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Number of Winning Movies: 0
Average Rating Received: 3.31

Number of Movies Reviewed: 199
Number of Reviews Given that were Featured: 26
Average Rating Given: 3.79
Movies Released by poopiemcgee04
Felix the Stuntchicken InDrivers Edredux Comedy
This is an old movie of mine that didn't have vo's in it before but im bored and tired so i added some vo's for you guys it still sucks but hey what can ya do? posted February 6, 2007
DamnationThe first 34 seconds trailer Action
No Description posted February 5, 2007
Punisher vs Master cheif trailer Action
This is the trailer for my up and coming movie The Punisher vs. The Master Chief (working title). I know what your saying we've seen to many halo knock offs but trust me this is with the poopiemcgee... posted December 6, 2006
The effects of cocaine on the mind Comedy
This is funny in my eyes i think it is good lol its up to you consider it a public service announcment but funnyish and kinda sends a message.....kinda :D if you've seen my movies before then u know w... posted December 3, 2006
Less Known Studios Coming Attractions Comedy
ok this isn't a trailer for a movie or ne thing this is a glimpse of what LKS has to offer in coming months posted July 25, 2006
Felix the Stuntchicken InDrivers Ed Comedy
This movie is a spinoff series for a character that appeared for a scene in my movie ordinary hero there will be several of these depending on the fan base posted July 18, 2006
The ordinary hero Action
Im very proud of this movie imat a friends house and i decided to make a movie and well he dont have a mic:( so it is text but trust me this storyline will grip you and have you wanting more all my fr... posted July 18, 2006
independence day the way it shoulda been Action
this movie is my own litle rendition of independence day :D lol i had nothing else to do and i was bored so i made this movie posted July 17, 2006
The Mistakin Action Not Rated
ok i know alot of people are gonna dog on this with such titles as unoriginal but i dont care i had so many scripts for this movie i couldnt pick just one so i had this crazy idea to do somethin old s... posted July 17, 2006
King KongThe True Story Action
ok thisis my take on king kong dont worry not a snore fest!!! just give it a shot :Dthe main charactor is in a clown costume simply cause no one ever uses the clown outfit and it looks cool and whats ... posted December 25, 2005
Sid the Zombie inhow babies are made Comedy
ok this is a new take on using the "horror" people since no one really gets into horror on here ne more its just a test so its ok if you dont like it :)ok the ending is not rushed!!! hahaha just i can... posted December 23, 2005
Unalive! Horror
ok this was like the third movie i ever made and i didnt rlease it EVER!!!! so here it is HAHAHAHAHAHAHA*note i didnt intend there to be any music in this movie i took out the sound but i was listinin... posted December 16, 2005
KungFu Monkey The Return Comedy
this is a sequel to kingfu monkey it was done by my friend who doesnt have an aco[play nice now!] on here cause he's never on sorry that the sound is lagged its this darned patch it has messed it up ... posted December 15, 2005
The AccidentPart 1 The Dead Awaken Horror
Ok this is goin to be a longish seris if u likethis let me know im very interested in your opinions i spent alot of time on this seris tryin to think of an intriguing story line tell me if your hooked yet :D posted December 10, 2005
The Kungfu Monkey re done Comedy
No Description posted December 7, 2005
Rabbit season Action
this is my first action,comedy,dark humor movie i messed up a few times with costumesbut thats about it i know the audio maybe gay but i dont know how to intertwine it that well :D i hope u enjoyi hav... posted December 7, 2005
Day of Reckoning teaser trailer Action
Ok this is a movie trailer not the real movie i wanna know what u think?! if u like this check outfightingblind or vicxe versa :D posted December 6, 2005
is that poo on my shoeOr brains Action
HEY guys i thought id try something new and be the first person to release a Trailer!!! now keep in mind i will finish this movie if and ONLY IF this movie preview gets good reviews i mean if you wann... posted December 1, 2005
oh yes there will be blood!!!! Horror
well what can u expect from this movie?! no blood im sorry i wish i had that technology tho :D:( but i can promise a funnyish and decent story line :D lol i hope you enjoy this cabin basedmovie note:w... posted November 24, 2005
weird and random movie you were fore told Comedy
No Description posted November 22, 2005
sickened rage Horror
No Description posted November 22, 2005
Fighting Blind Action
No Description posted November 22, 2005
The Kungfu Monkey Comedy
No Description posted November 22, 2005
Fighting Blind Action Not Rated
No Description posted November 22, 2005
sickened rage Horror
No Description posted November 22, 2005
Movies Reviewed by poopiemcgee04
Gnomes on a Plane by Master007 Horror
wow that was pretty good lol could have been better not to impressive but i like how you did the movie to bad when the sam jackson wanna be was shot you could see the black guy you used lol reviewed February 28, 2007
Priest Beast by God_Of_Plague Horror
wow that is so weird lol omg it was funny and the editing was well done great job :D MAKING OUT IS WRONG AHHHHHHHH COUGH COUGH lol best part reviewed February 27, 2007
The Dark Knight Wrath of The Scarecrow by darth_omega1 Action
ok first off this is copyrighted material from the title dark knight (which happens to be the batman begins sequel name) to the characters and straight down to the dialouge. i used to do the same stuf... reviewed February 22, 2007
Stud Money 007 2 by pookashells Action
Lol wow that was very intertaining i didnt even watch the first part but now im def going to :D that was awesome lol i enjoyed the cell shaded look and the last part was def.good if you need any vo'x ... reviewed February 22, 2007
Mars Trailer by Yodabob Sci-Fi
Featured Review
wow i usually give 3 stars for trailers but that looked like it took some effort just to make that trailer :D lol nice job on it i cant wait to see the whole thing let me know the next time you need v...
