Number of Movies: 22
Number of Winning Movies: 4
Average Rating Received: 4.77

Number of Movies Reviewed: 525
Number of Reviews Given that were Featured: 194
Average Rating Given: 4.91
Movies Released by postmodernchuck
Mastercheese Theater Presents Comedy
Winning Movie
Join Alistair Snickersnack as he takes you on a journey into the mindscape of the world's greatest poet. Docontheweb - Reginald Von Flippyflap Lord Westington III PostModernChuck - Alistair Snickersn...
posted June 30, 2008
Nothing Romance
STARRING: Sisch AnotherNewDawn in a PMC film NOTHING We are all Nothing -- every one of us. -- This movie was for Uncle Monk's Storyteller's Movie Competition. In this contest, filmmakers were ... posted July 26, 2007
Scramble (Part Two) Sci-Fi
Winning Movie
SCRAMBLE is a futuristic, neo-noir sci-fi thriller where reality and imagination quickly become indistinguishable -- a story of love, deception, and the impermanence of memory. It begins with a murder...
posted January 28, 2007
Scramble (Part Two) -- TRAILER Sci-Fi
COMING SOON - 26/01/07 -- actually, postponed until I can get the damn thing to export properly... I'm on export number 13 right now. Expect it by Sunday at the latest. SCRAMBLE is a futuristic, neo... posted January 20, 2007
Because I Could Not Stop For Death Romance
BECAUSE I COULD NOT STOP FOR DEATH is a brief and poetic exploration through the life and work of American poet Emily Dickinson. Made for a conference presentation, the movie takes many of Dickinson?... posted December 10, 2006
Scramble (Part One) Sci-Fi
PART TWO CAN BE VIEWED HERE: SCRAMBLE is a futuristic, neo-noir sci-fi thriller where reality and imagination quickly become indistinguishable -- a story of lo... posted November 3, 2006
Sapphotron - A Funkomatic Odyssey Comedy
Fueled on white hot sapphic sexuality and the fiery funkomation vested in me by the godfathers of funk themselves, SAPPHOTRON -- A FUNKOMATIC ODYSSEY orbits the funkadelic landscapes of innerspace, ou... posted August 7, 2006
Sapphotron - A Funkomatic Odyssey Comedy Not Rated
No Description posted August 7, 2006
J Alfred Prufrock Considers the Infinite Romance
Winning Movie
1910, LONDON. Renowned poet T.S. Eliot paces the floors of his posh Bloomsbury apartment, struggling with a manuscript that refuses to come to life. All he has is a title: ???The Lovesong of J. Alfr...
posted July 28, 2006
J Alfred Prufrock (TEASER) Romance
Finally! After a million and one crazy technical errors, the film nearing completion. So you know what that means, eh? The crazy PR machine is going to go through its usual histironics. I would take t... posted July 24, 2006
A Love Letter to French Cinema Romance
This is the same film as last time, only edited ever-so-slightly. I have removed any traces of topical propoganda, and have reedited a few scenes around. Beyond that, there really isn't much differe... posted July 16, 2006
A Love Letter to French Cinema Romance
This film will only be playing for a short time. Don't worry. I'm not trying to clog the charts with propoganda. However, I do urge the viewers of this film to pay close attention to the images tha... posted June 24, 2006
A Woman is a Woman Romance
Winning Movie
UPDATE (July 14, 2007): If you thought you knew this movie, think again. I am in the process of doing a major overhaul of this movie, with added scenes, new characters, full voiceovers, better cinemo...
posted June 18, 2006
War is Hell Horror Not Rated
No Description posted June 14, 2006
J Alfred Prufrock TEASER Romance
This movie is postponed indefinitely because I am an idiot. posted June 9, 2006
Phaedrus Romance
Starring KirinRiotCrash, Dulci, and Benstudios1991??? PHAEDRUS From Alpha 60 Productions, the studio that brought you Girls Named Jane, comes a startling film like none other. Nothing will prepare ... posted May 11, 2006
MOMC Commercial Comedy
This is a commercial for MOMC. Do not feel obligated to review this movie -- honestly, it's the worst thing I've ever released on TMO. I'm serious. It sucks. If you want to give me some sort of re... posted May 10, 2006
Art Film Comedy
A film directed by Ingmar Bergman! In the apocalyptic landscapes where Death reigns supreme, an old man challenges the dark one's dominion. The two discuss the meaning of life and the inevitability ... posted May 1, 2006
Phaedrus - teaser Romance
This is a teaser for the film Phaedrus. Just a small glimpse of things to come -- in all honesty, it is a small sampling. But I hope it is enough to whet your appetites for the main course (which is... posted April 25, 2006
Girls Named Jane Romance
HOT PICKED!!! Chronicling a single day in the life of a troubled schoolgirl, GIRLS NAMED JANE is concurrently a universal story ??? it is the story of every woman without a voice. Sexually and psy... posted April 6, 2006
Girls Named Jane - trailer Romance
Since I was unable to meet the anticipated release date due to some unforseen technical issues, I decided to focus my energies today on releasing a trailer for this release. The real thing should arr... posted March 31, 2006
Scramble TEASER Sci-Fi
This is really here just to fill up space for when the actual film is released. No, this is not something I put a tremendous amount of effort into. I threw it together from the footage that survived... posted March 16, 2006
Movies Reviewed by postmodernchuck
Midnight Meat Train by VictorTugglebend Horror
For a first film, The Midnight Meat Train shows a filmmaker with some serious potential, stretching himself out and seeing how far he can take the medium. For what it is, it is certainly an exception... reviewed July 13, 2008
We are legend part II by gilga Sci-Fi
Beautiful and heartbreaking! An incredible film! reviewed July 9, 2008
a tree in autumn by trewill7 Horror
Featured Review
A bold, inventive film, mosaic-like and quite beautiful in the way it distills sadness and insanity through the use of static visuals and A_N_D's haunting narration. In many ways, I am reminded of Ch...
reviewed July 6, 2008
Conquest Beginnings Trailer by Marvellousguppimovies Sci-Fi
This is effing stupid, man. Wait. No, I'm mean: it's awesome. reviewed July 6, 2008
Dark Obsession part B by Lethal_Entertainment Romance
Featured Review
Forged in lust and repulsion, the broken sexual liaisons of Dark Obsession haunt the viewer long after those pivotal final moments. Above all else, this movie is, for me, about the fluctuation and tr...
reviewed July 2, 2008
XXIV XXI - Tape 1 by trewill7 Horror
Dragging TMO kicking and screaming into a new vanguard of cinematic invention, Tre's XXIV XXI mixes biblical prophecy, visceral horror, and documentary verisimilitude in a film that generates startlin... reviewed June 30, 2008
Distance by deliriousstudios Romance
Visually inventive and marvelously minimalist, Distance is a rare poetic treat that seduces the viewer with its jazzy cadences and moody wanderings. Goof and Sisch are, as always, splendid. Their in... reviewed June 30, 2008
SCUM by RavensFan_09 Action
Featured Review
An interesting, contemporary take on the vigilante thriller genre from the seventies, featuring a protagonist with the sort of badass chutzpah, gravelly charisma and masculine bravado of Charles Brons...
reviewed June 1, 2008
Here Shakes Santa Claus by PWood Comedy
PWood is the lost love child of Man Ray and David Lynch, stolen at birth by a vindictive Charles Dickens who, in a fit of holiday cheer, instilled into him a sense of the Christmas spirit. This is a ... reviewed December 22, 2007
Stir 5 - The End by anothernewdawn Action
Featured Review
I have no words.
reviewed November 18, 2007
My Pretty Lady by yodabob Romance
Featured Review
Simple, elegant, and very powerful. An excellent film.
reviewed August 12, 2007
Breaking Point - Theatrical Trailer by murpheykid Horror
Woohoo! I cannot wait. reviewed August 10, 2007
Heddy Hoopers Hollywood 3 by TheMGMKid1 Comedy
From the desk of Farmelle Finklefiend... The only "blooper" Cleopatra 2 boasts is that it went past the pre-production stage! My sources claim that one of the clips included in this conveniently edi... reviewed August 1, 2007
A Split Second by kuroken Sci-Fi
A searing mix of Bergmanesque ruminations and deviously clever tête-à-tête, A Split Second successfully molds its entire world through the poetic blending of philosophical insight and correlating imag... reviewed August 1, 2007
New scene action by kwistufa Action
Insane! Thanks for the demonstration, Kwis. reviewed July 31, 2007
The Flooding of England by rjb2112 Comedy
Snort! Very funny and entertaining. Roger's overlay skills were shockingly impressive. And Alex has a superb comic delivery. reviewed July 27, 2007
Oh Its Over! by themonkthemonk Comedy
Does for wild gyrating struggles and sexy stab-stab eye gouging what A Clockwork Orange did for sexual assault! Brilliant! reviewed July 25, 2007
Wolves by Lethal_Entertainment Horror
A shocking, sensuous, staggeringly beautiful poetic suspense thriller, Wolves mixes all sorts of elements into a surreal, nightmarish depiction of domestic malaise and mental dementia. Rich with meta... reviewed July 25, 2007
John Waine starring in My Paw by k4ownzall Comedy
Captured the essense of John Wayne quite perfectly. reviewed July 14, 2007
Schröder88 by Lethal_Entertainment Action
Featured Review
A garrulous gangster epic with monstrously thick tension and a memorable lead character that crushes hearts and takes no prisoners. Schröder is a strange, hyperbolic mix of pulp dialogue and gruesome...
reviewed July 14, 2007
Rio Diablo trailer by TheMGMKid1 Action
I think I'm in love. reviewed July 14, 2007
Hunter Teaser by TheMGMKid1 Romance
Jesus, MGM. Quit making the rest of us look bad. I can't wait for this movie. reviewed July 14, 2007
2 Weeks in Texas The Escape! (Trailer) by rjb2112 Romance
Featured Review
Welcome back to the land of making movies. I cannot wait to see this. It's nice to see the trend of making mature, dramatic films has returned to form in TMO.
reviewed July 14, 2007
Kristallnacht by sgporsche48 Romance
Featured Review
Exceptional. Eschewing the failings of many historical films that try to chronicle large historical events in epical, word-for-word verisimilitude at the expense of good storytelling and characteriza...
reviewed July 13, 2007
The Satan Show 1 by benstudios1991 Comedy
Satan touched my butthole. reviewed July 10, 2007
A Darker Thriller Teaser by samyhouse Action
Incredible. I cannot wait for this movie. reviewed June 4, 2007
The God Illusion - Part 1 by JazzX Comedy
Cogently argued and meticulously designed, The God Illusion treads down a path many films do not dare cross, braving the ire and indignation of its opponents as it attempts to debunk theological theor... reviewed June 2, 2007
Life Through an Eye by ralfduran Romance
Long and lugubrious, full of fantastic moments and fragments of haunting beauty, Life Through an Eye startles and moves beyond all expectations. Jolting in its outrageous, dreamlike surrealism while ... reviewed May 30, 2007
Waste by Dulci Romance
Stunning and powerful... beyond words and gestures. reviewed May 28, 2007
Kayna by Rik_Vargard Action
Featured Review
Brilliant! Stunningly surreal and full of lush, organic beauty. Energized with comic book atmospherics, wild action set pieces, gorgeous art design and cinematography, and a song-and-dance number th...
reviewed May 28, 2007
We are legend by gilga Sci-Fi
Stunning! Visually entrancing and poetic in its elegance, We Are Legend is the apotheosis of Gilga's talents. Deeply effecting, the poetic narrative delves into deep epistemological questions about ... reviewed May 26, 2007
Into the Shadow - Part 3 by sherwinliu Romance
Erotically sumptuous dialogue, chilling low-key lighting, and cinematography too intricate and beautiful for words, Into the Shadows constitutes not only a thrilling, psychologically taut love-letter ... reviewed May 26, 2007
Blaster Card by DNR Comedy
Now that's what I call a white wedding. Very funny. :) reviewed May 23, 2007
The Hollow Dance - In The Name of Love by mixmasterfestus Action
Jimminy Crickets! Visually sumptuous and full of high-octane energy, The Hollow Dance is electricity incarnate -- a hardboiled noir film amplifying everything we thought we knew about cinema itself t... reviewed May 22, 2007
Earth by samyhouse Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Simmering with all sorts of philosophical insight and startling plot twists, Earth takes the archetypical science fiction conventions and mixes them up with the sort of dark genius we've come to expec...
reviewed May 22, 2007
The Source of my Power by holdmykidney Comedy
Featured Review
A side-splitting parody of superheroes, sexuality, and masculinity itself, The Source of My Power is a film that parades around as if its a simple-minded satire of the "good vs. evil" comic book motif...
reviewed May 22, 2007
A Day In Riotts Mind by riott007 Comedy
Whoa... I wish I was drunk too. reviewed May 19, 2007
The Dead Cases Teaser3 by jase180 Action
Featured Review
"Nobody brings back the bad things like I do..." Film noir with a twist, indeed. Cross-breeding pulp conventions like there's no tomorrow, the trailer for The Dead Cases gives us a clear indication ...
reviewed May 3, 2007
Trailer Laveuglement by mimouch Sci-Fi
Absolutely amazing. I cannot wait for this. reviewed May 3, 2007
Tears of a Beast by michael_b6 Horror
Foregoing the usual whiz-bang shoot-em-up theatrics of pain and blood typically found in a michael_b6 film, Tears of a Beast offers something no less viscereal but far more introspective; delving into... reviewed May 2, 2007
Interstellar Odyssey (Part Two) by nukester Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Powerful, epic, and visually sumptuous, Interstellar Odyssey is an explosive cinematic experience that stands, quite easily, as one of the finest achievements on TMO. The cinematic craftmanship on di...
reviewed April 29, 2007
Buddy and Pam Part 1 by lucindamc123 Romance
Great first part. I will watch the rest when I get time. :) reviewed March 13, 2007
Stir 4 - The Abyss by AnotherNewDawn Action
Featured Review
Spinning innumerable and desultory threads of discourse that suddenly ??? and unexpectedly ??? interweave into a startling tapestry, Stir 4 reconnects audiences with Roland Green after what really do...
reviewed March 12, 2007
Blood Stained Carpet- teaser by ZCK_legend Horror
Strangely, I was eating while I watched this. Zoinks! Looks like a clever little production - will keep an eye out for it. reviewed March 12, 2007
Instinct by Throwaxe Sci-Fi
Permeating with its rich, layered atmosphere and featuring many genuinely creepy moments, Instinct works well as a serious scifi-horror film, and yet throws several monkey wrenches into the equation: ... reviewed March 11, 2007
Smothered Hope by Flipmanburn Horror
***MOMC Review*** What better way to critique the pervasive spread of religious hypocrisy that grips the western world than to make a movie featuring a deranged, mass-murdering, necrophilic, "morally... reviewed March 11, 2007
The Night Hunter by qtigger Horror
Featured Review
***MOMC Review*** Smart, sophisticated, and brimming over with both style and substance, The Night Hunter plays homage to the supernatural hokum of old television serials while giving the tired old g...
reviewed March 11, 2007
The Women of Juliet Company by Master007 Comedy
Featured Review
Typical insanity from the studio that knows best how to throw a monkey wrench into the narrative. Brash, offensive, and pretty darn funny, The Women of Juliet Company was a pretty weird meshing of co...
reviewed March 11, 2007
ULTIMATE TMOer - Week 4 by kwistufa Romance
Wow, it's so weird to watch a Clive movie without his signature snarl. That, alone, makes for some really surreal viewing. But it gets even weirder - the tone you set up is so confusing, going from ... reviewed March 11, 2007
Memoirs of a War Nurse by Dulci Romance
Featured Review
A short, sensual, and very moving homage to Walt Whitman and the casualities of war. Though a little more minimalist than it should be (blame the contest restrictions), I found this a worthy film tha...
