Number of Movies: 11
Number of Winning Movies: 0
Average Rating Received: 4.12

Number of Movies Reviewed: 197
Number of Reviews Given that were Featured: 20
Average Rating Given: 3.95
Movies Released by RevStar
Brotherhood Part Four Teaser Action
I tell a lie :/. This is actually the teaser/trailer for Part Five of the Brotherhood. I only realised when I started writing the script, sorry. It may not make sense to people who have not seen the o... posted May 5, 2007
The Brotherhood Part Three Action
((PLEASE TRY TO IGNORE THE GAME GLITCHES IN THE MIDDLE)) The third installment of the Brotherhood Series.This is the first part of a series of Movies that tell the story of Lucas Carter, who now find... posted April 8, 2007
Overlay Test 2 Action
This is just a little tech demo to show you what can be done with custom overlays. It includes a static overlay and a matrix style animated one. This one has more story than the last one. Enjoy :) By... posted October 19, 2006
Brotherhood Part Two Action
Continuing from the first part (watch all "Brotherhood Movies" on my studio page and find the first part at, this is the second part of a series of Movies that ... posted September 2, 2006
Brotherhood Trailer Action
A trailer for my series called "The Brotherhood". The Brotherhood is a series of movies about an ancient brotherhood with a powerful secret. Parts one and two are out now and you can find them on my ... posted August 30, 2006
Overlay Test Action
This is just a little tech demo to show you what can be done with custom overlays. This scene will be used in my upcoming film: OSIRIS Thanks for the reveiws everyone. By BigCircleCinema, aka Gingar... posted August 2, 2006
The Brotherhood Part One Action
This is the first part of a series of Movies that tell the story of Lucas Carter, who's life was turned around when an unknown Assassin killed his father and three other men and tried to kill him. Now... posted July 14, 2006
The Five (Part I) Action
Made by Big Circle Cinema. This is the first episode in a series. All the mysteries in this one will be answered in later episodes. The series is about an extremely powerful and evil demon's spirit wh... posted February 24, 2006
Warwolf Horror
Made by Big Circle Cinema, Revstar's brother studio. Its not really a horror but a cross between action and horror. Its about a British soldier who is knocked out in a battle and wakes up with the we... posted February 2, 2006
Alien Clown Robbers From Mars Comedy
A slightly strange movie set in a world not dissimilar to our own. The story follows the tale of two robbers, dressed as clowns... Excuse the poor voice over, we were testing it out. There are a few ... posted January 28, 2006
Tantalus Horror
When the voodoo warlock Tantalus is released from his firey grave, Hell on Earth is the result. Few people survive the onslaught of the living dead, but those who do must stick together to survive. On... posted January 28, 2006
Movies Reviewed by RevStar
Testing Site by rysto Comedy
Revolutionary work, it's what I've always wanted :-) .. . reviewed September 4, 2007
Oh So Close by rysto Comedy
Well aint that the cutest lil mod I've ever seen? An animated human prop, what next?! I can't wait to see anyways . . . reviewed August 27, 2007
2 Weeks in Texas The Escape! (Trailer) by rjb2112 Romance
Featured Review
I'm not rating above 3 stars due to your description. This story certainly has premise but, after watching the trailer I find myself wondering if it will be carried out to the standards it deserves. ...
reviewed July 17, 2007
Interrogation Scene by Richegroover Comedy
Nice mod, the demo was a little slow though, could've got the same effect if you edited down a bit but still, great mod, especially if you retexture it. reviewed July 11, 2007
The Reporter by Zapper901 Comedy
This is very basic work. The music was not really appropriate for the movie. The fact that I'd heard it at least 100 times really takes away from the novelty value and in turn from the movie. Try to ... reviewed June 29, 2007
The Family by Smagee Action
Quite a good mafia movie, refreshing not to see the old, "you killed my father" vengeance story. The movie in itself is quite good but there were some glaring faults that really took away from the ex... reviewed June 24, 2007
Lionhead by Dr_House Romance
Brilliant but one query: Why have you waited so long to show us your movie making skills! For this was definitely a well put together movie, held together with great mods, music and voice overs. The... reviewed June 23, 2007
FAR HEAVEN by cavaleras Action
Amazing movie, the most powerful Western I've ever seen. The dialog was excellent and, even though some of the music wasn't custom, it blended in so well I didn't notice. The scenes were put together ... reviewed June 23, 2007
Only A Dream by KaeptnWiglo Sci-Fi
Featured Review
WOW! I wish I had dreams like that :) Excellent use of experimental overlays
reviewed June 17, 2007
Scratch by George_Locust Action
Awesome use of overlays. Definitely the most original gunfights I've everseen. The movie ran extremely well, the story was just brilliant. I love the genre. The VOs however were at points pretty shodd... reviewed June 16, 2007
True Grunt Trailer by bongoman Action
So the UT stuff's overlays? Cool. Looks very good and adds a new type of violence and weapons to the Movies. Great work. reviewed June 12, 2007
Terror Tales - Of Chief Concern by HyperGnome Horror
Absolutely AMAZING horror movie. I love your style. You're right, there is a fluent use of cliche and to your advantage. A tale beautifully told, well done. (And your first release?! Awesome!) reviewed June 8, 2007
Asylum by laurajsoffe Horror
Great movie, certainly builds up an atmosphere although at some points the music shattered this. The VOs were very well done. The use of mods worked very well and the editing was very good. The very f... reviewed June 6, 2007
The Berlin Fall by csfuller Action
Great movie ;) The music merged reasonably well with the scenes and the scenes generally merged well with each other. Unfortunately there were some mistakes dotted around the movie. At one point th... reviewed June 5, 2007
The Berlin Fall Trailer by csfuller Action
Quite a good trailer, the VOs were a bit wooden... The scenes flowed quite well. Don't forget though that it was the Russians invading Berlin. Try and get some custom music for the actual movie and yo... reviewed May 31, 2007
Farm 71 Trailer by cheese101 Comedy
Cool looking trailer :0 The VOs were a little shakey though, shame about that. Otherwise it was great. Liked the mods and all that Jazz. reviewed May 29, 2007
Enigma Episode 2 - Leviathan by ubernewbie Sci-Fi
Another great Sci Fi Hit. Again the VOs were excellent, enjoyed the radio effects you put on some of them. The overlays were alright, a bit shakey at points. The credits were hard to read though, some... reviewed May 29, 2007
Band Of Bullets by csfuller Action
Excellent Cowboy movie! It seemed a bit Broke-Back Mountain-ish at one point "watch him leave my life forever"... But still, great dialog. One thing that lost you a star however was the speed the subt... reviewed May 24, 2007
The Daily Life of Mr Nog by csfuller Comedy
Featured Review
Great work for a first movie. Very good editing. The subs were always readable. The comedy was very surreal but nonetheless funny.
