Number of Movies: 8
Number of Winning Movies: 0
Average Rating Received: 4.8

Number of Movies Reviewed: 58
Number of Reviews Given that were Featured: 8
Average Rating Given: 4.79
Movies Released by Rob_Spookie
Planet Death - The Other Story Horror
Story: The city is now overtaken by the zombies. The west side of the city was recently destroyed to get rid of some of the zombie packed areas. Not many citizens are left to stand against the attack... posted May 25, 2007
Gone Missing Horror
This is actually a sequel for the very first film I made "A wolf from west town" which has been removed as an offline film. These events takes place over 50 years after the events in the prequel. Now ... posted April 1, 2007
Planet Dead Horror
The 666'th uploaded film. It is more of the Survival/Zombie genre. The story follows a group of people hanging around at a bar one night when they suddenly end up fighting for their lives against un... posted January 22, 2007
Planet Death Horror Not Rated
No Description posted January 20, 2007
A Hunter on the Road Horror
Three friends are unlucky when they stumble on a psychopathic killer. posted January 1, 2007
Killing Counselors Horror
My second movie. It is about new counselors who meets the famous Jason Voorhees in the dark woods. posted July 30, 2006
A Wolf from West town Horror
Its the "car breaking down in a bad place" theme. I'ts my first movie and it became much longer than i expected! posted July 10, 2006
A Wolf from West town Horror Not Rated
Its the usual "car breaking down in a bad place". It's my first movie, it became much longer than i expected..! posted July 10, 2006
Movies Reviewed by Rob_Spookie
Before You Know What by Ozzybloke Action
This was a nice and entertaining action flick. It hade alot of smart ideas =P , and I very much liked the ending. Would be interesting to see more of R**** A******N. reviewed November 5, 2008
A Cherry Frame by JJX-treme_productions Horror
I really liked this story.. You did a great job with the tension how it build up from the beginning towards the end. The music was also very good and brought a Very creepy feeling. All together the fr... reviewed August 31, 2007
Little Black Riding Hood by tomasm Horror
It was a nice and more scary view of Little red riding hood, I liked the freecam and I think it fitted perfectly for the mood. I'm usually not very fond of VO's but I think the voices you had in this ... reviewed June 27, 2007
ALIENS EARTH HIVE 6 by hmrubicon Sci-Fi
Featured Review
It was a very interesting story and you definatly had alot of cool scenes and cool mods in it! The story really feels professional and I can see some films that you are inspired by. It's very original...
reviewed June 7, 2007
Blue Highway by zaaapmmme Action
It was an interesting film, I wish it could be longer though! I liked the freecam and the music I liked the most. It gives a really fitting mood for the film. A nice short gangster film indeed. reviewed June 5, 2007
Neighbours by VandrendeOrn Horror
Definatly what I call a cheesy and fun slash fest. x) There were alot of creepy moments in the film and the music is definatly fitting. I especially like the fast paced chase scenes. Good job. reviewed May 27, 2007
Stay Alive as a Gangster (ep 1) by Christian11 Action
A nice action packed film. The scenes runned smoothly and I think the VO's were not that good but they still were not distracting and the acting was good. I also liked the end of the film as it makes ... reviewed May 26, 2007
A Bar Story Teaser by thejoe8pizza Comedy
Whoa this looks very messed up. All the character's are just plain crazy! You really seem to have put up a really good story with really good characters. I can only wait and see when the real film wi... reviewed April 7, 2007
Good Boy! by MelonTheCreeker Horror
Featured Review
This was a creepy film indeed, It really brings up a dark side of what looks kind of like a phobia. The music you used and the sets really gave this film a creepy atmosphere. A nice film that I think ...