reviewed March 11, 2007
When Kings Collide by andy_inc Action
Entertaining, but with cool sequences of men fighting skeletons. Really, was anyone even rooting for the human characters? I was totally on the side of the menacing skeletal warlord badasses. Remin... reviewed March 11, 2007
Alletheo - The Fall of a King by ichthusadmr Action
"I am a man More sinned against than sinning." - King Lear Visually stunning, fantastically epic, and equal parts thrilling and emotional, Alletheo transcends the trappings of TMO, as it is a film th... reviewed March 10, 2007
Dark Thriller by samyhouse Action
Featured Review
Fantastique! Samyhouse once again delivers a beautifull shot, psychologically taut, splendidly suspenseful film that crackles with energy and style. The cinematography and SFX work were both out of ...
reviewed March 9, 2007
the PASSAGE (episode 2) by josephkw Action
Featured Review
This project is the apotheosis of what makes Josephkw one of my favorite directors on TMO. Cutting edge special effects work blending with beautiful, philosophically dense dialogue with a heavy dose ...
reviewed March 7, 2007
Just Trying to Help by AnotherNewDawn Comedy
It appears Doc and Lizard have stolen my usual reviewing shtick, so I will just say this: WHAT. THE. HELL. I'm not entirely sure how I'm supposed to react to this -- aside from laughing, of course. reviewed March 7, 2007
Press Play on Your Graduation Day by Dulci Romance
Featured Review
No words. Words would be an insult to this movie. It is powerful, evocative, and pushes us into the harsh, realist realm that many fear to tread -- and yet Dulci does so in so many of her films. Ye...
reviewed March 5, 2007
ULTIMATE TMOer - Heat 3 by kwistufa Romance
Insanity. Just absolute insanity. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry throughout this surreal, Australian western romance gonzo comedy... and frankly, I might have done both. Excellent, as alwa... reviewed March 4, 2007
Flowers for Miss Thompson by kingpengvin Romance
Jesus, King... I think I got a little misty eyed there. An excellent forties-style melodrama that tugs on the heartstrings -- and then some. One of the great things about this contest, I think, is... reviewed March 4, 2007
The Courage Within III by MefuneAkira Sci-Fi
I'll admit, I'm disappointed. After the tremendous promise of the first and second parts -- where ethics, moral ambiguity, and personal philosophy merged with explosive sci-fi dynamics -- I found t... reviewed March 3, 2007
Close Encounters with some Aliens part 3 by homemadeeye Comedy
***MOMC Review*** A strange, ridiculous, and self-deprecating experience, Close Encounters with Some Aliens III is a difficult to film to review; its self-consciousness and parodization (some might s... reviewed February 28, 2007
2nd Annual TMOscars by StevenKreg Romance
Wow... I'm... totally speechless. So I'll just let my silence speak for me (especially since I was a pervasive, rambling presence throughout that movie). So many spectacular surprises and amazing mo... reviewed February 25, 2007
Into the Shadow - Part2 by sherwinliu Romance
Whereas the first part plunged into the tormented psyche of these tragic characters, part two works its way through the serpentine path of mysteries and double crosses, delivering the sort of intricat... reviewed February 24, 2007
Entertainment! by thebaloob123 Comedy
***MOMC Review*** The perfect film to watch so close to Oscar night! Very funny parody of entertainment news shows, with enough salacious gossip and thumb-biting fun to keep this movie rollicking al... reviewed February 24, 2007
City of Shadows pt I by tigereyes Action
Featured Review
Loaded with the sort of moral ambiguity and epic posturing characteristic of a Shakespearian tragedy, the first part of City of Shadows introduces its dark, monolithic metropolis and the seedy, sordid...
reviewed February 22, 2007
A NEW WORLD Minus 2 (episode 3) by Samyhouse Horror
Incredible! This series gets better and better! reviewed February 22, 2007
Last minute NWN character! by Jenniza Comedy
***MOMC Review*** Though slight and strangely plotless, Last Minute NWN Character has its share of qualities and makes up for its lack of substance with plenty of self-referential humor. I loved the... reviewed February 21, 2007
Special Delivery by BerkleyJL Comedy
Featured Review
***MOMC REVIEW*** Low-key and infectiously clever, this teenaged comedy not only marks the arrival of a brilliant comedy maestro, but also represents one of the most impressive first films I've ever ...
reviewed February 21, 2007
You Drink Too Much by towelie Comedy
WHAT. THE. HELL. I'm still trying to figure that out. Hilarious, random comedy that makes no sense and yet still makes me laugh. reviewed February 20, 2007
THE THREE DUMMIES IN Delivery Dopes by kingpengvin Comedy
Hilarious voice acting and creative inventiveness deliver far more than twenty five words worth of praise. This is top stuff, as always, that remains gut-blastingly funny to the very end. More than ... reviewed February 20, 2007
Dulci Does TMO by Dulci Comedy
That was just... wow. I'm totally speechless. reviewed February 18, 2007
Jolly Good Chaps by towelie Action
Percolating with a postmodern sensibility that stands in contention against its Edwardian, proto-Marxist underpinnings, Jolly Good Chaps transcends the slapstick comedy stylings we have come to expect... reviewed February 17, 2007
A NEW WORLD the Manor (episode 2)a by samyhouse Horror
Featured Review
The surreal spookiness and supernatural elements seem to be gathering at a point of absolute intensity in this volume. Here, instead of zombies, we delve into the world of gothic horror, implementing...
reviewed February 16, 2007
A NEW WORLD the begining (épisode 1) by samyhouse Horror
Featured Review
An exciting and creative zombie-horror-gore flick that mixes cinematic artistry with over-the-top horror. In lesser hands, this would be an odd mixture, and would fail miserably; here, its taken to t...
reviewed February 16, 2007
We are a legend- trailer by gilga Sci-Fi
Absolutely brilliant! I wanted to stand up and applaud after it was over. This goes far beyond the simple consumer culture mechanics of a trailer, my friend; this is avant-garde art collage shot and... reviewed February 14, 2007
Attack of the Garden Gnomes by Master007 Comedy
Featured Review
A delirious homage to those b-movies of Hollywood lore that just sizzles with hilarious invention. Attack of the Garden Gnomes is a marvel of comic writing, slapstick buffoonery, and absurdism, givin...
reviewed February 12, 2007
So It has come to this by kingpengvin Comedy
Am I the only one bothered by the fact that the actors in this game always crap in their pants during the toilet scenes? I mean, it's just a little... gross. Anyway, great film, as always. Full of ... reviewed February 11, 2007
The Xtreme Brothers Christmas by kingpengvin Comedy
Words fail me. That might be the greatest Christmas X-travaganza I've ever played witness to, and it shall haunt me until my dying days. What an awesome movie. I think I shed a tear near the end (t... reviewed February 11, 2007
The mad professors dance banana by towelie Comedy
Featured Review
That was mind-blowing cinematics. Possibly the best, most hilarious film I've ever seen. I can't believe it took so long for me to watch this cult classic masterpiece.
reviewed February 11, 2007
Into the Shadow - Part 1 Overture by sherwinliu Romance
Cinematic sexy-cool that pulls from an endless index of classic film noirs -- the films I have fetishistically watched again and again since I fell in love with movies. Into the Shadow (Part One), th... reviewed February 10, 2007
Fade To Black by ubernewbie Sci-Fi
An engaging, epical sci-fi blockbuster, full of film noir sensibilities, hilarious buddy cop chemistry, and a multilayered plot that will always keep you guessing. Excellent work here, Ubes. The way... reviewed February 4, 2007
Operation Santa Snatch - Special Edition by skarsten Action
Featured Review
Full of wit and charm, Operation Santa Snatch boasts a premise so strange and surreal that it works surprisingly well. Wallowing in war-time grit, Capra-esque sentimentalism, wacky-fun nationalism, a...
reviewed February 2, 2007
Walk of Life by ralfduran Romance
A powerful homage to Ingmar Bergman's The Seventh Seal that goes beyond the sterile posturing of an empty imitation; this is an incredible film that exists autonomous from its inspiration. This is fu... reviewed February 2, 2007
Edwardians In Space (Trailer) by jxhogan Sci-Fi
Like Howards End, only in science fiction form. A masterpiece, by god. A masterpiece. reviewed February 1, 2007
Divine Inspiration (Trailer) by Howitzer Horror
Featured Review
Oh my goodness! That was swift terror! I can't wait to see the full movie... let me know when its out. This really crawls under the skin...
reviewed January 31, 2007
No Greater Fury by Throwaxe Action
Why didn't I see this before? No Greater Fury is a triumph of cinematic style that is not only visually inspiring, but creates new avenues of how to use overlays as an instrument to create atmosphere... reviewed January 31, 2007
TRESSPASSER by kwistufa Horror
The visuals in this movie were incredible; the filter added so much atmosphere and terror into the movie, which already instilled into us dark humor and fright. This only amplified the effect. Kwis ... reviewed January 31, 2007
Diary of a dream (english subtitles) by melicendre Horror
Featured Review
A surreal and satisfying concoction of lesbian vampire erotica, arthouse horror, and European gothic literature, Diary of a Dream exists as a stylistic powerhouse that blends all these genres so well ...
reviewed January 31, 2007
The Inferior and The Superior (Part 1) by Silly-Monkey-Studios Comedy
An amusing and funny film. Movie-Mad is a terrific comedic actor and he was used beautifully in this movie, especially in the delirious opening scene. reviewed January 31, 2007
Heart Vision by Dulci Romance
Featured Review
Stylistically simple and stripped down, yet still very powerful and emotional. This film packs a wallop, hearkening back to the days of neorealist romantic pining that marked much of Dulci's earlier ...
reviewed January 31, 2007
She will always live forever 3 part 2 tk 2 by derbyrams Action
A stirring conclusion! Well done. reviewed January 29, 2007
She will always live forever 3 part 1 by derbyrams Action
A convincing, well made action drama with enough intrigue and plot twists to strangle a donkey. The atmosphere and characterization are both painted in luscious, thick hues, and the movie is enjoyabl... reviewed January 29, 2007
Unlucky Jucic (Part 1) by Kowaru Comedy
Featured Review
Funny thing is, I went into this thinking it was a blood soaked action-drama... and was delightfully surprised to find that it was a zany macho-man comedy that tickled my funny bone and provoked me to...
reviewed January 29, 2007
Gathering Little Mushrooms by Babar23 Horror
A startling and tremendous fairy tale that oozes with the sort of go-for-broke cinematic daredevil trickery only Babar could bring to the fold. He is, by far, one of the most talented filmmakers on T... reviewed January 29, 2007
wiwanyank Wacipi-la danse du Soleil-Part1 by cinecitta Action
Shot and structured like a surreal fever dream, Wiwanyank Wacipi erupts onto TMO with some of the most startling ideas and images I've seen in a while. The blending of French cinematic sensibilities ... reviewed January 29, 2007
Forever Immortal Episode 3 by andy_inc Action
I think Locky's become one of my favorite VO roles; he's so over the top and gung-ho, he's a treat to play. Of course, the film itself is full of great laughs and hardcore actions scenes that make th... reviewed January 29, 2007
Love Casino (Teaser) by JazzX Romance
That was absolutely phenomenal; a treat for the eyes and ears. I can't wait for the finished film. It has been far too long since we had another installment from the Urban Warrior film. reviewed January 29, 2007
CLEOPATRA (Part I) by TheMGMKid1 Romance
Visually sumptuous and full of technicolor wonder, Cleopatra hearkens back to the annals of classic holiday with a contemporary, auteurist sensibility pervading throughout. That TheMGMKid is able to ... reviewed January 27, 2007
Between Life and Death---Devils Kin by colingaiser Horror
Featured Review
A strange and surreal film, that gripped me in its cold, pallid hand. Full of sublime scares and bizarre supernatural elements, Between Life and Death: Devil's Kin stirs up our most primal emotions b...
reviewed January 25, 2007
k7-Quarantine by Rik_Vargard Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Absurdly epic in its granduer, K7: Quarantine takes moviemaking to new levels, creating intense action sequences that tear into the viewer while the space opera dramatics explode with an equal intensi...
reviewed January 25, 2007
A DNR Comedy Short by DNR Comedy
Makes one glad to be gay. reviewed January 23, 2007
the PASSAGE (Prologue) by josephkw Sci-Fi
Beautiful special effects animations that coincide with some truly breathlessly good VO narration from Dulci. I'm anxious for this; I hunger for more. You haven't failed me yet, Joseph; I doubt yo... reviewed January 20, 2007
Rocky Mountain Die by colingaiser Horror
Featured Review
What would happen if you crossbred David Lynch with Mike Judge? This movie...
reviewed January 19, 2007
Moby Dick by themonkthemonk Comedy
And yet... it's still a step up from "Peewee" Herman Melville's endless bore of a novel... reviewed January 17, 2007
Mezzanines Overture by elizabethsusan Romance
Featured Review
Stuffed with intrique, suspense, and erotic energy, Mezzanine's Overture comes to us like a postmodern film noir wearing a pair of silky smooth nylons. Full, unadulterated sex appeal -- compressed in...
reviewed December 13, 2006
TMO celebrity roast by 6-headedmonster Comedy
Well, there went my snot. It just shot out my nose and splattered all over the monitor as I laughed uproariously at your godd--mn movie. Thanks HEAPS, Steve. Remind me to send you the bill for the repairs. reviewed December 12, 2006
Paralysis by Analysis - Part 1 by sherwinliu Romance
Romantic comedies come in various shapes and sizes, but the best ones are always the ones that balance a mature sense of romantic awakening with some clever one-liners, a dash of slapstick, and plenty... reviewed December 12, 2006
FATED (part 1) by josephkw Action
Featured Review
At first glance, Joseph Kwong's "Fated" seems to be going through the motions of a suspenseful little psychological thriller where we, the viewers, are asked to plummet into the minds of a serial kill...
reviewed December 12, 2006
For My Fellow Soldier (Trailer 1) by rileyman Action
Impressive. This definitely looks like it has potential for greatness -- especially with the hyperkinetic jump cuts and shockingly good camera angles. I look forward to seeing the final product. reviewed December 12, 2006
King Pengvin Quest For America by docontheweb Comedy
Featured Review
Holy crap-biscuits! A dirty election just transcended to new levels of filth and slime with this delicious, mud-slingly fantastic piece of political agit-prop sleaze. That being said, I laughed ha...
reviewed December 10, 2006
Prelude To Evil Season 1 Promo by nukester Action
Sweet! You're in business now! :) reviewed November 8, 2006
Misleading Memories Part One by stranger1992 Horror
Enigmatic and lagubrious, the first part of Misleading Memories shows true promise; it gives us a slow-paced fever dream of biblical proportions mixed with some surreal dream-logic and melancholy atmo... reviewed November 4, 2006
The Loneliest Man On Earth by tomasm Comedy
Featured Review
That was horrifying!
reviewed November 4, 2006
Security Guards in Space VIII by themonkthemonk Comedy
Absolutely ludicrous -- and drop dead funny all the way. I enjoyed it immensely, though I will preface that by saying that I do not condone the use of electronic objects for sexual purposes. reviewed November 4, 2006
The South-West Strangler by corpsehereproductions Action
Featured Review
Wow. This was insane -- the beginning was creepiness amplified to a nerve-shattering degree, and yet the movie quickly evolves into a weird, wacky, and very dark horror comedy -- with cross-dressing!...
reviewed November 1, 2006
Red Squad-VI-The Final Showdown-SE by jamestkirk Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Vintage space opera, through and through, with enough pulpy action, suspense, and explosive battles to keep the interest during the relatively long running time. Though I would have liked VO, I found...