reviewed May 21, 2007
The Unfolding Darkness by Nightfire101 Romance
Featured Review
Great bit of artistic direction, could've edited some of the scenes down a bit though. Hard to find much else to say... It was good though ;)
reviewed May 20, 2007
Enigma Episode 1 - Vengance by ubernewbie Sci-Fi
Excellent Sci Fi. Truly original feel what with the custom sets and mods and all that jazz. The dialog was a bit too technical, but hey, it's a sci fi. The VOs were good I think, I dont know what juli... reviewed May 20, 2007
The Stage Coach by MokEwok Action
Simple plot, driven by a decent level of action and a minor amount of comedy. Great western movie, the dialog seemed a little modern sometimes though. It was a bit annoying to see that you used the sa... reviewed May 16, 2007
The Island 2 by tgnorman1 Action
The movie was put together quite well, some of the scenes seemed a little incontinuous, but they gave the idea. The VOs lacked feeling at points, but were well recorded. The movie seemed to turn in on... reviewed May 12, 2007
Ninjitsu Sun Teaser Trailer by nukester Action
Sounds like a great movie's gonna be made, I'll keep a look out for it. reviewed May 12, 2007
The Dead Of Santa Claus by Bora11 Action
Utterly pointless movie that did very little to entertain me. I congratulate myself for watching it to the end. The main story was that santa gets some money, he gets shot, his killers get arrested an... reviewed May 11, 2007
Blood Roofs teaser by EthanRunt Action
Excellent trailer, I loved the cinematic shots and the post production rocks, especially the music. Great work, I can't wait for the actual movie. reviewed May 11, 2007
The last day of my life by tgnorman1 Comedy
Even though the story wasn't that original, it was done in a very different way. The VOs were usually pretty good, but sometimes I feel they lacked feeling. They seemed a bit frothy at points, make su... reviewed May 8, 2007
GTA The Musical by cult_inc Action
Quite good for a music video, but in the end it seemed like lots of stunts one after the other. The scenes didn't really fit in with the music, but it was still quite a good music video. reviewed May 6, 2007
Horror Of The Werewolf by nukester Horror
Excellent work! The VOs were brilliant, the free-cam was awesome and the story was something else. I loved the way you built up the suspense - it was all so proffesional. I loved it all. This is defin... reviewed May 6, 2007
Skaramine Begins by Skaramine Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Your best movie yet, the narration was a good feature. It was quite dark and mysterious, and the story was great. The dialog was very clever. I did notice his costume change from red to black, shame. ...
reviewed May 6, 2007
Severa - Warlock Justice by Skaramine Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Another above average superhero movie - I loved the begining when she was falling from the sky, although the subtitles at that point were illedgible, I would highly advise against using that font. The...
