Number of Movies: 11
Number of Winning Movies: 0
Average Rating Received: 4.73

Number of Movies Reviewed: 182
Number of Reviews Given that were Featured: 35
Average Rating Given: 3.97
Movies Released by ProKanada
Blood and Honour - Part 3 Action
Full Soundtrack and English V/Os! The final part in my 3-part series about two nazis that fall in love with each other during WWII while stationed in France. No, it???s not another ???Hitler is gay??... posted June 1, 2006
Blood and Honour - Part 2 Action
Full Soundtrack and English V/Os! Gay Nazis!, now that I???ve got your attention, a bit of info about this film: This is, after a long wait, the second part of my movie about two gay nazis tha... posted May 27, 2006
Blood and Honour - Part 1 Action
Full Soundtrack and English V/Os! Gay Nazis!, now that I???ve got your attention, a word of caution: This movie will NOT appeal to everybody, nor should it! Yes, it IS a movie about gay nazis t... posted February 24, 2006
Blood and Honour - Part 1 Action
Full Soundtrack and English V/Os. Gay Nazis!, now that I???ve got your attention, a word of caution: I don???t know why, but the damn game played the ???city street" background noises through... posted February 23, 2006
Sweet Relief - A New Kind of Laxative Comedy
-Full Soundtrack & Voice-Over- A 1min 30sec commercial spoof for Sweet Relief, the soft drink that's also a laxative. I wanted to take a stab at all of the ridiculous commercials for medicine that I... posted December 29, 2005
Sweet Relief - A New Kind of Laxative Comedy Not Rated
-Full Soundtrack & Voice-Over- A 1min 30sec commercial spoof for Sweet Relief, the laxative mixed in with a soft drink. I wanted to take a stab at all of the ridiculous commercials for medicine that... posted December 29, 2005
Folgers Coffee - Get Your Own Damn Bag Comedy
--Full Voice-Over and Soundtrack-- A 2-minute spoof of a commercial for Folgers Coffee from the early 90s. In the original commercial, some guy accidentally walks into someone else's house because h... posted December 28, 2005
A News 6 at 6 Special Report Action
--FULL VOICE-OVER-- News 6 at 6's Bob Slessinger reports on America's Help (Relocate) the Homeless Program, while Susan Caldwell reports live from downtown Miami as Hurricane George approaches. A bi... posted December 28, 2005
CSI Los Angeles Action
Action/Comedy: An utterly (and admittedly) tasteless spoof of the CSI television series, which shamelessly pokes fun at minorities, whites, racists, the men and women of law enforcement and Los Angele... posted November 19, 2005
Spontaneity Takes Planning Action
A bizarre action/comedy Bond spoof. After a devastating attack on the city, Colonel McDuff sends Agent 006.5 to infiltrate and destroy the evil Doctor Nefarious' hidden base. Sgt. Higgins provides bac... posted November 17, 2005
Agent 0065 Spontaneity Takes Planning Action
Bizarre Action/Comedy mix. After a devastating robot attack on the city, Colonel McDuff sends Agent 006.5 to seek out and destroy Doctor Nefarious' secret base before he can complete construction of h... posted November 17, 2005
Movies Reviewed by ProKanada
Tainted Souls 4 - The Betrayal by jameseva Horror
An excellent film with great use of sets, scenery and music. Great character development helps accent the eerie mood of this episode. I haven't viewed the others yet, but part IV has definitely caught... reviewed September 13, 2007
Interstellar Odyssey (Part One) by nukester Sci-Fi
Excellent!!! Fantastic Effects, great VOs, a gripping story and fitting music. It must have taken months to make this movie, but rest assured, every single minute of your effort into this project was ... reviewed April 2, 2007
Athena Project II- Best Laid Plans by fulkster Sci-Fi
Everything about this movie is simply perfect: the VO's, the effects, the dialogue, the editing and the story. Keep up the excellent work! reviewed September 23, 2006
Tales of Truly Terrible Cinematography by mildheadwound Comedy
Great custom artwork, fantastic VO's, and excellent use of the freecam make this damn funny movie worth every one of its five stars! Keep it up! reviewed June 23, 2006
Prelude to by James_Beckerson Action
An excellent short film about two lovers who practically miss the German invasion of Poland while they are spending time away from home and return to find their home devastated by the Germans. A good ... reviewed June 22, 2006
FraasMovies Underworld Teaser by FraasMovies Horror
Nice mods! This film looks like it could be a top-25er, but I find the trailer needed a bit more gripping music and some VOs. Will definitely tune in for the finished film, though. Keep it up! reviewed June 20, 2006
Monday Nights 05 Aethr Flaven by kos78 Comedy
I thoroughly enjoyed this film; great mods, great voices, a funny story, and fantastic editing make this definitely worth five stars. Keep up the excellent work! reviewed June 20, 2006
Project Eden trailer by ThePunisher99 Sci-Fi
Oh God, I can't wait for the full movie to come out! Keep up the great work! reviewed June 15, 2006
Government Surveillance by benstudios1991 Comedy
Short, sweet, and laugh-out-loud funny. Great job! reviewed June 11, 2006
Summer of darkness by pickleking Action
I enjoyed this movie for the fact that it showed several cool scenes and sets that are available in the S&E Expansion pack, but I found it hard to follow who was who at times, and it seems as though y... reviewed June 10, 2006
Fire! by Frooplet Action
I am forced to agree with Dark_Mace, who felt that there was a bit of plot missing. Though I found this movie entertaining enough as a montage of various fire shots available in S&E, I am puzzled as t... reviewed June 10, 2006
Battle over earth by gameboy16nc Action
Featured Review
Though it was exciting to see some of the new scenes in the S&E Expansion, I still have some nits to pick: The sci-fi subtitles are incredibly hard to read when streaming this video, and there are a f...