reviewed November 1, 2006
GANGSTA Revenge by claw21 Action
The lack of sound effects, voice overs, and custom music was, in many ways, a kiss of death for this film. I followed the plot nonetheless, and it was quite good; it's just a shame the presentation o... reviewed November 1, 2006
The Legend of the Velvet Ninja by person_me200 Comedy
Could do with a technical make-over -- the voice overs and editing were a little off -- but I got a chuckle out of it. So that's well and good. reviewed November 1, 2006
Dont smoke told by King Kung by zogo1 Sci-Fi
For some reason, the image of an orangotan riding a horse was very funny to me. So kudos for getting me to laugh at the opening of the door. The comedy was a little too broad and random for me at ti... reviewed November 1, 2006
Space Generation - The Next Encounter by DoubleMPee Sci-Fi
Just a dash of technical razzle dazzle coupled with an intricate, weighty plot, and Space Generation - The Next Encounter delivers the goods. Steeped in the tradition of prototypical space opera of E... reviewed November 1, 2006
Hellmut und Hellge - Pilotfolge by OlliEntertainment Comedy
Featured Review
Oh man! This movie was so black metal, my fingers blister just from the thought of it. But it's more than that -- bizarre and spectacularly funny, Hellmut and Hellge decks us out with comedy that ma...
reviewed November 1, 2006
The Day I Woke an Angel by cruleworld Horror
Raw potential turns into didacticism and propagandistic nose-thumbing, I'm afraid. Granted, I am not the audience for this film, but I nonetheless felt much of it was hollow -- a simple excuse to get... reviewed November 1, 2006
AUSSIE THREAD RIP by kwistufa Action
An honest, even-handed documentary. Not much else to be said, really... but there is humor, pathos, tragedy, and triumph. And it's all about a silly thread. So well done, Kwis. reviewed October 31, 2006
Star Coconut Girl Saga by KirinRiotCrash Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Abso-frickin'-lutely insane -- and in a good way. In fact, I would say that it stands as one of the most ambitious and beautifully realized gonzo epics of TMO history. Star Coconut Girl Saga blitzes...
reviewed October 31, 2006
The Manny Jones Show Episode 3 by benstudios1991 Comedy
FINALLY! Manny Jones gets off the road and back to the studio where he belongs; now the laugh-riot commences like he had never gone away. I haven't laughed this hard at Manny's antics since since th... reviewed October 28, 2006
Listen! by Tal0n Romance
An interesting, existential fable mixing cold nihilism with metaphysical morality play. This is the sort of film that defies categorization or discussion, and cannot fit nearly within the plainly def... reviewed October 28, 2006
An Ancient Tale by Venker Romance
A tragic, smashingly epic work that trailblazes past a lot of hokum and mediocrity stewing in this genre. Venker takes the ancient story of the Niebelung and turns into into a postmodern recontextual... reviewed October 28, 2006
BaggageBoy ByeBye (another copy sold) by tripmills Comedy
I hope there's a black ops group somewhere who will slit the throats of those who upload War is Hell too. And maybe an explosion or two for anyone posting "lesbian sex" movies. Then maybe some sanit... reviewed October 24, 2006
Space The invasion - trailer by freak6010 Sci-Fi
Looks like a fun movie. Could have done with more information on the plot and characters though -- a big explosion does not constitute a good movie. reviewed October 24, 2006
High Way Jack Could Not See You Before by smithovich Comedy
Absolutely baffling! I have no idea what this movie is about... Nice music though. reviewed October 24, 2006
Little Black Riding Hood by tomasm Horror
Featured Review
Macabre and gleefully perverse, Little Black Riding Hood turns a simple parable about never talking to strangers into a tortuous psychological drama where our worst fears manifest themselves in a supe...
reviewed October 24, 2006
Nuclear Motive by tremblett Action
Featured Review
An intriguing, tense opening to what looks like a very interesting spy thriller. Though some of the logicistical stuff baffles me, I nonetheless fell in line and totally came under the thumb of this ...
reviewed October 24, 2006
Human Apathy Trailer by johnokinawa Sci-Fi
My top hat goes off to you. :) Can't wait for the release. reviewed October 22, 2006
Tired of it by ntrygg Comedy
A riot! Absolutely hilarious! :) reviewed October 22, 2006
CENSORED! (TM) by MrDeMillipede Comedy
Hilarious and deliciously well-written, I can already tell from the nascent endeavors from this studio that you are certainly an up and comer to be reckoned with. This is some of the most side-splitt... reviewed October 19, 2006
The Guardians Angel Trailer 2 by lizard3209 Action
I hate you, Lizard. You make the rest of us look like doofuses! reviewed October 14, 2006
Stolen Death - Chapter one by sisch Sci-Fi
Stuffed with much style and super-sexy-cool action, Stolen Death - Chapter One is a mystery my brain cannot unravel at this time. I am electrified by its magnetic charm while, paradoxically, repells ... reviewed October 13, 2006
Horror Of The Werewolf by nukester Horror
Featured Review
Hands down, one of the most skillfully made, insanely inventive films I've ever seen on TMO. Blitzing past the sound and fury of most horror films, Horror of the Werewolf shares with us both guts and...
reviewed October 13, 2006
The Good Old Days by eyris Romance
A strartling, visually scintillating homage to silent cinema and a cautionary tale about looking to the past with rose-tinted glasses. Swinging with some madcap music that really roars along with the... reviewed October 11, 2006
TRAILER by benstudios1991 Action
Oh, don't count yourself lucky yet. The physical pain WILL COME! reviewed October 10, 2006
If I had a love song by 6-HEADEDMONSTER Comedy
Oh. My. GOD! That was incredible -- and INCREDIBLY EROTIC! I would sell my mother's kidney for those bondage mods. :) Excellent work. reviewed September 29, 2006
grOtEsqUE rEAliTy by Tsunamidog Horror
Actually, that's pretty much everyday in Kentucky. reviewed September 27, 2006
Irony (30 Seconds of Bliss) by ozman69 Comedy
Featured Review
I think I might have inhaled some gasoline fumes on the way home today.
reviewed September 25, 2006
Sparks Fly by deliriousstudios Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Surreal, enigmatic, and knowingly ethereal, Sparks Fly submerges us into the destructive world of human emotion while unflinchingly experimenting with the cinematic form. Delirious Studios spares no ...
reviewed September 25, 2006
Dignity of Men by sherwinliu Romance
???Once life is finished it acquires a sense; up to that point it has not got a sense; its sense is suspended and therefore ambiguous.??? ??? Pier P. Pasolini I... don't know what to say. I think I ... reviewed September 22, 2006
Mancini by DNR Action
Featured Review
A triumphant and moving docudrama, Mancini meticulously recreates the competitive boxing world, giving us a steady sense of veracity with an even-handed dose of melodrama. Mixing the fictive with the...
reviewed September 22, 2006
Pilate - A Story of Christ (Part II) by ichthusadmr Action
Now that the time has come, I'm having a bit of difficulty coming to terms with how I should review Pilate - A Story of Christ (Part II). On one hand, it is impossible to recognize the film as anyt... reviewed September 17, 2006
The Hybrid Theory II Trailer by Thonyia Sci-Fi
Featured Review
I absolutely cannot wait.
reviewed September 16, 2006
Stolen Death - Teaser by sisch Sci-Fi
Beautiful insanity. reviewed September 15, 2006
See Jane Run by Tahndur Action
Stellar editing and fast-paced cinematagraphy make this story alive and full of vibrant energy. The framing device of the "See Jane Run" narration was clever and instilled into the production a sense... reviewed September 13, 2006
ROCK HARD by ninette1 Comedy
Holy hell! I finally got around to watching this. It was so funny, some of my co-workers actually came into my office and asked if I was choking or something. True story! reviewed September 12, 2006
Leaving Normal by ntrygg Horror
Short, sweet, and to the point. A nice, probing story underlining male homophobia while pointing to some great feminist themes. I really can't wait to see you make a feature. reviewed September 11, 2006
Infiltration Part 1 by Throwaxe Action
We learned long ago from Penetration that nobody directs a high-octane action flick quite like Throwaxe. Now, with Infiltration, we discover the director is a white-knuckled maestro, a full-throttle ... reviewed September 8, 2006
A Crap Movie Too Far! by Morris101 Comedy
Holy crap biscuits! I haven't laughed that hard at such tomfoolery for such a long, unbroken, consecutive streak for ages now. Five stars, and three big belly laughs for you, good sir. reviewed September 8, 2006
Choices by Dulci Romance
Featured Review
I???m going to be droll, academic, and stodgy. Bear with me. In Gender Trouble, radical feminist and cultural critic Judith Butler writes that the social construct of gender promotes acts, gestures,...
reviewed September 7, 2006
Love At First Write - VO Edition by pearsonhouse Romance
Endlessly adorable and miraculously enjoyable, Love At First Write is a success because it brings the small world of "common romances" to the forefront and makes us pine and swoon throughout a romance... reviewed September 7, 2006
A Note by EthanRunt Romance
Featured Review
This is the sort of film that always makes me speechless... the sort that hits you long and hard like a ton of bricks, gives you a weezy sensation in your stomach, forces you to fall to your knees and...
reviewed September 6, 2006
The Yolks on You by mestoph72 Comedy
Easily the most precious film I've seen on TMO. I can tell someone has a bright future in the world of the movies. Well done. I can't wait to see your next film! reviewed September 4, 2006
Laddies War by holdmykidney Action
Featured Review
How this movie lost the Laddie Competition is a mystery ??? or a travesty of mutant proportions. Cruising past the high camp and ridiculous engineering of many of the other Laddie films, Laddies??? W...
reviewed September 3, 2006
a darker place volume 4 by bezzer36 Horror
Featured Review
What a conclusion! Boiling with a spooky sense of urgency and intensity, the final chapter of A Darker Place dares to take us into unspeakable realms of death and redemption. With some bold cinemato...
reviewed September 3, 2006
YMCA by hightfilms Comedy
That was so much fun and high camp! I loved it! Reminds me of one of my favorite scenes from Can't Stop the Music. The one with the booty shorts and the syncronized swimming. reviewed September 3, 2006
The Egyptian Curse by Fozz20 Action
Eye-popping good fun! Featuring some fresh, innovative set design and a conspiracy-laden plot so thick the intensity increases with the body count, The Egyptian Curse is head and shoulders above many... reviewed September 2, 2006
Space Adventures Episode 1 by Fozz20 Sci-Fi
An interesting, Heinleinesque story, with plenty of space opera and alien warfare and intergalactic politics providing a nice backdrop for the proceedings. I enjoyed the way you created such a large ... reviewed September 2, 2006
A Flawless Mind by Rockstar_Studios Sci-Fi
***MOMC Review*** An enjoyable mix of pulp crime drama with superhero dynamics, A Flawless Mind starts off as a typical psychic cop story but quickly evolves into a very dark and somber psychological... reviewed September 2, 2006
An Eye for An Eye by Amabeginzordawg Horror
Narratively, the whole thing could fall apart pretty easily; the premise is two shades short of ridiculous or insane. And yet, within the confident hands of the director, such a story can be told eff... reviewed September 2, 2006
The bible seller part II by gilga Action
Everything I said about part one holds true here, only things get more dreamlike (or nightmarish), with the plot twists getting more and more intense and the storytelling getting more and more enriche... reviewed September 2, 2006
Bibbles sellers by gilga Action
Probably the preeminent filmmaker of the French TMO community and certainly one of my favorites, Gilga always loads his films with surprises, twists, turns, and lush visuals that tantalize the retinas... reviewed September 2, 2006
Life in the Old West by yeagmaster Romance
Featured Review
Life in the Old West Though the plot may have been done and redone in a thousand and one John Ford films, Yeagmaster imbues his tale of love and honor in the old west with an almost pathological sens...
reviewed September 2, 2006
Malloy - Chapter Two by DaRKoNe462 Action
Featured Review
Exploding within the mushroom cloud of my excitement and anticipation, Malloy II bounds past my expectations and brings about a high octane actioner with enough wicked badass sexy-cool action to leave...
reviewed September 1, 2006
DOOM LEGION Wrap up of Doom by kingpengvin Comedy
Man... that Doom Legion. It's kind of sad seeing them go. But at the same time, with the way things were going for this hapless supervillain team, an end to the madness may have been the best way to... reviewed September 1, 2006
Christina and Dante by pegleg Romance
Featured Review
Maestro! Words fail me as I write this. The unbridled cinematic brilliance of Christina and Dante has, in every way possible, left me stunned, breathless, heartbroken, and a little misty eyed. Yes....
reviewed September 1, 2006
No Thank You John by pegleg Romance
Maddeningly spectral, wickedly postmodern, and delicious on every cinematic scale, No Thank You John spins a solemn yarn out of its original source material. The way you blend image, music, poetry, a... reviewed September 1, 2006
Space DEA Part 1 (revamped) by Renotrigger Sci-Fi
***MOMC Review*** The storyline perks the interest immediately, with some tech-heavy sci-fi speech and some dramatics kicking into high gear. Unfortunately, the way the story is presented sort of de... reviewed September 1, 2006
End of Memories 2 by Bolch Action
Supersonic badassification kicking and punching in every direction! End of Memories 2 climaxes with a tremendous bang, mixing high octane adventure with sleek sexuality for a perfect mix of the pulp ... reviewed September 1, 2006
Porcelain Dolls - C01 by neonoir1x Sci-Fi
Featured Review
There are two types of directors on TMO -- those who entertain me with their films and those who sucker-punch me everytime, leaving me bruised and breathless, envious and enamored, so jealous of their...
reviewed September 1, 2006
Perception by Dulci Romance
You already know my views on this movie. Powerful stuff! reviewed August 30, 2006
Radiance by mdispirito Sci-Fi
***MOMC REVIEW*** A fresh, inventive, boldly cosmic science fiction yarn that hearkens back to the strange pseudo-sciences and melodramatics of the space operas of the genre's fledgling years. You h... reviewed August 29, 2006
Trapped mit Untertiteln by mlederer Romance
Featured Review
Beautiful, suspenseful, and endlessly clever, Trapped just might be one of the finest film noirs on TMO. Some excellent, skin-crawlingly suspenseful writing punctuates this beautifully shot masterwor...
reviewed August 29, 2006
Legends (Trailer) by Mustachio26 Action
Featured Review
That looks totally badass!
reviewed August 27, 2006
Choices Teaser by Dulci Romance
The anticipation has reached its apex. :) reviewed August 23, 2006
Femme Noir 2 by mestoph72 Action
Featured Review
Many amirable attempts at the noir aesthetic have been made on TMO, hitting the frequency of hit, miss, mediocrity, and everything inbetween -- and yet none have been hit that smoke-filled fever pitch...
reviewed August 23, 2006
Buddy and the Zombie 3 by EthanRunt Comedy
Bringing these two mismatched "buddy"-cops into action, Buddy and the Zombie 3 gives us the usual hijinx and go for broke hilarity from the previous installment. I love how self-referential these mov... reviewed August 23, 2006
The Funk of Eros by pegleg Romance
Who knew that Laura Mulvey -- and feminist theory itself for that matter -- had this much funk. This is academia you can shake your ass to. The Funk of Eros, kicking it like that famous photo of Sly... reviewed August 21, 2006
Soft Candy Trailer1 by bodyatlasmovies Sci-Fi
Shameless plagarism. Not only do you use copywrighted music without permission, but you also stole - point by point - everything from David Slade's film Hard Candy. reviewed August 19, 2006
Enamorville The Final Episode by LeoBrZ81 Horror
Featured Review
Incredible, thrilling, and truly epic, the final episode of Enamorville delivers the goods as far as slick tales of love and vampirism go. This is definitely an enjoyable thrill-ride, employing its e...