reviewed February 18, 2007
Clerks 3 by StanandPaul Comedy
wow i dont usually care but saying [shhhh!] that much during a movie is totally not right especially when u can tell that ur meaning to make fun of them and dont name a movie like that after clerks ca... reviewed February 15, 2007
the adventure returns by darkcoyote Action
wow no offense but that wasnt that great i just spent over 3 minutes watching something that had no action no good editing and the subtitles went fast in some areas i hope the next installment is better reviewed February 15, 2007
Silent Hill 2 part 3 by DavidMartinJr Horror
Rules to making a movie: 1.It should always have a plot not just walking around and narration. 2.The editing should be done right add some interesting camera angles. 3.Always have fun which looks like... reviewed February 7, 2007
The Color Of The Crime by Montoro Horror
wasn't bad at all a little to much talking in my opinion subtitles were awful but im glad they were there to help me understand good job on the sound effects and the editing as well nice job! reviewed February 7, 2007
Stop by mycoolart Horror
wow such an old song to me lol but it so got your point across amazing job keep up the good work. Also if you get a chance check out my movie trailer for Damnation. reviewed February 7, 2007
DAREDEVIL Mark Of A Hero by hcir87 Action
Ok 5 stars coulda used some better dialogue and coulda been longer but i like where your going with this. Interesting soundtrack you had there at the end wish you woulda had it fit better tho and if h... reviewed February 7, 2007
DEAD SILENCE by meosha12 Action
wow pretty good war movie :D i dont know if id call it a movie felt more like a trailer but it was still pretty amazing you did a good job keep up the good work! :D Also check out my trailer Damnation reviewed February 6, 2007
The Spires of Marmitron by jonsleet Horror
wow this is the first review where i dont know what to say but heres some free vc's Also check out my trailer Damnation reviewed February 6, 2007
The Posessed (trailer) by Kindler98 Sci-Fi
so whats the story line?!I got so lost if this is a trailer why does it have prob one of the biggest parts of the movie in it?! im sorry but 2 stars try a little harder rather then put together a quic... reviewed February 6, 2007
Ultimate Warriors (Theatrical Teaser) by DanielH20 Action
wow that was crap!No wait that was toilet paper its lower then crap........toilet paper that GOD USES!!! LOL That was Fuc**** great! i am in love lol can't wait for it to come out i also can't wait fo... reviewed February 6, 2007
The Old Man in Action by ZaneAG Comedy
wow it woulda been like 5 stars up until the oldie got shot cause it was good then it got drug out but good job on the movie tho keep it up. check out my trailer Damnation on my homepage reviewed February 6, 2007
Bornhorse International man of Mystery by Bartlin4321 Action
very good hope steve is a real life badass lol :P.always good to see cute little bunnys and chickens kickin ass lol awesome job man keep up the cool movies reviewed February 6, 2007
Zombie Stories by pawson Horror
wow im actually liking these thats amazing lol very good tie in with the second one. No mic is that why no vo's? well if u send me the script for your next installment i can record some vo's for ya ju... reviewed February 6, 2007
Zombie Stories 2 by pawson Horror
hmmm not to bad really i haven't watched the first one yet i might get to it in a sec but im a little busy on my Damnation project thx for the review btw:D reviewed February 6, 2007
Siren by jessaroma Action
wow i read sidy's review and i was like no F*in way but when i watched it wow was i amazed please please!!! do another!!! do the background on the girl then go into a deeper plot that would be amazin... reviewed February 6, 2007
Fade To Black by ubernewbie Sci-Fi
I rather enjoyed that song at the end :D Cant wait for part 2! That was a very good movie coulda used without the mumbles tho and coulda been edited a little better but all in all it was a very righte... reviewed February 5, 2007
Somebody Put Something In My Drink by combine_studios Comedy
I didn't really laugh to much but im giving you three stars cause even tho there was no subtitles of vo's you still got your point across which is good i like that hope to see more great movies from you. reviewed February 5, 2007
The Ex-Boyfriend by prophet777 Comedy
apart from the crap in the background of the vo that was a pretty good short movie i enjoyed that one. I liked the surprise you through in there when he knocked lol that was a good one and the end was... reviewed February 5, 2007
Extreme Target by HarrisonPloeg Action
wow 5 stars right up until the end good little short movie made me chuckle a little,but that ending ruined it for me there was no story as to why he died but keep up the good work check out my films i... reviewed February 5, 2007
Welcome To Club Death by patt0192 Horror
wow that was pretty amazing good use of mods especially the nudie mod hope no one complains about it where exactly is that mod i could use that only one i have is the shower skin.Great editing,subtitl... reviewed February 5, 2007
Danger Train by studiodeauckland Action
wow again dude why do u make movies like this? why not vo's id love to know search me in the forums and let me know this i think its sad u have to rate ur own movie with wagthedog are credits that imp... reviewed February 5, 2007
Terror by studiodeauckland Action
wtf was that?! better then your last but dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Add subtitles!!! makes a movie better add a story line and for godsake dont come to my site and review me 1 star and leave no review and t... reviewed February 4, 2007
Oddmans Cargo by lf751 Comedy
wow a minute and 9 seconds of my life gone! i gave you two stars instead of one because.....well i dont know i think im feeling generous next time turn down the music so it doesn't collide with the vo... reviewed February 4, 2007
Love Casino (Teaser) by JazzX Romance
pretty good trailer i want to see this movie looks good but might be one of those ones that bore you to tears ;) lol jk reviewed February 4, 2007
Tommorows Past - Trailer by Nightfire101 Horror
i wouldnt rate it a 5 star cause its a trailer but u did a good job on it wish i knew how to do alot of that stuff like custom backgrounds but im dumb lol can't wait to see the movie reviewed February 4, 2007
stupid alien invasion 2 by blackmanstanding Comedy
I was thinking 4 stars but the editing coulda been a lot better.The story was kinda weird shoulda been longer the audio lagged out but since u said computer lag i took that in to consideration not bad... reviewed February 4, 2007
Horror From Hell by Brietje Horror
Im sry i tend to be honest 3 stars because that was odd i mean it was a good go if u had vo's it woulda made it feel a little better next installment should def be longer i mean one minute grave yard ... reviewed February 4, 2007
Rain by studiodeauckland Action
i agree with brietje this movie is horrid im sorry 1 star also this movie shoulda been called all the action scenes put into one short clip reviewed February 4, 2007
Home by studiodeauckland Sci-Fi
wtf? no subtitles no vo'S?with a title like HOME and a screenshot like u had i expected a cool little short movie about living in space etc but no i get a piece of crap with no story line and randomne... reviewed February 4, 2007
Intercourse at Ground Zero by mildheadwound Action
3 stars cause that was odd lol i mean it was interesting just didnt make to much sense but i like the effort im gonna watch ur other one but only when i have 23 min to pass by ;) lol thx for rating my... reviewed January 30, 2007
The Baggage Boy VO Edition by luv2read3 Comedy
Featured Review
im sry for that being ur first vo it was ok but just wasnt funny or entertaining
reviewed January 29, 2007
Godzilla by Mario95 Action
Featured Review
where did u get those awesome camera rotations? preset? cause i sure as the hell cant get my stunts and effects to do that lol i agree with purplesteve i really liked the rock and roll take on godzill...
