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Number of Winning Movies: 0
Average Rating Received: 4.29

Number of Movies Reviewed: 63
Number of Reviews Given that were Featured: 2
Average Rating Given: 4.46
Movies Released by pogomtb84
Fixed Horror
A unflinching killer is subject to an experimental neurological implant to eradicate his viloent social disorder. He awakes into a world full of pain, remorse, and sympathy. Jack has been "fixed," fix... posted May 11, 2007
Fixed- Trailer Horror
A unflinching killer is subject to an experimental neurological implant to eradicate his viloent social disorder. Jack awakes into a world full of pain, remorse, and sympathy. Jack has been "fixed."... posted April 27, 2007
Till Death Do We Part Horror
Confronted with loss and pain, a man pushed over the edge, is a man willing to burn. She Will Never Touch Another Man Again. Featuring some original music created by LowFreq and property of Parano... posted April 24, 2007
Wolf Sci-Fi
He cried wolf, but the wolf got there before him. The year is 2022, and the planet is engulfed in war. Chaos creates the need for action, before it is too late. posted April 23, 2007
Movies Reviewed by pogomtb84
The 21 Revenges by silverdag Action
Cool ninja movie. The plot could have been a little more developed. reviewed May 24, 2007
The Killer by TIE543 Horror
Pretty cool movie. Good effort. The plot sounds like it could be really good...keep working on it for the sequel. Let me know when it comes out. reviewed May 24, 2007
Stay Alive as a Gangster (ep 1) by Christian11 Action
A pretty cool gangster movie with good action. I like how you dressed the set with the props. It looked good. The camera and editing were done well. My problem with this movie is the VO's. I like... reviewed May 24, 2007
Re-Animated (Re-release) by FLYBOY727 Horror
Very cool horror. I liked the freecam a lot. The movie was a little short and was left open, but I see there's a sequel. I'll have to go check that out. Great work! reviewed May 23, 2007
The Brutal West Stuntman Mike by matthewmagic Horror
Featured Review
Great movie. I loved the mods and the gore. Really helped the film. I don't know how the detective got up after having a chainsaw put through him, but other than that, a well done movie. Looking...
reviewed May 23, 2007
D-Day The Invasion of Normandy by beachard5 Action
Really cool movie. The mods were great, as were the camera shots. You nailed the action perfectly. Hope to see more from you soon! reviewed May 22, 2007
Sunday The 15Th by marioman70 Horror
I enjoyed it. Not bad at all for your first movie. There was a camera shot in a driving scene where youc could see the end of the set. A couple of other minor edititing mistakes, but not bad at all.... reviewed May 22, 2007
Attack of the Taliban by markcfc Action
Funny movie. The VO's could use some improving. reviewed May 22, 2007
Loneliness - Teaser Trailer by julianallees Romance
Astounding use of music. You nailed the mood perfectly here. It was filmed beatifully. I'm interested to see where you go with this. reviewed May 21, 2007
A Day In Riotts Mind by riott007 Comedy
I don't know what to say. Probably because I'm drunk and medicated as well. reviewed May 20, 2007
Get On Up! (The Anthem) by First_Demand_Productions Comedy
What a great music video. The song was clever and funny, not to mention amusing. The camera shots were great too. Can't wait to see some more work from you! reviewed May 20, 2007
School Out by Daannn Comedy
Funny movie. Good VO's. Keep on making movies. reviewed May 20, 2007
jack steel man of action! by chris62 Action
Pretty cool action movie with a relevant plot, considering today's terrorist activities. One can only imagine that it will get worse as you predict in your story. I thought the editing and VO's coul... reviewed May 16, 2007
The Business Zombie Job Interview by bleedblack Comedy
Minor editing errors, but I thought this movie was quite funny. Very well done! reviewed May 14, 2007
A NEW WORLD the begining (Úpisode 1) by samyhouse Horror
I loved the zombie church scene. Very good work with the camera for the whole movie. Music was creepy and fit perfectly. Great work with the sets. reviewed May 14, 2007
Dreams by Frooplet Romance
Eh, seemed like a showcase for a new mod. You put it together very well though. reviewed May 14, 2007
An Eventful Holiday by Tommy4ever Action
Pretty funny with some good fight scenes. The lunch scene with the boss made me laugh. At points, a bit too silly. Was that slow motion I saw in one of the fight scenes with the Chinese Army? If... reviewed May 13, 2007
The Adventures of Lord Crimmelton by Daannn Sci-Fi
Good use of sfx. A little short and the plot seemed a little under-developed. Will there be a sequel? Maybe you can work on that for the sequel to get some 5 star reviews in there. reviewed May 13, 2007