reviewed May 6, 2007
The Luminators Gauntlet by Skaramine Sci-Fi
Hmmm, it was quite good for a superhero movie, shame about the sound synch problem but sometimes it's unavoidable. The dialog was ok but seemed a little cheesy. You should try to get some custom music... reviewed May 6, 2007
Adventum Vita by boefpo Romance
Absolutely great, superb free cam and editing which really added to the movie. The music was excellently placed and the lack of dialog actually made the story telling better, an effect that movies rar... reviewed April 30, 2007
Stolen Death - Chapter one by sisch Sci-Fi
Awesome use of free cam, probably the most stylish style I've seen used on TMO. The CCTV camera overlay has never been used so well. The story telling was excellent, and what a story it tells! Thought... reviewed April 29, 2007
Wolfe The World Keeper Trailer by Camoron Action
Cool, looked alot like splinter cell at points, liked the neck break :) The costume looked very good aswell. The VOs at the beggining were sort of alright aswell. I'll look out for the movie reviewed April 29, 2007
le coup de grace by kijote Action
To my knowledge this is the first movie ever, (correct me if I'm wrong), and it is truly the embodiment of early TMO movies. It's so basic yet such... masterful(?) story telling. The music blends so w... reviewed April 26, 2007
GUNPOINT MEDICINE Ep One Trailer by l8o1s5t Sci-Fi
Great trailer, strange story. The overlays looked great and the scenes were very well put together. reviewed April 25, 2007
Dont Leave The Office by Movieluke Horror
Unfortunately I think you've had an Upload problem and the movie is unwatchable. I suggest you take it offline and upload it again. Better luck next time :) reviewed April 23, 2007
John Rage The World Is Buried With Me by mrbatchy Action
Yep, this movie was much much much better than the first. Some the music really fitted in well and the scenes flowed very well. I loved the montage thing with the overlay - I must warn you though that... reviewed April 23, 2007
The Black Widow by Zamona Horror
Very artisticly directed. Liked the way you didn't need dialogue in it (much like Maple Street by the SuperBeast), the movie was good enough to speak for itself. Loved the little "epilogue" kind of th... reviewed April 21, 2007
The High Seas by HUEfilms Action
This was superb for a pirate movie made with no no props and without stunts and effects - 5 stars for originality with the sets and stuff. The story was a bit pirates of the carribean-esque but the co... reviewed April 21, 2007
Grave Of Sarrow by jakechief Action
Let's face it, there was no plot - just a phycopathic guy killing people, that was it. Grave of Sarrow, that's a strange title - isn't it supposed to be grave of sorrow? Also, miguel9kb, there was no ... reviewed April 18, 2007
Weather Hour by jedi5000 Comedy
I'm guessing you were influenced by Family Guy, the Day Today and possibly the Simpsons - if you weren't then I seriously suggest you watch some of that stuff. The stuff that wasn't... taken from thos... reviewed April 17, 2007
Am Ende der Distanz (Recut) by Meowan Romance
Even though I can't understand the German VOs, I can tell that the are fantastic. They, along with the music add a chilling depth to this movie that is very rare amongst other movies. The subtitles we... reviewed April 17, 2007
Railroad Badlands by johnluke576 Action
Really good western! How come there was a car though? The gun fights were brilliant - perfectly executed. I loved the dialogue aswell. The music fit well also. There was also a nice bit of comedy. The... reviewed April 17, 2007
Death of Baggage Boy by jedi5000 Comedy
It's nice to see the baggage boy get his whipped every once in a while, but even the good old baggage boy spin off seems to be getting old nowadays. Otherwise the comedy was good, so was the voic... reviewed April 17, 2007
John Rage The World Dies With Me by mrbatchy Action
This was a fairly basic action movie. It didn't really have a story and some of the dialogue was pretty... simple, like "so dad, you used to be an agent". An agent of what? An actors agent? An estate ... reviewed April 16, 2007
It Hid In The Dark by StephB Horror
This started as a good horror movie. |The music really did fit in with the scenes and built a nice atmosphere. The free cam had a really nice horror style to it, excellently done. The fight scene was ... reviewed April 16, 2007
The Chronicles Of Smith Satans Immortal by mrbatchy Action
Featured Review
It started off a little average but it got better and better - I like it as a sureal comedy. There were some pretty funny moments. There was some good free cam but I feel that your editing let you dow...
reviewed April 16, 2007
Flagpole by Bllasae Action
I would give you 1 star but, just because you used the safety dance, you earned another 2. Otherwise there wasn't any plot or anything - you should use the custom script office if you're not already. ... reviewed April 15, 2007
Fade To Black II - Utopia Rising by ubernewbie Sci-Fi
Do I spend 25 minutes of my life watching some old sci fi movie? No, I spend 25 minutes watching a master peice, the best sci fi since Fade to Black 1. I love these movies. The length doesn't matter w... reviewed April 15, 2007
Tainted Souls I - Death Drs Dreams by jameseva Horror
Very good drama/horror. The atmosphere was created brilliantly by the sad music. The actual movie seemed like a proffesional movie. The plot is very deep and interesting and I'm glad I didn't let the ... reviewed April 15, 2007
Johnny Got His Gun - Listen by MrSmithee Horror
Interesting and thought provoking movie. It kind of reminded me of those dreams Tony Soprano has. reviewed April 15, 2007
The Night Hunter by qtigger Horror
It's unusual for a horror made on TMO to build suspense as well as this. The music, narration and free cam really accelerated the story telling. The VOs were beautifully clear and the dialogue was sup... reviewed April 15, 2007
Knock Knock! by MefuneAkira Comedy
Best comedy I've EVER seen on TMO. Hilarity throughout, great work reviewed April 14, 2007
Fade To Black by ubernewbie Sci-Fi
As a rule, I find most Sci Fis boring and repetitive. This however, is amazing! The use of Music and Mods was top drawer, to say the least. Editing was fantastic. The story ran fluently throughout and... reviewed April 12, 2007
The Boston Strangler - Trailer by siclops Horror
Very apetising trailer, looks like a good movie. Like the editing aswell. Free cam worked very well to build suspense reviewed April 12, 2007
The Peculiar by jch414 Comedy
Exceedingly excelent comedy, I love it! The VOs were fantabulous, the dialogue was hilariously melodramatic and the story was fiendishly absurd!If I could, I'd nominate this for best comedy, I really would reviewed April 9, 2007
The Flip Side by sparky1512 Comedy
Quite a good comedy, very funny for what it is. There were quite alot of funny moments. The VOs were probably one of the best things about it. You paid a nice little homage to Family Guy at the beggining :) reviewed April 9, 2007
A Man of Few Words by ryno0263 Action
Featured Review
Very atmospheric music choices, good use of free cam, liked the chalk outline bit. Modded sets were used to a great effect. The VOs were good for most of the Characters, apart from maybe the police ch...