reviewed January 29, 2007
Secret Agents - Men like you and me - eng by daniellecrownford Action
Featured Review
wow that was a crappy movie! just kidding lol that was very very good i enjoyd it alot keep up the good work on that haha softcore porn to jesus music lol nice touch ;)
reviewed January 29, 2007
CRIME Teaser trailer by claw21 Action
that sucked! lol jk actually it was a really good trailer i think the main character needs a new vo but hey its your movie lol can't wait to see the final project reviewed December 15, 2006
THE NANNY 2 by NOSZ Comedy
you know the geico commercials so easy a caveman can do it well that was sooooo stupid nobody should do it that was pointless you just wasted 30 secs of my life next time work a little harder on somet... reviewed December 15, 2006
Game Station II by Irish_Scorpion Comedy
goo djob u need to revamp the score system tho it confused me but that was a good idea im proud of my little man your growing up :'( haha jk lol rate my movie the effects of cocaine on the mond if you... reviewed December 15, 2006
The Tide Turns by k1190 Action
im not quite sure what just happened but it kinda grabbed me and pulled mein at the end there good try ;) reviewed December 15, 2006
Halo Trailer by peewee55 Action
no offense but it seems lame try to change the title and try to change the characters around etc make it feel like halo that felt like "the movies online" check out my movie on my homepage and get an ... reviewed December 7, 2006
Urban Gangsters by peewee55 Action
pretty good ye sit was outta sync but it wasnt to distracting it was alot better then half themovies ive seen tonight ;) reviewed December 7, 2006
Far Out by lelue Action
i was hoping it was gonna be good only good thing were the big breasted babes fighting lol no story line so that takes away 2 stars reviewed December 7, 2006
The Dolphin Dreamers by u0072b4 Comedy
i like randomness but that was to random you couldve done with some editing as well hope you take all this advice from all of us and make a good movie check some of my movies out if you have time ;) reviewed December 7, 2006
Gateway To Oblivion the remake I by gsears Horror
to much randomness like no story line at all and to much random claping lol nice try tho reviewed December 7, 2006
Death of the Dead by jsorensen3 Horror
i would love to give you 5 stars but it just wasnt that great dont get me wrong it was entertaining it just didnt have a strong story line or anything to it but i did like the take a shower then go zo... reviewed December 7, 2006
This Is The End by Moviemaniac1 Horror
4 stars for that my friend woulda been 3 because there was no motave to kill her and that ending was worded to weird it totally killed the thrill but i gave you 4 stars because you did a hell of a job... reviewed December 6, 2006
PowerRangers The Untold Story by jasepye Comedy
That was by far the worst movie i have seen for a long time!Just because you had a power rangers reference in it doesnt mean it can be called power rangers the untold story that was lame im sry :( reviewed December 6, 2006
Delver and Fudges Huge Adventure by JaredPeace Comedy
that was very funny and well thought about lol i love the ninjas i think thats gonna be intitled in my next film a ninja movie sounds fun reviewed December 5, 2006
Der Glückspilz - The lucky Guy by Catopa Comedy
def 5 stars especially for that advice at the end lol ;) that was a good story i had doubts at first but quiet interesting im glad i donated my almost 4 min to your movie ;) reviewed December 5, 2006
Backwood Horror comes to Town by TimBurtonFan Horror
im speechless that was amazingly done reviewed December 4, 2006
Jack - Trailer by freak6010 Horror
awesome im looking forward to the good job on keeping jack a mesterious feeling character :D how did u get the blood under her?! is it in the game and im just missing it or what reviewed December 4, 2006
im tired of zombies! by alon1993 Comedy
decent movie i feel the vo's coulda been better and a little bit more comedy it was a good idea for a story but it just didnt really feel like it made sense but i like how you tryed to make the viewer... reviewed December 4, 2006
Chat Room by sidy Horror
that was a very awesome movie i wish i could do that photoshop stuff to make it look that cool english was bad but u prewarned so......awesome!!! reviewed December 3, 2006
Eternal War series part 2 by Enzo_0 Sci-Fi
another outstanding job im a big fan of ur series so far i like it keep up the good work but also be careful with ur words when u do subtitles i foujnda few mistakes reviewed July 22, 2006
The Camping Trip by mcrispy13 Horror
that was a damn goodmovie keep up the good work very interesting id like to see a spinoff orsomethin :D reviewed July 19, 2006
Badtimes by 1e4th3rf4c3 Horror
3 stars for the michael jackson hee hee at the end thats the only part of the whole movie i could understand good effor tho maybe next time turn off the mumbels and maybe turn the music down a tad or speak up reviewed July 19, 2006
Gorilla Team 5 by g318 Comedy
Featured Review
lol yet another great movie m loved it lol keep up the good series lol put some randomscenes in the next one for me plz :D lol random scenes of explosions
reviewed July 19, 2006
Lights out(Trailer) by hightfilms Horror
i hope that wasnt the whole movie i will be disappointed lol that was very cool tho i wish i knew how u do that stuff did u just use back grounds for everything? how did you do it id like to know pm me sometime reviewed July 19, 2006
Duck Down by g318 Comedy
Featured Review
well i dont know what to say about that movie it was special lol but i liked it alot lol especailly duck world hahah keep up the good work
reviewed July 19, 2006
Mr Universum V by Macemilia Comedy
ill give you 3 stars because i feel confused and raped lol i couldnt understand the language of the movie but what i got rom the movie itself was well......... big monster,destruction,monster dies,my... reviewed July 18, 2006
Among Tony by mpdq Horror
that was the worst movie i have seen in along time that had no point to it at all it was just random killing and random scenes of "retardation" you should give it an actual try next time reviewed July 18, 2006
