Number of Movies: 9
Number of Winning Movies: 0
Average Rating Received: 4.19

Number of Movies Reviewed: 69
Number of Reviews Given that were Featured: 13
Average Rating Given: 4.39
Movies Released by ProducerDrew
Joke 3 Types of Orgasms Comedy
A joke, kinda funny, hope you like it, not really a "movie", but kinda funny posted March 24, 2006
The True Story of Santa Comedy
Santa Claus, the true story... The fat man in the red suit in his prime. A true Christmas classic. I hope you enjoy it while sipping some egg nog by the yuletide fire. If you watch my movies, I'll wat... posted December 14, 2005
I Am Not A Monkey Comedy
My latest movie, sub comedy/ commentary on society, I hope you like it... so anyway hope you enjoy it, even if its not the funniest movie in the world (it has its moments) posted December 5, 2005
The Horse Must Die Comedy
Cool comedic thriller about a psycho who stalks a family shortly after they purchase a new horse. I hope you like it, please watch and review, I'll watch your movies. Dude read my feature reviews, I c... posted December 4, 2005
So You Wanna Be a Pimp Comedy
So, you wanna be a pimp? Well this video will show you what to do and how to do it, big pimpin' style. The pimp sensei will teach you all that he knows, and who knows... you might even score. I hope y... posted December 1, 2005
Eat at Cheep Cheep Chicken Comedy
Chicken Commercial. Two Hungry people learn how to quench their appetite from a large drunk chicken. Hilarity ensues... Hope you enjoy! (This isn't exactly a cinematic masterpiece just a cheep, cheep ... posted November 30, 2005
Daily Grind of a Ninja Lost in Time Action
"Daily Grind of a Ninja Lost in Time", made by producerdrew, is a timeless classic tale of interpersonal reflection on the art of ninjary. This is my first true movie on this site. A tale of a ninja w... posted November 29, 2005
Spooky Fish Horror
While it has nothing to do with fish this is the video for original track "Spooky Fish". It is a tongue in cheek horror video starring a mysterious creature known only as Fangbunny. I hope you enjoy it. posted November 28, 2005
Busted Action
Cop Action 70's style. More of a music video than movie, it is my first uploaded movie and it features a custom soundtrack. Hopefully you will find it "Groovy". It's a little long and by far not my be... posted November 28, 2005
Movies Reviewed by ProducerDrew
Cheesehouse by gutlar2 Action
interesting... reviewed March 24, 2006
Danger of Making Movies by justin_in_bangor Comedy
Funny! I dug it. Nice plug for your own studio... OK so the gauntlet has been thrown down! Ok, so you didn't take my challenge seriously, now, the evil monkey must be spanked! Ok, so I can't really ba... reviewed December 16, 2005
BEEEEEEEEER!! by Buccura Comedy
Dude, that f'in rocked! That was totally bad f'in ass. They should use that as their new video, cause it rules! This was easily one of my favorite videos I've watched! It was dope! Anyone who gave thi... reviewed December 16, 2005
The Circus Checks in! by Xodia Action
Pretty F'in sweet. Voiceover would have made it kick total ass, but good nonetheless. Nice editing and it was funny! Nice work! reviewed December 16, 2005
Busty Babe from Boobland by VariablePenguin Action
I liked it! The title rocked too. It could've used some voiceover, cause voiceover is really what makes a movie unique, but for a short little twisted Sci- Fi it was cool, and funny, liked the end! We... reviewed December 16, 2005
the Strange Death of Bella by AlvinK Romance
Dude! my actor's a variant of Trent Reznor too! NIN rocks! My McKenzie is some dude I found wandering my studio looking for work in maintenence... So not the same ex lol! The text is kinda hard to rea... reviewed December 16, 2005
The First Crime ( part 2) by kyle26 Action
Featured Review
Wow, I could've sworn I watched part 2 earlier, but I guess not, whoops! Well part 3 was better, but still not to shabby. Is part 4 going to have ghosts and zombies as implied... Questions, Questions....