reviewed June 10, 2006
Revenge (episode 2) by cartma7546 Action
This movie was short and to the point, though I think watching part 1 would have helped me better understand what was going on. Good voice-overs helped set the mood, though there were a few editing gl... reviewed June 10, 2006
Brokeback Mountain 2 by emiller0980 Comedy
Not bad, but music and voice overs will get you those missing stars the next time around.! Keep it up! reviewed June 10, 2006
Unredeemed by josephkw Horror
What can I say? ...Wow! Amazingly, this movie, which really only consists of two people standing and talking (that's an over-simplification, admittedly), managed to keep me riveted to my seat for the ... reviewed May 31, 2006
You And Me by amdamdk1 Action
Featured Review
What can I say? A great music video, there should be more like these on TMO! Keep up the good work! Would love it if you'd rate my "Blood & Honour" series on my studio site. Thnx!
reviewed May 28, 2006
The Machines by Master007 Sci-Fi
I liked this movie a lot, as it packed quite a bit into a short amount of time. The voice-overs were well done, too, but what I would have liked to know is how it came to be that only these 2 factions... reviewed May 28, 2006
Mike Spindal and Flash Dark Smasher by Franklinjake Horror
A nice short movie with an interesting story, that makes me look forward to the continuation already. Voice-overs the next time around will get you that 5th star. Please take a look at my Blood & Hon... reviewed May 28, 2006
Jake The Rake by jago3 Comedy
Hmmm.... I didn't quite understand the story, but for one of your early films, it's not that bad. A bit more coherency and voice-overs the next time around will get you those 2 missing stars. Please ... reviewed May 28, 2006
Doctor Evil Part 10 by Ghoulscout13 Horror
A bit short, but good editing and music nonetheless. Voice-overs will get you that 5th star the next time around; gonna go check out the other parts of the series, as I'm sure that will help me unders... reviewed May 28, 2006
Flashing Lights Episode 2 by Aston89 Action
Great editing job, nice story and good choice of music. Voice-overs will get you that 5th star the next time around; keep up the good work, though! Would appreciate it if you'd check out my studio as... reviewed May 28, 2006
The ToddFather by deenswe2003 Action
A great short movie, that actually tells a relatively complete story in a short time. Good editing and voice work, keep it up! reviewed May 28, 2006
Sin No More by 1rod2huge Horror
A very entertaining movie, though I wouldn't exactly describe any part of it as a horror film. Good editing and voice work nonetheless, keep up the great work! Thx btw for rating my "Blood & Honour" ... reviewed May 28, 2006
Last heart beats 2nd ed by chocolatemouse Horror
I loved how you were able to make a beautiful short film in black & white, especially since the set selection before having developped colour films in the game is relatively limited. A bit more depth ... reviewed May 28, 2006
Dont Laugh at Me VO Edition by rjb2112 Romance
I wasn't sure what to expect when I started watching this movie, but in just under 3 minutes, you've managed to portray a horrible family situation incredibly well. The movie doesn't need a conclusion... reviewed May 28, 2006
Through Hell and Highwater by C_W_Productions Action
I enjoyed this movie very much, if for no other reason than it's about Canadians! ;) ...but really: nice editing job and good choice of music, I just found it hard to remember all of the soldiers' na... reviewed May 28, 2006
Pax Romana - Teaser by TheMGMKid1 Romance
This trailer has caught my attention, I am looking forward to the movie's release. A few scenes from the movie, so that the viewer at least has SOME idea of what it will be about, would have been good... reviewed May 28, 2006
Noir (Part 2) by siddus Action
Great music and voice help to set just the right mood in this film. You've got hold of my interest, I'm gonna rucn and check out part 1! Keep up the great work, and looking forward to the continuation! reviewed May 28, 2006
Phaedrus by postmodernchuck Romance
What... can I say?! Simply fantastic!! A captivating story, excellent voice work, great editing and use of music and sound. Simply everything about this film works, even the tragic twist at the end. K... reviewed May 28, 2006
Desperate Director by emeraude Comedy
I laughed, I cired... :) A funny little movie, especially enjoyed the audition scene! Nice choice of music and good editing; fixing some of the problems with the subtitles and adding voice-overs will ... reviewed May 28, 2006
Sauvez Billy by Zeropirate Action
A nice little funny short film. Good editing and an appropriate choice of music, but the missing voice-overs will get you that 5th star next time around. Keep up the good work! reviewed May 28, 2006
Unsere kleine Kneipe - Folge 2 by OlliEntertainment Comedy
Total schräg! :) Hat mir gefallen; guter Schnitt, tolle Stimmen, einfach toll! Mach weiter so! reviewed May 28, 2006
Reincarnation - The Alien Virus by The_only_Iceman Action
Fantastic work was done on this film, 5 stars simply for your effort! Apart from that, an intriguing story that makes the viewer look forward to the next part. Keep up the excellent work! reviewed May 28, 2006
Immer ??rger mit Wally by Frenhofer Action
Einfach ein toller Film! Guter Schnitt, geschickte Mods, und einfach 5 Sterne für den Aufwand, den Du beim Erstellen dieses Films mit sicherheit betrieben hast. Mach nur weiter so! reviewed May 28, 2006
Little Weapon by Kowaru Comedy
Un film excellent!! Très drôle, une bonne régie et réalisation, des v/o's très bien faite. Continu comme ca! reviewed May 27, 2006
I haven't watched the first part yet, but this sequel has caught my attention! Great voice work, editing and music choice. Really set the mood for this bizarre - albeit at times a bit hard to follow -... reviewed May 27, 2006
Jack the Ripper Part 2 by micha83 Horror
Was soll ich dazu sagen?! Wow! Tolle Story, toller Schnitt, tolle Stimmen. Dieser Film ist einfach 1A ! Viele harte Arbeit hat sich hier offentsichtlich gelohnt, mach' nur weiter so! Würde mich freue... reviewed May 27, 2006
Lift Chronicles - Part 2 - Masquerade by lizard3209 Sci-Fi
My God, this movie absolutely blew me away! Amazing effects, fitting music, and the best use of costumes and custom sets that I have seen to date; this excellent combination really set the mood and st... reviewed February 28, 2006
Halflife 2 Strange new world by supervis24 Action
Featured Review
I must be one of the few people who still haven't played the Half-Life game, but this excellent adaptation will make me check it out. As to your movie: fantastic use of voice-overs and music to set th...
