Number of Movies: 10
Number of Winning Movies: 0
Average Rating Received: 4.7

Number of Movies Reviewed: 703
Number of Reviews Given that were Featured: 72
Average Rating Given: 3.97
Movies Released by RaYdAwG
Judes Law II (Trailer) Action
The sequel to the award winning action movie Jude's Law is coming! If you haven't seen Jude's Law yet, I suggest you watch it before Jude's Law II comes out. You can see it here: http://movies.lionhea... posted June 22, 2007
Why Action
This is a short little piece of urban poetry from TVT Productions. This is an entry into the TMO Next Big Director competition for 1 minute action flicks. Please do not say the words "too short" ... posted March 6, 2007
Judes Law Action
Nominated for 2 People's Choice Awards for Best Picture and Best Action Film, also nominated for 3 Golden Film Awards for Best Action Movie, Best Actress, and Best Supporting Actress. Winner of 2007 T... posted January 10, 2007
Judes Law Action Not Rated
Please DO NOT WATCH THIS YET!! I'm testing for audio problems...bare with me. posted January 5, 2007
Judes Law (trailer) Action
This is the trailer for the recent release of Jude's Law(released 1/10/07). Sound track provided by www.freeplaymusic.com _______________________________________ Cast (to be played by in the movie): ... posted December 24, 2006
Because Of You Romance
Kayla Klarkstone's debut music video, from the soundtrack of White Onyx. This is our studio's first ever music video. For those who missed White Onyx, this video includes scenes from the movie. mus... posted April 17, 2006
White Onyx Romance
Here it is folks! The long awaited feature from Tony VonToine productions! This marks our very first movie, so I hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed creating it! We've been having som... posted April 6, 2006
White Onyx Romance
Here it is folks! The long awaited feature from Tony VonToine productions! This marks our very first movie, so I hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed creating it! White Onyx is a power... posted April 5, 2006
Deadwalker Horror
Hey guys! Here's the updated trailer to my upcoming movie "Deadwalker" Watch for it. It'll be out after I finish producing my current project. please rate and leave comments. I'm not too worried a... posted March 25, 2006
Deadwalker (Trailer) Horror
Hello guys! I just got this game yesterday. This is my very first trailer for my very first movie. I hope you like it...please rate and leave advice The movie should be finished soon. posted March 16, 2006
Movies Reviewed by RaYdAwG
Time by derbyrams Romance
Well well well...my old buddy derby is still making #1 movies. Boy do I miss this place. I'll be back soon tho. Now on to the movie. Let's start with the obvious: I was very impressed with the sou... reviewed August 5, 2008
Aspirations full trailer by derbyrams Romance
This is such a fun project Derby. I'm thrilled to be working on this with you and I can't wait til it's all put together! da dAwG reviewed August 13, 2007
Affari by ESegal Action
This has gotsta be the best gangsta movie ever uploaded to TMO! Great job! da dAwG reviewed August 9, 2007
We come in Peace! by dude123456HasReturned Sci-Fi
well I'm not familiar with andy's competition so I don't know what the requirements are, so I'll give you 4 stars for creativity. :) good luck! da dAwG reviewed August 4, 2007
Ascension by Tarison Action
Amongst the rush of midieval films to hit TMO, this one stands in a league of it's own. The mods were very good and used really well. The music really added that adventurous feel to the movie, while... reviewed July 19, 2007
Mafia Legend of the Red WarriorPart 1 by BlazeLeeDragon Action
Featured Review
I'm becoming more and more impressed with your film making. You're really becoming quite good at this! First of all, I like your thumbnail. It's quite flashy...lol Secondly, your editing is pretty...
reviewed July 17, 2007
Aspirations teaser trailer by derbyrams Romance
talk about teaser...lol Nice uhh...overlay show? lol reviewed July 17, 2007
before dawn by meowan Romance
Well meowan, you made one hell of a movie here. While western movies aren't really among my favorite genres, I still can appreciate good filming. The music was well selected, the editing was top not... reviewed July 15, 2007
Shootout in the 22nd Century by andy_inc Comedy
ha ha...that was good! Very funny stuff there andy! The duel was sweet, very imaginative, and so unexpected. Well done and good luck in the short film festival! reviewed July 8, 2007
OMFG! Im meeting TMO by tsunamidog Horror
OH GAWD!! I think I'm going to hell for watching that! Now THAT was degrading with a capital 'DEGRADING' ...and ...umm... OK OK, YOU WIN...NOW MAKE IT STOP ALREADY!!! :p da dAwG reviewed June 30, 2007
TMOsMommaISA[not-so-nice-word!] by riott007 Comedy
OMG that was freakin hilarious! The purple dildo, monkey sex, etc...I'm still LMAO! Good job Riott! da dAwG reviewed June 30, 2007
The Dating Dilemma by Master007 Comedy
This is a typical Master007 comedy. That was a cleverly written script. The vo's were great. The drops and overlays worked to perfection, and so did the props. You know...I coulda sworn I saw a ... reviewed June 30, 2007
Day of Reckoning by horror_film_fan Horror
Featured Review
well I thought it was kinda funny in a way. I really liked how the music kept us in suspense throughout, then it kinda calmed down at the end, when the action really happened. I actually laughed. I...
reviewed June 30, 2007
Luv Me Girl by bufu0 Romance
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH That was sweet! Bufu0...it's good to see the hip-hop artist back. This is a very good rap video dawg! I think I'll bookmark it. ok...so yours is better than mine. Now I'm jealous... reviewed June 29, 2007
The Bar by FredTheDuck Comedy
Well that was pretty funny and quite clever. There was an audio glitch where I heard a "buzzing" noise with one of the vo's. Other than that, this was really good! I love the credits overlays too. ... reviewed June 29, 2007
Light and Darkness by mocemanix Sci-Fi
You know...I'm just amazed at all the talent we have here on TMO. This is really good! Of course it would be better if you had someone narrate it, but nonetheless...this was awesome! Very good jo... reviewed June 28, 2007
On the Ledge by Jenniza Romance
WoW Jenniza...you've impressed the hell outta me with this one! You did a very good job of holding my attention throughout and the voice acting was excellent. Your directing/editing was brilliant,... reviewed June 28, 2007
Massacre No Hope Left by ShyShy Horror
Feels good to be back huh? Well, you sure picked a good time to come back. ok look here: I know you got what it takes to be a pretty good filmmaker, and you put up with alot and you managed to bo... reviewed June 28, 2007
Empire (Part Three) by andy_inc Action
I'm finally able to watch your movie in it's entirety and it was well worth the wait! This is definately my favorite midieval series on TMO! Excellent use of the mods. The vo's were awesome and dam... reviewed June 28, 2007
the Nature of Things by josephkw Comedy
You know joe...I wanna be just like you when I grow up! lol Very funny dude. Just goes to show you...everything you touch turns to greatness. You got my vote for the TMO hall of fame. Good luck in... reviewed June 24, 2007
An Eye for An Eye EP 4 by Amabeginzordawg Horror
LOL Remember when I said I was looking for a good horror? Well forget it! That was too scary even for me! lol Amazing dawg...simply amazing. Anytime a horror movie scares the crap outta me, it's ... reviewed June 23, 2007
Massacre Trailer by ShyShy Horror
LOL...not bad for your welcome back trailer. Brief and to the point. Now watch mine! lol My trailer for Jude's Law II is released. http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/135367 reviewed June 23, 2007
Bride of Frankenstein by tbirdt94 Horror
That was actually pretty good! Nevermind the copyright infrengement, it was still a good movie. Well done! By the way, Jude's Law II trailer has been released...Check it out! http://movies.lionhead... reviewed June 23, 2007
The Adventures Of Woody And Sam by 6-headedmonster Comedy
OMG...another 6hm comedy?? I don't know if I can take any more of these! lol First of all, enough with the LMAO's and LOL's...how many times can 2 people say that anyway? lol Second of all, LMAO!!... reviewed June 23, 2007
Rio Diablo trailer by TheMGMKid1 Action
cool trailer MGM. I loved the backdrops and overlays you used. I'm gonna check this out when it comes out. By the way, Jude's Law II trailer has been released...Check it out! http://movies.lionhea... reviewed June 23, 2007
Mrs Gross by Cos1293 Comedy
that was really sick...but kinda funny. good job! By the way, Jude's Law II trailer has been released...Check it out! http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/135367 reviewed June 23, 2007
Watching You by MIZZLE8 Horror
cool trailer dude! This looks really scary! cool music too By the way, Jude's Law II trailer has been released...Check it out! http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/135367 reviewed June 23, 2007
Dark Power (Trailer) by silentscope56 Horror
cool trailer! Jude's Law II trailer has been released...Check it out! http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/135367 reviewed June 23, 2007
Lets Find Some Crime by rwb Action
Not bad for your first film. Some background music woulda made it better, but still, nice job! Jude's Law II trailer has been released...Check it out! http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/135367 reviewed June 23, 2007
Crossed by Rik_Vargard Action
Another fine and brilliant masterpiece rik. The script was executed to perfection. Excellent choice of music as well as very good editing choices makes this a fine piece of work. Good luck in the c... reviewed June 23, 2007
Kayna by Rik_Vargard Action
two words... Brill iant! Great special effects. It was actually funny and coulda been classified as comedy/musical/sci-fi/action/etc...lmao BTW, great cast of all-stars! reviewed June 23, 2007
Error! by Amityville_Dude Comedy
HA HA HA HA HA...well that was umm...quite interesting. I loved the disclaimer! I guess that just about sums it up...lol reviewed June 23, 2007
The Deed of Midnight - Chp 1 Teaser by trewill7 Action
dude...You win the RaYdAwG rookie of the year award for this brilliant trailer! Well done! da dAwG reviewed June 23, 2007
RUSH HOURS by keithhat Action
well it's brief and to the point. I too just uploaded the trailer for my new movie Jude's Law II. Check it out! http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/135367 reviewed June 22, 2007
A Day In Riotts Mind by riott007 Comedy
ok somebody tell me... What the hell was that??? LMAO Riott is a freakin riot. That was goofy, crazy, and insanely hilliarious! You rock Riott... you freakin rock! LOL reviewed May 23, 2007
Blaster Card by DNR Comedy
ha ha ha ha ha! This is a typical DNR commercial...funny as hell! lol reviewed May 23, 2007
Empire (Part Two) by andy_inc Action
First of all, negatives out the way early...I noticed a slight editing glitch after Cecilia left lord Bryce. It went by so fast it wasn't too noticeable. The vo's were really good, although I noticed... reviewed April 30, 2007
Interstellar Odyssey (Part Two) by nukester Sci-Fi
First of all, what amazes me is how every word & sound effect was perfectly in sinc. I'm jealous! lol The script was very well written. The music was pleasant. VO cast was well selected. The backd... reviewed April 30, 2007
Cold by Dulci Romance
A typical Dulci romance classic, with a great staff of voice actors and actresses. The music was so beautifully selected, and as usual your directing is dead on. Very well done! Also, I liked the ... reviewed April 27, 2007
Angel-Demon I by googuitar616 Action
Featured Review
Very impressive! This was a brilliant production from a young studio. You showed alot of promise and potential. I liked your editing choices, as well as your vo. I thought it was more of a horror ...
reviewed April 24, 2007
Knock Knock! by MefuneAkira Comedy
LMAO yeah that was funny! reviewed April 23, 2007
ULTIMATE TMOer FINAL ENTRY by kwistufa Comedy
You are the total package dude. Great direction, freecam use, scene selections, combined with a funny script, makes you one of the best comedy filmmakers on TMO. Even the vo's were funny. I've alwa... reviewed April 23, 2007
The Final Strike by Master007 Comedy
First of all, brilliant special effects. Second of all, nice music. Third of all, I loved those overlays. Fourth of all, very funny and clever scriptwriting. and Fifth of all... ENOUGH WITH THE G... reviewed April 22, 2007
The Bates Bounty by andy_inc Sci-Fi
ha ha...I loved the revolving bookshelf. The story was pretty good and quite funny too. This could have easily been classified as a sci fi/comedy. The editing was also good. I thought you did a gr... reviewed April 22, 2007
Area-51 by kell1608 Sci-Fi
Featured Review
There are only a few people who can pull off a non-vo movie so well. Names like Sidy and Kell1608 comes to mind. I must say I was very impressed and quite pleased with the directing in this movie. ...
reviewed April 20, 2007
El Dorado part one by George_Locust Action
Now THIS is a movie! Awesome boat set dressing. Story was very well thought out and written. The overlays and backdrops were used quite well. The music went good with this type of movie, and the v... reviewed April 20, 2007
the hitman by jawookie Action
sorry, but the script was not that good. The mumbling is annoying. At least you did try to tell a story with the subs, but this just didn't do anything for me. Sorry reviewed April 20, 2007
The Holy Visit by MefuneAkira Comedy
LOL that was so stupid that it was freakin hilarious. Bravo and good luck in the competition! sorry for the late review. I haven't been around much lately, mainly cuz of some stupid computer virus. :( reviewed April 14, 2007
Love By The Sunset by actorjay Romance
I read some of the reviews and... I don't think it was that bad really. It was a very interesting story for someone your age to write. The vo's were pretty good, although at times the volumes seemed... reviewed April 6, 2007
An african Tale by alutt Action
Je n'ai pas su que les gens africains parlent français ? lol Ceci est un film excellent ! Vous avez fait vraiment bien ! La choses personnalisée bien. Le diriger était bon et la musique africaine éta... reviewed April 6, 2007
Who Wants to be a VCillionaire- EP 1 by eobaggs Comedy
I appologize for not getting this review in sooner. This was more fun than I first thought it would be. I just wish my skype wasn't acting retarded cuz I really wanted (and still do) to be a conte... reviewed April 4, 2007
Comedy corner 4 Extreme Randomness by derbyrams Comedy
This was so stupid that it was freakin hilarious! Only you can pull off such random comedy like this and make it funny as hell. Very nice use of the backdrops and overlays. The voice actors/actress... reviewed April 2, 2007
Red Shadow Wanted Dead or Alive Trailer by Mattooman Action
Featured Review
Well you didn't give too much in this trailer, but that's usually how I like trailers to be--suspenseful with everything left to the imagination. With that said, I'd be glad to be a part of this inte...
reviewed April 1, 2007
King Tut Curse or Coincidence by andy_inc Action
Dude...not only are you a hell of a filmographer, but you're also a good reporter as well. You have earned the nickname "the professor" lol Awesome overlays, props, and backdrops. The music was bri... reviewed March 31, 2007
New You Resort by Dulci Horror
Dear Dulci, I am writing to tell you that I think you are one of the best (if not the best) scriptwriters on TMO. This story was unique and held my attention throughout, along with the music. The ... reviewed March 31, 2007
The Sweaty Brick News Alert by bricksfilms Comedy
HA HA...that was freakin hiliarious dude! Very good use of the "blood" and nice overlays. Good to see the garden gnomes back in action again. Well done! da dAwG reviewed March 30, 2007
The Conspiracy by Master007 Sci-Fi
I liked that. I thought it was pretty good. It was a really good narration. The music and the sound effects worked well. Good luck in the competition! :) (I think that was 25 words lol) reviewed March 29, 2007
A Day In The Life Of TMO by bufu0 Comedy
The rap wasn't bad at all, and it went well with the music. I'm anxious to see what you do for the "so you think you can rap" competition. You definately got skillz. As for the video, I wasn't too ... reviewed March 27, 2007
The Night by andy_inc Sci-Fi
well that was interesting! I appologize for not getting to your movie sooner. Computer problems. Anyway, I thought that was a nice little movie short. The thing I liked most was the sound effects.... reviewed March 27, 2007
The Last Bullet by Mattchinso Action
I am very impressed! For only your 2nd uploaded film, you show alot of promise. From the very beginning of the movie, you grabbed my attention. Your directing skills is better than expected of a new... reviewed March 24, 2007
Like Im Totally a Spy! by Dulci Comedy
LOL I have to give you 5 stars for that. If not anything else, you made me laugh. The valley girl character was so funny. I don't think this is your best work of the competition, but you made me l... reviewed March 19, 2007
Attack of the TMO Cliche by jase180 Comedy
ha ha...hey that's pretty good! Those were some very good mods, drops, and overlays. I am very impressed, and I was quite entertained. Not bad at all for your first attempt at comedy! da dAwG reviewed March 18, 2007
Operation I-Phone by andy_inc Action
dawg...those overlays were brilliant! Great special effects. That was a very good movie with a pretty cool story. I love those sound effects as well and the vo's were really good. Good job and ver... reviewed March 18, 2007
The Wizards Apprentice by BlazeLeeDragon Action
You know what?? This is your FIRST film?? Dude...you definately got talent! I like the script. I really like your voice acting. You did all those vo's yourself? You got potential to become a gre... reviewed March 17, 2007
How Long Can You Watch till you die Contest by STXFilms Comedy
Well... That was ok...not as funny as I thought it would be. You did have some nice editing and brilliant special effects, but sorry to say I didn't laugh much. I think I laughed at 1 thing. Does t... reviewed March 17, 2007
Savin Me by elizabethsusan Romance
So Mezzanine does music videos now? lol Wow! That was awesome! I was really feelin that. I see you and I have something in common. I see you like doing music videos. Well from what I've seen, you'... reviewed March 16, 2007
Bedroom Games by Breeanne Romance
Well that was an interesting story for a beginner. Not bad! reviewed March 16, 2007
The laugh by ZCK_legend Horror
Featured Review
ahh the voices in my head!! Somebody make em stop!!! dude...I'm gonna be hearing those voices in my nightmares for the next week...lol That was a really good movie! The script was pretty good. I d...
