gologtha Lives! by Jeremy123 Horror
Nice movie man !! Only where is the sound ?? Please visit my studios and rate my new movie Gun Runners 2 !! Thanks lad peace out! reviewed June 30, 2007
Hitman The Urban Legend by MrMogul Action
Not too bad, Room for improvement ;) reviewed June 29, 2007
Human Cost 2 by Bartlin4321 Action
Nice short and sweet Love all movies with an army... Good work lad ;) Please check out my studios and rate rate rate =D reviewed June 17, 2007
LOVE OR DIE by mickel960 Action
Featured Review
Lol good movie but the ending ? what ? It was crap like it spoilt the whole thing and try to use a thumbnail ;) Ill just forget about the ending... was a good movie well done. Please check out my st...
reviewed June 17, 2007
Dark September by kell1608 Action
Sweet movie man ! Pretty sad like... Please rate my other movies =D reviewed June 16, 2007
Internal Compromise by stijn_v Horror
Didn't fully get the story at the end... nice horror bits but a mic is much needed ! =) Good job anyway.. Click on my name and rate mine ! thanks ! =) Good luck at movie making ! reviewed August 15, 2006
Invaders from Mars by pixiedad Sci-Fi
Great movie ! wish it would be longer and have a final outcome... Would also be better with a mic =) Please click on my name and view and rate my movies also ! thanks alot and good luck with movie making ! reviewed August 15, 2006
The Mad Slasher by Ghoulscout13 Horror
Very good, would be better with a mic ! reviewed August 14, 2006
Horror In The House 10 by Carlinhoz Comedy
LOL great movie ! one of the funniest movies i saw on this site ! Love the ladies first bit and then he just walks on in ! Please rate my movies ! (click on my name and serch through them =) tha... reviewed August 14, 2006
Creep 2 Trailer by SMagee Horror
Nice trailer ! Cant Wait to see the Full thing ! tell me when it's out... reviewed August 14, 2006
49 In The Fire by BradPitt Action
Sweet movie, nice fire effects and thanks for rating mine... Great music and soundtrack ;) i like the name jack morris... sounds like chuck norris lol. Bye ! reviewed August 14, 2006
the fight to the DEATH!! by richardl95 Action
Great movie... was very entertaining =) 4/5 becasue subtitles can be improved by a mic and somebody talking ... still a great movie. Thanks for rating mine ! reviewed August 14, 2006
Lone Rider by Syoris Action
Fantatic movie, Try get a mic and do voices, reading while trying to watch is pretty hard... i mean you miss half of the movie. It was still extremely good.. ! reviewed August 14, 2006
The Avengers by richardl95 Sci-Fi
Cool Movie and Great use of 'comic book' heros Enjoyed watching it ! =) Please rate mine, link is : Thanks Very Much reviewed August 13, 2006
World War 2 A Day To Remember by Mohnke Action
A Decent War Movie, Thought the specking was abit slow (E.G... The....... Germans....... Are......... ! Duck...... for..... !) Thanks for rating my movie... very thoughtful of y... reviewed August 12, 2006