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Average Rating Received: 5.0

Number of Movies Reviewed: 17
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Average Rating Given: 4.94
Movies Released by perun1nj
War is Hell Horror Not Rated
No Description posted December 1, 2006
Zombie Horror
Brian and Terry deal with a Zombie infestation, but Brian finds love along the way! The dialouge might be off in a couple spots, i'm not really sure why, but this is my first movie, so let me know wha... posted September 22, 2006
Zombie Horror
No Description posted September 21, 2006
Zombie Horror Not Rated
No Description posted September 21, 2006
Movies Reviewed by perun1nj
Danes Bad Day by darthmonkey130 Comedy
Hahahaha! nice one, very funny even though i didn't really get what the plot was about... "Argh, my tourrettes!" reviewed February 6, 2007
Blare [bad-word!] project by Hungryrob Comedy
Wow that was quite random, good job though! reviewed January 21, 2007
Dont Talk To Strangers by MattGray Comedy
This is absoulutly hilarious! My favorite part was when the mom says "go to school while i come u with a plan to kill your father!" very funny, good job! reviewed January 21, 2007
Breaking News 2 by themonkthemonk Comedy
Lol nice movie! reviewed December 13, 2006
Exceptional Day by djsamka Comedy
Featured Review
Lmao!!! this is really funny good job, nice VOs too!
reviewed December 13, 2006
The Dangerous Adventures of Troublin VO by tylerwood Action
Really sweet movie! I liked it alot! reviewed December 8, 2006
Hellraiser - trailer by miri2 Horror
Hey whats up, the way I put music into my movies is i play the song on my Ipod and put the headphones up to my microphone, its the only way i figured out... reviewed December 7, 2006
Pigs Feet by Aluminumfoil Comedy
FUNNY! The sound effects cracked me up! reviewed December 7, 2006
Slipping On The Poopdeck 3 by indielove Comedy
That [wash your mouth out!] was hilarious, nice VOs, i'm gonna go watch your others, good work! let me know what you think of my movie "Zombie." reviewed October 13, 2006
The Ole West by HUEfilms Action
what the snap?! why'd he kill her? haha! this is pretty good, make more! reviewed October 4, 2006
Lucky Starr! Chapter Two by MJBarlow Sci-Fi
Oh NOOOOOO! they tooked Lucky!!! Nice job editting too, keep it up. reviewed October 4, 2006
[wash your mouth out!][wash your mouth out!]piss A VGCats Movie by narok Action
Heh pretty funny! I'm the Space Sultan, [not-so-nice-word!]! reviewed October 3, 2006
Ministry of silly voices by legend51 Comedy
HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Dude you have voice talent! the best ones were Elvis, Elmer Fudd, and the Jamacian guy! Really great stuff! Please let me know what you think of my movie "Zombie" reviewed October 2, 2006
Lucky Starr! Chapter One by MJBarlow Sci-Fi
Hey nice video! Especially for your first, the story is interesting and the music really follows the story! please let me know what you think of my movie "Zombie" reviewed October 2, 2006
Zombiephobia 2 by superraptor555 Horror
Hahaha! that was clever, putting zombies as the leads, nice job. I made a zombie comedy too, please let me know what you think! reviewed September 24, 2006
M1Capt Whiplash by morling Sci-Fi
Hahaha! that was funny, the captain was such a spaz, keep it up! reviewed September 22, 2006
Space Generation - The First Encounter by DoubleMPee Sci-Fi
That was very nice and well put togather! The music synced up with the story perfectly! Nice job, but i think you ought to put in voice or subtitles next time, make another and let me know! reviewed September 22, 2006