Love at First Sight by TheSimsMaster Romance
Hard to follow the plot. And I'm not sure if your allowed to use that song. VO's weren't too bad. reviewed May 13, 2007
frogman by kwistufa Horror
Great job with the sets and characters! I'm excited for the release. reviewed May 13, 2007
Odd Jobs by sparky1512 Comedy
Entertaining little short. reviewed May 12, 2007
Chronicles of The Rift by userjosh9874 Action
I dont want to ruin the plot, but I'm curious to see how you do the sequel based on the ending of this one. Anyway, excellent use of props, sets, mods, and VO's. Quite stunning, and the scriptwritin... reviewed May 12, 2007
it came from the basement by wraith17 Horror
I wouldn't give less than 4 stars for a first film. 4 stars for the effort. And for your first movie, it wasnt bad. As you explore, youll learn new things. Try to clean up the subtitles a little b... reviewed May 12, 2007
Midnight Marathon by jackalbane Horror
Very clever script writing. Your use of the black and white made this movie that much better. Keep up the good film making! reviewed May 12, 2007
Stoned! by matthewmagic Comedy
Weed makes me laugh. Couldnt really hear VO's. reviewed May 12, 2007
Bay City by matthewmagic Action
Seemed a little too close to another movie that I know. VO's were a problem, as was the no music thing. On the other hand, I really like how you did the colors. And good work with the mods. reviewed May 12, 2007
Looking For you by sparky1512 Romance
Very good, poetic short. I thought some music would have helped the mood, but you still pulled it off well. Keep up the good work. reviewed May 12, 2007
One Night Stand by Harb40 Comedy
I enjoyed your voiceovers and I thought the ending was very funny. It got a laugh out of me, and that's rather rare for TMO movies...for me at least. 5 stars for that! Keep up the good film making. reviewed May 12, 2007
Cactus Jack comes to Smallville by TheGreatProducer Action
Very good VO's and good dialogue. I liked the fighting scenes. The plot could have been a little better, but overall, a good western. I'll be looking forward to more of your movies. reviewed May 12, 2007
The Food Chain by 4cats3 Horror
Pretty entertaining movie. And about your question about the blood in my movie, check out 8eyedbaby.com for your answers. Hope that helps. If not, PM in the forums. reviewed May 12, 2007
The Void Directors Cut by defender77 Horror
Pretty cool movie. I thought it was an original premise and the mods were used very nicely. You camera work was very good. reviewed May 12, 2007
STOP! by Frooplet Romance
Pretty cool movie. The camera was used brilliantly. Good usage of music. reviewed May 10, 2007
Invade by laforest76 Comedy
Featured Review
Very cool battle scenes...kept me entertained. Good use of scenery and sets. I thought the opening scene was a little too drawn out. VO's would have helped the plot of this movie. Overall good job...
reviewed May 10, 2007
Attack of the TMO Cliche by jase180 Comedy
Clever and amusing. Some damn good pointers in there too, I might add. reviewed May 9, 2007
The Invasion by Under_Fire_Films Sci-Fi
Pretty standard scifi plot, but done well. I liked the use of freecam, except in a few certain areas where you could see where the set ended. The missles and ufo were done exceptionally well. The s... reviewed May 9, 2007
The Organization Trailer by laz3 Action
It was a little hard to comprehend the plot, but overall I thought you did a pretty good job. It's got me interested, and I'll be giving it a view when it's released. reviewed May 9, 2007
Rock and Roll by Thongs and Roses by andy_inc Comedy
My favorite part of this was the mods. The set design was very good too. I didn't really like the song though, but I guess thats not what's being rated here. Good job, and keep up the good filmaking. reviewed May 9, 2007
Scrolls Of Icarus by samo2 Sci-Fi
Ahhh, the stage. Haven't seen that set in a while. Can't get much better than that in the 1930's. reviewed May 7, 2007
The Hollow Dance - In The Name of Love by mixmasterfestus Action
Wow. I don't even know where to start. This movie leaves me salivating for more. The music and fx were brilliant. I loved the black and white. Dark and captivating storytelling with well written ... reviewed May 7, 2007
Farmerman and the Turnips of Justice by josephkw Comedy
I liked the ending with the turnips. Very funny. The whole film was done in a very clever and creative manner and it had me entertained. Thought provoking yes, but animals in the wild kill other an... reviewed May 7, 2007
stillborn by otnemem20 Horror
Not that I was offended, but I think that at some points the cursing was a bit overused. I also found myself confused at other points. But on the other hand, the filming was excellent and I loved th... reviewed May 6, 2007
Mars by Yodabob Sci-Fi