reviewed February 27, 2006
Obituary by HRH Horror
What can I say? Wow! This short, yet fantastic and completely gripping movie, totally kept me glued to the screen and took my breath away. Fantastic story and editing, and wonderful music that fit per... reviewed February 27, 2006
Abduction Island by rejj Sci-Fi
Great movie, looking forward to the sequel. Voice-overs will earn you that missing star the next time around. Keep up the good work! (I'd appreciate your feedback about my latest flick "Blood & Honou... reviewed February 27, 2006
the retarded James bond by neo51 Action
I'm forced to agree with Fabbrini27 on this one: muffled voice-overs and very little plot. What were in the documents, and why did that other guy want them? Editing issues here as well, as your eveil ... reviewed February 27, 2006
Evil Chicken by doihaveto Romance
I'm not exactly sure what this movie is trying to tell me, but I can't help but laugh when I see those chickens in action. More story and voice overs will earn you additional stars next time around. K... reviewed February 27, 2006
A Day In The Life at GWJ by ElysiumGWJ Comedy
LOL! This is my kind of humour! I enjoyed this a lot, but VOs will earn you that 5th star next time around. Another tip: try to avoid using the sci-fi subtitles, they are incredibly hard to read when ... reviewed February 27, 2006
MIDNIGHT THEATRE 3 by Ranedthel Horror
Featured Review
Ahhh... beautiful. Short, sweet, fitting music, and something to think about. I've gotta check out your other Midnight Theatres! Keep up the great work! (I'd appreciate your feedback about my latest ...
reviewed February 27, 2006
Horror Story I by jaysue Horror
Not bad at all, though I wish there had been more background about the characters and story. Who was the guy on the train? Where did the wolf come from? Voice-overs and a more in-depth story will earn... reviewed February 27, 2006
Forever love by Sandman2525 Horror
NOt bad at all, though the music and sound seems to cut out halfway through. I wish I'd known why your character was strange enough to dig up a dead body and let it rot in his bed, though. More backgr... reviewed February 27, 2006
Stalker by MichaelCristiano Horror
A movie that was well put together, nice story, too. My gripes, though: I wish I'd had a bit more background about the characters. Who was the stalker, and why was he stalking your woman? Extra backgr... reviewed February 27, 2006
Trommeln in der Nacht by Stomberg Horror
Wow... Dieser Film ist einfach Spitze! Exzellenter Schnitt, die passende Musik, tolle VOs. Besser kann man es einfach nicht machen. Mach nur weiter so, ich freue mich auf die nächsten Projekte von Dir! reviewed February 27, 2006
Hell on Earth by fateddie Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Wow... what can I say. This is simply put an excellent story, and I'm looking forward to seeing the rest. This also happens to be the absolute best use of sets, costumes, makeup and lighting/weather e...
reviewed February 26, 2006
The Sperm Donor by StokeStudios Action
Cute flick, funny from beginning to end! VOs will get you that 5th star the next time around, but I have to admit that I'm looking forward to "Bob's unknown family"! Keep up the good work! reviewed February 26, 2006
Case - Die Reise beginnt by Elessar1991 Action
Das könnte eine sehr spannende Geschichte werden, ich freue mich schon auf die nächsten Folgen! Guter Schnitt, passende Musik und Körperbemahlungen dazu. Ein paar Mankos hätte ich aber noch: Die Un... reviewed February 26, 2006
Resident Evil by jamie123 Action
My rating is the same as TomyMmM's, but I've got different reasons: From the brief description of your movie, I expected to see a comedy/action spoof of a documentary film that police are shown on how... reviewed February 26, 2006
Fued among the Stars by Tie Sci-Fi
This was a nice little flick, very entertaining. What I would have liked to see was a bit more background about the characters: who are they, why did they go down to the planet's surface, and why are ... reviewed February 26, 2006
Ninja Rangers by CantTakeU Action
This seems to me to be more of a comeday than an action film, but it was entertaining nonetheless. It's just too bad that the sound gets out of sync pretty early on in the movie. A soundtrack and corr... reviewed February 26, 2006
The Novelist by funky_filmings Horror
Wow! This was a great and original idea; you've done some nice editing (though there were a few issues here), and the second half was full of suspense and kept my interest, too. Great work, and no, th... reviewed February 26, 2006
When Priests Attack by KoozerMox Action
Not bad at all, though I wish I had known why the priests were attacking at all in the first place. More background about your story and characters, as well as voice-overs will earn you those missing ... reviewed February 26, 2006
Operation Excessus Trailer by AlexVanRoose Sci-Fi
Featured Review
This preview has caught my interest, I'm looking forward to the complete film. Hoping the full version will have voice-overs, though, as those will earn you that 5th star. Keep up the good work! (I'd...