reviewed March 14, 2007
The Dead Cases Teaser3 by jase180 Action
OMG That's hot! Now you know the movie has to be better than the trailer right? lol Looks like you got your work cut out for ya. Good job! reviewed March 14, 2007
Life in the FUTURE 13 Galaxy Quest part 2 by reddfoxx120 Sci-Fi
This looks like it would be a really good movie, but it doesn't tell a story. In otherwords, you needed to at least add subs. You did add some subs toward the end, but not enough to really tell a st... reviewed March 13, 2007
The Horror Of Sycamore Street 1Escape by Sinister6000 Horror
hmm...that was quite interesting. By the way...I'm giving $1000 VC's to the next 10 people who watch/review my 1 minute video and start the review with the words "hi RaYdAwG". http://movies.lionhead.... reviewed March 11, 2007
Who Shot Pat MehGroin by tbirdt94 Comedy
That was pretty good. By the way...I'm giving $1000 VC's to the next 10 people who watch/review my 1 minute video and start the review with the words "hi RaYdAwG". http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/126830 reviewed March 11, 2007
Emergency! by gregbrady Action
That's a pretty cool movie! looks kinda like something I've done. good job! By the way...I'm giving $1000 VC's to the next 10 people who watch/review my 1 minute video and start the review with t... reviewed March 11, 2007
ULTIMATE TMOer - Week 4 by kwistufa Romance
I thought the subs were pretty good, with a few funny spots in there. This tmo'er competition is getting weirder and weirder. lol Nice job dude and good luck in the competition! reviewed March 11, 2007
Scratch Whiplash Press Conference by tbirdt94 Action
HA HA...interesting piece! You made this in the action genre, when you shoulda made it in comedy. Nonetheless, I was entertained. You are a really good voice actor. Your voice, I don't know if tha... reviewed March 11, 2007
Death Of War by beachard5 Action
I was somewhat impressed with this film. I'm not too fond of war movies, but there was something about this one. I was kinda feelin it. You're a young filmmaker who shows potential to become a pret... reviewed March 11, 2007
When Kings Collide by andy_inc Action
ha ha...that was sweet! It even got a laugh out of me. I'm not sure what this week's tmo'er theme is about, nor will I ask, lol but you did a good job with this one. Looks like a winner to me! Nic... reviewed March 10, 2007
Life in the FUTURE 7 by reddfoxx120 Sci-Fi
Ok here's my honest review: First of all, you had to reupload this with sound. It's much better now that we could hear it. The problem now is that there's no story here. It's missing a script, eith... reviewed March 10, 2007
April Fools Trailer by fablefreak01 Horror
It was ok. The problems I had with this was the subs went too fast. Also, you pretty much told a story here, which is what the movie is suppose to do, not the trailer. A trailer is suppose to give ... reviewed March 10, 2007
Alletheo - The Fall of a King by ichthusadmr Action
HA HA HA boy I tell ya... This really comes natural to you doesn't it?? This is a huge step up from "The Beginning Of The End", which was one of the greatest films in TMO history. I thought I was wa... reviewed March 9, 2007
Dystopian Hunter by brucethadog Horror
that's not bad! Good job for your very first movie! You definately got talent as a filmmaker. Welcome to TMO! By the way, I'm giving away 1000 vc's to the next 10 people who watch/review my 1 minu... reviewed March 8, 2007
Trailer fireman 3029 by jacpaco30 Action
That's a pretty good trailer! Makes the movie look exciting. You picked some good action scenes and some awesome music. Nice Job! The only thing I'd say is add some kind of custom title screen or... reviewed March 8, 2007
CODENAME DANY by daniellecrownford Action
OMG that was awesome! well done! and thanks for reviewing my video :) reviewed March 8, 2007
2nd Annual TMOscars by StevenKreg Romance
Awesome ceremony! Congrats to sisch, lizard, Ken, Roger, and postmodernchuck for movie of the year--scramble. I enjoyed this award ceremony as I hope to be at least nominated next year! :) This was... reviewed March 8, 2007
Just Trying to Help by AnotherNewDawn Comedy
Awesome! Awesome backdrops & overlays. Awesome vo's (very funny). The editing was brilliant. Dude...this was freakin hiliarious!! Even the default LH music sounded good for this type of comedy. ... reviewed March 7, 2007
the pixel reformatted by darkcoyote Sci-Fi
Not bad...keep up the good work! By the way...I'm giving $1000 VC's to the next 10 people who watch/review my 1 minute video and start the review with the words "hi RaYdAwG". http://movies.lionhead.c... reviewed March 7, 2007
Bobby Returns Teaser Trailer by g318 Comedy
awesome...just plain awesome! Nice vo's. Nice drops/lays. This is a well made trailer that has the "I can't wait to see this" factor! Well done! By the way...I'm giving $1000 VC's to the next 10... reviewed March 7, 2007
My Ex Girlfriend by ilmc Horror
Not bad. nice overlays. Ahh...the sound sync bug again. Yeah that gets the best of us all. Overall, not bad. By the way...I'm giving $1000 VC's to the next 10 people who watch/review my 1 minute v... reviewed March 7, 2007
santa vs easter bunny by peakpunk Comedy
hasn't this been made already?? Same title and everything. Seriously, do a search on it and I bet you you'll find the same movie. Anyway, not bad for a movie you made out of boredom. lol By the w... reviewed March 7, 2007
Senseless People Senseless Lives by Nixon4prez Action
Hey...that's not bad at all. The metal music really sets it off. Next time try adding some more subtitles to tell the story a bit more. By the way...I'm giving $1000 VC's to the next 10 people who ... reviewed March 7, 2007
Quiet Creek Sanitarium Trailer by sweatyshoulder Horror
Sorry I'm late watching/reviewing this. I love that sanitarium set. Kinda reminds me of Resident Evil. The music and vo's were awesome. I thought that poem was so well written. Dude...you gotta b... reviewed March 7, 2007
Windy City Heat by offkilter81 Action
The problem with these gangster type action movies is that they have been done many times here on TMO, so there's no originality there. Basically, if you're gonna do a gangster movie, it has to be aw... reviewed March 7, 2007
Press Play on Your Graduation Day by Dulci Romance
Thanks alot Dulci...you almost made me cry! OMG that very endearing. So much emotion, so much empathy...a sweet and touching piece that just leaves me speechless and almost in tears--something only ... reviewed March 7, 2007
The Return Of The Desperado by Master_Hitman Action
Well the special effects were awesome. The story was pretty well written and delivered, although you shoulda hired voice actors/actresses to do vo's. A movie of this caliber would have been best sui... reviewed March 7, 2007
No Escape by Movehman Horror
This is an awesome movie. It woulda been even better with vo, but it's still a very good movie! I see a young promising filmmaker in the works with alot of potential. Come join the community forums... reviewed March 7, 2007
SAW by CollinWilson1 Horror
that was pretty good! By the way, come check out this new 1 minute video I made for this competition I'm in. http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/126830. I'll give you 500 vc's for reviewing it! Just... reviewed March 7, 2007
second chance by stevie84 Comedy
That was pretty good. Nice backdrops in the beginning. The vo's were pretty good, and some of the content in the story gave me a chuckle, although I didn't quite understand it much. The editing was ... reviewed March 5, 2007
ULTIMATE TMOer - Heat 3 by kwistufa Romance
Ha Ha...this is a typical Kwistufa movie. I see you goofed on the restriction thing, but nonetheless this was awesome. Very good story and funny sounding vo's lol Well done dude! reviewed March 4, 2007
Fight to the Death! by towelie Action
ha ha...funny ending. Not bad. Good luck in the competition! reviewed March 4, 2007
Bad Girls by actorjay Action
yeah too many word "[be polite!]es" in this, but the vo's were awesome. This was very good and it looks like I got some serious competition ahead of me. Well done! reviewed March 4, 2007
The Laugh- trailer by ZCK_legend Horror
It was looking good at first, til the scene where the clown walked up to the woman. The "walking" scene was a bit longer than need to be for a trailer. You had the right idea though...especially wit... reviewed March 4, 2007
Letter from Gallipoli by andy_inc Romance
*sniff sniff* that was so... *sniff* sad! so... dramatic...I...I... (runs to grab a tissue) (looks up to the sky) WHY OH WHY DID HE HAVE TO DIE!! *sniff* I'm sorry... It's just too... SAD...COL(c... reviewed March 4, 2007
The Monk and the Fountain by mericc Romance
Hey...this reminds me of those old Kung-Fu series I use to love to watch. Now this is a vo'less and sub-less movie I can really get into. Well done! reviewed March 3, 2007
NYPD by mchammer5 Action
First of all, when you add subs to a movie, make sure you make them display long enough for people to read. Some of your subs were flashing by so quickly I couldn't read them. Some people may not re... reviewed March 3, 2007
Worrying by eyris Action
Everything's good about this movie except 1 thing: Not much of a story to it. I mean sure near the end you hear 2 lines of vo and a few texts, but I'd pretty much have to guess what's going on, and ... reviewed March 3, 2007
Spiderman Returns by Bora11 Action
choose better music and turn off the "mumbling" Other than that, not bad. By the way...I'm giving $1000 VC's to the next 10 people who watch/review my movie and start the review with the words "hi R... reviewed February 28, 2007
Into the Shadow - Part2 by sherwinliu Romance
My goodness...this is flawless! Exemplary scriptwriting, awesome vo performance from a great cast. The special effects are brilliant. The music is great. This one is easy... My Rating: Script: 6 s... reviewed February 25, 2007
Fade To Black by ubernewbie Sci-Fi
First I gotta say, this is yet another fine Ubernewbie film. You definately are the Sci-fi genius of TMO! :) Exceptional story. Awesome performance by an all-star VA cast. Great directing and bril... reviewed February 25, 2007
Brilliant Minds by ralfduran Romance
First of all, nice intro. The music was great and really fit the mood. This is easily one of the best 5 minute drama's I've seen on here...lol That was really good! My Ratings: Script: 5 stars Musi... reviewed February 25, 2007
City of Shadows pt I by tigereyes Action
Featured Review
Now we're talkin my kinda movie! Now I'm jealous :( But I swear one of these days, even if it takes me the rest of my life, I swear I'll make an action movie half as good as this one! lol Ok now the...
reviewed February 25, 2007
Priest Beast by God_Of_Plague Horror
First of all, remind me to hire you for va whenever I decide to do a horror flick. The music was not good for this movie. It did not complement the vo you did. For that reason, I found the voice to... reviewed February 25, 2007
The Courage Within III by MefuneAkira Sci-Fi
and just think I said The Courage Within II was the best movie I've ever seen at the time. I didn't think it could get any better than that. I am happy to say I'm wrong. Awesome overlays. Brillian... reviewed February 25, 2007
ctu pilot episode by fadedmemory90 Action
wow...so you've managed to cram alot into that 2 minutes. Well I loved the vo's and the story was well written. There were a few minor technical flaws, such as the mumbling over vo's. The editing w... reviewed February 25, 2007
Let this be a dream by Dulci Horror
lol good ending. So Dulci does horror now? It must be horror week in that ultimate TMOer thing. lol Good job! reviewed February 25, 2007
Smothered Hope by Flipmanburn Horror
First of all, I never take away stars for lack of vo, but I still have to comment on it. For a movie of this caliber, it's such a shame you didn't hire voice actors/actresses. That woulda set this o... reviewed February 24, 2007
Empire (Part One) by andy_inc Action
Featured Review
WOW...this story was indeed amazing! This was an unbelievably excellent script. Awesome vo's by an all-star cast of voice actors & actresses. The music was awesome and very well selected. In fact,...
reviewed February 24, 2007
PITTSBURGH Pilot Episode 1-1 by WorldPictures Romance
The story line was awesome. The editing was brilliant. The music and overlays were very well selected and I liked the sound effects. Here comes the part I hate... Some of the vo's didn't work. Sunn... reviewed February 22, 2007
Love By The Sunset Trailer by actorjay Romance
I'd have to agree with bufu0. You spoke way too close to the mic. Also, you need to work on the trailer scripting. It didn't generate much interest in the movie. Sorry but I must give an honest re... reviewed February 21, 2007
Licking a Donkey by prinnyking Comedy
there was one funny part to it really. With that said, it was ok reviewed February 21, 2007
RIPPER by matthewmagic Action
This could use some more music. The narration was pretty good. I didn't quite get the story, but I'll give ya 4 stars for the effort. reviewed February 20, 2007
Tony 2 Time Reloaded by antarotz2 Action
advertise your movies in the community forums so alot more people will watch your movies. That's a great place to promote your movies, hire voice actors/actresses for your next movies, request poster... reviewed February 19, 2007
The Good The Bad And The Lawyer by andy_inc Comedy
Featured Review
I don't know how much time you actually spent on this movie, but I'm sure you didn't spend too much time with it, which makes what I'm about to say even better. You pulled this off so well with the l...
reviewed February 19, 2007
True Love by actorjay Romance
That was really good for a newbie! You show alot of promise as a film maker. I'm anxious to see you develop your filmmaking skills once you get the hang of it (and get S&E). The voice overs were pr... reviewed February 19, 2007
Life of Pain by antarotz2 Action
you either chose the wrong genre or you chose the wrong music for this genre. I think this should be in the romance genre. Not much action to it. Overall it was an ok movie. I honestly think your... reviewed February 19, 2007
Life in the FUTURE 6 by reddfoxx120 Sci-Fi
there was no script here. I don't usually give 2 star ratings, but this was not a good movie. I mean...we can't tell what's going on. Silent films aren't exactly popular here. Ok I'll give ya 3 st... reviewed February 19, 2007
Pick up lines by antarotz2 Comedy
Featured Review
OMG LMAO Dude this was freakin hilarious!! Come to the TMO Community forums and advertise this so alot more people can see it. This deserves to be high in the charts! Hell...I'll help!
reviewed February 18, 2007
Cool Car Chase With Imported Sounds by vatrel34 Action
Featured Review
your film making is getting alot better I see. Very good job you did, although I think you took ideas from me. lol You win the RaYdAwG's most improved studio award...congrats!
reviewed February 18, 2007
Flagpole by pepperoon Action
That is really good for a kid. Here's the thing...I don't understand, nor do I like people who rate movies 1 star and not leave a review (attack of the garden gnomes). That's not good for your reput... reviewed February 18, 2007
Fall For the Girl Nextdoor by koleabear Romance
you started out with clapping and I thought that was pretty good, but then it got quiet for most of the movie. To me it was just ok. Not much of a script though. By the way...I'm giving $1000 VC's t... reviewed February 18, 2007
DREAM GIRLS by meosha12 Romance
Featured Review
I think this was very well made. I never seen the real Dream Girls, but I hear so much good about it, plus I love J-Hud. Very good job! Advertise this movie in the forums and we'll help it get on ...
reviewed February 18, 2007
Dulci Does TMO by Dulci Comedy
ha ha...stepping out of your shell there eh Dulci? Very good job! reviewed February 18, 2007
Into the Shadow - Part 1 Overture by sherwinliu Romance
Ok first the negatives...umm... Ok let's move on to the positives. Exemplary scriptwriting with an ingenious plot, great editing and special effects, perfect music, very nice overlays and backdrops, ... reviewed February 18, 2007
Temporary Night Teaser by nukester Romance
wow...talk about "teaser" lol Well you didn't give enough info about the movie, but sometimes that's a good thing. However, this is an awesome showcase of your editing and freecam skills. Nice teas... reviewed February 18, 2007
Death by Dawn Redux Trailer by Spaceman72 Horror
Featured Review
WOW... Ok that was one hell of a...geez the trailer scared me half to death! I can only imagine how great the movie is gonna be. In fact, you can add me to your pm list for when this comes out. I'...
