Number of Movies: 2
Number of Winning Movies: 0
Average Rating Received: 2.87

Number of Movies Reviewed: 18
Number of Reviews Given that were Featured: 2
Average Rating Given: 4.61
Movies Released by Rollo_Tommasi
Things to do for a perfect date Romance
Things to do for a perfect date. The title says it all. Originariamente chiamato il tenerone, è il mio omaggio alle commedie degli equivoci. posted December 25, 2005
Cielo mio marito Comedy
A personal interpretation of Hal Roach's short film. No subtile and no dialogue, but I hope you could understand the story. The title translation is "Good Heavens, my husband". It's my first film so, ... posted December 22, 2005
Movies Reviewed by Rollo_Tommasi
La Guerra dei Tonti by MasterMax Sci-Fi
...verrebbe voglia di citare lo slogan di Godzilla: "LE D....... CONTANO!" Bel lavoro. reviewed January 18, 2006
VAL by Saraqael Sci-Fi
One word: terrific! reviewed January 11, 2006
The Christmass Spirit by gpet Comedy
Grande esempio di black humor! Un po' estremo per i miei gusti, ma hai fatto un grande lavoro. reviewed January 11, 2006
Cybercop by guydon01 Comedy
Divertentissimo! Ricorda una scenetta di "Wayne 'n' Shuster", due comici canadesi degli anni '80. reviewed January 11, 2006
The time keeper by gilga Sci-Fi
Trés bien! Tu a fait un bon travail! Good job! I like the moral dilemma of the main character. J'ai aimé le dilemma du protagoniste. reviewed January 11, 2006
The crazy chicken by cloudvm Comedy
Completamente folle! Truly crazy! reviewed December 25, 2005
The Sound of War by rabbinadaniel Action
Featured Review
Very poetic.
reviewed December 25, 2005
The Wrong Hour - Part I by S_Kubrick Action
Featured Review
A good movie indeed, very "Maltese Falcon" type. I like noir so I give you 5 star. Have a nice time.
reviewed December 25, 2005
King Kong 1941 (Act-Two) by StevenKreg Action
Awesome. I'll be waiting for other masterpiece reviewed December 25, 2005
Santa Inc by Sir_Goose_Productions Comedy
I laugh all the time! Well done. reviewed December 25, 2005
Batman VS The Joker by ktompkins Action
Good job. Hopin' Lionhead will relase superheroes costumes. reviewed December 22, 2005
Flamenco Fandango by TomServo3k Action
Great job! Great story! Great dubbing and music! A pratically perfect movie in my humble opinion. I hope to see other work in the future. reviewed December 13, 2005
Quiz on the road by Robix Comedy
Divertente! Mi chiedo come sei riuscito ad ottenere l'effetto del poliziotto che corre inseguendo l'auto... Complimenti anche al doppiaggio. reviewed December 11, 2005
Barzelletta 1 by gpet Comedy
Conoscevo già la barzelletta, ma la realizzazione é perfetta. Bravo. reviewed December 8, 2005
Pallottola fredda by cosmorana Romance
Do tre stelle per incoraggiare i registi italiani. Storia inconsistente ma penso sia perché voltevi provare tutte le capacità del programma. Buon doppiaggio comunque. reviewed December 8, 2005
The Spanish Inquisition by Kesti Comedy
Please make more movies with Melvin and Audrey! I laugh all the time. And the firtin' cops are a nice touch. Very Montypytonesque! Continua così che vai forte. reviewed December 7, 2005
The Last War by Kesti Sci-Fi
Great job! Good voice-over and editing. And a great end too. Ottimo lavoro ancora! reviewed December 7, 2005
Terror Tales - Of Chief Concern by HyperGnome Horror
Brillant! A true masterpiece! A terrific voice!Hopin' seein' more chillin' episodes. reviewed December 5, 2005