reviewed February 26, 2006
Army by 1comatose1 Action
My review will be a bit more critical than BlackSoldier5's: A good first try at a war movie, but there are some serious editing issues here. First off, the subtitles at the beginning that should expla... reviewed February 26, 2006
Robbers Revenge by emeraude Comedy
Featured Review
5 well-earned stars for the sheer effort you've put into this movie, even though my fifth star is normally reserved for flicks with voice-overs. I'm not ususally a western fan, but you managed to keep...
reviewed February 26, 2006
Phonecall by 02PARSIM Horror
Featured Review
I rated this movie the first time around, but it was pulled before I could post my review. So, here's my review again: I really enjoyed this movie a lot, even though the VO with your woman didn't wor...
reviewed February 26, 2006
The Game of Life by water119 Comedy
Featured Review
Proof to all that Canada and Canadians don't suck at everything! :) This was a fantastic little film, I loved how you managed to touch on that Game of Life board game... Your mods really brought this...
reviewed February 26, 2006
Die Verschwörung - I by Frenhofer Action
Featured Review
Einfach klasse. Tolle Geschichte, toller Schnitt, gute musikalische Untermahlung, die Kostüme sind auch Zeitgemä??. Habe mich am Anfang gewundert, ob Du 10 Minuten lang die Spannung halten kannst, die...
reviewed February 26, 2006
Die Kinder des Khan by cbee Sci-Fi
Not a bad first upload at all, but I have to agree with ThePunisher99: the story is a bit confusing at first. My tips for a better star rating the next time around: - Voice-overs! - More background i... reviewed February 26, 2006
Stinky McDuff by liambod Comedy
Short, sweet, and funny, too. The name alone had me laughing out loud. My honest critique points, though: voice overs will get you another star next time around, and the heavy-breathing guy at the beg... reviewed February 26, 2006
The Physco by jamie123 Horror
My honest opinion: A generally good effort, the voice-overs were OK, except that the woman's voice sounded too much like a man. (Not your fault, though, if you didn't have a woman handy to help with t... reviewed February 26, 2006
The ugly ducklins gone mad by SMURF2471 Comedy
Not much of a coherent story, unfortunately, but I really can't help but laugh whenever I see those chickens running around! :) Voice-overs will get you an additional star the next time around. Keep i... reviewed February 26, 2006
Good days - Bad days by KaeptnWiglo Comedy
Glänzt ja trotzdem, weil sich meine Arbeitstage sich auch manchmal so anfühlen. :) Da kann sich jeder damit irgendwo identifizieren! Kurz und bündig, lustig auch. Mach weiter so! (Würd' mich freuen,... reviewed February 26, 2006
Dog wars - King of the keyes by yabbadabbadoo Action
Featured Review
Well, if you're really only 6 years old, then I am impressed. A nice little film, and a good first upload. A few editing glitches (your soldier switches sides at the table in the restaurant), and voic...
reviewed February 26, 2006
Galactic conquest by samo2 Sci-Fi
This film has the makings of a good series intro, but a tip for the next installment: avoid using the sci-fi subtitles, they are impossible to read when viewing the film in streaming-mode. Three stars... reviewed February 26, 2006
The 149 Days Of The Year by Lkuey Action
A generally good start to a series, I'd like to see more! ...What I'd like to see (and hear) in future episodes, though, is music and VOs, whic may get you those missing 2 stars the next time around. ... reviewed February 26, 2006
Wo ist die Crew der Redstar by neist Sci-Fi
Es lohnt sich, sich diesen Film anzuschauen! Man kommt ganz schnell in die Geschichte rein, obwohl ich den ersten Teil noch nicht gesehen habe... was ich aber gleich nachholen werde! Tolle musikalisch... reviewed February 26, 2006
Night Of The Howls by alligator Horror
Hmm, I just commented this movie, but my comment is gone. Here goes again: I enjoyed this flick alot, as what it lacks in originality was made up for through the use of good mood music and editing. J... reviewed February 26, 2006
Jingle Bollocks by danielbarber Comedy
Bollocks is right, but in that good, laugh-out-loud way! I enjoyed this film a lot, it was quite amusing, though I think it palys a bit too much on shock value. Good work all the same, keep it up! (I... reviewed February 26, 2006
Americia at WAR The Begging by kevzak Action
I'm not exactly sure what this short film was about; it seems to be about a troop going off to war, though I don't understand how the search dog fits in, or why. Nonetheless, you've edited well, and I... reviewed February 26, 2006
Le silence de lespace by Waren_Dark Sci-Fi
Un film très intéressant. Long, mais ca vaut la peine de le regarder jusqu'à la fin, car l'histoire est tout de meme captivante (malgré qu'il m'a fallu quelque minutes a bien comprendre ce qui se pass... reviewed February 26, 2006
Cauchemars - Au commencement by Demarreur Horror
Featured Review
Bien comme ton autre, un film excellent! Bon choix de musique, ce qui a bien porté à l'ambiance. Comme d'habitude, c'est rare que je donne 5 étoiles pour un film sans VOs, mais celui-ci était simpleme...
reviewed February 26, 2006
The Letter by laforest76 Horror
Nice movie: good editing, and the voice-overs weren't bad either. As far as movies go, though, I wish I would have known why the husband dies at the end (I hope I'm not spoiling the end for anyone!). ... reviewed February 25, 2006
Earned in blood (trailer) by jamie123 Action
I like this preview a lot! Looking forward to the full feature-length movie and more mindless action and comedy. I have to agree with Maniaxe, though: this preview could have showed a bit more of the ... reviewed February 25, 2006
Zagoogafurr Kicks Butt! by gex13mjm Action
Featured Review
This movie was LOL funny, especially the scene where the girl is kicing the ass out of the clown. Voice-overs will get you that 5th star the next time around. How did you get those cool slow motion fi...