reviewed December 14, 2005
Predator 2 (Voting-Trailer) by Crull87 Action
Honestly, Predator 2 sucked and no one should try to replicate its crappiness... EVER! It totally tanked a promising franchise started in the first predator, which actually was a cool movie. SO... NO!... reviewed December 14, 2005
The Rise of Hell by simn3t Action
I didn't think it was that bad. (was it a message to someone in real life?) I have seen waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay worse, so don't worry! The audio was smooth and with the exceptio... reviewed December 14, 2005
Blood and Bullets by a2k13 Action
Featured Review
hmmm... pulp western? Yeah, it was hard to follow, it seems like a bunch of random scenes thrown together with total disregard for any sense of continuity. And there were a lot of typos in the caption...
reviewed December 14, 2005
Dont Make Me Axe You Again (Edit) by soldier1256 Horror
It was bad, lol, but the sound effects were funny as hell (especially during the axe the door scene). Since its your first movie, I'll give you your first 5 star rating, I'm sure that the sound effect... reviewed December 14, 2005
The Defiler by EatMySh0rtz Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Voiceover was awesome! I had no problem with the beginning, long intros suck ass anyway! Did I mention the Voiceover was [not-so-nice-word!]ing hilarious!?! (especially Von whatshisname, cool) Not the...
reviewed December 14, 2005
What if Santa Claus Were Alive Today by ozman69 Comedy
Yuletide ass whupping and drive bys SWEEEEET! Santa ghost kicks ass! Ahh, but what if Santa were alive during WWII, find out in my Christmas movie, you might dig it! reviewed December 14, 2005
Edgar Allen Poes - The Telltale Heart by justin_in_bangor Horror
They say to be the man, you have to beat the man. So #1 studio, I am throwing down the gauntlet! I challenge you to an old fashion movie off! Any Genre, any time (period), any place (set)! Hit me back... reviewed December 14, 2005
The Captive by jabeci Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Not a shabby little sci fi. Pretty cool, could've used some voiceover, but scripted well. A little tighter post production and it would've gotten a 5 star (plus it could've used some VO), but for the ...
reviewed December 14, 2005
The Cab Story by MattMitchell Romance
Featured Review
Nice work, the music fit very well! It melded with the movie. I'm a sucker for voiceover (cheesy or otherwise) and don't usually give 5 stars for films with only text, but it was snazzy. You watched m...
reviewed December 14, 2005
The Mechatrons Invade! by BigBri Sci-Fi
Wow, bizzare... Words fail me, and yet I chuckled, so I'll give it a 4, even though I'm going to hell for it. reviewed December 14, 2005
Whassamatter? by BigBri Comedy
Ummm... What the hell was that!?! OK... for sheer absurdity and pointlessness, which actually made me laugh despite myself, I mean c'mon, that was NOT a movie, I guess it had to be a conscious decisio... reviewed December 14, 2005
Home Of The Braves by SethMConny Action
Ummm... that was short, kinda cool to kill Nazis though. OK 4 stars for killing Nazis! Future suggestions: Voiceover, plot, and (of course) you could always kill more Nazis! Rock on, good luck with yo... reviewed December 14, 2005
Word of the Day 2 by STXFilms Comedy
Featured Review
"Word of the Day" good concept. Had potential to be more, but not too bad! Future word suggestion #1 "Bestiality" that would be hilarious (and mildly disturbing, nevermind) Future word suggestion #2 "...
reviewed December 14, 2005
ronald mcdonalds road video SE by supa_midget Action
THAT, was funny! NIIIIICE Ronald outfit (that was the shiznit)! Anytime a clown gets humped by a dog, an angel gets its wings. SWEEEEEET! reviewed December 14, 2005
Gates of Berlin by fisher74 Action
Not a bad little action scene, keep on keeping on... (Tommie? I don't get it) Well good luck on movie number 2! reviewed December 14, 2005
The Dire - 1x02 - FIXED by Ar4wY Action
People who [eye-hurting-word!] about mic quality should burn! We don't all have good peripherals (or the money to purchase such quality)Cool movie! By the way people who [eye-hurting-word!] about poor... reviewed December 13, 2005
the curse of the phone salesman by supa_midget Action
Featured Review
Voiceover on the phone made me chuckle immediately! Great voiceoverS! The voiceovers do make the movie, nice! No real point, but who the hell needs one! Its all about the entertainment!