reviewed February 17, 2007
Sniper I Los Angeles by LazyboyFlims06 Action
Ok first of all, you needed to turn up the voices and turn down the sounds at certain parts. Couldn't hear alot of the voices. The sound bug attacked you I see. Wow...it hit you harder than it did ... reviewed February 17, 2007
Jolly Good Chaps by towelie Action
This was awesome dude! I loved the vo's...I thought they were great. The story is good. The editing was brilliant. The overlays were nice. All in all, a really good movie! My Rating: Script: 5 s... reviewed February 17, 2007
The Interview by betaal Comedy
That was pretty good. I think it coulda used better music however. I see you're getting pretty good at movie making. Now you need to step up your game and get some VO's to improve your movie, espec... reviewed February 15, 2007
Clerks 3 by StanandPaul Comedy
You made a controversial and racist movie...so what do you expect but a 1 star review. It really wasn't that funny and in poor taste. The sound is awful. Too much mumbling. The VO's weren't good. ... reviewed February 15, 2007
a day at work by ryzom123 Action
I'm giving $1000 VC's to the next 10 people who watch/review my movie and start the review with the words "hi RaYdAwG". http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/120795 reviewed February 14, 2007
Sprotznick 2025 by maxleaf Action
I'm gonna go out on a limb and rate this 5 stars. I think you put some effort in this and it shows. The script was pretty good! By the way...I'm giving $1000 VC's to the next 10 people who watch/re... reviewed February 14, 2007
The Catch by spinomonkey Sci-Fi
That was pretty good for your first movie. Next time, try adding some dialogs, either in the form of voice overs or subtitles. That tells the story. But this was really good for your first upload! ... reviewed February 14, 2007
The Adventures of Jules by CaptSocrates Comedy
LOL I thought that was quite funny actually. By the way...I'm giving $1000 VC's to the next 10 people who watch/review my movie and start the review with the words "hi RaYdAwG". http://movies.lionhe... reviewed February 14, 2007
Joes Valentine by MovieMoose13 Comedy
It was pretty cool By the way...I'm giving $1000 VC's to the next 10 people who watch/review my movie and start the review with the words "hi RaYdAwG". http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/120795 reviewed February 14, 2007
Tipping the Scale by sk84Nate Comedy
cute movie...not bad for your second film! By the way...I'm giving $1000 VC's to the next 10 people who watch/review my movie and start the review with the words "hi RaYdAwG". http://movies.lionhead.... reviewed February 14, 2007
another ninja story stevy returns by nior Comedy
well that was quite funny! good job! By the way...I'm giving $1000 VC's to the next 10 people who watch/review my movie and start the review with the words "hi RaYdAwG". http://movies.lionhead.com/m... reviewed February 14, 2007
Hitler Returns! by kotc615 Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Sci-Fi?? Anyway...not bad. Very good vo's. The editing could be better, but other than that, it was a pretty good movie. By the way...I'm giving $1000 VC's to the next 10 people who watch/review m...
reviewed February 14, 2007
CONTRACT The Deadly Assassin by gricey1204 Action
nice trailer! By the way...I'm giving $1000 VC's to the next 10 people who watch/review my movie and start the review with the words "hi RaYdAwG". http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/120795 reviewed February 14, 2007
Office Space by cobonodon Action
not bad for your first movie! By the way...I'm giving $1000 VC's to the next 10 people who watch/review my movie and start the review with the words "hi RaYdAwG". http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/120795 reviewed February 14, 2007
The E-Files Part 1 by duckman14 Sci-Fi
well the music coulda been better selected. Other than that, it's not bad. good vo's. Interesting story. 4 stars By the way...I'm giving $1000 VC's to the next 10 people who watch/review my movie... reviewed February 14, 2007
Lost Lover by lkuey Romance
Nice backdrops and overlays. I was slightly disappointed because this should have had vo's. Nonetheless, it was a pretty good movie. reviewed February 14, 2007
Raishman vs the Evil Girlfriend by CTDragon Romance
not bad, but you need some vo's or subs to tell the story. By the way...I'm giving $1000 VC's to the next 10 people who watch/review my movie and start the review with the words "hi RaYdAwG". http://... reviewed February 14, 2007
Gunshot by MoranHalo1 Action
The rain was too loud I couldn't hear anything in the beginning. Also, this needed some music. Nice vo's though. Not bad for your third film. By the way...I'm giving $1000 VC's to the next 10 peop... reviewed February 14, 2007
Crying Over You by FistofJudgement Romance
not bad. keep up the good work! By the way...I'm giving $1000 VC's to the next 10 people who watch/review my movie and start the review with the words "hi RaYdAwG". http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/120795 reviewed February 13, 2007
A Stars Nightmare- A Slimmo Promotion by LordCodicus Horror
Ok since this is your first movie, I'll keep that under consideration. I'll give it 3 stars. Keep it up...you can only get better. By the way...I'm giving $1000 VC's to the next 10 people who watch... reviewed February 13, 2007
Demos Arges Advent Horizen by James_DC Sci-Fi
well this is too long to be a music video...lol Hmm...a sci-fi musical. interesting idea. You should promote this in the community forums. I like it. I think it should make the charts. By the wa... reviewed February 13, 2007
Showdown by X190 Action
nice music. Not bad for an older movie. Could use some vo's or subs though By the way...I'm giving $1000 VC's to the next 10 people who watch/review my movie and start the review with the words "hi... reviewed February 13, 2007
Last minute NWN character! by Jenniza Comedy
LOL that was cute and kinda funny. reviewed February 12, 2007
Gangster by apip Action
This was a very good story. Nice editing work with the free cam. Good voice acting. Hats off to Jenniza, who I thought did a good job. The music for the most part was good, although some of it I d... reviewed February 11, 2007
Attack of the Garden Gnomes by Master007 Comedy
Featured Review
I should give you 1 star for not sending me a pm upon release and for killing off my character! lmao No seriously dude this was even more awesome than I expected it to be. The soundtrack was well s...
reviewed February 10, 2007
Blue Romance by lucindamc123 Romance
Featured Review
wow...that was quite touching. This has to be one of the best romance movies I've seen on TMO. The music really provided a romantic feel in the movie. Very nice use of the blue and green screens. ...
reviewed February 9, 2007
Tenderspirit by trailertrash Romance
I've said this over and over...when you upload movies here for TMO, fire your scriptwriters and write your own scripts. Creativity is what we look for here. reviewed February 9, 2007
PITTSBURGH Trailer by WorldPictures Romance
Featured Review
Well I must say when I first heard of this series, based on life in my hometown, my curiosity was overly peaked. Then, when I was offered a role in this movie, I was very excited. And now, after wa...
reviewed February 8, 2007
Mommie Dearest by jrsybarry Horror
Not bad for a first movie. Keep up the good work! reviewed February 7, 2007
XTREME TAXI x2 by sidy Action
This is a typical sidy film...awesome!! Dude...you make the best non vo films on TMO! reviewed February 5, 2007
Siren by jessaroma Action
whoa...awesome sound effects! Ok I didn't quite understand the story much, but the effects were sweet! The suspense was great, and the editing was pretty good so I'm giving this 4 stars. Very nice! reviewed February 4, 2007
Sun River by Samare Action
that was pretty good. The voices were ok. Kinda sounded a bit backgroundish. You should come to the forums and hire some voice actors/actresses so you don't have to do all the voices yourself. By ... reviewed February 4, 2007
Rebel Blood by codyrainville Action
for a kid your age, this is a very intelligent script. You are a very talented up and coming film maker with alot of potential. You're also a pretty good voice actor. Keep up the good work! reviewed February 3, 2007
Special Delivery by BerkleyJL Comedy
well I didn't find it that funny, except for near the end, but it was cute. I thought you did a great job with this movie. I especially liked the backdrops and overlays. The music you chose was exc... reviewed February 3, 2007
Officer Down by David1408 Action
First of all, I'm gonna start by saying, very nice thumbnail and a catchy title is what enticed me to watch this. With that said, I was very disappointed by the lack of vo's, which would have made th... reviewed February 1, 2007
Heart Vision by Dulci Romance
As someone quite fond of poetry, short stories, etc... I find this one to be very inspiring. You've demonstrated so much passion in this story and it feels so real. Overall, this is a very good show... reviewed January 31, 2007
VCs Pleez by FredTheDuck Comedy
Featured Review
for some dumb strange reason, this made me laugh a little. Since this is a comedy and that's what comedies are suppose to do, I'll give ya 4 stars for that. By the way...I'm giving $1000 VC's to t...
reviewed January 28, 2007
Comedy corner 4 full trailer by derbyrams Comedy
Lookin good as usual! reviewed January 28, 2007
TRAILER The Courage Within III by MefuneAkira Sci-Fi
Featured Review
wow...this really is one of the best trailers I've seen on here! Good job dude!
reviewed January 27, 2007
The War Lives On by DJDanny Action
I'm gonna start by saying that war movies aren't really my type of movies and are way overdone here. However, I have seen some pretty good ones. Overall, this is a very good movie from M&MP. Now on... reviewed January 27, 2007
Dashwood Fox Trailer 3 by AmmarStudios Action
Wow...what a voice actress!! Please join the community forums and look me up. I would very much like to work with you on future projects. http://allboards.lionhead.com/forumdisplay.php?f=82 You cou... reviewed January 25, 2007
Blood in the Moonlight by michael_b6 Action
ok...so it's just a random shootout type thing. The point?? reviewed January 25, 2007
Naked Hell by miri2 Comedy
ok this movie is gonna get flagged and removed. 2 things wrong: 1. you didn't credit Miracle Filsm or B2K for use of this mod (which I have myself) and 2nd of all, you obviously didn't read the rule... reviewed January 25, 2007
She will always live forever 3 part 2 tk 2 by derbyrams Action
I have seen this movie and I coulda sworn I rated it already. Oh well. I like these movies. I think you did a great job with it. The story is so well written and so well excecuted. Bravo for a jo... reviewed January 24, 2007
She will always live forever 3 part 1 by derbyrams Action
I loved the storyline. I think that's the most important part of movie making. The vo's are good. This makes for a great series. well done! reviewed January 24, 2007
Fundamental by Patrick-Mc-All Action
I'm giving $1000 VC's to the next 10 people who watch/review my movie and start the review with the words "hi RaYdAwG". http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/120795 reviewed January 24, 2007
Death St 1 - The Nightmare Begins by Gal940 Horror
It was ok By the way...I'm giving $1000 VC's to the next 10 people who watch/review my movie and start the review with the words "hi RaYdAwG". http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/120795 reviewed January 24, 2007
Gangbangers by thenjest Action
Featured Review
That was very good for your second movie. You need to advertise this in the forums so you can get many viewers. Also get a nice poster made for you. I liked this alot as it held my attention. The ...
reviewed January 24, 2007
315 by verguit Comedy
Awesome trailer dude! very nice. By the way...I'm giving $1000 VC's to the next 10 people who watch/review my movie and start the review with the words "hi RaYdAwG". http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/120795 reviewed January 24, 2007
Enigma - End Game by ubernewbie Sci-Fi
This is one of the few sci fi movies that I actually liked. It was perfect! The special effects were great. The drops/lays worked very well. Music and sound effects were very well selected. The s... reviewed January 24, 2007
A DNR Comedy Short by DNR Comedy
What the ???? LMAO That was way too funny dude! reviewed January 23, 2007
Screw Part 2 by micha83 Sci-Fi
WOW! That's all I can say...WOW with a capital WOW!! I'm speechless! reviewed January 21, 2007
Towelie News Vol 2 by towelie Comedy
wow...the first reviewer. Wild and goofy...just like the first one. Very funny and clever. Awesome backdrops. Keep making these series! My Rating: Script: 5 Music: 5 Drops/lays: 5 VO's: 4 Genre ... reviewed January 21, 2007
First of all, this should have been made as a comedy instead of an action movie. If this was a comedy, I would have rated as one (which would have been better) but it's action so I'm gonna rate this a... reviewed January 20, 2007
Space Generation - The Next Encounter by DoubleMPee Sci-Fi
Ok this movie is way too good to not have vo's. The music was ok...not the best for this kind of movie, but it worked. The story was incredible, as it held my attention. The editing was brilliant w... reviewed January 20, 2007
The School Phone by JustinMoore Comedy
It was cute. I loved the drops. I thought they were unique and original. The story was a bit funny. I did get a chuckle out of it. It made me wanna go strangle that guys too. lol My rating: Editi... reviewed January 20, 2007
Commercial Pete by cheese101 Comedy
What a funny commercial! A bit long for a commercial, but it still made me laugh so I gotta give it 5 stars. Well done! reviewed January 20, 2007
Listen! by Tal0n Romance
Dies ist ein Film, der Vortrefflichkeit definiert. Dieser Film ist sehr gut geschaffen. Ausgezeichneter Stimmenhandeln. Ausgezeichnete Musik. Alles um diesen Film ist Ausgezeichnet. Meine Nachprüfun... reviewed January 20, 2007
How to Catch An Online Predator by eobaggs Comedy
Featured Review
First of all, you get 10 stars for the computer lays. The VO's coulda been better. I did like the show music. I thought that was pretty good. It gave me a bit of a chuckle. My review: Music: 5...
reviewed January 20, 2007
The Living Dead by constipatedelf Horror
Not bad for your 2nd movie. Keep it up! By the way...I'm giving away $1000 VC's to the next 10 people who watch/review my movie and start the review with the words "hi RaYdAwG". http://movies.lionhe... reviewed January 20, 2007
La guerre des flammes by Coat Action
Featured Review
Not bad action movie. By the way...I'm giving $1000 VC's to the next 10 people who watch/review my movie and start the review with the words "hi RaYdAwG". http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/120795
reviewed January 20, 2007
The Librarian by HallamHallStudios Romance
Not bad old fashioned and short movie. Not bad for your first movie. Keep up the good work and welcome to TMO! By the way...I'm giving away $1000 VC's to the next 10 people who watch/review my movi... reviewed January 20, 2007
The Rise by KingMe1220 Horror
The beginning was quiet. You need some music in the beginning. The music you did use was good though. Other than that, this movie was ok. By the way...I'm giving $1000 VC's to the next 10 people w... reviewed January 20, 2007
Demons in Blackville by feix Horror
wow...that looks like it's gonna be scary. Ok 2 things: A trailer should have some sort of narration, either voice or subs. Also, the scenes were too long for a trailer. A trailer should just tease... reviewed January 19, 2007
the PASSAGE (Prologue) by josephkw Sci-Fi
Awesome...just plain Awesome!! Nothing short of 5 stars (actually more). The music was all that and some. The all star cast makes this very appealing. The backdrops and the effects were brilliant.... reviewed January 19, 2007
Heven and Hell by wa187 Horror
it was ok By the way...I'm giving $1000 VC's to the next 10 people who watch/review my movie and start the review with the words "hi RaYdAwG". http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/120795 reviewed January 19, 2007
Dr Nutcase 2 by k1190 Sci-Fi
pretty nice movie! By the way...I'm giving $1000 VC's to the next 10 people who watch/review my movie and start the review with the words "hi RaYdAwG". http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/120795 reviewed January 19, 2007
Santa Claus Gone Wild by Acjpb Comedy
Hey...I'm giving $1000 VC's to the next 10 people who watch/review my movie and start the review with the words "hi RaYdAwG". http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/120795 reviewed January 18, 2007
View From a Window by sgporsche48 Horror
OMG first of all, that would be so much better with voice narration. This was a very well written script. The music was so beautifully selected for this movie. The editing and the use of freecam was... reviewed January 18, 2007
Supernatural by machine1462 Horror
Can hardly hear the vo's. When narrating a movie, that should be the main thing you hear. You should use audacity to boost it up. The audio was off...too much breathing. The movie was too dark in p... reviewed January 18, 2007
Revenge of the Bullied One by tomasm Comedy
I think this could have used some editing. However the voice over work was pretty good. I liked the acting job. I did get a little chuckle out of this comedy. The story was pretty good. Nothing o... reviewed January 18, 2007
MELON by kwistufa Comedy
Wait For Me by AnubisStudios Comedy
That's sick dude. The only thing I found somewhat funny was the phone conversation with the mother. That's my honest review. da dAwG reviewed January 18, 2007
Moby Dick by themonkthemonk Comedy
Featured Review
I thought this was a good showcase of backdrops. This isn't a movie though. Basically I'm posting this review, hoping people will read it. You guys who leave reviews saying "why is this piece of cr...
reviewed January 18, 2007
Homeland Skies 3 A Threat to mankind by codyrainville Sci-Fi
I was hoping for some sound in the beginning. Also, you might wanna turn off the mumbling. If you don't know how, I can tell you. Now that you've gotten your feet wet, you're ready for some advance... reviewed January 18, 2007
Dark Horizon by codyrainville Sci-Fi
Dude...I'll let you in on a big secret. This secret will help you get your movies on the charts. Wanna know what the secret is?? come here to the forums: http://allboards.lionhead.com/forumdisplay.... reviewed January 18, 2007
Dark September by kell1608 Action
Featured Review
Ok I'm gonna rate this with my honest opinion. The idea was good...I mean dedicating this to the 9/11 families and friends. In terms of movie making, this was a job well done. Of course vo's woulda...
reviewed January 17, 2007
The Courage Within II by MefuneAkira Action
ok so I'm late watching/reviewing this movie. This one slipped past me. Oh well, better late than never. I have never said this about any other movie, but I gotta say it about this one: To this dat... reviewed January 17, 2007
one mistakesecond chance trailer by claw21 Action
oooh eminem is gonna get you!! lol it was ok reviewed January 17, 2007
Secondwatchers by JacksonCurtis Action
wow...that looks almost like my movie. lol The editing and special effects were good. The only thing is this movie would be so much better with VO's. oh and before you say something like "I don't... reviewed January 17, 2007
Sniper 1 Los Angeles(trailer) by LazyboyFlims06 Action
Featured Review
YAYYYYY I get to be the first reviewer! ok first the negatives. We gotta work with you on your spelling. lol Also, you shouldn't have let it go past the music. Ok the positives. That was better ...
reviewed January 17, 2007
Slived Landing by Moviemaniac1 Horror
Featured Review
Very nice movie dude...I'm impressed! Nice retextures. Nice drops and lays. You even picked the perfect "paranormal" sounding music. The editing was brilliant! The audio coulda used a bit of edit...
reviewed January 17, 2007
Taken 3 by benf45 Action
I agree with dsbeach. This would be so much better with vo's cuz it's such a good movie! You got talent here. Spice it up a bit with vo's. 5 stars for the effort. da dAwG reviewed January 16, 2007
Ice box by meosha12 Romance
Featured Review
This has to be the best music video I've ever seen on here...yes, even better than mine was. Ok listen...I'm gonna give you 5 stars for a superb music video. I'm NOT gonna ask if you got permission...
