Number of Movies: 10
Number of Winning Movies: 0
Average Rating Received: 3.72

Number of Movies Reviewed: 95
Number of Reviews Given that were Featured: 11
Average Rating Given: 3.85
Movies Released by rawvoodoo
You and Me Lady Romance
Music video.....soundtrack by "The Crack" which is comprised of a couple friends of mine. It's a story of Love at first sight, although if you know my work you'll know it will be just a little bit off... posted November 30, 2005
It still aint over yet Comedy
Ok this started out as an experiment. I was going to do a parody of a scene from saving private ryan. After a little while I got kinda sidetracked and went off the beaten path. It's a jaunt down surre... posted November 28, 2005
How the McNugget was Invented Comedy
Follow the tragic chain of events that lead up to that Processed bit o'goodness that we have all come to love. posted November 27, 2005
The Runner Action
Episode 1 of the latest hunt! 3 prey, 1 hunter and his 2 teammates. 30 days hunted by an entire city. Number 1 on Prime time for all 4 seasons. Rad Citys biggest TV show since 2075. Followed by the ci... posted November 26, 2005
Will You Could You Romance
filmed in the 30's and hand colored. A story of a love lost. I pretty much just threw this together on a whim so....... posted November 25, 2005
Piddels and Mayhem Save the Universe Sci-Fi
One last bolt of excitement for Captain Piddels before he heads home to Earth. Funny!! Sexy!! Action-packed!! posted November 24, 2005
Beneath the Skin Horror
What is a man capable of? Sometimes to find out, you have to look... BENEATH THE SKIN posted November 18, 2005
Luigi the Sad Clown Comedy
Follow Luigi as he spirals down into oblivion. See just how much a clown can take. posted November 16, 2005
On the Way to White Castle Comedy
My Homage to the best scene in Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle. Enjoy! posted November 16, 2005
Bobs Big Night Horror
My first movie. Hope everyone likes it. posted November 14, 2005
Movies Reviewed by rawvoodoo
Masterbattle Extreme by Tarison Action
You're definately on the right track when it comes to your fight scenes. I loved the animal voices but they stopped about 1/3 the way through, not sure if that was intentional or something happened on... reviewed December 5, 2005
Redundancy by Tarison Romance
Featured Review
You need therapy, many many years of therapy. Excellent work. Your stuff kepps getting better and better.
reviewed December 4, 2005
Man Walks into a Bar by markusdragon Comedy
I love a good bizzare trip down funk lane. Great Idea. reviewed December 4, 2005
One Star Bandit by Sevenhertz Comedy
I'd give this 6 if I could. I laughed out loud for most of the end. Great voice effect. Even if you deny it. There was obviously some work put into this. reviewed December 3, 2005
KiRonalds! by UrinatingTree Comedy
Loved it. Twisted, just like me. reviewed December 3, 2005
Kung Fu Jesus Sweeeeeeeet Song! by thejesus Comedy
Featured Review
These just kepp getting better and better. "had to pull a moses" knock me off my chair
reviewed December 3, 2005
A day in the life of steve brown by Kikinator Romance
Decent story even if its a bit melodramatic. Editing was harsh in many places and the story jumped a bit when he showed up downtown reviewed December 3, 2005
Catalogue of Horror by glynner Horror
excellent! very well edited. Dragged a bit in the beginning, but got better. Liked the ending. reviewed December 3, 2005
Lone Star by InnerFilm Sci-Fi
Gotta love the surreal. reviewed December 1, 2005
i dont mind by FoDooG Romance
Really liked this one. seemed like a music video which is what is was so I guess that means it was good. Nice choice of scenes. reviewed November 30, 2005
Crash the 70s man by daknit Action
you were getting 3 stars until he broke into that boogie. It seemed a little to random, I found it a bit hard to follow. reviewed November 30, 2005
Emo Kid by chicknstu Action
Very good. All seemed to fit together well. Liked the ending reviewed November 30, 2005
Motion Picture Soundtrack by TomServo3k Comedy
I liked it. Well put together. Guitar work was nice. Im going to go have a good cry now. reviewed November 30, 2005
World War 2 The Alien American Offensive by whydoyouwanttoknow Sci-Fi
I liked this movie. Although it was a little slow for my tastes. The action scenes were well put together but in between was a little stagnant. I really liked the tanks, but it fell a bit flat when th... reviewed November 30, 2005
Foreigner by Tarison Sci-Fi
Featured Review
The fact that this was done in-game pushed you from a 4 to a 5 (that and using aoy as cpr, genius). Your editing is smooth. I noticed a couple weird jumps but the fact that I don't remember what they ...