reviewed August 19, 2006
Le Cimetière Des Dinosaures - Trailer by Babar23 Action
No friggin' way. This movie looks awesome. I can't wait to see France's interpretation of Marlowe. You never fail to impress, Babar. reviewed August 17, 2006
One Night Out by axecinema Comedy
This is some controversial funk. Now let's push this one to the top of the charts. ;) reviewed August 14, 2006
And She Is Content by Amabeginzordawg Romance
Featured Review
Perhaps a wee bit too spiritual for me, but a fine, poetic, and powerful film that truly evokes some strong emotions. Well done.
reviewed August 14, 2006
Rebirth by Kowaru Romance
Featured Review
Gripping, emotional, celebral, and equal parts heart-breaking and heart-warming, Rebirth presents a slow, lagubrious tale of one man's journey to reconnect with the world. Documenting his simultaneou...
reviewed August 13, 2006
The Legend of Latin Seymour by rposhard Comedy
Featured Review
Expanding the horizons of TMO movies beyond the pale of what we have seen before, The Legend of Latin Seymour is more than the flabbergastingly wacky and hilarious comedy that it most certainly is on ...
reviewed August 12, 2006
The Hybrid Theory by Thonyia Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Filled with epic, operatic flourishes and enough Sturm und Drang to make even the likes of Goethe blush with envy, The Hybrid Theory propels us into a strange, futuristic London where grand scale alie...
reviewed August 12, 2006
Funky Bit(e)s by sisch Horror
Hot with a capital H-O-T! Sapphic surrealism mixed with a healthy dose of sexploitation shock make this funky little number coo and bellow like nobody's business... makes it swim like the dolphin, ki... reviewed August 11, 2006
Gangster Nation 1-2 by UrinatingTree Comedy
Featured Review
Prankin' it like none other, UrinatingTree proves himself to be a first-class gangster with another side-splitting installment of what is quickly becoming my all time favorite comedy series. Gangster...
reviewed August 11, 2006
UTOPIA part 2 by ubernewbie Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Though the movie had a distinctly Australian flavor, I couldn't help but associate it with my own national mileau -- a strange utopian country which we are told, through jingoistic media outlets, is f...
reviewed August 11, 2006
UTOPIA by ubernewbie Sci-Fi
This five star review is a place holder for a longer review of part two, which will arrive on your doorstep momentarily. reviewed August 11, 2006
DOOM LEGION meeting of Doom by kingpengvin Comedy
Still more Saturday morning on speed. Strange, wacky voice acting with tons of wit, charm, and sophistication. I loved it; it was so full of the weirdness I often value so highly in comedy. reviewed August 11, 2006
Donna Kebab - VO Edition by pearsonhouse Romance
That was, by far, the most absurd thing I have ever seen. There are some things you cannot unsee. I'm going to cry now. :) reviewed August 8, 2006
The Kingston Kidnapping by cronicclapper Action
That movie was RUTHLESS. Filled with action, espionage, urban aesthetics, poetic swearing, and all sorts of wanton badassery, The Kingston Kidnapping stands as a straight-shooting menace to polite ci... reviewed August 8, 2006
Enter the Funk by pegleg Action
The funk is strong with this one. I think I pulled my hip shaking my little behind so much. reviewed August 6, 2006
Dude Wheres My Karma by vesobe Romance
Too much funk and not enough lovin'. Come on, Vesobe. Don't be illin'. Where's my karma? reviewed August 6, 2006
Funkalicious by Dulci Romance
Homoeroticism, human cloning, and a butt-load of funkadelic nonsense. You'd better watch yourself, Dulci. You might become some sort of gay icon with this sort of dangerous material -- just like Che... reviewed August 6, 2006
The Tea Pot - Trailer by Nuggetdie Comedy
Featured Review
Holy sh--! Eat me, indeed. I can't wait for this one.
reviewed August 5, 2006
Loss of Empathy by michael_b6 Action
Packing some truly dazzling cinematography and startling sound design, Loss of Empathy demonstrates the virtuosic cinematic capabilities dancing at the fingertips of the director. This movie came out... reviewed August 5, 2006
Obituary by HRH Horror
This is one of those early movies that inspired me to be a filmmaker. For that, I say thank you and five stars. reviewed August 5, 2006
Ashley Porter Diamond Anniversary by suedenim Action
An invigorating tromp through the halls of cinema history as seen through the lens of a nationalistic serial, this has the look and feel of something that goes beyond TMO. Ashley Porter (and Tina Man... reviewed August 5, 2006
DOOM LEGION origin of doom by kingpengvin Comedy
OK, this movie stirred up some great memories from my childhood and Saturday morning cartoons. This is a delicious parody, one that really accomplished the singular goal of making me laugh very, very... reviewed July 31, 2006
Eldorado by themonkthemonk Romance
A near-surreal appropriation of Edgar Allan Poe's poem, this movie takes the well known metaphor of El Dorado and transforms it into something transcendental and visually very moving. Your reading wa... reviewed July 30, 2006
Gorillas That Ive Mist by corinthian Comedy
I don't know if that was absolutely hilarious and ineffably heart-breaking! I also don't know why it took me so long to see this comic masterpiece! Awesome work! reviewed July 29, 2006
Vampyric Fantasy by pegleg Romance
Hypnotic and fascinating, Vampyric Fantasy demonstrates that there are great things rumbling in the studios of PegLeg. Built as a strange, sublime tone poem where reality and fantasy coalesce into a ... reviewed July 29, 2006
Hitman Part I Training(final2) by Babar23 Action
Stylish to the point of insanity, Hitman Part I delivers the goods and shakes us around like a rock-em-sock-em robot in the process. This is pure cinema in the sense that every aspect uses the freeca... reviewed July 29, 2006
HELL(it aint so bad!) by alfric Action
Featured Review
Some funny stuff here, Alfric... demystifying many of our perceptions of death and eternal damnation while giving us a clear picture of the innate fear of, uh, sodomy, I guess. Like a light and breez...
reviewed July 29, 2006
Fire and Forget III by nukester Action
Once upon a time, Hollywood made its action films with the same verve and audacity as Nukester; they were explosive, high octane actioners, no doubt, but they carried with them deep characters, intell... reviewed July 29, 2006
Obstacle Course Trailer by kevinduh Action
Featured Review
This is going to be the explosive joyride of the year.
reviewed July 29, 2006
Rogers Stunts and Effects Trailer by The-Spirit Action
Featured Review
LOL!!!!1 five stars, that was great, rate my movie!!!11
reviewed July 24, 2006
Gangster Nation 1-2 Trailer by UrinatingTree Comedy
Probably the most mind-blowingly inventive PR stunt I've ever seen. Urinating Tree, I think I love you... reviewed July 23, 2006
Void by pegleg Horror
A melancholic, poetic, and moody masterwork that blends some truly startling visuals with some raw emotion. This actually stunned me to the point where I am truly unable to leave a more detailed comm... reviewed July 23, 2006
HELL(it aint so bad) teaser by alfric Comedy
Featured Review
Looks like one helluva fun ride. I can't wait. :)
reviewed July 23, 2006
End of Memories 2 trailer by Bolch Action
Bolch! You cinematic daredevil! You've done it again! Jane Adder is back and the odds are looking just as rocky as ever... an apotheosis of action and sex appeal, I am sure End of Memories will be ... reviewed July 23, 2006
Innocence - Part 2 by vesobe Action
Featured Review
With Innocence Part Two, Vesobe cements his status as a first-class filmmaker -- everything I have said about him and the first part of his latest opus holds true here. I will say, now that I have vi...
reviewed July 22, 2006
Innocence - Part 1 by vesobe Action
Featured Review
A masterful tour-de-force of cinematic artistry, Innocence brings together the strengths of its various genres to create a strange, postmodern stew that thrills the senses. Visually astounding, genuin...
reviewed July 22, 2006
Innocence - Part 1 by vesobe Action
A masterful tour-de-force of cinematic artistry, Innocence brings together the strengths of its various genres to create a strange, postmodern stew that thrills the senses. Visually astounding, genui... reviewed July 22, 2006
Pilate - A Story of Christ (Part I) by ichthusadmr Action
Possibly the most visual resplendent films ever to hit TMO, Pilate effortlessly evokes a world of anituity using some of the most advanced modding and set dressing I have ever bore witness to. Visual... reviewed July 22, 2006
Pax Romana by TheMGMKid1 Romance
Featured Review
Breathtaking. Combining the carnivalesque frivolity of Fellini with the passionate melodrama of Douglas Sirk, cinema maestro TheMGMKid1 bedazzles his audience with more than just an empty sleight of ...
reviewed July 22, 2006
DUSKFEED by kwistufa Horror
***MOMC Review*** A creaky Victorian howler suffused with all sorts of conventional sophistication, Duskfeed is a visual tour-de-force that artistically culls from its myriad sources an effecting lit... reviewed July 21, 2006
Stir - Interlude by AnotherNewDawn Action
Featured Review
For those who will want to argue that this is a film weighing in on the value of human life versus one probing the sociopolitical rammifications of the death penalty need to straighten out one little ...
reviewed July 21, 2006
The Light in the Dust - Part 2 by decadentpictures Horror
Let me tell you a story. It's about a man named Chuck Williamson, who just watched Light in the Dust - Part 2, and suddenly feels very compelled to reiterate some of the froth-mouthed fanaticism he e... reviewed July 21, 2006
Quietus1 by josephkw Horror
Featured Review
Mesmerizing and truly startling, the first part of Quietus spreads its sinister tenticles all over you until it coils around your slender throat and strangles you to death with one final, horrifying i...
reviewed July 21, 2006
The TMOscars! by StevenKreg Romance
You know I love this movie, Mr. Kreg. I am too tired to copy paste my old review, but the fact stands: it deserves five stars. I wait breathlessly for the next ceremony. reviewed July 20, 2006
Rain by Buccura Horror
Featured Review
***MOMC Review*** Stream-of-conscienceness stylizations are a dime a dozen these days, as are young, pseudo-intellectual hipsters who laborously narrativize their dreams to you in hushed, self-import...
reviewed July 19, 2006
Playa Bonita by rojas_tortu Romance
Featured Review
A surprisingly effective film that works past some of its limitations, Playa Bonita is a film I applaud for its audacity and willingness to tackle serious, "unconventional" subject matter without flin...
reviewed July 19, 2006
The French Insurrection by Angelo_Santino Comedy
Hmm. For some reason, my review of this one seems to have dropped off the face of the earth. Anyway... A hyperbolically funny little film, Angelo, punched up with an even balance of satire, sight g... reviewed July 17, 2006
Gangster Nation by UrinatingTree Comedy
Daaaaayyaaaaamn. Urinating Tree's got some serious gangsta lean. I walked into this one without absolutely no expectations -- if not for some very clever PR I would have never heard of it. I'm gl... reviewed July 17, 2006
The Round Table Show! by thebaloob123 Comedy
Featured Review
Quite possibly the weirdest spin on Arthurian myth I've ever seen, this movie features madness even Monty Python wouldn't dare think of putting on the screen. It also proves that the longer a joke is,...
reviewed July 16, 2006
The Golden Dog by johnokinawa Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Perhaps my ability to connect with this character, despite the generational gap that divides us, stems from the similarity of experience. Much like the protagonist of this film, I lost my faith at a ...
reviewed July 16, 2006
Voices by Greenglades Romance
Featured Review
A harrowing journey into a single man's psychosis, Voices certainly pushes the comfort envelope, whipping the audience into wild submission with some truly startling moments. No punches are pulled. ...
reviewed July 14, 2006
Silent Game by sisch Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Absolutely brilliant. Pushing its satire of reality television to near nihilistic extremes, Silent Game unfolds at a near hypnotic pace, telling its story through subtext, allusion, and symbolism. T...
reviewed July 14, 2006
Faith and Paradise by Sheelba Action
Featured Review
Incredible -- easily your finest film to date, and that is definitely saying something. I knew from experience that you would bring a story like no other to the screen for your next film, and yet I w...
reviewed July 13, 2006
CLIVE AT 5 The RIOTT INTERVIEW by kwistufa Comedy
Kwistufa! You mad scientist! This was one super-sexilicious display of pure naughtiness. If only you have left the dirty bits in... would have been fun to see the aftermath of this strange, surreal... reviewed July 13, 2006
CLEOPATRA Trailer by TheMGMKid1 Romance
My goodness! How do you do it, MGM! Share your secrets! I cannot wait for this movie! reviewed July 13, 2006
How To Catch A Girl by dfpiii Comedy
I think I peed my pants. I have never laughed so hard at such a visually uninteresting film on this site; in fact, I could have closed my eyes and still urinated all over myself just the same. Blood... reviewed July 12, 2006
Ultimate ninja by Sheelba Comedy
HAHA! Okay, really. I couldn't stop laughing after the end. It was painful laughter, to be sure. What a strange trip. :oP (by the way, watching your new movie tonight) reviewed July 12, 2006
Tomorrow And Tomorrow And Tomorrow by vesobe Action
Featured Review
A beautiful, sorrowful story, this is some primo filmmaker and further proof that you landed on the ground running. The beginning was truly stellar -- filled with music, montage, and poetry. The con...
reviewed July 11, 2006
Play For Your Life by Kellydogproductions Action
A dark, surreal gem of a film, Play for Your Life plays upon the psychotic media violence and crazed Internet culture tropes to create a rich satire of pop culture and popular visual medias. Though n... reviewed July 11, 2006
Knights by tigereyes Comedy
Storm is such a scene stealer! :) reviewed July 11, 2006
Bone Deep Slices by butchered_studios Horror
Carnivalesque, brutal, and ruthlessly violent -- this movie was not made for me. Nonetheless, I can appreciate the effort that went into making it, and for its genre it's probably the best example we... reviewed July 11, 2006
Puesta del Sol on Port-de-paix by Sheelba Romance
Featured Review
Incredible. This is the sort of filmmaking I wish was more popular on TMO. Movies with superflous modding, show-off special effects, endless visual customizations, and all that razzle dazzle have bo...
reviewed July 10, 2006
Mans Best Friend by darryhick Action
Okay, I'll admit it, I secretly enjoy a good cop-n-dog movie -- Turner and Hooch, K9 Cop, even the lackluster Top Dog -- all of these films have a strange, almost beguiling charm that always takes me ... reviewed July 10, 2006
How to Catch a Man by riott007 Comedy
I would have put out for her. I'm totally into yodelling. reviewed July 9, 2006
MrBones The final chapter by princeinexile Comedy
When he started ranting about REO Speedwagon, I lost it. This film also wins the distinction of being the first to feature what I believe might be sodomy -- something I've been trying to figure out... reviewed July 9, 2006
So Much Life by ryanjm Horror
Featured Review
One of the most bizarre adventures I have ever taken on TMO, So Much Life documents the twisted psychology of a man who can only find "life" through its polar opposite. Strange, deranged, blackly com...
reviewed July 9, 2006
Dark Snowflake II Teaser by yogurt_king Horror
You've heard my froth mouthed ramblings, and now you're going to hear them again: this is, without comparison, the most visually scintillating creation I have seen in ages, and if the quality of its p... reviewed July 9, 2006
Cry Wolf by vesobe Action
Featured Review
I seem to be a little late in writing this review, but I suppose my nickel and two pennies could somehow make a dime in this crazy, topsy-turvy world. (pause) What the heck am I talking about? I su...
reviewed July 8, 2006
Hope by rjb2112 Romance
Featured Review
So I watched this ages ago, before I even had an account on TMO, and remember really enjoying it. Now I watched it again to research my role for the future remake. And my god... I don't remember the...
