Number of Movies: 14
Number of Winning Movies: 0
Average Rating Received: 4.67

Number of Movies Reviewed: 18
Number of Reviews Given that were Featured: 1
Average Rating Given: 4.0
Movies Released by Retreat
Incident In Beta Quadrant Sci-Fi
No Description posted August 9, 2008
Jupiter Rising Sci-Fi
If we explored space what do "aliens" think of us when we show up on their planet with weapons in hand? Is it possible the aliens would consider US hostile? posted January 13, 2008
The Dispute Action
Two good friends fight over the same woman. Is it worth their long time friendship to kill one another over it? Or can they make amends? posted September 17, 2007
The Uninvited Horror
A man is followed by a demon or is just his conscience and feeling of guilt? Being selfish, he doesn't understand whats wrong with his behavior until a tragedy befalls him, but does he change his ways?? posted July 28, 2007
Dracul-The Legend Horror Not Rated
A 400 year old vampire hunts the love of his life, but a vampire hunter is on his tail. Will the curse of Dracul live forever or just die out?? posted July 16, 2007
The Conspiracy Sci-Fi
A movie about an average guy who stumbles on the wrong island and finds himself a target of a government cover-up. posted April 7, 2007
The Lawman 2 Action
Rex Madden returns to try to find Lisa before the last Miller boy, Jim finds her first. posted February 3, 2007
The Sand Trap Comedy
This comedy is based on a story that will happen soon. Satire. (This movie was done by my 12 y.o. son. He so badly wanted to release it on the TMO). Its NOT done by me. posted January 28, 2007
The Lawman Action
A movie about a guy who used to be a Lawman, and stumbles into Trent in 1881, and finds himself meeting up with bad guys he thought he'd never see again!! There might be a possible sequel! posted January 26, 2007
The Encounter Sci-Fi
A movie about a man who is used for human experiments. A story about what can happen if we don't wake up and do everything we can so we don't become test subjects. posted December 14, 2006
The Nightmare 2 Horror
Sequel to The Nightmare. What will happen to James? Did he really kill his cheating girlfriend, or did he dream it. How will he get out of it? The conclusion to "The Nightmare". posted December 10, 2006
The Nightmare Horror
A movie about a guy who cannot move forward after "killing" his ex. Can you be so madly in love as to kill that person? Did he dream it or did he really do it? Nightmares are funny like that. I will ... posted December 6, 2006
Too Young To Kill Action
Thousands of Vets are traumatized by having to kill, while in the service. This trauma can last a lifetime and leave permanent scars. Forty years later, vets are still fighting the war, psychologically. posted September 23, 2006
Space Frontier Sci-Fi
In The Future, Earth must expand into space. Is it the right choice? What if we encountered a hostile race? Could our peace loving planet allow us to exterminate a new race? posted September 16, 2006
Movies Reviewed by Retreat
the PASSAGE (Episode One) by josephkw Sci-Fi
Awesome.I like how it ended. I want to see part 2 for sure!! reviewed June 24, 2008
Legacy by starmovie Horror
Excellent film!! I liked the twist. The black and white was a nice touch. reviewed June 24, 2008
Massacre No Hope Left by ShyShy Horror
It was well done. Cool mods. The music was good. Can't wait to see the full movie!! reviewed July 28, 2007
Rebel Blood by codyrainville Action
Well Done. V.O. good. Story good. I see a future Steven Spielberg!! reviewed February 5, 2007
Iron Shield by movielandscaper Action
Cool Movie. I liked it. It really gives the viewer the feeling of being there (and I was in '91) Cool!! I'll be waiting for the sequel. reviewed February 4, 2007
Dont forget me by Wulf_Jarlson Sci-Fi
Reminds me of a Ray Bradbury story called "The Rocket Man". Cool Story. Well Done!! reviewed February 4, 2007
The Greatest Sporting Heroes Series 1 by jxhogan Action
Cool movie. Can't wait for part 2!! reviewed January 28, 2007
Slow Motion Test by TheTombRaider Action
Featured Review
Experimental in nature. I wish I could have used that spfx a few times. Well Done!
reviewed January 26, 2007
Their Last Robbery by kees17 Action
Cool Movie!! Well done. Music was well done. Good Story. Check out my new movie The Lawman. reviewed January 26, 2007
Throvex by elizabethsusan Comedy
Funny! Are you sure its advertising Throvex? Cool movie. Could you rate my new movie The Lawman. Thanks!! reviewed January 26, 2007
United We Stand by kell1608 Action
Liked It!! It was well done. I liked the Idea and the story elements. Check out my two new movies, The Lawman and Too Young To Kill. reviewed January 26, 2007
Black White by buddydust Action
Ninjas are cool. I was really hoping the black one would win. White is such a sissy color. reviewed January 26, 2007
Merry Christmas! by miri2 Comedy
Weird but well done!! Hey we all know Santa drinks. If you had to deal with kids you would too!! reviewed December 14, 2006
Good scare!! Liked it! reviewed December 14, 2006
Arockalypse by swordfish66601 Sci-Fi
Great movie. You'r not working for Wes Craven yet? reviewed September 24, 2006
House Of Panic by Ghoulscout13 Horror
Great story. Great love scene. Great VO. LOVED IT!! reviewed September 24, 2006
Star Tours with Han Solo and Chewbacca by JMlovesGreenday Sci-Fi
I like how you said "No Refunds" Classic. Good Idea! reviewed September 17, 2006
Am Ende der Distanz (Recut) by Meowan Romance
Excellent Storytelling.Its tough to sometimes get the scenes to flow just right, but you did it very well. Lots of zooms. Flows well. reviewed September 16, 2006