reviewed February 25, 2006
Western Jack by MtheHell Action
Featured Review
Not bad at all, some nice editing here. If you hadn't pointed out the scene change in your description, I wouldn't even have noticed it. Keep up the good work, voice-overs will get you an addtitional ...
reviewed February 25, 2006
The Gin Tiger by batmanisntsuper Comedy
Judging from the images, this could have been a great movie. I'm not sure if my computer is acting up or if there is really a problem with this flick, but the sound unfortunately cut out after the fir... reviewed February 25, 2006
The Quiet Gun by soli186 Action
I'm not sure what to make of this movie, really. Was it automatically generated in the game, or did you purposely create this super-short, silent film with a silent gunshot? Either way, it was lacking... reviewed February 25, 2006
Cauchemars - Lappel de la Résistance by Demarreur Action
Un film très intéressant, surtout l'utilisation des costumes et sets modifiés. Des voix et du son un peu plus fort t'auraient gagnés la 5ième étoile, mais c'est tout de meme du bon travail! (J'aurais... reviewed February 25, 2006
DVES Plans of an Evil Genius (Trailer) by Housebreaker Sci-Fi
I literally fell off my seat laughing when I heard the name of the Evil villain. I'm really looking forward to the full movie, though I hope it will contain a soundtrack and voice-overs for the charac... reviewed February 25, 2006
Casting y trailer - In Darkness by Eruen Action
Thankfully I speak a bit of French and was thus able to understand a bit of the Spanish in this movie... but even if you don't understand it, the pictures speak for themselves. This was very well done... reviewed February 25, 2006
The Hunter by jamie123 Action
I think this could have the makings of an interesting film or series, and I kind of saw this film as a preview. Hoping to see more in the future. What additional films definitely need, however, is a b... reviewed February 25, 2006
A sample movie NO 1 by James_Beckerson Horror
Featured Review
Nice to see you finally got a studio up and running! I have to say I really enjoyed this movie, as it brought across a lot of the frustrating moments I myself had during editing very well. I don't nor...
reviewed February 25, 2006
im free by perrybigs Comedy
This movie was good for a laugh, though I'm not exactly sure what exactly it was trying to tell me; that one should enjoy the freedom that was paid for by our ancestors before we unexpectedly die? Goo... reviewed February 25, 2006
The Diary of Anne Frank by Hellwarden Horror
I am a WW2 buff, and have to say I enjoyed this film, though I found the title less fitting, as the movie had less to do with Anne Frank than how the Germans were defeated by the Russians and British.... reviewed February 25, 2006
SteelFreeze by Force_Recon Sci-Fi
Featured Review
I enjoyed this movie a lot, and though I don't normally give flicks without voice-overs 5 stars, you get the 5th anyway, simply for the effort you put into this film. I just wish I'd had some more bac...
reviewed February 25, 2006
Burning The Town of Baldwinn by kaz1 Action
I must agree with JazzX, unfortunately; the voice-overs weren't loud enough and a bit mumbled, too. The use of subtitles here might have helped, if only to indicate WHICH town in Florida it was that w... reviewed February 25, 2006
The Marriage by swp Romance
LOL! This one made me laugh, as it (purposely?) makes fun of taboos, namely a pair of interracial gay cowboys! Keep up the good work, voice-overs, as always, will get you a 5th star from me the next t... reviewed February 25, 2006
Evil white ninja by jowo Comedy
Definitely silly! Like the voice-over, too. Keep up the good work! An plans for a Ninja sequel? Please take a look at my film "Blood & Honour" on my studio site. Would appreciate your feedback. Thanx! reviewed February 25, 2006
Far Out Men by swp Sci-Fi
Short and sweet, nice editing. Voice-overs will earn you an additional star next time around. Keep up the good work! Please check out my film "Blood & Honour" on my studio site, would appreciate your... reviewed February 25, 2006
Extracting Caroline by swp Romance
A nice little flick, though I'm not exactly sure if the woman or the baby was Caroline, and what exactly has been "extraxted" from her. Voice-overs will get you aan additional star next time, but good... reviewed February 25, 2006
Riders Of Gold Mountain by Irse Action
Some good editing in this film, keep up the good work. I don't know if it's just a problem with my computer, but there was only a bit of music at the beginning and then it disappeared completely. Voic... reviewed February 25, 2006
The Ritual - Trailer by FilmLord100 Horror
Featured Review
I have to admit, this trailer has captured my interest. Voice-overs will get you that 5th star, but I'm looking forward to seeing the complete film nonetheless. Keep up the good work!
reviewed February 25, 2006
When this guy Attacks! by Housebreaker Action
So, when this guy attacks, he gets caught by women and thrown in jail. Not sure what this film was trying to say, but the voice-over was funny and the fact that This Guy beats up a chick was, too. Kee... reviewed February 25, 2006
The Underpants Man Dancers! by biggstrek Comedy
Not sure what the Borg/Nazi was in the film for, but this flick and the tune were bizarre enough to solicit a good laugh. Keep up the good work! reviewed February 25, 2006
Lady Of Honor by athena54 Horror
Not bad, but I was missing a bit of background information about the characters. Was the woman dead and did she come back to life, or was she just beat up? Which one was the "Lady of Honour"? Good edi... reviewed February 25, 2006
What not to buy on Ebay by pianoman160 Comedy
Featured Review
A funny little movie. I wouldn't be surprised if this stuff actually was available on Ebay...