reviewed July 8, 2006
The Round Table Show! by thebaloob123 Comedy
Quite possibly the weirdest spin on Arthurian myth I've ever seen, this movie features madness even Monty Python wouldn't dare think of putting on the screen. It also proves that the longer a joke is... reviewed July 7, 2006
Good Guy Trailer by steelblade_1 Comedy
Looks like this will be a very... touching... movie. :oP I can't wait for the real dealio. reviewed July 7, 2006
Vendeurs de bibles by gilga Action
It's films like this that exhibit why Gilga has always been one of my favorite filmmakers. Obstensibly a road movie where the shrewd ethics of hard-nosed salesmen are put on display, the film quickly... reviewed July 7, 2006
dead like me by 6-HEADEDMONSTER Romance
I did not laugh at this movie. Not once. Truly chilling and very emotional. reviewed July 7, 2006
Prime Trailer by Greenglades Horror
Well, you did it. You made me sh-- my pants. I can't wait to see this movie. reviewed July 6, 2006
Oh Its On 3 Ouichi Genshi Basutaa Alpha by mixmasterfestus Action
Since words are pretty inadequate at times like this, I was originally considering posting my review for Oh Its On 3 as an ASCII art presentation of two stick men fighting, fumbling, and fornicating w... reviewed July 6, 2006
Heddy Hoopers Hollywood! by TheMGMKid1 Comedy
Featured Review
Heddy Hooper is so stupendously superfluous; I watched this three times just to hear her say, "Oohh, shut up!" This is probably the best PR work I've ever seen for a movie. People should start hirin...
reviewed July 6, 2006
Sin ti no soy nada by Agatha_Trunchbull666 Romance
I decided to watch this movie because of the beautiful poster, and I'm glad I did. This is a precious hidden gem of a movie, and though it's got its rough moments (hey, it's your first film!), I foun... reviewed June 26, 2006
High Hopes Sanitarium by ninette1 Horror
Featured Review
One of the most horrifying films on TMO I have ever seen... an instant horror classic utilizing every cinematic trick in the book - cinematagraphy, sound effects, editing, overlays, you name it - to c...
reviewed June 25, 2006
Left In Town by FoDooG Comedy
Featured Review
Holy teabiscuits, FoDoog. We'll be honest: everyone was wondering whether you would be able to top the brilliance of Come On and Foggytown, and like Ken and Roger mention in their opening dialogue, w...
reviewed June 25, 2006
French Insurrection for Stunts n Effects 2 by tobeny Romance
A beautiful film, sweet, allegorical, tragic... a true tour de force of human emotion. reviewed June 25, 2006
Mr Bones The legend The Lover by princeinexile Comedy
Mr. Bones is, hands down, the coolest character I have come across on TMO. I dunno... it's a mixture of his lines, his posture, and the voice you have given him. He's a real treat to watch. This mo... reviewed June 25, 2006
The Legend of Latin Seymour Trailer by rposhard Comedy
The man with 1000 voices strikes again, hitting me hard with the belly laughs once again. You pull off a pretty gnarly-cool Jewish whine... for a gentile, that is. :p I can't wait to see the movie. reviewed June 25, 2006
Shes Just Killing Me by reafreak29 Horror
Part cheesecake splatter comedy, part dramatic horror, She's Just Killing Me has its cake and eats it too. The script is so stuffed with strange camp, breathlessly erotic overtones, endless monologue... reviewed June 24, 2006
Sense and Sensibility by MrAllison Romance
If only Jane Austen were alive to see her works brought to the screen with such acumen and grace. Oh, what a lovely adaptation of her lyrical and romantic novel... I hope Scarlet Johanson does full ... reviewed June 24, 2006
Featured Review
There are tears streaming down my face. I'm not exaggerating. This movie made me laugh hard enough that my neighbors heard me squeal and squirm, my pet cat sank her claws into my lap and screamed, a...
reviewed June 24, 2006
k7 - Quarantine -Trailer- by Rik_Vargard Action
OH. MY. GOD. This trailer completely blew me away -- easily one of the most heart-pounding visual creations I've seen on this site. I can't wait for the movie... reviewed June 24, 2006
Encountering Arnold by 6-HEADEDMONSTER Comedy
Speaking as a former telemarketer, I have to say it: I laughed pretty hard at this one. I can honestly say that I wish someone had tried to pull this sort of stunt on me; I only got mean-spirited and... reviewed June 24, 2006
One In a Million by johnokinawa Romance
Featured Review
Like a creaky old Victorian romantic melodrama pumped up with some postmodern verse, One in a Million skirts along the dividing line of the American class system and unearths a sort of irresistable ch...
reviewed June 22, 2006
Malloy Chapter One by DaRKoNe462 Action
I promise: this review will not mention the stupid wheel glitch again. I'm sure you're tired of hearing about it. :) I will say, however, that this movie matches the intensity of the original tra... reviewed June 21, 2006
Next Door by neonoir1x Romance
Featured Review
A tantalizing whisper of a film -- artful, visually breathtaking, splendidly lagubrious and slow, full of subtle romantic pining, and spellbinding in nearly every way. Cinematically, I believe this m...
reviewed June 20, 2006
Life Buddy by josephkw Comedy
At your request, Joseph, I am going to divide this review into three sections: the good (favorites), the bad (unfavorites), and the overall (uh, overall). What happened to "the ugly?" Well, I didn't... reviewed June 20, 2006
My Perfect Neighbour by axecinema Romance
Featured Review
Oscillating somewhere between tender social drama and cruel practical joke, this movie is really just a chilling slice-of-life flash fiction that gives us the essense of two troubled women who come to...
reviewed June 20, 2006
1900-666-HELL by kwistufa Horror
Lush, nightmarishly gorgeous, and seductive with all the furies of hell, this is, quite frankly, your finest film thus far (and I got a lot to choose from!), wrought of pure visual imagination, smolde... reviewed June 19, 2006
A Thousand Diamond Droplets by kos78 Sci-Fi
Time for an admission of truth: I am, by and large, pretty sci-fi illiterate. Sure, I've read a small sampling of the greats (mostly because of a SF lit. class I took as an undergrad in college), and... reviewed June 19, 2006
From a Distance by Dulci Horror
Featured Review
I am reminded of Lense -- a natural comparison, of course. And yet I feel that this film, though centered in the tortured psyche of a man, nonetheless represents a more feminine reaction to these sor...
reviewed June 19, 2006
Tales of Truly Terrible Cinematography by mildheadwound Comedy
Featured Review
Proof positive that dangerous quantities of alcohol do not inhibit the creative process, but encourage it. Bursting wide open with some truly terrible cinematography, the woozy camera swoops and pans...
reviewed June 19, 2006
Monday Nights 05 Aethr Flaven by kos78 Comedy
Featured Review
***MOMC Review*** Hot off the heels from its previous installment, Aether Flaven shows that the series still exhibits its madcap, no-holds-barred penchant for pyrotechnic comedy and absurd geek humor...
reviewed June 18, 2006
Riato and Octavia by Buccura Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Yes, I know you said the political overtones were not intentional, but I still feel that this film reflects, possibly unintentionally, what I feel is the current state of a particularly troublesome ge...
reviewed June 18, 2006
A Twisted Secret by Tsunamidog Horror
Some of the best set dressing and free cam usage I've seen in a while -- this movie is a visual treat, a pure sensory delight. But that's not all. Full of pitch black comedy and gruesome hijinx, the... reviewed June 18, 2006
Pax Romana Trailer by TheMGMKid1 Romance
Featured Review
Good lord. The movie hasn't even been released yet, and I'm already getting goosebumps from this one. Truly breathtaking and stunning in every way -- looks like it'll be well worth the wait. I pred...
reviewed June 18, 2006
Helicopters and Firefighters The Movie by Reeven_Films Comedy
Featured Review
Believe it or not, this movie is autobiographical. I'm serious. Funny film, reeven. A nice, jovial diversion to distract us until we get the real deal from you. :oP
reviewed June 15, 2006
Pretty Hate Machine by ninette1 Action
Holy sappho, Ninette, that's some wicked awesome freecam overkill. I quite enjoyed that. :) reviewed June 14, 2006
Bubble by johnokinawa Romance
Featured Review
While most are content amplifying the flashiness of their movies with inexplicable banalities -- loud explosions, gonzo monsters, crashing cars -- a few filmmakers crave the adventure of exploring the...
reviewed June 14, 2006
Gaping Hole by Jehu22 Comedy
***MOMC Review*** I will give you this: the film is original and bold -- uncompromising, too, in many ways. The story of a gay robot trying to find his niche in the world is one ripe for comic inven... reviewed June 14, 2006
The GAY by Kireblade Horror
***MOMC Review*** I'll admit my biases upfront: I've lived the latter part of my adult life completely inundated in the gay culture, frolicking through every fabulous nook and cranny to the point whe... reviewed June 13, 2006
Monday Nights 05 Trailer (edit 01) by kos78 Comedy
Featured Review
Thanks, Kos. You just reminded me why you're one of my favorite filmmakers. I can't wait for this.
reviewed June 11, 2006
Trouble in Lonewolf! by MefuneAkira Comedy
I didn't think it was possible, but heck, I guess it finally happened -- someone made a movie that made me laugh so long and hard that I am actually in deep, physical pain as I write this. I'm seriou... reviewed June 11, 2006
2 Brothers by tigereyes Romance
Featured Review
I'm speechless. Emotional, blubbering, speechless. In two minutes, you ripped me away from my laconic haze and into the terrifying world of brothers, torn apart and doomed. Bitingly written, this s...
reviewed June 11, 2006
Murder! by Tigerlover Horror
As this was submitted to me for educational purposes, I am going to specifically discuss some of the technical aspects that made this film work and those that didn't. Then I'll give you a more emotion... reviewed June 10, 2006
Excerpts From The Raven by Dulci Horror
Featured Review
As this was submitted to me for educational purposes, I am going to specifically discuss some of the technical aspects that made this film work and those that didn't. Then I'll give you a more emotio...
reviewed June 10, 2006
Government Surveillance by benstudios1991 Comedy
Featured Review
As this was submitted to me for educational purposes, I am going to specifically discuss some of the technical aspects that made this film work and those that didn't. Then I'll give you a more emotio...
reviewed June 10, 2006
Cold Trigger by Tarison Sci-Fi
Featured Review
As this was submitted to me for educational purposes, I am going to specifically discuss some of the technical aspects that made this film work and those that didn't. Then I'll give you a more emotio...
reviewed June 10, 2006
Two ships do battle OMG! TMO version! by Buccura Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Finally! Someone who knows how to use the consarned freecam!
reviewed June 7, 2006
Dreamtown3 by Rik_Vargard Action
Featured Review
This review is in reference to the entire Dreamtown series. I watched them all in one sitting (and in the case of part one, re-watched), and so my perspective comes from someone who is viewing these ...
reviewed June 7, 2006
To all those making tech demos right now, take notice: This movie is part tech demo, part movie, and should be uniformly emulated by all of you. If you're going to show off what your fancy pants S&E ... reviewed June 7, 2006
Multiple Minkowski by caystarz Sci-Fi
Featured Review
When a filmmaker releases a film boasting the epic length of 20 some odd minutes, chances dictate that the film will either be a bloated and tedious mess, or will be nothing short of a miracle. Multi...
reviewed June 7, 2006
Ordinary Day by masterbecks Action
Let me preface this by saying that, at first, I was apprehensive about this material simply because the Tarantino stylization (hipper-than-thou gangsters, quirky pop-culture laden dialogue, diced up c... reviewed June 5, 2006
Stunts and Defects Tech Demo by Tarison Romance
Tarison, you are the king of stupid movies. I love you, man. Loved those camera angles. They were very Bergmanesque. reviewed June 5, 2006
death match2 teaser by 6-HEADEDMONSTER Action
This trailer made me want to beat the living crap out of someone! My roommate did not approve. reviewed June 5, 2006
Unfinished (revised) by lucindamc123 Romance
Featured Review
A deliciously written film, full of sharp dialogue and painful truths that cut into the viewer throughout its long running time. This, by far, is my favorite type of film -- a slow, mediative, charac...
reviewed June 5, 2006
Christs Fury by SothisAmon Action
I love this movie. But I'm a liberal agnostic commie homo-tron killer of babies, so I doubt my opinion counts for anything. reviewed June 3, 2006
Pirates ! by Richegroover Action
Completely brainless, all-andreline-and-no-plot, blockbuster to a fault... and yet I found myself oddly compelled with this film. Pirates is a visual tour-de-force, to be certain, featuring some of t... reviewed June 3, 2006
Broken Rapture Trailer by Buccura Sci-Fi
This trailer still gives me an erection, so I'm going to give you five stars again. reviewed June 3, 2006
Four Sisters by Dulci Romance
You've heard the proclamations, but I'm going to repeat them again. As it stands (and has stood for some time now), Happily Ever After reigns as my absolute favorite film on TMO -- it apotheosizes ev... reviewed June 2, 2006
Quietus Trailer by josephkw Horror
Stop making movies. Seriously. You're making the rest of us look bad. reviewed June 2, 2006
Blood and Honour - Part 3 by ProKanada Action
Featured Review
Trudging solemnly toward its inevitable conclusion, Blood and Honour Part III concludes with the sort of somber, powerful, and tear-jerking catharsis we have come to expect from this series from day o...
reviewed June 1, 2006
Memoirs of an Amnesiac by rposhard Comedy
Featured Review
I was going to write a long, detailed review of this, but I forgot what I was going to say...
reviewed June 1, 2006
Broken Rapture Trailer by Buccura Sci-Fi
Holy mother of Beth... this is just... wow... I'm... I'm speechless. I am sitting here, breathless, awaiting the arrival of this film. reviewed June 1, 2006
Lovesong For A Knob Gobbler by nunberry Horror
Featured Review
Cool! Now I'm ready to gobble some knobs!
reviewed June 1, 2006
An actual true real life ghost story by naughteydog Comedy
If I barricaded my house with dogs, it would have to be with pugs. They'd lazily roll around and stop intruders and make me gush with their cuteness. reviewed May 31, 2006
STALKER by kwistufa Horror
Featured Review
Provative... easily one of the most intense films that, strangely, simulataneously pulled me in while forcing me at arm's length. I won't mince words here -- this is a grotesque, hideous film, displa...
reviewed May 30, 2006
East Park by actresswannabe Comedy
Kids say the darndest things! I bet making this was a lot of fun for all involved! :) What a lovable bunch of biscuits. reviewed May 30, 2006
The Cowboy Tom Story by pamdennis Action
Stirring, emotional, and introspective, this slow fever dream of a story of a simple cowpoke trying to find his niche within the world captures an existential human struggle that moves past its Wester... reviewed May 30, 2006
Every Christmas To 2005 by Cimmerz Romance
Simple in concept, intricately designed, and moving to the point of tears and blind staggering, this is cinematic realism at its finest, serving up multiple slices of a definitive American vision that... reviewed May 30, 2006
The Clown by VandrendeOrn Horror
Featured Review
Outlandish and strange, this movie really plays on the fundamental human fear... of clowns. I can't really explain why this sort of thing exists, but it really teases out these narratives. Parts of ...
reviewed May 30, 2006
The Story Of Life by KeViNp Horror
Featured Review
A very well crafted and thoughtful first film -- a little sloppy in places, but overall a great effort from someone I'm sure will really make a splash someday on TMO. Throughout the entire film, you ...
reviewed May 29, 2006
Colours by Primaer Action
Epic, visually sumtuous, and ressurecting every Western genre archetype known to man only to defy them, this is one intricate and engrossing film, the sort that makes you numb and quiet and choked wit... reviewed May 29, 2006
A Darker Place Volume 2 by Bezzer36 Horror
Featured Review
Truth in advertising. A Darker Place Volume 2 pulls the rope even tighter for Kyle Black, with the surreal, nightmarish visuals of Purgatory finally closing in on our misguided protagonist. This, my...