War is Hell by mom2lindsay Horror
decent movie i wouldve liked to have seen a storyline but all and all it was a decent war scene u shoulda made it longer and expanded the sets a little bit i look forward to your next movie reviewed July 18, 2006
What Are We by McGoonagul Action
wow at first i was confused then as i watched your movie it started to intrigue me :D 5 stars because that was such an origianl storyline and the dialogue was incredible u have a great way at telling the story reviewed July 18, 2006
Hellmut und Hellge - Trailer by OlliEntertainment Comedy
sorry olli not impressed i mean sounds likea decent concept but there was really nothing in that trailer to really grab my intrest reviewed July 18, 2006
blober by peppsipower Sci-Fi
huh extremely short lol maybe some effort next time? reviewed July 18, 2006
Dr Who the final episode by Silverfin Horror
lol i like hte way u think maybe pm me sometime maybe we can collaborate on a movie together :D reviewed July 18, 2006
Waking Up Piglets by kingleon Comedy
i wanted to give it more then two stars i really did but that movie really needed a plot line had kinda one just a sniper pickin people off but no story line or ne thing to that nature and some parts ... reviewed July 18, 2006
Oh Its On 3 Ouichi Genshi Basutaa Alpha by mixmasterfestus Action
oh my god!!! that was just incredible this deserves to be number one i applaude youe good sir (im not worthy bows b4 thee) lol pm me sometime cause i was wondering if i gave u a script would u go halv... reviewed July 18, 2006
Forever War part 1 by Enzo_0 Sci-Fi
Featured Review
that was magnificent i enjoyed that so much i cant wait for the sequel i would like to see some vo's in the next one sometimes the st's went a little to fast but overall it was a great flick u should ...
reviewed July 18, 2006
RED by Happysimmonds Action
pretty decent i think it coulda been better but eh it was good u coulda explained a little more about "red" because at one point he's laying in blood lol and then the nex he's in a bar and then a bunc... reviewed July 18, 2006
Chrysler 300C by djelements Comedy
pretty good ad only thing that was super hilarious was the people entering the car hahaha lol reviewed January 22, 2006
A Day on the Starship Enterprise (R) by leastman Sci-Fi
hahahah 5 stars if it wasnt so random i like random but that was to random hahaha but so [wash your mouth out!]in funny im not toooooooo racist but that was so hilarious i almost [bad-word!] my pants ... reviewed January 18, 2006
The Adventures of Woody! Trailer by Stormwhitelab Action
ok this idea seems stupid and since its a trailer imma rate it 1 star so i can tell how stupid this looks just because all you have to do to get that maniquin is not add ne one into the scene i mean c... reviewed January 15, 2006
Ozzy Osbourne Falls Down Stairs by myrtheus Comedy
pretty good couldve been better tho reviewed January 12, 2006
TROOPERS - an Imperial Story by ranger21 Sci-Fi
that was by far the best star wars spinoff ive seen on here i dont usually like them but that was a good are of costumesmusic and backdrops that was excellent btw where did u get those costumes? reviewed January 12, 2006
Cute Blonde German Girls Fall Down Stairs by suedenim Comedy
hahaha that was good i agreetho no plot but if your sick in thehead then it made sense and hey!!!it made sense to me :D reviewed January 12, 2006
101 Dalmatians by Saskro Comedy
that was a very interesting and entertaining movie i enjoyed it alot reviewed January 11, 2006
Dimension Shift (Teaser) by capemedia Sci-Fi
awesome good editing!!!! i liked it cant wait for the movie to actually come out reviewed January 11, 2006
Foreigner Falls Down Stairs by Tarison Comedy
That was awesome i enjoyred how the robot now has infared :D yay!!!! i enjoyed that alot good job on the invisible dude :D reviewed January 11, 2006
One to many by BizGF Action
Dude i love you! hahahah that was just so [wash your mouth out!]in funny oh my [wash your mouth out!]ing god son of a [censored!] that was hilarious :D wioll you be one of my voice actors for my movie... reviewed January 11, 2006
The Bugmaster pt 1 by Cl1nt Sci-Fi
it was a little to short i know its a continuation but way short and it could use some vo's and the story needs some improvements reviewed January 11, 2006
Watch your Words (cancer) by bgcc Action
wow that was moving sorry to hear bout ur loses that was inspiring :D couldve used some music tho reviewed January 11, 2006
Night Train by Fortunato Horror
that was pretrty awesome i would like to see this go top 10 but who knows :D only thing keepin me from given you 5 stars is the vo sound kept fluctuating :( oh well still great i enjoyed this alot and... reviewed January 10, 2006
Bulky Robot falls down stairs by LuciusVorenus Romance
hahah that was awesome has ne one done jesus falling down stairs yet?! reviewed January 9, 2006
Off The Reacord with Lionhead Studios by sarunit Comedy
that was so clever made some good points and also kept me entertained but u get 5 stars for not only the tutakes :D hahahahah omg the outakes but good editing some of the voices were to soon sometimes... reviewed January 9, 2006
King Kong 2 by OMGWTFBBQ123 Action
again decent but not a big fan of kong rip offs same as b4 reviewed January 7, 2006
King Kong by OMGWTFBBQ123 Action
pretty good sound was off tho i enjoyed it a little bit not to big of a fan of king kong rip offs not like this is one it was ur own idea and thats why i liked it but it is still called king kong reviewed January 7, 2006
Advanced Editing Techniques Pt 1 by tim_pilgrim Comedy
that editing was awesome id love to see it made into an actual movie like base it in the computer world or somethin like that :D there i gave u an idea for #1 on the charts reviewed January 7, 2006
Spiderman - Trailer by FreddaH Action
Featured Review
i figure the star doesnt matter but it looks decent i just ask u plz dont make this movie u can not do spiderman justice on tmo but how did u make the spider suit im curious on this?! cause i have a f...