reviewed February 25, 2006
Last Ship by killerj523 Action
Not bad for a first upload, but as far as the story goes, it could have been a bit more in-depth. Why was your main character's ship attacked? What advantage did the villain have by commandeering it? ... reviewed February 25, 2006
Two Ton Paperweight by michael_allen1 Comedy
5 stars for a fantastic job, this was a great little music video. The music goes great to the scenes you chose, and it must have been a big pain in the ass to synchronise the pictures to the music. Th... reviewed February 25, 2006
going fishing by devastaterz Comedy
I didn't quite know what to expect when I started watching this, but you had me laughing out loud. Good stuff! reviewed February 25, 2006
A Fistful Of Cabbage! by lordbob16 Action
A nice little story, good job on the editing. Voice overs the next time around will get you that 5th star. Keep up the good work! reviewed February 24, 2006
guess what by Lekym Comedy
Featured Review
Wow, I really liked the idea of this one, and I have to say you did an excellent job of dressing up the actors like the real ones that appeared in the original movies. Looking forward to mor fo your s...
reviewed February 24, 2006
DEAD TOWN (Act-One) by chrisu69 Horror
Oh Gott, ich war gefesselt!!! Das Intro war klasse, die Stimme auch, und die musikalische Untermahlung hätte einfach nicht besser sein können... Ich bin auf die nächsten Folgen gespannt. Hast dich heu... reviewed February 24, 2006
US Army Propaganda Film No1 by Acharyah Action
Excellent! Great editing work... I felt like I'd been catapulted back to the dawn of the nuclear age while watching this flick. Might have been cool to have done it in black & white, but I don't think... reviewed February 24, 2006
Canada at War seriously by cena1320 Action
As a Canadian, I was SHOCKED and APPAULED (!) when confronted with the accuracy of your depictions! This flick was hilarious (perhaps while I can still laugh at Canada since I no longer live there), b... reviewed February 24, 2006
Harry Pottmer - Dümmer gehts immer by KaeptnWiglo Comedy
Mein Gott, ich liebe einfach diese Serie! ...Zumal ich den richtigen Harry Potter nie leiden konnte! Wie immer eine lustige Story, die Stimmen waren ja auch klasse! Hast Dich ja einen Bookmark verdien... reviewed February 24, 2006
The Real Moon by devileye1x Sci-Fi
A cute little flick about the "real" moon landing. Clever, and nicely put together. Four stars for the effort; voice-overs will get you that 5th star the next time around! P.S. Thanx for rating my Na... reviewed February 24, 2006
Love Song for a Vampire by boozehoundblue Romance
I'm not the best VO-man myself, and I normally don't give 5 stars to flicks with no sound, but this movie was right on the ball and I think voice might have actually distracted from the story, especia... reviewed February 24, 2006
Kops by ninette1 Comedy
Oh my God, this is a fantastic, hilarious flick. Short and laugh-out-loud funny, I could almost smell the whiff of Redneck through my monitor! :) Keep it up! (P.S. Thanks for rating my Nazi flick. I'... reviewed February 24, 2006
Die Schlümper - Kleine Kacker by KaeptnWiglo Comedy
Sehr gut gemacht, einfach 'ne ganz tolle idee und lustig umgesetzt. reviewed January 3, 2006
Suburban Horrors by JMMartin Horror
Strange... I reviewe3d this movie before, but my comment is gone!! In any case, great work, and glad I caught this flick the second time around. reviewed December 30, 2005
The Fight for Christmas by cipheruzmad Action
I thoroughly enjoyed this wonderfully witty movie. It's a funny little gem that anyone can watch, well edited together too. Normally I don't 5-Star movies without VO's, but your flick kept me hooked r... reviewed December 29, 2005
Robotic cop by Abrey Action
Interesting editing work during the fight scene, a bit of plot was missing, though. reviewed December 29, 2005
Operation Santa Snatch by skarsten Action
Featured Review
A great piece of editing and voice work. Fantastic! Funny and entertaining, you kept me hooked the whole way through.
reviewed December 29, 2005
ANYA - Queen of the jungle by uwe1965 Action
Anya's got 2 great reasons why everyone should watch this movie ;) A bit strange, but entertaining nonetheless! reviewed December 29, 2005
John Doherty The First Chapter by blueballs Sci-Fi
Featured Review
I normally don't give 5-Star ratings to movies without voice-overs, but I have to say that yours kept me interested the whole way through, even with just subtitles. Great job, and looking forward to f...
reviewed December 29, 2005
Santas Revenge by michael_allen1 Comedy
Featured Review
This movie is just silly... but that's a good thing! :) Good job on the editing, the sound was a tad muffled though. You should enter this film into the Christmas competition.
reviewed December 29, 2005
Ape Detectives by Stahlman Comedy
This movie is just silly. ...but that's a good thing! :) Great job, and keep up the good work! reviewed December 29, 2005
The Incompetent Thief by hellolordwho Action
I'm pretty impressed, as this appears to be your first uploaded movie. Good editing job, but a bit weak on the story side. Voice overs will get you that 5th star next time. reviewed December 29, 2005
The Old West by Crimbo Action
Well, I'm impressed with the good job you've done editing your first movie together. Voice overs will get you that 5th star next time! reviewed December 29, 2005
Doctor Death by Dogsbreaths Horror
For a first movie, it's really not that bad. Keep up the good work, and try to get some voice-overs in there next time! reviewed December 29, 2005
the cursed town by sam4000027 Action
A nicely edited story that you put a lot of effort into. My biggest gripe is the utter lack of sound and/or subtitles (or is my PC just acting up?). Looking forward to seeing more of your films. reviewed December 29, 2005
PID - Police In Disguise by foolini Action
Nicely put together, I just wish I knew why that woman held up the people on the subway. More background and voice-overs will get you those last 2 stars next time around. Keep up the good work? reviewed December 29, 2005
GoodNight Is Murder Night by lordbob16 Romance
Featured Review
Hmmm... I just rated this movie a minute ago, but the comment hasn't showed up. Aaaanyway... Good job on the editing and the effort you put in to your film. Voice overs will get you that 5th star the ...