reviewed May 29, 2006
Chair Love by magic_school_bus Romance
Featured Review
Finally! A film that exposes the truth! What a horrible and prejudiced society we live in where the union of love between two consenting chairs is in jeopardy because some conservative law-makers de...
reviewed May 29, 2006
Anno zero by lolloler Comedy
Featured Review
Well, that was... weird. In Anno Zero, the director wishes for us to reimagine the classic story of Jesus Christ's birth as rewritten by a gaggle of punchdrunk college students popping pills and dr...
reviewed May 29, 2006
Reflection part two by sisch Romance
Featured Review
Pushing film noir to the limits, Reflection parts one and two take the vintage elements that made those smoky old black and whites so moody and mysterious while adding a dose of twenty-first century t...
reviewed May 29, 2006
Reflection Part One by sisch Romance
I'm going to post a longer review for part two that will encompass my views of both parts one and two. Just know, from the offset, that this is primo film noir, pure vintage and out of this world, an... reviewed May 29, 2006
Blood and Honour - Part 2 by ProKanada Action
Featured Review
The original Blood and Honour stands not only as sensational war story, but an unorthodox tale of love in the battlefield -- a story, mind you, that really moved me when I first watched it and continu...
reviewed May 29, 2006
The interview by princeinexile Comedy
Featured Review
HAHAHAHAHAHA!! Okay, I usually don't go for movies that intentionally draw humor on prejudice and oppression of any kind, but this one was different in that it teased the situation out to the point o...
reviewed May 27, 2006
The Passion Of Beth -Trailer by StevenKreg Comedy
A feminist reimagining of the Bible with robots and miracle milk? Why, Mr. Kreg, I think you may be on to something here! I will, of course, wait breathlessly for this release. reviewed May 27, 2006
Leviticus by MichaelCristiano Horror
Featured Review
This movie made me realize something. Everytime I say "All right" in my VO work, I say it like, "Aaaaaaall right." I must have watched Ace Ventura too much as a kid. Anyway. This movie uses light,...
reviewed May 27, 2006
Bambi Is Running III(VO) by Babar23 Sci-Fi
Featured Review
WOW! SIMPLY, ABSOLUTELY, EARTH-SHATTERINGLY AMAZING! This one left me speechless. It may take some time to recollect my thoughts. I open with a declaration: Show me someone who think this movie ...
reviewed May 27, 2006
The Vampires of Armageddon Part Two by holdmykidney Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Vampires of Armageddon 2 jets past its previous incarnation at the speed of light, rocketing full throttle with more gadgetry, a more sophisticated screenplay, crazy good VO work, and an epic "mock-Wh...
reviewed May 26, 2006
StevenKreg E True Moviewood Story-Pt1 by Stormwhitelab Comedy
I can't wait for the ending of this one, where StevenKreg spirals into an abyss of pill popping and maddened drunken escapades. Every rise comes with a fall, my friend, and StevenKreg's about to join... reviewed May 26, 2006
Empty Vessel by Greenglades Romance
Featured Review
Strangely enough, I was in the middle of writing a typically long, verbose, and hyperbolic five-star review for this film when suddenly my system decided to crash and burn, forcing me to reformat my e...
reviewed May 26, 2006
Manny Jones ON TOUR! by benstudios1991 Comedy
Exploding with the sort of weirdness that propelled the previous Manny Jones installment to near mythic status, "On Tour" revitalizes the surreal and funny flavors of its past incarnation while broade... reviewed May 24, 2006
E-D by 6-headedmonster Comedy
This movie touched me! reviewed May 24, 2006
Love in a Jealous Rage by mildheadwound Romance
Did you ever see that scene in Videodrome where Max stuffs a pistol in his synthetic stomach vagina and creams his pants in the process? Yeah. That was pretty weird. Just like this film which, quit... reviewed May 23, 2006
Sourman by duxy Horror
This movie has made me rethink what can be done with the horror genre. Quite frankly... I'm speechless. A film this powerful and strange surely signifies something more than some gutteral utterences... reviewed May 23, 2006
The Other Woman by elizabethsusan Romance
Featured Review
Deliciously concieved and wickedly written, this is ruthless filmmaking at its peak -- delivering a tidal wave of emotion so rich and thick we forget we're watching pixels run around in their underwea...
reviewed May 23, 2006
Whiteout by neonoir1x Romance
Featured Review
When you released your first film, I stumbled upon it by chance -- and found myself pretty blown away by the nascient artistry and multilayered design; though a little underdeveloped, I found the film...
reviewed May 23, 2006
The Germantican by Sleeves Comedy
Oddities come and go, but true invention stays on you like a stink that won't wash away. Brushing aside the subgenre of "cheap novelty," The Germantican blitzes through the pretenders with some of th... reviewed May 23, 2006
The Gritty West by Tarison Action
Featured Review
Rippling with enough western flair to choke Sergio Leone himself, this film hybridizes the operatic granduer of the spagetti westerns with the high-octane intensity of the Hollywood product, cross-bre...
reviewed May 22, 2006
Circle Trailer 002 by FoDooG Comedy
Destined to be a masterpiece! reviewed May 17, 2006
Sheriff Rooney III in 3D by yeagmaster Comedy
Barnyard humor with a heart -- that is, if the heart was ripped open from a burst open chest cavity of a dead coyote and the entrails were hung out on a clothes line for seven weeks. This movie was r... reviewed May 17, 2006
Anthony Buttafuco Are You Talking To Me by DNR Comedy
Featured Review
Vulgar, irreverent, and flagrantly offensive, this is New York comedy at its finest. The jokes run fast and furious and the obscenties are pakced in like gerbils in Richard Gere's rectum -- you, my f...
reviewed May 14, 2006
Abaddon - Chapter 2 by orion801 Horror
Featured Review
Picking up where the previous incarnation left off, Abaddon throws us into the past and peers into the dreaded origins of our favorite maniacal, supernatural killer of teens. This part is endlessly m...
reviewed May 14, 2006
The Light in the Dust - Part 1 by DecadentPictures Horror
Let me tell you a story: Earlier this year, there was a man of around twenty four years of age who stumbled upon this website ??? ??? and became quickly obsessed with the concept of... reviewed May 14, 2006
O by riott007 Comedy
Featured Review
Midgets, rubber chickens, and handjobs! Oh my! Beautifully vulgar and poetically sexual, this movie plays with some dynamite stuff -- and though I wasn't particularly passionate about Death to Movie...
reviewed May 13, 2006
HOLY BLOOD II(draco the vampyre)! by alfric Horror
Featured Review
Much like the original Holy Blood, this film is visually sumptuous, using black-and-white cinematography, langorous, dream-like editing, dramatic lighting and set design, and bold composition. From a...
reviewed May 13, 2006
Stir 2 by AnotherNewDawn Action
Featured Review
Professionally crafted, lovingly concieved, the second episode of Stir responds to the tremendous promise of the original episode and amplifies the dramatics. Movies like this are one in a million, a...
reviewed May 12, 2006
Tipsy the Clown in HANG OVER CITY by Ranedthel Comedy
***MOMC Review*** Insanity is the name of the game with this surreal story of a hard-drinking clown willing to sacrifice her friends in the name of comfort and satisfaction. I'm serious. When Tipsy... reviewed May 9, 2006
King Kung POW by cronicclapper Comedy
Featured Review
***MOMC Review*** First, let me say this: everytime a character did an ariel jump, I laughed. I'm not kidding. For some reason, the dramatic overuse of this grotesquely overused shot tickled my fun...
reviewed May 9, 2006
The Chub Grub by reafreak29 Comedy
***MOMC Review*** In many ways one of the most revolutionary movies on TMO, The Chub Grub explores something not many of us are willing to face -- ourselves. Yup, we're all just like you, megalomovi... reviewed May 9, 2006
Two guys no date by pauks Comedy
Featured Review
***MOMC Review*** Fiendishly funny, Two Guys No Date really skewers the ineffable lameness of the modern dating scene, lampooning the cheesy pick-up lines, the wolfish sexism, and the drunken hijinks...
reviewed May 9, 2006
Yeoman Joe 2 -- Captain Zombie! by rposhard Comedy
Featured Review
Yeoman Joe zips and zaps through into the twenty-seventh century and beyond in the manically funny sequel to one of the most ruthlessly hilarious films on TMO. With this installment, the wacky fever ...
reviewed May 9, 2006
End of Memories VO by Bolch Action
Featured Review
This is easily one of the finest actions films I've ever seen on TMO. Jane Adder is a bombastic, smooth talking, and altogether sexy herione that puts any other femme fetale on this site to shame. S...
reviewed May 7, 2006
Mythland (Teaser) by neonoir1x Action
This looks like an exceptional film. I can't wait to see the final product. If you need any help whatsoever with this film -- VOs, scripting, editing, tips and pointers, whatever -- don't hesitate t... reviewed May 7, 2006
Nazi! by phillymike0102 Comedy
Featured Review
***MOMC Review*** Hitler has quickly turned into a postmodern whipping boy to slap our derision and jokes upon -- and this film exploits this concept with mixed results. Timo666 is a fantastic voice...
reviewed May 7, 2006
The Death Of Movie Reviewers by riott007 Comedy
**MOMC REVIEW** Reviewers seem to be a popular point of dissent amongst TMOers, and the propensity for filmmakers to lambaste their pugnatious - if a little dim-witted - reviewers is large. The Dea... reviewed May 7, 2006
Shadowcoat Part V by screamingtongue Action
Shadowcoat rushes toward it's manic conclusion, and here we are, left in the back, biting our nails and scratching our heads. This one really amps up the intensity and heightens the mystery that have... reviewed May 7, 2006
Get Laid or Die Trying by homemadeeye Comedy
The unbelievable strangeness of this movie -- coupled with some of the historical Hitler gags (I nearly choked when Hitlo got lost...) really make this a one-of-a-kind -- a sort of flawed and spastic ... reviewed May 6, 2006
Fox the Immortal 9 till 5 by nightmare2146 Comedy
Fox the Immortal is a brilliantly concieved character, a fully original protagonist that acts as an antithesis to our cultural perceptions of the cinema zombie. In fact, he parodizes those convention... reviewed May 6, 2006
Monday Nights 04 Ninja Burger by kos78 Action
Now, after the long wait, the Monday Nighters finally speak! And what a cast you have assembled to fill these roles. It feels like these actors, in a way, have always been moonlighting as the Monday... reviewed May 6, 2006
Migraine by Dulci Sci-Fi
Featured Review
You're not alone. Those migraines hit my postmodern noggin too. :) As far as the film goes, it's an accurate depiction of a living migraine. I almost got one just watching it. Well... not really....
reviewed May 6, 2006
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Dylen Horror
As someone who fancies himself something of an avid reader (I have a B.A. in English), I marched into this film with adequate knowledge of Washington Irving's original tale and the various adaptations... reviewed May 6, 2006
Attack of the Lizard Priests by jdunbar80 Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Deliciously absurd! Most comedies are complacent in the constant tidal wave of mediocrity -- predictable gags, hit-or-miss writing, uninspired delivery, no sense of comic timing. Attack of the Lizar...
reviewed May 3, 2006
ADAM by ichthusadmr Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Breathtaking. Through the fragile lens of a single boy, we, the audience, are brought to our knees emotionally and yet provoked on a more fundamental, intellectual level. We are forced to reconsider...
reviewed May 3, 2006
3 Scene Competition by akinis Comedy
Hey, that reverse effect was super neato -- and the movie wrapped around it wasn't half bad either. I laughed at the banana scene... I'll admit. reviewed May 1, 2006
An Unlikey Fall by magic_school_bus Comedy
That zombie's a heartbreaker -- ruined my life too. reviewed May 1, 2006
Demon by duxy Comedy
So far, this has been my favorite entry in the 3-scene challenge. Incredibly funny! Hilariously unique! Too cool for school, daddio! reviewed May 1, 2006
Accidents, Accidents! by theVillain Comedy
No, really. He deserved to die. reviewed May 1, 2006
naM tseroF ehT by Buccura Horror
Once again, Buccura, you prove yourself as the king of stylization -- first with the breathtakingly brilliant Project Sadako, and now with this small glimmer of cinematic brilliance du jour that may b... reviewed April 30, 2006
The Titan Chonicles - Enigma Pattern by ubernewbie Horror
Yeah, the breasts were fairly large -- pugnatious against their leotards, if you were -- but there's more to this one than the fleshy spankathon many might wish to sell this as. This was, all in al... reviewed April 30, 2006
The Beard by Movie-Mad Comedy
Contradicting infamous eighties rap group Public Enemy, I think I can safely say you are all allowed to believe the hype. This a furiously funny comedy of epic proportions, featuring some of the shar... reviewed April 30, 2006
Baggage Carousel v1a by Different Romance
Diminuitive, coy, and yet packing quite a punch, Baggage Carousel really demonstrates how less is more -- how sometimes restraint is better than overripe filmmaking. Relying only on music and imagery... reviewed April 28, 2006
The King in Yellow by cybersluagh Horror
A lovely experimentation, short and sweet, that pays a delightful homage to Lovecraft. For a first film, this is an excellent effort. You seem to have a knack for editing, something that grants this... reviewed April 27, 2006
Noob Wars - An E-mail by markrichardbehenna Comedy
I want the image of a mummy shooting a pistol tattooed on my back. :o) With that said, I'm also going to admit that I've never played online shooter games and still found the movie funny -- really, ... reviewed April 27, 2006
Project Honesty by Frooplet Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Naturally, the subject of honesty has been on all our tongues for a while now -- and it seems your film not only addresses it more directly than most other films right now, but also refuses the affirm...
reviewed April 27, 2006
Memory Burn - Trailer by SapphireWine Romance
Let me know when this is out -- I'm anticipating this release. It looks fabu. reviewed April 26, 2006
The Cancer Lottery by giggles144 Comedy
Jesus Christ has made me a smoker again! Hallelujah! Well... let me be frank. This is deadly racuous, outright hilarious, and deliciously offensive. I laughed throughout the entire thing. But at ... reviewed April 26, 2006
Teaser The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Dulci Action
You know where I stand on this. ;) Can't wait to see this come alive. reviewed April 26, 2006
Unredeemed by josephkw Horror
Featured Review
Let me preface this: I am not a Christian, and I abhore stories about Christian miracles, religious leaps of faith, and reconnecting with the spiritual world. Hate 'em. As far as "Christian-themed" ...
reviewed April 26, 2006
The poet by sourtarget Romance
Featured Review
To say that this turned out nothing like I originally expected is an understatement -- this film zooms right past my expectations and freewheels somewhere around "delightfully surprised." When I orig...
reviewed April 26, 2006
The Many Faces of Rock! by JustinMoore Comedy
This made my eyes bleed! I've never stared at rocks for so long in my life... What a unique film. I don't think I've seen anything like it before. reviewed April 26, 2006
The Newborn and the Lobotomized by mildheadwound Horror
A surreal splatterfest guaranteed to raise the ire of right-to-lifers, this film is -- well, mutant, really. Every frame of film is grotesque, harrowing, hard to look at, and though the tone and atmo... reviewed April 26, 2006
Tales of the Undead by Spaceman72 Horror
Featured Review
First off -- that's the best darn opening I've ever seen on TMO. Congratulations. You just made me "fill the cup." Secondly... this is the apoetheosis of trash cinema as art, a postmodern example o...
reviewed April 26, 2006
Heather White by neonoir1x Romance
Featured Review
I will admit -- this movie came out of nowhere. I was guided by chance to a small, understated motion picture, captivated by the simplicity of its title, and I took the venture blindly. And though I...