reviewed January 7, 2006
Survival Game by Dylen Horror
i wanna give you one star but i wont be mean all that was was saw but a more TMO version of it i mean come on the gamemaster?! awful lotlike jigsaw and what was up with the end?! u tryed to have a twi... reviewed January 7, 2006
8-Bit Wonder - Restart by BostonCollegeFan Comedy
Featured Review
u just made me a fan of that band i liked there music alot any chance i would be able to use ne other song they ahve to make a movie?! are u associated with them?! cause i loved the techno beat it had...
reviewed January 7, 2006
If I Had The Stagecoach Set by Ratqueen Comedy
that was awesome sad thing is i have the stagecoach set and i cant think of a way to use it cause there arent enough old west sets :( but that was awesome i loved it reviewed January 7, 2006
How To Make A Movie by catthomp Comedy
that was pretty good the sound did cut out tho and it seemed a little rushed ish sry but i did enjoy it check out my kong movie :D reviewed January 7, 2006
shortest movie eva by timman Comedy
you sdhould sell your computer and kill yourself that was so [shhhh!]in retarded reviewed January 4, 2006
Deadly Lust by prefont75 Action
that was really quite reminding of sin city which made it enjoyable the thing i missed the most was a good vo cause face it it wouldve been great with vo's i didnt mind the subtitles but a vo wouldve ... reviewed January 2, 2006
The Adventures of Hannah Beth by JohnRAndrew Action
pretty good story line and the vo's werent to bad to short tho good work other wise tho reviewed January 2, 2006
Darkness of Light The Beginning by bioempress Action
wow very nice work i thought bein under 1 min it was gonna suck cow utters :D but it didnt cant wait to see more was that ur voice?! if it was it was very beautiful and hypnotic if it wasnt it still w... reviewed January 2, 2006
Death of a reviewer by Aratos-Y-SCO Comedy
T L T is crap lol that was awesome hahahah weatch imma get a hate review for that lol criticism is ok but not when its what ur portraying that was very nice i know how it is to get crappy votes like t... reviewed January 2, 2006
The Morgan Freeman Theory! by UrinatingTree Comedy
hahaha so f****in funny lol that was awesome :D really really mad morgan freeman vo tho lol sounded more like dave chapelle:D hahaha and whats so bad bout jar jar binx?! i happened to like the gungans... reviewed January 2, 2006
Santas Last Christmas by JoeSeagles Action
pretty good wasn't as funny as it couldve been maybe u shouldve put whowas sayin the sentences sometimes tho cause it was a bit confusing other then that it was a pretty good movie reviewed January 2, 2006
2001 A Space Odyssey (Part 1) by stormchaser221 Sci-Fi
wtf?!?!? wtf just happened? im so lost i would give a review but 1 i dont know where to start and 2 wtf!??! reviewed January 2, 2006
Drowning by jnyblujns Action
it was ok.........the music was a little ehhh personally not my taste but tahts not why the three the song didnt go to well with the movie but good try reviewed January 2, 2006
Star Wurst (Voicenew music) by Drako123 Comedy
wow no plot!nothing special at all!just random fart noises thats what i would hardly consider a movie reviewed December 30, 2005
The First Date (30 Seconds of Bliss) by ozman69 Comedy
wow another dog attack :D lol yet another good 30seconds of bliss :D dont listen to gay peole on the forums these are good quality work i admire the stuff u do cuase it does take alot of good editing ... reviewed December 29, 2005
Troy McClain explains Vampires by Andy1985 Comedy
wow that was pretty good i liked that alot subtitles kinda tricky to read but other then that pretty pretty good i liked how afraid billy was reviewed December 28, 2005
James Leech Remake by warpedrevolution Sci-Fi
wow strong story line i like that in a mopvie not to big on sci-fi ne more but that was like non-stop awesome writing and awesome action :D keep it up reviewed December 28, 2005
The Life of a Movies Assistant by mitchell_lee Comedy
very good i thought it was gonna be funny but didnt make me laugh at all but yes good use of scenes it was very well cut etc reviewed December 27, 2005
Among Us trailer by Masquerade37 Sci-Fi
it was ok at first it seemed to much like an acctual movie rather then a trailer some advice add vo's but make the queen a diff language and have it like its translating :D and work on the subtitle te... reviewed December 27, 2005
The Fight for Christmas by cipheruzmad Action
pretty good i give it a 4 it wouldve been 5 if bush looked like bush :D well good job ne wayz and happy new year back at cha reviewed December 27, 2005
The Groonch by catthomp Comedy
yet another good movie by.........you :D hahah i liked it watch out u may get sued for usin the name max it was the grinches dog :D reviewed December 27, 2005
The Lottery (30 Seconds of Bliss) by ozman69 Comedy
hahah yet again another well made 30 seconds of bliss :D good ending i liked it reviewed December 27, 2005
Die Ruhe selbst by JohnMcCloud Horror
wow that was good a bit slow for me but it was still quite good :D id like to see more music videos maybe somethin hevier next time like a rammstein kinda fell :D reviewed December 27, 2005
Beach Party by danieldude100 Action
ok it was decentish but im not sayin i hate it so no revenge post!! hahah just not really a story line and alot of it didnt make any sense :D lol hahahaha but i did like the monkey howl :D lol try aga... reviewed December 26, 2005
Miami Christ by Sphinx86 Action
Featured Review
very good movie solid action,jokes,and man did that movie make me laugh alot lol it was very well done and jesus seemed so much of a rebel
reviewed December 25, 2005
Timmys Christmas (30 seconds of bliss) by ozman69 Comedy
i feel brain washed!! is it from that kid in the background makin the noises?! thats why this movie gets 5 stars!!! hahaha jk it was original and made me laugh at the end it was good cant wait for more reviewed December 25, 2005
Rules of the Skeleton Key Gang by ChargingWorm Comedy
