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Number of Winning Movies: 0
Average Rating Received: 2.79

Number of Movies Reviewed: 8
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Average Rating Given: 4.25
Movies Released by R3TARD3D
halo 3X part 2 Comedy
The 2nd part and this ones bonkers!!!! sorry about the thumbnail lookin [naughty word!]gy No SUBTITLES ADIO!!!!!!! ( halo 3X is only just for fun not serious so rate nicely!) ... posted July 21, 2006
Halo 3X Comedy
ITS HERE!!!!! My First Comedy CHECK IT OUT now with adio!!!! WARNING: this episode has graphic language and adult themes not recomended for young viewers!!!!!! part 2 will be ... posted July 20, 2006
Super Mario broes final Action
yes its super mario broes but before you watch it let me say this the trash cans are warp pipes) story:will mario and luigi save peach from forcefully being married! posted July 2, 2006
zombie parody 5 FINAL Action
this is the final part of how a bestfriend betrays his friend over a book the man found now its time for the man to take his revenge! posted July 2, 2006
drunk [wash your mouth out!] Action
well i just put this in so i could buy stuff the bad words b a s t a r d! anyway this aint nothin compared to my big comedy project ... posted July 1, 2006
Movies Reviewed by R3TARD3D
FEAR by patty82 Horror
daaaaaaaaaaamn patty u kick ass at horror i actually could see this as a movie nice job! reviewed July 21, 2006
(Another Tribute)Greatest MIXTape Ever by boxermix11 Sci-Fi
mix tapes is a kick ass movie dude but i aint to fond of rap still u liked my movie alot so heres 5 good movie dude! reviewed July 21, 2006
Across the Stars- Dreaming of May by Alottlabull Sci-Fi
nice movie dude! i liked the whole plot thingy nice thinkin of a well thought out story! p.s halo 3X is done! reviewed July 21, 2006
The Camping Trip by mcrispy13 Horror
kick ass movie dude i'm glad u liked mine! reviewed July 20, 2006
Zombies in the Mist (part 1) by Crull87 Horror
i didn't like it reviewed July 12, 2006
Shape Shifter by feznacho Action
good job i liked it really origional! reviewed July 2, 2006
THE HALOIST II by ArtificialArtist Sci-Fi
dude! u are a f**kin god you kick so much ass at making movies 5 FREAKIN STARS!!! reviewed July 2, 2006
The city of death by the_richman Action
3 words cool as hell dude i don't know how you do it but this movie kicked more ass than any i give u 10 stars if i could!! reviewed July 2, 2006