reviewed January 16, 2007
Attack of the Garden Gnomes Trailer by Master007 Horror
I get to be in a horror movie...yayy I'm so excited! OMG dude this looks real freaky! lol This is gonna be so much fun. I can't wait to start doing the script! Good job with the trailer. Like I... reviewed January 16, 2007
Home Land Skies 2 Battle of Space by codyrainville Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Very good voice acting. You should really promote this movie. Go to the community forums and start posting threads about your movie so more people can see. This is very good for a young filmmaker. ...
reviewed January 16, 2007
A Mouthful Of Slugs1 by codyrainville Action
not bad for a rookie! reviewed January 16, 2007
animals vs aliens2the escape by sullivanb04 Sci-Fi
That was really good! Kinda reminded me of a Saturday morning cartoon. Very nice vo's and lots of action. I liked it! By the way...I'm giving $1000 VC's to the next 10 people who watch/review my mo... reviewed January 16, 2007
Hitman Agent 47 by ollypopy Action
I'm giving $1000 VC's to the next 10 people who watch/review my movie and start the review with the words "hi RaYdAwG". http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/120795 reviewed January 16, 2007
JASON LIVES by rammy Horror
I bookmarked this so I can watch this later, but never got to see it til now...sry. Anyway, I must say this is the first time I heard Jason laugh. lol That was quite gruelsome. Pretty cool movie d... reviewed January 16, 2007
Turbo by Luke6194 Comedy
This looks really good, but unfortunately you skipped the audio processing phase. Don't feel bad...I made the same mistake once. Also, you might wanna add some subtext to your movie so we can know wh... reviewed January 16, 2007
CHILLS - Forgans Last Story by gsears Horror
LOL year 2434?? Wow...you really went into the future on this one! lol Kinda short, especially with the way it ended, but overall it was good. Awesome script, awesome vo's. That was really good! I ... reviewed January 16, 2007
War isnt good by GergL Action
very good first movie...better than my first one. lol Welcome to TMO and good luck to ya! By the way...I'm giving 1000 VC's to the next 10 people who watch/review my movie and start the review with ... reviewed January 15, 2007
Ulitmate Revenge No Mercy by CJ_Movie_Master Action
First of all, nice soundtrack! Nice custom backdrops. Everything is nice about this movie...well done! In fact, you should come to the community forums and promote this so more people will rate it... reviewed January 15, 2007
Officer Down by betaal Action
I can't believe this is your first film. I think you changed your name and started all over. lol Hmm...very nice! At first, when you said you just got the game and made your first movie, I was thi... reviewed January 15, 2007
Mattooman An Audio Documetary by Mattooman Comedy
Dude...you should get involved with the forums. You got potential and it can help you get a whole lot better at making movies. Also, you can get like 35-50 people to watch your movies. BTW, I notic... reviewed January 15, 2007
ULTIMA2035 by peld Sci-Fi
It's ok. I get the plot about the team sent to a new solar system and all, but...I don't know...there weren't too much more to it than that. That's just me. Just being honest, I gave it a 4 star r... reviewed January 15, 2007
Buddy and the Zombie 35 (part 2) by EthanRunt Comedy
LOL OMG...this really is funny! Eww gross...he's kissing a zombie! lol Dude, this really is one of the funniest movies I've seen here! Too bad enough people aren't watching it. Their loss. da dAwG reviewed January 15, 2007
The Platoon by warnerbro Action
Featured Review
This type of movie has been way overdone, but I'm not gonna hold that against you. I see you've put alot of work into this and it's a great story. It coulda done without the mumbling though. I thou...
reviewed January 15, 2007
Planetary Flights by bongoman Sci-Fi
really cool tech demo! reviewed January 15, 2007
Stud Money 007 by pookashells Action
This is a bit old. Time for some new releases. Ok I like the music and the sound effects. I thought they were great! That was an interesting movie. It held my attention. so for that I gave it 5 s... reviewed January 15, 2007
Fahrenheit 451 trailer by SnakeEater42 Action
First of all, I liked the backdrop. Second of all, I loved the voice acting. The story was well written. Overall a nice short story! 5 stars from me! da dAwG reviewed January 15, 2007
Our Blind Eyes Part 2 by ZELOBSTER Sci-Fi
Featured Review
wow...I just noticed how old these movies are. Perhaps it's time to release a new movie. Anyway I liked this movie. I really did. Maybe not as much as the first one, but it's still pretty good. S...
reviewed January 15, 2007
Our Blinded Eyes Part 1 by ZELOBSTER Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Ok the negative out of the way first. The editing coulda been a bit better, and the mumbling is quite annoying. Now the positive. OMG like wow dude! That was very intriguing. The music selection w...
reviewed January 15, 2007
The Pointe by darkopera Comedy
Well not much of a story, but it shows promise of something that could be quite funny. I'm going to give you 4 stars in hopes that I'm right about the potential. da dAwG reviewed January 15, 2007
Fire Eyes by Amabeginzordawg Horror
OH DAMN...the intro scared da shnit outta me! lol I loved the drops and lays. whoever doesn't give this 5 stars is stupid...to be quite blunt. The music in this is probably the scariest music I've h... reviewed January 14, 2007
Clint Eastwood by Mattooman Comedy
be careful with uploading copyright music in your movies without permission. There are rules against this and your movie will be removed because of it. Plus you'll never hear the end of it from thes... reviewed January 14, 2007
Another hiest gone bad by Tdogyorkie Action
oooh you got hit with the dreaded sound sync bug. That's ok, it happens to the best of us. This ain't bad for your 3rd(or 4th) movie. Nice edit work and use of the free cam. Keep up the good work! ... reviewed January 14, 2007
Unknown Outbreak File 2 by Hylian_Mafia Action
good music, good use of the S&E free cam. Awesome editing and an interesting story filled with lots of action! This I give 5 stars for effort! By the way...I'm giving 1000 VC's to the next 10 peopl... reviewed January 14, 2007
Wartime Casualties by SnakeEater42 Comedy
Well first of all, the action is great and all. Too bad I don't know what's going on. You added some vo's which sounds good, except for the fact it can use some audio editing, but since you're new h... reviewed January 14, 2007
CHILLS - 09 by gsears Horror
whoa...that was horror-fying! Good job dude! By the way...I'm giving 1000 VC's to the next 5 people who watch/review my movie and start the review with the words "hi RaYdAwG". http://movies.lionhead... reviewed January 14, 2007
The Mafioso Blame Teaser by JohanSturk Action
well...even though you're about to take my place in the chart (lol) I still gotta leave a rating/review cuz this is alot better than any of my trailers/teasers. Very nice editing work and use of the ... reviewed January 14, 2007
Dust in the Wind Alive and well by dumbmoronicproductions Action
Ok I'm confused. Is this suppose to be a horror movie? You got the genre wrong. It says action. Oh well... Ok I'll treat it like a horror trailer: Very good trailer! You made it quite intriguing w... reviewed January 14, 2007
The Wilson Green Monologues Santa Banter by nahton Comedy
Well I tried real hard to laugh. It did give me a little chuckle though (lil Timmy lol). I liked the backdrops though. Put it this way: the movie was well made, but it wasn't as funny as a comedy ... reviewed January 14, 2007
Death Zone by MaxZard Action
It was ok. I'm in a good mood so 4 stars from me. By the way...I'm giving 1000 VC's to the next 10 people who watch/review my movie and start the review with the words "hi RaYdAwG". http://movies.li... reviewed January 14, 2007
The Bunny Show Perfect for Kids over 13 by dsbeach1978 Comedy
Featured Review
OMG I loved it!! I'm still laughing my ass off!! First of all, I loved the custom overlay. Second of all, this did just what a comedy is suppose to do...make me laugh. In all reality, it didn't ma...
reviewed January 14, 2007
At The Cabin by eklumt Horror
I thought I rated this already cuz I've seen it. Perhaps I was caught up with like 20 different things at once. Oh well... Not bad for your first movie. My only advice is to edit more with the fre... reviewed January 14, 2007
You Cant Cheat Death by TOMTOM93 Horror
First of all, to the guy before me there's no such thing as a bit too long of a movie. I think the length of this is perfect. Although not quite original (the ain't over yet scene is played out), yo... reviewed January 14, 2007
Shack In The Woods by AfroManiacJr Horror
Ok I'm gonna rate this honestly, just the same way I would rate any other movie like this. First of all, don't upload in-game movies. In other words, movies that are made by your scriptwriters in th... reviewed January 14, 2007
Just marry me by SavF Romance
not bad for your first attempt at a romance movie. By the way...I'm giving 1000 VC's to the next 10 people who watch/review my movie and start the review with the words "hi RaYdAwG". http://movies.li... reviewed January 14, 2007
Space Forensics by Kain_Dragoon Horror
aww man you had it going great for a while. But why the romantic music during the horror part? Anyway, I think this was ok but coulda been better. So I gave it 3 stars. By the way...I'm giving 100... reviewed January 14, 2007
Days Of The 40s (2) by sourcrout2 Action
Hmm...ok on your studio page you said you want honesty so here goes: This was honestly a very interesting story. The story line was pretty cool. It held my attention throughout the whole movie. Th... reviewed January 14, 2007
Why by HyruleanMovies Comedy
This was a good effort. I'm gonna go the extra mile to give you 4 stars. By the way...I'm giving 1000 VC's to the next 10 people who watch/review my movie and start the review with the words "hi RaY... reviewed January 14, 2007
Towelie News by towelie Comedy
way to go towelie! lol nice backdrops and overlays. It was quite funny. Good job and good luck with the people's pics. reviewed January 14, 2007
Dead Mods by vatrel34 Comedy
Thanks for the "revenge" rating. The thing is, you can't really honestly believe your 13 second movie is worth more than 1 star...I mean come on! Dude...don't rate any of my movies cuz you obviously... reviewed January 14, 2007
Black Coffee by Snake_Lover_Studios Horror
That was cute. Some more horror music during the "quiet" time in the movie woulda made it so much better. Kinda give it that scary feeling. That was very good for someone new to the S&E and to horr... reviewed January 14, 2007
Christmas Story - Santa Claus by Eagle_93 Romance
Featured Review
That was a pretty good Christmas movie with some nice editing and good choice in music. Good use of the vo's and subs. Well done and good luck in the competition! da dAwG
reviewed January 14, 2007
The DJDanny Show by DJDanny Comedy
Featured Review
ok we need to talk. We might be related somehow, as we both have the same last name Gee. lol ok back to the review: The beginning was awesome. The music was perfect. LOL the jokes were quite funny ...
reviewed January 14, 2007
The Baggage Boy Episode II by Miket123 Comedy
An interesting twist to the baggage boy (who was suppose to be dead by the way lol) By the way...I'm giving 1000 VC's to the next 10 people who watch/review my movie and start the review with the wo... reviewed January 14, 2007
Dawn Of The Dingo by DjDairy Comedy
wow...26 minutes. I just knew you were gonna have sound sync problems. However that wasn't the problem. The vo was quite horrible to be honest. Too much screaming and talking over each other. The... reviewed January 14, 2007
BARMY ARMYGEDDON by kwistufa Horror
That kinda started out funny to me. Perhaps it's the voices. However I think that was great! You should regenrize this to comedy/horror. lol Good job dude! da dAwG reviewed January 14, 2007
The mad professors dance banana by towelie Comedy
I've said this before...I love the idea of singing the opening music. It's funny and it shows creativity. This made me laugh and that's the most important thing for me with comedies. It's not that e... reviewed January 14, 2007
lesbian afair by a2k13 Action
Featured Review
There was really nothing to that. No story. No originality, and I say that because this looks like something I've seen many times on here. No subtext, and the reason I said that is because I can ha...
reviewed January 14, 2007
Silent Hills by jpwood Horror
Well I think I might be the first one to review this. Call it good timing I guess. When I saw this come out, I had my mind made up that I was gonna give it 5 stars, because I'm familiar with your s... reviewed January 14, 2007
Gathering Little Mushrooms by Babar23 Horror
What an excellent horror movie. I love how it can sound so peaceful and so serene, yet it still bites you in da a$$. lol I don't think I can ever eat mushrooms again Excellent custom sets and set dre... reviewed January 14, 2007
Number B - The Devils Letter by MrSmithee Action
Featured Review
Excellent! Just plain Excellent!! There's no more need to be said about this. Excellent custom stuff, sets, costumes, and especially the drops and lays. The voice acting and music was excellent. ...
reviewed January 14, 2007
Soldiers of War by Ltflak Action
Not bad movie at all. Don't worry about the audio sync problem. I know it's a pain in da a$$ but it happens to the best of us. I don't take away stars for that. This is your second movie? Not bad... reviewed January 14, 2007
Mediocre Movie by rondellissuperior Sci-Fi
This isn't bad at all. It had a good storyline to it. You've done a pretty good job of editing. I believe you got potential to be a great filmographer! I'll let you in on a lil secret...if you wan... reviewed January 14, 2007
In Sight by Julian5604 Action
Featured Review
I'm quite impressed! This shows great chart potential. I see you also got hit with the sound sync bug. ehh...that's ok. I of all people understand that. lol Overall I enjoyed it. Look me up in the...
reviewed January 14, 2007
How Santa Became Santa by mayihelpyou Action
3 stars for effort reviewed January 14, 2007
The Unfair Ambush by coolvlad Action
ok please stop uploading these 1 star game movies. it's getting quite annoying reviewed January 13, 2007
The Baggage Boy by coolvlad Comedy
LOL I thought somebody said the baggage boy was dead. I guess not. At least you coulda added sound to this. Wait...what am I saying?? Look...I know you're new and all, but trust me...we're all s... reviewed January 13, 2007
It hit us all by lukie99 Action
First of all, I'm an honest reviewer. With that said, I'm gonna tell you something I've never told anyone before. Usually I don't mind subs, but this movie would be so freakin great if you added voi... reviewed January 13, 2007
Mancini by DNR Action
First of all, I just wanna say...DNR I wanna be just like you when I grow up! lol How can you not rate a DNR movie 5 stars? I know I'm late with reviewing your movie, but oh well...better late than ... reviewed January 13, 2007
Backwoods Massacre by LazyboyFlims06 Horror
Ok first of all, "mumbling" is a turn off to me. Always has been. I don't even like listening to it when I'm editing my movies. Now I noticed how you added subs...that's good. Just a bit of advice... reviewed January 13, 2007
Sci-Star Pilot by sonicspiderboy Sci-Fi
LOL I like the funny intro...thought that was cute. I liked this movie, I really did. You've obviously put alot into it and it shows so I cannot in good conscience give anything less than 4 stars. ... reviewed January 13, 2007
The Path We Choose Trailer by rysto Horror
Holy heck... That was a really creative trailer, although a bit long. I think trailers should be like commercial length, about 45 - 90 seconds at most, but it's cool. It did what a trailer is suppos... reviewed January 13, 2007
santa and Mr Hyde by tasmania11 Romance
Wow...I was actually into this one! I loved the narration. Also the music, even though it's from the game, it really had that Christmas movie sound to it, so that was very well selected. The custom... reviewed January 13, 2007
Browns Devils (Trailer) by warnerbro Action
It's ok, but some subtitles and fades would make it better. Check out the trailer I made for Jude's Law. That might help or at least give you some ideas. reviewed January 13, 2007
the portal of the hemispheres (trailer) by 04_perez_a Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Wow...Unbelievable trailer dude! The music was awesome. The beats complemented the intensity of the action. I think that was better than my trailer for Jude's Law. ok you just peaked my interest. ...
reviewed January 13, 2007
Alpha Male by boricua25 Comedy
Ok since you're new here, first of all welcome to TMO. Now I know this is your first movie so I'm just gonna give you a piece of advice: When you make movies to upload here, fire your in game scriptw... reviewed January 13, 2007
Zombie Invasion 3 by Jets92 Action
Featured Review
This movie is very good even without vo. However if you want vo's in your movies you can get vo's in your game without a mic by having other people do them for you. All you gotta do is post threads ...
reviewed January 13, 2007
US Army by ryankerr1234 Action
that was really nothing more than a random assortment of scenes. No story at all. Sorry...I'm just being honest. reviewed January 13, 2007
the cereal killer by adamthegamr Comedy
I'm commentless. I'm giving a fourth star out of generosity reviewed January 13, 2007
Crazy Frog Gone Wrong by caliber99 Comedy
here's another movie that's gonna become #1 thanks to 200 1 star reviews and 5 star ninja's wanting their movies rated. Please don't nobody else rate this movie or else you'll be wondering why it's #... reviewed January 13, 2007
Hidden Word SAN ANDREAS by vatrel34 Comedy
Unfortunately, 200 of these 1 star reviews will get this movie to number 1 by this time tomorrow. oh well. reviewed January 13, 2007
Disney2000 Prewiev Show by disney2000 Comedy
NO NO NO...copyright music!! Sorry but I had to take away 2 stars for that. reviewed January 13, 2007
when chickens atack! by CaptainCho Action
That's a pretty cool movie dude! Good dialog, even though I hate mumbling. Keep up the good work! Check out the hottest new action movie of the new year! Jude's Law: Already #3 action movie on TMO! Y... reviewed January 13, 2007
Days Of The 40s by sourcrout2 Action
This was more like a trailer than a movie. Ok that aside I'm confused. You entered this in the Christmas competition, yet it has nothing to do with Christmas. Perhaps you clicked the 'enter this mo... reviewed January 13, 2007
How I Became Santa Claus by malignus666 Comedy
Featured Review
That was a pretty good story and very funny too. I wish you the best of luck in the competition! Check out the hottest new action movie of the new year! Jude's Law: Already #3 action movie on TMO! Y...