very funny!!!! only thing thats stopping me from giving this 5 stars is the lack of sound and it kinda reminded me of the rules of fight club (kinda!) but good job reviewed December 24, 2005
007 Silent Killer by rico1707 Action
ok its not that i didnt like this movie but there was no story/plot!!!!!!and comin do a diff kinda spy movie dont have him act like bond i mean common you've prob seen xxx did he act like bond!?NOOOOO... reviewed December 24, 2005
Spooky Scary Skeleton! by TurboGhost Horror
hahaha wow that was pretty f***in cool i liked the song sppoky scary skeleton!! hahaha good movie reviewed December 23, 2005
Evil Monkeys Christmas Gift to You by justin_in_bangor Horror
hahahah i know u were tryin to make it scary/funny and it was an effort so im given it 3 stars just because i knew something was coming but i was still KINDa scared when it popped out :D hahaha the in... reviewed December 20, 2005
Kill Chris by jamesswaine Action
im not gonna be mean and give you a 1 cause that movie offended me cause u think jesus would really actlike that?! im given you to stars because that was down right rushed u could tell and the plot wa... reviewed December 20, 2005
Simons obsession with Halo (Version 3) by MortalMadMatt Comedy
Featured Review
wowo that was quite entertaining it reminds me of how i was for halo 2 but i didnt go psycho vo's werent to bad the girls voices couldve been better try taking ur voice higher nex t time u try a girls...
reviewed December 20, 2005
Enduring Mein Kampf Teaser Trailer by Emotep Horror
looks good cant wait to see it but one question?! wheres the snipers?! :D haha u need some snipers lol that wouldve hooked me :D and u shouldve tryed to make a custom back ground of a consitration camp reviewed December 20, 2005
I killed Jesus and all I got was this T-shirt by Sphinx86 Comedy
Featured Review
hahahahahah omgok lol i thought at firs tit was gonna offend me but that was so funny the vo was so well done lol but the best part was "the jews send there regards" hahahaha VERY funny and very well done
reviewed December 19, 2005
The All New Dating Game by ozman69 Comedy
hahaha 5 stars for the intro music ahahah jk lol it was good very very well written and the bachelors were the best hahahaha reviewed December 19, 2005
Christmas American Style (final) by cdmvirt Comedy
wow that was good i enjoyed themessage that was there :D reviewed December 18, 2005
need for speedgetaway by catthomp Comedy
pretty goodsome sound effects wouldve been good :D but all and all i enjoyed it i'll promote your movie :D reviewed December 18, 2005
Life is to short by wickedissues Action
You rate other people's great movies low stars of lil stuff but your moving was completely boring, useless, and pointless. So i think u should think a lil bit harder and come up with something action,... reviewed December 15, 2005
Gay Guy by Thatguy467 Comedy
crap just pure filthy crap!!!!!! reviewed December 15, 2005
What could go wrong by Sphinx86 Action
Featured Review
wow i agree with that guy below u deserve ratings i will bump your link!!! it was awesome i give it five stars way way way way way way way way way way up just because the story line was good subtitles...
reviewed December 15, 2005
Not Forgotten by lilitalygarbler Action
great job i especially loved the cambodeian voice overs :) next time try not to flucuate your voice to much on the yelling parts etc it just seemed whispered and it took away the feel of the action/su... reviewed December 15, 2005
The Show Hosted by an OCD Man by Goad Comedy
not bad title led me to believe that there was gonna be more ocd i pictured people messing up his couch etc and him freakin but it was still good hopefully the next episode will be in the 70's or 80's... reviewed December 15, 2005
Graveyard by 02PARSIM Horror
Featured Review
good movie very original im looking forward to a sequel?! later on i would enjoy that just as i did that one good use of sets and the dialogue was superb i enjoyed that alot
reviewed December 15, 2005
Weapons of Laugh Destruction by maranr Comedy
i enjoyed this movie but watch out bush is after you now!!!! lol hahahah nice work its like u interviewed the president to get how he really thinks lol oh wait he already makes an a-s-s of himself lol... reviewed December 15, 2005
Nosferatu by Yogurt_King Horror
let me add to the 5 stars!!! very good pianoskills btw :) mademe enjoy the movie but how did u get the words up there like as a scene ive been tryin to do that for a long time but i dont know how?! reviewed December 15, 2005
Thunder Duck 5 - Role With The New by Kenkira Action
i wouldve given you 5 stars if their wouldve been voice overs! but other than that decent movie! i enjoyed it!!! reviewed December 15, 2005
Trio Troubles by alpha_02 Comedy
Featured Review
hahaahahah very good fav part(as follows) eheheheheheheheheeheheheheheheheeheheheheheeheheheheheeheheheheheheheheeheheheheheehehehehehe lol hahah that had me rollin lol that was a very well thought ou...
reviewed December 13, 2005
Psalm 23 The Video Remix by FatherJames Romance
very good im glad tos ee that the movies isnt only for horror action etc but for good christian (whatever your religion no offensivness meant) movies that give a good meaning and secret messages insid... reviewed December 13, 2005
A Schmans Life 3 by Happy_Schman Romance
omg soooooooo good it was like the best noir storyibve ever seen on the movies reviewed December 12, 2005
Dead Reckoning Part I The Beginning by Valtharius Horror
hahah dont know if it was supposed to be but that was funny it was SO random!!!!! lol i enjoyed it alot lol make a sequel!!!!!!!! but add some very random scenes like flash a random prop focus across ... reviewed December 12, 2005
K7 by Markana Sci-Fi
Featured Review
let me first start off by sayin YOU MAKE ME HAPPY:D:D:D lol hahah that is the first time i have heard anyone do alien voices hahaha thats what ive been lookin for in a good sci-fi movie that has a str...