reviewed April 9, 2007
Galaxy Wars Episode 1 Rogue Attack by JoeIsHere50 Sci-Fi
An ok sci fi movie, great editing in the fight scene, storyline wasn't very original though. The voice overs were good, but try to hold the microphone a bit further away from your mouth when you talk.... reviewed April 9, 2007
Red Alert by JoeIsHere50 Action
I give you 4 stars because you apologised for the ending ;) The rest of the movie was prety good, especially the war scene and the car chase. The Subs worked well apart from the womans lines - you sho... reviewed April 9, 2007
Life by heuser7719 Action
Great set dressing, short but brilliantly told story, some of the fading seemed a bit off though. Otherwise a movie that deserved top spot reviewed April 8, 2007
Old by heuser7719 Action
I am not sure what it is about this movie that I like, but whatever it is, I like it alot :) reviewed April 8, 2007
The Skullfather Teaser by kcwarrior Action
Good camera angles, nice trailer reviewed April 8, 2007
Samael - Trailer by Gamedude150 Action
Promising trailer, haunting choice of music and good dialougue. I will look out for this movie reviewed April 7, 2007
How to Fight and Hide from Zombies by iconquistador227 Comedy
Funny, as always, although I prefered "Switch off the Sun" :) Amusingly educative and a great style. The VOs were well done and easy to listen to. Lots of laughs to be found. reviewed April 7, 2007
45 - part 1 by TheSuperBeast Action
Probably the best Mafioso movie I have seen on the movies. Great flow (as Ralfduran said) and smart dialogue. Free cam was excelent at points and was used to a good effect. One of the more sophisticat... reviewed April 7, 2007
As the Sun Dies by TheSuperBeast Action
Very good "noirish" movie, although some of the action was a bit predictable (hence the 4 stars). The storyline was great though, the reptile body paint works well with that head, brain, thingy. Good subs etc. reviewed April 7, 2007
Maple Street by TheSuperBeast Comedy
Featured Review
There were no VOs or Subs. Only Joking! This movie worked really well without any of these traditional ways of communication, really well, fantastically well infact! I love this, I truly do. It deserv...
reviewed April 7, 2007
The course of the black aim by aledin Action
Maybe it's my computer, maybe it was an upload problem, but there was no sound?! Without sound it just seemed like the same knife fight over and over again. It didn't have story either. You should add... reviewed April 7, 2007
The Payback by rbarnum Action
I give this 3 stars because, overall it was ok. The voice overs start of ok but get worse as the movie progresses. If it was set in Nazi Germany, (which I'm assuming it is, the VOs weren't that clear,... reviewed April 7, 2007
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap by poisonedbagel Action
Why was it called "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap"? This has nothing to do with movie. There was little in the way of a story and the dialogue wasn't too great either. You should have payed more attentio... reviewed April 7, 2007
The Big Bug by LeoStudios Horror
I cant give it 5 stars, because it's nothing yet, but I cant give it 1 star just because it's had an Export Problem. It is unfortunate that you have had an export problem, it seemed like it would have... reviewed April 7, 2007
Invasion by avrv1996 Action
This was an ok trailer, but the editing was average at best. The VOs sounded good but the actual movie itself lacked essence. It was basically lots of uncut action scenes, one after the other. You sho... reviewed April 7, 2007
Killing People by hjk Horror
This film makes no sense, why would that guy go around killing people? The one redeeming feature i suppose is the music, which I would say was 10 out of 10, but otherwise it was just a guy killing peo... reviewed March 3, 2007
Theres An Aztec In My Bedroom by JoeIsHere50 Comedy
Funny comedy, liked the VOs reviewed February 24, 2007
Speed Freaks by JoeIsHere50 Action
Well put together race movie with some funny and in some cases sinister VOs. Nice job, probably one of the best Race themed movies I've seen, unfortunate that there aren't many road sets in the game t... reviewed February 24, 2007
24 -Part 124- by daniel7474 Action
This movie does not seem to make much sense, the translation leaves a lot to be desired. The dialogue is very amatuer and makes me think an 4 year old wrote it (i.e. You must out on a mission! You mus... reviewed February 24, 2007
The Car Lover by JohnLeeAnn Comedy
That film was foul. I think my eyes are going to leave now, and become disembodied hobos in an ever changing world. reviewed February 13, 2007
Apette by LesCanadians Comedy
Featured Review
An epic ape romance, one I will never forget. Very funny also :)
reviewed February 6, 2007
Mobster Town by hjk Action
A pretty pointless test, you shouldn't have uploaded this reviewed January 30, 2007
Mr Peanut Mr Peanut and the Girl by apip Comedy
How did this peice of junk get to 22nd in the comedy charts? I didn't laugh once. This 'film' is seriously over rated. reviewed January 8, 2007
War is Komedy by powerbandit Horror
Oh, so you think war is funny, do you? Well let me tell you something little boy, its NOT! Do you think its funny for you're friend to be suddenly blown up by a mine? Do you think all the death is FUN... reviewed December 26, 2006
FATED (part 1) by josephkw Action
A great movie throughout, the scenes merged together with style superior to any film of this genre I've seen on TMO, This truly is a triumph of online cinematography. I await the release of part 2 wit... reviewed December 13, 2006
thriller the real one by castrol Horror
Uh oh! Bone's at it again! Exactly the same as bone, but the beggining is different. But you have improved since your last movie. reviewed October 22, 2006
Death of an Ivan by fenrirwolf Action
A good film you got here. It had a strong plot and I liked it. Well done! reviewed October 15, 2006
The Castle Dragon - Charity Animation by matneee Action