reviewed November 30, 2005
Zombie Rider The Tale Of Zombie Rider by madman12300 Action
Solid movie here. Western zombie, I like the concept. A little confusing in a couple spots, but overall a good piece. Will bookmark you to see the next episode. reviewed November 30, 2005
Kung Fu Jesus Meets Munchon Carpet by thejesus Action
i think this series is gettin better and better. Love the Gay ninja dance of Confusion.Jesus looks much better in his Rick James mode though I vote you keep it like that. Not that there was a vote or anything. reviewed November 30, 2005
This is what happens when youre bored by whydoyouwanttoknow Comedy
givesnew meaning to the dewey decimal system. Im not sure what meaning, but its new nonetheless. reviewed November 30, 2005
A Schmans Life 3 by Happy_Schman Romance
Featured Review
to be honest I started watching this movie a couple times but the length put me off. Then I was really confused, then I started forgetting the weird zombie stuff at the beginning, then I noticed a dis...
reviewed November 29, 2005
A Schmans Life 2 by Happy_Schman Horror
Kept my interest the Whole thyme. Laughed out loud a couple times. For instance the "well, that blows away my shovel story" and the witch forgetting a shovel. Some creative editing too. gonna go see part 3 now reviewed November 29, 2005
We Roleplay by Jiyuujin Action
Featured Review
well put together, good storyline, kinda funny in the haha way, very funny in the quit making fun of me way. rating..... ok d4 reroll 4 (1-2= 4, 3-4= 5) ok I rolled a........4 ok reroll and.............
reviewed November 29, 2005
Cult Classic by Tarison Comedy
Wow we must think alike. Some of the similaritys are amazing. If its war you want though..... I think it would be your move. Actually had a form of plot, and the guy getting it to the face like 3 time... reviewed November 29, 2005
Kung Fu Jesus by thejesus Comedy
short and sweet. So funny that Im going to 1 star you 3 times. All at once. how do you like that? Oh yeah they didnt have kung-fu in the days of Jesus, well not there, in that part ogf the world, wher... reviewed November 29, 2005
And the story is still the same by Mackzter Action
not too bad.it moved a bit slow for my tastes but other than that It was pretty good. reviewed November 29, 2005
Sleep like the deadTrailer by Dark-Angel-UK Horror
Featured Review
WOW! I am hooked.... whens it coming...is it here.....trade you an x-box360 for it. But seriously the editing was good, loved the soundtrack and those creepy voiceovers at the bookends. I felt like I ...
reviewed November 28, 2005
Oblivion by Parjay Horror
Incredible! The voice overs are fantastic! Sound effects were perfect! Ane somehow, I don't know how you made a freaking refridgerator scary....how is that even possible? reviewed November 28, 2005
Slogan Assassin by Mattock Action
Not bad. The editing was good. Although I got lost when dude axed his way in....where did his friend go and why did The assassin act like he was his friend. Seems like the story changed partway throug... reviewed November 28, 2005
We Are A Team (music video) omg work by Pseybert Comedy
you're right...you can't sing, but neither can I the movie was funny and the lyrics were also. Good job! reviewed November 28, 2005
Pulp fiction by hadini7 Action
Pretty good. Not sure how a woman got cast for that role but hey. Editing was a bit jumpy, though workable. And though I dont like putting links in reviews this may be fitting http://movies.lionhead.c... reviewed November 28, 2005
Rooftop by thejesus Action
Really liked this one too.Thought he was getting a reprieve there at the end till I heard the crash. Good job. reviewed November 28, 2005
Xbox360 The Wait by thejesus Comedy
A decent commentary on the situation. I dont get why pl get all worked up over the woman gettin killed. It's called satire. reviewed November 28, 2005
Night of the Wolf - A Musical Comedy by justin_in_bangor Comedy
Featured Review
Hilarious! I would have given 5 stars if the wolf had started dancing with her.