reviewed December 13, 2005
The Gunslinger 3 - Showdown by smoke63b Action
Sorry about the bad review on the Fairside movie, but it could've been much more, I wasn't trying to be harsh, it just had more potential... P.S. I hate people who rag on mic quality, it does suck and... reviewed December 13, 2005
Jackstone IV - an old hope by AlvinK Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Little trouble understanding the audio, but any star wars reference is a good reference! Audio was hard to discern at first but then was totally better, and amusing. The director has a very familiar s...
reviewed December 13, 2005
super priests VS satan by supa_midget Comedy
Love the idea, good concept! Nice audio. reviewed December 13, 2005
Mr and Mrs Bates ( Introductions ) by kyle26 Horror
Featured Review
Screw people who rag on mics! We don't all have cutting edge mics, and there was nothing to take away from the movie regarding the mic! Why critique someone's mic! Nice short.Maybe some more action in...
reviewed December 13, 2005
1point0 Vs 1point1 by Trip9z Action
Pretty cool, VO would have been bad freakin ass, but still pretty cool. Congrats on the Molynuex review! reviewed December 7, 2005
One Star Bandit by Sevenhertz Comedy
Funny, very cool. I dig it! reviewed December 7, 2005
The Life of a Giant Duck by ILikeItWenDaBloodComesOut Comedy
Not really a movie, but decent for what it was... Funny ending. Thank You for not making it really long, the timing was the only thing keeping this as a funny short and not a long tedious pointless mo... reviewed December 7, 2005
The Gunslinger by smoke63b Action
I disagree with the description, this is your most interesting movie so far. Fairly interesting dialogue, decent beginnings of a story. I saw the followup which did not live up to this movie. Some aud... reviewed December 7, 2005
Fairside Chronicles - Haphazard by smoke63b Action
Way too long and not very interesting, 5 minutes in and nothing really happened but eating and talking about cheap hotdogs. Also some choppy editing. 8 minutes in there is some action, but I think it ... reviewed December 7, 2005
The Gunslinger - Hunted by smoke63b Action
Not much happenin', Kinda confusing in parts (dark), Not much action or story... reviewed December 7, 2005
Drivers Ed Video 1 Using Your Turn Signal by ILikeItWenDaBloodComesOut Comedy
I dig it, nice work. Love the Billy theme, works well. Try voiceover it might work better although the captions are working pretty well as is, but you never know it may be even better reviewed December 6, 2005
chickens vs the bunnys by supa_midget Action
Chickens and bunnys... fighting... Who will deliver the Easter Eggs? It is up to them to decide... Not a real movie, but it was funny, sure why not... I'll give it 5 stars :) reviewed December 4, 2005
Robot VS Werewolf by MegaSlicer Action
A werewolf would kick a robots ass! Weird random fight scene, but weird is cool, not really even a fully formed concept yet strangely amusing, I'll buck th trend and give this weirdass, not really a m... reviewed December 4, 2005
jims day out by stephenparkes Comedy
Featured Review
Yeah screw Bette Middler! Good movie, funny, nice voiceover
reviewed December 4, 2005
All the truth about diets! by epiderma Comedy
Had some funny moments, but overall,not real engaging... kinda long reviewed December 4, 2005
Enter the Ninja Nazi by Ryenai Action
Sniper Nazi Ninja with skills, I dig it, nice idea. Not exactly the most engaging plot of all time, decent action... but no real story. Good use of music. reviewed December 4, 2005
You Want 5 Stars I Got 5 Stars by richke Comedy
Pretty good movie,I didn't want to give it 5 stars, just because, but its funny and it deserves it. Not to envoke your wrath or anything (I'd hate to start a rant) but check out my movies (You don't h... reviewed December 4, 2005
The Tides of War by nitrousoxide52 Action
Sarge, it won't be allright... you're screwed! Not a bad movie, pretty cool, could use voiceover (check out mine, please) reviewed December 4, 2005
Spy vs Spy 2 by ami_silberman Comedy
Funny, good clip! Nice work... reviewed December 4, 2005
