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Movies Reviewed by PimpDragon108
The Whammy by Pulp Celluloid Action
There must be a sequel! Not since Captain America have I seen such a bastian of American Goodness! God bless you, Whammy! Please come back to us! reviewed July 2, 2006
Robot One by Pulp Celluloid Sci-Fi
What an excellent example of in-depth science fiction writing! Thank God for Cougar Juice, Puddles and giant robots! They make life worth living! reviewed July 2, 2006
Its Kung-Fu Frankenstein! by Pulp Celluloid Action
Drugs good! The Man bad! These are all valuable lessons that Kung-Fu Frankenstein teaches us. Thanks to him, we are all better people! I love you, Kung-Fu Frankenstein. May you continue to bring ... reviewed May 22, 2006
Attack of the Lizard Priests by jdunbar80 Sci-Fi
This is the pinnacle of existence! HORSE TRAPS! CLAM TRAPS! OH MY GOD!!! reviewed May 3, 2006
The Call of Terror by Pulp Celluloid Horror
Dog bites...my only weakness. That's the stuff I've come to love and expect from Pulp Celluloid! Kudos to you again, sir! reviewed April 24, 2006
Richard Cory by Pulp Celluloid Action
Very unique choice of storytelling! Good stuff as always from the Mighty P.C.! reviewed April 24, 2006
In Vain by Pulp Celluloid Comedy
The Mighty P.C. knows how to make a point and make it entertaining, too! Great job and way to stick to your guns! reviewed April 24, 2006
The Hot Pick by Pulp Celluloid Comedy
Funny because it's true! Great job, bro! It was great seeing Puddles AND Cougar Juice in the same film! Now THAT is "Movie Magic"! Know what I'm sayin'? reviewed April 24, 2006
High Plains Robot by Pulp Celluloid Action
That was just wonderful! "One day you will." Prophetic words! Great stuff, as always, from the Mighty P.C.! reviewed April 24, 2006
Lizard Priests Trailer by jdunbar80 Sci-Fi
Folks, having helped co-direct this magnum opus, all I can say is that you truly haven't seen anything yet! Wait until you witness the full glory of... "HORSE TRAP!" reviewed April 3, 2006
Revenge of the Space Gorilla From Beyond by jdunbar80 Sci-Fi
I'm proud to be able to create the anguish and turmoil (and grunts) of an Algorian Space Gorilla. By God, the sequel will be ridiculous! reviewed March 26, 2006
Happy Scrappy Hero Pup by Pulp Celluloid Comedy
Everyone knows a dog like Puddles. Stupid, untrustworthy, leaves you for food/drinks/chicks while a park slasher comes for your soul. This film is funny because it's true! reviewed December 21, 2005
Maintenance by Pulp Celluloid Horror
I LOVE a good noir story, and this film is full of it! Nice voice work! Murphy is a great anti-hero and I hope this isn't the last of his stories. reviewed December 21, 2005
Violent Discharge by Pulp Celluloid Action
ACTION-PACKED, PEE-WEE!!! Now we all know the TRUE danger of that "monthly visitor". Nothing wrong with kung-fu and women who growl like my next-door neighbor's Rottweiler! reviewed December 21, 2005
Policemen Dont Have Balls by Pulp Celluloid Comedy
Fun, short, sweet and to the point. Worthy of a three-star review in my book! reviewed December 21, 2005
Cougar Juice Saves Christmas by Pulp Celluloid Comedy
Cougar Juice Saves Christmas is an instant holiday classic - like It's a Wonderful Life and Miracle on 34th Street. I can't wait to see this with my son and explain to him the joys of pimping, beatin... reviewed December 21, 2005
Drunk Naked Chicks by Pulp Celluloid Comedy
Cracka Jack Wilson here with a 4-star review for "Drunk Naked Chicks", a daring piece of avant-garde cinema from the new master of the form, Pulp Celluloid. How many times did I laugh? How many time... reviewed December 21, 2005