reviewed January 13, 2007
Lockdown by leakster86 Horror
Well you're off to a good start! Welcome to TMO! Now that you've gotten your feet wet, I expect to see more quality movies from you in the future. Check out the hottest new action movie of the new ... reviewed January 13, 2007
ROBERT GUNN The Omega Conspiracy by ct_senge Action
Featured Review
Well that was well deserving of 5 stars. Very good backdrops and some fine editing. You just about got it right. Good title, good music choice. Very good opening. Just remember the advice I gave...
reviewed January 13, 2007
Documentary by Angelo_Santino Comedy
Hey...that was pretty good and quite funny! You did great with the voice acting and the sound editing. Also, I loved the McDonald's backdrop. I wish you luck with this movie and I hope to see it in... reviewed January 12, 2007
Proton Mango In Graanans War by acetheone Comedy
Hey...not bad for your first movie. Welcome to TMO and keep up the good work! Come check out the hottest action movie Jude's Law (ranked #3 in action) reviewed January 12, 2007
Rollar Coaster Ride 2 by jlg621 Action
Not bad for a second movie. You're showing potential! Try getting active in the community forums. It'll help you greatly on your road to becoming a great filmographer. Check out the #3 action movie... reviewed January 12, 2007
Hells Vacation Cabin by kell1608 Horror
Excellent horror music for one hell of a horror movie. You make some really great movies I've noticed. You should advertise more in the forums. By the way, Jude's Law is released. Come check out th... reviewed January 12, 2007
CCWE Showdown Main Event by WorldPictures Action
BOO! I was rooting for shyshy. I think the fight was fixed! lmao Very entertaining. Excellent props, costumes, and drops. I just wanna know when I'm gonna get my shot at the title? reviewed January 12, 2007
Special Report by Poogle1982 Action
My advice is to get involved with the community forums. It'll help you make awesome movies! reviewed January 12, 2007
The Cyber Lotus II The Retrieval Trailer by FistofJudgement Action
This trailer wasn't bad at all. Ok I see you're new here so I'm gonna give you some good advice. Here goes the biggest piece of advice that'll boost your movies 500%: Come to the community forums a... reviewed January 12, 2007
Lords Of The Bathroom by emperor_z Comedy
oops...I guess you forgot to process the sound first before you exported it. Hurry up and delete it from here and redo it before the movie is seen by alot of people. reviewed January 12, 2007
SANTA by Iondrive Comedy
Featured Review
OMG that was excellent!! wow...if I was a judge, I woulda said this won the christmas competition after just 1 minute of watching it. I loved the custom drops and lays. The sound editing was really...
reviewed January 12, 2007
The Hit by Gotquank Action
You know what...I'm gonna give this 5 stars because it was a very good movie! Kinda short but it was more like brief and to the point. Plus it was very well edited. Brilliant piece of work. I like... reviewed January 12, 2007
Trouble with Triffids by StokeStudios Sci-Fi
Well I hate to do this considering you and I are competing for chart position (lol) but this ranks up there with one of the best movies I've ever seen on TMO and I just couldn't keep quiet after watch... reviewed January 12, 2007
Pirates - Episode II by richegroover Action
wow...this really is good. Now I see why it's #1 in the charts. Much success to this movie! The only gripe I have is that in one scene everybody was talking at once. Now I understand 2 people talki... reviewed January 12, 2007
SLIMS RECITAL by kwistufa Comedy
LOL That was cute and quite funny! reviewed January 12, 2007
SaW - Bloody Dream by Rollercoasterproductions Horror
excellent! very scary! I can see why it's #1 in horror charts reviewed January 12, 2007
Bill Dixon Motors by Goofparade Comedy
OMG this was so freakin funny! (or maybe that's the 4 beers I had talking) I gotta rate this 5 stars. First of all, I love the commercial idea. I think that's unique. Second of all, it made me laug... reviewed January 12, 2007
Scooby Doo Mystery Files by eobaggs Comedy
well it was a funny joke and all, but me rating this anything more than 2 stars would be a contradiction to the way I rate movies(music videos, trailers, etc) And I am very aware of the fact that my l... reviewed January 12, 2007
How to Fight and Hide from Zombies by iconquistador227 Comedy
That was pretty cool... keep up the good work! reviewed January 11, 2007
The Christmas Beard by Movie-Mad Comedy
well although I'm all Christmased out (lol) I have to nominate this as one of the best Christmas movies I've seen on TMO. Very good dialog. Funny story...well done! reviewed January 11, 2007
The Leprachauns Bride by mildheadwound Comedy
LOL well...that was quite interesting. Very funny and different kinda movie. Please tell me how did you avoid the sound sync problems that usually come with a movie this long? That's what's been p... reviewed January 11, 2007
High School Sweethearts by chino69 Action
This is a very good first movie. You definitely got potential. Keep up the good work! reviewed January 9, 2007
Honeymoon by rysto Action
you know what...I wasn't gonna rate this 5 stars because the story is hard to follow, but after watching for a while, I have to agree with Sweatyshoulder...I'm amazed at how well new studios are catch... reviewed January 5, 2007
Alletheo - The Fall of a King (Trailer) by ichthusadmr Action
Well...this is just the typical kind of greatness associated with your studio. Bravo! I'm definately gonna watch this when it comes out. reviewed January 5, 2007
30 sec of controversy by EdWoud Comedy
so what's so controversial about this movie? All it's about is a bunch of gay couples kissing. Is that controversial to you? reviewed January 4, 2007
Forever Immortal Episode 3 by andy_inc Action
Dude...I love these FI series. I'm happy I could be an extra in this movie as it is very well done. You've got a great idea here and I hope you expand upon it. Keep in touch...I'm more than willing... reviewed January 4, 2007
Liers Cheaters and Broke Niggas by mami1 Romance
This was ok. You shoulda turned off the "mumbling". That's a big turn off. The story was nice, but the editing coulda been better. I know this is only your second film so you're still new here. K... reviewed January 1, 2007
Earthlings- Part 1 by thebaloob123 Comedy
y0 this is awesome as hell!! Geez dude...you just mastered the art of fine Sci-Fi movie making. I expect this to be in the top 3 in Sci Fi charts, probably #1 soon! Brilliant work with the special ... reviewed December 29, 2006
A War Tale by snake4411 Action
In-game movies usually don't work here. This one looks pretty good however. You should advertise it! Read this...it will teach you how to better promote your movies: http://allboards.lionhead.com/sh... reviewed December 28, 2006
The Man Who Saw Too Much by bwell89 Action
Cool movie! You should advertise more! Read this...it will teach you how to better promote your movies: http://allboards.lionhead.com/showthread.php?t=161971 Wanna get more people to watch your movi... reviewed December 28, 2006
Come Back To Me alternate ending 1 by joey101 Romance
not bad...You should advertise more. Read this...it will teach you how to better promote your movies: http://allboards.lionhead.com/showthread.php?t=161971 Wanna get more people to watch your movies?... reviewed December 28, 2006
Life in da Hood ep4 by TiffyP Romance
This is pretty good! You should publicize your movies. Read this...it will teach you how to better promote your movies: http://allboards.lionhead.com/showthread.php?t=161971 Wanna get more people t... reviewed December 28, 2006
The Seductress EP 1 by Amabeginzordawg Horror
Featured Review
HOLY SH** I'm gonna have nightmares for a week now! Ok where do I begin? Outstanding special effects. Great choice of music. The props, sets, drops and overlays were excellent. Story was good. ...
reviewed December 28, 2006
Cody Banks by dfgsdfhshfd Action
good effort Wanna get more people to watch your movies? Advertise your movies here: http://allboards.lionhead.com/showthread.php?t=199750 reviewed December 28, 2006
A Darker Place Volume 2 by Bezzer36 Horror
Wow...I'm surprised I didn't see this before. This was really good! The script was well written. Very well done! reviewed December 28, 2006
BOOGEYMAN Death of Judith Myers by michagin_man Horror
I have a thing against "mumbling". Other than that, this was pretty good! reviewed December 28, 2006
11th Of September by Detroit2004 Action
Well I admire your guts to do this, while at the same time, I'd be very careful with doing something like this if I were you. What is your intent? Is this a documentary? Were you there? Is this 9/... reviewed December 28, 2006
As Time Ticks Away by tsunamidog Horror
dude...that was awesome! it was a bit short but I loved it. Thought the special effects were brilliant. I especially liked the "moving cam" effects. Bravo! I wish you luck with this. reviewed December 28, 2006
The Special High Intensity Team by jrteter2 Action
ok here's a tip: close out all your unnecessary programs (ctrl+alt+del) before you export your movies. Try restarting your computer even before you do that. then listen to the sound when you go thro... reviewed December 28, 2006
Sean Connerys Day Off by jango_yoda Comedy
A real goofy kinda comedy Wanna get more people to watch your movies? Advertise your movies here: http://allboards.lionhead.com/showthread.php?t=199750 reviewed December 28, 2006
Chris and Kyle in the Christmas Caper!!! by overlordphat05 Action
not bad! that was quite good actually! Wanna get more people to watch your movies? Advertise your movies here: http://allboards.lionhead.com/showthread.php?t=199750 reviewed December 28, 2006
SOS by Montoro Sci-Fi
This is actually pretty good! You should show it off more. Wanna get more people to watch your movies? Advertise your movies here: http://allboards.lionhead.com/showthread.php?t=199750 reviewed December 27, 2006
The Butler Did It! by snake4411 Comedy
Wanna get more people to watch your movies? Advertise your movies here: http://allboards.lionhead.com/showthread.php?t=199750 reviewed December 27, 2006
Halo 2 by Dustin551 Horror
Hey...that's not bad! With a little touch up, some custom stuff and special effects, that could be really awesome! Wanna get more people to watch your movies? Advertise your movies here: http://all... reviewed December 27, 2006
Santa Wars! by ranger21 Comedy
OMG...now I see why this movie is #1 in the charts. That was funny as hell! Nevermind the length...that was flawless! Well done! reviewed December 27, 2006
Careless Love by heavensent61991 Romance
I know this is you're new at this. Please take this advice as constructive criticism. Silent films are a bit outdated now. If you can't add VO (voice over) to your films, add subtitles. This looks... reviewed December 27, 2006
Jakes Christmas by Jakemoviemaker Action
I thought it was a cute little Christmas story. I like the "flying" in the air thing. That showed a little imagination. That was nice! reviewed December 27, 2006
Over The Edge - final one by selven Action
Featured Review
AWESOME!! I loved the script! The custom sets and backdrops, as well as the special effects, complemented the script. I'm gonna bookmark this. Now THIS is a movie well deserving of 5 stars!
reviewed December 27, 2006
Just Another Cowboy Movie 2 Revenge by framm Action
sorry...it just didn't do anything for me. Wanna get more people to watch your movies? read this: http://allboards.lionhead.com/showthread.php?t=161971 reviewed December 26, 2006
Unus Somnium - Chapter 1.0 - A Threat? by Havocide Action
good special effects, but there was no script. This doesn't tell anything about what the movie is about. According to my rating system which I have outlined on my studio page, I can only rate this 3... reviewed December 26, 2006
Lapland by SKAT-KAT Comedy
This was kinda funny. The special effects and editing were nice. Good luck in the competition! Wanna get more people to watch your movies? read this: http://allboards.lionhead.com/showthread.php?t=161971 reviewed December 26, 2006
Photograph by brandynfisher15 Action
As someone who've released a music video myself, I must say this is very good and very well done. Let me give you a small piece of advice though. You need permission to upload copyrighted movies/vi... reviewed December 26, 2006
Secret Terror 3 Sneck Cilp by Jakemoviemaker Horror
very good trailer, filled with mystery and suspense! The movie should be such a thrill. reviewed December 25, 2006
The Fast and the Furious by Nubira031 Action
Während der am meisten Deutsch nicht spricht, hätten Sie englische Untertitel hinzufügen sollen. Dies war sehr gut sowieso! reviewed December 25, 2006
Fade To Black - 1st promo by ubernewbie Sci-Fi
I really liked that trailer alot. That was well done. Thanks for your honest review of mine. Although I don't quite agree with it, but I'll still take it into consideration nonetheless. reviewed December 25, 2006
SANTAS MAD!!!! by monkeybusiness91 Comedy
Next time, turn off the "mumbling" so your voice can be heard. Keep it up! It was cute. Jude's Law(R)-"How well do you know the law?" Watch the trailer here http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/118744 reviewed December 24, 2006
Gastropod by warnerbro Horror
Like Kell said...NO. Since you're new at this, let me give you some advice. Play the game all the way through before uploading here. That way you'll have unlocked all kinds of sets, script offices, p... reviewed December 24, 2006
United We Stand by kell1608 Action
Wow...very powerful and gripping! I've never seen anything quite like this before on TMO. I mean, war movies are common around here, but none reaches the heights this one does. Excellent use of cust... reviewed December 24, 2006
Saddle In The Dust by zonian Action
well done!! reviewed December 24, 2006
Santas Stocking Filler by jpwood Comedy
Cute...really cute! Check out the Jude's Law trailer! reviewed December 24, 2006
should we invade by wolverine1112 Comedy
hmm...very interesting concept! Cool short movie! reviewed December 24, 2006
Silent Hill Trailer by jpwood Horror
very good trailer! reviewed December 23, 2006
A Photograph Lasts A Lifetime by sweatyshoulder Horror
What an awesome script! That's the first thing I look for. Very good use of the custom stuff. Good special effects, and like I said, very good PR & Marketing campaign. Well done! reviewed December 23, 2006
On the Air 2 Weather Alert by Master007 Comedy
Bravo! lol I found this to be funny and in good taste. The editing was good. The script was well written. 5 Stars--This should do well in the charts. reviewed December 23, 2006
Wheel Of Life(Behind the scenes) by Lukok Comedy
it was ok reviewed December 23, 2006
I Saw My Wife Kissing Santa Clause by Insomniac77 Comedy
Good luck in the competition! reviewed December 23, 2006
Heaven by FraasMovies Romance
This will indeed go down in TMO history as a FraasMovies Christmas classic. Very well done! reviewed December 23, 2006
space war by nior Sci-Fi
??? reviewed December 22, 2006
Wind of the West The Legend of Jonny Law by NJRBlackblood Action
This was quite entertaining...I think I'll bookmark it. Unfortunately not too many people like to watch 20+ minute movies, but this one was well worth it. I had no problem watching it! reviewed December 21, 2006
Forever Immortal 1 by andy_inc Action
I don't know how I missed this. Perhaps I've been too busy with my upcoming movie that I haven't had time to watch other movies like I usually do. This was a good introduction to the FI series. Wel... reviewed December 21, 2006
Forever Immortal Episode 2 by andy_inc Action
LOL I like the idea of Jenniza singing your title music. That's original. This was a funny action movie. More comedy than action. Nonetheless, I like these kinds of movies. This isn't bad. I es... reviewed December 21, 2006
Kings Of Chicago--Theatrical Trailer by DarthDirector Action
A true five star trailer! reviewed December 20, 2006
The Sims by bleedblack Comedy
Kinda funny and clever idea. I'm rounding up from 3.5 stars reviewed December 20, 2006
The Were-Hare by Ironamerica Romance
were-hare...cute! lol I was gonna give 3 stars, but I'll bump it to 4 for the "were-hare" idea keep up the good work! reviewed December 20, 2006
naruto vs mortal kombat by nior Action
Not bad...keep up the good work! reviewed December 20, 2006
Bloodchill by Yon1021 Horror
see...you're improving already! keep up the good work! reviewed December 20, 2006
Our Soldiers by Yon1021 Action
ok so you got your feet wet. Now experiment more with the editing tools in the post production office. Combine that with charactors and story line and stuff like that. You'll do fine here. Welcome to TMO! reviewed December 20, 2006
The Naughty List by Pickleking Comedy
I'm sorry...was this suppose to be funny? Ok I'll get to the point... I liked the sets, props, and the special effects. The editing was pretty good. The sound quality was awful and the story did no... reviewed December 20, 2006
Run Honey Run by sidy Romance
I love the music and special effects...a brilliant combination! The editing work was well done. Most of all I can say about this movie is that this movie is different...a good different. A+ for originality reviewed December 19, 2006
Foreigner by Tarison Sci-Fi
Cute story. The special effects are what makes this movie a masterpiece. The music was brilliantly selected. This is a great Sci-Fi with a hint of drama...even made me giggle a bit! By the way...I... reviewed December 16, 2006