Another fantastic peice of overlay art matnee. You're great at these! reviewed October 13, 2006
The Island - Proof of concept animation by matneee Action
Wow. This is great stuff! Must of taken ages to make. It would work well with greenscreen shots in a proper film. Brilliant work! reviewed October 7, 2006
Cold Plate by lenny1198 Action
A decent western, but the phrase is: Revenge is a dish best served cold. reviewed October 2, 2006
grOtEsqUE rEAliTy by Tsunamidog Horror
urghhh, yuck. This movie hurts my brain. reviewed September 29, 2006
Baggage Boy Resurrection by MattchuLB Comedy
A vast improvement on the original baggage boy movie, nice to see hordes of baggage boys being slayed. Good VOs also. reviewed September 26, 2006
Boredom by gamersw Comedy
Please stop. Please. This is so boring. I can't believe you sat there typing in all those words over and over again. That must've been boring. Not as boring as this movie. It was hilarious though. You... reviewed September 23, 2006
TMO TV Overlay Test by GearofWar512 Sci-Fi
Cool overlay, was a bit jerky but otherwise was very effective. reviewed September 23, 2006
That Was Dumb! One by tempting_faith Comedy
I didn't actually think this would be funny while I was watching this, but by the time it had finished, I was in stitches. You're right, that was dumb. reviewed September 23, 2006
Little Tortilla Boy by NavnNavnesen Action
Great trailer! The voice over were brilliant, and you included a nice custom overlay. Good job. reviewed September 23, 2006
Movie For Finish The Story Competiton by jinko23 Action
I'm sorry, but I don't think that this film will win the competition. If you're gonna make a good movie you actually have to develop the characters. And it has to have a plot. This film does not have either. reviewed September 21, 2006
The Kat by clyde Comedy
What a strange movie. Good VOs and a really funny movie. Didn't make much sense but it made me laugh. Well done :) reviewed September 18, 2006
Awards For Zogo1s Studio!!! by zogo1 Comedy
Oh no. An awards ceremony how boring. And the sound effects... I mean the Dun dun doouhaha was bad. Very bad. reviewed September 15, 2006
Clue 2 by Games987 Action
No Review reviewed September 9, 2006
The Island Trailer by tgnorman1 Action
Featured Review
Good trailer, the overlays worked well. You should've cut out the credits and made the main bit longer though. The subs where very dramatic. :)
reviewed September 9, 2006
Mafia by Malak613 Action
I don't understand French, but I know a good movie when I see one. Great use of music from "The Godfather", "The Untouchables" and the actual game "Mafia". The title sequence was pulled of brilliantly... reviewed September 8, 2006
REVOLUTIONS (Trailer) by Eagle_93 Action
Very good trailer, maybe in future trailers though you could get rid of the credits as they look out of place. The music was used very well and the editing brilliant. You did a good job translating th... reviewed September 8, 2006
Bohemian Rhapsody by SMagee Sci-Fi
This was a very basic Sci-fi movie with some dialogue stolen from "The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy". The music provided some atmosphere at the begining of the movie but, towards the middle it shou... reviewed September 8, 2006
The Island by tgnorman1 Action
Featured Review
Good movie, great VOs and a prety good story. The editing was brilliant at points.
reviewed September 7, 2006
Mafia Trailer by SMagee Action
It was ok, but should've been longer. It didn't promise very much and the editing wasn't that good. reviewed September 6, 2006
Stuck in TheMovies by Anykeyz Sci-Fi
This is a brilliant film, great backdrops and editing, strange story reviewed September 5, 2006
Vice Versa - Level 1 by Frooplet Action
Great effects, who needs a plot when you can do that? reviewed September 5, 2006
Breath of Despair by garet8 Action
It was a good trailer and the music really suited the movie. Lots of good use of free-cam (like Gervasium said, an animation everyone's seen before done in an original way). This trailer certainly hol... reviewed September 5, 2006
Mr Smith by madmazz Romance
Great VOs and a great movie for only your second. Keep up the good work! reviewed September 4, 2006
Conscientious Objectors by MaxNormal Action
Not as good as the hilarious "I'm Gay!", but a great movie none the less. The song wrapped in with the scenes very well. Great movie - well worth watching. reviewed September 4, 2006
NBK by moviedragon5000 Sci-Fi
Quite a good movie but the bits in the space ship really dragged on and were a bit slow. But the overlays were really good. Good use of free cam, I liked the bit at the begining. reviewed September 3, 2006
Planet War Reptilles by Rederator Sci-Fi
It's ok but the training bit went on for way too long. There should've been more action reviewed September 3, 2006
Cult Grimm by gnostradamus Horror
Very strange movie, hope to see a sequal. Those VOs were creapy. reviewed September 3, 2006
Angel Hero Reborn by Yodabob Action
Brilliant story with equally as good VOs. The Echoey voice really worked. Great use of free came and an excelent explosion sequence. It hardly felt like 8 minutes when I was watching it :) Some of the... reviewed September 2, 2006
SILENT TOWN (Trailer) by danielbach Horror
Deaply disturbing, I don't know if i even want to see the actual movie... reviewed September 2, 2006
Oh Its On Funk Shinkon Kerabuyu by mixmasterfestus Comedy
This is how a movie should look. This movie has everything - a talking gorilla, a big afro, lots kung-foo moves and buckets of funk. Love that comic book style. Raheem just oozes funkyness. reviewed September 2, 2006
Red Rock by pawson Sci-Fi
This was a good movie. Good job on the transformation sequence, it was well edited, but i really didn't get some of the story. You shouldn't use that "Action" font, it's prety hard to read. Otherwise ... reviewed September 2, 2006
Chicken World by jhurst Comedy
Featured Review
Cool chicken suits - you're right, this could be the best chicken movie. liked the overlays and backdrops.