Poultry Planet by ami_silberman Sci-Fi
Funny, I dig it, It's country fried finger licking good! (watch my movies please) reviewed December 4, 2005
SEX now that i have your attention watch! by supa_midget Action
Yeah, Scooby is cool... (please watch my movies reviewed December 4, 2005
Win her heart by sgrow Comedy
Interesting... (watch my movies please) reviewed December 2, 2005
Hunt For The Red Alien by jollyrob1 Comedy
Featured Review
Funny [wash your mouth out!] man (check out my movies, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease) (preferably under the influence haha)
reviewed December 2, 2005
The Electrocution Fields by ami_silberman Sci-Fi
Definately mystery science theatre fodder... Some good ideas, nice work, strange... (Watch my movies... please) reviewed December 2, 2005
The Frog Prince by Crull87 Comedy
I liked a lot. Funny. Any movie that can include quasi- bestiality must be good... right? (PLEASE WATCH MY MOVIES) reviewed December 2, 2005
I was not high by lestat15 Comedy
Funny, Good Voiceover, you were right it was pointless, and yeah I woulda guessed you were high too. Nice Job! (please watch my movies) reviewed December 2, 2005
Peanuts For Nothing by dorklbutte Comedy
Interesting, nothing like a good butt kicking! (watch and rate my movies pleeeeeease) reviewed December 2, 2005
Ruben Vs The Skuzz by ruben187 Action
Ninjas rule! Ninja movies rule even more! I dig it... Very cool movie, good voicework... The echo in the audio seems to be some kind of bug, if you move the dialogue just a little bit, it will sound n... reviewed December 1, 2005
Billy doesnt have a girlfriend by whydoyouwanttoknow Comedy
pretty cool, not too bad... reviewed December 1, 2005
Der Affenmann Episode 1 by JanS Action
I don't speak Deutsch fluently enough to understand the dialogue, but the ape with the cactus intrigues me in a very deep and complex way... Why the cactus? I'm guessing it represents the moral dilemm... reviewed December 1, 2005
The Angel Fog by whydoyouwanttoknow Horror
Featured Review
Pretty cool, I dig it, nice work... (check out my movies, they are cool... Please...)
reviewed December 1, 2005
War is Swell by slimyad1 Horror
Seemed good, a little confusing (showed up very dark and hard to see). The voicework was good. Nice movie (PLEASE WATCH MY MOVIES... PLEEEEEEASE!, they aren't too bad, check em out) reviewed December 1, 2005
Home Of The Graves by slimyad1 Action
Good voiceover, not a bad little silly short filled with carnage... (please watch my movies) (PLEEEEEEEEEASE!) reviewed December 1, 2005
Obsession by satansmunchkin Horror
Nice Movie, good movie, don't bite. Cool, could benefit from a dialogue track. reviewed November 30, 2005
The First Crime ( part 1 ) by kyle26 Action
Featured Review
Funny stuff, I bookmarked your studio
reviewed November 30, 2005
Get out of my Town by kyle26 Comedy
I dig it! Good flick, nice narration... Even better voices! Two thumbs up, YeeHa reviewed November 30, 2005
Venuss Vixens by letchkins Sci-Fi
Not too bad! Gotta love those chest close- ups! hahahaha... Ok so I'm not that funny. Nice movie (check out my movies... Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease!) reviewed November 30, 2005
That Old Bathroom by mdizzog Comedy
Funny! I like the voiceover work, Very good! (watch my movies... Pleeeeeease!) reviewed November 30, 2005
The Dire -1x01 by Ar4wY Action
cool, a little cliched but not bad. Nice movie reviewed November 29, 2005
January 19 2002 by dubbya Comedy
Good concept for a movie reviewed November 29, 2005
Gimme danger by gilga Horror
Not too bad, subtitles need editing, good ending reviewed November 29, 2005
Dead Cow by ExcaliburCH Comedy
Not bad... reviewed November 29, 2005
My Lesbian Lover is a flesh eating zombie by satansmunchkin Horror
Pretty badass, I dig it.Love the slurping noise, Nice job. Urrrrrrrrrrrgh! reviewed November 29, 2005
Terror Tales - Of Chief Concern by HyperGnome Horror
Pretty freakin' badass, nice job! reviewed November 29, 2005
Confessions Of A Supreme Being by Strondor Comedy
A true cinematic masterpiece- two thumbs up! Funny as all hell reviewed November 29, 2005