Bluescreen on Drugs by Tarison Comedy
The only reason I'm leaving this comment is to inform the people who leave 1 star reviews and wonder why this movie is number 1 in the charts. It's obvious that Tarison only uploaded this as a test d... reviewed December 16, 2006
Mezzanines Overture by elizabethsusan Romance
One word...HOT!! Yep, just what I expected...nothing less than brilliant! Hell...I think I'm starting to fall in love with Mezzy. Who know...I just might be that crazed obsessed fan people warn cel... reviewed December 16, 2006
Mezzanines Overture Teaser by elizabethsusan Action
This is typically brilliant of Stellar Perceptions. Now I gotta see the movie! reviewed December 16, 2006
Men Of The 101st Division 3 (Subs) by Amityville_Dude Action
y0 dude...you've come a long way and you're turning into a fine filmographer. Story was good. The use of the special effects were brilliant, and you used the music very well for the movie. You ma d... reviewed December 14, 2006
The Stinker by guitartiger Comedy
It was ok for your first movie reviewed December 12, 2006
Brokeback Moutain 2:The Better One by Zachary_Denton Comedy
?? reviewed December 11, 2006
FATED (part 1) by josephkw Action
OMG NOOOO!!! You can't do this to me!!! I wanna know what happens next! Aww c'mon!! I hate suspense!! lol wow was that great or what?? (without giving the twist away) You made me think one way ... reviewed December 11, 2006
Fatal Underestimation by headhoncho Action
Just ok for me. I didn't understand the story at all, if there was one. There were alot of mechanical problems with this, such as the music didn't fit, the mumbling has to go, etc. I woulda given yo... reviewed December 10, 2006
Stolen Death - Chapter one by sisch Sci-Fi
OMG...that was very intriguing! reviewed December 10, 2006
Aliens (part 1) by js444 Action
I know this is your 2nd movie (actually the 4th one you've uploaded), but I still have to be consistent with the way I rate movies, as outlined on my studio page. With that said, I'm not talking tras... reviewed December 9, 2006
TMO celebrity roast by 6-headedmonster Comedy
Very freakin hillarious with an all-star cast! Bravo! I especially like the drawback references to your previous TMO hits. You probably are the funniest guy on here! reviewed December 9, 2006
No Way Out by trevorhudson Action
sorry...all I can give is 3 stars. I just didn't get it. reviewed December 4, 2006
Invisible Monsters by CallMeGravity Action
Featured Review
cool music video. I've seen some really nice music videos here on TMO! Check out my music video on my studio page when you get the chance
reviewed December 2, 2006
Elisas Life! by hjkl Romance
a very interesting music video. The only problem I have is that the music is too low. other than that, your music video is nice! Oh and nice song too Check out my music video on my studio page whe... reviewed December 2, 2006
Santa and his Cookies Hillarious by DereksMovies Romance
weird reviewed December 2, 2006
Trickers - Gauner by mlederer Romance
It was good. Nothing spectacular, but still good enough for 5 stars. Basically...it didn't suck reviewed December 2, 2006
police 2 by marc505 Action
first of all, this movie is set in 1990. The technology is outdated. The music doesn't fit the genre. The mumbling gots to go. you shoulda turned it off. The story needs alot of work. 3 stars at... reviewed November 29, 2006
Detroit by CKONATA Action
I liked it! filled with action, it had me from start to finish. Good Idea. I hope you make this into a series. only criticism I have is to add a bit more to the story. But overall, good idea! reviewed November 29, 2006
Unicorn Brigade 2 by TwinMoon13 Sci-Fi
nice work. I thought the techno music went well with the genre. The stunts and special effects were used quite well. This should do well in the Sci Fi charts reviewed November 29, 2006
Chat Room by sidy Horror
Ok this just made my bookmark collection. OMG this is definitely the scariest movie I've seen on here! I've said that about alot of movies I've seen on here, but I'm going to venture and say this: T... reviewed November 28, 2006
Little Black Riding Hood by tomasm Horror
OMG how da hell did I miss this?? Very Very Very good! Excellent and one of the scariest movies I've seen yet! The music really complements the horror of the movie. Very original. All around...ju... reviewed November 28, 2006
George W Bush The Movie by Jimcarrey246 Comedy
lol ok first of all, GW looks more like Clinton. Also, I think you offended the whole gay community so watch out for the gay/lesbian march outside your door. lol Third of all...naw dude...it didn't work! reviewed November 26, 2006
New York No More by capendzich791 Action
I've seen too many movies on here with alot of action but no story or plot...it's quite pointless. An action movie with no story is kinda like putting on deodorant without taking a bath. 3 stars at best reviewed November 26, 2006
Hideous Crime against Santa by DGLI123 Comedy
Hey I liked that! you coulda used some background music though. Nonetheless, it was pretty good. Stop by my studio and look me up. I have a project you might be interested in. I like your voice... reviewed November 26, 2006
niga life by inuyasha112 Comedy
ok you misspelled ninja. I guess I'll give ya 1 star for the effort. reviewed November 26, 2006
Bob vs Demonic Bunny by Harmanmx704 Comedy
I watched the first one just like you said so it'll "make sense" to me. I'm sorry...it didn't work. reviewed November 25, 2006
Bob Vs Magical Monkey by Harmanmx704 Action
sorry...I don't get it. reviewed November 25, 2006
003 rouge agent by ac3homeslice Action
No Review reviewed November 25, 2006
A Cellar Inside - International Edition by Aoimtxvzlmser Horror
ok I just turned my lights on. Warning...do not watch this movie in the dark!! Now where do I begin? The effects were brilliant. The music created the horror effects of the movie. Brilliant soun... reviewed November 25, 2006
WaaaSSSaaaPPP!!!!!! by boxermix11 Comedy
y0 this was a very good remake of the once superbowl commercial. It was funny then and you made it that much funnier now. Well done! reviewed November 25, 2006
Bubbles (30 Seconds of Bliss) by ozman69 Comedy
OMG...You're even goofier than I first thought! OMG this was freakin hilarious!! dude...you got issues! lmao reviewed November 25, 2006
Irony (30 Seconds of Bliss) by ozman69 Comedy
you are so goofy!! lmao You are probably the only person who can take a 30 second comedy skit and make it an award winning film. Well done!! reviewed November 25, 2006
The Prophetess-Veil of Deception (Teaser) by ichthusadmr Sci-Fi
I am a big fan of The Beginning Of The End and of your studio. This was just a piece of greatness that is associated with this studio. Well done! Bravo! and hurry up with the full length feature! lol reviewed November 25, 2006
Dirty Laundry by Dulci Action
Well I expected nothing less than greatness from you Dolci. I'm always been a fan of yours and as usual, you haven't disappointed me yet! Well done! Look me up...I have a project you might be interested in. reviewed November 25, 2006
stranded on female island by a2k13 Action
what the hell?? reviewed November 25, 2006
The Fan by janedoe Horror
cute and funny...I liked it reviewed November 24, 2006
Strange Things R Happening 4 Road Trip! by thejoe8pizza Comedy
very good joke by joe. I loved it. I thought this was one of the funniest movies I've seen on here. It was funny in a sorted goofy way. reviewed November 24, 2006
H-U-M-A-N by pearsonhouse Comedy
I'll give it 4 stars for creativity but that's a bit of a stretch. Sorry, but I just didn't find the humor in it. It didn't make me even crack a smile, but I did like the robot voice. Just being ho... reviewed November 24, 2006
Red Rush by Ketchup13 Horror
That's not bad for a movie made with no vo. I hope it does well on the charts! reviewed November 19, 2006
Louisiana Jones by neo_goth Comedy
not bad for a newbie...keep up the good work reviewed November 17, 2006
Blood and Guts by StokeStudios Action
OMG XXXcellenTTTT reviewed November 17, 2006
Ms Unfaithful by KittEGirl0403 Romance
Not a bad story...but the delivery wasn't all that good. The acting was horrible. I'm sorry but yes this really needs help. Oh and be careful with playing copyright music without permission. reviewed August 8, 2006
The Night of Rage by livealonediealone Horror
LOL Is this your first movie?? Ok here's the thing...This kinda reminds me of my first movie (trailer). Not a bad start at all. Someday you'll be hitting it big in the charts! Keep it up! reviewed August 8, 2006
Oh Its On 3 Ouichi Genshi Basutaa Alpha by mixmasterfestus Action
now I see what all the fuss is about. This is definitely worth the #1 overall spot! Wow...I just hope some day my movies can turn out as good as yours! reviewed August 8, 2006
Funkalicious by Dulci Romance
LOL kool! reviewed August 7, 2006
ACTION! by carlosanddanny Action
And this is no different from your other movies. well...maybe I'll give it an extra star for the action. reviewed August 7, 2006
Madness Combat! by carlosanddanny Comedy
fine...you can give my video a 2 star review if ya like. Still don't change that fact that you're an idiot, your movies suck and ain't even worth 1 star. Truth is your 2 stars don't phase me. I got... reviewed August 7, 2006
Innocence - Part 1 by vesobe Action
excellent story! I'm sending this to a friend who I know will like it. reviewed August 7, 2006
The Longest Movie by carlosanddanny Comedy
5 stars for what?? This kinda ranks up there with "Porn Demo" reviewed August 7, 2006
Your Mum Is a Tart by carlosanddanny Action
too short to call a movie. No plot, no story, no nothing. reviewed August 7, 2006
The Kingston Kidnapping by cronicclapper Action
Featured Review
OK...well here's another movie to add to my bookmark collections. A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!! This is a very original idea. I'm surprised I hadn't thought about it first. lol This combined that unique mix o...
reviewed August 7, 2006
well...it was better than the recent one you did. At least this kinda made sense. I can tell you're young so don't take criticism too harsh. Just use it to get better. Keep up the good works. I'm... reviewed August 6, 2006
Action In A Bag PART1 by MicroJunk Action
??? reviewed August 6, 2006
Dawn of war 2 the alliance by toorcam Sci-Fi
I enjoyed it very much. It should do very well in the Sci-Fi charts. Good Luck! Beware..."They're Out There!" reviewed August 6, 2006
Demon Scare by ChimpPanzy Horror
Featured Review
Welcome to TMO and congrats on your first movie! You definitely got what it takes to make great movies around here, once you get the hang of everything. I'm sure everybody will tell you our very fir...
reviewed August 6, 2006
Government Surveillance by benstudios1991 Comedy
very nice and funny use of the stunts and effects. It was really nice! reviewed August 6, 2006
The Lounge Singer by Dulci Romance
I thought she was so sexy. Even the song was sexy. A typical Dulci movie...good job! reviewed August 4, 2006
Revenge Movie by lan14n Action
I wasn't gonna rate this before because you said it wasn't a serious movie, but I'm gonna rate it anyway cuz I like your stuff. lol reviewed August 4, 2006
Hitmanback in action by sycosis5 Action
umm...no comment reviewed August 4, 2006
Pilate - A Story of Christ (Part I) by ichthusadmr Action
Of course I have your studio in my bookmarks, thanks to the brilliant work you guys did with "The Beginning of the End". I love your work and am a big fan of your movies. This movie conforms to the ... reviewed August 3, 2006
Unfaithful by Meowan Romance
Featured Review
5 stars is just too low of a rating for this movie. I know this isn't just a movie. Apparently this is a statement, and one very well made too, I must say. I strongly agree with the message you're ...
reviewed July 31, 2006
Lionhead News by FraasMovies Comedy
It was kinda funny. I'm sorry I'm only feeling 4 stars on this one. The best part of it was the use of the special effects and the custom sets. reviewed July 2, 2006
Fire! by Frooplet Action
I think this was well deserving of 5 stars. Very good! reviewed June 10, 2006
Battle of Ordious Prime by jamestkirk Action
I like it. very good demo of the S&E. good action and the music played very well with it. vo woulda made it alot better, but the subtext worked just as good. reviewed June 10, 2006
The Spectacular Stunts of Bloody Keneval! by black99phantom Comedy
good demo of the s&e. unfortunately that's all it is. no real movie here though. fyi...not every movie will be worth 5 star rating simply because it's made with the S&E expansion pack. you bette... reviewed June 10, 2006
tekken 1 by deleterguy Action
I fail to believe this is your first movie. In any case, I have certain guidelines for how I rate movies. I've outlined that on my studio page. Therefore, I have to rate it the same as anybody else... reviewed June 4, 2006
Cosmic 2 by Philmaster Action
excellent effects! Brilliant...simply brilliant! reviewed May 31, 2006
The Vampires of Armageddon Part Two by holdmykidney Sci-Fi
I'm gonna rate this 5 stars because it was very good work. Excellent visual effects and the editing was brilliant. The sound was good and the sound effects even better. This was great work and dese... reviewed May 28, 2006
Not the best idea ever by merewen Romance
the music is too old for the movie. It really didn't fit. Your skills are getting better. The editing should get better with time and experience. Keep it up! reviewed May 25, 2006
Connolly and Co by merewen Action
hey...that's not bad at all! There were some funny parts to it as well as action. I liked the combination. However, I wish there were more sound effects, than just music playing throughout the whol... reviewed May 25, 2006
The Lottery(The Untold Story) by Trashman Comedy
LOL that was good. A very good follow up to ozman69's "the lottery" I'm just waiting to hear some idiot post something like "why did you rip off from 'the lottery'" or something stupid like that. l... reviewed May 21, 2006
Timmys Christmas (30 seconds of bliss) by ozman69 Comedy
I'm loving these movie series. I can't wait to see more of em! If you haven't already, read my comment for "the lottery" reviewed May 21, 2006
The Lottery (30 Seconds of Bliss) by ozman69 Comedy
I coulda sworn I rated this because I saw it long time ago. My appologies to ozman69, although this movie did very well without my little rating. lol Perhaps it's a good thing. I guess this would ... reviewed May 21, 2006
Migraine by Dulci Sci-Fi
I'm just amazed at the "illusional" effects you've used in this. The acting was brilliant as well. I felt inclined to give 5 stars. So you are the infamous vo actress Dulci. You've done great work... reviewed May 20, 2006
The Civil War-Action Trailer (With VO) by bunnyrabbit777 Action
interesting...keep up the good work! reviewed May 20, 2006
Flying Man-Trailer by bunnyrabbit777 Action
Seems too much of a cheap "driver man" knock-off. Sorry, just wasn't original enough for me. reviewed May 20, 2006
Bologna by topheadx Comedy
OMG That was SOOOOO FUNNY that I had to give it 1 star! pfft... reviewed May 18, 2006
Far Out by podmike Sci-Fi
eww...mumbling. One of the biggest turn offs. There is no story here. view my studio to see how I base my ratings. reviewed May 18, 2006
The Light in the Dust - Part 1 by DecadentPictures Horror
AWWWEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSOOOOOMMMMMMEEE!! Brilliant! Excellent music. Great VO staff. Nice editing. GRRRReat piece of work! reviewed May 18, 2006
Church Of Blood by Jamingo Horror
I know you're still kinda new to TMO so I won't be too harsh. But this looks like one of those, what I call "default" movies. They only deserve 1 star and shouldn't be uploaded to TMO reviewed May 16, 2006
Pwning Ubernewbie by steven89 Comedy
You know what my favorite part of this movie is? Yep, you guessed it...the 5 seconds after the closing credits. I agree with the others that it was hateful and could be viewed as a threat, which can... reviewed May 16, 2006
The Getaway Part 2 by djb78 Action
holy crap! yep...that's exactly what it was...crap. sorry, but it just didn't make sense to me. One minute he holds a gun to her, then next leaves with her hand in hand? then tells her to sit down... reviewed May 16, 2006
These Three Words by kos78 Romance
cool poem, and I love that customized modern bar set reviewed May 15, 2006
Jigsaw by adison11 Horror
nice title...quite original. Please take the mic out of your mouth. I think this is probably the first time I've ever said this and probably will be the last time I'll ever say this, but I think subt... reviewed May 6, 2006
Blackbull 2 by fredtonnard Action
a little hard to understand, but other than that it was good reviewed May 6, 2006
Driven by StevenKreg Romance
I saw this like 3 times already, but for some reason didn't rate it. I thought it was excellent! 5 stars easily! reviewed May 5, 2006
Baggage boy (porn version) by EdWoud Romance
yep...I figured that! Twice as bad as "baggage boy"...twice as bad as "Porn Demo". I wish I can rate this 0 stars really, but I had to put at least 1 star in there to post this review. reviewed May 4, 2006
The Turbanator 2-True Calling by jammydodger Comedy
Featured Review
you put alot of hard work into this...alot of long hours I'm sure. So for that, I cannot in good conscience rate it anything less than 4 stars. However, for many reasons I cannot rate it any more th...