reviewed September 2, 2006
The Rise - Trailer by Dywas Horror
A very promising trailer; great overlays and custom sets amd costumes. Brilliant use of music aswell. I'm bookmarking your studio. reviewed September 2, 2006
Im Gay! by MaxNormal Romance
Great poster for hilarious movie! The song was so funny. I laughed and laughed! reviewed September 2, 2006
Soldier X by arohde Action
A prety good movie but with just a bit of room for improvement, i.e. the subtitles. Some of them had some errors that made them quite hard to understand what the people are trying to say. Other than t... reviewed September 2, 2006
Arockalypse by swordfish66601 Sci-Fi
Really good movie, great editing, superb VOs and an interesting concept for a movie. I hope there will be a sequel, because a film like this only comes so often. Keep up the extradinary work :) reviewed September 2, 2006
The Hybrid Theory by Thonyia Sci-Fi
Good movie with brilliant VOs and excelent sets (textures). A good story that's a lot like the Matrix. Keep up the excelent work :) reviewed September 1, 2006
Clue by Games987 Action
This film's like cluedo - very original. Great VOs and almost perfect editing. The suicide scene was a masterstroke. Good use of dialogue and free-cam. You are truley the master of mystery :) reviewed August 30, 2006
Jurassic World 2 by jimsse Action
That was seriously bad. Basically no plot: Man gets up. Walks around. Kills other person. The only 5 star reveiws your going to get for this are people telling you to watch their movie. Like Alastaird. reviewed August 29, 2006
The Conscience of Money by UKStripped Action
This was really really dissapointing. A complete waste of 1 and a half minutes. I fail to see how anyone could've given this film over 1 star. It was truly terrible. You need to add dialogue and a dec... reviewed August 24, 2006
Biohazard Gorilla Trailor 001 by Deanoversal Comedy
Green monkeys fighting chickens, what could be better?! An ok trailer - I'm just assuming that the things being cut off where for effect. reviewed August 24, 2006
Operation Invade by armyguy588 Action
A good straight forward action movie but it lacked plot. Good V.O.s though. You should try and develope the story and the characters more in your movies. You can see that lots of effort went into this movie. reviewed August 24, 2006
Stupid bar by JamesArk13 Comedy
'Stupid Movie' would be a more apt name for this plotless rubbish. reviewed August 24, 2006
Attack of the One Star Ninjas! by zombieeye Comedy
Funny and original, this movie deserves to reach top ten. It also has a valuable message :) reviewed August 19, 2006
The Incredible Edible Dog by worldu Comedy
very very funny movie, excellent set dressing, very original and very apetising reviewed August 19, 2006
Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road by damoobies Comedy
Featured Review
Funny movie, brilliantly stylish opening credits and great VOs. A 5*Star movie through and through
reviewed August 17, 2006
The Conspiracy 2 by tgnorman1 Action
The subs where too quick which made watching this movie require effort - anyone lazier than me wouldn't be able to appreciate the dialogue and story. it contained some good action and editing but the ... reviewed August 14, 2006
The way it is by carl_os92 Comedy
This film made me cry it was so unfunny. The voiceovers were all the same, there was no plot and it was overall rubbish. reviewed August 4, 2006
Movie City Murders by Yodabob Action
Very good use of music, free-cam and subtitles. A darkly funny movie with lots of dialogue. It was well scripted and a good example of brilliant editing. reviewed August 4, 2006
At A Dead Stop by scottmccollum Comedy
Very funny - great VOs and good jokes. A great idea for a comedy movie reviewed August 4, 2006
Time Will Tell by elfin12u Sci-Fi
I think you could've built up more suspense to make us really want to know what they're talking about at the begining. Also, you could have explained more about the characters to make it crystal clear... reviewed August 3, 2006
Half-Life Part 1 by Matthew74 Sci-Fi
I didn't like it that much - it didn't realy capture the essence of the half life games as much a it could've. Also, you should either turn down the music volume bar (in Post Production) or turn up th... reviewed August 3, 2006
Assasian by kevzak Action
This was an unimpressive movie with next to no plot - some ninja gets paid to kill two people for, as far as I can tell, no reason. Oh, and by the way, the music "Acid Bass" is really, really annoying... reviewed August 3, 2006
Sgt Turners War by Politioffiser Action
This was less than unfunny. You should have made it longer and given it more story (even comedies need plot). I seriously don't understand how those below me could've given it more that two out of fiv... reviewed August 3, 2006
Trailer Testing Tubes by Global-Star_Pictures Action
A promising trailer - well edited and well put together. I look forward to september 06. reviewed August 3, 2006
the air by castrol Action
This realy wasn't a very good film. The voice overs were full of glaring grammatical errors (i.e. "we need to do an uprising"). The word "uprising" is not a verb. I think that at the moment, you don't... reviewed July 29, 2006
Wild West Music Video by Coolherps1 Action
A good Music Movie with brilliant editing. However, the song was copyrighted (unless you got permission from Will Smith). Here's a link to a forum about copyright reviewed July 25, 2006