reviewed December 29, 2005
WhyDidIDoThatAndIWishICanDoItOver by Aoe3-Bw2rocks Sci-Fi
Funny idea, but the clip was a bit too quiet. A soundtrack would have helped improve the movie. Good work none the less, though. Please check out my commercial at: reviewed December 29, 2005
Walk of the Dead by humperdink Horror
Well put together, and one of the few flicks that I can watch and not be bothered by the lack of voice-overs. Keep up the good wrok! reviewed December 29, 2005
Sins of the Month Commercial by VorpalPhoenix Action
Rockin'! I loved it! Voice would have been nice, but funny all the same! reviewed December 29, 2005
Die verdammte Fledermaus by copcalle Comedy
Nette kleine Geschichte, aber wie bereits erwähnt, die Schriftart ist ein bisschen klein. Bitte bei mir mal reinschauen: Danke! reviewed December 29, 2005
They Built The Moon! by foolini Sci-Fi
Short and sweet, and nicely edited together. Voice-overs or subtitles would have been great, though. reviewed December 29, 2005
Clowns Case by Big_C_11_11 Sci-Fi
Some solid voice work and an interesting twist with the monsters as characters. I'm one of those people that really likes knowing what the point of a film is though, but since what is actually IN the ... reviewed December 29, 2005
Harry Pottmer - Hilfe mein Stab juckt by KaeptnWiglo Comedy
Oh Gott, wie habe ich gelacht! Einfach super, mach weiter so! :) reviewed December 28, 2005
EK Der Retter Deutschlands by glc-studios Comedy
Hey, warum ist meine erste Bewertung verschwunden? Na ja, den Film fand ich trotzdem klasse. Weiter so! reviewed December 28, 2005
Freaky Monster PORN!!!!!!!!! by kittenkong Sci-Fi
Well, the editing was OK, but it was totally lacking any sort of story whatsoever, much less a reason why the 2 different species of monster would even THINK about smooching together. reviewed December 28, 2005
Die Verwandlung by Meowan Horror
Featured Review
I am always fascinated when I see how incredibly you manage to create totally new scenes out of the relatively limited selection available in The Movies. You've earned yourself a bookmark on my page! ...
reviewed December 28, 2005
A Sith Lord In LA by Yngvelli Comedy
I wasn't sure what to expect when I started watching this movie, but in the end, I'm glad I did! Very funny stuff, and the laugh-track brings the "sitcomesque" aspect of the film to life. I found myse... reviewed December 28, 2005
Brutal Violence by cd3141 Action
A movie that truly lives up to its name; I think almost all variations on the violent scenes that are available in the Movies were used here!!! I'm not sure if Lionhead approves of the foul language, ... reviewed December 28, 2005
Stumpwalkers by thecaptain_ps Horror
Short and sweet. A good start to a story that might end up making a good series. Keep up the good work! reviewed December 28, 2005
Dreams Of Jim by Zeld Romance
A well-edited film, unfortunately lacking a bit of a story. Keep up the good work, though, and try to add voice or sub-titles! reviewed December 28, 2005
Eletember the Seleventh by TrueChristianDOTcom Comedy
I tend to agree with Elikal on this one, though my rating is more favourable. 4 stars for the excellent work and time you put into this project. There's a few editing glitches, but they can be overloo... reviewed December 28, 2005
Skull Hawk by echo789 Action
Featured Review
Great movie. Though I normally gripe about flicks without a voice-over, this movie doesn't need it and still gets 5 stars for the effort you put into it!
reviewed December 28, 2005
I want to eat your heart by Torolk Romance
Featured Review
Eeeeiiiuuwww! I was waiting for the mummy's jaw to fall off in that kiss scene! :) Good work, but the sound was a bit muffled.
reviewed December 28, 2005
Triff deinen Schlächter 3 - Der Graf by Eldranor Horror
Featured Review
Es wid wenig gesprochen, aber der Film braucht es ja nicht. Sehr gut zusammen geschnitten. Weiter so! Not a lot of talking, but the story doesn't really need it. Good editing, keep up the great work!
reviewed December 28, 2005
Mountaintop by AdmiralJonB Action
Nice editing and a good job in general, though I find the title has very little to do with the story. reviewed December 28, 2005
Dr Yes by md13476 Action
A nice short clip that, though I prefer voice-overs, really does well even without them. Keep up the good work! reviewed December 28, 2005
Love at Christmas by Mattyrock Romance
Simply heartwarming. Good work and good luck in the X-Mas competition! (My only gripe is to turn off the mumbling during longer dialogue scenes without voice-overs, but that's your call). reviewed December 28, 2005
Youre Getting Death for Christmas! by Stupidalex007 Horror
Featured Review
What 2 young people were doing digging up Santa's rotting corpse at Christmas is beyond me, but the story itself was entertaining. My main gripe: Sound was a bit too quiet.
reviewed December 28, 2005
Mr and Mrs Clause by MattMitchell Romance
Featured Review
Very humourous! Even without voice-overs, it's a very entertaining movie. I loved the "they're supposed to check the list TWICE" line! Keep up the good work!
