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Movies Reviewed by Pololskireview
Drugs Kill by MrMuffinTops Action
terrible movie the music was awful and made me want to die? it was that bad? reviewed April 7, 2007
Two Nights Out by AxeCinema Comedy
Well the start of it was kind of weird? Ans as the movie went on it started getting creepier? also that is a very very bad message to children? I think you should of blocked the nudity out? And that i... reviewed April 4, 2007
On the Loose by iowaboy99 Comedy
Well the music in the backround was very good ? BUT!! Why would she just jump off a building? And then at the end why would she just fall asleep? A bit of a dopey movie? pololskireview reviewed April 4, 2007
District Championship in Street race by Afro-Dude Comedy
Great sound effects and music. also a bit weird. But!! still a good movie! pololskireview reviewed April 4, 2007
Bloodstream - Beyond Life And Death Pt 1 by Noodledude Horror
I thought there should be more music in it? And he ending was a bit weird? becaue you just see a ghost coming at him? It was a bit scary. pololskireview reviewed April 3, 2007
Oh Crap! by UnknownDude666 Comedy
Because why would a guy come in with a gun and say take me to your place? And At the end! Why would a robot come in with an axe? and get shot????? pololskireview ps im gay.... reviewed April 3, 2007
Life by heuser7719 Action
I only found that a little bit sad? And the view at the end of the movie at the beach was a very emotional scene! pololskireview ps Im gay reviewed April 3, 2007
Like Im Totally a Spy! by Dulci Comedy
wha whu what? How the hell has this got into the top 5???? It wasnt even good ? NOT EVEN FUNNY? reviewed March 23, 2007
The return of Emvailo by 9a9 Action
HOLA!! very good movie well done 5 sars reviewed March 19, 2007
Young bond 007 in Dead Day by killerhog Action
hehe that was funny reviewed March 19, 2007
Constantinople -TEASER TRAILER by killerhog Action
it was a good teaser trailer really really bad american voice lol lol lol lookin to the movie reviewed March 19, 2007
Ave Maria by zaaapmmme Romance
great movie and it had a great story line and i was very entertained well there was no story line well done reviewed March 18, 2007
The benny Gump Trilogy by zaaapmmme Action
well done good job reviewed March 11, 2007
48 STARS part 3 by vailanater Action
awsome movie reviewed March 5, 2007
The 5 by prestigio Action
hmm? A very messy movie i thought? Could of had much more effort? final rating 2 stars it was O.K reviewed March 2, 2007
The Call Of Death by gazreno Horror
I saw you say rate call of death on zaaapmmme's movie! It was awsome dude keep it up reviewed February 28, 2007
Work days by zaaapmmme Comedy
funny movie very entertaining and vo reviewed February 28, 2007
Warriors Of The Watermark by darkfirewolf Action
dude way too random!!!! not good reviewed February 28, 2007
The wagon west by zaaapmmme Action
Great movie!!! I loved your overlays i loved your story I loved your vo well it was good great movie!! your havin a bad rating day i see.? oh well reviewed February 28, 2007