reviewed December 12, 2005
Bloodlust by hydrazoid Comedy
im sry i like movies like that but that only had references to the bible and 360 etc so why was he afraid of the bible?! it didnt explain anything that ur teaser words said that it would reviewed December 12, 2005
Q by mikkdc Comedy
i enjoyed it another 4 star rating i liked it cause it left off perfectly just bring out the second part today or tommorow but do make it a little longer id like to see where his adventures are goin reviewed December 12, 2005
Scored! by mikkdc Romance
sequel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol it was funny very good for your first 4 stars!!! reviewed December 12, 2005
The Stepfather part I by LukeJohnsonson Action
pretty good cant wait to see the others :D prob wouldve liked it more if i couldve read the subtitles they went to fast reviewed December 12, 2005
In War In Love by Jurriaan Romance
great story very very welldone the rate your goin you will be top 25 reviewed December 12, 2005
Preserving The Gene Pool by herr_lipp Comedy
Featured Review
whats in a hitler happy meal?! hahahaha lol i liked that part :D that was very good hahaha i wish thatshow ww 2 was that means alot more lesbo germ porn
reviewed December 12, 2005
Music Video - I wanna save you by kinesis916 Action
i rather enjoyed it unlike alot of what people ahve said it was a good music genre to :D how did u get real music in ur movie btw?! reviewed December 12, 2005
Revenant Curse by Suladead Horror
great movie but it kinda reminded me to much of a crow wanna be it was good tho dont get me wrong i cant wait to see the zombie western reviewed December 12, 2005
Evil Dead Tribute by Suladead Horror
HAHAHAHAHA AWESOME!!!!! that was a good tribute i liked the deer part u shouldve added in the laughter :D wanna make evi ldead 4 with me?! i know its not original but basically cause we will be creati... reviewed December 12, 2005
Curves 4 Merry Sex-mas by scoobdoo Romance
Featured Review
yet again the spinoff to the bates series is still ALIVE!!!! haha very good nice les scene if only there was a sex mod and a way to block moderators from takin it off :D oh well i can dream
reviewed December 12, 2005
Carentan by italiaholden Action
Featured Review
(exact words)..........................................................(im speechless)
reviewed December 12, 2005
Vibra - Black Despair by baktakor Romance
not as good as the first but it was still sweet and short :D keep up the good work reviewed December 12, 2005
Becoming Vibra by baktakor Horror
very good no to much more to say that hasnt already been said but it was good great story but maybe act like the cnacer formula isn't what turned him ;) hahaha like where thats goin? it opens you up f... reviewed December 12, 2005
Hare Loom by ATynam Comedy
oh god yes continue it!!! lol i love rabbit movies!!! lol it made me feel like i was watchin the evil dead movies and i love evil dead :D oh btw can i have the link for those car skins?! i had them on... reviewed December 12, 2005
FBI First Bloodcurdling Inhabitant (Cap1) by DavidSS Horror
good but choppy story line twist was good but not to original but for the most part it was good reviewed December 12, 2005
Counter-Strike by quezalcoatl Action
hahaha big fan of cs and that just made me wanna play it lol great respawns btw lol :D do u know how to import your own music? reviewed December 12, 2005
John Smith and the pizza girl by michanist Comedy
Featured Review
haha yet again ur movie hasnt let me down enjoyable 100%!!! it was good
reviewed December 12, 2005
Chicken for president by michanist Comedy
that is so a 4 starer it was funny i wouldve given it 5 starsif it was just a little bit more story telling but for the whole i liked it reviewed December 12, 2005
n! by Glasby Sci-Fi
Featured Review
ok i must admit at the beggining i was gonna shut it off cause i was getting bord and the only thing i could find good was the music but fter giving it a few more min i got hooked!!! it was excellent...
reviewed December 12, 2005
Forgotten War Behind Enemy Lines by ER4455 Action
ok it was all right but the vo's could have been done better it sounded like the german spoken was made up cause i speak german and i didnt understand any of it cept for when hitler died umm lets see ... reviewed December 12, 2005
A Time To Kill by richegroover Action
please tell me your making more!!!!! that was very well done especially the editing :D i enjoyed it where did u get the diner stage?! and the library?! abd the phone effects?! hahahaha and may as well... reviewed December 12, 2005
Traitor General by kinesis916 Sci-Fi
i give that a 5 becaus ethat stroy line was original and it was very interesting i can hardly ever sit through a 8-10 min movie on here but that had me intrigued i noticed alot of glitches tho like bo... reviewed December 12, 2005
Black And White by catthomp Comedy
very good it was funny keep up the funniness!!!! private message me on the forums caus eid rather surprise people with the script :D reviewed December 12, 2005
Inhuman Assassin IV The End Trailer by Buccura Sci-Fi
pretty cool looking I LIKE ACTION :D hahahah any comedy gonna be in it?! id like it if u watche dmy trailer and then let me know if ud like to go into a collaberation with a movie http://movies.lionhe... reviewed December 11, 2005
Trailer n! by Glasby Action
music was good dont change that lol but work on the story it seems...............eh lol sry just speakin mymind reviewed December 10, 2005
Wake Up And Die Again by antswillrulesoon Romance
hahaah hes jealous cause he cant make such a random movie like that lol i enjoyed it but three stars for you :D just cause i dont think it should get more then that it was like my movies tho random lo... reviewed December 10, 2005
Rage Hunt by catthomp Action
ok i give this 5 stars it was sooooo good i dont care bout the spelling cause i make mistakes to :D ok so we can both private message each other in the forums and discuse a story and either u make hal... reviewed December 10, 2005
Operation New Earth by lostwolfnesbit Sci-Fi
Featured Review