Wonderful movie. It had me drawn in the whole time. Every aspect was flawless. Any plans for a sequel of some sort? reviewed May 4, 2007
Thong of the Dead by Marvellousguppimovies Comedy
Exceptional and well delivered. I loved it. Keep up the good work! reviewed May 4, 2007
Farm 7 by cheese101 Horror
Good use of mods, and an interesting premise. I did have some problems following the plot. I enjoyed the humor, but not the VO's. Not a bad movie overall. Keep on making films. reviewed May 4, 2007
Horror Of The Werewolf by nukester Horror
Awesome in all aspects. The plot was thick and enthralling and the voice overs were executed perfectly. The camera work was beatifully creative. Definently a bookmarked movie. reviewed May 3, 2007
Annihilation Teaser by Rockstar_Studios Sci-Fi
Looks like it will be an interesting movie. The camera work was solid. My only quip is that the teaser didn't explain the plot too much, nor did it show any characters. But I guess that isn't reall... reviewed May 3, 2007
stillborn (trailer) by otnemem20 Horror
The story interests me, and I'll be watching the release. Most of the freecam was wonderful, there were only a couple of scenes where it bothered me. I like the use of music, I think it fit the mood well. reviewed April 30, 2007
Stronghold by penguin44ca Action
Good movie. As with all movies that use it, the rain bothered me. I thought it was edited well. The plot could have been stronger, but it was a short movie. Also, not a major thing, but the mu... reviewed April 30, 2007
28341564754 Centuries later trailer by Jessmanh20 Comedy
I wasn't sure if this was a spoof or an actual zombie movie, but I like zombies. Good job. I'll give the movie a view. reviewed April 30, 2007
Infected - Part 1 by TopherBoy02 Horror
First of all, the opening credits were great. One of my favorite credit scenes that I've seen so far. The voiceovers and their writing were perfect. The best thing about this movie is it's stron... reviewed April 30, 2007
GUNPOINT MEDICINE Ep One Trailer by l8o1s5t Sci-Fi
I'm eager to see the movie now. I liked the music and I thought it helped the mood. Very good cutsom backdrops, and I think someone else said it too, but some moved too fast. Looks like it will be ... reviewed April 29, 2007
TRAILER-i dont like the drugs by Tsunamidog Action
I wish I could have seen this movie, but it looks like it's offline. Anyway, the music was great and the plot looked entertaining. reviewed April 27, 2007
The Dead Cases Teaser3 by jase180 Action
Excellent teaser. I loved your usage of music. The whole thing was beatifully edited and the mods and sets were amazing. I can't think of a nagative thing to say about this trailer. You've caught ... reviewed April 27, 2007
Watched - Teaser by jackalbane Horror
Excellent trailer. It does a great job at building suspense, and the mood was perfectly executed. I'll be watching when it comes out! reviewed April 27, 2007
Entertaining to the bone. I liked to blood you put in there, and the excessive amounts of it. Brought a smile to my face. I think you should consider making this into a movie. reviewed April 26, 2007
Serial Killer by DHTHTLA Horror
I'm not even going to go into the rain problem, its been said before. But I thought you built the suspense nicely. I thought the film was a little too short and a tad bit bland, but you did it well ... reviewed April 26, 2007
Area-51 by kell1608 Sci-Fi
Good use of music and camera. It flowed together very nicely and kept me drawn in the whole time. Good work with the subtitles. The editing was excellent as well. The only thing that was a little ... reviewed April 25, 2007
Afterlife Teaser by Rockstar_Studios Sci-Fi
Great trailer. The subtitles were very well written and the music fit perfectly. I'll be looking forward to the release. reviewed April 25, 2007
The American Scream Dream Pt 1 by awsomejohn77 Horror
First of all, I thought this was filmed very well. The camera work drew me in and flowed quite seemlessly. You made the movie suspensful and interesting, even if it wasn't the most original plot. I... reviewed April 24, 2007
The Drive In by userjosh9874 Horror
Kept me interested the whole time. Excellent work on the film, reviewed April 23, 2007
Pianoman - Urban Warrior I by JazzX Romance
I loved the camera work in this movie. The music drew me in and made this such a powerful story. I'll be looking forward to your next release. reviewed April 23, 2007
What Could Happen Tomorrow by DanielH20 Action
I loved the plot of this movie. I think you could have added some more things in there and you would have still been able to keep it interesting. There were only a couple minor edidting errs, but ot... reviewed April 23, 2007
Suicide by micha83 Horror
Excellent. The movie was intense, and the production was top notch. I loved what you did with the sets. Keep up the good work. I'll be looking forward to your next movie. reviewed April 22, 2007