Tsogonomicon by noewhan Horror
A strange movie with good voice overs. You should make a longer film starring "the dark Tsogonomicon". Maybe make it a series. reviewed July 25, 2006
One Midnight by Chickydo Action
This film probably works better as a comedy. A typical "Gang" film with a loose plot. reviewed July 25, 2006
You Stupid Ass-assin II by Kempy Action
A good comedy - wouldn't realy work as an action though. Funny throughout but has a disapointing ending.+ reviewed July 24, 2006
The Worst Team Ever!! by kingwhiteboy Comedy
Great film - Brilliant VOs and great story. The length didn't matter as every second of the film was pure class reviewed July 24, 2006
If Real Movies had to use The Movies by General_Zod Comedy
A strange idea that worked brilliantly. reviewed July 24, 2006
Armored Personnel by jacksonj04 Action
Featured Review
A bizzarre movie - more comedy than action though. A very good idea for a film
reviewed July 24, 2006
Biggz Breach by xbadplaya69x Action
A load of action scenes held loosely together with a basic plot. reviewed July 24, 2006
If They Won - a Vietnam war story - by KidGunner Action
A decent portrayal of the Vietnam war. Better than other war films with a good storyline. Very good editing and subtitles. reviewed July 24, 2006
Curled World by vinpower Horror
A very basic script with absolutely no plot. You should work on charcter and dialogue to improve your story. Strange title, irrevelant reviewed July 24, 2006
The Bartab by stupidsoup Action
A brilliant poster but the film was a let down. There was no plot or even a reference to a Bar Tab. Bad sound and no real characters. The editing was a realy poor effort - A man changed into a woman. ... reviewed July 23, 2006
The man by lordgod666 Horror
This film was ok but not enough to scare me. It had a disturbingly bad title and an obsene lack of plot. Who was that guy and why was he killing those people. The only dialogue from the film (from mem... reviewed July 22, 2006
jackster the attack of the blood creatures by jackster163 Action
The lack of plot, sound and any real dialogue made this film adequate at best. There was no explanation as to why the aliens where attacking which was a huge downside to this film reviewed July 22, 2006
Years of Regret by moviemaster21 Action
A good effort with a nice Vengence themed plot. Great use of overlay in the flash back sequences. You should have spent a bit more time on the bit when his partner died. Good film otherwise. reviewed July 22, 2006
Life of Hank by nakedyegg Horror
The plot should be more self-explanitory - I got quite confusing towards the end. Maybe you should do a remake of it and explain some of what happened (i.e. why did he kill her?) Otherwise a good movie reviewed July 22, 2006
Tidgy Gets A Biscuit by iconquistador227 Comedy
Good movie - you made a seemingly rubish movie very funny with some great voice overs and extremely bizzare dialogue. Elderberries? reviewed July 22, 2006
Dread! by turboghost Horror
Very stylish Horror movie with some brilliant custom effects - I hated that screaming :( reviewed July 21, 2006
The First TMO Convention by Ryan33 Comedy
Funny stuff, great voice overs - liked the girly one. You should put some kind of warning on it though reviewed July 21, 2006
Switch Off The Sun by iconquistador227 Horror
Soooooo funny - you are a genius. You have gotta win an award, you killed me. The voices killed me and so did the music and what they were saying - it was all too good. Laugh out loud comedy, seriousl... reviewed July 21, 2006
The London Bombings (Trailer) by Amityville_Dude Action
A promising trailor for a sad but true event. You could make the actual from the eyes of certain people on the trains. reviewed July 21, 2006
Catch me if you can by erithe1 Action
A very good, old fashioned western. A nice simple story that was held together with some nice action. however, the lack of sound brought the film down for me. If the silence was for effect it didn't r... reviewed July 21, 2006
behind the scenes by tgnorman1 Action
A very good idea for a movie, perhaps it could've been better with more humor to make it easier to watch. reviewed July 21, 2006
1790 english v americans by castrol Action
You need to brush up on your history. People in those times didn't talk like that at all. And your spelling as well. And you should use the costumes better. If those people were just farmers, why were... reviewed July 20, 2006
dog trouble by tgnorman1 Comedy
Featured Review
Very very funny, nice and short. I realy feal for Mike :(
reviewed July 20, 2006
aaah! TMO! by iluvmovies Comedy
Sadly realistic comedy, I like it :) reviewed July 19, 2006
conspiracy by tgnorman1 Action
A good mafia movie, brimming with sarcasm and dark humor, not disimilar to the film "Casino". I liked it alot. "See you at noon" reviewed July 19, 2006
bone!!! by castrol Horror
Right. Firstly, it dosn't take a couple of hours to drive from New York to Texas. And why was that man following the main character? Who was the main character? You really need to work on character de... reviewed July 19, 2006
The Fight by Rederator Action
Featured Review
I very original and interesting movie, you could make a series of these game-like movies, If you've got PhotoShop and Stunts and Effects, you could make some realy cool effects for other sorts of games.