that was a very good movie i liked it the whole plot of earth being destroyed it was very creative but there were no insert cute bunny noises here tag line lol i'll forgive you :D
reviewed December 10, 2005
The Storm by Radedge Romance
4 stars cause it was original but i had to lose a star cause that ending was just so dull sorry it was good but the ending couldve been better reviewed December 10, 2005
An Open Letter To Lionhead by justin_in_bangor Comedy
f*** cult inc he is stupid with his 2 star rating that was so much better then the efforts people put out to make there own original movies :D lol yours gets 5 stars cause it was funny and cause lionh... reviewed December 10, 2005
Joey by chaotix66 Horror
that was very good couldve used some more sad parts like his life in wholework etc but it was still pretty good keep up the good work man reviewed December 9, 2005
RIP Sci-Fi Hunter by catthomp Action
im really at a lose of words that wqas brilliantly done i stil wanna work on amovie with you it would be an honor :D lol check out my movies either help me with rabbit season 2:Inside the rabbits hole... reviewed December 8, 2005
Cute Blonde German Girls in Uniform 2 by suedenim Comedy
that was very good i enjoyed every minute of it :D keep up the great work reviewed December 8, 2005
Lust by satansmunchkin Romance
great movie no my movie is gonna b at least 21 min long or longer there will be more actioni promise im not paramount or fox :D:P yep im gettin sued lol oh well lol i have to ask are u a male or femal... reviewed December 7, 2005
Children Of The Warrior Khan by yener Action
i give u five stars but for the other movie u put up cause it was so bad the moderators had to take it off :D reviewed December 7, 2005
Allein im Wald by shinji-01 Horror
that was really good u get stars forusing the evil dead cabin :D:P ;) lol i dontwanna sound racist but maybe a black guy wasnt the wisest choice tho cause towards the end when the cabin was dark he ki... reviewed December 7, 2005
JT Ending by SCHAJK Comedy
5 STARS CAUSE THAT IS RANDOM AND FUNNY and cause we all hate jack thompson :D lol check my moviesout let me know what u think reviewed December 6, 2005
Love Story by scoobdoo Romance
Featured Review
brilliantly done i hear a mini seris spinoff :D lol i likedit care to work on a collaberation sometime?! look at my work tell em if its good
reviewed December 6, 2005
Im Tod bist du allein Teil 2 by Meowan Action
i speak very little german give english subtitles?! what i understood was pretty good it was enjoyable you mind recominding any of my movies to ur friends?!etc?! il ldo the same for you :D reviewed December 6, 2005
The Bride Wore Blood! by Tarthos Horror
Featured Review
pretty well done for your second movie
reviewed December 6, 2005
I Did What With A Monkey by catthomp Comedy
i usually like movies that seem like they will make me chuckle but this hurt my brain to even watch it i mean not a bad try but to quickly made sry reviewed December 6, 2005
First And Only by kinesis916 Sci-Fi
very good i got confused sometimes but it was good maybe u should go back and edit it tho like at the end cut it right at the gunshot so u dont see her get shot cause i can see where ur gonna go with ... reviewed December 6, 2005
FMatrix I by AgentMoviePlayerUser Action
ill give you a 4 since it was your first try it was good had some randomness and i like randomness :D lol story could be better like why did he hold up the subway tell a background that would be nice ... reviewed December 6, 2005
Raccoon City II (two minute Preview) by Z0mbie Horror
dude if there was a zero start it would be yours that wasnt a preview that was crap that sucked for even bein about resident evil dont get me wrong alot of my movies suck but that was horrible reviewed December 2, 2005
His Right Hand by oicurtis Action
good, but why was my preview terrible?!not my fault the audio went bad reviewed December 1, 2005
Star Bores Episode 1 by catthomp Sci-Fi
sry u know i like your stuff but im a star wars fan and i mean i watched like 10secs of your movie and i just didnt like the "names" it was iunno weird sry :'( reviewed December 1, 2005
Am Ende der Distanz by Meowan Romance
DUDE!!!! beautifully well done couldve used some rammstein somewhere but it was still amazing how did u get that song into the movie? and where did u get it?! it was awesome best movie ive seen yet do... reviewed November 29, 2005
Kung-Fu Afro Dude by ctb1995 Action
so what was the deal with the aliens?! i have to give a 2 cause the story line wasnt to well told it was cool but the fights could have been better and some humor in it some wehre watch my fighting bl... reviewed November 25, 2005
Master Chief gets a job by jedeye18 Sci-Fi
Featured Review
haha very good couldve usedsome voice overs but i didnt mind reading at least the story line was better then halo 2 HAHAHAHAHA maybe you should work on BEHIND THE MASK:the master chief story with me
reviewed November 24, 2005
Super Ninja Zelda by BrioCyrain Sci-Fi
Featured Review
dude screw those other guys that had me rollin lol i mean just the voice overs were hilarious lol u did good
reviewed November 24, 2005
Attack of the Space Chickens by TheRyuujinMike Horror
color was bad but that was so funny hahahaha omg was it funny lol :D u should so win an award reviewed November 24, 2005
Counter-Strike by willpump4gas Action
haha that was pretty good have to have played counter strike to understand the lingo tho lol but those are the gay people who havent played it lol that was funny make a sequel! reviewed November 24, 2005
the heroes from hell by catthomp Action
very well put together lookin forward to watchin the "sequel" ;) reviewed November 23, 2005
Fable The Movie by stumpythefrog Comedy
oretty funny better hope peter doesnt get on this site lol sincehe did create this game :D:D:D:D:D:D lol but good job reviewed November 22, 2005
The Matrix-Contract Killers 2 by SteveMyrtle Action
oh that was cool had nothing to do with contract killers but it was still a good rip off of the matrix cant wait to see the next edition maybe we can colaberate :D reviewed November 22, 2005
Dawn Of The Dead by gtgoskate Horror
pretty creative needed more zombie fight scenes reviewed November 22, 2005