reviewed April 7, 2007
Blood Stained Carpet- teaser by ZCK_legend Horror
Wow now thats what I call a gorefest! I'm gonna keep an eye on your studio for the real film. You really have great gory effects and I'm sure it will creep the audience right down to their bones. x) reviewed April 7, 2007
I Miss you by nickobretto Romance
A nice short film! I like how you made a story out of a letter, even though it is very simple you got the right music and everything fits in with it very well. This is another nice short film I would ... reviewed April 7, 2007
The Door by DHTHTLA Horror
I think this was a creative piece of filmmaking. I was interesting at first and it was abit creepy when you didn't know what was behind the door. I felt the noises were abit odd but in the end everyth... reviewed April 6, 2007
Farm 7 by cheese101 Horror
This film just shines with originality. o.o The story and the script are very professional and the sets that you have, especially the laboratory are really well made! I can say that the events of the... reviewed April 3, 2007
hitman 2 revenge by darkbeamx Action
A good continual for your last film, I think this had a much better story and I like that you made it more different from the first part. The music is better in this one, though I suggest to stay away... reviewed April 3, 2007
hitman by darkbeamx Action
This was a nice film, it was somewhat distracting with the song though what I liked the most about this movie was that it had very good use of freecam and you developed a good story. It is nice to se... reviewed April 3, 2007
Evil Inc by towelie Comedy
This was just a really crazy film and probably is and will always be the most original film of TMO. Everything just makes me laugh my ass of when I watch this, especially the VO's, they are simply brilliant! XD reviewed April 2, 2007
Red Shadow Wanted Dead or Alive Trailer by Mattooman Action
Featured Review
It's a nice trailer, and what I most like is that it doesn't spoil to much of the actual film. It's interesting also to see how you combined different sets. I'll look forward to seeing the actual film. =)
reviewed April 2, 2007
Ave Maria by zaaapmmme Romance
Thanks for the great comment. =) I have to say this music video is very nice. The sets, freecam and music combined creates a really effective mood. I think you also developed the story very good so th... reviewed April 2, 2007
Temporary Night Teaser by nukester Romance
Really great teaser, I really like the freecam that you used for this! x) Also the music and the sounds in the background really sets the mood for everything. This is a movie I'll look forward to viewing! reviewed April 1, 2007
Life by heuser7719 Action
The movie is a good example of tragedy, you used very effective music which really fits in with the theme and with the emotions. This is definatly one of the films which shows that films without dialo... reviewed April 1, 2007
A Dogs Tale by DK Romance
This was very unexpecting and I have to say this film is touching. I think you really captured the feeling and atmosphere of the scenes through the sets, freecam and the music really goes with the sce... reviewed April 1, 2007
THe VAmpire GHost 2 by Ultraviolet32x Horror
A good start, I can see you are doing well with the freecam! I recommend you to make a longer film next time and add a cool story. From looking at the atmosphere and the freecam I see that you can mak... reviewed April 1, 2007
Resort Paradise by Matthew999 Comedy
Pretty funny film I have to say. xD The VO is very suitable and well performed, it all looks like as if it would be one of those real commercials out there. reviewed April 1, 2007
Earth Trailer 1 by samyhouse Sci-Fi
Featured Review
This is a really great trailer! The music and the sets have a really cool atmosphere and they are touching. I can definatly see that the film will be a huge success once it is released. I will look f...
reviewed April 1, 2007
Ultimate Warriors (Theatrical Trailer 2) by DanielH20 Sci-Fi
This is truly one of the best trailers I have seen on TMO! The special effects are simply amazing and I like all of the character presentations that you put in it. I'll keep an eye on your studio for ... reviewed April 1, 2007
Near by sidy Horror
I don't bookmark alot of films, though this film I'm bookmarking! The atmosphere and the music is just outstanding, and the music fits in perfectly with all of the scenes! All I can say is thank god I... reviewed April 1, 2007
Bloody Mary 2 by patt0192 Horror
A very interesting storyline and I mostly liked the shock effects that you made. I will be watching for part number 3 to come. reviewed January 28, 2007
The gift by spartan05 Horror
I am only bookmarking movies wich I think completely blew me away. And this is one of those movies! I have to say that this movie is extremely well made and you have done it really creative! I feel th... reviewed January 25, 2007
The benny Gump Trilogy by zaaapmmme Action
This looks like a good and a promising start for your series. I will keep an eye on the studio for more films to come. x) reviewed January 24, 2007
Full Death trailer by Colin509 Horror
All I can say is that it is a very promising trailer and also, nice comment at the end. xD I'll wait and see the real movie when it comes out. reviewed January 22, 2007
1950s Aliens Trailer by palomino123 Sci-Fi
Featured Review
It's nice to see trailers that are as cool as this one, actually it does not look any more different than the trailers for real movies! o.o I am definatly going to check the movie out when it's finish...