reviewed November 27, 2005
Pharmaceutical Rep Meets Dr Blood by vader Horror
i'd take 6 pills. Loved the Doctors office. reviewed November 27, 2005
The Life and Times of a Pharmaceutical Rep by vader Action
Funny. Seems like somebody is working out their work stress in the game.... reviewed November 27, 2005
Wasteland Dreams by Kithren5 Action
Very good for a first try. Pretty good editing. You were right though...some of the lines were cheesy. You can fix your extra problem by draggin them from their little card to the makeover just like a... reviewed November 27, 2005
Why Directors Stress So Much by Dramhail Comedy
Very funny. And true!! reviewed November 27, 2005
Why ICQ sucks by GeorgeLucas Comedy
nice reviewed November 27, 2005
Tweek by bigsven Comedy
truly surrealistic. reviewed November 27, 2005
Attack of the Clowns by bigfluff73 Comedy
Excellent! Good to see a film that doesn't need propped up with v-o or subs. It stands on its own. reviewed November 27, 2005
It Could Be You by tripmills Horror
very well executed. was a little too slow in the beginning. Overall a good "man (chicken) pushed over the edge" film. reviewed November 27, 2005
Cyberphunk phunks on by sparrowtm Sci-Fi
Like themix of genres. Thoroughly enjoyable. reviewed November 27, 2005
Devil May Whine by mrplow1822000 Action
Funny indeed! reviewed November 27, 2005
Stephanie by jollyrob1 Horror
Gotta love pulling an axe on someone for having "crazy eyes" reviewed November 27, 2005
Love Bites by wniffene Comedy
I liked it but it was a bit slow in the beginning. Liked the ending> reviewed November 27, 2005
Frank the rabbit by doomedsabre Horror
Nice and creepy! reviewed November 27, 2005
A Day To Forget In Nam by something1 Action
Featured Review
Not really a 'nam movie.... would have given it 2 stars for that till I saw the Studio name .."random studios" ok then 3 stars
reviewed November 27, 2005
Where Turkeys Dare by Klinn Action
Must be where Oswald got his "magic Bullet" reviewed November 27, 2005
Cheaters Always Die by swingdady1 Action
Very well done. Reminds me of my own movie "Luigi the sad Clown". Keep it up. reviewed November 27, 2005
Good Idea-Bad Idea II by Deikon Comedy
HAHA return of the farting banana! reviewed November 27, 2005
Good Idea-Bad Idea III by Deikon Comedy
Love the entire concept! Hope to see more. reviewed November 27, 2005
World War 2 The Alien Weapons by whydoyouwanttoknow Sci-Fi
I like the entire concept here. But Hitler seems like just too nice of a guy. reviewed November 27, 2005
XBOX Fanboy by jordanliles Comedy
True, true , true!! I got "one of those people" sitting right behind me arguing with you film. Gotta love it. Would give you 6 stars if I could! reviewed November 27, 2005
Quadruple Bounty by Cranium8768 Action
Again very good! You know the genre well. Good to not see the cowboy doing Kung-fu kicks. reviewed November 27, 2005
No Bounty by Cranium8768 Action
Very well done! Good editing in the fight scenes. Bookmarking your studio now. reviewed November 27, 2005
James N Killin TRAILER by bountdoom Horror
Nice work. Left me want to see more. Watch you subtitle timing though... some went by a bit fast. reviewed November 27, 2005
KING KONG 1940 by StevenKreg Action
Amazing!! The Eighth Wonder of the World!!! reviewed November 26, 2005
Dead City Teaser by tkmaster Comedy
Great concept. Could go any number of directions from here. Will be looking for more. reviewed November 25, 2005
Chuckly Puckly in the City by KMS Comedy
Truly one of the funniest movies I have seen yet! The laugh track was Brilliant! (I may have to steal that Idea) I love dark comedies and you kept it going right till the end. waiting for the next installment. reviewed November 25, 2005
It Came From Uranus by Phoenix_Stryfe Sci-Fi
Very funny! Loved the Holy Humperdink line. The Lead alien was truly "fabulous!". Good work on the voice overs. reviewed November 25, 2005
Help Desk01 by Phoenix_Stryfe Comedy
Good scripting, good voiceover, good movie! reviewed November 25, 2005
Dont Make Me Axe You Again by yesnomaybeso Horror
A bit too short but well done. Nice to see someone not rely on depicted violence, but make us use our imaginations. reviewed November 25, 2005
Around The Moon In 80 Seconds by GeraldPottier Comedy
What are you talking about? I didnt get it. [naughty word!] it ... I'm outta here ;) reviewed November 25, 2005
Killer by mcgraw359 Action
Well done! I liked the twist at the end. reviewed November 25, 2005
Star Skirmish by mgallart Sci-Fi
While I didnt have much trouble following the story. Subtitle would be a definate improvement. reviewed November 25, 2005
Wink of an Eye by sparrowtm Horror
very good, though a touch depressing. Very good script. reviewed November 25, 2005
Wake me up when the war ends by a2k13 Action
Featured Review
Decent story, was a little confused at the ending. The sound disappeared about half way through.