reviewed April 26, 2006
Three Nights Two Days by scaryflashlight Horror
All cinematic constructs of linearity are completely torn apart in this small, artistic thriller. The effortlessness with which this film swims between time and space is truly incredible, and the exp... reviewed April 26, 2006
Time for the Truth by Mnkeeboy Romance
This brought me back to that famous final frame of Chaplin's City Lights -- the intense gnawing teeth, the fire in his eyes, the dirt smudging his cheeks. True cinema artistry was never lost on Chapl... reviewed April 26, 2006
dream by FoDooG Sci-Fi
This film opens doorways into the imagination I never knew existed. Yes, we all knew FoDoog was probably the greatest comedic voice of TMO, but who knew he carried inside him this dark, understated, ... reviewed April 26, 2006
Secret Trailer by Patty82 Comedy
Featured Review
reviewed April 26, 2006
Stir by AnotherNewDawn Action
Featured Review
I am shamelessly left-wing. My opinion of the death penalty was pretty set in stone before I watched your film -- that it is a deplorable, inhumane act that really exhibits the hypocrisy of a suppose...
reviewed April 25, 2006
Cup Of Coffee by elizabethsusan Romance
This film is like a phantom gently caressing you across the cheek -- it is like nothing you have made before and quite honestly really jolted me, shook me into submission, and made me beg and plead fo... reviewed April 25, 2006
Red - Teaser by satansmunchkin Action
How the heck did you do this? No. Really. This looks beautiful. I'm looking forward to seeing how this turns out -- it seems somewhat atypical from this studio, but at the same time I feel confide... reviewed April 25, 2006
I am I and you are by Psychokatalog Romance
Featured Review
How do you review a movie you have only begun to comprehend? I've watched this three times, and each time the loopy dialogue, surreal backdrops, absurdist storyline, and artistic stop motion have lef...
reviewed April 25, 2006
Confession from an Alcoholic by akinis Romance
Like a swift and sobering punch to the stomach, Confessions from an Alcoholic makes you reach out and wheeze for breath; this is powerful stuff that makes you never want to turn to the bottle again. ... reviewed April 24, 2006
Light in the Dust Teaser by DecadentPictures Horror
An excellent trailer that hints at more things to come -- but of course, with this collaboration, what more could we expect? I look forward to this one -- the anticipation will probably kill me befor... reviewed April 24, 2006
My Breasts by satansmunchkin Romance
I wonder if we have to give you 750 more votes to see the sequel. :) An enjoyable prank and a fine movie to boot. reviewed April 24, 2006
Abaddon by orion801 Horror
Featured Review
Honestly, every scene with Abaddon himself is incredibly creepy, crawling right under your skin. Zander did an exceptional job voicing him and you were able to design a character that just -- gnaws a...
reviewed April 22, 2006
The Real hero by 6-headedmonster Comedy
Featured Review
It didn't take long for the rectal discharge. By the time Ted Denson did his Jazz Singer "oh swaaaaaamy!" homage, that nasty brown liquid oozed and squirted like a geyser sent forth from the hands of...
reviewed April 22, 2006
Lust2 by satansmunchkin Romance
This movie made my skin crawl. I felt like I was terrifyingly close to an individual going through some dark days -- like I was tromping on personal ground that was not mine to wander upon. Surprisi... reviewed April 21, 2006
Driven by StevenKreg Romance
Inspiring. Again, StevenKreg raises the bar that he, himself, once set, and though this will probably be remembered as a minor work overshadowed by his previously established masterpieces I can safel... reviewed April 21, 2006
Razorblade by jjpatel Romance
Featured Review
I recently wrote an article for Storm Weekly about the many attempts at constructing a semblance of "photographic realism" in TMO movies -- how filmmakers manipulate the software to give an impression...
reviewed April 21, 2006
Hes Sweeping by mannalive Romance
Featured Review
Is this some absurdist joke posing as art cinema? Or is this truly the modern day inheritor of J. Alfred Prufrock - a heartbreaking narrative of loss, death, and aging? Just as the answers are as sl...
reviewed April 21, 2006
DEATH by ranger21 Action
A comic book come to life -- fast, furious, nearly incoherent, but exhilerating and completely satisfying on all of our base levels -- could be the ultimate guilty pleasure. Featuring non-stop action... reviewed April 19, 2006
They Call Me Justice VO by nutzhouse Action
Featured Review
You have captured the western genre with this film; everything about this film feels right, right down to the strands of sand sifting through every shot. This is a-class stuff -- fully authentic, and...
reviewed April 19, 2006
For Those Who Would Be Heroes by markbond Horror
A taut, poetic, haunting, and poignant film -- but above all, this is a harrowing and urgent cinematic anti-war declaration that, in the wreckage of our current administration, I believe should be lis... reviewed April 18, 2006
These Three Words by kos78 Romance
Featured Review
Absolutely heartbreaking, melancholy, ripe with a sublime beauty that transcends the boundaries of any cinematic medium; this is moviemaking at its purest and most poetic. I am still wiping the tears...
reviewed April 18, 2006
It Really Came From The Woods by FoDooG Comedy
And now we have proof that there's life without a horse for FoDoog! As usual, this is some first-rate funny business, full of mad chuckles and barfing belly laughs -- not to mention some pretty thick... reviewed April 17, 2006
Wasted Lives by DNR Romance
Featured Review
I have noticed lately that more and more "smaller," slice of life stories have been cropping up on TMO -- and I'm enjoying the trend. As there was no definite beginning to this story, there was no co...
reviewed April 17, 2006
POWER Hunted by Arawna11 Action
This story continues to enthrall me. Of all the filmmakers on TMO, I can easily say that you are easily the greatest visual stylist of them all; this chapter just seethes with a visceral elegance tha... reviewed April 17, 2006
Murphy City PT 2 dash 2 by KirinRiotCrash Action
This encompasses everything we've come to know and love about the original Murphy City, but amplifies it by a few thousand and then throws in a few unexpected elements that lets loose on our nerves li... reviewed April 17, 2006
Murphy City PT 2 dash 1 by KirinRiotCrash Action
I want to give this a detailed review -- and yet, nonetheless, I am too lazy to paste and copy the same review on two films. So I'll just give you a five star for the first part and give you more det... reviewed April 16, 2006
Santa Vs Ed by betelman Comedy
As a longtime Ed Wood fan, I would of course find this film an absolute laugh-riot; possibly one of the funniest things I've ever seen on TMO. Your knowledge of Woodology totally amplifies the absurd... reviewed April 14, 2006
Bats Right by john_sumner Horror
A deliciously postmodern revision of the vampire myth, full of strange, witty humor and boiling hot zingers that really pull out the belly laughs. This is an original, fully realized romp into the un... reviewed April 14, 2006
Second Chances by jsmith0316 Romance
An exceptionally moving film enhanced by a haunting soundtrack and some great chemistry between you and Dulci. From the opening monologue to the inevitable conclusion, you sunk those claws into me an... reviewed April 13, 2006
HOLY BLOOD by alfric Comedy
Featured Review
An exceptional vintage horror classic that perfectly emulates the movie making styles of yesteryear! This film was more than exceptional -- it's a masterpiece. From the first frame, the atmosphere o...
reviewed April 13, 2006
Lizard Priests Trailer by jdunbar80 Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Oh my god. Oh my god. OH MY GOD! IN THE NAME OF SCIENCE! Errr.... anyway, this is easily an incredulously funny trailer that made me squirt milk out of my nose -- well, if I were drinking milk, ...
reviewed April 13, 2006
Love OR Lust by april-wendy Romance
Featured Review
An excellent first effort! Your use of cinematography was surprisingly fresh for a beginner, and the script was chock full of goodness. Ripe with fully realized characters and a narrative that deliv...
reviewed April 13, 2006
Haunting Tales ACT 1 by betelman Horror
Featured Review
Nearly everything I said about the second part applies to this one as well. This part is important for two particular reasons: (1) it gives us tremendous introduction to Nigel, which is really a pret...
reviewed April 13, 2006
Middle Man Trailer by Reeven_Films Action
Featured Review
Well, I'm certainly ready for the real thing now. :) This was an exceptional, tight little trailer that hints at great things to come. Looking forward to it.
reviewed April 13, 2006
Haunting Tales ACT 2 by betelman Horror
Featured Review
Okay, I'll admit. I'm narcisstic, so I watched the episode with me first. That's my disclaimer. But to be perfectly honest, this is a project I would have invested a great deal of interest into whe...
reviewed April 13, 2006
The Manny Jones Show (Episode Two) by benstudios1991 Comedy
Featured Review
Ben... this is the hairy Turkish guy. You know. The one from your "movie." We need to talk. All right, you know, we had that one night in Amsterdam -- and that was it. I'm sick (not to mentione...
reviewed April 13, 2006
Voluntown Teaser by h_finocchiaro Horror
A classic noir thriller that, from the looks of it, is going to oscillate wildly between convention and surrealism. Or maybe that was because of the bunny and the monkey. Anyway -- I'm looking forwa... reviewed April 13, 2006
The Missing by jjpatel Horror
Featured Review
I remember watching this a long, long time ago. That's when I was new to TMO, and was living and learning through the various stories present on the constantly fluctuating charts. And I remember viv...
reviewed April 13, 2006
A Childhood Lost by dafoso Romance
A melancholy journey into the lower depths of childhood angst. I commend any director willing to handle a project that skews away from the norm -- and this one is no exception. Though the ending sce... reviewed April 13, 2006
The Lost Planet Trailer 2 by cronicclapper Sci-Fi
Featured Review
I like the scene where they confront Space Hitler! Seriously, this looks like it'll be hilarious. I'm looking forward to it.
reviewed April 12, 2006
Trailer From Russia With Romance by maniacc0 Action
Featured Review
Is there anyone out there with a pulse NOT anticipating this movie? Looks like this one could be even better than the first.
reviewed April 11, 2006
The Rock Star by benstudios1991 Action
Featured Review
This was so awesomely hilarious, I just choked on my dinner! From the asinine opening theme song to the inappropriate "puppy love" punch line, this movie was a rock-em sock-em retreat from the banali...
reviewed April 11, 2006
The Aura The Beginning by akinis Horror
This is such a progressive, psychologically tense beginning to what looks like a series full of amazing promise. With this, you've set up an incredible struggle between the constant polarities of goo... reviewed April 11, 2006
The TMOscars! by StevenKreg Romance
As I mentioned earlier, this one made me a little misty-eyed. Not because of the awards themselves, but because of what this show represents -- an apotheosis of all the great filmmakers here have bee... reviewed April 11, 2006
Malloy Trailer by DaRKoNe462 Action
This looks absolutely incredible! I'll watch this on opening night. reviewed April 11, 2006
The Art of Self Loathing by goodvilleproductions Romance
Featured Review
Excellent. This was an artistic, beautifully written confessional so real the tension coiled within my throat and I felt like every tense moment was another burden I had to carry along with the herio...
reviewed April 11, 2006
MANIE by 2dayProductions Romance
Featured Review
Many will be dissuaded by the length of your film, but I, for one, am not; instead I appreciate the slow, hypnotic pace this film takes, drawing us closer and closer into the seedy world where a secre...
reviewed April 10, 2006
OMG REP ME! by Buccura Comedy
I should give you rep for this! :) Nice cameo by Sadako by the way... reviewed April 10, 2006
Honestly All Night by evillatenighttv Comedy
Featured Review
I watched this right before I went to bed -- and now I'm terrified. Thank goodness I'm sleeping alone tonight.
reviewed April 10, 2006
The Evil Valley (El Valle del Mal) by Arawna11 Action
If Power shook me up, The Evil Valley did so much more -- it kicked me in the stomach, shocked me with electrodes, dragged me through the muck kicking and screaming, then set me and my entire family o... reviewed April 10, 2006
The Adventures of Yeoman Joe -- VO by rposhard Comedy
Anarchic hilarity careens and croons in this first rate comedy classic. Yeoman Joe is the perfect extension of the archetypal science fiction square-jaw, full of bravado, heroics, and raw sexuality. ... reviewed April 10, 2006
A Lonely Man by kaipan Romance
Technically flawless, emotionally devastating, and wrought with a simple elegance, this film touches on every inch of the human experience and makes one yearn for the comfort of another. The highest ... reviewed April 10, 2006
Shards of Bone 2 Treys Task by yeagmaster Horror
From start to finish, this was pure Southern gothic; from the inch thick fog to the echoing moans to the skeletons and spirits, the creation of pure horror atmosphere assisted in what I feel is one of... reviewed April 10, 2006
Broken Thoughts 2 - Shattered Dreams by satansmunchkin Romance
Featured Review
Because I'm lazy, I'm going to preface this with a quote I used to describe the first film earlier to you: "This one is important to me. Broken Thoughts was one of the first films I ever saw on TMO --...
reviewed April 9, 2006
Tremble by Dulci Romance
Featured Review
And we sit here, now trembling because Dulci reveals herself as a double whammy - poet and filmmaker, and on both counts does this film succeed; manipulating form and content, verse and imagery, this ...
reviewed April 9, 2006
Endless by satansmunchkin Romance
"Message" films always run the risk of becoming didactic sermons trying to sway the viewer one way or another -- these films could easily become boring, preachy, and condescending. ENDLESS does not f... reviewed April 9, 2006
The Other Dimension by johnokinawa Romance
Featured Review
Funny, absurd, comic, tragic -- this film slices in many different directions, all with skill, acumen, and grace. This is incredible visionary cinema with a capital "C" -- easily one of the most visu...
reviewed April 9, 2006
One bad minute by Spaceman72 Action
Featured Review
An action-packed free-for-all light on story but long on action. The pace was pure electricity in this one and the suspense was off the wall. Most impressive was your ability to make the dialogue ov...
reviewed April 9, 2006
Honesty Is A Virtue by 02PARSIM Horror
Featured Review
"I think of it as symmetrical poetry." It's a great line, and I think it encapsulates the movie quite well. This is a deliciously perverse -- yet wholly honest -- glimpse into the mind of a serial...
reviewed April 7, 2006
Dead Serious Teaser by bedlem Comedy
Featured Review
I think I just peed my pants. Probably one of the most jaw-droppingly hilarious trailers I have ever seen... In a span of five minutes, I watched this three times and laughed every time. I am totall...
reviewed April 7, 2006
Runaway by akinis Romance
A poetic, heartfelt masterwork -- from the vision of a pure humanist. An excellent music video bouncing along with its own lovestruck energy -- I really loved this one. It is like the pure distillat... reviewed April 7, 2006
FEAR by patty82 Horror
After the sadism and splattergore of Torture Brothers parts 1 and 2, it might have been tempting for skeptical moviegoers to label you as a one-trick pony, only able to shock and incite with the grisl... reviewed April 7, 2006
Cosmic by Philmaster Action
This was definitely a film engineered with a bold, dramatic vision firmly in place. The special effects were easily some of the finest I have ever seen on this site. By giving the audience such a br... reviewed April 7, 2006
The Death of Shwann by Katikal Action
Featured Review
Like Death of a Salesman, but with ninjas! In all seriousness -- OHMYGOD!!! This probably the strangest - yet strangely provocative - picture of our generation. An enjoyable, hilarious ride, throug...
reviewed April 7, 2006
POWER Origin by Arawna11 Action
All right, I think I might have told you earlier that I really don't jive well with the fantasy genre -- my extent for it ranges between my detatched admiration of Tolkien and my guilty pleasure for H... reviewed April 6, 2006
Psychology of a Hitman by DaVoS888 Action
What an intricately plotted, well paced crime thriller, aided exponentially by some incredible VO work -- especially from the two primary leads. I like the ideological differences displayed between t... reviewed April 6, 2006
Dont Laugh at Me VO Edition by rjb2112 Romance
Nearly neorealist in its unflinching view of domestic abuse, Don't Laugh at Me aims for the subtle nuances of everyday life, looking unflinchingly at the hidden nooks of the suburban American Dream. ... reviewed April 6, 2006
Weird People And Wacky Behavior by Timo666 Comedy
Featured Review
I nearly lost it when the reincarnation of Hitler popped up on-stage; classic comedy. Again, I find your sense of comic writing, timing, and conception to be completely spot on, and this film really ...