reviewed May 4, 2006
The Thing From the Woods by water119 Horror
totally awesome special effects! I must admit this movie had my attention from the opening scene to the end. That's not easy to do with me. Great use of subtext...A good example of how you can make... reviewed May 4, 2006
Vampyromaniac by moxiegraphix Horror
whew...I was worried because of the title. I thought it was gonna be another one of those "default" movies. Glad to see that it wasn't, or I woulda rated it 1 star. The story was pretty good, wit... reviewed May 2, 2006
PANIC by Chykka Horror
Sorry if my review of the sequel offended you. I did see this movie before but I didn't rate/review it (can't remember why). I woulda given this 3 stars if I did, and here's why: First of all, I've ... reviewed May 1, 2006
Strangler On A Drain by boydieb Horror
No Review reviewed April 30, 2006
In the Army by Bags5892 Action
Featured Review
No Review
reviewed April 30, 2006
A Movie That Had No Meaning In Time by Thatguy467 Comedy
No Review reviewed April 30, 2006
Agent Williams by skinnytwirp47 Action
That's a pretty good movie! reviewed April 30, 2006
The Baggage Boy Goes To LA by kyle1995 Comedy
This is a very funny spin on the "classic"! lol reviewed April 30, 2006
Black Ninja Part 1 by realthing4000 Action
not bad. Keep up the good work reviewed April 30, 2006
Its him again! by adamthegamr Comedy
is this suppose to be funny? reviewed April 30, 2006
jamies Day by jamielvp Action
No Review reviewed April 30, 2006
PANIC - The Lunar Lycanthrope by Chykka Horror
horror? I think not. The music was awfully selected for this type movie. It doesn't fit the genre. I'm sorry...I gave up trying to understand this movie. reviewed April 30, 2006
Bite Me! by JoshHaigh Horror
lol I love the title alone. Seriously, coulda picked better music, sound was too low, needed better editing. 5 stars for title 1 star for script 0 stars for music & editing reviewed April 29, 2006
?????????????????????????? by okra Sci-Fi
ditto... it was butt dude! reviewed April 29, 2006
Presence Unknown 1 by skidrow Horror
too short...other than that it's ok reviewed April 29, 2006
Uncontrolable by LukeLovesGod Horror
that's a decent trailer reviewed April 29, 2006
Taking A Dump by thejoe8pizza Comedy
??? reviewed April 27, 2006
Void If Removed by joesk Sci-Fi
not worth rating reviewed April 26, 2006
The wtf? by PARAGON_pvp Comedy
No Review reviewed April 26, 2006
Star Trek Voyage Of Drugs by cd3141 Sci-Fi
That was good! Check out my studio for recent and upcoming releases! reviewed April 26, 2006
Conscience Coupable by ZEAWAY Action
it was cool...weird, but cool. Good music too. Overall, good job! Check my studio for recent and upcoming releases! reviewed April 26, 2006
Love Island by pilton1 Romance
No Review reviewed April 26, 2006
Spiderman ENG by nasa93 Action
?? reviewed April 26, 2006
Randomness In Its Pure Form by thomasedgar Comedy
lol kinda funny reviewed April 26, 2006
My Breasts by satansmunchkin Romance
it was ok reviewed April 26, 2006
Area 51 by MSBros Sci-Fi
absolutely loved it! amazing custom backdrops. I'm doing a sci fi now. I just hope it's half as good as this one! Well deserving of 5 stars! I think I'll book mark this too reviewed April 26, 2006
RaNdOm 2 by rase Comedy
what else should I rate this??? reviewed April 24, 2006
DEATH by ranger21 Action
excellent! reviewed April 24, 2006
The 3 Friends by jortez11 Sci-Fi
no sound, no nothing reviewed April 24, 2006
Onboard by thejoe8pizza Sci-Fi
I thought it was cool except for the mumbling. That's always a turnoff reviewed April 24, 2006
Look in his eyes!!! by mv-odw Comedy
lol awful reviewed April 24, 2006
OmG i Noes you haxzorzz by luckylewis Comedy
No Review reviewed April 24, 2006
The Don by causley Action
just ok reviewed April 24, 2006
The Remote Crisis by MorgFreak Action
Featured Review
Awesome! Impressive! I like the custom sound effects. Editing was brilliant. Special effects were brilliant. I can't rate this any less than 5 stars. Very good work! Check out my studio for cur...
reviewed April 24, 2006
Turtles Dont Have Pretty Faces by marmar420 Comedy
please no more uploading game default movies! reviewed April 24, 2006
Shotgun Betrayal by toddyviney Romance
I think it's some pretty good work. Unfortunately, not too many people are gonna watch/rate movies this long. I know that from experience so don't be surprised if you don't get many reviews. 8 minu... reviewed April 24, 2006
Intelligence by gazerbeam Sci-Fi
cute...weird, but cute reviewed April 24, 2006
Blood Tortilla by Mpix Horror
so where's the funny parts?? reviewed April 24, 2006
My Best Friend Slept With My Man by LovelyDPrinces Romance
let's see...the subtext went so fast you gotta be a speed reader to read it, nor did it match up well with what was going on. Mumbling is horribly overdone. For future reference, turn off the mumbli... reviewed April 24, 2006
War is Hell by isberg Horror
??? where's the sound?? reviewed April 24, 2006
Final Night by biggstrek Horror
where's the horror? I liked the poem, but the movie wasn't that scary. Great ending though! Probably the scariest part of the movie. Overall, it was good! reviewed April 24, 2006
Whats on the box by MICHAELBAGSHAW Comedy
oh brother... reviewed April 24, 2006
Leader of Earth by lahire Sci-Fi
eww...mumbling it was ok reviewed April 24, 2006
Serial Psyco by amt4572 Action
it was ok reviewed April 24, 2006
Daddys Little Girl by Speilburger Action
Featured Review
Nice...I loved the custom music too! It fit the mood of the movie!
reviewed April 24, 2006
The Real hero by 6-headedmonster Comedy
OMG the tears pouring down my face!! This was way too funny! There should be a law against making movies this freakin funny, y0! OMG is this funny!! I think I just pissed myself laughing! This was... reviewed April 24, 2006
Tales of the Undead by Spaceman72 Horror
not much of a story (too short) but the graphics & effects were awesome! reviewed April 23, 2006
The Beginning of the End - Last Days by ichthusadmr Action
I loved the first one so much that I downloaded it and saved it to my pc. Then I sent it in email to my dad. After his skepticism (about this "cheesy" movie sim game), he finally watched it. He tel... reviewed April 21, 2006
Ninette1sWhere They Are Now by ninette1 Comedy
as usual, very good! I especially love those back drops (wish I could do that). Your studio is in my bookmarks by the way! reviewed April 21, 2006
The Greatest Heist by sweeps225 Action
It was pretty ok. I gave you 5 stars cuz I thought you put alot of hard work into this. I just don't like the mumbling. you can disable that by clicking the sound icon in post production. The subt... reviewed April 21, 2006
How most of us feel about PE by Verona Comedy
umm...oh kayyy??? reviewed April 21, 2006
Braquage by Bash-94 Comedy
enough with the scriptwriter movies already! Besides, those scriptwriters suck! lol reviewed April 21, 2006
Raumschiff Entenscheiss SE by Breakergandalf Sci-Fi
it was ok but that "ain't over yet" thing is getting kinda old. reviewed April 20, 2006
Chaplin VS Norris by thecheat619 Action
it did make me laugh but...only because it was stupid. sry reviewed April 20, 2006
The School Massacre by Alexiel Action
LOL reviewed April 20, 2006
Loves Measure by TheSaMan Romance
this is like the 2nd time you uploaded a movie your scriptwriters wrote. reviewed April 20, 2006
The Cottage by djg24992 Horror
really good movie!! I'm still trying to figure out how to do the custom backdrops. If you can please rate my latest music video and leave a comment giving advice on how to do that, I would appreciate... reviewed April 20, 2006
Highschool High Heartbreak by advance2022 Romance
cool school flick! more of an action flick than romance. Check my studio for recent and upcoming releases! reviewed April 20, 2006
Triads In Tokyo by fioriboy Action
excellent movie! The music is a nice fit! Check out my studio for recent and upcoming releases! reviewed April 20, 2006
Galaxy Defenders IV Termination by katanasoul Sci-Fi
thanks for the review. You obviously didn't read my notes. I have permission to use that song. Thanks for your concerns anyway. This movie is just ok to me. I've seen your other movies. This is ... reviewed April 20, 2006
A Gangsters Town II by RomanCaesar Action
Featured Review
what a good gangster movie! check out the new music video by Kayla Klarkstone! http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/75383
reviewed April 20, 2006
Only Skin Deep by advance2022 Romance
cool! Just get rid of the mumbling and add subtext or v0. But overall, not bad! check out the new music video by Kayla Klarkstone! http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/75383 reviewed April 20, 2006
No Way Out by Ryanandy Horror
Featured Review
nice job! check out the new music video by Kayla Klarkstone! http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/75383
reviewed April 20, 2006
Attracting Caroline by advance2022 Romance
what happened to the sound?? no subtext?? reviewed April 20, 2006
It Was Richard! by wee_stu Comedy
lol funny! Just blame it on Richard! lol reviewed April 20, 2006
The Girl Alliance Dies Today by alfey1 Action
lol that dog really liked her didn't he! check out the new music video by Kayla Klarkstone! http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/75383 reviewed April 20, 2006
Notown by causley Action
Nice!! good job! I really liked it check out the new music video by Kayla Klarkstone! http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/75383 reviewed April 20, 2006
Shades of Grey Sanctuary Lost by Philweasel Action
It really held my interest...Not bad! The only thing I have a problem with is the mumbling. But the story was good! check out my studio for latest and upcoming releases! reviewed April 19, 2006
The Night Stalker by Ironhat2 Action
ouch...lol check out my studio for latest and upcoming releases! reviewed April 19, 2006
Comedy corner 2 tv spot 2 by derbyrams Comedy
cool trailer...Can't wait to see it! Thanks for the review. By the way, that wasn't intended to be Kelly Clarkson, as explained in my notes. reviewed April 19, 2006
Driver Mom by lan14n Comedy
Holy crap! You know I'm one of your biggest fans, especially after driver man. Dude...you out done yourself here! As good as driver man was, I think this one is WAY better. Dude...you need to teac... reviewed April 17, 2006
Death City by skinnytwirp47 Horror
real good. I like the backdrops and stuff! Check my studio for the latest and upcoming releases! reviewed April 17, 2006
Demon Fighters I Its only a game by jabrocious Sci-Fi
very intriguing! reviewed April 17, 2006
The Amityville Horror ( Trailer) by Amityville_Dude Horror
much better than baggage boy! lol reviewed April 17, 2006
The Baggage Boy by Amityville_Dude Comedy
LOL not the way to get that haunted corridor. Besides, I'm sure lionhead and tmo hates cheaters! Baggage boy is way overdone, as well as most of the default game movies. Be creative...It'll pay off! reviewed April 17, 2006
Dead rising 2 by dean64 Horror
the action was pretty good and so was the editing. it was more of an action flick than a horror though, with some funny parts too. Check my studio for the latest and upcoming releases! reviewed April 17, 2006
XXX The last challenge by hgasiglia Action
not bad for a short movie reviewed April 17, 2006
World War 2 Training Video by KyleMCC Comedy
good job! reviewed April 17, 2006
Chronicle of the WoodTHE HOUSE by tasmania11 Horror
It was ok...I guess. vo woulda made it much better reviewed April 17, 2006
The Watch by annafred Action
not bad! I just don't like the mumbling tho reviewed April 17, 2006
belive by scottnesbitt Horror
I liked it. It had great potential for an even better sequel. reviewed April 17, 2006
James Bond 007 Silver Gun 2 by oroszlan Action
Not bad at all. I'm not too fond of silent movies though. At least add subtext so we all know what's going on. Other than that, not bad! reviewed April 17, 2006
?????????? ??? by X-Factorus Horror
lol well I wouldn't say the worst movie ever made, but... let's just say the title says it all! ??????????????????? What the ?????????? lol reviewed April 17, 2006
Superteen by pumphalo Action
there's a sound button in post production (movie player) If you click on it, you can take off the mumbling. That's always a good idea especially when adding voice over. reviewed April 17, 2006
Western Rose by ILikePortillos Romance
No Review reviewed April 15, 2006
Trust No one by MIZZLE8 Action
lol well it did have several different twists to it, which afterwhile seemed to be a bit predictable. reviewed April 15, 2006
STAR WARS by p3tey Sci-Fi
cool! reviewed April 15, 2006
Saving Private Ryan by indianchief Action
Featured Review
not bad for a first timer. Now that you've gotten the first one out of the way, I just hope you stick with it cuz you can only get better! The rest comes from experience. Fun isn't it?? Try gettin...
reviewed April 15, 2006
McRestaurant by Whattheaids Comedy
it was kinda funny. For me, it was the editing and the arrangement that made this a 5 star movie. But it did have some funny parts to it. reviewed April 15, 2006
Is too much enough for you by psykopain Comedy
Featured Review
nice custom backdrops (I still gotta figure out how to do those). nice custom music too (that I do know how to do). Funny story too! I'll give ya 5 stars for this!
reviewed April 15, 2006
Fight Club 3 Revenge by gangsterinc Action
Excellent! I like the custom backdrops. I read one of your reviews of another movie. You said "i liked your backdrops which i can do and i luv makin them". I know how to do the custom music, but no... reviewed April 15, 2006
Freedom! by Thonyia Action
keep up the good work! please get rid of the "mumbling"...one of my biggest pet peeves. lol good luck in the competition! reviewed April 14, 2006
The Deception by mr_mercury06uk Action
Excellent!! Bravo...I really enjoyed it! I wish you big success with this! looks like there'll be a sequel? reviewed April 14, 2006
revolver 2 by Sprocketstudios Action
nothing original about it and I hate mumbling reviewed April 14, 2006
Poule of Blood by mbreaux75 Horror
a bit predictable but cute. editing needed some work reviewed April 14, 2006
The TMOscars! by StevenKreg Romance
Excellent! reviewed April 12, 2006
Hijack by FraasMovies Action
I really enjoyed that! The editing, special effects, etc. Brilliant! reviewed April 11, 2006
Stand Up Comedy 2 by Dave180786 Comedy
try vo...it works better. reviewed April 9, 2006
Cool Joe Gunn by procco13 Action
not bad! check out my studio for the newest release of "White Onyx"! reviewed April 6, 2006
Distructo Agents The Movie by darthmonkey130 Comedy
That is one hell of a movie! excellent! I really enjoyed it! check out my studio for the newest release of "White Onyx"! reviewed April 6, 2006
The Time Is Now by vamppir8 Horror
cool! Check my studio for the newly released drama "White Onyx"! reviewed April 6, 2006
Politics 2 by jackbrooker Action
Nice! Check my studio for the newly released drama "White Onyx"! reviewed April 6, 2006
10 indicators you play The Movies too much by janedoe Comedy
Featured Review
wow...you really have some sense of humor! This was so funny I'm still laughing! Look out for "White Onyx"...coming tonight!
reviewed April 5, 2006
Look in the Basement Already! by janedoe Comedy
ha ha...funny! Look out for "White Onyx"...coming tonight! reviewed April 5, 2006
Threes a Crowd by timbrom Romance
where's the sound? I think you skipped the update audio step reviewed April 5, 2006
FEAR by patty82 Horror
YO...I had to turn my lights back on while watching this!! brilliant editing! y0 I was scared as hell! reviewed April 5, 2006
Saranghe by lordbob5000 Romance
cool movie with a nice touch of humor! actually it was more funny than romance. 5 stars for the humor Look out for "White Onyx"...coming tonight! reviewed April 5, 2006
The Young and the Loveless by GearofWar512 Romance
Good movie! more of an action movie than a romance though Look out for "White Onyx"...Coming tonight! reviewed April 5, 2006
Dream Ride by sherwinliu Romance
it's impossible to rate this anything less than 5 stars. It's just that great!! Brilliant! I hope my upcoming blockbuster will be half as good as this! Look out for "White Onyx"! reviewed April 5, 2006
mad by josh96 Comedy
silly reviewed April 5, 2006
Honey I Slaughtered the Kids by Lugarbear1 Comedy
cool title for a sequel. very funny like the first one! I only rated them 4 stars because of their length. Look out for "White Onyx" coming later today! reviewed April 5, 2006
Honey I Killed the Kids by Lugarbear1 Comedy
LOL it was quite funny in a twisted sorta way reviewed April 5, 2006
Loverboy by starkiller21b Action
not bad. Look out for "White Onyx" coming later today! reviewed April 5, 2006
Piss Off Stepfather Thats My Gravy by michael_allen1 Comedy
huh??? reviewed April 5, 2006
Visitor by porter5 Horror
not bad...you kinda stole one of my ideas! lol reviewed April 4, 2006
THE DREAM OR IS IT by zakkacey Horror
not bad. creative. somewhat scary although it didn't scare me much. I still gave 4 stars Look out for "White Onyx" coming today! reviewed April 4, 2006
Men in Black III Fin by zskrabs24 Action
Featured Review
very interesting. nice editing job! nice special effects too
reviewed April 2, 2006
One bad minute Trailer by Spaceman72 Action
nice trailer dude! reviewed April 2, 2006
Bring Me Some Brains by chrisedmond Comedy
Featured Review
reviewed April 2, 2006
Stuck in TheMovies by Anykeyz Sci-Fi
I didn't get it...sorry. but good use of screen shots and stuff like that so I gave it 3 stars reviewed April 2, 2006
A kiss before I leave by Grayt1 Romance
lol didn't she just kiss him goodbye? How did she get into the warzone? But it was a good storyline, too bad it was too short. reviewed April 2, 2006
SURVIVOR by sbhedges Horror
interesting and exciting! Not bad! I liked the way it ended too Don't forget to check my studios for upcoming releases! reviewed March 31, 2006
A Ride To Hanover by spud Action
nice!! It had some funny parts too. The vo and sound effects was just awesome, as well as the editing! Try the chrysler competition...you got a good chance here! Don't forget to check my studios f... reviewed March 31, 2006
the perfect plan by leg Romance
where's the sound? reviewed March 31, 2006
Harrison Jones and the Cairo talisman 1 by Alutt Action
Featured Review
Good story and the music complements it quite well. Alot of hard work and preparation went into this I see. It's not something that was just whipped together in 20 minutes. The editing was brillian...