reviewed July 19, 2006
Broken Thoughts 2 - Shattered Dreams by satansmunchkin Romance
A bizzare story which was very inspiring. A good twist at the end. reviewed July 18, 2006
Broken Thoughts by satansmunchkin Romance
A deaply compelling movie, with lots of good ideas ( i liked the talking dog!) Can't wait to find out what's going on reviewed July 18, 2006
Endless by satansmunchkin Romance
A touching story with a message that deserves to be said. You could make a series of great movies like this one. I liked the way it was set to poetry reviewed July 18, 2006
Silence - Trailer by satansmunchkin Horror
A good old horror movie, I can't wait for the Movie to come out, if it's not already out. reviewed July 18, 2006
The First Adventures of Twiggy and Sticky by satansmunchkin Action
A good mix of humor, cartoon and brutal violence. A very original idea. reviewed July 18, 2006
Dance Twiggy by satansmunchkin Comedy
Good use of imported technology, like it alot. I'd love to be able to make something like it myself. One thing is, the frame rate made it look a bit jerky but other than that it was fine. By the way, ... reviewed July 18, 2006
Chaos Trailer by satansmunchkin Romance
great custom backdrops (or overlays or whatever they are) and music, looks like an interesting idea. If this movie's out im gonna watch it now reviewed July 18, 2006
Phantom of the opera (Trailer) by micha83 Romance
This trailer has alot of potential. The layout of the sets made it all look like an actual theater show. This is a rare and promising idea. If you stay true to the original movie, i think that this co... reviewed July 16, 2006
FEAR by patty82 Horror
I thouroughly believed in this cinematic masterpiece. THE horror movie of the century (on the movies online). The lighting in this film added a new level of horror into this deep psychological horror.... reviewed July 16, 2006
Pirates ! by Richegroover Action
A movie to behold, a stunning use of custom made sets, props and costumes. Brilliant use of voice, gripping plot and excelent characters, cemented with lavish amounts of action. I wait with baited bre... reviewed July 16, 2006
wizards of the compass1- complete by ranger21 Action
Stunning special fx and voice overs. The opening credits where stunning, as were the custom made props, costumes and sets. Masterful use of action. The FX were in league with those of the "Oh Its On" ... reviewed July 16, 2006
Two Choices by Alabamachick Action
This is a brilliant movie, a great Mafia Flick with Class and Style. I cant wait to see the rest of the series, keep up the good work. One thing - you should use more fades but otherwise, great! reviewed July 16, 2006
Robots by AmericanSights Sci-Fi
Excuse me, but what on Earth was that? There was no plot, and it was basically stupid. reviewed April 30, 2006
The Shortest Movie Ever!!! by soildpie Action
Hmmm, I don't think there was actually any point in uploading this... reviewed April 17, 2006
Buried by HRH Sci-Fi
Featured Review
A very original plot and you used the sound effects well.
reviewed February 18, 2006
My Invisible Friend by MovieMan42 Comedy
Featured Review
Good technology which coulkd have endless possibilities. :)
reviewed February 18, 2006
The Hitman by Dlockhart Action
Featured Review
Although the plot is fairly simple this movie works quite well. Your use of sets, especially the military base were impressive. However, the movie didn't seem to have a solid plot. But, if you concent...
reviewed February 1, 2006
Al Capone 2 by blamotime Action
An interesting and informative documentry. A job well done. Kept me interested throughout and there's plenty of action too. Just a little bit of work on the voice overs and it'd be perfect. reviewed January 29, 2006
The Cellar (Bad Edit edit) by db4321 Horror
Altogether, not a bad effort for your first uploaded movie. Most the points have already been made, but I'll just reitterate the importance of good entrances and exits, and creating a near water tight... reviewed January 29, 2006
Cannibal by Gigantic_Chicken Horror
Not a bad movie, to gain more stars you should try to involve the characters a bit more, let the audience get to know them better and feel their fear. It's difficult to do in a short film, but it is p... reviewed January 29, 2006
The Trials of Explosivo! Episode II VO by madmatt7g Action
The first Explosivo was great, and this follows form. The voice overs are once again spot on and the music complements the movie superbly, especially at the beginning. The ending keeps you wanting mor... reviewed January 29, 2006
The Trials of Explosivo! Episode I (VO) by madmatt7g Action
A great film which stretches all that the game offers. The voice overs are superb and fit the genre perfectly. The plot is great, and the movie flows flawlessly throughout. A great action movie with a... reviewed January 29, 2006
Repo Rescuers by supercozz Comedy
Absolutly incredible, again you've taken a subject that many would think would or could never work, similar to the Coen Brothers classic "the man who wasn't there", and made it into a superb story pac... reviewed January 29, 2006
SuperCollectors by supercozz Comedy
A Comic gem, with excellent use of everything the game has to offer and more ;) reviewed January 28, 2006
Hold My Package by lizardthing Action
Hrmmm, I didn't enjoy it. The joke(s?) was obvious from the start, but it flowed fairly well. The voiceovers need work, frankly, movies such as "Steel Gun to Heaven" deserve their five stars, a lot of... reviewed January 28, 2006
Steel Gun to Heaven by Choppinsumwood Action
No Review reviewed January 28, 2006