reviewed April 6, 2006
Pax Romana - Teaser by TheMGMKid1 Romance
A teaser glimpse of things to come. Makes me want to pull those old sword and sandals out of the closet -- those images and sounds collide, and that haunting final image just burns itself into your m... reviewed April 5, 2006
The Search by Stormwhitelab Horror
An investigation into pure terror! You hooked me pretty easily with this one, paring down the narrative to its bare extremities -- what's left acts as a shot of adrenaline straight to the heart and s... reviewed April 5, 2006
The Accomplice Trailer by bedlem Horror
Looks like another winner. Looking forward to it. reviewed April 4, 2006
To Tell A Story by starworks Horror
Featured Review
An incredibly tense romp through the seedy underbelly of the everyday world -- and the supernatural. Inventive writing, clever editing, and a chilling ending.
reviewed April 4, 2006
Crossing the Bar by kos78 Romance
Featured Review
Easily the finest "poetic" film thus far on TMO -- and though there isn't much competition right now, I feel as if you've broadened the horizons of what is possible on TMO. Your reading of Tennyson s...
reviewed April 4, 2006
my light has gone by 6-headedmonster Horror
You know, this was one of the first films I ever watched on TMO (well, okay, the REAL firsts were the crappy, three scene, incoherent-as-heck ones) and now that I've rewatched it I have come to realiz... reviewed April 3, 2006
The Past Is Tomorrow by TheMGMKid1 Action
Featured Review
Everything you have made until this moment has led to the exemplary apotheosis of your talents -- namely, this film, a boisterous bang-bang piece of film noir that cuts on the nerves and shoots throug...
reviewed April 3, 2006
Cities by chagidiel Horror
Easily one of the most poetic films ever crafted on TMO, full of sharp insight and chilling beauty. It's difficult to explore the unique quality of this film too much without cheapening the effort. ... reviewed April 3, 2006
Dream Ride by sherwinliu Romance
We should all be used to thoughtful and provocative films from this studio, and it certainly has a reputation for delivering the goods -- and Dream Ride holds through with this promise. Although The ... reviewed April 2, 2006
Normal by bedlem Horror
Featured Review
What starts as a silent, somber, and hypnotic film quickly takes a quick turn into the weird with a shocking conclusion. And really, you did this all so sparsely -- I admire a filmmaker willing to le...
reviewed April 2, 2006
One Uncomfortable Moment by MrSmithee Romance
Certainly an uncomfortable, claustrophobic film, but this would ignore the simple power in this unforgettable journey you have given us. Though the editing could have been tweaked a bit, the music an... reviewed April 2, 2006
A shocking glimpse into the horrible and the sublime. A five-star affair from beginning to end. reviewed April 2, 2006
Stuck in TheMovies by Anykeyz Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Technical problems or not, this movie is still a tremendously entertaining and strangely touching slice of meta-fiction that cuts through the veneer we ourselves have created in TMO. The strength of ...
reviewed April 2, 2006
The Change by patella Sci-Fi
Some of the greatest visual effects for a film on TMO I've ever seen, not to mention a small, haunting story that left me reeling from its subtle impact. Very good, and very original. reviewed March 31, 2006
Dream-Haunter by lizardthing Horror
This might be the most undilluted batch of pure craziness I've ever witnessed. My brain and eyeballs hurt after watching this bizarro stuff. I will probably have nightmares now. Thanks. reviewed March 31, 2006
Penetration by Throwaxe Action
An enjoyable action adventure with some incredible subtitle work and a cross-cutting sequence par excellance. Parts may not make sense, but I think that makes it more enjoyable. A thrilling, emotion... reviewed March 29, 2006
Subway 4 by Sleeves Romance
As a Subway neophyte, I was completely unprepared for the poetry in motion interwoven with this series, and I can safely say that I was blown completely away by this series -- never have I seen someth... reviewed March 29, 2006
The Passion Of Beth - Teaser by StevenKreg Romance
EYAAAAAAAH!!!! reviewed March 29, 2006
Night Pass -part two by StevenKreg Sci-Fi
It's been a long time in coming, but I have finally processed the entire being of Night Pass, and I can say without any hesitation that it is unquestionably my favorite film on TMO. Everything strike... reviewed March 29, 2006
Screen Test - Still a Virgin by Dylen Comedy
Is it a sin to watch this movie? reviewed March 29, 2006
Gunfight at Dawn by aceblack Action
An excellent first film. As a certified Leone-aholic, I totally get the groove you were bouncing off of -- the atmosphere, the mock-Morricone music, the tense silences -- it was all there. The gunfi... reviewed March 29, 2006
Bruce Li - The Game Of Death by Riggaz Action
Marches right past its welcome after a while, but an entertaining Bruce Lee actioner regardless. reviewed March 28, 2006
A Hunter In The Woods by screamingtongue Horror
Featured Review
An excellent horror film that elevates past its genre status with an excellent twist that changes the entire meaning of the film. With such a small twist, your film says much about human nature and t...
reviewed March 28, 2006
X Equals Revenge by the_georgeZILLA Action
Blitzing past Bullets are Forever, X Equals Revenge delivers the equation of an extraordinary motion picture perculating with a wild, manic energy. Marshall Parris' second adventure is far better tha... reviewed March 27, 2006
Skin Deep by ubernewbie Romance
Featured Review
Oh my. That ending... was something else. I was going to give this one a mediocre rating and lecture you on the values of an "original" romance movie, but it seems you're already aware of these thin...
reviewed March 27, 2006
Real World by SilverHawk422 Romance
A sweet, realistic, slice of life story marred somewhat by the rumbling VO work. The editing and writing were pretty good, but the VO quality really disrupted my enjoyment -- there were also some sou... reviewed March 27, 2006
The little Hans Gunther Show by Spaceman72 Comedy
That... was... insane. But hilarious. I think I woke up my roommate in the next room. reviewed March 27, 2006
Obsession by akinis Horror
Criss-crossing allegiences makes this neo-noir cross-section of tersely worded pulp highly enjoyable. Sure, it's a case of obsession, but there's deception involved as well -- and you make the procee... reviewed March 27, 2006
Mezzanines Groove by elizabethsusan Romance
Some spunky, energetic writing with smooth, jazzy undertones -- a delicious ride from point a to point b. What a sensational character -- and a great starring vehicle! And that cliff hanger... it's a doozy. reviewed March 27, 2006
Mezzanine Meets the Press! by elizabethsusan Comedy
This is so frickin' cute, how could anyone reject the spunky energy and conversational tone of this unexpectedly sublime little nugget of pure joy. And though there are some problems with the sound l... reviewed March 27, 2006
Qazis Yeh Pal (these Moments) by apip Romance
Made me pine to walk on Indian sands. Beautiful song and great film. I would love to see a full-on Bollywood film on TMO. reviewed March 26, 2006
7-7 by Jimbo5858685 Romance
A very effective first effort -- pretty impressive, as our first impulse would be to make something less ambitious and less, well, "real." Though very moving and socially / politically insightful. I... reviewed March 26, 2006
Time to Kill by Dylen Sci-Fi
Though pithy and economical in its storytelling, you proved that its not what the narrative has to say that's important, but how it says it -- and this movie's got style in spades. The special effect... reviewed March 26, 2006
Locked In A Box by richke Horror
A brave, claustrophobic masterpiece that counters the gruesome splatter gore of this week's Torture Brothers with a taut, psychological realism that really gets under the skin and eyeballs. I do thin... reviewed March 26, 2006
PORN DEMO by michanist Romance
This movie is pure anarchy. reviewed March 25, 2006
Showdown in Foggytown by FoDooG Comedy
YeeeHowlding, Paldner! This was such a strange and noisy cacophany of pastiched genres and parodies machismo, it made everything else shrivel in its shadow -- excellent example of how to do voiceover... reviewed March 24, 2006
Dr Yes by maniacc0 Action
A trio of super-strong performances make this an affair to remember -- this really did feel like a matinee showing of a classic Bond film, full of the familiar trappings and locales. Eye-popping acti... reviewed March 23, 2006
Private Eye Harris by niftymatt Action
A strong offering from a promising voice. Yes, the driving / door opening scenes could be trimmed down considerably, but all things considered the overall strength of the production outweighs those f... reviewed March 23, 2006
Shards of Bone by yeagmaster Horror
Honestly, the beginning felt a bit too spacious -- at first. Then I realized the key elements of horror: suspense, set up, breaking through the mundane with the macrabre. This film accomplished that... reviewed March 23, 2006
Black Oracle by MichaelCristiano Action
Sure, some scenes could have been nipped and tucked a little -- but the sheer ambition and determination of this film is impressive. It's an expansive journey through a world we don't live too far aw... reviewed March 23, 2006
Autoerotic Acid Asphyx by mildheadwound Comedy
Well, it was bound to happen -- it took a long time, but an avant-garde movement has officially begun on TMO, and this just might be the flagship titles, the "Un Chien Andalou" that disrupts the filmm... reviewed March 23, 2006
Night Pass -part one by StevenKreg Sci-Fi
Wow. That was not only exceptional, but incredibly intimidating. Probably the most ambitious and wildly successful film I've ever seen on TMO. Will try to be more articulate on Volume Two. reviewed March 22, 2006
The Other Dimension (Trailer) by johnokinawa Romance
I'm looking forward to it... and not just because my name is attached. :o) reviewed March 21, 2006
Dumb City Tales Episode 1 I-spy PI Inc by Timo666 Comedy
Featured Review
My only complaint is that we won't be seeing any more of this character -- you just can't leave us hanging with this swansong. :) But seriously -- you've crafted a funny, amusing little film here th...
reviewed March 21, 2006
Black Widow by Dulci Horror
Naturally, with this studio, the film is a first rate, five star event -- what I didn't expect was such a generic shift into the macabre and the horrible. With that said, you handled these new territ... reviewed March 20, 2006
Project Sadako Session 2 by Buccura Horror
Featured Review
That was pretty much the apotheosis of great filmmaking. I thought the first session of a roaring success, but it didn't prepare me for the dizzying psychological adventure of the second part. Needl...
reviewed March 20, 2006
Drunk Naked Chicks by Pulp Celluloid Comedy
Irreverent, pointless, and damn hilarious. Great job! reviewed March 20, 2006
Blood and Honour - Part 1 by ProKanada Action
Considering I can count all the non-homophobic gay themed films on TMO on one hand, I find it refreshing and a bit reaffirming to see not only a respectful treatment of homosexuality in your film, but... reviewed March 19, 2006
The Vampires of Armageddon by holdmykidney Sci-Fi
An excellent film riding on the same electrical current as the original BBC television series. This totally captured the feel of the original source material, made complete with the maddening cliff h... reviewed March 19, 2006
Memories of Life - A True Story by rposhard Romance
To be perfectly frank, I really wanted to dislike this movie -- cold and callous as it seems, I refused to watch this film for weeks, thinking it would be cheap, tawdry, sentimentalist claptrap. I wa... reviewed March 17, 2006
Living The Dream by Harvey_Denton Horror
Countering the sociopathic capitalistic ideology prevailing throughout US corporate culture lurks the heart of a misogynist, racist, completely off-his-rocker serial killer -- yeah, it worked in Ameri... reviewed March 17, 2006
The Will by God_Of_Plague Action
Unlike our hero, I never had grave reservations about this film -- in fact, I was pretty enthralled with it whole way through. And did I laugh? You bet your snickers I laughed! This was clever, wit... reviewed March 17, 2006
Cleopatra Schwartz Trailer by MasterKaga Comedy
OK... I'll admit. I laughed. Hard. reviewed March 16, 2006
Chicken in the Can by madmatt7g Comedy
Quite possibly the greatest film -- EVER -- made!!! reviewed March 16, 2006
Making the movies by holdmykidney Romance
Well... at least I'm not the only one. reviewed March 16, 2006
Medevil Costume Demo by robbiep Action
That's pretty cool. reviewed March 16, 2006
Hope and Consequence by kos78 Action
Featured Review
As a long-standing member of Amnesty International and FAN, I can safely say that the human rights violations depicted in this film -- both international and domestic -- are wholly real and not exagge...
reviewed March 15, 2006
death match the opening chapter by 6-headedmonster Action
This is the type of movie that makes the rest of us want to just throw our editing tools down and just give up. Seriously, this is something spectacular -- a tour de force of pure hyper-machismo adre... reviewed March 14, 2006
Innocence sacrificed by chocolatemouse Romance
No Review reviewed March 13, 2006
Von Cosel by masho Romance
Probably the strangest entry the Romance genre has ever seen, Von Cosel still crackles with a strange beauty that resonates with the viewer long after the film reaches its shocking conclusion. reviewed March 13, 2006
Bullets are Forever starring Marshall Parris by the_georgeZILLA Action
Featured Review
Where did this film come from and why hadn't I heard anything about it until now? This is a hilarious parody of classic film noir gumshoe films, cobbling all those genres together into a wickedly cle...
reviewed March 11, 2006
The Carioca by sherwinliu Romance
Featured Review
So after the complex, philosophically / psychologically dense "The Afflicted", the last thing I expected from you would be a small, soft-spoken slice of life story scratching at the surface of the inn...
reviewed March 11, 2006
Happily Ever After by Dulci Romance
In a place where slam-bam-thank-you-ma'am blockbusters dominate and the smaller, more intimate films get overlooked in the haze of male adolescent violence, it was refreshing to step into the supposed... reviewed March 10, 2006
Dialogue With Death by CptJoker Comedy
I came to this expecting to give you a low score, as I expected a silly half-baked plagarism of Bergman. What I got was a unique, philosophical take on human mortality that only pays its homage to Be... reviewed March 10, 2006
Project Sadako Session I by Buccura Horror
Considering the limited capabilities of the game, the hardest thing do accomplish with The Movies is to create a unique cinematic style. Well, congratulations. You've joined the short list of filmma... reviewed March 10, 2006
The Beginning of the End by ichthusadmr Action
Granted, I lack the spiritual conviction of this film's cast, and yet I would be remiss to ignore the great filmmaking power on display here. Your editing is tight and focused, with a broad, epic ran... reviewed March 8, 2006
Mutaman Trailer by OutofLine Sci-Fi
Well, you've got me sitting here in anticipation. Good job. This trailer was not only effectively constructed and beautifully rendered, but it has be itching to see more from Mutaman. reviewed March 6, 2006
Diamonds For Breakfast by TheMGMKid1 Comedy
Wow. An incredible homage to classic Hollywood cinema, complete with beautiful stars, eye-popping color, and comedy ripe with wide-eyed innocence. This is what the 'Romance' category was made for. ... reviewed March 6, 2006
A Is For Alice by plopphizz Sci-Fi
It's incredible what a long span of silence makes. This movie is all about using minimalism in sound to great effect, turning melancholy into tragedy into horror, delivering a one-two sucker punch th... reviewed March 1, 2006
A Frank Anarchy by beginnis Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Restrained, quiet, and sumptuously surreal, this film rocked me two ways sideways and made a man of me real quick. Seriously, I have just grown interested in TMO, and have seen some real clunkers on ...
reviewed March 1, 2006
Blackbird by silver_fox_studios Action
Much has already been said about this deserving masterpiece, though I would like to add that I admire your fresh, inventive take on a usually vacuous genre; you turned a tale of redemption and bloodsh... reviewed March 1, 2006