reviewed March 31, 2006
The Smurf Movie by Ozzabill Comedy
cute in a kiddish way reviewed March 31, 2006
Just more wait by joni10 Romance
I kinda like that 1940's theme reviewed March 31, 2006
YAHOO LOVE!! by kylko99 Romance
good effort reviewed March 31, 2006
Love Triangle by plethebest Romance
I agree with rabin hood reviewed March 30, 2006
Murder On The Brain by crAZRick Horror
the editing here needs more work. This was a horror movie?? story needs work then. reviewed March 30, 2006
Trailer PORN DEMO The Movie by michanist Romance
LOL As much as I hated what you did with porn demo, and as much as I blasted you about it, I must say this demo, and follow up to porn demo really made me laugh. I'm still mad about what you did, so... reviewed March 29, 2006
Random Stupid People by michanist Comedy
porn demo was stupid...this is stupid... I guess that's all to it...S-T-U-P-I-D! reviewed March 29, 2006
what happends when you kiss a zombie by perrybigs Comedy
funny...good acting too! reviewed March 29, 2006
the magic crystal ball by perrybigs Comedy
No Review reviewed March 29, 2006
The Gunmaker Edit by cncplyr Action
good start...keep it up! reviewed March 29, 2006
BIG BLACK NINJA by ksmith11470 Action
Featured Review
Definitely...one of the best trailers I've ever seen! Brilliant voice over, music, action...can't wait for the movie!! Definately a 5 star trailer!
reviewed March 29, 2006
Redstar Team Echo by neist Sci-Fi
well...I can't read German so I can't understand the story, so I'll judge this on content and editing. The music works well for this movie. I love the action. Very good ending! Alot of hard work we... reviewed March 29, 2006
Jay Rond 3000 edited by ellw Sci-Fi
action without a story is like butter without the bread. eww! reviewed March 29, 2006
In The Name by maillakaji Action
not bad at all, but not much of a story. I still gave 4 stars reviewed March 29, 2006
Showdown by spartanchief Action
not bad for your first movie. my advice is to take out the mumbling. You need to tell the story, either with voiceover or subtext so we all can know what's going on. The editing isn't bad for a beg... reviewed March 29, 2006
Superman Begins by SKILATIONINC Sci-Fi
interesting take on Superman. The lack of effort put into this compelled me to give it a 3 star rating. The mumbling gots to go! reviewed March 29, 2006
Agent 0-700 by rabin_hood Comedy
It was ok reviewed March 28, 2006
Bruce Li - The Game Of Death by Riggaz Action
Featured Review
you don't need fades after every scene. other than that, you did a good job, although I didn't really catch the storyline.
reviewed March 28, 2006
Heaven or Hell by danielspartan Comedy
that had to have been from a joke! lol That was good! reviewed March 27, 2006
My super short movie by halobob Comedy
I hope nobody else rates this! reviewed March 27, 2006
Spooky Movie by Pimpinc Horror
Very creative. I woulda given 5 stars anyway because I think it is pretty good. Please stop spamming everybody's reviews! It's not good for TMO or Lionhead. Besides...I'm sure what you're doing is ... reviewed March 27, 2006
Time Shifter by niftymatt Action
After the first minute, I knew I was gonna give this a 5 star rating. The vo sounds great! The music complements the action quite well. You should do very good with this movie. funny ending reviewed March 27, 2006
There Coming - Trailer by Parsons Sci-Fi
awesome trailer! Let us know when to expect the movie! reviewed March 27, 2006
FREAK inc Episode 1 by AlexVanRoose Comedy
nothing spectacular. I hate the mumbling. subtext or vo would be much better. Needs better editing. To me, it was stupid. No effort none whatsoever... sorry! reviewed March 27, 2006
Safe Dating by moviemanic Comedy
I see this is your first movie. It looks to me like you're mostly just experimenting with different scenes and stuff. 3 stars for starters reviewed March 27, 2006
Donald Trump Behind The Scene by whitep Comedy
That was funny, but kinda corny at the same time. I gave it 4 stars tho reviewed March 27, 2006
A Day To Forget by NeonNero Action
well that definately is a day to forget lol being nice, I think I'll give it a 4 because of the ending. reviewed March 27, 2006
I Live In Your Basement! by geo1992 Horror
not a fan of silent films. This didn't really quite grab me that much. reviewed March 27, 2006
The Godfather 3 by ccm404 Action
I found it quite boring personally. Sorry reviewed March 27, 2006
Apollyon by corinthian Horror
horror-ble! totally awesome effects...just totally awesome! This deserves like 10 stars! reviewed March 27, 2006
Biker boyz by yourapooface Comedy
sorry...I can't give this more than 2 stars reviewed March 26, 2006
The Battle With No Winner by moviemanic Action
Featured Review
what happened to the sound? then there's no subtext or vo. Sorry...not into silent films.
reviewed March 26, 2006
Stupidest Most Idiotic Kissing Scenes by Darkshadow999 Romance
you're right...stupid and idiotic reviewed March 26, 2006
hijack by rorzo Action
you got an awesome, powerful and very easy to use editing tool. Use it! change the backdrops too. it's quite boring seeing the same backdrops in every car scene. Be a bit more creative and imaginative reviewed March 26, 2006
Wheres the Justice - Trailer Only by daydreampro Action
little long for a trailer but I still liked it. You should have told us a little something about what to expect from the movie though. I will check out the movie when it comes out. reviewed March 26, 2006
Propshop Commercial Demon Costume! by katanasoul Comedy
I like the "commercial" idea. by the way...the "49 second" movie wasn't the movie. It was just the trailer for a movie. reviewed March 26, 2006
Being a Hitman Doesnt Pay by stefslon Action
Sorry but I'm not one of those people who'll give you 5 stars just to buy votes for my movies. I really couldn't understand it truthfully. anyway...check my studios for information on upcoming releases! reviewed March 25, 2006
You Got PWNED by akinis Comedy
you're a retard! You not only take the fun out of this game, but people like you make it hard for the "real" movie makers to get rated. That totally turns people off! reviewed March 25, 2006
The Dream Trailer by Lukok Horror
nice viewing technology. How did you change from color to black and white? check my studios for information on upcoming releases! reviewed March 25, 2006
Where's Baby? by speilberg101 Romance
where's baby? more like where's movie? lol check my studios for information on upcoming releases! reviewed March 25, 2006
Photo Seduction by Varde Romance
weird movie, but it sure keeps guys interested! lol check my studios for information on upcoming releases! reviewed March 25, 2006
Joe Dead by EsotericDagon Horror
nice editing. I hate mumbling though. But nice use of the music! check my studios for information on upcoming releases! reviewed March 25, 2006
How to Make A Comedy Movie by NJRBlackblood Comedy
funny...OMG crack-the-F#$%$-up funny! it was so goofy it made me lmfao! oh the tears! check my studios for information on upcoming releases! reviewed March 25, 2006
My Computer F-ing Sucks Balls by MasterBades Comedy
the title made me lmao. reviewed March 25, 2006
We Kneel To Destroy by bakedclam Horror
another movie not worth a star but you got one anyway reviewed March 25, 2006
The Foreign Devils by whitewizard Horror
not worth a star, but I gave you one anyway. Don't ask why! reviewed March 25, 2006
Purience by roccocarcheri Action
I like romance as much as the next guy, but the beginning dialog was just too sappy for me! lol Music didn't match the action. Editing needed some work, but I see you tried. Great ending! It look... reviewed March 25, 2006
American Teen by Varde Action
cute chick flick, but please kill the mumbling. It would be even better if I didn't have to guess what was going on. Tell the story either with vo or text. Nice fades. Good editing. 4 stars. che... reviewed March 25, 2006
Strictly Business by Varde Action
no storyline. I hate mumbling. editing sucked! reviewed March 25, 2006
PORN DEMO by michanist Romance
I don't get it...all I saw was the car rocking back and forth, with some explicit sounds. Did I miss something else here? reviewed March 25, 2006
The Hood by thetruth244 Action
nice work! reviewed March 23, 2006
The War Letter by Styrophoamicus Action
awesome editing. The story was phenomenal. I also like the narration. Take out the mumbling and it'll be that much better...you know what...forget that, this movie was "off the hook"! One of the bes... reviewed March 23, 2006
Mezzanines Moves by elizabethsusan Action
was there a story here? cuz I missed it. Becareful with copyright music in your movies. You don't wanna get sued by the riaa for using copyright music without permission. Despite the lack of story... reviewed March 23, 2006
3rd Squad - NOW SHOWING by Ranedthel Action
awesome trailer!! reviewed March 23, 2006
Jackie Chan Police Story by lee12344 Action
Featured Review
Nice music! It really fits the movie. Eww...mumbling--my biggest turn off. Nice use of fades, zooms and statics. Despite the mumbling, the editing was superb. The story line was brilliant (although...
reviewed March 23, 2006
Real Life Soap by Spooky Comedy
kinda original story. editing coulda been better. I don't know how else to rate this. reviewed March 23, 2006
The Nightmare by ksmith11470 Comedy
no story line whatsoever...didn't make sense. had 1 funny line in it. nice vo tho reviewed March 23, 2006
Hes Crazy Part 2 by rayne666 Horror
pretty decent movie. nice acting by your cast. bad ending tho reviewed March 23, 2006
WEEEEEEE by Tacos128 Comedy
stupid reviewed March 22, 2006
Tales of a Fiction Fanatic Teaser by elizabethsusan Comedy
cute reviewed March 22, 2006
You fool by kylko99 Romance
HOT and Steamy! I liked it! Wanna talk about The Movies? if you have an irc client intalled, join irc://irc.kool-irc.com/The_Movies reviewed March 22, 2006
Santa Floored by fioriboy Comedy
kinda funny. Like I've said over and over before, kill the mumbling. It's a big turn off! reviewed March 22, 2006
The Girls of SWAT by Ghoulscout13 Action
no originality, no creativity, no story. It was too basic, something we've seen a million times now reviewed March 22, 2006
Im Going To Tell You A Secret by gians70 Action
lol funny it must really suck to be dude! lmao reviewed March 22, 2006
Vietnam In The eyes of Lt Conroy by Deeman Action
mumbling is the biggest turnoff dude. reviewed March 21, 2006
What Would Happen If Fable Was Real by themoviemaker234 Comedy
dumb reviewed March 21, 2006
Mind Games by jpwood Horror
weird...very weird reviewed March 21, 2006
Brokeback girl by nackman34 Action
Featured Review
the only reason I didn't give it a 5 is because the music overshadowed the vo. other than that, it was pretty good!
reviewed March 21, 2006
The war for the pornstar by frogboy12345 Action
I like the action and editing, but the storyline wasn't quite there. Also, be sure to read the otc file in your Program FilesLionhead Studios LtdThe MoviesDatatextEN-UK directory. It warns against u... reviewed March 21, 2006
Back Stabbers by mrw444 Action
I like the idea. quite original. A very good spoof of the show cheaters. This guy even looks like Joey. nicely done! quality could have been better though reviewed March 20, 2006
WAR! by Sintos Action
well ok, since you don't care what I rate this... reviewed March 19, 2006
Marshall Law by ealexander Action
too silent for me. at least add subtext. give us some idea what the movie is about reviewed March 19, 2006
Karate Girl by bunnyrabbit777 Action
not bad for your second movie. about that ending...wasn't the guy who died in the beginning a stranger to her? yet she cried over his grave with flowers?? I didn't get that at all. lol since it was... reviewed March 19, 2006
Ruling The West by William2001 Action
you used fades too much...it didn't work. hard to understand what's going on without voice over or subtext. Tell the story, don't just show it. other than that, it was ok. reviewed March 19, 2006
Rise of the Undead by William2001 Horror
not quite did it for me. kill the mumbling. If you don't add voice over, at least use subtext. reviewed March 19, 2006
Driver Man by lan14n Action
Featured Review
this was very creative and quite imaginative. I was just gonna give it 4 stars til I saw it through to the end. dude...this was funny as hell!
reviewed March 19, 2006
IT by sam125 Horror
Featured Review
cute little amateur movie
reviewed March 19, 2006
The Weird by Mathewguin Horror
wth??? reviewed March 19, 2006
El Nino Tu Madre Etc by riott007 Comedy
incredibly dumb reviewed March 19, 2006
The Satanic Tapes by jpwood Horror
Featured Review
nice work! not a movie I would go see only cuz I don't like those kinds of movies. But, none the less, I like what you did with it. Good use of camera panning and dropbacks. nice use of zooms and fades.
reviewed March 19, 2006
Scene Match Test 1 by magic_school_bus Romance
the dialog may have matched but the dialog needs work reviewed March 19, 2006
We closed our eyes by chocolatemouse Sci-Fi
just plain Excellent! reviewed March 18, 2006
Desert Fever by brohammer7 Action
nice! I know this is just a trailer...I can't wait to see the real movie. You got a good story here. Develop it! reviewed March 18, 2006
Mr Stone - Part 1 by Zeropirate Action
Nice...very nice bg music. great acting by the actors. although I know very little french, it was pretty good vo. full of action...I like that! Agréable. ..very musique agréable. agir excellent par ... reviewed March 18, 2006
Die Spitzen von Marmitron by mamovies Comedy
I take it this was just a test? reviewed March 18, 2006
The Baggage Boy by soildpie Comedy
just thought I'd give you a star anyway lol reviewed March 18, 2006
Duel of the Ladies I by sith_bunny36 Action
needs vo or subtext. oh and better editing reviewed March 18, 2006
Little Titan by grimdon1868 Sci-Fi
Featured Review
more like a commercial than a movie. it was ok for something you apparently uploaded just for kicks
reviewed March 18, 2006
Little Italy by cwelsh Action
Even without the vo, this movie could have been better. You got action, but no real story line. No theme, no plot, no resolution. You coulda added bg music to spice things up a bit. No vo means mor... reviewed March 18, 2006
Earnie Burnie (Part 2) by spinz Comedy
goofy sums it up. please rate mine http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/65681 reviewed March 17, 2006
Escape to hell by micha83 Horror
Excellent...Brilliant...one of the best horror movies I've seen on there! reviewed March 17, 2006
WANTED by dreamofcream Action
Featured Review
very nice. I think the music makes it even more exciting. Nice effects too!
reviewed March 17, 2006
KOPS-Red light District by ninette1 Comedy
Even funnier than the last! You guys out-did yourselves on this one! Even my wife died laughing. Even more action in this one. Excellent job! This will be #1 soon. You got my vote! reviewed March 17, 2006
Wake Up And Die Again by geo1992 Horror
a horror movie with a touch of comedy. not bad! please rate mine #65681 reviewed March 17, 2006
Blind Date by EvilRedSquirrel Comedy
ha ha ha...funny ending. please rate mine #65681 reviewed March 17, 2006
Greasy The Remix by nikkiorama Romance
goofy. that about sums it up lol please rate mine #65681 reviewed March 17, 2006
Kung Fu v1.0 by akinis Action
that was cute. not bad for your first time. I too just did my first movie (trailer). Please rate mine #65681 reviewed March 17, 2006
Chemical Man by tyrant0012002 Sci-Fi
It shows promise. You should follow up with something like a continuance of this one. I too uploaded my very first movie (actually trailer) yesterday. Please rate mine and tell me what you think. #65681 reviewed March 17, 2006
2 many 2 much by EvilRedSquirrel Comedy
it was funny...very funny! Made me laugh please rate and critique mine #65681 reviewed March 17, 2006
A Reporters Bad Day by Gojira_Addicted Comedy
very funny reviewed March 16, 2006
Mr alien by maxlord Sci-Fi
not bad...good actors...good bg music...cute ending reviewed March 14, 2006
Range And Elevation by sanders54 Action
halo at it's finest. it even made me giggle. good job reviewed March 14, 2006
Dreamtown2 by Rik_Vargard Action
cool music...great vo...nice story... made me a western movie fan! lol reviewed March 14, 2006
The Beginning of the End by ichthusadmr Action
I have just one problem--there are only 5 stars here. I thought this was the most thought out storyline I've seen yet. The music was awesome. I thought Mara Scarlet was adorable and did a phenomenal... reviewed March 14, 2006
The Revenge by mrjenkins Horror
Featured Review
reviewed March 13, 2006
The Fog Trailer 2 by llGll Horror
interesting...makes me wanna see the movie reviewed March 13, 2006
Night Of Nights by droodog Romance
cool reviewed March 13, 2006
The Phony Express by Onald Action
looked like it coulda become something funny reviewed March 13, 2006
The Dead Walks the Earth by thepimp Horror
nice action. Try rehearsing the vo first. reviewed March 13, 2006
Sweet Moment Sublime by elisiju Comedy
NICE!! more like a romance than comedy, but still very well done! reviewed March 13, 2006
man on the top by sab12 Action
cool movie, although the music didn't quite fit reviewed March 13, 2006
Big John Toomey by sanders54 Action
The action was good, but the theme was, I'm sorry to say, it was awful. good bg music though. reviewed March 13, 2006
The Fire by sylanderstudios06 Action
Featured Review
I usually prefer movies with bg music and vo, but I gave you a 5 star rating because it was just that damn good! I loved the edge-of-your-seat action, as well as the cliffhanger ending...makes me wan...
reviewed March 13, 2006
The Ghost Dream by jmakala Horror
Very very impressive. I give it 5 stars for originality. It was very well thought out, and even made me laugh. I think, however, background music and even a voice over would have made that the ulti... reviewed March 13, 2006
Gemma Hardrada The Man Beast by Lightning1993 Comedy
No Review reviewed March 13, 2006
Dead Range by sanders54 Action
excellent special effects reviewed March 13, 2006