reviewed January 22, 2007
At The Cabin by eklumt Horror
You did a good job, especially when it is your first movie. I'll look forward to seeing more of your movies! reviewed January 14, 2007
World of the Dead by 20thSmeaglFox Horror
This IS the most coolest looking movie I have ever seen on TMO!!! The camera work makes it look completely as it would be in a real film. And also for being the first movie I will definatly see what y... reviewed January 13, 2007
Black River (Trailer) by userjosh9874 Action
Hmm the trailer shows promise of a good movie. I'll look forward to seeing this one. reviewed January 12, 2007
The Last Scream 2 by starsfilms Horror
Whoa that was definatly entertaining, i just have to say that the nurse's death scene was bloody brilliant! xD reviewed January 12, 2007
Strange Things by Ozzybloke Horror
Featured Review
Hehe, now that is what i call underhållande. xD
reviewed January 2, 2007
House of Dead Children 2 The Experiment by VandrendeOrn Horror
Wow I can see you put ALOT of work into this. The story is great and the music and sets are very original. This is definatly a hotpicked movie. reviewed January 2, 2007
Fergialious Remix by meosha12 Comedy
Actually it's the first music vid i've seen on TMO. Never thought you could make these videos good but you make them excellent. x) reviewed January 1, 2007
Hot Dance by timorogowski Romance
You did a good job with the camera i say. xD reviewed January 1, 2007
We fight for our fathers by zaaapmmme Action
Whoa, the storyline is very original and interesting. I also think you filmed the action scenes excellent. It wouldnt suprise me if this got on the top list! And also thanks for the comment. x) reviewed January 1, 2007
Featured Review
Definatly an original idea and a smart one too. I just have to say it was hilarious. xD
reviewed January 1, 2007
Alien by mrkrueger250 Sci-Fi
This is what I call good move making. I can see you show talent in the Movies. x) reviewed January 1, 2007
Pricks by Ozzybloke Comedy
Hehe, funny. xD And nice sound effects. xP reviewed January 1, 2007
Robo And Zillas Violent Adventures by d_smith Comedy
Featured Review
That is probably the wierdest movie i've seen on The Movies. o.o So useless that it is funny. xD
reviewed December 17, 2006
The Bunnies Strike Trailer by eobaggs Comedy
This is a promising trailer, now you just gotta wait and see how the movie will turn out. x) reviewed December 11, 2006
Killing Spree (The Beginning) by Meethan5 Action
This was pretty entertaining, I also liked the futuristic sets that you used. x) reviewed December 11, 2006
The World Dies With You by Exity_ Action
Funny film and also your first. xD reviewed December 8, 2006
Soldiers Of Doom by KaRsKiN Action
Very good for first film online, it would be cool to see what you plan on making next. reviewed August 5, 2006
The Night Of The Living Dead People by castigo Horror
It si one of the best Zombie movies ive seen on TMO, it was just a few subtitles that went a bit fast. reviewed August 3, 2006
ON by sidy Romance
Very good story, you have a talent for creating tension!! reviewed July 31, 2006
Demon Scare by ChimpPanzy Horror
Very good for being first movie, the story was great tho it could be confusing sometimes.. reviewed July 30, 2006
Switch Off The Sun by awilson Action
This was very entertaining and had good story, the only problem was the fast subtitles. reviewed July 30, 2006
The Story of the Dead by mumu94 Horror
Very nice story, the best zombie film ive seen so far on TMO. And also thanks for the suggestions! I will probably wait to get a few more sets and stuff. reviewed July 13, 2006
Thriller Music Video by bonathan Horror
Cool and funny idea x) , this is the first music video ive seen on lionhead. reviewed July 11, 2006
Slashed by Spaceman72 Horror
Your movie is definatly one of my favorites on lionhead, im a huge fan of slasher films! reviewed July 11, 2006
the mummyfied shack by george93 Horror
You should try to add more backstory to the character, and it was a little confusing in the end with the cop and the laser rifle. Though still some of it was funny..! reviewed July 11, 2006
The Walking Dead by mumu94 Horror
You did a good job, though aliittle more music in the end would'nt hurt. Still it was entertaining. reviewed July 11, 2006
Silent Hill Trailer by ShahRukhKhan Horror
This is how a good trailer should be! You did a good job to get the feeling of Silent hill. reviewed July 11, 2006