reviewed November 25, 2005
The Spires of Marmitron by Beery1 Sci-Fi
Excellent! Loved every minute. Some subs were hard to read. You really stayed true to your genre and era. Keep it up. reviewed November 25, 2005
Huntress Of Sol by Beery1 Sci-Fi
Very good plot development. Beware of that font though. Many of the subs were illegible reviewed November 25, 2005
The Abrupt Battles of Life by ByrdMan Action
well done! loved the voice overs for the wife...reminds me of edith bunker. reviewed November 25, 2005
Way of The Ninja by Dorohn Action
I loved the get ready for the Ninja Technique. Very impressive. reviewed November 24, 2005
Nothing is Action by Horde-Movies Action
While I dont speak German I could tell those subtitles went WAY to fast. Some strange editing choices. I was so lost I dont think understanding the subs would have helped. reviewed November 19, 2005
War of the Noobs 2 by markrichardbehenna Comedy
Very funny and a good social comentary as well reviewed November 19, 2005
Space Ninja! by poster55 Comedy
very good. Like the mix of genres reviewed November 19, 2005
Soul Cleanser pt2 by stevostanley Horror
Excellent!! One of the Best movies I've seen on this site! Voicework was phenominal (insert jelous comments here) I would like to see more. reviewed November 18, 2005
A Day In Captain Bills Life by Coolphil Sci-Fi
always been a fan of sci-fi spoofs. A couple glitches in the editing kept it from getting 4 stars reviewed November 18, 2005
The Flicks Online by Jiyuujin Action
My first 5 star rating!! Almost Swiftian in its rapier-like subtlety. reviewed November 18, 2005
Gorilla in the Mist by LuciusVorenus Comedy
very very funny. decent editing. reviewed November 18, 2005
The Hunters and the Hunted by irishred Action
Very much like the spy thrillers of the 80's. Good use of fades. A little cheesy when he meets the female but thats a minor point. reviewed November 18, 2005
Overtime by kidzero7 Horror
Great job! As good as any of the real things that came out back then! reviewed November 18, 2005
Dawn of the Undead by Dov_Sherman Horror
I liked it. Could almost be taken as a critique on the modern commuter. reviewed November 18, 2005
The Vamps by dante1126 Comedy
Funny plotline. Keep em coming. reviewed November 18, 2005
The Mark by NSxProductions Action
Good movie. I was a bit confused at first, like who was getting carried and such, but quickly overcame that small shortcoming. Action scene was well edited. Overall an excellent effort! Hope to see sequels. reviewed November 17, 2005
Dreams of the Drunk and HeartBroken by ProdigyStudios Comedy
Featured Review
Very funny. Wasn't sure where it was going at first. Loved where it ended up. Should be a good ride in the continueing story.
reviewed November 17, 2005
Jesus is My Captain by Coridan Comedy
Excellent! reviewed November 17, 2005
Jehovas Hitmen The Holy War by Tman Action
Original, funny and action packed. Gotta love pissing off the religous masses. reviewed November 17, 2005
Spend a day with MJ by hadini7 Comedy
Good flick... the impressions were so bad they were funny. keep at it. reviewed November 16, 2005
The Killer Sing by Steven91 Horror
Good work. Some of the editing was a little abrubt. But I liked the wrap-up given by the cop. reviewed November 16, 2005
Kid The Kidder by betelman Comedy
Featured Review
Laughed out loud. Very funny.
reviewed November 16, 2005
A few More Seconds by revmidni Action
Decent voice over. I kind of got lost there at the end. Overall a very good movie. reviewed November 16, 2005
The Dead Dont Sleep by WillDThrill Horror
Good scripting, I especially liked the towel gag at the end (although it did fly past pretty fast and was hard to read) reviewed November 16, 2005
Beatdown by puffmatty12345 Action
Good movie. Watch you continuity though like at 6:25 a couple people visually change to different people. Good Story. reviewed November 16, 2005
PROTON by SupersizedPictures Sci-Fi
Great flick! The humor reminded me of Will Farell at times. Nice voicework reviewed November 16, 2005
Sherrif Space and the Space Gorillas by danieldude100 Comedy
A little disjointed and confusing but the last scene is visually stunning. reviewed November 16, 2005
Ivan Pecker and Dibs Pt 2 by chaotix66 Horror
Good voice work. Left me wanting to know...."just where IS Ivan?" reviewed November 16, 2005
I-09 by chaotix66 Action
2 Metallic thumbs up! Good use of Voiceover. While not overdoing it. The only thing that kept this fron getting a full 5 stars was the beach scene.... it didn't seem to fit. Otherwise action till the end. Bravo reviewed November 16, 2005