reviewed December 28, 2005
Most Risque Movie Ever by Fargon Romance
I'm afraid I expected a bit more. reviewed December 28, 2005
Das gelbe Grauen by Th3J4ck4l Sci-Fi
Einfach toll. Dass kann doch nicht euer erster Film sein oder? Hoffentlich wird es nicht der letzte sein!! Hard to believe this is your first movie, but it is indeed VERY WELL DONE. Looking forward t... reviewed December 28, 2005
Santas Little Hooker by Stupidalex007 Romance
Featured Review
I can't say I understand why a prostitute gets so depressed when her fat, bearded customer in red decides to leave her, but I enjoyed this funny flick all the same! Keep it up!
reviewed December 28, 2005
Little Britain-Carol 2 by williamtownsend Comedy
Featured Review
A solid base for a funny story that you could have made a bit more out of. Some editing problems, but those probably have more to do with glitches in the game than in your post-production. Kepp up the...
reviewed December 28, 2005
Dig Your Own Grave Part 5 by antena Action
Featured Review
Very well done, love the line about women and driving. You've got me interested now, gonna jet and watch parts 1 through 4.
reviewed December 28, 2005
Hanging Joe Murphy by dallas45m Action
A bit of a confusing story, but good none the less. A few editing glitches, but they probably have more to do with the game than your post-production. Keep up the good work! reviewed December 28, 2005
A NOT So Merry Christmas by DARIAN01 Comedy
Featured Review
I normally gripe about movies with no voice-overs, but this is a well-done story that is actually great without them. Good work!
reviewed December 28, 2005
Special Highschoolday by TobieStudios Comedy
Eins der verwendeten Schriftarten kann mann etwas schwer lesen, aber trotzdem sehr gut gelungen. Weiter so! reviewed December 28, 2005
Law Of The Gun by Wildcat_Studios Action
Featured Review
My biggest gripe about most movies is the lack of a voice-over, but here's me tipping my hat to you for an enjoyable movie that really doesn't need one. Keep up the good work!
reviewed December 28, 2005
The Modern Mafia Pt2 by PhaT_LiP Action
I really enjoyed the story, especially the unexpected character who is trying to become the new Don. My biggest grudge is the lack of voice-overs and the sound that skipped during the fight, but I'm l... reviewed December 28, 2005
Death Comes A Knockin by genfluke Comedy
Short and sweet, a funny idea. Just wondering how long it will take Lionhead to "bleep" out the swear words?! reviewed December 28, 2005
Am Ende der Distanz by Meowan Romance
No Review reviewed December 8, 2005
Terror in plant Q by Cheve Sci-Fi
A promising story, which could have been improved through the use of voice over or at least subtitles. reviewed November 20, 2005
Jesus is My Captain by Coridan Comedy
Enjoyed the beginning and found Jesus entertaining; my biggest critique point is it seems you ran out of ideas for where the story could go half way through. Still looking forward to seeing Jesus' fut... reviewed November 20, 2005
Confessions Of A Supreme Being by Strondor Comedy
An entertaining journey into a computer geek's imagination. A bit slow-moving at times, but defenitely worth a watch and good for a laugh. reviewed November 20, 2005
Revolution 2056 by Hank_Scorpi0 Sci-Fi
Not my genre, but well edited nonetheless. Would've enjoyed voice and a bit more music to set the mood. reviewed November 20, 2005
The Movies Sin City Care For A Smoke by Bobaninho Action
Very good editing, but music and voice would have improved the mood in the film. Not sure what the story was trying to tell me. reviewed November 20, 2005
The UFO by whydoyouwanttoknow Sci-Fi
Not bad! A nice spin on the standard alien-type story. Sound would have been great and brought that fifth star. reviewed November 20, 2005
Terror Tales - Of Chief Concern by HyperGnome Horror
Featured Review
A Masterpiece. The best editing and voice-over work I have seen here by far. Fantastic and original story idea as well as the perfect soundtrack. Look forward to future projects.
reviewed November 20, 2005
Night of the living Dead (A Documentary) by stevostanley Comedy
Excellent work; first time I've seen a documentary here. Five stars! reviewed November 20, 2005
James Blonde 0077-The Living Highlights by windoesnot Action
Great editing job! Sound would have been nice, but the work alone and the fact that it was funny through and through earns you five stars anyway! Keep up the good work! reviewed November 20, 2005
Gorillas That Ive Mist by corinthian Comedy
I laughed, I cried... Excellent work and song. Keep it up! reviewed November 20, 2005
StarWreck Hooptie by Morebious Comedy
Hee hee! I liked it a lot; great editing job, and good for a few laughs. Voice would have been nice though. reviewed November 20, 2005
Adventures In Space by stephen_kropf Sci-Fi
Fantastic first job and nicely edited together, too. Voice overs would have been a plus and brought that fifth star. Keep up the good work! reviewed November 19, 2005
war of the werewolfs by junny-x Sci-Fi
Actually not bad for a first try. Voice would have been nice, though. reviewed November 19, 2005
Movie Submission Experience by IL_DEVO Action
I laughed, I cried... :) It's true to life, and well done too! Voice would've been a nice addition, but great nonetheless. Loved the intro sequence. reviewed November 19, 2005
Streets by moibrekk Action
Well done! Voice would've been nice though. reviewed November 19, 2005
Smackula by bausch Horror
Excellent voice over work, and great for a laugh! reviewed November 18, 2005
Lord of Berlin by Patriot84 Action
Captivating story, great characters and ambience. Congratulations on a fantastic piece of work. reviewed November 17, 2005
Scholastic Films Intelligent Design by DeusExMachinima Comedy
I love it! Grade school could have been SOOO much more fun had they shown these films instead. Great job, and keep up the good work! reviewed November 17, 2005